TOP Psychic Medium REVEALS Mankind’s Coming FUTURE! BRACE Yourself! with Jill M. Jackson

In the infinite web of existence, where every soul dances to the cosmic rhythm, we often encounter individuals who bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Today, we welcome Jill M. Jackson, an extraordinary psychic medium who shares her journey from a Southern Baptist upbringing to embracing her profound abilities to communicate with the spirit world. Jill’s story is one of courage, transformation, and unwavering commitment to her soul’s purpose.

Jill M. Jackson begins our conversation by reflecting on her early life, which she describes as an attempt to live a “normal” life despite her innate ability to see spirits. From a young age, Jill experienced supernatural phenomena, witnessing spirits walking around her house. However, it wasn’t until her grandmother’s passing when Jill was twelve that she first heard the spirit world. “She communicated telepathically to me that she was in the other world, some of us call it heaven,” Jill recalls. This experience was both comforting and confusing, marking the beginning of Jill’s journey toward embracing her gifts.

As Jill grew older, she realized that not everyone shared her abilities. This revelation came slowly, as she initially believed that everyone could see spirits as she did. Her mother’s revelation that she too was a medium provided some solace, yet Jill was not ready to fully accept her abilities. It wasn’t until her late thirties, after two near-death experiences, that Jill truly embraced her role as a psychic medium. “I call it coming out of the psychic closet,” she says, a process that required immense courage and self-acceptance.

In our discussion, Jill shares how her near-death experiences served as pivotal moments, urging her to realign with her true path. The first near-death experience was a stark warning, leading her to reevaluate her life choices. The second, more severe, forced Jill to confront her resistance to fully embracing her spiritual gifts. “My guides came to me and said, ‘This is your wake-up call,'” she recounts. These profound experiences ultimately led her to leave behind a successful career in business management to pursue her calling as a psychic medium.

Jill’s transition wasn’t without challenges. She describes the initial overwhelming nature of her abilities, with spirits constantly vying for her attention. Over time, through rigorous study and mentorship, Jill learned to set boundaries and manage her gifts more effectively. “We have to learn to turn that on and off,” she explains, emphasizing the importance of conserving energy to serve clients effectively.

Throughout our conversation, Jill emphasizes the importance of joy and authenticity. She recounts a powerful message from her father, who supported her decision to embrace her true self: “I want you to find your joy,” he said. This message resonates deeply with Jill and is a cornerstone of her teachings. She believes that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition and spiritual gifts, and she is passionate about helping others discover and develop these abilities.


  1. Embrace Your True Self: Jill’s journey highlights the importance of embracing who you truly are, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Authenticity leads to joy and fulfillment.
  2. Trust Your Intuition: Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuitive gifts. Developing this ability requires trust, practice, and the willingness to listen to your inner guidance.
  3. Find Joy in Your Path: Pursuing what brings you joy is crucial for a fulfilling life. Whether it’s your career, relationships, or personal growth, aligning with your passions can lead to a more meaningful existence.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation with Jill M. Jackson, we are reminded of the profound power of living authentically and the limitless potential within each of us to connect with the spiritual realm. Jill’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true path and the joy that comes from living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jill M. Jackson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 395

Jill M. Jackson 0:00
Whenever we give the information, again, I tell my clients, this is the current timeline. This is the energetic signature of what's going on right now. However, we all have freewill. I can tell someone I'm seeing right now there's a job opportunity coming for you in Chicago. And it feels like it's part of your blueprint. It feels really promising to see immediate, exciting people there. And if the client gets a job offer in Chicago, they can still choose with their own free will to turn that job opportunity down.

Alex Ferrari 0:36
I like to welcome to the show, Jill M. Jackson. How you doing Jill?

Jill M. Jackson 0:49
I'm doing amazing Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:52
I'm doing good. My dude, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you coming on. We're looking for I'm looking forward to talking to you about your adventures, as being a psychic medium and talk about your new book, The Mississippi medium. And you know, my journey from a Southern Baptist to talking to the dead. It's fascinating. So first questions was what's before you before we get into your work as a psychic medium? What was your life like before you kind of embraced your abilities?

Jill M. Jackson 1:21
Yeah, great question. I like to say that I tried to live a normal life, whatever that means, right? What is what is normal, but I was a cheerleader. I went to church every every Sunday, but I was able to see the spirit world my entire life as a small child, I could see them walking around our house, but back then I could not hear them. So it frightened me. And so I would spend a lot of time outdoors kind of out in nature away from all the chaos that was happening inside my my house. And when my grandmother was my grandmother passed away when I was about 12. And she came to me in the middle of the night, and she was hovering over my bed full form, not sick anymore. Absolutely beautiful. And that was the first time that I clairaudient really heard the spirit world. She communicated telepathically to me that she was in the other worlds some of us call it heaven, some call it the other side. And that she just wanted to let us know that she was doing well.

Alex Ferrari 2:31
So when that happened at 12 years old, when you first started seeing, you know, I always like think did you see dead people? It sounds like you did see dead people walking around? Like, like in the sixth sense. Yeah, did when it first started when you're younger, you don't have the you don't have the resources yet in your mind to even deal with anything like that. So at what point did you did you realize, oh, this is not, not everyone sees what I see.

Jill M. Jackson 3:00
That took a while Alex, it wasn't something I really talked about, there was only one friend in high school that was aware that I was able to see the departed. It was something that I was unsure about. And interestingly enough, when I did start speaking out about it, it was about high school. My mother actually told me that that's when she told me that she was a medium. And so when my when my grandmother came to me, I ran to my mother's room. And I explained it to her. And she said that she had been visiting her as well. But it was still something I wasn't quite ready at that young age to own I guess she would, you would say so that's why it's my passion now helping young people that have these gifts, because it can be so confusing.

Alex Ferrari 3:55
So when when your mother, I've heard this kind of story before that mom or grandma, or even dad, or grandpa, they think they have it, but you don't talk about it. Especially those generations, you just never said they wouldn't do it, they would have never come out on the show publicly and talked about things like the way you and I are talking. It's a completely different generation, my grandparents, and had, you know, some of my grandparents had the gift and so on. And so was something that I always heard about in the background. But it was something that was never talked about. So then when you finally decided to embrace these abilities, I mean, how long were you? I mean, even though you knew you had access to all this information and had access to these abilities, when did you start to truly embrace these things? Because it sounds like it took a few years.

Jill M. Jackson 4:50
It took a lot longer than that actually, Alex and it's so interesting, because in my mind even going into my 20s I still felt that everybody I had these gifts everybody could see, you know, deceased people walking around. And it was, you know, I was just my life. But I didn't go around talking about it to every buddy, I would have visitations I would, you know, talk about in my book that my guides would give me predictions going back to my early 20s. I would be either woken up early in the morning, or late in the afternoon and just told certain things, but again, I never really sat down and said, Okay, this is my life, this is who I am. It was probably in my late 30s. Before I really, I call it coming out of the psychic closet. So it took a while. It took a while.

Alex Ferrari 5:43
So how did you reconcile your upbringing as a Southern Baptist with these, this other truth that you truly knew things that they might have contradicted what you were being taught on Sundays?

Jill M. Jackson 5:57
Yes, that actually started much younger that started in high school. And I believe I stopped going to church probably in my early 20s, I would go back a few times because I really enjoyed the community. And I enjoyed certain aspects of it. But most of the preachings or fear based and it was in a box in my reality was not that and then also it was being preached and talked about that the gifts that I had were evil and, you know, not to be used. And that did not resonate as truth for me. So I would say I left organized religion in my 20s.

Alex Ferrari 6:42
You know, it's very interesting, you know, a lot of you know, as a recovering Catholic, I understand exactly where you're coming from, because in a lot of the, at least the Christian based religions, or the Christian based religions, and there's many anything that is anywhere near supernatural, or outside of the norm, it's the devil, that's the devil. It's the demons, it's evil spirits, all this kind of stuff. And again, my experience from talking to hundreds and hundreds of people who channel or psychic mediums who've had near death experiences. None of them have had those kinds of negative experiences in their reality. And even people who are psychic mediums or channels, I always say, Well, if these are demons, they're horrible at their job. Just horrible, because they're talking about light and love and helping trying to help people. You know, it's not the exorcist by any stretch of the imagination.

Jill M. Jackson 7:50
Exactly. And how do you reconcile an all loving Creator, God being and on the other hand, if you're not a Christian, or a Catholic, or whatever you need to fit in that box, he's going to he, he is going to save you to a fiery burning hell for eternity. And, you know, those kinds of truths did not reconcile and then I also started seeing a lot of hypocrisy, as as well.

Alex Ferrari 8:20
Stop it Stop it. Hypocrisy is an organized religion. Are you kidding? It's shocking.

Jill M. Jackson 8:26
This is a huge revelation, right?

Alex Ferrari 8:32
Because I mean, the Catholic Church has a spotless record. Record. So I agree with you the the there was, there's a lot of that kind of hypocrisy and things like that just things didn't make sense with organized religion. But again, and I say this to other people, too. It's and I'm not against religion in general. It is good for certain people who want that and need that in their lives. And if it makes them happy, and they're good people about it, and it's, and it helps other other people get through life. That's fine. It just wasn't my path wasn't obviously wasn't bad. But to live and let live, you know, as long as it's not hurting anybody else. Absolutely.

Jill M. Jackson 9:12
Absolutely. A funny story that I like to talk about is when my husband and I opened our spiritual center in the Bible Belt in Mississippi, this woman came into she didn't realize what she was walking into. She was just coming in to get a gift certificate for a massage right for a friend. And she started seeing all of our items around for sale. And she looked at my husband and she said, these middle eastern items are making me very, very uncomfortable. And she said, I'm a Christian, and I love Jesus. And my husband says, wasn't Jesus from the Middle East? And so she stopped literally, her mouth dropped open. And then she said exactly what are you trying to push here? And he said non judgement. And what can she say? She purchased her gift certificate and walked out. So hopefully it gave her some food for thought. Right?

Alex Ferrari 10:12
You know, that's such a that's so amazing, because you're right. It obviously is like, wasn't Jesus Middle Eastern? I mean, that's kind of what's going on. There's a lot of that going on right now on the other side of the world. They're still arguing about things from 2000 years ago. It's, it's pretty fat. It's pretty fascinating. So all right, so. So you, when you decide in your late 30s, to start to kind of come out of that spiritual closet? What was that? Like? When you kind of said, Hey, I'm a psychic medium everybody. I'm open for business. Like how did that? How did the, in the in the, in the Bible Belt? For God's sakes? In the, in the Bible? What What was that like with your friends, families, colleagues, things like that?

Jill M. Jackson 10:56
Well, funny enough, I was actually living in Southern California at the time, and a

Alex Ferrari 11:01
Much better place, much better place to open up.

Jill M. Jackson 11:03
And that's a choice. Yes, yes. And, you know, I was a business manager for the entertainment industry, I had a lot of celebrity clients. I was a CPA, and I had two near death experiences ended up in the hospital, the first time I'm a little stubborn the first time, my guides tried to say, you know, you're really not on the path that you came here to do. And I ignored that. Because I was making a lot of money, I had a great life, you know, going around with with celebrities. And so the second time I ended up in the hospital, I really started saying, Okay, I need to embrace my authentic truth, I need to really come out of the closet, embrace who I am and what I came here to do. And so I called my dad, he was the first person that I, I called, and I said, you know, I know you paid for this college education. And I know I have a very successful career in Southern California. However, I'm going to leave that all behind. And I'm coming out as a professional, psychic medium. And I just need to know your thoughts on that. And at first, there was silence on the phone, and I'm just waiting. And then my dad said, I want you to find your joy. And I embrace whatever path that you choose, that brings you happiness. And that's the message that I share with everybody. It's so important that we find our joy and find our happiness, it doesn't matter about the money and and you know, the fame and the notoriety. And it matters about our blueprint and what we came here to do in this particular lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 12:49
You mentioned the blueprint, you're referring to the soul blueprint, the agreement that we have of what we want to learn in this lifetime. Correct?

Jill M. Jackson 12:57
Correct! Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 12:59
So my experience is that if you are there are mile markers in life, there's, there's things that will happen, no matter what, because that's how you want it, you set these things up. So you'll meet a certain person, you'll have a certain kind of job, you'll have this kind of thing happened to you how you get to point A to point B or from B to C is is kind of open up, you can go anywhere else. But sometimes, as in your case, you skew off the road a bit. And you it doesn't seem like you're going back on because you're the fearful, scared, just enjoying hanging out with celebrities. It just me, I'm from Hollywood, I understand, you know, early on, I completely get it. So you had a near death experience, and from my experience, and I'd love to hear your thoughts, that nde's when they happen to people, their Wake Up Calls to get them back onto the path, because it's what you've asked for. And again, it's still your choice if you don't want to go obviously because you still were stubborn and another one needed to kind of wake you back because, again, I from my own personal journey. It starts as a tap on the shoulder. But whisper in the ear, a nudge, push, Sledgehammer across the head. And then the car hit you on Tuesday morning. You get sideswiped, because you haven't listened in the other way. Would you agree with what I'm saying? 100%

Jill M. Jackson 14:27
My spirit team says that I needed it there to buy for you know sometimes so same analogy 100% And like you said it's not a punishment, it's to to help us get back on our path because we all came here to learn and evolve.

Alex Ferrari 14:43
So do you mind going into a little bit of what happened in those those two near death experiences?

Jill M. Jackson 14:50
May it wasn't like some people's It was literally I was in the hospital and what was almost the point of passing away, I was losing consciousness, my organs were shutting down. I was diagnosed with with lupus early, early on. So there were different things happening to the physical body. And it was laying there in in that hospital bed, where I had the realization. My guides came to me and said, This is your wake up call, literally, it's it's time to really embrace what you came here to do. So it wasn't the white light the tunnel experience, like somehow, however, that's very real. Many people have experienced that. Mine was just literally I felt my lifeforce energy slipping away, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 15:48
It does. That was the first one. How about the second one? Same thing?

Jill M. Jackson 15:52
No, that was actually, that was actually the second one. The first one, I was told that I was going to be paralyzed, I was told that I had lupus, and on and on and on a lot of fear based medical diagnoses were put on me on the first one. And for a while I went into that fear. And then I started waking up to the fact Wait a minute, I'm not going to own that that is not my truth. And so I started embracing more holistic health. But then the second one hit because I was still not on my path, I was still not embracing the truth of who I was, I was still keeping it quiet. Even though the clients that I had in my business management firm had no idea that they were also getting a free psychic along with their business management services, because I did not advertise that, obviously. But I was still not ready to come out and again, come out of that closet. And I know some so many professional psychics and mediums. Channels have have struggled with the same

Alex Ferrari 16:59
Without question because it's it's it I always I always joke is like it clears a room. It depends. It depends on the room you're in, but it does kind of clear a room. But it's easier now than it's ever been to do this kind of work. There's I don't think there's ever been a time period that it's been easier to do this even 10 years ago was hard, harder. 20 years ago, 50 years ago, it's impossible. You know, again, the whole burning of the steak and all that kind of stuff and persecutions and things. So let me ask you, when? Why, how does it work with you? Because I always I always like asking psychic mediums. So is the open sign on all the time? Do people just show up in the shower? You know, you know, like, do you have no privacy whatsoever? Can you put a closed sign up? Is there a respect from the other side? They're like, Oh, she's not open right now. And then when you turn the sign Okay, guys, I'm ready for a session. I was at work with you.

Jill M. Jackson 17:56
Yeah, great question. In the beginning, there was no open and closed sign for sure. It was 24/7. And when we begin our awakening process, and we start raising our vibrational frequency, everything changes in our lives. And so those of us who are mediums, we open portals everywhere that we go, we don't do it on purpose. But that is the very definition of a medium we're opening portals to the other world. And so yes, in the beginning, it was nonstop, I could not go and get a massage without the therapist loved ones begging me to deliver messages and on and on and on. But I started studying and I started, you know, learning and taking classes I studied at Arthur Findlay College, the world's foremost College of psychism in England, and studied in New York. And so every time that I took a class and found a new mentor and studying with some of the best mediums in the world, I learned to put up those boundaries and to have the open and closed sign on because the truth is, when you offer your gifts as a professional, psychic or medium, there's only so much battery in any given day. So if we are on all the time our battery gets drained, and it doesn't leave a full battery for us to serve our clients when it's time to do so. And that's what I teach my students now is how to turn that on and off and it can't use it can be learned.

Alex Ferrari 19:28
How did you deal with this gift on a psychological basis when you've even even as a young person? I mean, it seems like there was a lot of like, pushing it away kind of energy. But this this has to screw with your head a bit. I mean hearing hearing voices seeing that people did you ever see anything that was just so disturbing or terrifying? Like they didn't like success? I'm using movie references because that's what we have. You know, anything like that. How did you deal with all this?

Jill M. Jackson 20:01
Yes, that took a while, Alex and it's something that I love mentoring people about because it is it's, you know, we have different paradigms happening at the same time right now. And one of my predictions is that the paranormal will end up being the the new normal, you know, because we all have these gifts to some degree or another. But yes, there were times that I was so frightened, and I felt so alone and did not know who to turn to. I remember a couple of times in my 20s, living in Florida, there were a couple of, you know, beings that that appeared and, and frightened me. And, you know, I didn't know who to turn to. And one time when I after I met my husband, who's also a medium, by the way, we were living in Asheville, and we were living in a very old condominium in downtown Asheville had a lot of history. And I was woken up in the middle of the night by a very angry gentleman, you could tell he was not in a great place. And it was a menacing and I truly he was so full formed that I felt we had an intruder in the house. And so my screams woke my husband up and I'm waking him up, well, he then sees the individual as well, because he's a medium. And I'm thinking that my husband is going to protect me from this intruder. And my husband actually pushes me towards he's hiding behind me out of his own fear of seeing. And after our heart rates, calm down, I said, Okay, we need to have a little discussion here. Even though we're both mediums, you're supposed to be the protector. And we laughed. We laughed about it. But that is so few and far between, you know, there, it's just like in life, you have negative people. And there are some people who have not made their transition on the to the other side. But that is not the norm, thankfully. But yes, it does make you feel like sometimes you're living on an island, and that you're very misunderstood. And there's still times to this day that I will have those emotions come up, honestly.

Alex Ferrari 22:25
But I'd imagine now that there's there's so much more acceptance and information about this, this kind of work out there the show by show, for example, and other shows like it, that you can that you can't, you can just log in and watch and watch an interview with a psychic medium or see what other person's adventures are or journey is. So it's not as isolating as it was five years ago, 10 years ago, as it is not, you know, now it's a lot more open, would you agree?

Jill M. Jackson 22:56
100%. And that's why I have so much respect for, for you and others Allah to answer the call to go out there and do this. And I'm sure in the beginning for you, when you got the message from your own guides, I'm sure you took a double take and had to ask a few more questions. Because, again, it wasn't the norm when you when you even when you started doing this, it wasn't as well known as it is right now. So thank you again for your service

Alex Ferrari 23:27
I appreciate that. And you're absolutely right. I've spoken about that many times in the show of my refusal of the call of adventure, as they say, as Joseph Campbell would say. Because it's not easy doing this work. either. You know what, either you me or any of the work any of the people who come on my show, because it's you know, you need to take a little level of bravery. To do it, though it's easier now than it's ever been, which is great. But I want to ask you though, why do you think now this, I mean, psychic, specifically psychic mediums. That idea has been around for a long time. channelers is a little bit newer idea. Probably within the last 50 years. Edgar Cayce he was probably the first very famous Channeler and even then he was asleeping prophets. It was not not a full body channel like Satur or Daryl Anka or something like that. But, but psychic mediums have been around a long time. Why do you think that now it's becoming more and more accepted and people are searching this information out more and more?

Jill M. Jackson 24:37
A lot of it has to do with the ascension process and the vibrational frequency of our planet, raising higher and within that process, more and more people start waking up to the fact that there are more truths than the dogma that then we have been taught and told our entire are lions and they start asking questions and they start having their own experiences their own synchronicities. And so I feel like it happens in in levels. You know, years ago, it was the paranormal, the television shows that the paranormal and the ghost shows that gained in popularity. And so that was kind of the first mini dose to the masses into the public of this world, right people can handle that they could handle the ghost shows and the ghost stories. And then you have the Long Island Medium who came on the scene and, and, you know, with all of her characterizations, and people loved watching it. And so that started opening up people more and more to the idea of mediumship. And then the next is channeling. And I feel like that more and more people are starting to open up to the fact that there are multi dimensional realms. And we all have spirit guides, we all have even galactic helpers that are wanting to infuse wisdom and information to us. It's just simply up to us in our own free will to be open to that. And I feel like that we're getting there as humanity.

Alex Ferrari 26:16
What is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about being a psychic medium, or the work that you do?

Jill M. Jackson 26:24
Probably that you know that it's evil, or that we know everything about everybody at any given time.

Alex Ferrari 26:33
They're all they're all knowing you're all knowing.

Jill M. Jackson 26:37
Exactly. all knowing. And you know, people will say, Well, why haven't you won the lottery? Or why did you get in that bad business deal or that bad relationship? Well, we have our own karma to balance in this in this lifetime. We have our own soul opportunities. I prefer that word over lessons. Sounds better? Solar Nice. Opportunities. But yeah, that's probably the biggest misconception is that

Alex Ferrari 27:04
What is what is your process as far as you know, getting doing a reading and things like that? Because I know it's different for every psychic medium. You hear? Do you hear? Do you hear voices? Do you see? Because from my understanding, it's all telepathic, there's no actual verbal, talking, because there's no voice boxes on the other side, as they say. But or is it more like ghost? The movie ghosts where you're taking over like your Whoopi Goldberg and there's like, a line of, of spirits waiting to talk to somebody and they come into your body and they talk through you. How do you work?

Jill M. Jackson 27:42
Yeah, a little bit of both. And actually, about a year ago, my husband and I started sitting in physical mediumship, where we have had a few direct voices come through where we hear them in the physical. So that takes a while to develop. And it's only happened a couple of times. But yes, for the most part 99% of the time, it is clear audience. I'm a clairaudient. Medium. I'm clear sentient clairvoyant. I can sense see here. No, you know, when I first started as a professional psychic, it was predominantly clairvoyance, meaning that I could see and my third eye, and years and years went by where my readings were predominantly clairvoyant. And then one day I was in meditation, and I had clients schedule that day. And in meditation, I could not see anything. There was just pure, Light Darkness. And I had a moment of freakout and I asked my guides what's going on? Why am I not seeing anything? And they said to me, Well, we're going to ask you to start developing your clairsentience to a deeper level. And I said, That is fabulous. And I can't wait to do that. But today is not the best day for that because I have clients in about an hour or so a NEMA clairvoyants buck, and I need it back now because it was a crutch for me. And they said, do you trust us? Yes, of course. They said you're gonna be fine. So literally, those readings that day, were surely clear audience and clear sentient with no visions whatsoever. And it was interesting, but my guides did that to kind of help me continue growing because I know some of us get comfortable in our gifts, right? I think that's what anything that that we do. And it's important for us to remember that we want to continue striving for excellence, not comparing to anybody else, but just against our own own gifts. So for me, I do go into a light trance I go into a trance state. And step two, when I'm on stage and I'm doing events in front of An audience, I am not in a trance, but I'm in more of an altered state. Otherwise I would fall off the stage when I'm walking around. But for my readings, I am in a trance state.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
So fast it is fascinating. So when you are? Well, let me ask you this, do you have any? Do you have any specific reading or moment that you had during your work that really changed you as a person and or change the client as a person?

Jill M. Jackson 30:34
There's so many Alex, that's what I love about this work too, is that the the messages that come through, not only from the galactic realm, but from people's loved ones that come through with with wisdom, so many times, I'm able to take that same advice and and sometimes their loved one will even say to me, this message is for you to chill, you need to really listen to this. And I think for the most part, it's about trusting in in the gifts, I walk away from every reading in a state not only a state of gratitude, but just in pure all because it's still after all these years, it blows my mind that we are able to communicate with with the other worlds. And that's why I don't mind skeptics at all, because it is sometimes difficult until you've had the experience to embrace them.

Alex Ferrari 31:34
Let me ask you, because this is a question that so many people have. And I just like to hear how you do it. When you go to what is the preconceived notion of a psychic is that you have the view that you know the future that you know what's gonna happen to me. And then again, there's are those people who want the lottery tickets and things like that? As a medium, I understand that you're actually just acting as a medium between you between the client and a loved one that I understand. But when you're predicting things for somebody, if it's not the loved one who's telling you, where's this information coming from?

Jill M. Jackson 32:13
Right, great question. So, as a psychic we are, we are perceiving information as a medium, we are receiving the information. Now different psychics work different ways. Some tune into the auric field of their of their client that they are reading, and some are able to connect with their spirit guides and channel that information directly from either their Akashic records, or their spirit team. And, but we're not fortune tellers. And anytime a psychic says 100% This is going to happen. Run from that psychic, because what we can do is read the energy of the current signature of what's going on right then and there. We can look at soul contracts. If somebody has a question about a relationship, I can tune into the energy at that given moment. But each person has freewill. So any psychic that says 100% This person is going to ask you to marry them. You know, or pay me more money or let me do a love spell run. Please run from that. Because that is not what this work is about. What I can look at, though, is were their past lives. Is there more karma to balance things like that. And whenever we give the information, again, I tell my clients, this is the current timeline. This is the energetic signature of what's going on right now. However, we all have freewill, I can tell someone I'm seeing right now there's a job opportunity coming for you in Chicago. And it feels like it's part of your blueprint, it feels really promising a see a meeting exciting people there. And if the client gets a job offer in Chicago, they can still choose with their own free will to turn that job opportunity down. So if they turned it down, does that make the psychic? Wrong? No, they use their own free will to choose another path and direction.

Alex Ferrari 34:23
So it's more like you're reading it. And I'll try to reframe it a little bit in my language, if you will, that that you were out of that that could understand what you're saying. But I want to try to understand it a little bit better. That you're basically reading the energy at the moment. This is the current timeline. So you're we're Marty McFly in Back to the Future. This is the moment this is the timeline that we're on. And from your best estimation, if this would this timeline would continue. X would happen. Why would happen Z would happen. There's potential was for all of that to happen to you. Sometimes that energy is so strong that it's almost inevitable. And that happens for humanity in general. Like I was talking to somebody the other day, like, the thing that happened with 911, that was going to the energy was just like, so strong, that it was very unlikely wouldn't happen. There's still chance, big events like that. Because everything is focusing on that energy. But at any moment, it could arguably change. So it just kind of like the level of energy like, I really feel strongly that you're gonna get this job in Chicago. And then if they go, should I take it? And you'll go, based on what I'm seeing, yes, you should take it. It's part of your blueprint things. Is that a good explanation?

Jill M. Jackson 35:44
100%! Yes, absolutely. Because what I love is when a client comes to me for a session, and they've been thinking about something themselves, and they've received their own guidance on an issue, but they're still torn about it, and they come to the session, and without even asking me about it, spirit will bring that information through and give them clarity. And the best readings are the ones where the client at the end says, I already knew that in the core of my being, and you have validated it, for me that those are the readings that I love, because we already know. And that's why I love teaching, intuitive and psychic development, because we can all learn to tune in to our Clairsentience our gut feelings are knowings.

Alex Ferrari 36:35
Right. And that is a form of psychic ability is to connect to our intuition to our gut, we all have the gut feeling we all have intuition. We all can read people's energies, you know, when you walk into a room and you like, oh, and you meet that sales guy, and you feel like you've taken a shower afterwards. You're just like, Oh, God, those are all forms of psychic abilities. And we all have it. But some people are more gifted in this incarnation than others, to be able to tap into it in a much higher way. Just like I always say everyone can play basketball. But not everyone can be Michael Jordan.

Jill M. Jackson 37:11
Yes, absolutely. Same with anything. And I use those same analogies. Alex, some of us chose in this lifetime to use the gifts professionally. But in my opinion, it helps all of us to learn how to use them, we can use them in everything that that we do. And that serves us we're given these gifts for a reason. It's like any other muscle.

Alex Ferrari 37:32
So let me ask you this, from your experience, how does the spirit world communicate with us without a medium in play? So grandma passes. How do you see grandma communicating with you? Other than showing up hovering above you in bed? Generally, not everybody gets that opportunity? How do how does the spirit world talk to you not only at the moment of death, but throughout our lives, these these loved ones that are passing on? How have you seen them communicate with with as they say normies like myself

Jill M. Jackson 38:12
That's my little doggie she's, she's a medium also in a different ways. Through dreams, we have visitations from our loved ones that come in dreams. And you know, it's human behavior to still say to ourselves, Well, that was just a dream, that wasn't a visitation, I can assure you, if you have a dream of your loved one, that is a visitation. That is how they come to us. And let us know that they're still with us that they're watching over us. And then they leave signs they leave. Maybe pennies you've heard the same pennies from from heaven, my own mother leaves me dimes, and the skeptic in me the first time I still will, you know, have the ego voice that's not you, mom. So she will leave two or three times in a row to let me know that that's her. So they'll leave coins, they'll leave feathers, they work with the animal kingdom, if you have, let's say a cardinal coming to your window several days in a row. And that is not the norm for that Cardinal to appear in your window. That is one of your loved ones trying to get your attention to let you know that they're okay in delivering a message from the other realm.

Alex Ferrari 39:31
What is the primary reason for connecting to spirits in general through you or without you?

Jill M. Jackson 39:40
There's two primary reasons one to prove that we do survive our physical bodies and that we our souls continue on and then the other is for healing. You know, it brings a lot of healing and a good mediumship session. The the client even though they're made He tears and probably will be tears shed during that session, the client needs to really leave feeling like they spent some time with their loved one. And that there's a healing there. A lot of times, there's things that weren't able to be sad before that person passed away. Sometimes there's apologies, sometimes they just want to come in, and let the person know that they are aware about the births, the marriages, the graduations, and that they wanted them to know that they were there experiencing it with them.

Alex Ferrari 40:35
It's beautiful. So after speaking to so many spirits, and so many loved ones from the other side, what's it like? On the other side? Is it I always like to joke I'm like, Are they all hanging out on a cosmic bar? To having drinks? Like what is their day to day, quote, unquote, day to day life? On the other side in between lives, what have you what's information do you have?

Jill M. Jackson 41:00
Yeah, that's that's a great question to Alex. What I've been shown personally is, when we make our transition, we immediately go into what's what my guides have called a healing chamber. And it's a place where we acclimate to not having a body any any longer, and we start doing it, we do our life review, and we make the decision then whether and when we want to reincarnate. And our loved ones are there to greet us, when what I'm shown is, is, it's much like it is here, where they will have jobs, they will, you know, they're not jobs, like we have them here. But there are souls that choose different things to do, I will have some loved ones who were kind of busy bodies in this lifetime, that will tell me that what they enjoy doing, is going around and showing the new people kind of the ropes of being on the other side, I have other souls that tell me that they are helping to raise the vibration. Some of them are working with creation type energy. So it's all different. I know, my own mother resides in the seventh dimension, and she's working with plants and trees and helping to heal the planet and that way, so there's just limitless possibilities of what we're able to do.

Alex Ferrari 42:35
That's that that is that is fascinating. I've heard those things before. It's kind of like the the healing chamber, it almost sounds like you are almost going through a decompression chamber. If you when you when you go down too deep into the ocean, when you have to come up if you go up too fast, you get the bends. These are the spiritual bends that you're trying to get, you know, kind of get out of right.

Jill M. Jackson 42:56
Yes, absolutely. You know, one thing that I learned to Alex that even as a medium that I was, I had a belief system that we can choose when we pass away, okay? What I was always shown is that we have several exit points, if you will. And it's why there's near death experiences. And we may choose to take one or choose not to take one. And I felt like that we had control, if you will, over those exit points throughout our life. But one thing that I learned with my own mother's transition is that sometimes based on either environmental causes, food, illnesses, things like that, the physical body will decompose, if you will, and start shutting down sometimes before the spirit is ready to leave. And that was a huge revelation to me. And again, it wasn't until my own mother passed away, where that became apparent to me because even when she was about to make her transition, I could see my grandmother, my great grandmother at her bed, trying to welcome her trying to hold her hands out to come join them in the other side. And my mother, even as a medium was rejecting that. She could see them, but she was not ready, ready to go. And when she finally made her transition, she spent a good deal of time in the healing chamber really coming to terms if you will, and reconciling to certain truths of her own truth as I was about six months before myself or any other mediums were truly able to communicate with her So that was fascinating to me to sort of learn that.

Alex Ferrari 45:05
It's like, if you don't take care of the machine, it will break down faster. That analogy. Yeah, perfect. Good. We got to change that oil. Yeah, the tires are changing, we'll rotate the tires. So some of these tires are getting older. Yeah. For sure. So, have you ever encountered different descriptions of the afterlife based on cultural or even religious beliefs or, you know, constructs, if you will?

Jill M. Jackson 45:40
Yes. And my opinion on that, or my feeling on that is when the loved ones show me that in a reading, it is to provide evidence, okay. So, in other words, if I am doing a reading for someone, and their grandmother was a devout Catholic, and I can explain to them that their loved one is she's holding rosary beads, you know, that is a symbolism, where the client is going to understand that that's evidence. All right, same with someone who was a devout Christian, I will see them holding a Bible. Now, I am at about 99.9% sure that they do not have those same dogmatic beliefs. And in fact, later in the reading, they will share those truths. And they will say, you know, if I can impart any wisdom, it's climb out of that box, you know, do not allow others to control what you think and feel and believe. But in the beginning, they do show us that it's my belief that it's to provide that evidence.

Alex Ferrari 46:53
Fair enough. Now, you kind of mentioned this before, but this is a question I get asked a lot. Is the personalities of a person. Like, what makes Jill Jill what makes Alex Alex? How much of that continues on the other side? You know, like, I have a kind of sharp sense of humor. Am I going to be funny on the other side? Am I going to lose jokes? Like is Robin Williams cracking jokes? Like these kinds of things.

Jill M. Jackson 47:19
That's funny, you ask that because he actually came through my husband and us in a in a circle we were doing and yes, it was still as funny as, as ever. So to answer that question, it's been my experience that when we first transition, the majority of our personality is still there, our spirit is still more intact. But what I have seen is some of the shadow aspects, the ego aspects of the personality, the longer that our souls are on the other side, we tend to evolve, if you will, and leave some of those traits behind. For example, there was a reading I did for a family and the father when he first made his transition. He was still, you know, very dry, he was still very strict and, and a little bit ornery of you, if you will. That was his personality. All right, if I had described him any other way, that would have said, You do not have my father there. But over the years, I have witnessed him evolving. And the personality and the essence of his soul has evolved along with it. And it's really cool to witness that.

Alex Ferrari 48:36
Well, it's similar to our evolution here. I mean, when we were like as teenagers is not hopefully frightful. I've met some very, I've met some very interesting 40 year olds who still act like teenagers. But generally, we evolved from those things. So I would imagine that makes sense. Also, I guess it's almost like a residue that's connected to the spirit, that after you in this in this in this coat in this body for such a long time, that it takes a minute for you to kind of let go of a lot of that on the other side. Is that makes sense?

Jill M. Jackson 49:15
Yes, absolutely. That's exactly what happens.

Alex Ferrari 49:18
Now, between you because you feel energy. I'm assuming you feel energy with people, living and deceased. What is the difference between the energy readings of someone who's deceased, versus the energy readings of a human person who you're just sitting in the room with?

Jill M. Jackson 49:40
Actually, it's pretty much the same. And you know, you'll hear some psychic mediums that will say it's the same type of reading and I will disagree a little bit simply because with mediumship, we do have to raise our vibrational frequency to be able to meet Eat those and the frequency that they're residing in. But energetically, when I teach my students to read energy, whether we're reading the energy of the person sitting in front of us, or reading the energy of the person in the other world, that part is 100% the same.

Alex Ferrari 50:17
Now, after doing so many readings over the years, I assume that there has been moments that you've had to give the client some bad news. How do you handle giving someone bad news and that news like you're dying next week? I assume a good medium or a good psychic would never say anything like that. And I would agree with what you said before, if you hear something like that run away. That's not they would never say that. Because that completely alters your timeline, and right alters your freewill. But other bad news? How do you handle doing that?

Jill M. Jackson 50:53
You know, I, I love teaching this I call it the art of message delivery in my classes, because there is an art form to it. And, you know, we as psychics and mediums, we have a responsibility to be able to deliver messages in a compassionate way, you know, but sometimes there are hard truths. You know, sometimes there are things that we may or may not be ready to face. And so I'll give you one example, I give you a couple, because sometimes my spirit team will tell me something, but in the same breath, they will say, This person is not ready to hear that yet. So I may drop a little breadcrumb, if you will, from the other world, there was an occasion that I was doing a reading and I was actually still living in Southern California at the time. And a client came to me for to ask about she and her husband's business, okay, had nothing, she was not asking about relationship issues. And, and it came through that her husband was having an affair. So I asked my team, do I deliver this information? And I was told no. And human ego Gil argued, and this is all happening, you know, simultaneously, because the ego part of myself was saying, but once she finds out and she will find out, she's going to say you were inaccurate, you were wrong. And my spirit team says, That doesn't matter. It's not about you. She is not here to hear this message, and she's not ready to hear it. And when she's ready, the truth will be revealed in its own time. So in that scenario, I did not even drop a bread crumb, because I did not feel it was appropriate. But there have been other times, if someone asked about that, if someone says, you know, is my girlfriend or wife or husband cheating? You know, I will tune into the energy in that moment. And if I do feel that there has been some type of infidelity, sometimes I will say, well, energetically I feel that there's more than two people in this relationship. That's one way that I've been able, you know, not one of these shock and all psychics, Alex, have, you know, I've been to those psychics before, when I was in my 20s, I went to one in Florida, and she was looking at her crystal ball. And I had just moved there with my new boyfriend from college. And I was so excited. And literally, she looked at the crystal ball looked up and said, Your boyfriend's cheating on you. And you need to leave now. And I was just in shock. You know what she right? Yes, she was right. But was already you know, I still had some karma to balance with that person. And so that's kind of what that's why training is so important. It's one of my soapbox. Moments is you know, are untrained psychics and mediums.

Alex Ferrari 54:18
Well, there is also I mean this this comes up with the concept of Karma and, and, you know, paying for things you do in a lifetime. Even psychic mediums are not all beloved, But beloved, and then I can't say the word benevolent Thank you. Because just like you said, if you give that kind of information, you've screwed up the the timeline and of that person. So you're you've taken you've literally taken the opportunity that they wanted to do in this life, working out karma with a partner or something like that. And that builds negative karma for the psychic if they're not, if they're not careful, is that correct?

Jill M. Jackson 54:59
100% and we we as psychics and mediums truly have a responsibility. And, you know, it's it's an honor to do this work but like you said, everyone on this planet has a blueprint. Everyone has karma, everyone has soul growth opportunities and is not our right OSI gets to rip that away from someone before they're ready. You know, that's just not okay. In my opinion.

Alex Ferrari 55:30
Right! It's the equivalent of you being born with massive strength in size, and you becoming a bully versus becoming a protector? It is, yeah, it's your responsibility to do something with the power that you've been given?

Jill M. Jackson 55:45
Absolutely. And I love that you said not all psychics, you know, we can have the gift of psychism we can have the gift of mediumship. But does that mean that we resonate with a high vibrational frequency? Absolutely not. There's there's some psychics and mediums out there who who do not do their own shadow work? You know, I've seen that. And in my world, Are they accurate? Yes. But do do they work on their own souls evolution? Because we all have a shadow side, we all have opportunities to grow and expand and love ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 56:24
And let me ask you, from your, from your point of view, where do you see humanity going? In the next year, two years, three years, I've heard so many different, different, but yet the same ideas of where we're all kind of going as a species as a as a consciousness, but I'd love to hear your point of view of of the information you've done.

Jill M. Jackson 56:45
Yeah, absolutely. I do feel that there's several different timelines. And the way that I like to explain it is, wherever we are vibrating in our, in our own spirit in our own Soul, that is how we are going to perceive what is coming up to in front of us. Okay, so I'll give you an example. Have you ever seen that where somebody could look at something and say, that is blue? And the other person says, No, it's clearly orange. And in their reality? The, they're both their truths, okay. And so years ago, I did the annual predictions, I would post them on my website. And, and the accuracy rate was was pretty high out there. But after a time, I started feeling like that it was promoting fear and negativity in a lot of ways. And because a lot of the predictions weren't necessarily rainbows and unicorns, right? So my team encouraged me to stop putting the predictions out there. However, that doesn't mean that we stopped receiving the information. It's kind of like in readings. So what I will say is this, what I have been shown is, yes, there's a lot of changes coming, I do feel like there's a spiritual warfare going on on many different levels between the the light in the in the dark, I do see a lot of Earth changes coming. However, the good news is, I do see more of the masses waking up to the fact that we are more than our physical bodies. And my prediction is literally by the year 2025. And timing is sometimes challenging, but I feel like at least half of the population is going to have some sort of belief system that's different from the dogmatic control system. And what I have also seen is that we are being given choice points. And that was what COVID was about, as well, Alex, in 2019, and November 2019, I was shown that there was an event coming, that would change humanity forever, and that we would never go back to the way things were to the norm. I was not told that it was a virus, but I was told that it, it would affect everyone on the planet. And I actually grieved and cried about it for about a week because I could feel humanity. And I was shown the division that it was going to create. And the way that my team showed me the vision was they showed me two trains. And they said, you know, you're either going to be on this train or this train. And as the trains are going down the track, you can still look out the window and see some of your friends and family members on the other truck. However, there's going to come a point in time where the the trains go in different direction and and they depart and that was very sad to me that, you know, there was a lot of grieving that that took place because I had a knowing that that was true. And so part of that experience was the division. I do see some more of that coming. But honestly, it's an opportunity for humanity to go within and use our discernment. You know, when I did a channeling, right after COVID, he had I believe it was maybe March or April and 2020, the channeling said, Remember your sovereignty, because that's what it's all about our sovereignty, our divinity, and not allowing someone else to control us to tell us what we should or should not do what we should or should not believe. So I feel like there's some opportunities coming for that. But I do see more and more people opening up and I see them opening up to more holistic health as well. I feel the pharmaceutical industry waning away. So that's great news for any of you out there who are holistic practitioners, whether your health coaches or trainers or psychics, mediums, astrologers, channelers. And it's been difficult or challenging with abundance, please don't give up. Because more and more people are waking up to the fact that we have it all within ourselves, you know, we have the ability to heal ourselves, we have the ability to know our own authentic truth and peel those onion layers back and to remember our divinity. And that excites me.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:43
Beautifully said my dear beautifully said. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Jill M. Jackson 1:01:53
Finding joy, finding joy and also remembering to live in the now in the now moment.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:04
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Jill, what advice would you give her?

Jill M. Jackson 1:02:09
To not give a damn what other people think or say about me or us.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:16
Fair enough. How do you define God or source energy?

Jill M. Jackson 1:02:22
We are we are all God we are all one with the Creator.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:29
What is the what is love?

Jill M. Jackson 1:02:34
Love is expansion. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:39
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jill M. Jackson 1:02:43
To find our authentic truth,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:45
Beautifully said and where can people find out more about you pick up your book and get more information about what you do in the world?

Jill M. Jackson 1:02:53 And my events are on there. I'm going to be in Southern California in March doing some events there. And my husband and I lead spiritual retreats as well. We are it's the full moon wisdom of the heart retreat in Stonehenge in June. So we have a few spots open for that, but they can find me on

Alex Ferrari 1:03:18
And Jill, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Jill M. Jackson 1:03:21
Use your discernment. And this face the ego you know face the shadow. It's it's not fun, you know, part of awakening and, and finding our gifts. The fun part is learning to be able to tap into the other world. But there's another flip side of that. And it's It's our shadow and our ego and it's really important to find that balance and because we all have a shadow in a dark, you know light and a dark within each one of us and it's important to embrace both.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:56
Jill it's been such a pleasure talking to you, my dear thank you for being on the show and for the work that you do in the world helping enlighten and raise our vibration so I appreciate you.

Jill M. Jackson 1:04:07
Thank you for having me, Alex and thank you for the work you do.

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