Woman Dies; Shown the Afterlife & ALL Her Past Lives During Incredible NDE with Wendy Rose Williams

On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Wendy Rose Williams, a soul who has navigated the profound depths of near-death experiences and past life regressions. Wendy, a former healthcare professional, embarked on a spiritual journey that transformed her life and led her to embrace the ethereal wisdom of the universe. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities of the soul.

In our conversation, Wendy Rose Williams shares her harrowing near-death experience (NDE) from August 1997. Wendy was ten weeks pregnant when she experienced an intense abdominal pain, describing it as “someone stuck a knife in me.” This pain was so severe that she collapsed on her bathroom floor, only to be revived by an insistent male voice urging her to “call for help now.” This moment was pivotal, as it marked her first encounter with the divine, with angels filling her bathroom, guiding her through this life-altering event.

Wendy’s NDE was more than a mere brush with death; it was a spiritual awakening. As she describes it, the vividness and lucidity of her experience were undeniable. “It was more real than real,” she recalls, a profound encounter that reshaped her understanding of life and the afterlife. This experience led Wendy to question her life’s path, ultimately guiding her towards a deeper exploration of spirituality and past life regressions.

One of the most striking aspects of Wendy’s story is her journey through two separate NDEs within a week. The second NDE occurred the night before a critical surgery. Wendy vividly remembers leaving her body and experiencing an overwhelming sense of peace and light. This journey was guided by Archangel Michael and other divine beings, who reassured her and provided the strength needed to face her surgery and subsequent recovery.


  1. The Power of Divine Guidance: Wendy’s encounters with angels and Archangel Michael highlight the profound support we receive from the spiritual realm. These divine beings are always ready to assist us, but it is crucial to ask for their help and be willing to try.
  2. The Importance of Listening to Our Inner Voice: Wendy’s story emphasizes the significance of paying attention to our intuition and inner guidance. Her recurring dreams and the insistent voice during her NDE were pivotal in navigating her spiritual journey.
  3. The Transformative Nature of Near-Death Experiences: Wendy’s NDEs were transformative, providing her with clarity and purpose. These experiences often serve as catalysts for profound personal and spiritual growth, urging us to realign with our true life path.

Wendy’s journey did not end with her NDEs. Instead, these experiences propelled her into the realm of past life regressions, where she discovered her spiritual purpose. Through hypnosis and regression therapy, Wendy uncovered multiple past lives, each revealing essential lessons and insights. These revelations not only helped her heal from past traumas but also guided her in assisting others on their spiritual journeys.

In one memorable past life regression, Wendy found herself in the midst of the Spanish Inquisition, where she was imprisoned for saving books from being burned. This past life as a male schoolteacher, passionate about preserving knowledge, resonated deeply with her current life’s mission. It highlighted her enduring dedication to education and spiritual enlightenment.

Wendy’s story is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of our past, present, and future lives. It underscores the importance of embracing our spiritual journey and seeking the wisdom that lies within us. Her experiences inspire us to explore our own spiritual paths and remain open to the guidance of the universe.

In conclusion, Wendy Rose Williams’ journey from a healthcare professional to a spiritual guide is a testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences and past life regressions. Her story encourages us to listen to our inner voice, seek divine guidance, and embrace the lessons from our past lives. Through her profound experiences, Wendy has illuminated a path for others to follow, offering hope, healing, and spiritual awakening.

Please enjoy my conversation with Wendy Rose Williams.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 236

Wendy Rose Williams 0:00
Someone's stuck a knife in me what is going on? I pass out on the floor. And I'm laying on my side on the floor when it came to a few minutes later, and I only came to I know I would have I would have just that would have been it, but

Alex Ferrari 0:28
I'd like to welcome to the show Wendy Rose Williams. How you doing Wendy?

Wendy Rose Williams 0:31
I'm doing great. Thank you for having me Alex.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really excited to talk to you, you have a plethora of stuff that you could talk about in this episode, but we're gonna focus on your near death experience, and also your past life regression, which is something I'm really interested in as well, because we haven't spoken to anybody who's done specific, that kind of stuff. We talked about past lives, but never in the way that you've done it. So first question is what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:00
Before that, it was I would say, pretty, pretty conservative. I was married, and MBA working in healthcare, business development. And my husband worked in software development, and we had a little little toddler and had been trying to get pregnant. So that kind of sets the stage in the background. So just, you know, very busy, very traditional spirituality was not on my radar

Alex Ferrari 1:28
At all. Did you?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:30
Angels was not on my radar

Alex Ferrari 1:33
Not so much, right? Not so much. So the thing is that, trust me, I understand. I feel you on that. So then can you go to the day that you had your near death experience at what happened?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:45
So it was August of 1997. And I was working at home, and I'm the only one home no car, and something just did not feel right, Alex. So I'm like trying to work but I'd like Go lay down and go, like running into the bathroom like, am I going to be sick, I just, I didn't feel right. I was 10 weeks pregnant at the time, I'd had just one OB GYN visit. And they felt everything looked great. But I kept having this strange, vivid recurring dream. I didn't know what precognitive dreams were. But I almost every night was having this vivid dream, I'm out at sea, I can see that ship, and everything is ripping and tearing like the winches, the cleats, just all this ripping and tearing, and masks all fall down. And the ship always collapses and goes down. And this big stormy doesn't take much of a dream interpreter for that one windy, your chips about to go down? I didn't know it. I just didn't know what to do with this dream. And what can you know, what can you do anyway, other than pay attention, pay attention to your health pay attention to what's going on. So I run in the bathroom again. And at that point, just the searing pain in my abdomen, I literally looked down because I thought someone stuck a knife in me what is going on, I pass out on the floor. And I'm laying on my side on the floor when it came to a few minutes later. And I only came to I know I would have I would have just that would have been it. But I did call out for help. At that point of this searing pain. It felt like maybe an organ had burst. I didn't know what had happened. And I did I did call out for help. I did call out to God. And so when I come to it's only because there's is insistent male voice. And he keeps saying, Wendy, Wendy, you've got to call for help. Now you've got to wake up, you've got to call for help now where you're going to go home. I knew exactly what he meant. I knew he meant I was going to die. So I opened my eyes and I'm disoriented because this is all happening pretty fast, obviously unprecedented. And I'm laying on my side. So I look up in the bathroom. And Alex if there was more light than I have ever seen. It was gorgeous. And I could see these four or five really large figures. I mean, the whole bathroom is just crowded. And I'm looking going what's going on. My bathroom is filled with angels. And they're floating a couple feet a couple inches off the ground. And that's part of how I knew they were angels because I could sense that there'd be like wings dragging on the ground otherwise, so much light coming off from them. It's like they're in robes and can't really see features, but I no one's male by that voice. And my reply to him was, I understand but I can't walk up, and what I can't get to the phone, you know, it's 1997 we don't we don't have glued to our hand or glued in our back pocket. And he says something very important. He says, You just have to be willing to try. So I think that was in hindsight, I think that was referring to freewill. Because, you know, this is a freewill planet. And the divine can't just like run in and save us unless we've asked for help and are willing to do our part. So I managed to get up on my hands and knees. And that took everything I had. And by the time I did that, it was like being gently flown to the bedroom, right next, right next to the bathroom. And I'm trying to get the landline off the nightstand. And then I did have one second, I'm putting it to my ear. And I did have one second of who do I call he just did call for help. I never thought to call 911. If there ever been a moment that was it, but I had just you know, I'm like young and healthy. I'm 36 years old. I've never called 911. So I called my husband. And I knew he worked five minutes away from home. And I thought if I get him on the phone right away, perfect. If not, I'll have to figure something else out. So miracles continue, because I do get them right away. I've never reached them at work before. And I give them a lot of credit. Because all I said was I need you to drive me to the hospital now. Can you drive me to the hospital immediately. And all he said was on my way. And I heard him slam the phone down. So I called the OB office at that point, tell them what's happening. And I told him that I'm answering their questions. I'm like, No, I'm not bleeding. But my abdomen is descending like crazy. It's just getting bigger and bigger. I don't understand what's going on. And they said, that's great. Get here as fast as you can. That's perfect. Your husband is going to get you here faster than 911. At this point, don't walk when you get here, don't park the car, just pull right up to the entrance, we're going to meet you with a wheelchair. Fortunately for me, the OBGYN office is located at the hospital. So I get whisked curbside up to up to their office and straight into an ultrasound room. And they try and do an ultrasound. But they can't see anything. There's like nothing and I actually sent to the ultrasound ographers your machine on that machine working. Because they know what an ultrasound looks like. And you see a lot of detail. There's nothing it's just like black on screen. And I see her put her damn face on and she just says I'll be right back. I'm gonna get the position. It's not good. So yeah, exactly. It's exactly what I said, I look at my husband, I'm like, isn't that good. So she comes right back with a physician and with a certified nurse midwife. And it is kind of comical, because we've got five of those squished in this room that's like meant for two. And the physician adjusts the ultrasound machine and, and he can't get anything either. And he turns to me at that point, says Wendy, we've got to admit you up into the hospital right now because you've got a massive bleed going on. And that's why your abdomen is descending like this. And that's why we can't see anything on the screen. That is all blood loss, you've got a massive blood loss going that's what all that black is it's your blood, like Oh, brother. So I get whisked they run and get a stretcher, and take me and admit me straight into the GYN unit at the hospital. And I noticed too, that they put me right next to the nurse's station, which I appreciated. But I worked in health care for 30 years. I also know that means we're concerned we don't know what's going on, put her next to the nurse's station. So they asked me my blood type. And I know it and I tell them I think everyone should know their blood type. And you just get one of these free. It's called in case of emergency and ice app for on your phone. And then if you're ever in a situation where you can't talk, you're in an accident, you're disoriented, you're going to have your phone and they can access that on your phone without knowing the password. They know your blood type any medication, allergies, I have instructions didn't how to feed my dog, you know?

Because it's like what would people need to know if I can't communicate the details so so I'm lying in the hospital bed with instructions, you know, you can't get up even to go to the bathroom. We just need to get this bleeding to stop. So I'm trying to visualize that I'm trying to visualize I'm going to be okay, the baby's going to be okay. Because again, I'm 10 weeks pregnant. Very wanted pregnancy. There's been years of infertility. And we really were over the moon that I was pregnant and sexually my fourth pregnancy, one, one live birth. And the nurse comes back in and says, I can't believe this. But I was just speaking with Puget Sound blood bank, it's a regional blood bank. For all the hospitals. There's no a negative blood available for her. Because there evidently was just a train collision three days earlier, and they used up all the negative blood, so we can't hang blood. So it's like, okay, so we're trying to assess what do we do? There's some discussion, do we go straight into surgery, we've got no blood, we don't know what we're operating on. So we agreed, watch and wait. And of course, I'm going to be closely monitored. And they're going to try and track down blood elsewhere, from a hospital, where it's already been distributed, and see if they can borrow a unit from them. So they do hang blood about maybe six hours later. And I can see we're going through it at an alarming rate. And my abdomen keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm blowing through all the pain reliever. I don't want to any pain relievers. So your first trimester. Sure, sure. No choice, I'm just writhing in pain. I'm on morphine, at this point, very unhappy. Cannot cannot focus. I'm definitely walking between worlds. And Alex, what concerned me the most was I didn't really care. I just wanted to be out of pain. I could not take any more pain and fear and worry. And that is so not my personality. I have never given up on anything in my life. That's just not me. But it was really hard. Because of the amount of blood loss, it was really hard to stay conscious, it was really hard to focus and answer medical personnel questions. So we waited and watched for about three days. And on the third day, of course, they're taking blood doing blood tests every morning. And on day three, my physician says to me, when do you're officially bleeding out? We cannot we can't transfuse blood quickly enough because you lose it faster than we can transfuse it. And this is probably not a surprise to you. But that we can tell by your hematocrit level and it's it's dangerous. You're done. You're done. You're done. You're done. So we have to do surgery at this point, will you please sign this form? So I said yes. And I signed the form and we plan the surgery for the next morning with to OBGYN ins. And it's going to be at seven o'clock. So again, I know that means they're concerned because I'm first surgery the day, we don't know exactly what we're going in for is also a concern. So there is some level of relief because have made the decision. And there's there's really, there's really no other option. Sure. So I'm trying to relax after dinner that night, I'm alone in my hospital room. And I'm trying to visualize the best possible outcome. The minute I do that, I pop right out of my body, I leave my body. And I remember looking back over my left shoulder and going, Oh, wow, look at her. Her. She's a mess. Oh, my God couldn't do that least brushed her hair. I looked like this wild woman after having been in bed for you know, days. And I also thought, wow, she is wider than a ghost. She's really in bad shape. And then I was like, wait a minute, why am I referring to myself in the third person? Who's that? And who am I? And I got it immediately. I'm like, oh, that's that's Wendy. That's just that's just one incarnation that that's not all of me. I mean, that's very important. It's my body, my present body. But oh my gosh, I am back and soul form. I feel fantastic. I don't hurt anymore. I'm not scared. I'm not worried. I'm not traumatized. All I can see is the light above me. And it is compelling. It's coming down through the ceiling of the hospital room. So I'm like, she's okay. Variable is a very last week do not care. I'm going to follow the light. So I pop out of the top of the hospital. And I'm now getting like the Google Earth version. It's like receding behind me because I'm going faster and faster, further away from the earth and I can see it all below me. And then I kind of like ran out of gas. And I'm like, oh please don't make We walked through that long tunnel. And I didn't know very much at all about nd ease because again, this is 97. And it's not spiritually awake. It's not like I'm studying documentaries and podcasts and reading books on these topics like we do nowadays. Right? Right. It's so different. This is great info available. But the minute I thought, please don't make me walk through that long tunnel, I won't make it. This pristine escalator comes in the minute, I think that it's gorgeous. It's just for me, all this light is coming off it and I plopped myself on the escalator. And the minute I did, it wasn't like putting my hand on the handrails like putting my whole body over it. And my body was supposed to be I knew at that moment, I'm supposed to be like a beach ball, like a soul. And like all like energy in like a lightning storm and just fall. And I'm like, over the handrail, like flatter than a pancake, and I'm like, Oh, thank you for the ride. So the escalator takes me up. The minute we get up to the top, I'm home. I'm like, Wow, all this light, and I don't have a care in the world. Then there's a big welcoming committee for me right at the top of the escalator. And they stopped me because I would have run ahead. And the same angels were there. And the moment he spoke, I'm like, well, that's Archangel Michael, he spoke to me in my bathroom. I know exactly. I know that voice. I know that energy. And so there were the five angels. And there were about another 15 beings of light. And everyone's like hugging me. And they're like you made it. And Archangel Michael says, Welcome home, we're so glad you're here, you've done nothing wrong. You are welcome to stay. But if you want to go back, you're going to need to make the decision quickly. So here's what I can tell you. And I'm like, wait a minute, I'm having my reunion here. Give me a second. And I'm like, Okay, I need to listen, because he knows better than me. And I think what he's referring to is that body in the beds not viable for very long. Without without the soul and without the life force is absolutely gone from it. So he says I can tell you three things, and you then need to make your decision. Number one, if you choose to go back, you will have a successful surgery tomorrow, you will fully regain your health. So I'm like, Ah, that is huge. Number two, your baby will be born healthy. Again, this is huge. Number three. So we all want to go back now, right? Number three is the kicker. And what he tells me is if you choose to go back, your life will be very difficult, likely for many years, because you're not on your life path. So Alex, I'm horrified. I'm chagrined. I'm embarrassed. I'm like, Oh my gosh, I want to do the right thing. What am I not doing? What should I be doing? Please tell me, what's my life path? And he just gently shook his head. I'm like, oh, boy, no info there. But hey, come on. There's 19 other beings here. Approximate.

Alex Ferrari 18:30
Someone's gonna spill it.

Wendy Rose Williams 18:32
Exactly. Let's look for the Chatty Cathy in the group. Exactly. group behavior, right? So I'm looking all around, like, Come on, tell me. What's my life have helped me out here. Just need a little info.

And no one will tell me. So I start to deflate even further, because this is a really hard decision. And they see me deflating more. So they start being funny, because that is the best way to raise our vibration and frequency is just smile, have some sense of humor. Try and find the humor in it. So they start like putting duct tape over their mouths. They start like locking in with the key and throwing the key away, but everyone's getting really comical. So I'm like, Okay, I need to just calm down. I'm very fortunate. I had this experience. And very fortunate. I've been told two huge things. And I'm just going to have to figure out the third. So Archangel Michael asked me at that time, what do you want to do? Do you want to do you want to stay home? And or do you want to go back and finish out your life? The minute he asked me that? All I could see was my daughter Tara, my toddler who was about 18 or 19 months old at the time. All I could see was her face but it wasn't normal. It was like the IMAX 70 foot. It filled my world To see her adorable little face and her brown curly hair, and I knew I was going to regain my health, and I knew I was going to have another baby that was going to be born healthy. So I immediately I look at, I look at Michael, and I said, put me back in coach. I'm ready to play just like just like the song, and I'm gonna have to figure it out. So they gave me another huge hug. And that second hug that I got, I realized it wasn't just unconditional love. Because that's what I felt the first time when I got up there. And I wanted to stay. Because why would you ever want to leave that? We don't, we don't feel enough of it. So we've got to learn how to give it to ourselves first of all, and not be so hard on ourselves. And we've got to learn how to give it more to other people in a way that they can feel it and perceive it and know, you know, their love language, so to speak. But that second group hug when I said I want to go back was I could feel the energy coming to me. And I don't think I would have made it through that surgery the next day without that divine intervention, because I now felt so much bigger, so much more hopeful, just so much more back more back to normal. So I think everyone and they put me back on the escalator, and I'm just looking over my shoulder like waving and everyone's like in cheerleader mode, they're like, you can do it, we'll be with you. We'll be helping. And I'm like, I've never felt any connection before, like this. So I just went spesiale down the escalator. And this time the escalator went straight into my hospital room, and I just went plop into my body, and I'm like, Oh, dang, this thing hurts. But it's gonna get better tomorrow, I'm gonna have the surgery and everything's gonna be okay.

Alex Ferrari 22:03
And you made it and you obviously made it out okay.

Wendy Rose Williams 22:06
Exactly. So did have the surgery, what they found they did, they did ultrasound, they must have had some sort of imaging going on, because the surgeon was able to tell me what happened. And he said, it was actually your fundus that ruptured, which is the top of the uterus, and it's an aorta. Got it. So it was pumping out blood. And they estimated I lost three quarters of my blood supply. That was not good during that, you know, that process of that, that that week in the hospital, etc. But he also said we could see the fetus, which of course is like less than a peanut. And he said, just it was so far tucked down in like the lower left of your uterus. And we were so careful. We were sewing we were surgically repairing at the top of your uterus. So then I had to go through the pregnancy not knowing if that was gonna hold. Because of course you go through such you know, massive growth.

Alex Ferrari 23:05
Well, let me ask you this, though. So after you get back from your near death experience, though, do you process this do you? Do you think it's a dream? Do you like how do you process it? And then what are the people around you say when you start talking about this?

Wendy Rose Williams 23:21
That is the perfect question. I knew it was more real than real. I knew it was not a dream. It was there was a lucidity to it. There was a vividness to it there was a crispness to it. That could not be argued. I was not sure who to speak with. I tried to share it with my husband. And he was so freaked out by the entire experience.

Alex Ferrari 23:49
Oh, yeah, trauma is traumatic. Yes traumatic.

Wendy Rose Williams 23:51
Very, it was actually more traumatic, I think for him than it was for me in some ways, because I got to have the two trips home. Like he didn't get to have those. So we didn't have very much of a conversation because he just

Alex Ferrari 24:09
These two trips. You said two trips you did?

Wendy Rose Williams 24:11
Meaning I see it as two separate nd ease because there was in at home.

Alex Ferrari 24:17
Oh, there's two trips? Yeah. Yeah,

Wendy Rose Williams 24:19
Two within a week, got home in the bathroom. And then the night before the surgery.

Alex Ferrari 24:25
Got it. Got it. So those Yeah, he didn't have the benefit of that kind of love or information to help process it.

Wendy Rose Williams 24:32
So when they speak with hospital personnel about it, I just I just didn't you knew a belief system for it.

Alex Ferrari 24:41
Well, it's okay. So this is 97. So again, like you said, anybody who's talking about near death experiences past lives, is a quack essentially. Exactly like Shirley MacLaine came out in the 90s with her book about her past lives and people like she's lost her mind. And so yes, Where do you go? How did you? How long did you hold on to this information before you decided to come out of the closet?

Wendy Rose Williams 25:06
20 years. I did not speak of it for 20 years and the ion of owlets is I ns. The International Association for near death studies, is the Seattle Chapter is the oldest in the country. And I would have so benefited from having gone to that, but evidently, I was meant to process it alone, or I would have found Diane's Sure. So, you know, it's just it all plays out the way it's supposed to. But I couldn't language it, it just it just was it just I didn't know what to do with it. And also, I was 36 years old. So I then go through this very stressful pregnancy and two more, three more incredibly difficult things happen during the pregnancy. That will recap if you're if you'd like me to, but it's just it's like, there's no context for it. And since I've studied nd ease since then I have found this is very common that many people don't speak of them for decades.

Alex Ferrari 26:06
Oh, well, especially during that time, anything that happened in the 60s 70s 80s 90s. It they held a long time, right. Very few people came up publicly about it in the 2000s, especially in these last 10 years or so. It has become much more open. It's people talk about going towards the light, and it's in the Zeitgeist and

Wendy Rose Williams 26:30
Consciousness is raised, there's now there's now it's, it's safe to talk about

Alex Ferrari 26:36
These conversations happen now. Yeah, I mean, look, based on just the numbers that we get, and numbers of there's hundreds of 1000s Millions of people who watch these conversations every day. So people are searching for this information. So it is much more accessible now and open and open to be able to have these conversations publicly about it. But holding on to that kind of information for 20 years, I couldn't even comprehend it, it'd be so difficult for me to think I'm walking around with this information. I can't talk to anybody about it. But so,

Wendy Rose Williams 27:11
I kind of buried it because I didn't really know what to do with it. It wasn't it wasn't like, it weighed on me. It's true. It's just it's just like, I close the chapter. And I had a feeling that I might resume reading that book at some point. But I just I just, you know, didn't know what to do with it at that time. So I just I just closed it and left it alone. But like I said, Nothing fades from it. It just it just the lucidity of it and just how vivid it is. It's still it's still very, very real.

Alex Ferrari 27:45
So then how did you go from? I'm assuming this led you towards the work that you do with past life regressions?

Wendy Rose Williams 27:52
Yes. Why there was quite a delay. Yeah. So what what happened is, I go back to work, after a couple of weeks of bed, rest at home, and back into a job I love everything's going great. And people would ask me in the hall because I've been out of I was not at work for like six weeks. When you know all this all this happened. And so people pass me in the hall, I worked in a busy ambulatory surgery center, an ophthalmology practice and people pass me in the hall, my co workers and I like, Wendy, we're so glad you're back. Great to see you what happened? And I'm like, oh, as they're like running the room. The next patient is I'm like running to do. It's like, I don't know how to language, any of that. And I'm like, I'm fine. I'm just, everything's fine. I kept the pregnancy I held the pregnancy. And this kind of all I would say basically was I was able to hold on to the pregnancy. That was the pertinent point.

Alex Ferrari 28:51
So how did you get so how did you make the leap to your work and past life regression?

Wendy Rose Williams 28:56
Yes. So what happened is I ended up getting laid off from that job, job I love. I now have no health insurance. And one week later to the day, this is November of 1997. Economists would know the big dip getting a big dip in the US economy, world economy. But you know, we didn't know that was coming. One week later to the day, my husband comes home from work and says, I have something really hard to tell you. And I've just gone to palest pay days. And we basically he was one of five owners of a successful software company. We've had to layoff everyone but I'm going to be at work trying to figure out how to get the company sold. What do we do about the leases, the furnishings and equipment and I'm going to be programming because we've got to fulfill these contract and I'm looking at them I'm still stuck on palest payday. I can't hear any it's just that that that that the payday. I'm like, What is painless payday that those words don't go together. So he slows down and explain Once again, I'm going to be working more than full time, I will not be getting paid. And there's also no unemployment because he was self employed. So I didn't understand that either. So we're now down to just my unemployment, no health insurance. We're heavily mortgaged. We have a full time nanny, and just bought a new van and just changed houses. So it's like, fantastic.

Alex Ferrari 30:25
Arch Michael did say, so it's gonna be tough.

Wendy Rose Williams 30:28
He did. And I did not feel well, I still did not feel well. So I'm still, you know, regaining my health and just stressed to the max. It's not a great time to be job searching. But I tried. I'm also trying to keep the financial ship afloat at home. And I kept remembering that dream with the ship going down like that, yeah, that had kind of multi layers to it. So bottom line, we were able, we were thankfully saved by Bank of mom. And my mother made a loan to us each month for the months, whatever we were, we were short, because I did get some severance. I did have some employment. But what was different and this is getting to how did I get into my work today? What was different was I was starting to be able to hear guides and guardian angels and my higher self, but I didn't know exactly what it was or what was going on. So I'm in the pediatricians office, I'm pregnant, I've got the Our older daughter with us, pretty near the end of my pregnancy. And I hear Archangel Michael is clear as day again, and he says, look, look, so I'm looking madly all around as some, you know, child gonna get hurt what's going on. And everybody's okay. And then I see all this light on this little side table. And I run over to x, I can see it's lighting up a brochure. So I run over and I grab it and stuff it in my bag to read at home. What it was, it was the application form for WIC to never heard of. It's Women, Infants and Children. It's a type of Medicaid is the first thing we could qualify for. Because we didn't qualify for anything. Because we owned a home. We owned vehicles. So we were able to get any help because we were wealthy, obviously. So but I'm like, wow, an angel told me Look, look. That's fascinating. So and that was huge, because now we had health insurance to be able to deliver. So that was a big deal. And I delivered on March 13 1998, healthy baby girl is born and the the planetary astrology must have shifted that weekend. Because that same weekend, my husband had gotten his company sold, and was going back to employment in the new company on Monday. So she's born Friday. It's a drive thru delivery, meaning very short hospital stay, but grateful to have that. So I'm home Saturday, just trying to process I've been able to deliver this healthy baby baby, because what the risk was from having surgically done that to my uterus was frayed. And I said, Well, what happens if it ruptures? Again, they said, you'll likely die because it's gonna go straight into your heart and lungs. Like okay, thanks. Good. Good to know, I can now worry about that for seven months, which is what I did. I mean, obviously, it's being closely monitored. But that was not an easy pregnancy, with all the financial stuff that you know, just fell around our ears. So I'm home holding this newborn. She's about 12 hours old. I'm alone at home. And just thinking I can't believe she's here. I'm so grateful. We made it through. And I'm just like, starting to like just like beam with joy for a second. And then Archangel Michael comes right in again. And he says your contract with your husband is complete. Oh. I say a lot of on lady like words of pirate language. Sure. Yeah. A lot of swearing goes on. Almost dropped the baby. I was like, What do you mean, contract with my husband is complete. And I couldn't hear anything more from him. He just, it felt like he just left and I'm there like, what can I even catch my breath? You know, with these experiences, because this has been really hard. Like you said, Yeah, challenging, really, really challenging. So I knew he meant the marriage was over. But I also just had the intuition. We get to choose again, it's free will so you know, what are you meant to do? Do, we did our very best to be, you know, great parents, partners, et cetera. But I knew it was over. And that's a pretty darn hard way to live. So we we live that way, until the two daughters were full time in school. So until they're six and eight, so I went six years knowing that information. And I knew it was true. And I also sensed I could just stay permanently. But I wasn't happy. I hadn't been happy for a long time. And I also sensed that we weren't going to be on our life path, and we weren't going to grow. So it just felt like it wasn't doing the right thing, right. So we did, we did divorce. And so now they're six and eight. And then it took me about six more years to completely rebuild, rebuild life, get live really happy again, which will now answer your question of how did I get to what I'm doing. So that came about my daughters are now 12. And 14, life is fantastic. My mom and I have built a duplex together, my career's fantastic. Everything's so wonderful that I finally take a breath and say, what's missing? Oh, wow, a great guy. Like, I've been divorced six years, I haven't wanted to date I've had no interest in it. And so I asked my younger girlfriends, I'm like, How do I meet a great guy? Because I'm not like meeting anybody through church or through friends of friends. And I'm really busy. And I'd love to meet someone. So my younger girlfriends told me Oh, Wendy, that's easy. You just go on match.com. And I'm like, matched up what? What are you saying? To me? I don't understand what you're I didn't know what online dating was. So they explained the concept to me, they helped me put a profile together. And I'm on there for a couple months. And it match works by geography, how far are you willing to be the other person? So the minute I changed it to 10 miles, the first profile that came up, I'm looking at it, I can't look away from the screen. It's like, I know this man. I know him. I know him. And it was a soul level recognition. And I also I read through his profile, which was very unique, but it was like, I knew what is gonna say two sentences down before I read it. And the last sentence was any woman on a spiritual path, particularly when interested in an LBL we have to meet. So I'm madly. Exactly. I'm like, let's make sure this is not a drug reference.

Alex Ferrari 37:43
Anyone's LSD, call em!

Wendy Rose Williams 37:46
Something where let's make sure this is not weird. So I Google and I just I'm like, Okay, help me find the right LBL. Because that may stand for multiple things, immediately found Dr. Michael Newton journey. It's souls life between lives, which is an advanced type of past life regression, but it's much, much more, but you have to have a past life regression first. So I'm reading this, and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, this book looks amazing. It's not just a book. It's like, everything that's been missing. And I was just, yeah, it's like, everything was like coming together and like, organizing itself. And I'm like, Oh, I think I'm starting to understand the NDA II and it was like, everything was shifting and changing, because I found this match profile. So I ordered the book from the library. Again, it's 2010. Now it's not Kindle instant gratification, I would have had it three seconds and then reading it. So I'm waiting for the book to come. And I write to him right away. And I I asked him, I said is LBL life between lives? Dr. Michael Newton journey of souls, do I have the right reference? And he writes back immediately and says, yes. Are you familiar? I'm getting ready to go for my second LBL. I said, I'm not I've not gone through any of this. But this is fascinating. I ordered the book. And he and I then play the game of how do I know you? Because we're thinking we've met in this lifetime. We're trying every it took us three weeks to meet. So we're on the phone. We're emailing or texting. How do I know you? And we didn't we had not met in this lifetime. We meet in a restaurant for lunch. It's a work day. And I got there first. I'm sitting on the bench in the foyer looking toward the door. And the minute he walks in. I can feel it was like an earthquake. I can feel

Alex Ferrari 39:43
I know the feeling.

Wendy Rose Williams 39:43
Whole world moving. And I know it's him. People don't always look like their match photos. Let me tell you, he comes right over to me. I can't stand up. I cannot stand up. And he got down his knee in front of me and he had his hands like right by my face. And he's like, I know you. And he helped me. Because, by the way, you can see, like, I was like, gobsmacked. I like I can't move, and he helped me up and I'm like, oh, okay, act normal Wendy, walk into the restaurant and have lunch. Three hours later, neither one of us wanted to leave, but we had to come back to work. So we'd figured it out at that very first lunch, where it's like, I know you from past slides. I know you from multiple past sighs I know you, I know you, I know you were finishing each other sentences. And there's also this feeling of wanting to catch up. So there's this deep, deep, deep familiarity to it. And we, you know, we set our next date, we plan our next date, and just don't know where where the ride is going to take us. But I know it's going to be profound. And I was overtime, able to determine what our soul contracts were together, I see soul contracts as agreements we make with other souls at home, before we incarnate, they're going to help us progress. So it's just an agreement. And his sole contract was to wake me up spiritually, which he did with a bang. By introducing me to Michael Newton journey of souls. We then dated for 13 months exclusively. And I'm seeing the other contracts, I can see the contract to have a happy marriage later in life. I'm now like, you know, 50 By this time, he's eight years older than me. I've been divorced once he's been divorced twice. So we also know we're supposed to help others with their spiritual awakening. We know we're supposed to write books together. We know we're supposed to be on air together Radio Television, he it's important to understand he was a sportscaster. So he had he had he was also a published writer. So you know, these pieces are all coming together and they're making a lot of sense. So what happens at month 13? Is he ends it ends the relationship by email. More unladylike?

Alex Ferrari 40:08
Yeah, for sure.

Wendy Rose Williams 42:26
Because it just, you know, no opportunity for closure, no opportunity for conversation. So I waited about three days to be able to form coherent words. And then call them and said that your email. I completely agree based on what you've said, we should no longer be dating. I agree. But I would like to have a conversation. Can we please meet for coffee? To just close us out? Because it needs some closure. And sending an email is not enough. Is is the most chickenshit thing I've ever seen in my life. So he did he did agree. He's His excuse was I thought it was kinder. I'm like, interesting, because

Alex Ferrari 43:18
Obviously he doesn't understand women.

Wendy Rose Williams 43:21
Whatever, whatever. Whatever. It was easier for him

Alex Ferrari 43:26
Dude, it's a very dude move right there my friend.

Wendy Rose Williams 43:29
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So anyway, we had the most one of the most powerful, and I think strangely one of my favorite conversations of my entire life. It also lasted three hours. And I it took me a long time to realize, Wow, we started with a free hour in person. And we ended with a three hour in person. But the end wasn't the end because I was absolutely meant to go for a past life regression session of my own. And from having spoken with him and studied with him and worked with him because he'd been working on all this. Sure. He found me the first therapist and my session was scheduled for not long after we broke up. And he was begging me we broke up in September and my session was scheduled for November. And he was begging me, please let me drag you to the session. I'm supposed to drive you to the session. And I'm like supposed to really based on his authority, and based on what information that was him feeling the soul contract to help wake me up spiritually. Because it absolutely was to go for that past life regression. So I grudgingly not gracious at all gritted teeth, Grumpy Pants. Oh, right. Because it wasn't really Uber and Lyft at that time and Sure. It's like whatever. It pretty pretty Solem drive to get there we go there at this incredible session, start to understand some of the relationship in the contracts with him. While he has to make himself scarce for two hours, it was funny that the therapist, she said, Tell whoever's bringing you he can't even be in the building, because you guys have so much energy between you to unwind. I don't even want him in my building. I'm like, because he said, Can I like be in the room with their ask you there? I'm like, Absolutely not. And will can I wait in her waiting room, and I'd asked her that and she's like, tell him not to even be in the building. Okay. So he, you know, went off and did whatever. So, but it did help us start to unwind. Because the next contract I discovered with him was, his role was to break my heart repeatedly, until I stood in my power fully out, abusing it. That is a brilliant contract, but obviously very painful, no one, nor should you agree to have your heart broken repeatedly. So we could not be in a romantic relationship anymore. So we agreed to part ways he still wants to share friends. And I'm like, no way on earth. You know, we finished it up with you taking me to this first session. That first session was so incredible. And here I am a very type a left brain and had my MBA degrees since I was 22. Very, you know, stressed out from this breakup that really unsleeved broke my heart, Sherman and heartbreak have ever experienced. So, but it was incredible, because we not only cleaned up with that two hours, we cleaned up so many things from this lifetime, that were still traumatic and bothering me, I found two paths slides in a lot of detail and more filled in, she gave me great suggestions of you know, go home, you know, listen to your tape, when you're ready, take your time, write some notes, and more may come to you in dreams, or you'll just wake up knowing it or whatever. And she was right. So I just started writing it. Because more and more filled in from those two lights.

Alex Ferrari 47:21
What are soul contracts and how do they work? stop you for a second because what was those sessions like, did you when you go into a past life regression, what actually happens to you actually

Wendy Rose Williams 47:31
What actually happens is your therapist helps you relax, just get grounded, just set this lovely stage where you're able to typically you do some guided imagery together, you do some visualizations, anyone that's done any of that type of work, including athletes, athletes are fantastic visualizers. So because you have to be able to visualize it to be able to have your body do to make that high jump to land that gymnastics, you know, stick your landing, whatever it might be. So we were so shocked, though, because I didn't meditate, I had no spiritual practice pretty uptight, controlling kind of person. And she said to me, we're just going to have to let go and do and see what you can do. And you have to be okay with, we may not get very much, because you're not an ideal. You're not an ideal patient. And instead, it was like, duck to water. It was like so much came through. And I was like, Oh my gosh, the end of that two hours, Alex, I no longer had anxiety, I'd had anxiety my entire life. And I'm like it's gone. Because I don't need it. Because I can see the bigger picture, because we've got many opportunities to get it right. Because we can keep, you know, mid course corrections. I just don't need to be anxious anymore. I don't need to play it so small. I don't need to be so hard on myself. It just everything changed in those two hours in that first session I had with that therapist, and at the end of it, I said to her, okay, sign me up for the LBL I'm ready to come back in one year from now for an LBL. And she's looking at her calendar, but I don't think my book even goes that far, a year from now. And she also wanted me to come for a series of past life regressions. And I said, I'd love to, but I don't have the finances to do it. I don't have the time to do it super busy single mom. I just it's not going to happen. Please sign me up for the LBL Have I not know technically qualified, I had the prerequisite of a successful past life regression. So to answer your question, there's healing going on during the session sessions are different with different people. The way I do the sessions is first we just do some breathing exercises. Have the person get comfortable there at home? It's Vyas. zum I record it for them. So it's their own environment, it's their own, you know, sounds around them, which is a plus. And, and then we do the breathing exercises. And then we go to a healing temple. And in the healing temple, we bring in a series of colored healing lights, and they just have to imagine what color comes to them, where it goes on their body. And I just work with that light with them as a healer, because I'm not only a past life regression, inist I'm a Reiki Master energy healer, I'm a certified spiritual teacher. So a lot of things changed. From that initial initial background and training and work of being an MBA, I went through a very, very big change with that nd e being like this Lynch point in the center pin that then, you know, swung a different way because it opened the doors, but I didn't know what to do with them until I met that match soulmate. And then, you know, the doors started to open and things things started to make sense. And I started to retrain without realizing I was retraining for a different career. I didn't realize it at first.

Alex Ferrari 51:03
So so let me ask you, the there's so there's past life regression, there's life between life regression. So a past life. Okay, can you give me an example of one of your past lives? Who were you? Where did you go? What do you remember?

Wendy Rose Williams 51:17
Oh, give you the very first two that came up. And it was in that first session with the Newton therapist. So the very first thing I saw, it's different for everyone. First thing I saw was, I could see it was a busy city street, and I could see a bicycle on its side, and no one on and it's like laying on the ground, but its wheels spinning. And I have a feeling like, Oh, is there been an accident? It's, you know, this shouldn't be in an intersection like this. I hope everybody's okay, was my first impression. And then the therapist guided me. She said, Okay, that's great, you've got the scene, we'll figure out where you are, you're doing great. Look down at your body, and describe your body. And typically, what's done in past life regression is you have the person look at their feet, because that helps us ground. And it's just a simple series of questions. What are you wearing on your feet, if anything, describe what's on your feet, and then you go further up their body? And then you determine Are they male or female? You get a lot of context from what they're wearing can help you with time in place. Are they male, or female or androgynous? Are they outside or inside is their body feel healthy? So we just asked kind of these basic questions to help them Orient. And then for most people, then you know, they're able to oriented you lead them through, and you just take them to, okay, let's go to the next place. Next important day in your life be there now. And you just it's a combination of, of supporting and cajoling talking people through, then there is some instruction at certain points like to be there. Now, it doesn't get any more harsh than that people have free will, they're not going to be shown anything that is too traumatic for them, there's no degree traumatizing going on. It's their higher self, their soul and their guides choose what's best for them to see and learn. Often we're going to a lifetime of origin of where a fear or phobia came up, something that they're ready to release and let go of, maybe they are just deathly afraid of dogs. And this is dogs are all over the world. You know, it's just that that's an issue, water, intimacy, heights, heights, relationships, you know, just whatever it might be. So often, we're going back to that place in that time. And I'll just tell them be there now, and what's happening. And then they just tell me, so it's open ended questions with support, and with a little bit of directions that you're leading them through. So that is a productive session.

Alex Ferrari 54:00
So that what was your where did you, Where did you go first?

Wendy Rose Williams 54:03
Where were I found I was, I was actually in London. And I got that pretty quickly because I could see a Bobby and I knew what the uniform was for the British policeman because it's pretty distinctive. So I recognize what a Bobby looked like. And I was in a market. So I'm out in this pressure market. I'm this wealthy, you know, based on clothing and just my attitude and how I'm behaving. I'm a wealthy young woman. My father is a banker, and I'm late teens, early 20s still living at home. And I had snuck out because I was not supposed to be out unattended cuz you know, young ladies at that time did not do that. But I decided I was going to sneak down to the market and I couldn't find anybody to take me so I just decided I wanted to go shopping for some cheeses. So I snuck out and I witnessed a man who I recognized I knew we lived a couple streets over from us He was not of the same class. He had lost his job. I knew by just you know, hearing chit chat that his wife was sick and he had multiple children. And I saw him stealing some stealing food. I knew he darn well needed that food. So when the when the market, you know, the vendor, whoever put up the hue and cry of Hey, Stop thief. And he's being chased because he's poor luck. There was a Bobby nearby. The Bobby came to me because I was right in the vicinity, and said, Where'd that man go? You know, a man just stole food. Where'd he go? You must have seen him. And I had to take my whole life of conditioning. Do I follow authority? Do I do what my parents would want and expect me to do? And do the right thing. We know what the right thing wasn't right? Because there was no safety net for people. And this man was trying to survive and trying to have his family survived here. There's still a motion, of course. So I don't dwell since that Bobby the wrong direction. All also and this is so funny, because it's like not my personality. Because I'm not I'm not flirty, but she was very flirty. And she's like, Oh, I think he might that way. But I'm not quite sure my way home, I make bags kind of heavy. And my father so and so on, he'd be so happy if you helped me home. I can't do blonde that well. Definitely manipulated the situation trying to let this guy get away. That's amazing. So I think I think that had been his bicycle. So I just hoped he got away and you know, got home with some food.

Alex Ferrari 56:51
And I'm sure you guys, though, I'm sure you guys cross some paths in another life or two, probably.

Wendy Rose Williams 56:58
So that's what happened in that first one. And in the second life could not have been a more stark contrast. So the therapist hypnotherapist was helping me orient to where I was. And I'm looking down at myself again, to orient to the body and understand where I am. I'm like, Oh, wow, first of all, I was thrown off because I was in prison. And I was chained to the wall with a super long chain, so I could move around a little bit. I can tell I've been there a really long time because my cold, I'm freezing. My clothes are like thin, thin, thin, tattered and torn. And also my hair was like well below my shoulders. And I was a male. So I was also thrown off. I'm like, I'm looking at some other guy. And I'm like, No, that's me. So but it threw me off at first to be in the opposite and another gender. So she asked me and she's like, and she was trying to, you know, kind of soothe me. She's like, it's gonna be okay, you know, this was a long time ago. And then she asked me, you know, if I knew my name, and if I knew where I was, if I had a feeling for how I got into this situation. And it turned out, it was the Spanish Inquisition, and books were being burned. And I was a young male school teacher. And I could not stand the books being burned. So I had been there and had witnessed one of those big for show intimidation, fires. And I waited, I thought everybody was gone. And I went like I pulled a couple books that I thought I could save out of the fire. That was enough. So I got imprisoned because I didn't know my name had already been on the list the watch list because I had been teaching people how to read. God was forbidden. So certified spiritual teacher now. Teacher then and I could not stand the books being burned. So she led me through as much of the life as she could because we were running up on our on our on our two hours, but more of it filled in. I'm glad to say I was able to get out of prison. I was probably in there about two years. But I was young and healthy when I went in. So despite the mistreatment I was able to survive. I did get out I did regain my health. And I did go back to teaching people how to read, but I learned how to be very circumspect with it. And I did that for the rest of my life and no bones about it. That's awesome. That's the first two I found

Alex Ferrari 59:50
That's an amazing that's an amazing story. Now, what's the difference between a past life regression and LB? l life between lives?

Wendy Rose Williams 59:57
A past life regression typically lasts One to two hours. And it's a certain level it's a beautiful level of of therapeutic trance but it's at a certain level of depth. And you know, we just naturally go up and down all the time. All hypnotherapy is it's not someone taking your freewill away from you I can't dangle a watch in front of you like they showed make your dog horse you pretty well. Hello, you know, we're working hard to get people to relax, look how overbooked and overstressed. overstimulated we are, it's a big deal, to get people to relax to that, you know, lovely level, it's you feel kind of like you're falling asleep at night. Or when you first wake up in the morning, you just you just feel like that, that that that altered state is or someone who knows how to meditate. It's a huge plus to have any spiritual practice, or runner. Anyone who knows runner's high zones, yes, that yeah, this zone, anyone who knows how to get in the zone, be in the zone, put themselves in the zone, that's a really good client. Because you just you do it, you do it more easily, you work with the person more easily. So you're at a certain level for the past life regression. life between lives, it's a much deeper level. So it's a much longer induction, purposefully very boring, very long induction. Because you're then going to be speaking directly to the soul to the higher self the whole time. You go into a past life very briefly, just to segue to meet up with the soul. And you're then going to ask the soul this series of fascinating questions. Why did you choose your parents? What's your purpose on earth? Why did you choose this body? Okay, let's go in utero? Now, let's go back to when you were being just dated for this lifetime? Can you hear your mother? Can you hear your father? Well, when did your soul first join the fetus? Do you stay full time? At that point? Do you go in and out when Mom is sleeping? What do you do when you do when you're in utero? What do you do when you're at home? It's just this fascinating, fascinating. Big picture, there's about 12 stops on the train that we typically do during these sessions. So as well as that whole, you know, framing from the beginning of life of what you plan. And so, but then you you, you go home, you meet with your council of elders, you meet with your soul family, you can recreate, you can learn what you do when you're at home. Like I was fascinated to learn my job at home. For eons when I'm not incarnated when not in the body is I worked in the Akashic records. I was an Akashic Records librarian, so to speak. So it takes a lot of skill to find the exact book for that person. Typically, people come in, and they've got a guide with them or an angel with them. Occasionally, people are advanced enough, they can come on their own, and they'll ask to see their book of life. So you've finding the book of life for them. But typically, you don't just hand the book over, typically, there's some counseling going on. What are you working on? What do you want to know, because you don't typically hand over the whole book of life, and you never hand over someone else's book of life. It's your only privy to your own information. So I was an Akashic Records librarian for eons before I became a guide became a, let's call it a junior Junior spirit guide, a guide in training. But so I think it's why I love and communicate so well with guides now because I've started that pathway of that training myself. And let me tell you, it's very hard to guide people on this planet, because most people are doing lalalalalala yes, they don't want to hear you. They have a profound experience and amazing breakthrough, wonderful experience, and they don't know what to do with it, just like me with the NDA II and just like, I'm gonna shovel it on that for 20 years, because I don't know how to process it. So, you know, people have to often have to keep being shaken to be waken. So, you know, that's why we go through some of the trauma, you know, we go through the job loss, the marriage breaking up, you know, losing losing loved ones, being, you know, whatever it might be losing a house, whatever it might be the car crash or whatever it might be. Yeah. So those are turning points. Those are turning points. And it's fascinating that we've chosen a lot of them. I'm not saying they're fun or easy. Sure, but my car was totaled in 2018. And I had been so unhype or alert that day. It's like I knew it was coming. So I'd asked my guides and angels very carefully before I pulled into the parking lot, I'm like, can I park in here? And there was only one spot left. And they're like, yes, that's perfect pull in there. So I did, I went to the event had a great time. And I'm pulling out after the event very carefully, making a right on a road. That's a boulevard. It's a busy, busy road. But the problem was, I couldn't see well, because they were parked cars along. Sure. Sure, sure. Those two cars that were right there were huge. So I can't like see through them. So I'm nosing out super carefully saying to my angels, is it safe? Can I pull out and they said pull out now I pulled out, boom, I get spun around almost 300, all the air, three of the six airbags go off and spun back over the sidewalk into the parking lot. I'm on the front steps of the establishment that I just slept in. All I can do is pray. Please don't let me hit person or a dog. Because there were it was a dog rescue event and they were people and dogs. Oh, and um, please don't let me hit anyone.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:32
I have to ask you at that point. Do you just go? Hey, angels. What's up, man?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:06:38
Yeah, more colorful than that. Yeah, I did and what they say. They said, We're going to take care of business. Now we're gonna get you all squared away, go home, take aspirin, do a wheat bag. And when your head is clear of the pain in two or three hours, meditate, we'll answer your questions, you're not gonna be able to hear us right now. You're still in the thick of it. Because I had to call I chose to call the police. Because obviously I'm at fault. I'm pulling out of their cars in motion. She hit me so hard, she careened off another car. And so this is now a three car. And like I said, with those airbags in the front of me, I could see nothing. I mean, it was it was really horrible. So when I get home and do get my head clear and say, what's up with that? Why did you tell me to pull out? They said, we chose that moment very carefully, to clear your fear of authority. And I said, What was the more they said you had to call the police. You had to call the police. And I tried avoiding saying where I was because I called 911. I knew the address and looked up the address before I call me like where are you? And I said I'm at such and such adjust. She said fine. Is that a house? Is that a business? Where are you? And I said I'm next to the Shell gas station. Fine. Where are you? I said I'm across the street from Fred Meyer. She says fine, where are you? I'm in hell bent brewery. I know this is going to kick off Sure. A whole series of events or could the policeman was beyond kind and he said I do have to ask you because of where you're parked. So interestingly, almost on the front steps. I do you ask you

Alex Ferrari 1:08:38
Got anything to drink tonight?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:08:39
I had anything to drink today? And I said yes. Is it a dog rescue event and I'm wearing the shirt from the rescue. Also, by now people are pouring out of the brewery and saying when do you are you okay? What do you need? And they're all glaring at the policeman and they're like she barely drink so I need to do even have a beer. I'm like, I got it. I'm okay. And I told him the truth. I said I had one beer four hours ago and I had a meal before and we had you know food left and he says yours clear itis can be other than you probably have a concussion. But he's like I don't he's like I don't I'm not even gonna make you walk the line. It's just there's nothing here. There's nothing to be worried just let me just take care of you. What do you need? And at that point, I just burst into tears. And I just I don't know where to get my car towed I just sure sure sure sure. Walk me through see other drivers okay you know you attending to all of them because I did not I chose I said I don't need to be taken to the hospital. I've got a real stiff neck I sweat I know I've got a minor whiplash I did not hit my head somehow. Well, I guess because the airbag I did not hit my head on the on the steering wheel so I'm not going to

Alex Ferrari 1:09:53
So it wasn't like the angel said there wasn't it wasn't a serious situation for you physically.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:09:58
I had Yeah. The serious situation was I had a de issue with authority, which which came up and the the hypnotherapist have asked me after seeing me lying to a policeman in my first past life and being in prison and the second one, she said, Do you have issues with authority? And I looked at her and said, No, I've never been in trouble with the law. I mean, I'd like like, I like I couldn't work out the question. But I had very serious fear of authority, I would get mail. It could be from the bank. It didn't have to be from the IRS, and it could be expected. And I would still be like, Oh, I would see a police car anywhere. I'd be like, Oh, it was an absolute fear of authority from multiple past slides. So to have that policeman be so caring, so helpful, in he told me exactly who to call. And then the tow truck driver was beyond kind and he had an empty bag with them. And they said, Just take out your caucus stuff was everywhere. From the collision, you said, Let's gather what you might need. I mean, they people were helping me think because I was really rattled,

Alex Ferrari 1:11:14
Literally and physically.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:11:16
So but everyone and I had, I probably had 20 people standing around me from the dog rescue with dogs on leashes, and the policeman finally went, what do you guys do in the brewery? We're like, it's a dog rescue event. He's like, Oh, this all makes more sense now.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:34
Sure, sure. sure. I want to I gotta ask you, because you've said with your past life regressions, you anxiety went away. And I've talked to scientists and spiritual masters and other people who've taken psilocybin or psychedelics of some sort. Yes. And that also takes away anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, it's yes, as well. And you said something very interesting is that it made you your awareness opened to something bigger than yourself. And the second you did that, you healed because you're like, why am I? This is ridiculous. Why would I have anxiety if, oh, I'm part of all of this. But when you're sick with bigger picture, right, so when you think small, when you think in the eye, more than in the WWE, is when you have a lot of these disorders, and issues, when you your awareness opens up in any way you could get it through meditation, you can get it through the psilocybin or you know psychedelics, you can get it through Pasa is that a fair statement to say?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:12:42
That is a fair statement to say. And I would just say, follow your own intuition. Because people know what's right for them, I have gone and done iOS sketch, you know, there's just, there's just different ways to go to go at this. A lot of the clients I work with, there's some deep childhood trauma from this lifetime. Sure. And it can be a mirror echo from other lifetimes. So I just, I just treat that with such reverence, because I am so honored that that person was guided that I can help them with that. And we just are so careful of how we bring in their higher self and guide. So again, they only see what they need to see. And there's a lot of techniques, often it's about forgiveness. So what happened with my former boyfriend, and what happens with many clients is there's a lesson that's not been mastered. And the reason I kept meeting and re meeting, my former boyfriend after we were complete, in insane ways, if you keep me I mean, they were not places we like went to together regularly. And we didn't move in the same circles that much for us to keep, I mean, we'd run into each other at the movies, we'd run. It was like, I'm like, How can I stop running into him? It's just ridiculous. If that ever happens to you, it means you've got something to complete with that person. Just keep your sense of humor, try and figure out what it is talk with them if they won't talk with you meditate and do it on your own because he absolutely, sometimes people have passed on and we still have business we need to complete we can do it via meditation, just talk with their higher self on the other side. But he and I kept meeting and remeeting to the point of ridiculous. So we got the hint and said, Wow. We're supposed to be spiritual seekers together. We're supposed to continue on weaving this not forgiving one another. There had been multiple lives. We found 21 lives together. This took eight years to get it all figured out and

Alex Ferrari 1:14:49
You kept running into for eight years.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:14:52
Well, I mean, that went on for about six months after we broke up and then we're like us we're supposed to be we're supposed to be Friends, we're supposed to be spiritual seekers together. But it because there were so many lives it took us eight years to figure it all out. And it just we've been married six times. You know, lovers mother and son, older brother younger sister, best friends. We had served in silent monasteries three times in a row, which is hysterical because we're both very verbal. And we're like, oh my God, how do we manage the silent monasteries? And we learned the skill of telepathy on Earth, because he and I had a lot of telepathy together. And I'm like, why? I mean, he could call him before the phone rang. I didn't answer it, but you sure do on an iPhone? And when he would call, it would have a different route to it, even though there was not physics? Sure, sure. Sure you feel it. And he was the same with me. We dream the same dream the same night, there was a lot of telepathy. It was from those silent monasteries, because we weren't allowed to talk. But we saw each other and we so wanted to talk, we would just wait for lights out. So it's late, so very early, and then we would just start talking via telepathy.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:14
I mean, this is fascinating. I mean, this is like multiple movies, seasons and seasons of television, you could write on these things. By the way, how many lives have you remembered? How many lives have you?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:16:26
I don't, um, I stopped counting at about at around 100, there's at least 125 or so that I have conscious recall of it's not a numbers game. It's it's not a contest. Some people only need to remember one or two to really improve their life. Now, it's all about now, it's such a funny thing for past life regression is to say, but that is the whole purpose of the session. Most of my clients are releasing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, or just playing it small. Just that stuck creativity and being afraid to step out and start the business move, get into the new relationship, or leave a relationship, whatever it might be. So being able to help them find some peace, and some joy and some love and just settle down, where it's a happier life and helping them find their life path. And life purpose is a big deal. Occasionally, I have younger clients. So the youngest I've done is to 17 year olds, they're not going to be told their life purpose or life path, because we're supposed to stumble around for a while and figure it out. So it depends on the person's age, how much they'll be told. But if I'm working with someone 50 to 60, and they still don't know. And they're really they really want to do it. And they're really struggling. Usually, they'll be told,

Alex Ferrari 1:18:00
Well, let me ask you this. This is something I've heard from a lot of people in the spiritual space is like you. I've always asked this question like, how come we forget our past lives? And when we come into this earth at this incarnation, and they've said, Well, it would interfere too much with just life. If you had knowledge of all of your other lives. You say you remember lives, you remember moments of those lives, you don't remember that lives and in their entirety? Correct?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:18:28
I have an unusual gift. I have a profound amount of detail. But that's just me. Again, that's not true for everyone. It's not needed. But it's needed for me, because I'm here doing very deep cleanup of my past lives. And I came in again Akashic Records librarian, a person who works with these books of life at home person who's learning to be a guide. I came in to do the ultimate clean up on my past lives. I didn't find all of them, Alex. I'm surprised the bag checker at QFC doesn't tell me some of my past slides. Because I've had so many people tell them to me, and then they'll look at me and go, I've never shared a past life with anyone before. And I'm like, yeah, it's a common occurrence around me. Because I need to know them. Yeah, that's all I'm I found many of them I found through spontaneously dreams, meditation, past life regression, because I absolutely have sessions myself. But the detail that comes through is phenomenal. Okay, my next book, regression healing to Joe and Marilyn had to cut it to 120,000 words had it. It's my past life regression sessions. And there's two from another client, but there's only two clients in this book. This is not this is not typical at all. Typically, people just need love

Alex Ferrari 1:19:59
Scenw here a scene there. Exactly. Yeah. You don't want to set the whole movie. Yeah, not a full movie scene here. Maybe a scene that something to teach a lesson. Yeah. And to help relieve some sort of, yeah, either go, yeah.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:20:11
Whereas I get the 20 hour mini series version. That's what I need. Or other times, I'm in a healing session, I have a session for myself every other week with an angel healer. And she same thing, she's like, gosh, I've never had so many past lives come up for someone. And some of them. I had a sense of, they were really gnarly. And they were really hard. And I didn't want to look at them, but they were causing issues. Sure. So when that's true, then this amazing healer can work with you and help you release it was easy.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:51
Wendy I can keep talking to you for another hour or two. And we haven't even touched upon your other amazing abilities, which we will have to bring you back to another episode to talk about

Wendy Rose Williams 1:21:01
I'd love to thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:03
But I want to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:21:09
My definition of living a good life is that you can feel peaceful, you can feel centered, you can feel loving, and love to enjoy because we're supposed to be able to feel those things. But we get here and we get to so we turn into human doings instead of human beings. So that would be my my definition.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:32
How do you define God?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:21:33
I would define God as freedom, beauty, oneness, I see us all as a spark of the divine. And it doesn't have to have the name God to it. It can be God goddess, if so many names, but I respect and I'm fine with the the term God.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:56
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:21:58
I believe the ultimate purpose of life is we're here to help God to help the divine, learn more and progress more. I think we're here like in this ultimate animation, this ultimate game, or school or play are kind of the three analogies that seemed to work the best for me, of acting out all these things we agreed to do for us to learn and progress. And then I think it gets loaded back up

Alex Ferrari 1:22:29
To the mainframe to the mainframe, mainframe,

Wendy Rose Williams 1:22:32
Just because we come here to experience emotions, and many of them are wonderful, and a lot of them are not very fun. And we come here to have the limits of a human body. And to have that veil of amnesia that you referred to. And everyone on the other side thinks we're so incredibly brave, which we are. So we just need to give ourselves you know that that pat on the back that attaboy at a girl, you know, you can do it, we're gonna figure it out. And just just keep helping one another and be kind, just be kind to one another. No idea what they're going through. We have no idea.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:11
And where can people find out about you and the good work that you're doing?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:23:15
Yes, my website is my full name, Wendyrosewilliams.com. And please request a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment from me there and see if I can be of service to you. It can also be found on Amazon and audible. I do record my own books that I write. And you can find them there by looking on them for my full name look for Wendy Rose Williams. Because if you look for Wendy Williams,

Alex Ferrari 1:23:43
Absolutely, you're gonna get somebody else. And you have any fun, and you have any final words for our audience?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:23:49
Yes. So just thank everyone for joining us here and know that it absolutely can get easier and better just with a hand up and I'm so happy to give that. And I do that via my own podcast, which I co host. And it's called waking up spiritually. So you can go to waking up spiritually.com And just keep following your own intuition and guidance. Because what's right for your neighbor and your brother and your mother, your spouse and your dog is not necessarily right for you. Just trust. Trust that little quiet voice and give yourself the quiet moments to hear it. It might be when you're in the shower might be when you're falling asleep might be when you're washing the dishes. It doesn't have to be this hour meditation a day because we can be busy but just listen and hear that little voice and act on it. Pay attention to it.

Alex Ferrari 1:24:43
Wendy, thank you so much for this conversation and thank you for all the amazing work that you're doing to help people.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:24:47
Thank you. Appreciate I so appreciate you Alex in what you're doing and in your audience tuning in.

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