Alex’s PERSONAL Akashic Record CHANNELED LIVE! This WILL Leave You SPEECHLESS! with Brynne Dippell

Introducing Brynne Dippell, Ph.D., a scholar and explorer of the mystical realms of the Akashic Records. With a deep curiosity and a thirst for spiritual knowledge, Brynne has dedicated herself to the study and interpretation of these ancient repositories of wisdom. Through years of disciplined inquiry and introspection, she has unlocked profound insights and revelations that have reshaped her understanding of the universe and her place within it.
Brynne’s journey with the Akashic Records is not just an academic pursuit but a transformative odyssey, guiding her toward greater clarity, purpose, and enlightenment. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and share the profound teachings gleaned from the timeless archives of the Akashic Records.
Please enjoy my conversation with Brynne Dippell.

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Brynne Dippell 0:00
They're saying you're going to be getting different lessons at different times. So know that perhaps what you choose to share will be changing that keeps showing me like level up, level up level up. So there may be different messages that you are called to share at different times. So they're saying just be fluid with all of that. They're saying, you're your brain likes new things like your brain likes, change, you like difference you like people, you like different perspectives. So just be willing to let yourself keep changing. And it'll be very creative and very interesting for you. They show me that millions. You're heading toward millions.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
I like to welcome to the show Brynne Dippell. How you doing, Brynne?

Brynne Dippell 0:52
Hi, there. Greetings, welcome. So delighted to be here today. Super excited. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Yeah, thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate you coming on. We're going to talk about the Akashic Records today. And you're going to be accessing the Akashic records. And apparently, you're not gonna only be accessing the Akashic records, you're gonna be accessing my record in the Akashic records. So we're going to be talking, asking those records questions about not only a little bit about me, but more about the show. And then also asking the Akashic records a bunch about what's happening in the world, and how we can do better and how we can grow spiritually, and so on and so forth. So before we first quit, but before we get started, the first question to you is, what was your life like before the Akashic Records came crashing into it?

Brynne Dippell 1:44
That's a really good question. So I like to say that I was a fighter when it came to the spiritual world. I mean, I've always been a sensitive, I've always been an empath, a little bit of a shy person. But I took a much more traditional pathway, like, I've always been fascinated by how people feel. And I love the intimate details of their lives. So I actually went down the road of psychology. So I have, like a bachelor's, master's and PhD in psychology. And that's where I thought I was headed. I was like, Really, just loving that work. And I just started to. So basically, I had a very more typical grounded upbringing, which Spirit told me is actually an important part of the path for me. So I was happily engaged in the early years of my career, as a psychologist, when had two things happen, that sort of changed life forever. For me, the first thing that happened is that my father died, he contracted pancreatic cancer, and he died just a few weeks later. And it was devastating for me. He was like, one of my closest people were just like, he was like my best friend. And when he died, it just kind of really deeply affected me. And within days, he actually started to come to me, like he would just show up in my living room, like in his hospital gown, and all kinds of weird things started to happen, like, I'd see coins and feathers and symbols, and I get in my car and like one line of one line of a song, and they would play over and over again, on the radio, like, I love you, I love you, I love you. And just a lot like the spirit, the veil between the two worlds thinned very rapidly for me, and it was both like a really beautiful affirmation of the fact that my father was alive and well on the other side, but it also kind of freaked me out. It was really scary as oftentimes happens when things happen, when awakenings happen so quickly. So what happened is that my intuitive capacity opened up very quickly. Like vision, empathy opened up even more. And it just plunged me into this exploration of the spiritual worlds. I started reading all these books about where's my dad and started seeing psychics, so they could talk to him. And it just started changing me. And this went on for a few weeks. And the interesting thing was that all of a sudden, all of the clients that I saw at the clinic where I was working, they changed like they all sort of coming in with spiritual experiences. And that had not been happening. Before many experiences, you could only describe a spiritual and then one day this woman came in I've been seeing her for a couple of weeks and she had a very traumatic past, like, very severe abuse in childhood, just a long history of like depression and anxiety. And she came in and told me a story about something that happened about two years before I met her, which is that one day she just felt like she couldn't take it anymore. She just she just had enough and so she decided to leave this life and so she went down to the local parent as your your local the Santa Monica Pier. She went down to the Santa Monica Pier at midnight and went to the The end of the pier and she jumped off. And she jumped off with the intention of just letting go. And so she fell into the water, and was just again letting go of life. And all of a sudden, she felt this, like, warm blanket of love come all the way over here and her and then this light illuminated. And she was a little bit disoriented. And then she heard a voice say, it's not your time, she didn't really know she's a little bit confused. And then she heard again, it's not your time. And she felt a hand come on to her shoulder and grab her and pull her up to the surface of the water, and then pull her all the way over to the shore. And she crawled out of the water onto the sand, and she was looking around for her Savior, and there was no one there. And she knew that she had been saved by an angel. And she just wept. And the story was touches me because like she her whole life, she felt like nobody cared about her and that she didn't matter and to have an angel come and save her. It just changed everything for her. So, you know, she was telling me the story in our session one day, and she's crying and I'm crying. And I'm thinking, wow, this is really interesting. So in the clinic where I worked, every week, you had to go in and talk to a supervisor about our cases just to review all of them. So a couple days later, I went back in and to see him and I told him the story about this person. And then I was deeply moved even even as I was telling it, and he just looked at me and he said, Bryn, you've got two hats to wear, you've got the psychology hat, and you've got the spirituality hat. And you can't wear both. And I just looked at him. And then he went on to say he went on to describe the whole experiences. The woman had made this whole thing up because she was seeking an idealized father figure to save her. And he just sort of took like all the beauty out of the experience. And as he was talking, I'm like, Yeah, I don't, I don't know if I can do this anymore. And so I walked out of the room, and I'm like, I don't think psychology is the answer. And so basically, everything started change. After that I left the clinic and a couple within a few weeks, lost everything. One of those classic stories, lost my job, my money, my home, all my friends, my family thought I was crazy. I just went to zero, absolute zero. And it took me about two years to kind of figure it all out. But eventually what I ended up doing was I started opening up to being a channel for the Akashic records, I learned how to do energy healing, and I sort of blended those in the work that I did. And then everything took off from there. And it's just been the most incredible experience since then.

Alex Ferrari 7:51
So I have you've said, you've watched the show. So you know, I want to ask this question. What how has it been with your family with whatever friends have connect, if you kept any of your old friends? I mean, your family, your friends can come and go, but family generally I kind of stuck with them for the life, generally speaking. So what do they think about me you didn't just you left the Ph. D. That's a lot. The thts was a decade or more of schooling and cost. And that's your life and you just walked away from it to become a channel for the Akashic records. And there I am air quoting for people who are just listening. Because it'd be from the outside this looks absolutely certifiable. Yeah, it's insane. So how did you deal with them dealing with the new you?

Brynne Dippell 8:46
So I would answer that, I'm gonna answer that in two ways, the friends part was actually pretty hard for me because I literally lost everyone. And so I did have a period of time when I was pretty alone. Even now, I have phased out a little bit because, you know, the work that we do is just very different. You know, when you sort of devote your life to spirit that sort of sets you apart from other people. But so yeah, the friends part they vacated, my family was interesting. I have to tell you, my family thought psychology was weird. Like they were not, not those kind of people. So even for me to become a psychologist was like a little fringy for them. So because we don't talk about feelings, we don't go into that kind of stuff. So but you know, PhD seems good. And you know how parents are, basically

Alex Ferrari 9:38
Get a job, get a job

Brynne Dippell 9:40
Exactly as long as you're earning a living, and we don't have to worry about you too much. You can just kind of like do whatever that thing is you're doing over there. So that's kind of the way it is now really, even within my family, just lovely people. Nobody's really spiritual. Nobody's really awakened to any of this stuff. My peer Parents are always like the Christmas and Easter, you know churchgoers and so they kind of know I'm doing this thing. They don't really understand it. But you know, as long as I can take care of myself and they're okay with that supportive, but probably not super interested.

Alex Ferrari 10:14
Like, makes perfect sense. I understand completely where you're coming from. Because when I went into the film industry that was essentially going and running away with the circus, so I was so far away from the Hollywood that when I first started, it's not even funny. So coming, just say that to my parents is just like, okay, so Okay, so you're gonna run away to the circus. Okay. That's what you Okay, yeah, because that's essentially what it was. It's the equivalent of all, all Hollywood folk or carnies as a general statement. It's a very interesting life to say the least. And then now then podcasting, which then I'm sorry, what do you do podcasting? Yes. But you're talking about film. Okay, that kind of makes sense. And then I'm opening up a spiritual podcast, a what? I had family member to like, is he in a cult? Is he I'm like, no horrible colds. If I'm airing my stuff out every, every week, three to four times a week. Horrible kind of cult. It's fast. It's fascinating. So I feel you feel your that sets. So when when you when you first discovered the Akashic records before we keep going down that road, can you explain to people who don't know what the Akashic records is a simple explanation of what it is?

Brynne Dippell 11:35
Yeah. So the Akashic records or bat, basically like a vast spiritual library of all the information about your lifetimes, past, present, and future. It's basically like an energetic library. Like when access the records, I don't necessarily see like a librarian books, but it's just an energy, that all every thought, every word, every deed, every experience that you or anyone has ever had, is actually imprinted into the energy of the records. And actually any topics, books, movies, any creative project, animals, every single thing has an Akashic record that we're able to access. We are all accessing our own Akashic records all the time, like that's our birthright. But then I've been trained as have others to be able to access the records for other people. But basically, the Akashic Records it's this amazing where storehouse a warehouse of all the information about your lifetimes, it's very beautiful. And of the earth, everything has a record.

Alex Ferrari 12:30
And it's for basically, the Akashic records is for everything that happens on Earth, essentially, correct?

Brynne Dippell 12:36
Yeah, that's an important point. So yes, there are universal records that are like the records of the universe. But the Akashic records are confined to that like the story of Earth yeah.

Alex Ferrari 12:46
Which I'm sure is pretty detailed. Right? To say the least. Now, how do you act? So how, what's your process of accessing the Akashic records?

Brynne Dippell 12:59
Well, I'm what I would consider a conscious channel, which means that it's going to look like me sound like me, I kind of step aside in my own human personality. So Brynn is kind of like over here, monitoring what I'm saying making sure that I'm translating it properly. But basically, what happens is that I say a prayer. And in this case, I'm gonna say the prayer silently. And that's going to elevate my consciousness that I access the Akashic records.

Alex Ferrari 13:27
Yep, simple as that. Alright, so if you would like if you want to go into the into my Akashic records, so what is so tell everybody what you're going to be doing with my records and how it's going to, you know, how are we going to do this, I've haven't done this before. I haven't ever had channelings I've had other things, but I've never actually access I don't think my Akashic records, I've had my Spirit Guides come in. They're very, they're very bossy. My spirit guides, they love to come in to talk about stuff with certain channels. But I've never had anyone access my Akashic records on the show before. So what is the process? What is what was going to happen?

Brynne Dippell 14:04
Oh, that's interesting. Okay. So what I'd like to do is I'm going to say the prayer and what I'm going to do is access your Akashic records and the records of the show. And what this does is it just and so by accessing the records of the show, it's going to give me also access to the information to anybody whoever watches this program, like I can feel already the consciousness of all the people who will be watching this and so we're already tuning into them. And we'll be bringing through the information that is in the highest good of everyone. You notice what I'm starting to say the word wait so when I say we, it's like, bring consciousness blends with like the the record keepers who are the higher dimensional beings who actually protect the records. The other thing I'd say is the way that I look at it is that I access source energy like particularly the frequency that I access is what I would call Christ consciousness. So I go through the vehicle of the records, I raise my My awareness or my frequency up to access those higher frequencies. And in this case, what we're going to be doing is I'm going to be saying the prayer to access your records, and the records of the show. So that information that specifically tailored for you, and the people who'll be watching the show will come through the thing that they wanted to do with you, because Spirit like had a little secret agenda here is that they want to use this opportunity to almost like open or elevate you to kind of like the next level of your own ability to transmit as a teacher, they call you, Teacher, healer, messenger. They're saying, you know, this, you've been, you've done this before, you know, this is where you're going. But what they want to do just for the process of our conversation is actually just like, open up that access for you and let you almost like be this more radiant transmitter of light. Now, part of the reason they're doing this is for you very personally, because they love you. And also, what we're doing is through the vessel of you is we're activating this capacity in every person, like all your people. So anybody who ever comes across you, anybody, whoever listens to anybody who's ever exposed to your energy, what we're doing through this process today is actually activating that which is most beautiful in them as well. So one of my personal joys is helping people access souls divine purpose. So what they're here for mission work. And what we're doing through the vessel of you, should you choose to accept this mission is to become a vehicle to help people have even greater clarity about like, what they're here to do, and to help them access it. Help them live that. So there's kind of like this whole action packed thing, this is going to be happening. While we're talking about you while we're talking about the questions that you have. There's a whole other thing that wants to happen here today, not only to bring you to like open you up to an even higher level of magnificence, but also provide a similar activation for anyone, whoever listens to this experience or comes across you. So I think it's pretty beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 17:03
That's it is actually very, very beautiful. So I appreciate that. Very detailed explanation. I'm very excited to get started. But I have one question. Before we get started. You said that the record keepers, which we've spoken, I've had someone else on the show that did Akashic that spoke to the record keepers, you said to protect the records, what are they protecting it from? Is my question to you. When you said that was like, Oh, that's interesting. What are they protecting it from? It's just like, you know, you know, forces that are trying to get hack hack the Akashic records, like what is what are they protecting it from?

Brynne Dippell 17:35
Oh, that's actually a really great question. That's super simple. No, basically, what I mean is that everyone's Akashic records are protected, like, like, I can go into your records, because I asked for your permission, and you gave it to me, like you can go into your own records everybody and go into their own records. But for someone else to go in to access your records, you do need to have protection for that. So the record, keep like somebody can't, especially for you, as a public figure, for example, people might be very interested in you and what you're up to, but they can't just access your records and find out information about you without your permission. So basically, the protection is, the information in your records is your own, unless like you're part of a group or something like that, where there are multiple people within a particular records, but it's not so much from scary things outside, it's just that it's protected. Our almost like our confidentiality, or privacy is protected.

Alex Ferrari 18:31
Fair enough. Great answer. Great answer. Okay. So how do we get started?

Brynne Dippell 18:38
I'm gonna go ahead and say a prayer. So I'm going to say that silently to myself, and sometimes they'll have something they want to say when I first opened up the records. And then if they do, I'll let you know that and then we'll just turn to the questions that you have today. So what I'd like you to do is just take a nice breath in.

And just breathing air and light through your body and just opening up your chest opening up your lungs, opening up your heart. And as we do this, we're opening up a healing space or healing temple. So the wisdom and energies that are in your highest good can flow through smoothly and easily.

All right, just taking another deep, soft breath in. I'm going to go ahead and say the prayer silently and open up your records and if you see me snapping means I'm just clearing some energies. Almost done all right, the Akashic records are open and they did have a couple of things to say to you to start out with. So the first thing they want to do is just acknowledge you and this big, bright and beautiful way for they're saying that you are an amazing being. You have this beautiful, luminous radiant soul lessons and yet the sweet loving heart that are absolutely delightful to behold. They say that this is a highly significant lifetime for you. They say that this is one in which you've come here to do much good. They're indicating that you've done what they call touch many hearts and minds in your lifetime thus far, but that you're in a period of time when you're expanding, your reach is going to get ever greater than giving me this experience of like explosions, which says to me that the way you're impacted, your reach in the world isn't going to be like gradual, it's going to be like explosive, they're saying that your entire life has been building toward everything that's about to happen for you in the next five to 10 years. They're saying, Okay, so I'm gonna back up and just say that they're saying this to you. But the root part of the reason they're saying this to you is that this is actually there is truth in this for everyone who's listening to this, there is truth in this for everyone who comes to you, because you're a beacon of light, who attracts a particular frequency or type of individual. And so one of the things that they're really trying to do today is like, awaken you or empower you to be like that bigger version of yourself, like, like, you're here to change the world, not only through your words, and not only through these experiences, and those ones you speak to, but that they're also trying to just empower, like enhanced your own radiance, that every word you speak, is up there saying like it is like the word of God, it's like a beacon of light. And so they're utilizing you as the vessel to awaken hundreds of 1000s of other people. And it's actually very touching when they say that, but they wanted to, they wanted to say that we are speaking very dearly very intimately, very specifically to you, and through you to every life you'll ever touch in this lifetime. There's a lot of emotion here about this. They're saying that you're Yeah, they use this word again, you're magnificent. They want you to know that. It's so interesting, I can see how you're like the You're like the guide, you're like the you hold the roadmap for so many people and that you're being guided very specifically in terms of the topics and the people, the individuals who come on your show, because they're like taking your hand and they're like, Okay, bring them over here and bring them over here, bring them over here, they're ready for this, okay. So just a really beautiful way that you are opening up consciousness are saying his work is far greater than he ever imagined. And they there said that it's very important now in this time, because people are awakening at a faster rate than ever before. But also, there is going to be some turbulence in the times ahead. And the more people are awake, the more people they're in touch with their own Divine Wisdom, the more they can feel their own hearts, the easier it's going to be to actually negotiate what's coming ahead. So think beyond that. They just wanted to you know, they're really funny, because they've been saying this in cement, I opened up your records, they call you like a mad scientist, like they're saying that you like you, like, have all these ideas and systems and bots, and they're all like in your mind, and you love to play with ideas, and you tinker with them, and you put them together in interesting ways, and you love to share them with other people. They're saying that this is actually something you've been doing for many, many lifetimes. It's like mad scientist, like wildly creative person. And they just love you for that. They just love you for that. They're saying we chose you very specially very specifically for this work. And they just have such love and adoration for you for stepping in so fully.

Alex Ferrari 21:18
Well, thank you so much for all of that. That's humbling, to say the least. So tell them thank you so much.

Brynne Dippell 23:52
They hear you there. They're saying yes, lesson.

Alex Ferrari 23:56
I kind of agree with the mad scientist aspects of things. I have been kind of nuts most of my life. And this one, and I'm sure many other ones as well, to say the least. So let's talk a little bit about the show. What is the show? First of all, what is the show doing right now? What is it going to be doing in the near future? What can I do as the leads mad scientist to be able to help this along if at any way I can.

Brynne Dippell 24:27
So they have a really interesting answer that I'm going to say the name of the show, which is next level soul, just that really opens up those records by saying the name of a thing we open up the records. They're indicating that you've been a beautiful steward for the show. They're saying you took this like little tiny seed of an idea when nobody was there, and nobody was listening and you like shine the light on it, and you nurtured it and you held it, and you kept faith in it almost perhaps when nobody else had faith in it. And they're saying that like the little sprout came up and now they're saying, what's going to be happening now it's been happening for a while looks like for more than a year, there's been like this, what they're calling a bit of explosion. They're saying that you're going to notice that the growth accelerates more and more. It's interesting. They're saying this, this thing that's kind of curious, which is that it's almost like right now, in this moment, there's both like growth, but there's integration. So you may even find yourself kind of thinking, what am I doing? Where am I going? Where do I most want this to go? Because it's showing me almost like these little gears or like things are like percolating. So you may have noticed that it shows me that the show is growing very rapidly. But you may have noticed that there's a period of time when it kind of like, like, integrates itself a little bit, and then poof, just gets bigger and bigger and bigger, because it showed me that like, it goes in puffs, almost like little mini explosions of big, big big. But there's something happening right now where, okay, where you are. They're talking to you yeah, okay. All right. When I do things like that, it means I'm listening. So because they're talking to me, they're saying that there's a lot of conversation happening. Do you notice that? Like, are you doing a lot of thinking about the show and where it's going?

Alex Ferrari 26:16
All day, every day.

Brynne Dippell 26:19
You are a big thinker to they're showing me that like your brain, your mind is constantly going, but they're saying right now, it's especially beautiful, because you have a lot of you have a huge team that works with you. Spiritual Guides, because you work and you access information in a lot of different areas. It's not just one area. So you have this whole team that's behind you. Everybody's like, Wait, let's do this. Let's do that. Wait, what about this, and so I just see all these, like little pings keep coming into your brain, from all like, sometimes it must be hard to be inside your mind, because there's so many like popcorn ideas, but they're indicating that you've got a huge audience of guides, who are everybody standing there? Oh, they're funny. Everyone is standing there giving you their suggestions, they they did say something that is kind of cute. They're saying that in addition to all the information that you bring forward, they're saying You're really funny.

Alex Ferrari 27:21
I try.

Brynne Dippell 27:24
They're saying to let your natural humor come forward, like let your natural self come forward, more and more and more. Okay. So I guess to sum up what they're saying there, number one is just that, you're going to be given a lot of ideas, and they want you to kind of almost like sort through and digest everything that's being fed to you. So now they're wanting me to draw a parallel that to some degree at this time, this is happening for everyone who's come into contact with you. There's almost like a processing a thinking through and so everyone, you first and foremost, but many people would be well served and really think about what do I want now, where am I going because we're about to hit an energy of acceleration, they're saying it's coming up very quickly, it's already started. But it's almost like the veil between the worlds or the, like the cosmic light coming from the higher realms is about to come crashing in and everything's going to speed up. So one of the things that you may see as a result of that is almost like some things that you've held to perhaps people in the world have held to, they're going to be shaken up a little bit. But they're showing it's going to be reconfigured. So they're speaking both to you on the show, but they're also kind of moving outward to what's kind of what we're going to be seeing in the world in these upcoming days. They're saying that's why your thoughtful intention, like your focus, like what you want is going to be super important because it's going to be supercharged. So again, for you, they're indicating the show is going to be going through this like germination, most like a gestation process and then boom, they're saying you're going to be getting different lessons at different times. So know that perhaps what you choose to share will be changing they could keep something like level up level up level up. So there may be different messages that you are called to share at different times. So they're saying just be fluid with all of that they're saying your your brain likes new things like your brain likes change you like difference you like people you like different perspectives, so just be willing to let yourself keep changing. And I'll be very creative and very interesting for you. They show me that millions you're heading toward millions millions and millions of people. I think what they mean by that is like people who follow you on a regular basis will be in the millions. Of course you have people that many people seeing you but like people who have committed people Yeah, okay. They're saying like almost like people come to your school or people come to your church is actually the word that they used will be in the millions, and there's something very powerful about that. Because it's like the amplification of everything you came here to do. But it's also like those people, even if they're on the internet, they're like, bringing their energy together. And they are more powerful together. Do you ever think about doing in person things or no?

Alex Ferrari 30:23
it was important that we're testing the waters. This year, maybe we might be doing some little dipping of the toe in that thing. But yeah, we will be doing, it's inevitable, eventually doing some sort of event or some sort of expo or convention or get together of some sort, is something that we will be probably doing in the future. But right now, this year, we're focusing mostly on growth. With you just we're just really just growing and growing and growing, which is a question I wanted to ask the the records as well as the growth strategies as far as what we're doing with languages, which is kind of unheard of, in this space. At especially at the center rate that I'm doing them every six to eight weeks, there's a new language. Because I'm insane against the mad scientist, I'm it's absolutely insane. I'm rushing against nobody other than myself. What is that? How is that going to affect the show, and the people who it's going to be touching, because we're going into complete different languages and markets and countries have never really even had access to these kinds of conversations.

Brynne Dippell 31:32
Yeah, so they want to respond to something that we were talking about just a moment ago, and then we'll talk about languages, they're saying that almost like there's an imperative for you to bring people together physically. So they really, really, really want to encourage you to like hold gatherings so that these people of like mind can be exposed to you and also can be exposed to each other. There's something very important about that. So they just like their little public service message for in person gatherings. Just want to make sure that we say that, in terms of the language, they're saying that you're expanding to different languages is one of the most extraordinary things that you can do. Because they're showing me that there are people who have listened to you, but just didn't quite get it all because it can't get the nuance of the language. And so there's something about by bringing your concepts bringing your experiences into, like the native language. They're saying it causes explosive growth. Now, the thing that's interesting is that some of the areas that you're moving into, that would be some of the languages that you're moving into, some of these concepts are going to be a little bit new, it's going to be like pushing the edge of the envelope a little bit. So they're saying worry not about, like any pushback against that, you know, sometimes when you're like opening new ground, you can get like a little from some of those fringe elements, you can get a little bit of a response, but they're like, Oh, he's just gonna go like this. Because they're saying that the bulk of the, you're going to have the impact that you're seeking. And the thing that's beautiful, and they're saying that's part of the reason that they're funny that they're saying, part of the reason we wanted to meet with you today is that we wanted to activate you so that as you bring your energy to more people, it's almost like you're going to be finely tuned, or what everybody needs. So the shorter answer to what you're asking is, translating these discussions into other languages is going to be one of the most profound ways that you can personally accelerate the evolution of consciousness on the earth. So that's pretty big.

Alex Ferrari 33:42
So that's not bad. That's not bad. It's pretty big to say that I guess that's probably why I have such a almost a mandate within myself to do it so quickly. Because we're, I mean, we're doing it we're our goal is to do at least 20 languages this year, which is insane. That's nearly one every couple of weeks. Essentially, that's a lot. But yet, we're kind of on pace right now to do that. And we're going to continue to do so. But again, there's this this thing inside of me saying you got to do this. Got to get it out. Gotta get it out. Gotta get it out. And people around me are going, you know, buddy, you're racing against no one. No one is forcing you to do this. No one. If you release two languages this year, you'd be solid. And I'm like, Nah, nope, nope, gotta do it every two, three weeks. Got to do it every two, three weeks. It's just something inside of me that keeps saying that. I don't know why. It's just that there's a voice inside of me that keeps saying dude, I gotta go, gotta grow, gotta grow. Gotta grow. I'm like, Okay,

Brynne Dippell 34:46
It's interesting for you because that's programmed into your DNA. Like you tend to kind of push yourself anyway. Like, no matter what you do, you've been pushing yourself like you're always been pushing yourself, but they're indicating that In this particular area, you're feeling like the urgency of the world. Like if you imagine that the Earth itself has a consciousness, it's seeking change. And they're saying he's tapped into like the pulse of the, the pulse of the earth consciousness. And so you are being really called, you're also being called by spirit. Or they do say they're saying, enjoy the process fully. And also pace it a little bit, making sure that you're okay, because this is a long haul for you. This is not a sprint fish is not a sprint. But there is great almost like, they want to honor you for your willingness to push yourself a little bit to bring these frequencies because their words language, but it's really frequencies to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. There, so you're gonna have used to being a little bit more famous than you are.

Alex Ferrari 35:52
Oh, no. Yeah, I don't know. I'm a director by nature, I'd like to be behind the camera. But whatever we need to do, I guess to get the mission out there, get the mission, get the get the knowledge, get the this energy out into the world, I've I've signed up apparently, on the other side, I signed up for this job. So I'm willing to

Brynne Dippell 36:16
Challenge you. And you said yes,

Alex Ferrari 36:19
I will cut the wood and I will carry the water. As I always like to say, that's all I can do. That's all I can do. All right. So enough about the show enough about me, let's move on to some deeper questions about the world. From the Akashic Records point of view, what is the root cause of all of the conflicts and wars that are going on right now in the world today?

Brynne Dippell 36:43
They say thank you for this question. It is it is with great, almost like compassion and tenderness that they answer this, they're showing me this image of like a can filled with rocks. And they're like, the kid has to be shaken up. They're saying that we're about to undergo one of the most profound shifts in human consciousness, like we really are moving to heaven on earth. But unfortunately, what's happening, and we're seeing it everywhere that anything that's not in alignment with the frequencies or the almost like the higher vision of where we're going, it's, it's going to be like shaken up. And it's going to be, they're saying like the darkness is going to be exposed. And by darkness, they mean just like the lower frequencies, perhaps those who are not as interested in sort of love and light and unity. All of that is having to be they're saying you've heard this before, but they just want to emphasize this again, that it's all good, there is going to be change that comes and the change is going to be pretty profound in certain ways, like a lot of the old structures will be breaking down, because they cannot go to the next level. So it's all in service of light. It's all in service in love. And ultimately, it's all in service of every human remembering that they are love.

Alex Ferrari 37:58
Now, what role does humanity play in Earth's evolutionary journey?

Brynne Dippell 38:02
They kind of laugh at this question. They think it's very cute. The Earth has its own unique ascension pathway or pathway of growth. Sometimes the earth feels like the humans kind of got in the way of that. But they're saying that actually, we're working together in a very beautiful way. They're saying that the humans are awakening to the, to the unity that it's almost like we are one like the Earth is us and we are the Earth. They're saying that the this is interesting to look at it this way, the humans have caused a lot of what we'll call experience for the earth so that the earth will left on its own to like grow and flourish and all that, that would have been a very different pathway than having to support the human race, which has brought quite both many joys and delights and also more challenges. They're saying that there will be the while the earth is on a pathway of ascension and the earth will attain that she will bring the humans with her. She's also saying that the humans are supporting her. So almost like we'll get there together is what she's saying.

Alex Ferrari 39:10
Very good.

Brynne Dippell 39:10
We couldn't have one without the other.

Alex Ferrari 39:12
They very true very, very true. So we don't so us moving to Mars anytime soon. As as they keep saying that we you know, we're going to become on Mars. And we very well, I mean, I very well might have some humans on Mars. It's very possible that question, is that going to be? I'd love to ask that question. What do they think about that US, US going to another planet and maybe setting up shop there and trying to build something there?

Brynne Dippell 39:40
They love this question. The way they answer that is that they say some Well, there's they're saying there are some who are born with that like fervent desire in their heart to go live in that other place. They're saying some will. They don't show me that. Huge numbers will there are certain individuals who they call them explorers who want to have that experience. They're saying that what will happen instead, it does look like there's probably going to be a little bit of a shifting of the Earth's population. But all of this, they say, in a very loving way, not a scary way, there likely is going to be like a shifting of the Earth's population so that the Earth can almost like I get the sensation of like, Ha, like lean back, relax, that there's the perfect people live in perfect number of people living on the earth at the time. They say that the Earth Kind of jokey. That's funny. Like the earth jokingly says, I'm gonna send some of those over to you like to the other planets, and I think it's like a little cosmic joke. But it only looks like some percentage of the, like this, some percentage of the Earthlings go there, we will come into greater balance with our Earth.

Alex Ferrari 40:48
Yes, kind of like when you tell you when you tell your kids, like I'm gonna just gonna send your kids off to to live with with your aunts and uncles. Essentially, we're tired. We're tired of your monkey Enos or monkey business? Um, this is a question that's been coming up a lot more and more in recent years, I'd say within the last 2025 years, this concept has hit the mainstream, the concept of a simulated reality? Do we live in a simulated reality? And if so, who are what is kind of in charge if at all?

Brynne Dippell 41:21
I have kind of an interesting answer to this. They're saying that. Yes, the Earth lives that we live now. It's actually not the truth of the way things are. But they say that who's in charge of it, they show me two different elements. They're saying to a large, okay, they're saying to a large degree that we actually do create our own reality we do create, what happens to us we do create the shape of our lives. And then we draw all of our little mini realities joined together in this bigger reality. You know, who's creating it, a little bit of that's going to depend on philosophy and philosophy depends on like, what your experience is, like, excuse me what your lessons are, but the way they describe it, here now is that it's like the infinite intelligent God's Spirit source. They say that God's Spirit source like creates both the illusion and the reality. So they indicate that it is driven ultimately by a higher state of consciousness. But they they said they wanted the humans to have the ability to play with their own lives that they do let the individual humans determine what their own little movies look like. They don't show like a any kind of a negative or sinister source kind of guidance process. They show me that it's, it's the infinite it's like God Spirit source creates almost like the bubble within which we can play. And then we get to kind of play out our own little movies.

Alex Ferrari 42:50
That's interesting. All right. I've heard this concept as well that all of our souls, a souls life, we talk about past lives and future lives. But that that's not actually accurate, that all of our lives are being played out at the exact same time. Can Can you explain to people how this could possibly happen across, quote, unquote, time if that's even possible, like so my time in Atlantis, my time in Egypt is also happening at the same time as this life is happening, as is my future life on Mars as an explorer is happening. So can you explain to everybody how that is even possible in our perception, and our little hardware, which is our brain, which is not the most vast machine? It is, but it's, it's hard to wrap our head around that.

Brynne Dippell 43:45
This is a beautiful question. And it is one that it is difficult for the human mind to understand. They have a really nice way of visually describing this, which I'll share. They share two minutes, they're saying it's even more complex to some degree than you're talking about. Because in any given moment of time, like here's Bryn, or there's you, we have multiple decisions, we have multiple timelines that are actually playing out at any given moment, so that for any decision that we make, maybe there's 10 15 20 different decisions that we could make. And each one of those plays out a different timeline. So I expressed this because the way they show it like with timelines, for example, is that like when I'm working with somebody, and I'm looking at future potentials, they'll show me like the person and then they'll show me this one potential, like almost like a little tube, like a little movie, running in this little tube. And then right above that, they'll show me another little movie, running an Elon another tube, and that's another they could make that choice and do that. And then above that, there's another little movie. And I see these like infinite numbers of movies of these all all these different potentials. So that's the way they oftentimes show it to me when I'm looking at where is the person going. So We'll use that as the example that so now we're looking at these different and actually each lifetime has multiple potential still within it. But like if you imagine each one of those lifetimes actually being in one of those little tubes, and then you just like flatten it like a pancake because that's you're saying, actually, what happens is that all these realities are existing in almost like a linear fashion. And then we just like, like the universe flattens them. And it is, it's just all there. They're saying, to some degree, you probably will be able, okay? They're saying to some degree, you probably won't be able to understand this completely while you're in a human body, because it just doesn't even we have to have linear time in order to live. But they're saying that for those of you who meditate for those of you who like, allow yourself to go into the other dimensions, you're like, oh, wait, I I do remember Egypt and oh, wait, I do remember Atlantis. And oh, I do see that there was another potential when I made this choice versus that choice. They're saying that when we step out of current reality, we start we can feel the bigger picture. But I these is why look, as we have all these like little tubes of existence that run at the same time, and then they just flatten them into this moment.

Alex Ferrari 46:14
Fair enough. Fair enough. What are the key lessons that humanity needs to learn in this era?

Brynne Dippell 46:22
They said immediately love, cooperation and oneness. That the essence of the world is love, the essence of life is love. They want us to learn to live in harmony with one another. And then they ultimately want us to know that there is no separation between any of us that really there is a state of consciousness where we're all one. And that is the truth.

Alex Ferrari 46:46
What is the deeper purpose behind Earth's natural disasters?

Brynne Dippell 46:51
Well, they're saying that similar to what we talked about the image of like rocks and a can and shaking them. But let me see what else they want to say about that. They're saying that the Earth has absorbed all of the pressures and tensions the earth is very closely aligned with the human personality. So everything every human has ever felt or experienced, every cry any human has ever had any joy any human has ever had. Their sing any sorrow, any contentment, like all of that has been absorbed by the earth. And it feels like she's needed. They're showing me like, like things that really change things like earthquakes that's like that all of the emotion coming out. They're saying that the natural disasters, I mean, they're saying that there is truth to this thing that you do call global warming, that there is a change in the environment, which is leading to changes in your weather patterns. But the reason that's happening is number one, to awaken you to the importance of caring for your earth. And number two, it's just the vast balancing and rebalancing that's taking place. They just say there is an ultimate good that comes from this. They're saying, please know this, there is an ultimate good, but things will rebalance in a way that look a little bit different than they look now. But they're saying worry not.

Alex Ferrari 48:04
In what ways are we connected to other forms of consciousness in this universe?

Brynne Dippell 48:11
Mean like off Earth beings or

Alex Ferrari 48:13
Yeah, just other other forms of Consciousness in the Universe? As if we're the only form of consciousness, let's say, earthlings, if you will? How are we connected to other forms of them around the universe? If there are no other forms of consciousness in the universe seems like a very big waste of space.

Brynne Dippell 48:32
Yeah. They indicate that the the phrasing they use is that the universe is teeming with life. It's just a lot of them exist in a what they call like a frequency, which is like the rate of speed of energy that's different than what we can see. They're saying we haven't even begun to discover. They're saying, there's life on every planet. There's life off planet, there's off planets, there's life in the star systems. They're saying that we all share a common heritage, which is what I would call God's Spirit source, the All That Is, and they're saying, That's why there are those ones among you who when they tune their frequencies to Pleiadians to Arcturians. To people on Mars, that you can attune your frequency to you can attune your consciousness to them. Because they're saying we're all we are all the same. They're saying they're actually more in touch with us than we realize. They influence us in ways designed for benefit. It's all about like, like a radio where you just like tune your frequency and you can connect with these other ones, but they're saying the universe is alive, that there's all a shared Brotherhood or somehow

Alex Ferrari 49:43
What what are the what are the Akashic Records views on the afterlife and the souls journey?

Brynne Dippell 49:51
Well, they're saying that the Akashic records is a storehouse of that information, like they're saying, we hold all of that. Is there a more specific question you have about

Alex Ferrari 50:00
Like how does like maybe how does karma affect our current life? For people who really don't understand this concept of Karma? I think it's been kind of bastardized a little bit the word karma in the mainstream, where, you know, if you do something, something bad is gonna happen to you or think or if you do something right away something good is gonna happen to you. How was the Akashic Records point of view of karma and how it affects our souls journey?

Brynne Dippell 50:25
Yeah, that's a really interesting question, because they're saying that the concept of like karma, likely had a stronger impact or was developed in times when humans needed more specific guidelines about this is right, this is wrong. This is how you treat people, they are saying that there's an energetic truth to if I do this thing, it has that impact. But they're indicating that will bind to that in two ways. They're saying there have been times when the notion of karma was very important. That kind of kept people in line, it helped them understand how to interact with other humans. But they're also showing me that they're showing you both it's already happened for some people, and it will, will happen for other people that were actually being released from what they're calling like the bonds of karma. So we're actually going to be transcending that idea of good thing, bad thing. Those who still need those guidelines will have that. But they're saying that we are transcending the place where we're going to be having those kinds of like cause and effect relationships. So that makes sense. It makes perfect sense clear the way they said that. Part of the issue with spiritual truth is that it's not all the same for everybody. There are different rules for different levels, different laws for different levels of consciousness, and they're trying to like, cut across several different realms of consciousness at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 51:54
Fair enough. What are the what are the Akashic records insights or point of view in into artificial intelligence, which is something that is, is so I mean, it seems like it came out of nowhere. You know, a year ago, year and a half ago, AI was sci fi, and now it's literally everywhere, everyone's using it. So what impact will it have on humanity, and its spiritual evolution.

Brynne Dippell 52:22
So this is actually a very fascinating question, because they're saying like anything created by humans, there is the potential for great good and there is the potential for harm. They're saying that there are those ones who wish to use AI for the purpose of generating their own power, and perhaps their best, their concern is not the best interest of all. What's important to know about those ones who would use AI not for the betterment of humanity is that there? There are protections like certain people when they don't wish. Well for the, again, the majority, they still get to show me like these two lines here. guardrails? Yeah, exactly, they'll be given a little bit of room to play with so that they can learn from their own experience, but they can't really go too far. So it's interesting, because even as we're saying these words, we can feel there's almost like a little bit of a energy of fear in some portion of humanity about what is this AI going to be doing? And what they wish to say to those ones who have a little bit of concern, and they're saying we've heard these ones. There are guardrails, thank you for that word, it's perfect there, it will be contained. So that's one side of it. On the other side of it. They're saying there's a very interesting process where like human and machine that would be the computer so to speak, human and machine can actually join together to create something even greater, brighter, faster than the human mind alone. So this is almost like taking the best parts of the human mind. And expanding it even more like they show me something quite beautiful can come out of it like the speed of processing and certain kinds of intellectual capacities or activities that might have taken the human mind, like more time to do by sending it over here having it happen much faster, it speeds everything up. So what they wish for you and your people in particular is let us all join together to look for the best possible outcome of AI like let us use our consciousness to create create the outcome we desire.

Alex Ferrari 54:35
Yeah, it's similar to you know, humanity, or you know, man creating a car. So we can drive a lot faster than we can running, essentially. I mean, without without that technology. We couldn't move as fast if we didn't have cars or airplanes or transportation. The world would move at the pace it did. 150 years ago, much slower. much, you know, we couldn't move as fast as you are. So my point of view of AI is always been the same, it's always been the same. It's a tool like any other. It is extremely powerful tool. But it can be used for good and I, I'm already using it for good, and trying to get this message out to the world. And it does speed things up in a way that is incomprehensible. A year ago, two years ago, that's how fast this is going a year ago. It's just I've never seen anything like it. I mean, the Internet came. And the internet took a few years before it really grabbed on. But because of the the foundation of the internet, and the technology that has been built around the internet, AI can just go much faster. Because of the foundation that's already been laid out. It's it's pretty remarkable. But it's moving at such a, I mean, daily changes, weekly changes, it's not yearly changes, it's going to be pretty amazing to see where it's going. I'm very optimistic about it. I agree with the Akashic records, I feel that it is something that's going to benefit humanity to the point where you don't need to sit there and learn facts from a book that are kind of useless when you could have instant access to that information. And focus your mind on things, of creativity, of service of other things that you can focus your energy on, because that's kind of all that other mundane stuff is cutting care of, in many ways, kind of like the Greeks did. The, you know, the philosophers of ancient Greece, they basically sat around because all their needs were taken care of, you know, mind you slaves. That's a good thing. But, but they had basically had all day to sit around and think about stuff. So it's essentially an analogy of where we're going. I think, eventually,

Brynne Dippell 57:01
They wanted to just underline a word that you use creativity, because they say that is in some ways, the difference between AI and the human mind that the human mind has a different capacity for creating something new that's never been created before. There's still a different feeling tone to what is generated by AI. And that's just the human spirit. So they'll always work we will always work hand in hand with each other. But it will be easier.

Alex Ferrari 57:30
Much thank God. Now how do we tap into our innate powers to manifest our own reality?

Brynne Dippell 57:39
Oh, they're saying that's easy.

Alex Ferrari 57:43
Said says them the Akashic be it easy when you're up there talking about things with all of knowledge around you, before us mere mortals. How do you tap into it?

Brynne Dippell 57:57
They love you. They say that, that each one has the ability to create the reality for themselves more easily than any other time in human history. They're taking me back to that, that book, or that film called The Secret which was really like the key that unlocked the doorway to people's even knowing they could do that beautiful, but that's like years ago. Now. They're saying what's nice is that the way that you create that what you desire is almost like just dropping into your own heart, finding peace within your own heart, and then embodying the frequency or way of being of that which you desire. And the tricky part with creation, they call it creation or manifestation is that it needs to be in alignment with your highest good. So a lot of times we want and want and want and work and work and work at something that ultimately is not in our highest good, that we may think that's what we want at the time. But ultimately, it's not actually in support of our souls pathway. So sometimes those creations will not come to pass. But what they're saying is that one of the gifts of this age and it really is greater it's the greatest of at any point in human history is that by going within becoming balanced, becoming peaceful, even if you want to feel like you're connecting with Source Energy, feel become that which you want, and hold that sustained vibration are we you know, we all go in and out. But they're saying, come back and back and back to this is who I am to be able to receive this and they say that you'll be able to this is actually something that they're very, if they can talk for a minute about this. So I'm really excited because another one of the things that's happening now is that and this is in perfect alignment with create like manifesting or creating what we want. They're saying similar to the example that they gave earlier in any given moment in any Given decision, we have multiple layers of choices like I could do this thing or that thing or that thing, each one just a little bit different than the next. And they're saying that a lot of people are struggling right now a lot of people are suffering right now there's a lot of like worry about things that are happening, many people doing beautifully. And that's what they want to really drop into the consciousness right now is that in any given circumstance, they want you to start to pick the next higher possibility. They call it the frequency, like even in your current circumstances, pick the one that's just a little bit higher. Like imagine, how can I feel a little bit better here? Okay, how can I feel a little bit better, and they're saying that this is the way that the humans will learn to shape their reality faster than they have at any other point, no matter what's going on, just like pick the best possible element of that of your current circumstances and then seek to go a little bit higher. They're saying this is the key to everything.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:01
Beautiful, and do they?

Brynne Dippell 1:01:04
They consider that very simple. It's just feeling just feeling feeling what you want.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:10
And finally, do they have any parting messages for the audience?

Brynne Dippell 1:01:15
Yes, they wish you to know that you are so dearly loved, and held and cherished. They wish you to know that you have a 24/7 Always on connection to the divine. We never leave you we are always with you. We see you we hold you. Again. They're saying we cherish you. They wish every human to know. They're not alone. Again, they're loved, held and cherished at all times. Like we're here. We're here for you. And we just love you dearly.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:44
Appreciate that. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing their knowledge with us. I appreciate it.

Brynne Dippell 1:01:50
Yeah, thank you. So I'm gonna go ahead and close the records. That's okay. I'll just do that silently. All right. Thank you very much for that opportunity.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:00
Yeah, that was a lot of fun. That was a lot of fun. They are they're a hoot. They are. Now, I want to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Brynne Dippell 1:02:22
I would say living a fulfilled life is number one connection with spirit. Number two, living your soul's divine purpose that what you uniquely came here to do? And just having really beautiful, intimate connections with those you love?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:35
What advice would you give? If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to your younger self? What advice would you give her?

Brynne Dippell 1:02:40
I would tell her keep going, it's gonna be all right.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:43
That's the most common answer. That's the most common answers. Like I'd probably say that somebody took I did. It's got to be fine that just you're gonna be a mobster in about 20 years, stay away from him. Other than that, no, don't actually that's it helps. It helped me be who I am today, but still does. Just be careful. How do you define God?

Brynne Dippell 1:03:09
I call God just God, Spirit, Source. See, all it is God is the energy, the intelligence that animates everything, it is within everything. It's the art, it's love. It's the energy of love that's in everything. And what is love, they're giving me a sensation. Warmth, is that light Love Is that really warm, beautiful sensation inside your heart that lets you know you're connected to everything in the most beautiful way.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:35
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Brynne Dippell 1:03:37
They're saying a little bit of a version of what they said a moment ago that it is to, I suppose, know that you are loved. Know that you're connected and to share your light in the way that you're guided, like souls divine purpose, offer your unique contribution in the way that you feel called

Alex Ferrari 1:03:54
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Brynne Dippell 1:03:57
Thank you very much. I work with the Akashic records. I do individual sessions, I do a beautiful Akashic healing group where we bring large numbers of people to elevate to the Akashic records for healing and guidance and wisdom and I teach people to access the Akashic records. All of these things are my greatest joy in the world. You can find me at my website, which is, would be my greatest joy to you in the way that feels right. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:27
And do you have any parting message for the audience?

Brynne Dippell 1:04:30
I just want to say to you Alex, I just want to say thank you very much for allowing me to be in this space with you because I feel like there's a lot of like love and divinity here. There's just like a real magic in your in this field that you've created and and to everybody who listens to this I just say thank you. Again, I just what I would want most of all is that you feel loved. You know, you're loved and you're held and your cherished and you're not alone. And there's great beauty to this life that you have. If they Do anything they just like want to imprint that? Every single person that listens to this? Yeah, greatest love to you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:06
Brynne thank you so much for coming on the show sharing your access to the Akashic records and your beautiful life with my audience. So I appreciate you.

Brynne Dippell 1:05:15
Thank you so much. It's just been such a joy, such a joy. Thank you. Thank you.

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