Adamus St. Germain Speaks! Channeled Wisdom That Changes Lives with Geoffrey Hoppe

In today’s enlightening episode, we welcome Geoffrey Hoppe, a remarkable channeler whose journey from a successful corporate career to profound spiritual channeling offers deep insights into the realms of energy, consciousness, and our interconnected existence. Geoffrey’s story is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening and the boundless nature of the soul.

Geoffrey begins by sharing his life before he began channeling. He led a successful career, having started an aviation telecommunications company that revolutionized in-flight internet. Despite his professional achievements, Geoffrey experienced an unexpected turn when he began hearing a voice during a business flight. This voice, identifying itself as Tobias, marked the beginning of Geoffrey’s journey into channeling. He initially dismissed it as a hallucination due to stress, but the persistent and profound messages from Tobias eventually convinced him of their authenticity.

Geoffrey Hoppe recounts his initial reluctance to share these experiences, even with his wife Linda. Over time, he embraced his role as a channeler, first with Tobias and later with Adamus Saint Germain, an ascended master who guides his work today. Geoffrey’s life transformed as he and Linda traveled the world, conducting workshops and retreats, ultimately establishing a retreat center in Hawaii. This journey has not only changed their lives but also impacted thousands seeking spiritual growth and understanding.


  1. Energy as Communication: Geoffrey’s insights reveal that energy is fundamentally a form of communication. Understanding that energy is neutral and becomes active through our consciousness can transform how we interact with the world.
  2. The Power of Allowing: One of the key teachings from Adamus is the concept of “allowing.” By allowing ourselves to embrace our full being without guilt or shame, we open up to our true potential and the flow of our energy.
  3. Navigating Spiritual Distractions: Geoffrey emphasizes the importance of avoiding distractions on the spiritual path. Staying focused on one’s inner guidance and not getting sidetracked by external influences or trends is crucial for genuine spiritual growth.

Geoffrey’s work with Adamus Saint Germain has led to the creation of numerous spiritual teachings and workshops. One significant concept is the idea of “Heavens Cross,” an event marking a shift in consciousness where the barriers between dimensions become more permeable, allowing for greater access to our divine essence. This shift, according to Adamus, is facilitated by the rising consciousness on the planet, despite the apparent chaos in the world.

Geoffrey’s teachings also delve into the intricacies of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. He describes the journey from awakening, often triggered by significant life events, to the realization of one’s divinity. This path involves navigating the “dark night of the soul” and overcoming deeply ingrained fears and karmic patterns. The ultimate goal is to reach a state of “embodied realization,” where one lives fully as an enlightened being on Earth, free from the need for external energy sources.

Throughout the conversation, Geoffrey underscores the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. By recognizing our inherent worthiness and the divine nature of our energy, we can transcend old patterns of guilt and shame and embrace a life of synchronicity and magic.

In conclusion, Geoffrey Hoppe’s journey from corporate success to spiritual channeling offers profound insights into the nature of consciousness and the transformative power of spiritual awakening. His story encourages us to embrace our own spiritual journeys, trust in our inner guidance, and live authentically from a place of love and acceptance.

Please enjoy my conversation with Geoffrey Hoppe.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 190

Geoffrey Hoppe 0:00
Everything communicates with with everything else. And once you realize that it's yours once you get over your guilt and shame and whatever energy starts serving you

Alex Ferrari 0:13
I like to welcome to the show, Geoffrey Hoppe. How you doin Geoffrey?

Geoffrey Hoppe 0:30
I am doing well this morning. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:32
I'm doing very good. My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. Because you're doing some interesting work, sir. You've done some interesting work in your career and you live an interesting life let's say.

Geoffrey Hoppe 0:43
It is very interesting. And interesting is an interesting word. But yeah, it's you know, all this came about kind of by accident, and but my wife, Linda and I have been doing it for the last 22 years. And we've traveled the world. And, gosh, I think we've been to 38 different countries. Now we have a retreat center and on the big island in Hawaii. So it is the life a little crazy at times. I mean, but it is the life.

Alex Ferrari 1:07
Without question. So let me ask you, what was your life like prior to you? You know, starting to channel and this this isn't sanity came off. But from what I understand you were you were walking down a path you were you know, financially successful career was on track, everything was good. And then the world gets turned upside down.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:29
Oh, yeah. Well, I and I'll keep this condensed. When I was young, very young, I always had that kind of feeling knowingness that you know, you know, talk to the angelic play friends and things like that. But it got pushed aside. And later in life. During the army, which was actually a very good experience. They assigned me to NASA, which where I worked in was a technical writer. But it was good background for what I would later do. I ended up later in life, starting an aviation telecommunications company. Basically, what people now know is internet on the airplane. We started that back in Texas, back in Dallas, and, you know, went through the whole startup phase and raising money and everything. It's now a public company. And, you know, it's on a lot of the airplanes. So my wife and I learned a lot a pretty normal life. We worked hard. It started numerous businesses for a while I was doing marketing, consulting. And then one night flying home on a business trip from somewhere. I was kind of half asleep, my head up against the window. And I've heard this voice, voices. I am Tobias. I'm here to work with you. And I kind of shook my head and looked around open my eyes. Nobody, nobody's sitting next to me. I'm cheese, okay, and whatever. Close my eyes and he came back, I'm Tobias. We need to talk. And he went through a gunshot for about an hour. And it was absolutely fascinating. blowing my mind, I'm thinking at the same time, all this is kind of like a lucid dream. And I'm thinking all the time, I'm just, I'm working too hard. I, you know, had the aviation company. I had my marketing company, as I'm going a little bit crazy. But what he said was incredibly fascinating. So you know, skipping forward, one thing led to another and he took me through about a year of what it called spiritual basic training. I didn't tell anybody about it, not even my wife, Linda. Every night in the car, right? And we home he'd come in, and we'd talk and he'd, he basically taught me how to feel, how to sense energies, how to open up beyond my mind and into the senses. And it was it was fascinating times I got so angry with him. I told him never to come back. Other times, it was just so incredible. One day, I finally told my wife about it, and

Alex Ferrari 4:00
How that how that go. How'd that go?

Geoffrey Hoppe 4:03
He interesting. So this was Tobias that I was channeling. And he's, I didn't know it. At first I had to find out later. But he's, he was in the apocryphal books of the Bible, the Book of Tobit or Tobias. And so he was he lived out about 500 BC. Quite a character and very Jewish, very, very Jewish, very reverent. So when that came home, and I got to tell them that she knows that there's something up I'm just not quite right. These days. She knows that something's going on. So I got home and I said, Linda, you know, I need you to sit down and I said, I got have to tell you about a friend of mine. But the look on her face was like, you know, like, we we've been married for quite a while over 20 years and and then it dawned on me Oh, no, no, no, she's misunderstanding that. No, no, no, Linda, it's an old dead Jew. You don't have to worry about it. And I think she was so relieved that she was she was open to it. And she said, You know, I like to talk to to buy us some time. And I'm like, I don't know how to do that. I know how to do it in here, but I don't know how to do that. And anyway, a couple days later, we sat down. And that was the first channel I've ever done, I brought through Tobias, and it sounded so rough and awful. And to have to put that energy into words seem so crude, but Linda loved it and went from there. A couple of years later, I was still doing aviation. Were a couple years later, the even though I was a co founder in the company, I was fired, which was probably the best thing ever happened to me. And at that point, I thought, you know, just putz around. We have a nice branch here in Colorado, I'm just going to take it easy. And the phones literally, the phone started ringing the next day people saying, Hey, do you guys do workshops? And, you know, we'd started a little web tiny little website. And, and we're like, and thought about it, but I guess we could try. And so life went from there.

Alex Ferrari 6:09
I mean, psychologically, I mean, when you when this came out for you, I mean, when did you come out of the spiritual closet, if you will, because, you know, you were pretty much you know, just a normal while you know, doing you know, you building up your life, you know, getting ready, putting money away into the bank, getting a nice property, you're doing the American dream, basically, he's basically right. And then all of a sudden, this comes up and you're dealing with it. Eventually, you have to tell your friends, family, other things like that, that now you are a channeler, which 20 odd years ago, or however long you've been doing it? Not the coolest thing in the world? To be,correct?

Geoffrey Hoppe 6:49
Yeah, it was interesting. You know, up here in Colorado, it's a lot more open. Then we lived in Texas for a while it is you know, it's there's, it's the Bible Belt. But here, people were relatively open to it. A good friend device was a psychologist and she came to me, we told her about what was going on. And she said, Well, would you work with me and some of my real hardcase clients, you know, having to buy us go back into their past lives, or whatever. And I did that with her cash every Saturday for almost a year. And it was really, really good training. But it's just before I was publicly channeling really good training, and being able to really feel into a person, open up to Tobias, have him do his thing, and then have a like, a 20 minute break before the next person. And it was incredible training as a matter of fact, but some of our friends kind of looked at a stranger and they're no longer friends. Family, they were from Wisconsin, originally, most of them are still back there. And, you know, it's kind of funny, because we're open about what we do. They just don't get it. I mean, it's like, they don't even hear the words, you know, so it's not like they're against it, but they don't hear it, you know,

Alex Ferrari 8:09
They selectively don't listen to it those words.

Geoffrey Hoppe 8:12
I think they think I'm still in the aviation business, you know, and, and because that's comfortable for them to think that way. But yeah, it was quite an experience. Our lives turned around. Very quickly. We started cash traveling right away. And we traveled hard for cash from about 2002 to about 2017 2018. We put on, I would say almost 2 million miles traveling around the world doing workshops in everywhere from Egypt, to Korea, Brazil, all over Europe. I mean, it was it was fascinating. And we got kind of burned out. And we finally said let's have a little burned out. We we were we were three weeks on the road one week back in Colorado, and just constantly like that. It was fascinating, but it was tiring. And we finally said, you know, let's let's see if we could find a place in Hawaii, get a retreat center and have people come to us, which we did. 2017 we got the place. And it was it was incredible. Because shortly after that, of course COVID hit and we were in the perfect position. We've got a really nice recording studio. Here in Colorado down in town. We have the recording studio and the retreat center and Hawaii were perfectly set up. I mean, we didn't need to travel anymore. And if I never see the inside of an airplane again. I will be a happy man.

Alex Ferrari 9:41
Completely. So you started off channeling Tobias but now you channel St. Germain.

Geoffrey Hoppe 9:51
Wait, yeah, it's St. Germain but he goes by Adamus Saint Germain or if I say it correctly, Adamus Saint Germain. Ah, that's the French pronunciation.

Alex Ferrari 10:02
So what so do you jump back and forth between the two? Or did Tobias move on to somebody else? How does that work?

Geoffrey Hoppe 10:07
Tobias actually left in 2009. He reincarnated back on Earth. And not that he needed to, but he just wanted to have one last lifetime, and just to enjoy life. And there's a long long story behind that he is born and raised in, in Oregon, goes by the name of Sam. And as a story that for another time, but so at that point, Adamuscame in and he said, I want to go by the name of Adamus St. Germain to differentiate all the work you've done in the past as St. Germain and the people that are still channeling and he said, I'm coming in for a very specific reason for Crimson Circle. And I don't want this to get confused with anybody else. As a matter of fact, he said, You know, I want you to copyright the name. I don't want anybody else claiming to channel Adamus in the past with Tobias didn't matter one way or the other, you know, but he was very adamant about that. And he said I have specific message over a very short period of time, and I don't want it to get cluttered with with St. Germain or other people claiming to channel Adamus

Alex Ferrari 11:21
So when he came in forgive me, but like when he when Tobias left, how much time between that him leaving, they'd like to Tobias talk to Adamus. Hey, there's an opening is there like is there a bar that they all go to on the other side of like, oh, man, channel I got one there's an opening I'm heading back down if you want to talk to him.

Geoffrey Hoppe 11:43
They're kinda is actually Adamus loves talking about the Ascended Masters Club. And he tells these stories. You know, he's good buddies with Tobias. Kazumi quite a few of the others. And so I had told me about a year beforehand, Tobias had said that he was leaving, and he said that St. Germain would be coming in. And when Tobias left it was, Gosh was it during July of 2009. And I had like two months off, and then St. Germain came in. When I channeled Tobias I sat with my eyes closed on a barstool didn't move around, just did the channel. When Saint Germain came in the first time, he's like, Oh, no, no, no, this is this is my house. Now. He said, You're going to open your eyes. And it was funny. I think we have a recording but but he also had, my eyes are open. I'm like, Oh, crap. And I'm trying to close them. And Adamus is opening and closing them. But he, it had shocked me at first because I always thought everybody in the audience was sitting there with their eyes closed. And so it was comfortable. And suddenly, I realized everybody was staring at me. And I'm seeing everything, but not with my regular human eyesight. When I'm channeling with my eyes open, I can see if you were in the audience, I can see kind of overlays of past lives. You know, it's information blurry, but it's multi dimensional. And next thing, he had me walking around, and that was really uncomfortable. I was used to sitting in a bar chair. And now I love it, because he's very engaging with the audience. I mean, when when there's a live audience, he's dialoguing with them and joking with them. And it's, it's, it's a hoot. Well, he's very irreverent.

Alex Ferrari 13:36
Well, I sensed that already. And that's why I have to ask this question. You said that he has some great Ascended Master stories. If you could share one with us. If you remember one, that would be awesome. I just love to hear when these stories

Geoffrey Hoppe 13:48
Like for instance, he said, you know, we're sitting at the Ascended Masters Club last night, by the fireplace reading a book of my book, of course, I was reading and I'm hearing overhearing some of the other Ascended Masters talking about, oh, that Adamus, and that Crimson Circle group, and, you know, and they're just, you know, they cuss and they swear, and they drink and they, they smoke cigarettes, and you know, how, how on holy they are, and then Adamus is listening to this and, you know, kind of kind of pretending he's not hearing and finally gets up and he and he goes and has talking and he says, These people are real, you know, they're not pretentious, they're not they're not listening. He's and that he chews them out. You know, so they're not like jokes, they're like stories, and I think he greatly embellished his the stories. corsi in his last someone's last lifetime, she was Shakespeare, Mark Twain. So he loves the storytelling. Got it. But he uses it as a basis for telling stories.

Alex Ferrari 15:00
No Do you when you channel does it take energy out of you? Or does it empower you?

Geoffrey Hoppe 15:06
It doesn't really take energy out of me, the more the preparation, if we're doing an event or something, you know, getting ready for all the people coming in. And so no, I energetically I'm okay. The problem is that usually the day after, like a big channel in particular, I need to be by myself away from everybody. And it's a very strange feeling. It's not like, it's not like sadness, but a little bit like sadness, maybe melancholy. During a channel, I see too much, and I feel too much. It's sometimes it's overwhelming, and you're in front of a group of 100 people, and you can feel some of the suffering and you can hear people calling out in their mind to anonymous, anonymous, please, you know, I need help. I'm, you know, I'm on the brink of not staying here on the planet. And it's, it's tough. I mean, it's, it's kind of sad. On the other hand, I can also feel the joy of people saying, you know, I'm really connecting with my soul, I'm, you know, it's been a tough, tough journey, but I'm getting there. So I just need I need that space the day after, to kind of come back to myself,

Alex Ferrari 16:20
Because I'm assuming that when you are surrounded by so many people with their own issues, their own baggage, their own dramas, you are empathic to that and feel a lot of that stuff.

Geoffrey Hoppe 16:32
Normally, I'm not as Geoffrey they human. When I'm in channel, I am very, very sensitive, very sensitive. If somebody touches me, it's like, like, like a shock almost. But I am very aware of the energy in the room and the people and the individuals. And what's really cool about it is we'll do a workshop and even though you know, it has a name like staying in grace, every time we do it, it's different because Adamus tailors it to that specific group. And and we could do two workshops back to back and it could be almost totally different.

Alex Ferrari 17:10
Now, I know we're not going to channel in this in this conversation, but can you Is there is there a way to ask a Adamus questions and him maybe answer some of them? Or does he have anything to say to this audience?

Geoffrey Hoppe 17:27
Don't ask him what he has to say. But we'll never get out of here. You know, it's what I call indirect channel where I'm aware of his presence right here, but I'm not in the channel state, but I'm aware of it so I can say yeah, okay, here's what a Adamus is saying. Versus when I'm in the the pure channel state. You know, I kind of move aside and Adamus comes in but yeah, Adamus. He doesn't talk to me words, he talks to me like him, like thought packets, and I have to unwind them. But what do you say two things to people is.

The first is, he's very clear about calling people on their Macchio. Macchio is a is an old Zen term, meaning spiritual distractions. It's very, very easy to get distracted, extremely easy to get distracted along the way, you'll eventually come back to the path but Adamus saying watch watch the distractions particularly right now. So easy to get caught up in a you know, Crystal therapies and, you know, excessive rituals and diets Oh, he hates diets. You know, he says, listen to your body. Don't Don't listen to somebody else a diet very easy to get caught up in all that and we've all we've all encountered it on on the path and he's like state very clear, right now listen to your soul yourself. Don't get distracted by all the other voices all the other healing modalities and today's latest gimmick and things he said it's you've got it right within you. A reason why he's really emphatic about that right now is that there's an event coming up in in late March, march 22. And he calls it heavens cross. And what this means is that there's enough consciousness on the planet right now, inspite of what you read in the news in that but there's enough consciousness on the planet that literally the kind of the veil that's sort of surrounded earth that he calls earth a dimension. So that's lightening up a little bit and the other heavens which he uses that word to refer to dimensions are accessibility to our soul are now crossing intersecting. And he said this is bigger than, than anything we've encountered in our lifetime or for many lifetimes. It's, it's a new opening, most people aren't going to be aware of it. But if you're on the path, if you're, if you're choosing to stay on the planet as an embodied, realized master, suddenly, you're going to have much greater access to your own other realms, your own other heavens. And because there's enough consciousness, it's allowing this. However, it can be also overwhelming that suddenly you have this huge infusion of your own your own soul light into your life. And if you're in a place of imbalance, if you're using it for try to use it for power, manipulation, ego and anything like that a kick in the ass, his words, not mine. Really kick you in the ass. So we're talking about it in Crimson Circle, we're going to actually we're going to be in Hawaii on that date, we're going to do a worldwide webcast. It's, it's an extremely special event. And, you know, we've all been through things like the Harmonic Convergence and y two, y 2000. And all the while educate, he says, This is so far beyond that. And on that day, nothing particularly is gonna happen, you know, to the world in the news or anything, but he sort of watch what happens after that. It's going to be amazing.

Alex Ferrari 21:35
Now, so many people talk about spiritual awakening, what is Adamus's definition of spiritual awakening? So people understand.

Geoffrey Hoppe 21:44
Yeah, so you've got a typical person, let's call her Barbara, Barbara is going through life and goes to college raises a few kids is married, probably gets divorced. Just going through life, it may be had gone to church maybe not doesn't really matter, because spiritual awakening has nothing to do with religion. And suddenly, one day boom, something happens. And it might be a might be a car accident, it might be just something that happens in a very lucid dream, it might be that, you know, she's kind of at her wit's end and suddenly feels visited by an angel. And this is what we call the point of spiritual awakening. It occurs because at some level within the human, they're saying no more, no more, no more the cycles of lifetime after lifetime, no more of just being in mass consciousness, no more being asleep. So things line up actually, prior to that specific event. And suddenly, they're in a spiritual awakening. Like I said, it's really, it's not a religious thing at all. But and you're in a euphoria. I mean, you're just in kind of a bliss state. It can last anywhere from like 90 Days to a year or so. And suddenly, you're looking at everything in life different. And it's beautiful, but then comes the tough part, and really the whole reason for Crimson Circle. Now you've got a long Barbara has a long path in front of her from awakening to what we call embodied realization or enlightenment. And this is where the strep distractions come in. This is where the molecule comes in. And this is where the tough stuff because you're turned inside out you're everything you thought you knew about yourself, you realize you really didn't and this is where you go through the dark night of the soul and not just once but numerous times. And this is where what we call the Dragon comes in. And the dragon is it really the truth of your soul but to the human it appears as a dragon because it'll it'll just tear you apart. Our job and Crimson Circle is to help guide people from Awakening we don't we don't do pre awakening or, or even the awakening itself. But once you start getting on that path once barber says, okay, you know, my life has changed. I lost my job now I lost my friends. I'm alone. I have no idea what's going on. But I can feel something within me. And that's where we come in to help guide them to help show them a you're not crazy. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart to your soul. It's all right there. It's not up there somewhere. And you go through some tough times but you're gonna have visitations from angels. But understand those angels are just you from your future coming to assure you that it all works out. And there is such fulfillment and joy in working with people in this and it's, you know, I wasn't an enlightened being when I got into all all this. So it's not like I knew the answers, I'm going through it all. So it's been phenomenal. And just the the insights and the the, the, the coming to be realized and realize means you accept all that you are and all that surrounds you the world around you. It's been a phenomenal journey. And at some point barber comes to a point of no longer struggling, no longer fighting. It's what we call the point of allowing, and allowing means you are allowing your, your to Free Self, your divine, to join you here on this planet, in in your physical body, but it also brings in your light body and allowing us to in a way kind of a surrender, saying I'm going to stop the games, I'm going to stop the searching, I'm going to stop my my own bullshit. I just allow all that I am. And so at some point, barber realizes, Damn, I've really been realized all the way along, I just didn't let myself believe it or realize it. And then everything transforms suddenly, the big kind of the big result of this is suddenly you're no longer having to seek energy outside of yourself. You're no longer battling energy or afraid of it, suddenly you realize that all the energy is yours, and it's there to serve you. So the flow changes instead of swimming upstream, you know, fighting to get a little bit of energy, whether in the form of abundance or health or anything like that, instead of swimming upstream, you realize that is my energy and it flows in now and it serves you and you start getting all these synchronicities in your life and everything just kind of lines up and you still have to deal with people mass consciousness but as as yourself you're no longer having abundance as an issue or or you're no longer searching for the answers. You're no longer trying to find out who you are. It's all right there.

Alex Ferrari 27:08
So is what is the difference between what you just explained and being an Ascended Master?

Geoffrey Hoppe 27:14
Ascended Master you gotta die. You gotta go.

Alex Ferrari 27:17
Well as they're walking the earth though, is this kind of the state that they're into the Jesus's the Yogananda is the, you know, the Buddhas of the world, these kinds of characters who've walked the walk the earth, while they're here that my Raji like, there's so many different ascended masters who are here and do work, who are ascended while they're on the on this plane. But then eventually, they die. Yeah, you become an Ascended Master once you die, but during the process that there are on earth, because there's a moment, you know, Jesus didn't start, he didn't become ascended or didn't become self realized until he was around 3031 32, or something like that. Right? When he became when he came out and started doing, came out and started doing what he did. You know, I mean, Buddha took a while before, you know, according to the stories of artha, took it took a while before he got up, but then once he did it, he was enlightened for most of his life. So what is that exactly?

Geoffrey Hoppe 28:17
But generally what happens in enlightenment is, you don't stay very long, you realize that life is on a planet is harsh. You have no more karma. You realize also that you're not there to save the world. And a lot of new age folks have a tough time with that they want to save the world. And you realize true compassion is not trying to change anybody else. And so most of the Ascended Masters stayed for a matter of days or weeks or months. You hit this point where actually it's a tough one where you suddenly feel like, I don't really want to stay anymore. You know, I've done everything I can, you know, love the planet, but I'm leaving. Typically, they leave in a couple of months, Kazumi stayed for about 20 years. And some of the ones you mentioned stayed for a while. Because it's tough down here. And because you realize your journey is done here. Adama says there's about 11,321 Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters Club. That's not a lot, considering

Alex Ferrari 29:25
Exactly billions of humans that have come in and out.

Geoffrey Hoppe 29:29
It considering all the incarnations. He said, There's not many, but it's growing pretty fast right now. He said on the planet on walking the face of the earth right now. There's slightly under 20,000 what he would call embodied Masters, meaning that you're still in the physical body. You're still on the planet. We're still human in everyday life. And he said that that number just even 30 years ago was was literally only in the few 1000 Since in the past couple of years, it's grown quite a bit there's, there's a lot more embodied Masters.

Alex Ferrari 30:06
So let me ask you or ask Adamus as well what do you think is happening in the moment in the world because the world seems to be upside down. There's so many different things that we are as a society dealing with between pandemics, environmental, economic war, all these things are all seem to be swirling around around the same time. And it's it's hitting everybody like a sledgehammer. And you know, what, there seems to be something happening. So in his opinion, what is happening to humanity? And where does he feel this is going because there is a level of spiritual awakening happening now that hasn't, at the highest level that has been in my life, I'm assuming in your life as well, there's, there's conversations like this 10 years ago, this conversation wasn't happening. It just wasn't

Geoffrey Hoppe 30:59
There's more awakening. According to Adamus there's more Awakening on the planet right now than ever, which means there's more consciousness on the planet, which means now we come into this, what he calls the heavens cross where now you, you have much better access to your divinity, and your own energy. What's happening right now, kind of as an overview is that we're entering the era of the new human species. On the planet, we have this old Adam Kadmon template for the for the human species are all biology, and that's rapidly changing right now. So we're literally redoing the DNA, literally doing humanity. And over the next 30 years, in particular, you're going to see it change so much in terms of it might be from augmentations, from technology. You know, he talks about singularity, which is, he says we're on target for about 2050. A singularity means that you can't even chart it anymore. It just the changes that are occurring in the human genome in the human brain, and everything else. We're kind of on a big curve right now like that. But then it hits that point in 2050. You know, it can't curve anymore. So it literally kind of does a loop and goes into another dimension. And that's what's happening right now. We're, the human species is being redone. And, you know, some are looking at it from a technology standpoint, the ability to have implants, I mean, it's already happening.

Alex Ferrari 32:37
Oh, no, we're probably a few years away from that. I mean, there is implants already. But like, matrix matrix style implants, where you can style download kung fu.

Geoffrey Hoppe 32:49
We'll see it in our lifetime, and nanotechnology and some of the other things that are coming about that, that are there on there on the workbench on the r&d bench right now, where some of them are already implemented. And he said, That's just going to keep increasing and increasing. I don't know if you're familiar with Moore's law that

Alex Ferrari 33:12
Just keeps doubling and doubling every one every couple years. But it's even faster now.

Geoffrey Hoppe 33:17
Yes, that's what he said, it's going to continue. So you're going to see we're going to see life change before our eyes. And it's going to be wonderful in many respects, what we're able to do with the body to rejuvenate it, but it's going to be difficult also, because there's old powers on the planet that are trying to hold on, they do not want to see a change, because they lose their power base. Now, whether it's a country, whether it's individuals, it doesn't matter. But basically, there's no room for power on this planet anymore. Power is an illusion, power occurs when you think that the energy is outside of you, you have to get it from somewhere else. And that consciousness is got to change and it is changing. But the ones who want to maintain power are going to be kicking and screaming, they're going to be holding on for everything that they can. And that's why you you're seeing the polarity in society right now. You know, the ones who want to stay back in the old and the one new one wants to go forward, but Adama said there is no going back in Asia, reassuring me that right now. We don't go back. It only goes forward. But there's going to be kicking and screaming,

Alex Ferrari 34:33
Which is what's happening right now in the world. I mean, there's I mean, there's so many things that have been brought up into the light that had been dormant for decades, and now things that are being said in public things that are being done in public. In my lifetime. I never seen anything like it. You'd heard of things like this, but you've never seen it in public like this right1 And it is just coming at me and I'm just like what is there's something happening? He, and for my understanding is those things are being brought up because they need to be light needs to be shined upon that correct. And it has to be exposed so it can be cleaned and cleansed. Because if it's hidden, it can't, it can't be pulled out the cancer can't be pulled out essentially,

Geoffrey Hoppe 35:15
But can be transmuted. So no, it has to come out right now. And people look at the world and say, Geez, I think it's falling apart. I don't know. It's just evolving right now. And evolution is not always easy. You know, sometimes it's kind of painful.

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Birth isn't easy. If you ask ask my wife ask any woman who's given birth not not a fun process easy not before it was fun after was fun process.

Geoffrey Hoppe 35:46
What actually Adamus has, you know, we spend our whole life fearing death. He said, Oh, it's so easy compared to birth, I mean, death, you know, you just kind of you should just walk out when you're ready. And, you know, it's not a great big traumatic event when you hit the other side. And unless it may be suicide, but he said death is easy. But there's Adamuss loves talk about physics as well. And that fascinates me I haven't.

Alex Ferrari 36:13
I love quantum physics.

Geoffrey Hoppe 36:16
In I'm not a technical person. But like, in my, my early career, I always took engineering information, like like aerospace and had to rewrite it. So a normal person could understand it. So even back then I was kind of channeling in a way. As matter of fact, I have to throw this in. When I was in the aviation business. The my buddies and I developed some technologies for communicating between an aircraft and the ground. And we were the first company ever to reuse radio spectrum, without it interfering with itself, with the same frequencies could be reused without interfering, it'd be akin to having like a hotel room, that you could have two or three different guests stay in, and they wouldn't see each other. But anyway, I did get three patents in multi dimensional telecommunications. So it says that right on the patent is that I thought, my God, that was really more about what I'm doing now. So I do claim to be the only chancellor in the world with patents.

Alex Ferrari 37:31
Which was kind of what you're doing. But yes, I understand what the patent office didn't give you what a patent on what you're doing currently.

Geoffrey Hoppe 37:38
Right, right. So you're right now, quantum physics, he loves talking about that. And he does it in a way that anybody could understand. But yet, it's so fascinating. And one of the biggest things that he talks about is sending a planet they they're going to discover pretty soon what energy is, you know, we know how to use energy, but we don't know what it is. And he said that the core energy is yours personally. You don't really commingle it with anybody else's, but said if energy is just communication, it is what he calls this the song of the soul. He said, It's not a force. It's not a power. It has. It has no agenda whatsoever. It's simply communication. We said this a number of years ago, and I'm watching now, you know, in some of the Pentagon science journals, how they're getting closer and closer to that understanding. They haven't said the words yet, but a dominant set of will. We'll hear it come from the physics community in the next couple of years. The grand discovery that energy is nothing but communication.

Alex Ferrari 38:53
Didn't mean to interrupt you, but the concepts that that fascinate me. And I'm looking forward to hearing more about that energy being communication. But simulation theory is such an amazing conversation in the quantum physics community, because it is essentially meeting spirituality and things that spirituality has been talking about for 6000 years. You know, as this is an illusion, this is dream, this is a simulation. But now the math is starting to catch up that this is that we arguably can mathematically be in a simulation. And that this is not a real realities. And what is the Adamus have to say about that?

Geoffrey Hoppe 39:36
But he talks about that, that you have your own energy, it's your solar energy, and that it's in a stage in a very pure neutral state until it's activated by consciousness. Then it goes through a process of basically transmitting as light from from the soul. And then as it makes its way into this reality, this very, very dense reality. The light becomes either latest generally turns into a wave form, and also known as photons. And then it stays in wave form, in wave form is nothing other than potentials, all the potentials of what could be, until it's observed by a conscious being by a human, then that wave form, then transmuted into particles. And now we see it as atoms we see it as, as molecules, we see it as trees and mountains. So with with that kind of understanding, you start to realize, Oh my gosh, the observer or consciousness is everything. I mean, it, nothing really exists, until it is observed until there is consciousness, then it becomes whatever you as the human believe, or think, or want to have happen. And then suddenly, your experience is created. It's, it's actually a very simple physics. But it's kind of mind blowing too

Alex Ferrari 41:05
Well, then that's it. That was in my rudimentary understanding of quantum physics, that there was an experiment that illustrated just what you just said that there was a light beam. And when it was observed, it did something. But when it wasn't observed, it kind of did something else. And then there's something along those lines, I forgot the name of that experiment, but it blew people blew the quantum physics community away.

Geoffrey Hoppe 41:29
Yeah. And then the debate in the physics community ever since has been well, that was at a micro level. But how does that affect macro? How does that affect, you know, the our reality? And they've been Einstein, strongly was opposed to that theory, but yet he was fascinated by it. And it's been around for a while, it's not new. But the new part to me is Adamas saying, Okay, now begin to understand that energy is communication. Everything communicates with with everything else. And once you realize that it's yours, once you get over your guilt and shame, and whatever energy starts serving you. And suddenly your life absolutely changes instead of now trying to get energy in he says, By the way, the biggest crap in the new age thing is that there's this unified energy field that we all tap into. He said, That's absolute Mockito, you're no energy is yours, and it will serve you, once you love yourself, once you accept yourself. And then suddenly, you're flowing. I mean, suddenly the synchronicities the magic. I mean, that's the word, he just yelled at me. Suddenly, the magic returns to your life. But you've got to come to the point where you understand it, your energy, and you're worthy of it. And most people will, first of all wouldn't believe the whole thing. Secondly, even the spiritual people, they have yet to feel that they're worthy event. And that's where the Dragon comes in and shows you that you are

Alex Ferrari 43:03
So why is that? Why is it that we feel that we're not worthy of these of this kind of power within ourselves, because that seems to be the biggest obstacle in finding a spiritual way, or having a spiritual awakening or, or having some sort of enlightenment in your life is that you're not worthy. And I've heard this from multiple people I've spoken to on the show, especially channelers, mediums, people who have these abilities, who they're like, Why me? Like there's that concept in our head? Like, we're not worthy of the these things that are happening to our this knowledge or this rank through this awareness? Why is that?

Geoffrey Hoppe 43:43
The because we've come to believe that the, you know, one of the original sins is that we were angelic beings, and we screwed up somewhere along the line, and this is our punishment. No, no, we're stuck here on the planet. And the church has reinforced that and everything and we build up all this karma over over lifetimes that which, you know, karma is, is McKeel. You know, you don't have to, you don't have to atone for anything, you just have to realize that I Am that I Am. So we build up these layers and layers and layers of this guilt and shame, all the bad things we've done. And on top of that, right now, every past life, and theoretically, future life is active right now. Just because you died in a past life, that lifetime is living right now. And, and it it is also every past lifetime is going through their realization right now they have to because in order for pure realization, it's not only you but it's all your past life. They're going through all their stuff, and basically, you and your past lifetimes are all reviewing the film's of your life, all the things I've ever done wrong. And then instead of learning to transmute that or to go beyond it Then it weighs heavier than ever. And that's the hard part of coming into realization, all the shit that you've all the stuff that you've suppressed and hidden and feel guilty about, it has to come out. And it's not designed to make your life miserable. It's designed so you can release it. And you've suddenly realized at a point, there's nothing to be guilty of or shameful of. There's nothing at all you've you've, you've got a choice, you either hang on to it and keep carrying it with you lifetime after lifetime. Or you let it go right now. And the moment you let it go, the moment you realize, alright, I did something. But as a diamond says, your mind doesn't really remember what really happened, do you think you remember but you really don't. Once you allow that to come to the surface and let it go, it instantly turns into wisdom. It's transmuted into wisdom. And then as a human that wisdom becomes available for you to use as you stay on the planet. But we're so addicted in that's the word, a key word. Thank you, Adamus. We're addicted to our guilt and shame.

Alex Ferrari 46:10
Well, there's another thing that really stops us from moving forward in life in spiritual life in you know, regular, dense life, fear. Fear is one of these things that we're, we're constantly afraid of. So many things most of it made up in our heads, because, generally speaking, we're afraid of things that happened in our past, which is our, our memories and things that are going to happen possibly in the future, which is our imagination. We I mean, if you think about it, in that fashion, we're insane. It's insane. Absolutely insane. You know, unless there's a tiger in the room, you know, that's about to kill you. There's really nothing to fear unless it's literally happened to you at the moment. And I don't know about you, but most of the times when I think about things that could happen in the future, 99.9% of the time, I'm wrong. It's never as bad as it seems. All that kind of stuff. So what is it? What can we do? What is it I'm about to say about what can we do, to break through our fears, not only in our daily lives, but to break to take that leap of faith that we are being guided, that we are walking a path of spirituality in our lives, and open ourselves up to that information and that, that that soul energy that you're talking about to come in,

Geoffrey Hoppe 47:26
By the way, that tiger in the room, you just realize it's an illusion. And it's scarier in hell, because your eyes are seeing a tiger and that Tiger is, you know, the teeth are showing, and it's about to pounce on you, that you need to take a deep breath and go is just my energy, it is an illusion. It's tough to do

Alex Ferrari 47:45
Well, you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna, I'm gonna say I'm not evolved to that level yet. If the tigers in the room, probably gonna be wrapping my pants and running. I'm not that evolved just yet. But I understand what you're saying.

Geoffrey Hoppe 48:01
That upward we live here in the mountains in Colorado, we have mountain lions, and particularly they like to roam around in the winter. And, you know, it's like, oh, my god, am I gonna get eaten by a mountain lion? It's not today. So fear the, for those who are on the spiritual path, I'm not speaking to all humanity. But for, for those who are on a path, that the greatest fear is your own power, what you're capable of doing. And most have shown it in a past life or even in this lifetime with the abuse of power, whether they were, you know, religious leaders, business leaders, are warriors, so many of us were warriors in the past. And then we we hide from our own self, then because we say we were not worthy, we abused that power. And then we go into the shell. And you know, so often the dominance is working with people on their voices, like during the workshops, like, Let that energy, let yourself come out again. But But I think the greatest fear is the power, what you're capable of doing. But you come to realize that in realization, you there, there is no power and you're not going to abuse yourself or anybody else. You're too evolved, you're too wise for that. So it's that ability to stop fearing your own power.

Alex Ferrari 49:25
We've discussed a little bit about reincarnation and past lives and things like that. Why do we choose to reincarnate again and again, you know, I from my understanding and police, I have a Adamus correct me or not? The concept of Karma is been skewed over the years a bit where it was before it's a punishment. From my understanding, it is a choice. We all have free choice and when we do something bad, or something that is not negative in one way, shape, or form and one life in this life, you're like, you know what, I really want to clean that up. I want to balance that out and you choose to come back to deal with that problem, not by some law, or not some there's not a clerk up top that has a ledger like, well, you screwed Bobby over. Now you got to get screwed over in this library. It's more like, Man, I screwed Bobby over I, I really need to balance this out, I'm gonna go back into this next life, and have a situation where I will feel what he felt. But it's a choice. So that's my understanding of karma. And but why do we reincarnate? According to Adamas? What's the purpose for us to keep doing it again, and again.

Geoffrey Hoppe 50:33
There's a lot of purposes to ultimately, the journey on the planet, you know, from the angelic being that we used to be to now it's all up and understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy. I mean, that that's why Earth was created in the first place. So it's hard to do that in just one, one gig, you know, you got to come back a couple times. And then you get lost in the karma. Karma is like a magnetic force. That, like you say, there's no jury or judge on the other side, it draws you back in it's unfinished business. It's something that has to has to have closure on it. The greatest karma? And the most, the one that's the least talked about is your ancestral karma. Yeah. It's huge. And it's actually Adama says it's greater than your past life karma. So you come back in lifetime after lifetime, in the same group of people. Adama says, generally, if you look at it, statistically, most people come back in for their next lifetime, with the same group. And they live in the same general area, no, usually no more than 50 miles away from their past lifetime. And they do that lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And that's kind of the definition of crazy, when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result.

Alex Ferrari 52:00
Well, let me ask you, can you explain what an ancestral karma is, because it is a concept that isn't discussed very often, but I have come across it a lot lately. And it is, it's really an interesting idea and concept, because it seems that, you know, it's your ancestors, you're dealing like, you know, if there was a warrior in the Mayan times that got thrown off of a of a pyramid, you're gonna still be afraid of heights. These kinds of things, and you're like, why? And then so then the question is, why do you choose to come back into a body that has that karma that really had nothing to do with you, per se?

Geoffrey Hoppe 52:41
Yeah. And I guess the bottom line is, it's easy, it's comfortable, you come back with the same family members. And, you know, the lineage, you know, you were the lineage, you were the great, great, great grandfather. And so you come back in that you're comfortable with the DNA, you're comfortable with the players. And generally, you've developed karma with the players. So you got to come back in and try to clean it up. But Adama says that most marriages are actually based on karma, not untrue love. You know, when you have that experience, you meet somebody, you fall in love, love it for status, and you're just remembering who they are. And you're not going to jump right back into karma with them. Because there's unfinished business. And it becomes very incestuous with with your own biological family, there's kind of a magnetic link that keeps you all together. And it brings you back lifetime after lifetime. Very often in a family, let's say the grandpa dies. And then months later, a newborn baby comes in. It's probably grandpa, if Grandpa, grandpa sometimes will wait for a while, but it's easy, it's comfortable. There's karma. And sometimes we're just very unaware of our choices. And it's hard to because when you leave that ancestral bondage their spirits are calling out they want you back, you know, how could you dare leave the family? How could you?

Alex Ferrari 54:14
The soul group if you will, that's not another word for it.

Geoffrey Hoppe 54:16
Kind of yeah, so group, but you know, it's you feel that pulling back in, because you're going to break the link, the chain that's bonded everybody together have for such a long time. It's very tough to do.

Alex Ferrari 54:31
How did you How do we get how do we get involved with this group in first place? I mean, on the other side, is there a bar we all get together like, we've done before, guys, we're all going down, let's go.

Geoffrey Hoppe 54:43
Some of it was based originally on the angelic families that we were in before Earth. There was 144,000 angelic families that we came from. So a lot of times when we first started incarnating you know, you chunked it up with those who were in your in jog family. And then you start developing bonds, you have bonds of love bonds of working together accomplishing things. And then that develop these ancestral chains. You've seen the family trees before. It's like, oh my God, that's karma. And it's for the unawakened. Human. That's the easiest path. You know what, why pick some strange family you've never been in before on the other side of the world, now just go back to my old family, I know them.

Alex Ferrari 55:30
So then what happens when one of those souls becomes enlightened and becomes an Ascended Master?

Geoffrey Hoppe 55:38
Changes everything for that ancestral unit. Because they can feel it at some level, it breaks the chain. You know, they talk about like an alcoholic family. You know, if the grandpa was an alcoholic, the dad now the kids and they pass it down. Somebody's got to break that chain and say no more. We're not going to tolerate that. It's the same with your ancestral family, that I'm no longer going to play these games with you, or with myself, I'm setting myself free. And I'm also going to create the example. So you at some point can set yourself free, you can be a sovereign being, we don't need to do this family thing anymore. We, we become dependent we become karmic idiots. Let's not do it anymore. But there's a great desire for them to have you, you know, in the nuthouse with them.

Alex Ferrari 56:35
So is this it's, it sounds like it's almost sounds like a real family, because that's what happens with family, biological, biological, biological family, they're just like, No, no, Misery loves company. You're not going anywhere, but even. But even on a soul level that happens, but it sounds very humanistic. As far as the emotions that are happening here. I imagined that when you're a soul, on the other end, you're not you don't have the same kind of human emotions in that sense.

Geoffrey Hoppe 57:03
Now, this is really a human thing. You know, in the soul goes along, as long as whatever the human wants to do. The soul is not here to dictate what you do.

Alex Ferrari 57:12
That's once you're down here, that's once you're down here. I'm talking once you're down here, when I'm when you're on the other side, is there a time that the soul changes, like, you know what, I am going somewhere else, or, you know, the soul group of Jesus, let's say, you know, this character that we all know, well, someone like Jesus would he became enlightened. And he became an essay eventually became an Ascended Master. Right, what happened to the group, you know, of all of his parents, his friends, his other people that were around him for as many lifetimes as it was.

Geoffrey Hoppe 57:44
Well, it's a it's a long one about it. The short answer is Adamus says that Yeshua, Jesus was not a soul being it was a collective, made up of numerous very high level souls in the other round, to come down to earth, to then bring together other people for the purpose of planting the seeds of divinity that would be then harvested 2000 years later. So basically says if you go up to the other realms, you're not going to find the real Yeshua, you'll find the religious artifact of Jesus, because enough people believe in that, but there is no soul being that was known as Jesus that was a collective kind of it was kind of like a, a group effort to bring light to the planet.

Alex Ferrari 58:33
Because I mean, he planted a seed that still I mean, we're still talking about

Geoffrey Hoppe 58:38
We're still talking. Yeah, and then the same token he says that for instance, Hitler was not a soul being you're not going to find Hitler in the other realms. It was a it was actually says it was a collective consciousness of, of the Jews. Going back to the time of Atlantis, where there was a lot of abuse by the what was known as Japuro it was the family of what later became known as the Jews on the planet, and they did some pretty bad stuff back in Atlantis, and this was their own retribution. So collectively, they created a being known as Hitler. But it's not a soul being

Alex Ferrari 58:43
Are there any of those walking the planet now?

Geoffrey Hoppe 59:18
Yeah. Yes. Back. St. Francis of Assisi was a collective being on the planet right now. There's quite a few of them. But they're generally done to help kind of set an example or to have the strength to endure to get through challenging times. But yes, there are on the planet. And I'm not one of them.

Alex Ferrari 59:56
I could talk to you for hours or I could talk to Adamus for hours, let me let me ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:00:08
Living a good life has total allowing, and allowing is accepting all that is first about yourself. No more guilt and shame. You allow you accept, and then about everybody else, you're not here to change, you're not here to try to change the world, we're here to bring a light to the world, for those who are ready for their own change. We're not as we're not here to go out and because fighters compassion is seeing a beggar on the street corner. And instead of feeling sorry for him going, Oh, dude, that is so cool. I mean, you are you are a manifestation of your soul acting out as a human on Earth acting out as a beggar how a be the best beggar you can be. And it's tough to do sometimes to have that level of compassion, you see a child who's sick, or you see a woman who has been abused, it's very, very difficult to just accept it. But you understand that's what they they're choosing at some level, for their experiences on the planet at some level. And then you bring that light, without forcing it, you bring it and say, you know, anytime you're ready to change, this light will show you the potentials, it's like bringing a light into a dark room. It's like you maybe are not seeing you have other potentials. And when you're ready, they're here. And that's, that's really why we're here, Crimson Circle, and we're here to sit on the bench. Enjoy the day, drink a latte. And just let our light radiate, but not inflicting it on the world not having our own view of what the world should be simply saying, the light is here, do what you want with it. And that's exactly what Jesus said.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:00
What is your definition of God?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:02:03
Me? Real plain and simple. No, we were surely we're all gods. And once we realize that I am God also, actually one of the books that I wrote. That was, those are the only words in the book. And so that first page I've got also, you realize your own divinity, your sovereignty, you realize that the I am of yourself, the I Am, is that God, and many people would consider that to be egotistical or offensive, and it's not at all suddenly come to that point of acceptance, and you realize, I am God also, I am the Spirit.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:43
Well, then this Jesus said that all those years ago, is exactly. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:02:53
It depends. It's ultimately to really understand the relationship between consciousness. And we, the symbol for consciousness is a circle with a dot in the middle of the circle, consciousness has no energy to it. It is pure awareness. And from the compassion of that, the I Am awareness I exist, it created this thing called energy. And now the consciousness and the energy are trying to see how they work together. Right now, they're not there to separate things, energy is outside of consciousness, yet they get they work together. Ultimately, it's really about incorporating energy and consciousness together into a singular thing. And that's the whole journey here on Earth. Prior to being on earth, when we were in Jelic beings, in the other realms, it was all about trying to understand what is energy, and we came to the planet, to learn it in a very slow down, very visceral, very condensed way. It allows us the opportunity here on the planet to really deeply experience it, rather than having it as kind of ethereal in the other realms. That's what we're doing here. And once you begin to understand your consciousness, and that the energy is yours, boom, that's it. That's that's the Mic drop.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:21
And where can people find out more about you and what you're doing?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:04:24, I would say most of the things we have in our library are free. There are there are some classes and workshops but you know, we've been doing these monthly webcast channels since 2000. So we got 22 years worth of stuff, it's all free.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:47
And is there any message that Adamus would like to leave us with?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:04:51
Yes, he would the same message he started with. Don't get distracted right now, march 22, when heavens cross you'll have much greater accessibility to your own divinity, much greater clarity of your own energy. But if you're distracted if you're in this Macchio state, if you're seeking power, it's going to kick you in the ass.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:16
My friend, I appreciate you being on the show. It's been a pleasure talking to you and Adamus, and I can't wait for this to be shared with my audience. So I appreciate you my friend. Thank you for all the work you've been doing all these years.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:05:27
Great. Thank you for inviting us on I've really enjoyed it, you got great energy.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:32
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