Super RARE Channeling – Adamus St. Germain Speaks LIVE! with Geoff Hoppe

In today’s episode, we embark on an enlightening journey with Geoff Hoppe, a channeler who brings forth the wisdom of Adamus Saint-Germain, offering profound insights into consciousness and spiritual realization. Imagine a world where the simple act of sitting on a park bench can radiate light and transform the planet. This metaphor encapsulates the gentle yet powerful presence Geoff describes—a presence that does not seek to change but to illuminate.

Geoff Hoppe’s path into channeling began with Tobias, who taught him the art of using his voice not merely for speaking but for projecting energy. He explains, “Even with Zoom or on video recording, it still comes through, and it’s very different than when just Geoff is speaking.” This energetic transmission is not just about the words but the vibration they carry, impacting listeners on a profound level. Geoff’s ability to connect deeply with audiences and share the wisdom of beings like Adamus sets him apart in the spiritual realm.

One of the most profound aspects of our conversation with Geoff was his understanding of enlightenment and realization. He shared, “You don’t have to go out and evangelize. You don’t have to give great speeches or anything like that. It’s actually as simple as sitting on a park bench.” This simplicity is the crux of spiritual awakening—allowing one’s light to shine naturally, without the need for external validation or effort. True spiritual work is internal, an alignment with one’s own divinity.


  1. Radiating Light Through Presence: The metaphor of sitting on a park bench emphasizes the power of simply being present and letting your inner light shine. This effortless radiance can impact the world profoundly, illustrating that true spiritual work is about alignment and presence, not grand gestures.
  2. Embracing Allowance Over Effort: Geoff’s teachings through Adamus highlight the importance of allowing rather than striving. By letting go of the need to perfect ourselves and instead allowing our divinity to manifest, we find true peace and grace.
  3. Inner Peace and Happiness: Geoff speaks to the essence of finding inner peace through self-acceptance and realization. “Happiness is almost like the carrot in front of the horse,” he explains. True peace comes from the realization of one’s own existence—“I Am that I Am”—beyond the fleeting pursuit of happiness.

Geoff’s exploration into the nature of the universe and our place in it reveals a perspective that challenges conventional understanding. He describes the universe as an illusion, a circular construct where time and space are mere concepts. This illusion, he asserts, is designed for souls to experience and ultimately realize the profound truth of their being. “The kingdom is already within you,” Geoff says, urging us to stop seeking answers outside ourselves and to embrace our inherent divinity.

The conversation also delves into the role of technology and artificial intelligence in our future. Geoff shares insights from Adamus about the rapid advancements in AI and its potential to transform human life. However, he emphasizes the need for balance, highlighting the importance of integrating our light body with technological progress. This integration ensures that as we advance technologically, we remain grounded in our spiritual essence, using technology as a tool rather than letting it define our existence.

Geoff’s personal experiences add a rich layer to the discussion. He recounts his own spiritual journey, including a past life in Atlantis where he learned about freedom and self-realization. Trapped in a crystal prison for what felt like millennia, Geoff discovered that the key to liberation lay within. “I got myself in here, I can get myself out. I Am that I Am,” he realized. This profound lesson of self-reliance and inner power continues to guide his work and teachings.

In conclusion, Geoff Hoppe’s insights offer a transformative perspective on spirituality, enlightenment, and the role of consciousness in our lives. His message is clear: by embracing our own divinity, allowing our light to shine, and finding peace within, we can navigate the complexities of modern life with grace and wisdom.

Please enjoy my conversation with Geoff Hoppe.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 220

Geoffrey Hoppe 0:00
There's a need for consciousness for light on the planet. To do that doesn't mean you have to go out and evangelize. You don't have to give us great speeches or anything like that. It's actually as simple as sitting on a park bench, a metaphor for just sitting and letting your light radiate to the planet without trying to change anything.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Geoff Hoppe and his lovely wife, Linda Hoppe. How're you guys doing?

Linda Hoppe 0:38
We're doing great. Thank you very good!

Geoffrey Hoppe 0:41
We're calling from Hawaii so I can't complain.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I mean, you really can, because and thank you for for someone has to live there. So I appreciate you guys taking the bullet for us. We all appreciate that. Well, Jeff, last time you were here, it was a very wonderful conversation that you and I had. And the the episode kind of went, went a little crazy. And people really loved what you were saying. So and then we said, hey, why don't we get together and see if Adamus wants to come out and play? And you'd like? Yes, I think he might.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:14
I think he might. Yeah, I was. I was amazed and delighted that, wow, the number of viewers on it, and you've got this great audience base and they're eating it up. I mean, congratulations. So what a job you're doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:30
I appreciate that. No, it's like I said before to you, I'm just trying to be of service to people and get this information out to people who might have not been able to hear it before. And I'm really looking forward to talking to a Domus today because it's a rarity that he comes out like this publicly that he doesn't do very often correct.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:49
Not very often. Usually in interviews like this, I don't channel we had such a good connection last time and, and I could feel it dominance over my shoulder, almost wanting to push me over saying hey, let me get in there. So no, I really don't we do obviously, for our monthly web, web casts and other things, but very rarely, and part of it is with an audience a new audience in particular, I like to make sure that they understand this as a channel there's a very different energy in it. Absolutely not just the words but just the energy coming out and you know, I do ask all the viewers now to just you know, take a deep breath and feel into it. It can it can knock you sideways sometimes knocks me sideways.

Alex Ferrari 2:37
I've interviewed close to 30 or 40 channelers at this point I understand what you mean. It even through zoom you can feel the the energy of the of the words coming through not just the profoundness of the words, but the energy coming through exactly. It's something and no question.

Geoffrey Hoppe 2:57
And when I was trained by Tobias the guy used to channel before Adamas, he trained me how to use my voice not just to speak but to project energy and and like you said, even with Zoom or on video recording, it still comes through and it's very different than when just just mean Geoffrey speaking.

Alex Ferrari 3:16
Well, I'm looking forward to so are you guys ready? Would you like to jump into it?

Geoffrey Hoppe 3:21
Totally ready to Dominus is ready.

Linda Hoppe 3:22
Are you ready?

Alex Ferrari 3:24
I'm holding off for it. Let me drink some water. Coffee. Let me get ready. Let me get ready. Yeah, I'm ready. So can you tell the audience what the process is? Because I know it's a little bit different for every channel.

Geoffrey Hoppe 3:37
Sure. Generally, what we do is Linda does the breathing and that gives me that a couple of minutes or so to really connect with the Domus while I'm doing that, I hear Linda start to breathe. And then it just all goes away and I'm just connected with a Dominus I allow him into my reality physical mental. I'm very aware of what's going on. He does I'm not a like a deep trance Chandler I'm very aware of it. But and then is Linda's still doing the breathing. And he and I actually just chit chat, you know about could be about anything, you know, the weather or what it's like in the other realms or whatever. And it's just our time to really connect our energy and then suddenly I get I feel almost like this little shock and we're off and running. And he jumps in.

Alex Ferrari 4:29
Alright, so let's let's start the process, guys. Thank you so much.

Linda Hoppe 4:33
Okay, so simply get comfortable wherever you are. Whether you're laying on a sofa, sitting in a chair, just make sure you're really comfortable. As we begin with the good deep breath, the conscious breath of life. We breathe in all the time, but this is that breath where you really notice and take are aware of your consciousness. Allow yourself to feel it The energies with each breath, opening to the highest potentials for you. Take this good deep breath, feel into it. Feel Adonis he's here, or each of us. Breathe it in. He's here with every breath. Be with that good deep breath. That breath of allowing and flow. Take the good deep breath, breathe, presence. We are here we are here

Geoffrey Hoppe 5:37
I am that I am Adamus of a Sovereign Domain. I come from the energies of the beloved Saint Germain, which many of you may be familiar with also pronounced more accurately sounds your mind. But Hello Dre, my messenger here, also known as Jeffrey, he sometimes follows on and says the St. Germain. But I do love this song Shama. I come from South German, with the name Adonis or autumn us to work with those on the planet right now, especially those that call themselves Shaumbra, with the Crimson Circle, but others as well who are coming from their awakening and going into their realization, to stay here on the planet, in the embodied physical form. For the very work that's well, great to do to be here to shine your light on the planet. So that is my introduction to myself a delight to be here with you on your show. And I have to say that, you see, we have this Ascended Masters Club that's made up of all of the Ascended Masters, and about 11,000. Now in total, and we do sit around sometimes in the evenings and watch some of your programs. It we find that it's bringing a tremendous amount of light to the planet right now in this wonderful interview format. But it's so critical to the planet right now to have this light, especially with so many humans now, coming into their awakening, and also with the, with the developments that are coming with technology, the consciousness, the light is so important right now on the planet. So thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 7:32
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. My first question to you is, can you tell me a little bit about your former incarnation as Saint Germain?

Geoffrey Hoppe 7:44
Absolutely, I can tell you a lot about it, but I'll keep it brief. In that lifetime, I was born to a Spanish and Portuguese parents who actually weren't married. And my birth was, was foretold by some of the astrologers, some of the mystics of the time it was an arranged birth and arranged marriage. When I was about Kenya, seven years old, I went off to Romania, to the area of Transylvania, to the mystery schools that were run by the Riccati family at the time. And there I received extensive training and everything from the occult, to science, mathematics, astrology, just everyday life even. But we had a different type of learning. There was about 20 or so others in the schools that I was in, we didn't study mathematical tables, we didn't have to memorize history, we literally felt into the energy of the books that we were given. We allowed ourselves for instance, in history, to transport ourselves through time back into that time to really grasp it. For things like mathematics, we felt into the energy of math rather than just the writing out the equations and very, very unique training. We also learned things like alchemy, we learned about nature, but all in a very, very different way than than is learned in the school was today. At about 20 years olds, I received a knock on the door of my room one night and they had my satchel, my suitcase, ready to go and I knew it was time, I was being asked to leave and I left with the clothes on my back and a few goods in the bag, and nothing else. No money, no direction or anything. And this was perfect. I knew it was coming. So there was no fear. But now it was time to go into life. Now it was time to be amongst others. I found that I never had to have a job. All the money all would go Older jewels I could ever want, were always there, I ended up with numerous estates all throughout Europe, horses, teams of dogs, all the best. And the point here was, I never had to work. You see, it comes to you, if you allow it, it comes to you in various ways I would walk into a village and find that somebody needed was very sick and needed healing, which I would do free of charge, of course, but I would get paid very handsome sums, or I would consult with governments businesses at the time. And they were more than happy to pay me handsomely for the work I did. Money was never an issue, nor it should be for any of you listening. Now. I feel some eyeballs rolling here. Well, Dominus, you don't understand. But I do. I absolutely understand when you get over the whole abundance issue in your life, the poverty consciousness, it comes to you. And in various ways that you couldn't possibly plan but it's just there. So in that lifetime, I, one of my main goals was reuniting Europe, trying to bring the governments and the countries together, as well as getting over the old feudal system, the monarchy, it's time to come, I could feel it. In France, I knew it was coming. I lived in that last lifetime in the 18th century. So I knew it was time and some of the some of the courts, the royalty understood why it was time to step down why it was time to create the democracies, others did not. There were times when I had to run from particular castles, barely with my life. Other times, they were very, very accommodating. But in that lifetime, I spent a lot of time working with heads of government to get over the whole system of peasants, peasantry, which was very prominent at the time. Part of my surprise was that I found that many of the peasants actually didn't want to be released from that system. There was a comfort in it, even though it was miserable. They weren't ready for their freedom. And this was one of my great surprises. They they wanted that Lord over them to tell them what to do on how to do it and when to do it. And even though they complained about it, for them, it was more comfortable than then being out on their own. I made numerous trips to the United States of America, working with the Founding Fathers and helping to develop some of the energetic designs for this country for the Constitution. And worked closely also with the various groups that were, were helping to design this, this country's philosophies and energies. So it was quite a lifetime. In that lifetime, in my last few years, I moved off to the north of Germany, where I saw nobody. For several years, I had my dogs, everything else had given away. But I spend time writing, reflecting and knowing It'd be my last lifetime on the earth, collecting myself and saying goodbye to this great planet. So that's the short story of my last lifetime on the planet as autumn Assange, Oman.

Alex Ferrari 13:30
Now, how can we find inner peace and happiness in this lifetime?

Geoffrey Hoppe 13:35
There are several different ways to answer that. The first and the simplest way is to allow to allow. What that means is that, instead of fighting for things, instead of trying to figure it out, instead of trying to overcome your, your issues and trying to make yourself perfect, you simply allow your divinity allow your divinity into your life. Now, it seems almost counterproductive for most people they feel they have to constantly work on themselves, to refine themselves, to make themselves a better human. But becoming a perfect human is absolutely impossible, for a reason was never designed that you could perfect your human self because then you would get stuck here on the planet. The planet is designed as a place for experience, for ultimately coming to the answer to the question who am I? So finding inner peace is about allowing an acceptance of yourself means I Am that I Am. This is something I've been saying for centuries and centuries. Feel into it. I Am. I exist. That in itself is peace and grace. Happiness. It's rather elusive. And it depends on how you define happiness. Humans always talk about happiness, but really don't know what that is, they don't really know what they're pursuing. So happiness is, is almost like the carrot in front of the horse. You talk about it, you think about it, but very, very few people are ever actually happy. Now you can be very peaceful, at ease and in grace with yourself. And when you are actually happiness is irrelevant. It's it's a human condition, that's not really so important. It's that inner peace, that where you find yourself the realization I Am that I Am. That's important. When you get to that point of realization, many other things go out the window as well, the whole concept of abundance, the whole concept of healing, they're no longer relevant. It just is, it's always there, you're no longer working at it, or efforting it, it all comes to you. And again, I can feel some people shaking their heads and, and even calendar is saying, Yeah, but it's hard at times. And I realized that but when you allow your divinity, your true self, your soul to join you as the human here in this reality, everything comes to everything else. And all of these things that you've been working towards struggling with fighting is the inner demons in the mind, the outer demons of of the world around you have things like jobs and health, they suddenly just go away. And there comes really the tricky time. When you come to this point of realization, which is actually a very natural process. You can't really work on your realization, you allow it. It's not even the human that desires, the realization, it's the soul. The human is here to experience and ultimately to experience realization. But it's really the more the soul's desire for realization. Once you get to that point, the difficult thing the challenge is, Why stay on the planet. You've come to realization you concluded 1000 or more than lifetimes wife's day. You realize how harsh this planet is at times, and how beautiful but you realize how the physical body It has its aches and pains. It has its its habit of getting older, you suddenly think to yourself, why should I stay? I've completed my journey, Here I Am that I Am. Then there's that moment or moments of wondering, should I leave Should I stay or leave and part of my job with each and every one of you is to say, Dear ones, please stay, please stay and it's fine. If you decide to come over into the other realms will have a great grand party. But right now the planet needs people, humans with light with consciousness. The planet is at a beautiful, not a scary but a beautiful tipping point where you have this, this technology like you've never had before. It's quantum technology. And it's just really now birthing on the planet. I mean, you've had your computers, you have some degree of technology, but right now it's bursting at the seams. The advent of artificial intelligence of robotics of nanotechnology is going to change the very face to this planet. In the next 30 years. By about 2050, there will be this thing called singularity where it goes off the charts, you couldn't even predict not even the best psychic, not even me, an Ascended Master can predict because it simply goes off the charts. But to counterbalance that right now, there is a need for consciousness for light on the planet. To do that doesn't mean you have to go out and evangelize. You don't have to give us great speeches or anything like that. It's actually as simple as sitting on a park bench, a metaphor for just sitting and letting your light radiate to the planet without trying to change anything. Because the moment you try to change, others try to change the planet, it will try to change you. But if you were just shining your light out onto the planet that enables other humans who have not yet come into awakening and enables them to see potentials that they might have never seen before. And then it's up to them what they want to choose. Thank you color is telling me I'm running long on my answers, but I love doing this.

Alex Ferrari 19:54
Well, let me ask you then, just on the technology standpoint, where do you think AI is going and how will it affect us here?

Geoffrey Hoppe 20:03
In my last lifetime as a massage or as Sasha man, I wrote a book. And that book was, it was called time of the machines. Now I called the your computers, your technology, the machines, but it was really about, I actually transported myself into the year 2020. And I looked around and I saw what was happening with your call them your mobile devices, your computers, the, the the birth of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is going to come to the point where it's running the world. Now, the question is, how well, and how is it going to run the world? How much are humans going to give their own freedom away to artificial intelligence? At what point does does AI go from being just regular artificial intelligence, general artificial intelligence. It's where artificial intelligence has the, the human like qualities now equal to the human right now, it's much faster in terms of thinking, but it's not as sentient. It's not as sensual is to human. But we're only a few years away from that. Next step is super artificial intelligence where, and well, you're already doing it where you sit down at your computer, and it composes a poem for you, where it does artwork for you. Pretty soon, it's going to be cooking meals for you using nanotechnology or, or 3d printing. Pretty soon. In this world, everything will be run by artificial intelligence by by computers. It's not a doom and gloom scenario, it could be very helpful for the human species at this time. Human species is long overdue for a change and upgrade, been running with the same biological qualities as you have been for a long, long time. It's time now for an upgrade. Now, we're not talking about giving yourself over to AI, not at all. But the ability of technology to improve the physical body, your biology, this biology is that is that the house of your soul, your spirit on the planet, it's time to evolve that now, you can evolve with technology, I mean, literally, with implants, or at some point actually infusing your consciousness into a robotic device. However, with the work I'm doing, and people I'm working with, we're taking a bit different direction. Instead of robotics, artificial intelligence, things like that, it's now time to actually bring in your light body, I prefer to call it the free energy body, but most of you refer to it as the light body. The light body does not have all this complex communication that your current body doesn't have billions and billions of neurons and nerve endings and cells or molecules, it's much simpler. It can emulate your physical body, you could take on attributes, and you never completely drop your physical body. But suddenly, you're working in tandem with your light body. And the question is, how is AI going to influence things, but even with the ability to now integrate with your light body? Now, you have a way of balancing the technology making sure that for you anyway, it's not abused. For for you that you have a greater opportunity now to even allow your physical body to heal itself in a way that it couldn't do before. So the technology starts becoming a part of every part of your life, including your ultimately being with your like body.

Alex Ferrari 24:07
Now, what is the nature of the universe and our place in it?

Geoffrey Hoppe 24:12
What you call your physical universe is not what science and physicists really currently think it is. It's not this great, expansive thing that goes on for hundreds of millions of light years, universities is actually circular. In the universe, there really is no such thing as time nor space. So if you draw the conclusion on that, the universe is actually an illusion. And you're within this illusion, a very real illusion, but you're within it on this planet Earth. The planet Earth is I'm going to say the most advanced of any living planet or any living Civilization out there, there are no beings greater than a human being. Now a lot of humans like to externalize they're looking for an external guide or an external civilization that has all the answers they don't. There's some civilizations that have a tremendous amount of intelligence, but they don't have the heart that humans have. There's no being greater than a human being at all. And here on planet Earth, up to this time is the only place where somebody, a soul being can come, go through experiences of a lifetime, and then ascend, go through realization and ascension, ultimately becoming what you would call an Ascended Master. But it's really a being who's found the inner answer to the question, Who am I? A very question, Who am I is what caused the soul beings to go searching to create the this universe to create this planet? One who completes that comes to the answer within who am I? And the answer, by the way is I Am that I Am, then they they are considered an Ascended being. And a sovereign, totally sovereign being. But this planet planet Earth is the only place where any of the Ascended Masters have ever gone to go through their experience. There's not greater places in the universe, there's not smarter places. And even those who think that, that the aliens are coming to visit, it is simply yourself from the future. And sometimes the past is not alien beings, it's your own self, you're, you're crossing through time, you're being visited by yourself. And they're really not little metal chips. But the humans and their mind doesn't understand how it works. So they perceive it as some spacecraft. It's not, it's your light, coming to visit you from the future. So this, this universe is physically universe, and a planet Earth are the most special places, there's nothing greater than this planet than the humans that are on it. And this incredible universe.

Alex Ferrari 27:20
Well, let me ask you, then, because you said this was kind of like a simulation, if you will, an illusion that we're in. When, when an Ascended Master is still incarnated, their self realization or enlightenment, allows them to see a much larger picture almost see behind the curtain of the illusion, and hence, allows them to be able to do things that will seem miraculous to us. But it's just part of the process. Is that a fair statement?

Geoffrey Hoppe 27:52
Yes, it's just physics. That's all it is. It's nothing magical. It's only magical when you don't understand it. But other than that, it's just physics. And the physics are very simple. Really want to make this point that first of all, there's your consciousness, it's the core of everything. It's it's the I M, within consciousness is no energy itself. But yet, the consciousness, the passion of the consciousness, creates this thing called energy that goes forth from the consciousness. The energy, then all energy is your energy, and it's nobody else's. There's no universal energy field, it is your energy. And the energy is nothing more than communication. It's all it is. It's not a force. It's not a power. It's not electricity. At its core, it's not even light. It becomes light later when you as a sole being choose to do something with your energy. It's in a place that is known as the De Vere. The De Vere is the Holy of Holies. It's your energy in a neutral state, waiting to serve you. Once you allow the energy to serve you, which most people don't, because they think energy is an outside force. But when you allow energy to serve you, it opens everything up, you start to realize the effects of energy turned into light. How electromagnetics work on this planet, how gravity works, how things are held in by gravity, but you start to realize in the physics that gravity isn't just a force that pulls things down to the ground. Gravity also holds in all thoughts, all beliefs, all memories, that it's it, it brings it together. But gravity can also work the other way it can expand you can open you up, it can literally change the outcome of things that have happened in the past. What you would many people consider to be history is not set in stone, the past Change just as much as your present can change. And literally, when somebody goes into realization, in this lifetime, what's happening is every one of their past lives now, even though you think it's done and complete, that that that past life at time was dead, it's not very living and fluid, every one of your past lifetimes is now actually going into realization. They don't realize that they don't know what's happening. But suddenly, everything is changing time itself is changing for them. Because as you go into your realization, your enlightenment in his lifetime, every one of your past lives, is also coming into realization. It's all brought together by the soul, all integrated together, all the stories of the past now are integrated into you into the soul. So there's some very actually what I consider to be simple physics and all of this, but yet humans tend to make it so complex. And the first thing they do is always put things outside of themselves. The kingdom is already within you. And I know many of you are thinking, Well, I've looked and it's not there. It is there. It's the I Am I exist, stop going outside of yourself for any answers. And I could elaborate on the physics for a long time.

Alex Ferrari 31:25
Fair enough, we'll do another episode on physics a lot. Can you tell people because there's so much talk of enlightenment with the Buddha, and Jesus and other Ascended Masters Yogananda and so on, that found Self Realization? In your opinion, what is the path to self realization?

Geoffrey Hoppe 31:46
Well, the first thing I'll say, and it's a path that most of the other Ascended Masters, the other 11,000 that have come from the planet have followed was a path of suffering. I'm saying no more, no more suffering, no more suffering, like, like the Buddha, no more suffering, like so many of the Ascended Masters, your, your template, your standard for becoming an ascended, being on earth always involves suffering. We talk about it at the Ascended Masters Club, and there really is such a thing. We talk about, why the suffering, why did we go through it? Well, because that was something that was instilled in so many, by the churches, by the government, you have to suffer. You have to do penance, you're a sinner, which you are not at all. But suffering becomes woven right into the very fabric of this whole concept of enlightenment, I prefer to call it realization. I would like you, you, Alex, and all of you who are listening to this, let's drop that whole concept of suffering, religious, spiritual suffering, it's not needed, you don't need to starve yourself. As a matter of fact, when going into realization should eat whatever they want to eat. You don't need to be on your hands and knees, with prayer or with begging or with with your own penance. It's there's no need for the suffering. So you put that aside now. And what it is, is simply saying, I'm ready. I'm ready for my last lifetime on the planet. I'm ready to complete the cycles of incarnations, I've learned everything that I'm gonna learn. And now I'm ready to take everything from every past life. And in this lifetime, bring it to the altar of my soul, and put it there, leave it there, all the junk, all the baggage, all the things I think I did wrong, plus all the good stuff, I'm gonna leave it at the altar. And now, the soul comes in, and brings it all to wisdom. It takes every experience and it distills it to wisdom, and it filters out all the details and all the unnecessary things, and literally takes everything that you've ever done and distills it to pure wisdom. And that wisdom then is available to you as the human. If you choose to continue staying on the planet. Now you have the wisdom. And wisdom is such that you accept yourself for all that you are you don't keep processing, thinking about all the bad things, you're done. You don't keep the counseling, you don't need to do healing. You don't need to do any of that. You've got the Wisdom now. You don't ever have to worry about repeating something bad that you did it or blowing up the world because you're big energy. You have the wisdom. So it's really leaving everything at that altar when you're ready. Now the soul will never tell you that you you have to do it. So we'll never say, Alex, you have to turn left or right that's up to you. But when you're ready and say okay, I'm truly ready to go to the next level of embodied realization. You leave all that at the altar of the soul, and let it be distilled wisdom, you take a deep breath. I Am that I Am, I am realized. And that's it.

Alex Ferrari 35:19
Since you were taught since you were talking about the Ascended Masters Club, what is it like for a soul when they are not incarnated?

Geoffrey Hoppe 35:27
It all depends. It's different for an Ascended Master is it it is for somebody not yet realized. Those not yet realized that are simply in between lifetimes. Generally, they go to a place that we call the Near Earth realms. It's not heaven, it's very similar to, to Earth, it's just not physical. And they're they they continue to act out, they continue to, to search. Or they could, for instance, if one is a priest and dies in his lifetime, a lot of times they go into the big, the big monastery in the sky, with other priests, and they do priestly things until one day, they're just going about their business and the other realms, and suddenly they're stuck back down into Earth for another lifetime. It's their karma sucking them back down. Oftentimes, somebody dies, they're an alcoholic, to find themselves in a bar in the Near Earth realms, and they could be there for years, decades, hundreds of years. They're continuing to act out, but it's a non physical realm. But they don't really even realize that that's unfortunately, where most humans go now. When when they crossed over an Ascended Master. Now you're sovereign, and ascended master, you can do anything go anywhere. We often say you're in your third circle, you're in your sovereignty, and you can just be now to the human they say, Well, that sounds boring. Don't you have to be doing something? No, you don't at all. There is a grandness in just being there's a passion I Am that I Am. And it's, it's just it's a constant state of orgasm of sensual feeling that that comes over you now. We play a bit of a game we have an Ascended Masters Club, where we gather, we tell stories about our lifetimes and you know, for a long time, but the number of Ascended Masters was just in the 1000s. Now it's grown. It's about 11,000. But we got really tired of the same old stories, we couldn't wait until a new ascended master came over at least some new stories. We, we we relive a lot of our experiences. Like watching a movie almost. We talk about the various groups that we work with, I would say at least two thirds of the Ascended Masters are working with humans. So whether in a group or or as individuals, how we can create our Ascended Masters Club look like anything. For me, it looks like a huge castle, with club like qualities with great food and drink and music. But it's because I'm choosing it to look like that. We don't have an agenda about Earth, but we're there to assist when somebody calls us, we would never interfere with the ways of the humans of governments wars or anything like that. But when we are called, we're there in service. And when we are called, mostly we go just to bring light just to shine light. Now, some of us Ascended Masters, we work with channelers, like like Cauldre, and others, to assist in bringing information to the planet. But the go back to what I said before, human is the grandest being of all beings. And it is only one who has been in the human form, taken the human path that can really be there in empathy and compassion. To help others humans, you can do that as an angelic being no longer on the planet as an Ascended Master. But I don't take kindly to some of the non human types that come to interfere because they're not as grand as the human itself. There is no other civilization that's more heart advanced than the humans. It was actually humans discovered love on this planet. It wasn't didn't exist in the other realms. It was here on Earth, that love was first experienced. So how grand is the human

Alex Ferrari 39:45
Now what is the role of meditation and prayer in the spirit in the spiritual journey?

Geoffrey Hoppe 39:51
Early on, it gets you focused early on it helps you to to start connecting with something other than your human self. Prayer gets you to start realizing what you are choosing as long as you're praying for yourself. Word of advice about prayer, never pray for anyone else just for yourself. It's a form of witchcraft, the moment you start praying for somebody, you're putting something on them that is not honoring their journey. And you say, but somebody is sick, they need healing. Bring your light there. But don't pray over, bring your light so they can see other potentials that are available. But the moment you start praying, even the moment you start praying for world peace, it sounds good. And I realize you're coming from a place of compassion. But now you're inflicting your desires on a planet, the planet, the humans may want to be going through all these games, as terrible as they are at times. It's about having compassion for, for everything is about having compassion for others, you see a beggar on the street corner. Most people feel sorry for the beggar. How about changing that and having compassion for their journey, and instead, honoring them for for what they're doing? When they're ready. Whether it's this lifetime, or another one, they'll change. When they're ready, they'll, they'll realize that abundance is always there for them. But in the meantime, honor everyone else's journey. And oftentimes with prayers, there's direct interference, we're going to pray for anybody pray for yourself. Secondly, meditation. It's good early on in your journey. But what I've seen and what we talk about at the Ascended Masters Club is that meditation that becomes a ritual, there is great good that can come from it in terms of the inner journey, but it becomes a ritual and you have to do it for so many minutes. And you have to do it in so many different ways. And it's, it's actually, ultimately a distraction on the journey of becoming. Ultimately you realize you drop prayer, you drop meditation, your drop, any of the rituals are all distractions along the way. And it's simply about allowing your self allowing your divinity, I Am that I Am.

Alex Ferrari 42:18
Now what is the role of faith and belief in the spiritual journey?

Geoffrey Hoppe 42:23
I'd say again, early on in the journey, when one first is even pre awakening or going into awakening. Having having faith does something interesting, it gets you out of the logical mind. If faith is not about logic, faith is opening, and allowing, in a way but so often face is then put into some external being into a god or saints or whatever. Ultimately, it's about having faith in yourself. And that's a hard thing to do. I always say that some of the hardest things to do as a human are loving yourself and having faith or trust in yourself. It's easier to love other beings, it's easier to, to have faith in an external God. When you get to the point where you love yourself unconditionally. You have faith or trust in yourself where you can allow yourself to finally open to open without defensive walls around you. To open not not to some external God, but to open to your divinity. Ah, then, then you're there, then you are realized.

Alex Ferrari 43:34
Well, how do you tap into your own inner wisdom or inner guidance?

Geoffrey Hoppe 43:39
I like to take long walks or did in in my last lifetime. I like to just sit in feel and sense I like to listen internally, not externally. I like to really allow myself to open my other senses. This was in my last lifetime. The human basically operates with about five or arguably six senses, an angelic being has over 200,000 census that go far beyond anything the the human could ever experience. The human is locked into a brain, into their mind, and many put it as though the highest quality of a human, but it's not a the brain, the mind, even your human senses, all that are all connected into your brain that actually limit you so by by allowing yourself to go beyond by having this by feeling into you start to awaken some of those other eight angelic senses, the sense of beauty, the sense of presence, that are all there that really defy the logic of the mind, but they are very real, very, very real. As you do breathing as you just stop. Oh, Stop tilting at windmills in your life stop battling old ghosts, these things naturally wake up, you don't have to work at it, you don't have to effort, it helps to take walks and helps to look off into the stars at night. But once you say I'm ready, I am ready, no more of the old stuff, a very natural process kicks in. And it starts clearing old energies, it starts releasing gravitational forces. And that is where the allowing comes in allowing these natural cycles to take place. You don't have to work at it, you can't, you could not use a human cannot do realization, it can allow it but it can't do it. If the human it was up to the human, even overly structure it you'd have expectations that were very limited, to say the least. And you'd find a way to mess it up. Once you're ready. And you say this is it, I am ready. And you allow it's a very natural process. So I like to use the saying, relax into realization. It's all it is. It's not fighting it. It's not trying to figure it out. It's not relying on other people. It is a natural process, just relax into it.

Alex Ferrari 46:22
Now how can we cultivate compassion for those who have different beliefs or values than we do?

Geoffrey Hoppe 46:30
I'd say that, first of all, cultivate compassion for yourself. It's difficult to have compassion for others when you're constantly judging yourself because then you're going to externalize that you're going to put it on them. Start with yourself, compassion for everything that you've ever done. Even the things that you judge as being wrong, or being a sin or whatever else being weak. There is such a lack of compassion for oneself, and starting with some very basic things to the feeling that you're weak because you were an angel in the other realms, and you got stuck down here on Earth, and you forgot who you were. So there's all these guilt and shame that that humans lay on themselves, and they carry around, it's time to stop. have that sense of compassion, realizing everything you've ever done, there's no, it's not right or wrong. It just is, it's an experience. And then allowing yourself to receive the forgiveness from your soul. Human cannot forgive themselves, you've tried and it doesn't work, a human cannot forgive themselves. But when you're ready, and you go to that altar of the soul, and you put everything on it, you let the soul come back and hand you forgiveness. Now, it sounds simple, but it's actually a very difficult thing to do. Because I've seen human gets to this point, this is the moment of the dragon, they get to this point. And the soul is saying here is forgiveness. Very few humans can actually do that, they they have to have to keep something, they have to keep a degree of guilt and shame, they might release a little bit 10%, maybe 12%. But they still feel they have to keep it. And it's this guilt. It's this shame that prevents one from having compassion for themselves. Once you have compassion for you, you look out into the rest of the world and you realize you don't need to change anything. You don't have to save the dolphins, you don't have to stop the wars, you don't have to heal the sick. You see, with a different set of eyes, you see that each and every one of them is absolutely choosing their journey. Now the human self may not be aware of it, but their sole self is they are choosing whether it's a lack of abundance. They're choosing whether it's grant talent for music, they are choosing. And it's time to honor and respect that in each and every person no matter their religion, their sex, their sexual orientation, their color, what they're choosing in their life. It's a very, very challenging thing to do. And culture is telling me right now you're going to be getting a lot of nasty comments in the comment section, but as a true master that can have compassion for each and every one. Now when somebody comes to you, and their body is sick, or they're destitute, and says I need help, then it changes then you're there to guide them not to not to give them money, not to not even to do healings over them. But now the guidance occurs and eventually it's guiding them to show them that everything is already here. Jesus said it Many others have said it. All the Ascended Masters realize it. It's all right here, open your eyes and your ears. And you realize it's all right there.

Alex Ferrari 50:09
Now on that on that thought, what is the connection between spirituality and material abundance? Because a lot of people think that you can't be materially abundant, and be spiritual, you have to be a yogi with no no worldly possessions in a cave somewhere, to be spiritual. Is there a balance? What is the connection?

Geoffrey Hoppe 50:32
That's right up there with suffering, thinking that you have to suffer for, for your realization, the the, the word spirituality? Is was something that was created a long time ago by religious orders. And it's basically a crock of Hope you don't mind. Kaldor saying this family show but I want to make my point here. Why? Why would you would you be let in lack, when it's your own energy in the first place, and the energy is abundant and the energy serves you? Why would you want to turn it away? A there's this very strange, very old dynamic, I hope changes quick on this planet that to be spiritual you means you have to be broke, we have to give everything away. Not at all. First of all, the ones that are coming after, after you the ones that will come next into their awakening, they don't want to see a broke, tired, sick girl. Now I'm not saying you should go out and flaunt and buy 94 Rolls Royces and three private jets, but you learned you live in the moment in you realize all things are always there, you have a nice house, you don't have to have 20 houses, but you have what suits you. For life, you have a car that's reliable. You have food, that's, that's good for you. The bottom line is, you don't want to be worried about bills or paying things. That doesn't mean you have to live extravagant. But you could if you wanted my last lifetime, I had many estates all over Europe, but people just gave them to me. How could you say no, this whole idea of lack. And that's a way of attaining some sort of spiritual baggage. It needs to go. I want each and every one of you to be in abundance, you're not taking it from anyone else. You're not depriving somebody else, because it's your energy, and it's there to serve you. And ultimately, you can show them that they have their energy and conserve them.

Alex Ferrari 52:43
Well, how do you handle feelings of spiritual doubt or uncertainty?

Geoffrey Hoppe 52:49
I talked about it recently at one of our gatherings and I used a very foul language began with an F and other culture is not gonna let me say it here. But it's F doubt. Why doubt doesn't look good on you. Well, what's the purpose of doubt? Nobody's inflicting it on you, you're inflicting on yourself, why it's right up there with suffering. You're afraid to make a fool of yourself, are you afraid you're going to do something that you've done wrong in the past, you're afraid that you're going to fall out of conformity that you're no longer be accepted in mass consciousness, or the Borg. Doubt is one of the most dreadful things about coming to realization. And it's like you pull up stuff from the past and put it in your the path in front of you. It's like throwing rocks and glasses, glass and other things in your path. To make it difficult. Why? I think there's a concern that if you didn't have doubts, we're going to go out of your mind. But I'll tell you right now, going into realization is going out of your mind. You go beyond the mind, the mind is very fixated into this realm. The mind has 80 billion neurons that neurons it takes to operate the mind and it's not efficient. There is a part of your mind that isn't generally activated yet. Unless you're more conscious, that knows how to go beyond the mind into your nost into your knowingness into your soul. You realize that mine serves a very specific purpose of operating in this realm, but it's time to go beyond the mind or out of your mind. So doubt is cast the mind brings up doubt the mind says What are you doing? Mind says that, you know, that's not reality. You're you're just daydreaming you're making this up. And that's when you say F doubt, Fu. I'm going beyond because otherwise I'm going to circular path in my mind. So fu doubt. I'm going beyond.

Alex Ferrari 54:51
Now what's the most important lesson you learned on your own spiritual journey to realization

Geoffrey Hoppe 54:57
On my spiritual journey?

Alex Ferrari 54:59
Yeah. Coming, the all those lifetimes, all this stuff, what was the biggest lesson you learned?

Geoffrey Hoppe 55:05
I've told the story once or twice, and I'll tell a short version of it here. It was in my lifetime. In Atlantis. It was in what we call the temples of tea. And in the end days of Atlantis and Atlantis was falling, the Earth was starting to crumble, we group of us gathered in these temples of cayenne, there was 144,000 was and now what you'd know, off the coast of Cuba. And in these, we learned how to transcend this realm, the physical realm, we could we could put ourselves like a half of a breath away out of this realm, semi invisible, but yet somewhat still grounded here. There were tremendous work that was done with understanding self love. I was not one of the elite 244,000 I was asleep way I was there to bring you and the other is their food, their water their drink to make up their beds. I was just a little slave boy. And one day I walked into one of the grand temples where there was a large large group doing a type of chanting or oming. They were actually bringing energy into a focus to serve them. I happen to walk in I was, I guess, half asleep or whatever, I didn't realize what was happening and walked right into the center of this energetic vortex. And then I was cast into a crystal prison. Somewhere in the other realms, not really sure where it was. But I stayed in that crystal prison for I said was 100,000 years, it could have been a year it could have been 1000. But I felt like 100,000 years. Nobody could hear me. Nobody could see me. I wasn't a god anywhere outside of that crystal prison. There were no angels that were there to help me. It was just me. It was one of the most terrifying, but yet beautiful experiences I've ever had. I was deep within myself. I said it was a crystal prison, but was simply deep within my own being terrified. And also, in true amazement, I tried everything to get out. I tried punching my way out, praying my way out, chanting my way out. I tried anger, I tried dealing, bargaining with the devil, so to speak, I tried everything and nothing worked. And here I stayed in that crystal prison. Until one day, in absolute desperation, having tried everything else, I finally said, I got myself in here, I can get myself out. There's no external force that put me in here. And there was no external force that can get me out. I Am that I Am. And in that moment, I simply stepped out. That's the most important lesson I've ever learned. It was a lesson about freedom. It was less than about also not blaming others not being a victim. It was less than that. You can try to punch your way out of out of life, you can try to negotiate your way but you got yourself here and only you can get yourself out. From that I made a commitment that it would come back lifetime after lifetime helping other people to find their inner freedom not found on the outside. And to that found in in God's it's not found in crystals. It's not found in ceremonies or anything. It's found within you when you're ready. It's been my desire my goal to help others find their freedom as I found it. So that would be the most important thing.

Alex Ferrari 58:50
Do you have any final words for our audience?

Geoffrey Hoppe 58:53
Yes, I do. In its that you live in truly the most epic times on this planet. And you might have heard that before. You might have heard it in other lifetimes. But I'm here as an Ascended Masters to say this is the most epic of times, things are going faster than ever. Things are more you could say at a tipping point than ever. There's more potential on the planet. But there's also more snakes more danger, more more pits than ever. What's needed on the planet right now is for individuals like you to make that conscious choice to come to your realization, and then allow it to happen naturally. You can't do it by trying to figure it out by relying on others. I mean, there's good information out there but ultimately it's up to you. It's a very natural process, if you allow it to what's needed on the planet right now, and I don't mean this in any desperate way, but right now With technology and artificial intelligence going the way they are, what's needed is consciousness and light. There are many, many others waking up. And as so many of you know, it's a difficult journey, it's challenging. They need to see others like you who have made it into realization. They don't need spooks like me. They don't need ascended masters that were here hundreds of 1000s of years ago, they need realize beings like you on the planet right now is their new standards. So when you're ready, if you're ready, you take that deep breath and let yourself relax into realization. It's needed right now on this great planet.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
Adonis, thank you so much for being on the show. I truly, truly appreciate it. It's been a pleasure talking to you, my friend, thank you so much.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:00:48
And on behalf of all the Ascended Masters, and as a lot of them, we thank you for the work you're doing. And we thank your listeners for what they're doing. But you're bringing light under this planet. Thank you. With that I am Adamus of St. Germain.

Linda Hoppe 1:01:05
So with that, it's a perfect time to take a good deep breath, fill into all this information. Just let yourself be with it. Relax into it. So take some good deep breaths. Taking care of you. It all starts with you. Alex, you do incredible work. It's amazing.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:27
Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I appreciate it.

Linda Hoppe 1:01:32
He was so good to Adamus. I think Geoff's back already.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:01:39
Thank you. I I had to pull Adamus back a couple times. He likes wearing once in a while just for the effect. And it's like no, no, this is a family show and say hey, he obliged me and he didn't make me say some of those things.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:54
Well, good, good. Good. Good. How did you feel it went?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:01:57
It's always difficult for me to say until later. I'm so busy. Just he doesn't give me words. You know, when I'm channeling it's a it's kind of a stream of consciousness. I have to very quickly translate those into words. But he also wants the expression. So often when I'm channeling he wants me to walk around. My eyes are open. He wants every movement every every gesture of the hands every word. He wants timing. So I'm very very busy translating, but I enjoyed it. It was It felt really good. I hope I hope your viewers enjoy it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:34
Linda, what did you think? How do you think it went?

Linda Hoppe 1:02:37
I thought he was full tilt intense

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:02:43
wasn't as provocative as you sometimes or as controversial. I felt there was it was a little bit more chilled.

Linda Hoppe 1:02:51
Well, I just felt intensity determined to get the word out?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:59
Well, that's That's it was a it was really interesting conversation. By the way, Geoff, how do you feel physically now?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:03:06
I feel good. I'm a little dinghy. Usually for a couple hours afterwards. And I get very hungry, I need to eat something. It's not a good time to give me car keys. Tried to drive and it's like, I'm still somewhere else. So I always feel good after the channel. You know, it's like, I feel all that energy that's flowing through me. And it feels it feels really good.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:35
So he gives you the munchies is what you're saying?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:03:37
Yeah. It's a natural Hi. I get very hungry. And but then later on, after channel, oftentimes, you know, a couple hours later, I just don't want to be around anybody. I just I see too much. I feel too much when open too much during a channel. And then it's kind of it's not sadness, but I just just don't want to be around anybody for a day.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:07
Is it kind of like you become a little bit more raw, in a sense that you become more sensitive.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:04:12
Yeah. You know, he was talking at one point about people suffering. And I'm not just saying the word I'm feeling and feeling people, you know, not just anonymous. And it's sad. It's sad, that suffering that we put ourselves through and then, I mean, I feel that it weighs really heavy. And like when he was telling a story about the crystal, I feel it, I feel I'm in there with him. So it's very, very sensual. Very, like you're a movie that you're also in. You're watching it and you're in it. And it takes a little while to kind of readjust.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:53
Well, let me ask you, what do you hope that this conversation does for people listening to it?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:04:58
I call it ism to think and to consider things. I know Adama says things sometimes that are a little controversial just a little bit. And it gets people irritated. But it causes him to think and, you know, one of the things I know is going to happen is people are gonna say, Well, you know, dominance is terrible, because, you know, he says, Honor the beggar on the street corner. And so they get all upset about that. But you know, it causes them to think well hang on a second, maybe they are choosing that journey. Maybe they're not a victim, maybe they actually have done that for lifetimes, because they're choosing it. And maybe they can be like a Dominus and get out of their crystal prison anytime they want. You get yourself into it, you can get yourself out of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:47
But you know, what, also? I mean, I didn't find that offensive at all. I mean, good honor, you honor the homeless person you see. And if they are asking for help you give them help in whichever way you can, whether it's a meal, it's a little bit of money, if it's a conversation, and acknowledgement that they are they are they mean, something? You know, that it just that's that's how I saw that? I didn't see that as anything that was offensive, or even controversial? Because you do honor them? If they choose not to want help? That's fine, too. You have to you have to honor that with anybody. It just be anybody. Have you ever tried to help get out of a relationship? Or get out of a job that they don't like, and they just don't want to leave? Because they're fearful? Or they're this or they're that? Right? There's only so much you can do?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:06:38
Absolutely. Yeah. But you know, it causes people to stop for a moment and think and more than anything, are you really ready for realization? You know, it sounds nice, but it changes a lot of things in your life turns things upside down. And, you know, are you really ready for that next big step. And if not, that's fine. But if you are, that is taking that deep breath and relaxing into it, and being part of all the changes, then you start going through, and it's we have something on our website, channel from Tobias years ago. It's called the 12 signs of awakening. And it kind of goes through some very common things that people go through. And it's, it's beautiful. But there's some tough parts of the awakening, because you started to realize how the image of that you made yourself into as a human, the ego and everything else, a lot of it just doesn't apply anymore. So, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
Yes, kind of like a character that you're playing. And at a certain point, you know, just like it doesn't really matter. Yeah, these little things that were so important to the character. But now that you're the actor walking off set, yeah, it doesn't matter as much. It doesn't matter.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:07:55
Right, right. Really hoping it causes people to think and to ask if they're truly ready for realization, there's a big difference between awakening and realization. And I know your audiences is ready or has gone through awakening, but going to that next step. And that's that's where our work has been focused on all these years is that path from awakening to realization, providing some guidance, hopefully, some humor along the way, and letting others know that they're not alone. Others other people are going through that same thing with

Alex Ferrari 1:08:34
Can you can you just talk a little bit about those twelves those 12 signs of awakening? For people who don't know it?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:08:42
Yeah, it's everything from change in relationships, because most relationships are based on karma. And when you're ready for realization, it's time to let all the karma go. So oftentimes, your your home life changes. It's also letting go of the change of the family connection, because again, you come tend to come back into the same family lifetime after lifetime. When I started my awakening, I lost my job. almost right away, there was a company I found it I was a founder of it, and I got fired. best thing that ever happened. But it no longer serve me to have that job that would have not let me go into my next levels. It's a it's a feeling of sadness at times and not knowing what the sadness is, and feeling that you're gonna just you want to cry, but you don't know why. It's a feeling oftentimes to have loss of passion. And that's one of the biggest ones you've had a human passion all this time and suddenly it's gone. You know, the passion might have been sailing or doing volunteer work or collecting coins. And suddenly that passion is gone and it's very unnerving because it's what kind of what has kept you here. And suddenly no passion ultimately gets replaced with a whole different kind of passion. But it's not one that you know, collecting stamps or anything.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:13
I'll just tell you mine I collected comic books for my almost my entire adult life. And right before the the pandemic, I decided to sell them all. Because I wasn't serving me anymore. And I had a huge collection, I had a business selling them at one point, wow. And Adam, and I just just didn't, I just like, why am I carrying these around? I don't look at them. I don't enjoy them. I don't I haven't bought one in 10 years. I gotta just get rid of these. And I did. So I understand a little bit of of that at a certain point, you just go. This doesn't serve anymore.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:10:47
The other big one is wondering if you really want to be here anymore. And it's not a it's not suicidal thoughts. It's not wanting to take your own life, but it's like, why am I here? Why am I continuing? I'm ready to leave. And it's not a it's not a bad thing. And it's actually a good thing to contemplate and feel into very deeply. Why are you here? What do you want next? And why do you want to stay? And a lot of people go through that. And they're ashamed because, you know, you're supposed to want to be here. And they're thinking, I don't know if I want to be here. But that's a very natural thing that happens along the way. Why am I here?

Alex Ferrari 1:11:31
And that's a question that you have to ask yourself, like, why am I here? What is the purpose that I still have here? If I'm still here, there's a reason for it. And what should I look for in my life to help her grow or expand? Yeah, it's those kinds of thoughts. I understand completely what you're saying. Yeah.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:11:48
So those are some of the 12 signs.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:51
Geoff, and Linda both. Thank you so much for doing this. This was such a pleasure and a treat, talking to Adonis, and then also talking to to you as well, Geoff, again, do you have any final words for our audience?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:12:08
Yeah, we're kind of picking up what what Adamus said, what lies ahead of us on this planet as humans is phenomenal. There's an event coming up very soon, march 22. Or, if you're listening after that, and it already happened. It's called heavens cross. It's the name that Saint Germain came up with and there's enough consciousness on the planet now that it literally opens up the other heavens they intersect or they cross. It pierces the veil that we've all had to deal with in a long time. It gives you greater access easier access to your divinity. Now, it's not like it all rushes in on one day, but just easier accessibility. It is an unprecedented event. Adamus uses, the words haven't crossed, because while the real word is the apocalypse, but he felt that might be a little scary for pizza.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:03
Not good branding, now good branding, good branding.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:13:06
But literally in Greek, the apocalypse means the unveiling, listing the cover, and that's here, and I'm a little overwhelmed by it. We're preparing for it. And it's a very personal thing. It's not a it's not a global event, it's very personal, but eventually it affects the planet. And that's just would like to put out the word everybody it's going to have you're going to have easier access to your own soul, your own divinity. But just allow it don't don't work at it. Don't stress about it. Don't wonder if you're worthy. You just take a deep breath and you allow and we're tracking this carefully.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:51
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you want to download today?

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:13:55
Crimson Circle website, attack crimson like the color where we have a lot of free stuff in our libraries 20 Some years worth of messages from Tobias and anonymous. We pretty much kept a very low profile over the years. We we people find their way to us we don't do any marketing, advertising anything like this. But then after the last show I did with you suddenly, there's this surge of interest in Crimson Circle and I'm like oh my gosh, our nice little world now might give you some statistics you might be interested in a lot of new people are finding their way to us because of you.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:46
Well, then you guys you guys are hankering for a beatin because then you decided to do another one.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:14:54
Adamus wanted equal time. Of course.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:59
Jeff, Linda, thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it and thank you for everything you're doing to help awaken the planet. I really appreciate it.

Linda Hoppe 1:15:07
Thank you.

Geoffrey Hoppe 1:15:08
Aloha Mahalo. Appreciate it.

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