EYE-OPENING LIVE Channeling of the ASCENDED MASTERS! You NEED to HEAR This | Ruth Rousseau Clothier

In today’s episode, we are joined by the remarkable Ruth Rousseau Clothier, whose life is a tapestry of near-death experiences, spiritual awakenings, and profound channeling abilities. Ruth’s journey, from a 16-month-old undergoing a near-death experience to becoming a conduit for ascended masters, is a testament to the resilience and expansiveness of the human spirit. Her story is a journey back to a balanced Earth, a place where negative emotions have no foothold.

Ruth’s first near-death experience at just 16 months old, caused by radiation treatment on her spine, left an indelible mark on her soul. It was during this experience that she felt an overwhelming love, a feeling that never left her. Throughout her childhood, Ruth faced numerous health challenges, yet she always knew where to turn for help. She says, “It never ever, ever left. Never. It just was there in my heart.” This connection to a higher energy guided her through many hardships.

At 20, Ruth had her second near-death experience while seven months pregnant. This time, it was a cardiac arrest during a medical procedure. Her profound encounter with love during this experience reinforced her spiritual path. She recounts, “I was told that if I went back, I would have to recite the word love.” This repetition of love and breathwork became her lifeline, ensuring the safe birth of her son and her own survival against the odds.

Ruth’s third near-death experience was marked by a severe allergic reaction. During this experience, she heard a sound that “filled the whole universe” and was embraced by harmonics that connected her deeply with the Earth. This experience brought her face-to-face with ascended masters who showed her the future, instilling in her a mission to share their messages with the world. Ruth’s encounters with the ascended masters, such as Jesus and the Divine Mother, have been guiding lights in her journey.

One of the most significant aspects of Ruth’s journey is her work with sound and breath. She discovered the healing power of sound when her son introduced her to chanting during a difficult period. This practice alleviated her pain and set her on a path to explore sound’s potential in healing and spiritual growth. Ruth emphasizes, “The power of the word love… it never ever, ever left. And it’s still the main part of our book is the human heart and love.”


  1. Embrace Love as a Healing Force: Ruth’s experiences underscore the transformative power of love. Repeating the word love and integrating it into breathwork can create profound physical and emotional healing.
  2. Connect with Higher Energies: Her interactions with ascended masters and the energy of love during near-death experiences highlight the importance of connecting with higher spiritual energies for guidance and support.
  3. Utilize Sound and Breath for Healing: The healing potential of sound and breath is a recurring theme in Ruth’s story. These tools can help us navigate physical and emotional challenges, bringing balance and vitality.

Ruth’s teachings, deeply rooted in her personal experiences, offer a pathway to spiritual awakening and healing. She believes that the Earth is rising in frequency, and with it, humanity has the opportunity to reconnect with its pure, loving essence. Her insights into the power of love, the potential of sound, and the guidance from ascended masters provide a roadmap for those seeking spiritual growth and healing.

In conclusion, the conversation with Ruth Rousseau Clothier is a journey into the depths of spiritual awakening, guided by love, sound, and higher energies. Her life story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of connecting with our true essence. By embracing these teachings, we can navigate our spiritual journey with greater clarity and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ruth Rousseau Clothier.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 252

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 0:00
They showed me that we were going back to something that we had forgotten that the Earth at one time was balanced. And that it was free of, of emotion of negative emotion

Alex Ferrari 0:15
I like to welcome to the show Ruth Rousseau Clothier. How you doing, Ruth?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 0:29
Hi, Alex, and thank you for letting me come on. I am so excited!

Alex Ferrari 0:34
Oh, thank you so much. I'm excited to talk to you. Because not only have you had a fairly interesting life, to say the least in regards to your near death experiences and, and spiritual experiences you've had, but also your channeling abilities and who you're channeling and the messages are coming through your channels is pretty remarkable. So we're going to start at the beginning, literally, at the beginning, like few months old, apparently, is when this started with you. Can you tell me about your first near death experience?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:05
I had a death experience at 16 months old. And I had radiation put onto my spine, they did it back in the late 40s, early 50s, they would put just radiation right on the spot that they wanted to go to. And I went over i They knew they revived me. And when I did, I went home. Goodness It was it never ever, ever left. Never. It just was there in my heart. Just the love that I felt. And when I came back, the rest of my childhood was I didn't ride a bicycle until I was 13 years old. I had heart problems, there was scar tissue from the radiation. And so there was complications. And I was in and out of the hospital about six times.

Alex Ferrari 1:56
But let me ask you, though, because I've never had a 16 month old near death experience before. Obviously, you haven't had a lot of life experience at that point. You weren't even very conscious at that point. So were you more soul at that point, or more connected to soul than you were to human? Human Experience?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 2:15
I would from my experience of working with a Masters right now and learning. I would have to say yes. You know, if you asked me that 10 years ago, I probably say, I don't know. But I wouldn't have to say yes, it never left Alex because of problems that I had as a child. There was so many of them, we won't get into any of them. But the problems that I had, I always knew where to go and ask for help. And and I don't know if I asked for help as much as I touch that energy again. And I knew from being a young child that i i Could everyone can do this. I thought you know, I went to Catholic school I was I was a Catholic. And I just thought that when the priest said things about the devil and all that it was very confusing to me. You know, I, I never understood it. So I would have to say yes. But you can even if that happens, you can lose it. You know what I mean? Like if you go through trauma and everything, I had to learn how to how to navigate with it.

Alex Ferrari 3:19
So what was your second near death experience?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 3:23
My second near death experience was when I was 20 years old. I was seven months pregnant for my son and went to a cardiologists office for electrocardiogram. And I'm I had a cardiac arrest on the table. The gynecologist felt as though that that was from the baby cutting off the main artery. But because of my heart history, there was five cardiologists in the hospital greeting me, because they put me through every X ray, they thought that I was going to die that night, they had the priests came up to give them the last rites, and they had the whole operating room ready to take the baby. And when I had this, I went over it to make a long story short, I went over and at that point, I I felt love beyond anything, I even greeted my son spirit. And I and I was told to, to make this really short, I was told that I could go back. But if I went back, I would have to recite the word love because I touched love beyond anything and I never forgot it. And if if I would repeat the word, just the word love and do breath work that it would I was shown where it would go and the baby would be born and everything would be fine. If I went into fear, which was very easy for me to get into because they had the operating ready room ready. My parents came in thinking I was going to die because a priest had just come in and I asked the priest to leave because I wasn't planning on dying. And I said the word love 50 million times all night long. And I just to breathe, they rolled me over every 15 minutes. Because they, that's what the gynecologist wanted to make sure the baby was alright, but they having all in all monitors IV for five days and seven days in the hospital, never convinced that it was not going to work.

Alex Ferrari 5:15
So when you were there, when you were on the other side, what did you see? Or was it only a feeling?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 5:19
Well, no, I, we have to understand that one part of me was staying with the baby. I mean, I wouldn't leave it. But there was another consciousness that went over. And I, I met some of the ones that I channel now again, and they, they just they gave me that information so that when I came back, that I could I could take that and utilize it. So it was really, like we learned with with meditation, where you use breath work, and you just sit in quietness. It was not feeding the fear, because the fear was outrageous. I mean, they were convinced. I mean, they were talking out in the desk about it, and I could hear them, and she won't make it through the night. All this kind of stuff. So but all I learned from that Alex was that the power of the word love, and it never ever, ever left. And it's still the main part of our book is the human heart and, and love.

Alex Ferrari 6:17
Well, let me ask you this, then so, you met a few of the ascended masters that you channeled now, can you just for the audience, who were they? And how are they? How do they present themselves to you?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 6:29
It was Jesus that I recognized on the mother aspect, probably in a couple of different ways. One was Mother Mary. And just all these other energies, which I didn't recognize them, I knew nothing because I was a Catholic. None whatsoever. So after that, you know was two months later, the baby was born. And and he was perfectly fine and everything was wonderful.

Alex Ferrari 6:59
Alright, so then let me ask you, when was your third Seriously? Seriously, you have to stop with the near death experience. It's getting. It's insane.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 7:08
No, it's nuts. But I'd like to share something with you that brought sound first started with sound waves. I was just into a wheelchair. I had many problems. I dragged the leg everything. My son had asked me to go down to a potluck. And we brought my daughters I had four children. And my boys were older. My daughters were young. And we got into the car and he said, Would you please sing this sing? Oh, no it via with me. I didn't know what it was. I had no idea. You know, he said, Well, Mom, it's God within and he kind of knew me, you know. And so he says, he said, you'll love it. So we started singing, we were harmonizing all the way down 45 minutes to get there, got to the car and I had no pain. My legs walk perfectly. So that set me on a destiny to find out what sound was. And no, no one around knew. So I was getting information from them. So it's been it's been a journey with sound, human heart breathwork ever since then. So my third death experience, Alex

Alex Ferrari 8:12
Is this before your spiritual experience that you had the downloads or is after the spiritual, spiritual, spiritual downloads.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 8:19
I I was already getting information before this third death experience. I was with a center that was called the Human Heart Institute. And I was the teacher I channeled. And you know, I was the one that led the meditations. So I was already channeling at that time, I was verbally channeling and 1991. So it was it was interesting. When I went over. I had taken an antibiotic for a UTI. I had chronic bladder infections. And so I took it. I had been allergic to antibiotics before so and of course, I got an terrible allergic reaction. And I I went over and as I went over, I heard sound, and it filled the whole universe and then came back with all harmonics and embrace the earth and then went back up again. And I went, wow. So I went I was greeted by all the masters that I that I channeled that I know right now, but then there are so many more that are in the group. So they showed me what's happening now. And I was stunned Alex, I mean, I'm sitting there going, Whoa, okay, guys, why am I seeing this? And so then I went on a journey to see what would how things would come about. Not that I retained everything when I came back, Alex, I'm not saying that. It was it's been a process for me to learn it when they would give it forth. But they they showed me that They showed me all of this. And then it didn't happen when I was 919 93 didn't happen. And then in 2020, and December 30, I was sitting in meditation, and all of a sudden, I saw, and I felt everything I had felt in that death experience in detail. And I said, Why am I seeing this now? And I said, because this is now I sat there with tears, I thought, What are you talking about? I thought it wasn't going to come about I thought it was with ease, you know, we kind of went through all this. And we already went through it. And and they said, No. And then from that day forward, we've been putting through advanced meditations and going into more depth and, and writing more.

Alex Ferrari 10:48
So the things that they showed you, what did they actually show you like, what was gonna happen in the world? Like the pandemic, all this kind of stuff?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 10:55
Was people dying. Um, I would see hospitals, I some fires, I saw floods. i It was just earthquakes, tornadoes, and, and then arguments just, I'm not one that's very heavy into all of what's going on in the world in the news. But I got to see the chaos that was going on. And it it frightened the living daylights out of me. I really, really did. I mean, I thought, why are you showing me this? And they said, because it's time, it's time to get out. And it's time to, for people to understand that there's hope that there's actually beauty going to happen. And it and it depends on what what they told me. And I guess I could tell it to you better than I could. But what I got explained to me is that we were going to go through this time. But at the same exact time, there's this whole energy coming off from the earth, just blessing the earth, because we're supposed to be rising in consciousness. And it's a mass thing. And they said, No matter. They told me no matter who you are, no matter what past lives you've had, no matter what everyone is equal, and you are exactly what we are. You just don't know it. And, you know, that's, you know, I still bow but you know, to them, but you know, you, you have to understand that they are they've lived here, and most of them all the ones that I'm really putting forth for the book, I think, no, I'm not sure if they're mixed with other ones have all lived on this earth. They all know what it's like. They've all experienced it. They've taught nostrums they've taught in different places, they've walked as regular people. And, you know, they've come in many times, to really see the human race and the third dimensional reality. They showed me that we were going back to something that we had forgotten that the Earth at one time was balanced, and that it was free of, of emotion of negative emotion. So we were regaining, you know, when a baby is born, Alex and how they have innocence in their eyes sparkle. And they they see everything is beauty. Well, that's what their message was, is we are like that. We we are we are that innocence. We are that, that that part of us that our that our whole essence remembers, we just have forgotten it.

Alex Ferrari 13:42
So so then you were saying that there was a time that the earth is balanced out we saying that that time was with humans as well on the planet.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 13:50
That was a long, long, long, long, long, long, not in history. I don't think we'll ever find it because it was another vibrational frequency. It was higher than it is now. So we've digressed into the third dimensional reality.

Alex Ferrari 14:04
Interesting, interesting. And then now we're starting to go back up to that to that vibration. Well, that's the reason why these conversations are happening now. And you're not being burned at the stake. I would say. That's basically because again, in 91, and 92, these conversations weren't public. Oh, no, no, no. And this information was really more, you know, word of mouth. And people really had to be seeking these kinds of books like books, like Seth's books and, and you know, these other channels and Edgar Casey and those kinds of messages because it just was not around.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 14:44
I was positive. I mean, I had an ex husband that we don't talk. Now I would like you to write down something for me. Anyone about what you can do?

Alex Ferrari 14:55
O really so he would tap into you, but he's like, don't say anything. But whatever. lottery ticket numbers?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 15:02
No, I didn't give him either.

Alex Ferrari 15:04
I'm joking. I'm joking.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 15:05
But you know, it's just, it's just, it's just interesting because back then, I was a full conscious, you know, full channel. And we had a group and I would travel different places, you know, even in, you know, 2000. You know, I traveled all over to Alaska and worked with people and in physical therapy offices with sound, and then I would channel and it was accepted by us by different groups of people,

Alex Ferrari 15:36
But small, small groups. It wasn't definitely in the mainstream.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 15:39
I met PMH Atwater at a Science Symposium, and I had talked to her on the phone because someone said, you have to call her Can I have my third one? I never admitted that I had the other two. And I didn't know. And so I met her and she put her arms around me. And she said, Honey, I said, What? What? And she said, you've had multiple death experiences and so many experiences, you better sit down, meditate and ask.

Alex Ferrari 16:07
She's so wonderful. She's so lovely.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 16:08
She's wonderful. I gave I was not booked for a lecture. And my table I had called them. And they said, Yes, Ruth, we have someone that that we have a we have a booth for you. You can put your book and you can put your music there. And I said, Okay, we arrived, Alex, and it was right in front of the big doors opened up, and then they would come out and they'd say, Ruth, could you just leave the booth with your husband and come in and give a talk? And I said, Sure. So you know, it was accepted back there, you know, with the science symposiums and, you know, there was Drunvalo when, you know, I met Kryon, one time when I was just starting out, I didn't even want to talk to him. I said, you have to go and talk to him. I shook his hand, and a crowd of people came in I went, I'm out the door. So I've got to, I've got to contact him some time and say, No, I'd really like to meet you.

Alex Ferrari 16:58
He's also wonderful, he's also a wonderful, wonderful channel. So there was a there, there was a spiritual experience. We use this that I've read somewhere in your, that they came you were surrounded by light. And they came in to talk to you in a room or something like that. I read that in your bio, is that is that incorrect? This is not Yeah.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 17:25
Yes, I almost forgot about that one. That one, between my two death experiences. My ex husband at the time was very much looking into everything. I mean, he was you know, it was every Christianity, every Buddhism, you turn gray if he meditated. And so, you know, it's just an hour, he left for meditation class, and my son went to Aikido. And so I brought the girls up to put them to bed, and I was sitting in the bed, nursing. And all of a sudden, and the only one that could ever describe this is PMH. Atwater. I don't understand it. It was like someone took the roof off the house. But I was completely alive. Nursing. I mean, I knew, I mean, they must have planned it, because I knew I was right there. And I didn't leave the room. And this phenomenal energy came and said to me, you will bring the human heart, the Sacred Heart in to humanity, and have them understand that the heart is much more expansive. And in the future, people will get to understand it. So it was however, the heart I'm not scientists, I have no idea whether I'm talking about when they said you will bring this into the world. And this was before my second death in the third death experience. And I went, who do you think you're talking to? I'm sitting there going? Are you crazy? And so I said, Can I go to an ashram then? Can I go and learn? No. I've never gone anywhere to study, you know, and, and so it's just it was remarkable. And my husband came home and I told him and he said, Oh, great, I go and meditate all my life. And you sit there and this great, big, wonderful. And it was like, all I can say to you, as some of them have come in the room. And I do think one of them was Jesus sitting sitting on the bed. But this voice came through and it was like this. This positively glorious revelational voice. I mean, it just in there and when my dear You know, and it was just beautiful. My whole body was radiating. And I'm just sitting there going, and I've never forgotten it. And then all of a sudden it closed up and that was it. So it was to bring the Christ energy, the heart energy into the world, is really what it was and that there would be a time where people would understand.

Alex Ferrari 19:56
Let me let me ask you this because you said you were closeted at one point When you finally came out of the closet, what was that like for you?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 20:03
It was glorious. Yeah, to understand I was really confined for about 20 years. Okay. No, and, um, and no one. I mean, how is it going to tell anybody? It just, you know, wasn't. But I did do writing this. I did. I did. I did here, you know. So it guided me in my life and really trained me. But the way I got out was it was my husband wanted to move out West. We were in New England. And he said, If you love me, you will go, the house had been on the market for a solid year and nothing sold. So I was taking a walk with my daughters in the stroller. And I just said, Okay, if this is meant to be, because I've done it, and I was already hearing them. I said, and I was already writing, I was on Medicare. I said, if this is really meant for me, let the house sell. The house sold at eight o'clock the next morning, and I went, oh my god, what have I done? You know, now I've gotten in. So, you know, we moved up to South Dakota, of course, knowing no, because my husband Daniel was also brought to South Dakota about the same time as I was. And we met after Paul walked out. And I started. Yes, so I started, um, I'm just gonna say this to you, because I know that a lot of people and then we will get right to them, because I really like you to hear them. I was I was on medication, writing and doing health reviews and meeting with people and having sessions with them. And this person said to me, they said, you can learn to be a trance channel. He said, You know, I think I think this would be very good for you because your hands gonna fall off. And so I said to myself, Okay, well tell me about it. No, you have to understand I could hear spirit there in my room. Okay. I mean, you know, so I got on the phone with him. And he said, I want you to invoke, and let them come in and completely give away your body and get the heck out of the way. And it's gonna take you six months to a year to do that. And I was frosting a cake for my daughter's birthday. Now all of a sudden, the divine mother's energy comes in, she says, You will never give your body away, my dear. You raise your consciousness to your higher self. And I said, Well, that's up. This is what I felt from her. Right? I said, Okay. So he was pushing me he was pushing me. And so I breathed in. And I completely centered. And all of a sudden, this energy came over me that went. And I went, and I burst out laughing. It was absolute ecstasy of joy. I was sitting there going, Oh, my God. And I stand there and he's on the phone. He said, Bruce, are you alright? And I said, I'm better than all right, honey. So in so I was shown that I already could do it is really what it boiled down to. And so I hung up the phone, and within 15 minutes, he was half an hour away, made it to my house walked in my front door without knocking and said, Are you alright, I wanted to check on you. I said I'm wonderful. So, you know, it's is then. So anyway, that's how channeling you know, vocal channeling, channeling came to me.

Alex Ferrari 23:32
Well, do you do you think that they would like to talk to us today?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 23:38
They said to me, I had asked him, I said, you know, you have to open some doorway somewhere if you really want to get this out there because I'm living out in the country. And of course, there was a pandemic, and I'm going, what are we going to do? I don't know what to do. And so I had seen you with PMH. I wanted to go and listen to her. And cuz she's just such a delightful person. So I, I listened to that. And I saw all these people that were channeled. Then I said, Oh, my goodness, and they said, did you not ask?

Alex Ferrari 24:12
So you were guided to me, you were guided to me to be on the show to get this message out into the world. Which, by the way, is what happens with many of my guests. They're trying to reach and get that message out to a mass audience. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm here.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 24:29
It's wonderful, Alex, nice, thank you. I, I channeled with my eyes open. And the reason that I do is because we've written this whole book. That's five books in this and I wondered why they wanted and then loose leaf notebook. But I found that after that now they're bringing in the fifth volume into the first volume. And I would have had to rewrite the whole thing and have published. So anyway, so I do keep my eyes open. him. Okay. Questions for me before I leave?

Alex Ferrari 25:02
No. So you will go into into your trance they will talk and then you don't come in and out. Right so because every channel is different once you're in there in and then when we say goodbye you come back in.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 25:15
Yes, yes. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 25:17
Okay. And And do you know who will be coming through? Well they announced themselves or should I ask for somebody or anything like that?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 25:25
Would you like to ask for someone?

Alex Ferrari 25:27
Ohh I mean, you said you you speak to the Ascended Master. So Jesus is you know, he Jesus has really great marketing. So everybody knows who Jesus's but one of my favorite Ascended Masters is Paramahansa Yogananda as the image behind me here, the painting behind me there I love you, Mr. Yogananda. Yes, of course. Paramahansa Saint Germain all of the Bible would really love if you're gonna under would come through and, and speak and then as we have this conversation, will others come in and out depending on the question, will they okay,

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 26:05
They will, they will just move they will just move in and out. They um you know, if it's an I never know what the question who will who will be the one that answers it. So, okay.

Alex Ferrari 26:19
Well, I am I am I am ready for you, my dear.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 26:23
Namaste. Namaste. It is a pleasure.

Alex Ferrari 26:29
It is a pleasure to speak to you as well. Are you Are you Paramahansa Yogananda? Thank you for writing your book Autobiography of a Yogi it is. It is is a seminal part for me.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 26:46
Yes, now we've brought it into a living thing out into the world. That's that's what this project has been. There's been many of us, that have come together to put it out to the world, that any religion, it doesn't matter. Because we're in a space in time right now, where the earth is rising in frequency, it's giving off different vibrational frequencies. So it's, you know, all the teachings is good, but how can we put it out to all dominations? So there's a whole group of everything here? Is everything.

Alex Ferrari 27:24
Do you have anything that you would like to say to the audience, to start with?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 27:29
I would have to say, what, what I taught back when I was alive. And the reason they really pulled me in was because I was the last one that's in this group that that that was here in a very hard time. And so in, and my training, along with many other ones was with the human heart is with that breath, work and centering, and allowing the mind to quiet. And that is a very important thing right now with the earth the way it is, with thought, and fear, and chaos going on. You know, everybody wanted it to go back to normal, but the normal will be a everyone's going to say this that comes in a blessed time. Because it is from from someone who does meditate, Alex, when you when you sit and you feel that energy, what do you experience? What is it that you can explain that you experience,

Alex Ferrari 28:37
I spent, I connect to a deeper power for me and my specific meditation practice. I feel like I'm connecting to you, to the members of your group to a higher power of peace and love. My awareness is opened, the more I meditate, the more my awareness becomes wider and not so narrow, and allows me to see the world in a very different light. And I I've wondered and fast and I've been fascinated by Ascended Masters, and their ability to transcend, to become self realized and the process of becoming self realized. And the more I studied you, and Jesus and other the Ascended Masters, I realized that you all walk the same path. You all go through these steps to widen the view to the point where you could see who's behind the curtain and go, Oh, this is how this all works. I have to share this with everybody. That's if that answers your question.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 29:43
That answers my question. wonderfully. Thank you very much. It is if you can imagine, and I know there's so many people, so many of them don't want to put pieces so they're saying Wait, wait, that's going to be us. I'm I'm telling you that the Eat the breath work and, and that heart and everyone is going to touch on that, and even the Divine Mother wants to speak. So it's you, you must understand that within within your body has everything that it needs. And that's what we told her when she went over for a death experience. Everything you need is already there. But the Earth had been held at a certain frequency. So if you can just imagine, and I'm going to reach of doubt in a couple of minutes, if you can just imagine it, all this all this energy there for you, and everybody, they're going to start noticing it. And it's already there. It's just opening to the fact that you understand different parts of your thought process and what the ego has been and what it's going to develop into now, and then how it's going to progress. And the soul will open further. So your name of your podcast is wonderful, because that is exactly what is going to have transpire. So it is a pleasure. And I know we'll get together again and speak in, you know, Alex, I just thank you so much for inviting me to talk it. The world is the earth is waiting for all of you. That's the That's the thing I would like to say, her hands are out and she's saying, let's take this ride. So I'm going to greetings to you. I am I guess she calls me mother. It's, I'm going to take a few minutes, and then I'm going to everybody's pushing the door right now. So I just would like to enhance what or to build upon what Yogananda did not get used to get done with speaking, that's what I would say, you know, it's within, within your heart, within the cells of your body, have all this memory you must under understand that it has everything you know, and and it's so it's reawakening to something that already has all the components to walk back into it. That's the beauty of it, my dear. That is the absolute beauty of what is happening right now. Even with everything around that, you see, and many times and very hard times. And I was also Jesus's mother and went through the, the whole thing of his life and losing it. And you can imagine what that was felt like. And so when I look at the world right now, I say, we do have hard times. And this one is one of the worst right now, for a lot of people that have lost their homes and, and different things that have happened to them. But I guess what I would say to you is that there is hope, and to each day, to appreciate your life. And when appreciation is brought into the heart. When love is brought into the heart, there's nothing stronger. And grip consciousness can create something. So I'm going to let an excellent come through. Please. Thank you. Thank you for letting us come Alex, this is wonderful. Of course you do have to you do have to realize this. And I am Jesus. And it's there is a there has been a drive in all of us when we've come back into embodiment because we have and some people don't recognize us. It's there is such a a beauty within the human body. There is so much that the body can grow into and I like what both of them said can you imagine going out in the yard and someone tells you there's a treasure out in the yard and you're digging in and you're digging up the whole backyard to find this one little treasure of of something in the yard. And all of a sudden you find it. But you've put time into finding it. You've actually put time into digging up the dirt looking for it knowing it was put there. And it's this beautiful treasure and all of a sudden you put it in your hand and you realize that all that work was worth it. What do you have when when you get Not with appreciation. Not with my arms are sore, not that my legs hurt. Not that my shoulders are bothering me, you actually see that all your work was for something. And that's what I would like to leave you with today, we'd like you to realize that every single thing that you put into your life to live, that will better you, as a real person to be able to let go of the fears. And feel that time that you're in prayer, meditation, whatever it might be that you are feeling something, pay attention to that. It's almost like the earth touches you every day. Look at the trees, look at the things that are sparkling. See that there is difference. I am because the main Thank you. And St. Francis at the same time we do the two together. It's interesting, because our lifetimes were so different. It's to all of you. And to you, Alex, I just have to say that is so wonderful. And I thank you. Thank you, again, for doing this. It is it is time that the world finds out what's really happening. And it's time to walk that walk. And I and lifetime Oh Sam Francis, abs absolutely loved the birds and the butterflies. And that was a true story. That part was true. Some of it has been exaggerated. But that was a true story. And and I also learned the the should I put it, walking two roads, walking the road that wanted to live in that lifetime to put forth Jesus's word again. And I walked out of my family and went out into the adventure the world and ended up you know my story. But it was walking to different worlds because I couldn't live the the world that I had been brought up in, I just could not. I could not watch what was going on. I did have a death experience when I came back from the crusade. And so I did experience the truth. And so but it's no different than now. And no one has to die to find this out. Do you understand? We sit here and we listen to death experiences, what for? What for? What are they for? They're here to show us that there's something beyond. They're here to show us that everyone is an individual. They're all different, right? And they and they move forward into their game of what they need. But there's going to become a time on this earth where the uniting of consciousness is already happening. And the father is going to talk about that. There, the uniting of consciousness is already happening. And that's why your fear base is so full of fear. And I know it because of what I experienced in those two lifetimes. And many more that nobody knows about it, you must understand that. That all of you are gonna grow to be teachers to others. It's there's so much glory. I guess that's so I don't know what your time frame is. So I will let the Father Come back. Come in now. All right. Greetings to and I think thank you too. Do you have any questions for us?

Alex Ferrari 39:25
Um, well, first of all, I don't have the time. I don't have a timeframe. So we can talk for a while so don't worry about that. Um, one of my main questions I have for you is How long has humanity been on this earth in one way shape or form?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 39:44
Your way shape or form is a is a beautiful question. Because you have you have history that's going to be dug up. I mean, you're going to see that what is been known on this earth. Let's put it that way. You is going to be known for so long, you're going to find artifacts, you're going to find different things that are going to show civilizations, you know that there was a memorial, you know that there was, you know, you know all of that. But there's no way that you're going to find it in a higher dimensional reality until you get there. Does that make sense to you? It does. It does. The planet is very old, but it was it started up here. And then it went down. Because of wanting stories, because of wanting choice, because of life, that would be lived in a certain way. And I would recommend that you go onto her website, Alex, and you listen to a couple of the channeling was that around there? And it would, you know, you would get a lot more information, and then we could talk again. But it's this this earth has been around for so long, Alex and there's no way to put it in timeframe, because sometimes it never there was not time. Do you understand it was still an Earth? It was still as it is now. But it didn't live in the same field of energy. Does that make sense? Does that did that?

Alex Ferrari 41:31
It makes it makes sense. It makes sense. Because I think when Ruth was saying earlier about us, we were many, many, many, many years before at a higher vibration that we are now that we dropped down. And now we're trying to go back up to it is that part of the Hugo's is that the cycle that we go through where we are higher, and then we go down? And then we come back to the higher and we're like on our way back up? Is that what you just talked about?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 42:00
In your logical mind. That is the way you will figure it out.

Alex Ferrari 42:04
In the logical brain obviously

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 42:07
And it's true. Yes, yes, in the logical mind, we have a different perception than you do with it. But it's just it's it's glorious, what's happening right now. And, you know, I guess, what I would like to say to you is that this time right now is so precious. If you get lost in all of the things that are happening in the world right now. You'll miss out on so much. You'll miss out on you'll be okay, say there's a third dimensional reality. Alright. And there's a fourth and everybody's talking about and there's a fifth, all right? What if, what if you're moving, but you're still very much like the earth the way it is, or you're fearful? Or you're dependent on it to be a third dimensional reality. I guess what I'm saying to you is if you would trust to learn that one word of trust, and that one word of appreciation, and give the allowance to see what's happening as it's all around you.

Alex Ferrari 43:25
Well, let me ask you a question about the Ascended Masters, as you were saying, going up and down between the third, fourth and fifth dimension, when an Ascended Master who's incarnated finds finally Self Realized completely enlightened is they are still based here in the third dimension, but they kind of go up to the fifth and higher dimensions and come back down, go up and go down is that correct? They go higher,

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 44:00
They can be in two dimensions at one time. Not what you would find the third dimensional reality is what your what your feet are on. Still living in the third dimensional reality, your soul and your spirit are gradually moving. And, and fluctuating between that this reality and higher realities. And that's that's when I don't know if you've this one. These two have experienced it and other people have been calling her. I just lost a couple hours. And you know, so it's that timeframe. You didn't really lose it but you you were you're moving into different different vibrational frequencies. And so, my mother always says and I will say it for her because she didn't get to say it. You have to exercise your heart. It's like when you do breath work. It's not work. It's not sitting there. Okay, mine Shut up. You No, it is exercising the breathwork. And that's what this one does with sound exercises. The breath work with vibrational frequency. So you you exercise that part of you that moves. And in you start being able to, to enjoy the the growth that you're having. I'm not saying that people don't need to meditate. But once you learn how to meditate, you need to like what you have mentioned earlier, because I did hear you, you have to learn how to walk into life. To bring it into every step of your life, every breath, everything so that you're you're, you're visualizing through a centered reality. Not not through the chaos, you see the chaos. If you if you watched, if you watch the a person who was ascended in there, they came into embodiment and they're teaching they see everything. There is sorrow at times, you know, if someone dies, or, you know, you know that from the writings of Yogananda, it, he had had grief. Those things are there, but you learn to do it with the with the two together. So it's not like we're saying put blinders on, don't look at anything, we're saying. If, if each person would give out and say love six times, in every hour, you would be amazed on what would happen. Just repeat the word love as often as possible. As often as possible, repeat the word love. Love is not a definition. Love is a fluent movement. So which means if you're standing there and you are looking, and you are everything around you seems to be crazy, then use your breath work, use a positive affirmation, use the word love, and whatever. If everyone would do that, for as many people as possible, this energy would go out. And you are a collective, you're you're moving into Unity more than you think you that's why we're able to speak right now. Do you understand, we are moving into a higher frequency of reality. So the more that you give out your love, the more that you even just say that word. And and and you just trust you understand? And you give allowances. What will start transpiring is that it will go out to others, and then others will grasp it. And you know, that's what all the teachers have taught anyway.

Alex Ferrari 48:03
So can I ask you in regards to the great teachers like Maharashi, or Yogananda, there is an energy of field around them, that they can make as small or as big as they want. And when you're in that field, you are an utter bliss. This is what I've read. This is what I've studied. I've spoken to people who with a Maharashi. And they and other Yogi's that they just feel they don't want to leave, they're almost intoxicated by it. Is this true? What is that? What is that energy?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 48:39
That energy is all right. In human environment. Right now, most of mankind is living within three energy fields. You're living, you're living in the basic three energy fields. And that is your daily life. The fourth is another protective shield. And the fifth starts entering into the souls, the soul levels. And so you are within the third dimensional reality and dominantly living within the first three with the fourth as a protective shield, almost like a shell. All right. So once you master and that's what I would say sharp mastering your thoughts, feelings, your direction of energy, what you think how you feel. It's not hard. You know, you think Oh, I gotta go to an ashram for seven years. You know? It's not hard right now because the energy of the earth is changing. But it is something that can be done. And so when that starts not starts melting away that shield that is around you that protective shield. When that starts melting away, then it goes gradually. It can't go real fast. I mean, it can right now, but you would want it, you know, you'd have to stay balanced with it when it leaves. But that's when the ego meets Ingo comes in meets the spirit and it just realizes that the backpack that can be let go, you don't need all of the things that is remembered for the third dimensional reality how to handle a fear well I have sorrow I cry, I hit a pillow, you know, you know that type of thing. It's it's that your energy field start growing. So that's that's what a lot of us on the planet right now are trying to teach is how that transpires how not to spin allow you to experience it. That is a much better way of putting it

Alex Ferrari 50:45
It's a beautiful answer. Thank you so much for that. Is there something that or advice you can give for people who are wanting to walk the path of enlightenment or self realization?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 50:56
Could you explain that question a little bit in more depth?

Alex Ferrari 50:59
So if you want to walk the path of a Yogananda if you want to walk the path of Jesus, and want to get to that level of understanding and awareness in this lifetime, what can people do to open themselves up to that?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 51:15
I, you know, for me to say this word sound that I'm promoting this one, but we have all put forth this book. And it does work. There are other people putting through things that do work also, Alex, I'm, you know, but this one has been put forth to be able to walk into the world, and to be able to see what is going on, to change yourself if you're willing to, to not have resistance over change. It's, she, she went through the whole thing, and she's learned it, you know, read it many times and has listened to everything that we've said. And one day, we asked her, we said, What's your core word that holds you on to? What's your core word of negative? And she thought, Okay, well, it's not fear. She breathed into and she said, I don't trust. And she couldn't believe it, because she trusts everything, everything. And she said, What is this? And we looked at her and we said, what don't you trust him? She said, human embodiment, the earth. Being here, there was a core and her of lack of trust. And as soon as she broke through that you came on, on the internet. So it's just it's, it's amazing, because what you have to do is to have your eyes open enough. Like she didn't if she did not, all right, when she found music that she could walk it was with with the chant of Ramana Maharshi via. And so she realized at that time that if she had not listened, she couldn't have a voice. She couldn't sing, she couldn't carry a tune. She didn't know music. So that those are the things that come to people, you get given the gifts, but are you willing to take the challenge to find out what they are? Like Jesus said, with different digging up, you know, the precious thing in the wherever you was. I love his stories. So anyway, it's I guess that that's what I would say it's here if people are interested. And we would be channeling and stuff, but I'm sure that there's other people that do have things too. And everyone is a little bit different. So you know, you have to understand yes, go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 53:53
No, please go ahead. Go ahead.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 53:56
There is there is no perfect foundation of spiritualism. It is for some people and you can bring it with you. But I guess what people are teaching out right now I think they're getting into it more is that you have to learn to be consciously aware. You can take your own spirituality and keep on moving with it because it's good. So anyway,

Alex Ferrari 54:24
Is there any other Ascended Masters who would like to come in and speak?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 54:32
I can feel this one going. Oh, no. I am Baba Ji seemed just met. I've we've I've always been with her. She never knew who I was. She had my book on her on her shelf like she had Yogananda has for 25 years. And, and I I said to her, I said I want to go on your shelf. And so She did she want to her bookshelf? And she said, No, you're not. And she said, Why don't you look at it and see if I am. So anyway, it's it's been a long haul here and she didn't expect me to come in. I haven't really channeled through her very much. Except for information for the book, but she didn't know who I was. So anyway, do you have any question for me?

Alex Ferrari 55:24
Oh, Baba Ji, I have many questions for you. As you can see, I have your statue here. I have another statue of you over there. You along with Yogananda.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 55:37
They're going, who's our head I wants to go in and I'm going.

Alex Ferrari 55:44
So do you. So the the legends of you still being alive, Walking through the himalayas the the master of masters, the teachers of teachers. Anytime I've asked a channel about you, they would say, Oh, he's He is the master. He is. He is the he's, he's the oldest of us. Is this true? And are you still I know, you could be in multiple places at the same time as Yogananda spoke about in his book, but is this true? And why do you stay here? If that is true?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 56:25
I would like to ask the answer the last one, and that is it. Is it true? Many of us come back and forth. Jesus is on me with a lot. And nobody was aware of it. In the Himalayan Mountains, people would know it, they would see me. Yeah, they could see that, that essence out in the world. It sometimes, you know, out in the regular world, people wouldn't even notice us. But yes, we do come back and and the reason is, is to? Well, we love the Earth. And it kind of being in her body, I get teary eyed about it. We love the Earth. And we would love to see it. Go back to what it was. And I guess that's what all of our messages are to people, you can do this, there is nothing holding anyone back. And you can do this. So we would like to not have to walk up alone. And all of you all of you can, you know, you can walk out of karma? is karma real? That's another whole subject. It's Yes, I do. I do walk the earth. And not just

Alex Ferrari 57:45
And how do we overcome karma? Because that is a topic that so many would love to know, their own karma.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 57:52
All right, what she was told at her last death experience. And what we've explained, and what we haven't talked about often is that karma base is based on a lower dimensional reality. So if that is why when Jesus greeted her in the death experience, he said, anyone can do this, anyone. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've been, this is what's going to happen. And so she came back from her death experience, and she had a group of people. And she said, Jesus said we could do exactly what he did. Well, you know where that went. So right now I'm saying, I'm gonna say you can do as we have. And because the Earth is rising back up in frequency, to allow karma to dissipate. As I leave your presence right now, I would really like to say to you, that when I said before, and if every single person could definitely feel within their heart, the love for this earth, this whole thing would rise up and move fantastically. So I'm going to bid goodbye and let her come back in. And God bless you. And thank you, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 59:18
Thank you. Ruth, are you back? I think okay. Now I'm going to ask a few more questions. I ask all my guests would you like the the masters to come in and answer these? Or would you just like to answer?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 59:32
I think, well, I'll answer them together. How's that?

Alex Ferrari 59:34
Sounds good. Alright, so you could bring the I'll ask the question and then somebody can come in if they like. But first question is, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 59:45
Understanding what life is and feeling it in every essence of your body? Everything you look at is life. So enjoy it. joy, love. Have fun!

Alex Ferrari 1:00:00
What is your definition of God?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:00:02
In every single thing you'll look at. And every single moment you live, God is right here within you, and all of everything,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:10
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:00:14
To find your pure, pure essence inside of you? To find that glory, in you have absolute divine love, and warmth?

Alex Ferrari 1:00:24
And my very final question is do you have do the masters have any final words for our audience? So you can come in one at a time? And answer those that question or say their final words.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:00:36
Our final words to you, Alex and to everyone is that you are alive on this earth, in the most beautiful time that you could ever live on this earth. And to remember your memory of when it was like, ultimate beauty, to have a remembrance open up within your heart, within your cells, within every essence of your observation. Through that heart wisdom, you will remember what you were a long time ago. And that is the ultimate goal now just allow the earth to rise back up to what it was. So, blessings go forth to you and thank you!

Alex Ferrari 1:01:19
Thank you so much. I really do appreciate what you're doing. And I appreciate you. Thank you so much everybody.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:01:26
Thank you so much. Blessings go forth to all of you.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:32
And you're back.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:01:36
Here, and then I'm not at the time.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:40
So that was remarkable of Ruth. That was a really wonderful session. And I hope this information does get out to people. And they hear it. I think this episode will reach the people that it needs to reach and hopefully farther Do you have? Where can people find out more about you the book and, and the work that you're doing?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:02:00
Our website is www.wisdomoftheheartrc.com. You can also reach me by Ruthlovelife@yahoo.com. Our website has channelings it has music, it has all power things, we will be either doing podcast or going out on some other platform very, very soon. So if anybody would like to sign up, we would notify everyone. And we were sending out newsletters right now to everyone. Things that the masters have to say, feelings that Daniel and I have and new music that we have. So

Alex Ferrari 1:02:35
It's amazing. And do you have any final messages for the audience?

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:02:38
Well, number one, Alex, I thank you. And like I had said to you before I asked, you know, they told me a doorway was going to open and I never expected it to come around the corner like I found it. So I thank you for being there. And my last words to everybody is be happy. start breathing and noticing the warmth in your heart. And that one word of love that you have over your head. It's It is wonderful. And we are in for a great expansion. I am so happy. So thank you, Alex, very, very much.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:16
And thank you so much for the work that you've been doing all these years. And hopefully we can help you get the word out on this amazing message of the master. So I appreciate you my dear. Thank you again.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier 1:03:25
Appreciate you. Thank you, Alex.

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