TOP Psychic REVEALS How Your DECEASED LOVED ONES Are Speaking to YOU! with Concetta Bertoldi

In the sacred dance of today’s episode, we are graced with the presence of Concetta Bertoldi. A renowned psychic medium, Concetta’s journey into the unseen realms offers a profound glimpse into the afterlife, bringing messages of hope, love, and insight from the spirit world. With her unique ability to connect with those who have crossed over, Concetta shares experiences that are as enlightening as they are comforting.

Concetta Bertoldi opens by recounting her earliest encounters with the spirit world. Even as a child, she was aware of her extraordinary abilities. She vividly remembers the first time her gift became apparent when she innocently described a tragic accident involving her uncle, only to have the phone ring moments later confirming her premonition. Her family, particularly her father, who also had a similar gift, helped her navigate these early experiences with understanding and support. “My father was on the lookout for it from the very beginning,” she recalls, highlighting the importance of acceptance and guidance in her formative years.

As Concetta grew older, she realized that her ability was not just a gift but also a calling. She describes how her brother’s death from AIDS at the age of 38 became a pivotal moment in her life. His passing propelled her into the public eye, as he urged her from beyond to deliver messages and help others. She speaks fondly of the transition from using tarot cards as a tool for readings to fully embracing her role as a medium, listening to the spirits directly. This shift was marked by her decision to be honest about her abilities, even if it meant facing skepticism and disbelief.

The practice of mediumship, as Concetta explains, involves more than just communicating with spirits. It’s about understanding and respecting the boundaries between the living and the dead. Over the years, she has developed tools and practices to protect herself from negative energies, a crucial aspect of her work. “I start out every day saying I’m grounded in the power of God,” she shares, emphasizing the importance of spiritual grounding and faith.


  1. Embrace Your Intuition: We all possess an innate ability to connect with the spiritual realm. Trust your gut feelings and intuitive insights as they are often the whispers of the spirit world.
  2. Set Boundaries with Spirits: Like any relationship, boundaries are essential. Clearly communicate your limits to ensure you are only engaging with positive energies.
  3. Stay Grounded in Faith: Anchoring yourself in faith, whether through daily prayers or affirmations, provides protection and guidance in your spiritual practices.

Concetta’s encounters with the spirit world are both fascinating and comforting. She recounts a particularly humorous yet profound experience involving a mobster and his mother’s spirit, demonstrating the unexpected ways in which spirits can communicate. Her anecdotes underscore the idea that the afterlife is not bound by our earthly perceptions but is a continuation of our soul’s journey.

In our discussion, Concetta addresses common misconceptions about mediumship and the existence of spirits. She emphasizes that spirits are always around us, ready to help and guide us if we are open to their presence. “They’re always talking to you in your subconscious,” she explains, urging listeners to pay attention to their inner thoughts and feelings as they often contain messages from beyond.

In conclusion, Concetta Bertoldi’s insights offer a beacon of hope and understanding in the often-misunderstood world of mediumship. Her experiences remind us that our loved ones are never truly gone; they continue to watch over us, offering guidance and love from the other side. By embracing our intuition, setting clear boundaries, and staying grounded in faith, we can navigate our spiritual journeys with greater confidence and peace.

Please enjoy my conversation with Concetta Bertoldi.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 407

Concetta Bertoldi 0:00
I mean, he led me to where they were. He said, Look up, look under the hat, boom, there they were. And they do that seven to eight times out of 10. It will come to fruition and the two or three times that they don't answer your request, you must understand God has a better plan and give me your faith. But the odds are great seven times out of 10. Let me give you an example. Alex, I love this one. The other day I went to my assistants house, her name is Elena. She's not just my assistant. She's one of my best friends but I went to her house and she said, I lost my sunglasses. I can't find them. I had it for years. I love them. I said, Well, did you look in your car because I see I'm in your car. She goes I looked a million times in my car. I said no. There when you're there in the car. They're in the car. Okay, she went outside. She came back 10 minutes later she goes and she's a neat freak, not like a lot of junk in her car she goes

Alex Ferrari 1:00
I like to welcome to the show Concetta Bertoldi. How you doing good Concetta.

Concetta Bertoldi 1:03
I'm wonderful. darlin, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:05
I'm good. My dear. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I am. I am so excited to talk to you about your journeys in the the insane worlds of psychic mediumship. And all the journeys and all the things that you've done in your life. Oh, talk about one of your books do dead people's watching. Dead people watch you shower, which is only to be bested by I kissed the ghost and I liked it. Your titles for your books are absolutely amazing. And I knew and I knew, I just know that this conversation is going to be a lot of fun. So first question I have for you is were you born with we obviously were born with it. But did you know about your gifts early on? Or is that something that developed later on in life?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:53
Well, my father when he was alive, told the story that my father's father who also had an amazing ability, told him when my mother was pregnant, that I would also have this ability. So my father was on the lookout for it from the very beginning. But he didn't say anything to my mother because he didn't want to frighten her. They were different religions, different ethnic backgrounds. So she wasn't familiar with this. And the way she was raised, she would have been very frightened of this. So this happened. It was sprung on her one day, I was only five I came in from playing and I said, Mommy uncle Jerry's leg is gone. And it's all bloody. And my mother, that was her first experience. She used to love to tell the story. And she said, What a horrible thing for a little girl to say, Why did you say that? And then the phone rang. And it was my mother's sister in law, my uncle's wife. And he was in a motorcycle accident. And they were asking permission to amputate his leg. And she called my mother to she didn't know what to do. And I walked in from the backyard and said that to my mother before their phone rang, what she knew there was something up well, with her at that point. Yeah, thank God, he didn't lose his leg. But they saved it. But the point is, at that moment, my mother and father had the talk. Because my father then had to, you know, sit her down and tell her what to expect. And it really was, I don't remember any of that. By the way. I remember little little bits and pieces, though as I was maybe nine and 10. Because my mother became very comfortable with the fact that I had this ability through my father's guidance, because he knew it was okay. He knew what to expect. So my mother, though, got very comfortable in this sense. When there was a neighbor who had a problem or a death in the family. I would come home from school, there'd be somebody I didn't know in the living room, and she would be like, can you come here? And can you talk to this lady hurt someone so died and tell her anything? So I always tell people, you know, now I have a very vulgar way of saying it, but I'm from Jersey. So I have excuses. I say she used to pimp me out. But that was because she called me in and say, Would you talk and say something? I maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Alex Ferrari 4:08
I completely understand what you're saying. But it's interesting that, you know, again, I've told this on the show before that this the gift runs in my family. I don't have it. But it ran in my grandma, my mother's side of the family grandmother had it. And her grandma and I think her her sisters had versions of this. But early on, it's you know, it's something you wouldn't talk about. It would be exactly the way you it's exactly what you said. A friend would tell a friend they would come over with the gun behind closed doors. He's very quiet. You would never advertise no darlin, you would never go on a show and talk about it like this.

Concetta Bertoldi 4:46
Oh my god, I always joke. I have a rich sense of humor. So you forgive me, please. But I tell people I'm just grateful. It's 2023 because if this was like 1798 They'd already have a fire going down at this center town for me, you know, so yes, you're absolutely right. We are in the 21st century. And I feel the biggest discovery of this century is spirituality. It is the biggest discovery.

Alex Ferrari 5:12
Would you agree that the the consciousness of humanity in general has shifted so dramatically in the last 10 years?

Concetta Bertoldi 5:22
Oh, absolutely. In the last 2025 years absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 5:26
It's been moving a lot. But I think in the last 10, it's actually it's accelerating, even picked up speed is picked up speed, because I've said this before, but like, This show doesn't make sense. 10 years ago.

Concetta Bertoldi 5:38
Right. Exactly. That's why I love your podcast

Alex Ferrari 5:42
Thank you. But like, something like this, these conversations, people weren't kind of ready for this. You know, and I have,

Concetta Bertoldi 5:49
You've given it a platform, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 5:51
Yeah. Yeah. It's something that that's what I tried to do with the show is I try to bring people on and have serious conversations about these things. Because, you know, yes, we've all heard of the charlatans, we all heard of the people who, who bring a bad name to channeling or to psychic mediumship, or even to near death experiences or any of these kinds of things. But, you know, when you talk to people who really do have the gift, and you get into the weeds with it, it's really, for me, it's fascinating, because I don't have the gift. So I was in, but I've been around it. And in my culture, I'm Latino. So my culture, it's inbred, it's in our DNA as Latin America, spirituality and psychic medium ships and you know, like, you will always have the Oh, go to go to and Jane and Janel, you know, this or that, or, you know, and only years later, actually, after I launched the show, my mom's one that told me like, Oh, grandma had it. I'm like, what she's like, oh, yeah, so did So did your aunt here and this other out there? And? And I'm like, really? And just Oh, yeah, we just couldn't talk about it. You can't talk about things like that. So, so. So as you're growing up, you're dealing with are you seeing dead people that can ghost? Are they all just hanging around and sixth sense? Like how did you grow up?

Concetta Bertoldi 7:06
Well, first, let me just say something to you, you do have the ability, honey, but you call it a gut feeling, or even a coincidence. But my favorite is something just told me you know, but you do have we all we all have this ability. And it's just that one. It's like anything else if you were first given a bike, and it was a two wheeler and they said, You can ride this bike demonstrate, and you never saw one before. And then someone encouraged you and you took a ride or you started to test it, and you were fumbling fallen, but you kept at it, you got better and better and better. Next thing, you know, you know, you're running races down the street. It's like anything else. And when you exercise it and use it, you will see more of it. And I started I think about because I've always known that I heard dead people. I was fortunate because I had a father who was so accepting. And he early on told me how to protect myself. What it was that it was happening. So I wasn't frightened. And that was a real great. And I also was raised by two people who were so incredibly wonderful about difference in differences in this world. As I said, there were two different religions, two different ethnic backgrounds. They were they were accepting of all people, they had no prejudices at all. So my mother and father didn't raise us really a religion. They said my brothers and I, they said to us, when you get old enough and choose a religion, we'll follow every one of them and we'll celebrate every one of them. So to have folks like that raise a person with this ability was the perfect perfect I had I feel like I had the perfect storm to be able to do what I'm doing. Because I'm open you know, to all the possibilities, all the love that's out there. So I've had a lot of fun with it. And if I had a problem I would go to my father you know but he was the one who encouraged me that to know that they were there to help me and that I was different to be honest

Alex Ferrari 9:04
And and how did you deal with you know going through school and you know those early years Elementary Middle High School when you just want to kind of you know one of the yeah fit in be one of the crowd and yet you're hearing and seeing dead people and then I'm assuming at one point or another you go oh wait a minute. Oh, everyone can see this.

Concetta Bertoldi 9:23
That's correct. You are so right, my dear. Well, it one thing it did do was I because of disability as a young girl, you're right. I told very few people my family knew. But friends wise, I didn't go around telling people hey, I have your grandmother on you want to talk to her. I didn't do that. I chose very wisely. The friends that I selected to socialize with. And you know, I just like anybody else and a young age all I wanted to do was wear lipstick and find boys. So the last thing I ever thought I'd ever be doing is reading people you know, listen for dead people around people. If I didn't know the value of it, I didn't understand what what it could do for people's lives in those young years. So I took it for granted for a very long time as a young girl, but the friends I had young, I still have to this day, because I could trust them. They they didn't betray me when I confessed to them, you know, that I had this ability that they stuck by me and didn't make fun of me and didn't tell other, you know, kids we hung out with, because, you know, I mean, listen, I'm honest, I don't care about much in terms of what people think of what I look like, whatever. So I openly admit everything. If I had plastic surgery and my age, I tell you, I'm 70 years old. So I've been around long enough, I can tell you that. By the way, I know I look great.

Alex Ferrari 10:49
I was about to say, but you beat me to it.

Concetta Bertoldi 10:53
Joking, of course. But the truth is, I've been around long enough to know that people can be very mean, and they can hurt you, when you have confidence. They would really like to bring you down a few in Jersey, we say this, people want to see it get ahead, just not ahead of them. So early on, I learned, you know, where I could trust and how to handle things that were thrown at me. But I like to embrace everything. So that's why I tell my favorite thing is women. I mean, I'm married. I love women, though. I'm married to a man, by the way, I don't federal came out, right. But I love women in this sense, I want to make a difference in letting them know to have self confidence. Because there was always so much put upon me and women have been put upon from the beginning of time. But especially in my lifetime, I've seen what magazines and what Hollywood projects as beautiful and perfect and stunning. And I like to make a difference in women's lives that they have self confidence and believe in themselves. And I have a tremendous amount of that. That's why I openly admit my age. I don't care because I like me. And I like the way I look. So if you walk in the room with those two things in your head that walks in before you and it comes across that way, in a nice way, because I'm not a brat.

Alex Ferrari 12:18
So as you said, as you're growing, going through life, at what point did you decide to come out of the psychic closet?

Concetta Bertoldi 12:24
Well, I'll tell you what happened there. So I had a brother who was he was what we call Irish twins. He was 11 months, there was 11 months between us. And he passed away when he was 38 of AIDS. And it was so devastating to my family. And we were very close. And when he died, he came to me immediately and said you must help us, please deliver these messages. And I said to him, honey, I don't have the slightest idea how to go out there. Just save the world. Here I am. I hear dead people. I didn't even know what to do with that. By the way. He was 38. I was 37. I just told you I'm 70. So it happened a long time ago. And I said, All right, what what should I do? And he said, well, all you have to do is say yes, you'll help us agree to help us. We'll take it from there. I didn't even know what he could do. I mean, you know, this was the first person I had loved and lost both my parents. Thank God we're still here. They both joined him now. I call them affectionately My God Squad. And in all fairness, he took over he brought me to unbelievable. It was like everything just fell into place. It was absolutely amazing Alex nothing short of a miracle. As I see it. I was never a bright student in school. I never went to college. And I just what I did was somebody said to me get tarot cards and say you're reading Tarot cards, because I didn't know how to go in front of a person and just do what I do at that time. That was only in my early 40s. But I got tarot cards, and I use them as a disguise. Like people thought I was reading Tarot cards, but I wasn't. I was looking above them and listening to the deck folks around them. Until finally somebody said to me, why don't see that in the cards. And what about this card? That card? I had no idea what I was doing with those cards. I didn't read them. So I had to say I don't read them really, I'm listening to something else. And when the person my subject said to me, Well, what are you listening to? I said, there's dead people around you, you know. And then I told them, the person was happy. I said, I gotta throw these cards out and just be honest. So I threw the cards out and I said, I hear dead people. And I figured what could happen what's the worst that could happen? They don't like me. They don't believe me. They can make fun of me. I'll take it on. I don't care. And I did and from there it just was mind blowing how it changed. Really

Alex Ferrari 14:51
Your jersey tough. Your Jersey tough. No question about it. Yeah, you're like you said earlier what's the worst can happen? They're not burning you at the stake right now. Thank God You know, so

Concetta Bertoldi 15:01
That's the LM Alex it's New Jersey?

Alex Ferrari 15:03
Jersey, not Salem. So can you describe to the audience what your process is? Because I know every psychic medium, every channel, they all have different ways of connecting to the other side. So what is your process? I mean, do you see dead people? Do you hear them? Do you feel them? Or like I was like, Is it like ghosts? Do they come in through you like that with Whoopi Goldberg? What would what is your process?

Concetta Bertoldi 15:28
It's really, it's, it's amazing how it's evolved over the years. In the beginning, I used to see them. Yes, not the way I see you. And I, you know, and in what I work from is my subconscious, you, you realize that right? Now you and I are using our conscious mind. So we're focused on what's in front of us, right. But when we go to sleep at night, our conscious mind goes to sleep and your subconscious comes up. And the subconscious is working at the same time your conscious mind is, that's what sees all the way around you. So I can fluctuate in between subconscious and conscious mind always have been able to do that. But over the years of using this ability, like I said, if you exercise something who can become an Olympic player at it? Well, that's what happened to me, it has evolved. Now it's to the point where I mean, people always say, Oh, you're so lucky. And you know, it's such a blessing. And I wish this and I wish that and, and I have a younger brother, who is adorable, and he doesn't have this ability. And he always would say to me, I wish I had that ability. I wish I had it, I want to hear how old, my brother who passed away. And I always used to say to him, honey, until you really have it, you don't know what you're wishing for. Because there's an old saying, Be careful what you wish for. Because now that I'm at this stage in my life, like you said, you know, I want to be in control of my whole consciousness around me, you when you're younger, you don't think about the things that could happen to you when you're older. So you just give into it. But now I'm at a point where I'm like, Whoa, wait a minute, I need to be fully aware of what's going on around me. I'm not getting any younger, you know. So I have asked them very politely how they can go about giving me messages and what my boundaries are. Because when I was younger, I didn't have any boundaries, I would take all messages. And in that process, I would get sometimes evil things that would try, you know what I would call prankster spirits. So I didn't know how to handle that. But over the years, I've learned so many tools, and I now put them all to work. I start out every day saying I'm grounded in the power of God, because my faith in God is huge. Now I don't I won't say to you that I follow a religion. Yes, I think in terms of Jesus and Mary, I just happen to love them. But I can honestly say I respect all religions, as long as they respect everybody else. You know, in fact, I love this question I ask people many times when I'm with new people out to dinner, if you had an opportunity to go to dinner and have a conversation with somebody, somebody's either dead or alive, who would you want to have dinner with that you could talk to and ask a million questions. They don't have to be alive. They can be from 500 years ago, who would you want? And most people always say things like, I don't know, Henry the Eighth, Marilyn Monroe, you know, whatever, President. But my answer would have, I would love to meet Jesus, I would you know, I'm not good enough to shine his shoes, but I'd love to hug them or just look at him and kiss him if I could be on his hand. You know, because I know how great a person is soul he was. But anyway, I have evolved. And now I can do things that even astound me and I'm not bragging. I hope that doesn't sound that way. Because there are things when I'm doing work for people that I'll even sit back that they have just told me that and now I'm singing that and the person tells me Concetta there's no way you could have known this. You know what I love when that happens? Because I feel like I'm doing my job. You know what I mean?

Alex Ferrari 19:14
So do you so there is so now there's yeah,

Concetta Bertoldi 19:17
I forgot to tell you. Yes. Were like a Jersey girl too. So

Alex Ferrari 19:21
It's okay, we have ways of taking care of that. And so, so there is a close sign now. So you have an open sight and a close eye on you. You've set boundaries because I've again heard this from other psychic mediums at the beginning. It's wide open and you can't be wide open because it's too much. Oh, gotta really set up that I'm open for business. I'm closed for business. So then the question is do dead people watch you taking a shower?

Concetta Bertoldi 19:53
Well, how do you here's what you got to know most folks, most folks don't mind if God watches them. Sure. Hour, they just don't want the grandmother to watch you know what I mean? It's that's what it really comes down to. But you have to know that when we leave this side, and we're not in the physical form anymore, we're in the energy form. And provided you choose God, which I encourage everybody choose God when you get out of your body. That's the first thing you get before you. Do you choose God. And those folks that don't choose God. Well, I've met some of them some gangsters from New Jersey, who I know would be afraid for retribution, whatever. Not my, you know, I would say don't be afraid, because God is so loving. But anyway, I'm sorry, what'd you write into?

Alex Ferrari 20:38
I was, I was No, no, I was about to say something when you said that, because I have experienced with mobsters, as well as many of my listeners know, I almost made a movie for a mobster. And he was from Jersey if I'm not mistaken. I think he was New Yorker jersey. He was definitely of the Italian persuasion, to say the least. But isn't it funny every time you see drug dealers, gangsters, mafiosos, there's always a church scene in the movie. They're always praying. They're always they're always praying to God, they're always doing the Hail Mary. And then they go on kill somebody. It is fascinating it across cultures, across cultures, you can watch Narcos, you can watch the godfather. All the mafia stories.

Concetta Bertoldi 21:21
That's so true. Yeah, it's true. Let me just say this. I always tell people you didn't come to earth to be perfect. You came to be faithful. So you don't have to worry about being perfect. Just be faithful. Choose God. And it doesn't matter what religion you are just choose God. And I always look at it. Like I'm not perfect. But I do know, I didn't kill anybody and bury him in my backyard. So I think I'm still in good graces,

At least that they can prove. At least they can prove that's always innocent until proven guilty. Yes, you're right. So so is there ever has there ever been a reading for you that you've had with a client that not only was so profound for the client, but also profound for you? Oh, just rocked that rocked your world.

Oh, honey, I really hope you'll forgive me for this answer. Because there are so many, so many. You know, I've been doing this for a long, long time. So yeah, there have been some that have blown me away. And I thought that wasn't the question you were going to ask. I thought you were gonna ask me. Was there ever? Anybody ever spoke to that? I didn't hear anybody. But all right. I'll give you one example. Okay, let's see. Well, this is a fun one. We were just talking about it. So I had a mobster come to me one time. And he Yeah, he came to be with to goo modest. You know what? Kumada? Sorry. Yes. So he came here with to whom us and they sat in my office. And I looked at the the point was made with one person's name. It was one of the women. So I didn't know who he was. I had no idea. He looked old as dirt. So I said, This guy looks harmless than us. But he came in with them to go months. And I did the glottis first, right. And then when I got to him, I said, there was something really well my own I don't know what's how to explain it. But there was something very ugly around the energy. And I said, I don't know where I'm gonna go with this. But what I got, the only thing I got was his mother. And she was telling me to tell him to repent, and I was like, I don't know who this guy is, whatever. And it started out it was so funny. Because I said to him, do I always start out saying, say your name? Because I show them respect to the other side? You tell me your name. They know now you're my subject. And then I say to them, Do I have your permission to listen? Because basically, they're talking on the whole whole phone to them. And I'm on the extension, listening to everything. You know, that's how I explained to people how I'm here in this East dropping on your conversation as they're talking to you. So I asked him that he looked at my table like it was bugged. And it was like, you know, the Senate committee and he was like, why? What are you going to do? I was like, Oh, come down there, baby. And when I said to him, what's your name? He was hesitant to say his name. Long story short, I did what I do, and they let our I was happy that we're gone. Okay, model. So now that three days later, my husband comes home now, you know, the old saying, we're not involved in that, but we know they are. So my husband said Do you know who was here Concetta? And I said no. And he tells me the guy's name. And I go I don't know who that is. Who is it? And he goes, he was just released from prison. And apparently his two months go to your office. I went oh my god, I think I remember this guy because I don't remember anything but I remembered that stood out that there was like that very fishy. And I said, so he said yeah, he said, but you're not gonna believe this. I said why? He goes Tony no fingers found me on the job site and asked me if he could get me in. I may started getting all these wiseguys coming because I'm booked in advance. So I Although it was so funny, yeah. And then the best part was, I wrote about it in one of my books. And I changed the names, of course to protect the innocent. But I was doing a book signing and somebody at the book signing asked me about the the mobster who came. And I made a big joke. I was talking about it. And then after I was doing the book signing two girls, young, beautiful girls came up to me and said, that's our uncle. Oh, I said, I already knows where I live.

Alex Ferrari 25:32
Well, my favorite part of that whole story is Tony no fingers. I mean, that's love. They are a nickname. It was very clear, always very colorful, very colorful, to say the least. Oh, my God, that's, that's hilarious. So

Concetta Bertoldi 25:54
When I was telling him what was so profound to him, by the way, oh, yeah, whatever he said, Whatever his mother said to him, because he didn't believe in this. And he was dragged here by these two women. He had no interest in it whatsoever. But apparently, I don't remember what it was. But whatever it was, he was bowled over by something that was only between him and his mother. And so when he went back to his club, I guess he was telling all the guys go. And that's how the phone calls started coming in. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 26:23
Wow. And did you accept all these? These clients? No, you didn't. Okay.

Concetta Bertoldi 26:27
No, I don't show I don't show favoritism. Or, you know, if somebody has an appointment, I honor it. And if somebody's kind enough to wait five years, and then I'm not going to drop them to pick somebody, you know, that's really not nice. Of course, of course, I wouldn't do that.

Alex Ferrari 26:43
Fair enough. Fair enough. So you were saying like, Have you ever you were saying, I thought you were going to ask if I've ever seen anybody that nothing came through? Have you ever had that?

Concetta Bertoldi 26:54
Yes, Alex, it's been very few times. And it's always so heartbreaking. Because it's not my fault. And I won't make this up. I remember one time in particular, there were three girls it was early on in my career. And the three girls came to my office, they were so excited. They were young, adorable. So the first two girls that I read was wonderful. They were happy. And I was very grateful that things made them pleased that they came. When I got to the third girl I looked and I heard zippity doo da, there was nothing nothing. And I said to her honey, I am so sorry. I'm not a liar. And I can't make this up. But there's I don't hear anything. And I don't, I feel really bad. And I can't take any kind of pay for this because I'm not going to do it. I have nothing. So the girl ran out of my house crying and I was devastated. I said, Oh my God, that poor girl. So her girlfriends were still in my house and my office and I said, what happened? What's going on? And then they told me they said she lives with her mother. She had live with her mother. The mother was abusive. She was she was adorable, too. She never had a boyfriend. She always wanted to be married and have a boyfriend. And that she had seen other Ico boardwalk psychics, who gave all information that did not make any sense. And nothing was helping her neither was she getting any validations. And I said to myself, oh my god, I'm so sorry. But when she when they left, I realized what that was, was it was a karmic. It was a karmic relationship between the mother and the daughter, and that there was something much more serious karmically going on between the two of them, and I was not privy to hear anything to do anything. So that made me feel very bad for that poor girl. But I remember to say and this had to be my god 20 years ago, and there were other times but not many, not many hours, most of the time. I will say like 98.9% There's always dead people around every one of us but there's that 1% Where there's nothing you know, and I will I will try to fight it if I don't got it. I don't I don't get it. I don't get it.

Alex Ferrari 29:04
So if you only connect with dead dead people who have passed on or their angels or anything else, Jesus Have you spoken to Jesus? Or is it it's a strictly it's strictly just a past? It's a one way conversation though. Yeah.

Concetta Bertoldi 29:26
All the time, I happy to tell you. And I highly recommend it. Because I feel we all have our own God Squad, meaning that we all have people we've loved and lost and we have many more that we've never even met that are part of our God Squad. But as far as Jesus and Mary, I've seen evidence enough to know. So I assure you, it's real. God is real. They are real. They are if you ask for their help, they answer I mean, it's nothing short of a miracle. I'm just An average person and I don't claim to have anything all that special, I just have this ability that makes me very happy that I have. But I do make sure I point out that these souls these beautiful people, I will say Jesus and Mary, they are there they are here. They're in the air you breathe. And if you spell air, it spells a i r, and it stands for always in reach. So remember that ladies and gentlemen, they're always in reach and available to you.

Alex Ferrari 30:34
Now, what is the biggest misconception that people have psychic mediums?

Concetta Bertoldi 30:38
Well, there's a lot of phonies out there. There's a lot and there's a lot that let it go to their head. I've met them and I

Alex Ferrari 30:46
Real people, real people, like people who actually have the gift. But their ego the egos down. Yeah, I've

Concetta Bertoldi 30:46
I wont mention any names, but I've met them that are famous. And, you know, today, it's so funny. I was out today. And I was talking to somebody. And they were telling me they ran into a very famous medium that I won't mention any names. And they said she was so rude and really snapped at them for talking to her on her time. And, and yeah, like, right, and I sit, they sit Concetta, we love talking to you. Because you you don't have that. And you have what they said a lot of nice things to me. So I said, Listen, I'm this, unlike in that girl next door. And if somebody says hello to me, and is happy to see me, why would my say hello, we'd be happy to see you. There's like when somebody let stuff go to their head. It's always a mistake. It never, it never plays out. Well, it catches, it catches up to you. And And believe me, life is short. So you know, I'm just saying, don't let that go to your head. And I've seen a lot of that happen to them. You know, it's Hollywood happens. People who get power and AI positions happens to a lot of people, that will never happen to me.

Alex Ferrari 32:00
Well, it like as you know that I do come from Hollywood and worked in the film industry for such a long time i I'm old enough to have seen the rise and fall of many celebrities, many actors, many directors, writers. And you and I've worked with people who were at the height, the the ego, the yelling, the insanity, the abuse. But then two, three years later, they're they're gone. Because when you stop when you stop making the system money, they're not going to put up with your BS anymore, right?

Concetta Bertoldi 32:32
That's right. And you know, I know what you mean. Because first of all, I also have met, obviously, you would imagine, right? word gets out. When I started doing this work, word got out. And I started hearing some celebrities that made me say who pulled you know, but Whoa. But I met a lot of wonderful celebrities. And a lot of ones that are in their heads so big that we had at the doorframe change, you know, I mean, just so sad. But it's really it's a sad thing, because this is a human thing. We're all going through a human experience. And nobody here is better than anybody else. You know, and you know, who just people find that out eventually, like the queen, and I love the queen. Don't get me wrong, but I'm sure when she went into the pearly gates, they weren't like 17 servants waiting for her, you know, and saying, Yes, Your Majesty, and what do you want for dinner? And you know, we're going to run your bathwater for you now. Now she had, she must have found out it's just different. You know, she was fortunate. She had amazing life and God bless her. I wish her wonderful happiness in the light of God. But I wasn't I

Alex Ferrari 33:38
You know what, it's really interesting that you bring up the Queen, because a lot of people think that oh, the Queen of England has so much power and money and this. Yeah, but that comes at a price. You know, and I know a lot of people will be willing to pay for that price. By the way, they at least they think they do just like your brother. Yeah, like your brother who wants your, your, your gifts. He's like, two years in that world you don't know. You know, fame is a very, very tricky thing. And I've been around I've been around fame for a long time. And I've been good friends with people who have been extremely, really famous. And I've interviewed people who are extremely famous. And I asked the question like, how do you deal with that? Because it's, it's a there's a cost involved.

Concetta Bertoldi 34:22
It is. And I'm not saying I'm famous. I'm not saying I'm more of that in the bag of chips, but I will say this. Since I've been public and you know, written these books, I've been very fortunate. I have sadly found out sadly the hard way who were real friends and who you know, and people who want to use you. And then you know, we're just we I mean I found out things being in this profession, you know, and it's sad because that's the part that people who end the other people don't know what those people are going through

Alex Ferrari 34:59
It is it's one thing to see on the TV screen or in a movie screen or listen to music. And you think of these people they like, let's be soap. There's a cost to all of that. I mean, look right now Taylor Swift is the most famous woman in the world. Yeah, right now, everybody in the world knows about her. And, and she's 34 years old. I can't even imagine living a day in her life

Concetta Bertoldi 35:24
Yeah. Well, I can say that. That was just remember Madonna was that famous one day, right?

Alex Ferrari 35:29
And Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson was

Concetta Bertoldi 35:31
Yeah, yeah. But sadly, Michael Jackson has left us. And that's sad, because he was such an amazing talent. But Madonna is still here, God bless her. But now she's past the 34 stage. So now she's finding out what it's like to be on the other receiving end, being all that worship and all that all that, you know, body, soul and everything, you know, you can't hold on to that forever. So you better have I was just saying that to the same girls I referred to before today. I said, you have to know your beautiful, you have to feel it. Because if you don't know it, when you're young, when you get to this age, it's just gonna really suck. Because if you don't feel fabulous, and know that you're walking, bringing something worthwhile to the table, other people are not going to ever see it. And especially not see it when you're this age. It's just yeah, if

Alex Ferrari 36:27
And you look at someone like Dolly Parton who Ah, my I love, I love dolls. And I mean, she was a sex symbol. I mean, and she still lives to many people.

Concetta Bertoldi 36:38
Because her heart is so beautiful. And she is so right.

Alex Ferrari 36:42
And she's just aged with grace and wonder. And she's not trying to be a 21 year old anymore. You know, it's

Concetta Bertoldi 36:49
Like her too honey yeah,

Alex Ferrari 36:50
There's there's

Concetta Bertoldi 36:52
So much good energy. How about we just put it that way. You see on television, you see or a person you see on a movie, her energy, so vibrant, and so positive. And you just want to smile when you see her.

Alex Ferrari 37:06
Yeah, she's she's absolutely beautiful. Now, you mentioned something in regards to prankster, prankster spirits I'm assuming that Do you believe in dark spirits, evil spirits, bad things? If they're if they do exist, which people are so fearful of those kinds of things? What do you do to protect yourself from them? And what can other people do to protect from that dark energy? Or is that even a thing that we have to worry about at all?

Concetta Bertoldi 37:32
Ofcourse, they exist. Honey, we're in the midst right now on Earth, in a very big battle between good and evil. I mean, you can see it just turn the TV on. And in five minutes, you'll see proof of it if you watch the news. But what I can tell you is that yes, evil is real. There's no question. We're here. This is camp Earth, we are here to learn from this experience, that place is home. So when we're here, we're confronted with choices. So much is going on. And we learned from all of it. But evil always is trying to get our attention and getting us to trying to get us to sway to evil side. So how do I avoid it? I start every single day with prayer every single day. And during the day, I pray to, but morning prayer is very simple. It's just simple. Lord, please ground me ground me and the power and the pillar of God. It's very simple. And then I also lay my ground rules, which is you are not allowed here. So when I start work with clients, I say to them, if you are in the light of God, and you have something you want me to say, or give a message, I'll be happy to do it. But you must choose God. If you do not choose God, then you got to go right now. And I command that in the name of God. Those are my tools. And I use them all of my life because I suffer from panic attacks bad and anxieties. And it's the thing that I think that happens is two things. Number one, it's from past lives. Because these fears that I have, there's nothing that happened to me in this lifetime, that would warrant me to be afraid and so anxious and nervous. So and there's been times I've done and seen things from past lives on my own to make me understand. I'll give you an example. I believe in a past life, I was Jewish. And I believe that I died in a holocaust. And I you know, I just believe that, and there's many experiences I had that could back that up. But anyway, these are the things that grounded me and make me feel safe because when I start to panic, I call God into it. And I say and I call the hierarchy angels. I pull it all out. I say Saint Germain, flood me and the violet light of Saint Germain and these are the things that I do and if you try it, you will see that it works. You will feel it you will feel the energy that is in the light of God flood through you, if you allow it and call it

Alex Ferrari 39:59
You mentioned something in regards to going watching television and seeing that evil, there's a battle of good and evil going on right now. The world is going through a very big shift right now. And it seems like we're gonna have an interesting decade. Coming up. What do you see for humanity? Is there anything that you could tell us in regards to this, this craziness that's happening right now, because a lot of people are afraid. And a lot of people are scared of world war three, and of all this other stuff. But I'd love to hear your point of view from the other side.

Concetta Bertoldi 40:34
Absolutely. Everybody's afraid, and rightfully so. Without getting political, how about I just say this, and I truly believe this. God always wins. He always has, he always will. So I have faith. I have faith in humanity. I have faith for the future. And I believe that something I don't know how it's going to happen. But it's going to somehow work out. I just don't know the timing of it. I don't know if it's going to be sooner or later. But I do believe that we will be at a time in the future where we're all at peace. And wouldn't that be nice? And I pray for that every day? I pray for peace on earth.

Alex Ferrari 41:18
So will there be will it be this kind of I agree with you, by the way, I do agree that at the end of this road, I'm at the end of this road, we're going to be fine. But the question is, how long is that road? You know, and I've heard from other others that have been on the show that's like it's going to be a rough decade. It's

Concetta Bertoldi 41:36
jI don't think it's going to be a rough decade. I disagree with that.

Alex Ferrari 41:40
Okay, tell me tell me.

Concetta Bertoldi 41:41
I don't believe it's going to take 10 years. No, I don't believe that at all. No, without saying too much political feelings on that, I just feel that we are headed towards things that are going to bring us to a conclusion. And I hope and pray there is no you know, wars, no revolution, none of that stuff, no bombs, any that I want. I want my faith to be that God is going to rescue us from all of this turmoil and all of this hatred and mean energy that's just everyday floating around us. I believe that God is going to rescue us and I don't believe for a second, it's going to take 10 years. No.

Alex Ferrari 42:26
Thank you for that. I appreciate that.

Concetta Bertoldi 42:28
Well, then I wanted to because of the kids. I mean, you know, it's the children Alex, I mean, they're, I'm at this stage of my life. You know how many more? I don't want to make it sound like I'm in a hurry. But let's face it, you know, but the children I want them to have the country I grew up in, I want them to have the life I was fortunate enough to lead and to be happy with our neighbors. And yeah, there's all that stuff. I just want that for kids.

Alex Ferrari 42:55
Well, let me ask you this from your point of view, then why does God or source energy, whatever you want to call it allow this evil to happen in the world? Because that's the question I get asked all the time. Like, how, how, how can this happen? How can you allow these wars? How can you love famine and death and all this stuff?

Concetta Bertoldi 43:12
Yeah, it's very simple. Honey, we're, we're learning every soul that comes on Earth for however long they stay. We are learning we are teaching, we are evolving, things come out of it. There's a domino effect of everything that is happening to to the nation, the world at large to end every individual individually. And it's all God, a mission that God has a plan that God has that we are as souls to grow and benefit from it. And I don't have all the answers. I only know I have faith. And I do believe that even with the worst tragedies I've heard in my work, and I hear some of the most horrific I have often said to myself to or to God, God why? You know, I mean, these are things but I come back to the same thing every single time, which is God must know something. I don't know. I'm a mere human. I'm a mere little girl from New Jersey. I don't have that privilege to know all of that. But I do have my faith. Easy.

Alex Ferrari 44:18
Easy, easy peasy. So with all the experience that you have talking to so many people who have passed on so many souls with passed on what goes on on the other side? Is there a bar they all go to? Is there a movie theater? Like what are they doing? It seems?

Concetta Bertoldi 44:33
I ask all the time. Um, when my brother passed away, I was like, Oh, I have so I got somebody on the inside. Oh, so Okay, talk to you now. And then my father joined him then my mother joined him. And now I got my God Squad so and I've got some others that are very dear to me. I gotta mention your name, Roy because I know you're one of my best dispatchers my friend Roy. So um, in all fairness, they tell me the most amazing Eating things, I guess my own parents, you know, and it's so wonderful what they tell me, the best I can understand because they always remind me it's not like this side, they always remind me it's not the physical world is so different. But I have been made to understand that we are all we enjoy the minute we get out of our body, we have a choice. So if given you chose god, there's a homecoming, you are met by everyone you've ever loved and lost first. And then you meet all these other lovely souls who protected you and loved you the whole time while you were experiencing earth. Now you're brought into this, but they tell me the existence. My mother has said this to me. Because when I say to her, when I've spoke to her mom was dead. Like, I'm thinking he's going to be by her sitting by her in the chair like it was when I walked into their home. And she would respond to me, honey, it's not like there. He's here. But it's not like there. So in other words, what she meant was we don't live in a senior citizen building anymore. And he's not in the living room with me right now. But he's here. So, you know, and when my mother passed, I said, Do you see Harold? Because that was his name. I asked her five questions. But first time I heard her, but one of them was do you see Harold and Schuster? And it was so beautiful, because she was so sweet. I could hear her voice. And she answered me because that was her son, you know, when he died? And if you have children, you know how horrible that would be? So she was the way she answered, It was like, Oh, yes, it was so heartfelt. I said, Yeah, I was so excited. But they make it clear to me that we have the choice of what we choose the matte side, they say it like there's so many different levels of soul. It's almost like this. If you go to school, and you almost finish the only finish first grade, or you only finished eighth grade, or you're only finished high school or college. We as souls are in those categories of how our soul growth was. That's the easiest way to describe it. But we can also help other souls we can visit we can they're with us all the time. They're they're constantly trying to let us know that they're among us in the air we breathe. They always want us to know that they can help us if we pray for it. I always tell people listen, if you want help, try it out. This is the best thing to do if you want to see proof that they exist, and that they're listening. This is how you do it. I'll use my brother as an example. Because he's at my one of my biggest dispatchers, and he's on 24 hour call with me walk home, I'll say Harold, honey, please, I can't find the passports. We really need to find them. I need to find them now. Always, at the end of your request better notice a prayer, just say in the name of God hear my prayer. And I'm telling you I write about this in my books. It's like amazing. My husband looked for the passports for a whole Sunday afternoon because he was the one who lost them. I was ready to kill him. And because we were invited to go on a trip, and I said now I gotta go to Morristown, I gotta figure out how to get these stupid passports. So when I resorted to ask him, my brother, I've had him in my hand in 10 minutes, 10 minutes. I mean, he led me to where they were, he said, Look up, look under the hat, boom, there they were. And they do that seven to eight times out of 10. It will come to fruition. And the two or three times that they don't answer your request, you must understand God has a better plan and give it your faith. But the odds are great seven times out of 10. Let me give you an example. Alex, I love this one. The other day I went to my assistants house. Her name is Elena. She's not just my assistant. She's one of my best friends. But I went to her house and she said I lost my sunglasses. I can't find him. I had him for years. I love them. I said, Well, did you look in your car because I see them in your car. She goes, I looked a million times in my car. I said no. They're in your car. They're in the car. They're in the car. Okay, she went outside. She came back 10 minutes later she goes and she's a neat freak, not like a lot of junk in her car. She goes out they're not they're a con i looked everywhere. I said that's weird because I really see them in the car. So she said Nope, they're not there. The next day she called me up she was you're not gonna believe this. I said what? They were in your car? No, they were my her next door neighbor's car. She had gone out for pizza over the weekend with her neighbor. And she goes I went across the street and looked in her backseat. I saw them in between the seat I said hallelujah. Alicia found them. But that wasn't them asking for help. But she did do what I told her to do, which was give me back my sunglasses and the name of God hear my prayer. I love that story, though. So funny. I said I had the wrong car. When you talk about mediums because you're never perfect Alex.

Alex Ferrari 49:41
I wasabout to say, yeah, it's not a perfect. It's like this is not a science in that sense. You're interpreting in a lot of people from my understanding of mediums. you're interpreting visuals that have come in a lot of times. Yeah, exactly. It's like you're not hearing voices worse. Are you hearing voices?

Concetta Bertoldi 50:01
I used to, but I told you I'm my age. I don't want to hear voices. Tell me what you want me to know. But do not let me hear voices. Listen, I can tell you stories, you wouldn't believe quite frankly, if you had more time. So all I can say is read my books, because I write all about them. There are no ghost writers, if you'll excuse the pun, I write it all. But the point is, they are always talking to you in your subconscious. So that's why people will say, Oh, I had a feeling about that I had a gut feeling something just told me all those things, it was a person in your head, and I hear them in my subconscious. I go into a subconscious state, I can fluctuate, I could still run my outside of my body. But I can hear these things that are being said in my subconscious. And it's not a voice. It's a thought. It's a very loud thought. There. No, wait, I'll tell you one better way to understand it. Okay, yes. So just say you're in the middle of a conversation with somebody, and you're really following the conversation, you're into it, right? Not something boring, you're into it. But all of a sudden, in the middle of that conversation, something happened that you went, Oh, gosh, I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning. I was supposed to pick it up. Well, that was because you have two thoughts at one time, right. But if I told you, I want you to do this right now, in your mind, I want you to count one to 10. At the same time, I want you to think in your mind the ABCs he can't do it, you'll sit there going 123. But you can't do ABC at the same time. But I just prove to you that you do have two bullets at one time, because you were in the middle of a conversation you were really enjoying. But in the middle of it, something else went Hey, you forgot to pick up the milk, you forgot to get the dry cleaning the two thoughts running parallel. So you can.

Alex Ferrari 51:45
But you just can't do it in the conscious. You need to have the subconscious. Exactly No, that's happened. I mean, how many times are you driving a car and then you're thinking about 1000 other things. And by the time you get to your destination, you're like, How'd I get here? Did I wait till you get to this age? Now, now again, with your experience with spirits, how do they relate to the souls they left behind as once they pass over? How do they relate to their daughters or sons?

Concetta Bertoldi 52:17
Imagine, remember on that side is unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, no mortgage payments, no health issues. The amazing a half thing that happens is just it's so amazing. You can't even amaze imagine it, because it's nothing you have felt while you're here, although I shouldn't really say that because I felt it one time. I felt it one time I was I was at a state of a terrible anxiety, panic attack. I had skin cancer on my forehead here. And I didn't know what I was walking into. So when I went for the surgery, you know, I didn't know what to expect it with. It was a spot of look like a little spot of pepper, pepper. People pepper, pepper, pizzeria, whatever a spot of pepper was right here on my forehead. And when I went for the surgery, what did I know? I figured out the only move it no big deal. I walked out of the surgery with a scar from here to here. And it was gross. It looked like Frankenstein. Well, I was in the worst state of panic. It was terrible. Terrible. I couldn't imagine how it was going to look when I healed. I had an event to do us. So I went and I was praying I was praying, praying please, please help me Mary. I was praying to Mary's Mary, please help me honey. I need your help. I need to take this anxiety, this panic out of my body. I beg you, in the name of Almighty God hear my prayer. Well, anyway, I went to take a shower. This is a true story. Alex, I'm standing in the shower, the waters coming down on me. I literally felt felt like a spaghetti strainer. I felt the water literally felt like it was going through my body. I felt the best energy I've ever felt in my life. And I don't drink I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. But I felt something that was euphoric, that went through my body. It was absolutely insane. The energy of anxiety went right down the drain, any nervousness, any fear anything. I looked down at the drain like it was draining down and I put the towel around me I ran downstairs in my living room. I have a mantle and on my mantle, I have this beautiful statue of Mary. And as I went down there, I look over at the wall. Now in my living room. I have paintings, oil paintings, and they're from different places, Italy, France, whatever. But I have this oil painting. That's huge. John said of my husband, his name is John. John said it has to weigh 180 pounds. When he hung it he had put it on two brackets it's been there represents and he had a stand up to heavy big thing to put it in place. When I went downstairs that statue of Mary was like this. And there was no other paintings in my entire living room moved. And there were so on there that were so like all you'd have to do is go like that and move them. This was the heaviest one and it was like this. I was just I had a call and I said you have to see this because you're not going to go Read this. And I want you to remember what you saw in case I call for a witness. And he was even astounded. He had to step up on the couch to place it back in place, because it was so heavy. That is a true story. And I felt her I felt that energy. And I'll tell you, what, if that's what it's like, and what you feel, going to the other side, no fear whatsoever from this girl. And my only fear is just like anybody else. How am I going to get there? You know what I mean? I don't mind going, I just want to worry, I don't want to worry about it. But sometimes you do, how am I going to get there. You know,

Alex Ferrari 55:32
Like they say, everybody wants to go to heaven, just not right now.

Concetta Bertoldi 55:40
Going on in his world, right,

Alex Ferrari 55:43
Exactly what they you know, this is, you know, this is truly an exciting time to be around because of humanity shift that's going on the consciousness shift. It's, it's just an amazing time to be around. Yeah, it's tough. But you know, historically, we're probably doing better now than we've ever done. Even with all the craziness. Less wars going on than it was 100 years ago, 200 years ago, things like that. It's just an interesting time to be alive. And at the end, by the way, we all chose to be here. Yeah, at this time. We were like, no, no, we want to beat we want front row seats to this insanity. Let's, this is going to be a good show. And it's happening for sure. Now, from your perspective, what's the most important thing for people to understand about life and death, from your perspective as a psychic medium?

Concetta Bertoldi 56:31
Well, first of all, that, for me life, what you just said, I apply it to that because we're here to make a difference. And especially in this time, like you said, if you can make a positive difference to one person, or many people, that's that's saying so much that says you have a tremendous deposit in your karmic bank account. So try for to make that effort, even if it's a child, and if it's a next door neighbor, it doesn't matter if you're making a positive effort to make somebody feel better feel good or enrich their lives or help them out whatever it may be. That's part of the experience in the physical form. We're here to learn from that. And if you if you know that do the right thing, be the good person being honest with integrity and those lovely things. As far as debt goes, Don't be afraid of it. I mean, I don't want to go any more than anybody else does, because I'm having a good time. But I can honestly say, Don't ever think that there is a scary place waiting for you. It's there's just no scare in it. It doesn't sting. It's a magical miracle. They tell me and I believe them. And I've seen enough in my lifetime to know it's true. I've witnessed enough. I have heard enough to know that it's true. So that's where my conclusion comes from all that I've experienced and seen and heard from them. No fear.

Alex Ferrari 57:59
Now, I have to ask you, your book. I kissed the ghost and I liked it. Did you truly kiss it goes?

Concetta Bertoldi 58:05
Oh, god. Yeah, I did.

Alex Ferrari 58:07
So how how did that work my dear?

Concetta Bertoldi 58:10
Wow. Let me just tell you, I've never cheated on my husband. But this one goes, I seriously thought was this cheating. Because there were two times two experiences to be exact. One time it was in. We weren't living here. I was living in another home with my husband. And I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a spirit on top of me, I was laying on my back there was a spirit on top of me, literally woke up because I felt like I was engaged in sex. And but I could smell this foul smell. And it was not. It wasn't friendly. It wasn't fun. So my subconscious knew what was going on. And it woke up my conscious mind. It was before I was public. It was before I had many tools. So I only had one tool. And that was the tool My father taught me and this is what happened. This soul was right here. And I couldn't I woke up physically wanted it off of me. I wanted it gone. And I was trying to do that with my arm. So I was going like this, but my arms were doing something to a spirit. So I literally felt the Spirit hold each arm and go like that, and hold me down. And I remember being so frightened. But in my mind, I remember what my father taught me. So what I did in my mind was visualized because I couldn't do it because my hands were being held. I visualized this and I went like that because my father taught me that law. Always remember that you could pull your spirit to your body by doing this. And but you're doing your calling God also got into it. And the minute I went like this in my mind, it went up and it was gone. And I remember I was laying there going, oh my god, what the hell was that? That's why I wasn't so sure when my brother wanted me to go public that I should do it because I said I don't know what I'm inviting in because I experienced these kinds of things before I ever went past public, so I wasn't sure. But anyway, the second time it happened, I'm going to laugh when I tell you this, because the second time I can, and it was, you know, years in between 20 years in between. I was sleeping one night, and I, in my subconscious. At first I thought I was dreaming. But I was engaged in having an encounter, let's just say, okay, but anyway, all I know is was it fine. I was like thinking, holy, oh, my God, this is so sweet. This is so great. And I remember realizing, because my conscious mind again, started to wake up. But it was so good that I remember thinking, Hey, what are you doing tomorrow night? I mean, you know, we thought it was so good. So when I remember waking up thinking, I'm laying next to my husband, I really hope that wasn't considered cheating, because I've never cheated on him in my marriage, you know. And I thought to myself, that was unbelievable, which by the way, he never came back. But

Alex Ferrari 1:00:54
So I have to ask. Alright, so I have to ask you on the on both of those occasions, one was the one that you were unhappy with the negative part was that I because I imagined sex is not a thing on the other side. That's,

Concetta Bertoldi 1:01:08
No but here's what you got to know. They remember the physical body, they remember the physical world. So they can stimulate, they can do all kinds of things, energy wise, but they're not having the same physical field that we have. And they do miss that. They do miss that.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:25
So but that was someone forcing themselves upon you

Concetta Bertoldi 1:01:28
Yeah, it was yes, it was. Evil spirit.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:32
Okay, so then on the positive side, do you ever find out who that was?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:01:36
No, I never did. I'm sure it was like I would call a prankster spirit. You know, honey, there's always souls around us. And we have we go places. I mean, I've visited historical places where real horrible stuff is taking place. I've also visited places where will wonderful stuff taken place. So you got to protect yourself when you go in that environment. Because there's residue, and this is in the air we breathe. So all you have to do and I tell it all the time, stay plugged into God, you are safe, you have nothing to worry about because God is your ally and the big guns and down and will protect you.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:14
And it's fascinating that the positive, the positive and the positive ghosts for lack of a better word. Is when you say the word ghost, is it ghost or usually

Concetta Bertoldi 1:02:29
When people are comfortable with

Alex Ferrari 1:02:31
Okay, so it's not like a literal, you know, like Ghostbusters, hanging on top of you. You didn't see anything. You just felt everything?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:02:38
Oh, yeah, definitely. First time isn't the last time and it's happened in between just not as much as those two things I just told you.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:47
So then let me ask you this. We have so many souls, and spirit guides and angels around us at all times, protecting us, how do they allow this to happen?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:03:01
If you allow it to happen, what's happening on Earth?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:03
Are you to you in those two scenarios?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:03:06
Okay. Because, you know, it's interesting. It's like people will say to me, can you find Elvis for me? No, no, I you know, but if I had the summary here, well, even sadly, she's passed. But if I had Priscilla, I'd be able to get the URI least I think I would. And what therefore it's I don't I don't know how to say it in terms that would I like to make it more easy for people to understand. So I'll put it this way. Okay, on layman's terms, do like float, these things are floating around all the time coming and going. There's another dimension, there's a place they are, and we can be visited by you've heard other people, I'm sure give testimonies. They were visited by their next door neighbor's grandmother. Why did they come to me? I mean, people have said that to me, why'd I hear her father? You know, I don't know he stopped by your subconscious might have been open to it. Your subconscious might have been the one that was more open to this and listen to it and identify, remembered it. But that person your who's your friend who hasn't heard from her father, she might be shut down in her subconscious. Her subconscious might not be willing or open to even the possibility there's so many things that are happening at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:19
Got it? Okay, you know, makes sense. That makes sense. I can keep talking to you for hours, I love as well. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:04:33
Ah, wow. God, Alex, you know, I know you're a wonderful man with great energy. So I'm sure you can relate to this. There's got to be so many things. But I guess if I had to pick one, oh, God, the guest I guess this would be oh my god, I'm getting choked up. I think it would be the most wonderful thing in my life, if I could say was the most fulfilling would be to be loved. And to be able to love back. I just love being loved Alex. And I love to love other people. So if I had to say one thing that fulfilled me the most in life, that would be

Alex Ferrari 1:05:17
What is love then?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:05:19
Ah, yeah. Isn't that a beautiful thing? Well, let's put it this way, you know when you got it, and you love when you give it. So it's an energy that is so endearing to the soul, that you never forget it. So even somebody you may have loved a long time ago that's not around anymore, or not in your life anymore. You remember that? Love you? You can't forget it. It's like a memory that's marked on your soul forever.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:48
So can easily ether if almost in your own ether.

Concetta Bertoldi 1:05:51
Oh, isn't it? Yeah, it's almost like when you go for a colonoscopy, and you're knowing you're gonna get that great sleep for five minutes. Sorry, you got me all choked up over here. So

Alex Ferrari 1:06:07
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, if you gotta if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Concetta. What advice would you give her?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:06:14
Oh, wow. Oh, I would love to do that, too. Boy, Back to the Future. Okay. I would probably tell her, don't let, okay. Don't let the people that try to talk you into feeling good about yourself have any power over you? Don't let that happen. You have the power? That's what I would say. Beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:40
How do you define God or Source?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:06:45
My favorite, I have so many favorite things. While I'm in the energy of well, I'm in the physical form. But I think my favorite thing, while I'm in the energy form, to feel safe with and comfort with is is God I, I love God so much. I believe in God, I know that God is real. So I know all that God has given me given us, the glory of God, the peace of God, all these wonderful things. I just feel so good being wrapped in the thought of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:24
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:07:26
To learn, to love to give, to respect, I mean, all those lovely things they tried to teach us when we were kids. And we have a hard time as we get to be adults, because so many people piss us off. But you know what I mean. But we ultimately if we can learn to overcome that I work on that all the time. Because I have terrible road rage. I mean, I'm like, Get out of my lane. And here's the problem with that. Somebody one time told me Concetta, you have such a clear memory of when you were in energy form. And you knew how to get from place to place and energy form quickly. So you have no patience for a car wheel. And you know what, they just made so much sense to me. But I try to really work on it.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:14
I think I think a lot of people have that same problem. I didn't know you know? Yes. So where can people find out more about you? The amazing work you're doing in any of these amazing books.?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:08:27
Thank you, sweetheart. Well, anywhere. I'm on social media all over Instagram, Facebook, I have my own website. So yeah, I want all that, that, you know, social media. Just, it should pop up.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:41
All right. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Concetta Bertoldi 1:08:46
Oh, God, let me think one second, my parting message is, first and foremost, if I offended anybody by my language, or my sense of humor, I apologize. Second of all, I really, really, really try very hard to love people that don't want to love us back and try to see their their side of it. Or give it a chance to forgive whatever it is you're upset about. And just know that we are all here to love each other despite our differences. That's what we're here for. So try to do it. It's not easy, but try.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:23
Concetta it has been such a pleasure and honor speaking to you. You are a hoot. It is no one I love your energy. Thank you for not only being on the show and sharing your story and your wisdom with all of us but for everything you do in this world. So thank you.

Concetta Bertoldi 1:09:38
Let me just say to you, thank you, sweetie. And if you ever get my neck of the woods, let me know your comment. I don't think you'll want to stay here because I know you probably are used to the finest hotels, but because you've been all through Europe, but I will guarantee you the best Italian dinner you've ever had.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:54
I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Concetta Bertoldi 1:09:56
Let me know you're coming over baby!

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