Awakening the Mystical POWER Within: How to UNLOCK The Untapped Potential Inside You | Louise Kay

In the tapestry of life, there are threads of wisdom that interweave, guiding us towards our true selves. On today’s episode, we welcome Louise Kay, a beacon of spiritual insight, who shares her profound journey of self-discovery and the essence of living in the present moment.

Louise Kay, a sensitive soul from childhood, always felt deeply connected to the energies around her. As she ventured into her twenties, questions about the meaning of life began to surface. This quest for understanding led her to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now,” a book that resonated with her on a profound level, revealing the space between thoughts and the awareness of being.

Her spiritual journey intensified as she embraced meditation and the teachings of presence. This practice heightened her sensitivity to energies and even to non-physical beings, a revelation that initially frightened but eventually brought her peace. Through meditation, she experienced a collapse of the conceptual self, revealing the deeper truth of pure awareness—a state of being beyond thoughts and identity.


  1. Surrender to the Higher Intelligence: Louise emphasizes the importance of surrendering control and being fully present in the moment. This surrender allows us to attune to the stillness underlying all forms, leading to a harmonious flow of divine synchronicity.
  2. Intuition as Inner Guidance: Our emotions and inner experiences serve as a GPS system, guiding us through life. By listening to our intuition and feelings, we align with our true path, moving towards what excites and fulfills us.
  3. Detachment from Materialism: True happiness and fulfillment come not from external possessions but from inner peace and alignment with our heart’s desires. When we live in a state of allowing and presence, all that we need comes to us naturally.

Louise’s experiences underscore the transformative power of letting go and trusting the higher intelligence that governs the universe. She recounts how her initial fears transformed into a sense of coming home, as she integrated these higher truths into her daily life. Her journey highlights the ongoing process of purging unprocessed energies and aligning with a higher state of consciousness.

In our conversation, Louise also touches upon the importance of discerning between the mind and the heart. She explains that the mind often operates from a place of fear and conditioning, whereas the heart guides us towards what truly resonates with our being. By shifting our focus from the noisy mind to the stillness of the heart, we can better hear our inner guidance and live in alignment with our true selves.

The key to this shift lies in becoming aware of the mind’s activity and recognizing it as a phenomenon separate from our true nature. Louise invites us to inquire into the nature of awareness, to look beyond thoughts and recognize the ever-present stillness that is our true essence. This practice of self-inquiry can lead to a profound realization of our interconnectedness with all that is.

As we navigate through life’s challenges, Louise reminds us that every experience offers an opportunity for growth and expansion. By embracing a higher perspective, we can see the gifts within our struggles and use them as stepping stones towards greater consciousness.

In conclusion, the wisdom shared by Louise Kay encourages us to live with greater presence, intuition, and detachment from material pursuits. Her insights remind us that true freedom and happiness come from within, through a deep connection with our own being and the divine intelligence that flows through all of existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Louise Kay.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 152

Louise Kay 0:00
When we're able to totally completely give up trying to control our reality and re surrender to the higher intelligence, which means to be fully present in the moment.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
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I like to welcome to the show Louise Kay. How you doing Louise?

Louise Kay 1:03
Hi thank you, Alex. I'm doing great.

Alex Ferrari 1:06
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you.

Louise Kay 1:10
Thank you for inviting me. I'm really happy to be here and excited to talk with you too.

Alex Ferrari 1:16
Absolutely. So I found you I found your work that you were doing years ago in regards to your channeling with a con and and what you were doing back then. But I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what your life was like prior to you being aware or of your abilities or having access to your abilities?

Louise Kay 1:35
Well, I had a pretty average childhood growing up, the only thing that maybe was a little bit different was that I was ultra sensitive, like, way more than other children. So I was very sensitive to energies and feeling people's emotions. And my system has always been kind of energy, and I'm feeling oriented. So there was nothing too unusual. When I got into my early 20s, I started to experience these questions coming up, like what is the meaning of all this? What is the meaning of life? What are we doing here? Where do we come from? These big questions, you know, and some somehow I wasn't able to just like go along with the day to day life, like most people and something inside wanted, answers wanted to know who is their god, what's God who is God? I want to know for myself, so that those questions kind of ignited a search. And I came across a book which really changed my life. And the name of the book is The Power of Now it's very famous, most people know it by Eckhart Tolle. So I read that book, and it really resonated every single word resonated so deeply in my heart. And that was the first time reading that book that I became aware that I was able to observe thoughts. So it created some distance, some space, in my system. Where I was observing the thoughts and seeing that I'm not identified with them, there's some space there. And I also became aware of more consciously aware of energies in the body and and the capacity to feel them because accurate talks about that in his book. So I think that was the first real shift in consciousness to happen through reading that book. And

Alex Ferrari 3:52
So then, when did you discover your abilities to channel when you were channeling?

Louise Kay 4:00
Well, as I began to meditate more and open to those teachings of living in the present moment, a sensitivity to energy became enhanced. So I would start then to see energies or even to see non physical beings, which was a little bit frightening in the beginning, you can imagine Yes, because my brain couldn't really make any sense of it, because I've been conditioned that this is what reality is. And all of a sudden, my experience of reality was something different than that. So there was this kind of mismatch. And it took my mind a little bit of time to kind of align with this understanding that this physical reality is actually limited and there's more here than what we do. As a society, I believe reality to be. So that started to open up. And I was following more and more these teachings of living in presence and not identifying with the thoughts or the sense of a conceptual self. And at one point, there was a clear, distinct shift, which took place whereby it seemed like that whole conceptual sense of I collapsed. And in that moment of collapse of a conceptual, separate self, what revealed itself to me was the deeper truth of who I am, which was pure awareness, just pure awareness, no thoughts, no identity, just being and that awareness, it was clear that that is only one, it's the underlying essence of all expressions of physical form. So the forms appear to be separate and different, and individual, but underlying that, this oneness, there is no separation. And that realization brought with it a deep sense of peace and fulfillment. And it was shortly after that, that the gift of channeling started to spontaneously come through the system. I wasn't trying to channel it, it just spontaneously happened during a meditation.

Alex Ferrari 6:50
Now, I have to ask you, though, I mean, you were saying a little bit, it had to be jarring to see the reality different realities and the rest of us that are able to see, I've had other guests on the show that obviously can see ghosts and angels and, and other entities and spirit guides and things like that. How did you psychologically deal with not only that, but channeling and just, you know, as a human being who's, I'm assuming you didn't grow up with this. So it wasn't something known to you? How did you deal with it?

Louise Kay 7:24
Yeah, you would expect that to be a jarring experience to suddenly perceive reality in a whole different way. But actually, when it happened, it felt so natural, it felt like oh, this is what I've been looking for this is what on some level I knew was the reality all along. And so it was the opposite of jarring. It felt like coming home, it felt like, Oh, I'm just so grateful to have discovered this truth. And for the first few weeks after that reality did feel a little bit blurry. Like, they kind of fell dream, like, like, I was walking around in a dream. And it took some time for that. What you could call an expansion in consciousness to integrate into the system. And it's still integrating now, what happens is that the physical body is more dense. And so it takes it some time to catch up with this understanding. So we are we all carry in our physical, emotional, energetic bodies, unprocessed energies and emotions from my whole life. And as we open to this higher intelligence, those energies come up to be processed to integrate into release into this new understanding. So that's an ongoing process, which seems to me like it's going to last a lifetime. But it's like a kind of a purging a cleansing and, and aligning with the this higher truth.

Alex Ferrari 9:03
And when you're new abilities, and your new perceptions started to come into your life, how did the people around you deal with this? Because I've heard from many other people like yourself, it can be jarring for people around you, family, friends, colleagues. How did you deal with that when that came along?

Louise Kay 9:21
Well, I felt really lucky, actually. Because I had a really good support system around me, my partner understands these things and has the same interests. So he was a huge support for me to make me understand. I'm not going crazy in those moments when I see what's happening to me, because there were some moments you know. And most of the people that I've been interacting with or have shared the same interest, so it hasn't been too challenging. Maybe for my parents It's it's a little bit strange that they're pretty cool. And this okay, you, you're doing that?

Alex Ferrari 10:12
Exactly. It's like it's like a you make, can you make a living? Are you? Are you okay? Do you have a roof over your head? And you're not hurting anybody? Fine. I find that's what parents do. Yeah, they just want to make sure you're okay. Now, you, you talked a little bit about reality, and about the different Europe being able to perceive different realities. Can you talk a little bit about how we create our own realities? And what we can do to have more control of that?

Louise Kay 10:45
Yeah, that's a really great question. And probably the answer is not what people would expect. And I'm just speaking from my own experience, when we're able to totally, completely give up trying to control our reality. And we surrender to the higher intelligence, which means to be fully present in the moment. And to attune the attention to a stillness that's here, that's underlying forms. Now, it takes a bit of a adjustment to recognize that, especially if the attention has been focused constantly on thoughts and forms and externalities. So meditation can really help people to start to attune to a stillness, it's, it's quite challenging to put it into words, actually. So you can only really point people to it, and they have to kind of look for it within themselves. And I often say to people, like, just notice the space between my words, when there's no thought on, there's no word. There's just this moment, of pure Being, where I'm aware that I'm aware. Now, in that moment, the conceptual self is not getting in the way. And it's like the connection between me. And all that is divine intelligence is seamless than it's one. And this divine intelligence is the most intelligent intelligence in existence, it's much more intelligent than the limitations of our human mind. So our human mind thinks it knows what's the best, and it knows what would be best for me to experience it says, I want that then I'll be happy. I need that in my life, how am I going to get it. But if we can give up that and just be still, which seems a bit counterintuitive to the way that we've been conditioned, which is like you have to do things to get things. But it's really the opposite. It's a total letting go. A total allowing a total surrender to this higher intelligence, whether you call it God, or the universe or love. It doesn't matter what label you get it. It knows what's best for us. It knows what our heart's desire, and it works in harmony with the whole of existence. So when we can surrender to that and live in a state of allowing all that we need comes to us, we don't have to go chasing it anymore. So we start to live in a flow of divine synchronicity.

Alex Ferrari 13:55
But do we do we still need to do action though we can't just sit at our house, watch TV, eat chocolate bonbons and expect what we need to happen to us to happen to us, we do still need to do some sort of action towards what we're trying to go and then the universe kind of adjust and gives you the opportunities and presents things to you along your path. But we still have to like get up and walk essentially. Is that Is that correct?

Louise Kay 14:23
Absolutely. Yes. If you just sit in your bedroom all day, even if you're in meditation, there is not going to be much happening on the manifest level of four. So it's a bit like a two way inter interface where there's a total surrender to the higher intelligence and a moment to moment living in presence. And also it's important to have the attention including the experience the internal experience of the body, because that's like our GPS system. Have our emotions are not there by mistake, they're communicating something to us. So when we're in touch with that, when we're connected with our inner experience, we start to open to intuition, we can feel what is exciting for me. And that excitement guides us. Now, when we take action on it, if it's the best thing for us, the intelligence of the universe brings opportunity, like you said, and then we can do whatever is required to move in that direction.

Alex Ferrari 15:39
So it's because I've, this is something I've studied for many years in regards to finding following your dreams and your and your mission, your what what you want in life, you know, let's say it's to be an artist to be a musician, or be a filmmaker, to be a writer, whatever it is. But I've noticed in my life that when I was in a job that I hated, I was miserable. I couldn't stand it. It's, you know, at first and then you then your mind is like, like, you're getting paid well. And oh, you know, it's just deal with it. I mean, people would kill for a job like this, what do you what are you complaining, because your mind is just trying to keep you to survive. But eventually, you break, either you get fired, or you do something to get yourself fired, or you quit, or something along those lines, but something eventually pops. And that's happened multiple times in my life. But I understand what you're saying in regards to like, what are you feeling when you're doing what you're doing? Does it bring you joy, if it brings you joy, you're on the right path, regardless of success levels, because there's one thing to be a singer who sings at bars, let's say on the weekends, and then to be a multibillion dollar music star around the world. They both sing, but at different levels. But who's but the point is, is what the enjoyment is, and then opportunities will present themselves along the path, depending on where you need to be. Because not all of us are going to get to the very top of whatever we're going after. Is that correct?

Louise Kay 17:05
Yeah, it's like shift takes place where we're focusing from the mind and the minds ideas, which are most of the time just a bunch of conditionings and confusions, like you said, it's, it's run a lot on fear. So I need the money for survival. It's really in survival mode. So when we make the shifts from living, like in a mind based way to the heart center, and connecting to the feelings, the heart will guide us and shows us like, Oh, this is what's this feels true. This feels exciting. This feels fun, this brings me joy. And if you're doing the thing that you love, you don't need $10 million, because you're already happy. The if money comes, it's like a cherry on the cake, but you're already fulfilled. Because you're already connected to the creative expression that's in alignment for you.

Alex Ferrari 18:03
And isn't it funny that you say that? Because so many, especially in the West, think that money is the answer. And that money will make you happy, or physical things will make you happy. But at a certain point, how many houses How many rooms in a house do you need? How many cars do you need? You know, at a certain point, you just like, Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a comfortable place to cook some food? To have a comfortable place to sleep at night? Are you happy where you like there's there's minimum things you need, obviously, to survive, to live on the planet, you need a roof hopefully, and things like that. But at a certain point, you don't need all of that. And why are we trying to do all that to make ourselves quote unquote, happy. But then you see these Yogi's in India, or you see people you know, I've seen homeless people who are happy and then not happy that they're homeless, but just like I'm free. And this is my definition of happiness. And I don't want to go anywhere else. And you could argue both sides of that coin. But there are people in this world is like I don't need more than what I have, you know, I'm happy just sleeping in my truck and driving around the country and waking up at national parks that makes me happy. Is that kind of the route that you're talking about?

Louise Kay 19:18
Yeah, most people have their perception backwards so they think that I need to get something in order to feel happiness and fulfillment in my life. We are conditioned those things we need to get or a good job security in our job a nice relationship or soulmate get married have kids nice house nice car, full package. So we kind of oriented in in a chasing mold from a young age to tick all these boxes, and many people get all the ticks and then okay, I feel empty inside, I don't feel fulfillment. And that often can be a blessing in disguise, because that recognition then can ignite a search for something deeper. But if if someone realizes, before chasing all those things that it's actually possible for me to know, happiness, fulfillment, without any of those things, then you really become sovereign being because you're not dependent on anything else. Because even if you get those things, then you're going to live in a state of fear that maybe it's gonna be taken away from me, and then I need to hold on to it somehow. But if you're truly free, whatever comes, can come your life, whatever goals can go, and your state of inner peace is not affected. And that's true freedom, that's lasting freedom.

Alex Ferrari 21:01
That's very Buddhist, have you. It's that attachment, what Buddha said, it's like, you know, suffering is about attachment to other things outside of yourself. And when you release that attachment is when you're truly, truly free. And it's, it's so so true. There's very, there's barely anything physical in my life, other than my, my family that I am attached to physically, if I lose it, I'm like, You know what, it's just, it's just stuff. And we'll, we'll find we'll continue, we'll go on it doesn't. It doesn't mean anything. But when you're able to detach like that, I think that is true, true. freedom and happiness. It's, but it's so interesting, because the world's economies are focused on the opposite. If you don't buy if you don't go after stuff, if you don't stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. It's all based around fear. Why? In your opinion, why are we so afraid of all of these things? Is it just conditioning? Over the course of our lifetimes that we're so afraid of? You know, what, what if I don't have a retirement fund? What if I don't have the perfect house? Or the perfect soulmate? Or the perfect job? Or? Or have enough money? Or this or that? And what do you think?

Louise Kay 22:16
It's so big questions? Very good question. And I don't know if there's just like one clear cut answer to that. But if we look back at our history, and how we've evolved as a species, then I think the answer partially lies in the way that our society has developed through the different ages, and the society that we have created. And it seems to me like it's in constant evolution, it seems like, right now, actually, we're going through a phase where a lot of people are beginning to recognize like, Oh, we've come to this point where we had all this industry and our finances have become our economy has become so strong and important, but hey, look, we're destroying the water. We are our fish are dying. Maybe there's a better way. So we're actually it seems to me like we're going through a shift, a collective shift in consciousness, which hopefully will be in time before we self destruct our own planet and our own home. And our society will evolve into, give space for some, something new to be born, something that's more in alignment with higher consciousness with that supports nature that supports us all to live in a way where we're more unified, and not more saying, What can I get for me? How can I survive? But how can we work together as a team as a species as Planet Earth, to make this heaven on earth for everybody? And that's a shift in perception that takes place when we start to open up to the reality that I totally everybody that I meet, underlying their physical form, underlying their personality is consciousness. And that consciousness is the same consciousness. It's me. That so when I say you and me, I, I can't hurt you. I can't harm you. I want the best for you. So it changes the way that we relate to people. Because I'm no longer competing against you or seeing you as my enemy. I want the best for you. So

Alex Ferrari 24:59
I'm super that no that definitely that definitely started the answer that question. It's a very big question. It's a very good question. But it's, but it is beautiful. It was very articulately said, but do you think that that's what's happening right now, because we are going through a major uprising right now and shift in, you know, with the environment, with politics, with the pandemic, with everything that happens. I mean, it seems like you know, we're being more separated, there's more violence and war and things are just starting to kind of bubble up is this that kind of birthing part of our new hopefully coming out to something new and different than what we had before because it's kind of like the, the old systems are fighting to stay in power. And they're there, they're just the angry and they're fighting, it's just creating all this kind of havoc and chaos. And hopefully, out of that comes this new, higher consciousness, evolution, that what you're talking about?

Louise Kay 25:53
Yeah. And I think it's quite possible, there's no, ultimately there's no way for us to know how the future is gonna unfold. But a lot of people actually experienced this, on a personal level, when they experienced an awakening to higher consciousness, initially can seem like life's falling apart, and often they'll find that their job is not working anymore, and they quit the job and the relationship they're in just doesn't feel right anymore, and the relationship will go, or they might have a huge crisis, like, lose all their money lose their house, something happens. And initially, it seems like it's a bad thing, this is the worst thing. And out of that challenge, that struggle that collapse, many times it creates a space for something new to breathe through. So it's quite possible that on a collective level, we're experiencing something like that. And I think COVID was a very interesting time where it forced people to stay home, and maybe reflect more on their lives, like, what do I want to do in my life? Am I happy? And as some of these bigger questions, so if we have the right eyes to see, whatever challenge life presents us with, we can always find the gift or something in that challenge that's there to support our growth in our evolution, even if initially, it seems like it's a negative thing that's happening, because ultimately, this higher consciousness is always supporting us.

Alex Ferrari 27:36
Now, you also mentioned a little earlier about intuition is intuition, that inner guidance that what you were talking about before that it's kind of someone you know, the your spirit guides, or the universe or whatever you want to label is trying to guide you kind of push you in the right direction? Is that what intuition is? Or the I have a gut feeling about that? Is that kind of what that is?

Louise Kay 27:59
Yeah, it's kinda like how you described it like, this gut feeling is like a knowing. And the more that we can become quiet inside, the easier it is to hear that inner guidance and that intuition, when there's a lot of noise from thoughts and mind it, it masks that feeling because the heart speaks in this soft whisper. It's it's a gentle feeling, like guidance, and the mind is really noisy, and dominant. And where we're investing all our attention in what the mind is saying, which most of the time is actually not helpful. And it's not useful. Even the opposite. It's, it's a hinderance to us. Maybe we are connected with our heart's desire, some guidance, and we want to do a project or make something or express ourselves. And the mind comes in and it says, oh, but people would judge me. Or maybe I'm, I'll fail, I better not try. And when we listen to that, then we don't take action on what the heart saying. So it holds us back in life. So in order to make this shift from mind to heart, we have to become aware of the quiet and we have to practice staying, keeping our attention focus not and the stream of constant thought, that inner voice. That's judging that's criticizing, that's comparing, first of all, to recognize that that voice in there, many people aren't even aware there's this voice in their head that talks nonstop. And it creates their own suffering when they believe in what it's saying. When you become aware of that voice, and use then you can ask okay, well, what's aware of it? What's noticing these thoughts are Then a shift in consciousness begins to take place. Because you're becoming aware of the deeper essence of who you are. And those thoughts, then when you stop feeding them with their attention, become quieter. And now you're shifting focus your attention, on the stillness, underlying thoughts between us. It's always here. And in that stillness, you begin to feel what the heart is communicating. And sometimes it will come as like a spontaneous idea, or an intuition. And people will often ask, like, how do I know if this feeling is coming from my mind? Or my heart? How can I discern that. So it's, if you're not sure, it's good to sit with the feeling, give it some space and time not be impulsive. And see if that feelings there the next day, the next week, next month. And if it's there, then it's like building energy inside something wants to express through you. Something wants to create through you and you become a channel a vehicle for that expression of the higher consciousness because you're connected to that intelligence now, when the mind is not in the way.

Alex Ferrari 31:25
So speaking of the mind, that the monkey mind, as they call it, that's this constant chatter and fear and everything. But the thing that the mind even does even more so that's so treacherous in many ways, is tells us stories about ourselves about what we're capable of doing these negative stories that don't serve us. And we live lives full lifetimes, with the stories that we're programmed with as, as children, or something traumatic happens to us as a, you know, teenagers or young adults or even just adults. That program says like, Oh, you're not worth, you know, worthy of love. You're not smart enough. You're not capable. You're not this, how can we begin to reprogram it? Is it Is it as simple as meditating, becoming more quiet and allowing the heart to guide us more the inner voice to guide us more? The not the inner voice of the mind, but the inner voice of the soul? Guide is more? Is that what we need to do? Or what do you think?

Louise Kay 32:29
Yeah, most great question. Most people when they hear this, then start to see the mind as an enemy. I need to get rid of that now, how am I gonna eliminate the mind stop the thoughts. But actually, you can't do that. It's much easier, just to recognize it for what it is. And to become aware that there's this phenomena here that we call the mind, which is comprised of conditionings, like you said, this programming that we received from a young age. And to begin to inquire what is it that's aware of the mind activity, that's the line of questioning, that can create a shift in the focus of your attention from identification with the mind. So the mind centers around the story, right, and the stories about this, I, I am not good enough. Or it either takes one polarity or the other usually, so it identifies a positive polarity or a negative one. So I'm amazing. I'm the best, I get a great sense of self from my amazing body or my money. It seeks something to invest, it's worth in its value or negative one. Like you said, I'm not good enough. People don't like me, I'm a failure, my life's a mess. And it starts to tell stories centered around this. I know if you investigate and look, you can't actually find this eye. It doesn't exist. The only thing that you will find is thoughts. But something is here that's aware of these thoughts. So that's where we have to investigate what is that? That's aware of the thoughts, then we can watch the thought and we see the thought comes and he goes now, if I don't believe what it's saying. If I don't identify as I in my story, then who am I? Who am I? Without all those stories, whether they're positive or negative. What if I didn't have any story at all? You know, this can be hang up a big fear in people initially, because that threatens the egos existence, and its greatest fear is death. So a lot of people don't actually really want to look at this, this isn't an investigation, that's not a mental investigation, it's something that has to be looked at, for direct experience one's own experience. So we can imagine a good little exercise for these practices. Imagine you've been born right now. And you haven't been given a name, you haven't been given a nationality. You haven't been given a religion, you haven't been given a label. Nobody's told you, you're amazing, or you're terrible. You have worth you don't have worth you're lovable, you're on them. Nobody's told you anything. You just come into this world. And you're perceiving. So images are being seen. But you don't even have any language, to name any objects. You're just looking with one there like a baby does. I don't know that that's a tree. It's something that's perceived sounds are perceived. And this can take us closer to this direct experience. That, and I'm aware. In that recognition, there's already peace here, there's already fulfillment here. And it's not even required them to try to get rid of any negative thoughts. Because the moment they're seen, it seems, oh, that's the mind. It's not me. I'm not that I'm That which is aware, without any story, without any limitation. without any problems. If, if we don't believe in the stories, there's no problem, the prompts instantly all disappear, because I'm just here aware, and everything's perfect as it is. Now, the thoughts that then begin to come through from that understanding are aligned with the recognition of oneself as awareness. So there's a natural understanding that everything in existence, but if you're fact that it exists, has inherent worth, there's no question whether I have worked or not, because I no longer a conceptual idea of who I am. I am consciousness itself. And that's the new identification. Now, what happens sometimes is the mind then wants to take on a new identity, a new character, and the mind says, Okay, now I am consciousness, and start speaking about that this is not it. It's, it's deeper than that.

Alex Ferrari 38:07
I think that what you're saying is so powerful, because to ask yourself the question, Who am I without the positive and negative stories that I believe in about myself? And if I remove all of those stories from my awareness, if you will, or my belief system? And then if you're like, Well, if I don't believe who I am, then who am I? And it becomes this much. As I'm saying it my mind is already going whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down. And, and the ego my own ego is going no, no, no. Just talking about? I can, as I'm saying it out loud, I can literally feel I can literally feel it. I happen. It is it's such a really important question about who are we if we do not believe in the negative or positive stories that we tell ourselves? And as I was saying that out loud, my ego and my mind are stopping saying no, no, stop, stop, ignore what she says nothing to see here move along, I think kind of kind of added to it. It's, it's a powerful question, or hopefully everyone listening could just ask that question of themselves, who am I? Without the stories, that negative or positive that I tell myself? And which brings me to my next question to you, we spoken about consciousness so much, what exactly is your definition of consciousness?

Louise Kay 39:38
Consciousness ultimately is a label that we use to describe something that cannot be described, because any definition of a limit will would it actually is. So, the only way that it can truly be understood is through direct experience direct recognition. And of it, so it can words can only in a limiting way describe it. So it's important that people bear that in mind. But if words were to be used to describe it, then maybe it can be summed up as the intelligent, the formless, limitless intelligence, which animates all forms that which is here prior to any experience prior to any thought. That which never moves that which never changes, that which was never born, and that which will never die.

Alex Ferrari 40:48
To the definition of it. Now, I've heard you know, I've studied over the years from ancient texts in regards to reincarnation and why we're, why our souls keep coming back. I'd love to hear your thoughts of why you believe that we incarnate to this world and why we what we're doing here, what's the purpose of all of this small question, what is the purpose of life? Just a small little question, I just thought I'd throw it out there to see what

Louise Kay 41:26
What is the purpose of life? This question can be answered from two perspectives, it can be answered from the perspective of the Absolute, which would mean that there is no purpose there is no meaning everything just is as it is, everything is divine perfection, as it is, there is nowhere to get here, there's nothing to change, and nothing to fix, or nothing to heal, and nothing to become. Everything just is. And if the questions answered from the perspective of the relative, then we could say, as a limited human expression, the purpose is to explore certain themes throughout our life. And people, when they start to look at patterns that have played out in their life, they've become aware that, ah, actually, I'm experiencing something that's happening again and again, in different ways. Maybe it's around a theme of self worth, maybe it's around the theme of abandonment. Maybe it's around something in relationships. And we experience, challenges coming in our life. And these challenges will give us opportunity to explore that theme, whatever it is for each unique individual, to use the challenge as a way to become more conscious of the way to grow, to expand to transcend patterns and unconscious beliefs, to bring more consciousness into the system and ultimately, to recognize one's true nature, as pure consciousness itself.

Alex Ferrari 43:36
Is that a way to connect with our own Higher Selves with our own souls while we're here in this life?

Louise Kay 43:44
Well, it's not necessary to connect with your higher self, if you inquire into the nature of who you are. Because why do you need the middleman, when you can go straight to the Divine, you can connect straight to source God and recognize yourself as not separate from that, as an extension of that. So it depends what you mean as a higher self. People have different definitions of it. But for me, I would say that higher self is more like being open to a higher intelligence, which is connected to the source intelligence.

Alex Ferrari 44:24
Right! And it's just so it's fascinating that we're so afraid, as as generally as people that we can conceive that we are one with God, we are one with source or the one with the universe. Where, you know, it's been said throughout the millennia, I mean, even Jesus says, The kingdom of God is within you. Everything I do, you can do and you'll even do greater things and I these concepts are so difficult for our own Well, for some egos, many other egos can say yes, of course, God, but but other but we, we have a problem with that and that concept is so difficult again, that is the programming that we, especially in the West have come up with. And that's why it's so difficult for us to overcome this idea that we are not, not a separate, but we are we are currently connected, we are currently one with God one with source. It's such a difficult concept to, to grab onto Can you kind of explained it a little bit. So we maybe have a better understanding of that idea.

Louise Kay 45:41
Yes, to really understand that. It's only possible when you can transcend the limitations of the conceptual mind, because this recognition lies beyond the mind. And the mind can't understand that which lies beyond that. It's, it's not within its grasp. So we have to understand and recognize the mind, in order to see that I am not the mind. There's something here that is beyond thoughts. Now, I am also aware of the experience of the body. So there's something here that's beyond the body. And the attention must be drawn back into that which is aware. Or the other way is to turn the attention around to look at that, which is aware. And the best analogy, I think is the analogy of the sun, if you imagine the sun like source energy, or God, and each sunlight each way emanates out of the sun. Now, if you imagine that you are that light of sun, and you're looking outwards, like a flashlight, and everything your attention focuses on, it's like the flashlight shining on that. So you see the house, the tree, another person. Now, if you ask this flashlight, who or what are you, and it's looking, ah, I am that that I see I'm that out there and that out there, it can never know what it is, in order for this flashlight, or this ray of this beam of light from the Sun to understand what it is it would actually have to draw itself right back into the sun to become one with the sun. Or it would have to completely turn around turn its attention away from those forms with the attention has been focused on. And then it will see it's on nature as that light. So we have to shift the focus of attention and stop engaging with the thoughts which are so dominant for most people. Now, most people when they get a glimpse of this, this feeling of connection, this feeling of sense of something divine that's here, this unspeakable, unnameable beingness pure presence, pure consciousness that's there in those moments of stillness and a feeling that, wow, there is no separation. Every there's no beginning or end to this. It's not. It's not confined to the limitation of this physical body. In fact, this physical body is an appearance in this, then often what will happen is the mind will jump in with a story about worth, well, I cannot be God, I'm not good enough for that. At that would be arrogant to say I am God, how can I make such a claim? Even though Jesus himself was trying to explain this, I am the Son of God, I am an extension of this source entity. And that's what we all are. So of course, when that happens, then we have to see that that is another expression of the mind that's resisting. That's holding back the shift in identity that takes place which is not an arrogance. It's a it's actually incredibly humbling to recognize, well, I, I just am and there is only me.

Alex Ferrari 49:46
And when you understand what you're saying, you not only understand that you are one with God, but then that we all are. Yes. And then then you start looking at everybody differently, which is what you said originally at the beginning of our conversation is like, I don't want to hurt You because You are me, and I am you. And we are all connected. And that's why it feels so good to help others that literally chemically in our mind, we're programmed to help to love to be of service. That is where we get much more joy than buying a new television, or a new car, which gives you a small bit of enjoyment for a second, most people, and then a week or two down the line, you're like, what's the next thing and the next day it's it's vicious, this vicious rat race that you're constantly in. And, and by the time you figure it out, you're like, Oh, I'm at five now. And I can't do anything and what what a waste of my life. As opposed to someone like, you know, to the other extreme, Mother Teresa, who was completely selfless, and gave off her self throughout her life. You know, and many people will look at her and go, Oh, she wasn't really successful. I go, but I look at her because she just seemed pretty successful. In what she did would, that's pretty fair.

Louise Kay 51:10
Yeah. And I think it depends on how you measure success. So what's your definition of success in terms of material gain and recognition from others? Or do you measure success from your inner state of peace and happiness? And I think anybody that really asks that question, honestly, can only come to the conclusion that success is measured by my inner state of peace and happiness. Because no matter what we get, if, if that's not there, then you feel empty.

Alex Ferrari 51:48
Where do you think humanity is going? Another small question, just another.

Louise Kay 51:59
I really don't know, it looks right now, like, there, it seems to be like there's a kind of a split. Because on the one hand, there seems to be a huge opening in in the collective consciousness, when more and more people are interested in yoga, they're interested in meditation, they're interested in spiritual practices. And these things are becoming much more mainstream, we're not very long ago, they were seen as, like woowoo things. So it's clear that that's happening on the one hand, and yet, on the other hand, it seems like there is a lot of division and conflict and disagreement and wars. So I don't know which way it's gonna go. And whatever will be, will be ultimately, the, the universe is, is in charge of this. And of course, my preference would be that there is a huge shift in consciousness. And we all come to live in unconditional love and create heaven on earth. And it's possible.

Alex Ferrari 53:15
It's a choice. It's a choice that we, as a species, ask them have to make. But you're absolutely right. And I've said it so many times on the show before it's like things, even in the short 15 years, 20 years, things that we used to be completely woowoo are absolutely mainstream, and necessary. Now, even huge companies have like, go take 20 minutes to meditate, go to, you know, go relax, go do your spiritual, like if these things were never even conceived of, before, it was completely woowoo things that you would see in the, in the outskirts, and now it's becoming even more shows like this 15 years ago would have been really, really out there. Were now more and more people are searching. And that's where I feel the hope is that people are searching. There's more people looking more people asking those dark, those deep questions about who am I? What do I believe in? What do I What makes me happy? These these are the questions I think the pandemic kind of shook the world. So almost like a if I'm not sure if you're old enough to remember what an etch a sketch? Is that what? You draw it and then you shake it, and then it starts again. Yeah, the COVID was a giant Etch A Sketch shake to the world. And everyone's like, wait a minute, um, what was there is not there anymore. And like, even if he would have told me that the entire planet was going to literally shut down for months, I would have told you, you're absolutely crazy. But that's exactly what happened. It's an unheard of thing that happened.

Louise Kay 54:54
And I think the internet's also playing a big part in this shift. We because we have so much access now our fingertips to information that before we didn't have access to. So like, if you were interested in spiritual awakening, you might have to try to travel to India and find some right guru in a cave somewhere. Now you just turn on YouTube when we have these incredible teachings at our fingertips. And it's hard to keep secrets now, because the internet is bringing everything out into the open into the light. Very much as bad as it brings, it also connects us all.

Alex Ferrari 55:42
I mean, with like, every great tool, it can be used to create or it can be used to destroy. And that's exactly what the internet's doing. Hopefully, here today, we're doing a little bit of creation, a little bit of positive into the world, which is why I do what I do on my show. And I know that's what you why you do what you do. In your world as well. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Louise Kay 56:08
Good life is a life where you know it inner peace and contentment, where you have a clear understanding of what brings you joy, and on the level of four. So what your create unique creative expression and gift is, and, and the fact that you are aligned with that and you're living that that really brings so much happiness, when you're doing that for your work for life, not because you want to get money, but because that's what you love to do. So every morning, you don't wake up like, oh, no, how many days to the weekend, you wake up excited to live that day excited to live your purpose. And when you begin to become more conscious, and don't identify so much with the conceptual self, then this higher consciousness has a positive impact on every aspect of life from relationships, which become more loving and more open. And friendships, family relationships, there's just less drama, because it's not necessary anymore. And so there's more peace and happiness all around. And there's a natural desire and to share that with the world when one's own cup is filled up and naturally begins to overflow to those around because we want to share this joy for life, this love for life, this appreciation for life is gratitude.

Alex Ferrari 57:45
Now, what is your definition of God?

Louise Kay 57:48
God is you God is me. God is everything that can be perceived, and is the perceiver of all that is perceived.

Alex Ferrari 58:00
So Louis, I didn't notice that when you were answering some of the questions. You almost sat and waited to come kind of channel an answer. And I noticed that and the way you spoke was a little bit different than your you were speaking as you. But this is something a little bit different about it. But it's not channeling as you were channeling prior with a con but it was just something different. Is that did I miss read that? Or was that actually what kind of happened?

Louise Kay 58:27
No, you didn't miss read it in a way. It's a form of channeling. And when I'm becoming still, I'm taking a moment to connect to that stillness, that underlying stillness, that presence and give space for whatever information wants to come through, so that it's not coming from the mind it's coming from the higher intelligence so it can look a little bit strange sometimes to take that space. But it's something I would invite people to start practicing in their life before you say something. Just take a moment to become present. And then you'll start to recognize like I was about to judge someone I was about to criticize I was about to say something negative. I don't need to put that energy out into the world I can keep quiet and and just let and then we start to notice what is coming through if it's in alignment with this higher intelligence. And for some people that what comes through will come through in a form of playing basketball or sports or playing music it's kind of a channeling that intelligence or a painting or drawing. So if you want to connect to this higher intelligence and you become present and become still become quiet, you don't know what's gonna come through you but there you are. For all everybody has a unique expression that is here to be a vehicle for this divinity however it wants to flow and channel through that.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:12
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Louise Kay 1:00:16
They can visit my website, which is And they can also connect with me on social media and YouTube, they can see videos and subscribe. I'm on Instagram, I'm on Facebook. And I also every Sunday, I hold an open Zoom meeting. So it's by donation, and everyone's welcome. And I do a 30 minute guided meditation, and then an hour and a half opportunity for people to ask questions. So that's really wonderful opportunity to come together with the like minded people and explore more of what we've been exploring today. So everyone's welcome, if you're interested.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:57
Thank you so much. And what in Do you have a message that you would like to leave us with?

Louise Kay 1:01:04
I think the message would be what we spoke about today, what we touched on, which is to invite people to inquire deep within, or reflect upon this question. Who am I? Who am I be on thoughts? Remind me on for the physical body? What is it that is here now aware. Aware that I'm aware?

Alex Ferrari 1:01:32
It has been an honor and privilege talking to you today? It is. It's just been a beautiful, beautiful conversation. And I truly hope it helps everyone out there who listens to it. Thank you so much for being on the show and for doing what you do in the world. I appreciate you.

Louise Kay 1:01:47
Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate you and it's been real pleasure talking to you today. Thank you so much.

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