Mind-Blowing Channeled Message You CAN’T Ignore – Profound & Life Changing with Yvonne Constancio

In the intricate weave of life’s mysteries, we often find ourselves drawn to narratives that elevate our consciousness and connect us to the deeper truths of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Yvonne Constancio, a channeler who brings forth the wisdom of the Arcturians, an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Yvonne’s journey into channeling is a testament to the limitless potential within each of us to tap into higher realms of consciousness.

Yvonne Constancio begins by recounting her life before her spiritual awakening. Like many, she describes her early years as pretty average, filled with a sense of spiritual curiosity that she couldn’t quite define. Raised in a Catholic family, Yvonne always felt a deeper connection to the spirit realm, an inner knowing that there was more to existence than the physical world. She shares, “I always felt a little bit of this missing home element that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.”

The turning point in Yvonne’s journey came during a series of nights when she woke up to voices at 3 AM. Initially, she dismissed these as her own thoughts, but the voices persisted, and she eventually engaged with them. This marked the beginning of her communication with the Arcturians. She describes the experience as both frightening and exhilarating, a profound realization that she was not alone in her spiritual explorations. “Fear is not something that we should try to get rid of so to speak, but rather can you use it to transform yourself,” she says.

In this profound conversation, Yvonne explores the nature of channeling and the messages she receives from the Arcturians. She explains that the Arcturians are here to support humanity’s transition to a new way of being, characterized by heart-led presence and unconditional love. They emphasize the importance of opening our hearts to new possibilities and embracing the transformative energies currently surrounding the planet. Yvonne shares that the Arcturians’ messages are meant to help us navigate this period of great change with grace and compassion.

A significant part of the discussion focuses on the concept of fear and how it can be a catalyst for growth. Yvonne and the Arcturians highlight that fear is a natural part of the human experience, designed to push us to our edges and expand our consciousness. Rather than trying to eliminate fear, they suggest integrating it and using it as a tool for transformation. “Fear is meant to push us into new areas of exploration,” Yvonne explains, encouraging listeners to view fear with compassion and as an opportunity for personal growth.

Yvonne also touches on the concept of karma, offering a nuanced perspective that moves beyond the traditional view of karma as a system of rewards and punishments. She describes karma as the experiences we choose for ourselves to facilitate growth and expansion. The Arcturians emphasize that every action we take is an opportunity to align with our higher selves and move towards greater levels of consciousness. This perspective encourages a more empowering and proactive approach to our spiritual journey.


  1. Embrace Fear as a Tool for Transformation: Rather than trying to eliminate fear, integrate it and use it as a catalyst for personal growth. Fear can push us to explore new areas and expand our consciousness.
  2. Live from the Heart: The Arcturians emphasize the importance of living from a heart-led presence. By opening our hearts, we can connect more deeply with ourselves and others, fostering unconditional love and compassion.
  3. Redefine Karma: View karma not as a system of rewards and punishments, but as the experiences we choose to facilitate our growth. Each action is an opportunity to align with our higher selves and move towards greater consciousness.

As we reflect on today’s conversation with Yvonne Constancio, we are reminded of the profound potential within each of us to connect with higher realms of consciousness. By embracing fear as a tool for transformation, living from the heart, and redefining karma, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom. Yvonne’s journey and the wisdom of the Arcturians offer valuable insights into the transformative power of embracing our spiritual nature.

Please enjoy my conversation with Yvonne Constancio.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 213

Yvonne Constancio 0:00
Fear is not something that we should try to get rid of so to speak, but rather can you use it to transform yourself.

Alex Ferrari 0:23
I like to welcome to the show Yvonne Constancio how you doing Yvonne?

Yvonne Constancio 0:26
Hi! thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
Oh, thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. I'm excited to talk to you and, and your channel and, and the wisdom that will hopefully we'll be able to put out into the world today with this conversation. So my very first question to you is, what was your life like before your spiritual awakening before this insanity that is channeling?

Yvonne Constancio 0:51
You know, I have to say that it was I mean, like anyone's, like, pretty average, right? I mean, I was just what? As far as when you say spiritual awakening, I don't know what that was, like, one grand a moment that that occurred in my life, it feels like it's always sort of been a very gradual progression to knowing and remembering more of myself, as the years have gone on. And I'm 49 now. So I do think that as a child, I always felt connected to the spirit realm, I just didn't know exactly what that was or what that meant. I always felt a little bit of this missing home element that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to. So um, but keeping a lot of that to myself, you know, not knowing how to express that. Just like you growing up Catholic, born and raised Catholic. Yes. Um, so yeah, I there's always been a spiritual component to, to, to my life. Much more than the religious component. I always sort of connected more with a spiritual sense of being. But yeah, this has opened up a whole new door, the channeling.

Alex Ferrari 2:15
So I always love asking this. The first time they decided to come in, how did they come in? How did you even you know, did you freak the hell out? There's voices in my head. Am I going insane? I mean, this is normal thoughts of a normal human being.

Yvonne Constancio 2:30
Yeah, absolutely. So um, yes, the first time. Okay, so this is kind of how it happened. It happened at night, while I was sleeping. There were two or three nights that I woke up to voices. And I just thought, gosh, I can't shut my mind off what's up, can't get back to sleep. I'm just like, hearing hearing these voices. And I can't remember what the voices were saying at that time. Because it again, I just thought it was me. And I was just kind of blowing it off and being like, shut your mind off, go to sleep. The third or fourth night happened again, usually around 3am. And I said, You know what, I don't think this is me. I don't think this is me. And that did freak me out a little bit at first. And at the same time, being someone who's open to exploration of these types of realms. I said, Well, let's see if something happens if I if I talk back to it. So I talked back and then I got a response. And the response was still like, Is this really happening? Is this me? Or is this really something else? Because it does those sounds so like the inner voice when it comes through? At least in this in this way when it was before the channeling started through my voice. And so yeah, it was a little difficult to distinguish still, Is this me? Or is this really something else? But when the answers were coming through and responses were coming through that were not from me, that's when I said oh, it's not me. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 4:21
And then and then what like, Oh, good. I'm talking to somebody on the other side. This is fantastic.

Yvonne Constancio 4:31
Um, you know, it was the fourth night that they requested I get up and and, and channeled through my voice, a message that they wanted to share. So I got up in the middle of the night and they were very loving, very soothing, very, they felt safe. So it wasn't afraid to just go ahead and get up and go to the living room in the dark and turn on my iPhone and Voice Memo, this first message. And it was really a beautiful experience. But I did keep it to myself for about five days, seven days from my partner even because I wasn't sure how she wouldn't respond.

Alex Ferrari 5:21
I mean, if you only five or seven days it would look at five or seven years it could have been I mean, it's, yeah, it's again, it's, I always call it the thing that clears the room, starts coming out.

Yvonne Constancio 5:35
You never know how someone's going to receive it. So, and not that my partner and she's open to this type of stuff, too. So I don't know why I had a hesitation to share it. I I thought maybe she wouldn't believe me or maybe, you know, I don't know. I don't know. But it took me a little bit to finally share it with her. And she was okay with it.

Alex Ferrari 5:58
So then when did you decide to come out of the spiritual closet if you were there channeling closet, because it's one thing with your partner, but another thing. Family, friends, colleagues, people around, you know, you're pretty out there at this point in the game. So when did you decide to do it? And how did the people around you deal with and how do you deal with the psychological issue? Because I'm assuming that everybody was like, thank God. Well, we've been waiting for a channel and a family.

Yvonne Constancio 6:23
Well, that's funny, because I still haven't actually directly told my family. Wow, they don't have been doing an MMU at this, right? There are people who've been doing this for years for 30. Yeah, I've been doing it for maybe two years, I think, maybe a little over. I haven't directly told my parents about this. But I know that some of my family follows me. I know that they've seen it. So maybe they've told my parents and they just haven't brought it up to me. I don't know

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner basically is.

Yeah, we'll see. Um, you know, they know that I channeled the Akashic records and that, that seems like something that, Nick, I told them one day, and it was never brought up again. So I don't know how I don't know. They, I think they can it too. Is that the right word? I don't know if she's right word to like a psychic, or something like that

Alex Ferrari 7:23
Medium, psychic.

Yvonne Constancio 7:24
They don't really know what Akashic records are. So yeah, they just I think they just put it in the psychic category.

Alex Ferrari 7:32
They need to put it in the box, they have a box that they understand completely know without without question. So when I ask you, when you do channel, does it weaken you does strengthen you was the kind of energy that comes through?

Yvonne Constancio 7:44
It usually in the moment feels very energizing, it feels very peaceful. It feels very happy. Very, it's this space of just being held in a very non judgmental, loving, open heart space. So in that moment, it does feel very energizing. I do think that if I were to do it all the time, I think it would drain me personally. Which is why I don't do it very often. I only do it once a week for the for the weekly channeling and that I share on YouTube and occasionally for myself, but I don't even do that for myself very often. And I realized that I think I like mystery. I like you know, not having answers. I like having divine timing of my own revealing of self or revealing of what's next. So yeah, I, I do think that I like a balance of living my my life, you know, as a normal person and then having time with them and channeling them. But I think if I overdid it, I think it would drain me. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 9:17
So what you know, as, as you're as you're talking, like, you got this, you have this ability now and you've told your partner and, and things like that, but what made you want to kind of come out and publicly talk about this and publicly do this kind of work. This is a very big shift between doing private things, maybe with some friends and things like that, because I've heard of this with other channels that he started off with friends and they're like, Oh, this is cool. Can you channel the guides and you know, this kind of stuff, but then to go to the public world and like, you know, weekly things and things. What made you want to go down this path.

Yvonne Constancio 9:52
And it really felt like there was no other option. I don't know how to explain it other than that messages were meant to be shared. I don't know how to say it other than that, you know, they they, in the very first message did tell me that they're here to support us. And they were here to share the messages of heart led presence and love, unconditional love, and allowing our hearts to to open us to a new way of being and this new Earth that they say we're in the current transition and transformation of here on the planet. And so it just felt like those messages had to be shared. I didn't. It didn't feel like I could keep that to myself, I guess

Alex Ferrari 10:53
It would be selfish. In other words, it probably wouldn't keep coming either. I think they will. They will, they will probably found another outlet, if you will, to come through. So do you mind to do you mind doing a little channeling for us on the show today? So we could ask them some questions. Sure. I appreciate that very much at the end, thank you, because you don't do it often. So I appreciate it.

Yvonne Constancio 11:18
Let me just drink some tea.

Alex Ferrari 11:19
Sure. And what's your what is? What is your process? So I know, because everyone's different. Every channel is different the way they come in and come out.

Yvonne Constancio 11:27
Yeah, I just need a few minutes of silence to just sort of I like to do silent prayer, like to offer myself protection. And then or us protection. And then they I call on them and I they present.

Alex Ferrari 11:48
They show up and they do their stuff.

Yvonne Constancio 11:50
Yeah. So I'll let you know when you know when they're ready. Oh, sorry. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:57
Okay, great. Thank you so much my dear.

Yvonne Constancio 12:02
Okay, we are here.

Alex Ferrari 12:05
Thank you so much for doing this today. My first question is, why would any soul want to incarnate into the diseased body of physically deformed body, a painful family situation? You know, in pain and suffering to incarnate that way? Why would they want to do that?

Yvonne Constancio 12:27
This is a very common question, isn't it that humans often have, when they are here on the earth realm, finding themselves in challenging predicament, so to speak, are challenging lives challenging experiences. And this can be something quite small, or it can be something quite big as you described, living a life in which they are experiencing disease or some type of disorder that causes one, two, well experience something for themselves. Now, this is where we say that every experience that you have has something that is something that you have chosen. We know you were familiar with this concept, and that when choosing this type of experience for yourself, you have planned out for yourself something to learn something to grow from something to also impact others who are in your life. So it's not always just about you, my dear one, it is also about those who are around you, and those who are around you will be impacted by let's say, the way in which you handle yourself. And when we say self, we mean your big self, right? You're your soul. So how does my soul handle this particular experience in this lifetime in this human body? How do I manage this experience? And in how I manage it? How is it? How does it impact or affect those who are around me? So oftentimes, the plan you have for yourself is not just yours, and yours alone, there is a plan and there is agreements you have made with others who are with you. And so this impacts all of you. There is something to be learned in your agreements that you have made with one another. And while some of these challenges or some of these diseases, let's say would, at first glance seem like something that would be awful to experience, why would I choose this? Well, in slow level, it is not seen this way. And so level you are See the opportunity for an expansion here? You are seeing the opportunity through the eyes of a new track a neutral vision, so to speak a neutrality. Yes. And so this, this is not bad or good when you are developing the blueprint, let's say, or the outline or the plan for yourself, there isn't a good or bad, there is simply opportunity there is possibility, what is the potential to be found here within this experience, this is what is mostly focused upon when you are at soul level, developing your experiences for yourself designing your experience, let's say. So again, this is really all about growth, it's really quite simple. This is all about providing yourself opportunity for experience. And again, also there are agreements, as we said, that impact others in your life as well.

Alex Ferrari 16:13
Now, how can we heal pain or heal trauma that has happened to us in this experience?

Yvonne Constancio 16:22
Yes, this is something that many struggle with. And what we're seeing is that on the earth plane, up until recently, the earth plane has been quite a dense realm and experience where many have been drawn to holding on to pain, holding on to the distortion within themselves. And this shows up in so many different ways, these distortions, it can show up in emotions, it can show up in your physical body, it can show up energetically. And what we're seeing now is that you are being offered a light, Miss here, much intense light energy is now surrounding the planet offering your bodies the opportunity to lift themselves up. And so the density is getting less, it's decreasing here on the earth plane, which is why you are seeing so much awakening as you might call it among all of you. And while it may be an internal experience for some, some of you are sharing this awakening, and others of you are not quite ready to share it. However, this is what is providing the opportunity to heal these pains, the opportunity to see that you are capable of letting go of these pains of old wounds that have held you down or back or caused you physical pain. And so what we're seeing now is an actual desire, unlike any other time on this planet, to heal truly from pain, to truly experience freedom from pain, whether that be mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, we're seeing a revolution of sorts of people ready to face what it is that is causing them pain. Now, we have seen that for many, many, many years on this planet, pain has been avoided. In many ways, pain has been ignored, and has been dismissed, so to speak. Because it was too much, it was too much and one did not know how to actually get down to the root of it, nor did they even recognize there was a route to it. So what we're seeing now is that the light entering the planet at this time is offering you the opportunity to release these wounds and to be free from pain. Now does this mean that everyone will be pain free? No because you are on the earth plane and pain is part of life. However, what we're seeing is that the gap between experiencing pain and then learning from the pain perhaps then releasing the pain is going to decrease it's going to be much less time. People will not want to hold on to it any longer. They will not want to identify with it. They will not want to embody it. They will not want to live pain. They will want to live freedom, freedom from pain so that they can live in the highest and fullest potential of their experience here. Does this make sense?

Alex Ferrari 20:12
It makes it makes perfect sense. Thank you. There's so much so much fear that we have in this experience we constantly are guided, or tortured by fear. It seems like it's something that we constantly have to overcome in this incarnation while we're here on on in the physical plane. What advice do you have for people to overcome their fears to be able to connect to their true essence?

Yvonne Constancio 20:43
Yes, dear. Yes, fear is one strong emotion that tends to take over all others. Yes, it can take over the courage that you actually have within you to step forward out of the fear. And, and this is something that is required in order to walk through the fear. Now being human, of course, you're going to have fear, we do not see this magically disappearing anytime soon. But what we do see is that, can you be one with this fear? Can you accept that fear is something one must experience and in many ways, as we said earlier, that this is part of being on the earth plane is to transmute to transform to expand outside of darkness outside of contraction, outside of fear. So fear is really the opposite of feeling the freedom of love or freedom that comes from an open heart, where the Open Heart has the capacity to experience it all. And so, we do not need to dismiss the fear, so to speak, or try and make it go away. But rather, can we integrate it into a form in which we can use it to further ourselves into the life of this acceptance, life of living with peace and wellbeing for ourselves, which means that we have compassion and love for all aspects of ourself, all of it. And so we do not need to feel shameful, if we have fear, we do not need to feel like a failure, if we have fear. No fear is meant to be here in order to push us to our edges, it's meant to push us into new areas of exploration. And so again, this is not good or bad, fear is not good or bad. It's simply as it simply is, it simply is an opportunity to see yourself more fully. And to experience all that the human body has to experience this is something humans forgets that we and and realms where we are not in the human vessel, you have the capacity for a large range of emotions here, in your human vessel, in your human experience, there is a range to for so much to be felt, experience, taste, smelled, all of it, and feel. And so this is actually quite beautiful, the range of fear, when you look at it with compassion, when you look at it as something that is extraordinary. That is something that you can use as a tool to move into further growth and expansion. And so here we're seeing that, we would just like to remind you that fear is not something that we should try to get rid of, so to speak, but rather, can you use it to transform yourself? And because all of you experience fear, and when and if you do use it to transform yourselves, do you not find that what you transformed becomes one of your greatest gifts, one of your strengths, something that you share, something that you begin to offer and contribute to others who are also in that same experience perhaps or something similar. So When you transform this, this becomes one of your greatest strengths. Yes?

Alex Ferrari 25:07
Yes, yes. Now, do we all have a purpose, or destiny in this incarnation?

Yvonne Constancio 25:14
Yes, absolutely. My dear one, yes, every person has a seed within them, that has a purpose that they wish to fulfill in this lifetime. And again, we want to remind you that this doesn't need to be something grand, or something absolutely extraordinary where the whole world knows about you. But rather, it can be quite small. It can be simply that you raise your children in a way or in a manner that impacts them that has a ripple effect for generations to come. It can be that you simply write a book and those who read it will be impacted. And again, a ripple effect. It can be that you inspire one person you come into contact with, that then opens their heart to create something that they didn't think they could create. But here they are inspired by you. And now what they create impacts others and has a ripple effect. And so yes, everybody has a purpose, dear. And it's all about coming home to yourself to remember, remember, and listen to your desires, those desires, those messages within yourself that are seated right there in your heart. When you listen to this, this takes you into the activation, so to speak, of what you came here to fulfill on. And so when this activation occurs, when you listen to each impulse, no matter how silly it may sound, or how still yet maybe, or how inconvenient or how large you think it is, or, or even how small as we mentioned before, it doesn't matter as long as you follow each one, follow each impulse. They are like pebbles, they are like crumbs. Let's say that, that leads you to the next step to the next, the next reveal the next opening the next pathway. The next possibility for yourself, the next inspiration for someone else. The heart is where all the answers lie. This is where your purpose is. And we do believe that each of you at this time are beginning to tap into this much more fully than before. As we said before, this is a revolution occurring a revolution of the heart. And many of you are answering the call, just as you are there Alex, you are answering the call. And you are having an impact. You are having that ripple effect upon everyone who watches this everyone who hears your words, everything you have to share and contribute anything you create, dear one. And so we thank you for this. And we think all of you for this because the transition is happening. It is occurring, there is a transformation. And it at times may not seem like it, but we want to let you know that your courage is being acknowledged in other realms and other dimensions, as we all support you and offer you guidance. This is quite a remarkable time. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 28:44
Now, when when we as souls agreed to come down to a down for lack of a better word, down to this plane and have these agreements. These purposes that we're looking for, we do have free will, and hence sometimes veer off the track. What happens when we veer off the track of what we've agreed to do in this life?

Yvonne Constancio 29:08
Well, this can be this can occur in a variety of ways. And you are correct yes, there is never anything set in stone. Although you have made agreements, or you have created a plan for yourself. It is not set in stone. This is something that in your human existence, you have the possibility to change our switch paths or how do we say you have the ability to either complete a lesson with ease or completed with challenge. And so what we're seeing is that a lot of you do offer yourselves many different opportunities you set before you to learn a lesson. And so it is up to you which path you choose, so to speak. So it is not just, I want to learn this lesson, so I'm going to drop this one tiny potential into my life at this time. No, you actually drop many potentials in many layers of your lifetime. And you choose this one, this is the one I think I need to know and learn right now. And this is the way I want to learn it. So there may be the opportunity for a lesson to be learned. But in a variety of potential that you present it for yourself, like a rainbow of potential here, and you almost like a magnet magnetized to the one you think is going to be of most benefit to you. So there is times, let's say, when you have more difficulty, let's say or more challenge in completing your lesson or your assignment for yourself, this is okay. There is nothing wrong with this. Again, there is no good or bad about your experience. You simply do what you are ready to do when you are ready to do it, or you're not. And that is okay. So you go back and you say, Well, I got this far. In that experience. I wanted to complete this lesson. That didn't happen. For whatever reason, there are so many. And you choose again, do I want to return to relearn this lesson? Do I choose it in a new and different way? Do I make agreements with others around me, that may hold me accountable to learning this lesson in ways they won't remember, however, but this is what they will present for you. Right? And reminder, hey, I'm going to bring you up to this challenge you said you wanted for yourself? And so yes, we definitely have free will and choice and so much possibility and potential presented to us in order to learn our lessons.

Alex Ferrari 32:34
Is there such a thing as a soulmate?

Yvonne Constancio 32:39
Hmm. This one is difficult to answer. Because what we see right away is as something to offer you in this moment, is that yes, there are soul families, yes, that are very close, very bonded to one another as soul on Soul level. And they have been with one another throughout many, many, many lifetimes presenting as different roles for one another. So one may be your father in one and your son in the next, your best friend, perhaps. And so, soulmate doesn't necessarily mean that there is one person in your lifetime, who is your soul mate, so to speak, but rather, that you have many, because they are presented to you again, within your agreements with those who you are closely bonded with, for those who are the most trustworthy, to offer the experience you all agreed upon. And if you think about it, these are souls that love you immensely, in immensely, to, at sometimes come about to bring on the challenge of a life or experience that as a human, you would not choose No. But yet they come in to play a role that might be quite challenging for you because they love you. Because they you asked for them to do this because this was a request of yours and they are honoring it. And so in this way, we do have soulmates although it's not one person, we have many.

Alex Ferrari 34:28
Thank you for that answer. Now, I've heard of the concept of spirit guides and people on the other side or entities if you will, on the other side that helped us along our journey. Can you tell us for a lot of people who think they're alone in this life, that they're what who is helping them on the other side guiding them through this experience that they've planned out? Because obviously we have forgotten what we set out to do if not that would kind of defeat the purpose. So ye who can you explain who's there helping us on the other side?

Yvonne Constancio 35:05
There are so many guides, so to speak, helping and assisting and supporting you. There are many different realms so many that we could not even named them all in this one sitting. But to mention some, and that you may be familiar with. There are, of course, the galactic realm and support and guidance, just like the comes from us the Arcturians. Yes. And there are also angels, there are past loved ones, there are, let's see, there are there are so many guides, in so many different ways of helping and assisting. And so it's difficult to say exactly who is helping each person because there are so many different spirit teams, that you yourself have selected. This is one of the things that you select in your lifetimes, I would like you to be my most dominant guide, perhaps let's say, We'd like you to be there throughout my entire lifetime, or you select someone to just be with you for a moment in time of your life. This is going to be when I'm going to need your assistance. So I asked for you and request for you to show up for me at this time. And then there are your past loved ones, of course, who are most likely part of your soul family. And they are always going to be with you as well, a sustaining, guiding you, perhaps nudging you into the right direction at times or showing you a little glimpse of them and their support, offering you some joy around this hopefully. And also to let you know that you are not alone. That this is a time when actually a lot of you will begin to have deeper connections with your spirit guides, you will have clear communication with your spirit team. And again, part of the transformation on the planet. Part of the heart opening is that you have access to this realm when your heart is open and this way in this manner, and you begin to actually feel sense the energy of your guides either around you, or offering new messages, or seeing those coincidences that you didn't see before. So these are all occurring for you now. And we see that many of you are beginning to connect to this at a much deeper level than ever before. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 38:00
Now, why is it that we don't remember our our past lives or this plan that we have set out?

Yvonne Constancio 38:11
Yes, well, part of why you don't remember your past lives tears because you have experienced so many that it would be difficult to carry all that in the human mind. It is so extraordinarily expansive and infinite. So this is part of why you can't remember past lives. Now, sometimes, if you are having trouble with a certain thing that you do not understand perhaps it is from a particular past life in which you can get help or assistance in trying to uncover whatever it is that is still affecting you in this lifetime. And perhaps you can hone in on that particular experience. But to hold or carry the infinite amount of your existences in fractals, even at this moment, you are experiencing different lifetimes in different dimensions. And so again, the concept of past life is not quite accurate because all dimensions occur and exist in the Now moment. But we understand that here in human earthly realm, that there is what feels like a past life. So one of those is that it simply would not be able to be something you could comprehend, let's say not here in this realm. And then what was the other part of your question, dear?

Alex Ferrari 39:42
No, the other part was, why would we? Why do we remember the plan that we set out?

Yvonne Constancio 39:48
Yes. So part of not remembering your plan is simply because in order for you to expand and grow, you must learn have the experience that gets you there. And so if you knew your plan you in this human realm, well, it would just wouldn't work. But if you knew your plan you as a human would try to strategize it, try to manipulate it, try to just alter it in some way try to have control in some way, where when you do not remember it, then you are automatically in an organic space of experience of creation of unfolding of last Sameen natural state of contraction, expansion, contraction expansion, so falling into yourself and BLAS I mean out of yourself in order to grow, this would not occur this organic way this growth would not occur if you knew your plan. Again, you would try to control the situation does this make sense?

Alex Ferrari 41:00
This makes perfect sense. The concept of Karma has been spoken about for 1000s of years, can you explain the nature of karma and kind of make it a little bit more understand it understandable for people who don't have a grasp of it, because it has been kind of thrown around a lot in different ways. So I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Yvonne Constancio 41:21
From our perspective, karma is not necessarily what we see, as humans, perhaps see it as this perspective of one way of putting it keeping score, so to speak, of if I do this, then this will occur or this will happen. If I do this, this will happen. Or some sort of keeping score here, whether it be good or bad, whether it be for good or bad. If I do something good, good karma will come to me if I do something bad, bad karma will come. This is not necessarily what we as the Arcturians. See karma as so to speak, we see this more as experience that you choose for yourselves. And in that way, again, it comes back around to the experience of growth. This is always what the soul desires is growth is new pathway is expansion. Much like a flower, leaning toward the sun growing toward the sun, your soul naturally wants to expand and wants to be nourished in this way. And so experience here is simply or let's say the word karma that you are referring to, is simply experience, experience of your soul experience of if I choose to do this action, is this going to cause me to continue to grow towards the sun? Towards my expansion? One might call it the ascension? And or if I choose to do this action, will I be stunted? Will I stay where I am. And this is truly just the choice you are making for yourself. And so in what our perspective is, is not so much karma, but rather what is the experience you want to have for yourself? What is the experience that you want to create for yourself? And will that creation lead you to expansion? Or will it keep you stunted? Will you stay in a cycle of being stuck? relearning, relearning, relearning experiencing the same thing over and over and over again? Or do you want to expand yourself into new possibility new territory, new realms? So this is simply all that we is as the Arcturians See, karma as is experience experience?

Alex Ferrari 44:17
What can you tell us about what is happening in the world today? All this negativity, all this uproar change, you know, political strife or environmental, financial, emotional, political, there's so much stuff going on. And so many people are afraid of what's happening. Can you can you tell me what your point of view is on what's happening right now?

Yvonne Constancio 44:42
Yes, in one word, transformation. Yeah. And so what we're seeing is simply the dissolving of old systems, which is going to come with Well, we're seeing the vision of earthquake, which doesn't mean that An earthquake, literally it just means the sensation of this foundation breaking. Yes, everything that we have known on the earth plane is transforming is transitioning into a new way of being. And so in order for the new way to come forth, we have to experience the breaking of what was once held, let's say or what was once created. In order for newness, there must be destruction, yes, destruction of what was once created. And what we're seeing right now is that many of you are beginning to have, as we said, the light within you, offering you the activation and the energy to take actions that you had not taken before. So when you have the fire within you to take action, well, then things change, things transform. And in order for things to be different, you have to create a little bit of an uproar, a little bit of a discomfort, and not everyone is going to be ready for that. So there will be resistance, there will be some who want to hold on to the old ways of doing things. And so there will be some what hesitation so to speak, to move into a new direction. And a lot of this is because those who have hold power held power before, don't want to let it go. They don't want that. No, they want to stay in control. But what we're seeing is that the light is offering, the people who want to operate from a greater sense of community, and a greater sense of benefit for all are going to rise up. And this of course, is going to cause some this unrest, let's say unrest from those who want to remain in control who don't want things to change, they like it just the way it is. But this is a time of transformation. And so little by little, you will see that community becomes what is most important, helping one another, opening your hearts to one another loving one another creating new programs, new systems in which everyone is cared for is what's going to come through. And we see this happening quite rapidly within the next two or three years where new ideas, new concepts, new pathways, new solutions are going to be presented. And we see it solidifying in perhaps the next six to 10 years where you will finally see these new systems implemented and you will finally see the community comes together. And that there is not just somebody who is in control of it all making choices that benefits them. But rather as a community, you are looking out for one another and you are developing new ways of caring for one another from your hearts from your hearts. And so this is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We are very very pleased with the progress happening on the planet. Although it may seem that there is so much unrest and so much negativity, you must move through this phase in order to create what comes next.

Alex Ferrari 48:47
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Yvonne Constancio 48:51
Only to remember that you have the capacity for so much more than what you currently know of yourselves. And to always tap into the heart when you are uncertain. Tap into the heart when you are having doubts. When you do not understand when you are confused. From here you will open the space to know the truth of yourselves. And we say this because the heart again is where your seeds are held. Everything about you is held here. And we have often said that the heart for the human is the greatest gift given to you. It is here where all your energy resides. All of your soul. All of your electromagnetic field that is quite powerful when activated. Is this is what opens you. This is what reveals your more of you to yourself. This is what opens you to seeing someone else as well seeing the truth of who they are the purity of who you all are, and what you carry within you. So we would simply ask you to lead your lives from your heart.

Alex Ferrari 50:17
Thank you so much for this time with us. I appreciate you.

Yvonne Constancio 50:21
Thank you

Alex Ferrari 50:32
How was that for you? Where do you go? By the way, when that happens?

Yvonne Constancio 50:35
I'm here. I'm just sort of in the background.

Alex Ferrari 50:39
You're listening bits of to some, some don't remember anything others? Here it kind of muffled and others remember everything?

Yvonne Constancio 50:47
Yeah, I remember everything. I'm just kind of hanging out on the outskirts.

Alex Ferrari 50:53
What did you feel? How did you feel that way?

Yvonne Constancio 50:56
I think it will. Well, I liked them. I mean, I always like what they say. It's always surprising to me sometimes when in the middle of a channeling, I'll be like, you know, that seemed really simple. And then I will hear it back when I'll transcribe it to write on my blog. And as I'm writing it, I begin to get more of the, the depth of what they said or what what, like, I just get a deeper understanding. And,

Alex Ferrari 51:29
They were they were tough questions. They weren't easy questions. Which is, which is always I like asking tough questions of channels, because I want to hear what they they say of because of the questions that everyone asks, like, why why would you want to incarnate into pain? And how do you let go of pain your trauma is and you know, why can't remember and these be tough questions that a lot of people ask, and I've never been, I've yet to be disappointed by what a channel says it's all very similar. By the way, this interesting thing I find, because now I've talked to dozens of channels at this point. There's always a common truth in all of everything, what they say love. It's, it's fascinating. It constantly This is the same, same truth seems keep to keep coming popping up. So but I appreciate you doing that for us. I know you don't do it often. So thank you.

Yvonne Constancio 52:23
Thank you for asking.

Alex Ferrari 52:25
Now, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Yvonne Constancio 52:34
Alex, I watched your show. So every time you ask this question, I think what am I going to say? And I always have a different answer. Every every day in that moment. I'm like, oh, today it's this. But I really think it's it's it's being open to the experience of creation is a good life. And not questioning. The exploration or the impulses you have of what you want to create, in whatever moment, you know, you have this idea or this seed that wants to sprout? I think that's a good life is being open to creation, in whatever form it looks like. Or wants to express itself.

Alex Ferrari 53:30
Fair enough. What is your definition of God?

Yvonne Constancio 53:34
God is everything. That is everything. I feel like God is what animates all of it. All of it. It's the breath of life. Not just here, but the universe of I don't know. I don't even know how far it goes. But all of it, all of it.

Alex Ferrari 54:00
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Yvonne Constancio 54:06
I am I mean, I guess it's to expand. Like they said, to keep opening ourselves and our hearts to the sun to keep leaning towards that learning towards the light growing, expanding. I don't know where it leads

Alex Ferrari 54:29
Somewhere. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Yvonne Constancio 54:35
They can go to Yvonneconstancio.com. My website.

Alex Ferrari 54:39
I'll put that in the show notes.

Yvonne Constancio 54:41
Yeah, and the YouTube channel if anyone wants to see me there. It's the unravel collective.

Alex Ferrari 54:48
Okay. And do you have any final messages for the audience?

Yvonne Constancio 54:51
No, I just want to say thank you so much for having me and being interested In what the Arcturians are sharing and and I hope that everyone who listened to this had just the opportunity to tap into their own hearts and be inspired to live from there.

Alex Ferrari 55:15
I appreciate you my dear, thank you again.

Yvonne Constancio 55:18
Thank you!

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