Woman DIES in Head-On Collision; Meets BIZARRE Beings with Father She NEVER MET! (NDE) with Ellyn Dye

On today’s episode, we welcome the insightful and profound Ellyn Dye. Her journey is a tapestry woven with experiences that transcend the ordinary, leading us to a deeper understanding of life, death, and everything in between.

Ellyn’s life took a dramatic turn during a near-death experience in 1985, when a head-on collision catapulted her out of her body and into a realm of light and love. She vividly recalls looking down at her car from above, realizing she was separate from her physical form. This pivotal moment began a journey that reshaped her understanding of existence.

Raised in a household that embraced various Christian denominations, Ellyn had always sensed that there was more to reality than what was taught in Sunday school. From an early age, she experienced paranormal events, such as her adoptive mother appearing to her in spirit the night she died. These experiences laid the groundwork for her later explorations into metaphysics and spirituality.

Ellyn’s near-death experience (NDE) opened her eyes to a broader cosmic perspective. She describes encountering a sublime, peaceful energy and a reunion with loved ones who had passed on, including her biological family whom she had never met in life. In this realm, she felt an overwhelming sense of belonging and unconditional love. She shares, “Life on Earth is hard. We get up every day and do our best because that’s what we’re here for.”

Her encounter with towering beings of light, who she later recognized as lion-like entities, further expanded her understanding of the universe. These beings, embodying pure love and joy, communicated with her telepathically, revealing the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of self-love. They emphasized that the purpose of life is to learn, grow, and experience, regardless of the challenges we face.


  1. Self-Love is Fundamental: Ellyn emphasizes that true self-love is the foundation for a harmonious life. It requires us to accept ourselves fully and set healthy boundaries. This self-awareness and acceptance can transform our interactions with others and the world.
  2. We are Never Alone: Her experiences with otherworldly beings and deceased loved ones highlight that we are always supported, even when we feel isolated. This understanding can bring comfort and resilience during difficult times.
  3. Life is a Continuous Learning Process: Ellyn’s journey shows that every experience, no matter how painful, contributes to our soul’s growth. Embracing this perspective can help us navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and wisdom.

Ellyn’s story is a beacon of hope and enlightenment. It reminds us that life is more than just our physical existence. We are spiritual beings on a human journey, and each of our experiences serves a greater purpose in our soul’s evolution.

In the profound words of Ellyn Dye, “Laughing is one of the most spiritual things you can do, as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense.” This insight underscores the importance of joy and compassion in our lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ellyn Dye.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 411

Ellyn Dye 0:00
I was going down down the road and there was another car coming up the road. And we entered this intersection with a light. And just as we entered the intersection, he came over into my lane. And I had enough time to recognize that that was happening. And he was going to hit me. And that was it. And I didn't feel any impact at all. But the next thing I knew I was looking down at the top of my car from maybe 12 or 15 feet up, and I'm looking around going, cool.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I'd like to welcome to show Ellyn Dye. How you doing Ellyn?

Ellyn Dye 0:52
Fine, thanks. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:54
Very good. My dear, thank you so much for coming on the show. I am looking forward to going over your interesting life to say the least. And what was your journey and sharing it with the audience? Before we get into your near death experience? What was your life like before that near death experience?

Ellyn Dye 1:14
Well, I had a fairly eventful childhood, not necessarily in a good way. I was adopted as an infant. My mother, my adoptive mother, I never I didn't know who my biological parents were. My adoptive mother died when I was 12. And she showed up in my bedroom the night she died when she was in the hospital. And told me everything was going to be okay. And she loved me. And she'd be watching over me. And so I walked into the living room, I got up and walked into the living room and told my grandmother that you know, mommy died? And she's like, No, no, that can't be. And then we got the phone call from my father at the hospital, saying she had passed. So that was when I realized that there was a lot more going on. And they were teaching me in Sunday school. And I was gonna find out what it was.

Alex Ferrari 2:31
Didn't didn't jive so much with the Sunday School message. That point really quickly. Were you raised religious or is it Christian, Catholic, Baptist?

Ellyn Dye 2:43
I'm a combination. I went, I went to Presbyterian Church at the beginning, then Lutheran elementary school, then then we went to the Methodist Church. And then my father married my stepmother who was Catholic. So I did a little bit of all of it. And I also kind of realized at some point, you know, they all sort of think that they're the only ones who are saved. So obviously not to be wrong.

Alex Ferrari 3:12
You know what, when I was as as a recovering Catholic, I that's the one thing I always said to myself, I was like, who you mean to tell me that the billion and a half Buddhist out there and another billion Muslims out there, and another couple billion Hindus, a billion Hindus out there, like all of them are off, and they just were unlucky to be born Catholic. Like it made me made no sense to me, it was like, that doesn't make sense.

Ellyn Dye 3:42
It doesn't at all. So, um, my earliest memory is that I was probably about five or six, and I was in bed, and I was sobbing my heart out. And I was saying out loud. How could you just leave me here with these people. And to this day, I don't know if I was talking to God, if I was talking to the ETS, or I just, I don't know, my heart. But I really felt that I had been abandoned. And I had the feeling I was talking about Planet Earth, not just my family. So and I always felt like a stranger in a strange land is like, Who are these people? And why did they act this way? And I was I was a little bit psychic. And my parents always accused me of eavesdropping because I would know things that in their mind, I couldn't know unless I had been listening at doors. And I would just kind of know things and I would wonder why everybody else didn't know I would either, but I didn't really think of that as as psychic. So it was difficult growing up, my stepmother had four kids who moved in. And my father was always a little harsh and critical. So I had that kind of those kinds of critical remarks most of my life, and very poor self esteem. And I would get to the point where I would just tie myself up in knots, trying to be who everybody wanted me to be. And trying to please people. And at the same time, I grew up at a time when the sense of humor, the popular sense of humor was sarcasm. And I really became the queen of sarcasm. And I think it was because when, I mean I have good vocabulary, and I'm kind of psychic, so I could go for somebody's juggler without knowing it.

Alex Ferrari 6:16
Brutal, brutal.

Ellyn Dye 6:17
Yeah, you know, I didn't realize this till after my NDE. I was like, Oh my God, you know, but it was a defense. It was I was so insecure. I was trying to be sophisticated and clever, you know? And so people would like me. And no, it never worked. But except I had sarcastic friends. But But through that whole time, I was reading everything I could get on metaphysics and spirituality. And then I graduated from college with an English degree.

Alex Ferrari 6:59
You said that with a little tone I'm just saying like that. I sense a tone.

Ellyn Dye 7:05
Yeah, that the quarter or getting a cup of coffee. But

Alex Ferrari 7:11
A quarter well, first of all, where are you buying coffee for a quarter?

Ellyn Dye 7:14
I'm talking back then. It was long enough ago that, you know, women women had like, four jobs they could have. You could be a teacher, an airline stewardess, a nurse

Alex Ferrari 7:32
Secretary, secretary. Yeah.

Ellyn Dye 7:36
So I had trained to be a teacher. And when I got out of college, they, there was a glut of teachers, and I couldn't find a job. So I became a secretary. So um, so I was struggling along and trying to figure out a way to get myself into a writing job. And, and nothing seemed to work. But I was reading all this metaphysical stuff. And boy, I knew it all. I knew it all. And the problem was, I kind of beat people over the head with it, because I knew they didn't know.

Alex Ferrari 8:10
It's insecurity. It's insecurity. Listen, listen, we all go we all go through it, there was a phase in my life as well, like, you know, you get a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. And then it and then you want to protect and pretend that you're someone bigger than you are. Kind of like that person was like, you're eating a dinner and you like, you know, the fork was really created by the Romans. And I'm like, Sure, can I just, can I just eat my meal? I don't need to know the history of the fork. But that kind of insecurity

Ellyn Dye 8:39
Look how clever I am and how much I know.

Alex Ferrari 8:43
Exactly. So you were beating people up. And I'm assuming at the time period, they were beating people up with metaphysical knowledge. Metaphysical knowledge was not a thing that was really in the mainstream, even remotely close to the mainstream is Am I correct?

Ellyn Dye 8:56
Absolutely not. I remember when the Seth material came out in the late 70s. And that like exploded my head. And once I dove into that stuff, it's like, well, you know, you create your own reality and me like I had two hands.

Alex Ferrari 9:16
Fast forward, the secret comes out and now everybody's like the law of attraction is right. So so the set material comes out, and then what?

Ellyn Dye 9:27
Well, so you know, I kept reading stuff and I'm struggling along and and then one day, I had a head on collision and a car.

Alex Ferrari 9:38
So okay, so let's take it from there. So you've had a head on collision. Catch she's been head on collision. Luckily, it was it was in a time period where cars were still made of iron and steel. So you probably handled it a little bit better than today's

Ellyn Dye 9:55
There's seatbelt.

Alex Ferrari 9:57
Oh, well, there's that Oh my God, was this early 70s? When was this?

Ellyn Dye 10:03

Alex Ferrari 10:05
Well, you know that seatbelts were still not a mandatory thing yet. And 85 I remember, I remember,

Ellyn Dye 10:11
But we didn't, it was like, what do you do with this thing? It's really uncomfortable. I'm not wearing it. You know,

Alex Ferrari 10:17
I used to I remember being a kid in the late 70s, early 80s. And just running around the back seat, just diving around and going and playing. Not super was never even a question. And never even a question. But it was, how we survived this beyond me. And like how our generation, your generation, my generation, how we even are alive is a miracle. To be honest with you. There's a lot of guides, a lot of it's a lot of guardian angels protecting

Ellyn Dye 10:45
Exactly. Our guardian angels, you know, what did over time.

Alex Ferrari 10:52
Okay, so you go through. So you go through a head on collision, what, what happened, tell us what happened when you got when you went into a head on collision with the seatbelts?

Ellyn Dye 11:00
Well, I was going down down the road, and there was another car coming up the road. And we're entered this intersection with a light. And just as we entered the intersection, he came over into my lane. And I had enough time to recognize that that was happening. And he was going to hit me. And that was it. And I didn't feel any impact at all. But the next thing I knew I was looking down at the top of my car from maybe 12 or 15 feet up, and I'm looking around going cool. I'm out of my body. I always wanted to do this

Alex Ferrari 11:49
The severity of the situation hadn't really hit yet.

Ellyn Dye 11:52
No, no, no. And, and I saw the other driver get out of his car and walk over and I looked inside my car. And I thought isn't that nice? He wants to see that I'm okay. And he turned off my headlights. And because it was a state with contributory negligence, and he wanted to blame me for the accident. Wow. Remind me to tell you what happened later. So

Alex Ferrari 12:21
Tell me what happened to this this winner okay.

Ellyn Dye 12:24
So, so I'm outside my body. And it occurs to look around in every direction. And it occurs to me and I can hear everything and see everything and occurred to me that way. If if I'm here, looking at the top of my car and my bodies in the car, who am I? I thought I was that. But apparently I'm not. So I thought because I had read things I thought there ought to be tunnel a light around here somewhere. And I heard it like whoosh up from from the side. And I felt it before I could see it. And there was this just sublime gorgeous, peaceful, loving energy, like seeping out of it. And it fooled me told me in through the through the tunnel, it wasn't a really long tunnel. And as we got to the other end of the tunnel, this this feeling of peace and love, and joy and bliss got stronger and stronger. And I got to the end, and I was in this atmosphere or realm or something it wasn't didn't seem like a place because it was just all kind of light. But I was just really vibing on on what it felt like, like, Oh, this is this is where I'm supposed to be. That place was foreign and I didn't belong there. And this is where I this is where I belong. And you know, all the burdens and worries and stresses just fell off. And I had felt like you know, if, when the ocean comes up on the on the beach sometimes leaves little pockets of water when it rains, you know, and and I felt like I was one of those little bits of water that had been stranded on the sand in a hostile environment. And somehow the wave had come back and picked me up and brought me back, you know, into the ocean. And so I was just loving that. That's like I could stay here forever. And then I heard this kind of commotion. And I looked over and there's this whole throng of people and Um, there was my mother who had died. She was the first one I saw, and all of my grandparents and a couple of aunts and uncles, and that we just had a wonderful reunion. And they said, you know, we're so proud of you. And I said, but I haven't done anything. But we're, we're proud of you just for getting up every day and doing your best. Because life on Earth is hard. And I'm like, You got that, right. And so, the Internet was really interesting part of it was that I saw these other people, and I knew them immediately. And they were, well, it was my biological father, and biological grandparents. Now in my 3d life, I had never seen them or knew who they were. But I knew immediately who they were, and they knew me and they were there to greet me and beggar union. And, and I realized that my family that I grew up with, who were there knew these people too, and that there had been this plan. And, and that I had a plan A and a plan B. And I think it was based on whether my biological mother decided she could keep me or not. And, and they had all been involved in planning this thing. Did anybody consult me? No. So yeah, so we have this great reunion, and it felt like it lasted forever. And then I started to feel uncomfortable, because it wasn't a place and we're used to colors and then 3d and dimension. And I thought, I wish it looked more like a place and and that was when the scene just changed as if this big hand with with brushes or something came over and painted the landscape. And suddenly, there's, you know, bras and hills and trees and animals, dogs and cats running around all of my dead cats came to see me they were having a ball. And I thought, you know, I'm glad I'm seeing these people. But I think I'm supposed to see somebody else. And I don't know who it is. And I saw this pathway at the kind of back end. And I thought well, I'll go down there. So I followed this pathway. And, and along the way, I'm looking at these colors that we don't even have words for because we've never seen them. And everything was a lot like the grass talk to me as I walked past really fascinating. And so I walked through this down this path and through some woods and over this little brook, and came out to a clearing that had like a gazebo in it. And I could see that there were people standing in there. So I went up there and and saw this group of about wealth people, beings very tall 12 to 15 feet. And I'm five, four, remember, so Oh, and, um, and at the beginning, they just be held me that's the only word I can ever come up with. That they, they'd be held me and I knew that they knew everything about me. They knew every thought I'd ever had, they've seen every action, they'd heard every word, every inaction. And they loved me for all of it. Every ounce of me, they loved me for all of it. And you'd think they'd be intimidating, but they weren't because they were so loving. And they kind of embodied that that feeling of joy and bliss and love. And so we commune with each other for what seemed really seemed like a long, long time. And they I said at one point, you know, what was the meaning of all of that? I mean, that place is nasty. And you know, people are mean. And you know, I don't think there's any love on that planet. And I don't I'm not going back, you know. And so I showed me, they showed me all like, like on these big TV screens. They showed me all all of my past lives, and I could see the progression of things that I I've learned and things that I carried over from one life to another. And I'm like, it takes forever to learn anything there. And it's always through pain. It's. And they showed me that it's like, look what's coming for humanity. And I see this magnificent world where there's peace and prosperity for people. And there's a quality and people. It's there's no competition, there's more collaboration. And I'm like, Well, that looks great. But you know what? I'm not going back. And you can't make me. And they're like, yes, you're that's okay. You don't have to go back. You you basically, did. You accomplished, what the main thing that you wanted to accomplish, and you didn't have to go? I'm like, and then they said, but let us show you what you can accomplish if you go back.

Alex Ferrari 21:08
That's behind curtain number two.

Ellyn Dye 21:11
Yeah. So I woke up in the emergency room, and I started to swear.

Alex Ferrari 21:20
So you already back in, you went back,

Ellyn Dye 21:23
I woke up in the emergency room.

Alex Ferrari 21:25
So they did not show you what it was or you didn't they did, but I didn't remember. Okay, so they did show it to you.

Ellyn Dye 21:32
And they did to me, and so on. And the thing was, I knew that they did not make me come back. They showed me something that made me change my mind. But I couldn't remember what it was.

Alex Ferrari 21:48
That would ruin the fun. And I'm sure they were laughing.

Ellyn Dye 21:58
Yes, that's the other thing. I mean, they had, they had a fabulous sense of humor. And they told me actually, that my laugh is one of my best gifts to the world. And that laughing is one of the most spiritual things you can do as long as it's not at somebody else's expense. Enough. So, you know, I'm in the, in the emergency room and swearing and the nurse comes over. And I said, Why am I here? You know, I was saying, Why am I here? And she's like, you're in the hospital? Because you were a car accident. And I'm like, Now why am I here? You were in, in the hospital. Because of a car accident. I'm like, nevermind, you know. So. So that that started the, like, 40 year integration period of everything I had learned. And, and I think I must be a really slow learner, because it took me a long, long time. Because I had all of this information in my head, all the metaphysical stuff. But I had never integrated it. I've never brought it from the head to the heart. I had never integrated it into my life. And you know, we toss around the word integration. But Do people understand what, how difficult that is? I learned that, you know, being sarcastic of people was a hostile act. And I had I had to change my personality. That is not easily done.

Alex Ferrari 23:51
It's not in one lifetime.

Ellyn Dye 23:53
No. I mean, every time I started to be sarcastic, I had to stop myself. And you know

Alex Ferrari 23:58
Well, before you continue, let's, let's let's go back to when you were in the near death experience, I want to unpack a couple of things. Okay. So one when you were in when you were with your relatives, and your cats and your animals and all that stuff. It was kind of like a it was a kind of like a atmospheric music clouds. Were you like hanging out in clouds? Or was it just light essentially?

Ellyn Dye 24:25
I think it was just light. Got it. So I was hanging out in very bright light, very bright one.

Alex Ferrari 24:31
When that that kind of the hand came over, if you will, this. This hand is going to oh, this would be nice. If it was a place. What was the place? What does a place look like when you

Ellyn Dye 24:39
Kind of looked like a park?

Alex Ferrari 24:43
Okay, so it's something that was comfortable to you?

Ellyn Dye 24:45
Yes, yes.

Alex Ferrari 24:46
Something that was comfortable to you

Ellyn Dye 24:48
Very pretty trees, flowers, very lush grass. Butterflies.

Alex Ferrari 24:56
You mentioned something that when you were talking to your biological parent Since Oh, grandparents and parent, that that this was decided, oh, yeah, this is what we're going to do. And did they not clue you in on your soul contract? Because you had to obviously accept this idea that oh, yeah, yeah. So but that wasn't discussed at that point.

Ellyn Dye 25:19
Um, I'm not really. I mean, I knew there was such a thing as a soul contract. But of course, you know, when I was when I was alive, I didn't remember what it was. So I was a little surprised when they, when they told me that it's sort of Oh, like, so we have plan A and plan B. And we all work this out. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 25:50
Interesting. So then when you were with the beings, and they were giving you basically your life, a past life review, because it wasn't was it a life review as well? Did you see this life?

Ellyn Dye 25:59
I, Well, I didn't have a classic past life review. With with the emotions and everything, right. Thank you. But I did I saw the progression of all my past lives, like the movie, like, watch a movie about life, watch a movie, and that's a montage is a montage. Yeah. And then watch the movie of this life. And I'm like, 35 years old, I haven't accomplished anything.

Alex Ferrari 26:33
Well, let me so let me ask you this. When you were looking at your past lives, do you remember any of them? Like where were you? What were you in Rome? Were you in Egypt? Were you in the Congo? Where were you?

Ellyn Dye 26:44
Oh, okay. Um, one thing I thought was interesting was, I saw that I had been a Knight Templar in three lives. And when I was 14 years old, I heard about the Knights Templar, and I became riveted with them and read everything I possibly could. That's like, Oh, now I know why. Um, another thing I was riveted with was the Titanic and apparently I was on the Titanic didn't drown.

Alex Ferrari 27:20
Oh, you were survivor of Titanic.

Ellyn Dye 27:21
I was a survivor. And let's see. Well, my most recent one was, I was in the resistance in World War Two, and I died in a concentration camp from starvation.

Alex Ferrari 27:39
Okay, that sounds like fun, but I understand

Ellyn Dye 27:42
Now. I died in some really bad ways. I was burned at the stake. I was hanging drawn and quartered.

Alex Ferrari 27:56
As you're going through all of these lives, I'm assuming you've seen the movie defending your life by Albert Brooks. It sounds exactly like his life, this life review when he went into the life review tent, and he's like, Meryl Streep is like a knight. And you know, and very courageous and he's being chased by a lion or something like that. He's constantly you know, that he's like an African tribesmen who's getting eaten alive. And it's like, it's the worst lives ever. And she's like a fireman and saving people's lives. You had a good night's Templar episode, but the rest of them seemed like, you know, God. It sounds a little hung drawn the Porter and I was burned at the stake on the Titanic. I survived. I was like, it sounds sounds like you had a rough go of it.

Ellyn Dye 28:46
You know, I, I learned through all of them. And but the thing is, it's like I think everybody has all those kinds of experience. Of course, yeah. All everybody has all those lives, because we want to experience everything you can experience on the planet. And that includes the good stuff and the bad stuff. And I think as far as dying, I think we all have like the bucket list of all the different ways you can die. Check them off as we go.

Alex Ferrari 29:19
I mean, because in this is something I loved to talk about on the show, because people don't grasp this idea of the concept of reincarnation has been around for 1000s and 1000s of years. And this kind of returning in that this this life. And it's not to lessen the severity or the seriousness of it, but it's a game. You know, we are we are avatars. Our soul is the player at the top, running the game. And just like in a video game, when we're playing the game, we're playing the game. Oh, I would like to go down that road and get that experience or I would like to enjoy this. And nowadays with the new really high end video games, you could become different characters. A woman character and or this or that, and go through adventures and just go to experience stuff. But the player doesn't really feel anything other than the exhilaration of just watching it. Or even controlling it. But the avatar in the game is being eaten by an orc.

Ellyn Dye 30:19

Alex Ferrari 30:20
Or head on collision with which, which reminds me we have to go back to what happened to that schmuck who tried to blame it on you love to hear that. I'd like to hear that story. But that so but looking at so it's very difficult for people to understand that when they're going through so much pain, right? Or going through, like, you know, I got cheated on or have an illness. I lost someone. It's so real. It's real. It's all it's it's real for Mario and Donkey Kong. In a certain a certain a certain extent. Again, not to be little what we go through. But as an analogy, it is kind of like a video game. Would you agree? Yeah.

Ellyn Dye 30:59
I don't like video games. But what from what I know of them. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 31:04
Yes. You understand the concept of it? As you understand the concept of the video game. Yes. So um, so before we continue with death, what happened to the schmuck?

Ellyn Dye 31:14
So after the woman came over and said, you're in the hospital, a police officer walked over and handed me a ticket for driving with my lights off. And I was like

Alex Ferrari 31:33
Lot of bleeps a lot of bleeps

Ellyn Dye 31:35
And and so I had to get a lawyer, I had to go to court. And the whole you know, this was like three months later, and the whole time I kept saying, Don't you dare make me go into court and say I saw him turn my lights off when I was hovering 12 feet above my car. Do not. We're done if you do.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
Enough. Reasonable, reasonable.

Ellyn Dye 32:09
Yeah. So he did. He didn't show up at the at the court case. And the officer started to say, well, the other driver said that, you know, and my lawyer jumps up and says hearsay, Your Honor. Yeah. And that was it. That was tough to get through all I was really annoying. They later got him. I think my insurance company got him. And he was a drunk driver. So

Alex Ferrari 32:37
Oh, there's that there's that. Okay. That's what happened to, but again, he was part of the plan. Exactly. He was part of the plan. He

Ellyn Dye 32:47
Thank you for helping me have the accident.

Alex Ferrari 32:50
He's like hey, man, I'll do it. I got some stuff I got to work out in this life. I'll listen to you if that'll help you.

Ellyn Dye 32:56
And who knows what I did to him in another life. You know,

Alex Ferrari 33:01
It's fascinating. So obviously, you'll want to watch it while you're here. Albert Brooks, past lives. Going through your stuff. And and then you come back in. When you come back in, and you start, you know, getting back into life. I'm assuming you didn't start screaming from the top of the hill. Hey, guys, I died and went to the other side. How long did you hold this information in? How did you deal with it being held in before you started to come out publicly with it?

Ellyn Dye 33:33
Well, in a way, I was very lucky, because I had friends who had also read the Seth material, and then read all this other stuff, and the Raymond Moody book, and you know, and so I was able to go and say, Oh, my God, you won't believe what happened to me. And that was great. And they believed me. I did, there were many people I wouldn't tell for 20 years. But the interesting part, I fell into a really bad depression for like, five to seven years afterwards. I think because I was so angry. And I was still so resistant to being back here that it turned into depression. But I ran into somebody who was a channeler. And I had said, I'd love to find somebody who channels really good information and take classes just like you know, the ones that Jane Roberts did. So off and on for like five years. I took these channels, course classes. And those channel beings really, you know, helped me to grapple with what had happened and the implications of it and, and all of that stuff. So it So that was really helpful. So as I say, I was lucky because I had people that I could talk to about it. Many people don't.

Alex Ferrari 35:08
Right. Right. So but you, but when you were going through all this, and you're still talking about five, seven years later, that you're kind of you're still working this stuff out. You're still kind of processing. Oh, yeah, what had happened and not able to really publicly come out yet, out of the closet, the NDE closet as I call it with your friends and family. Did you what when you finally decided to kind of come up publicly about this? What was it like for your friends, family? Colleagues? How do they deal with this new information? And how did you deal with them dealing with?

Ellyn Dye 35:51
Well, to this day, my brother thinks I'm crazy. And it was surprising. The people who were interested and the people who were like, I don't want to hear it. But I would also get people coming up to me and saying, Oh, this is what happened to me. And they tell me about some paranormal experience they'd had, and I was the only one they could talk to. So I know the feeling. That was cool. And, of course, the second part of the story was about five years after, after the near death experience. I had this revelation. And that just literally floored me. Because I had seen these beings of light, you know. And right afterwards, people started giving me gifts that were lions. I'd get lion jewelry, I get lion belts, I'd get lion purses, I'd get lion books, it statues, it was ridiculous. All of a sudden, everybody's given me Lions for no apparent reason. And that just kept going on. And I'm like what. And I walked into this little bookshop at one point, and I saw this card. That was it was for the zodiac sign Leo. But the image on it was of a lion person. Big Main Face of eLion hands. My knees buckled, I went straight down on the floor, and I went, Oh my God, that's who they were. And it was as if in my head. It was as if somebody walked into that gazebo and pull the, you know, pull the sheets off them. And there they were, they were lying people and, and it was like, when I had the experience, wrapping my head around the experience was all I could do dealing with Lion people was totally out of the question. It took me you know, it was five years later, when I started dealing with the idea that these are lion people and I was never an ET person. So, you know, this was like, Okay, what do I do with that? You know, and I did have difficulty telling people about that. i And for many, many years, even when I was telling my story publicly, I wouldn't mention the lion people because people's eyes would roll in the back of their heads when I was.

Alex Ferrari 38:57
Yeah, it's like, there's certain things that I have to say. I mean, doing the show, like the show I do, there are certain things that people are ready to listen to or accepting of it, like this conversation near death experiences alone. Took me a long, long time for people to accept, right. You know, also people took a long time to accept the car. You know, a lot of, you know, the cell phone, the airplane, the like, oh, that's never no one's ever really gonna use that, you know, maybe. So it takes time for people to accept certain ideas. And I think that's, you know, as you start to get into more esoteric aspects of spirituality, which have been around for 1000s of years. I mean, you go deep into the Vedic texts, you go, I mean, you read the Bhagavad Gita and, and the stuff that they talk about in there. It's so blue people and, you know, chips and you know, nuclear bomb kind of stuff, weapons and stuff like that. These are ideas that are very visible. Robert 1000s of years, it's still hard to have to go, oh, that's myth. Oh, it's just a story. Because that's the only way they can, they can kind of process it because it can't believe that that will happen. Whether it happened or not, I have no idea. But there is time, but there's time periods that slowly but surely, you know, the Seth material. When it came out, it was literally like you should, she had three heads. I mean, she literally had three heads, people looked at her like she had three heads. And then Edgar Casey as well, when Edgar Cayce he was doing what he was doing. And then it's gotten a lot more. I mean, I interviewed channels all the time now, where before, it was something very quiet, in the back, before the exorcist showed up, to take the demon out of you, eggs. So it's, it's interesting, weird to see where this all goes. Continuously, they open up more and more and pushing the envelope more and more. But I do think that people who are I think people in general are awakening more, the planet is awakening more spiritually, raising their level of consciousness. Because these ideas are now being not only accepted, but being searched for in a mass mass way, if my shows any indication, people are interested in this. And it's not it's not just the quote unquote, woowoo people. It's, it's other people outside of outside of, you know, the converted, if you will, or the people who drank the Kool Aid or if you will. Would you agree with all that?

Ellyn Dye 41:34
Absolutely, absolutely. There was kind of a wave in in the 70s. Sure, hippies, you know, an Age of Aquarius idea. And, and then there was such a backlash against that, that it was like 30 years before people started.

Alex Ferrari 41:57
Even looking at it. Well, because because of the 80s, he was all about materialism, right? All About Money, money, money, things, things, things. 90s was a version of that early 2000s was a version of that. But it started to come back in the mid to late 2000s, where it started to, people started to start asking questions again. It's fascinating, because I've know, I know, some very old channelers who've been channeling 40 years. And they they're still trying to figure out what's happening now. Right? You want you want to talk to me? Like if they can't, they've been in hiding for so long, or, or in like, hey, you know, only threat only through a friend of a friend. Reading you know, as opposed to putting yourself out publicly like that

Ellyn Dye 42:45
It's the stone people for that. You know? A lot of us have a past life memory.

Alex Ferrari 42:56
Burned at the stake, burned at the state hung corn and quartered. What is it?

Ellyn Dye 43:03
Drawn in quarter quarter?

Alex Ferrari 43:04
Thank you very much. All of that stuff. Not a nice way of going about it. Yes, very Inquisition, like, ways of killing people off in this way. So yeah, it's it's really fascinating to see where this all goes. Let me ask you after this, after you came out, out of the Near Death Experience closet, what other After Effects did you have from the near death experience as far as your understanding abilities, sensitivities to the world?

Ellyn Dye 43:35
It's grown as I as I integrated it. And the biggest thing for me, I guess, it's, I did get like more psychic. And I started this open communication with with the lion people. And so they work with me a lot with my writing and coaching and things and but one of the things that we had talked about during my NDE was, you know, why did I put myself through all of those experiences as a child, it was horrible. And they said, well, because you wanted to master self love, and you had tried in many, many lifetimes, and you hadn't been able to, and because of what you wanted to do later in this life, you knew that you had you were going to master it or die trying. I said, it almost killed me. And they said, Yeah, almost. And, and I said, But you know, abandoned men after abandonment, rejection after rejection. And they said, Well, if you want to learn, learn self love. That's what you have to go through because the Self Love has to come from inside yourself. Not from other people not from outside validation, you know, so yeah, you give yourself rejection, you give yourself abandonment over and over and over again until you get it, you know. And so that that ended up being kind of the focus for me of, of learning self love. And and first of all, I had to learn who I was because I had twisted myself into a pretzel before and didn't know who I was. And I think a lot of people don't know who they are, because they've spent their lives trying to please others, and be somebody else. And be some is, as Oscar Wilde said, please be yourself because everyone else is taken, you know.

Alex Ferrari 45:50
Talk about sarcasm,

Ellyn Dye 45:53
But true. And so, you know, the whole concept of it, that it took me years to figure out who I was, or even how to go about figuring out who I was, and then it's like, Okay, now that I think I know who I am, you know, how do I take that out into the world and be authentic. And, and I, you know, I have come really to believe from from working with the lion beings, that, that that's one of the most important things on the planet that needs to be learned. Because once you have self love, if, if everybody had self love, the world would be a totally different place.

Alex Ferrari 46:40
No wars, no anything,

Ellyn Dye 46:42
No wars, nobody has to convince anybody of anything, everybody can have their own opinion. You know, we accept ourselves and our perceived flaws. So we can accept other people as they are all that stuff. So that kind of became my focus after for for many years, I would go out and talk about my NDE. And then I started studying that the shift of the ages from to the Age of Aquarius, and the astrology of that, and it all kind of came together in a weird way that, you know, this is the time that we as souls are working to remember who we are. And to step into that, and, and to be authentic and to remember our interconnection. And so that's, that's where I sort of started putting my focus on the whole self love thing. And it's not selfish, you know, it's, it's self care, and it's setting boundaries. And people don't even know what it means.

Alex Ferrari 48:01
Well, there's just a lot of dogma and other crap that people carry around with them programming societal programming, especially in the West, about like, oh, self love is just being selfish. Because in the other in the olden days, there was the key imagined self love self right care. You know, that's why they died so quickly. That's why they die miserable. And they because they never took care of themselves. And there's a balance.

Ellyn Dye 48:28
They were also controllable.

Alex Ferrari 48:30
Very controllable. Yeah. Oh, because they're the more self power you have, the more power you have within yourself, and much more difficult to control much, much. And I think that's where a lot of the the established systems are starting to show their cracks. And, you know, organized religions are people are leaving them by the millions by like, droves. Because they're just like, No, no, this is not making sense anymore. And, and all these other big, you know, from government to monetary to health care to people are starting to food, people are starting to figure things out for themselves, right. And it's going to be more and more difficult, if not impossible, I think the genies out of the bag, I don't think it's possible to control the masses like they did in the 1900s. It's too much education, the internet changed everything. Never again, because this conversation will be a conversation that you and I might have had, after an event somewhere where there might have been two or 300 people that showed up. And we might have sat down, had coffee and had this conversation. And maybe one or two other people would have heard it, if they would, they were hanging around. Now this conversation could be seen by hundreds of 1000s and millions of people around the world. That's a game changing idea without question.

Ellyn Dye 49:50
Absolutely. Absolutely. And we're in that time of change. I mean, that's it is the change the great shift and And that's exactly where we're supposed to be. I mean, all of this perceived chaos is the breaking down of those systems. And it's supposed to happen. It has to happen. Right? 24 2024 It's going to be a doozy.

Alex Ferrari 50:17
I, I've heard that from a few of my guests. We're all kind of strapping in for 2024. I hear 2025. Now, so it's going to be an interesting year as well. So, but I hear afterwards, it kind of starts to smooth out a little bit over the next, you know, in the next 10 years or so. But we're gonna, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Let's just put

Ellyn Dye 50:42
It is because the people the, you know, the old guard, the ones who have held power and wealth, are not going to give it up without a fight.

Alex Ferrari 50:55
Of course, yeah, it's the it's the last deaf grasp if you will,

Ellyn Dye 50:58
Right. If this that's exactly what it is. And I think there are going to be a lot of protests, a lot more strikes, I, I was kind of surprised that the strikes that we had in like August, came so soon, because I was expecting them to come in 2024. But they were the longest picking up on the energy.

Alex Ferrari 51:20
And there was a longest I mean, if you're talking about the strikes in Hollywood, it was the longest writer strike and actor strike in history. Like they held a long Yeah. But that's another conversation for another podcast that come from Hollywood. So I could talk about that for hours. But I'm going to ask you a few questions asked, Oh, my goodness. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Ellyn Dye 51:42
Remembering who you are, and being authentic and everything you do.

Alex Ferrari 51:46
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Ellyn, what advice would you give her?

Ellyn Dye 51:51
Don't sweat the small stuff. And don't be so worried about what other people think. Because it does not matter.

Alex Ferrari 52:01
At all, at all, At all. How do you define God or source energy?

Ellyn Dye 52:07
All of it is love and light.

Alex Ferrari 52:11
What is love?

Ellyn Dye 52:13
Love is the creative force of the universe. It's the highest vibration. It's not an emotion. It's it's creativity and acceptance.

Alex Ferrari 52:26
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Ellyn Dye 52:28
To explore, to learn, to experience.

Alex Ferrari 52:33
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Ellyn Dye 52:36
Oh, I have a website. That's lion magic. lionmagic.com.

Alex Ferrari 52:45
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Ellyn Dye 52:47
2024 is going to be rocky. There will be efforts to control people through fear. And our job is to stay in the light.

Alex Ferrari 53:03
Ellyn, it has been a pleasure speaking to you and thank you so much for sharing your story and the work you're doing to elevate the consciousness of the planet. So I appreciate you my dear.

Ellyn Dye 53:14
I appreciate you. Thank you.

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