EYE-OPENING CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: Mankind’s NEXT Stage of EVOLUTION Will HAPPEN! with Guy Needler

Guy Steven Needler is a renowned author, speaker, and spiritual explorer, celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the field of consciousness and metaphysics. With a background in engineering and business management, Needler transitioned his focus to the exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality. He has authored several influential books, including “The History of God,” “The Origin Speaks,” and “Beyond the Source.”

Needler’s work delves into profound topics such as the nature of the universe, the soul’s journey, and the mechanics of creation. He has developed a unique perspective on spiritual evolution, suggesting that consciousness evolves through various stages towards higher states of awareness and understanding.

As a sought-after speaker, Needler has shared his insights at numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars worldwide, captivating audiences with his depth of knowledge and engaging delivery. His work has inspired countless individuals to question their perceptions of reality and explore the infinite potential of consciousness.

Through his writings, lectures, and teachings, Guy Steven Needler continues to push the boundaries of conventional thought, offering new perspectives on the nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things. He remains a leading figure in the exploration of consciousness, guiding seekers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Please enjoy my conversation with Guy Steven Needler.

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Guy Needler 0:00
We are giving you many opportunities to become mature on this planet, you have individualized freewill, a rare commodity anywhere within the physical universe, even the multiverse and as such, dealing with individual free will, requires a level of maturity and evolution, which is not only advanced, but expansive. You have been down this road many times, not just in our history, but in history, which has gone 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of years before where you were on the point of destruction.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I like to welcome to the show Guy Needler. How you doing Guy?

Guy Needler 0:56
I'm doing very well. Thank you. Thank you for inviting me.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. I'm excited to talk to you about your journey as a Channeler your new book, psycho psycho spiritual healing, and the you do some pretty amazing work in the world. So I'm really curious to kind of get into it with you, my friend. So thanks for coming on the show.

Guy Needler 1:18
Oh, thank you. Well, basically, I've always been involved or interested in things that were not of the physical world. So I've always been interested in metaphysics or spiritualism, and even a very young age, I used to be able to see things that are beyond the the visual range of the human eye. So I could see the wind, and other entities that are in the lower astral levels.

Alex Ferrari 1:41
Well, let me ask you a question. How did you deal with that? I mean, how did you deal with that psychologically? Or did you was it just part of normal life for you? But at one point or another? Someone said, that's weird, man.

Guy Needler 1:55
Yeah, well, I got that all that all through my school life, to be honest, and also all through a lot of my professional career, a lot of the things that I would come up with people would think are a bit strange or a bit to one side and then later years later, that seems to be no. So I mean, a good example of being able to tap into the the greater reality as I call it, which is cosmic consciousness as the Hindus call it was, I was school secondary school. There we call it secondary school in the UK. And we were in a physics class and my, we were talking about various different things about different materials and and how to weigh them. And I talked to my chemistry teacher or physics teacher, physics teacher. And I said telcos, we can we can white light and understand that light ways. It said, Neela Don't be so stupid. We can't way light. Then, literally two years later on the news, there was a, a groundbreaking piece of science that came through saying they actually discovered that light was a particle, we now know about the particle and a wave, by the way, and, and that there was a particle it can be weighed, and they weighed a lighter particle. And they gave it to a certain weight, which is absolutely nanoscopic ly small. But if Ross said to my dad look, like a white light, and he said, Oh, okay. That was it from dad. And a similar sort of thing happened earlier with, with my mother, that was lying in my bedroom, watching, watching the wind, go up the side of the house next door to our house, or pass the guttering across the roof and around the chimney. I said, Mum, I can see this, I can see this the wind. And she said, That'd be so stupid, nobody can see the wind, I thought, well, I can. But I didn't. I didn't take it personally, all these different things. But I thought that, okay, they, they don't see it, I felt a bit embarrassed. But other than sort of disappeared to one side so that somebody else can be, you know, had the Mickey taken out of them. But it didn't feel as if I was wrong. So I didn't feel as if I was going, going crazy, you know, even there that when I talk about things, metaphysical things that are on there progressed through, people see it as being so far out of the the of their their radar, that they consider it to be incorrect or just nonsense. But later, it does come into interview and people start to realize, oh, hang about this, you know, there's something about this chap who's got a bit more than everybody else, that I imagine there's people behind me going to be doing the same thing and more. And I was fortunate enough to be able to be, say, looked after by Dolores Cannon must submitted my first book to a number of different public publishing houses back in 2009. And and got refused by by all but one of them which is a self publishing house which went down that road. But then New Year's Eve 2009 email come through from her daughter Julia can say we'd like to publish your book. And and Dolores was so interested in the information I got and how I got it and the new stuff that she sort of took me under her wing and started to promote my work. So I was given a significant leg up by divorce Canada. And the the cannon family and those magazine publishing have always been grateful to them.

Alex Ferrari 5:38
Yeah, it's beautiful. What let me ask you what, when did you first discover your ability to channel because you haven't mentioned channeling yet?

Guy Needler 5:47
No. Well, basically, channeling came as a function of me being taught how to do energy healing through my my teacher, Helen Stewart, who was a first generation students of Barbara Brennan, Barbados, quite a famous character in from the 1970s, along with John and Eva Paracas, Susan and dive into Sanger, who were the bulk of what they saw triangulated between them to create a model which can be used to develop the individual and help them start to become a healer in a very technical way. And part of the work we had to do was to link into the client, to be able to understand what needed to be healed and how to heal it. Because once you've got the toolkit of energy healing modalities, you didn't just give every every client the same thing you had to modify to suit. And so we were taught to develop our ability to login, so we're linking to the client, and that creates a potential to channel information. And so around 2000, I was sort of at the start of this, I started to connect with everything and try to bring down information from it. So when I was communicating with these, with the the higher self, or, or the subconscious of the clients, I've got information about how to heal them. And I thought, Well, why don't I see what else is out there. So I go walking around different places, we went on holiday, for instance, I've just tried to sort of connect with people at the roadside or in shops or restaurants. And just to see what their life plan was, you know, what, why are they here? What are they doing? How are they evolving, and started again, for information just given to me. And so we can say group. Now, at the end of the healing healing course. I put myself out there advertised to become a healer. And I had a few clients at first, but it very quickly failed as a healer. And, and so I started to continue with the channeling work. And I started to develop a modality of go further and further the frequencies to enable me to go to different levels, which are, which I found out, were basically different to universal environments, and communicate with the entities there. And so I developed a method of getting there faster, because eventually it took a long time, like half an hour of meditation, get there, 10 minutes, and then another half an hour to come back down again, I've actually started to develop different ways of getting there quite quickly. And that allowed me to get the information through channeling, also, in a more robust and coherent way and a repeatable way, which is more importantly.

Alex Ferrari 8:33
What is your process of channeling like? What like you're a trans channel, are you a conscious channel? What kind of channel are you?

Guy Needler 8:41
I will say, I can be a mixture of anything. Because when I'm dealing with clients, and I'm doing a reading for them, I can be a conscious channel, I'm going to get the information. That's the question the information comes to me in a number of different ways. It can be clairaudience, or clairvoyance or even clairsentience. So knowing this, or I can be the body can be taken over so they push me out of the way. And then they use the body directly to communicate with the with the clients. That happens when I'm doing readings for clients are doing healings for clients. If I'm doing my work, which is channeling for the books, getting new information for the books, I tend to be a conscious Channeler but maybe I mean two or three to three places at the same time. So it's like my my consciousness, or sentience is here behind the keyboard of the computer typing directly in or editing later, of course, but also on a different location within the multiverse connecting with a different entity to be able to get the information. So I mean, when these different places concurrently,

Alex Ferrari 9:45
How do you deal with just how do you deal with the voices or the energy that comes in when you're channeling? Was there a kind of like a ramping up stage or prepping stage for your nervous system to deal with this kind of energy coming in? Because it's a fairly large The amount of, you know, higher vibration, higher frequency than what you're used to.

Guy Needler 10:06
Yes, but I've discovered something that must be dealing with other people. And that is that if you're already naturally hot, if you're already a naturally higher vibration or naturally higher frequency than other people, if you're dealing with high frequencies, the differences is not so great. So it's a little bit like getting into a battle of water. If the Battle of water is hot, you get out quite quickly, if it's the same as your your body temperature, you can get into the bath and not notices. If it's colder, you get out again quite quickly. And so I noticed that it felt quite natural, I could do it quite easily. There were times when I noticed my body was changing, I can remember a time it must have been around 2004 2005, when four days, my body was just busy tingling. And it wasn't it wasn't a cold, it was literally tingling all over. And I felt that I was getting lighter. Lighter in terms of not so dense here, not so gross physical here, but actually a higher frequency. So I could connect with the higher the higher frequencies on I was communicating with other entities through. But the word times when, certainly with the second and third books, when I was dealing with other entities that were significantly further away than what it was David before, they've extremely hard to think I seem to remember one of the comments was dealing with these entities, he's like rubbing my face up against the bark of a tree. difference, the difference was that was that much. But eventually I did get gradually used to it. And now I can just just go there and not worry too much. The thing that does take time sometimes is the concepts that come through, to try to put it into the English language in here inherently knowing the information, but then trying to create a series of sentences that people can understand that that sometimes takes quite a bit of time to to get over that particular hurdle.

Alex Ferrari 12:20
Well, let me ask you, one of the biggest questions I get about channelers is when you're saying entities, how do you know that the entities that you're channeling are the have a a good or positive agenda? And how do you protect yourself from negative energies in the in the universe? In other words, a lot of people are like, Well, how about you know, this entity that's coming in is pretending to be Jesus. But really, it's some you know, quote unquote, demon or some sort of evil entity or some sort of negative entity that wants to destroy humanity. You know, these all things? Obviously, you and I are both demons if we're even having this conversation. But let's put that aside for a second. How can you tell and protect yourself against negative energies or negative or negative entities trying to come in?

Guy Needler 13:08
I just do. But that's the answer. I think that's because of my own my own frequencies. When I go to these different levels, I intuitively know what's a benign entity, what is a benign being because there's a difference between an entity and a being. And the higher up the frequency you go, it's natural, that they're more benign, they're more benevolent, the lower the lower straw ones, which are the frequencies just above the gross physical. They're basically entities that are created by us thought forms, or they're created to what I call a natural Darwinian evolution of energy. And they, they create all sorts of sometimes horrific images, based upon our own fears to try to make us look away from it. So we don't notice that if we catch them in a corner of our eye, but they tend to just want to take energy from them because they can't metabolize their own energy. So I tend to naturally feel which is entities that of the of that genre, versus more benevolent, sentient sentient entities. And I've never met an entity or a being yet that I would classify as being malevolence. I think that tends to be a bit of a human term, based upon the experiences of tapping into entities within the lower astral levels, which is not the best place to go to to go into because it's only just above where we're at. And secondly, I've built on naturally protected I've got a natural protection around me and, and that was broadcast to me by a lady who ended up being my my Reiki Master, my Reiki teacher that brought me up to a master Reiki master level And she said, nothing can touch you. And I said, What do you mean? He said, You're too powerful. I said, What do you mean? You know, I'm just here learning how to do Reiki. And you'll say nothing can touch me said Well, other people struggle with some of the entities they get in contact with. And I can see them bouncing off you. When you open up to when you open yourself up to the energies to the frequencies to be able to communicate with these different things, you naturally want to communicate that crane to an open door with with or without protection. And she said, your doors open, but nobody can come in. And so I started to realize I was I was naturally protected. And although I've come across some really powerful entities that you could classify as being created by other individuals who are malevolent reasons to attack others. And they've tried to attack attack me and my mother late Why I've never felt that they could actually harm me. I've always, I've always felt that I could always just back them away. Which is a strange, strange feeling.

Alex Ferrari 16:07
So you said there's difference between beings and entities, can you explain that?

Guy Needler 16:11
I discovered this a few years ago, during the dialogues I was having with them. The entity recall, recall, Michael sensitives, our Creator, what we sometimes call God, different other names for it. That being is an entity that has developed sentience, through normal Darwinian evolution of energy, where energies sort of gravitate towards together get bigger and bigger than the attractor that energies, then there's a natural attraction, that natural attraction starts to create minor intelligence, and then a desire to attract other energies, we've started to become more self aware. And then you keep on going down the road to sentience and become sentient then starts to detach itself from the energies that are being as an entity is an individualized unit or volume of sentience has been divided away, actively divided away from that sentience that is an entity or a being. So So in essence, is created. It's, it's like taking a spoonful of water out of the bucket of water and putting it into another vessel. It's it's an another individualized volume of water. And less and less, that's what an entities and entities is created to do division, or separation of a volume of sentience from a larger volume, sentience to create another volume of sentience.

Alex Ferrari 17:47
And then the being is what?

Guy Needler 17:51
The being is that natural evolution of energy basically, which was which eventually developed sentience.

Alex Ferrari 17:59
So how do you how do you deal with balancing this vast amount of knowledge and, and access to knowledge and understanding of the universe and still be human and deal with paying taxes? Driving, getting your groceries dealing with people, you know, egos, and, you know, dealing with loved ones dealing with friends dealing with, you know, that kind of stuff? How do you balance all of that?

Guy Needler 18:26
I try and be human, I do the human things. I still practice my Aikido, I go cycling. I do enjoy a beer every now and then like everybody else does. I do the human thing. And that's correct. Rounding is important. However, my partner will tell you that I'm not grounded. I'm always up there somewhere. But I do do my best to do the, to be to be here, and try and be as present as possible. Although sometimes that presents isn't as present as it could be. That makes any sense. It's difficult. But when you sort of feel that, you know that this is what you've got to do. This is your, your reason for being here. You tend to focus on it. And then you think, right, I've got to stop there. I gotta go and do this instead, which is more human. Yeah, go and get the groceries, go and get the vacuum cleaner and go and service the car, these sorts of things. So, so it is important to be grounded and do those, those human things. And that does create the balance.

Alex Ferrari 19:28
Just barely. So what's the most what's the most challenging part of your work and channeling in general?

Guy Needler 19:37
The ego battle against the ego. Yeah. It's very easy to to not only put yourself on a pedestal, but allow others to do it for you. And I always wanted to do it and and there's also people who want you to become more present, or more available, or more visible, and maybe promote them as well. same time. And so the desire to be rich and famous as a function of what I do, for me isn't attractive. When we all, we'd all like a little bit extra, extra finance, but at the end of the day, it's not necessary. And actually, I'd rather do what I'm doing in the way I'm doing it than pander to the requirements of somebody who's trying to use me as a method to, for them to become rich and famous, for example, like an agent, for example. It's, yeah, it's for me, it's, it's about being of service in a way that's manageable, in a way, which doesn't create karma. Because having an ego creates attachments to these things like status, and wealth, and materialism, and all that sort of stuff. Whereas if you can, if you can, try and keep yourself on the ground level, and realize that actually, it's an honor to do this work, then that allows you to be able to constantly keep an eye on the ego, you never beat the ego, you never will beat the ego because part of what we are whilst reincarnate is it's the creation of our, our incarnation. And although it will eventually become absorbed with what we really are, when we leave the Incarnation, we need to be able to recognize that he's part of us. And sometimes it can be useful in terms of allowing us to maintain our bodies and make sure we keep it in good condition, and look after other people as well. But in essence, we need to make sure that it doesn't run away, doesn't run away with us. That's the hardest thing.

Alex Ferrari 21:39
What's the biggest misconception that people have about channelers?

Guy Needler 21:44
That they don't believe them. That they that they're talking nonsense, they're just trying to create something out of nothing. And it's very interesting, because one of my cycling friends was, they start to find out what you do after a bit, and they saw you seen you on Facebook, and they knew that either guy needed advice those books, and I say, Well, yes, Ah, right. lump of a rotary club, we'd like you to do a do a lecture for us. Okay. Yeah. And I went through a series of dialogues with this one, just one gentleman. And I eventually got down to the point that they don't want to know what I what I know. They want to know why I know what I know, and how they can accept it. And so I've created a electorate, which we which defines our beliefs, a belief system is based on knowledge based or experientially based knowledge system as how we start to believe people, even though we've not experienced something ourselves, or we choose to disbelieve it. And so I'm sort of working on a presentation, it'll burn to the Power Point, it'll just be me talking. But that allows them to understand why they become programmed in one way versus another way.

Alex Ferrari 23:01
Right. I mean, it's just, I mean, we're being programmed the moment we're born. And even without anything consciously happening, subconsciously, we're being programmed, heavily hardwired to the age of seven. And then we've spent the rest of our lives trying to deprogram ourselves from everything we learned in those first seven years, essentially, essentially, no, it's interesting that people who a lot of times people don't want to listen or don't want to believe in channeling or psychic mediums or even near death experiences. Because it breaks, it's outside of their comfort zone. And anything outside of their comfort zone really scares them. It's terrifying and against again, once again, the brain is only there to keep you alive. It does not care about your dreams. It does not care about anything else would you agree?

Guy Needler 23:54
Yeah. And the brain is a junction box. What we really are as that is the is the sentence, which is the soul which sits behind the heart chakra area, and political associated with us seems a place that was identified by brother Bennett a long, long time ago. And the thing is that people disregard it. Because they don't have the, the capacity to be expansive, which is a function of their own evolution anyway. And because of that, if it's beyond what they can cope with, it's a bit like me saying, I can't understand a form of advanced mathematics, but I know it exists. And I accept it exists, like except I can't do it. But there's difference between somebody say, I can't do it. So it doesn't exist. It's a different thing. And it's being expansive, that allows people to become more aware and awake of what is around us, versus those who can't be expensive because their evolution level isn't the same, and therefore they can't process it. Because there's no They don't have a data for which to use to allow them to process it.

Alex Ferrari 25:03
So can we do you mind jumping into a channeling session? If I have some questions? What, who are you going to channel? What are you going to channel and what will be your processes like actually going into channeling and coming out of channeling.

Guy Needler 25:15
We go wherever we need to be is probably the best way to do basically. There are lots of individuals channelers, mediums, psychics, whatever you want to call them, but focus on one particular modality. Some called Kashuk, records, reading, some call them past life readings, some call them been able to get hold of passionate deceased relatives, those sorts of things. I don't limit myself in that way. I go where I need to go to. And if it's trance, it comes through. If it's not trance, it's just channeled information. So we can go wherever we need to go to.

Alex Ferrari 25:59
All right, and how long does it take you to go in and go out? Or what's the actual process?

Guy Needler 26:03
Fairly instant.

Alex Ferrari 26:05
Okay, fair enough. It's fair enough.

Guy Needler 26:07
It's taken 25 years to get to that point, by the way, but III believe, even in my my teenage years, I was I was meditating quite extensively. So it's a bit like getting used to a language, you struggle at first to get the words wrong, you know, the sentences wrong, you'd be talking gibberish for a bit. And then after a while, it becomes just battle. But it takes a long time to get to that point.

Alex Ferrari 26:32
Okay, so I'll start off with my first question. What is the spiritual perspective on the wars currently affecting the world today?

Guy Needler 26:39
We think it's time to communicate directly via the medium that you're presenting to us. And we would say that we are giving you many opportunities to become mature on this planet, you have individualized freewill, a rare commodity, anywhere within the physical universe, even the multiverse. And as such, dealing with individual free will, requires a level of maturity and evolution, which is not only advanced, but expansive. You have been down this road many times, not just in knowing history, but in history, which has gotten 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of years before where you were on the point of destruction, total destruction. And sometimes you've recovered not very well, we have to add, and sometimes you have had to be, what would we call the word you've had to be rebooted. In this instance, now, there are souls who are advanced souls who are putting themselves in times of extreme suffering, to allow the rest of the population of the earth to see how wrong this is, to see how leaders can lead you in the wrong direction, should you allow them to you're being shown that you need to collectively take control of your destiny, to allow you to become better than you are to consider this may be losing a little bit of individualized B will, will allow you to become more expansive, more evolved whilst in this incarnation and therefore rise up against in a passive way. The atrocities that are happening in various parts of the world, not just those that are associated with the use of weapons, but those that are associated with the neglect of individuals of souls who are struggling, those who are experiencing drought or famine, those that are experiencing natural calamities, there should be an overall collective response to healing these wounds to stopping the Ross and when the Earth and the population realize this, because you're being you're being given many indicators, such as changes to the weather systems, changes to the environments, changes to your thought processes. Many viruses are becoming more prominent because you're lower frequency and area there's when you're a higher frequency you don't get attached to such viruses and diseases. These are all flags. They're all signposts to say. You're not doing it right. We're going to allow you longer time to recover yourselves. You are on this knife edge where we can start again. Reboot, clear the earth and start civilization again. Or we can see how far down the road you can go before you collectively realize that these acts of atrocities against other incarnate entities, is not the way a mature civilization acts in response. Once you collectively start to work with yourself and govern yourselves, individually and collectively for the collective of those that are on the earth, wonderful things will start to happen. And the start of Heaven on Earth, so to speak, of Nirvana, of connecting with other incarnate entities, in and around these frequencies, in an array of different galaxies will start to become more obvious to you, you will expand and go beyond, you will live in a way which is in accord with the planet. With the other planets, you'll do environments that are there in a way that is natural and not environmentally damaging. Or, shall we say, selfishly manifest,

Alex Ferrari 31:09
What essential advice would you give to parents raising small children's in the coming two to five years?

Guy Needler 31:19
Children have minds like sponges, they absorb everything, even that which you don't teach them yourselves, they are absorbing energetically, psychically, if you call it show how to be at the moment there is, shall we say, too much free will. And that is creating a condition where people aren't allowed to go down the wrong route. People also don't wants to be taught, because they feel that they know it all. So this, this age of potential that the child has, when they are becoming aware of who they are. It is best to be taught by example, by good example. Good thoughts, good deeds, being of service to others, good education. Show the errors in certain ways and why they errors. Rather than saying just don't do that, just don't do this. Don't do that. Because this can happen or that can happen. And it's not the right way to go. Because you could affect others or the environment, detrimentally, the best way to teach is by being the good example. And eventually, the good examples permeate through the bad examples, because people can see how those who are living the good example, are better off individually, how their health is, or their education is, how their roles are. And so they can see how successful they are. And they will eventually start to desire this and work in a way with their children to say, make my child like yours. And that is done through the good example. Not hard teaching.

Alex Ferrari 33:33
How can humans recognize the presence or embodiment of the universe or force or God, or the creator in their daily lives?

Guy Needler 33:43
Give yourself time to be the world is such a panicky place at the moment. Give yourself time to just relax and be be in nature, be part of nature, be in the rhythms of nature. And also, more importantly, learn to meditate, go inward, shut out, that which is around you. Voice is only transient. It doesn't exist in your normal existence is simply a distraction, some that you have to navigate around whilst you're incarnate, but to connect with what you are, you need to raise your frequencies to increase your as this channel was so, accumulative bandwidth, so that you can communicate with your, your higher self that part of you which is still in the energies of the multiverse in a more coherent way. And know more about who you are and the environment you're in. So meditate. Cut out the distractions. Give yourself time to meditate every day. Do a little bit more. Start with five minutes. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, do what is comfortable in a robust and high quality way, it is no good doing three hours meditation, but spending every other minutes on the telephone, or looking at the window, or being distracted by where you are, by the road noise by even the noises of nature. Allow yourself to be in a place which is secure, comfortable, where you can't be disturbed, and go within yourself. And don't worry about how long it takes for the connections to stuff happening. It can take anything from five work weeks, to five months to five years, and some people take 30 years. But it's not important importance is to be on the path to be connected with who you are, whilst incarnate. So don't be jealous of those who get there before you know that you are on the way and the way your way. And when you get there it will be robust. So meditate, meditate, meditate.

Alex Ferrari 36:14
What guidance can you offer for dealing with a partner who does not share your spiritual beliefs or growth plan?

Guy Needler 36:22
This is all too frequent and difficult for in the first instance of attraction to each other. It was physical attraction, and then later, there is a mental accord. And then there's the truth of the individual that comes out. There will always be disharmony with marriages of these sorts. But for the individual who is on the spiritual path, if there is the challenge of maintaining the harmony, of not being sucked into the argument of not being the person who is always capitulating to the other, you can stand up for yourself. But don't get drawn into the argument. Just observe and learn how to respond in a considered way. One that doesn't create a chance of disruptive behavior. And again, be the example be the good example. Also, there are times when you may have to come down to their level, to interact with other family members, such as children, or parents, or brothers and sisters. But know that you can come back to the higher level and consider stand back. Use the Observer Self, so to speak, to observe how you interact with these situations, and how you either do well and created the optimal response, or didn't do so well. And responded badly. And use these as a way of working out and bettering yourself. But try to be the good example again. And see the trends that lead towards arguments and head them off by maybe even just changing the subject or asking the advice of the partner who can see descending their the depths of frequencies and wants to express anger in some way.

Alex Ferrari 38:42
Is it possible to cancel or renegotiate a soul contract within a lifetime? And if so, under what circumstances might this be necessary?

Guy Needler 38:53
Soul contracts can be many things from simply one lifetime for oneself to working with another soul to eradicate previously accrued karma between them, or to assist them to experience something, to be of service to them to help put them in a position, the situation or a circumstance where they can learn what they need to learn. The question we feel is more towards changing one's life plan or finding out when maybe a contract between two individuals who may or may not be married or partner or partners can naturally detach. We would say this. If you're staying together with somebody, even though it is difficult, there's a reason for it. And you should look in your hearts to see whether there should be a time for you to to part when the need to be together has finished or whether that's the experience you had is enough for you. But in terms of the life, the life plan, the life plans are what you've created with as a function of the desire of your higher self, with you as a projection from it, together with the work of the guides, and the helpers that help you in this incarnation. And it's not always necessary to finish the life plan, you can do some of it, or all of it, or parts of it, some of these in depth, the life plan is about wanting to experience this or that or interact with this person or that person. If you if you consider this, it's the part in the middle, that how you do it, which is part of your free will, then that's the part that is not in the plan. Because if you, for example, will use the channels example that he uses on a regular basis. If you want to travel from New York, to Seattle, there are many ways to get there, you can fly there, you can walk there, you can take a bus there, you can take a train there, you can check there, you can ride a bicycle, you can do a push bike, you can motorbike, you can move the car, each of the ways to get there are different. The life plan is you travel from New York to Seattle, the way in which you do it is part of your free will. And so in that those terms that I've planted is actually quite, quite fluid. But in terms of how long one stays here, or what one experiences one should meditate upon whether what I've experienced has been enough. With I've experienced enough of this relationship to be able to move on with I've experienced enough of this, this job, this role to be able to move on with I've experienced enough of this location is country, the city to be able to move on. If there is a time, when you have left, or moved beyond the parts of the lifespan that you consider to be essentially experienced, then the rest of it is a bonus. And doesn't necessarily need to be achieved or experience. In this particular incarnation, you can do bits of bits and other incarnations or or choose to decide this is no longer necessary. And therefore, you can actually change your direction if you wish, and adopt a new life plan, which you will have decided upon when your body is asleep. And the soul yourself is in the energies. And you can consider it and discuss it with your higher self and your guides and your helpers. But in general, life plans are quite static. It's just what you achieve with a which is important side. It's not essential that you do all of it. But it's how you do what you do with what you've chosen that accounts.

Alex Ferrari 43:10
Why do spirit guides have such a need or are interested even in the evolution of humanity or of the human soul while they're incarnated?

Guy Needler 43:25
The guide and the helpers that assist the incarnate soul are interested in any form of evolution, irrespective of which particular location it is in which particular galaxy for example, or frequency within the physical universe. But there are certain locations and this is one of them. And this is the only one in this particular frequency in this particular universe with has the capacity for experiencing individualized freewill. And it is seen as being if it's successful, if it is properly successful, that means where we all turn around and decide to work together rather than against each other or selfishly for ourselves. But it will be even more of a significant evolutionary accelerant than it currently is. Souls generally incarnate into some form of communion based collective based civilization when they are in the physical universe. And so they work sometimes with individualized freewill but attached to the benefits of the collective or those that are in communion with the collective. And so we have to consider what the actions are and how they will affect others around them. So it's a little bit like you opening your door to your house, walking outside and choosing to go left or right and how how you're going right well affects those people on the streets that are on the pathway that you're going to write down. Or, again, you do the same thing left, or how it affects somebody, if you stole their motor car. Those are the things that you would consider first, oh, I need a motor car because mine's broken down, I need to get to work. If I steal their car, I can go to work. But then they might not be able to take their wife who's pregnant to the hospital. So you start to see that it's understanding what you do, and how you do it. And so, using free will, in a way that is clearly individualized, is an extremely powerful way of evolving, because whereas the other civilizations that are connected, are hardwired into the collective. So they know that they can't steal the car, because that person's wife is, is pregnant and may want to go to the hospital to therefore get the bus or the train, or walk or take a bicycle to go to their place of work. So they know the right thing to do here, with individualized freewill. We have to overcome selfishness, self centeredness. And it's that journey of overcoming that which creates the opportunity of dramatically accelerating evolution. And that's why the guide and helpers are interested in what we're doing. Because we are on our own. We are like dogs off the lead. Do we come back to the master or do we rely?

Alex Ferrari 46:37
One of the most crucial areas or issues humanity should be focused on focusing on this year for spiritual and physical well being?

Guy Needler 46:47
Helping others not thinking about whether you can afford to help others either your time or your money, but broadcasting a way of being more community based, and helping our communities being of service to each other. Having the community spirit is a way forwards of growing beyond the local community, to the wider community, to the country, to the globe, starting small in being a community that looks after each and every one of us and itself. And then helping other communities is the way to becoming a global community. Right now. There are groups of individuals who exists together. And even if they're in an affluent community, not really working together, even if they're in a community which has been savaged by earthquakes or natural disasters. And they're all together in tents, and hoping for benefits to come from of the countries. They're not working with a community. It's it's showing, and helping others to help themselves by helping each other, that is going to be important. We need to move away from selfishness need to move away from being I'm all right, Jack, so to speak. And being the good example, if everybody can be a good example, we one thing a week, that will make a huge difference. So consider your neighbor. Consider your family member, consider your work colleague, consider a stranger in the street and do something good, open the door for them, help them with a punch on their car. If I go to the supermarket, and they don't have enough money to pay for their groceries, offered to pay the difference. These things create community spirit, they create a higher frequency. And raising the frequency this year is going to be very, very important. It'll help us to move beyond where we are right now. And although it might not be instantaneously observable of the benefits that are down the road, it will make a huge difference because the cascade starts to happen in a fractionalized sense. One equals to two equals four, four equals eight, eight equals 16, etc, etc.

Alex Ferrari 49:37
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Guy Needler 49:40
Recognize that you are honored to be incarnate in this location on this please and have individualize freewill recognize that you are honored to be position where you'll be able to control to some wet lab ball. Where you are, may have been successful in your business, in your work in your interaction with others, the family that you're in. But also recognize that there are those souls who struggle with being here. Maybe they've taken on too much to do to try to evolve too quickly. Maybe they are not super old and are struggling with their knees around them, and are having psychological problems. Maybe they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, all the time. So when you see somebody on the street, who is begging for money, don't just walk past them. Don't just walk past them and give them money. But ask them how they got there. spend five or 10 minutes being with them understanding their story. Because maybe be, there might be something that you can help them with. It doesn't mean that you have to take them home and give them a bed for the night. It may be that you have a way in which you can say to them, have you tried this? Have you tried that. And this interaction will mean so much to them. So consider everybody, as a soul the same issue, who is here to experience, learn and evolve. And if we help each other, the faster we will experience than and evolve. And the faster you will move beyond the need to incarnate to continue your evolution progression.

Alex Ferrari 51:50
And he's back. How are you feeling?

Guy Needler 51:53
Bit washed out.

Alex Ferrari 51:56
Does it take energy out of you? Or did you give me energy?

Guy Needler 51:59
It depends. If I'm feeling I'll get energy from it, if I'm channeling like that I feel a bit tired, but then I quickly recover. Sometimes I feel energized sometimes I feel very tired. Depends how long it is. But to be honest.

Alex Ferrari 52:16
Okay. Well, I appreciate it was a very interesting answers. Hopefully, they will help the audience a bit with their spiritual journey. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions asked by my guest Guy. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Guy Needler 52:31
Being content with what you're what you're doing, enjoying, and not not wanting to have something that somebody else has got.

Alex Ferrari 52:41
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to a little Guy, what advice would you give him?

Guy Needler 52:47
Those years where you became more materialistic, what a waste of your time. Simple. I mean, I had a period of time like everybody else does, where you move away from Spiritism and go into being the human being. And that came that came directly after I had a visitation for some entities who told me that what I was doing was right. What I was experiencing was right there what I was thinking about and what I was trying to do was right. But it was the wrong time I had to be he had to experience more more of humanity first. But I think I probably experienced too much of humanity.

Alex Ferrari 53:23
Fair enough. How do you define God, or source?

Guy Needler 53:30
It's a volume of sentience that we're all part of. We're all individuals units of its sentience. So if we think of God as our human body, then we think of our higher selves as maybe a quark. And then the next level down is what we are. We're all part of God, and God is part of us. It's just the we're looking at the money detail. And evolves as we evolve source evolves.

Alex Ferrari 53:58
What is love?

Guy Needler 54:01
That's difficult because the human love which is based upon the activity, and there's a different sort of love which is part being part of everything. Being one with the environment, the people that are in the environment and assaulted in the violence and in the universe in the multiverse and being part of it not be lovely is not being true love is not being isolated from who and what you are.

Alex Ferrari 54:31
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Guy Needler 54:33
To experience, learn and evolve

Alex Ferrari 54:35
And guy where can people find out more about you pick up your book psycho spiritual healing and and where can they find you?

Guy Needler 54:42
Okay, well all the books are on amazon.com. .co.uk .in .fr. That's everywhere else in the world. Okay, they're all there. By website is www.beyondthesource.org. that's all one word. And people can arrange it sessions by the websites they can look at different books and websites, they can find that the workshops to do with the website as well. That all mean by all means come and dip in. And if it's for you fine if not, that's okay.

Alex Ferrari 55:17
And you have any parting messages for the audience?

Guy Needler 55:19
We're in a mess at the moment. Just help everybody. Think of everybody's being how you'd like to be treated yourself and see them with compassion and do the best you can to help them irrespective of who they are, what they are, how they present themselves, and where they've come from.

Alex Ferrari 55:40
Guy, thank you so much for being on the show and sharing everything you've shared with us today. I appreciate you my friend. Thank you.

Guy Needler 55:46
Thank you, sir. It's been an honor and a pleasure to be able to work with you today.

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