Wim Hof REVEALS: Tragic & SHOCKING Loss of His Wife Inspired EXTREME ‘Ice Man’ Lifestyle

Today, we dive into the remarkable journey of Wim Hof, a man whose connection with the cold has redefined human potential. Known as “The Iceman,” Wim Hof has inspired millions worldwide with his unique methods of cold exposure and breathwork, showing us how to tap into our inner strength and resilience. This conversation illuminates the essence of his transformative approach and the profound impact it has on physical and mental well-being.

To Wim Hof, the cold is not just a challenge but a “noble force” that ignites his deeper self. It is through this elemental interaction that he finds stillness and power. He shares how his journey with cold therapy began over three decades ago, initially as a personal practice, long before it gained scientific recognition. Wim’s adventures took him from local icy waters to the peaks of the Himalayas and the expanse of the North Pole, breaking world records and captivating audiences worldwide.

Wim’s method gained scientific credibility when he demonstrated his ability to influence his autonomic nervous system and immune response, something previously thought impossible. In one notable experiment, he resisted the effects of an E. coli injection, which typically induces severe illness. This breakthrough challenged existing medical paradigms and showcased the potential of his techniques. “It’s not about the Iceman,” he emphasizes, “but about what humans are capable of when they connect deeply with their bodies.”

The foundation of the Wim Hof Method lies in the power of the breath, discovered by Wim at the age of 17. Through controlled deep breathing, he learned to harness his body’s inner energy, allowing him to withstand extreme cold for extended periods. This practice, combined with gradual cold exposure, forms the core of his method. He explains, “When you feel the cold, you put your hand in ice-cold water—that power can become yours.”

Wim’s personal story is both inspiring and poignant. Following the tragic loss of his wife, he turned to icy water for solace. This extreme exposure helped him manage his profound grief and provided the energy to care for his children. “Out of the darkest of places can flourish a new flower and new light,” he reflects. Today, he and his family run a global company dedicated to sharing these life-changing practices with the world.


  1. Embrace the Power Within: The cold is a teacher, showing us the depth of our inner strength and resilience. Through the Wim Hof Method, we learn to connect with this power and harness it for healing and growth.
  2. The Breath as a Gateway: Deep breathing is more than a physical act; it is a gateway to unlocking the body’s potential. It enables us to control our physiological responses and connect with our higher selves.
  3. Healing Through Nature: The elements of nature, particularly cold and breath, are tools for profound healing. They help us navigate emotional and physical challenges, bringing balance and vitality.

Wim’s insights extend beyond physical endurance, touching on the spiritual and psychological aspects of his method. He believes that the cold and breathwork can serve as a form of meditation, bringing us into the present moment and away from the distractions of daily life. “If you want real meditation, go into the ice,” he advises. This immersion forces the mind to focus, facilitating a state of deep awareness and calm.

Adrenaline plays a crucial role in this process, resetting the body’s natural defenses and enhancing its ability to combat stress and disease. Wim explains, “The adrenal axis spikes when you do this, resetting the body to its optimal functionality.” This response not only boosts the immune system but also fosters mental clarity and emotional stability.

In conclusion, the conversation with Wim Hof is a testament to the extraordinary capabilities that lie within each of us. His journey from personal tragedy to global inspiration underscores the transformative power of nature and the human spirit. By embracing the cold and mastering our breath, we can unlock new dimensions of health, strength, and spiritual connection.

Please enjoy my conversation with Wim Hof.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 250

Wim Hof 0:00
To me, the cold is a noble force. It really ignites my deeper self. To come to the surface is where I need stillness. I need power from within.

Alex Ferrari 0:14
I like to welcome to the show Wim Hof. How you doin Wim?

Wim Hof 0:28
Oh, good, old, great to go.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
Thank you so much for coming on the show, when I've been such a fan of your work. For many years now I've I've tried many of your techniques, personally, I've seen the power of them. And I am all about helping you on your mission in this life to get this information out to the world. And when I started this show a few years ago, I was like, I gotta get him on the show. I want my audience to be able to understand the power of what you do, and how you do it. But before we jump into the Wim Hof Method, what was your life like, before you began developing this method?

Wim Hof 1:08
Actually practicing the method. That is what I was doing. Well practice practicing, because you do not really know what you are doing. But it feels so good. It makes me strong. So I was already doing this for at least 30 years. Before I got out. And I got in contact with a newspaper one day, there wasn't 19 What was at 1997 and they they came and made the article and from there television suddenly began to drop in. And then they began to challenge me like, hey, yeah, what I can do outside in winter tonight, in freezing temperatures, without warming up, do all kinds of exercising, deep freezing under the eyes being outside impossible, it is what this man is doing. But he is doing it amazing, they began to challenge me through television shows, and I was able to take on any challenge they come up with in the freezing cold. So damn my journey with the television started. And they took me to the Himalayas to the North Pole to America, Paris, London everywhere began to do world records everywhere in the world. And then finally, I got caught up by scientists who wanted to wanted to do experiments on me called physiological experiments. And then they saw me doing what normally was not considered possible by a human. And then they came with a new intervention, which is the endotoxemia endotoxemia is like an injection with an E coli bacteria. And they began to see if Wim Hof is able to withstand the E coli bacteria making a not sick what normally makes people sick. And in my case, I did not became sick and that really was against all what the doctors have been reading in in literature, medical literature, a human is not able to resist the effect reaction of E coli bacteria on the immune system then you get inflammation, that is the normal reaction in literature. But Wim Hof does not. So what is happening? So, they they looked inside the blood, while I was doing my techniques in the hospital after the injection, and then they saw me influencing deeply into the atomic nervous system and the innate immune system, or both considered to be inaccessible by humans, but I did it and that that then they said but you are the Iceman they call you The Iceman. You are special, super human. No, I'm a normal guy, who has been in nature, who has found things and now I want to share this with the whole wide world. That's why we have to prove beyond belief, beyond speculation that this is the new science that humans are able to tap into there is immune system, far more than I thought possible. So give me a group. And that will show you that it's not about the Iceman. In a couple of days, I get trained up these people, and they will be able to astound medical paradigm as it is, and will show it, you can give them an injection with E. Coli. And they will show they can control that. And that was after 16,000 people had done it, and they all became sixth sick. And that was after my training, nobody got sick. So, then they looked inside the blood, and they saw all these people were influencing deeply into the atomic nervous system, and the innate immune system. That that is my story before the method really took off. Because then we got the credibility, offsides, that we found a way to buy your ACT into the body of far more than ever before was thought possible.

Alex Ferrari 6:20
So let's go back even farther, when did you discover the breath, the power of the breath?

Wim Hof 6:25
When I was 17, 17 first going into the cold, you go into the cold. First thing you do is you learn to breathe deep, it's a natural reflex to get more lifeforce air is like force, that is to activate the body from within this just to make you stronger. And if you do that controlled, then you become stronger. And then you are able to go into icy water longer and longer and longer. This is what I tested when I was 17. And very soon, I was able to stay very long inside water, ice water as a 17 year old. And that is that is 46 years ago. I found that incredible power in myself. So and then, of course everybody around me will say, hey, that man goes into cold water. He is crazy. Don't do that. That is not good at all. So I trained on my own, I kept it to myself. For 25 years, I kept it to myself. And then one day I got a connection with the newspaper. And then the story as earlier mentioned, happened all but back then when I was 17 to over safe, almost 40 years old. I did it on my own. And I loved it every day, every winter. So doing all kinds of exploits in the extreme cold is, to me the coal is a noble force. It really ignites my deeper self. To come to the surface is where I need stillness. I need power from within. I need I never became sick. Never ever. So what is that? That is a power we have lost in society, a power from within. And I just kept to it. Even do the people will say that man is crazy. And I'm not going to do it. Does this for you? No, no, no. But now it has changed. It's all has changed now. Now. Millions and millions. I don't know how many millions, but at least 100 million people know me at least and it is growing and it needs to grow. Because this is what I always thought. This is what is your first name as not. Alex Oh yeah, Alex, Alex, this is my belief has always been Hey man, this is the solution for the comfort zone behavior modern diseases globally. It is nature. It is simple. It is there a classical, powerful. Anybody can do it. Is that but nobody wanted to listen to that. So but now it's different after the discovery in the house. Prior to that I could withstand injection with E. coli bacteria, which normally makes you very sick. In my case, I did not became sick. Why? Because I love to have control over the inner power. Unprecedented deep. And that is where I came from, uh, from 17 years old, I always had that conviction, I always had that faith, I always had the ability of energy, and never becoming sick, and being very strong in what I do with myself. So of course, I wish to share that to the world. But only after the the E coli bacteria endotoxemia research. I got that credibility and then people began to take it on. And then I did these breathing exercises, the cold exposure, gradual gold exposure and mindset that became the Wim Hof Method, proven by sides. So, that is the story. And it says, It's a story of being alone for about 30 years. But now I'm sharing with Millie's abilities and millions, I will billions now. Because nothing works. And it's good. And it's now the time to bring autonomy to the people who do their own innate capacity to roll over their mind and body much more deeply. That is what I'm presenting and let it to the people just try it out once. If it doesn't work, blame me, but just do not have an opinion before not having done at least one time.

Alex Ferrari 12:04
Now you know, going back, it seems you have so much passion for this. From my research into your past. I mean, there was a tragic start to this whole thing. Yeah, in many ways. Do you mind? Do you mind sharing that with the audience?

Wim Hof 12:18
Of course that embody, if the mother of your children, their four children, I had jumps from eight stories down, then there is no heavier black dark drama than that. That happened in 95. After she gets to get kids goodbye. So how deep we do we need to go, that's the deepest you can go. And dad, I was left behind with my four kids with little money and a broken hearts. The only way I could be there with my emotional agony that was going into icy water. Because then you survive you are no longer into these abstractions in the mind, this emotional loss, you open up inside you just stop it, ice water heals you, or you are dead. You just stop you, you don't think that that gave me an opening to healing. So I began very consciously to go into the icy water every day, very consciously. And I got a control over my emotional state of being because I had to be there for four kids with no money. So that's what the eyes did. That's what the cold did. It brought down the emotional agony and it gave me so much energy. And that created right now, me and my four kids, we have a flourishing global company and they have been studying and they did their masters and they are not doing what they have been learning all about or studying all about. They are doing the Wim Hof Method, they became instructors in that those are my daughter's boats, boat masters and now doing this and they love it so much more. So, and we are very happy now. But that was not back then. Back then we came from a very, very dark, heavy place. And we got out all of us. So now we are teaching how to deal with deep emotional grief with disease. With depression, with all these ailments, we are giving people tools to work them. So that's where it came from, and out of the darkest of places can flourish, a new flower and new light. That's what we did.

Alex Ferrari 15:22
Thank you so much for sharing that. And it makes us even more powerful. What you're doing. I have to ask you, why is the cold and cold therapy so powerful in helping us with so many different things in our immune systems in our mental state? I mean, it does test you in a way that even there's heat therapy, and then there's cold therapy, and they both test you in different extremes. But I've done both I do both. And cold therapies it's a bitch, it can be unless you know, the Wim Hof Method.

Wim Hof 15:54
Yes, it is it is. But imagine, when you feel the cold, you put your hand in ice cold water, that's a power. Yeah, that power can become yours. But learning to neutralize that power by going in and learning to not only tolerate, but to neutralize from within the impact from the outside coming in. So from within a hormonally activate yourself so strongly that the cold is being met. So that when you are done, get out, you got a great power, great activation of inner power present in your body. And that goes into your brain that gives confidence gives control, it gives an energy that activates the immune system, and does so much more. So for going into the cold, you need to go with it. And that's what it teaches. And it's amazing what Dan is able to awaken within, which we normally have lost in our comfort zone behavior. And Alex, when situations like mine happen, or any other emotional loss, or agony, you better learn to have a inner power to oppose to heal yourself, to heal your broken heart, or to heal your depression, to have that in control is dead. That's what the call is doing. And that is amazing. That is besides of that it also brings a lot better performance ability to the person and the muscles. It's like we when we go into the cold, it seems that we do not move. But from the inside, everything needs to move. So the affectivity in the functionality of muscle tissue gets really much more stronger. That by doing dumbbells and all that, it becomes more effective, more functional. They don't grow, but they grow in functionality. They become really strong. Me I'm 63 I can do dumbbells. 1000 times 10 10k yet 10k Dad, I can do 1000 times. Why? Because then a functionality of my muscles is way better than what you see what you normally think and muscle is.

Alex Ferrari 18:55
Well let me ask you because from my experience going into a cold shower, I realized after doing a cold shower in the winter, which is different than doing a cold shower in the summer, or Yes, doing a cold shower in the winter, I started doing the breath method the Wim Hof Method, and I started to feel heat coming from inside of me my skin started to get hotter ice too and it didn't affect me the cold at first when it hits you it's like knives, it's like sharp pieces of glass attacking you at all senses. But when you calm yourself and you relax this you start to take the stress out of it. This calmness can put the heat starting to come up what is that? Can you explain that to the audience?

Wim Hof 19:41
That is intercostal muscle activity. intercostal muscle activity radiates throughout the body very fast. It creates much more energy than brand fat. For example. intercostal muscles activity is around the lungs, the reps intercostal, between the ribs, there are muscles, they begin to vibrate, they begin to vibrate when cold comes in so much that they create so much energy that you feel warm. And that is just bloody amazing. And because we normally don't go into the cold, we never develop the muscle tone of the intercostal muscle tissue. And so we become cold when we are outside, because these months, any muscle you don't use, you lose this. Yeah. Yeah. And so it is with the cold endurance, which is in the end the cardiovascular system, that if you don't use the intercostal muscle activity, which affects directly on the vascular system, run better the blood through the whole of it, which is 125,000 kilometers long, capillaries, arteries, veins, millions of little muscles are connected. So once that begins, the warmth of the intercostal muscle activity goes into the blood goes everywhere. It's amazing. Nobody knew this. I showed it in brain scans in fMRI in blood scans. I showed it. So now now they know. But it is still quite unknown in the world. Yeah, cold has been a mystery, as I say since ever, but now because we got the measurement devices, we can see what is working, especially when you go into an FMRI and you go into a brain scan, there you can see what's happening inside while being exposed to the cold. And a person like me who is straight in the cold. Of course, he's got deep deeper tissue exercised, and they work very effectively. At the moment when cold comes in. This is all natural. It is not only that the cardiovascular system is going to be be exercised through going into the cold. It is also the muscle tissue, which produces heat and energy. And that will be flung into the blocked system and a go everywhere. It is also that the deep brain is activated, because cold is dangerous. So deja comes then the deep brain begins to be activated. That's the brainstem. And with the brainstem combs the opioids cannabinoids, dopamine, serotonin, all the good stuff is coming to make the person feel okay, in a very stressful situation. It's normal, but because we never exercise in the cold. That's why those things don't work. And they have comes in the whole pharmaceutical industry, giving us all this shit. On which we become dependent. Well, I say get high on your own supply.

Alex Ferrari 23:43
Very much so very much. So. Well, let me ask you what part what part does adrenaline play in this method? Because you do it. There's some adrenaline coursing through you going in there.

Wim Hof 23:55
Adrenal axis, the adrenal axis spox. When you do this, the adrenal axis spikes that this hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, that is the axis. When that works, then you reset the body to its at most of functionality, then it's able to withstand whatever is the nature in the best way. So it only spiked to reset the body to get lost off what should not be in the body. Yeah, that's why we hit and pissed because of fear, in a situation to get rid of all that should not be dead to flee better. You find that to move better. It's only logic. So when bacteria comes in a virus, that also is danger. Only in those cases, we have no defense because our immune system is not reset. It is is not a alert. And through doing this method, you make the immune system back to its original factory setting. And then suddenly it begins to work. And the bacteria has no chance, the virus has no chance. That's the way we are built. And adrenaline dust is a good thing. If it spikes, it's not a good thing, if it is long term, presence.

Alex Ferrari 25:30
That's why our ancestors who, you know, Rome defeated Rome, the Great Plains here in the States, or you know, are in the mountain somewhere, they're exposed to the elements all the time. So they were able to withstand as their, their bodies were much harder than ours were because of the exposure that they were able to do. So they didn't get sick as much. Because if you get sick out there, you die, basically.

Wim Hof 25:55
And now, living in the comfort zone behavior of humanity, humanity now also lives longer. Because we created peace in our lives, we have less cortisol presence, less stress, or remote presence, yet, it's still there. Only when we go too much into comfort zone behavior, then we are not no longer fully alert insight. When that bacteria or virus comes in, we are vulnerable, we are weakened. So what I say now, with these techniques, we are able to cleanse ourselves of the wrong chemical residue activated through comfort zone behavior, too much or too low movement too low to wrong foods too much to lessen activity, too much television, etc, etc. Makes us weak and fuller show if it is the long term. So our bodies are built to be activated. So if we just take the damn cold shower, we just activate all our system. And then it's done. It's a like a checkup. And then the energies flow great through the body. And we can tap I love what showers do. I'm not torturing myself, No, I want to live life to the fullest. And the fullest means I want to feel that are my lives. So when I go into the icy water, I just tranquil I know, it's such a noble exercise, the power, I feel myself being becoming a knight, like a silver layer comes over me protecting me against a bacteria and virus. They're protecting me against bad energies, because I got I am in charge here while being in the cold. And silence, like this deep peace. That's what I do every day. So I don't become sick. I'm always okay, I got great energy. And so, whatever was happening in the pre storix The Evolution right now needs a more making a activated mind and body, we get all these modern diseases. And those are signals that something is wrong. We can we tackle that? And there I say yes. And we have shown that through signs that if you go have a cold shower a day keeps the doctor away. Very simple. And do some deep breathing by which you bring the vitamins, minerals, oxygen to the deep tissue to all the cells in your body and they get fat. And in return, you get all the energy and you lose anxiety, because anxiety comes from the wrong biochemical residue in our bodies gained to our daily life occupations. So then we are I come up with simple tools through sites and then bringing it out to people. So another thing is now I found I work with neuroscientists. I did a full research last weekend here in my center with 100 people. And before that, I came from Australia and they did a brain scan on me and Once again, they did a brain scan on me comparing it to nine and a half 1000 other brain scans. And they were all like they have baselines, they had seen what activity there normally is in a brain, etc. And then they saw my brain, and my brain is way out way out, that means we could steal it, normally to be able to control it through using willfully our brain is way less than what I can do. And this is what I want to show to the people, we have a brain but only partially we are in control. Hence, we cannot find solutions to all the problems nowadays, problems. That there it is why, because if you have a limited control over your car, you are due to make, you're bound to make an accident at a certain point that is alive. Life comes with all kinds of situations. And you've got a beautiful, great brain, the seat of the mind. And if you get this control this deeper control, as we have been talking in this podcast, once you go into the cold, the deep brain begins to activate. And because you are going into the cold, you learn to willfully connect physically connect with the deep brain. And then Alex, once you get into the deep brain, the deepest part of the brain, then where else can you not go. And that is what I've been showing in the brain scans in the brain scans show compared to nine and a half 1000 people by which you the greatest data base in that field by which you would normally consider, Hey, man, this man more or less is going to be like all the others whooley Out there not a little bit, it's going to be published because it's only less than two weeks that I was there. And it's going to be a case study. Because it's crazy, dramatic, crazy, dramatic, more control within my brain over my body. I asked. And it's only because I accessorized outside the comfort zone behavior, what we normally think is uncomfortable, we don't go. If you do that long time, then actual fire is like a muscle, a big part of your brain, which is survival, which is about stayin alive. If you go into the icy water, as you know, when you go into the cold, you'll go to this threshold of initial stress pull response of your body, and then you step over, and then suddenly, something begins to glow inside, that begins to work inside. And it's working all day long. Like in your favor, you get more energy, you feel better, your mood is uplifted, your blood circulation goes better. It's more energy, all those things so simple. So what I'm trying to bring it together with you, Alex, using your window. And to get out there a guy's we have a brain and which can be controlled far more. And for many more purposes than only going into the cold. It's going into the extremes is going into problem solving is going into much more power from your will willful intent to meet anything out there in the world, which normally would be an an overcome a built obstacle. Now you learn to have that control. That's the way our mind is built. Our brain is built and we found the keys. Now. It's only a matter of time that people begin to realize, hey, science has been proven that we are actually able to go much deeper into our brain by which we have a much greater command over mind and body autonomy and autonomy. I think it's the right thing to bring massively to the humanity right now.

Alex Ferrari 34:53
Beautifully said my friend beautifully said. Now let me ask you you kind of touched upon this and this is a part that I felt so wonderful about using your method was the mindset. Getting out of that comfort zone thing, because if you first of all, it's better than any cup of coffee, a cold shower in the morning is better than any cup of coffee ever created. When you walk in your entire body and mind is saying, Get out, you are going to die. But if you stay 10 seconds, 20 sec, little steps by step, step by step, you start to exercise the mindset muscle, which then transit translation that translate translates to other aspects of your life where now you are pushing yourself beyond

Wim Hof 35:41
Exactly. So as people might think, Oh, my God, I cannot do it. Because it's too difficult, though. Oh, this is not to be understood in neuroscience, they tell me, this is not possible. I say it's here. And it's simple. It's powerful, and scientifically endorsed, that you are innately capacitated, with the power to overcome any obstacle in your life. That's the way your mind is built. But not necessarily. We are schooled that way. So that's why here, you and me, Alex, we come in and show the people, Hamer with their finishing the school, the learning didn't stop. The real learning is to overcome any obstacle with that confidence. That power of your mind, that is able to confront itself with any obstacle in life, that power is the power over your mind. It's yours. It's their inborn. It's Mother Nature, who's calling upon you to say, Hey, have confidence in life and your purpose, because you got the tools to get it all. That is the state of your mind. That is what it should be. Nowadays, the US is suffering from a pandemic of depression. And I say, Hey, guys, stop it, stop it. All. That's all it ever it is the pill confidence we can have it being able to rely upon our control within our mind, to confront ourselves with life's problems, as it is proven. It's done. It's simple, effective, and scientifically endorsed. Here it is taken on Gods. And if you got questions as Alex, Alex, as me, we are here willing to answer those questions. Because I go all the way I want to bring the light to those people who live in the darkness unnecessarily. It is now unnecessary suffering I've been gone through in 95 when I lost my wife, but I found the light through signs. And now I found the light, but through going consciously into those deep areas and control my emotions, to learn to whatever makes me it makes me emotionally broken to heal it. And I found it. And we're here to share it because it's not mine. It's Mother Nature's it's here to be shared. And that's what we do.

Alex Ferrari 38:40
When you know you're, you're like a you're like a ball of energy. My friend. I love your passion. I love the energy that you have, with what you're with the work you're doing in the world. I want to ask you, what do you think is the or what have you felt in regards to your work in regards to spirituality and tapping into these deeper inner because a lot of the things you're talking about are physical or physical. But there is a spiritual aspect to a lot of this going within for the answers. Do you have the power within these are very spiritual concepts have been around for 1000s of years. But you're translating it into the physical but there is a spiritual aspect to it. What is it from your point of view?

Wim Hof 39:23
Oh, yeah, no, absolutely, Alex, if you are able, willfully, and this is what I've been shown in brain scans now, to get into the so called subcortical higher functioning of the brain. subcortical cortical means from your will what we call to go the neocortex the prefrontal cortex, that is our conscious will, but subcortical underneath, we have no control willfully. And there is the higher functioning, the abstract parcels they're called. And they have a part example empathy, fantasy, imagination, pain, control over pain, and control over emotion, all those things were outside of our cortical control, I will willful control, and my wife. So as shown as the first one, again, hey, that this is the way to get into the subcortical areas, and to have a absolute deep influence into empathy. So spirituality, spirituality, creativity, fantasy imagination, into egolessness, into go past time and space, into pure feeling, all that is now there. And it is I'm not special. But life is special. Alive, I go to life that had become special. But everybody should be special. Because everybody's the right is to live the life to the fullest. And that is now showing to be, you can go with your will into those areas, so called autonomous processes of the brain are no longer autonomous. They are within our a cortical, and possible control, reach neural pathways, we just need to believe in aside about ourselves, and get something going that with our fantasy, creativity, empathy, imagination, pain control, all those areas are the deep brain subcortical higher functioning of the brain, and it's there. So this is good for people to begin to think about, think about what you want, think about what is your purpose in this life, follow your inner, your inner voice. And that inner voice will tell you, Hey, you never could do this because of society does. And we are so absorbed. And schooled in a society that only makes use of a part of our brain. School's us in a part of our brain, yet light is so much more. And that if we don't, if we don't go to dose arts in our brain, then it's once again at refine the muscle. And so it's simple. Spirituality is who we are, without his spirit. We think in one day, we better get spiritual.

Alex Ferrari 42:55
Now, one thing I've one thing also that I realized that if you have a problem living in the moment, get into an ice bath. You are only in the moment you can think of nothing else you don't think of your problems you don't think of, of stress, you don't think of the person who cut you off in traffic, you are there. So do you do you consider the Wim Hof Method? Ice cold therapy what we're talking about a form of meditation because you cannot actively think of other things while you're in it, because you have to focus so much energy into what you're doing. Do you agree with that?

Wim Hof 43:35
Oh yes absolutely. upflow to go to the deeper brain what is the aim of pure meditation is to bring the blood flow from the thinking brain into the brain feeling brain just to be there. Just being there like Zen no thought just being so that is an area deeper area of the brain. But when the blood flow stays in the thinking brain, those those they did keep on running, because no thoughts or electrical little currents neurotransmitters. If you feed them they go away like like the motorway they go, like in the middle of the traffic of of a city. There you are. Oh, yeah, it goes all the depth. Hey, no, no, fuck, it doesn't happen. You know, go going into the eyes and you have force, your deep brain is forced to attract blood flow to a naturally begin to be activated and does the blood flow will go from the surface directly into the deep brain. And that is pure meditation. And they saw if you do the breathing exercises they saw compared to people who are doing hours on end for years Mindfulness. If you do the breathing exercises, then you go into deeper areas of the brain that so people within seven minutes, I mean, with the breathing exercises, then people who do for hours for years mindfulness, practicing mindfulness, so they compared to brain scans. So it's very simple. Yes, it is absolutely pure meditation. If you're wanting to real meditation, go into the ice, or do a deep breathing session. And that you will find yourself with an experienced deep experience, deep sensations you have never, ever seen, because you made your deep brain fully a blood flowing by which it comes to life.

Alex Ferrari 45:58
And it's amazing. It's absolutely remarkable. Now, did you? Have you ever been or I mean, were you talking about as far as the power of the breath? This has been around for 1000s of years Yogi's have been taught teaching and talking about breathwork for years, but what I think you've done that I hadn't heard anybody else do was add the coal to it. Because the breath work by itself is extremely, extremely powerful, correct?

Wim Hof 46:26
Oh, it is. And it has been there for 1000s of years. Back then they call it a printer printer mark each year, the pranayama the key override in New Zealand with the Maori I'm your breath and it's in every culture is the breath. So, the thing is that the problems of nowadays show that we have alienated from these traditions. Yes. And I just brought it back. And I brought it back a adjusted to the modern day problems. Showing first in signs that it works. That a bloody works where normally people have no control, suddenly they have much deeper control. So as simple as that, it is that and then together with the comfort zone behavior which came in since the industrialization processes, everything is extension to everything is made easier, more comfort, we are dressed all the time, we don't work outside as much. And we are no longer stimulated through our grid biggest organ which is our skin. Our skin is completely covered every day. It's like the muscle again, who atrophies because you don't use it older millions of receptors and up and begin in the skin and wonder is no stimulation long term that the connective organisms and the vascular system is not stimulated as well. So why that happens? your cardiovascular system which by the way, is killer number one source cause the most killings per year, everywhere so the whole wide world is because we dress ourselves all the time in comfort. To escape to them cold shower, stimulate that beautiful organ, the skin besides of the body skin, it's great. It's great skincare.

Alex Ferrari 48:51
Yeah, it does.

Wim Hof 48:53
My wife 63 she said oh what is soft skin you have? Yeah, yeah baby.

Alex Ferrari 49:04
Yeah tightens the pores if I'm not mistaken. I just Yeah. So nothing gets in it

Wim Hof 49:09
When you go into too cold. You come out your your rat, your rat, rat a pink and that means blood flows there. A blood flow is life. That flow has oxygen nutrients, it has a goal. You don't need these bombs so he could live from within. Having to you know nature knows just go into nature and knows nature will provide and your wife will consider you I love it.

Alex Ferrari 49:43
Now when I from my experience also doing some deep deep breath work. It I there was almost a psychedelic aspect to it. Where it opened up something inside of me going into these kinds of really talking about a 20 30 40 Min. that session, where you just deep, deep deep breathing? What is your experience with, you know, releasing DMT or releasing psychedelic substance within yourself your own your own supply? As you call it?

Wim Hof 50:11
Yes. Yeah, get high on your own supply. It's all dead. If you that formula is simple. Melatonin is a hormone inside our bodies. But when you go into the breathing exercises, melatonin minus co2 becomes DMT becomes DMT and DMT is Dimethyltryptamine. That is released in deep sleep in the R A, M, R E M sleep, the deep sleep, that is to process all trauma, non processed influx of experiences, traumas, inhibitions, fears, all their three dimensional, it's making it all without looking at it all becomes three dimensional is to process whatever is blocking insight to system in the depth. And that only happens if you go past the conditions might embody. And that takes about 3040 minutes of deep breathing. But then you get into the depths of the DNA, the gene expressions past lives, you can name it, it's all that and we are able to access into it through these breathing techniques. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 51:34
Now if someone's listening at home, what are some basic things that they could do to try this out if they wanted to try this out?

Wim Hof 51:42
So I got these breathing, the breathing bubble, which is been downloaded for 63 million times. It means it works. If something doesn't work, yeah, they use, we never promote anything. And so but this works, and that's the promotion. If this shit works, take it off. And let me tell you, who has never done it. Hey, man, the best thing you can do is doing this. Don't stick with an opinion or thought. Do not listen to this podcast only do it once. Please, we love you. We want to empower you. We want to give you something that has proven itself as a true science to be so powerful. So mind shifting, paradigm shifting. It's here is for you take it on man. This is the challenge called life. We want to cheer life to the fullest with you. Just try it out once. If it doesn't work, as I said in the beginning, blame me. But if it works, stick to it and pass it on.

Alex Ferrari 52:56
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I'll put a link to that in the descriptions. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all my guests when? What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Wim Hof 53:06
If I'm doing this right now what we are doing Alex, bringing out to so many people and kill unnecessary suffering in the world? That's absolutely, absolutely my mission.

Alex Ferrari 53:20
What would you if you had a chance to go back and tell your younger self something? What would it be?

Wim Hof 53:25
I would tell him, keep on go man, you have gone the right way.

Alex Ferrari 53:31
How do you define God?

Wim Hof 53:33
God, God is right here right now within us. It's love and love is accessible. We are able to access into the deepest of ourselves and get control over our beautiful mind. to flourish to radiate outside the love good energy, bring solutions bring solace for those who don't know, and take away the darkness bring light to dos. Yeah. And do it every day. That is to me is God. God is ALIVE and He is looking strong.

Alex Ferrari 54:11
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Wim Hof 54:14
Is to heal the world to heal the universe. You got to live up to your purpose. And the purpose is to bring love and and delight.

Alex Ferrari 54:23
Absolutely. And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing, sir?

Wim Hof 54:28
Just look me up. Wim Hof. You know, I've never been on my own website. So my name is Wim Hof. And it's a simple name for a guy who's got faith. He's a simple guy, but he has got faith to change the world. And once you do it you yourself. Then we do it together, side by side.

Alex Ferrari 54:52
And do you have any final words for everybody listening?

Wim Hof 54:55
All the love all the power?.It's there. It's for us, it's tangible, accessible, proven. Here it is. And I thank you, Alex, for making use of your window to bring it out to so many. That's amazing work. Keep it up. So we are

Alex Ferrari 55:16
It has been an absolute honor and privilege and just a joy talking to you, my friend love your energy and I love your mission and hopefully in a small way I can help you get the word out my friend. Thank you again for all the hard work you're doing and the continued work that you're doing and your mission in this world, my friend, I appreciate you.

Wim Hof 55:34
Thank you, Alex. Goodbye!

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