Clinically DEAD Woman Meets Her Spirit Guides During Near Death Experience (NDE) with Susan Dyer

In the soft rhythm of a conversation, we find ourselves enveloped by the presence of the extraordinary Susan Dyer. Her journey is one that defies the boundaries of the ordinary, venturing into realms that many would deem unimaginable. Born clairvoyant, Susan’s life has been a tapestry of profound spiritual experiences and challenges that shaped her into the remarkable soul she is today.

Susan Dyer’s childhood was colored by visions and encounters with beings from other dimensions, a reality that left her feeling isolated and misunderstood. “I was born clairvoyant,” she shared, “and what that means is that I can see energy. I see it like a neon, sheer overlay over everything I look at.” These abilities, while extraordinary, often led to fear and confusion, particularly given the strict religious environment she was raised in. Her father’s dismissal of her experiences as mere imagination only deepened her sense of alienation.

As she grew, Susan’s life continued to be marked by these spiritual encounters, culminating in a near-death experience that would forever alter her understanding of existence. At the age of 40, after battling chronic Lyme disease, she found herself on the brink of death. In this profound moment, she was given a choice by her spiritual guides: to stay or to leave her physical body behind. Choosing to stay, she embarked on an astral journey that led her to the void—a space she described as the “feminine receptive womb aspect of God energy.”

In the void, she encountered an overwhelming sense of fear, but also an unparalleled opportunity for transformation. Her experience there, coupled with a subsequent encounter with the masculine energy of God, revealed to her the boundless nature of divine love. “There’s nothing to fear,” she recalled. “God is God. I was in those rays, and I realized that God knew me better than my best friend.” This realization was a pivotal moment in her journey, reinforcing the interconnectedness of all beings and the unconditional love that underpins the universe.


  1. Embrace the Unseen: Susan’s experiences remind us that there is more to reality than what meets the eye. Embracing the unseen aspects of life can lead to profound personal growth and understanding.
  2. Unconditional Love: Her journey through the void and into the presence of God underscores the power of unconditional love. Recognizing this love in ourselves and others can transform our interactions and our lives.
  3. Transparency and Authenticity: Susan’s commitment to living transparently, sharing her truth openly to help others, highlights the importance of authenticity in our spiritual journeys.

Susan’s story doesn’t end with her near-death experience. Instead, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life, one dedicated to helping others navigate their own spiritual paths. She describes her mission as one of transparency and authenticity, driven by a promise she made to God to live openly and honestly. This commitment is evident in her work today, as she mentors and supports others through her website, YouTube channel, and Patreon community.

In our conversation, Susan also touched on her encounter with Jesus during her near-death experience, a moment that initially left her bewildered. Jesus appeared to her in a form she recognized from religious depictions, underscoring the idea that spiritual beings often present themselves in ways that are most comforting and familiar to us. This encounter reaffirmed her belief in the interconnectedness of all souls and the boundless nature of divine love.

In conclusion, Susan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual experiences. Her life serves as an inspiration for those seeking to understand the deeper aspects of existence and to embrace their own spiritual paths with courage and authenticity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Susan Dyer.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 165

Susan Dyer 0:00
There's nothing to fear. There is nothing to fear God that God is God. I was in those rates. I thought God was really day before. Like, God is the energy that makes things.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
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I like to welcome to the show, Susan Dyer. How are you doing Susan?

Susan Dyer 1:05
I'm really good. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:09
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your interesting experiences have you've had in your life, to say the least.

Susan Dyer 1:17
To say the least, they're really weird. I do know. I wanted to say something about that. Please. I wanted to tell your viewers that they might not relate to some of my experiences they might not have ever had something similar happened to them. And therefore, like what I say could sound really unreasonable or even untrue. And if anyone is feeling that way, or does feel that way. I just want them to know like, that's okay. You know? I do not like, I don't I don't blame you for feeling that way. If you you know, because it sounds some of my experiences sound. They sound untrue.

Alex Ferrari 2:26
They sound insane. And it's okay. And I've had multiple people.

Susan Dyer 2:29
Yeah, that's word.

Alex Ferrari 2:31
Yeah, I've had multiple people on the show. I go, you know, what you you know, I've had channels and mediums and psychics near death experiences. Yeah. So I always tell them I go, you know, what you do? Is it saying they go? Yeah, no. So it's, you know, it's a very, you know, we're very kind of understanding of, oh, yeah, we're having a conversation about this. So, okay, so what was my first question is what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Susan Dyer 2:55
I didn't want to be here. I wanted if I could have chosen, I would have been dead. I felt that way. Until my near death experience, which was at age 40. Before I died that one time, you know, I was born clairvoyant. That is a very rare event. A lot of people like you know, this entire channel, a lot of people are awakening now. And the natural and comfortable way to awaken is, after you've known yourself or a little bit, and you are older, and you have the ability to process and handle what may happen. But there are few of us out there who came in who were literally born Claire, like I was born clairvoyant. And what that means there's a lot of misinformation out there actually. What clairvoyant means is that and there's a lot of different ways people see things but I can see energy. I can I can see. It looks like a neon a shear neon overlay over everything I'm looking at. And I Archangels disease To Earth personalities, other races of beings. I mean, I was in the Hubble months ago, I was sitting here, and Joan of ARCs head popped up like a balloon, like, to my left, you know what I mean? Like, I never know who's going to come through. But when I was a kid, I was terrified. I didn't understand anything I was seen. And when you're a kid, the only resources you have to make sense of yourself, Are your parents. And, for me, a very strict church. And so as a, as a child, like I was seeing, for example, a red, a very deep red, I actually couldn't see through it. And that's very rare. Like I, there's been a handful of events that have happened to me, where I'm in my clairvoyance, where like, I literally, I can't see through it, like it is the world I'm in in that moment. Even though you would still see me sitting in this chair, I would be looking at something like, like, like, it's flesh and blood and communicating. And so, one of these, one of these spiritual presences was this, like, crimson colored, opaque thing, and it followed all the time. And

Alex Ferrari 6:51
As a child

Susan Dyer 6:52
As a child, every day, and because of church, I thought this presence was the devil. I had no other way to interpret it. And so I that like started my, I think therapists call it your core wound, like as a child. So I will go into my parents room every night crying, saying, you know, telling my father, what I was seeing in my bedroom, it's just like a movie theater. When you turn the lights off it, it makes everything just all the more visible. And so at night, you know, I there be a portal at the head of my bed, there would be there will be beings observing me standing by my bed there. I didn't know this at the time, but like Archangels were like, and right am archangels and angels were just everywhere, like, you know, diving around, splashing around going through walls, and but, but I was terrified. And so my dad just told me every night, you're not seeing what you're seeing. You have an overactive imagination, go to bed. And my parents didn't believe me. And the devil was following me. And so I I knew to hit like, I had hid my clairvoyance, I knew to stop talking about it, and pretend as if it wasn't true. And by kindergarten, I knew, I mean, it was very obvious. And also, because of the reactions I got, and because of how I interpreted those reactions. I hated myself by kindergarten, I was like, something is deeply wrong with me. Some, something's broken, and because of the devil, presence, I thought and and somehow,

Alex Ferrari 9:23
Quote unquote, quote unquote, Devil presence.

Susan Dyer 9:27
And I found out later. That was Archangel Michael. And a lot of people don't know this on the archangels are totally non religious. They are just they're just like a blob of Divine Presence. It has nothing to do with anything at all. No matter what you've done, no matter what you believe, no matter what religion, but, um, that was Archangel Michael. And he was presenting As the traditional root chakra color, we have certain energy. I would say portals, they're actually they're actually portals. And you've probably seen the pictures like of the classic seven chakras was there. We have so many chakras. Oh, my goodness, we need to get into that. But on Archangel Michael, one of the things that and by the way, they don't have genders either, but it's easier to talk about, you know, so Archangel Michael actually really loves taking care of and watching over extrasensory children. And a lot of people don't know that, you know, I wish I knew that back then. Because, you know, so that was Archangel Michael. But, um, the feeling of hating myself, and knowing I was weird, and bad, continued and it kind of helps to buy into, I'm not lovable. And I truly felt that way. I felt I had no worth. And I marry a man who I knew I didn't even like me. Yeah, I knew he'd like even like, as, but I was, so jet I was so down my, my, my self worth was so damaged by that point. Like, I was like, if I don't marry him, no other man will ever have. And I'll be alone again. And if you look at the facts of my life, like they are pretty lonely. And I think a lot of people like me have have a difficult time having people understand them. Like the fact that you are so open to talking about this. I treasure like this conversation. I don't have I have like two friends. Everyone else has left. I do understand better now. I talk to my father directly after the near death experience. And he said something he said, You know, honestly, you have always scared me. That's a common thing. His reaction was coming from this fear. And it's a little bit ironic, but he completely is uncomfortable with this, like, completely, but he also now completely believes me. Because I've told him things. You know, like, sometimes my grandpa like will be like, Susan, you like you tell you tell your dad blah, blah. And I don't know any of it. I don't know what any of it means. Like he did this a couple months ago with like medical stuff. And I'm like, I don't know what that word means. I don't know if my dad has that. What? Like, no, he had, he had me do this whole, you know, my dad now. I mean, I've told him and he seen me do things and he's seen me say things and I've said things to him. He knows now it's all true, but it's still really scares him. And a lot of people are scared by it. My several of my best friends throughout my life have said, Don't you understand that you really freak people out. And I don't Alex I die. And when I went up there and I was inside of God, I promised God directly that I would be all in.

Alex Ferrari 14:27
So So before we get into that, so let's not skip over that. So what how did how did the near death experience like, tell me about your near death experience?

Susan Dyer 14:36
So the divorce happened, obviously. And my body followed my mind. I crash and chronic Lyme disease just like raged out of remission and I will I was incredibly sick. And I had a walker with like, you know, tennis balls on it. I was like, Do we really need the tennis balls? I mean, like, I had a port in my arm, and a fanny pack and like, I was doing like two balls of antibiotics in that poor day. My hand and foot my right hand and foot were paralyzed. I was in excruciating. I don't know if you guys, if anyone's ever experienced, like Central Nervous System pain.

Alex Ferrari 15:38
Oh, that's not fun. That's not fun.

Susan Dyer 15:43
It makes you feel like an animal.

Alex Ferrari 15:48
So when? So when did you when did you pass?

Susan Dyer 15:53
So my, my parents kept telling me you're about to die. And I was like, I'm not I'm not but the one night. The one night I knew I was. And I was so happy. I had been like, I would like leave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the floor for my kids. And I go back to the couch. I would make them laying down on the floor. Because like, I would have to like army call. And one night, I was like, Oh my God, I am gonna die. It is tonight. And I was so quiet. And I just laid there and my kids were with their dad. And I wanted I just wanted my friends to leave. They wouldn't. They finally did. And I, I felt elated. And so I started crawling up the stairs to my room. And my guides. I felt like they hit me with a spit ball. That's literally what it felt like. And I was like, Oh my God, what? And they were like you have you have one more chance. You have to get out of your body tonight. That's exactly what they said, while I was halfway up the stairs. And they didn't say anything else. But I was like, oh, oh my god. Okay, because honestly, I wanted I want to I the thought of my kids being like, raised by their father alone without my influence. Literally, I was like, I know that I signed up to help you die these children, they need the balance of our personalities, or they're really going to suffer. So they gave me another another chance. They didn't say anything. I climbed the rest of the stairs thinking okay, I'll try it. I'll try that I don't know how to astral travel on command. I've never done it on command. I've always just like fallen out of my body and gone. And I know how that sounds. But I've been astral traveling my whole life. And, you know, it was fun. You know, and I felt safe. And I was like, I loved it. And here I was. And I was like But how do I do this? And like, so they came right back? On when I was like climbing up into my bed. Because I was like you got to tell me I don't know how, but I'll do it. I'll try. I didn't want to die. I didn't want to die. thinking there was anything left. I didn't try. I just like I know myself. And I'm like I had to like until they said that I was good. But then they said they told me how to do it. And by the way for any of you who try this, and perhaps it doesn't work. I want to be really clear. They told me exactly what to do to astral travel on command. But I want to tell you, I've never been able to do it again. So please don't feel discouraged or like maybe you are not connected enough because you are we are innately connected and I learned that very intimately. When I died. I laid along the edge of The bed. That's what they said to do. Lay literally on the edge. And there's a tipping point when we're trying to sleep. It's like right in the middle. And the technical word for it is hypnogogic. It's like when you're half asleep, and you're not, you're half not asleep. That's, I guess the easiest way to put it. And in that, in that moment, they told me to roll off the bed. And that's what I did. I was terrified. I was like, well, like what den? Like, what, I'm just going to be sitting here like, I'm okay. I'm still gonna, I can't, I just want to make that very clear. I was terrified. Really. I don't know, if I've ever been that scared. I had no idea what to do. But my higher self, you know, I'm Susan Dyer. And you're Alex. But 99% of us is anchored in dimensions that we can't even see or feel ourselves. Yeah, exactly. And you cannot eat disconnected. Because we're one. And so even if you feel like I'm alone, and like getting any messages, I don't know what to do. Just remember, you're always connected. It's just your emotions. You know, just emotions never affect. So when I rolled out of my bed, and this is weird. It made me understand all those portals that would show up by my head when I was little. And they were different color. Excuse me their different color portals and they scare the hell out of me. I didn't realize I was making them to go places. I thought weird creatures were going to come in imagination. Yeah, yeah. And so like, um, when I got out of my body, the boom, there was the portal. But I was like, What is a this is like, black gray, black brain form. Oh, looks like shit. Like it looked like a tunnel. Actually, when I when I would do the portals. They would just look like a circle in the wall that you know, you could go through. But this one looked like a pipe. And it was like charcoal gray and black. And I was like, what is that? That looks terrible. I go in there. Like literally I was like, oh my god work with where's that thing going to take me? It looks like it's like from a friggin horror show. But I knew I was like, okay. Oh, and so it was going so fast. I had no idea what it was or where it was going. But I obviously know okay, I'm supposed to go into this charcoal thing. And I had to like kind of slide angle my. My, what's it called? myself when I'm out of my body? What the hell is that called? The Astral astral body. I had an angle my astral body into the this tube. And so I did. And I was like, yeah, no music, no lights. No other. V I'm like, this is this is not cool. We'll put what? And then boom. I was in a place called a lot of people call it the void. Right? And at that point my biggest fear in life was the dark because of all the things I've seen, you know, and so to end up in the void, which is like, black what velvet? No sound no noise, no other beings and eternal infinite. I couldn't even explained you how afraid I was. But I do want to say because this is important to me. That void that void is essentially like, God, if you want to call that energy God, that void is the feminine receptive womb aspect of God energy. And you could kind of consider that space, like the next canvas, God's going to paint. It literally is like the womb space for whatever is next created, but I didn't know that then. So I just said, I closed my astral eyes, so weird. And I said, God, please take me somewhere safe and good.

And before this thing, I'm sure you guys all heard this, there's no time in other dimensions, and there's not. So there's no time they're stopped. And before, like, I'm still kind of like, used to these human habits. So before I could even finish vert, thinking, my thought, immediately, instantaneously, no time passing at all. I was in the void. And then I was in the masculine energy of God, which presented like, blazing blazing rays of light. And I used to think you're I don't, I don't adhere to any organized religion. I, but all I mean, that my job is literally like, I just, I love God, I would I do everything. If I could be like, a nun that could still have like a partner. No organized religion, I would do it. Like, I mean, I everything I do. If I get if I get a one legacy, it would be to tell people like, there's nothing to fear. There is nothing to fear God that God is God. I was in those rates. I thought God was really day before. Like, God is the energy that makes things. And that's incorrect. My, my experience showed that God knew me better than my best friend. We had this exchange without speaking, just by thought. God, and this is like, what people don't like to hear. And this is what they're even like, let me publish, actually. But I realized when I was, like, kind of like a teabag, floating, like in those rates and having this exchange with God, I realized and this is going to maybe sound weird, but it's okay.

Alex Ferrari 28:38
We've gotten past weird a while ago. So go ahead.

Susan Dyer 28:40
Yeah, that's so true. I realized that I was God. I realized like, I'm not God's child. Jesus wasn't God's Son. I realized it was like I was a two prong plug, plugging into the outlet.

Alex Ferrari 29:12
But this is a concept that's been talked about for millennia in, in ancient texts and things like that, that we are all God, we are all one we are all connected to source. We are not apart from source. Right? So when you say that I completely understand it, and you're not the first to say something like that. And it's not outlandish, if you study ancient spiritual texts, and any, any field any any either organized religions, but even specifically more philosophies and spirituality over the years, even even Hinduism and Jainism and you start going deeper and deeper, older, older seminarians. I mean, you're talking about one with with one when

Susan Dyer 29:58
I was a capital 01

Alex Ferrari 30:01
Correct, exactly. So that's not up. To me at least it doesn't. It's not an outlandish statement, because it's been said, by by spiritual teachers throughout history.

Susan Dyer 30:12
I think a lot of people who resonate with the Bible find that statement. I'm almost like, that was blasphemy. heresy.

Alex Ferrari 30:29
Heresy, blasphemy. Absolutely.

Susan Dyer 30:31
Right. And then this is the thought I had immediately following that, which, which, I'm interested in what you have to say, because this is the one that get that gets even. I, I have one video on YouTube and it and the title is, there is no sin. And I think it's like maybe one of my most popular videos, I've had to erase almost every comment because every comment is basically telling me like, I'm an evil witch going to hell. But I thought we're or we're after this thing, you know, still being God, I thought work or I could have just murdered 10 people right now. That that was the thought, but like to continue that. It was like, when, you know, when I came to and I wrote for like a week, like, God is God. Period. Like, if there is a big tree, the tree is not going to roll up its branches of Jeffrey Dahmer walks under it. Just like if Mother Teresa walks under the drain, he's not gonna, like, walk up even more to like, shade her.

Alex Ferrari 32:01
What listen, I mean to say, to kind of get my point of view of what you're saying across, I understand what you're saying. If you go into the spiritual tax of any philosophy that understands or believes in reincarnation, then all people who do its action reaction, it's karma it is. So if you do something bad here, you will pay for it down the line, but not in a way that we understand it as like, punishment. No, it's the soul is trying to evolve. So itself chooses to go down the path to be tested in certain ways. And if it did something that was hurt, or was negative towards someone else, they will feel that in another life, and people who do at a large scale will feel it on a large scale throughout multiple lifetimes. Again, this is basic concepts of reincarnation karma, it's difficult for certain organized religions to understand that it is just a belief system that has been around longer than most other, you know, belief systems in, in humanity, talking about Hinduism, Jainism, even older things in the east, it's mostly Eastern philosophies, Eastern, you know, religions and thoughts and beliefs as what we're talking about here. But I understand what you mean that there is no sin, quote, unquote, there is no sin. But if you do something here to hurt you, you will feel it and that's what and did you have a life review by the way, or no?

Susan Dyer 33:45
No, I just had this exchange with God. And what you're saying, like, I want to just add again, there's no punishment, like you don't pass and then God is like, judging like what you did, God is like a radio station with one song. Love, just love, freedom. love, unconditional. Just like it's like, if you like cut through a brick. They're just brick. God's just got there's no reaction, nothing. But at the same time, because we are a God. God knows us inside now. And you're right. Like, if we, if we do something. It's, it's our it's our reaction. It's our decision. If we if we look back at how we spend our life and we're like And we want to

Alex Ferrari 35:02
Fix that and

Susan Dyer 35:04
It's not it is not like a panel there's no like there's no there's no like system there's no like you know judging gavel it is all just personal growth no fear like no death there's no punishment you go somewhere if you do something like it's nothing funnest thing I've ever done

Alex Ferrari 35:33
Well the one thing that I've talked to so many near death experiencers and when did life review does come up? It is really interesting because you're able to experience both your side of this the interaction, and the other person's side of the interaction. So if you hurt someone, you feel it to actually you. So then it's a teaching mechanism because totally why we're here is to learn to grow. It's a school or school, no, no question about it. And as you continue to grow, from my understanding, talking to spiritual masters talking to near death experiences and other people who've studied this, yeah, it is the choice of the soul. Whether they want to reincarnate again or not after this life. And if they do reincarnate, they go well, I you know, I did that thing to that person. I got to feel what that's like, I got to go through this. And because it's kind of like an I use this analogy, a video game. You've got to go through a tough level in order to level up to be able to play

Susan Dyer 36:42
Sure. That's why we come here. We're ballers

Alex Ferrari 36:46
We're trying to level up our Yeah, our our evolution. And that's what Ascended Masters have done. People like Jesus people like Buddha people, like Yogananda, Baba Ji, and you can start talking about all the Saint Germain, so many different Ascended Masters over the course of history, they've all leveled up to a point where they're like, I don't need to play the game anymore. And I've chosen to stay behind the scenes and help along the way, because I've

Susan Dyer 37:14
Part of them will go back down, just simply to help. Do you know what I mean?

Alex Ferrari 37:21
Right, exactly. And that's what again, for my experiences, and from my talking to so many people over the course of the show, and just my own studies, and in philosophies and belief systems around the world, because I try and I try, like all belief systems have a poor, every single one, there's always there's a God. And generally, we're souls. That is a general idea of by almost every major religion on the planet, those two concepts, and then there's like, do good to others, and then do fear, but do good things and these kinds of things. But then it starts getting muddy with the laws and the this and the fear and all this stuff. Because all it all depends on the belief system you're working with. And if you believe in one thing, that's fine. And if that gets you closer to God on this on this run, go for it. I know wonderful Christians. I know why for Muslims, wonderful. Hindus.

Susan Dyer 38:19
Most people don't actually. I challenge everyone, like, this is a thing. If I didn't have this experience, like it's almost like, like religion, and you know, sometimes like, or politics, like, it's like, it just like inherited, like, oh, no, you're blind this so now. And like, I remember when I got married, and the pre canon, whatever that means priests was like, I want you all to to now promise that you will raise your children in this religion. And he got to me, he hated me big surprise. I was like, No. I was like, Why? Why why? I don't care if they're wicked. I don't care. They're gonna do what I want them to find their path. Seemed like but that's a change, don't question themselves, that they, they actually they may not align with certain things. A lot of adults would rather just kind of

Alex Ferrari 39:31
Go with it go with the flow, but you have to, but you have to also give credit to what's happening right now. There's a massive awakening happening, where people are leaving organized religions by the boatload and looking for answers, looking for their own spirituality, looking for their own connection with God without the fear and the the dogma and the things like that. That's been around forever. And again, if that works for you and get you closer to God, we're

Susan Dyer 39:59
Works genuinely

Alex Ferrari 40:02
Go Go with God, go with God, you know what you can't, this is a thing, you can't really force your ideas. And this is very difficult for sure ideas along because if you think about it, and this is something I thought about when I was a kid, I was born Catholic. I was born in the UK, I was born in a Catholic family. So, one years later, when I started to do some critical thinking, I go, you know, if I would have been born to Hindus, I would have been a Hindu would have been born Muslim, I would have been Muslim, if I were born in a Jewish family would have been Jewish. So it's like, so my religion in my belief system is basically what I learned from my parents. They're not inherently right or wrong. There's just, it's the same reason why you might eat a certain dish that I would find revolting, because it wasn't what I grew up with, like, but in other cultures, they can eat that. And so it's all about, you know, if you were born in the middle of the jungle, and you know, the only thing you learned was like, the moon and the stars or God, well, then that's what you know. So it's all relative to what you believe so but I think now there's such awakenings happening, that there's so much more conversations like this, there's more people looking to shows like this, to find answers that they're desperately looking for. But they're looking for them now. There's things happening now in today's world, that would have never happened 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and older this conversation was never happened. Like, you know, you were Catholic, you Catholic. You're Jewish, you're Jewish. You're Hindu, you Hindu. That's not That's not a conversation. But now, the younger, the younger generation is saying things like you like, why that doesn't make sense to me. Why can't I study other philosophies, other religions? Why can't they find something that makes sense? To me? Right? On a on a soul level. And that's,

Susan Dyer 42:02
I mean, we're talking. When I came back from on your experience, there's like, a lot more that happened. But I had to come out

Alex Ferrari 42:13
So but before we get so before we come up, before we get this, I always love asking that question. What else happened in the near death experience? You're there? Okay. You're in you're in with with the energy

Susan Dyer 42:22
I was with God. And first thing God asked you, like, he was like, you know, do you want to say, like, meeting with me, like, do you want to say, or do you want to do you want to go back home? was so weird. I, um, and sorry, that was really weird. Okay. Um, so and I so right away, I manifested a huge, like, iMac sized photo of my two boys. And I was like, I want to stay. And I wanted to, like, really show God that I meant it. And so I started pulling on my silver cord. Yeah, we have, we have so many energy lines through us. I've heard of that before. We do have an affair cord. And so I just started going hand over hand. And I was thinking, Oh my God, where am I? Like, how long is this going to take? If I actually like, just keep doing this? Like, this could be like yours? I don't know. Like, well, you know, but anyway, God believed me and on. And we have all of this. Nope, nothing was spoken. And I promised God the word the word I said, or thought, whatever. So I said like, literally like World War I said, I promise. I will live transparently. Like me, even when I'm saying it, I'm like, Oh, my God. It's like my worst fear. Country like I mean, I've been hiding this my whole life. I've been feeling fraudulent and broken my whole life. I live in Washington DC where like, people were like Lululemon pajamas, you know, saying like, my, the people I went to school with, they're all like doctors, lawyers, and they're like, on the front page of the papers like, and I and I've just directly promised God to speak openly about everything. I never say and was going to take to the grave. And I knew I knew intuitively that that transparency was to the end of helping other women find themselves, you know, if they're starting your weight like that, so that I said, I, when I woke up, I was like, I don't know what you want me to do. And you're gonna have to tell me well do it. But so so that's what I do now with that transparency. I mean, I talk about everything, absolutely, truthfully. And it's, I still feel so like on what's gonna happen, I mean, I know how it sounds, but I'm well educated, very cultured, I've been around the world, like you have like a very high IQ. Um, but I have to say these things that literally make me sound like I should be in an in a mental hospital to the end of comforting and inspiring other women in particular, and so I, I made that promise to God. And I knew what that meant, really. And then all of a sudden, Jesus, I went from God, to Jesus. And, you know, I have had a really hard time with my church, like, I've had some bad experiences with my priests. Um, and I, I really never like, all those years of Sunday school, I would get in arguments with them all times. You know, like, I'm, my confirmation interview, ended up being like a mafia like showdown because it was just like, I was just like, terrible. I get kidnapped by a fundamentalist Christian horse Wrangler. It's just, you can't make this stuff up. It's so weird. So Jesus was there. And I was like, what? Like, I really, I was like, Jesus, and the thing that really messed me up was that he looked like the Jesus of like, rich white people. Like you have like, light brown, beautiful hair, like a very, like well trimmed beard and like gorgeous blue eyes. And like a perfectly like cream color. robe with the tie. And that for a second. I was like, what? Like, okay, we know Jesus didn't have blue eyes. I'm sure you have like, dark, dark hair. I'm sure he had like dark skin. This guy. Look, I mean, that I was like, you know, a Jesus or like, what? What are you like, Why? Why are you and why? Why do you have to look like that? And that's also what I want to say is that if, if Jesus had come to me in that moment, looking like how he really did during that lifetime, I would have been unsure of who he was. Correct. So he presented himself in the stereotypical Christmas card, Jesus.

Alex Ferrari 48:43
That's what I've heard before.

Susan Dyer 48:45
I'm like, Oh, my God. But I was like, I was really confused. Because every time I went to church, if I saw like, the beach, like, they always have, like, Jesus, like hammered up on the bloodier. And like, you know, the bloodier, and the more thorns, like, like, the more blood and like more, the more I can't like, deal with it. It just, I'm just like, oh my god, this is so crazy. What are we doing? So Jesus shows up, and he goes, and he puts his palm both palms out like this. Can you see? And he goes on. He was ignoring my, like, freak out. And he put his palms out. And he said, Do you want to get well? No, no, I'm sorry. He said, Do you want to get better? And I was like, Oh, my God. Yes. Yes, I want to get better. And I grabbed his hand. And I started shouting over and over. I'm going to get better as fast as I can. I was shouting, screaming. I mean, not really, but you thoughts on thoughtfully Oh, Over and over and over, I was just saying it. And I grabbed Jesus's hand and we flew through. It's like, you know, just imagine the room you're in now. And imagine that room like was nothing but every single shade of green that you could ever imagine. Just glorious just like makes you want to cry, you know, like, you're flying through this divine kaleidoscope of green, and green, traditionally, and I say traditionally because there are so many people with different energy makeups my root chakra is a metallic color. Somebody's green. Green, traditionally, is the heart chakra and Archangel Raphael. And traditionally, our Archangel Raphael is the the healer. And presents, usually, for people to see this way presents as the color green. So during this flight, I read like this was the healing.

Alex Ferrari 51:37
Can you tell people where they can find you and the work that you're doing?

Susan Dyer 51:41
Totally. So you can go to my website, And that's Dyer is D as in dog, Y E R. Or you can find me on YouTube, Susan Dyer 1111. I have a huge women's Facebook group called divining women. And then I am on Patreon just by my name. So I offer mentorships which are pretty intense, that are long, and we go through each chakra, month by month. And I also offer just, you know, like one off sessions for anyone who has something going on. And those sessions are usually just like one hour. And then on Patreon. You can like I teach classes to like the the my patrons tell me they're like, Okay, we, we want to channel this person, this class or we want to deepen our clairvoyance this class, like I basically take it from my students, like, do you want to channel someone and you can ask them questions? Or is there a lesson or a practice or technique I can help you with. And I do that on Patreon.

Alex Ferrari 53:21
Susan, thank you so much for your story and for sharing everything you did with us today. And thank you for all the stuff that you're doing to help other people and women throughout throughout their journey in life. So I appreciate you mentor. Thank you again for being on the show.

Susan Dyer 53:35
Thanks, Alex. I love what you're doing too.

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