HIDDEN POWER of SEX MAGICK: Advanced SEXUAL Alchemy to CREATE Your DREAM Reality! with Emily Fletcher

In the timeless dance of existence, where spirituality meets the every day, we find ourselves in today’s episode welcoming the radiant Emily Fletcher. Emily’s journey from Broadway performer to meditation teacher is nothing short of transformative. Her transition, born out of necessity and curiosity, has led her to discover profound truths about the human condition and the potential for growth through meditation and self-awareness.

Emily begins by sharing her unlikely journey. Once a Broadway performer, she faced the high demands of understudying multiple lead roles, leading to severe stress and insomnia. “I meditate,” a fellow performer confided in her, sparking Emily’s initial skepticism. Yet, desperation led her to try it, and on the first day of her meditation course, she experienced a profound shift in consciousness. This newfound practice cured her insomnia, stopped her from getting sick, and reignited her passion for her career. She felt a calling to share this life-changing practice with others, leading her to train intensively in India and ultimately start her own meditation school, Ziva.

Emily Fletcher eloquently explains the essence of meditation and its common misconceptions. Many people believe that the goal of meditation is to clear the mind, which can be daunting and seemingly impossible. She emphasizes that meditation is not about achieving a quiet mind but about accessing a unique state of consciousness where the body can rest deeply and heal itself. “We meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation,” she asserts. In this state, the body releases accumulated stress, which she likens to a deep, cellular cleanse.

A significant portion of Emily’s teaching revolves around the concept of pleasure and its often misunderstood relationship with spirituality. She discusses how our genetic code is influenced by our epigenetics, which are changeable based on our lifestyle choices. Activities such as meditation, exercise, and even laughter can turn on healthy gene expressions, while stress and unhealthy habits can have the opposite effect. By embracing pleasure as a form of self-care and spiritual practice, individuals can transform their lives and enhance their well-being.


1. Meditation is a tool for life: Meditation is not about achieving a perfect state of calm but about giving the body deep rest, allowing it to heal and release accumulated stress. This practice can profoundly impact both personal and professional life, enhancing overall well-being.

2. Pleasure as a pathway to spirituality: Embracing pleasure through activities such as meditation, exercise, and even sex can turn on healthy gene expressions and improve overall health. Viewing pleasure as a sacred practice can transform one’s spiritual journey and personal fulfillment.

3. Overcoming worthiness issues: Meditation helps to cultivate a sense of worthiness by reconnecting individuals with their innate divinity. Recognizing that desires are not about fulfilling a void but about nature expressing itself through us can shift perspectives and enhance self-worth.

Emily also delves into the topic of sexual energy and its potential as a spiritual tool. In a society often plagued by misconceptions and shame around sex, she encourages a reframe. By viewing sexual energy as a potent force for manifestation and connection to the divine, individuals can reclaim this aspect of their spirituality. She speaks candidly about her personal practices and how dedicating her pleasure to the divine, such as the goddess Isis, has deepened her spiritual experiences.

In conclusion, Emily Fletcher’s journey and teachings remind us that spirituality is deeply intertwined with our everyday experiences. By embracing practices like meditation and viewing pleasure as sacred, we can transform our lives and enhance our spiritual growth. Her story is a testament to the power of self-awareness, the courage to change, and the profound impact of integrating these practices into our daily lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Emily Fletcher.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 451

Emily Fletcher 0:00
95% of our genetic code is actually our epi genetics which are mutable or changeable. So that means that every time we exercise every time we have sex, every time we meditate every time we garden, every time we're in the sunshine, every time we're laughing with friends, we're turning on our healthy gene expressions. And conversely, every time we're lonely or drinking alcohol, or eating too much sugar are gone screens all day are not meditating or letting our bodies be pickled with stress chemicals, like adrenaline and cortisol, we're turning on the unhealthy gene expressions.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
I like to welcome to the show, Emily Fletcher how you doing Emily?

Emily Fletcher 0:46
I am excited. I don't know what's in store for us. But I feel like it's gonna be big.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
I appreciate that very much. I know I've been a fan of your work for a while I first saw, I think I saw you on Mindvalley for the first time. That's where I was introduced to your to your work. And I've always just anyone who talks about meditation, I always love talking to because I'm a big meditator myself. And it's, it changed my life, and it changes people's lives in general. My very first question is, how did you get? How did meditation first influence you? Both professionally and personally? How did you get into this?

Emily Fletcher 1:21
Yes, so have an unlikely journey from Broadway performer to meditation teacher. So I used to sing and dance and act for a living for 10 years. And my last show was A Chorus Line. And my job was to understudy three of the lead roles. And just for people who don't know what that means is that you show up to work and you have no idea which job you're going to do. Like imagine you're in accounting, and you're like, oh, you know what, today, you're gonna go into sales. And you're like, but I don't even know what kinds to call and that's sort of like being an understudy, you think you're going to be in the ensemble, and then you're the lead or you think you're going to be Judy, and then they throw you on for a while. So long story short, very stressful, like, very what I would call high demand. And so that led to me going gray in my 20s getting sick, getting injured, not sleeping through the night for 18 months, I had debilitating insomnia. So here I am on Broadway living my dream doing the thing I had wanted to do since I was a child. And I was miserable. And thankfully, this amazing woman was sitting next to me in the dressing room, her job was harder than me. She was understanding five of the leads, and crushing it. Like every song, every dance, every bite of food that this woman ate was a celebration. And I was like, What do you know that I don't know. And she said, I meditate. To which I rolled my eyes so big, you know, it's like an eye roll could be it could have a sound, it would have had a sound. And I didn't believe her. I just kept sucking at my job going gray having insomnia. And then fine, because this was 16 years ago. And so it's hard for people to understand. But 16 years ago, meditation was still considered weird. It's still I was very skeptical. And so finally, I just got so bad that I thought I have to try something. So she said, hey, my teachers in town, and I went along to this course. And on the first day of my first course, I was in a different state of consciousness than I had ever been in before. And I liked it. And that night, I slept through the night for the first time in 18 months, and I have every night since and that was 16 years ago. Then I stopped getting sick. I didn't get sick for eight and a half years, I stopped going gray, I stopped getting injured. But the most profound changes that I started enjoying my job again. And I just thought Why isn't everyone doing this? Like it changed my life personally and professionally, so dramatically, that I genuinely thought Why isn't everyone doing this? That is not just the title of my podcast like I am the type of person that when I find something that works, I want to shout it from the rooftops. So I left Broadway, I went to India, I trained for about three years to become a teacher. So I know in this day and age, people think like oh, like I got a yoga certification over the weekend. And that's awesome. But this was more akin to getting a PhD in the Vedic sciences. I it was 1000s of hours of apprenticing about 18 hours a week of very intensive meditation for over a year, transcribing books by hand in Sanskrit, and then helping 1000s of people move through this training. And then I graduated and I started Ziva, and it's been the most rewarding, exciting, fulfilling thing I've ever done. Yeah, now I've taught over 50,000 people the ZIVA technique, which feels like a real blessing.

Alex Ferrari 4:27
That's amazing. Well, I mean, so this all sounds fantastic. It sounds magical. It sounds wonderful. Can you tell the people exactly what this means? Because a lot of people understand what meditation is. And you're like, I meditated, my life changed. How, what's the product? There's a little bit of in between there. What is the process of what happened to you when you meditated? And it seems like you picked on to it pretty quickly, where a lot of people fall asleep, or a lot of people can't quiet the monkey brain, or these kinds of things. What other technical steps that happened when you meditated to do all of these shifts for you and your life?

Emily Fletcher 5:05
Yeah. So that's a great question. So I think a lot of people either don't start because they think they have to be able to clear their minds and they're like, there's no way I could sit still, there's no way I could clear my mind. If I sit still, I'm thinking about my ex and my taxes and everything I have to do in my kids soccer practice. And so the thing I want to just start with is that the point of meditation is not to clear the mind, like I would argue that we meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation that no one actually cares if you're a good meditator, so it doesn't matter, actually, if you can clear your mind or not. And the other reason that people think they're falling asleep, or people think they're failing at it is that honestly, they just don't have any training, like we assume, because meditation is simple, that we should already know how to do it, like, oh, they taught that in 10th grade, and I must have been absent that day. So everybody else just secretly already knows how to do this magical skill. But I don't know how to do it. So I'm not going to say anything, I'm just going to sit here and ohm are sent here and make fancy fingers in my little lemons, and then be like frustrated, why I'm not seeing any progress, or I'm not seeing this performance enhancement in my life. So the first thing to know is that meditation is a skill. The other thing to know is all meditations are not created equal, right? Like their meditation is like the word food. It's a big blanket term that now people use to mean almost anything like Oh, I'm doing a drumming meditation. Oh, I'm doing a scrolling through Instagram meditation. I'm, I meditate while I wash my dishes. And it's like, no, that is called washing your dishes. Exercise is called exercise. You know, running is called running. And meditation is called meditation. That's why they have their own words. So I am admittedly a snob. I'm a meditation snob. But I would argue that meditation is a verifiable fourth state of consciousness, where you we're accessing a unique and repeatable and verifiable brain signature, which is different than waking, sleeping or dreaming. And specifically, what we're doing in Ziva is that we're accessing this fourth state of consciousness, where your body is getting rest, that is five times deeper than sleep. And this is a really exciting and important part. Because when you give your body the rest that it needs, it knows how to heal itself. And one of the things that it's healing itself from is stress. And where this gets exciting, is that specifically with Ziva, you're not just handling your stress from today, you're actually de exciting the nervous system so that you can get rid of all of the accumulated stress from your past, all of the stress that has been storing itself and your cellular memory. That is what comes up and out in this style of meditation. And, and this is actually the secret sauce. Because if all you're doing is handling your stress from today, like Oh, traffic was crazy, my boss yelled at me, my kid had a temper tantrum. And then if your meditation practice is only like getting rid of today's stressors, that's fine. That's certainly better than having a shot of tequila, it's better than doing nothing. But if you're not handling the backlog, if you're not getting rid of the stress you've been accumulating from your past, then you're not going to be ushering yourself into higher states of consciousness. So if you agree that the point of meditation is to get better at life, then we want to really address the backlog of stresses, which is unfortunately, making all of us stupid, sick and slow. Which people don't like that. But it's true stress makes us stupid, sick and slow. And if you would like proof of that, take a look around this species. Real stressed right now.

Alex Ferrari 8:30
Again, stressed when the tiger is chasing you good stress about traffic, not so good. And a constant constant state of stress that is draining your adrenals during a taxing your nervous system. All of these things is so detrimental to our living life. I can tell you from when I started to meditate when I started to meditate. I mean, I started to do deep meditations, probably in the hour to three hour is my general time hour and a half is generally daily has tried to do that. And it just just changed my life in a way that is difficult to explain. But you're much more articulate about it than I am. But it just

Emily Fletcher 9:16
I'd love to know, can you try? Like can you give us a snapshot? Like do you remember you the day before you started meditating? And then a snapshot of you now? And that could be anything from like, how's your sleep? How's your sex? How's your creativity? How's your presence with your family? Like, I would love to know that because I think people think like, people are so good at judging themselves on what's happening in the chair. Like, oh, that was a deep minimization. That was good. Oh, that was a shallow meditation. That was bad. And I'm like, No, I don't care. I don't care what your time with your eyes closed feels like I care how good of a parent are you how good of a mother or brother or sister or a lover are you? Like how good are you at the things that you say are important to you? And so I would love to know like, how many years ago did you start meditating?

Alex Ferrari 9:58
So been eight years.

Emily Fletcher 9:58
Okay. You remember you eight years ago? Like what was your stress versus now?

Alex Ferrari 9:59
Oh, well, yeah. Well, first of all, when I tried meditating many, many times over the years, it's something I tried to do, but I could not. I didn't know the training I didn't know that I didn't have to keep my mind completely blank. That's not a that's not the goal of meditation possible. It's it's truly impossible. I mean, you do eventually slip into if you're if you go deep enough, you slip into a place where you, you, your mind is clear, but it's been replaced by something else. It's not your mind anymore. Now you're connecting to another place a higher level of consciousness or things that source what Yeah, exactly. So you fall into those that blissful place. I've walked out of meditations multiple times, almost all the time, depending on how busy my life is, in this blissful state, where people like my kids would run up to me like, Oh, you just meditated. They just felt they just know it because they sense how I'm in like a bliss like so to a point where sometimes I get out of a meditation and I'm like, drunk, I feel like I can't I have to acclimate to the world. Again, it that's how deep I can go sometimes. But before I started, much more stressful, much more angry about a lot of frustrations that I had in my life at the time. You know, I would go off like that, you know, I loved not go off. Like, like, stupid stuff, like even some cut you off kind of go off. Or Snap!

Emily Fletcher 11:33
Fight or flight.

Alex Ferrari 11:35
Yeah, it was a constant. But as I started to meditate over the years, and the deeper and longer I would go into it, my I became much more relaxed, much more, much more at peace. It takes a little bit longer, a lot longer to get me riled up. Like I don't get riled up as easy as I used to before, like, especially when I was a young man, I drop of a hat, right and go like it was just constant. But now I'm just more I look back, you know, someone cuts me off in traffic. I can count on one hand, how many times I've gotten upset over that in the last 10 years. Because it doesn't happen very often. But when they do, I'm like, man, he must be something going on with him, or something going on with her. But you know that, that she's had to do that, you know, like, oh, yeah, that's just dangerous. Then I like why are you putting my life in danger? Get away from me. Other than that, it's those kinds of things. But me meditations changed my life in such a larger, profound way. But so many people are afraid of it, because they don't know what to do and how to do it and what they're doing wrong. And you're right. judgey judgey, judgey judgey judgey.

Emily Fletcher 12:40
Yeah. And there's so much misinformation out there. Like, I think, and I think one of the big misconceptions I see is that a lot of people are trying to practice monastic meditation, like styles that were actually made for monks, versus Ziva was made for people like us, Ziva is made for people with busy minds and busy lives. So you actually only need to do about 15 or 20 minutes. And because it's giving your body this rest, it's five times deeper than sleep, you're getting the equivalent of about an hour and a half nap. But without the sleep hangover on the other side. So yes, you're flooding your brain and body with dopamine and serotonin, which are bliss chemicals, which is why you felt like drunk or high, it's like you're getting high on your own supply. But you're not flooding the brain with sleep chemicals. And because you're getting that deep rest, you're getting that D excitation. And when you d excite something you create order, when you create order in your body, that is the mechanics by which the body is able to release that lifetime of accumulated stress. Because a buddy doesn't want to be stressed. It's just trying trying to protect us. And if the body thinks that there's constantly a life threatening situation going on, because we're chronically in that fight or flight, then it has to be on guard, we have to be vigilant. And then if we're constantly in that vigilant fight or flight, hyper accelerated mode, and the body is never getting the rest that it needs to repair. And that affects everything our adrenals our immune system, our skin elasticity, our brain elasticity, our endocrine or hormone or reproductive organs, our sex drive. So when when you're like, oh, this thing sounds so magical. What are the mechanics? What I want people understand is that meditation is not magic. It is simply the most powerful antidote that we have to stress. And stress is responsible for 90% of all doctor's visits. Nine zero according to Harvard Medical School, stress is responsible for 90% of all of our doctor's visits. So any ailments that you have any predisposition that you might have that you've inherited from your genetic blueprint from your parents or your grandparents, if you were born with something that's just a blueprint, but 95% of our genetic code is actually our epigenetics, which are mutable or changeable. So that means that every time we exercise every time we have sex every time we meditate every time we garden, every time we're in the sunshine, every time we're laughing with friends, we're turning on our have the gene expressions. And conversely, every time we're lonely or drinking alcohol or eating too much sugar, or Vaughn screens all day, or not meditating or letting our bodies be pickled with stress chemicals, like adrenaline and cortisol, we're turning on the unhealthy gene expressions. And so the thing I want the people to understand is just how much agency we do have over our physical, mental and spiritual wellness. It's like, we've all been handed different blueprints and that and that's a real thing, right? Like if your mom was an alcoholic, and your dad was depressed, and your grandma committed suicide, like, admittedly, the stacks, the decks are stacked against you. But it's not fatalistic, it doesn't mean that that has to be your fate.

Alex Ferrari 15:41
Oh, good. Yeah, agreed. 100%. And, I mean, that's a lot of that is generational karma, as well, that you kind of carry along with you generationally, and you can stop it. I mean, Bruce Lipton, the godfather of epigenetics, you know, you can change your blueprint, you can change destiny, and it's something that is scientifically been proven now that you can do Yeah, before you're like, Well, Dad had cancer, you're gonna have cancer. Mom had this, you're gonna have that. That's not necessarily the case. A lot of that has to do with your own belief system. Now, Emily, I wanted to ask you, since you've meditated for so long, and spent three years in a monastic scenario in India while you were training, well close to them, and I'm assuming,

Emily Fletcher 16:26
Well, yeah, it wasn't actually monastic, because this lineage, even though it's 6000 years old, it was made for what we call householder. So it was made for people with busy minds and busy lives. And the thing I love about this lineage so much is that it's really celebrates the individuality and the totality. It's not trying to remove you from society, it's actually giving you the tools to integrate into society,

Alex Ferrari 16:51
But spending three years in India training for a meditation, you're around a lot of meditators, you're a lot around, I'm assuming some gurus, some Yogi's, you've probably run into things like that, during your meditations, where you said that you had to meditate 18 hours a week, which is a substantial amount of meditation. Did you ever go so deep that visions came to you? Or something? So someone started to talk to you this is now the more yogic idea of meditation, where you read Autobiography of a Yogi or you read a lot of these philosophies where meditation does open you into other? Yeah, I mean, to the extent of opening yourself up to other worlds or being able to do other things with yogic powers, but specifically, just straight visions, ideas, names. The name of this show came to me in a meditation, I literally said, Hey, guys, if you want me to do this show, I need a name that I can trademark and that no one else is using and and then 15 minutes later, my meditation, the words next level soul showed up, I'm like, oh, that sounds cool. Let me check that out. So it happened and things like that happen all the time in meditations. So what I would love to hear your experiences.

Emily Fletcher 18:01
Yeah. What a great question. So actually, the same thing happened for me, I was doing my teacher training. And at this point, I was actually in Los Angeles, finishing my training, but still meditating 18 hours a week and practicing. And I was like, What am I going to name this company? And so because I was like, starting to build my website and starting to get things going, I was like, and my, my boyfriend at the time was like, why don't you just make up a word? I was like, I'm not gonna just make up a word. And he's like, Well look at Google, Yahoo, aka my like, all these huge companies just made up words. I was like, Mom doesn't feel right to me.

Alex Ferrari 18:32
Google's a real word. real word. Yeah, it's a number. It's a number. It's an actual number. Yeah, it sounds made up

Emily Fletcher 18:42
In the zeitgeist, you know. Yahoo is like, okay, it's like a sound but you know, so there's, is it you're taking these abstract concepts and then making them turn right. And so basically, in the meditation, I was in the inquiry, and I got the hit of like, oh, the Sanskrit word for bliss. And so I looked it up. What's the Sanskrit word for bliss? Well, turns out there's 14 Different Sanskrit words for bliss. Ziva was one of them that jumped out at me. And so I was like, What is Ziva mean? This was Ziva sounds prefer bliss, but it's also a Hebrew name. That means one who was radiant or kind. And since bliss and radiance and kindness are very common side effects of meditation, I thought it would be a good name. So there was that and I would say that what happened mostly in the beginning of my career as a meditator was like a dissolving it was a it was a death. It was me, dying to all of the old parts of me that were not relevant and really unstressed, like letting go of so much accumulated stress. It wasn't very fun, but it was helpful. I think it's allowed me to radiate at a frequency that inspires people to want to learn. But recently, I'd say in the past two to three years, I've had a lot of awakenings, a lot of very psychedelic experiences and and really deep meaning, my connection with the Divine and I would say anthropomorphizing my, my relationship with the divine. Because according to the Vedas, which is what I've been studying for 16 years, so the Vedas, VI, D, a Sanskrit word that means knowledge, knowledge of what it's like knowledge of natural law, it's like, these are the laws of nature, and you don't have to follow them. It's not a law, it's not a doctrine. It's not a dogma, it's just, if you want nature's support, it would behoove you to understand how nature's working so that you can work in accordance with it, but you do you go, it's like, it's not gonna, there's no like, it's not like the 10 commandments, thou shalt do this or that, it's just like gravity is real, you can use it to help you or hurt you. Fair enough. And so, so that was sort of the beginning and that and so I operate under the belief that all of it is you. The most foundational concept in the Vedas is that there is only one thing, and we are all it. And that one thing is consciousness. And so even you know, the gurus are the deities of the entity or the pantheon of gods and goddesses that are in the Vedas. I just think of them as expressed as expressions of myself. So Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, I just see as a representation of the abundance inside of me, Shiva, the destroyer of relevance, I see as the destruction of a relevance inside of me. So every time you file your nails, or take a poo, or exfoliate your skin, that's Shiva function. Anytime something has become irrelevant, it needs to be destroyed. And so most recently, I've been very connected, we're going to jump pantheons now, but I feel like I have a very deep connection with ISIS. And ISIS is the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, of fertility and of sex magic. And so my most recent part of my career has been helping people to teach teaching people how to use their sexual energy to manifest. And this is very potent, very powerful practice, because it's one of the most conditioned shamed parts of our society, because it is one of the most potent and so just like psychedelics have been vilified, so has sexual energy, because sexual energy is an endogenous pharmacology, right? Like this is, these are chemicals that we can access inside of our own brains and bodies that nature's installed inside of us, that remind us of our own divinity. And I think because people who have access to that are very hard to control, similar with psychedelics, it's giving you such a visceral experience of your own divinity, that we've gone ahead and made everyone think that those are scary or bad or wrong or sinful. So when you tap into the power in these, there can be a huge reclamation. And so for me in the past three, three to four years have really deepened my relationship with ISIS, to the point where now I feel like, like, she's my girl, like I can like call on her when I need I can do invocations for other people, I give feels really like this beautiful two way relationship that I've invested a lot of time and energy in. And in, you know, I believe that nature pays attention to those who are awake, and what we put our attention on grows. And so if you're willing to invest, and even sacrifice, the most valuable resource that we have, which is our time and attention, and give that to the Divine, then the divine gives that back to us. And, and even if all of that is just hogwash, like even if it's just a placebo, that it is changing my consciousness, right? It is changing the way that I interact with the world and therefore changing my reality.

Alex Ferrari 23:27
Yeah, I was gonna ask you about sex magic, because you're right, sex is such a, especially in the West, you know, just looked upon in vilified and I mean, all I mean, throughout history, I mean, and then also the, the oppression of women in general. Throughout history, people always ask me, why there are no more. There's not as many ascended, ascended masters are all male. And there's not a lot of female ascended masters that you talk about. I'm like, well, because if you came out as a woman, as an Ascended Master, you will probably have been burned. In the olden days, it's just the nature of the thing. But that oppression of that sexual magic, or that sexual energy, and then women have so much of it, that they you know, women are extremely powerful. I've been surrounded by women, I was raised by women and I have very no testosterone in my house whatsoever other than my own. So I am surrounded by women all the time, and it is there. It's so powerful. And it seems that women are starting to find the power within themselves, and being more free to express it. And in sexual in sexual energy as well during the practices you're talking about. If you tap into that sexual energy, it is potent. Without question, how do you combine or how does sex magic contribute to spiritual growth? Because it can go see just like just like a psychedelic such as just like so many other things in the physical you You can live there. And it could be a detour from your, your spiritual path. Just like on the yogic path, you start to levitate, you start to by locate. Those are really cool things manifest things out of your hand, you're becoming a superhero. And you can get caught in those yoga traps, as they call them. So how do you contribute this sexual energy to your spiritual growth, and not get caught in the trap? Because, hey, if you've had good sex, it can be a trap, my dear. I hate to tell you.

Emily Fletcher 25:30
It's awesome. Like, why is it? I mean, great sex,

Alex Ferrari 25:36
We should do this five times a day. I don't understand why we're not doing it all the time. And many people try. No, but it could be but that physical, that physical expression is very potent, but you can get lost in it. So I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Fletcher 25:49
Yeah, so I mean, anything can be medicine, and anything can be a drug, right? Like water is the very basis of life. It is 90% of our bodies. And yet it can be a form of torture, you can waterboard people. That's what they do to prisoners of war. Same is true of psychedelics, it can be one of the most potent reclamation tools that allows you to not only see the face of God, but remember that you are the face of God. And you can use psychedelics to avoid life and to escape your life. And I think the same is true of sexual energy, you can use it to numb you can use it to as an addiction to fill an internal void with an external source living food, right? Like people we need food to live, it has nourishment, and people have food addictions. And so the question is not really the modality I'm less interested in what the thing is, I'm more interested in what is your motivation and using it right. And so if your motivation to eat a meal is to nourish your body, to open up to have community with your friends, to create alchemy, and art with your food, then and to pray and to offer your pleasure of eating up to the Divine as you're having the meal. That's very different than like eating a whole sleeve of Oreos while you're watching Netflix and not even tasting the Oreos because you're not even present with the food. So I think the same is true of sexual energy, right? So we could use it to numb our pain, we could try to fill our internal holes with external sources, like validating ourselves from other people. And certainly, the way that sexuality is presented and what we're all swimming in certainly in the West, probably the whole world is such a patriarchal misogynistic view of sex. And because so many people are being introduced to sex with porn. It's like, Whoa, it's like, to me, the conversation around sex is similar to if the only thing we ever said about food was a warning about junk food.

Alex Ferrari 27:50
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Emily Fletcher 28:27
Where we're just like, oh, this is toxic, this is bad for you, the sugar is going to create inflammation, the hydrogenated oils are going to give you a heart attack, that people are like, Oh my God, you're gonna get STDs and you're gonna get pregnant and you're gonna, he's gonna try and use you and he's gonna, you're gonna get raped, and then you're gonna get abused. And that's all we're talking about is the dangers and the darkness. And because we're swimming in so much repression, that it's like the energy is so powerful that it wants to be expressed, but it's only being expressed in not only but it is largely being expressed in its darker forms, because we have not yet learned how to express it in a healthy integrated way. And I think that that is the very unfortunate byproduct of making us afraid of our own power and afraid of our own pleasure that's happened with institutions and religion and political organizations for 10s of 1000s of years. So what I'm very interested in, is how do we educate the population to have a conversation about the light as well, to see that we can use our sexual energy as a pathway to the Divine, and that unioning with yourself or unioning with someone else, is one of the most potent and powerful, powerful ways of viscerally experiencing the Divinity inside of you. And it's just like we would teach kids about, you know, the power of a car, like you're gonna if you're gonna go to Driver's Ed like this is a powerful tool. This car can get you to school in 20 minutes, instead of you having to walk there or take the public bus and transfer four times. This is a powerful tool and you and wrap it around a tree and kill yourself in someone else. But we're only having the dangerous side of the conversation around sex without integrating or teaching people how profound and potent and and holy it is, as well.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
Yeah, without question. You know, it's funny, you're saying, people being introduced into porn, you know, I work in the film industry, and the things that they project even in Hollywood and movies and sex is not something that is a real, because I've shot those kinds of scenes as a director. And I can tell you, not comfortable, not comfortable for the actors, not comfortable for me. I come from for anybody involved. And every time you know, my wife and I will be watching a movie and we're like, oh, yeah, that scene in the shower. Yeah, that's not comfortable at all. Oh, backseat of a car yeah that's not the way that goes. You know? Oh, on the beach. Yeah. With the sand. Sure. Like, only people who have who have like, Let's go have sex on the beach. And then the second you're like, Oh, this is not No Oh, in a pool? In the pool? No, no, not nearly as cool as they make it look like

Emily Fletcher 31:05
And according in your who has not all that exciting

Alex Ferrari 31:10
We could get I don't want to go into super details. But you know what I mean? Like a lot of people look at those things is like, Oh, well, that must be the way it is. When you want when you go around the block a couple times, you realize that that's not the way it is. And it's not the pure, real connection of love. When you do it in the right way. With love involved. It's an expression of that love. And only people who have had both can understand the difference. Was that Is that a fair statement?

Emily Fletcher 31:40
Well, I think that I think the only thing I would argue with is when we think about love, like even that word, it has some connotations of like, oh, well, you need to be in love with the person and it needs to be your person. And so like, what I hear is I see people putting filters on that, of like, oh, I need to be in love with my primary partner. And I need to be doing this in a way that is an expression of our love, monogamous, heterosexual cisgendered love, which is different than like, Oh, I love myself. And I can make love in my body, I can make oxytocin in my own body, I could use the pleasure that I'm creating in my own body to dedicate to my higher self, my angel self, ISIS or any other divine being because we are the incarnate ones. Right, like they don't have bodies. So as an act of love as an act of devotion, I could invite those beings in to experience that pleasure through my body. I could do you know, there's, there's like many different versions of love. But I would hope that anyone engaging in any pleasure practices is doing it from a place of either loving themselves or loving someone else.

Alex Ferrari 32:50
And I would agree with you on that. And also, one thing I noticed is when you become more conscious during sex, or during lovemaking, conscious meaning really, in very much like the Oreo cookie analogy, you said, a lot of people do sex that way. That is just like going through the motion of just this or that. But when you focus your energy on the partner on your partner, focus, your energy, your mind your complete thought pattern, it transforms the act in such a large way. It's hard to you know, it's hard. Once you get the porn out of the head, and bring in the consciousness into it. It opens life up in a large, large that experience up in a large way. Would you agree?

Emily Fletcher 33:37
Yeah. And there's no ceiling on that, like it is infinite fractals of beauty and presence and pleasure that can happen. And you know, when we do our retreats, like I'm leading a retreat next week, and I invite people as an invitation. But before we do our sacred secret, Ricci say invite people to abstain from porn, with no judgment. I'm like, Look, there's a time and a place for everything. But similar to if all you were ever eating was candy, if all you were ever eating was sweethearts than to try and taste the sweetness of a home cooked carrot from your garden, you're just not gonna be able to taste the sweetness of that. Versus if you're not eating candy and the eat a home cook roasted carrot that you grew from your own garden, and the time and energy and presence and love that went into cultivating that it is going to be like night and day. And again, it's infinite, like the amount of return you can get on that investment. And the same I would say, have a vibrators, you know, with vibrators. It's just it's so intense. It's so fast. And usually we're doing that because we're not, we're not taking the time to prioritize our pleasure. And so we're just looking for like, what's the fastest way to get to an end result? So I invite people to abstain from porn and vibrators and just really come home to themselves and to treat their pleasure practices like they would a mindfulness practice. So instead of fantasizing instead of trying to get anywhere instead of trying to change an outcome, it's like can I come back? Actor what is can I notice? What is can I put my attention on the present moment? Can I be in this sensation, and then what we put our attention on grows. So as you put your attention on that sensation it amplifies. And the trick where this becomes such a powerful and profound healing modality. And I think this goes to your original question of how can we use sexual energy as part of our spiritual practice is that usually, you know, unfortunately, because we're swimming in so much sexual trauma, because it has been so compartmentalized, and we usually we have some flavor of abuse, be it religious, or incestual, or rape, or who knows, but some flavor of sexual abuse, that when we start to dance in these territories, the things get triggered, you know, the stories, the shame, the uncomfortability, the body hatred, like there's any number of things that get popped up. And rather than seeing seeing that as a barrier, of like, oh, no, I'm supposed to be doing a pleasure practice. And now I'm thinking about how much I hate my body. Or oh, no, I was supposed to be making love to my partner, and now I'm feeling isolated and alone inside. Instead of thinking of that as an obstacle. What I teach and sacred secret is whatever is, is the portal. This is a really simple but profound concept is that whatever is, is your portal, meaning if you're feeling numb, cool, can we just love that numbness? Can we feel it all the way? Can we get curious about it? Why am I numb right now? What is my body protecting me from when did this numbness start? Actually numbness is a feeling Can I feel it all the way. And I would argue that bliss is any feeling fully felt bliss, any feeling fully felt so if you're having rage at yourself, rage at your partner, can you feel that all the way? Because the reality is our feelings just want to be felt. And what I have been so amazed by is the profundity, and potency, of, of sexual energy of that pleasure to alchemize. Like how quickly it can take intense trauma, intense darkness, and alchemize it into light. Because the creative capacity of pleasure is so great that it is it's bigger than the darkness, it's bigger than the pain. So it actually allows you to feel it fully, which is very similar to meditation. Like the reason why meditation alchemize is stress is because your body finally feel safe enough to know that it can produce its own bliss chemistry. It's like once your body knows that it can produce dopamine and serotonin in a repeatable, self sufficient way. It actually frees you up to feel the stress to feel the rage to feel the unfilled sadness. And similarly, once the body knows it has access to pleasure. Pleasure is even more potent than bliss because you're adding in norepinephrine and adrenaline and oxytocin, which are even more potent bliss chemicals. So it's like, it's like the pleasure metabolizes the pain. And I feel really effusive about this because I've recently learned that my likes talking about guides and who I get connected to so I've had many different healers tell me that my power animal is a peacock. And yes, I'm a singer, dancer performer. And yes, I'm like a five foot 10 Broadway show girl and all that. But not just the Showgirl aspect of the peacock. But I learned recently that peacocks eat poison, that peacocks actually ingest venom and they turn it into their feathers. And that's what I feel like is a big part of my dharma is to teach people how to use their own pleasure to metabolize their own pain, to take that trauma and to turn it into beauty.

Alex Ferrari 38:46
So wonderful a such a beautiful idea and concept. All this talk we're talking about with sexual sexual magic and really diving deeper into our energy. There is so much dogma that we are programmed with programming that we have picked up along the way through like you said through religion through our, our our community, our parents, our friends, our cinema, what do you know, movies, television, whatever, wherever that is. How can you? What advice do you have for somebody who wants to overcome the programming? Because I promise you when you said the word vibrator a few minutes ago, there was people in the audience that they were like, Oh my God. Oh, my God vibrator. Like, I can't see that. And when I said that there was a first that there was that programming in my head. Did she just say vibrator out loud? And you said it was such ease. And that's it. That's it. You know, it's wonderful. I love it. It's it. I have no problem with it. But I for whatever it is I sensed what the audience is

Emily Fletcher 39:53
Good job! You gotta tune into the frequency.

Alex Ferrari 39:55
I felt that like the artists like oh my gosh, he's just said vibrator, what are they going to talk to? A self pleasure next, like me, there's like all that kind of stuff. So what advice do you have for somebody who wants to break free from these, this programming change the, the connections, the synapses in their head, so they can become more free with their sexual energy, and then also that leading to help them on their spiritual path.

Emily Fletcher 40:22
Yeah, thank you for asking that. And I first just want to let anyone know that that I don't like I was listening to this because I wanted to talk about meditation. I don't know why this woman's even talking about pleasure, this feels wrong, this feels dirty. This feels like a sin. I just want you to know that you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. And there's been 10s of 1000s of years of very effective campaigning, to divorce us from this flavor of our own divinity. So just know that there's nothing wrong. And I also want to share that I was raised Southern Baptist. Okay, I'm from Tallahassee, Florida. I was raised Southern Baptist with you know, I grew up with dudes wearing khaki suits yelling at me from a pulpit telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my body. And even at five years old, I was like, hmm, that is not it. For me. That is not it. And then I grew up and I got on Broadway. And for 10 years, I would sing and dance and I became world class at moving my body and using my voice in a way that made people want me. But I did not know my own want. And again, I thought that is not it. And then I started teaching the ZIVA technique of mindfulness and meditation and manifesting to 10s of 1000s of people. And the number one thing that I would hear is Emily, I don't know what I want. Emily, I don't know what I want. And again, I thought that is not it. We have been so divorced from our desires, because we've been made to think that our desires are a sin that our desires are wrong. And so then I've had the amazing good fortune of being exposed to some of the world's most amazing teachers, tantric masters, pleasure facilitators, that have really changed my mind opened my eyes, allowed me to reclaim this flavor of divinity for myself, allowed me to use my pleasure to pray. And that's really what I teach. Now I teach people how to use their pleasure to pray. Because I would argue that the simplest recipe, the simplest formula for manifestation is this. Feel good. Place the order, place the order, feel good, feel good, place the order, place the order, feel good, feel good, place the order, feel good, place the order, place the order feel good. And it's so simple to understand. But it's not that simple to practice. Because we have been trained to think that feeling good is a sin. Oh, I can't have a cake. Oh, I can't take that time. I can't take a nap. I couldn't meditate for 15 minutes. I don't deserve that. I couldn't possibly engage in a self pleasure practice because that means I'm gonna go to hell and that's a sin. So it's just like, look at all of the insidious ways that we've been divorced not only from our desire, but also from our pleasure, which is so absurd. Because it's like, why do we think we even incarnated to begin with? A truly like, why are we here? If you talk to the Enlightened Masters, if you ask the Great's the Living Legends, the people that we're all looking to for the spiritual answers, what they say is that the purpose of life is bliss. The 24 hour a day bliss is our birthright. And that the reason that we're here is to have a great time. So when along the way did we convince ourselves that the point of life is to like max out our 401k, and work 60 hours a week, and, like live in these little cells of cubicles, and women connect on screens instead of in person. And it's just, we're just so deep in a very unhealthy paradigm of what it means to be a human. And so for anyone who's like, I want to liberate myself from this. Well, I'll tell you how I've done it. And this is a little embarrassing. I did not prioritize my own pleasure, until I understood that I could use my pleasure to pray. It was not until I understood that I could use my pleasure to enhance my manifestation practice, that I started to really prioritize it, which is kind of effed up, but it's true. And I And I'm saying that because my superpower as a teacher is making esoteric concepts accessible and relatable to a mainstream audience. I've done it for 16 years of meditation. And now it feels like nature is asking me to do the same thing for Sacred sexuality because, you know, Desperate times call for desperate measures. So So I'm saying that because just like 16 years ago, when I started teaching about meditation, I was like, Hey, you guys, you can just sit quietly in a chair. It's going to help you have better sex and make more money. I was like going after what was the theme and the vibration on the planet, which was like achieve more, make more money, have better sex. My book is called Stress Less accomplish more. I managed to reframe meditation as a productivity tool. Because I was willing to put the candy coating on top of the medicine. And now it feels like what I'm doing with pleasure is framing pleasure as a manifestation tool, which it is you can use your pleasure to pray. So I think that a weigh in, if you are like me and not yet willing to prioritize your pleasure because it feels too selfish to luxurious to sinful to decadent, than what if you were like, Oh, the better I feel, the more money I can make for my family. Oh, the better I feel, the more I the faster I can manifest this house for my dream home. Oh, the better I feel the higher quality employees I'm going to interact, to serve my mission. So that's, that's my sneaky way.

Alex Ferrari 45:41
You know, what's fascinating is you're saying something like this caught my eyes like we've been here, especially in the West that as much in Europe, but here in the United States that sex is mean, you can't see anything dealing with sex, or nudity, or anything like that. It's like radar, or restricted or all this kind of stuff. But yet, the violence that could be shown is so easy, you're going to people's heads cut off, that's no problem, you come into what passes for PG 13, or even television now. It's just an it's just a way of the focus of our programming, why i It's all comes, I think it all comes back down from the dogma and religion, it all comes down from all that stuff. But it is fascinating to see how you go to Europe and just like it's, it's completely different there. And not that they're perfect by any stretch, they still have their issues as well. But it's just prioritizing something that was given to us by our Creator, as far as our sexual energy is concerned, not demonizing it, but embracing it for the betterment of ourselves and a betterment of our lives and the betterment of people around us, maybe our partners, hopefully, as well. But it is such a powerful thing that has been demonized for way, way, way too long. And I think and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, because I do see a lot of these cracks are starting to show things are starting to crumble around them religion being one of them, you know, different governments and financial. All all these institutions that you and I grew up with, been around for hundreds, if not 1000s of years, are starting to crumble, because because the the the consciousness is going no, no, this is what you said at five years old. A lot of other people are starting to catch up on even though when I was in Catholic school at five years old, I'm like, This doesn't make any sense. What it was this really this doesn't make any sense. So where do you where do you see a better understanding of sex or embracing sexual energy in this, this whole pantheon of different institutions that are crumbling down and where do you think it's gonna go in the future?

Emily Fletcher 48:04
Well, I'll tell you where I'd like for it to go with it. I believe that what we put our attention on grows. And so you know, anything that you want to manifest externally first starts as an idea as a feeling as a journal entry. As a, you know, before you build the house, you have the blueprint. And so I think it's really important that we collectively continue to put our attention on the things that we want to grow, like, what are the flowers, not the weeds. And I always say like, especially in presidential elections, like do not talk about the candidate that you do not want to win, talk about the candidate that you do want to win, put your attention on the thing that you want to grow. So if we collectively can put our attention on the reality that we want to manifest, then we are growing those flowers, and that is actually the entire point. So that's actually the entire point behind sacred secret. And sacred secret is this new modality of birthing for the past three years. And it's basically this formula where we visualize alchemize and magnetize we visualize the future that we want, either for ourselves or for the species, we alchemize anything standing in the way and then we magnetize it with our pleasure. And so a reality that I am birthing that I think will will plant the seeds for many other realities to be birthed or to be like a fractal of creation, because we're harnessing our creation energy. So I'll share with my dream and then I'll share what I hope is the ripple effect of that is you know, the sacred sites around the planet almost like the acupuncture points of the planet, you know, the the pyramids in Cairo, the pyramids and try to con in Mexico City. There's even points in Bend Artica like there are sacred watch Machu Picchu like there are sacred sites around the planet that are not just manmade structures. They are important energetic meridians on the planet, just like we have important energetic meridians in our body. And so my dream is to activate these sacred sites to be doing sacred secret activations there where people are visualizing alkalizing and magnetizing. The life and the world of their wildest imagination, and millions of people streaming in from home, also doing the same for the safety and comfort of their own home. And my big dream is that everyone gets into deep coherence with themselves and each other, and that they're holding a shared vision for the planet, that they're actually holding a vision for what their version of Heaven on Earth looks like. And my hypothesis, and obviously, I don't know if you've never done this, but my hypothesis is that if we can get a critical mass of people in this elevated state of consciousness, holding and putting the most potent, creative force on the planet and dedicating that to their dream, that we may, in fact, change the timeline of the species. And people are like, this sounds crazy. And this is so wild. And like, to me what sounds crazy, is letting humanity go the direction that it is heading right now. Because if we look at the statistics, if we look at predictive analytics, like it does not look good for humans, like we are murdering ours, we are we are committing suicide as a species that is happening right now we have less than 60 years of usable soil left on the planet, six, zero, my son is five. Okay, I would like to be alive in 60 years. And so it's like, what's crazy to me is it just to continue on this linear path of basic, assured extinction for the planet. And so for me, it's like it is time to engage in nonlinear, more circular, more magical practices, if we want to have a shot of creating heaven on earth.

Alex Ferrari 51:30
Now, I know this question might sound a little weird, but I think it works for the conversation we've been having. Have you ever had a sexual spiritual event, meaning that while you were having sex, you had some sort of awakening, vision, some sort of spiritual thing that happened to you because you were so connected to source during that, that moment in the sexual encounter.

Emily Fletcher 51:56
So many times, I mean, to me it is the thing that I am borderline obsessed with is, is for myself, and helping other people to see their sexual energy as a pathway to the divine. And so like, in a very simple way that this happens that anyone can utilize anyone can practice is, is just creating, like making it a ceremony, whether you're making love to yourself or someone else, like creating a ritual space around it, lighting a candle, making time, making it sacred, preparing the temple, preparing your body, having an intention going into it, integrating afterwards, inviting in your guides to be a part of the process, like that is available to all of us free of charge. And it's so for me, like a very simple practice that I've had happened, that people can replicate, is, you know, before you engage in any sort of a pleasure practice, just connecting with any kind of a guide, and that could be your future self, that could be your angel that could be a certain deity that you connect with, or god or goddess or whatever, anything, whatever you like to call that which, which mean cannot be named. Whatever.

Alex Ferrari 53:07
The Voldemort, the voldemort.

Emily Fletcher 53:11
The opposite of the Voldemort,inviting in that, like, for me, it's, right? Like I like to dedicate my pleasure practice is to. But you could do that too. Like, even if you wanted to think about the manifestation of like, who is the version of me where this dream is already done, like the version of me that already has her dream home, her dream person, her dream job, like inviting in that version of you that future self, and allowing them to experience that pleasure with you. So it's like you're merging timelines and merging realities. So that's one way that you could do it. I would say that every time I with my partner like, he is such an extraordinary example of, of like how a human being can love. And he's remarkable in a lot of reasons. But one, I would argue that his devotion to the Goddess is even bigger than mine. His devotion to the divine feminine is greater than mine. And so when we make love, he is worshiping the Divine Feminine through me. And I am the lucky recipient of that act of worship. And so it's almost not about me, because it's almost not about him, because for both of us, we are using it as a pathway to God. And so yes, it is honoring and yes, we have chosen each other and yes, we are resonant in that way. But they you know, there's so many songs it's like Wherever two or more to get whatever two or more are gathered together. God is there God is present. Right and so there's that and then also on many retreats so when we practice sacred secret, secret secret can be practiced with play with laugh with energy with breath. You don't have to be doing a self pleasure practices. I teach this at you know, CEO conferences with Fortune 100 CEOs like that. You can definitely do a PG version of this. But on my retreats, people are in full blown ceremony, full pleasure practices. And everyone is orgasmic at the same time holding a vision for themselves in the species. And that is very much a spiritual practice. Like everyone, it's you know, people are closed, they're under blankets, lights are low. It's not an orgy. It's a very, it's like a, it feels like a ceremony. It feels more like church, actually. But people are writing the energy, the collective energy of what's happening in the room and it's amplifying each other. It's like the antenna gets bigger.

Alex Ferrari 55:33
Now, I wanted to ask you, can you give the audience any advice on how to combat the epidemic of worthiness that we are all suffering from so many people are still not connected to being worthy enough for this a worthy enough for that, and it really just stops their life are moving forward? So can you give them any advice?

Emily Fletcher 55:57
Yes, what an amazing question. So one, meditation, I there has been nothing else that I have found that has increased my worthiness that has increased what I call deserving power of what I believe that I deserve. Nothing is impacted that for me more than meditation, because what meditation is doing is that every day for Ziva twice a day, you are remembering your own divinity, right, like you are, you allow that wave of individuality to reconnect to the ocean of totality, that left brain is very, in real time merging with the right brain. And left brain is in charge of individuality, right brain is in charge of totality. So every day twice a day, we're we're dissolving into that everythingness. And when you come back out of that everythingness, and you go back into your individuality, you go back into your waking state, you are you feel viscerally that your desires are not your own, that your ideas are not your own. So who are you to judge yourself as worthy or not, it's actually nature moving through you. And interestingly, when you flood your brain and body with dopamine, and serotonin, which is allowing you to feel fulfilled, it's allowing you to fill up from the very source, it changes your relationship with your desires. Because if you're not meditating every day, then your desires are going to be coming from lack, they're going to be coming from neediness. And that's an addiction. Right? If you're trying to fill an internal hole with an external thing, no matter what that thing is, that is an addiction. And because meditation is going to allow you to fill up from the source to access bliss internally, and the only place that it can be found in the only time in which it can be found, which is now and yet you still have the desires. So meditation is basically going to wholesale change your relationship with desire from one of I am neediness, looking to be fulfilled. Right and then if I if you don't feel worthy of that, then you're going to block the desires, which is different from Oh, I already meditated today already flooded my brain and body with dopamine and serotonin already filled myself up from the source, I already have everything I need. And I still want to sleep it that guy already have everything that I need, I still want to buy that house already have everything that I need. And I still want to start that company why I would argue that your desires are an indicator of where nature is using you to go and deliver your fulfillment to the world, not where you need to go to fill yourself up. And that one change can increase your worthiness because you realize that none of it is about you. This stadium dream that I used to have, it's now that like sacred site activation, it's not about me, I'm not under the illusion that I will someday be fulfilled once I do a sacred secret activation at the pyramids. I am fulfilled right now. This is nature using me to go and deliver my fulfillment to the world. And when you start to play that game, you get a lot more worthy. The other pieces just bring it back to another concept that we brought up is just like if you're in meditation, and you think that thoughts are the enemy, that those thoughts are keeping you from your meditation practice or if you're in a pleasure practice, and you think that the fear or the shame or the guilt is keeping you from the pleasure. Nope. Those thoughts during meditation, there was perceived obstacles in your pleasure practice that is the portal. So whatever is, is the medicine. And I would say that the same is true of worthiness. If you're going after a big goal, wherever your unworthiness shows up, that's your syllabus, that is your portal that is nature teaching you where you have an opportunity to love that thing into integration, where you have an opportunity to love that thing into wholeness, not to deny it not to transcend it not to pretend that it is not there. But to look at it get curious about it. Why don't I believe I deserve this person? Oh, because my dad was an alcoholic and I was always having to manage him. And so he didn't actually take care of me. So if you don't believe that I'm worthy of being taken care of, okay, can I forgive my dad? can I forgive that version of me that made up that belief? Can I love? Can I hold that little Emily so that she feels worthy that she's, you know that I have her. And then from that place of wholeness from that place of integration, we start to vibrate at a higher frequency and we start to magnetize our dreams.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:23
Would you agree that worthiness and not having that worthiness within yourself is one of the key blocks to spiritual growth?

Emily Fletcher 1:00:34
No, I think that it is the spiritual growth, I think, Worthy is your syllabus.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
Correct! That's my point. It's it's the syllabus. Once you transcend the understanding of worthiness, like the masters did, they understood that their divine, the concept of worthiness was not even a question to them, because they're like, Oh, I'm just one with God, and God is one with me. So when I manifest the loaves into the rocks into bread, that's just the universe working through me. It's almost kind of like rudimentary to them that they don't even that programming is not that concepts, not even in their brain. Yet, but as we're growing and evolving spiritually, worthiness is a huge deal because worthiness in I'm not worthy to have such a deep meditation, I'm not worthy this to have great sex, I'm not worthy to have that kind of money. But all that worthy is our blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, and you're right, it is a syllabus, on things that you've got to deal with, in order to continue your spiritual growth is that's what I was trying to say,

Emily Fletcher 1:01:38
Yes! 1,000,000%, I think we're saying the same thing in different ways. It's like, a tree is not going to be like, Well, who am I to take this resources? Like who am I to take up this sunlight? Who am I to take up this water, the tree understands that there's infinite light, there's infinite water, and that actually, it's like, I need to deepen my root structure, I need to spread my leaves, so that I have more surface area to receive more light from this infinitely abundant supply of light. And the same is true of wealth. It's like, the only thing that we're unworthy of, we're coming to that from a place of ego or identity, or separateness, right. But when we start to under understand ourselves as more divine than the game gets more fun, but I would argue that it's not about thinking that you're just God. Right? It's yes, no, we're both human. And divine, like nature gave us 5050 for a reason, like you look at a human brain, and it splits right down the middle. And I don't think that nature makes mistakes. I think that it's 50%, individuality and 50% totality, on purpose, so that we can stay in this cosmic seesaw so that we can stay in this cosmic bicycle ride of Yes, facing our limitations and facing our unworthiness and facing our shame and our trauma and seeing that as holy too

Alex Ferrari 1:02:51
Now I want to ask you a few questions. I asked all of my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Emily Fletcher 1:02:59
Fulfilling myself from the source tapping into the source of fulfillment inside of me if you bring that fulfillment to the earth.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:09
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time to speak to little Emily, what advice would you give her?

Emily Fletcher 1:03:14
Oh, man, it's like all I do right now. It's my full time job is going back and talking to little Emily. But I think I would tell her, you are safe, you are loved, you are perfect exactly as you are. And I'm going to love you even more tomorrow. And your life is going to far exceed your wildest imagination. It's going to be more fun, more exciting than you even thought to pray for.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:41
How do you define God or Source?

Emily Fletcher 1:03:44
Hmm, isn't as easy I define God as the collective consciousness of all that is the collective consciousness of all that is. What is love? Hmm. Oh, love is both the animating force that allows us to be alive. And it is the erotic magnetism that keeps us in the dance with each other and ourselves and the divine.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:18
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Emily Fletcher 1:04:20
To have a great time.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:22
And what does World Peace look like to you?

Emily Fletcher 1:04:25
Hmm, it looks like oh, 8 billion people waking up in the morning plugging themselves into source through meditation. All 8 billion people believing that they are worthy of love and pleasure, flooding their own brains and bodies not only with dopamine and serotonin but also with oxytocin. And I'm truly seeing the divine inside of themselves and inside of each other.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:53
Now, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Emily Fletcher 1:04:57
Yeah. So every thing can be found at zivameditation.com, which is the Izivameditation.com. And if people want to go deeper on the neuroscience of specifically the ZIVA techniques, I know we started with that. But if you're like, I want to, you know, I want to increase my worthiness I want to increase my pleasure, a great place to have a free masterclass, and they can find that at zivameditation.com/podcast. I'm also all over social media at Ziva Meditation. And my new podcast, which I'm so proud of, I mean, you know how much love goes into making these shows. My show is called Why Isn't Everyone Doing This? And you can find it anywhere you podcast

Alex Ferrari 1:05:37
Great title, by the way for podcast. Great, great title

Emily Fletcher 1:05:40
Thanks isn't it crazy like why isn't everyone meditating? Why isn't everyone using their pleasure to pray?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:47
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Emily Fletcher 1:05:49
Yeah, just that if any part of this conversation felt a little edgy or a little triggering, and even the fact that we talked about pleasure at all, I just invite you to, to get curious about that. And to see if you could love that peace. Love that resistance. See what that resistance wants you to know. Get curious about when that resistance first got installed inside of you. And then ask the question, like, whose belief is this? Is this mine? And if it's yours, then great, own it, celebrate it, turn this podcast off, you know, like, never listen to another thing that I have to offer. But if the belief is not yours, then can we get even more curious about what do I believe? Do I believe that my pleasure is wholly do I believe that nature intended for me to feel good? Do I believe that nature actually installed these chemicals inside of me? And just getting really curious and loving, loving the resistance.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:39
Emily, I want to thank you so much for coming on the show today. And I appreciate everything you're doing to help awaken the planet. So I appreciate you.

Emily Fletcher 1:06:48
My pleasure. Thank you for having me. What a rich conversation. You're such a good interviewer.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:53
Thank you.

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