America’s TOP Psychic REVEALS How the OTHER SIDE is Trying to WARN & PROTECT YOU! with Matt Frasier

In the quiet, reflective moments of our lives, we often find ourselves seeking deeper meaning and connection beyond the mundane. On today’s episode, we welcome the profound Matt Fraser, a renowned psychic medium, who guides us through the mysteries of the afterlife and the profound wisdom it offers. In this enlightening conversation, Matt Fraser shares his insights on life, death, and everything in between, offering a perspective that encourages us to live more fully and with greater purpose.

Matt Fraser begins by discussing the concept of the life review, a process that spirits go through after passing. He explains, “At the end of the life review, everything becomes crystal clear—who your soulmate is, why you had certain challenges, why you went through certain obstacles in life, how you overcame them, and what you learned about yourself.” This revelation serves as a powerful reminder that our struggles and triumphs are not random but are integral to our spiritual growth.

One of the most compelling aspects of Fraser’s work is his ability to communicate with spirits and convey their messages to the living. He shares that spirits often have regrets, not unlike those we experience in life. However, these regrets are viewed through a lens of understanding and acceptance. “What people don’t realize is that spirits do have regrets once they make it to the other side,” Fraser explains. This acknowledgment can be a powerful motivator for us to address our own regrets while we still have the opportunity.

Fraser also delves into the idea of parallel realities and how our decisions create different paths that our soul might explore. He mentions, “When those big life decisions are made, there is a splinter parallel reality that goes off, and that’s explored.” This notion suggests that every choice we make is significant and that there are countless versions of our lives being lived out simultaneously, each offering unique lessons and experiences.


  1. Embrace Your Gifts: According to Fraser, many spirits regret not fully embracing their unique talents and abilities during their earthly lives. He encourages us to pursue our passions fearlessly, regardless of societal pressures or fears of judgment. “The sad thing is, because of society, a lot of people are afraid to dive into their own journey,” he notes.
  2. Practice Forgiveness: One of the most profound lessons from the spirit world is the importance of forgiveness. In the afterlife, souls understand the motivations and struggles of others, leading to a natural process of forgiveness. Fraser emphasizes, “Holding grudges is holding on to someone else’s energy. Let go and free yourself.”
  3. Find Purpose in Loneliness: Loneliness and isolation are common human experiences, but Fraser suggests that these feelings can lead to discovering new purposes in life. He shares a touching story of a woman whose life was transformed by a stray dog, illustrating how unexpected connections can bring joy and fulfillment.

As our conversation with Matt Fraser draws to a close, it becomes clear that the wisdom of the afterlife offers profound guidance for our lives. Whether it’s embracing our unique gifts, practicing forgiveness, or finding purpose in unexpected places, these lessons encourage us to live with greater intention and compassion. Fraser’s insights remind us that life is not just about the challenges we face but about how we choose to overcome them and what we learn along the way.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matt Fraser.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 465

Matt Fraser 0:00
At the end of the life review, everything becomes crystal clear who your soulmate is why you had certain challenges, why you went through certain. You know why you went through certain obstacles within life, how you overcame what you learned about yourself. All of these things are shown to you. What people don't realize is that spirits do have regrets. Once they make it to the other side. Coolest thing about the life review process is that young children go through it, pets go through it, we go through it. So what happens when a pet goes through a life review? How is it different than our soul? You might see your dog chasing something or parking is something when nothing is there is because they are seeing a soul.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Matt Fraser. How you doing Matt?

Matt Fraser 0:56
Good. It's great to be here with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:57
Thank you so much for coming back. Brother. How's everything been?

Matt Fraser 1:01
Been good, been good. Listen, life is crazy. When you talk to the dead. I gotta tell you, it's like you can never live a normal life because it's not the wife. It's the kids. If it's not the kids, it's the cats. If it's not the cats, it's the dead. So I feel like I'm surrounded by all areas.

Alex Ferrari 1:15
Yes, you are man. Well, today we're going to talk about your new upcoming book. Don't wait till you're dead: advice on spirits advice from the afterlife. Yes. Which is, If there's anyone who could write this book it's you Sir.

Matt Fraser 1:34
Well, you know, it's so funny because everybody thinks being a medium that I know everything there is to know about the other side, the afterlife. What happens when you die. But you know, what's really cool is that I'm learning every single day. What's really amazing is that with every reading that I do, I learned so much more. Because when souls come through to me, they tell me exactly what it was like for them to make the transition from this world to the other side. And what's really cool is I think that there's a lot that we can learn from the spirits, not just about death and dying, but about living our life now, and about living our life while we're in it, right? Because what's really crazy is that life is freaking hard. We have so many challenges, so many questions. We don't know if we're making the right choice. If we're not, we don't know what lies ahead. But the spirits do, they've already been through this journey. And there's so much that they can share with us, which is the reason why I want to write the book, because what people don't realize is that spirits do have regrets once they make it to the other side.

Alex Ferrari 2:34
So when they have regrets from the other side, Matt, how this, we're gonna go down some deep rabbit holes here, because

Matt Fraser 2:43
I was hoping that you would take the bait and that we would, because I guess, that that most people don't want to talk about but we have to talk about in order to live a better life now.

Alex Ferrari 2:52
No, absolutely. So from my understanding, and I'm not sure if I asked you this or not in the last conversation. But to my understanding, there is no past life, there is no future life, all lives are happening at the exact same time. And it's not in a linear fashion, it is in a kind of stacked fashion. So when you have a past life regression, you're kind of just going up and down your future, you can kind of go that way. Is that your understanding as well? Yes, exactly that. Okay, great. So then if there is no past life, or future life, in the life that we're looking at, so it's kind of like wherever consciousness is focusing its attention. And right now we're focusing our attention on this on this life. So let's say you and I are focusing our attention on this life, though, our time in Rome, our time in Egypt, and our time in Atlantis, all happening at the exact same time. And our time, and whatever happens in our in our timeline in the future is happening at the same time. And whatever we're doing here, ripples back and forth. So is that all makes sense?

Matt Fraser 3:52
It does, it does. But you know, what's really amazing is that when we go to the other side, and what this book about is about is about our life review. So what I've learned from neither side is when we actually go through our life review in the spirit world. And the life review is the big look back on our life where we literally see a documentary, from the moment were born to the moment that we left this world, everything in between. We focus on our life that we lived right here in the present, right? And we look back and we see our family, the moment that we were born, the people in our lives that were surrounding us, the people that were helping us the people that were hurting us the what would have happened if we went down Road A, B and C instead of road 123 for example. Have you ever wondered what would have been like if you married your high school sweetheart versus your husband now or versus your wife now? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you you know, took that trip to Europe as opposed to staying here, right? This is what the soul see when they get to the other side. And they also see certain things that they didn't get to discover here in this world because, you know, part of living life is our discovery process right? But there's certain things that hold us back. We have limiting self beliefs. We have worries, we have fears, we have anxieties, and all of these things stop us from living our best life, they stop us from finding our spiritual gifts, they find that they stop us from finding out who we really are. And they stop us from living the best version of our life. And that's really what the souls regret so deeply.

Alex Ferrari 5:22
So when you're saying that, because I always love this, I love going down these rabbit holes, because Atheer when you say that, uh, what would I always say? Like, what would happen if you would have married that person or, or taken that job in New York or something like that, to also my understanding is that when those big life decisions are made, there is a splinter parallel reality that goes off, and that's explored. And that's another one. So there could be 1000s of that endless I mean, that everything like catch up or no catch up. But these bigger decisions. So like, I wonder what would have happened if I would have continued to play guitar, or what would have happened if I didn't take that corporate job. And that is the things that we kind of see on the other side, from my understanding of interviewing near death experiences that when they go through their life review, they're like, oh, wonder whatever happened, if I would have married Jane, what would my life have been? And you can actually see it through your life review and explore that, because it has actually been lived, the soul has actually lived it in a parallel reality. Does that make sense?

Matt Fraser 6:25
Well, he had lived in a parallel reality, because I personally haven't seen that all because they haven't died, right. But what the souls have shared with me through their experiences is that you do go down that path, and you do see what your life would have been like. And I think that's the most amazing thing, because at the end of the life review, everything becomes crystal clear who your soulmate is why you had certain challenges, why you went through certain, you know why you went through certain obstacles within life, how you overcame, what you learned about yourself, all of these things are shown to you after you pass on. And when you go through that life review. And then suddenly, it becomes crystal clear on what your life purpose was, and what it is that you were supposed to be doing while you were here in the life because listen, while we're living, I don't care how much you think that you have a grasp on life, we really don't grasp what our life purpose is, until we see that bigger picture. When we get to the other side. And we see all of these roads, we see all the things that our eyes couldn't see when we were alive.

Alex Ferrari 7:29
So what advice does the do the spirit world have for us to help us discover our life's purpose today. So we don't have to wait to die, to find out like, Oh, I wish I would have invested in Apple at $8.

Matt Fraser 7:45
So you know, I thought about this when I was writing the book. So when I wrote the book, the one thing that I really wanted was I wanted people to be able to do their own life review. So I take you through the life review of what the souls go through what they see what they experience. And then at the very end of the book, you actually get to go and do your own life review while you're living, and get to make changes now while you're still alive. So what's really cool is that I can tell you this, the souls tell us that the biggest regrets are not understanding their gifts more, they've just explained to me that we're all born here with certain talents, skills and abilities that make up who you are, and hint towards your life purpose. So the sad thing is, is that because of society, because of the way that we live, a lot of people are afraid to dive into their own, you know, journey, they're afraid to discover their own gifts, you know, maybe they're a singer, but they're afraid to sing in public, maybe they're an artist, but they're afraid to share those gifts with the world, right? Maybe they're a painter, or a drummer or an architect. Or maybe, maybe there's someone that's really just just a person who's an adventurer can figure things out. But here in this world, because of the pressures of society, we might not go down that path because the fact that one we're afraid that we might not make might not make a lot of money, and we won't make it to what might be that we're afraid to share our gifts and abilities because we're afraid of what other people might think. And I can tell you, I was just doing a reading where I learned this there was a woman I was reading for it's actually from a YouTube page. And when I was connecting with her, a friend of hers had come through, and he had gone through his life of you could pass and tragedy. And the friend that I was connecting with was not just your friend, but also her seeing partner. You know, in private, they would write songs together, they would sing with one another. And the one thing that he regretted when he went to the side was that the world was not able to hear his voice. He didn't share his music. He didn't sing with anybody but her and that was a God given gift that he was given here in this world but because he was so afraid of what other people would think he was afraid that he wouldn't be good enough. You'd be afraid that his voice would be judged. He silenced himself when he was alive only seeing with her and she did the same thinks she was equally had the same anxiety and fears. And then when he came through to me during the reading, he told her, You have to send you have to share your gifts. I didn't share mine, it died with me. But you still have a chance. And I think that's what the souls are sharing with all of us when they get to the side, right? With every reading that I do, it's us so have a chance, if you have not have not been in a successful relationship, you still have a chance to meet your soulmate. If you haven't had a fulfilling career, it's time you know, you have the opportunity to do so. And life is all about learning. Right? I mean, the thing is, is that our life purpose, I feel is also constantly changing based on how our life progresses.

Alex Ferrari 10:40
So is it interesting to use the example of the of the singer because there are singers who are born with the gift, and are born into a family who is extremely supportive, and pushes them down that road? And then there's other families they are born into, and they're like, No, get a real job, what he talks about, nobody ever makes money with that. So there's obviously two people with similar gifts that are here to share it with the world, one has a harder journey than the other. And can you explain from a spirit from the other side's point of view, even the person's souls? Other side point of view? They're the oversoul, if you will, is point of view of why that is? Because I mean, you've seen it, you've seen like, oh, Mariah Carey, like, oh, yeah, I was singing since I was one of my mom was a opera singer, and blah, blah, blah, blah. And all this kind of it was kind of like built for her to walk down that path. And then there's others that you see, unlike America's Got Talent, who had been a janitor for the last, you know, 30 years, and they go up and they sing for the first time in public, and it took them that long to even get to that place. Can you explain the reasoning why and how to overcome those fears?

Matt Fraser 11:46
Absolutely. So first of all, Mariah Carey's case, right? I believe that, first of all, one of the one of the reasons why we have people like that who have, I don't want to say an easier journey, because we all have have different challenges, journey. But her journey towards singing was easier than most, because I think that she was she was meant to inspire others to show other people what you can be that you can get there, right. She's an icon to so many singers for that reason. I mean, I think a lot of people who are who are starting out and looking up to her look up to her for that reason. But I can also tell you that it happens in my life as well right to share a real life experience, I can tell you that. First of all, not everybody around you gives the best advice you have to listen to advice that comes from your spirit guides, your loved ones and your soul. But your soul is your inner GPS, your soul will tell you where you need to be how to get there, and who to surround yourself with to get to that certain place. And what's so beautiful is that your soul and your spirit guide and your loved ones on the other side, they don't care about statistics they don't care about for example, you know, so many people like Well, only 1%, make your or less than 1% Make it your spirit guide, don't care, your loved ones don't care, right? If there's a path for you, they will let that path guide you to where it is that you need to be. You just have to trust them where they're leading you. And that happened with me. Because when I first started out, you know, discovering my psychic gifts, and I decided to go public with this. I remember that my dad had a feel to insulted my mother, they were so upset because my mom was a medium, but she kept it hidden for so many years. Because back in her time, people couldn't talk about being a medium being a psychic. My mom tried to share her gifts with my grandmother. And you know, back in the day, they lost friendships over it, you know, people would think that they were crazy, they would shut her down, they would say it wasn't a God that would say all of these things. So my mom didn't want me to go through the same pain that she went through. And my dad from a business point of view, my dad's like, Listen, if you come out and say that you're a medium, he's like, in this was, you know, obviously I was I just graduated high school. He said, If you come out and you say you're a medium, and you know, at the time I was in, I was an EMT, and I was going to, you know, it's going to have a career in medical. He's like, how are people going to take you seriously? What's going to happen when they keep goes, the first thing people do is Google right? How do you think it's gonna look when you know, hospitals and whatnot, Google you and they see all this guy speaks to the dead, they're gonna think you're crazy. My dad's like, you're not gonna be able to make money off of this, you're not gonna be able to sustain yourself. You're not, you know, you're gonna do more more harm than you weren't good. And I didn't see it that way. You know, I knew that my dad was coming to me from a place of love. He was scared. He was nervous. He had very valid points. But at the same time, I felt something I felt a calling that I had to fulfill. And you know, despite everybody my whole family thinking, this is just a phase this isn't going to last he's not you know, we're gonna kind of ignore this and it's gonna fizzle out. You know, when they found out that I was living my purpose and finding out oh my god, you know, if they saw the lives that I was helping the people that I was touching all of these things, you know, not only did it inspire the people around me, but it also inspired my Mom to get back into using her gift as well. And, you know, it was just an amazing story that you know, I share all the time, because I know that there's people who are here that listening. You're one, Alex, I mean, look what you've done with your podcasts and your YouTube channel. And anybody I'm sure when you first started it, you have a very similar story as mine when people said, that's not going to go anywhere.

Alex Ferrari 15:25
Well, I mean, listen, I've come from the film industry. So that was at the very beginning of my career, everyone was like, What are you doing? My parents. My mother was different. My father was like yours, just like film industry, as well just run away with the circus, like, what did? How can you make money with that? I mean, it was so beyond his comprehension. My mom didn't understand it. But she supported me. And she pushed me through. By the time I got to the podcasting, I was already working in the film industry. So my podcast was a side hustle. But people are like, Whatever, whatever was going on, I opened up this one, though, this was a different conversation, it was like, You're opening up a way, a spiritual podcast? Who are you? What do you what have you ever done. And then I'm like, I don't know, I was told to do this. So I'm doing it. And here we are. And now all of a sudden, I was very afraid of people finding out about it. And now I've kind of just let go of the other aspects of of my past in regards to the film industry, and go 110% into this because it's my, it's what I'm supposed to be doing. It is, it's obviously supposed to be I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Because you don't have success like this unless it's something that you suppose to walk down being gone and, and why I get this kind of path. Because there's a lot of other podcasts in the world, and then a lot of other spiritual podcasts in the world. But very few get the kind of reaction that this is, and I and I know I'm not in control of it. That's the big, that's the biggest lesson I've learned in this entire journey. I am not running the ship. I am. I'm not the engine, I might be, I might be the guide a little bit. But the engine behind me is I have no idea what's going on. And that was the very first time in my life, when this show kind of took off, going, Oh, I'm not doing this. And that's when the first time I really understood how Spirit was working with me.

Matt Fraser 17:06
Well, I think you're exactly right. And like I said, we have a similar story, because you start this as a side hustle, right? Same thing with me, I was doing I was doing readings for you know, 15-20 dollars back in the day, because you know, going to people's houses and whatnot. Just because I loved it, I loved being able to help people, I loved being able to touch someone's life and live life scuze me and share my gift. And I never expected for it to turn into a career. But yet, you know, as I went down the path, and I started to discover, all of a sudden, you know, the doors opened up. And I feel that same way I feel that when you're on your path, right, and this is what I teach is that when when you're on your path, and you're following what's meant for you, there's certain gold that's meant for us within our life, and certain talents and abilities. And when you're really aligned with your talents and skills and abilities, boom, doors just open. It's like magic.

Alex Ferrari 17:57
No without question. Now, one thing I wanted to ask you about the spirit about what spirits advice is for people is grief and loss is something that we every single one of us has to deal with. Not one human being gets away with not feeling this, you know, if they live a life on Earth, grief and loss, what advice do they have on how to deal with grief and loss because from a souls point of view, is very different than the avatars point of view that we're playing the game that we're the players playing in this game, from the other side is very different perspective than this, we take it extremely seriously. And it's very emotional, and it hurts and it's painful. It's part of this journey that we're on. But on the other side to my understanding, they don't look at it the exact same way. And many ways. There's just it's completely different energy. But what do you what do you think?

Matt Fraser 18:45
So I've had many conversations with the spirit worlds about this. And I can tell you this, I can tell you that yes. On the other side, the souls do not see grief, death and dying the same way that we do, right. But there's no way that unfortunately, we're going to get around this. And here's the reason why you can have the most faith, you're going to have the most belief in God, the afterlife, no matter what it is, right? We all go through grief. And this actually mediums who come to me for readings that have connected with the other side, spoke to the other side been doing this for years, and then they lose that one person that meant everything to them. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden it questions. If they question everything, they question their own faith, they question the other side because death rattles us. And the thing is, is that you can be so spiritual, but we're also having a human experience. So grief is something that you can't escape whether you're a priest, whether you're a medium doesn't matter how grounded you are, we all feel it. And I can tell you this, I can tell you that, you know, there was this veniam that came to me that was having a really hard time she was really gifted could connect with the other side have been doing it for years. She had lost her husband and then after losing her husband she had come to me and said to me not you know, and by the way this has happened so many times it was one of we lost her husband was one word lost her mom? And it comes to me and said, Matt, what do I do? Now? What do I do, I can't connect with my husband, I can't connect with my mom, I can't connect with this one, write that one death, send them upside down. Well, Grief can sometimes act as a block for us. You know, it's something that our minds can't comprehend, because a loved one is here with us one minute and go on the next. And then as humans, we have to get used to communicating with them in a different way, feeling them in a different way and getting used to their to that relationship all over again. So what I can tell you is this, the spirit world tells me that for them, it's easy, because they can see into our world, any time that they want, they can see us talking right now they're by your side, right now. They're there, when you're crying, when you're upset when you're emotional, they don't miss out on holidays, birthday celebrations, they're with you always. But the sad part is, is that us as humans, we can't see directly into their world, like they can see ours, we have to rely on faith, we have to rely on signs, we have to rely on a whole new patient. And it's scary. And it's different. And it's hard. But at the same time, that's where faith comes in. And at the same time, I think that anytime that we lose someone has as much of a challenge and a struggle, it is the way that we get over grief. And we never truly get over it. But the way that we work through it, I should say, is by learning to communicate with our loved ones in a different way. You know, realizing that there is no such thing as death, it is a transition on and then also figuring out how to communicate with them. Once we go through the whole grief cycle, we and we start to receive receive signs, we see that as an open door that we can use to communicate with our loved ones.

Alex Ferrari 21:44
So Matt let me ask you, this, something's very fast I've been fascinated with is the concept of frequency. And being able to as like, let's say, yogi's and other people, ascended masters will raise their frequency, they're able to see things differently. And you have been gifted to be able to see and connect, you don't do see, or you only connect with the other side do you see as well, okay, so you're actually you're able, you're able to tune into the frequency of the other side here, because they're all around this, like you say, like microwaves are all around us, radio waves are all around us. But unless you've got the instruments to tune into it, it's just invisible things around you. So you've been able to tune into that. So if Is there a way for us to continue to raise our frequency in this life, to be able to not only see other things, but just to to elevate our lives to see behind the matrix, if you will, just a little bit more than we see. Now. Does that make sense?

Matt Fraser 22:47
Yeah, well actually assassins three different ways. Right? So first of all this this is kind of like a two part answer. So first of all, the number one way that all mediums connect with the other side is through thoughts. Right? So thoughts, you can measure a thought a thought is a frequency like you said, So what's crazy is that, you know, obviously we're programmed first to deal with like, so our brain is programmed to deal with the constant hustle and bustle, right, we're gonna go to taxes, worrying about our bills, worrying about children worrying about eating, drinking, exercise is sleeping, right. That's what's going on in our brain every single day, our brain is programmed to deal with life. But you can also program your brain to access those certain frequencies and to tap in. So you already have loved ones, angels and spirit guides that are with you that are trying to get in touch with you. They're all sending you different messages, your angels are sending you messages of hope and healing your spirit guides are helping you to, you know, achieve those milestones in life and get to the places where you need to be. And then you have your loved ones in spirit that are popping in when you're missing them and reassuring you letting you know that they're there. But what also happens is this, and this is what, why it's kind of like a two part answer is that remember, every soul communicates differently. So when you said to me, you know, do you see do you see the other side? Well, yeah, I do. But it all depends on how that soul communicates. There's some souls that have come through and tell me what their name is how they're dressed, they'll show me they'll show moments of their life, they'll show me who they're with. And there's some souls that are more reserved. There's some souls that are actually boring to talk to, and the spirit world, right. And it all depends on how that soul communicates. So some some souls I might hear more some souls I might feel more some souls I might see more of, if that makes sense. So what they're really using is first off, so of using those frequencies in your brain, what they're really doing is they're coming in, and they access those frequencies and they use it as a conference room to reach you. And that's why we are all psychic through our dreams. Every single one of us can hear, see, think and feel is that a part of through our dreams because when your body shuts down, and your mind isn't responsible for putting the groceries away for wondering about it. You put gas in the car, you're not responsible for any of those life tasks, your mind opens up to the spirit world where you can receive messages from the other side. And if you've ever had a dream, where you what's so beautiful is that it is really them, you know what a spirit looks like. And that's the reason why a lot of times when I'm doing readings, you know, when I'll describe the person that I'm seeing, right, people will say to me, Oh, my God, now I had a dream of my mom. And she looked exactly like that exactly. As you described her, Matt, I had a dream, my dad and yes, that's what he looked like. That's what he was wearing. Because you're seeing spirit too.

Alex Ferrari 25:36
And then, and also, when you were saying that, as far as sleeping, that also happens in meditation, if you can actually meditate to a certain certain level, shut down the mind opens up the doorway, but in a more controlled fashion than in dreaming, generally speaking, is that right?

Matt Fraser 25:51
Absolutely. And I think that's, that's exactly what it is. Right? The same thing. You're talking about meditation, I talked about it from a psychic standpoint. You know, people say to me, Well, what are visions? Like? What are you actually seeing when you're getting a vision? Well, visions are dreaming while you're awake is basically what it is. It's like a little Daydream that just puts you there. It's communicating with spirit, almost like how they have those those Google glasses now or like that, though, that Apple thing called the VR, where you can go in and see this, this alternate universe is here. And you know, you put the glasses on all of a sudden life disappears, and you see this other world. Well, that's exactly what a psychic vision is like.

Alex Ferrari 26:29
Now, one of the things I'd love to hear your the Spirit's advice about the importance of forgiveness in life, because there are so many people who wronged us, or we wronged them. And we either hope for forgiveness, or need to give forgiveness. Can you tell, tell us the advice the soul has a spirit has for us about forgiveness?

Matt Fraser 26:49
Yes. So this is one of the big key points that's in my book. Because when souls go to the side, forgiveness is a huge factor. And you know, still to this day, Alex is people who can't figure out how the souls exist one another with one another in spirit. For example, I was just doing a reading for a woman. And she was actually two sisters that came to my online reading. And when I was connecting with them, their dad and their mom were coming through and I said, Oh, I said, your dad and your mom are here. They're coming through together. And they like looked at each other, instead of bursting out laughing. And they're like, come on, that can't be my dad. That can't be my mom. They're like they hated each other here in this world. You're definitely off on this. And I'm like, Well, what do you mean? They're like, well, they were divorced, they wouldn't be coming through together, like, no, they are. And they're like, Well, how could they? How did they hate they couldn't even stand to be in the same room, we had to have, you know, holidays separate with one another. We couldn't even mention their names in front of one another. Right? How could they be coming through together and they misinterpreted what I was saying. What I was saying is that their mom and their dad were coming through together for one reason to both watch over them, but didn't mean that they were in bed with each other on the other side, did it mean that they you know, automatically we're holding hands in the spirit world. But you know, when people are divorced here in this world, and families are separated or torn apart, we expect that those families are not going to be able to or some people expect I should say that the families are not going to be able to you know, break bread with each other in the afterlife. And the truth is, is that there are no different sides of heaven, right? It's not like here in this world where we have visitation hours with children and you get to see your dad two weeks and mom gets to see see see them two weeks, right in heaven everyone is with one another. And that's where forgiveness comes in.

Alex Ferrari 28:35
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Matt Fraser 29:11
Because having wouldn't be a place of peace, if it wasn't for forgiveness. And the reason why is that we all make mistakes. There's things when we go through our life review that we're all going to be sorry for and we're all going to realize things in a different way. We're going to realize that yes, we've had it hard in life in certain areas of life. Other people have had it hard and we also get to see those people that were mean to us those people that wronged us what was going on in their life? What caused them to wronged us was it they were jealous because of XY and Z? Was it because they were going through pain because this happens in their life? Right? We get to see all of this and we understand each other so much better. So when the souls forgive each other, for example, I learned a lot through that reading of the of the husband and wife that were separated, divorced and come to that were coming together through their children. They had to Sign in to their life review, to put their differences aside to get up to coexist in heaven for one reason, because they both wanted access to be able to watch over their daughters at the end of their life. What they thought about here in this world, the money, the money, the house, the car, all those things didn't mean anything anymore. What they both really wanted was to see their daughters living and enjoying life. And the only way to do that would be to forgive and to move on and to come together and to support them. Right. And that's what's missing. Here on Earth. So many times we're fighting, we there's divorces that happen, you know, families are torn apart, and we don't realize how it affects the children or the other people that are involved. But in the afterlife, we do we see it crystal clear. And I don't think we're ever going to get to that point as humans, unfortunately, because we all go through human emotions, we go through jealousy, and greed, and all of these different things that, you know, we experience here in life. But what's so beautiful is in the afterlife, we forgive and we let go. And that when we when we forgive and let go, our soul is free. It doesn't matter anymore. And that's one of the greatest life lessons that theater side wishes they wish that they could teach us here in this world to let go of the fear, anxiety, worry, forgive, don't hold grudges, because anytime you hold a grudge, you're doing that you're holding that energy, you're holding that energy here. And why should you let someone else control your life or manipulate your life or leave you with negative energy be based on something that they did? Well, you know, people don't realize it, they think that holding grudges protecting them, when actually what it's doing is you're holding on to someone else's energy, you're holding on to the pain of someone else. And that's what's so sad.

Alex Ferrari 31:47
So to my understanding, though, that on the other side, when you're putting your soul blueprint together, your soul plan together, let's say that husband and wife for example, they those two souls got together and we're like, Okay, this time, we're gonna go together, and we're gonna teach each other some lessons, we're and we're gonna also teach our children who are gonna coming in right behind us in this life, some lessons, and you and I are going to battle, we're going to do this and that we're going to do that for each other so we can grow as souls. So something is that makes sense. In your world?

Matt Fraser 32:18
It does. And I also think at the same time as well, that, you know, it does make sense, but also, it's situational based, right? Sometimes, sometimes we miss our soulmate, sometimes, just because, you know, sometimes divorce has happened, because we're not with our soulmate we're with with somebody for this for the wrong reasons, right? Maybe we're with somebody because we felt pressure from our family. Maybe we're with somebody because we felt our biological clock ticking. Maybe we're with somebody because, you know, the money was easy. I don't know what it is right. And sometimes we are with our soulmate. But what I can tell you is is that some souls are not meant to be together, right? They just don't work together in that way. Very much. So. And that's okay. That's okay. Right. But it's also it also sets our children up or like it says that that life that's happening behind us to understand okay, mom and dad can never make it work, mom. And you know, it's so funny that I think that children can see can can see and understand things better sometimes than adults can, right? When we grow up, we realize, okay, Mom and Dad weren't right for each other because of this, this, this and this, I know that they tried to make it work for us, but they really just weren't compatible. And I want to find true love. And it's funny because we see the mistakes most of the time that our families go through, and we try to better our own lives. Because of it. I think we're always trying to learn.

Alex Ferrari 33:37
Now, what advice does spirit have for people to overcome the feelings of loneliness, and isolation because there's so many of us who feel at least moments in their lives, if not for long periods of time of loneliness, maybe someone just passed, or maybe you just haven't found that that soulmate, or maybe you just haven't been able to achieve the goals in your career that you might have wanted to, or with your own body or with whatever that thing is, that makes you feel lonely and isolated, away from everywhere else. What advice do they have?

Matt Fraser 34:09
So find your new purpose. That's what spirit is always telling us. Well, you know, we're always finding a different purpose within life. And you know, when you start to venture out of that, right, meaning that when you start to feel lonely when you feel sad to feel sad, dig back deep look back to what brought you happiness in the past, right? It goes back to our God given gifts. Are you a singer? Are you a writer? What brings you happiness? Enjoy. And what's really cool is that when we're really at a time when we're lonely, and we're sad, and we're in despair, spirit has a really special way of helping us to get to where we need to be and to fighting now, what I mean by that is that there was a woman I was connecting with, and she and a lot of the things that I that I I share with you are stories from readings because that's how I've learned so much about the afterlife. So There was this one woman that I read for I'll never forget. It happened in Detroit, Michigan, she had come to see me. And the moment I connected with her in the audience, her son was there. And after losing her son, she felt like she lost everything. She really didn't have any family. It was just her alone. She was lonely. She was sad. She was depressed. She didn't want to leave her house anymore, and understandably so. And then all of a sudden, a friend of her schools and said, Hey, there's this dog that you know, is running outside. So she anyway, long story short, she goes outside, she sees the stray dog, she brings into again, the she doesn't know what to do, she brings the dog to the animal shelter, and they said, hey, you know, if you leave the dog here, the dogs and ended up being euthanized. So she didn't want that to happen. So she took the dog back home with her and tried her hardest to go and help this dog find its owner. Well, no owner ever showed up. And long story short, in the days and weeks that that that dog ended up changing her life, that dog you know, would get her out of the house every morning at 6am to go for a walk you know, at 3pm to go go for a walk all of a sudden she found herself walking the dog meeting other people with their dogs having conversations, you know, getting to know people around the neighborhood's next thing you know, that don't became her dog, she was bringing the dog to doggie day camp to the to the Dog Spa. All of these things in chief all of a sudden found found a different type of love all around her, not just with the dog, but with all these beautiful people that reminded her of why to keep living her life. And anyway, during this reading, her son in Spirit told her that he sent that dog to her that dog just didn't appear in life, that dog was sent to her because that dog was also feeling lonely and alone, that dog was abandoned by its owner needed, it needed a good soul that that son in spirit somehow orchestrated that dog to find his mom, his mom needed that dog to pull her out of this loneliness. And, you know, that was a perfect example of how heaven was helping her and how she took that situation and ran with it. Well, heaven is doing the same thing for you, your angels and spirit guides and loved ones, you're not alone. And certain things unfold within your life, we have to give them a chance. For example, when Heaven sees that you go through a challenge or a struggle, a situation, the way that they respond, is through different channels. For example, for that woman the channel was her job for you with could be that all of a sudden, an old friend of yours reaches out on Facebook and says, Hey, let's go get a coffee. Right or someone you meet someone random, who you know wants to be friends, you or someone or a door opens up where all of a sudden, you get invited to a certain get together a certain party with people you haven't seen in years, there's certain doors that open and we really are here on earth to support one another. And we find comfort in one another. Even though sometimes, you know some of our grief and pain can be from people or or past events that we've had with people. So what the soul the soul is really show us is this is that here on Earth, it's really important that we support one another. But we're also open to growing and getting ourselves out there so many times when we're lonely and sad and alone. We isolate ourselves. We don't want to be around people we shut the world out, when really, it's an opportunity to let the world in and to rediscover yourself.

Alex Ferrari 38:19
Now you brought up the dog and to be in a beautiful story. I've always wanted to ask this question, and I don't think I've asked it on the show. Do animals have souls? And if they do, how do they progress into a higher level of evolution? Because obviously, a dog's consciousness is slightly different than our consciousness. So how do they if they do have souls, how do they evolve? And how are they because let's I have I've had animals I haven't had animals right now. You can't I personally, you can't tell me that there's not something going on in there. Because these little guys are. They've got they got personalities, they teach you lessons constantly, especially this one cat I have. But they all kind of teach you lessons. And I love to hear how that's orchestrated. If they have souls, and how do they connect with us? Maybe on a karmic level? Or how are they connecting I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Matt Fraser 39:12
You know, I'm so glad that you that you asked this question because this is something that most people don't know and that is it's not well she's me in my world everybody knows that pets do have souls right but what they don't realize and just like you said that souls do those souls do evolve when they get to the site so one pets to to have souls. They do go to heaven. They don't go to a different heaven, they go the same heaven that we do. They actually wait with our family members, loved ones and friends that have passed on before them. But here's what's really cool is that when our heads pass on to the other side, they go through a life review as well. And yes, it so this is something that most people don't know and this is something that is like, I think is the coolest thing about the life review process is that you Children go through it, pets go through it, we go through it. So what happens when a pet goes through a life of you? How is it different than our soul? Well, when a pet goes to the other side, what's really cool is here in this world, pets don't know, the things that we know, for example, they don't know why you're leaving them every day when you go to work. They don't understand that when you're bringing them home food that you just went out and paid $50 for, you know, a big bag of dog food or cat food, they don't understand why you're giving them needles, or why you're bringing them to the vet and making them go and go to this crazy process with a shaking and whatnot, right? They don't understand those things here in this world. Now, pets do know when you're helping them and when you're hurting them. Right, but they don't understand why. Well, once those pets go to the side, they understand why because they go to their life review. During that life review, they can see the moment they were born, they can also see the moment that you adopted them, did you adopt them from a shelter? Did you take them from you know, another owner that wasn't caring for them properly? Was it something that you know, you went to you went to the pet store and got an instant connection with them, however, that that your soul found them, they see, they see the moments that you brought them home, and they see how much you love them, what you did for them and the sacrifices that you made. For example, there was this one woman I was waiting for, I'll never forget this. And this is the first time I really realized that pets have gone through life review. She had this big this big I believe it was a a pitbull that she absolutely loved him in this world. And the dog was an older dog, I think the dog was like, like 12 or 13. And the dog had had heart issues. And this dog was like her baby. So she brought the dog to the vet. And they said, Hey, listen, the dog has a weak heart, there was an issue where the dog would actually need believe No, I don't even know that they did this an open heart surgery. So the show and he said, Yeah, the dog needed a surgery. And it was very, very expensive. The cost was like, it was somewhere between like 12 and $13,000. And it was an insane amount of money. And the vet told the woman Listen, we can do the surgery, but it's an old dog. Don't know if the dog is gonna make it through it. You know, and then afterwards, you know, we don't know if the dog is gonna live six months or six years, you don't know what anyways, this was this, this dog was this woman's baby. And she didn't have a lot of money. But she took money out of her retirement, which really, she didn't have to go forward with this surgery. And the dog had the surgery, and the dog lived six months was recovered, lived a good six months, and then it passed away and passed away from something completely different did not believe it or not, did not even pass on the heart. So long story short, though, the woman you know, didn't care about the money even though she'd have to work you know, an extra couple of years just to pay for that that surgery that the dog had been through, she didn't make much money. She didn't care about it. Just having those six months with that dog man everything. When the dog came through to me on the other side of the dog had known that she put up the 13 Grand for the surgery that she was faced with this decision to put the dog down and give the dog a chance. And he saw that this woman loved him so so much that she didn't care if it was two weeks, a month or a year she was gonna pay any type of money just to give that dog some extra time so she could spend time with the soul while he was alive and he saw that during the life review so all of you random will see this they also see the things that you've given up for them how many times do you have a cat or a dog that might have diabetes? And you know you have to run home in between shifts at work right to give that dog that Catherine medication How many times did you have to say no to going to a wedding to going to visit a friend to going on vacation because you didn't want to leave your dog right and you're like this friggin dogs never gonna I'm never gonna realize this well they do realize it when they pass on and when they go

Alex Ferrari 43:54
That's the so let me ask you because a lot of animals have like you said physical issues of cancers bad hips that go through suffering early on doesn't only have an older dogs early are older pets early on. What is the purpose of that? Because for humans I get it it's part of our evolutionary journey, our struggle things that we want to learn as a soul we have to kind of go through these struggles and we kind of set some of the stuff in our in our soul plan. But are there so plans for dogs and cats and animals? And horses and birds and fish and all the because if I don't say all the friggin animals of the world, I get a comment. Well, what did you say out? Yes. I know alligator albino alligators are pets too. I'm like yes, I know. But yeah, exact right. Exact so what some what? Why does that happen? Why did they go through that? Or is it just

Matt Fraser 44:55
I think that pets come into our life life as you know for many many different reasons. I mean, it's a me Using the soul connection. So first of all, you know, the reason why we love pet so much is because our soul can see the soul that's within that living creature. And what's so beautiful is that pets have their own plan. Some pets come into this world as a seeing eye dog for a little girl, a little boy or a man who couldn't see here in this world, some pets come in as an emotional support dog or also support cat Believe it or not, for somebody or animal, I should say, for the comment crew, right? For somebody who, who, you know, couldn't have children or somebody who had seizures or someone who, for example, couldn't live their life because they had such bad anxiety. Some animals come in at a time when we really need them. And there are protectors, for example, you hear those stories in the news of, you know, dogs saving their own or from a burning house or from carbon, carbon monoxide or whatever it may be souls, do those souls to have a purpose. And what's also really interesting is that here in this world, right, animals are different species, and we can't communicate with pets the way that we would we communicate with one another. But what's really cool is that in spirit, and it kind of freaks me out a little bit, is that in spirit, all of the animals can communicate with one another, and we can communicate with them in the afterlife, which I'm not sure if I'm ready for I know, everyone doesn't, you know, I'm gonna be honest with you, I kind of think it's creepy. I don't know how you feel about that. I think it's weird that on the other side, spirits can just talk to cats and dogs and alligators. And like, it's all cool.

Alex Ferrari 46:31
It's I mean, it's, it's a different to my understanding, it's a knowing it's a, it's not even talking, it's almost like an instant communication, that you just have an understanding and understanding with each other. So it's not like you and me having a conversation. It's just kind of like, dun, dun, it's feeling a lot of its feeling. And information is being processed in a very, very, very different way. So, you know, if you're sitting around talking to an alligator, I'm sure what's his name? The Crocodile Hunter is up there talking to a bunch of crocodiles.

Matt Fraser 47:06
That's a good way of looking at it. That's what it is. I'm so used to the pets being silent, right? And not talking, that I'm thinking to myself, when I get to the other side, what the hell is going to happen when all of a sudden oh, my anus animals gonna be talking to me, I'm gonna be like, You know what, I've asked the other side countless times about this. And then like, it's not like that at all. You know, we are always we're already communicating with our pets here in life just in a different way through sensing and feeling. And it's kind of that same way in the afterlife. The only thing is, is that, like you said, the information comes to us through knowing, understanding and feeling.

Alex Ferrari 47:41
Now do do animals have the ability to see like that people souls? Because you've seen those? You've seen cats, you've seen stories about cats and dogs, seeing things. But wait, what's your thoughts on it?

Matt Fraser 47:54
Oh, no, I know, I know. 100%. I mean, there's so many readings that I do where pets do, pets do, come back and visit. They're honest from the afterlife, and owners come back and visit their pets from the afterlife. So that might be the reason why you might see your dog chasing something or barking at something when nothing is there is because they are seeing a soul they have different eyes than we do. And for that reason, and different perception, I should say. And it's for that reason that animals don't fear death, the way that we do, they definitely can see and sense and feel spirit. And they have a sixth sense. You know, people try to have tried to go and explain this away with science, right? For example, I don't know if your cats are like mine. But anytime that there is a storm coming, the cat act crazy. They go in, they run downstairs and run into the stairs. They know incense when the weather's changing. Now, it could be a beautiful day, with the sun out and everything's fine and no weather predicted in the future. And then all of a sudden, they start to act weird. And they'll run and they'll do whatever they got to do. Right? It's because of the fact that they have this perception. They have these extra skills and people say Oh, well it's the static electricity in the ER and it's this. It's that no, they have this other perception. It's the same reason why you might have a dog. Okay, I've seen this happen many times as well. You might have a dog that loves everybody kisses everybody. Ever. Right? People come over over the house, the dog is so loving loves people loves to meet new people, but the minute that someone bad comes and breaks into your house, that dog becomes an attack dog, for example, happened with one of the readings that I did where there was this woman who had this dog, you know, the dog was the friendliest dog ever was good around children, babies everything. He would constantly drop by your house dropping off mail and certain things. But one day her house had gotten broken into and this man came in and when the man came in the door knew that wasn't a friend. It wasn't a it wasn't a family member. It wasn't someone just checking on the house that it was a bad person and that dog attacked that man and luckily she came home the window was open it was glass broken. You know, and nothing got stolen in the house because the dog had attacked him. And she was like, how did the dog know I have people coming in and out of my house all the time. It's because I never expected this dog to act this way. Well, the dog knew that that person's intention was not good. And that shows me that yes, pets do sense and feel things that we can.

Alex Ferrari 50:20
If you want to hear a quick story, I had it for almost, almost 13 years. Last Last, five or six of them were very difficult. They had a condition and it was a very difficult condition. But he, you know, kept going. And I was a young man. And I started dating my wife. And about 30 days in to dating my wife. I brought her over to meet my dog. My dog met her through a lot of kisses, lot of love all this stuff. The next day, he died. Because he was like, a he's like, Ah, thank God, he found I've been holding the fort down, waiting for someone to come and help him and to die and to take him and partner with him for the rest of his life. Take it from here, kind of like passing the baton. It was just a weirdest thing. The next day, he's like, I'm out. And he was gone. Just a second he met my wife. And am I've been with together my wife ever since. But it was it was a very young, I was still in my 20s when that happened. But I was just so floored by that. And I always think back about that. I'm like that guy, that little dog is just was there watching over me being my company when I was lonely or, you know, looking for my soulmate. And when I finally found her, he's like, Oh, thank god. Okay, I can go now. And he was he was out? Would Have you heard these kinds of stories before? Absolutely.

Matt Fraser 51:49
Absolutely. I will tell you that us. I'll tell you that, you know, pets do hold on, just like people do. And they know how much we mean how much they mean to us. And many times they're with you till you make till you open that next chapter. And you get ready to open the next chapter for you was your wife, you know, for some for some animals is waiting for that child to be born because they're like, Okay, good. Like, this is my point to exit where yes, they're gonna be sad, you're gonna be upset that I'm leaving. At the same time, they have these beautiful things to look forward to for you. It was, you know, that dog knew this was gonna be your wife, this was new, your forever person, this was your soulmate. I can leave now. You know, this is just some of the reasons why pets come into our lives. And I've seen it happen so many times where pets will hang on waiting for you to meet that person, have that child, you know, be at a place where you're setting in your life, be at a better place emotionally so that they can take that next step forward, and they can transition on. I think it's a combination. I think it's a combination of our pets. And I also think it's a combination of God that allows that to happen as well.

Alex Ferrari 52:55
Now, how do spirit has the spirit world recommend we approach the concept of Destiny versus freewill? Which is something that a lot of people are like, because we talked about soul plans. We talked about this and that, but people were like, well, then what's the point of all this? If it's all pre planned, if there's Destiny only? Am I just a puppet? What's the point of all this? How's spirit look at that?

Matt Fraser 53:18
Well first of all, you're never a puppet. Right? The thing is, is that we have spirit guides for a reason. And our Spirit Guide Is Trying to point us to where we should be in life what road we should go down, but it's a hard road right? It's not an easy it's an easy road, especially getting to your destiny as well. But I can tell you that when it comes to when it comes to our life, nothing is free plans it's the reason why we have free will because you know you can have the most amazing wife or significant other and it could be your soulmate. And then next thing you know you can make a really bad move like cheating or you know, lying or whatever it may be and ruin that whole relationship. Right? And then what happens now Well, that's why even so much to me, that's why the spirit guide is like an energy PS in the same way when we're driving down the road. When we take a wrong turn we take the wrong left are the wrong right or we go down the wrong exit your GPS says rerouting rerouting rerouting and it's trying to try to get you back on on task that happens with us and that's the reason why some people don't realize their life purpose or don't meet their soulmate until later on in life and I talked about this in my book because here's what happens okay, is that here in this world we might be driven by other factors we have free will so your spirit guide might be pointing and saying hey, soulmate, soulmate soulmate, and you might be saying oh my god but hot guy hot guy hot guy or sexy woman sexy woman sexy woman. So you're taking a right where your spirit guide is saying go left, right because we're driven by other forces here on earth but what's really cool in your spirit guy doesn't get tired. They have the job of showing up putting the different options in front of you, you know, soulmate, you know 60 person, good person you make that you make the choice of if you're gonna be person one, two and three, right? Or if you're gonna go down this road versus this road, if you're gonna try this versus this. And you know, sometimes we don't make the right mic, we don't make the right choices or decisions. Or sometimes what happens is, sadly enough, our soulmate doesn't make the right choices and decisions, and it screws us over too, right? For example, there was one woman I read for she didn't meet her soulmate here in this world couldn't figure out why. But when I was doing the reading, I found out that she had met her soulmate It was back in high school, but you know, unfortunately, he had died. And you know, we've died and tragedy and there was no way that you know, I think was so young at the time, there was no way they could explore that relationship. So there are and this is what sucks about life, there are outside factors that are here, if you don't meet meet your soulmate, you do end up with a life partner, or maybe you went up alone. But on the other side, what we don't figure out with him in this world, it's put back together in the afterlife. There's a reason why there's a life after this one. It's because whatever we however, we screw up here in this world, whatever lessons because there are going to be lessons and certain things that we that we, that we see on the other side that we didn't get to achieve or go through. And that's okay. Because in the afterlife, we get to we go through the rediscovery process, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 56:25
It does. It does. Now how does spirit recommend or suggest we deal navigate and resolve conflicts with others in this life? Because I don't know about you, I've had a couple of conflicts with others. We're in these different aspects of our life, we're always having conflicts and issues like that with other people are we don't our frequencies don't match if we, as I say, What, What advice does spirit have for that?

Matt Fraser 56:57
Well, it on what it is. Okay. So first of all, it this I'll tell you this, because I think that this is something that a lot of the viewers need to hear. Sometimes you can't resolve conflict. And that's what's so sad, because it's not with you, it's the other person. And if you can't resolve a conflict, for example, you know, everybody wants to, I shouldn't say everybody, but most people when they go through a breakup, or when they go through a divorce, you know, they want to be civil with that other person. But a lot of times, that does not happen, right? And sometimes we go through a breakup, but we go through a hardship or we go through the loss of a friend, and we never get closure on that relationship. You might say, Hey, what did I do wrong? Hey, I need to talk to you, I really want to make this right. And you can try and try and try and try. But what the spirit world tells me is that sometimes this is the saddest thing. It also happens with death, too. Sometimes when we're not able to resolve things with the person, closure within ourselves, we have to accept it for what it was and realize, okay, you know what, they're not going to talk they're going to be however they are, I forgive them, I let it go. But you know, at the same time, you can write them a letter or a note, but you have to at one point, shut the door and let it go and not chase if they're not ready to meet you on that same energy and in that same space, safe space and resolve things. But what I can also tell you is this is that these are one of the this is one of the things that the spirit world deals with all the time, is that when we go through our life review, the reason why we're able to forgive so many people in heaven, is that souls understand us and in a different way. So for example, people sent me out well, in the spirit world, two souls know what I'm thinking. And I'm like, Yes. And people start freaking out. I know that people just cringed when I said that. So like, well, I don't want my dad to know this, I don't want my mom to know this. They're looking at you in a different way. souls know what you're thinking. And in the end, on the other side, your loved ones feel so much closer to you, than they work here in this world, whether it be your husband, whether it be your wife, your mom, your dad, here's the reason why. They know your worries, challenges and struggles. They know what your inner stresses, they know your inner challenges, they know the things that have been really bothering you on the inside. When your loved ones go to the side, they see that and they also see the rationale, why you made certain decisions and decisions in your life. why you chose this path, this path versus this path, why you chose to go back to your ex husband instead of finding someone new? Well, all of those things that we may have judged here on Earth, we judge for a reason. Because we don't understand why that person is making that decision. We don't understand what's motivating them, right? Why isn't that person going, you know, excelling in their career? Why aren't they sharing their voice? Why are they getting on stage? Why aren't they doing this? Why aren't they doing that? We can't rationalize it. But when we go to the side and we go through our life review and we transition on we see our own challenges and struggles but we also see what the people that we love and care about what their inner challenges are what caused them to make the certain decisions, what caused them to get to that to that final result. And we're able to understand them in a deeper and deeper and more profound way. So why I'm saying this is that that's what the souls try to explain to us here on earth is that when they get to the side, they see a different version of us, they see a version of us that was kept hidden from the outside world. And imagine if you shared that side of you here while you're living. Imagine if you shared, you know what your worries and fears are what you're afraid of, if you talk to more, a few short shared more about what your thoughts were right, you would be able to go and understand people would be able to understand you more. And if if you heard this from other people, you'd be able to understand them more, and it would bring you closer in the relationship. That's why our loved ones feel closer to us in the afterlife is they have access to this piece of us that we don't normally share. And if we share it here on Earth, our relationships would be so much better.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:59
Matt, I want to ask you one last question. What are what is the spirit world's view on the role of spirituality and or religion in our life, because it is a boy Oh, yeah, I know, this is a minefield, so I know this, but I'm sure you can handle it. Because the role of spirituality and I mean, it used to be religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, but that is starting to fade away a little bit, especially with the newer generation coming up, where religion is not organized, religion is not as important, where spirituality might be starting to take up or whatever, and it doesn't have to be organized spirituality could just be conversations like you and I are having about knowing that there's another side connecting with your soul, you know, things like that. What, what is the role of all of this, in our lives from a spiritual from spirits point of view?

Matt Fraser 1:01:48
Well, first of all, I'm talking about from a human point of view, right? Because I have a hard time with this. I was born and raised Catholic. And, you know, when you're born and raised Catholic, you know, and don't take this the wrong way. When I say it, for everyone out there, I only knew one religion, I didn't know that there was a such thing as being Jewish or Muslim, you know, or whatever. I only thought it was one religion, I thought it was just being Catholic. There was, you know, one God, I didn't understand anything about it. And people, oh, I'm Catholic, I'm Catholic. I'm Catholic, you know, because, you know, I worship Jesus, you know, I had I made my communion, I will do all the steps I want. But it wasn't until I started, you know, connecting with the other side, in reading people from all different backgrounds, whether you're Jewish, Muslim, you name it, right? Spiritual, whether you're an atheist doesn't matter what you believe. And I've read for so many people have realized one thing, religion is just an access point, there is only one heaven. And what's so beautiful is that all the religions, there's something that can be learned from all of them. And they all exist around all of us. So in my office, I have different symbols and different things around this whole office that represent each village village, and they're all welcome here. And for now, I don't consider myself you know, Catholic, or it's or just on one religion, I consider myself, you know, I consider my religion, spirit spirituality for that reason, because to me, I've read for so many people, and I can tell you that we all connect with, with the spirit world in one way, we all sense and feel the higher power in one way, you know, we all we all end up in one place. So to me, all religion is welcome. And I think that that's the one thing that people have a hard time with, as I did, is understanding that you don't have to conform to one religion, you can learn about multiple, and it's whatever feels right to you in your heart. And for some people, it's not organized religion, it's got its, you know, going to the church of being a good person. Right. And that's, that's really what it is, is that some people don't believe in going to church, some people don't believe in certain religions, or how do they don't believe they just they feel the higher power, they know that there's an afterlife, but they're just not into organized religion. And that's okay. You know, I've never seen anyone turn down from the spirit world because they weren't brought up that way, or because they didn't believe in it, or whatever it may be.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:14
Why is it so difficult for people to understand that concept you just laid out because I agree with you 110%, where there's multiple roads to the same destination, if you're born Muslim, and that's all you know, if you're born Catholic, and that's all you know, if you're born atheist, and that's all you know, you know, whatever those paths are, that's what you were born into. That's the kind of path that you were thrown into. And maybe somewhere along life you start, oh, I'm gonna read that book, or I'm gonna look into Buddha or I'm gonna look into Confucius and whatever, whatever the path is. Why can't people have that understanding? Like, it's okay if you don't believe what I believe. I think we're all connected. We all have a different path to walk to get to the same place. What's your opinion or what is spirits opinion of that?

Matt Fraser 1:05:00
You know? Well, I gotta tell you, I'll tell you my opinion on that. It's funny, because when I first started, when I first started doing this work, and you know, obviously, you know, there was some, there was some people who feel that it goes against Catholicism. So people would say to me, you know, you're, you're not Catholic, you can't be a medium and being Catholic, right. And that's like telling somebody, that's like telling somebody that they're not Italian, because they don't like tomato. So you know, it's like, it's like, come on, right?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:28
He was really, and tomatoes were really only introduced like, 600 years ago into Italy before then, tomatoes weren't even a thing. But anyway, that's a whole other story.

Matt Fraser 1:05:39
But, ya know, that's really what it's like, there's a low or medium. You can't use this. You're not Catholic, then well, then what? You know what I mean? It's like saying, You're not Italian, you know, but then I used to be hurt by that. And in the beginning, I really did. And then I, you know, one day woke up and I'm like, you know, what, what the hell do I care? Like, like, you know, it doesn't matter. Like after doing all of these readings, I'm like, You know what, I believe in all religions, I don't have to conform to just one to meet spirituality encompasses everything. And that's what I love so much about telling people you know, my religion is spiritualism because to me, it it Oh, it's open to everybody, you know, I will sit and pray with you. I don't care what religion you are, what you what you worship, as long as it's for the good of God and the good of us, right? And that's what's that's what's so beautiful. And if you look at different religions, we all believe the same thing. So what the hell doesn't matter? And I think it's more I think it's more, you know, it's harder to understand, like, I remember when I was little kid, you know, we could only go to the Catholic Church because we were Catholic. Well, I didn't understand the difference between the Greek church, the Presbyterian Church, the Orthodox Church, this one that one like, we all believed in the same God, the same things, why could I only go to this church and not this one. So I think when you get old, at least when you get older, you start to look at it. And you start to really look at your belief systems and what you believe, you know, your connection is with heaven, the afterlife, and the other side. God angels in, right, it doesn't matter. But what people here on earth say, or what people here on Earth, what basket they put you and it's about what you believe within your heart.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:15
Beautifully said, my friend, beautifully said, Now, where can people pick up your new book, Don't wait till you're dead. Great title, by the way, and find out more about what you're doing in the world, my friend.

Matt Fraser 1:07:26
So Don't Wait Till You're Dead is available to pre order right now. It's coming out in August. And you can get out get it on Amazon Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, any way that you buy books, it's also I'm also recording it, and it's going to be available on So make sure that you preorder. And when I'm really excited about this book, is that the first book that I ever talked about the life review, and exactly what happens and just like I said earlier, at the end of the book, you get to do your own life review. You get to discover your own life path and your own journey of what you're going through here in life and how you can make it better.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:01
And do you or spirit have any final parting messages for the for the audience?

Matt Fraser 1:08:06
Yes. So the one thing that I really want people to know is this is that you have your own psychic gift. You have your own connection to the other side. It's discovering how you connect with spirits, you sense them, do you feel them, you know, is it that you get dreams of them. Were to connect. I'm telling you this because the same way that you really want to hear from a loved one in spirit, your loved ones and Spirit also want to connect with you. So try to meet them in the middle figure out as much as you can about your own gifts, talents and abilities because the other side isn't just talking to me. They're also talking to you. You just got to figure out how.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:43
Matt I appreciate you coming on the show. As always my friend you're always welcome back. It is such a joy talking to you. And thank you for helping awaken the planet my friend. So thanks again.

Matt Fraser 1:08:54
Well, thank you it's great being here with you.

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