Woman HIT By a TRUCK & DIES; Shown That LIFE Goes On FOREVER! (Incredible NDE) with Felice DiMartino

Life often steers us towards profound moments that reveal the deeper mysteries of our existence. On today’s episode, we welcome Felice DiMartino, a remarkable individual whose near-death experience (NDE) provided her with profound insights into the nature of consciousness and the spiritual realm. Felice DiMartino’s journey from a tumultuous period in her life to a transformative NDE offers a compelling testament to the power of spiritual awakening and resilience.

Before her near-death experience, Felice had endured what she describes as “resiliency boot camp.” She faced a series of significant life challenges, including a partner’s affair, a house fire, theft, and severe health issues. Each of these events alone would have been enough to bring someone to their knees, but Felice faced them all in quick succession. “It felt like I was being hit by a truck,” she recalls, highlighting the immense pressure and emotional toll these events took on her. Despite these hardships, she maintained a deep sense of gratitude and resilience, which she credits for helping her navigate these trying times.

The pivotal moment in Felice’s journey occurred on December 2, 2015, when she was struck by a Dodge Ram pickup truck while crossing the street. This accident propelled her into a profound near-death experience. “The next thing I knew, I was above my body, looking down at the scene,” she describes. From this vantage point, she could see and feel the emotions of the people around her. The scene below gradually faded, and she found herself enveloped in a blackness that was both luminous and peaceful. This state was devoid of time, space, and ego, merging her with pure presence and universal consciousness.

During her NDE, Felice experienced a sense of being in a cocoon, surrounded by other beings in similar states. This cocoon was nurturing and warm, creating a space of pure, unconditional love. “There was no fear, only being,” she explains. This profound state of existence provided her with a deep understanding of her soul’s journey and the interconnectedness of all life. As she floated in this state, she received a download of information about her past lives, her current life, and the broader spiritual truths of the universe.


  1. Embrace the Present Moment: Felice’s journey highlights the importance of embracing the present moment and finding gratitude in even the smallest aspects of life. This practice can help us navigate challenging times with greater resilience and grace.
  2. Understanding and Forgiveness: Her experience underscores the significance of forgiveness—both of oneself and others. By releasing past hurts and regrets, we can free ourselves from emotional burdens and open up to greater spiritual growth.
  3. Living Authentically: The message she received to “live big” emphasizes the importance of living authentically and aligning our outer lives with our inner truths. This alignment allows us to fully express our true selves and fulfill our soul’s purpose.

Upon returning to her body, Felice faced a long road to recovery, but she did so with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity. She understood that her experiences were not just for her own growth but could also serve others. “I knew that if I could use my experiences to help others, it would take the edge off my own suffering,” she explains. This realization led her to share her story and insights more openly, helping others navigate their own spiritual journeys.

Felice’s NDE also brought her heightened extrasensory awareness, including clairaudience and the ability to hear the energy of flowers. These abilities have deepened her connection to the spiritual realm and have become tools in her work to help others access their own inner wisdom and healing potential.

Her journey and teachings remind us that we are all capable of profound transformation and healing. By embracing our true selves, practicing forgiveness, and living authentically, we can navigate our lives with greater purpose and fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Felice DiMartino.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 375

Felice DiMartino 0:00
The next thing I was above my body, looking down at it, I was looking down at this scene I could see there was an expanse I could see in 360 degrees. Yet there was a, there was like there was a spotlight below. And I was observing the scene. I saw my body lying on the right hand side of my head to the left. There was I can feel there. The emotions of the people on the ground from above, again, this is all from above. So I'm watching this and there was some disorientation and getting my bearings, and there was a man and that jumped out of the car and he was directing. He directed a woman to go I saw the whole thing play out directed someone to go. Stop the traffic. The woman who hit me said she had call 911.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
I like to welcome to the show Felice DiMartino. How you doing, Felice?

Felice DiMartino 1:11
Great, thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:15
Thank you so much for coming on the show, my dear. I'm excited to talk to you about your spiritual experiences, your near death experiences. There's a lot of stuff going on in your life. And you've lived an interesting one to say the least. So first question, of course, is, what was your life like before you had your near death experience?

Felice DiMartino 1:33
So my life before my near death experience. That's a broad question. Right before my near death experience. I had gone through several years of what I call resiliency boot camp. I, I have I'm a mom, I was a single parent. And I had two teenage daughters at the time super loving, super supportive family. I had been on this spiritual unfolding journey for many, many years. And up until the accident I was a lot of things happen. I'll focus there. About a year and a half. Prior, my then partner had an affair, my house had a fire. My all of there was a theft in the house before the fire and all my jewelry got stolen, I had surgery once the fire the whole top floor had to be gutted, then the bottom floor had flood. There, I took a leave of absence from work, all of this stuff happened like major, any one of those things would be enough. So that's why I call it resiliency bootcamp, because it all happened at one time. And just as I got back on my feet I, it was about a year and a half, two years later, and I got hit by a truck. Literally, as if I didn't feel like I had gotten hit by a truck with the fire with the theft. The affair that was really emotionally hard. That was the, at the time the worst of all of it. And yeah, that's

Alex Ferrari 3:20
Was also let's dig in for a second before we get to your to your getting hit by a truck literally, let's literally what we do, were you a spiritual where you grow grown up in a religious background, spiritual background.

Felice DiMartino 3:32
So I grew up as Jewish and in in their spirituality. But when I graduated from high school, and I went off to university and I always felt like there was something more from the time I was young, I always felt like there was something more out there and I could feel feelings, I was super empathic. And then I took off on a journey once I graduated from college, and I found myself living in an ashram, I found myself traveling in Central America, spending time with indigenous elders, we, the father of my children, and I we lived off the grid and we're adopted basically by indigenous people to native have by a Hopi family. There so I had been on this, this kind of seeking spiritual path to find that something more, and I do want to share you know what, what ignited really ignited that in me as I was at NYU, and I took a class on I took a philosophy class, and the professor was teaching about, we had to read a book on Sufism. And when I read the Sufi story, there was something that really It ignited a remembrance in me and a like, Ha, there was something there. Right. And then one thing led to the next I spent time with tick not Han and that was a major. Another major turning point for me and living in an ashram, Mata. unreturned under my in Northern California. I mean, there's so yes, so there was a lot of things, there was a lot going on, spiritually for me, and then I kind of had kids, and I then was living my life. You know, I

Alex Ferrari 5:37
Let me ask you this, though, because this is something that I get asked about a lot is when it sounds like you were searching, so you were a searcher without question. And in for all, for lack of a better term, you were doing things right, you were trying to educate yourself, you're trying to experience new things, you're trying to open yourself up to the universe, open yourself up to new ideas. So you're pretty open minded person. And then yet, you know, as I always say, when bad things happen to good people, all of these elements started to happen. And like you said, what any one of those things would have brought anybody to their knees. But you just kept getting hit again and again and again and again. So from your experience before we get to the near death experience, but from your experience, just studying spirituality. What do you think the cause? What was the universe trying to tell you? With this hammering and just I mean, these are not paper cuts, these are full blown losing of limbs, shooting with a broadsword kind of hits on you. Why do you what was the purpose of that from your, from your point of view?

Felice DiMartino 6:47
Number one, it was a total identity reboot, right identity. As a homeowner, as a partner, as a mom, oh, I had become an empty nester to that time. That's time. So it was an empty nester. So in all ways, right, I was teaching in a Montessori school, as a teacher, my role in the world, like in all ways, I was catapulted into this loss of identity on the outside and the number the second thing I want to say is I kept saying, it could be worse. And so I'm putting out it could be worse and the universe, it's like, Oh, really? Bam, here you go. I stopped saying it could be worse. Because you can have, you know, yes, and thank you, I've had enough. Thank you. I've had enough. And I also, there was something I wasn't paying attention to, you know, I feel like we there are things that we know that we know that we know, that we don't pay attention to. And when we don't pay attention and come from an aligned place. We open ourselves up for circumstances and things to happen in real life. And I see, you know, I see now, why, how all of that was for me, of course, and how I got through it. And I think that's important to share, right? Like, how do we get through the hard things when they happen, even when you are rooted into a spiritual way of being or spiritual beliefs, like things happen, and we're human. And we're wired to have certain reactions and responses. So I can share what got me through it. If that

Alex Ferrari 8:36
Yeah, well, yeah. What Yeah, because I mean, like I said, all of those things are pretty heavy experiences to have in a life. Any one of them and we haven't even gotten to being hit by a truck yet. So there's that. So how did you feel because I know a lot of people listening, go are listening, and they've gone through stuff. They're going through stuff. They're going to go through stuff. What was your technique to kind of get through all of that emotionally, spiritually, mentally?

Felice DiMartino 9:04
Well, there were times that I literally couldn't get out of bed, because it just kept on happening. I was like, it just kept on happening and kept on happening. And I still I knew like there was something underneath that in this major cracking, open. There, there's this when you're crying out, for some help, for some guidance to be shown the way something I kept on returning to gratitude, gratitude, knowing and service knowing that if I could use my experiences to help others, people, move through whatever roses if I can use it in any way in service. It took the edge off. That's number one. And the other thing was gratitude. Like even on those days that I could barely move, gratitude that I heard the bird outside my window gratitude. Someone smiled at me, you know, the smallest little things. And this was in 2000. And like mid to that almost 2013, like mid 2000. Yeah, in the fall of 2012 when it all started to happen. Yeah, and I know now, you know, I mean, then we'll get to my near death experience at all is truly Well, in all is happening, whether you believe that things happen to you or for you. We can always say, How is this for me? What can I do with this to be of service? How is this for me? How is this for me? What can I use this for? And that kind of brings us back to some semblance of something greater than ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 10:52
Exactly. And I, it's easy to look back upon things that happen to you and go, Oh, that makes sense. Oh, it's, oh, that was thank God, I'd had that happen to me, you know, thank God, I'm not with that person anymore. Thank God, you know, I needed to move anyway, like, but when you're in, you know, the crap, as they say, it's very difficult to look at the bright side of what is happening for you. So it's a lot easier to do it in postmortem, if you will, than it is while it's happening. So I think that idea what you what you use is gratitude. Gratitude does start to cleanse a lot of that stuff radically.

Felice DiMartino 11:29
Yeah, getting out in nature. I started to exercise and moving my body moving it through physically because it is the energetic, physical, emotional, mental. And I went through a lot of different modalities of therapy, and neurofeedback. And when it was really bad at the depths of it, you know, when you're crying out on the floor is, again, when that greatest cracking open to something and trust, you know, that this too shall pass. Yes. Support, support, finding support. Yeah, so

Alex Ferrari 12:06
So now that we've gone through that part of your life, then all of a sudden the universe is like, well, she's not getting it. We've sent her a few hard knocks, but we're gonna have to send her the ultimate knock on the door, which is to kill you. So tell us what happened on the day that led to your near death experience.

Felice DiMartino 12:29
Yeah, so those knocks on the door I call them dope slabs from the universe. I'm actually working on on that book right now. And that's a whole section dope slabs from the universe. So as I mentioned, I had been an educational consultant and teaching in a Montessori school. And I was leaving work one day, I got to a corner my my car was parked off campus. And I got to there was a light that I had across. So I waited for the it was December 2 2015. It was dusk, it was a little misty out it was unusually warm for that day. And I got to the corner. And prior to crossing the street, I had been engaging with someone that I knew I shouldn't be engaging with. So I put my phone away just like you know, kind of in my head about all of that and I looked at the light I had the right of way to cross. So I looked both ways the car stopped giving me the right away it's a busy intersection and I proceeded to cross the street and up from behind me came can I say the making model the car and own anyway, Dodge Ram pickup truck came up from behind me and it turns out she was speeding to cause she was wanting to make a left hand turn before the oncoming car right she could go straight so she made a left and and hit me about three quarters of the way across the crosswalk and propelled my body three and a half car lanes from the crosswalk about 30 feet in the air apparently. And that's what started this journey.

Alex Ferrari 14:27
So when you say that's, that's the day so when you got a hit I have to ask Did you feel anything?

Felice DiMartino 14:36
No what it felt like, it felt like a thud on the right hand side of my body and you know it's a big truck so it's a good portion of the right hand side of my body and I had a bag and I had a laptop in the bag. I don't know if that that that steel you know what else hurt it Right, it lacked some of it, but it felt like a dull I don't want to say smack because it's more like a thud on the right hand side of my body. And I whipped my head around, but it felt like I was whipping it. If it like time stopped, it felt very slow motion. And I had the thought, something's not right, something's wrong. And it turns out, that was what was stuck in my neck for a lot for a while, like my, all of my practitioners couldn't get to it until I replayed it. And that's what was stuck there was something's wrong. And once I realized that, that's a whole nother conversation about healing, and the body really does keep the score. So that's what it felt like it felt like a thud.

Alex Ferrari 15:47
So when you were being thrown in the air, at what point did you leave your body.

Felice DiMartino 15:51
So what happened was, I caught for a split second, a pair of eyes across the truck, across the hood of the truck. And the next thing I was above my body, looking down at it, I was looking down at this scene, I could see it, there was an expanse, I could see in 360 degrees, yet there was a it was like there was a spotlight below. And I was observing the scene, I saw my body lying on the right hand side with my head to the left, there was I could feel there, the emotions of the people on the ground from above, again, this is all from above. So I'm watching this and there was some disorientation and getting my bearings, and there was a man and that jumped out of the car. And he was directing, he directed a woman to go I saw the whole thing play out directed someone to go stop the traffic, the woman who hit me said she would call 911. And I could feel the sheer terror as my body was laying still. And in my I was completely conscious yet not in my body conscious, and an assessing was taking place. And part of the assessment was, am I going to be able to go back there back to that body? And after all, that I had just gone through a really, my kids were a big draw for me, right? Like it wasn't so so the question was for me, am I going to be able to go back there and there was a lot going on, there was a lot of internal organ damage, a lot of fractures, I had a cracked skull, I mean, there was a lot happening, but from above the body looked in one piece. And I understood that I would be able to go back. And once that kind of was that that assessing started to take place it there was a sensation of lifting higher and higher and higher and the scene below faded.

Alex Ferrari 18:05
Where did you go?

Felice DiMartino 18:06
Well as the scene below started to fade, I was in a complete blackness. It was the blackest of black, it's it's like we don't have a name for this, this. It's not even a color, we don't have a name for this. And it was an illuminated blackness there was like a luminosity to the blackness. And it was it felt like and on the way there it felt like at some point, it like there was as this energy and vitality of the body was diminishing, that part of me that was existing was being energized and and having more life to it. As the body was shutting down and in this blackness it was merging with pure presence. There was no time there was no space there is it was all space. It was simply being merged in with this expanse. And there was no questions there was no wandering there was no ego there was no me. There was no separateness it was being merged in completely with this blackness and I was existing as that. And that was the first thing that happened. Would you like me to continue?

Oh, no. I mean, we're here for that. Yes, please continue

And there was also this sense of there is no time, like I said, it's completely timeless, it's completely expansive. It's completely all things and no thing at the same time. There's no gender, there's no right or wrong, it's simply existing in pure presence. And it was also there was a quality to it that was very peaceful, very peaceful. Very, I want to say loving, but that gives it makes it something it's like, it contains everything, it contains all of everything and nothing at the same time. It is it is exactly. And, and then there was like a shift in a dimension almost. It's like a shift in it from that emerged, this sense of floating, and I was floating, and it felt like I was in a cocoon. And there are others in cocoons. And I say others yet. They're also made up of Weaver the same yet yet. Yet I was me. I'm aiming to give this words, and I was in a cocoon, and there were others floating in the cocoon. And there was a symbol of like, huh, there is no fear. There was simply, again, simply being and, and it felt super nourishing, and nurturing and warm. It's like being held in water. Right? It's like being in a floatation tank, almost, you're just held in this nurturing, warm, loving space. And in that place, we call it thought, I'm going to call it an energy packet, because it felt like an energy packet started to emerge. And there was a wandering and the wandering was a waiting started, started to come with that energy packet. And it was like a Ha, what am I waiting for? Right. And as soon as the What am I waiting for culminated that thought that energy packet kind of like culminated, it popped into a being met with exactly what I was being waited for. And I found myself in a completely bright, a fulgent light. And the light was, I was growing and growing. And there was a presence in the light that was other than my own, yet that was also made up of this light. That was communing with me and there for me, and that it was just clearly understood. There wasn't a thought process, as we know thought to be was clearly understood. And this presence was there to communicate with me and share with me and show me things and, and for me, and in an instant it was that presence. It's, I said, it was like you put your forehead if we put our heads together, Alex and I knew everything about you and everything about your life. And all the multi faceted multi dimensional aspects of your soul's journey and the events that have occurred in your life. It was like that and all of this information was transmitted at we say rapid speed. And again, it's not time there's no sense of time, like we're trying to be an all of this information was completely downloaded, uploaded, I understood everything that my souls journey had taken. I understood everything that was going on, on Earth in my life, in this lifetime at the time. And there was a lot that was transmitted about my particular life and about being embodied as human. And at some point that started to there was an energy that started to kind of amplify and there was an anticipation and there was a need, like I needed to get back. There was an urgency that started to build that if I was going back I needed to get back into the body. And right before I came back, I heard from this president that was other than my own yet that I was also merged in with when you go back, it's time to live big. So that was the that was a hearing. And right before I descended, as I'll say, right before I descended I asked this presence who are you? And I heard I am you So in the IMU, I started to descend. And I heard, I was watching at some point I it's like I was there was like a descending and I was watching below. And I could also hear below there where the EMTs were like calling to me and speaking and I could see it and also hear it and I was watching my mouth move. But from above, it was such a trippy experience because there was this physical form, but I wasn't really in it, I was here yet. It was all happening at the same time. And as I started to come closer and closer into the body, at some point, I felt like I was being squeezed. It's like being squeezed a genie being squeezed into a bottle. And I was existing. As this expands outside of my body, it also feeling that being squeezed into the body at the same time, and I could hear the body yelping. And that's at that point, it was a very, like, oh, that's yelping sounds coming from me. And in the ambulance, I was, I could see what was happening my head, like they were trying to keep me there. And there was someone at my head, and I kept being out. So I could again, it was, now I know it as by location where you could be in both places. And when I came more into consciousness, I was being taken into the it was a level three trauma unit. And it was organized chaos. And it was a lot. I mean, a lot of things have occurred it for a while, it was really hard for me to know where my body where the boundaries of my body were was and where space was and how I experience the world now, so.

Alex Ferrari 27:02
So what's fascinating to me is that the all those experiences that led up to this experience, it seems like the universe was where you from your now now we can talk about from your experience on the other side. You weren't told specifically, what was wrong, or you didn't tell weren't told specifically? How to fix it. Other than lift big? Go tell me, please.

Felice DiMartino 27:32
No, actually, I was I was also I was shown a lot more question or then yeah, no, I heard it's time to live big. And I understood based on what was shared with me what that meant about ego about fear about what it is, you know, we know what keeps us small, but understanding from a larger perspective, what the soul carries through from lifetime to lifetime and imprints of that. And also all is truly Well I heard all is truly well. And I was shown these pillars of all is truly Well, which are forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, service, surrender, trust, love. So I was showing these pillars of, of practicing this, while we're here in these bodies to be able to access and open up to these higher states of awareness of who we truly are as love as expressions of love. So I don't know if that's gonna,

Alex Ferrari 28:38
Yeah, so so was there anything else you didn't have a life review or anything like that, on the other side?

Felice DiMartino 28:43
I want to say that my what I would equate to a life review is an understanding of what was happening on Earth. And how am i How would what was occurring on Earth was related to what was happening in the state of existence. So like, for example, you know, when I came back this, this the depths of forgiveness and understanding and compassion, and, and the my understanding of boundaries. So I wouldn't say my life review, you know, my life review was, that was what I would equate to a life review. For me. It wasn't like, Oh, this is you could see, I could see how, you know, all of the actions have ripple effects into the collective and you're able to experience things like I was able to experience the woman who hit me, I was able to experience what she was experiencing at that moment in time of this occurrence that I was a part of, but it wasn't a Life? I guess that's, that's yeah,

Alex Ferrari 30:03
You weren't in a room with a bunch of screens at 360. And you weren't feeling everybody. But there was aspects of that, that you felt. Exactly. So on the other side, they were kind of guiding you on giving you a reason why you were here, why this has happened to you, and what all these other things that they were trying to do up into this, to this near death experience, to kind of reset you, in a sense. So you had a really, it's really fascinating with because you, again, were really open to the spiritual path. But yet you were on the wrong path in other aspects of your life, which is what they're saying think big. Sure, you were still thinking small. And there were other ego things or other things like that, that you had to deal with? To get you on the right path that you needed to be on? Is that a fair statement? Or how do you think

Felice DiMartino 30:53
What what a fair statement to say. So for me, the living big was, again, we that intuition, right, I knew what I knew, and I wasn't listening to what to the inner knowing, right? I was making excuses, I was letting the voice of the ego say no need to do. And the live big was aligning that inner voice, and that inner life with the outer life to be in total alignment and an embodied expression of our truth, which is connected with the Divine and with love. And for me, also, it was, you know, I wanted to either do more with the with a Montessori world and education, or I really wanted to use all the experiences that I just had, again, in service to others, and I was really being called to do that. And I wasn't doing either of those things. Right. So the live big, like, when you go back, it's time to live big, and be on your dharmic path. And

Alex Ferrari 31:55
You were being held, you were holding yourself back,

Felice DiMartino 31:57
I was holding myself back. And I was also, you know, I was also able to see how I had co created everything that had happened up until that point, not in a shaming, blaming kind of way, but in a way that opens up spaciousness, and I also Alex, this is this is really important is I understood so much more when I came back about boundaries, because yes, we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. And we are also human beings having a human experience. And when we go around, and when we treat everyone as the essence of who they truly are, and as their potential to be that essence. We, a lot of times we suffer or we go through a lot of hardship in the face of that. So it's possible to acknowledge the essence of who someone truly is, and pay attention to who they're being. You can have compassion for people from afar, you can you know, if it's not safe for you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and genetically, boundaries, boundaries are okay, boundaries don't make us less spiritual, which is

Alex Ferrari 33:18
Oh, absolutely, I agree with.

Felice DiMartino 33:20
I mean, I wasn't I was a person that wasn't having a lot of boundaries. So I learned to be in the both end, you know,

Alex Ferrari 33:27
What it seems like your your learning curve that sped up quite quite a bit.

Felice DiMartino 33:34
So you come back, yeah. Yeah. And that's the depths and the layer of forgiveness. Forgiveness is huge. Forgiveness is huge forgiveness of self forgiveness of others. Forgiveness is huge. Because forgiveness also has to do with regret. And we don't want to get to the end of our lives or get to a place where, you know, we're just, it's like that denser energy when you're holding on to stuff. It just keeps us held back. And it keeps someone else held back too. But you know, the whole.

Alex Ferrari 34:10
So let me ask you, then, when you came back, and you are healing and going through this, did you keep this information to yourself, or did you come out of the Near Death Experience closet right away and started shouting it from the mountaintops?

Felice DiMartino 34:23
Yeah, no, I was, you know, I was in rehab one day. And because I was in rehab, I had visiting nurses, you know how to walk again and talk again and do all these. It was a pretty long road to recovery, yet I had just had this blissful experience. And I want to say, I remember being in rehab, and I saw something it was in the days of Earthlink. And something popped up on the side and it was a Anita Moorjani sharing her experience with Dr. Oz. And I didn't know it again. It was like, at this point is 2016 and she spoke I was like she she, she's given words to my experience to what has happened have to plug in my computer, she's given works to my experience like and what happened. And that was wild. And I it took a little while for me to give language to what happened. And I have a very loving, supportive family. So I was sharing bits and pieces yet I was integration. I mean, I feel like integration. I'm still integrating, you know. And integration took a while because I would walk around and I didn't know the boundaries between my body and the outside world. And I could hear things and it's I have a lot of activated, extrasensory awarenesses, that that resulted from this experience. So making sense of all of that. So I started to give language to it in bits and pieces. And for a while I didn't watch anyone else's, or listened to anyone else's near death experience, because it was really important to me to understand my own experience without being influenced.

Alex Ferrari 36:11
So when did you when you finally decided to go out publicly with this? How did your friends family colleagues kind of react to this? Because like, I always say, this is a clearing of the room kind of conversation for many people.

Felice DiMartino 36:27
Yeah, you know, the first time I went out and shared it was right at the beginning of COVID. And it felt like the, the call to service again, like in any way that this information, helps, supports, activates the remembering of who we truly are of our eternal nature. That was more important than what people were gonna look at. I didn't it was like the live big, it's like I couldn't not share at that point. And especially when the world was coming face to face with mortality in a whole new way. And my family has always been really supportive, may not understand all the time. Right, like, but it's like Felice doing her Felice thing yet. Yeah, it's super supportive. And actually, my dad passed a year and a half ago, and it was really helpful for my mom. In, in, in her grieving process, you know, I think for all of us, and, you know, things shift and change, and friendships and relationships shift and change. And it's, it's the, again, if we can be aligned with who we are on the inside, is who we are, and the outside so that our inner world, our interfacing self, and our outer facing self is in total alignment, then we're in integrity with ourselves. And I had to come back and do the be live big.

Alex Ferrari 37:57
Fair enough. So you mentioned a little bit about the After Effects. Can you talk a little bit about the after effects of your near death experience?

Felice DiMartino 38:03
When I came back, I was really open. I was, I was receiving a lot of guidance and a lot of information. And a lot of in it, you know, on the other side, there's their senses that we don't have name for. And there's, there's a way the senses all work together. So number one, I was hearing guidance, and I was working with a woman from Colombia, a medicine woman from Colombia, and she said, asked who this is. And when I asked, I heard the word Akasha. This was in 2016. It was before like, the Akashic Records became like a, you know, more know, out in the public eye and known. And there was so many cool correlations to that like, like, in the book, every major religion that stems from a spiritual path has a book, right? And it's like, Oh, those are the records. Right? And I was shown, so when I heard Akasha, and I looked it up. I mean, it maybe I had heard of it. One, like, time, it wasn't in my common knowledge or vernacular, and I looked it up and I was like, yes, that everything resonated. And then there was a frequency of light and presence of this pure Crystaline energy that that runs in our cells that we can activate. And this presence that started to come to and through so that's one thing the other thing is my clear audience is super hyper activated. I can hear flowers like I could hear a rose. I could hear things that are in audible to the human ear.

Alex Ferrari 39:57
How did you deal with that when you started? Having that information.

Felice DiMartino 40:02
I mean, I didn't go into my house for a while. I was like, okay, so I mean, I had a walker, I had a Kenyan, you know, I had visiting nurses in and out of my house for many months. So I didn't have to go out. But you just I took a bunch of I, at some point, I started to take some classes and certifications to help me hone all of these new extra sensory awareness is because it's so big, and when you're existing as the vastness to have a way, it's like a funnel to have a way to be a conduit through so that it could be directed, was really helpful. There's also this sense that Claire cognizance, which is Claire knowing, and there's also the, this way of pre cognition, almost. It's like all the senses working together in invisible ways. And I and I'm still learning how to use it and how to share and how to help others activate it, because you don't need to have a near death experience to have access to all of this. Right. It's, and that's part of this great awakening, and this remembering, it's it is encoded in us, in our DNA, and at a cellular level. I just happen to have a near death experience. So, you know, to be able to, to guide people to activate it for themselves. Right. This has been something I've become really passionate about and being of service as a conduit, have you?

Alex Ferrari 41:35
Did you get a feeling on the other side or since the other side about what is happening to us as a as a species right now as a consciousness? Because like you said, 2015 Akashic wasn't really known, though it has been talked about for 1000s of years, from the Vedic texts. For whatever reason, these ideas, this show, more near death experiences, they're all seemed to be bubbling up now to the surface. And, you know, it's like near death experiences now, like don't go towards delight. You know, that's part of our, our Zeitgeist chant. Yeah, and chant and channeling is becoming a thing. As far as people understanding that concept of channeling flow state, these are all things that are starting to bubble up the word around a decade ago, really in the in the zeitgeist as they are today. Do you have any understanding of why this is happening now to all of us?

Felice DiMartino 42:35
Yes. So number one, what I want to say is this was written I can remember number one, so this is kind of I'm going to answer in a few ways. Number one, when I had come back, and I was receiving this information, I It's like, there were frequencies in the field that were new that this was this major rebirth was coming. And it's not like they were looking for teachers, but they were there, these energies were there, to when because when there was an opening, if if there was an opening in someone's energy to be able to meet that to encourage to support, if that makes sense. Number one, number two, I think COVID really cracked open again, that awareness of waking up from spiritual amnesia and and what I'm showing is that the more people are resonating at an even curious, right, because curiosity breeds spaciousness, the more people are resonating at higher frequencies and opening up with curiosity even opening up the space the collective is growing and these higher frequencies are more accessible for people to experience and be a match for it because with channeling what I'm told and what I'm shown is that you will be a conduit and a channel for whatever you are a vibrational match for that's what they show me right?

So well, let me let me stop you there for a second you say they show me so let's talk a little bit about that. Because yeah, I understand what you mean. But everybody listening is like what is she talking about? So what do you mean they show you a you have you become a channel because of your near death experience? Tell talk a little bit about that.

Yeah, so So there's frequency and vibration, right and and it all ties in because when we can practice these gratitude, forgiveness those pillars of all as well and get in an aligned state With to be a conduit of, you know, it's energy, we're all energy and vibration, we know that and different emotional states and different impact our energetic resonance, it's like when someone walks in a room and they have a heavy vibe or a light vibe, everyone knows that. When I say they show me when I came back, what occurred for me was this. It's like the, there's a part of me that was ejected from me. And when I came back in more of who I truly am, came back through me. And we all have the ability to get out of our minds when we shut off our analytical thinking minds. And when we shut off our brains and we shut off our you know, we have the ego take a backseat, and we enter into the, the bigger than our body aspect of ourselves, able to open up to dimensions and frequencies, that's our multi dimensional nature, right, that exists that we're not practiced at being in communion with. So when we open up to that, we can then be a conduit for me it was I these these light beings is frequency, it's a frequency of light that comes to and through me, and they show me how to activate it, they show me how to share it, and everyone can have access to this and do meditation, right quieting the mind, meditation breathwork, being out in nature, shutting off our cell phones, shutting offers, turning down our social media, finding ways to return to the self to sit quiet, right, moving our bodies entering into these flow states so that we can access this information. Everyone has access to it. I don't I hope that answers the question. I know that it's like

Alex Ferrari 47:06
It does. It does it does. So you have now been able your channel if you will, your conduit the pipeline has opened for you. Yes, is the information so you can tap into information that you weren't able to tap into prior to the near death experience?

Felice DiMartino 47:23
Correct. And I heard the word when I asked her this was it was a potshot and Akashi Raya and Akash, Uriah is at this high frequency and this is going to go a little out there. It's at this frequency that you know, people are so used to the seven chakras. For me, it's like it goes to this higher and higher and higher chakras, the theory of chakras and it opens up into this whole realm of, of source energy. And that's, that's what comes through for me, you know, it's not really for me, that's just what comes through to be shared. And, and again, we all have this encoded in ourselves, it's like for me, it took a near death experience, to embody as more of who I truly am, right, which is the essence of light, which is love. And this is encoded in our cell that Christed light not you know, Jesus, the man but that Christ did pure Crystaline light, you know, so, yeah, and we can activate it also through looking at the sun, through having the sun rays through looking at the water, allowing the sparkles on the water.

Alex Ferrari 48:37
Just like a meditative almost like a meditative state, if you will. Yeah. What was the biggest takeaway you had from your near death experience?

Felice DiMartino 48:46
That we are all here to be embodied expressions of love source, the divine whatever name you call the God of the infinite intelligence of your understanding, we are here to be embodied expressions of that to mirror that in one another. And the dharmic path we each have unique ways of doing that. And we are the divine knowing itself we are loved knowing itself. And the individual part come of that comes from our souls also have these kind of journeys to come to to life to learn to grow. I mean, how remarkable that we are in human bodies. Truly we are human bodies. That's pretty cool. You know, when when you can look at another person in the eyes and see that divinity in them looking back at you. We're all made of the same stuff. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 49:46
Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Felice DiMartino 49:54
Living with alignment with the voice of the soul. which is love, joy, relationship, expression service.

Alex Ferrari 50:08
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Felice, what advice would you give her?

Felice DiMartino 50:13
Don't worry so much about what other people think.

Alex Ferrari 50:15
How do you define God or Source?

Felice DiMartino 50:18
Love is the first word that pops into my mind. And I want to say, how do I define God's service? Who we are all what we are all, Who we be, I am love.

Alex Ferrari 50:32
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Felice DiMartino 50:35
To be embodied expressions of love of the Divine of source? Knowing itself.

Alex Ferrari 50:44
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Felice DiMartino 50:48
So my website is groundedillumination.com. And my Instagram is Felice, that little underscores that would underscore and DiMartino (Felice_DiMartino). And I'm also on Facebook. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 51:01
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Felice DiMartino 51:06
To know that on some, in the plane of existence in the ultimate capital, our reality, all is truly well, even when it seems that you know, in our human world and all isn't truly well. I'm on the ultimate capital, our reality all is truly well, and you are right on time. Wherever you are in your life, whatever you're doing, wherever you're being, whatever, you're all this stuff. You are right on time right here right now.

Alex Ferrari 51:43
Felice, thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your experience and wisdom with all of us. I truly appreciate you my dear. Thank you.

Felice DiMartino 51:50
Thank you, Alex. Thank you, everyone.

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