How To END Reincarnation: Unlock the Secrets of Making This Your Last Incarnation! with Isabella Greene

Isabella Greene is a Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer, and Author in service to the evolution of consciousness and ascension of humanity. Since her powerful re-awakening, Isabella has dedicated her life to multidimensional work which extends beyond the limitations of 3D.

After years of living life to the fullest, traveling the world, working in the Financial Services Industry, and playing in the New York “underground” scene, Isabella had a re-awakening and became a modern-day mystic.

Isabella is certified in hypnosis, Reiki, and life coaching. She reads Akashik records and is an extra-dimensional channel. Isabella studied numerous philosophies and schools of thought and was strongly influenced by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Her intuitive and paranormal abilities deepened over a decade of advanced spiritual practices and a pure lifestyle. This allowed her to create a unique method of remote healing work that Isabella now offers worldwide.

As a curious and daring soul, Isabella enjoyed pushing her limits throughout her life. It was no different when she discovered the ancient yogic technique that allowed her to leave the body at will.

Isabella jumped on the opportunity to travel beyond the veil and explore realities of other dimensions in search of the answers to her most burning questions. One of these questions was about exiting the cycle of reincarnation on Earth.


Isabella wrote LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle to bring into the open the discoveries she made throughout the years of exploration.

Please enjoy my conversation with Isabella Greene.

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Isabella Greene 0:00
Well we hear within Earth plane are somewhat within the trap, meaning anyone can come in and your soul can come in, I remembered how I came in how I made a decision to come into this earth plane. So help to help the developing world that was the notion that jujur drew me here. But I observed that when we leave the body, it's not the end at all, we're usually greeted by the group of beings that present us with a life review. And a lot of people talk about that. And then you are given really only one choice to come back and pay off your karma pay off the suffering that you generated on Earth.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I like to welcome to the show, Isabella Greene, how you doin, Isabella?

Isabella Greene 1:08
I am doing so good, because I am so excited to be on this show. Thank you for having me Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:15
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you as well. We're here to talk about your book Leaving The Trap, which is how to exit the reincarnation cycle. And I've I've talked about this on the show a few times, a couple times here and there. But it is something that so many people are fascinated with, first of all the concept of reincarnation, and let alone breaking it and leaving not having to do it. So can you first explain to people what this reincarnation cycle is, for someone who's not really doesn't understand it at the level that you do?

Isabella Greene 1:51
Well, from my perspective, and I've I've developed my perspective based exclusively on my own experiences and observations, because I'm not a reader and I am just now finding out that other people wrote about, but while I was aware of the concept of reincarnation and karma through a yogic practices, but I have observed through astral projection, and several experiences that I had with visions during my sessions, and my own near death experiences, which I had to one of them was induced so that I could actually go double check things. So I did that on purpose. But well, we here within our splain arm, somewhat within a trap, meaning anyone can come in and your soul can come in, I remembered how I came in how I made a decision to come into this earth plane to help to help the developing world that was the notion that drew me here. But I observed that when we leave the body, it's not the end at all, we're usually greeted by the group of beings that present us with a life review. And a lot of people talk about that. And then you are given really only one choice to come back and pay off your karma, pay off the suffering that you generated on Earth. And one way or another, you know, if you're born on earth, you made something so far. So it is very much linked to is a guilt tripping and making making people feel that they need to go back and do better than next time. And so so as I recycled common back, you only presented with one choice. So you they will dance around you until you agree to that choice, no one really tells you that hey, you know what you have a choice to check out if you want to know you have to come back and start all over again in a different body and continue whatever karma or paying off karma or whatever path that was created previously. So that's kind of just the gist, the reincarnation there.

Alex Ferrari 4:26
To my understanding from my studies, in my experience that I agree with almost everything you said to my understanding is when you get to the other side, it's that either you can hang out if you want. But you truly when you're on the other side and you look at what you've done and like oh, I really need to kind of go pay that debt off or not debt but it's like learn something. And you truly just want to go back in to kind of fix this out. It's not kind of like like a they got a gun to your head you get you're going back down. You're going back down. It's kind of like more or less I, oh, I want to go back down, I want to kind of go through this again, because on the other side is a very different perspective on on everything than the game is here, right? We're we're all playing with Would you agree with that kind of idea?

Isabella Greene 5:13
I think that that idea is there, because we really throughout our entire life with all of the teachings, were really never presented with a different choice. First of all, secondary, it's a very kind of, I think that it has a lot to do with ego, wanting to be better and do better. And there was one workshop that I taught on this recently at the yoga festival, by the way, and they there was like, people were split half and half the audience, half of the people were saying, Yeah, we want to be free to make our choice and to get out or arrest or liberate ourselves or go into the void or the infinite soup of source, so to speak, right, the omnipresent field, or go to a different reality. While the other half we're saying why we don't see why we want to come back and serve more, do better or change your previous ways. But the catch here is that you forget your wife, your wives, when you come into the new body, except the you know, a few cases where you are able, through yogic practices, you're able to remember your past lives, and there are a few that are born, remember in their past lives, but these are few and far apart. And predominantly, most of us just come back completely, like a clean slate. So what are you doing really cleaning up from the past? If you don't remember the past?

Alex Ferrari 7:01
Right! But then there are situations that are presented to you that are fixing that karma, even though you might not even know what like, why is this happening to me? Or why am I going through this struggle. And that kind of is paying off some of the karmic debt or what you want to learn in this life. It's interesting conversation with the whole soul blueprint and the soul plan that we all have on the other side, where we were like, Okay, this life I want, I want to have a tough mother who's very strict, I want to be born into this religion, because that's gonna teach me a whole bunch of stuff. I'm gonna born in this country, during this time, during this being this race, because I want to learn these lessons. Or I've heard these vacation lifetimes where like, hey, you know, I just want to go down there have some fun for this this lifetime. I've heard about those as well. So it's very fascinating. And I don't think we have a clear answer. Go ahead.

Isabella Greene 7:50
Yeah, but here's the thing. If you have gone into what's called the state of Samadhi, have, you have gone into the state of Omnipresence or the super consciousness, right, and you have experienced yourself as the true essence of the soul is the field of everything and nothing, where everything is already known, and everything already exists, and everything is already in compost. What are we really learned in here with earth experiences, because I do sessions for people. And I do counseling, I do all different types of sessions and stuff. And sometimes, for the entire week, I'm sitting there listening to the same story over and over, you know, and so it's like, oh, well lit, quite redundant here. And there isn't as much, there isn't as much variety of experience, as it seems. And, or that's required to experience sort of 1000s and 1000s of incarnations that we've been through those who have been on earth for a very long time, I remembered being on earth from the very beginning of time before the heat, while the humans were just being created, if you wish, right. So from beginning of time, how many incarnations do you think have I had it didn't think I have already mastered is the you know, whatever. Tough mother or father or another? Sure you know what I'm saying. So, there is I tend to stretch this idea a lot, but it's a great concept because it makes us agree to suffer more. It makes us want to suffer for the bigger cause because as if we are collected and information for the field or for the source some some say that oh, source wants to experience itself. So you sell For the Tough Mudder, like you mentioned, but really does, this does the source that is the field that already encompasses all consciousness, all possible existence all possible experiences? Does it really need more of your whatever, collecting information through this kind of redundant experience on earth? You know what I'm saying? So this is this is this is my argument to the whole New Age concept that we're here to learn or to grow, to expand and to expand or to collect more information for source. So I question and from that perspective,

Alex Ferrari 10:45
So then why do we, why did we choose to come down? And why do we choose to have 1000 lifetimes, like you said that you've gone through all of this? And maybe at this point in your, in your cycle? You're just like, I'm done. I've done it all. I mean, at this point, I mean, where humanity is and where I've been, I don't need to come back anymore. So what's the purpose of the original choosing to come down and then being again and again and again?

Isabella Greene 11:10
Here's the thing I remember common down here the very first time and then you can't get out.

Alex Ferrari 11:19
Now, that doesn't go against the concept of freewill.

Isabella Greene 11:23
Right, right. But doesn't the whole reincarnation cycle go against the concept of freewill? If we start digging into this, you know, that's a arconic structure around the Earth. Have you seen if you have asked or projected, you have seen the firmament, the barrier around Earth that you can't get out, you can get through that, unless you have learned to what I call quantum trowel, pop. Right? Right, go right past it. And that's what I've been practicing for nine years now, since that first happened in 2019, or 2014. So there is a system here around this planet that keeps the original idea to come in and help I remember that very clearly, was that I wanted, there was like a distress call from this planet that answered the world where I was at that time. And it was a very different reality. We didn't know any struggle or suffering the war. In peace, we were in shared consciousness, we were very connected, is the species and I'm not talking about the hive mind, there is a very big difference between the hive mind and shared consciousness. So we will connect it with the planet, we will connect it with all life forms, it was very peaceful and calm and we could hop into different realities. We were non physical beings. But I remember that all of a sudden, we started receiving through the transmitter, which was a mountain on our planet. We started that was communicating with other worlds, we started receiving a distress call from Earth that needs help. And I kind of felt lucky. Yeah, you know what? That sounds like a good adventure. I was very sure that I had all the abilities required to handle it. And I thought, yeah, like I had this strong sense of compassion and desire to go and help. Because when them unknown, this kind of level of distress that was coming in with that call, and my feeling was, well, I can definitely go and help. So I came in the first time. And after that, you just once you answer it, that's it. Then you just keep getting wiped and recycled. And that's the reincarnation cycle from my perspective.

Alex Ferrari 14:00
So there's do people like the ascended masters like Baba Ji or a Yogananda or Jesus or Buddha? Yeah. Are they in this trap? Or have they they've transcended?

Isabella Greene 14:13
They have they know, they know they have the understanding that they can, that they have a free choice. That's the number one thing that's missing in our teachings about reincarnation here is that we have a different choice, and that we through practices and through doing going through specific steps here or in arrows that are all in my book, by the way, or whatever I gathered so far, that's in my book. And I hear that my book is the only one on the subject that offers these suggestions of how to prepare yourself. So they knew that they have a choice and so their presence is by choice. I am Very I am positive that while Baba Ji decided that he wants to hang around from the conversation with his sisters for as I remember that story, I have no doubt that Jesus was fully aware that he can come in, do whatever he was here to do and get out if he wants to, and then come in again, whenever his services are required.

Alex Ferrari 15:27
So then basically the Ascended Masters have figured out the code or the they have the key to the door, or the for the rest of us have not figured that Dorough and that kind of goes along with, you know, the yogi philosophies in the Vedic texts, and you know, 1000s of years, that as you evolve spiritually, you then eventually transcend. And you are eventually are able to end the cycle, because you're like, Oh, I'm, I'm done. I've, I'm good. So what you're trying to do is to help people understand that they can choose to leave if they want to in this life. Yeah, it's but it's up to their free choice is essentially what you're saying.

Isabella Greene 16:08
Exactly that exactly that my message is that we have a choice, when you know that you have a choice, although we don't hear about the choice from anywhere. But when we know that we have a choice, we can make a different choice. And that brings freedom of choice to the soul for real for real,

Alex Ferrari 16:32
Right. And then from from my experiences, I've talked to over 100 near death experiencers at this point, that so many times that they have a choice to either stay or go. And then when they decide to stay, they don't have to pop in right away, they can choose to hang out, but they can't go there's certain levels, I guess, that you can't go beyond until you evolve to a certain level, which is my next question to you are there different levels and dimensions that souls move through after death based on karmic and spiritual progression.

Isabella Greene 17:11
I have not observed that be honest with you. It's a great it's a great concept. And it's a very inspiring concept. And I think it helps people here to reach the next level or work towards hopping into the next level. But I have observed the low astral and the Alpha astral and the low astral is something that we call hell. And very uncomfortable, unpleasant place. But even those who end up there because they vibrationally a match of that kind of environment after the life review, all go into the upper astral which will go heaven. And that's a really beautiful, beautiful place. That's where you experienced that that heart opening love, but not even not even close to the love that you experienced in Samadhi. By the way, all right. But it still is way more and crazy attractive for those who are here on earth that will get just whatever crumbs of higher love here. So in the upper astral, that's where it's all that transparency on you have revelations and you can hang there for a while. And I mean, transparency that you are not solid. And you experience that freedom of what we are really what we really are. And the music of the spheres kind of the feeling. And the colors are beautiful, and you're surrounded by the beings that present themselves are like either angelic beings or the beings that you believed in, during your lifetime or your loved ones. Yeah. And so it's it's a very pleasant place, of course, and you can hang out there. I think you have a kind of choice there as far as how long you want to arrest and there but from working with people and doing past live readings. I've noticed that on average people reincarnate about every three years, unlike those who you mean, I mean, three years after they pass, they go back. But they've been those who skipped couple centuries. I've worked with those. And there are those who died from accidents or unexpectedly and then women young age and they felt that they did not finish yet and they usually come right back like instantly within about six months to a year and they're often right into their own families as new children. So I've observed that as a phenomenon as well, because the soul is in such shock that it like they join is interrupted. Now we say it's all by choice, but I've observed, and it probably is, but I've observed that they want to come back to very shortly. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 20:20
Yeah, yeah, there's, there's stories, I've heard that, you know, the mother, you know, child dies, and the the next child that comes in, it's them again. And the mother is like, oh, it's Bobby Bobby's back. But he's definitely like, he's in a different body. But you could feel like, oh, that's, that's my bobby. Yeah. I've heard these kind of stories, that speaking of near death experiences, have you heard of any near death experiences that shine a light on or any insights on ending the reincarnation cycle from their perspective?

Isabella Greene 20:55
I, I've talked to quite a few people since I started talking about this subject, more this year. And I've out of a large amount of people that I talked to, that reached out to me, they wrote to me, that all pretty much have a very similar story, that they go and they're greeted by the beings or the loved ones, or whatever, and they discuss they're coming back, and then they're back. And that's kind of like a standard saying, but about three people know, about three people, or maybe three or four, one straight into the void, went straight into the omnipresence and there is no way that I could at the present moment answer why these three people had that experience. And that experience influenced them so much. One of these women was in my workshop that I just mentioned, and she's, there is no way that she would agree to go anywhere else except into that state, because that's that state of superconsciousness omnipresence, and that fulfills everything, every sense that you are, you're everything, and nothing at the same time. And only when you experience that state of being that's when you really can grasp it. I've been reading for 30 years, I've been reading the the Dow Dow the Ching. And this year that I started focusing more I really see what he's saying there. What louds is is describing is there the everything came from nothing and returns to nothing. And that's it right there. But the state of being wants you to opt into that and a lot of masters and Yogi's who attain that state of being, they talk about this. That's the bypass and of their incarnation right there.

Alex Ferrari 23:09
So is there how can we count? How can we dissolve our karma in this life?

Isabella Greene 23:15
I don't believe there is a karma. So I don't I think no, I think that we I think that the concept of Karma goes hand in hand with the whole if you wish agenda, I don't like that word, but with the whole agenda of keep in the souls reincarnating over and over. Because once you once you believe that you have to pay something off, then you agree to go back and do it. And so that there is karma right there. There is a law of attraction, however, and that's the law a vibrational match. But it works very differently. Because with vibrational match, you are vibrating towards yourself, what you put out basically what you put out, you get back that's the law. That's the law of attraction or the law that governs all realities, including our reality. But karma is you have to go for example, right? If you made someone suffer, you have to go back and suffer yourself. Right? So that's kind of like a mirror reflection in most cases.

Alex Ferrari 24:33
Well, let me stop you there for a second because that concept of like feeling what the other person is doing or having to go back to it that's covered in life review. In the life review, when you go up as near death experiences have talked about. You go through your life and you feel what you felt, but you also feel what the other one felt. So in many ways, you're kind of dealing with you're learning from that the life review experience, and arguably you wouldn't have to you You'd have to come back down arguably,

Isabella Greene 25:01
Or, or, or you'd been guilted. Right there.

Alex Ferrari 25:07
But that doesn't mean I don't know if that makes sense to me. I'm, I'm gonna have to push back on that, because I don't think that I don't think that everything I've heard of on the other side, right? There's no concept of guilt or negative energy on the other side, to my.

Isabella Greene 25:20
Right! Except that.

Alex Ferrari 25:24
Except that.

Isabella Greene 25:25
Ethat that you're presented with how you didn't do good enough. You made these people feel this way? Well, so you feel terrible about it, and you agree to go back? So it's a very, it's a from what I believe in. That's a very smart system that makes you that is all catered towards you saying yes, yes. You know what, oh, my God, I felt terrible. I made them feel terrible. Let me go back and pay that.

Alex Ferrari 25:58
But why? What's the purpose of this massive kind of system?

Isabella Greene 26:02
Then collection of energy.

Alex Ferrari 26:05
Collection of energy? So this is the matrix and where the batteries?

Isabella Greene 26:08
Yeah, essentially, is what you're saying? Yeah, unfortunately, unfortunately. Yeah. Unfortunately, I did not. I did not know about that. But this whole idea, but then I heard about louche. And once I started talking about the whole thing, I heard that David Icke has a book called the trap, which apparently covers everything except how to leave the trap. And then my I was just on David Ickes TV last week, and we were having that conversation with the host, he was telling me that well, you know, what, David, I described the whole system, you describe how to get out of it, it was like, well, that works. And then that Robert Monroe also wrote about it, I never read about it, I've just observed and tune into and kind of intuitively felt that the whole thing about us having to continue suffering, to grow to continue suffering, for whatever reason to collect for all of the for all of the good reasons just continue to suffer. And that just does not resonate with me, it does not sound right to me at all.

Alex Ferrari 27:23
But it only because it's not only suffering, there's other experiences that are being collected as well that are very positive down here.

Isabella Greene 27:29
Right. But yeah, and that's the carrot in the sky. Right? If we didn't have any positive experience at all, why would we even? I don't know, why wouldn't we? I think that creates a balance. But the here's the thing, that when you do when you go through your practices, when you reach a certain level, you're able to have out of body experiences at will, you're able to observe all that in, you're able to get into the state of being where you no longer will you no longer are subject to these fluctuations, emotional fluctuations that everyone has experienced. And this crazy dramas and stuff, which is the most common state of human experience, unfortunately, so your wobble becomes much smoother. And as I was just reading in the Yogananda 's book, that's one of the byproducts of the past, because you develop the ability, first of all, you develop the inner peace, peace, inner peace, in challenging circumstances, you're able to have the equilibrium of your state of being, regardless of what's around you. So you stop producing that energy, you stop producing the energy, you stop feeding the system. And that's pretty much ready to get out because you're useless. Now you can get out.

Alex Ferrari 29:04
I guess I understand, I understand. Understand the basic concept of what you're trying to say. I might disagree slightly with a few of the ways you're going about it. But at the end of the day, we're both going to the same place. Which is the difference which is the difference and that's and that's absolutely fine. Because when we're going through, let's say, a yogic practice that is taking you to evolution, ever, evolving your spirit, you're going, your goal is to leave your goal is to end the recycle. That's the goal of this holder. It's the goal I mean, all the great Ascended Masters of all set, right exact goal is not to keep coming back and back and back and back and back. I know the goal is to eventually leave this and transcend to the next stage level, dimension, whatever the next journey is endless.

Isabella Greene 29:56
And if you don't do Then it takes the mail in incarnations. But if you do, then in one incarnation in 10 years, or in a year, you go through like 100 years, or like you go through 100 years of if we have the same kind of evolution that you do if you just if you just bouncing around Earth.

Alex Ferrari 30:24
So and that's something I agree with you on is that as you go down this meditative practice and things like that with, you know, following, let's say, kriya, yoga, or, or many other disciplines that get you to the same place. Right, you you're learning, and evolution is shortened so dramatically. Yeah. I mean, yeah, 10 years, 20 years, but that's lifetimes experiences that you're picking up like, Hey, you probably shouldn't kill people. All right, good. That's that I could check that off the list. And what you just said, like, not reacting to things around you that are negative, or to get to the point where negative things generally don't happen around you.

Isabella Greene 31:10

Alex Ferrari 31:13
Right! you're not attracting that. And that's essentially the law of attraction, or manifestation because your vibration is, that's why I always tell people like you never heard of Yogi's getting mugged. Because that energy that energy doesn't match, you know, generally, generally speaking,

Isabella Greene 31:30
I agree. I agree. And I know that I, I know that from my own life, because my life was everything. Drama amplified. I've been through every god awful experience, you can imagine. And I've been through through all kinds of stuff. And now it's so peaceful, but it wasn't, because it's not people say, Oh, you just got older, right? No, no, no, at the beginning of that poll, I was already getting older, right. But there was still this internal turmoil. And that was bringing in all kinds of uncomfortable experiences, because that is what you put out, you get back right there. Now you are. And I can say that I, I am there. It's like you create a bubble within a bubble, within, if you want to say within the simulation, you create a loophole. So you literally find yourself in a space where you're fully aware of what's going on around you. But it doesn't affect you as much. And you're not a match to like what you said anymore. All right, and it is a real thing. It's not something that is just from a book, it is not something that well, an attainable, you influence your mind, your focused attention to your emotions, and a your speech, that is your vibrational state is generated through that. And you're able to reach like your master these things and you're able to reach an entirely different state of being where you no longer match to the type of dramas like I was my entire life before.

Alex Ferrari 33:35
Right! Once you evolve to a certain level, you just don't you know, the things that I dealt with when I was growing up I don't deal with now, is they just said they're not. They're not. They're not a vibrational match anymore. For what? And hopefully I've learned a couple things. So the way we've hopefully learn a few things along the way. Now, are there any signs that you have observed? That kind of are indicators that your that you might be able to leave this reincarnation cycle in this life?

Isabella Greene 34:06
I have no doubt that I'm out of here.

Alex Ferrari 34:08
No, not you. Are there any signs that other people can see?

Isabella Greene 34:11
Oh, other people can see for themselves? Yes. I think that there are a few steps that lead us to be in very close to getting out. Okay. And that is first of all, Master and like I just said mastering your focus your mind your emotions, your state of being that's yoga, pretty much then going through inner healing work, where you cannot be guilted where you can not be a match or you you're no longer responding to other words in us that were conditioned into non stop here to the highest degree you can attain with And then these things, right. And then we you change your state of being in your life to be of the higher frequency of the higher mind higher consciousness. So you no longer are tracked and the karma, in other words, the experiences that are all about paying that karma, right? Did you pay it off? Or did you just vibrate out of it? That's the question. And then the top of that are they then you know, that you can get out of the reincarnation cycle, the next level, I would suggest that would make it very easy. Because the first things that these things I'm talking about is, if you're negotiating with the handlers of the reincarnation cycle, you you need to not be able to be bulletproof as far as guilt tripping and all that, but ideal case scenario is that you have practice, to get out of body. And to go not astral project, there is a difference between astral projection, because that takes you straight into the astral plane. But not also project but to I call it quantum travel, because it's instant, and you get out, like you spirit travel, or you go you have out of body experiences at will. In that case, it's a no brainer, you've trained yourself while you were alive, how to do it. And so at the moment, when your body takes the last breath, you have a choice, and you just just do the same exact thing. So because at the moment your your body passes you, your spirit, you're free. Now, you have to wrestle with that whole physicality and the ego and that trying to hold on to your spirit and not letting your spirit but you get out anyway, if you have persistence, but they're the body let go. And so you're free to direct yourself, wherever you prefer it. And so that's the answer, like how, you know, if you're ready, and then also, I think the souls who have been here for 1000s and 1000s, of incarnations, and they've, they feel tired, you know, the old souls, a lot of old souls, you know, I so I'm so tired of the earth experience, I am looking to find a way to get out. So that also kind of come.

Alex Ferrari 37:38
So can you talk a little bit about Maya, or the illusion of the simulation, as we call it? And how, from your experience, what is your understanding of this quote, unquote, simulation, that we're in this physical realm that we're in,

Isabella Greene 37:56
I don't really, I've only literally just found out the whole about the concept of Maya, what it is, over the last couple of months, I started reading Yogananda 's book. Because before that, it was just hey, you know, what, we are trapped in our desires here. Meaning as long as you in the physical body and you're not connected with the higher essence, in you're not seeking the higher essence and your focus is on your physical physical experience, as on the physical experience is all about unfulfilled desires are fulfilled desires are then the next one comes in. And then we just keep running in cycles. And so that's my understanding of Maya that makes you come back because you, you know, oh, you never got that love of your life, or you never got to be together with that particular person. Oh, but next lifetime, they tell you, you you can so come on. So then you Yeah, then you jump right in, because hey, you know what, no, next time, my, my physical, or my desires of the earth when I go into be fulfilled, but the practices as that I am describing or mentioning, and that I've been involved with or doing for the last nine years, there really diminish that. That's one of the other side effects that you really lose as the attachment to desires. It's, it's very interesting. It just calms everything internally.

Alex Ferrari 39:39
You don't you don't go after the physical stuff, like, you know, like, a Porsche to me would be like this. It's I don't really care. I mean, someone gave me a Ferrari, I'd probably sell it and donate the money or something. Like I just wouldn't, it doesn't appeal to me to have that kind of thing.

Isabella Greene 39:57
Because there is a In their fulfillment that comes with having experience the connection with the higher consciousness. And one time is enough, one time of going into Samadhi state is enough to have a complete change of the state of being. Because you experience the complete fulfillment in every, in every possible way. Right now I live in the desert, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of an empty house, I have a studio fulfillment. But when people still buy, they say, why didn't you just move here? Is this why you don't have any furniture and I just don't need any furniture. So it's just an empty space in nature. And so people tell me Oh, so this is what you do. Now I live in service, I work and I help people with all different kinds of energetic support. 20 24/7 Pretty much, that's what I do. And then the life is really pure lifestyle is very pure, and they my appetites, my diet changed, I didn't even try to change it. It just kind of like I just stopped wanting certain things. And so it is a very, very pure lifestyle. You can say monastic lifestyle, but I'm still, you know, I still go to Sedona next door, and and sometimes have lunch with people. So that's not entirely monastic, but it's pretty close.

Alex Ferrari 41:38
What are your feelings on the psychedelics, and what they do to consciousness, because they, they sneak into a realm. I've talked about the show on the show a few times, either psychedelics, DMT, ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms, there's, there's a list of them, all of these things do kind of, I call it kind of like crashing through the door, it's a pretty violent way, as opposed to the, the yogic way of going about it, which is much slower, longer. But once you get to that top of the mountain, if you will, in that practice, you can come and go as you please. Because you're kind of invited into the door, where you take a psych, a psychedelic, you're kind of not invited to the door, and you're just crashing the party. And it's pretty rough, as many people who've taken ayahuasca and these things have said, so what's your experience? And what's your thoughts on it?

Isabella Greene 42:34
My thoughts on it is that that is produced by Earth, on Earth supplies a certain level of assistance for us to see into the other side. But they these are plant and fungal, fun guys spirits, and also for augments and all that so that the plant animal and fun guys spirits, and so what they can show you is within a certain limit, that's where the Earth Spirit can go. And so this is where you go with it. For most people, it's much more than they can do on their own. And so that opens the door. But it's enough to have the door open once or twice, majority of people lose the ability to trust in their own capacity to get there on their own and then develop dependency on the substances and so the experiences are become a limitation instead of an assistance. So I I remember a speech of one of the Mayan elders at one of the festivals and he mentioned the following his said that the shamanic medicines came in when Earth Blayne or human consciousness was very dense, way denser than right now. And so the the extreme measures were required for people to get anywhere. But he said exactly this, he said, this, the time has passed. And you'll no longer have to poison the body to get to the soul. That is something that stands out to me and then and then another thing is you really taken if you take Ayahuasca you take in the spirit of the jungle and letting it wreak havoc inside your physical form. And very often people who do that they sound to me and I look at their energy field and it's full of damage and meridians old messed up, and some of these spirits are still stuck in their form. And they keep doing it, you know, they because they keep trying to get somewhere. I don't believe that these offerings from the earth can help with psychological problems or can assist much they can assist a little bit. But I also know someone that is my colleague, and she mentioned that she worked with an Ayahuasca group, meaning the people who were doing ayahuasca for 10 years and ceremonies and she said, she stopped working with them as a healer, because she said there was no emotional progress with that group for 10 years. Really interesting. So I say, hey, you know, on if you are very dense, you use that to break the door. But then start because it will give you a glimpse of where you can go and what you can do. And then start doing the town's breath work, and it will take you the same place. That's it, just open that portal and then you can get there on your, by your own means. So that,

Alex Ferrari 46:27
Yeah, that that makes a tremendous amount of sense. Because I was I think it was the Ram Dass is Guru Baba, who, who they gave a whole handful of mushrooms to and he took them and nothing happened. Right? And he's like, I'm here already.

Isabella Greene 46:46

Alex Ferrari 46:47
There's this none of this means nothing to me. All right, because they, it's literally just a mushroom sand because they don't need to go there. They're there whenever they want, because they've already reached that level, right? Of quote unquote, enlightenment, or at least that vibrational level. It's fascinating.

Isabella Greene 47:07
I also heard recently at a live event, someone asked this question and the person was channeling. So channel in a six dimensional being, and that Channeler or the beings through the channel said that these are two dimensional secondee that the plant and animal spirits, I will ask us period, that's to like set second D to the so you taken into your form, the spirit that's that's even lower than than 3d that we have here. But it can still open. Like if you take animals, for example, or plans plans are very conscious, right? They respond to your frequency, they respond to your state of being, I know that I see the plants in my healing room, and they're all just going through the roof. You know, they love it, that state of being or if I put them in a room where I never go, than they're not feeling so good. So plants are very conscious. But it wasn't you a new thing for me to hear that it's only two dimensional like that there are two that they are two dimensional consciousness. But well, that's what I literally just heard about a couple of weeks ago.

Alex Ferrari 48:29
It's it's really interesting is getting into kind of like micro dosing and psychedelics and psilocybin and these kinds of thinks it is cracking the door. Yeah, a little bit, and people do come back with a new understanding. It's very much like having a near death experience. You come back changed. You mean I haven't spoken to one near death experience, or they came back and went straight back to what they were doing before? You know, except for you, obviously. Because you were apparently dense and you needed

Isabella Greene 49:03
Yeah, I was. I literally I had an overdose. I should have been dead. I was a hardcore party in New York City and I live over a rock and roller and during the day I was in the corporate environment that didn't help and during the night it was kind of living the life of a rock and roll and I had an overdose and and it was pretty intense. I should have been dead for sure. But I had a near death experience. I felt very bad because I was told that while you're wasting your life, it was like yeah, no, you know, what, can I just like, stay here? No, you have to go back and do better. Okay. I went back maybe a couple of months. So it was kind of like join on that then the next priority and forget about it, and that's it, you know, the right.

Alex Ferrari 49:51
So it didn't affect you

Isabella Greene 49:52
Right back into right back into the lifestyle that I lived for another 10 years.

Alex Ferrari 49:59
But it might have been a delayed reaction because obviously delayed very delayed but in one way shape or form is not like you just went and destroyed your life and you just kept going down that path industry in self destructed there was a point that you decided to make a switch and that could have been a delete. I've seen that before to people who'd like come right back and they just like I waited 15 years and then yeah, it does affect people in one way shape or form when you die right back. I hate to tell you that does affect you.

Isabella Greene 50:34
Yeah, yeah. So I guess my addiction was stronger than desire to change my lifestyle but it gradually started changing and I actually had a induced one where I took ketamine that not that I took it but I found it because I was I was like, I want to get back to that afterlife It was so awesome. It was so peaceful.

Alex Ferrari 50:58
A lot of near death they all say that they all said

Isabella Greene 51:01
Yeah, I just want to get back there I want to go check it out and and I just kept talking about it then I found the person who said hey, you know what I know how to do it was like okay, let's do it.

Alex Ferrari 51:11
That sounds very legit. Isabella It sounds very legit and safe Go ahead.

Isabella Greene 51:18
No, well nowadays there are kettman kalinic Yeah, use that for the same thing like they say microdose and then stuff but I honestly again, controlled environments control doses like that. I again don't believe that that helps much but it does give you that experience. If you do a very small dose it gives you the experience of oneness and beauty and love and and the tale of separation between things it's is great but what he generated for me what is the street term for the others okay Hall which if you look keyhole up that's in near death experience or really intense out of body experience. So I kind of was blocked out or it was gone. Or it only last 10 minutes but I went straight into that afterlife realm and and that's when I observed how the beings are Shepherd and souls all around then and it did feel amazing like to be there you know that it you feel like you in heaven for real? You know, and and on Jeff Maher podcast when I was on Jeff Maher podcast recently, and and he said that, while people were kind of commenting like, well, that's not a real near death experience. But he said, Well, it's very legit, because he interviewed someone else who experienced keyhole by accident, or he experienced like, too much Kinnaman by accident, he failed, fell down and was the body appears to be dead. Because you you literally are like there are no functions of the body happening in that state. And so they thought he thought and and the people around him thought that he died. And he set up 10 minutes later. So Jeff shared that. He said, Well, that was a very legitimate, near death experience for that guy. But for me, I was like, show me, I want to go back there. And I want to, I want to experience that again.

Alex Ferrari 53:30
Did you ever see the movie Flatliners from the 90s? I don't remember now you have to now watch that. Because that's literally a bunch of medical students who are killing themselves because they kept going to the other side. And they wanted to see how long they kept going. It's Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon to hit that. Really? Yeah. It was a great, but then they brought back bad spirits. And that's the It's a horror movie. Yeah, but but it's you. I think you'd enjoy it.

Isabella Greene 53:55
But it check this out. So I read in Yogananda 's book. I think I think in Yogananda the book, I read that if you stay in Samadhi, or maybe I heard that I right now, don't remember. But if you stay, if you get out of body, and you stay in Samadhi for three days. That's a That's it, like the physical form dies.

Alex Ferrari 54:18
Well, that's fair, because there are some rules that you have to deal with down here. I mean, you can skirt those rules a bit, but at a certain point, but you know, is is very interesting when when Yogananda died, he didn't do he didn't decompose. For seven days, like seven days, his body was still warm to the touch and full of flesh, His body did not decompose, because the energy that he had, and there's pictures of it and there's video of it, there's people who don't understand it, and he was buried like that, like completely. So he had so much energy that he had built up in his body that it transcended almost what the body was capable of doing

Isabella Greene 54:56
Right that prana and the ability If the ancient Yogi's and maybe a lot of present day that we don't know about, I hope to get they're able to really control is the functions the physical body, to the point that you can facilitate the time of your departure, or you can facilitate whatever state of being that would be the end of our medical system right there. But, yeah, I, my aspiration in this lifetime for the rest of my lifetime is hopefully going to continue with the practices that I'm doing. And to see that I could, ideally get to the state of being where I can influence influence the physical form, which is just a form of energy, right, just a bunch of energy, so influence that influence the pranic flow through my self so that I could have that kind of I would love for that to happen. That's, that's my dream.

Alex Ferrari 56:07
Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests Isabelle. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Isabella Greene 56:13
Peace, well being, and calmness, and in the face of challenging situations, the lack of torment and desires and feeling contentment, all of that? So from that perspective, yeah, I'm there. And I wish for everyone else to get there. It's very, it's a very, it's the, it's the most wonderful state of being you can experience I have experienced all other kinds of states. And I'd tell you, compared to everything else, this honors that I know of, this is the best therapy and most fulfilling and service of course, sorry, I forgot. And the life of service when when you when you give, because that's a natural state of being for you. But you also include yourself and that that's the new age teaching. You include yourself in that, but you give to others and that's, that's very fulfilling.

Alex Ferrari 57:20
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Isabella, what advice would you give her?

Isabella Greene 57:25
I would ask her, I wouldn't give her an advice. I would ask her which planet she was from, because she remembered that and through looking at the picture doing an inner child work, I heard she said Andromeda, and that was a shock to me, because everyone was like, you bleed and you this, you know, and the inner child said or the picture said, Andromeda, and I've been so drawn to Andromeda, Andromeda Galaxy, all this time. So I was just so go ahead, Rocket Girl and then and then it's gonna be okay. Yeah, it's gonna be fine gonna survive at all. And then and then get to this point.

Alex Ferrari 58:06
How do you define God or Source energy?

Isabella Greene 58:08
That's, that's that that's Samadhi. That's the Samadhi is the state of being when you were experiencing God. But that is the quantum field of information, if you wish, or the field of omnipresence, where every the field of everything and nothing, the energy that creates and sustains worlds, we could use that but in its primordial state, and the primal state before any sort of creation, that's source

Alex Ferrari 58:44
And where can people find out and where can people find out more about you and work in the pickup your book Leaving The Trap how to exit the reincarnation cycle?

Isabella Greene 58:54
Leaving the trap is on Amazon the path of least resistance because it's worldwide so it's there for personal sessions that can reach me at, Greene. And also for speaking engagements and if they want to hear more what I have to say they can go to my YouTube channel that's also Isabella Greene, and I am on Facebook but yeah, that's it for my socials. I'm very, very modest in my socials. But on my on my YouTube channel, I cover a lot of different subjects. This came in like a like a freight train. This subject came in like a freight train this year. I was sitting on it since I first started astral projects, and it's 17 years old. So I've been collecting information that's all in short, really succinct portions in my book. And I was just busy. peacefully sit in honor, then all of a sudden this year was like now. Okay, so that came out. And apparently it offers recommendations that other books don't. And I've been getting this kind of feedback from all different sources. So it's an easy read, but it also gives like opens the door.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:22
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Isabella Greene 1:00:25
Yeah, we are moving into the state of conscious creation, where we are in charge of our experiences more than just on the physical level, where we understand that everything has a blueprint and spirit first. And when we learn to influence that, then we can have a very different experience, even within this structure that we're in on Earth. So when not victims anymore, we're not limited anymore. We're free to create our own experience. And we're free to make the choices that work for us. We just have to put a little effort into it. But there is enough information and enough resources now out everywhere. That can take you there if you if that's if that's what you want to be.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:21
Isabella, thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been a fascinating and entertaining conversation to say usually so I appreciate you mature. Thank you.

Isabella Greene 1:01:29
Alex, thank you so much for challenging me on in this conversation. And thank you for for bringing me on to the show. It's been my dream for a couple of years and here it is dream come true. Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate it.

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