Young Girl ASSAULTED & KILLED in Mexico; Shown Why WE ALL SUFFER In Life! with Dr. Allison Snowden

Life often weaves moments of profound transformation into our journey, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe. On today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Allison Snowden, a trauma survivor, healer, and spiritual teacher whose near-death experience (NDE) offers deep insights into the nature of existence and the power of healing. Dr. Allison Snowden’s journey from a challenging childhood through a traumatic NDE to a life dedicated to healing and spiritual awakening is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love.

Dr. Allison Snowden’s life took a dramatic turn in her teenage years. Growing up in the Midwest, she attended Catholic school and was raised in a family deeply involved in medicine. Despite her religious upbringing, Dr. Snowden always felt a personal connection to the divine, questioning the need for intermediaries between herself and God. Her innate sensitivity and intuition were constant companions, shaping her worldview from a young age.

The pivotal moment in Dr. Snowden’s life occurred during a spring break trip in Mexico. A series of traumatic events, including an attack and being run over by a vehicle, led to a near-fatal accident. As Dr. Snowden recounts, she experienced her body from above, witnessing the chaos below while enveloped in a realm of unconditional love and divine consciousness. “I saw my body and I was like, Oh, damn, you know, like, I was way up there,” she recalls. This profound experience was a moment of re-remembering, as she connected deeply with her true self and the eternal nature of her soul.

Dr. Snowden’s NDE was a transformative experience, marked by a sense of being enveloped in unconditional love and receiving telepathic communications about her true essence and the interconnectedness of all life. “I really remembered, you know, who I was on a very deep level,” she explains, describing how she recognized herself as more than her physical body, personality, or social status. This realization dissolved her fear of death and instilled a deep sense of peace and purpose.

Upon returning to her body, Dr. Snowden faced significant physical and emotional challenges. Her injuries were severe, but her spiritual experience provided a foundation of strength and resilience. “I felt like I was back home, I was like, without a body, and I was like, expanding my consciousness,” she shares, highlighting the contrast between her expansive spiritual state and the limitations of her physical form. Despite the trauma, she embarked on a journey of healing and integration, applying the love and energy she experienced during her NDE to her recovery.


  1. Embrace Your True Essence: Dr. Snowden’s journey underscores the importance of recognizing and embracing our true essence as beings of energy and light. This understanding can transform our perception of ourselves and our actions, leading to greater compassion and self-love.
  2. Healing Through Love and Energy: Dr. Snowden’s experience highlights the power of love and energy in the healing process. By visualizing and channeling unconditional love into our bodies and minds, we can facilitate profound healing and transformation.
  3. Integration of Spiritual and Physical Realms: The integration of spiritual experiences into our physical lives is crucial for holistic healing. Dr. Snowden’s story demonstrates how spiritual insights can be applied to physical and emotional healing, helping us live more authentically and fully.

Dr. Snowden’s journey has led her to dedicate her life to helping others heal and awaken to their true potential. She emphasizes the importance of addressing both the physical and spiritual aspects of trauma, providing a holistic approach to healing. Through her work as a healer and teacher, she aims to empower others to connect with their inner divinity and create a life of love and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Allison Snowden.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 356

Allison Snowden 0:00
I don't know how this happened because no one else was around. But then I was run over, they said a motor vehicle or a motorcycle that was probably going about 60 miles per hour. But then I remember I was out of my body. And I, like I was laying this, I was my, my, my meatsuit. This, this shell that are this amazing human body that I'm in, was just below there. And I ruptured it to my tibial artery, so I bled out a lot. And so I just saw my body and I was like, Oh, damn, you know, like, I was, I was way up there. And but I just absolutely, when I was went straight up to that, divine, that unconditional love, I was so absorbed in that in that aspect. There was like the whole drama that was going below of like the ambulance trying to get in.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Allison Snowden, how you doing Dr. Allison?

Allison Snowden 1:09
I am so grateful to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:13
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your interesting journey in life, where it has gotten you to this point, which is more interesting than most, let's say you had a near death experience in your life. But before we get to that, what was your life? Like, before you had this near death experience? Or were you spiritual? Or were you not what was going on before the near death experience?

Allison Snowden 1:38
You know, like, my I was spiritual I came, I was born and raised in the Midwest. And I my upbringing was I went to Catholic school. And however, my parents weren't very religious, even though we went to Catholic school, but they liked the customs of just Catholic school. But my parents, they're in medicine, so they're more ethical. And so they don't really have that spiritual side of them. They're more heart centered, but I always felt this connection to the unseen or I was always very intuitive and sensitive, like from the get go, that was like my temperament from from from the beginning. And, and I really did have this deep connection with, with God or the divine, whatever word you want to ascribe to it. So that was there. And it definitely wasn't conditioned by my, by my parents, or by the Catholics by the Catholic Church, because I can remember, actually, when I was in, I was in the Catholic Church. And, or it during, during mass, and I can remember just being like, looking at the priest and like, looking up at my mom, and I can remember being like, why does the priest think I need him to get to God? So I didn't really and my mom's like, oh, no, you know, I was like, I can talk to God right now. So I, I had that, but it wasn't because of my environment. And, um, you know, I had this experience, I think it was around like six or seven. And I can remember just being like, looking at myself in the mirror and being like, who am I? And, and just knowing that I was like, more than, like, what met the eye. And it was very strange, because I can remember like, not understanding like, why I was just seeking. But then of course, like, when we get deeper into my story, the seeking, you know, start continue.

Alex Ferrari 3:53
It starts to make sense at a certain point. Yeah. So so your, your story is a little interesting because as I was I was I was raised Catholic as well. Similar, they weren't super religious, they kind of just you know, but you know, we went to church did the whole thing. But the programming that they throw into you at that age usually sticks especially if you get them as they say getting between the ages of birth and seven that programming gets hardwired into a person around a lot of this stuff, but I had the same thing so she was like this doesn't make sense. For me it was always the for me was the confessional. I'm gonna go kill somebody come in couple Hail Marys I'm solid. Yes, it makes this doesn't make sense. Like it was it was it didn't make that was like one thing was like and then then just starts asking you start asking all sorts of questions like, Where was Jesus for those 18 years? Like he didn't even talk about that the Born and I'm gonna say like, where's the middle? What was he hanging out? Like? You pulled out the best years, the teenage years, the X years like What was Jesus doing? These kinds of things. So it's interesting that you kind of rejected it. Similarly, ties just didn't make sense to you. And it didn't even have to fight through it. It didn't seem.

Allison Snowden 5:08
Yeah, I think I just was like, looking at the priest, and they're, you know, in, in that in their role and in confession, and it's like, they're the intermediary between you and God, you need to get their approval, their permission, and I was like I looked at I was like, they're crazy, you know, like, intuitively, like, I felt that way. And I was, like, I talked to God all the time, I don't need the Catholic Church, I don't need a priests to have have that conversation. So I kind of thought it was funny, honestly. But I love how you bring up the programming, because that's a lot of the work I do now. And, you know, it is such a fact that we are programmed, you know, from a very young age, and most of us that is hardwired in, and we don't even know it, and it's affecting us. And so it's such an important fact and topic to for everyone to understand, in order to really heal on a deeper level, and then also, like, create the life that they want to live because I think that's, you know, our divine right. However, a lot of those that programming at a young age gets super hard wired in, and it has consequences on on so many different levels.

Alex Ferrari 6:33
Oh, no, yeah, you spent the first year seven years of your life being programming the rest of your life trying to deprogram it, and find yourself because it's in it's not just religion, it's your family, it's your society. It's what you see, if you see a happy relationship in your house. That's what you think love is, if you see an abusive relationship, that's what you think love is, there's so many different things that happen when you're a child, that you just absorb it. And it's not like they sat down and told it to you, you just absorb it all in a subconscious way. And religion is just one of those things, or the belief systems is one of those things that's really difficult to break free of,

Allison Snowden 7:11
Well, yeah, like the belief systems. Yeah, it's like the the we're we have the culture of our family of, you know, how we get our needs met. On very primal levels, you know, when we're, when we're younger, we have our family culture, and this is how you act in the family, this is how the world is, this is how it is for us. And then we have the church or you know, our culture, and then, and we get programmed and, and then we think that we are our programs, and we forget this, this other aspect of ourselves that I feel like is our soul or spirit that is here to give a gift of Express or to experience. And so we get the programming or the unhealed trauma also gets in the way of our own a happiness, our own expression, our own living a free life, you know, a conscious, conscious life, you know, from our heart, because that programming, a lot of that programming gets, especially from the church, or from other very other churches, not the Catholic Church, but other churches, I've heard of how their fear is instilled in their team, and judgment. And if you guys anything with fear, especially when you're that young have all of these horrific things, if you like hell and all things, guys, this gets hardwired into your amygdala, and you know, into your survival self, and that, that if those gets activated, you're not present. You're you're running on a survival program. And so, you know, I think it's so important for people to understand and have compassion around our, what we were programmed, what we're exposed to, when we were younger. And, and how that affects us are imprints on our nervous system on our ability to be ourselves and to like, freely choose. Because a lot of times our conditioning and our programming chooses, chooses for us, we think we're actually making a freewill choice, but it's really our programs that are are choosing for us. So I think,

Alex Ferrari 9:38
Well yeah, it's very similar to like when we say programming, it's not a conscious thing. It's a subconscious thing, which is even more powerful and more good or bad depending on what that programming is. But then we self sabotage ourselves in every aspect of our lives because of this, of this subconscious programming, which is like Oh, rich people can't be rich. because bad people are rich, because that's what you were taught, or that's what you would learned. So you're like, Oh, I can't be so then you literally sabotage yourself from ever gaining wealth, in your, in your own life without you even knowing or relationships with relationships, or spirituality even like, you know, it's, I always find it so fascinating because I read the comments, sometimes, and people really feel like they need to defend their point of view, where I have no need for you, this is just my experience, not yours, because their foundation is being rattled. So with these ideas.

Allison Snowden 10:40
Well, well, I think cognitive dissonance and you know, it's very important to understand, we are spiritual beings, but we are in a human body and in a human brain. And with that comes specific things, and none of us like cognitive dissonance. And that's when, you know, you're, you're someone or you're your mind to see something that's like, contrary to what you believe, and you, it's uncomfortable. And so you have to either change your beliefs or make someone else wrong, or that type of thing. So we need to be aware of this. And also understand that we are so much more than our belief systems. And it's like we were the conditioning and the brainwashing is like, your, your skin color, your your grades, your your, like, all of these things that we think are your, you know, people are brainwashed that this is us, and then also people get so attached and righteous to their belief systems. And will, you know, I mean, I mean, we see it, but I think the thing with near death experiences, and these heart opening experiences, these spiritual awakening experiences, they give us a felt sense that, you know, we're so much more than our belief systems and the mental, our brain, you know, that there's this unity, and there's this love, and that lived experience, like, opens you up, because that is so much more real than like a belief system. And I think as you I'm sure you've experienced this, you just keep on on conditioning or deprogramming yourself. Because, you know, once you start, you know, like, you keep on going, and you see all of these different things that have been programmed. And then if you go into epigenetics, and our generational traumas and how that's been passed, I think it's, I think it's such a cool time to be alive. Because I'm doing this healing work. And deconditioning and, and upgrading your consciousness is a privilege. And it's a privilege that a lot of our my ancestors didn't have, because we were in survival mode. And these traumas that they were in survival mode, that they didn't get to heal, we have the ability to heal, and, and transform. And I think this time in, in history is very unique, because there's so many avenues to heal, and to really understand, and like, you know, YouTube being here, and the free, you know, freedom of information of how accessible everything is huge. We just, we just have a huge opportunity to do a deep healing for ourselves. And also when we heal ourselves, that has like a frequency that just goes everywhere. It shifts everything.

Alex Ferrari 14:09
Yeah, it there's no question and as when you have, you know, a spiritual awakening, and it doesn't have to be as extreme as a near death experience. That is an extreme spiritual awakening. As you could attest to a shared death experience and out of body experience. These are all different levels are different ways that you can have spiritual but then there's also meditation. There's also ayahuasca, there's also dark room therapy. There's also a floating tank. There's so many different ways that but when you finally connect to that thing that you were talking about this divine source in whichever way you do it, small way, big way, extreme way. You kind of look behind the code of the matrix. And then you're like, oh, wait a minute. This is all BS. This is my beliefs, paying the bills, I mean, we have to look at while we're here, we got to do what we got to do, because that's the rules of the game, the rules of the game. But you see behind the curtain, almost like eyes, if you will another analogy, you see that you see the great and powerful OZ, you go, Oh my gosh, this is this is not, it's not the great and powerfull OZ. This is a dude pulling some levers behind a curtain. And when you start to understand that you go, Oh, and then you have a deeper understanding of how the how everything starts to work. And then a lot of the stuff that you worried about before, you don't start to worry about as much anymore. These programmings of like, am I gonna go to hell? If I say this, if I eat meat on Friday? Am I gonna go to hell? Like,

Allison Snowden 15:43
I mean, the interesting thing was, it's so funny, because I'm connected to a group of Near Deathers. And I'm actually the conference was this past weekend, and I didn't go this year. But I was like, you know, I was like, couldn't we just send out a memo to like, all of the churches or all of like, all of the religious organizations and be like, God is love? Like, but it is, it's not true. You know, I think there's so with that with the near death experiences. And I feel like, I mean, we have the authority, I think more than anyone to understand what happens after you die, because we've actually been there and then came back. And, and there's so much unity, yes, there's different flavors of near death experiences, or you know, different details, but the theme is always the same. And it's that interconnectivity with all of us and with love. And, you know, there's all these other different experiences, but the core of each most near death experiences is the same. And it's very simple. And I think as our ego likes to complicate things, our belief system likes to complicate things, but really, that you know, love God is love that we are a part of it, that we are part of this divine frequency, and also creators within ourselves of our life, and we are powerful, and connected to this other source, and society, and everything else will tell us, you know, our identity is something else. But the spiritual awakening is really re remembering who you really are. And I mean, that's the cool journey of it. And we and I love it. Because how do you say that, you know, you don't have to have extreme, I mean, my near death experiences very traumatic, very extreme. And part of, I feel like my purpose is to foster these awakenings and emotional healing so we can really feel it within our own body, and within our own heart, in this lifetime, we don't have to die before we get to feel that or to spiritually awaken. You don't have to, you don't have to do it the traumatic way, or the dramatic way, you can take a healing class with me, you can meditate for free on YouTube, you can just have, I just tell people having that true desire and willingness and intention, like that burning desire to really know. And to, like, heal, like, the universe feels that and, and that can't be faked. And, and if you really tune into that, and if you want to heal if you want to have spiritual experiences, you know, always be no watch for what you wish for, because it will it'll eventually come true. You know, I'm like, I had someone I don't know, I think on my Instagram was like, Oh, I'm so jealous of your near death experience. I want to have that and I'm like, I mean, I feel I feel I feel so so blessed to have that experience because it erased so much you know, it or erased and erased the fear of death erased. So like there's the ego death to that erase that. There's so much that my near death experience did for me and cleared so much suffering because I was, you know, that existential suffering or that fear of the unknown and all of that is very painful, and I don't I don't have that, you know, I so, but with that, I had a lot of trauma. and injuries that was very painful. But I also feel like that my lived experience of going through the the process of healing, you know, physical and emotional trauma is the way it is very purposeful because it gives, when you go through something yourself, you have like an extra understanding, like a depth of what is going on, on on a different level than intellectually, you know, like that wisdom, I can recognize things and people and I can intuit things and people that because I learned it in school or from a mental plane, but I recognize it. And, and I've gone through that territory. So I think, you know, that experience made me a better healer, because I was in the arena, I think there's a lot of people that have a lot of mental understanding of something or a, you know, conceptual understanding of something, but they've never been in their arena with it, you know, they've never embodied it, or they've never had that struggled. So it's coming from a very disassociated place. So like, if you actually have had lived experiences of healing something, or of having a certain trauma, understanding how that impacts you, and how to get over onto the other side. That's, that's, that's wisdom. And that is that is a different sense, then an intellectual concept. Right? Yeah, that makes sense. And I think one of the things is is is that, you know, with my near death experiences, is that there is there is a lot of trauma, there is a lot of suffering, there is a lot of pain, and we can heal it. Right. And we can tune into that energy and heal it, we can heal ourselves, we can heal, you know, there, it is possible. And I think, coming back from my nd E, I was subjected to the programming of medical doctors have their own opinion. And we are sometimes are unconsciously programmed by authority figures. And luckily, I have my, you know, near death experience where, you know, they're like, Oh, you're never going to be pain free, you're never going to run again. You're never like indoctrination, indoctrination. You know, here's, here's what's going to happen. And luckily, I had that experience that was more real than this reality. And it is the foundation of any and all experiences ever. Where I was like, yeah, no, I'm not. I'm not taking programming, right? Like, I'm not going to take on your version of my future reality, because you're not God.

Alex Ferrari 23:26
So let's so because we've been teasing this near death experience now for a few minutes. So what So can you please tell the audience what happened to you?

Allison Snowden 23:35
So I was in the, and you said, I want to go a little bit what was happening before my nd II. And I think this is really important, because everything's in, you know, in a context, and my, my older sister had childhood cancer when I was six. And so I watched her go through that, and it was a lot of suffering. She suffered a lot. And, and then, that was in like, 89. So she had cancer was in remission, and then had a lot of health issues after and they didn't really understand why. And so she was in and out of the hospital, like every year, and they didn't understand she didn't have cancer, but something was going on. She was She kept on getting sick. And we my parents started a nonprofit, so we were very connected to the childhood cancer community. And a lot of the children that my sister went through treatment with were they would just die, like, one would die, they would survive and then they would die. So I went to like, probably 10 Plus kids funerals so you know, so my, my, my like sensitive self. Um, And like witnessing all of all of this suffering and with kids. And then also, you know, seeing people that we care about Luther children who are just absolutely beautiful souls. You know, I think that just, I was like, whoa. And so, you know, when you're that young, you're just absorbing right, we were talking about absorbing your, your brains that fully developed where you're like, you know, fully questioning. And so as I got a little bit older, a little bit older, you know, I think it would kept on like, affecting me, and then my oldest cousin, Andrew, he died unexpectedly in a car accident. And I was like, What is going on? You know, so, I hadn't even gone to like an old person's funeral. You know, like, everyone was young. So I just started to, like, pray. And I just was like, I, I want to understand what this suffering is about, I want to understand what it's like to die, or what happens when you die? Or what is this all about? Like, what is this? And, um, so I just kind of I prayed, I prayed, I prayed, I just had this intensity of like, I wanted to know, because I would ask my parents, my parents were like, I don't know, like, you know, my mom's like, I have some issues with God that I'm gonna bring up, you know, like, that type of thing. And, and I was like, well, that's not good enough. You know, like, I just had this intensity. I was just pray, pray, pray. I was going through an existential crisis, pretty much like, Team 15. And so I was had that intention, you know, pray, I'm gonna know, God, please show me all of this stuff. And then I was, you know, on the outside, very normal, you know, teenager or preteen. And so, march 29, is my, my death day or my birthday. And what and, and my N D E happened in the context, we were on spring break, it was it was for my sister's spring break. She at the last minute couldn't go, because they found out she had an autoimmune disorder. And her doctors were like, do not go to Mexico. If you get sick in Mexico, it's not good. Their medical systems, which is super ironic, are horrible. And so like, my, the trip had already been bought, like everything like that. So we went. And in, I think it was like the fourth. It was like the third or the fourth night. I was I lost my friend. And I, because we went out with my sister's friends. So we were doing like the spring break. thing. And I'm sure I'll get like some comments around that, because that always happens. But anyway.

Alex Ferrari 28:09
We're all young at one point or another. I mean, come on.

Allison Snowden 28:12
People are like, Oh, they, you know, they, I mean, I went through so much victim blaming, you know, when I was after this whole thing of like, oh, you're talking all of that stuff. I'm just like, whatever. So the context was, is I lost her. So I was really upset. And I didn't wait for someone to come and like, walk with me, because I was like, Oh my God, I need to go now. So I was walking by myself I was attacked, assaulted. And then I don't know how this happened, because no one else was around. But then I was run over by like a motor vehicle, they said a motor vehicle or a motorcycle that was probably going about 60 miles per hour. So um, so I I remember fighting these men, and then and then and then it was blank. And then I remember. I don't remember obviously, a motor vehicle or anything like that. But then I remember I was out of my body. And I like I was laying this I was my, my, my meatsuit this, this shell that are this amazing human body that I'm in was just below there. And I ruptured it to my tibial artery, so I bled out a lot. And so I just saw my body and I was like, Oh, damn, you know, like I was I was way up there. And but I just absolutely. When I was went straight up to that divine, that unconditional love, I was so absorbed in that in that aspect. There's like the whole drama that was going below of like the ambulance trying to get in and did it at all, all of them trying to figure stuff out. I mean, there's some near death experiences where they like, are very close. And they're like, they can report back what had happened and things like that. I was like, oh, yeah, they're figuring down, they're like, I'm like, I'm taking a vacation. You know, I'm back home, I felt like I was back home, I was like, without a body, and I was like, expanding my consciousness, I was enveloped in this unconditional love, on this plane. On this plane, there is no space or time, which is very difficult for even my own brain to like, get around. And so it's just a timeless space, and just enveloped in love. And then there was a lot of telepathic communication of, of messages for me, also about, I say, re remembering. So I was, I really remembered, you know, who I was on a very deep level that I am this consciousness that survives, that is more than physical, and that survives physical death. And that this is the eternal part of me. And this is who I really am. And I'm not my brain, I'm not my personality. I'm not my body. I'm not my income. I'm not my social status, like, this is this energetic? You know, soul, spirit, consciousness, whatever you like to, you know, put a word to it. That's, that's me. This is this is the true me. And yeah, so that, I mean, that was just the most profound experience because here I'm looking at, you know, my, my human suit, and I'm like, Oh, I also, I also was like, Well, if I die, then maybe I'll get, I'll just get another, another one, you know, another body or whatever was like this kind of, like, very, like detached, a sense of okay. I also, and, yeah, and, and also the, like, kind of reiterate what you're saying, like, this is just my experience. I don't need anyone to like, buy in, buy into my experience, because it you know, it is my experience. So, but what I was shown is, you know, I had had several previous lifetimes, there was a couple things that was also shown to me is that the universe or that everything is recorded. So, you know, and in between lifetimes, you can study and, you know, see where you need to heal or where you want to grow. So, you know, your thoughts, your intentions, your actions, everything's recorded. And you you know, you have access to that.

Alex Ferrari 33:21
Can I stop you there for a second? Because there's a lot less stuff going on. So I want to kind of do, like depack pack a couple of them. So, alright, so when you're up above, looking down, when you are getting these messages? Are you seeing anything? Or is this just, you're still on the earthly plane and getting messages? Are you in a room?

Allison Snowden 33:40
No, I'm out.

Alex Ferrari 33:41
You're out. So where are you? What do you see?

Allison Snowden 33:44
Oh, so what? So this is a interesting thing about my nd II it was a very, I was in this this plane of consciousness where there was no visuals. It wasn't, you know, there wasn't, it wasn't just like, I guess it was like kind of more like the blade. Yeah, like, okay. Yeah, it was like, it was like, but it was the void. It was like unconditional love. It was very impersonal, super impersonal. And I was like, wait, I know all these people that had died before you know, after when I started looking into near death experiences. I was like, Huh, that's interesting. And there were other souls but it was very there were there there was not like it wasn't on the astral realm, right where the astral realm we have light bodies or some power light bodies and we look kind of like our physical it was almost more raw than that. It was it was more just just as just put your Yeah, for like unconditional love. And and, and and baby healing. The one of the main technique that I do that I teach and I feel heal with. It's called the seventh plane. And it's just pure love. And there's many different planes in that system in her paradigm. But that made sense because on a different plane, you, there's the astral realm, there's like, You see Jesus, you can see all these different masters, but on this, on this plane of the seventh plane is pure love, pure, unconditional love,

Alex Ferrari 35:31
You kind of you kind of just kind of feel so if I remember correctly, this is where you have to be careful what you wish for. You asked, you asked, Can I want to experience what death is like? And where everyone goes? So it seemed like there's a request put out into the world? And you got it. You didn't give any details? So you got it the way you got? Unfortunately? Or I mean, depending on Yeah, it all depends on how you look at it. So you're in this plane, then you starting to see when you say like, everything's recorded? Are these images that you're kind of understanding? Or is it just a download of information that you just let them know.

Allison Snowden 36:13
It was like a download of information where I was like, Oh, I understand. I know. And it's interesting, because I on Instagram, a near death, I call I call us near deather's a near deather reached out and was like, oh, you know, can Is there a place where I can see your story? And I was like, Sure. And then I just sent we were sending Voice Memos back. And the thing is, is is that like belief is and it's interesting, I'm like, we could probably dissect this for like, three hours. A belief is that you haven't, that you haven't personally experienced is is like a leap of faith, or it's like a truck thing. But when you're in this energetic space outside your body, you're just submerged. And you remember certain things that we forgot as humans from the spiritual realm. And so it was just like this re remembering of Oh, past lives. Oh, everything is everything's recorded. Oh, I Oh, oh, you know, so it's like they're awakening to, to what you once remembered, but it's like you fell asleep when you were incarnated or something and you kind of like, habits.

Alex Ferrari 37:34
Yes, kind of like when you wake up from a deep sleep, you're kind of woozy, and then you start coming back into where you're at. Or if you go into deep meditation, sometimes, when you come out of meditation, you just, it takes you a few minutes to even figure out where you are, where, what's going on, and then you're like, it takes you a minute to ramp back up into this reality. So you were doing it the opposite way, you were leaving this reality and ramping back up into that reality. So you didn't see anybody you didn't have any of your friends or family show up. Which later you're like, dude, like, why not? Like me, grandpa, I mean, like, somebody an ancestor.

Allison Snowden 38:12
I mean, I would even before this, like I had, I was, I was very receptive, and I would get messages and, and feeling sensations, you know, from, from my grandpa from, from my cousin. So I was already in tune to that. So I, you know, reflecting back I was like, what was I didn't see anyone I, you know, like, I kind of had that, like, why is why was mine different. But it made sense. When I, when I looked at the Theta Healing, how they, how she structured the planes, it was, it was, the seventh plane is more of just pure love. It's pure. It's just pure, pure love, pure love. And, you know, the fifth plane and the fourth planning that's, that's, that's where you'll see in the astral realm.

Alex Ferrari 39:05
You know, what's really interesting about your story is that you seem to have started to remember who you were truly, very quickly. That's not the case with near death experiences near death. experiencers generally have to like be convinced that they're dead, or sometimes have to be convinced of what's happening. And sometimes they did, I don't know. But you started to pick up, you start to pick up Oh, yeah. Then there's the Akashic Record thing. And there's that there. And I had past lives here. And it started to come because you are at a different level. So again, this is almost like a glimpse for you. Because you're not supposed to like generally don't go straight up there. There's your interesting because I haven't heard this near death experience before. After almost 100. I've listened to and interviewed, you went straight to the seventh, quote, unquote, seventh level, or wherever this place is, and you started remember very quickly, so again, it goes back to that request you gave the universe or source like, I'd like to know what it's really all about. And you jumped up, no fanfare. No, no, hey, look, there's a crystals, Crystal Castles over there their souls, none of this stuff. So you went up there you get all this down information. So at that point when you're up there are you? Are you given a choice? Is that even a conversation? Yeah, what's going on there?

Allison Snowden 40:26
Oh, the thing that I had was, you know, in the re remembering I was remembering the pre birth planning like before I was born, like why I chose my parents and before anyone makes any angry comments around choosing your parents that may not be for other people. And it's not also like I guess a little that does not condone. About Life is like to be born human. Like you've done something amazing. Like it is it you know, like it's a it's a gift like you like that is an amazing, remarkable, you know, accomplishment, evolution to to be incarnated, even in extreme circumstances, you've done amazing things, you know, like you're at this level type thing. So I just had to put that because I don't I don't want to like,

Alex Ferrari 41:34
No, listen, we've had, look, we've had pre birth experiencers on telling deep conversations about pre birth experiences. And people were like, I didn't choose my parents, I was abused, and like, listen, believe it, don't believe it, if it rings true, great, if not discard it and move on with life.

Allison Snowden 41:51
Like it. And also, here's the thing I want to share too, is when we're hurt, and when we're wounded, we need care. And that's emotional. And that's emotional and spiritual. And I definitely when I was in my wounded space, and my wounded lens, and I was an even after my near death experience, because traumas is, is, can be so impactful, you know, it just overtakes you. And so you you view anything, you know, and your wounded self, your wounded paradigm takes things in and then it uses it as ammunition to blame yourself or to hurt yourself more. So, you know, that's kind of going into like, everyone's in their own paradigm and their own belief system. So if I share my truth, people are filtering it through their own wounds, insecurities, core wounds, unhealed traumas. And, you know, programming, so and that's why I try to, hopefully energetically transmute this on some level, I always I always meditate and pray before, because because I hope because our words can be distorted, or it can be construed through our own on our own lens of of programming, unhealed wounds. So it's like, you know, I'm like, sometimes I'm like, wow, it's an, it's an amazing thing that we can actually communicate. You know,

Alex Ferrari 43:24
It's, it's remarkable that we even survived.

Allison Snowden 43:30
I'm like, Oh, my God, a person heard me actually heard. Because it's like, I know, because, you know, I mean, I'm in a body and I, I have programs I'm in the process, you know, I'm shocked to and I can still, I'll just like my first kind of sense of when I when someone says something or and if it triggers a little old thing, it'll, you know, your wounds will just like, oh, this is how it is. And you have to like really sit with yourself and like, is this the highest truth? Or am I really hearing this person but

Alex Ferrari 44:00
So you saw your, your, your pre birth experience? Why you chose your family and your parents and your circumstance? Okay, from there what happened?

Allison Snowden 44:08
Yeah,so I also was aware that there's, there's a part of me, so in that pre birth, because each lifetime that you live you you're learning or growing something or and focusing on something. So in this lifetime, there was a part of me that wanted to have this type of, you know, experience and to and to live and to share about it. So there was this, this spiritual energy and also a deep healer energy archetype that was also coming through in this lifetime. And that definitely was like a parent. When I was little I always wanted to help I always wanted to help heal my sister. i That's always been like part of my I essence and definitely part of like this lifetime or what I'm here to share and to give and to teach. So when I was up there, it was like, yeah, there is choice, but you already chose, like to have this experience and go back and survive. And so there was this point where I was like looking at stain, but I, I had already, you know, kind of already been like, but I'm going back type thing, but I got to see and, and I was like, Okay, well, if I died, like, you know, my mom and one of my sisters would have been, like, devastated to the point where their lives would would have gone like this way. And I was like, okay, and this actually, I learned from PAH at water. You know, I was, I was, it was a month before my 16th birthday. So I'm technically a child. experiencer. And that's a huge pull in. And also. So that was, that was another huge hole in it to survive. So did I have a buyer's remorse for coming back? Yeah, I did. I was like, I was in the hospital. And I was like, What did I do? I'm like, I'm like, and I was like, connecting, you know, energetically, and I was like, I'm talking to that, that source. And I was like, Can I, like, revoke this? Like, can I go back? And they're like, No, you made your decision. I'm like, you know,

Alex Ferrari 46:40
So how did you slam back into your body? How did you come back?

Allison Snowden 46:44
Yeah. So I saw that I was like, Alright, I'm going back. Seriously, like, once you like, make that. It's like light. It's, it's faster than light. And then in your body. And then you I felt like, well, I woke up in the in the ambulance. And then I passed out again, because I have like, my lost so much blood. But like I was like, I could remember, you just feel kind of trapped or contains because you were so expansive. And so it's like, you go in there and it's like, yeah, slamming into and then you're like, in this body and it's like, the weirdest feeling. And then on top of that, like I'm so my injuries were i My job was broken in four different places, like my arm was my humerus was like, crushed, it was like in 200 different pieces. My, my ribs were broken, nothing punctured any internal organ, which was like a extreme miracle. My pelvis was broken in four different places. And then my left leg was a double compound fracture, you know, rupturing that artery. So it came out, like my leg came out, like on both sides that way. So I yeah, I was I, but it's actually a miracle, though. With the amount of force, one of our family friend doctors, my dad's a, or he actually just retired this year, but he is a physician. So our orthopedist, my orthopedist, when I was younger, I'd had broken bones before because I was a horseback rider. And he was just like, I don't understand how you're alive with this severe of fractures, because if you sustain this type of force, you know, usually you you know, have internal bleeding or, you know, rain, you know, and, and I didn't really, I wasn't in a coma. I had a contusion on my brain. So there was some, obviously brain trauma, because I went through that. And there's some issues with my speech that that happened. But, you know, my, my IQ stayed the same by I had some short term processing stuff that's normal after a concussion. But everything was pretty much intact. And the interesting thing was, is that but when I came back from Mexico, into to St. Louis, I was covered in blood. And it it I was very, I was not clean. They didn't really clean me off in the hospital in Mexico. So it was a very disturbing sight from what people tell me my I told my mom not to take any pictures because I didn't want a visual memory of what I looked like. But people when they would Come to me, you know, in the hospital, they I mean, I see I've grown men just like burst into tears. And I thought that I was disfigured. And so I didn't see myself I didn't see my reflection for three weeks or three weeks, because I was bedridden, and they didn't get me up into a wheelchair for that long, and which was the most painful thing I've ever experienced, because getting out. But I had mentally prepared because people's reactions to me were so horrific, and I knew I'd broken something. I was like, All right, you know, I'm not my body, I'm gonna be disfigured. It's gonna be okay, you know, I'm gonna roll with this because I had had that experience. And I was like, I am not a physical body. And so I had just assumed that, like, I wasn't gonna recognize myself on a physical level. And the first time I saw myself, I can remember, I knew there was a mirror here, just because I know, the hospital rooms. And so I was like, you know, expecting that to recognize myself, but I was like, Oh, they're on me, really swollen. And like, I had a cut right here. So it's a bandage and I was like, swollen, but that was very, I had mentally emotionally prepared myself. And I was like, okay, like, I'm gonna be pretty disfigured. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 51:32
So let me ask you this. Since you have this awareness of this amazing experience, and you might have a deeper understanding to the answer to this question, Why did your near death experience and the aftermath have to be so traumatic? Just to answer this question that you placed when you were younger? If that's the case of why we did this or not? Yeah, so like it, because there's so many new, there's so many, you could have had a surgery, you could have, you know, to my son, Stasia, I could have, I could have fallen just knocked my head over, you know, and I could have, there's so many ways that near death experiences, this is arguably one of the most dramatic ones I've had on the show. It's pretty brutal. It was what it was. So what was the reasoning that you understand from from a soul level that you had to go through all of this?

Allison Snowden 52:23
So my soul, I'm, of course, my soul. I felt it was part of my training as a healer, because oh, well, let me share with you as I was coming down, you know, through that lightning speed, like Portal, that divine consciousness was like, oh, bring this energy and anchor it into your body and also share it or it was like this needs to this needs to be embodied. And also anchor it into Earth and with with others with, so it was like this, this energy of, of love needs needs to come down, right? Come down to you. And the whole, the message, that was the biggest messages for me, and also to share with others, because this is not just for me, this has to be shared. I was not sharing this for a while. And I got, like, a lot of messages. Like why are you why are you not sharing this, this is a part of what you're supposed to do is to talk about this and to share, share about it, also share about the healing. And also, equally part of my mission is also to share about healing about healing trauma. Because there's a lot of ignorance around it, there's a lot of shame around it, there's a lot of fear around it. And also, just as a society, we need to kind of upgrade from and to really understand this more on a holistic manner. So we can really support each other and heal you know, because a lot of people unintentionally hurt trauma survivors or survivors just by their own ignorance and their own fears, right, like just world theory, all of that their own ego feeling threatened and scared. So survivors to any of my survivors out there, yeah, just validating all the pain you went through and that it is it is not an easy task. So I think my particular sole mission is to the trauma is was an education and also a way to understand and to because I couldn't get away from it, you know, I had to heal. I had to figure it out. I had to heal. And so I feel like that was part of it. And then to the deeper mission of really transmuting and sharing this with individuals. And then also I love training other doctors and I love training, other energy healers or healers in general around this because I think, you know, walking, being a trauma survivor, there's so much wisdom that you get from actually walking in that path, that other people, you know, that study trauma from an intellectual level, don't ever get it, just like you can read about a near death experience. Do you have one you don't really understand, you know, so, I think also, there's a lot, there's a lot of violence in this world, you know, I think one of the things is, is, you know, the, the light and the dark, right, the love and that we come from, but at the same time here, on on Earth, I mean, there's, there's violence, there's trauma, there's, you know, emotional abuse, there's, there's a lot of stuff that are that is here, that can be transmuted and healed. You know, on a cultural level on a generational level, and I mean, we've been, we've been evolving throughout time. And I really feel like this, where we are in this time and space. And I would love to know, your opinion, too, is just, it's a spiritual awakening, but also, it's very understanding the emotional healing, and what this is, and then also, you know, being being a victim of emotional abuse or manipulation, and that's just, you know, in, in, in a personal relationship, or even like, you know, from like, a, maybe a government, you know, like, you know, any organization standpoint, and, and I think this is, everyone's going through it in their own way.

Alex Ferrari 57:09
Well, there's no, there's no question about it, there is absolutely a great shift happening in our consciousness, there's not even a question about it. The new generation coming in, I keep saying that they're programmed from the factory to think differently than you and I did. Or our parents or our grandparents, you know, our grandparents in today's world, their brain couldn't process it. They just couldn't process this. And conversations like this now are readily available around the world. Yeah, so this, this one conversation will hopefully be seen by hundreds of 1000s of people. And, and that could then ripple into those people's lives, friends, family, and that could ripple again and again, so one conversation like this, which used to be in a room, but no one listening, right, you know, over a drink somewhere or in someone's family house or, or in a therapist room or something like that, is now being able to be seen by the world. And it continues to compound. That's what I that's why I do the show that I do, because it continues to heal and compound all over the world. And it is absolutely happening. These these conversations just when I when I was I mean, you're much younger than I am. But when I was growing up, there was never in a million years where we had an open conversation about a near death experience about an assault and an attack. about trauma. You don't talk about those things. You don't talk, you go to the confession, the confessional, and, and maybe if you want to talk to a priest about it, but under the rug, yeah, it's not too loud. So but now people are talking they're like wearing their trauma on there as a badge of honor. Like I went through this and I survived. And this is what we can learn about it where before it was stigmatized, like, Oh, she was attacked, Oh, he did this or she, it's,

Allison Snowden 59:12
It is and it's interesting, because there is also this, also this thing that's going on is then it's interesting to me also then there's also in not so much in in where I where I am, but in I do see also then some people like like then really identifying as victims too. So it's interesting and it's interesting, because most of most of the deal like I work with some trauma survivors and then I work with other people on various things with loving themselves and you know, relationships all these different types of people. But you know, I think sometimes then there is this like culture of like also like, going to the extreme of like, you know, oh, I am the victim, I am my trauma and, and there's this, this whole balancing of really, of, of being in commerce. And I think conversation is where just the magic happens because everyone has different paradigms, right? But I think with our parents generations, and before you hit that under the rug, and and it, and it did not come out, and I've had to deal with this a little bit with, you know, my parents and their and I call it the shame monster, you know, where are we being considered, that's bad, that's wrong. That's, that's, that should, you know, people don't need to know about that. But, you know, in the context of my near death experience, and like the spiritual awakening, the awakening that I had, it's just like, no, like, that's all. That's all programming. That's all bullshit. And it's like, you are lovable you like we are in this messy human experience. And we need to shed the light on the dark stuff within ourselves that we're ashamed of, or that we've been programmed to be ashamed of, or as a culture, we're not looking at, or we want to push you under the rug, like you have to. And also, this brings into the emotion of awakening in general and manifestation, part of spiritual awakening is not bypassing your pain, your emotional pain or programs are disassociating from your body, it's actually being present to what has unconsciously been hidden from you, and you've been operating unconsciously in your life, you shed the light on it, you process it, you feel it, you release it, you integrate it, and it shifts your whole reality. And that's really the deep spiritual work in our work. That is scary. Scary, you know, I

Alex Ferrari 1:02:10
Oh, it's terrifying. It's terrifying. Nobody wants to pull a wound out. Nobody wants to open it up again. Like nobody wants to that like, you know,

Allison Snowden 1:02:19
Program to like, defend it, you know, and away from it. All levels.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:26
So let me ask you when you came out a near death experience, or came out of the closet, if you will, how did you? How did you? How did the people around you deal with this? Because you were young still too. So did your family your friends, you know, eventually, colleagues? How did they deal with this new Allison, which was a very different Allison then who was Spring breaking?

Allison Snowden 1:02:51
Yeah, so it's really interesting, because like, the spring break, Allison, well, I missed a ton of school. So I was in surgeries, like, I mean, I, I pretty much I went, I was in a wheelchair and my prom or whatever. So it was a very abnormal, high school experience. And, you know, of course, I was sharing that there was also some victim blaming going on, which was so weird to me. Because I was like, why are people saying I deserve this? You know, and they're like, Oh, well, and of course, you get into human psychology and, and so I always I always felt felt is really interesting. I was like, why is it so hard for people to have compassion, and empathy towards each other? Well, it's their ego feeling threatened, oh, my gosh, anything could happen to me. And then, oh, I have to defend create a story of why this happened to her why she deserved it

Alex Ferrari 1:03:48
Will never happen to me. It'll never never, it'll never happen if I don't if I don't do what she did. I'm good. So let's blame her for what she did. That way. I feel better about myself.

Allison Snowden 1:03:57
Exactly. Because then I'm in control and not my, my, my life can ever change like that. And guess what, guys? Anything happened at anytime? Yep. And you can die tomorrow. You can, you know, like, nothing's guaranteed. And I honestly think the whole you know, pandemic kind of brought this really to people. You know, I as a trauma survivor, I'm like, Yeah, of course, like anything can happen, like, I've been integrating that, you know, that kind of that reality for a while. So I think as a culture, we kind of went through that of this, like, uncertainty thing, and I was like, a certainty was a lie to begin with, you know, but being it you know, the thing is, is is that in order to feel safe on some level, we have to have some predictability in us and our life around us otherwise, like our you know, our Abdullah will like, come online and we'll start to, you know, be in survival mode. But wait, what kind of went?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:09
So the main the main question was like when you when you came out about the near death fix because there's the Toronto aspect of it. But when you come up with the near death experiences and the spirituality, generally speaking, even when you were 16 wasn't talked about as much as it is today.

Allison Snowden 1:05:25
Oh, no, well, I am like the internet and everything. I mean, 99 was like, kind of like, Oh, God, anyway, baby. I was. I mean, I was. I didn't tell anyone a my parents were their medical professionals. So they already were having me like, see, like a counselor. And for this and I was smart enough to not share that with the counselor, the psychiatrists. I was like, oh, yeah, no, they don't get it. This is not the time and space and I was like, I'm not my parent. We were so there was so much focus on you know, I mean, I was, I was in bad shape, it took like three people to help get me into his shower. And just to get, you know, was, that was so consuming that, like, that was just like the main stage. And with like, with my friends, too, I didn't share anything. So you'll love this, you'll love this. So the, the person, the first person I outed myself to was this person who it was like one of my sisters friends, because I was like, competitive horseback rider. And then that obviously ended my career because I couldn't, I was, yeah, sure feeling for like three years and could hardly walk. It was in a wheelchair. So this, this friend wanted to take me out to see his horses. And so we went out there. And he was like, Oh, my uncle's out here. And he's like, alright, well, I'm gonna go get the horses and you just stay here with him. And all of a sudden, I just started talking, I was like, I died. I was looking at my body. I was in this unconditional love the, you know, started doing this. But as I'm saying, this, my egos like, shut up, Allison. Shut up. I couldn't stop talking. I my conscious brain wanted to, you know, like, seal my lips. But I just kept on sharing. And it was like, my spirit overtook. And the guy was like, oh, I want to scroll. 24 I died, you know, in a car accident. But like, I had two tunnels. And it was like, the and so we were and I was just because i had i My mind was like, I'm crazy. Like, this is not safe information to share to anyone. And I'm just gonna lock it inside me. But, you know, Spirit knew that sure that I needed to share it. And in that consciousness guys, there's this consciousness that you know, when a part of you know when it's safe, or when someone's safe. And your your higher self is like connecting those dots.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:20
That's, that's remarkable.

Allison Snowden 1:08:22
So if you want to hear something even more. So how my parents found out is I was telling them about how I was telling someone about my near death experience. And they're like, wait, what?

Alex Ferrari 1:08:37
So you gotta really sell in the store to this guy, just about about my near death experience. I'm like, Oh, can we back up there for a second? You had a What? No. Did they accept? Did they accept it? By the way? Have they accepted it now?

Allison Snowden 1:08:51
I think they're just kind of like, oh, that's I didn't really asked that. It was funny, because I think the my, when my boyfriend, like, when I was in my 20s I told him and he's like, Allison, like, what if people think you're like, you know, but if they don't believe you, I'm like, oh, that's their choice. I don't care. And and I was like, I was like, I'm sure they'll think about me when when they're like on their deathbed or something. Or we'll just have a conversation on the other side. You know, like, I'm like, I don't care what people think about me. And which is, you know, and then it became and then I had that, but I wasn't having it in public spaces. And so that's something that I shared and I went to undergrad, graduate school, got my master's, my doctorate in Chinese medicine, and obviously was working still on my physical healing. And then I shared it with certain people and in certain conversations when I felt it was relevant. And then like, I don't know when it was maybe was 2013 or after I graduated, there was this almost like this feeling, maybe divine pressure opinion, like, get this, you have to start sharing and I'm like, okay, okay,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:15
Calm down, everybody calm down I'll start talking,

Allison Snowden 1:10:17
I'll share, I'll share, you know, they're like, ah, and so I just started sharing, I think, you know, on some Facebook and then on just just sharing, and I think my mom was like, Are people like interested in this? You know, like, why you keep on talking about this? I was like, Mom, I don't know, like, it's my divine assignment. And when I don't question I just do, you know, like, I'm like, you know, like, I'm just supposed to share and, and share this experience because communicating about this. And also, you know, a lot of near death, there's love to talk about the light love to talk about the love, but, you know, I also think just as equally as important is to talk about the process of healing and integrating that light, because I'll be honest, that for a long time, that light under, like, unconditional love, that experience was not integrated, was not embody, you know, in a healthy way. And I think a lot of people who've had spiritual experiences, you know, that disassociation is, becomes a safe space and to really, you know, embody this, you have to do emotional healing, and doing that painful process of, of doing that crying, and the grieving work and all of that, that, that comes with healing the physical and the emotional body. And, I mean, a part of me was like, I really have to do this. Yeah, you do. Because you have to process transmute, you can't just disassociate from your feelings. And, and from, you know, so, and I think also, you were saying, I think, Well, you were saying with other near doctors, you know, they probably didn't have as much trauma. So maybe that was more of it. But my, my, I guess, divine assignment was like, apply this to your life and, and apply it to the pain, apply it to your wounds, apply it to your, to your physical body. So when I was healing, I mean, my physical, my bones, I would visualize that love, like going into my body, and like, feeling and then like, energetically, and I also saw myself running. You know, I would dream about running and like, feeling that like, sensation of freedom with running that I used to love that was like, you know, taken away from me, and people were like, you're never gonna run and all that stuff. And I did run I did. And it took it took a long time, because I had a lot of pain. And I did run and it was exhilarating. And I like cried at each time. So I think I think to, like, go back to your original question is, is that I think there's a lot of limiting beliefs that are blocking people's healing, and limiting programs and that are blocking people's healing. And I feel like I'm someone who is an example of that you can defy certain odds, and also work with it, and work with your with energy and with your programming and your belief systems. In order to shift your consciousness and and really I, I love I love doing the healing work that that I do one on one and then also training people because they don't have to have a near death experience. I can teach them how to connect to that part of them. And I can train them they don't have to go and like you know, get you know, have a cardiac arrest to have a spiritual experience. Do it a a gentler, more loving way and and teach you how to heal yourself and reprogram yourself. And, and that's amazing because when it's and I don't know if you feel this or if you have a sense of this, but when I feel something within myself and then also I witnessed healing with my clients or my students, like I see energetically It just like going out and just and seeing Oh, well, that's that's shifting her perception of herself, which will shift her interactions with others that will. It's like it just tumbled. And that just gets me so excited. And I'm so, so pumped up. Because yes, there is crazy. That happens to many different people. And it's horrific and no one like it is, it is horrible. And we can heal, we can heal it. And we are not our right. We're not our programming or not our wounds, we are so much more and we have the power to connect to this part of us that is so powerful, and create a shift. Well,

Alex Ferrari 1:15:46
Alison, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I'm going to ask you a few rapid fire questions ask all of my guests. Okay. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Allison Snowden 1:15:56
Freedom, living from a space of freedom and love and living on my soul's terms and living that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:07
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Allison, what advice would you give her?

Allison Snowden 1:16:11
Hmm. .I just would love her and just just give her a hug and just say you're so awesome. I love you keep going. And you know, one day at a time.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:27
How do you define God or Source?

Allison Snowden 1:16:30
Love. Pure Love with no conditions. No stipulations. Pure high vibrational love,

Alex Ferrari 1:16:38
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Allison Snowden 1:16:40
Love, love and growth. Love growth? And, and yeah, love growth and connection?

Alex Ferrari 1:16:48
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Allison Snowden 1:16:51
So I'm on my I started a YouTube page. It's Dr. Allison Snowden official. There's very little on there, but we're gonna I'm gonna be adding content. So oops. And I'm on Instagram, Dr. Allison Snowden. So and then my website is www, And then also my trainings are Awakening Institute. So that's all there and I love I love getting feedback or questions because I think there's so much like you were sharing like, there's so much magic that comes when when someone asks me a question, or ask a different perspective. And it just it helps me like have conversations and also get content to like help people out.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:47
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Allison Snowden 1:17:49
Hmm, I just just sending everyone out there, just unconditional love and that within your heart is this spark that is pure magic and love and that is directly connected to just this divine consciousness and you have such a purpose and everything that you've gone through. It has it matters and you matter and your healing matters. And I just just sending you love and would love to hear from you guys.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:26
Allison thank you again so much for sharing your story and helping the world awaken. So I appreciate you my dear.

Allison Snowden 1:18:32
Thank you so much. I absolutely loved connecting and thank you so much for everything that you do, and it's such a joy connecting to you.

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