Clinically DEAD Fireman Shown TRUTH About Our REALITY By BIZARRE Beings (PROFOUND NDE) with Bill Letson

Life often brings us encounters that profoundly shape our understanding of existence and our place within it. In today’s episode, we welcome Bill Letson, a firefighter whose near-death experience (NDE) offers deep insights into the nature of life, death, and the spiritual realm. Bill Letson’s journey from a conventional life to an extraordinary NDE reveals the transformative power of spiritual awakening and the profound truths it can unveil.

Bill Letson grew up in California and found his calling as a firefighter, a career that spanned several decades. His life was marked by normalcy and a deep connection to nature, where he found his spirituality. “From my life with the Forest Service and outdoors and surfing, that’s where I was connected to the divine,” he shares. However, his spiritual beliefs were put to the test during a severe flu epidemic in 1994 when he contracted a life-threatening virus while on duty. This led to a critical situation where Bill’s heart stopped, and he experienced a profound NDE.

During his NDE, Bill describes leaving his body and entering a star-filled realm, a place of absolute euphoria and divine love. “It felt like I’d been let out of a hot, dark, stuffy closet,” he recalls, describing the immense relief and joy he felt. This realm was filled with colorful orbs and a sense of freedom that he had never experienced before. Bill encountered beings in this realm who were playful and welcoming, unlike any beings he had ever imagined. “They were short little hooded guys with big smiles on their faces, bouncing around and giggling,” he describes, noting the overwhelming love and acceptance they radiated.

Bill’s journey took him to what he calls an “in-between place,” where he met a tall, wispy figure who exuded immense love and joy. This being communicated with him in a way that felt telepathic, emphasizing the importance of love and understanding. “It was like a cosmic orgasm,” Bill explains, highlighting the depth of the love and connection he felt. This experience provided Bill with a life review, where he saw his life and understood the motivations behind his actions and those of others.


  1. Embrace the Interconnectedness of Life: Bill’s NDE underscores the importance of recognizing our interconnectedness with all beings. Understanding that we are all part of a larger, loving universe can transform our approach to life and relationships.
  2. The Power of Unconditional Love: The overwhelming love and acceptance Bill experienced during his NDE highlight the transformative power of unconditional love. Embracing this love in our daily lives can lead to profound healing and spiritual growth.
  3. Living with Purpose and Compassion: Bill’s journey emphasizes the importance of living with purpose and compassion. By aligning our actions with love and kindness, we can navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and contribute positively to the world around us.

Returning to his body was a challenging transition for Bill. He felt a deep sense of loss and longing for the divine realm he had experienced. “I was home with my best bros, back where I belong,” he says, reflecting on the difficulty of readjusting to physical life. Despite this, Bill’s NDE provided him with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of his role in this life.

Bill’s story is a powerful reminder of the potential for transformation and growth that lies within each of us. His insights offer hope and inspiration, encouraging us to embrace our true selves and trust in the support of the divine. By recognizing our interconnectedness and living with unconditional love and compassion, we can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Bill Letson.

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Bill Letson 0:00
My wife was there and she said, your eyes rolled back and you just keeled over straight back. And you were gone. And they couldn't get you back and they could barely get a blood pressure. So I didn't come back. And they put me into intensive care with, you know, a couple of IVs and head down. And I just kind of hovered there at, you know, a blood pressure that was like 40, over 04 hours. And at some point during that night, to three in the morning, something like that. I left my body.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I like to welcome to the show, Bill Letson. How you doing, Bill?

Bill Letson 0:49
Hi, Alex, I'm doing great! Thanks!

Alex Ferrari 0:51
Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your remarkable journey with all of us, I am looking forward to, to getting into your near death experience in your adventures on the other side. But before we jump into that, what was your life like prior to having your near death experience?

Bill Letson 1:08
It was pretty normal. I grew up here in California and Central Coast, and I was an athlete and stuff surfer and found firefighting. I just fell in love with it. And, you know, that was in my teens. And then I just kept getting more and more jobs, you know, hot shots and engines and back country stuff. And got on with Santa Barbara County Fire Department. And, you know, I was there for, I don't know, 10 years, and that's when I had my NDE in 94.

Alex Ferrari 1:39
Were you were you spiritual, a spiritual person or a religious person prior to the NDE?

Bill Letson 1:45
I was raised Catholic. And, you know, that kind of throws a bucket of water on the spirituality thing at times. And, you know, I kind of realized that everyone was just going through the motions there on Sunday, and we were in a big house. And, you know, you can, you know, from my life with the Forest Service, and outdoors and surfing, that's where I was connected to, you know, the divine. That's where I found peace and spirituality. So, you know, I figured we'll live this life and do the best you can. And there's more after it, and somebody made all this. But you know, all the dogma and doctrine and rituals, it's not really necessary. That's, that's what I came to.

Alex Ferrari 2:35
So you were so you were quote, unquote, spiritual, at least in the sense that you knew there was something bigger than yourself out there that someone made this something made all of this and when we die, it doesn't end it's something goes on. But that was this. It's as far as you went,

Bill Letson 2:49
Yeah, something goes on. And you know, and we get to paint the picture. And that's kind of what I felt.

Alex Ferrari 2:57
So what led up to the, to your near death experience, what happened in that day before you started going to the other side?

Bill Letson 3:06
I was working at a station down in Santa Barbara. Station 11. And there was a flu epidemic going on. You know, we had those bad flu years. And it was a it was a good one. And it was filling up hospitals and emergency rooms. And we ran on one patient and she was had really gone far. She was circling the drain by the time we got to her. And we jumped into action and I you know, in with everything that we do, putting Oh, to honor and getting vitals. She exhaled. And I inhaled. And I took her breath straight in. And I was like, oh, man, that was I could feel her hot breath. Go down into my lungs. Yeah, everybody cringes?

Alex Ferrari 3:54
That was post COVID so.

Bill Letson 4:01
Yeah. And we got her to the hospital and successful she came home in a week or something. But a couple of days after I had my you know, got that inoculation. I was really sick. And it came on pretty fast the next day and just had this racing heart and his tanking blood pressure. And it was dehydrating. And before you knew it, I was circling the drain. And, you know, I got a call for help. And my department came and you know, a local ambulance company came and they picked me up, got me in an ambulance got some IVs started because I was severely dehydrated and got me to the local hospital. And the place was full of people fill kids for adults, people suffering from this flu. And they put me in a room and they were kind of overwhelmed. And they came in and gave me something You know, they injected it into the, you know, the IV port, the injection port on the IV line. And the girl says, you know, she's a great nurse, but they were flustered. And so she pushed it in, like, all the way in, and my wife was there. And she said, your eyes rolled back and you just keeled over straight back. And you were gone. And they couldn't get you back, and they could barely get a blood pressure. So I didn't come back. And they put me into intensive care with, you know, a couple of IVs and head down. And I just kind of hovered there at, you know, a blood pressure that was like 40, over 04 hours. And at some point during that night, to three in the morning, something like that. I left my body. And did you want me to go right into that part are good.

Alex Ferrari 5:58
So also when you No, no, that's fine. So you, did you like leave your body in the sense that you were in the room? Or did you go somewhere else right away.

Bill Letson 6:05
I what I found, I found myself in us in a star filled realm. It was just all of these stars, these colorful orbs. And they were I was parading through them. And it was all good vibes and beautiful stars, you know, orbs, I guess we call them. And I was just, it was a complete ecstasy. It was complete euphoria. It felt like I'd been let out of a hot, dark, stuffy closet. And I'd been stuck there. And I was now this huge, expanded cloud, just sailing through this, this welcoming party of the stars. And I felt like somebody was pouring honey all over my brain all over my. And it was running down through all my nerves. And it was like this, you know, I have not been ashamed to use this word, but it was like a cosmic orgasm. And it just kept going. It was just the standing wave of absolute euphoria. And I was thinking, Man, that was rough duty. That place was gnarly. This Earth. And you know, all those things like those low emotions, like anger and jealousy and rage. Those things didn't exist. It was just pure, delightful existence. And as I flew along through all the stars, I was thinking, How in the world did I forget who I really was? How is it that I was absolutely convinced, immersed in this dude that I was pretending to be? This bill Letson. And he had this whole story, and he had his likes and dislikes. And he had, you know, this, all this stuff. And all of it was it was like, it was a pretend it was like it was something I was doing, like a game. And I didn't want going back to that was out of the question. There's no way I was free. And I was absolutely stoked. So I flew along for a while. And then, and everything was awesome. And it's like, this moment is constantly the same thing of Oh, wow, this is so cool. Everything is new, and absolutely stoked in each moment. So I was flying along just, I could do this forever. This is awesome. And then I landed, I landed in a place that was solid. There was indirect lighting. There was equipment there. There were beds. There were it was a solid place, and right in front of me or three beings. And they were the short little hooded guys with big smiles on their face. And they were bouncing around and giggling and I was trying to sort out. Well, where am I? Now? This was a complete change in, you know, everything. That was a you know, in a structure. And they were looking at me and they were they were giggling and they were saying things like how was it? What did you learn? What can you tell us? And I was just kind of looking at him like where is it? What is this place and who you guys are very strange looking. And they looked exactly like that. It those guys in the movie communion, where Christopher Walken goes in. And there's, you know, a lot of people when they see that they see demons or something, but they weren't. They were just these cool little munchkins. And they were giggling and they were happy to see me. And if you watch that movie communion, they're actually pretty playful, joyful, guys. They don't do anything that is really upsetting. Once Christopher Walken controls his fear of the situation, once he gets used to, you know, this is something phenomenal, but it's, it's, it's not menacing. So, one of them came forward, he looked me up and down. And he turned to the other two, and he goes, he doesn't remember us. And they started giggling uproariously bouncing around and stuff. And I was like, Guys, I kind of remember you. But you know, this is a very unusual here. And then there was this other guy. And he was in the background. At first, he was this tall, wispy guy. And he had this like, you know, I've called him like a trimmed up Gumby and like a walking stick. And he had this huge smile on his face, his eyes were bright. And he was absolutely stoked, you could feel the love coming off of him towards me. And he had this like weird spinning energy, like you were, like, if you took a glass of water and spun it and then looked at, you know, the vortex there, the spinning. That's what he looked like. And it looked like I was when he came forward, it was like I was looking at somebody underwater. And you know, the top part would move first, and then the other parts would sort of catch up, and then he'd become whole again, and he kept moving. And as he came closer, I just felt my chest just expanding, and my throat tightening. And I felt like I was going to break down in uncontrollable crying from love. There was so much love coming from this being that it was paralyzing. It was overwhelming. And, you know, we went back and forth with some different small talk stuff. And every time I said anything, he just chuckled. He just would crack up. Like he was looking at a little toddler. And he was amused by his little toddler. And after a while, you know, the little guys were just giggling. And he was just chuckling at everything. And I said, You know what, it's not, you know, this isn't very organized. There's not much going on. Do we net? Do we go and make a, you know, do a review of my life? Is that what's next? You guys want to get started with that. And the tall wispy guy just cracked up, cracked up. He was just chuckling in he thought that was hysterical that this little toddler was, you know, trying to take over. But he said, but he said, Sure, sure. Let's do that. How do you want to start? And so I told a few stories about, you know, jobs that my wife and I got offered a job on off the coast, California and this island. And I took a fire job, but she really wanted that. And she said, You know, when are we going to get a chance to live on an island by ourselves. And you know what I was, you know, 2022 Some said, I'm not going to do well alone on an island at this age. I need to I need action. I need you know, I need to be around fire guys. So but yeah, but now that I'm almost 70 I look back and I say I wish I had done that for her because she wanted it. And she's pretty cool. So I talked for a while I told her a couple of different things. Nobody was listening. They weren't paying attention. They were doing the same thing. You know, they were doing these playful, joyful things with each other and, and a lot of chuckling and giggling. And then he just turns to me and he goes, Okay, that's enough. Time to go back. And that floored me that I was shocked at that. And I was like, go back. Like go No way I cannot go back there that You don't understand that place is rough duty. And he's like, No, you gotta go back, you got things to do. And and you're going back. And as he came forward, you know, I pleaded, I told him I was almost 40 what good am I, you know, my life is pretty much over, just, I don't know, I there's not much I can do after 40 You know? And, and he laughed at that, just like you and, and I said some other things. I said, Hey, I got lots of friends, lots of bros. But the only people that are really going to get stung by me not coming back is my wife and my parents. But they are strong people, they will persevere. And he thought that was funny. And he said, Okay, now you're going back.

And he came forward, and the place just started to break up, he started to D materialize, he evaporated in front of me and the room came apart. And I dropped in frequency. And I dropped away. And I was on my way to another channel, another dimension, another stop. And it was a very it was a drop in frequency. It didn't feel good. As I was moving back to this place. And I got close to my body. And it was a dark place. It was lonely. It was dismal. And you didn't want to be there. And, you know, we talked about, you know, Heaven and in between place and earth and then another place. And, you know, from what, from that experience, you know, I believe that other places right? close to where we are here in the physical. And I think that's part of our, our thing where we need to navigate that successfully when we come out of our bodies, you know, that whole thing about the valley of the shadow of death. Without fear, we have to move through that into the higher planes. But anyway, I was back in my body. And I was I woke up a few times four or five in the morning, and I was looking at the equipment and it was the vital signs things were improving with each round. And you know, they take your vitals and I can stay awake. After a while it was still dark out. And I was looking around and the nurse came by. And she was shocked. She's like, you're awake? And I'm like, Yes, I am. I need to talk to you. And she said like, I need to go tell a doctor. We've been worried all night. We didn't know what was going on with you. You know, what was where this was going? And I said okay, you can go get the doctor. But first, what am I doing back here? You know, I? I was pissed. And I wanted to verbalize that, I guess. And I said I was home, I was home with my best bros I was back where I belong. I had died. I had bought the farm I was sure of it. And and she had her hands on my shoulders. And she was saying he's just old nurse, you know, seen it all. And she goes Honey, you've been in escrow. And and you fell out of escrow. And now you're back with us. And you're gonna have to get your head around that you know, and she said it very, you know, genuinely she sort of spoke to my soul. And I never forgot that because I had just come back from this experience. And you know, a lot of your guests will tell you that it's devastating. And you know, they can go into depression for months and years. And you know, addiction can come with that. And you we are so cut off from what we really are here in you know in this illusionary this journey but you know, and then everybody came by and I was just none of them bla bla bla bla bla big guy, the tall guy the little guys you know, and they were my best friends. And it was like I just got off a roller coaster and they want to know what it was about and and you know, you see disappointment in your family's faces and you know, the doctor tells you outright you're crazy. And so I was home for a few days and then recovering and then I got back to work and the guys all want No, that's like, Hey, dude, something happened to you. Everyone's talking about it. And I'm like, Well, yeah, well, I'll tell you what happened. And I didn't leave anything out. And, you know, they're very religious guys. Whatever their religion you know, they didn't want to hear much more of the story once I got to the little, short little guys, because it wasn't fitting their robes and harps and beards. And and I always thought that was really interesting, because they were, they were, you know, they are such good people. But they wanted nothing to do with this sort of unusual story. And so I told the story for a while, and then word kind of leaked down from the office, hey, you better stop telling that story. Because, you know, we don't have cooks writing our fire engines. And, and that made sense. And I'm like, Yeah, I get it. And so I, I zipped it, and I dummied up for about 15 years. But, you know, it was my thing. It was absolutely real. And whenever I was in a bookstore, I would, you know, tiptoe into the woowoo section and see if I could find some answers. The totally, books were excellent. And, you know, when DMT the Spirit Molecule when I read that, that was, you know, that was a shocker, because, and that was after retirement about 2011. That was a shocker, because, you know, his volunteers, Rick Strassman, his work at the New Mexico University with, you know, injecting his paint his volunteers with DMT. And then recording where they go, what they experience, they were seeing the same thing, they were going to very clinical place like a facility and seeing these short, little playful guys and a taller guy that's in charge, seem to be in charge, but wasn't an authoritarian at all. And you know, a lot of these, there's a lot of videos out there on my story, and these kids that smoked DMT, they'll write and say, you just explain my DMT breakthrough story to the letter. And that's an interesting thing, when you look at Strauss one's book, and you know, what, these kids that are smoking DMT and getting this powerful, you know, that the soul is rocketed into another, you know, another dimension, another realm. And they say, it's very playful. And the the guys are, sometimes they hear them, they hear things like you're doing it wrong. You're not, you know, you're not supposed to take the shortcut. But so, yeah, um,

Alex Ferrari 23:07
Well, let me let me ask you this real quick. So when you were with with the little guys and the tall, thin guy, you said, Do you want a life review? How did you understand that concept? Had you heard that concept before? Or did you just literally do want me to just tell you my life story?

Bill Letson 23:27
Yeah, I had that concept in my conscious thoughts. And, and it came forward.

Alex Ferrari 23:37
So so it just popped it popped into your consciousness at that moment?

Bill Letson 23:41
No, I, I have heard it. I had heard it, you know, like I said, I would. This is the woowoo section in the bookstore and stuff. So I did hear that,

Alex Ferrari 23:54
Before it before the near death experience or after the near death experience.

Bill Letson 23:58
I was always kind of that way. Okay. After it became more of a you know, this is this is real, these people aren't wasting their time with these, you know, accounts and stuff. There's the surreal thing, we really don't know what we are.

Alex Ferrari 24:16
Right! And Bill let me ask you because I mean, I've, as you know, I've probably spoken to over 100 near death experiences at this point, you're the first move is given me the details you've given me with the little guys. And the tall guy I've heard before it's versions of him. I never heard the version of the little guy before which these these little guys who obviously look different than humans, they look, you know, weird considering, you know, comparing to us, and our perception. So you're the first I've heard that from, but what I find interesting is that people going through DMT their account is similar to your account. So it seems and I I've done a lot of research in psychedelics. And it's almost like a shortcut. DMT is a shortcut to go to where you went to. You did it the hard way. You had to die, essentially, to get there. But it's really fascinating how how the, your trip went, and I call it a trip because it wasn't a, it wasn't a rough exit, or rough entrance back, you just kind of like almost was very, like, I'm out. I'm back in. I don't want to be here. It's, it's pretty fascinating. Is there any other details of the actual experience that you can give us? Did it was there? What did the room look like? What did you look like? Did you look at yourself anything like that?

Bill Letson 25:58
I did not look at myself, I just assumed I was me. But I don't know what they were looking at. They definitely were looking at something. And this whole thing with, you know, having eyes and speaking. I'm not so sure anybody was speaking anything it was, you know, people say it's all telepathy. It's all absolute, honest, open communication. So there wasn't really a, you know, gathering your thoughts before you spoke, it just came out if you thought it, you know, they heard it. type of thing. So as far as details, you know, there's astrology, I'll say this, I believe that my near death experience was a kind of a tour, it was leaving the earth realm and kind of shooting through that heavenly realm, and getting a feel for what we really are these incredible beings, infinite, eternal beings, incredibly powerful, incredibly wise and kind. And, and then there was, you know, I left that heavenly realm, that heavenly dimension, and I was at this in between place. And if you see the movie, astral city, and it's a story of this guy in Brazil, who was a famous medium, and he told this whole story of these, of this astral city, where we, you know, there's a clinic, there's a rehab place, everything is emotional trauma, once we leave this place, that's what we're carrying, we're carrying feelings, you know, and the negative feelings need to be cleansed and healed. And so you'll go to this, this clinic, and then you'll go back out into the city. And, you know, John Davis has a, his, and he talks about this tour of the city with these libraries. And, you know, I had a medium contact me and she goes, Oh, I know exactly where you were, the steps lead down to this grassy area, and then you can go out into the city. And she's like, I'm there all the time. So she knows about this astral plane. And, you know, it seems to be a recurring thing. And, you know, life is pretty good there. And sounds like we're there. We're there to learn about this place. You know, there's all these different, like John Davis talks about, there's all these different aspects of learning. And then we come into lives, and we forget absolutely everything about who we are and where we came from. And we have these lives, and we learn from them. And then we go back.

Alex Ferrari 29:01
Why do you think this happened to you?

Bill Letson 29:03
I think, I think, you know, when, when he said, You have to go back, you have things to do, and they're important. And I think it's going on right now. You know, these last year and a half these podcasts have gone crazy, you know, the number of people calling me that want to talk to me and stuff. You know, I was talking I was telling my story, I got mixed up with the ions groups, and they were incredibly helpful. And I go around and tell my story at their meetings all over the place. And that was a very therapeutic for me and and then and then this whole podcast thing came out of COVID. And all of a sudden people are interested in nt E. It's like taken off like wildfire. IRA. And you know, I asked all you guys, I don't think I asked you before we started. But I asked everyone that I talked to what brought you to do these interviews and ask people about nd ease? And every one of them says, well, it's just really important thing, I need to do it, you know, it's coming from somewhere deep inside me. And, you know, that's, that's the divine hand in our earth plane. You know, sort of guiding the next step, you know, we all feel we're at a crossroads, helping humanity with, you know, the changes that are coming in the coming centuries. And there is an awakening there is, you know, this knowledge of what we really are, is coming back into the light slowly. That's what I think so, so how did you get interested?

Alex Ferrari 31:00
It's a long story, but the short version of it is that the reason I do the work is because my own personal curiosity, on not just near death experiences, but the totality, the totality of all aspects of spirituality, and of our spiritual growth. So that's why I talked to channelers and mediums and psychics and quantum physicists and, you know, ancient civilization, experts in all these different realms about all lead to the same thing, they all cross pollinate. And I think it's something that first interests me, but also I believe that it creates a tremendous amount of peace and comfort to a lot of people around the world. And that's one of the main reasons I do this. When I started, it was curiosity. And I was like, hey, maybe five people listen, maybe 10 People listen, who knows. And now we're in the millions and growing and you're like, oh, this work is important. And you hear you hear things back from people, you're like, you're changing my life, you know, I was atheist. Now I'm not. It's part of what I'm supposed to be doing here. From my personal journey, it is my my purpose to do it, here to be this, this forum that I'm creating, for people like yourself to come in, and not only reach a few 100 people, but to reach millions of people who are very like minded and are curious about all of this. So that's the main reason I'm doing it. And I agree with everything you're saying, as far as there is an awakening, we are being prepared for something in the future. And I think we're all kind of decompressing. Like we've been down in the in the trench underwater, and we're slowly coming up, like, if we go too fast, we're gonna get the bends. So this is the this is the process of, of this awakening. And five years ago, this show wouldn't do as well as it is doing now. 10 years ago, would have barely got a crawl. And let's not even say further back. So there's a timing thing as well, you know, I started the show two years ago, right in the right towards the tail end of COVID. You know, kind of like a little bit over, we were over halfway through with COVID when this started. And it's it's, you know, changed my life. And I think it's changed the lives of millions of people around the world. So that's the short answer, the long answer is much longer. So let me ask you something built, you know, a lot of people who watch these, or hear about these, you know, by the way you stole the student told the story. Man, it sounds like a dream. I'm going to be devil's advocate here for a second. Good, man. It just sounds like a dream. You went you you conked out, it can't open. You had this really lucid dream. And you think you went to the other side. And I mean, it just sounds like a really lucid dream. What would you say to someone saying that to you?

Bill Letson 34:19
Well, I'll say it to you. Because you just told me all about peace and comfort that you're bringing to millions. And the other side is nothing but love and kindness and patience and sweetness, and all those rough emotions, they're here, but they don't go with us. So that other side, if you're ready to look, if you're ready to say, you know what's going on here and and how can I do better? Then you'll start seeing you know the messages from guys like you and And they're, you know, I know you're from the film industry there, these messages are in the film industry. Oh, yeah. If you if your audience watches that movie astral city, you'll be shocked at the parallels. You know, there's a heavenly realm, there's an in between, there's an earth realm, there's a, there's a other place. And they're all shown very clearly in that movie. And my, you're gonna love this my story. I've just realized the last couple of years that, you know, in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy lives in a black and white world, kind of drab, not a lot going on some mean people, you know, harming animals and things. And she gets caught up in the twister she goes up in the cabin, something happens a window comes off, hits her in the head, and she falls on the bed. And she peels away, you know, this lighter version of her peels away. And she's in a near death experience. And when the cabin lands, she opens the door. And here's these beautiful giant colored flowers. And these beautiful, you know, greens, it's everything's in full color. And there are these giggling munchkins that are hiding around in all this color, and all this beauty. And they come forward to her in groups of three. You know, the lollipop, Gill, and, and those are my favorite. And you know that they had that same sort of playful, joyful thing that the guys I saw, that was the feeling I got, you know, and then a little dancers and the politicians. And when she's ready Glinda comes Linda shows up, arrives in a beautiful, or colors, and she has a beautiful soul, and, you know, is interacting sweetly with Dorothy and gets her on the road, gets her on her journey. And Linda always shows up when Dorothy gets into trouble with the witch or whatever. Glenda shows up along the way. And Dorothy gets these, these three characters that she's that travel with her. The straw man looking for a brain and tin man looking for a heart and the lion looking for courage. And story I get is that story that comes clearly to me is that when we learn to use our right brain and reconnect with the divine, of sweetness and kindness, you know, live our life from that divine mind. And make every decision from the intelligence of the heart and to move forward without fear with courage, then we get to go home. And there's no place like home.

Alex Ferrari 38:20
And the power and the power is always within you. She always had the power to go home whenever she wanted to.

Bill Letson 38:26
Right on Alex. Isn't that awesome?

Alex Ferrari 38:30
That is that's a really great analogy for that movie. And you know, I always I always find it fascinating is this one of my I love talking about this subject is media in general stories, movies, books, they show up and move humanity forward, in a way. So when HG Wells started doing his books, the concept that he talked about in those books, which did not exist prior to him. You know, 60 years later, we're on the moon. You know, we have a space program. We have other things like that all these because they were inspired by those stories. How many scientists and quantum physicists have we been inspired by Star Wars? Or Star Trek? Or the matrix? Or these kinds of films that really opened up our our mind like a movie like The Matrix could not have come out in 1939 When was advised came out not only for the technical limitations, but the story would have been just so beyond anybody's comprehension. But I mean, HG Wells was pretty much beyond anybody's comprehension when it came out, but when the right time is right, these stories find their way into the zeitgeist. And and now more than now, I had a guest the other day say Marvel's doing a great job with At the multiverse, the idea of the multiverse multiple dimensions parallel realities. That's in the zeitgeist. Now, these are con like, you know, very common phrases, which before were talked only by, you know, dark, cornered quantum physicists in a party somewhere who the other quantum physicist looked at, like, Oh, God, He's talking about the multiverse again, kind of kind of stuff. So it's pretty, it's pretty fascinating. How this is all starting to unravel, and shows like this, these ideas are being shown to millions now.

Bill Letson 40:37
Yeah, yeah. I'm glad you went that full circle, because it comes all the way back to right now, what we're seeing with the podcasts, and that inspiration, you know, Hollywood isn't some dark boogeyman that's putting these movies out that, you know, this inspiration is coming, I think, from divine source. And just like you deciding, hey, I'm going to put together this whole thing with this podcast. And this is going to be the format. You know, HG Wells said, you know, I'm going to write this book. And this is where it's going to go. And, you know, for your guests, you know, that there is a divine angels and guides, and ancestors, they're all around us all the time. And we're being nudged. And everything is in wonderful hands. And, like you said, the next goal is us understanding that there are, you know, these incredible dimensions, they're just a frequency away, and they're all around us. And we're not alone in the universe, like the mainstream says, quite the contrary. It's an incredible universe full of, you know, diverse life.

Alex Ferrari 41:58
You, when you kind of came out of your near death experience, when you came out of where you were sick, you became better. It sounded like the moment you came out, you started talking about this is what you said, you told anybody who would listen, you went back and told the boys, everybody, Hey, this is what happened. So you weren't ever quote unquote, in this in the closet, the nd closet is what I like to call it, you came out really quickly, but then you got shoved back in to the closet for 15 years, because your surrounding world. Maybe some accepted it, but many didn't. And if you want to keep your job, you need to shut your hole, or else it just wasn't gonna happen. And I you know, what, when I heard that, I was like this bunch of, you know, Broly, you know, a bar in a burly, burly firefighters, you know, a lot of testosterone in the room. I can't be here in about short little guys. You know, I that's not my I get, I get it, I get it. But when you got kind of pushed back into that closet, and it sounds like it was self imposed, you shut the door. And you were there for 15 years, quietly dealing with this. How did you deal with it psychologically, because there's so many near death experiences I speak to who suffered so much by not being able to share their stories. And then what was it that got you out of that closet?

Bill Letson 43:28
Well, I think that these are great, great questions. I think that deep down inside, I wasn't taking Bill seriously anymore. Because I was I'd seen life without him. And I was still me. And you know, I wasn't too proud of a lot of parts of him. And I definitely didn't like the whole human being thing. The whole you know, we're in constant judgment. We have all these bias. And we gotta be right. And you know, all that stuff dropped away. And so, yeah, I didn't take bill too seriously. And I stopped. I didn't react to the situation here that. Yeah, the nd ears are Kooks, you know, and I was at the top of the Kook pile with my story. And so, I left it alone. And you know, thankfully it came, you know, Strassman book and some of the things I did came roaring back and and here we are today.

Alex Ferrari 44:39
So what was there? Was there a catalyst for you to say I need to start telling my story. What was the catalyst for that?

Bill Letson 44:45
Yeah, I was. I was a happy retiree riding bikes and playing in vans and running trails with my dogs and all of a sudden the straussian video showed up and now I bought the book. And when I got to chapter 13, and 14 and saw those little guys described in the feelings that his volunteers had for these guys, I put the book down and I walked around for a week going, what is going on in this place? You know, I had my funny little thing that happened, but he can reproduce this with this DMT he's reproducing, you know, they're going to this facility, they're seeing these beings. And I remember after I read the book a couple times, I sat down and, and I go, this is the most significant book that's probably been written in the last 10,000 years. Because it, I think you said earlier that, you know, there is a doorway, and people can go through it, I don't recommend it. Because, you know, I've done the Ayahuasca thing, and it's, you know, that can be a brutalizing night. Because you're trying to escape this earthly selfs opinion. And, you know, it may take hours for you to surrender to the softer voice, that, that other you that's waiting for you to figure him out.

Alex Ferrari 46:22
It sounds like from my experience with from studying and speaking to people who've taken psychedelics I've never partaken. But from what I understand it can be a very violent journey from this point to the other. Whereas when I've spoken to Yogi's and gurus and swamis from India or from, from other parts, the way they present it is like, well, if you do it this way, it's a very, you don't get the bends, it's a very slow, you're decompressing over years, to be able to then once you get to where you're going, jumping in and out whenever you want. That's when you start becoming your vibration gets higher frequency gets higher. But this, this, the psychedelics they'll run you through. But it's the again, I've said this before on the show that I'll say it again, it's one of the great quotes from the Maharishi, who said, What do you think about these kinds of because it was a 60. So you know, everything was going around the psychedelic, psilocybin and all that stuff to acids and stuff. And he's like, Well, taking acid or psilocybin is kind of like taking a sledgehammer to a wall to get the sunlight to come in, where meditation is placing a window in that wall. And I was like that, that sounds that sounds right. Because it's what you're saying to it's like, it's it is pretty violent. And you're kind of like almost being yanked, like, oh, yeah, you're doing something, someone else another Yogi told me, he's like you're going into a room that you weren't invited into? That's right, right. It's like you weren't, you weren't you were invited into it because you died and came back, which also, to be fair can be a violent situation. I've had many on the show. And you said something really interesting. You said that you were in the top of the Kook pile. To be fair bill. Your story is a little bit more out if it is even possible, a little bit more outside the norm of a near death experience that I've been African spoken to hunt over under now. I mean, Jesus didn't show up. You know, you didn't have a traditional life review. But the thing that I find fascinating is that your experience, and every near death experience that I've had, that I've spoken to one point or another, all say something similar. There's nothing but love. There's nothing but peace. The characters might change in that story. But that is always over and they all come back different. They all come back changed. And yeah, there are some that go through a hellish experience. And they later told me that like I had to because I was Catholic. I had to go through that. Because I felt that I needed to go through that in order to find the pearly gates. It but I wanted to kind of put that out there for people because your story is like these little guys. I'm like, okay, great. Who are these little guys? What's going on? I've never heard of them. But yet, everything sounds, there's a familiarity to it all from, from my experience from this point of view, sir.

Bill Letson 49:36
That's cool. That's cool to hear. You're the man.

Alex Ferrari 49:42
So let me ask you. How did your family deal with this? I mean, because there's one thing that stopped telling you bros, but when you're, you know, like your wife, your parents, you know, and people really close to you. Was it something that was just not talked about? Or what

Bill Letson 49:59
My family was, you know, my mom and dad, sisters and tough day, that's who wasn't going to be talked about. And they're all wonderful people and stuff, but there was nowhere to go with it. And my wife over the years, like, you know, I would wake up giggling and talking in some nonsensical language and, and laughing, and she would go, what is going on with you with, with this, you know, you're talking to somebody. And I'm like, there's like these guys, I really can't see him, but they're right nearby. And, you know, in that sweet spot for sleeping, and dreaming and waking back connection to the divine. These guys are around. And so she knew something was real. And, you know, I really didn't run off the rails too many times in our 50 years together. So she knew that this was a real thing that was part of me. And, you know, every back in the day, every few years in order to help out, I would like one time we she had this robe. And I said, that robe, you looked exactly with that light, you know, you're silhouetted, you look exactly like those guys. And so we set it up, there was a light curtain. And then so it took three pictures of her and you know, and we put them all together, and one of them was turning to the other two. And I'm like, that's, that's what I saw, you know, and this was 20 years ago or more. And so that pitcher hung around for a long time. And, you know, she's been supportive, cooperative, entertained by, do you?

Alex Ferrari 51:42
Do you still? Do you dream about them? Or do you meditate? Or do you see them other? Like, if you're, if you do meditate, do you see them in the meditations? Do you dream? And did they come back and talk to you? How do you still have communications with them,

Bill Letson 51:54
Not with them specifically, but you know, this meditation thing, that you were talking about the power of that that cannot be overstated. If you sit quietly in nature, and still yourself and quiet your mind, you know, plus, raise your frequency with how you eat and how you think and that veil can disappear for everyone. We can move into those other realms or experience them in, when I you know, sit in a recliner over there, you know, old guy, so I need a couple naps a day. And just let go. And, you know, the vibrations start, you know, my right side of my head starts to vibrate and tingle and then this area gets very heavy and sleepy, and you know, and then this, these vibrations start and, you know, you start to move out, seemingly out of your body or inward or something. But there's lots of colors around, and then a push through that. And then you can go to the grids, and then go past the grids. And then there are these light forms, you know, that are in the room, these, you know, energetic beings of light, our ancestors, our friends, there are there are around all of us all the time. And if you quiet the beast, adequately, you can you know, you can reconnect with who you really are.

Alex Ferrari 53:35
You said something interesting. And I'd love for you to just tell me what you're doing in that sense. When you're saying raise your vibration, raise your frequency with meditation, which I've experienced that myself in my own meditation practice, but you said something, eat the right foods to raise your vibration as well. I also have experienced that as well. Can you Can I explain? Can you explain to the audience what you've been doing? And what kind of foods because I'll tack on afterwards. But I want to hear your point of view of what foods and things you're doing to kind of raise your vibration and get closer to this stuff that we're talking about.

Bill Letson 54:15
Yeah, when 2011 2012 You asked me earlier about what was going on, but I I started going to Costa Rica, just getting on a plane and going to Costa Rica and driving around. And it went on for three or four years. I'd get away for a couple of weeks or a few months. And the roads turned into dirt roads turned into trails and I started being around people who lived in villages, communes, and they did a lot of stuff with silence. It was part of the village and intention was part of the village. The food was all food that full of light, you know, green beans and vegetables and fruits. And you know, the water was water that fell to the earth and ran along Mother Earth, magnetic love and became structured water. And that's a huge part of it, because we're mostly water to drink that structured water. And when you start following those things I noticed with my trips, one of the trips, Something opened. And I started seeing this energy climbing the walls, this bluish light, and it was on like a five second repeat cycle. And I'd look in the sky and I'd see like the Aurora Borealis I'd see purple and green, swirling, powerful energy. And, you know, that's when you watch murmuration of birds and schooling fish. And the experts can't tell you, what are they? What are they doing? How are they all making the same move? Well, they're, they're tied into that energy that's around all of us. This powerful energy is purple and green with the Aurora Borealis. If you look at the chakras, that's you know, that is divine love. That is divine love. Coming down and organizing play the movie that we're in it these gravitational waves, it's all real. But yeah, that opened, I started seeing people's faces would change. Past Lives would come up animated characters talking smiling. You know, this shocked everybody down in that in that village. Because how can this firemen who just showed up to this lifestyle, have these amazing experiences. But you know, again, I think that it was just my path. And I somehow I honored it. And I found my way to these to these experiences, and it had everything to do with it a lot of things like negative emotions, like the guy that cuts you off on the roadway, just let them go. Let him go, he got enough troubles. And you know, the lady that bumped you up with the shopping cart or something just back off and say, you know, Hello, madam, I hope you have a nice day. And whatever it just separate yourself from those low emotions that we have here. And you'll start returning to your real self heal, you can live a heaven on earth life. And you know, the Kundalini starts to move, and then everything changes.

Alex Ferrari 57:53
And that's a whole other podcast for a whole other day, when we start talking about Kundalini energy and all of that there's, I've spoken about it many times, if anyone's curious about it, they could just go into the archives and look for the word Kundalini. Because that is a part of this process.

Bill Letson 58:10
Very real.

Alex Ferrari 58:11
Yeah. As you're as you're elevating and elevating your vibration to a higher frequency, you're your Kundalini energy starts to open up more and more and more and, and, you know, eating foods that are alive, vibrant, those things. I mean, you listen to the yogi's, you know, they're not eating McDonald's, you know, generally speaking, they're not eating that kind of food. They're eating things that are alive and fresh. And it helps with because what you put into your body also has an energetic signature to it. So if you're eating things that are low energy, your energy drops. When you think that Hi, it drops us well, when I used to eat a nice burger at in and out. It tasted good going in. And that's how much about 20 minutes 30 minutes later, I'm just like,

Bill Letson 59:08
That's true. That's, that's me too. It's almost like a rejection.

Alex Ferrari 59:14
Yeah, yeah, you're probably just like, I gotta process all of it, and you just get so tired and he's like, but then you eat something that's, you know, a little bit more alive and you you bounce it, you're bouncing, you're jumping and you're in your energy level is different. So, you know, everything is energy. No, no question. Everything is energy. Everything is frequency. And the more I talk to people like yourself, and you know, quantum physicists from Yale, and Harvard, and Oxford and all over the world, and start talking about these kinds of ideas. It's just so fascinating, how the old you know, ancient texts, and the new, you know, quantum physics and those kinds of those kinds of principles are starting to match up and we're having an open In conversations about it in public, for anybody in the world to watch whenever they want. So it is it's a really interesting time to be alive bill, that's for sure.

Bill Letson 1:00:08
Yeah, it is. It is that ancient knowledge is, is coming back. And you know that the conference on procession and ancient knowledge that's next week down in Palm Springs. That's a good one. I mean, Graham Hancock will be there and Robert grant. These, these guys, if you're if you're paying attention, you know, if you're drawn to them, you can get a lot of answers about, you know, how things are going here. And this whole cycle of how we're going to how we're climbing back to a golden age. And, you know, there's nothing to be fearful of at all.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:49
Agreed, agreed. Now I'm gonna, I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Bill Letson 1:00:56
A fulfilled life is for me is to look upon all life, all others, as the divine being that they really are, that they're having this earthly experiencing experience, we're all having it together. And to be kind to somebody else's experience, help where you can. And, you know, I did it with my whole life with the firefighter thing, the service to others. And, I mean, you just life is just a blast when you're in service to others, and you have this reverence and respect for all life forms, you know, trees, and rocks, even. This is this, this is a beautiful gift. And yeah, the human thing is a, it's a, it's kind of a big, false narrative, you know, that we got to get the job and the girl in the car and the false narrative.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:07
Yeah, it's a is a it's a video game, but you can't, you can't take seriously that you're Mario. And there's really no Donkey Kong. Coming up to you. Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Bill, what advice would you give him?

Bill Letson 1:02:27
Keep going strong, bro. You know, I think that I, you have to look and say the path was, you know, divinely scripted. You know, when you watch that, talking about movies, you watch that movie, The Adjustment Bureau, that we have a path. And, you know, we may not intersect with a big challenge, but it'll come again. So I would, you know, be tempted to tell little bill, pay you got, there's something going on with you in near death experience is an invitation. And it's an invitation to a soul that has, you know, I don't know, picked up a smile, it's picked up some energy that's positive. And so I'd be tempted to tell little bill, hey, you got something, there's something special about you get a little more serious about the meditation. And there's people that sit quietly and look at the world differently, and slow down. Because, you know, for 30 years, I was doing Iron Man's, and you know, all the training that, you know, I was constantly turning swimming at 5am and running at lunch and bicycling after work. And I was constantly churning. And I had my chart read once. And it said, you have this incredible amount of cosmic energy in your chart. You've got like this cosmic triangle. And I said, Well, that explains why you know, I'm 65 years old, and I'm running for an hour and a half. When most of my friends are like, Dude, I can't even get out of the recliner. And so, yeah, that energy was there. But I don't know, maybe a little bill could have directed it towards things like, you know, you looked into early in life.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:33
Now, how do you define God or Source?

Bill Letson 1:04:37
Source energy. You know, I think that big ball of fire in the sky is a lot closer to source than we've been led to believe. You know, there's a book the real history of the world. And he says that that big ball of the sun in the sky is really, a doorway As a portal, back to where we really come from, and it, you know, comes by it passes by every day and the plants grow, and we get wood from it, and we can stay warm while it's not here. And, you know, everything goes back. When we talk about source, everything goes back to that big ball of fire in the sky. And without it, everything ceases here. So, yeah, it's that and it's all those other things. It's just this expanded, that we're all part of.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:35
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Bill Letson 1:05:37
The ultimate purpose of life is to be kind, and to help others. And when your parents get old, you know, it's to drop everything you want to do, even though you're young and healthy, and be there for him. Most of us, don't, you know, my mom went through this place, and I was the only there was 80 people in there. And I was the only one that was there every day. They come on the weekends or holidays and stuff, but you know, that walk your ancestors home?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:19
Beautiful, that's beautiful, beautiful. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Bill Letson 1:06:27
I'm not really out there, they can email me that's, you know, I'm But I don't have a website or anything like that.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:40
So you're not selling a book is everyone always says are they're just doing this to sell books, you're not doing sell books. So not? Not that you get rich by selling books, by the way? I don't know. But oh,

Bill Letson 1:06:51
No you don't. You don't. And I and you know, we're we're programmed to believe that that we are, you know, that is something has value than it has monetary value. And if you sell a lot of it, then you're a best seller. And now you're you have more value, and ortant. And that's I stay away from it. I stay away from any books coming my way. And you know, Jesus, there's only one time Jesus got pissed off. And he he went back to Jerusalem, Jerusalem with his followers went into the temple. And there was all this stuff, people selling things. And he flipped out, you turn the tables over. And you know, he lost his cool because there was money changers in the temple. And you know, we're not, we're not supposed to be doing this. This is this. This life here on earth is a temporary gig. It's over in a few heart. It's over in a few heartbeats. You know, I was 15, 2 weeks ago.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:01
Oh, me too, brother. Me too. I was just sitting down watching Saturday morning cartoons just yesterday. So I completely understand what you said. And do you have any parting messages for the audience Bill?

Bill Letson 1:08:14
Um, yeah, the NDE thing is popular right now. And, you know, we're all celebrities, apparently. And but we're really not special. We're not. There's nothing special or unique about us. We just had an indie and we somehow remembered it. And you know, the, in the so that the nde and the drinking the ayahuasca and the deep trance like meditation, these things can take you out of the illusion of this world and back to who you really are. And he's kind of out of the question and the Ayahuasca that's sort of a forced indie to be honest with you. And you know, that leaves the meditation is sit quietly and take care of your body and you can reconnect with who we really are.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:15
Bill, I appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your amazing story and wisdom that you've picked up along the way on this in this life. So I appreciate you my friend. Thank you again so much.

Bill Letson 1:09:25
I appreciate you Alex. Thanks very much.

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