Change is COMING! LIVE CHANNELING REVEALS Uncertain FUTURE For Mankind! with Gabriele Heikamp

Gabriele Heikamp is a 66 year old retired medium & channeler in Germany, a former graphic-designer, NDE in India 1981, 2010 after accompanying her husband in hospice. Dying of cancer, Gabriele started a mediumship training which opened her contact to the spirit world. 13 years working as medium, after visiting the Bosnian pyramids and having encounters in the tunnels and with the Sufi sheik in Visoko (who was her father in another life). Gabriele’s channeling started with the Elohim, an angelic collective who like to answer questions & share knowledge.

Please enjoy my conversation with Gabriele Heikamp.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 370

Gabriele Heikamp 0:00
I didn't know about the true chamber and suddenly I was in there. And there was a guy sitting an Indian man with a candle. And he gave me a flower. And he's saying or toned an arm. But boy, that really blew my mind. Because in the resonating stone chamber, I think I was out of my body. I wasn't ill, I had no accident, nothing like the normal nd II, I was in a tumble. And I was not moving. I was floating.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
I'd like to welcome to the show, Gabriele Heikamp. How you doing Gabriele?

Gabriele Heikamp 0:46
I'm fine. Thank you. Hope you too.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I'm doing very good. So you're in Germany right now you are German. And I don't think I've had anyone from have had. I've had a few people, I guess from Europe, with near death experiences. But I don't think I've had a channel on from Europe. So I think you might be one of the first on the show. So we're going to talk about your remarkable near death experience and what that led you to where you are today. And we might do a little bit of a channeling session towards the end of the conversation. So my first question to you is what was your life like before this near death experience?

Gabriele Heikamp 1:24
Well, I'm the fifth child of chief forester. And my first memory starts with three years old. I'm sitting in the living room with all my siblings, and the parents are around. And I'm looking at them. And I'm thinking as a three year old, can you think as a three year old? It felt as if the soul just kicked in? I'm looking at them. And the thought was, what am I doing here with these people? And I felt a shame because I knew this is my family. I shouldn't think like that. So I felt guilty. But from the very beginning, I felt I'm wrongly incarnated, there's something wrong here. I don't want to be here. Then I lost my brother at the age of 16. In a motorcycle accident, I was 12. And well, that opened the door because I still could feel him around and I was searching for him. I was riding on the cycle through woods and looking for the place where he could be great beyond or however this is called. And so my life carried on in school, they said, this girl has too much fantasy. And I had an invisible friend. That was to me like a school kid. And once I hang out with I always hung out with this kid was my only friend around 12 years, 13 years after my brother had died. And I always came late home for the supper. So I got rented. And my parents said, Where have you been? And I told them a name and said I was with so and so another school kid, and they believed it. And one day I came home late again. And again, the same procedure is every day. My oldest sister was sitting at the table and she said, Oh, you're lying. I saw you in front of the village window shop. And you were alone. So the others couldn't see with whom I was. So I got hit by my father because of the lie. And so I learned very quickly not to talk about these things. And I think I spent a lot of my childhood talking with the invisible I was playing alone in the bushes in the garden where nobody could see me. So then I started as a graphic designer because I didn't know what to do else. I wasn't into numbers and mathematics and all this stuff didn't interest me as a child. I was only into drawing. I was drawing hieroglyphs, as a child. Remarkable. I still can do that. But I don't understand what I'm drawing. So I thought about becoming an archaeologist or a psychologist. That was interesting to me. But I ended up as a graphic designer. makes very much sense because now I know I had one former life as a scribe in Egypt, so that matches perfectly. And after I finished college, I got some money from my father to do what Ever, I think he tried to test me whether I would put the money in the bank and do something good in his opinion with it. And I thought, Wow, I'm going on a quest, I'm buying a ticket, I'm flying to India, that's where religion is born, I want to find the purpose of my life, as if it is only there. Okay, you know, thinking is two dimensional, we're very limited, but I did it. And well, after a while, I landed in the Taj Mahal. And this is building made of marble. So I think there's a lot of quartz in it, which resonates, then you have the Jamuna river on the side. And it is also lined through North and South. So that's exactly the criteria where all the ancients build their monuments on ley lines using the water, which creates energy and the resonating what's in the stone. I've been there during the day, and I felt nothing. Just some tourist monument was to sack off a guy. And I was disappointed. And at the hospital, I talked to some other backpackers. They told me Oh, you have to go there on full moon night. Because then the white marble is refreshed, reflecting the white light of the moon. And this whole thing looks like a crazy starship that's hovering above the ground. And I thought, oh, that sounds interesting. Okay, let's have a look. And you won't believe it next night was full moon. So I went there, again, less tourists, only two or three people. I entered the same showroom with to sucker for guy of the presumed Shah of Persia, who ruled there with his wife. And suddenly, I discovered that there was a hole in one corner that was leading down to another room. And that was a black hole with a staircase. And I felt a bit scared, but I felt also drawn to it. And I knew I had to go down there, no matter what. So my body moved like a robot I inside I don't know, I did want to go into this black hole. But I went down there. And there was another chamber. Obviously, the one above is some kind of false chamber to distract the grave robbery or something like that. And I didn't know about the true chamber, and suddenly I was in there. And there was a guy sitting an Indian man with a candle. And he gave me a flower. And he's saying or toned an arm. But boy, that really blew my mind because in the resonating stone chamber, I think I was out of my body. I wasn't ill I had no accident, nothing like the normal NDA II. I was in a tunnel. And I was not moving. I was floating. The tunnel was dimly lit. And suddenly in front of me there was a wall. A gigantic monolithic stone wall like you find in Tijuana, arco and Puma Punku. And all over the world. And on this wall. That's very biblical. There was flaming writing, telling me after I had a life review before, you're not going to die now, go back to Germany, it's around your corner. The Rosicrucians have the knowledge you seek.

Whoa, okay, so I was blocked. I didn't come to the light. But I didn't know how I came back into my hotel room. There's missing time. I don't remember taking a picture. I just found myself on my bed in the hotel room. And it took me three days without talking without going out just laying on the bed, drinking some water and trying to digest what I just experienced. And in the 1980s, they didn't even exist the word near death experience. So I didn't know what to make of it. But I thought well, that was clear advice. Go back to Germany. I went back home I changed my ticket and back home I found I'd been to a talk of the Rosicrucians before I left for my Indian quest of purpose of my life. And I found out going to the center in the nearby town of the Rosicrucians I end They're with this drive from India as I have to become a disciple, and they say, Oh, come down, come on, please, we have cause just inform yourself with some knowledge. And then you can decide what you want. Okay, and I found out around my corner around my flat, there were living two people that were Rosicrucians, I recognize them in the center. And I thought, wow, I've already already been living in their auric field. Because we are more than this body, we have an auric field, which is more or less 30 meters around you. And you know, if you, if you have people come too close to you, you will feel some invisible borders, only relatives and loved ones you can have near to you like one meter. And for other persons, it's beyond one meter. So there is invisible, the invisible auric field with some borders and recognition mechanisms that works. And everybody has this auric field, which is vibrating the frequency of the soul. So if you're walking in the park, you're touching another one's aura. And there is an exchange in energetics happening. So I was in their field I was already touched. And I spent 20 years with the Rosicrucians. But then after 20 years, I thought, wow, this is only had, I need some experience. I don't want to be in my head and being stuck intellectually. I want to feel something and experience something well, then I had experience, my husband died of cancer. Another hit, but it turned out, I was able he wanted me to accompany him. And wow, man, this death experience turned out to be a blow. Because right after Lee, he left his body, I felt him and I saw an inner picture of him jumping around with joy, whistling and singing. And even I thought, Well, okay, so it's true. There's a life after death. And you're there and you're happy and you're lucky and you're wealthy and healthy, and everything is fine. Even I do get that and after that I wanted to know more. And I started researching and found my teachers in mediumship, which come from the English tradition, like the evidential mediumship of Suzanne Eastman. And they do most the deceased

Alex Ferrari 12:42
Before we continue, there's, there's a lot to unpack to what you've just said. So let's slow down for a second. A lot to unpack there a lot to unpack there. Okay, so let's go back for a minute. You go to the Taj Mahal, you go down this, this dark path underneath the Taj underneath the, the catacombs not the catacombs put the sarcophagus and you meet this Indian man, when he's down there, and he starts singing oam. At that point, you leave your body? Is that what happened?

Gabriele Heikamp 13:14
I think so. Okay, and started a live review.

Alex Ferrari 13:19
So let's stop right there for a second. So life review. Can you tell us what you and I both know what a life review is most people who have watched the show know that a life review is but for someone who's never heard of that term during a near death experience? Can you explain what you saw how you did it? Was there anybody else there? Did you have a light being? Was Jesus hanging out? What's there? If there was anybody? Well, what was the experience like?

Gabriele Heikamp 13:43
So at that time, I was more or less atheist? I didn't believe in anything. And I was on the quest to find the answer. Because I thought this cannot be all there must be something more, and I have some remembrance of my childhood experiences. So I thought there must be more. And I felt like, you know, in the old days, when you had photographs, you had these these small boxes where you draw out the film, I felt like the box, and the film of my life was drawn out in front of me, I saw a picture for picture like a filmmaker. And I saw pictures where I thought I'd done good. And I felt instantly No, that was totally. And I noticed the change of perspective. I was seeing these situations from the perspective of the soul, which is a higher point of view than my personal ego is to Gabrielle point of view at that moment in time. And it turned out that what I thought was wrong was right. And what I thought was right was wrong. And I thought, well, how can I ever I get this to be okay. And I didn't meet any beings, there was no one else with me, I was just confronted with it. And the hardest part for me, but it was the biggest lesson was, I was jumping perspective into the person with which I interacted. And I felt their feelings, and they hit me, you say something without thinking without meaning, and the other one is hurt. And he doesn't tell you and he doesn't show you. He keeps it quiet, and you feel this. And I thought, wow, that's the greatest pain I ever felt in my life up to that age of 24 when this happened,

Alex Ferrari 15:42
So you're 24 years old? Exactly. So you're 24 years old, you've lived, you know, 24 year up to a 24 year olds life probably a little more exciting than my 24 years, to that point, at least because you were at the Taj Mahal, and I was not. So you feel all of this. And then you float down this kind of dark hallway or tunneling or something, yeah, tunnel like that. And you get to this wall, where the wall is this giant monolith. So you can't see anything else around you. It's just this all you see is wall. And then fire writing is what is taught. So you're not hearing the message telepathically. You're seeing it in the words or someone talking to you.

Gabriele Heikamp 16:23
I'm seeing the writing while it unfolds. And I'm not hearing anything. I'm just writing and taking in the writing and the meaning of it. Because at that point, I was open only intellectually, after that started another part of my journey to open up the heart chakra and go into mediumship and interact and feel.

Alex Ferrari 16:48
Gotcha. So let me ask you this, though, what language was the writing it was it in German?

Gabriele Heikamp 16:53
It wasn't German for me. But I think it's, if something like that happens, this is what I now know, as of 12 years of mediumship. It will always appear in the language the person is known to and speaks,

Alex Ferrari 17:10
Right. It's a cost that it's customized for the person that most near death experiences are

Gabriele Heikamp 17:14
Yes like, I mean, in the fourth dimension, everything is telepathic. So there is no language barrier. And you seem to perceive things like or thoughts and sentences, like in your language. Got it.

Alex Ferrari 17:31
Got it. All right. So then after that event, you just remember the next thing you remember is waking up in your hotel?

Gabriele Heikamp 17:38
Yes. how I got there.

Alex Ferrari 17:42
So that's really interesting. So you had a near death experience, but it's a very unique near death experience, because you didn't particularly die. But when you met this older Indian man with the light, he he sung an ohm song. And that kind of almost vibrated you out of your body, essentially.

Gabriele Heikamp 18:02
Yes, but one thing I forgot, sorry. Nowadays, I'm working with sound and I know about resonating frequencies and things like that. Tell you what, I've been to a yoga session of one of my friends just by accident, more or less. And she was toning as Lokah samasta Sukhino Bhawan. Two. During the yoga lesson, I suddenly had the feeling while my left half of my body is growing into a four feet into four or five meter high. I don't know what and I noticed that Sanskrit is a very old language, and it touched me because all the old Hindu writings and Buddha and all this, that Sanskrit and it's very phonetic, so it's got to do with sound and there's an old Hindu saying Nada Brahma the world is sound, which Tesla transcribed or translated as vibration, frequency and energy.

Alex Ferrari 19:07
Beautiful, beautiful. Alright, so then you get back in when did you start discovering your abilities to be a psychic medium and a channel?

Gabriele Heikamp 19:18
Only after my husband died. That was his gift. Because after I researched mediumship or something like that, after his death, he was jumping up and down on my left side when I found my teachers I felt some kind of heat there and I saw before my inner I saw him jumping up and down with joy. Yeah, go there. I come with you and tell you what in the first coffee break, I was sitting opposite to a guy which I later found out was a full blown clairvoyant, and a homeopath and he looked at me and then he started asking me, you know, very cautiously. Do you know that Do you have somebody with you in the seminar? And I said, Oh, that's interesting. Can you describe him? And he's just started describing my husband along slim guy with glasses and only little hair and green eyes. And I said, Oh, you can stop. That's my husband. He already told me he would accompany me. So that was approved, like Suzanne Guzman. You know, this guy didn't know me at the coffee break. And I didn't tell him I just let him describe. And he described exactly my husband. So I knew because my husband told me before when I researched my teachers, he told me go there. That's the right address, and I'm coming with you.

Alex Ferrari 20:42
Well, let me ask you this, then how did you it seems like you accepted this new gift fairly easily.

Gabriele Heikamp 20:51
Well, I've had it as a child, but I repressed it because I was talking, I'm lying. And I got hit for that. And nobody wanted to hear that. I had no friends and all this, I repressed it. And I it took me really, it took me the gift of my husband's transition to accept. And I had a moment where I said, Oh, I always had these strange and weird things happening. So I better accepted and I said, yes. Okay, I wanted, that was really a clear moment of decision. And after that all the floodgates opened.

Alex Ferrari 21:26
And when you say so were the people around you, when you start saying, Hey, I'm a psychic medium now. How did people react around you with family, friends, colleagues?

Gabriele Heikamp 21:36
I didn't tell them.

Alex Ferrari 21:38
So how long did you stay in the closet, if you will?

Gabriele Heikamp 21:42
Quite some time. And lately, I got a nudge from my guides, who told me go to Alex Ferrari and share some of your experiences.

Alex Ferrari 21:53
Well, yeah, you won't be in the closet after this episode airs, that's for sure.

Gabriele Heikamp 21:57
I'm totally unknown. And I like it like that. I'm retired medium now I only have few clients. But I also a few years ago, I came across Dolores Cannon via a Hinke of hint of my guides as well. And I started her training so I'm a QA JHT practitioner also. And that was the best confirmation ever because I had people being an animal being a plant being a being from other star systems and being a fairy being everything.

Alex Ferrari 22:35
So let me ask you, you also are a channel and you do do you do channeling sessions? Can you explain to people what your how you channel it because every channel processes it a little bit differently?

Gabriele Heikamp 22:48
Well, I just close my eyes, I take deep breath into the lower belly. And then I step aside and say Insightly, or sometimes I say it aloud. Okay? That means I'm I consent. And then they step in, and I feel just a column of light, and vibrations and information is coming from this light. And they use my mouth and my vocabulary to translate.

Alex Ferrari 23:20
Does your voice change? Does your voice change? Or is it pretty much yours?

Gabriele Heikamp 23:23
It's pretty much mine. But you know, in the beginning, when it started, I wasn't sure I'm critical. And they said, they love that. That's why they want people that are critical, because Jesus already told us test the spirits. And you will recognize them by their fruits, not by their words, the fruits or the energies or the actions. So I had the feeling when they first appeared, it's a collective more than one and they felt very angelic. And because I already had contact with angelic beings on the other side of the veil, so called veil. I recognize the energy and they told me they are the Elohim. So that sounded very Hebrew to me. And I started researching and found out which sent me down another rabbit hole. Elohim is a Hebrew word, but it's a plural. And it's translated falsely as a singular as God, as if the one God, but it means God. It's God's it's about a plural. And then I started Wow, that makes sense, because in the higher dimensions, you don't encounter single beings. They're all united consciousnesses. That's also what's the next step for humanity to unite in consciousness to build Uh, like in raw The Law of One, that social memory complex?

Alex Ferrari 25:07
Very interesting. Yeah. So let me ask you this, would you mind doing a, you know, a little channeling session for us where we could ask the collective a few questions.

Gabriele Heikamp 25:18
Yes, I would love to, and they love to as well.

Alex Ferrari 25:22
Oh, great. We're looking forward to this.

Gabriele Heikamp 25:24
We are the Elohim. The breath of God, the form giving forces in service to the one Infinite Creator, in service for all. Thank you, Alex, for having us. And letting us creating this moment, how can we serve?

Alex Ferrari 25:47
Thank you for being on the show. I appreciate appreciate what you're doing. My first question is, the world seems to be upside down. And there's so much this order. Wars are popping up left and right now a lot of fear is coming out throughout humanity. Can you explain why this is happening at this point?

Gabriele Heikamp 26:12
Well, Alex, you and your listeners surely know the Chinese sine of the ying and yang, this white and black, these two fundamental polar forces in a circle bound in the circle, moving and moving and changing because every one has a little.of the other one in itself. So that's how evolution works. You have the two polar forces. In this universe, you always have day and night, men and woman. And from good and bad, you made a judgment which led you down where you weren't supposed to go as souls on this school Earth. So you have to need the country. As a contrast to make up in this free choice world, your free will, which path do you want to go? Which do you want to choose? Left or Right? light or dark, self service, or service for others. And that's got a lot to do with consciousness. If you really understand that all is one, then service to others is the best service because it includes yourself your tiny little self and home human person as well. So that's why you have conflict and this conflict helps grow consciousness. So you need the conflict. You need the narrow space at the bottleneck. To come to your higher potentials to develop your inbuilt senses like telepathy, like sensing presences and energies, many people see things now. And telepathy will be the language of the future. Outside the world. Everybody is using telepathy and all the elementals and the forces and the souls of the animals and the plants. Everything is communicating. And it's about love. It's always about love.

Alex Ferrari 28:57
Let me ask you, because this is a question I get from so many people that they see wars happening currently in the Middle East and in Russia, in the Ukraine, and many other places around the world as well, where there's where there's that kind of suffering. Why would a soul choose to come down here and suffer in that horrific way of in a war or going through that on both sides on the perpetrator side and the victim side?

Gabriele Heikamp 29:32
This one was shown once an example. We allowed her to see the queuing in line of souls for a handicapped body. And she couldn't understand it and she asked us well, why would anyone would anybody be a crippled one and have a lie? like that, and they smiled. And she was told, well, in one life like that the soul gains more growth than in 10 lives of 10 Good people always doing the right thing. Because a soul in a crippled body will always affect everyone. Everyone on the street, seeing the crippled will think something like, Oh, poor guy, or what a pity. Or, luckily, it's not me, I can still walk, everybody is affected. And as you know, you have these two forces, let's call them light and dark in this world. Most often, they're playing games, and then into both sides and making profit from both sides, and you are told you are only this vessel. That's why you're so upset about death or losing this, this vessel the body, you are immortal souls on a journey, and you use this vessel to have an experience, and the soul does not judge, there is no bad experience, and there is no good experience. This is a meaning that humans put upon this. The soul only wants experience and it wants growth. That's what source wants also to grow, grow to the light like the flower does grow to the positive, grow to what functions grow, to become united grow to overcome all your instigated things like racism or religion, religion is man made source does not need religion.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
Yes, I wouldn't. I would 100% agree with that last statement as well. Now, what inner transformations do you think are necessary for individuals to truly evolve spiritually?

Gabriele Heikamp 32:17
First, you have to know thyself, like the ancient temples in Delphi, head inscripted over the doorway to the entrance. And know thyself not only means to know what are your personal wishes and wants, and your likes and dislikes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is to know that you are a part of soul of source, a spark of light, which is the center of your soul, and you are connected with this soul, this other being this invisible, greater you by your heart. So feeling is the entrance, not thinking that's using the wrong tool. Thinking is for other things, you have to start feeling then you can open the door in your heart and start your own inner connection. You don't need a priest. You don't need anybody between you and sauce sauce is innate in you. And you have to make the connection you have to make the first step open the door and ask your soul. What do you want me to know? How to then become silent? And wait for the answer is coming? The answer is always there within you.

Alex Ferrari 33:51
Oh, tell us? How do you see humanity's future moving forward?

Gabriele Heikamp 33:58
Well, the thing is, if you look from the person's point of view, you think everything is getting worse. There is an old saying about spiritual evolution. The loss in the material is the gain of the Spirit tool. So we see a bright future for humanity. All this trouble you are going through now will help you grow and overcome all the borders. They want to see you shine and you are starting to shine more and more and more. And don't look at the wars that want to keep you in low frequency in fear and anger and hate. Choose love. Choose unity. You are all made of the same stuff the same energy, the same stardust. Your soul is divine. Your brothers and sisters unite and you will unite, we already see it because in the other dimensions there is no time like you perceive it. It's already done over here. So people of the earth, relax, breathe in deeply, and focus on the positive, what makes you happy, dream big, because you are manifesting by thinking and energizing your thoughts with the right feelings of positivity, of happiness, of unity of sharing. That's why we love Alex, he's giving space for many people to share their experiences, which will ignite others. And so it's becoming lighter and lighter and more light is huge.

Alex Ferrari 35:58
Thank you so much. Do do you see this ride that we're on getting a little bit rougher before it starts to clear up to before we get to this higher consciousness?

Gabriele Heikamp 36:10
Well, you know, the saying is before the sun comes up, there is the darkest hour. So that's where you are right now. There are forces in that world in this world who want to keep everything like it is. That's why they're feeding and profiting of anger and fear. And they provoking wars. And they try it and they try it and it's not working. It cannot work. Because it wants to keep something which is no longer of the right vibration. The whole universe is speeding up in vibration, look at the Schumann resonance. Look at the sin skin the people get they become more psychic, they feel suddenly things and they don't know how to handle it. Half of your psychiatry is full of people who don't know how to handle their medial senses. And they are categorized as schizophrenic and forced to take some pills to numb them down. So you have these forces in this world who want to keep everything like it is. And you have the higher frequency coming in with new fresh wind and more light shedding light on things that are not okay. And it's not nice to see that. And you have to go through it. But keep focused on the positive. That's where you want to go. You never solve a problem. If you fixate yourself onto the problem, you have to focus on the solution. Because that's where the energy flows and new things grow. And everything's happening. And you will as a humanity, make the right dicey decision, and everybody will have the free will to choose. Nobody is forced to be enlightened. Nobody is forced to ascend. It's your freewill you get asked.

Alex Ferrari 38:29
As as artificial intelligence continues to grow in, in strength and in integration with our daily lives. So many people are fearful and so many people are optimistic about where AI is gonna go, and where it how it plays into our evolution, not only as a species, but spiritually. Two questions one, can AI ever evolve to a place where it has consciousness like we do? And is AI something that we need to be concerned about or integrate as we move forward?

Gabriele Heikamp 39:07
AI will and can never have sole frequency. It can reach a certain level of consciousness. But that's more or less some kind of mechanical consciousness, we would say. It's on the way. Your older brothers, the so called, has already worked with it. It depends on who use it is uses it for what reason, and who programs it. So again, we're back at frequency. If you have a bad intent, then you will weaponize everything, even the food that you eat or that you give to people you dislike. So a lot of your diseases on this world come from the food that you are provided with, you might go down a road or the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory, but it's no longer the theory, the theory because every year and now and then that comes out something so but you chose this journey, you choose it, you wanted this experience, and in the end, it will all work out fine. Because you decide and whoever has a soul, he has the best connection to the positivity and will if he ever uses a I will use it in a wise manner. This is like combining in yourself, the feelings of your heart and the thinkings of your thoughts. And with most people they are contrary or opposite and they can't unite them. And if you allow, like in the ying and yang, every force, it's space, and an even weighed like the scales of if you're weighing something. So everybody's got the right and everybody has got the same force and the same potential, this is the soul everything is innate. And what you choose makes the scales turn or swing and change. So, it depends on you how you will use the artificial intelligence. There are other extraterrestrial races that have artificial intelligence in us. But let us name it a so called positive one because they are positive beings. And there is an AI that an AI that is abused also. So again, we're always coming back to the same it's up to you, what do you want? What do you wish for? followed that? Also, concerning AI

Alex Ferrari 42:14
Question I get asked so much by my listeners is what happens to us, after we die?

Gabriele Heikamp 42:21
You will instantly realize and understand or let us better say and invent a new word, you will enter stand that you are a soul, a light being of energy, and that you can go anywhere you want. Or order your soul to go to India and you are there. And the remote viewers are practicing practicing this and the out of body experiences are showing and demonstrating that it is possible. So you will come to more knowledge. If you weren't grumpy on this side, you have to work through the grumpiness a little bit. But most souls nowadays they have it much more easier on the other side. Because you have instant access to knowledge. Whatever you want, you manifest there. That's why in this material 3d Rome, we have some kind of a break in stellt. You have to think for a long time of the things you really want to not manifest things you really don't want. Understand.

Alex Ferrari 43:43
I do I do. So they're very helpful. And they'll and lastly, the other big question I get is, Well what happens in between lives? Is there a bar we all go to his at a movie theater? What happens on the other side while we're waiting to incarnate?

Gabriele Heikamp 44:03
Well, that also depends upon you. There is a very good movie this one once saw, it's based upon Brasilian medium, she called Shafia. As far as we can read now it is called astral city. It's about what the soul is experiencing on the other side. And it depends. If you had a very difficult life and you were sick or ill and had psychic problems, then you need a place to recover when you cross the veil. So there's some kind of hospitals scenery because we don't confront you on the other side with things you don't know in the beginning. We help you manifest things that are normal or seem normal to you. So you will awake if you weren't sick soul or a sick person and you Transnet transition from heavy sickness, you will awaken on the other side more or less in some kind of hospital mbN T and you will be taken care of and you will buy time, how long do you need, everybody is different one will stay there two years in your time. And it might seem to him like one hour. And another one may stay five minutes. That depends on the soul, but you are taking care of if you need to, and you have problems. If you are very much into dark stuff and self service, you will end up in the lower for the astral round, where we have some preachers that are not that nice because they vibrate at fear and anger. And you get scared them. But you always have the possibility to ascend. And we have what the spiritists in England called the summer land, which is where many children go during their life because it's the happy place. There's always sunshine, there's a meadow full of flowers and the flowers never die. Your pets are there, everything's fine. You have your loved ones you have your homes, you create and build your dream homes and houses. And in the upper Four Diamond fourth dimension, the upper astral, you have some kind of learning ambiente like universities and colleges, you can go and train music there with Beethoven because he's still there or someone else whatever you want, everything is open, what do you want? First, you have to need some purification very often because the souls vase, they take on some kind of mud from this earthly incarnation, some kind of problem and heavy frequencies. And very often they need to heal from this and then they can ascend and explore the other rounds. And there's not an end to it in this universe, you have 13 dimensions in the 1312 source. And all the other dimensions below are filled with life and beings. Angels and ETs and other beings that you still have no idea of life is everywhere. And it's 80% Positive. And once the good.

Alex Ferrari 48:00
You have any final words for our audience?

Gabriele Heikamp 48:04
Feel into your heart more often. Give yourself a break, close your eyes from the outside world and go inside. Jesus told you like many other masters, it's inside of yourself in the heart is the bridge. start feeling more and not judging or interpreting. Just allow the feeling it's vibration like music. You are a wonderful song. And you all together make the symphony of the universe. Every note is important. Be your own note.

Alex Ferrari 48:45
Thank you so much for being on the show and for your sharing the knowledge that you've shared with us. I appreciate you.

Gabriele Heikamp 48:50
So we can retreat now?

Alex Ferrari 48:53

Gabriele Heikamp 48:55
Okay. Thank you, Alex. We blessed you and your show. And all your viewers. Thank you. In love and light. Bye. Okay, wow.

Alex Ferrari 49:11
How was that? How was after you?

Gabriele Heikamp 49:14
Very vibrating.

Alex Ferrari 49:16
Yeah. Is that are you weak? Are you weakened or strengthened by it by the process?

Gabriele Heikamp 49:20
No, I feel strengthen. Oh, my mouth is not working. I feel strengthened by it. And very often if I do a chat, channeling or public Tim, I cannot go to bed before three or four o'clock in the morning.

Alex Ferrari 49:38
Well, I'm sorry about that.

Gabriele Heikamp 49:40
I like it. I use this energy for whatever I'm guided to do like researching some really weird stuff. And suddenly I hear them to Yes, we told you.

Alex Ferrari 49:54
Well, thank you for sharing that with us. I truly appreciate it. I'm going to ask you a few questions ask all my guests What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Gabriele Heikamp 50:04
Being as happy as you can, and never have anything or anyone,

Alex Ferrari 50:12
If you can go back in time and talk to little Gabriele, what advice would you give her?

Gabriele Heikamp 50:16
Sweetie! Hang on, you will find everything you see. When you're older, never given,

Alex Ferrari 50:23
How do you define God or source?

Gabriele Heikamp 50:26
The universe. Everything in it, including you. And may the thought that dwells in the light that for me is the infinite divine.

Alex Ferrari 50:38
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Gabriele Heikamp 50:40
Finding your purpose and happily living it.

Alex Ferrari 50:44
And where can people find out more about you in the work that you're doing in the world?

Gabriele Heikamp 50:47
I don't do very much work. I was just nudged by my guides to share some of my experiences. I just would advise people to go to all the other good people you already have them all on your show. Suzanne is a classic address if you want to train a little bit that sensing that feeling the psychic senses or do some breath work or start a good meditation or use binaural beats but preferably the ones from the Monroe Institute because the other ones you never know what they put in there I've been a graphic designer and worked with propaganda don't tell me anything you know about the 24th picture in the in the industry. So be careful and listen to your gut feeling it will always lead you right because if something is not good for you, you will you just will retract and feel something like you know the body tells us very directly and clearly what it likes and what it does not like and this is not good or bad. It's just good for you at the moment might be bad for your neighbor. So listen to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 52:05
Gabriele thank you so much for coming on the show sharing your stories with us and and doing you're doing this channeling session for the audience. I truly appreciate you coming on and thank you for everything that you are have done and are doing for the world.

Gabriele Heikamp 52:18
Thank you vice versa. Beautiful soul namaste!

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