Clinically DEAD Man Shown SECRET Mathematical CODE of the UNIVERSE; Near Death Experience (NDE) | Peter Michael Anthony

On today’s episode, we delve into the extraordinary journey of Peter Michael Anthony, a man who has danced between the realms of life and death, and emerged with profound insights and remarkable gifts. His story is one of transformation, enlightenment, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Before his near-death experiences, Peter Michael Anthony lived a life driven by ambition and material success. He was an agnostic, deeply involved in the special effects industry, and carried the emotional scars of losing his family at a young age. His work at CBS News as an image consultant seemed to fulfill his career aspirations, but underneath, he grappled with a profound sense of loss and a disconnect from spirituality.

His first near-death experience occurred under dramatic circumstances. Struck by severe pain during a celebratory evening, he soon found himself in a hospital, misdiagnosed and left unattended due to the fear surrounding the AIDS epidemic. As his condition deteriorated, he slipped into a state where he experienced a vivid, life-altering journey. He recalls moving through a tunnel of light, encountering familiar faces from past lives, and receiving downloads of mathematical codes and universal knowledge. This encounter was a profound shift from his agnostic views, filling him with an awareness of a higher consciousness and interconnectedness.

During this near-death experience, Peter underwent what he describes as a personal flash-forward and planetary worldwide visions. He witnessed his own life from birth to death and saw future global events, including political turmoil, environmental disasters, and advancements in technology. This life review, guided by a luminous being, was not about judgment but understanding the impact of his actions and choices.


  1. Embrace the Interconnectedness: Life is a web of interconnected experiences and beings. Recognizing this helps in fostering empathy and compassion.
  2. Value of Kindness: Small acts of kindness can have a profound impact, shifting consciousness and creating ripples of positive change.
  3. Trust in Spiritual Guidance: The journey through near-death experiences teaches trust in higher consciousness and the guidance it offers.

Peter’s return to life was marked by significant challenges. He faced skepticism, isolation, and the loss of his artistic abilities, which had been central to his identity. However, he also gained extraordinary gifts—heightened mathematical abilities, the ability to see auras and shadows, and a deeper spiritual awareness. These abilities led him to a new path as a paranormal investigator and author, using his experiences to help solve homicide cases and understand the spirit world.

His story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of spiritual experiences. Despite the initial struggle, Peter found his purpose in sharing his insights and helping others navigate their spiritual journeys. His lectures and writings serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging people to embrace their spiritual potential and find peace in the interconnectedness of all existence.

In conclusion, Peter Michael Anthony’s journey is a vivid reminder of the profound shifts that near-death experiences can bring. They offer a glimpse into the vastness of consciousness and the simple, yet profound, truth that love and kindness are the ultimate purpose of life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Peter Michael Anthony.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 150

Peter Michael Anthony 0:00
I learned when I was on the other side of Bordeaux, this limbo state of consciousness. And I stayed there for a moment and I called the cleansing station because I was able to, it's almost not when used to washing the sins away because it wasn't that but I felt like I was washing away the impurities of my consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 0:28
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I'd like to welcome to the show Peter Michael Anthony, how you doing Peter?

Peter Michael Anthony 1:05
Hey, how you doing?

Alex Ferrari 1:07
I'm doing good. My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. Because you've you have led an interesting life to say the least my friend. And we both

Peter Michael Anthony 1:19
You know, Alex, as I said, I'm thrilled to be a part of your show. And after looking at so many different people that you've interviewed on in my paranormal world, I as I said earlier, before we went on camera, I'm very grateful. So thank you very much. And also to your listening audience. I learned something out of a song called choice. And so today when you decide or tomorrow, the next day, or next year or years from now you watch this video, I'm saying to you right now, thank you, you've made a part of my day and for my world a part of your day. And that's called choice. So thank you for doing that.

Alex Ferrari 1:52
I appreciate that, my friend. I appreciate that. So we're going to talk a little bit about your near death experiences, plural. But before that, what was your life like prior to you having your near death experiences?

Peter Michael Anthony 2:06
Well, I think the person that I was before I was agnostic, I was a very talented artist. I was studying to become a special effects mech reporter. So I wanted to go into the the industry, the film industry and create these amazing monsters. I was a fan of Terminator, and alien and all these different, you know, franchises. So I took a job at CBS News to get into the Union. And I took the job at the news division as a freelance image consultant gradually never realized. And that would be the the catalyst that would just jumpstart my career. But prior to that, I think, shy introverted, I had a speech impediment. And I say agnostic, I was born and raised Catholic. So I think when I lost the majority of my family, in my early 20s, I went into this thing called my sister was my best friend. So when I lost my sister, and especially in the rest of my family, I went to this place called anger towards God, because I just couldn't imagine having all this yanked out of my life at such a young age. So I've been an orphan since my 20s. So I think that part of it, for me, kind of propelled me down the wrong path, materialistic, career driven. You know, my goal was to be in the LA, the industry. And I was driven by that. So that part of my life, which was way, way way many years ago, was who I was at the time.

Alex Ferrari 3:31
So tell me about your first near death experience?

Peter Michael Anthony 3:35
Well, we were having a rap party, and I finished doing something for CBS with we were doing a tribute, I think, to the MGM years. And then we were having a little birthday party was my pre birthday party. And I remember that night, it was raining, it was cold. I remember the moon was out. And I was getting my birthday cake. And I was about to blow the candles out. And just in a matter of moments, I felt a sharp pain in my intestinal tract here on my left side. And so let me back up just a little bit. June 4 of that of that 1987 had been misdiagnosed they thought had a stomach ulcer, and you know, being in the industry, and you were so driven. And there's no such thing as a day off, you're always doing something, especially in the news division. So my life was just 24/7 you know, industry, and I let something simple go. And this was back during the AIDS epidemic. And as I began to lose weight from June 4 of 2000, excuse me of 1987. I went from 165 to 145 to 135 to 110. And, you know, back during that period of time, Alex, you know, the AIDS epidemic was just being hunted by media. And so for me at that time working for the CBS News Division Corporation I was afraid that if I you know if i i thought i had AIDS cuz I kept looking at the the loss of weight and I began to get these lesions on my torso and my neck. I was stuff my suits with Kleenex and newspapers, so people could tell that I was losing weight, putting makeup on my face. So up till that night, when we had our wrap party I kind of built it over in severe pain went to the to the to the restroom. And I remember I got very dizzy and I passed out and I hit my head on the sink. And someone found me in the restroom and got me up and said, I'm okay, I'm okay. I don't care much about that night. I remember when home and I before I hit excuse me, before I opened my door, I hit the ground and one of my neighbors found me and I was rushed to the to the hospital. And that whole night was just kind of the theory of it could show looking at, you know, the analysts and the lights flashing red, and you're seeing the cityscape before you and kind of in a pause mode, if you will. I was watching this as though I was watching something on slomo or slow motion. And I knew something had happened. And then getting into the into the hospital in the late 80s. I mean at that time. And looking at me, I think I was probably at 110. And the makeup would come off and they could see this all spots on my on my chest and on my neck. And the admitting clerk freaked out. And so they would check me in. And the neighbor who brought me there, just threw a big fit. And they eventually got me in but the the young intern who was there, the nurse, excuse me. Um, he finally came in, he was suited up, like, you know, like I was radioactive. And I remember him pushed me down the hallway, and I could see his eyes, I couldn't see anything else because he was all suited up. And he had perspiration right here and on his nose. And he was looking down on me like I, you know, like I was gonna jump out and just not take his life. And then he just pushed me into a corner by the emergency exit and left me there. And so I think must have been an hour an hour and a half later. So I'm bleeding on this Gurney, a nurse found me. And so she was the one that I became my guess my hero of the night. She's the one that went into there, got me on the gurney and took me down to the, to the ER check in. And then she tried to convince the nurses and the anesthesiologist and get me prepped for a war. And they were afraid. Because again, there was so much height. And I remember they said to her, and it was in his little curved cubicle 11 I remember that. And the curtain came up, the anesthesiologist looked at me close the curtain. He said, Solomon, you've exposed us to the AIDS virus, what have you done. And so all this gossip started from, you know, from the mid clerk down to where I was. And it was, I think, for me, looking back at that part of my life, Alex, you know, it was the greatest lesson of social profile. Because here I was, you know, working for CBS News and the news division as an image consultant. And they are being social profiled as being gay as being in the last stages of the AIDS virus, and no one wanted anything to do with me. So Solomon went beyond the call of duty and made sure that I got TLR. So that's where I think the, you know, part two of this drama began to unfold.

Alex Ferrari 8:19
So what was part two?

Peter Michael Anthony 8:21
Part two again, in and out of consciousness, but I remember she was talking to the nurses into the O R staff, and trying to get me into our because you could, I mean, here, I've been losing blood, a lot of blood, backtrack here, I had, didn't know at the time that had tuberculosis. I didn't know at the time that I had Crohn's disease. And this whole six months of getting to the to emergency room, I had lost so much weight from losing so much blood and just eating bland food, just to try to keep my body you know, I guess substained and I just couldn't do it. So by the time I got into that, to that night on November the 11th, I mean, I was just kind of a weak little duckling just trying to survive for my life. But in and out of consciousness, I can see her arguing with with the, I guess with with the crew, and I went blank and the next thing I'm in the or I'm being turned over on my side under the anesthesiologist said this is going to hurt and 54321 Boom, like I remember seeing this tunnel and you hear so oftentimes people talk about the spinning tunnel I call it the bullseye. And here I am brought before I'm about to go out and I'm seeing this tone and this clock and it's spinning and I can actually feel as though something had attached itself to my solar plexus. And as though I was being vacuumed into this into this tunnel. And then at this one point in time I remember me Peter Anthony and sphere form looking down at Peter Anthony and in physical form and watching yet again to slow motion these doctors go to medical protocol. And so I could hear her thoughts seen the fear in their faces. And here they are trying to save money down on the operating table. But Peter Anthony, looking down at me, there was no being there was no physicality, there was nothing. It was just if you will spirit form. And I remembering as that tunnel began to spin, and I could feel myself going towards that tunnel. And I mentioned earlier that this it was though something that attests up to my solar plexus and I felt this snap. And I went into this into this tunnel. What, what happened at that moment, which is interesting for me, I began to see and you hear this. So oftentimes in near death experiences, that familiar faces were reading me at that tunnel, the first phase of that will pass laws. And I look back at these people who I recognized from the 1700s in the 1800s, and 1600s. And I say that because these were all people in period costumes, yet I identified with some of these people, I knew them intimately and from the heart, I just connected with these people. And then phase two of that I began to see my third grade teacher, Mrs. Bellamy, I am in so often in my interviews, I talk about looking at Mrs. Bellamy, and here's this beautiful young woman, versus the person that I that I that was my teacher in third grade, he was kind of frumpy and very bitter, and just very sad. But I saw this happy person, this happy soul. And she was greeting me. And so as I began to go into this tunnel, I think the first part of what happened to me, as I'm going through this tunnel you know, I'm sorry, going back from that moment, I began to see mathematical coats, I love, love, and three through three, two to 244477799. Another codes, which I didn't want to go into now, because I'm running about in my next book, but I began to digest these codes and these mathematical equations. And at that time, there were no, certainly no numerology books that basically identify two to two or three, three fewer 777 or 999. And I'm watching all this as, as I'm going through this tunnel, on digesting these mathematical symbols, and allowing the the spirit world whatever you want to call it, to digest into my consciousness, and not questioning what I'm seeing. Part three of that, I think, for me, when I go into consciousness, which is very important for so many of us. When you are tapping into the Akashic records, when you're tapping into the collective consciousness, you have the mind of Darwin, you have the mind of Einstein, you have the mind of the prophets, you have the mind of your third grade school teacher, and everything that she's read, you just have this mind of the collective intelligence, and you're not questioning what am I seeing? And why am I hearing this and how come I know you don't go to that frame of thought, where you go is you allow yourself to go through this tunnel, not questioning. And then phase one thing for what three or four of that was the colors that I began to see. And as an artist, the colors I saw on the other side, to this day, if I could, if I still maintain the skills of my artistic background, I can try to or attempt to paint these colors that I've never seen before. And then add sound and the reason why I say the math and sound and color, because later on in life, I began to realize that if we had to communicate with a with an entity from the other side, is going to be through color, it's going to be through sound, or it's going to be through math. And at the time, I didn't know that these mathematical symbols that I was seeing would later lead me to my paranormal world. So as I'm going into this, this, although the tunnel, I'm just allowing consciousness, to take me to where I need to go. That's kind of a long winded story. But that's pretty much the wind of it.

Alex Ferrari 14:01
Right! So it was kind of like you were being downloaded Matrix style, just

Peter Michael Anthony 14:06
You just said it downloaded Matrix style. And going back to, to Neo, you see all those codes in his hand. And when he was talking, I can remember the very end of the movie and you see all those those matrices where every part of the

Alex Ferrari 14:18
You could see everything, He sees everything.

Peter Michael Anthony 14:20
That's what was happening to me, this matrix, but I remember once I downloaded the information of the math and the download of the conscious of all the great leaders and you know, it's almost like reading the Bible from from zero to 60. And you're getting everything. Everything

Alex Ferrari 14:35
Your speed reading, it's a download, it's literally like you're transferring files,

Peter Michael Anthony 14:38
You're boom, boom, boom, you're getting it.

Alex Ferrari 14:41
So alright, so at what point while you're in the near death experience, did you have anything like a life review? Or did you see

Peter Michael Anthony 14:48
The life review. Yeah, and that's something that's very interesting, because if you we call them in mind world, and not many people know this, but it's something I share so many of the men article you know, the the the experts talk about the the pff. The personal flashforward just a life review, which which I vote which happened to me. And then it's called the P V. Planetary worldwide visions which I also experience. So not only was I experienced the life review, but when went to a level two and to a place called Bordeaux, I began to see these world events that would take place from the moment I was dying up until 2029. So yeah, cremation. I know.

Alex Ferrari 15:32
So you were you were you were also given the opportunity to see future events. Did you have? Did you see spirit guides? Did you see Ascended Masters. So who showed up?

Peter Michael Anthony 15:46
Well, after I went through this tunnel, and this is very bizarre, but I did a lecture in Los Angeles back in 2000, I think 14 or 15. And the facilitator was listening to my story. And I talked about this. But once I got about the tunnel, I ended up in this large tree. And I remember to my left there is this NSA entity, I don't even know what to call an angel and ascended master, someone. somewhat advanced. And oftentimes, when I've done lectures, people want to know if that was Jesus Christ and said, No, I can't say that, I don't know, all I can tell you that this person sitting next to me, was surrounded by light in a tree, and my life review is unfolding before me. And he and I are communicant sad, because it was Mel are communicating with each other telepathically, we're again, it's almost like we're sharing information from mind to mind. And so as my lack review began to unfold, and I say this, we go back to zero 60. You know, there's so much that happens during that life review, I remember the time that I was born, and experiencing that and seeing it and feeling and watching myself as a young baby, being delivered to the time I died in the operating table, you know, on a 1987, on the level of in an operating room number 11. And I remember seeing that engine, boom, boom, boom, everything, which is accelerating speed, time, and every second of my life was being recorded or had been recorded. And there are moments that we forget about that, you know, we look back into life and these little moments of having a conversation with a stranger in a park, or riding your bike and saying hello to a neighbor, or, you know, standing at CVS and arguing with the clerk because she did something wrong. Every bit of these moments I was experiencing were my moments, were they moments of repenting for all the horrible things I didn't know because it wasn't so much that it was these little things that I saw on the other side, about my life and what I could have done, should have done and didn't do, that made me realize that how important life is every moment of life that we experienced on this planet today. For me, today is a moment for me to go out and just be the best person I can be do the very best that I can. And to greet and to smile and be happy and give compliments, and to make people feel good about themselves. Because of the little small matters in life, those little tidbits of kindness that shifts consciousness. And again, I'm digesting this and allowing this information to come through and I'm seeing all these different points of my life where I shined. And I'm seeing points in my life where I didn't shine. And I don't call it so much sin as much as I refer to it as human error

Alex Ferrari 18:35
A negative or positive experience.

Peter Michael Anthony 18:39
Where we don't shine. I mean, you know, I think yeah, there's this area as a negative, positive. But I think, you know, there's areas where we really want to be better people, better people. And I think you have little voice that says, you know, you should have done that, you know, that will that voices, you know, this is great, thank you know, to sell for doing this, you feel good about news. Now there was helping a lady across the street or giving money to the Girl Scouts. I mean, you know, and you're looking in their eyes, and you just see that I just need this money, just please help me out. And you just do that on the kindness of your heart. Those are the things in life that shift consciousness, you know, not our leaders, but it's real people, real men and women and children. And I call them the unsung heroes that really shift consciousness. And that to me is important.

Alex Ferrari 19:22
Now, so a lot of times when he talked to near death experiencers most of the times are positive. It doesn't sound like you had any negative experiences meaning like a hellish place or anything like that correct?

Peter Michael Anthony 19:40
No, and I've watched some of these near death experience videos, discuss No Did I see hell? No. Did I see heaven? I was in the stratosphere of something beyond belief. Do I believe in God? No, absolutely. But not in the God that you know, I think so many religious people talk about. I mean, the God that I encountered was an ethereal being It was fragments of energy, it was consciousness. Real important. It was consciousness. You know, again, when you're going through this tunnel, you're not in physical form. That's real important people, when when they, when they talk to you, they automatically think you know that like a movie, you're in physical form, and you're going through this tunnel, and your hands are here and your feet are there, and you're striving and trying to breathe. That's not it. You are nothing but fragments of energy matter. And as you're going through this tunnel, and you're going into your life review, you're looking at your life review through the eye of a camera. So going back to hell did I see it? No? Did I talked to Jesus Christ, I don't know who that man was. I can again, I mentioned it was an enlightened being. And I knew that this person was certainly vibrating at a at a at a rate or a luminosity, if you will, that higher than I that I was. But I listened. And I watched and I learned. And that I think part part of that live review taught me a lot about Peter Anthony. And I remember when I was given a choice, do you want to go back. And, and seeing all this, my errors, my human error is on the other side, or excuse me, on my physical life on Earth. And then again, seeing the world events of where we were going, I'm seeing war, I'm seeing, you know, corrupt politicians, I was seeing the animal kingdom being persecuted for no apparent reason, missing all these different things in life that to me, when you it's almost like watching a very you know, just this battling of good versus evil, and you want good to win. But it seems like evil is winning. But you're, you're watching all this, but you're watching it from a perspective of what can I learn from this? And how can I benefit from this? And what can I do, you know, given the choice to go back, to make the world a better place, that's where your mind is going. And then I'm also on some levels, as I'm watching our earth being, you know, tortured by greed. I remember. And again, me going back to that belief of being agnostic, not believing anything. I remember watching the massacre of the dolphin and what some of the politicians all around the world were doing behind closed doors, and the fires and the earthquakes and the famine and just war. And I remember, my soul cried out, this is not what God intended. And I remember those words, those that thought coming out of my mind. And then just the light began to kind of expand and imagine like the sun, this fragment of light is particles just all around you. And the voice said, Do you want to go back? Do you want to go back? And I was given a choice to go back. And I going back to what I said earlier, to your to your listening audience. I was given a choice. Do you want to go back? Knowing what what was ahead of my life? Knowing what I saw with the with the TV or the planetary worldwide events? Knowing what I learned from my life for you? Do you want to go back, and I saw myself no longer stuttering. And I saw myself losing my artistic abilities, but doing work in the paranormal that just for me, stunned me and saying that I was a writer and I was traveling around the world lecturing on human kindness and, and the importance of near death experiences at a time when this subject was not welcomed. Right. And so do you want to go back? Yes, I'm sick. And I went back.

Alex Ferrari 23:36
No, there was, I think in another interview I saw of yours. You talked about purgatory D or something like that. I've never in all of the conversations. I've had never heard of that experience. Yeah. What is that?

Peter Michael Anthony 23:51
Bardo was in between place? Are you familiar with the thin veil, the thin veil, this is the world beyond. And I call it the cleansing station because you know, you've had your life review. And then now for me who's experiencing the, the, the, I guess, if you want to call them prophecies, and seeing the this world I'm in this state of in between. And I learned this as an as a parallel investigator. Part of my success as a parallel investigator was taken that what I saw on the other side, and you stay in a physical world, and you go into a spiritual world, and you stay in that in between worlds, so oftentimes, when I'm filming, and I'm in a physical world taping, I'm also tapping over to the other side in a spiritual world. And then on camera 54321 Go and speak to the camera and speak to the ghosts, all that I learned when I was on the other side of Bordeaux, this limbo state of consciousness. And I stayed there for a moment and I called the cleansing station because I was able to, it's almost I don't want to use the word washing the sins away because it wasn't that but I felt like I was washing away the impurities of my consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 24:57
Right! all the crap that you brought back with you.

Peter Michael Anthony 25:00
Yeah, you know all that earthly stuff that doesn't matter how much money am I going to make? You know, you know,

Alex Ferrari 25:04
What are the Kardash? What are the Kardashians doing seriously? Important stuff!

Peter Michael Anthony 25:09
Issues that really don't matter? Yeah, absolutely. So for me, as I said, I letting go of those attachments that really weren't important to this planet. And so I think for me being in Bardo, that, you know, Limbo stage of consciousness, it allowed me it's almost like when we're meditating, we're going to that place of just that aha moment. You know, how do you describe the role you're in at that moment, you're just in an altered state. And again, going back, you're allowing whatever to come in your, in your thoughts, your thinking, you're, you're just allowing it. And I was watching all this. And I remember given that choice, and I, I'll never forget that. Do you want to go back? Because after I came back, and I got into the, into the real world and took this other side information, I remember that, looking back, it's always about of choice. Am I going to talk to someone today? Or be rude? Am I going to talk to American Express or one of those and have a moment because something is wrong with my with my bill? You know, those moments for me going back into that place called Bordeaux, I learned to go to the highest perspective of consciousness. And that's why I think for me that Bartow was so important, because you know, when we come back, just because you come back doesn't mean it's easy world to come back to. And back then, you know, this, this type of thinking that near death experience, we even call it an error that, you know, they whispered Did you? Did you see anything? You know, they just didn't talk about it. And so for me, I think when I did come back, once I went through this hell of recovery, and it was three months of just medical, God, it was horrible. But it just things you go through just to try to survive. And then I think for me, coming back, the people who didn't believe, you know, I came back talking and wanted to talk about what I experienced something of the sun, I couldn't stop talking. And for those who knew me up to that, you know, the Peter Anthony, who went in to the hospital at night, I just didn't talk if you got a yes or no or a non, from Peter Anthony. That was while he he said something today. So when I came back, I was like, Mikey, I couldn't stop talking. I wanted everyone to know what I saw on the other side. And the doctors and the nurses and my friends were looking at me like I had something that happened to me, and I you know, and eventually, many of those people kind of disappeared. And what little bit of family I did have also disappeared. So I think, you know, what we don't hear from near death experiences, the struggles that not only do we face medically, but the world of the men and women of the cloth and the therapist, you know, your friends, your neighbors, your co workers. People just weren't talking about

Alex Ferrari 27:43
How did you? How did you? How did you deal psychologically with that?

Peter Michael Anthony 27:47
It was tough. I think for me, the loneliness of coming back, and having all this information, right, and not knowing what to do with it. And then I think, and I say this to your audience, because I've learned to stand in my truth. And that truth is I listened to the priests, I listened to the ministers, I listened to the rabbis I listened to that therapists, I listened to all those experts, the doctors, they all have the opinion. No, no, no, no, no. And as I began to navigate down this world of knows, the truth never goes away. Alex, you knew what you saw, you know what you experienced, you know, those numbers you saw on the other side. And that never goes away. And so as I began to listen to those people, the more and more, I began to realize they weren't there. They didn't see it. And I think for me, there was a moment and again, follow a Catholic era. But I went to see a priest. And I thought I had to talk to somebody because you know, here we are, right? I'm a former Catholic, and I thought, well, if anyone's going to bleed me, it's going to be this Catholic priest and I'm going to sit and I went in there, you know, I kind of I was going from Catholic church, the Catholic Church trying to find the perfect priest, I wanted to share my story with right. And I find this priest that when he was young, he seemed hip and I went in there and of course, I sat down in his in his office and he just listened to me. I mean, I could see his eyes going wide at times didn't why I went into the the numbers and the and the planetary visions and stuff and the bar total.

Alex Ferrari 29:20
I'm out I'm out.

Peter Michael Anthony 29:23
Pretty much so and I remember he got up open the door and he said, I want you to go in and I want you to recite, you know, five Hail Marys and five hour father's and just be done with this. And I remember leaving and I have never felt so wounded, right? Because you're trying to in your world, you're trying to make sense of what happens you on the other side, and no one is believing you. Your friends are leaving your family doesn't talk to you. So I think for me, it was a struggle to have that door open and closed on me. But then we go to the higher perspective and I'm sitting there crying, and just you know, begging God Ah, you know, please let someone listen to me, believe me. I remember this night and coming by and sitting down next to me, I remember rubbing my hand and, and she said this will pass. And that one little moment of sorry that one moment of kindness. Yeah, that one second of kindness was enough to push me forward.

Alex Ferrari 30:27
And I didn't stop it. And, I mean, when you go through something like that, I mean, I I'm sure you know, at this point, everything that happens to us is happens to us for a reason. Every little little thing that even happens to us happens to us for our evolve our evolution. And you were, in many ways being tested. When you I mean invent some.

Peter Michael Anthony 30:52
Gone back to that being tested on but you know, I'm not a very good student here. So

Alex Ferrari 30:56
Me either my friend.

Peter Michael Anthony 31:00
I'm kind of a wooz

Alex Ferrari 31:02
Can you take it? Can you take it easy on me? I just died? Can you take it? Alright, give me I don't know, a year, can you give me a little time to breathe? No, it's It's fascinating. But isn't it amazing, though, that one little moment of kindness is exactly what you needed at that moment. Now to keep going. And it's so true. It's the that's why I always tell people when you see somebody on the street, you know, homeless, don't judge them. You have no idea what their story is. Don't Don't Don't judge what if you're going to give him five bucks, or he's just gonna go buy booze or drugs like, you don't know, be kind, be empathetic to that person. Because you don't know when that little smile that little, here's $1 You don't know what that dollar means means nothing to you. But to them. It could mean the world it could set them off on a new path, just like that lady did.

Peter Michael Anthony 31:54
And it goes back to that choice. I could have walked out and storm and you know, and cursed the priests. Oh, but I went in and I kneel down and started praying and, and you know, the non Shota. So that moment, it wasn't about the priest. It was about the nut. And it was about me surrendering. And so I think for me, looking back at that moment, that one little gesture of kindness, also was a reminder what I saw on the other side, because we don't know the shadows of despair, what someone else is experiencing, we don't know that we are that that beacon of light for that person that day. And that's why I really try to shine where my challenges are always, you know, when your food is a, you know, the electric bill is high. And there's something wrong with that. I mean, I always end up with these little telephone conversation with the agent who doesn't care, you know, that DMV kind of persona? That's where I'm being tested the most, right? So you really have to, like, take a deep breath and and go into this place of, okay, what is this moment teaching me? And where can I be kind, and I've had moments where they had been amazing. And I remember one, talking to the supervisor, one of the cable companies said, you know, what, you've been a member, you've been a client of ours forever. And I'm gonna give a discount of $3 a month and just going the extra mile of kindness. And it's not the the the financial payoff as much as the conversation is the payoff. So I've learned to navigate within those those walls of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 33:18
Now, you've mentioned a couple times in this conversation that you you've came back with a little bit of a couple of gifts along the way. What what abilities did you lose coming back? And what abilities did you gain coming back?

Peter Michael Anthony 33:33
Well, I go back to something that's really important to me. I was a gifted artist, I can sketch paint, sculpt, build, united, my, my, my driven career, my my end result was special effects. That's where I was going. That's what you know, in my world at that time. To me, that was like, that was the end. All right. And so for me, the gift of losing my amazing artistic abilities. And it didn't happen, like, you know, I came back, I can't paint anymore. It was a gradual process. But as I began to lose these amazing gifts as an artist, I also began to have these experiences with the numbers I saw on the other side. So an example I'm leaving a client and not in the light, what's happening, why can I why I'm not able to do the basic things or if I'm painting something at home, I just couldn't do it. And I began to see that gradually fade away and I'd go out and say, Okay, God, what's happening here, and it look up and I'm at 11:11am in the morning, right, and I'm at three, three, Geary Street, and you're looking at this and going okay, and I didn't realize at the time that these mathematical symbols were communicating to me. And so what I've learned to do, and I do this every year, I kind of celebrate my my death and rebirth on 1111 and celebrate that until 1120. On November, but I always go off and I go to the grids on the on the on the planet. And that's where I do my homework and my gratitude. And my Thank you, Liz, for all the amazing things that have happened to me this past year. So good to know you'll be on that thank you list when I give this the end of November. So but as I said, for me, it's those little things. And so as I said, As I began to lose these abilities as an artist, my mathematical skills were absolutely amazing. I was just able to digest and people look at me when I'm, you know, when I'm an example working on a homicide case, and I'm like looking at the birthdays, the first responding officers birthday, the time of death suspects, I have a piece of paper, and I'm writing all these mathematical symbols down. And I look like I'm some wild person with with with a pad with all these numbers, and then looking, what are you doing? It makes sense to me. I look like a crazy person. You know, I mean, I've lost my mind. But this is some way that guests from the other side, they're communicating with me. And so as I began to accept this gift, and say goodbye to the, the artistic abilities, I began to understand that there was a reason for this. And so eventually, this this mathematical skill led me to the paranormal world and working on homicide cases and solving not only paranormal cases, but homicide cases by using my using my mathematical abilities.

Alex Ferrari 36:18
Wow, that's the I guess that's where you kind of started to, you know, kind of make your, make your bones if you will, as as a as a, you know, you were on television, and you started doing a lot of this kind of work. And you've solved a tremendous amount of cases to my understanding.

Peter Michael Anthony 36:35
You know, I think for me, as I said, everything goes back to math. And something else too, that I gained that people don't talk about. And I've never heard another host interview other near death experiences, we come back heightened our sense of taste, our sense of sight, our sense of smell, and for me, the sense of color. So I'm able to there's a good call center stages, so I'm able to go into Mother Nature and I'm able to see auras on trees and plants. In the beginning, I thought I was crazy. But there's an actual good that you have. And again, we go back to 330 Geary Street, and it's 11:11am. And all of a sudden, you're looking up and you're seeing wars around the skyscrapers. You know, at first I thought there's something wrong with my vision. And so I learned to work with the shadows and colors as a parallel investigator. So when I saw dark shadows on someone exempt, I worked on one case, when I arrived on the crime scene near the the victim who had been shot by a neighbor who was now suspect. I remember looking down at this at this, I guess where the more this imprint of what this man that paths had been shot. And I can see all these dark shadows forming around the crime scene area. And I remember talking to the homicide detective at the time, he wasn't the lead on that case. But he was the man that brought me in. And I said, this man right here that has been shot actually is is a criminal. I said I said I think he's a pedophile. And it kind of changed the entire ingredients of the investigation. So what I've learned to do is I've learned to trust my mathematical instincts. I've learned to trust the gift of Santa Stasia. I need to learn to trust the shadows. And in my next book, The excellent prompt that I introduced the shadows on my paranormal cases, my first paranormal case, my homicide case, and I learned to work within the shadows and the colors in the spirit world. And that became for me, my my, I guess my key to my success as an investigator. And part two of that is, before I go on a case, I would listen to trance music. And I would listen to you know, at that time back in the 90s There's like Nagler India series. There was a there was wonderful. There was a DJ back in I think it was Amsterdam, his name was Amanda urine. I would listen to him his trance music. And now it becomes so heightened. So what would happen when I went on these cases, I would, you know, let spirit guide me let the colors God and you let that get to a sensation guide me. But it also let the music guide me. Because when you get into that the different levels of the REM cycle, the alpha, the Beta Theta Delta consciousness, you begin to surrender the logical world and let the thin veil the world of Bardo, into your consciousness. And that's when I began to I guess my success began there in that first homicide case, which led me deciding which led me to, there's so many different shows I've worked on throughout my career. But this audience was the very first show that when I showed up as an earth experiencer they didn't care. Well. He's had a near death experience. And this one had an out of body experience. And I was like, Oh my God, it was in a world where my feet first time being declined. Yeah, but yeah, my try. Oh, hello. I was thrilled to hear this. And I remember working on my first parallel case, and you know, I was so nervous and what am I going to say? And I didn't I've never worked on the camera before it always been behind scenes. And they said talk to the camera and the ghost just appeared and I just okay You know, and they're all cool about it and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, they just let me talk and let me be Peter Anthony. And thus my career began.

Alex Ferrari 40:08
And you're also in your ability to also see entities. Spirits also was another thing that came in. I've heard that from multiple people I've interviewed that is an ability that come back with that they're able, it's some people see angels. Some people see spirits, some people just, you know, and I always loved like, sorry, you like Whoopi Goldberg and Ghost. And they're like, kind of with a Whoopi didn't see them, she felt them, which was she was she was an actual medium that would jump in, and she would do all that kind of stuff, which was a different way. There's so many different ways you could talk to spirits, if you're going to talk to them.

Peter Michael Anthony 40:44
Oh, absolutely. They come to my place this place your your, that you're interviewing me, by the way, as you know, I've done so many different cases here when I moved to Palm Springs and traveling around the world. And you know, they they follow me home. And and they stay here and like Whoopi Goldberg, it's time for you guys to leave. But also the other good news on this one, I was working on a case and oftentimes I want to, you know, be little with some of the the the paranormal shows that are on these days, because they are so more into the pool effect. This creates scare for our, our viewing audience and therefore rabies. And I just I don't do that. I mean, if there's a real haunting, if there's a real case I'm working on spirit will always show up the night before I go on a case. And when they appear in my room, I know that I'm working on a real case.

Alex Ferrari 41:30
Gotcha. Gotcha. Do you also are you do you have the ability to see auras around people? Yes, energy around people to use, you see that

Peter Michael Anthony 41:37
That actually began. Um, once I got ICU, I was out for three and a half weeks, I was unconscious for three and a half weeks. Um, and I remember when I open up my eyes, and the doctors and nurses were there. The first thing that happened to me, were all the wars around the nurses and doctors. I didn't know at the time, you know what was happening. And so as I began to understand this new gift, nowadays, I just accept the gift and work with it. Sometimes on a Friday night, when I'm driving around, I go out, you know, just as this sounds really odd, so I'm kind of like a freak here. But I go out and look for the oars in the sky and drive around on the boulevards at nighttime and just look at the sky and see all the wars coming in. And I talked about this, but it's about of consciousness, when you're getting into a state of gratitude, predominantly. And you're allowing the universe to, to come into your world. It is about being aligned with your grids. And the more aligned you're in the state of gratitude, the more you're able to see on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 42:40
So I have to ask you, there's so many so many people that I've talked to they've come back with gifts. I got to imagine, since you weren't raised with this information, you weren't you know, had access to books about this or even a family of you know, of psychics or mediums or people who saw auras, right. This is all new to you, psychologically. How do you deal with this stuff? Because it's I mean, not for nothing. It's kind of strange. It's kind of weird. It's kind of like out there. And for someone who has never experienced it to start getting all of this numbers and numerology and, and auras and shadows, goes showing up or spirits showing up. That has to take a toll, especially at the beginning.

Peter Michael Anthony 43:27
Well in the beginning, and remember, I go back to the conversation we had earlier, I mean, the you know, the people that weren't listening to me. And so when you're seeing spirits show up in your world, you freak it out, you really are, and then add the fact that you're seeing colors and you're seeing again, we go back to those mathematical symbols. I'm seeing all this. And I go back to the advantage I had versus I say the other people who've not had an earth experience was I knew truth inside. And people that were the experts. They never failed to disappoint, unfortunately. And so I had to really rely on my mind my own perspective. So what I did is I began to go the library, we didn't have Google back in the 90s. So I began to go back and go into the library and just read everything that I could. But then the gift of something great began to happen in my life in the film industry. As I'm doing all this being kind of closeted about my near death experience. All these great female leaders were coming into my world show McClain so we talked about uh, so she was kind of a person that would allow me to be that person had a near death experience, that I got a chance to work with Academy Award winning regardless and we were doing the CBS treatment, CBS was doing a tribute to Greg Carson's and the other great stores at that time. She was all into this. She was into ETs and UFOs. So the beautiful divine path ahead of me was even though I had those who said no, on the other side of it, I had those who said yes And the people that I admired were the people who was listening to. So this path for me was like the AHA, the AHA, the AHA here. No, no, no, no, no. But I would look at them in the way they handle themselves in the interview with me, and they would talk to me, and they talk down to me. And I thought, you know, that doesn't resonate with my consciousness. And I go back to what I said earlier, you know, the truths. And so you never let go of that, because you know, what you saw on the other side. And then when you're seeing those numbers, over and over and over again, and back in the 90s, there was no two to two, there was no was there wasn't a 333. There, you know, was a little bit so Laura was writing a book called 1111. At that time, all these people were on the planet in like the mid 90s, we're seeing the number 1111. And I'm reading this book, it wasn't the book for me. And it wasn't until 911, that consciousness shifted. And then all of a sudden, the next year was, Oh, 202, to 202022. And then it went, oh three, and then all of a sudden collective consciousness to tap into the three to three and the four for the two to two, and then went, Ah, this is it. And then all of a sudden, there were books, or I should say, pamphlets, information online about these numbers. And I go back to what happened to me on the side, it was the AHA, the proof in the pudding. That allowed me to believe more in my in my gift. So it was a, it was seven years of of just allowing information, and try not to let the others opinions become my truth. That was where I failed, I think, because I would listen to the experts. And I wanted to believe them. And then I would believe them, then I wouldn't come out with this openly. And I was just constant chasing my tail of yes, no, yes, no. And then I just said, you know, if I'm going to do this, I'm just going to do it. And I 2007 I came out of the closet with one year of experience. And to be honest with you, I didn't care. I didn't care who listened. I didn't care who didn't believe I didn't even care what other people said, I've had bosses say some horrible things to me. I've had friends. One little bit of family who did have left just abandoned me. But it wasn't about their their No, it was about me. It's like it's almost like that spiritual work. You can do this, you can do this, believe in yourself, believe in yourself, constantly talking to myself, do it. And I did it.

Alex Ferrari 47:17
Now I had to have to ask you this because you didn't mention this in your near death experience. You said that you saw a few things that were going to happen in the future. Have you can can you talk a little bit about some of the things because right now, the world's a little bit crazy. We're going through some stuff with with and it seems to be getting worse. And from what I hear, it's going to continue to get worse until it gets better. I'd love to hear your point of view. What what did you see that you can say publicly?

Peter Michael Anthony 47:47
I can say this. What I saw on the other side was the abuse of artificial intelligence. Now, I'm going to just loop back around here and go to Westworld. If you've watched Westworld on HBO, especially the third season, there's a lot more truth to that than we realize, when I began to watch X Files and pay attention to Chris Carter's amazing writing, there's a lot more truth in his writing that we've been led to believe, we're going to definitely have an ET encounter, it's going to be a definitely worldwide event. I think for me, where we are going is to those who have money. And the rest of us, we're gonna have fractions of communities, there are going to be people leaving the west coast and mass droves. And I think for me, the scary part is where our politics not just here in the United States, but all around the world are going and we're seeing that now. But I also see something else that's happening here is we're collective intelligence. And I guess that when we talk about kindness, you're going to see that people an example, this type of show that you're experiencing with me and your conversation that we're experiencing today. There's a certain audience that listens to this information. Just you know, you're not going to have, you know, an Angelica community, you may or may not, but as predominant, you're going to have a more spiritually inclined audience that's gonna listen to information. So I'm talking to that particular audience, because it is us the spiritual warriors, if you will. It's not through physical violence, that we shift the consciousness. But you know, people like myself and people like you are helping people to believe in something that's beyond reality. And the more and more people like myself or the more more and more hosts like you, it's almost like you begin to shift consciousness because here's where we are. We've lost faith in our leaders who've lost faith in our educational system. We've lost faith in the economy. We've lost faith in our faith. And so I think, for me as a near death experience here, people are turning to people like me, and certainly millions of others have had near death experiences, because they want to hear our side of the story. What did you see on the other side? Did God speak to you? People need hope right now, and our job as as I guess The the the hostess is on Messenger, the messenger, the messenger show the ambassadors of truth, our job is to uplift and to share information. And they can make a choice they can turn away and not believe it, or they can listen to it and say maybe the stump is, is is in Florida, maybe I need to make a shift here.

Alex Ferrari 50:18
Oh, and listen, I mean, I always tell people, because I get asked all the time by people in my my world are like, so you talk to channelers and you talk to mediums and you talk to near death? experiencers? And like, what is that like? And I always say the same thing. I walk into, you know, any conversation as in? Is it true to you? Does it ring true to you, I don't care who the messenger is, I don't care how to bring it in. If it's through channeling Ark, angels or spirit guides, or near death experiencer, or a medium or a psychic, or just a spiritual guru. I don't care how it comes in. Does the message touch you? Does it ring true to you? If it does, then go with it. If it doesn't walk away, it's okay. So that's the way I approach this entire show is that's why I bring people like yourself on and I bring on channels I bring on psychics, I bring people like that on because you know, the stuff that they say? Does it ring true to you? Is it helping you? Is it giving you hope? Is it giving you a better understanding of your journey? If it is, then God bless and go with it. If it doesn't, turn the channel. There's a few other things on YouTube. There's a few other podcasts you can listen to. There's a few other things you can be doing other books you can be reading. So that's the way I always approach all of this stuff. And I very pragmatically, I'm just like, I'm not trying to sell anything to you in this sense. Does it make sense to you? Does it help you? Does it serve you? If it does? If this conversation serves you in some way, then it's been a positive experience, correct? Yeah.

Peter Michael Anthony 51:59
Well, for me, I say to those people, come to my lectures, take what applies and dismiss what doesn't say in the story. Time and again, I go back to choice, you have a choice to go watch something else. That's your choice. What if there is someone here today that here's something I said or something that you said, and it resonates with their aha, that that little go back to that none that one will England of kindness that one will England and wisdom could be the very shift in their consciousness that just moves them forward. And I think for me, what I look at is, if I've done my job today, and one person today listens to you, and I have an a conversation, and they go, Aha, this makes sense to me, then you and I have done our job. Thank you God for that in the story. And I approach my life from a very simple perspective, thank you, may I be of service today, and provide the people the places in the situation. And my job is to show up not in fear. Sometimes I do but not in fear. But in faith and a story.

Alex Ferrari 53:04
It's kind of like a meteor that's coming, you know hurtling towards Earth, all you got to do is nudge it a little bit. And it just changes the trajectory. The bigger the nudge, the faster changes the trajectory, but even a little nick, like you just said, one little Kernel of Wisdom that hits them, it shifts them and then that that trajectory is completely different in 10 years than then it would have been things like that. And that's how you have to look at these kinds of things.

Peter Michael Anthony 53:32
Well, I can say this, Alex, and I'm just again, thrilled that you've had a chance to be a part of my launch and at this wonderful phase of my life. But my near death experience took place in the late 80s It hasn't happened in terms of your top of shows really ship unconscious until the mid 2000s. So think about that. So I had to walk this path alone, trying to seek out those people who it's not that they had to leave me but at least would listen to me and impart some information that you know, it's almost like this tapestry, this this tapestry of spiritual information. And one thread at a time, one yarn at a time, I would put it together and that became my guiding post that became my guiding my guiding light. And so for me, as I said I was smart enough and logical enough, as I said to piece the practice together and create a new path for myself.

Alex Ferrari 54:25
Yeah, it's I can only imagine and I've talked to people who had near death experiences in the 70s and I'm like, oh my god, what was it like that? Like it was horrible? Like there's it wasn't there was nothing there wasn't even the term near death experience was even coined yet. When some of them were having it they were just like, I don't know what to say. I didn't know what to do. It's It's It's i That's I always go back to that and I tell people like the world is changing. We are evolving. concepts today are much more accepted in the in the zeitgeist than they were before channeling is something that people talk about meditation, yoga, and Near Death Experiences going towards the light, that's a joke at this point, like, don't go to the light and things like that. In general medium, so it's, it is changing. It's slow. It's like you said, like we said, little nick, and it's been the the trajectory has moved. And we have, we are evolving. And I'm hoping that we can do it a little quicker.

Peter Michael Anthony 55:21
When I want to circle back around, you asked me about, you know, planetary, worldwide visions that I experienced. And I want to share some of your audience because I know I get so many emails, so many phone calls daily. And on my website, and people are a little, they're concerned, and then many are hopeless. But at the same time, I think we're in an age right now, where truth really matters. And what's happening are we go back, yes, what we're experiencing here as a collective consciousness on in the United States and all over Europe and just all around the planet. We are for the first time, I think, because of the internet, able to see a shift in consciousness, I cannot tell you how many people have written me from from overseas, small towns throughout Europe. I got an email from Moscow, I've got one from China, all these women and men seeing these numbers, and don't know why. And I think shows like this, the more more we speak, the more we shift consciousness. And I think what's happening here, on the highest level where we're actually seeing what's what shouldn't be, we're, what this planet is being exposed. And if they COVID kind of expose the V environment and what could happen if it was the planet shut down for a short period of time, we will also see that the idea here in LA, you know, ocean side, which is the oceans were just amazing, you can see the skyline. So for me and the airplanes that were not in the sky, so we actually got a chance to see what the planet could be. And all of a sudden, we're back to the same old pattern. And what happens here we are solicited, and we were manipulated, and we are seduced by greed, by money by the Almighty. And so when it shows like you come on and talk to guests like me, and we hear something that says, You know what, you know, we are at a point in time of hope. And think about it, you give a person hope they'll run a mile you hear a person hate, they fear. And so we go back to that dichotomy, that paradox of consciousness, you know, I'd rather give a person hope and show kindness than to scream in battle and have, you know, the alpha male and alpha male, that's not what I'm all about these days, I try to keep my life very simple, very, very simple. And the other thing too, what is my piece of pie will come to me. So therefore, I don't need this over here. And so I think if we go back into that way of thinking that my pie and my piece of pie will show up, who will always need more, and we want more money, we want better education, we want a better conda we want more money, there's always that want get mentality. And when you have a get mentality, that's lower consciousness. And when you allow, you receive. And I think that happens through gratitude that happens when you're at peace, you manifest. And when you're in fear, you circle learned to navigate within those very simple philosophies. And it's worked for me. And again, my whole career changed because of my, my mathematical abilities. And the other part of my career that I thought was mine disappeared. So I had to learn to embrace this gift of math, and say goodbye to this amazing gift that I had before. I can't even draw a stick figure. So it's like, for me that's, again goes back to proof in the pudding. Something happened to be on the side.

Alex Ferrari 58:52
I mean, Peter has been fascinating talking to my friend in abdomen very, very blessed talking to you. And thank you for sharing your story with me. I do have three questions I asked. Sure. I guess what is your definition of a good life?

Peter Michael Anthony 59:06

Alex Ferrari 59:08
What how do you define God?

Peter Michael Anthony 59:12
All encompassing. The vibration of love is greater than anything we can ever imagine.

Alex Ferrari 59:21
And what is the ultimate purpose of life? Peace? And where can people find out more about you your book and the work that you're doing, sir?

Peter Michael Anthony 59:33
I've worked on two Docu series. Really, just you know, here we go back to that kind of greedy consciousness. But no, this is information that I that I that I feel driven by because it deals with near death and its subjects. And, you know, understanding what it's like for so many of us who go through this. So important information of how these people have had tragic near death experiences I'm not afraid of death. The process of done. I'm not too eager pap, right. But so I'm working on two Docu series, I hope that they one of his already asked in post production. I'm thrilled about it and I'm working on one that I really love and I, I hope that it becomes fruition I really do. As you know, the suits can make many changes up there and in LA. But the accidental prophet is where you can reach me, you can go to my website and read all my different articles I've written on my visions, etc. Um, and just give me a jingle and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:30
Peter, again, thank you so much for sharing and all the good work that you're doing in the world. So I appreciate you my friend.

Peter Michael Anthony 1:00:38
Thank you so much.

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