The Secret to Channeling Your Own Supernatural Abilities with Sara Wiseman

On today’s episode, we welcome the incredibly perceptive Sara Wiseman. From the moment Sara begins to share her story, it becomes evident that we are embarking on a journey through the realms of intuition and spiritual awakening. Sara, a channeler of spiritual teachings for over two decades, brings a wealth of experience and insight, shedding light on the profound transformations that occur when we open ourselves to higher guidance.

Sara’s life before channeling was marked by a sense of feeling different, coupled with an inability to understand or articulate her experiences. It wasn’t until a near-death experience on a plane, where the oxygen masks dropped and a profound understanding of the universe flooded her consciousness, that her spiritual journey truly accelerated. This awakening plunged her into a deep period of despair, but also catalyzed her transition into a life of spiritual exploration and channeling.

In a candid and fascinating recounting, Sara describes the moment a spirit guide walked through her front door—literally. This encounter marked the beginning of her channeling practice, which she initially approached with a mix of curiosity and skepticism. Over time, Sara learned to navigate and control these experiences, ultimately compiling the messages she received into her first book. These messages have since evolved into a robust practice of teaching spiritual intuition.


  1. Embrace Your Unique Path: Sara’s journey emphasizes that spiritual awakening often unfolds in unexpected ways. Her initial resistance to her channeling abilities underscores the importance of embracing our unique spiritual paths, even when they diverge from our personal expectations or societal norms.
  2. Trust in the Process: Sara highlights the necessity of trusting the spiritual process, even during times of profound discomfort or despair. Her own experiences demonstrate that these challenging periods are often gateways to deeper understanding and transformation.
  3. Continuous Connection: A key aspect of Sara’s teachings is the importance of maintaining a continuous connection with spiritual guidance. By entering a meditative state and remaining open to messages from her guides, Sara exemplifies the ongoing nature of spiritual growth and the value of daily practice.

During our conversation, Sara shared a powerful insight: “The universe is trying to take us toward our highest potentiality. All we have to do is let ourselves be guided.” This perspective shifts the focus from actively seeking to manifest specific desires to allowing ourselves to be drawn towards our highest good through synchronicity and intuition.

Sara also delves into the concept of co-creation, contrasting it with the popular Law of Attraction. She introduces the idea of the Law of Flow, where the universe attracts us to our highest potentiality rather than us attracting specific outcomes. This approach emphasizes surrender and the importance of recognizing and following synchronicities as they guide us towards our true path.

As we explore Sara’s experiences further, it becomes clear that her journey is one of continuous evolution. Her ability to navigate and integrate spiritual experiences into everyday life serves as a powerful example for those on their own spiritual paths. Whether dealing with the challenges of societal expectations or the personal trials of transformation, Sara’s story reminds us of the profound shifts that occur when we remain open to the guidance of the universe.

In conclusion, Sara Wiseman offers a wealth of wisdom and practical insights for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. Her journey is a testament to the power of intuition and the transformative potential of embracing our unique paths. Each step she has taken, whether joyous or painful, contributes to the unfolding of her spiritual evolution.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sara Wiseman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 222

Sara Wiseman 0:00
You know, in ancient times like I would say the Bible that was somebody sat down and channel that right or other sacred texts, those were channeled and those provided this kind of template for how do we think about life.

Alex Ferrari 0:19
I like to welcome to the show Sara Wiseman. How you doing Sara?

Sara Wiseman 0:27
Oh, very good. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
Thank you so much for coming on the show, my dear. I appreciate it. So you know, you're a channel but you're a channel to explain to others what kind of channel you are?

Sara Wiseman 0:38
Yes. Hi, thank you, I channeled spiritual teachings. And I've been doing this for quite a long time, over 20 years actually. And from the teachings that I channel, I've also received a lot of teachings on how to teach spiritual intuition, like how to teach intuitive practices. So it's kind of a combination of channeling styles that we've got going on here.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
Very cool. I haven't had someone like you on the show before. So I'm excited to kind of get into the weeds with you. So my first question is, when did you when did your What was your life like prior to you starting to channel and you know this because I'm assuming wasn't at the beginning of your life when you were five, right? Because Mom, dad a second?

Sara Wiseman 1:28
Yes. Just get my laptop out back then. No, that's a great question. My life before that was sort of a mix of feeling really different, but not being able to figure out what I was experiencing, because I didn't have any vocabulary for it or wasn't talked about in my family. So I had a lot of spirit activity and a lot of into intuition coming in. But again, it was more like, Oh, honey, you're so imaginative, or what a great fantasy life you have, you know, that was sort of the language I was given all this stuff's happening. And so that went along for many, many years. And then in my 40s, I had a what I call a near death experience on a plane, where the oxygen masks fell down from the, from the cords, and we put them on and something in there kind of cracked open for me, we were fine. Obviously, I'm still here, we made an emergency landing. But in that moment, I just want to say like I, I understood God, or I understood the universe or something just broke open. And that was in 2000 2000. And from that moment on, everything accelerated. And people have said, you know, they have these near death experiences. And then it all happens. And it was kind of like that for me. Except for it. You know, I wasn't in a near death experience, like on a hospital bed, it was just this peak experience of terror. And then, also, for a lot of people, they have these experiences, and they experience love and light and beauty. And I just went into pit of despair. And I was in pit of despair for about four years, and ended up getting divorced and deaths in the family, some of this other trauma that sometimes I went into full on, like I saw it. And then I couldn't integrate it, I couldn't figure it out. And so in 2004, I was getting divorced from my first husband and had just gotten into the place I was going to be living and was just kind of taking stock of everything with all the boxes around and the packing boxes. And I saw a man come up to the front door. And I'm like, No, not now not going to even answer it. And then he walked through the door, like through the wood. And that was my first guide. And I was so shaken up. I didn't know what to do. And all I could do was think was write it down, whatever he says just write it down, like so have some kind of proof for the world. And so that was the beginning of the channeling practice. And that happened. He didn't come as an apparition. That was just that one time. But I would sit on the sofa and I'd be like, Okay, I'm here. And this being would come and I would just write down these messages. And those messages eventually became my first book. It's called writing the divine and they were the 33 lessons. Just kind of this strange, strange practice that I couldn't control. I would just literally have to go there and announce myself and then it would Come and then over the years, I started to figure out how I could make contact. And you know, I could go there instead of them just coming to me. And that was that was the start of a more rigorous style of channeling. And just a more rigorous spiritual awakening, I guess at that point?

Alex Ferrari 5:20
Well, I have, I have lots of questions. So when you say that you went, you can go to them? What do you mean by that?

Sara Wiseman 5:29
I go into meditative state. And sometimes when people go into meditation, they go, like way far out into like the vastness. But there's this kind of sweet spot you can go into where you don't go out that far. And that's sort of where you can have connection with the guides, you can have the connection with the departed or intuitive information. And so I go there. And then I just see if anything is there for me that day, or not.

Alex Ferrari 6:01
Fascinating. So, again, let's go back to when that man walked through the wall. You have to have a certain point when that was happening to you must have said, Am I losing my mind? Oh, yeah. So what was that? Because I know if I saw someone walked through all that look, that wasn't like a womb. Like it was just like a dude, walk it through the wall. I don't know. I'll be like, Okay, we're in the matrix. Now. What do we what is happening? So how did that like?

Sara Wiseman 6:33
I didn't deal with it that well. I didn't, you know,

Alex Ferrari 6:38
To hear that. Because if you would have said, I was fine. I would be concerned.

Sara Wiseman 6:42
Yeah, I started looking for answers. I started at that point, like, going to the some of the psychics in my town where I started meditation, or I started doing ecstatic dance. I just started whatever I just started to read, but I didn't know what that was. And even though I was receiving these messages, I was pretty nervous to tell it didn't tell anyone about it. And the only one I finally told was my current husband. And I said, you know, this really weird things happening. I hope I'm okay. I don't know what's going on. And he said, Oh, yeah, that's channeling. And so then I had a word like, okay, channeling look. Well, we didn't even have Google back then. Probably. But channeling look up what that is, okay. That's a process of going into a fugue state and receiving information in language. Okay, that's what's happening. And that just solved. It's like, okay, well, what's this about? I'm super curious.

Alex Ferrari 7:46
So So when did you decide to come out of the spiritual closet? Because I've heard that from so many people who have these gifts, it's like, at a certain point, you eventually have to come up publicly. And you've definitely, obviously are very public about this with, you know, how many books you've written and so on. But that first step like the family, to friends to colleagues, what was that like for you?

Sara Wiseman 8:06
Yeah, oh, I don't think I came out of the spiritual closet. And that is such a good word. That is what it's like, until. So I had this I don't have the correct book here. But I had the full book of the channeling it was completed. And I really was disappointed because at that time in my life, I wanted to be a popular novelist. I wanted to be we don't have this term so much anymore, but I want it to be a chick lit writer. Right back then. I know where that is. Yeah, of course, like, it's like soft romance. Whatever. I wanted to do that.

Alex Ferrari 8:45
You want Fabio, you want Fabio on the cover. I gotcha!

Sara Wiseman 8:46
Yeah, yeah. Well, I was really like, set on that I was writing all these novels and, and it's like, Darn it, I've got this spiritual channeling. Instead, I just want to do the chiclet. And I had approached some agents, about the chiclet. And kind of was talking to one of them, and I sort of had to accept that maybe Chiclet wasn't going to happen, that maybe this spiritual teaching stuff was actually where it was going. And I sort of said to the universe, look, I really wanted to do the, the novels but if this is my path, I will do that instead. And the the day that I said that, the next day, the agent said, hey, you know, I know you've been sending me this stuff. But have you ever thought about doing a book on channeling? No, we're like, wow, really? And so I said, Yes. By the way, here's what I have. And, and so they said, Yes, we're very interested. We love your channeled work. But what we really want Want is so we've got half a book here with this channeling. What we really want is how do you do it? We need a how to we need God? Part two, we need part one, how do you channel and that was the first book. And what's so interesting there is even then the universe was kind of like, yeah, you can channel but we want you to teach others how to do this stuff. That's where your that's where your niche is going to be, as a teacher, show other people. And so all this whole sequence of events from trying to be a chiclet writer.

Alex Ferrari 10:33
So it's so funny. It's so funny that you say that because you know, so many times we walk, walk the earth with one idea in mind, in regards to what we're supposed to be doing. And a lot of times that is a part of what we're doing. But it is a part to a grander puzzle that we are not privy to yet. Yeah, only with time do we realize, oh, that job or this career that I spent 20 years of doing has prepared me for what I'm about to do now. So your education or skill set in the chiclet space of just writing was a prerequisite for you to be able to achieve or to accept the information that you got in your channeling, correct?

Sara Wiseman 11:21
That's right. That's exactly right. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:24
I mean, if you would have been a janitor, and then never picked up a book, it would have been difficult for you to start the you wouldn't have even thought to have written start writing, it just wouldn't be part of it. So it was a part. But it's so funny how the universe drives us to you, because I've been a filmmaker most of my career. And now I'm a podcaster. It's weird. I'm still a filmmaker. But this is what I do the most with, basically all my time right now. But all the skills I picked up over those 2025 years of chasing the filmmaking dream of being the next Spielberg, like all filmmakers do have prepared me to be able to launch a show like this so quickly, so rapidly, and have the success that we've been able to do. But without all those skill sets. It's just impossible to do. But the universe knows how to dangle the carrot. So you keep going on the skills that you need to the point where it goes, Okay, now it's time to shift.

Sara Wiseman 12:22
And I think yeah, those are, that's such such truth there. And also, the idea that like, we have to say yes, like, we have to be open to the shift if you'd been like, Nope, just doing films, or if I'd been Nope, just doing that. None of this other stuff would have would have come to fruition. We had to say yes. What isn't happening.

Alex Ferrari 12:42
And isn't an interesting though, the when the when the universe asks you for the shift, it's usually scary. Generally speaking, it's something outside of your box. It's a bit of a risk. And it's scary. It's just a scary proposition. I mean, for you look me doing the show was scary. Being a spiritual podcast is, I can't imagine coming out as a channel writing books, explaining that that's even for me, it's even scarier, it took me a year to really come out of the closet with this show, to do it properly. And that's when the doors and then the doors went open. Just like you just you had that conversation like, like, guess if, if this is what I need to do, I'm open to it. And the next day, a phone call comes, hey, can you run a channel?

Sara Wiseman 13:28
You know, the, the other lesson from that is, then I started to instead of my life started to be instead of me forcing where I thought I was going, Yes, it is the Hey, universe, you know, I obviously have the wrong ideas, you just show me and I'm just going to try and follow along as best I can and sort of detach from any particular outcome. Just let me know where I can be of use. I'll do that. And that's been pretty interesting. That was a journey.

Alex Ferrari 14:00
Isn't it interesting that you we generally try to build the road that we're going to walk in the dark? Because we don't know where it's going. We have a general idea that we where we want it to go but we don't know. And you just kind of like tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu and then you hit a wall. Dammit. Back up. Did you did you did you hit a wall? Dammit. Boom, hit a wall dammit. You will when you allow yourself to do what you just said, Hey universe, you take the lead is like you sit back, you stop building the road. And then little bits of light start to shine on the path that you need to walk. And then you start to walk that path and you're like, Oh, this is so much easier.

Sara Wiseman 14:41
Yeah, the other thing too, is like I really realized pretty early. Well, I don't know. But it's like it's not about me or it's not about you. It's we're just one piece of the puzzle. And everybody's putting the puzzle together. One piece of it, you know, here's my piece how Can I help you? And that's a whole different story, then I will do this, you know, it's like, here's

Alex Ferrari 15:06
That word I, which is ego, it's ego saying that like I am, I shall do what I construct, I shall hustle, I shall you know, all this kind of stuff and and when you start to surrender, it just seems to be so much easier, so much more in line and only someone like you and myself who have walked this path that we're both walking right now and have walked week can speak of this because we're like, we both tried to make you try to be a chiclet. You know, and I, you know, I tried to be the next Spielberg. And I got really close, and you probably got really close with the chiclet stuff as well. I was in room with giant movie stars. I'm like, Well, I'm good enough to get in the room. Why isn't this happening? Like, yeah, what's going on? So it's really fascinating to see that with you. I wanted to ask you a question regards to your channel. Did they ever say their name? is do they change come in and out? Is it the same entity or whatever?

Sara Wiseman 16:10
Yeah, yeah. Um, so the first was just one guy. And that was almost like, that's a guy that still with me now. He has a name has Zhang. He's like this very tiny, sort of like when India and Asia, historically, they were undivided. It's like, Wait, he's from that timeframe. And then for the the next messages I had, these two, shouldn't joke about it. But at these two very stern, sort of Mennonite, or Quaker, or very stern, older ladies, Constance, and Miriam, and they were like, You better listen, you better get this right. And then I had Angel Gabriel, which was a big surprise. And but most recently, the last, I don't know, 15 years, it's been these, just these very tall beings. Some people I know, say that they're like, people, eight Pleiadians? I don't know, they're just light beings. They don't have names. They're a collective.

Alex Ferrari 17:16
Yeah, it sounds sounds. The large beings are from again, from my experience, just talking to so many channels. And people, it seems that could be angels, it could be a collective of angels, it could be a collective of beings from another, a higher, higher level of evolution than us. But let me ask you this question. Why do you think that, you know, I'm assuming on the other side, there's stuff to do that could go to a bar, they can, you know, hang out, you know, watch a movie on the other side? I'm sure they're fantastic. They got some really great filmmakers on the other side. You know, there's, there's good musicians, I'm sure you, why waste their time with these messages? What is the purpose of these messages coming through? Now, at this specific moment in time,

Sara Wiseman 18:02
I think the message is to provide people with ways to think about our existence our lives on this planet, like, a new way of thinking about things that will help us collectively evolve. And I would say that lots of people channel nowadays, right? It's not just me, it's lots of people. And, you know, in ancient times, like I would say, the Bible, that was, somebody sat down and channel that right, or other sacred texts, those were channeled, and those provided this kind of template for how do we think about life? Where especially maybe in biblical times, just an example, not everybody was literate. And so it created like this hand, like the handbook, like here's how you live your life, you know, right or wrong. I'm not, that was just what is available to that culture at that time in that aspect of development. So I feel like a lot of the channeling coming now is about how do we as humans lift up from this particular awareness that we're in now? How do we get a lift up and go forward to something more collective and cooperative and useful for the planet.

Alex Ferrari 19:20
Now, you were saying earlier that you not only were going through a divorce, but you were also going through other traumas, and you went to that four year kind of like, the valley of the shadow of death or

Sara Wiseman 19:31
The misery of the despair of the doom

Alex Ferrari 19:35
For about four years, and so many people listening now are dealing with trauma, dealing with pain and suffering that they've accumulated through their lifetime. We all accumulated there's not one that escapes it, because we're down here to learn as a general statement, if you're not, you're not feeling pain of some sort here and there, you're not growing. That's the nature of growth. If you want to grow a muscle you You got to rip it down, tear it apart for it to rebuild back up. So what advice do you have for people with traumas or pain or suffering that they're going through? And how do you release those pains, those traumas, the known ones, and the more importantly, the unconscious ones that dominate our lives that we don't even know that we're carrying with us.

Sara Wiseman 20:20
Yeah. I think there's some different levels of, of trauma, there's, there's, there's trauma that actually happens to us if we're abused, or we lose people we love, or we're in a war or those types of events that happen, and we're in recovery. And I think, especially after what we've been through with COVID, there's a lot of a lot of that still going on, people are sort of coming out of a PTSD style experience collectively from that. So that's valid, and that needs healing and support. And we need to help each other move through that. But there's another kind of pain that comes from our mind. And the darkness is very inviting, it's very comfortable to go back into that. The dark cave of sort of your thoughts and your illusions and your misbeliefs. And just hanging out in there, it's especially dark to go into places of, you know, drugs and alcohol and substances and social media in comparison, and just like really sink into this. Sink into this separation state. That's what it is, it's a sense of being separate from. And so that's being separate from as a misbelief. It's really impossible for any of us to be separate from it from anything. And so when we separate ourselves out, it's an ego thing. And this is like the source of you know, this is not a surprise, but this is the Source of all inner agony is I am separate. I'm not part of in fact, that's untrue. We're all part of we can't be separate. It's, it's the biggest myth. And yet it's so seductive. Well, oh, poor me, you know, so, so noticing which kind of pain or trauma you're actually in? Is it real? Like, does it really need healing intention? Or is it this, just my mind sort of going to that place again, and if that's the case, there's some work to be done. There's some lessons to be learned in some opening into that idea of the oneness. That's, that's how things really our,

Alex Ferrari 22:43
I think that you're right, it is so much easier to go into a place of judgment to go into a place of comparison, because the ego wants to be there, because the ego wants nothing more than to be relevant. And, and that it's all about you, you, you and you are it. But when you start to open yourself up, like you said, to the idea that we are all one, that that starts to melt away, and you become more comfortable, that's why anybody that I've ever had on the show, who's had a near death experience, out of body experience, or channel, they see things so differently. They all see you the the oneness, they all come back different than when they were before. That's why I asked Where were you before this situation? Because, you know, you might have had Inklings. But when you had to change your, your perspective on life changed.

Sara Wiseman 23:40
And it doesn't mean just because our perspective changes or even, just because we have these, you know, a lot of people have these really significant spiritual practices, or they just because you're good, whatever that means to you. It doesn't mean only good things are gonna happen to you. That's not, it's just like, the journey continues. It's just, you see, you see the journey differently, you see the journey as an opportunity to shed those misbeliefs and shed all that ego stuff with every single lesson that comes in.

Alex Ferrari 24:17
I'm living proof of that. I just went through eight days of no power and an ice storm. And I feel like I'm doing good work. But lessons needed to be taught and I had to sit there and go, Hmm, why is this happening to me? You know, and you have to go through the whole moment of like, day one, day two, then the ego starts coming out like wow, how come I just shouldn't be going through this and then then you start opening it up. It was just a fascinating process just for me to go through. Because you just it was a state it was stages every day that went by you just like why but then you have acceptance and you're like okay, if this is the new reality for now, how I deal with it will be how I approach what is and I have no control over it is how I will live my life better. So I could be angry and pissed that I don't have power. And I'm dealing with all the stuff that you have to deal with when it comes to that. Or you can just accept it and just go, okay, how am I going to deal with it? What are the elements that have to deal with? Looking at life that way is like, you know, you get into a car accident, and it's a fender bender, you're like, okay, my car's in the shop for two weeks, I could be really upset about it. Or I could just figure out how to move on because the the thing has no positive or negative charge, it is what it is the ice storm that hit Austin, nature. There was an earthquake in Turkey a few days ago that's killed over 10,000 people for God's sakes. The earthquakes not evil, right. It's just is what it is, unfortunately, for depending on the perspective you're looking at.

Sara Wiseman 25:52
It's interesting to about this power outage, it's almost like the lesson was not just for you. But collectively in your area we talked where I live to we have a lot of ice storms up in Portland, the power is at like your you have no power, like suddenly there is no power and that is a direct hit to the ego. And the soul has to be like, wait a second, ego doesn't have power, and I don't have power in my house. But the soul power still is there. That's the piece that that is cannot be obliterated ever. So that's the piece.

Alex Ferrari 26:29
Right! Exactly. There's always that source inside of you, that controls the experience of this journey of this game of this path of this, whatever, we're a quest that we're on, it is always inside of you, and it cannot be extinguished, no matter what the external tries to do, because it's eternal, the soul is eternal. And it moves forward. It's, it was really fascinating. Because, you know, you really get tested you like, you know, I'm, I feel, then the ego starts getting again, I feel like I'm a spiritual guy, you know, I'm very, you know, I'm like, and then and then the ego is like, you know, like the most spiritual person, right? Yeah, that kind of crap starts coming up. I love that. And when those isn't hilarious, but that's, that's what we do. The Eagles, like, I'm not spiritual until you start getting some accolades as being a spiritual person, then you're like, Well, I'm the most spiritual now. And this kind of stuff. But then, then the ego gets calmed down. But something like an event that you have literally no control over? None. Not Yeah, no control over a natural disaster. There's just nothing you can do about it. So it's fascinating to see how the ego dealt with it, and how I dealt with it, and then how you had to kind of like, get to a wall and just go, okay, that's what this is about. And you know, and it had to linger a bit, it can just be gone in a day or two, you needed some time for this to just really sink in. But these are ideas. These are things that happen to all of us throughout our lives, whether it be a power outage, whether it be a natural disaster, which I've gone through, I've gone through hurricanes multiple times in my life. I've been in car accidents, most of the time, you know, these bigger events, life events, that really shock you, it just yeah, it jars you you know, or a break, then there's the emotional ones that happen with your family or friends. And I have to imagine when you came out of this spiritual closet, you might have lost a friend or two, right?

Sara Wiseman 28:29
Oh, for sure. I mean, all of them. It just was a complete switch. And at the time, I was living in a pretty conservative place that was you know, pretty, pretty conservative. And yeah, it's nothing went forward. And that was okay. Because something about like, the soul truth that may be you receive, I was receiving this channeling, it resonated so much. It was so clear to me that when other people were really against it, or saying that's against their religion, or whatever, I just, it didn't matter. It was like I had been exposed to something deeper, and I just realized they don't get it. That's okay. I just still have to go on. It's okay. I think it's really common. When people have a lot of the folks I teach they start to, they start to experience some of this stuff with the guides or or this this direct connection with some of the guides that work with us and attempt to attempt to tell their friends or something and yeah, it's this disconnect, but that is one of the parts of the path to is a lot of the time. That's the journey you have to do by yourself for a while until you can find and I don't really care for that word choice. If so much, but until you can find a group that is thinking in a similar way, or has been through these experiences, also,

Alex Ferrari 30:09
There's a, there's a great deal of bravery that is needed to leave what you've known. Yeah, behind and people that you might have, you know, had really good times within the past, but they're not growing in the same or they're not walking the path that you walk in. And I think there's a good example of that in high school, people who you had the deepest connections with in high school, you look at a 10 year reunion, just like, oh, yeah, I can't, I can't talk to you. And yeah, like, you've got all you know, you're still in high school, your mind like these, these kinds of things that are, but but that's part of life, they're people come into your life, or for a reason, a season or life. And there's a handful that stay with you for the entire world. But many times, it's just people come in and out. But it's difficult.

Sara Wiseman 30:58
Yeah. And there's no judgment on where a person is. Absolutely. Yeah. And we can't, you know, the person that you know, is homeless, or unhoused might be the master. And we just walked by and don't even so it's like, I don't think not the all of us as souls who've been around however many times and we come in at different levels. It's, it's, there's no race, there's no hierarchy. We're just kind of doing our lessons like when they told you in school, like keep your eyes on your own paper. Just do your own thing. You can that's

Alex Ferrari 31:40
I love, like your eyes and your own paper. Everybody, please. Yeah. No, it's It's truly truly fascinating. This this path that we're all walking, and dealing with the pains that we deal with along the way. There's a concept of co creation that we talked about, that you've talked about in your work. And and I've, you know, it's constant, even in quantum physics. Now, there's even talks about this kind of concept, can you talk a little bit about co creation of our reality, and what that means.

Sara Wiseman 32:20
So, I might, so I have a little bit different view than say, law of attraction. For me Law of Attraction is kind of a pre idea, or an idea that came in that we use for a while. And the idea that I'm working with now that I received from the guides is the idea of law of, of flow, which is that the universe is trying to take us, you, me the collective toward our highest potentiality. And the universe is going to drop in every kind of event and clue and nudge. And all we have to do is let ourselves be guided. So we are not attracting to us, we are allowing ourselves to be attracted to this highest potentiality. And the beauty there is it's surrender. We just surrender. And it is our responsibility to though, to notice the synchronicity to notice the nudge and to not just allow Yes, thank you, but to move actively toward that. So it's a little bit different. Like we're not, we're not saying to the universe, I want to co create this car. We're saying to the universe, I need transportation, please. And the universe is saying follow these synchronicities and you will be attracted to your highest potentiality we will decide what that is. Is that a jaguar? Is that a go kart? I don't know. But use cars potentiality for your soul's growth, not for your earth life for your soul's growth. That's the bigger goal. It's the big joke of the universe's Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 34:01
So because you know you might want the Porsche Yes, but for your soul, you really need the 85 Datsun

Sara Wiseman 34:10

Alex Ferrari 34:13
For you even better the 72 Gremlin

Sara Wiseman 34:16
Yeah, rent for a nova.

Alex Ferrari 34:20
Oh, yeah, I've been in both cars in my youth. And that might be but that might not be what you want. And that's the difference of like, getting what you want and getting what you need. And sometimes they align. Yeah, sometimes they do align, but many times they don't. And I didn't want to have no power. But apparently I need and you know what's the most frustrating thing across the street power street behind me power street to the left of me power. Over the other way power. I was the only street that had no power he drove. It drove me nuts. It was a group of like You know, whatever. 810 houses, whatever the the block is. Yeah. And we all didn't have we just wrote around. We're like, this is some what do you know How infuriating it is to wake up in the morning freezing and you look out the window, you're like, they've got power. What?

Sara Wiseman 35:15
So what's interesting though, is like, so I know, person my family is from a different country where power went out all the time, right? No, no, no internet most of the time. And so you received a firsthand, or I did this past winter have, you know, we're not the only ones in the world and what's happening in other places. And this is the reality. So that brings a whole lot of compassion to what other people go through every single day. We're so lucky. It's um, it's miraculous. We live in this sort of Star Trek like existence, with our cell phones and our all our zoom calls or

Alex Ferrari 35:58
Zoom calls all our technology don't have it. Yeah. And then this snap. Yeah, all just garbage sitting there. Useless.

Sara Wiseman 36:07
That's right. Useless. And you would be wishing I wish I had a shovel. Maybe you probably.

Alex Ferrari 36:12
Or I wish I had a propane tank. Yes, a barbecue, you know, so you know, some firewood that's cut properly, and it's not soaking wet. You know, these kinds of things you just don't think about in your normal existence. But it made you shift. And I feel that the lessons I've learned in these last eight days are going to continue to unravel over the course of the weeks and months ahead as you start to really analyze what it was. But it's just a small, very small window into a larger journey that people are on.

Sara Wiseman 36:43
Yeah, and you don't even know yet what it all meant, like I would call the ice storm or disrupt a synchronicity. That's a disruption. So all Synchronicities are disruptors, they get us to pay it, we're, you know, moving along the synchronicity disruption, we pay attention, we're awake, we're doubly awake now. And I would guess that you were probably more conscious and awake. In those moments of discomfort, you know, then in perhaps just you know, when things are going smoothly.

Alex Ferrari 37:16
Yeah, it's pretty fascinating. Now, one thing I wanted to mention, and I'd love to hear your, your thoughts on this as well, is that, again, I have a unique perspective, I've spoken to so many different channels, and mediums and psychics and been near death experiences and so on. But specifically with channels, there is a common thread, to all channels that I've spoken to or I've been exposed to, is that the power of change is within you. That these ideas of like it's within you to open up to the university within you to walk the path, everything we've talked about, it's all within you. It's not like, now if you buy my book, this is the this is the way or I need a new jet. God told me I need a new jet. Can you please donate 50 bucks, there's that way, or that you need to follow what I say in order to have salvation? No, every every channel I've spoken to all their messages are of love, of unity of oneness of the power is within you that you are the divine. These are all common ideas. And I've saw that in your work as well. So a lot of people that I tried to explain channeling to, and I'd love to hear what your thoughts are. I tried to explain that to them. Because they're like, Oh, it's a demon. I go, if it's a demon, you know, these kind of ideas or a bad person or bad entity or whatever you want to call it. i You know that? Well, I'm not hearing that. And if they are saying bad things, I'm not hearing that all I hear is everything I told you about love unity, power of the Divine is within you. You were all here on a journey. We're all here in Seoul. It's all the same information for people from around the world. Yeah, different perspectives of life. All have the same idea. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Sara Wiseman 39:08
Yeah. I think it's so interesting people from around the world having such similar messaging, especially as like I write for some different journals, where collections of channels will right and here we are, you know, 2023 what are what are their messages, they're different than 2022. They're different than so there's this progression of you know, the, the shift and all of the big astrological markers but what is coming from the guides, even though we're having probably different guide groups, is this consistency of messaging. I think it's interesting about channeling because I used to joke that it wasn't channeling unless it starts Read with dear ones, because that's a phrase they always use. But there is this sense of affection. This sense of affection like you and I would have for like a puppy, like the guides are like so elevated, we're just like these cute pup children trying to help. Yes, navies. So dear ones, but there's also this sense for a lot of channels like this repetition. And I feel like that creates almost like as you're reading it almost like a trance or a prayer or it allows the languaging itself, whether reading or read out loud, allows the person to sink into a different dimension the same way you would, maybe when you're meditating, it takes you to a place of understanding. And I find it really useful, like I read other people's work all the time, and I just like sink into it. Just for the joy of like that relaxation, or that comfort of that energy level that seems to come from it. And I just find it fascinating, so consistent. But people from Africa will have Jesus people from you know, like different people from different cultures will have crossing over guides. And I find that fascinating to me, not just the guide you were born with, or whatever the guide from your own culture.

Alex Ferrari 41:19
Oh, absolutely. I mean, you You read certain books and the words have a vibration to them. Yeah, there's just no question. I mean, the pickup Autobiography of a Yogi and read for the first time, I mean, there's the words just kind of vibrate off the page. It is, it's amazing. And there's so many books like that, that they just have their own energy to them. And when you when you read them, you go to a different place, I listened to a lot of audiobooks. And when you listen to channeled works, you just start like, you almost go into, almost into a trance of the meditative place that you kind of go to where you're just in this place of understanding, because it's all just remembering, we won't know the truth, it's just reminding us about the truth. And as I think that we are now as a society, as a, as a collective on this planet, are much more open to this information and actually are searching for it. Hence, why your work is done, as well as it has, I can imagine from from 2005 to 2023. The amount of change that's how my gosh, and the acceptance of what you do, must have been astronomical.

Sara Wiseman 41:21
Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm so thrilled now with these younger generations, millennial, but more even Gen Z, how they are completely tuned into all this stuff, like, worn Yeah. with it. And, and that is a sign that we're evolving, you know, our grandparents or our parents or our generation, or even, you know, depending on what generation you are, but you know, we got part of it. But these ones coming in, is just like, I don't know, if it's there. Remember, you know, this idea that people are going to start remembering what they reincarnated from, I think these new generations are coming in with more memory, whereas we didn't have that. But it's pretty remarkable to see this this oneness idea, like in the ecology in anti racism or gender ism, or sexism is they're just coming in as oneness. And that's pretty cool to see.

Alex Ferrari 43:36
Well, yeah. Things that are happening today. There's an uproar over, you know, something in a race or a shooting or, or injustice. There's upwards about that, where 60 years ago was business as usual. Yeah, absolutely. Business as usual. And, and it's not only happening in, in race, and in other areas like that. But it's also happening in economics. It's also happening. Yes, everything science, it's happening in every aspect of human civilization, it's starting to, people are like, no, this doesn't make sense. So like, for 100 years, the concepts of quantum physics have basically been dormant, with a couple of little adjustments. But now even scientists in the field are like, No, we're going to go into string theory, we're going to we're going to do things that are going to rock the boat that was up there before, where before they would just never would have happened. We just never would have happened. A show like this doesn't exist 20 years ago. Right, does it it's very, very difficult. Very, very difficult.

Sara Wiseman 44:41
No one No one was awake enough to understand the concepts even that the channel languaging Well, well, even just the bigger scope of what you know, you do on your show. It wasn't available to people even they might have been able to listen but they wouldn't have been able to All right, yeah. So we're here we are now with some different ideas.

Alex Ferrari 45:05
Now, in one of your books, you, you mentioned the concept of suffering, and bliss are the same. Can you explain that a little bit? Because that's a difficult concept to, to wrap your head around for most people,

Sara Wiseman 45:17
I know, it seems like it's a cause of most people would want to reject right away. But yeah, so that's one of the things about the channeling, too, is I get a lot of things I'm like, my ego self is like, ah, nah, this can this can't be right. And then I'll go in and ask again. But the idea of suffering and bliss are the same is about when we look at it as sufferings, this really like we talked earlier about this dark, silky place of despair that going into the cave, that's so comforting, just stay in your suffering and be a victim or just hunker down and stay. And this idea of the bliss that they were talking about is more the the super elevated bliss you might get from adrenaline or doing something really exciting or having something super wonderful happen, you know, you get an award, or you do drugs or something, you know, just some way of jumping up to this high place. And they're just saying both of those are sort of extremes. And the place you want to be is like the Buddhist way, the more like the middle way you want to be in this place of not going to either side. Because those are extreme states. And that's where the ego starts to get involved. The ego in the suffering state goes into victim, the ego into the bliss state goes into, I'm so awesome. I'm the most spiritual uplift out,

Alex Ferrari 46:52
I'm more spiritual than beat Jesus. Buddha put up together.

Sara Wiseman 46:55
Yes, yes, I'm the most blissed out. And so we want to just we want to just stay in a more place of like, Hey, I'm a soul, I'm part of collective soul. Putting my piece of the puzzle in I'm, I attempt to be have humility, I attempt to surrender whenever I can. I'm just a piece of I'm a piece of the whole, I'm not the whole big deal. That's, that's sort of what we're trying to figure out there.

Alex Ferrari 47:24
It's kind of like, if I may use an analogy is kind of like eating junk food. In you, you go to the extreme of going to a fast food joint and eating food that we know is not good, but it tastes really good. On the way in, and it feels really comfortable, and it feels great. And you're like, kind of like being judgey or comparing yourself. It's very, it's seductive. But then the digestion kicks in. And all of a sudden, you don't feel so good anymore. And you're like, oh, that thing that I did earlier doesn't make me feel good anymore. So it's kind of the equivalent of, of going having a, you know, a Big Mac or a whopper, you know, anyone who's eating that knock yourselves out. And as I'm not saying it, but if you haven't, you know, indulgent fast food, that's probably not the best for you. And, or having a healthy meal that might not have the addictive a quick equivalents of a cheesecake. But you know, in about an hour, you're not only going to feel good, you're going to feel great. Does that make sense? Is that fair?

Sara Wiseman 48:31
Yeah. Yes. Except for I'd add on the other side. So we put the junk food on the suffering side, maybe we'll put on the bliss side. The Super restricted, very specific, healthy diet, that you know, I'm the most healthiest.

Alex Ferrari 48:48
Absolutely perfect. So if we have 2% body fat there, yes, yes.

Sara Wiseman 48:51
Right. And so the the universe is like, hey, just relax, be grateful you have something to eat a lot of people don't relax, be nice to each other, maybe give your food away to someone else, you know, it's like this middle road of let's just avoid either of those.

Alex Ferrari 49:10
That's that's this wonderful way of putting it. We've talked a little bit about a meaning in that we're here for a purpose. So many of us struggle with that, a finding that, like you were talking about the chiclet and me talking about, you know, Spielberg and being a filmmaker. How do you discover why you're here? And again, it doesn't have to be grand. Because so many people think like I have this great. You know, I'm going to be, you know, save millions of lives. You could be someone who just takes care of your family. Yeah, man or female. Or you could just you know, write the one book or you could just help your local community but but how do we find that thing that really gives us the thing that we're here to do?

Sara Wiseman 49:57
I think that's such a good question. Especially Since a lot of the people talking about finding purpose are the authors or the podcasters, or the teachers, and then everyone thinks, Well, I have to be an author, a podcast or a teacher, and it's like, no. If the world was made up of those, right, we would never get our plumbing fixed, or we would never get our food cooked. And I think for me, for me, it's pretty easy, because my skill set is pretty specific to writing and talking and doing psychic work. But I can't do the rest of it. Like I can't do cooking, I can't do so. So I can do I'm like, I'll just do my skill set, because that's all I got. Other people are much more gifted, like they have like, lots of gifts. But I think it's really what what you were doing when you were little, you probably like I was, I was reading religion books when I was six, you know, I was talking to plants and dead people when I was six, like, I was just always doing this. So whatever you've been doing a long time. And then whatever it gives you that feeling of just super contributing, like, Where can where can I contribute the most? And that could be look at the world. Look at all the things for me, that could be anywhere. So I don't think that there's a specific path people have to take. Sometimes when I work with people in a reading, one of my questions is, what are your What are your favorite spiritual practices that you do regularly? And they'll usually say I meditate and I'm like, Okay, throw that one out. What else? And what I'm looking for is I like to ride my bike, or I like to play with my dog, or I love teaching the kids at the neighborhood school to read, I'm looking for that thing that is their specific, like heart opening piece that gives them joy. And that's usually where this purpose is. It lies somewhere in that center of where that hearts that heart opening pieces for most people.

Alex Ferrari 52:20
And would you agree that not everyone's purpose is going to be the main way they make money?

Sara Wiseman 52:26
Oh, yeah, for sure.

Alex Ferrari 52:27
That's some, that's another misnomer that everyone thinks that just because I want to sing. And I was put on this earth to sing that you're gonna make a living doing that. And there's nothing wrong, you could be a plumber, and sing on the weekends. And you get to for sure, do that. And that that's the ego doesn't like that. If I'm going to sing, I'm going to be Whitney Houston, I'm going to be Mariah Carey, I'm going to win America's Got Talent, I'm going to go do that. And there are people who do that. But most singers on the planet don't make a living doing it. You know, most writers don't make a living doing it, that's for sure.

Sara Wiseman 53:03
I even think that that's a part of our cultural misbelief, the last couple generations that sort of come about from internet having exposure to a lot of people that are but I don't think, I don't even think 30 or 40 years ago that that belief was I mean, most people were like, I work for a company, or I work at home. And then I have like, we had this thing back then called hobbies where people found their truth, their true. You know, so like, like, and that was their joy was their hobby. So I think that's valid. I think demonetised Yeah, we don't have to monetize.

Alex Ferrari 53:44
I mean, it'd be nice if you could do what you love and get paid to do it. But that doesn't necessarily always line up. And it's not a lack of it's not trying to crush a dream. It's just, it's just not, it might not be the path for you. And I love that you brought back hobbies because I remember hobbies. I remember hobbies, like that was a thing. There's a hobby shop, there's hobby stores, like oh, you know, I knit on the weekends, I don't need to have a multibillion dollar knitting company. But I just like to knit on the weekends. Or I like to you know, I like to write or I like to paint or I like to do things for my own soul's purpose just to get it out. And it doesn't have to be this grandiose thing, but I think the internet, specially in the West, especially in the US that everything is kind of amped up on steroids, if you will, like if you paint, you've got to be Picasso. If you write you've got to be Stephen King. Yeah, like you have to that's always the big but that's not the case. Because and again, from where I come from in the film industry, everybody wants to be Spielberg. But there's there's probably 200 to let's say best case scenario 1000 filmmakers in the studio system, and you're talking about millions of people from around the world. We're trying to do that. The math doesn't add up.

Sara Wiseman 55:00
And you know, it's kind of funny because I just had this thought and this is may or may be this may be totally untrue. But, you know, Spielberg's probably sitting there right now going, darn, I wish I could go work on my woodworking hobby in the basement. Like it's just like, too much pressure. So do you want to go do woodworking?

Alex Ferrari 55:20
So you know what's funny is that I because I know I've spoken to my other shows I've interviewed a lot of these people haven't spoken to Spielberg yet, but I'm hoping. But I spoke to someone who is an Oscar winner, who worked with Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott, you know, who's a world famous director who does gladiator and a million other films. What he does he paints between movies, he is a painter, he loves to paint. Is he making a living off of his painting? No. But that's his outlet when he's not directing. And he really is probably one of the most prolific filmmakers of all time. He's just he just never stops. He's like, 80, I think at this point. Yeah. But most filmmakers only get to do their art for 30 to 50 days, every two years. Yeah. You know, what i mean

Sara Wiseman 56:21
You've got to have the other life. Right!

Alex Ferrari 56:23
Right! Yeah, the most of the time is building up to get the thing made, and then finishing it off, and then promoting it. And then that's two years, but the actual art of doing it is best case scenario, 30 to 60 days, if you're a Spielberg maybe longer, but that's general schedule for film. Yeah, it's not a lot of time. So that's an example of someone who's a great artist, but his other art, it's not paying his bills, he probably sells them because he's famous. But generally speaking, that's not what he does. So it's just just an example of a small example of that what you might love to do is not where you're able to

Sara Wiseman 57:01
Also, you know, this idea of, we have little patches of soul of our life's work, you know, we might not do the same thing, like, you know, someone might do something, and then they do something else. And then some people are just naturally very much. They have their their fingers in a lot of different pies all the time. And that's perfect for them. Like they don't need to feel there's something wrong because they don't have the big purpose. It's like just be in your experience. It's totally fine to be in your experience and enjoy your participation in the earth on the earth.

Alex Ferrari 57:42
Amen, sister. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Sara Wiseman 57:51
Living a good life is participating at the best level you can that day, I suppose.

Alex Ferrari 57:59
Good answer. What is your definition of God?

Sara Wiseman 58:03
Vast oneness

Alex Ferrari 58:05
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sara Wiseman 58:09
I'll defer to my, the channeling it's the purpose of life is soul growth.

Alex Ferrari 58:14
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Sara Wiseman 58:16
Oh, they can find out about me at And I do have, I think I can have a free mini course for those who want to explore intuition. It's called the magic of blind reading. And it's and it takes you through a process of you answer the question before you know what the question is. So it's pretty fun to try that out.

Alex Ferrari 58:39
And do you have any parting words for our audience?

Sara Wiseman 58:41
Um, you know, this is an amazing time. And I think supporting each other in all the ways we can is really the way to go because we're not really separate we're just one big blob of collective soul so we might as well start acting like that.

Alex Ferrari 58:58
Sara, thank you so much for your for your not only coming on the show, but for the work that you're doing to help awaken the world. So I appreciate you my dear.

Sara Wiseman 59:04
Oh, my pleasure. Thanks so much.

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