Channeling Thoth FINALLY DECODES Atlantean Spiritual Teachings & Light Language! with Danielle Hoffman

Meet Danielle Rama Hoffman, a luminary figure renowned for her triple best-selling authorship, international channeling expertise, and transformative coaching impacting countless lives worldwide. Together with her celestial collaborator and guide, Thoth, she pioneers groundbreaking methodologies such as the Multi-D Abundance Method™, Divine Light Activation, and the Ascended Master Academy.

Through her guidance, Danielle empowers coaches, healers, mentors, and spiritual leaders to manifest their Divine essence and craft their unparalleled legacy, whether it be through a book, program, or business endeavor. By aligning with Source, her clients consistently experience financial growth, adding a substantial $50k+ to their earnings whenever they so choose.

Danielle channels Thoth, the revered Egyptian deity symbolizing boundless wisdom, architecture, and the custodian of the Akashic Records, stands as Danielle’s esteemed partner and co-facilitator. Engaging with Thoth unlocks the gateway to inner wisdom, boundless potential, and the realization of one’s true Divine nature, fostering profound transformation and self-realization.

Please enjoy my conversation with Danielle Rama Hoffman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 436

Danielle Hoffman 0:00
***Speaking light language***

Alex Ferrari 0:18
I like to welcome to the show, Danielle Hoffman. How you doing Danielle?

Danielle Hoffman 0:43
I'm doing great! Thank you so much.

Alex Ferrari 0:45
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I am looking forward to talking to you about your remarkable adventure in in the world of channeling and who you channeled because I've had probably 60 channels on the show at this point. 70 channels on the show at this point. But I've never had Thoth on the show. So I've never had anybody channeling Thoth and I am a fan. So I want to hear what he has to say about a whole lots of stuff I've got just for but before we get to Thoth and you doing a live channeling on the show, I have to ask you, what was your life like before this insanity of channeling came into your world?

Danielle Hoffman 1:24
Well, that's a good question. Well, it's like, what's the before point? Because I do feel like I kind of set it up early in this lifetime to be tuning in and tapping in and yeah, so even when I was three, I felt like I had a sense of energy. And then when I could talk, there was a mismatch between like what people were saying, and then what I was sensing. So I think before kind of the getting to the gift side of the gift things were challenging at times where there was just over sensitivity or where my hands might turn on or off without me really kind of choosing to pick up the toolbox. But yeah, so I'd say it was an evolution. And then now of course, there's more adaptiveness and mastery and like oh, okay, this is how how things work.

Alex Ferrari 2:21
Well, were you always open about your gifts, or did you? Were you ever kind of closeted in the sense that like you didn't just walk around like, Hey, guys, you want to talk to Thoth? On the playground, I'm assuming that's not the way it works. So at what point did you Where did you? Did you kind of kind of publicly come out of the channeling closet, if you will? And what did how did the people around you handle it? Because as I always say it does clear room if the people in that room are not ready for it.

Danielle Hoffman 2:47
Yeah, well, I do remember to like, at parties, people would say, what, what would you do? And this is more like in my early 20s? I'd say, Well, I do energy work. And they'd say, Well, do you work for the electric company, you know, just not understanding the context. And I think one thing that was really unique for me was that I went to a horseback riding camp when I was nine and and then the women at the camp ended up being my Reiki teachers, and then my first introduction to the Egyptian pantheon. So they were kind of like in my life for the whole process. And that created some continuity. So I have been out of the channeling closet, the blue closet for almost three decades now. I think for me, what was more challenging was actually to come out of the like being a high performer high achieving successful entrepreneur. Closet, like I was a little bit later in that and and was earlier in my coming out of the womb closet.

Alex Ferrari 3:50
Interesting though, that a lot of people who are spiritual and have that instinct to be an entrepreneur, to build businesses to generate revenue, it's kind of looked down upon in the spiritual space. You know, ever since the olden days of Jesus, if you will, that they you know, you have to be poor, you have to be you know, desolate, you have to be sitting, you know, or in a cave somewhere just eating a grain of rice every day while you meditate 20 hours a day. And that's that's spiritual, but you can't actually have any sort of success. And I think a lot of spiritual people, they don't want to kind of dip their toe into it because they're afraid. I mean, I'll be I'm an entrepreneur as well. I've been outside the business and online business, and I completely wear that very proudly, without any sort of revenue that comes in or success that comes in, I can't do the work like you know, it's this cost a little bit of money to get this thing going, you know what I mean? And time and family and so on. So, I just wanted to kind of say that to people who out there that think you have to be broke. I mean, I think abundance is in nature and should be, you know, should be modeled. I mean, an apple tree doesn't give you one apple, it gives you gives you so many apples that it falls on the ground and rots away and sometimes because there's so much abundance in nature, would you agree?

Danielle Hoffman 5:04
Oh, absolutely. And I remember when I was really since I started more in the energy world to channeling spiritual community, and then I was developing my skill as an entrepreneur and was learning about the physical plane aspects of that also being rejected or, you know, kind of shamed by the spiritual community. Like, you can't do that. And, and, and so, really recognizing, well, really, what am I doing, I'm inviting individuals who I have a divine appointment with, to continue to partner with me. And absolutely, I'm a stand in our work as a stand for that multi the abundance that we have abundance in multiple areas that matter most to us and really fuel our mission. And that new paradigm of what it means to be making a difference that we're overflowing in time and energy and resources relationships. So I'm very much a stand for abundance and the guides have encouraged me to be in the forefront about that to model that, that it is spiritual to, to be also supported. Our missions require resources.

Alex Ferrari 6:21
No, there's no question about that. Now when you were you when you started the channel, I always love asking channels this question when you heard the voices Thank you are going nuts. I mean it because it's I mean, it's either for the people who are uninitiated into channeling, it seems I mean, not only odd, but obviously all the things in Hollywood, and that that obviously the devil is in working with you and me, obviously, we're all working for the devil. But, but But generally speaking, you know, how did you deal with it? Because I'm, I would assume that you didn't have a complete support system when you were young, when it first started happening. That understood what was happening to you, or did you?

Danielle Hoffman 7:02
Yeah, well, I feel like earlier on it was probably more challenging. And for folks, myself included, where we may go into healing or, like I, my degree was in psychology, because there was that desire as well to be healed. So before when I was more on the challenge side of it, I would say there was more of that like overwhelm or over sensitivity and then trying to find ways to to mask that or to mute that. And then once things really got more developed and more conscious, then it got a whole lot a whole lot easier. So I didn't have the Am I crazy? Or am I making this up or I really didn't have that because it felt so good and so natural and it made sense of what I couldn't make sense of for those first, you know, 10-20 years of my life not to say that I didn't miss some mentorship, you know, there there was initiations that I did and I do feel like that helped turn on a lot of things to to really assist me in remembering how I'm naturally wired or the gift that I have and then develop through experience as well because I think we all can if we choose and have our own way again like that and that's also why I love working with our clients to to assist to decode how is it that that we naturally do it everyone's different? How is it that that happens? Because it was like me and the guides and that was the really good things about that too. That it was me and the guides because then I was getting my mentorship directly from the Ascended Masters from the guides.

Alex Ferrari 9:03
So who are who who are the the masters that you channel?

Danielle Hoffman 9:08
Yeah, yeah so Thoth, Tofa, Tohudi, Tuhudis is kind of my main access point. And connected to infinite knowledge keeper the Akashic Records sacred architecture. I went to Egypt for the first time in this lifetime in 2002 and have led groups several times so I definitely have a an access point with with Egypt and and and connecting with the Egyptian pantheon earlier on also really assisted and made sense because they're like archetypal energies so I would say a main access point is definitely infinite knowledge and then you know from there there's been also connection with the Magdalene's and ISIS is now I'm in in France and and more of the the love beings, as well as a council of light. So I know it works differently for different individuals like I have a primary partnership with Toth with Fosse. And that access point then opens up different frequencies of vibrations depending on what's needed. And also my own journey because I remember where I was very connected to Toth and infinite knowledge and the light. And then he kind of stepped back and I met the Council of light. And then I was working with this council of light for a while, because there was a different purpose in that period. And I had embodied a lot of the energies and then like a lot of lightworkers my next evolutionary stage was opening the heart. And so then that's where more of the the love beings started coming in. So that those are my connections

Alex Ferrari 10:53
Go to so Thoth is kind of like the weekly star of the show. And then occasionally you have some guest stars come in the TV analogy, if you will, and you and you can jump back and forth to you have access to all of them now, or is it just like special occasions?

Danielle Hoffman 11:10
No, it it to me, the way that it unfolds for me is more like a kaleidoscope of bland a band of consciousness. So what's the way it's almost like Toth is the straw that then taps into a certain band of consciousness. And and in the beginning, you know, they would often just say, Okay, now this is so and so seven, four, and this is so and so stepping forward, and so and so to indicate to that there's been a change in vibration. And yet now the whole conversation could be this is the bandwidth changing. So now it's more when there's a bigger shift in the team that's coming forward. So it's it's very fluid, like, yeah, tapping into a panel or a particular guide will be more in the forefront.

Alex Ferrari 12:01
And what is your process of channeling you you are trans channel? How does it feel for you? Do you get tired? Do you get energized? How does it work for you?

Danielle Hoffman 12:11
Yeah, for me, I'm a conscious full embodied channel. So like Toth, I can embody 100% I don't embody other guides. 100%. That's more in the field. And I am conscious on the council. But more I would say like I step a step aside, I don't always remember everything I remember more right afterwards, then, you know, then then after, and it feels energizing. It feels aligning it. And it also depends like the first connection. When I when I'm first connecting with a new guide, or in the beginning, when I was channeling thoughts, they're they're really I would say I had more of a sensation or a difference between my consciousness and the consciousness of the guides that I was channeling. And then it feels more like it's a it's a little it's less of a jump or it's more familiar. So there can be a rush when there's like a new body of work that's coming forward or new teachings or a new guide in a way that that it's just more sensations. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 13:25
Why do you why do you think that there are more channels now appearing than there was in the past? Because obviously there's the stuff materials from the 50s or 60s I think it was when Seth started coming through obviously Edward Cayse was one of the godfathers of this space in the way he did it. But now I mean, I literally have spoken to over 100 Probably channels that are all doing work, all channeling different consciousnesses and beings. Why do you think this is happening more? So I'd say in the last decade really, because you know, Abraham and Seth and a couple of the other ones that came out in the 80s and 90s, and Bashar and these kinds of people, but now they're they're almost everywhere. I mean, they really follow me. But it seems like there's a lot more going on. Why do you think that's happening now?

Danielle Hoffman 14:15
Yeah, that's a beautiful question. And I wonder if there's more and or if there's more that are coming forward or known as, as I feel like just like me where I was channeling but I didn't know it or I didn't have a word for it, or I didn't have a context for it. So that's kind of my my query, my first exploration is, is there more or are there more that are stepping forward? And then in terms of my sense of why that is, is also because of the evolution and consciousness that we're in and that really there's a greater partnership with with light and Love beings to assist us and in ways to access information or consciousness that we haven't had access to before. So, rather than like recycling what's already known, there, there is this wave as we're in the larger context of power ever, anyone wants to talk about it awakening or the Aquarian Age or the elevation in consciousness. And, you know, as I was a Reiki Master back in the day are still in like, that's another example where in the 1980s, there weren't very many Reiki Masters, and there was a huge investment and commitment in order to become a Reiki Master. And then that also just changed where it was published, published in a book, and you can become a Reiki Master and in a few hours, or you have to be able to do the things. But I do think there's some of that as well, with information and being available and books and all of that. Yeah. Why do you think I'm curious to hear from you?

Alex Ferrari 16:06
I think that I think we're, we're ready for certain amounts of information that are coming through I think as as, as a consciousness, humanity is ready to start hearing this kind of stuff. Because I've said this on the show so many times before, as this conversation doesn't happen 10 years ago, doesn't happen 20 years ago, not in a public forum, you would see this at a gift shop or a, you know, a, you know, a spiritual gift shop, or bookshop or something like that in the back corner, or maybe in an event, like a little conference of of like minded people, but you would never see this in a public forum. So openly talking about this stuff. I mean, and then if you go back even farther, you would have been stoned or burned or killed. You know, there's no question about it. I think that we're all ready. And I think people are looking for these answers. They're, they're questioning the, the establishment a bit more about the old systems of religion, of government, of money, of health, of of spirituality of all of it, and they're looking for answers, and they are searching, if my shows any indication of the amount of people who are looking worldwide, it's pretty massive, because like, like, I've been doing podcasting for nine years now been doing this show for two, almost two, like two, three years now. And when I started podcasting, the show would have died on the vine, it just wouldn't have there wasn't as much interest. But there's a lot of people looking for this information. I think we're just ready, they people are waking up, like you said, the awakening, people are waking up. And as they wake up, they want to answer these questions to a lot of their deeper questions. So I think that's one of the reasons why.

Danielle Hoffman 17:42
Yeah, which is really speaking to the vibrational proximity like that, we need to be in a certain proximity to it vibrationally, in order to access it. And that's another way to talk about the channeling, and how different individuals have affinities to different vibrations and different beings, and that we're accessing it by our proximity. So I know in a lot of the old mystery schools and past lives, and you know that what you're talking about was, like kept secret. And and what the guys often talk about is that, yes, in a sense, is kept secret. And really, from the sense of, does somebody have access vibrationally. To to unlock that wisdom or to unlock that consciousness. So I think what you're saying is really coherent and aligned in the sense that there's more individuals that are in vibrational proximity to what we would consider higher wisdom or a more a faster vibration.

Alex Ferrari 18:44
Let me I wanted to ask you this, because from my studies, and research that I've been doing for years in regards to enlightened hiring, raising your vibration, raising your frequency, you know, I've gone down the school of the yogi's and the East. And what you have to do to become a walking master like a Yogananda or, you know, Baba Ji, or these kinds of these kinds of avatars, it takes a lot to be able to access that are to become that, but I'm fascinated how channels could just tap into it. And they're not at the level that they're tapping into per se, but they are at it's like they have the dial on the radio. They know what station to tune into. They don't do like they're they're accepting the information, but they now have the information whereas the yogi's and the avatars are, they are at that level. Does that make any sense whatsoever? I'm just curious to hear your thoughts. Absolutely.

Danielle Hoffman 19:41
And I feel like it's such a a wholeness question in the sense of a lot of individuals are talking about ascension. And that to me and the curriculum that the Ascended Masters have brought through the bodies of work that have that that I've channeled It is really an an embodied path or an implied path. And there are different waves of consciousness with that are different phases or different evolutionary stages. Because ultimately one of the shifts of consciousness that that I think we're all having the opportunity to tap into is becoming more of our higher self embodied or more of our divine self embodied. And yet to just go from the bipedal or the human self, that's having a lot of slower vibrational body mind, experiences, or resistance or duality into being the walking Ascended Master. It does require from my experience, different activations and initiations and the playground of our 24/7 life. So I'm talking more about the larger process. And to me, I've come to realize that the channeling and so many years of it, there's the accessing of the information, but it's also prepared me to to house let's say, higher vibration in the physical matter. So it's not only ascension, it's like the body moves to a higher frequency. And it's ascension, dissension, ascension dissension spiral. And yes, we're not cleaning the Golden Temple with milk for 40 years. Before we get to Korea any longer. However, I would posit that our lives are the the 24/7 kind of playground of becoming fully realized. And that is quite a charge, that's quite a quest,

Alex Ferrari 21:48
To say the least, my dear to say the least, it's not. Yeah, this living stuff ain't easy. This is this is not for the faint of heart down here, if you will, down here, up here, whatever. But you know, walking this walking this path, as it's just a human, some have an easier path than others. And some have a harder path than others. And some look like they have an easy path, and they have an extremely hard path and vice versa. So it's, there's nobody here that's not struggling, not one human being on the planet that does not struggle, or has had some sort of hardship, or struggle, or pain in their life, that is just part of the rules of this game, you know, if you're Mario, you're gonna have to run into a mushroom that you're gonna have to stomp on at one point or another, or you're gonna kick a turtle. And that's the way that game is played. No matter what you do, you're gonna run into that. That's just the basis of where we're at. I have to ask you, though, knowing all the stuff that you know, because it all comes through you, I'm assuming you read your books, because I know you don't remember it, but I'm assuming you read them, I won't boy or another. And you watch some of these, these videos that you do back understanding the deeper context of why we're here, the spiritual aspects of our soul, the soul blueprint, you mean you have a deeper understanding of a lot of what makes up the universe? And why we're doing what we're doing? How do you balance that knowledge with just going to go get some groceries, going to find a nice baguette down the street in France? Like, you know, how do you balance this this third dimensional life, this reality that we're in with this knowledge of this is not a it's not real. This is just, it's just a stage of our evolution as a soul, those are pretty hefty things to balance, I'd love to hear how you do it.

Danielle Hoffman 23:38
Well, I feel like especially more recently, the last few years that it has been bringing all that into the physical plane, or the third dimension, or arising the third dimension into a higher dimension. And so I'd say I'm even more in a sense physicalized or engaged, like we talked about in the beginning, like having a business requires physical plane actions and being a CEO and running a team and publishing books and owning a house and having a beloved husband and all those things that to me, it's a way to apply the higher knowledge and and see see what happens, you know, see how it how it goes and to see it, am I in a moment of resistance? Or am I walking and applying the higher wisdom that that's come through. So I hear you on it being a balance, but I do feel like it, it feels less balancing these days and more integrated. That that I'm it's not like I've got to go into the cave and meditate it feels more all the time. accessible and with that being said, I'm also very clear like Aman or a moss right. So in turn The channeling and the downloads, I've not channeling in the grocery store line unless it's, you know, something that that really I'm choosing to access or is coming through strongly. So there are a little bit of breath away. And I'm not online 24/7 in that in that way. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 25:22
And that's a very good distinction because a lot of people think that if you channel if you're a psychic medium that you're on all the time. And I've heard a lot of channels that when they first start, they don't know any better. And they are on auto diamond start to get a little cray cray, as they say. So it gets a little crazy for them. And they just have to set those boundaries up really clear boundaries. So there's an off there's an open button and a closed button, sign that it's turned on and off. Because if not you I mean, I always I always joke with Mediums where I'm like, so you're in the shower, do Do people just show up at the shower. And they like, Well, it happened once. And that was the last time that ever happened. Because I've set real clear rules after these kinds of these kinds of fun things. But it's true. It's something you have to really kind of be clear, but I love what you said that you it's an integration. It's almost like a dance, as opposed to one thing and another thing that you have to balance, you're more mixing them together, where it's a dance of flowing in and out of as opposed to having to balance both the spiritual and the reality that we live in today's always beautiful answer. So if you I'd love to talk to Thoth, Thoth right its Thoth?

Danielle Hoffman 26:35
Yeah, there's like when I first learned about I learned Thoth and then I know a lot of individuals say those and like in Egypt, they they'll say tut talks and then when I started channeling he came in as toasts and so the hard tea the the the th Yeah, so all of its all of its right.

Alex Ferrari 26:56
Okay, so love to hear from Thoth and hear what it is. So can you tell people what how you're gonna get in and how you will come out so people are prepared.

Danielle Hoffman 27:07
Yeah, so the way that works for me is I'll close my eyes and, and then connect and then there's like an opening key statement that whatever guide is stepping more in the forefront. And then at the end when they're completing, it'll be also another statement, like, all is light and love and we are all in that's kind of the the completion. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 27:34
I'm looking, I'm looking forward to it. Thank you so much.

Danielle Hoffman 27:37
Yeah, me too. Okay, I feel like they've been lining up as we've been talking so there's is going first that's that's my impression when I close my eyes

Alex Ferrari 27:51
We have we have we have a large following on the other side apparently.

Danielle Hoffman 28:10
Hello, dear ones, this is Thoth moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission in a very fully embodied way. And taking a moment to be even more embodied what we speak of as embodied. So that the larger counsel and bandwidth that is available to be accessed has a dimensional expression that is as connected to as many dimensions as possible. And so sometimes it's not necessary the full or embodiment for the broadcast and this Now moment is and so we want to indicate that as as we're beginning to form and so now that the embodiment piece is in place and it and it is me toe that is in the forefront, and we're modeling a little bit like you You asked Daniel questions, how does it work and who is are modeling a little bit about how that works, and and taking little outtakes of of the steps. So the first step for this particular transmission is a full embodiment, with me Toth in the forefront, because there's a great affinity and synergy with Daniel system and accessibility in the co creation partnership that we You have, as well as, in the higher of lines there, there's this divine appointment for us to connect, as you said that you have been a fan. And this is the first time that I took that step forward. And so now that that's established, we are going and we're saying we because it's a larger bandwidth of consciousness, yet, we are going to table the other beings of light for now, so that we can have a more singular conversation and more singular vibration. So we are excited to be here and open to cocreate. And the way that is the most simultaneously efficient and expansive, is what we would say, we're not going so expansive, that it's not efficient. And we're not being so efficient that it's no longer expansive. And so any questions that you may have will also assist with that positioning of efficient and expansive.

Alex Ferrari 31:05
Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate you. How do you perceive the evolution of wisdom and knowledge throughout human history? Since you were incarnated?

Danielle Hoffman 31:15
Yeah, so So there's a question within a question within a question within a question in because you bring up the multi dimensional now. And the the linear experience of time, because the R star operates in the linear experience of time, or it has, you see things in that way. And we talk about things in that way, conceptually, because it's easier to say when you were 10, or a past life. And so with that being said, there's also the recognition that all now is now so now that we've kind of briefly efficiently addressed the powers thing of how have things evolved from the perspective of linear time, and then brought forth that, in a sense, it's all one now, but you experience it linearly, we would absolutely say and share that there has been an evolution, we speak about the elevation and consciousness, the evolution and consciousness. And at the same time, as you were speaking earlier about why more channels why more individuals interested in this higher consciousness, the higher consciousness was there, it wasn't accessed. All of it wasn't accessed. And so that's one way of looking at it. So we're opening the Emerald Akashic Records, the Emerald Akashic records are like, what you could consider the future self the where the evolution is coming frequencies and vibrations that haven't existed thus far, the galactic energies, a recognition of of those bipedal, so we say, by battles rather than humans, those by pedals that your origin is not the earth, it's not your home, to be accessing consciousness as well, from other other star systems, other experiences, and that widens the question because there's the knowledge of incarnation on Earth. And then there's infinite knowledge that also exists in multiverse and the divine verbs. So the simple answer and of course, the words are simply placeholders for the vibration, we could talk about anything red, purple, green, yellow, pink, the simple answer is that there is more oktai octaves of infinite knowledge that are being accessed now, because of the evolution of consciousness, the elevation and consciousness and so there is that vibrational locking key for it to be accessed.

Alex Ferrari 34:11
Speaking of that, then was there a time in human history, let's say the time of Atlantis, where that consciousness was at a much higher place than it is now, in a certain term and we have evolved to then evolve again very much like the Yuga cycles.

Danielle Hoffman 34:28
Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, there has been the what you might call ascension, dissension, ascension, dissension. The going more into separation and going more into union and going more into separation and going more into union, a matriarchal society, a patriarchal society, there are definitely cycles. And one one potential illusion, lie or pit Fall, or go to is that we see by pedals accidentally giving away their power is to consider that they were more evolved in Atlantis than what they have access to now, because anywhere and this is kind of the key and the difference about this particular stage and what from our perspective makes channeling work, what makes partnering as being of light incarnate of bipedal with a being of light and light work in a way that is very much based on a partnership, equality equanimity is that there is not the giving away of power to another lifetime, or even to a being of light or to someone outside of oneself. So with that being said, there are these touchstones and civilizations, that those of you who are in this lifetime that are in an evolutionary cycle have access to, and to not assume that, that that's the highest consciousness that you have available to or to give your power away to another lifetime that you that you had. So this is where we talk about the Akashic Records Library. In the library of the used section, let's say where Atlantis is, would be in the, in the old or timeline or an ancient civilization or like for your divine transmitter, Danielle, Egypt being an access point, Ancient Egypt being another one of these higher consciousness civilizations or mu or Lemuria. And, and those are, in a sense in what could be considered the US section. And what we're really forging together, what we're pioneering together, is what we consider in the Emerald Akashic records. That which hasn't quite existed thus far. And it's not that it hasn't existed, all that there is, is all that there is. It's simply that there's more bandwidth of consciousness to be accessed from it. So now there's a wider Council of light and the golden Stargate is stepping forward and the golden Stargate steps forward, when there's a changing of the guard. When there's a gate that goes both ways, when there's old consciousnesses being uploaded, or off planet ID or, and, and new vibrations, new frequencies coming forward. And so this is where we invite you to lean into to expand into to unlock that which is innovative that which is pioneering that which is is really on that leading wave and that's what you're contributing to, and what we also are here for. And so did we get to the essence of what you were bringing forward there, or is there a follow up?

Alex Ferrari 38:17
No, you did. You did? Now, how do the teachings of the Emerald Tablets apply to our understanding of reality and consciousness today?

Danielle Hoffman 38:27
Yes, yes, yes. So in the what we'll just call the Ascended Master curriculum that has that we have brought through Danielle this channel. The Emerald is in different places. There's the Emerald Ray, that we speak about in the council light book and the Emerald Ray is the U ray. So the Emerald energy is being more of your unique signature energy more of your you as a lock and a key like your your signature, your fingerprint as as a Divine Being who is incarnated in the process of remembering and recalling who it is that you be. And then there are the tablets of light, which is another one of our books, which goes more into different specific Emerald Tablets. Now of course, the the the most known is as above, so below as within so without, and then there's even more, let's say sub tablets that are accessible. So when we talk about is the ring of inclusion, and the ringing of inclusion is your capacity to include or integrate light and love in higher quotients in a way that's more natural for your system without having a body crash or without having some I have a three steps forward five steps back experience, where someone who may be on their massive path of spiritual advancement, they they have a cold or they they have adaptation sensations as they're moving into a higher vibration. And it's natural, as you are embodying more and more frequencies and vibrations for the slower vibrations to come up to the surface for the pond to turn over for the book that's on the bottom to come to the surface. And so to not misinterpret, if you do have a body crash, or you do have a five step forward, three step back, it's it's not it's not really that it doesn't mean you've gotten off track, it doesn't mean that you're reading the signs wrong, like it can actually be an indication that you are on path and you are on on par. And so the ring of inclusion is an enroll tablet, which recognizes that you you wonder the the fastest paths into a real embodied path of higher consciousness, where you're able to apply higher consciousness to the physical plane is that you are very much attuned to your capacity to include vibrations back in the wholeness back and into the oneness back into the source from which it came. And that to us is also when you asked about the evolution if we look at the evolution of what might be called Healing, what we call alignment, then in the old paradigm of healing, there was this more shamanic way of life a shamanic practitioner would take in this lower vibrations in their body and spit it out and transmute it. That doesn't work in the way that it might have worked once before or it's an outdated way. And that's also some of the things where when you reach for Atlantis, it's it's it worked for that, but it's not absolutely bespoke or customized for what's what's unfolding. Right right now. And so many times individuals, they they've cleared things they they it's not your first rodeo, none of you, you you've been around the block many times. And so why isn't it permanent? Why hasn't it been embodied? Why hasn't it been integrated? Why hasn't it been shifted? Well, in some ways, it is a continuation of trying to separate from separation consciousness. So the ring of inclusion, one of the Emerald Tablets that we're bringing forward here for this particular gathering is one where you have the capacity to bring in those lower vibrations into a higher vibration or frequency. So one of the visuals that we give for this is let's say, you are a thimble of water, and you have fear fear is a slower vibration than love. And, and that fear is represented by red food coloring, and you put the red food coloring in a thimble of water, it colors, the food coloring, it's it becomes so over over whelming whereas if you put that same fear, you include it into the ring of inclusion, you include it into the ocean, those few drops of food coloring, they they become an they already are a part of the wholeness in a way that it's much less distracting, you don't spend three days or five years in in a fear state because you're tapped into a larger consciousness. So this is some of the ways that the Emerald Tablets are, are applying today are, are are still viable. And then another Emerald in our body of work is is the Emerald resonance and emerald resonance is it's a part of one of our bodies of work where you really reincarnate as a light being incarnate. And we usually don't talk about it in in the forefront here. It's more once somebody's had the earlier activations. And this is the 10th one and it's coming forward here. And emerald resonance is that you are able to apply what you know on the higher planes in any dimension that you choose is what we speak of as well as, as the evolutionary stage in consciousness where you're a creator being or what's spoken of is manifesting or actualizing. So the Emerald resonance is another way that Emerald Tablets are applied. So there's different records, there's different tablets, and there are some that are that are eternal and that's where we talk about the Now moment as above so below as within so without is still very relevant regardless of whether it's ascension or dissension or a separation or a union phase. And so we're bringing forward the Emerald array inviting each of you as you're tuning in if you want to pick it up off the wall altar as a way to make as a way to, to encourage or make possible you being even more of your uniqueness you you being even more you, and then the ring of inclusion, where you can even just imagine, just like in neuro linguistic programming, Danielle's beloved husband, it does NLP and hypnotherapy. And so she hears about it. But just in that same way where you could draw a ring on the ground and step into it, like you're stepping into a ring of power, that you can have a sense of this ring of inclusion that you draw around you. And then it includes you integrate more what you already know, you integrate the higher wisdom in a way that it's more embodied. And that's why we've stepped forward in a more embodied way to model the integration of those frequencies. So that's some of the ways that the Emerald Tablets are are still relevant and evolving and continue to grow as the elevation and consciousness continues.

Alex Ferrari 46:05
Thank you so much for that. Where do you see humanity going in the next year, 10 years, in regards to the wars that are happening in the world of strife, the chaos in many areas of the world balancing with this awakening that we are all going through as well, as seems like they're mirroring each other. So I'd love to hear where you think we're all going.

Danielle Hoffman 46:28
Yes, yes, yes. And this, this brings forward a beautiful, how to say a beautiful nuance, or it honors the, the recognition that each channel divine transmitter, they, they have certain affinities, certain areas of consciousness, certain what you might consider divine lineages, certain topics that they that they taught that they tackle and others that they don't. And, and so this, this question is outside of the sphere of Danielle, and what she chooses to transmit about or, or, or what we usually talk about, in the sense of sometimes individuals, and we're not saying that you're doing this in any way, we're just providing a little bit of a context that we're going to address the question in a way that that's aligned with the bandwidth that she accesses and what comes forward, is that there can be that like accessing guides to tell the future and that's not the energy that you brought the question for, but we want to make that distinction. Because that can be a misconception. And Daniel sees this when, when individuals first start partnering with us, there can be that like, us being the crazy eight ball like what's the what's the future telling, and, and some channels and psychics, that's their lane. That's, that's not Danielle's lane. It's not the way that we come we come through and, and also goes back to you, our creator being you have the power and then now and, and it kind of depends. They're there. And then the answer that we bring forward is that what we do want to say is one of the ways to navigate it the most is by you being in your signature energy. And one of the things that's very different about the time now back to your earlier question than last year, or 10 years from now, or 20, or 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, rather, is that in survival consciousness, it was very much one size fits all, everybody goes to work at nine gets off at five, everybody sleeps these hours, their their survival conscious was very much fit in fly under the radar. And, and not stand out and, and that created a lot of conditioning that's being uncoupled from, which is your you're the same as everyone else, or you're you're living on the same earth even or you're going to have the same experience as as a as a bipedal species. And what we would say is that now more than ever, there's a recognition of how your individual experience is so bespoke for you. And you can see this you especially with the internet, and you can see what's happening all over the world. And you shared this earlier with Danielle, that everybody has experienced some and does experience some slower vibrations or struggle. And yet it's also there. It's unique to each individual and your path and what it is that you're here for. So the divergence, the diversity, the very different experiences that you can see in any now moment that speaks to also what what's becoming possible on the Eurostar and this new paradigm of consciousness so So, for example, in the old paradigm that was very much electric, magnetic positive and negative, the positive and the negative would cancel it out. Were now there, if you look at it like a solar system, the sun has different universal principles Earth has different rules are different ways that things operate. Jupiter has a different climate, and yet they're all part of the same solar system. And so that's a visual that that we would share is the direction of of the earth, and what's happening in the next year, and so on and so forth is that rather than things cancelling each other out, where one individual is, is having, let's say, an experience where, where they're experiencing a lot of fear, and another individual is experiencing a lot of love. And the sense that that either one is going to pull the other one into fear or into love, it now can even be more that there's a variety that exists within the same what you might consider the same earth or the same humanity species because it's more like everybody's in their own orbit, operating under both unique and universal rules of consciousness or by rules, we mean, mean, spiritual, spiritual principles. And so the difference is that you see, with a lot of transparency now that used to be hidden because as well, the TV or the internet, or technology, you there, there's just a lot more being seen Danielle's in France, you're in the States, the Eclipse, she didn't see the Eclipse herself that she saw photos had friends that went, could see it on the internet, that level of accessibility, it can all be happening in the same now moment in a way that's not canceling one another out. So it's, we don't want to say this is an advanced concept, you're you're you're asking questions that that are bringing in things that need a wider context. So we just want to finish this one aspect of it is that there's unique and there's universal so even if something looks the same, a universal experience of it can be word shared, where you have bipedal Center are becoming parents. And that's a universal experience. However, there's still the unique experience of that particular parent. And the unique or the bespoke, is what's going to be required and augmented even more as as things continue to evolve what we speak of as that individualized oneness.

Alex Ferrari 53:02
Thank you so much for that. I wanted to ask you a little bit about Atlantis. Since you are connected so much to Atlantis, what key lessons can humanity learn from the civilization that was known as Atlantis and its fall? It's rise and fall?

Danielle Hoffman 53:22
Yeah, well, we're tuning into what will contribute the most to this audience to this group to this gathering? And, and the first response to that question is to let your body now and your cells now this is a different lifetime, because the suppression of those that house like one of the first, let's say purposes, when when Daniel was kind of tuning in, what's her purpose that came through as being a carrier and bring her forth of ancient and innovative innovative wisdoms? And so there's there there are many of you that are carriers of ancient and innovative wisdoms in your own way. And one of the ways that you don't access that what you're carrying or tap into the wisdom that could be there is because of the imprints of of falls because of the imprints of of past lives. And what happened before when you have the level of a darkness and and in the in the scheme of lifetimes. You've been everything you've done everything you've explored the duality of light and dark and so to to recognize that there's a certain integrity and we don't mean like morals, we mean a bridge and an engineer, a bridge has integrity to be able to hold certain cars that go over it. So those that are tapping into and have experienced the rise in the fall and and then have experienced falls and rises and rises and falls and and that this particular time is coming out of a fall into a rise again. that if you're it's a different lifetime, it's a different lifetime. And that there are these lock and keys of vibrational proximity that doesn't have it doesn't have consciousness be accessible for someone unless they're in vibrational proximity. So that worked a little bit different in Atlantis where there was more experimentation there was more lifetimes and that's the the next wave that's coming in for those of you who are a part of those experimentations where where where a channel who could channel or an Oracle, there will be the thought like, Oh, if I if I cut out the their pineal gland and I eat it, then I'm going to be able to do it. Like, we don't want to go on National Geographic on you. Yeah, we just want to point to some of those Alchemist wizard mad scientists lifetimes as well and not only rises and falls, to just let your system know, it's a it's a different lifetime. And, and to recognize that there, it's all divine order. Yes, there's apparent chaos. And yet, the exact precise newness of the divine order of things that we're having this conversation right now has been led up to for quite a while it and we don't mean just on each other's calendars. And yet now's the moment, now's the moment. So that's what I mean, things are going to get even more bespoke. And our first wave is more to unleash, or to place on the altar, right, where we don't tell you what to do or not to do, or you you are are co creating with us, we're partnering with you. Yet, we see individuals who have a lot of power and empowerment who have the integrity of the bridge in their system to carry and bring forward higher consciousness that aren't doing it because they don't want to reproduce what happened before. And for those that may try to that, that don't quite have the integrity of the bridge in place. If there are safety mechanisms in place, there, there is a divine order in place. So it's not a time of instant manifestation. There, there is some grace in the process. So that's the first kind of wave when we look at this particular audience is to let yourself know that it's a different lifetime, and that you're co creating we talk about this a lot. It's one of the founding principles and the bodies of work that we brought forward, which is that equanimity equality, revolution and relationships, that beyond power over power under and that also comes to partnering with higher consciousness, the higher consciousness in a way that you're not giving away your power or over diminishing it yet it's very much in aligned a connection. So we're starting to step aside. We sense that has been quite a transmission yet. Well, we'll hang out a little bit for the integration if there's any final comments or questions or reflections?

Alex Ferrari 58:16
What do you what do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Danielle Hoffman 58:19
Yeah, so we bring in some light language because it's efficient and expansive. If someone's new to light language, you can think of it like the hieroglyphs or sacred geometry or different symbols or colors or light. And remember that yes, we're speaking to your beautiful minds and bodies and emotions. However, we're really speaking your to your totality. So the light language and we'll translate it a little bit so it's not only light language, it would be our parting message. ***Speaking light language*** You often perceive or miss identify, being in physical form as a disadvantage. We're translating the essence of the light language. ***Speaking light language*** While underestimating the power of your physicality, and housing consciousness, your consciousness within that physicality. ***Speaking light language***. One of Danielle's favorite books growing up was the Wrinkle in Time. ***Speaking light language*** where there's time and align and then time that gets folded over into a wrinkle and that you can just jump and take that Wrinkle in Time without going In the long way ***Speaking light language*** The invitation is to go in that wrinkle in your own life. ***Speaking light language*** the external experiences in your life may stay the same, especially for those of you who have what you might call more decades on the biological clock or you're you're in, you're in a groove of, you're gonna live in the same place, maybe you have the same partner, maybe you're in your career, the physical external things may not change, however, you are going into a higher octave. And the higher octave of what's in that wrinkle time is also being embodied more ***Speaking light language*** So one of the number one skill sets from our perspective right now, and we know that you all are in this to go in to your own discernment, and then what we would call up in terms of connecting to your higher self to Source consciousness and to for those of you that choose your unique counsels, ***Speaking light language*** we know that you often appreciate us, and thank us, and what we would share is that we are celebrating our partnership, and that we are acknowledging your contribution to the elevation in consciousness, it takes all of us together, co creating to really lead that elevation in consciousness in a way that's very embodied this light in love, and we are.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:04
She's back. How are you feeling?

Danielle Hoffman 1:02:07
Yeah, great. comments coming back slowly. But here.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:14
I won't throw any calculus questions at you at the moment. So don't worry.

Thank you so much for that, that was such a beautiful transmission, and hopefully will help people watching and listening around the world. I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Danielle Hoffman 1:02:37
Wow, that's a beautiful question. Yeah, for me, being as fully realized in this incarnation as I can, and that embodied spiritual way. And that I when I choose to drop the body that I had that sense of, I left it on the stage, like I came, I did what I came here for. So a fulfilling life. For me, it has a lot of units of consciousness in around mission or contribution. However, in a way that is also very multi dimensional, abundant. So that there is that that deep experience of having a body having a home, having relationships, being being here and enjoying it. So yeah, it's a great question.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:31
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Danielle, what questions would you what advice would you give her?

Danielle Hoffman 1:03:37
Like you're on on the right path, there is a little bit of if there was A Wrinkle in Time to move through some of the giving away power faster than that would be? That would be a cool thing. So there's a little bit of yeah, just the conditioning of power over power under and and sharing with her I wouldn't say in those words, because those are more complex, but like you're more powerful than you know, it's probably the essence of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:04
How do you define God or Source?

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:06
All that there is and and we're Source Extensions.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:11
What is love?

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:12
A frequency and a vibration. That represents kind of the highest consciousness that we can access on the earth. So beyond an emotion.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:22
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:23
I'm hearing being

Alex Ferrari 1:04:28
Just to be.

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:29
Yeah, I would add in aligning being and doing that, but really being and having the experience

Alex Ferrari 1:04:36
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:39
Yes. So is a great place to check out all that I've got going and then books anywhere books are sold. Danielle Rama Hoffman, but they're also on my website as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:57
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Danielle Hoffman 1:04:59
You're more powerful than you know.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:03
That's good, a good, good way to end it. Danielle thank you so much for coming on the show and for your sharing of your talents, your wisdom, and helping awaken the planet. So I appreciate you my dear, thank you.

Danielle Hoffman 1:05:14
My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

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