Woman Dies, Has the MOST PROFOUND Near Death Experience We EVER Heard! (NDE) with Sara Jayne

In the tapestry of our lives, we sometimes encounter moments that reshape our very essence. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Sara Jayne, a woman whose journey through near-death experiences (NDEs) has profoundly changed her understanding of life, death, and everything in between. Sara’s tale begins with a stark reality that many of us might find unsettling, yet it is in this unease that we often find the seeds of our greatest enlightenment.

Sara Jayne’s first near-death experience occurred after the birth of her second child. As she hovered above her own body in the operating room, she observed the medical team’s frantic efforts to save her. This detachment from her physical form brought a strange sense of neutrality. “I was not distressed, I wasn’t attached to the outcome. It was more of an observation,” she recalls. This initial brush with death did not immediately alter her life’s course, but it planted a seed of curiosity that would bloom many years later during her second NDE.

Fast forward to 2018, after enduring years of a debilitating autoimmune disease, Sara found herself on the brink of death once more. This time, the experience was even more profound. She describes an ethereal journey where she left her body through her feet, ascending towards a realm of unimaginable love and light. Here, she encountered a presence she identified as the source of all existence, a being of pure, unconditional love. “It was like coming home,” she says, reflecting the comfort and familiarity of this divine encounter.


In this profound conversation, Sara shares key insights from her NDEs that offer a new perspective on life’s challenges and the purpose behind our earthly experiences:

  1. The Power of Intent: Sara emphasizes the significance of our intentions in shaping our reality. Our thoughts, words, and actions co-create our experiences, influencing not only our lives but also the lives of others.
  2. Life Review as a Mirror: During her NDE, Sara underwent a life review, experiencing her actions from multiple perspectives. This process highlighted the importance of living with compassion and love, as every action and its ripple effects are deeply felt.
  3. Living in the Now: Sara’s experiences taught her the value of being present. Worrying about the past or future detracts from the beauty of the present moment. Living fully in the now allows us to appreciate life’s true essence.

One of the most transformative aspects of Sara’s story is her encounter with her guides and loved ones. In a space she calls the “Love Dimension,” she met beings who communicated with her telepathically, sharing knowledge and wisdom. Her father, who had passed away a year earlier, played a significant role in her journey. He guided her through a healing process, demonstrating the interconnectedness of time, space, and energy. This encounter reinforced her belief in the continuity of life and the ongoing evolution of the soul.

Sara’s return to her physical body was marked by an overwhelming sense of heaviness and density, a stark contrast to the lightness she felt in the non-physical realm. This reintegration was challenging, yet it was also filled with a renewed purpose. She now sees her earthly experiences, including her illness, as opportunities for soul growth and evolution. Each challenge is a chance to develop virtues like patience and compassion, which are essential for our spiritual journey.

In conclusion, Sara Jayne’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the profound lessons that can be learned from our most challenging experiences. Her journey through the realms of life and death has provided her with invaluable insights that she now shares with the world. Her message is clear: embrace life with joy, live with intention, and always be present in the now. By doing so, we not only enrich our own lives but also contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sara Jayne.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 452

Sara Jayne 0:00
If you're reviewing your life, and you have predominantly done, thought, said, acted in a way that brought happiness and joy and all the positive good stuff to others. That's what you get to experience in your life review. That will be the experience over and over again in each scene might feel like heaven, or might be a heaven experience. If on the other hand, you've predominantly cause pain and suffering, and that is your experience through every same as what you've experienced it as the other that may feel like hell.

Alex Ferrari 0:45
I like to welcome to the show Sara Jayne. How you doin Sara?

Sara Jayne 0:58
I'm great. Thanks, Alex, thank you very much for having me on your show.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm looking forward to our conversation, you've had a unique experience, to say the least. So before we get into your near death experience, what was your life like before having your near death experience?

Sara Jayne 1:15
Well, I've had two. So it's probably if you'd like me to go back to

Alex Ferrari 1:23
The first one yeah.

Sara Jayne 1:24
The first one. And probably maybe if I preface all of that, with a little bit with my, my father had a really prominent role in my second one. And maybe when I get to that, it will make more sense if I just quickly rewind a little bit. I grew up with my my family was at an a question I've had a lot is was I am I religious was a religious. So I'm gonna say my family was a blend of a mother that was religious, and a father that was not he was a cardiologist, very scientific, very medical. And his beliefs, basically, were my beliefs. I followed him around like, as a little girl, I can remember just being absolutely captivated by his big heart that he had on his desk, as cardiologists do. And my love of the heart, informed my wife, and I went on to formally trained in cardiac imaging, and was in working in a busy cardiac lab, alongside my father. When I had my first NDE was I just delivered my second baby, and had what in the hours afterwards was bleeding out internally. So we didn't know. I knew because I was experiencing a lot of pain. But I didn't get to the operating theatre, I think it was about five hours later, and had lost a lot of blood volume. And it was an emergency surgery. And I was during the surgery, became aware that I was watching a surgery from the perspective of above, near the ceiling, at the base of the bed to the right above watching an operation going on, and probably being medically trained. I was more interested in what was going on. Medically looking at the vital signs and looking, looking at that more than and looking at the surgery and what was going on rather than is that me? I soon became it's interesting looking. We're only used to looking at ourselves in 2d, when we never really appreciate what we look like in from another person's perspective in 3d, until you are above looking at yourself in 3d, and it's so weird. It's nothing like what you look like how you think you look like and maybe that's why it takes a while. Maybe you don't think of being outside of your body observing yourself. Ever. Well, I didn't I certainly didn't. And with medical, medical family scientific family, I didn't ever think about existence beyond your last breath ever, and was not even in my conscious thought. I was. Lights out that's it. That's what my beliefs were and so maybe that's what I did. really think, oh, that's me being operated on. I was listening to what the anesthetist was saying to the surgeon about my blood pressure crashing. And I think that's when I became was looking more and realize, oh, that's me. That's me I'm observing and not being distressed by that at all.

Alex Ferrari 2:17
What was your feeling? What was the feeling you had what was going on?

Sara Jayne 5:32
It was complete neutrality. It was as if I was training, like to be as surgical training, and you're observing another surgeon doing an operation and you're watching the techniques, or you're watching, you're not attached to them. I don't know if I should say like that, but attached to the outcome, because it's not. It was like, I wasn't distressed, I wasn't it's weird, I wasn't even I wasn't giving any thought to that. It was more just an observation. Just, that's interesting. That's really interesting. And not even thinking, and even watching my ECG, like flatlining, that didn't even evoke anything, because it was more like, it was really just an observation. And then, but I had the expanded a bit. So my awareness expanded, so that I was aware of my baby in a nursery being cared for by nurses, and I was aware of my husband out in the hospital corridor sitting on blue plastic chair in the corridor on his own, sitting there, staring at the floor, with his hands, between his legs, just looking down. And I could feel what he was feeling. And my awareness was everywhere. And not just focused on it was my awareness where, where I could direct it, and where I could focus on was where I was was, but it was also able to be everywhere. And I was aware of my back, back in the surgery, I was aware of my presence and essence of my grandfather, I knew, I knew who I was, I knew what the energy was, I knew it was my grandfather. And he was communicating. No, it's not your time, you have to go back. And as soon as that was communicated, the I was back, like, the next thing I'm aware of is I'm in a recovery Ward. I'm waking up and back, back in my body.

Alex Ferrari 8:14
So let me ask you, so when you when you when you learned back in your body, I'm assuming the pain came back and you started getting all the lovely sensations of being human.

Sara Jayne 8:23
At that point, I was in immense pain, prior to the surgery, that I'd had the surgery. So that was gone. And I guess you're still having the effects of an anesthetic. So you're not I was very acutely aware of what had happened. And when the surgeon came into the post of the recovery Ward, as they do to say how it went, you went well, he and the surgeon and the anesthetist came in together. And I just told them, I had observed their conversation, what I'd heard them say how it all went down, where, where they were standing what they were doing, and they both affirmed my account of the situation. Did they say, well, they need the test. And the surgeon. Both both agreed went, how? How do you know that because before things started going south, they've made a joke about that night before, or it say I delivered at 1am. So but I'll say the night before. My obstetrician was at a hospital ball hospital gala ball, and he was dressed as Clark Gable and his wife is Scarlett O'Hara. And he had turned up to the hospital as Clark Gable and a dashing cup have always and they were laughing about that and joking about that and how he lived his skull on the ball. And I was arable that and so. Yeah, there's no way I, I couldn't have heard that any other way. I mean, I was in labor for hours I was in hospital, I'm sure I;m in the hospitsl

Alex Ferrari 10:14
So let me let me. So let me ask you this, how did you deal with this psychologically when the first one happened because this is completely have to throw in your whole faith belief system of what the universe is about upside down. So not only were you dealing with, you know, having a new baby dealing with the surgery, when you come back going, Wait a minute, there is an afterlife or there's something going on? How did you deal with it?

Sara Jayne 10:43
It's really interesting. I, I was really sick afterwards I was I had developed inflammation of the heart two days after and I lost all my blood volume could not have any blood product donated because I had inflammation of the heart. So I couldn't even sit up without passing out formats. And I was because it's interesting. I've asked myself, Why didn't I give this more thought? Because I didn't I I know I thought maybe maybe people will think I'm crazy if I talk about this. And I think it was a combination of being really sick, having a baby. And just getting back into life. And I didn't think about it. And now I think about that. And I'm like, Well, how can I shut that down? And I do look at it as like a taster for the second one because the second one was way more intense experience.

Alex Ferrari 11:56
And so let me before we get to the second one, then. So you essentially locked it up in the in the chest, throw away the key, dumped them into the ocean. And you kind of just like, I'm not even going to deal with that. Because if I say anything, people can think I'm crazy. I can't physically I can't even deal process. What's happened to me I got enough to deal with. And you just kind of shelved it, essentially.

Sara Jayne 12:21
Yeah, it's, and like I say, I can't believe that now because I am naturally curious about everything.

Alex Ferrari 12:29

Sara Jayne 12:30
And I, I can't, I can't believe it. I look back and you think you have had an experience that now I'm all I can think about is consciousness. And it's been I'm so profoundly different. After the second one that I I was I will say it did have an impact in the way that I cherished, like cherished, being with my baby and being alive. And it had that sort of impact in that I probably became way more cognizant of, hey, this could end at any moment. Probably Probably should cherish this, but I didn't take it any further.

Alex Ferrari 13:18
Interesting. Alright, so then. So how old were you when this happened?

Sara Jayne 13:22
32 for the first one.

Alex Ferrari 13:25
For the first one. And the second one how many years past?

Sara Jayne 13:27
So long story short, I was the second one was first one was 2002. Second one was 2018.

Alex Ferrari 13:36
A while past

Sara Jayne 13:38
Quite a distance, yeah. Distance, weird concept that we'll get into that time, space energy, how they interact and how I have no concept of time now I find it really hard to reference time. Really hard. I can't live by time now. It's so interesting that I used to be working in a lab and dictated by every minute and every appointment with patient times. And now I can't do it. I can't do it at all. It was I had had so in 2010 a little bit before. No, it was 2010 I was diagnosed I so I went back to work. I essentially went back to work, work to really, really, really busy life. Imaging hearts. That was what I did all day I spent all day looking into the hearts of others and loved it. Absolutely loved. I used to tell my kids I'm a heart detective and I just go around trying to find the baddie. And that's how I explained to them what mum did all day. And I worked as I said, I've worked with my father we had a really beautiful relationship personally professionally, he was my mentor in life and in cardiac medicine, and I just threw myself back into doing what I love. I started getting sick. I am crazy as it sounds, but it down to getting old and I wasn't even 40. But I started thinking, I'm getting old, I'm so tired all the time and my joints are aching. I got to the point where I used to get up and run every morning before I went to work. And I would, I couldn't even get out of the car after driving to work without my joints just saving up and throbbing all day. And so long story short, I was ended up in hospital with cardiac complications in 2010. And that was the beginning was diagnosed with a rare life threatening autoimmune disease, and a systemic autoimmune disease. So they a systemic disease that affects organs, mine affected my heart, and then my brain. And that was a 10 year period of pretty much in hospital, a lot of it, trying and failing every treatment available at the time. And as new ones became available, try trying those, but had a stroke, heart attack, eight episodes of meningitis and inflammation and heart failure. And eventually, we started on weekly chemotherapy in hopes that that would get me into remission. And I was close to a year into that when it started to fail. And I was in hospital with severe heart failure at that time, and I had meningitis. And was awaiting approval for a new experimental drug we'd heard about that was available, like over in the US and other but it wasn't available in Australia. And I was stabilized, but still really sick. And I wanted to go home, I had young children at home, and I had spent so much of my time in hospital and there was really nothing else we could do but wait and see if I could have access to this drug. And so I was allowed home. I must be pretty convincing. It was all out No, but I was I don't know I must be I don't know how I managed to talk my way out. But I got home and I was pretty much existing breath to breath. I couldn't care for myself I was in my bed. When you have meningitis, the inflammation in the brain. And the light, I couldn't handle white or even a TV or a phone or any sort of light. So I had some like really dark big Hollywood star glasses on. And I had no hair because I had chemo so I had a big scarf wrapped around my head and I was in bed and I've got one photo of that period and I look at it and I just laugh every time because I had no idea what it looked like was it do seek to get that my kids, they my kids would exist in my room with me and on my bed with me. They would come and crawl up on bed with me and spend time with me in there. And that was the setting for my second NDE. I am on the day I woke up knowing I'm can't tell you how but I woke up knowing that it was going to be my last day you could say well, why didn't I go back to hospital if I knew I was going to decline but really was nothing more we could do. And I wanted to be in my own home. I wanted to be in my own bed. I wanted to be around my own family and didn't want to be I lived in a small country town. I didn't want to be hundreds of kilometers away in a city hospital. If that was my last day, I just I didn't so I of course didn't i i literally just that like just drunk my whole everything in all the listening to my children when they come home from school just listening to them and lying on my bed and just lying there drinking it all in and I I remember that I felt happy to have them near me. But I was 10 years into a really long hard fight. And I, I was barely able but barely had the energy to breathe, let alone talk, let alone live. I was existing. I had been like that for a year. And I was tired. I was really tired. They went off to bed. And I remember I told my husband, he came to bed and I said, I'm not going to be here tomorrow. And he said, Well, you've thought that before, which we had, I've had many, many times where it's been touching go and and I said, you know, and he said, Oh, you're a fighter, you know, you always fought and I went, Yeah, okay, that's I do, like, I am a fighter. And he just said, I just said, If I deteriorate, you can take me, but I want to stay here. Because he said to me, Well, if you really feel like that, we should go to the hospital. And just, again, I must be very convincing, because I've managed to talk him into a pact of, if I deteriorate, we'll go but I would like to stay here. And he went, he watched me I remember him lying there watching me for a while and listening to me breathing and he eventually went to sleep and I was aware of I'd like I don't know how to explain it as I was aware of my body shutting down. And the best way I've come to explain that is as you would go around the house at night, and shut the house down, lock the doors turn off the light switch, a lot of that room shut down, that room shut down, and you're just shutting it all down before you go to sleep at night. It was like my body was going around my body shutting it all down, or I will say that it was shutting down to then I was really just aware of my energy. And by that I mean my essence. I that's what I was aware of. I was in a lot of pain with the meningitis and I. The first thing probably I was aware of was the pain dissipated it dissolved i the moments before I felt my essence, leave my body. And this may sound weird, sound weird. It left through my feet. A weird thing to say. But for me that was how it happens. I have my essence through my feet. And as with the first nd I was aware I was at ceiling height looking down at my body. But this time I knew I was looking at my body. And again, thinking I don't look like that. Or that doesn't look like me so I had that awareness.

Alex Ferrari 23:17
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Sara Jayne 23:53
And I remember feeling a lot of compassion from that body that I had left. And I was I wasn't distressed as I as I said the first time I wasn't distressed. I didn't feel attached. I wasn't it's weird when I say I was thinking because I haven't I think I haven't got a brain, the brains in that body. And when I say I was looking well how can I see because I don't have eyes. So I guess I was as I said I'm curious. I was I was curious about my awareness existing and how I was thinking just how I thought in my human jumpsuit. Meaning my how I think you know how we all think differently. Some of us have a bit quirky somewhere you know Some of them really have a more of a jokey side to us or what my my characteristics or my personality persisted, existed. And I was curious about that, like, I feel just like I did. In my human body, I feel like me. And I also was curious about how I'm looking at my human body. It's there. But I feel like I have a body. Much. This same as when someone who is has an amputated limb, and they describe, they feel sense, they have that limb, they have phantom pain, they have pain in that limb, that no longer exists. It's like having a phantom body. It was like I had a phantom body. So I felt like I had form or shape. And I thought, Oh, that's really, I'm existing as pure awareness or pure consciousness. And I feel just like I did as Sarah, in that human jumpsuit, which was, which was kind of I didn't have that awareness. First time around. About I still exist as me. Which sort of cool, right, we all sort of thought to be still still you right? Of course, of course. Yeah. That's how I felt anyway, I was just that awareness. Yeah, just that awareness on me. And I'm existing as me. And I exist. And I was aware of a anti gravity like a pool and anti gravity pool, through the ceiling, the ceiling no longer existed. And I am going to have to say I was pulled up through the ceiling. But that's my human understanding. And there really was no sense of direction. If I really try and accurately describe it, I had no sense of direction other than I have to say went up because the sea in our human minds that's up in our spatial understanding of Earth, I went up and I traveled up and then I was aware of that pulling into our space where there was in the distance, and I would like to say I saw it, but I also felt it. I was also became part of it this most magnificent, bright, white light. That it was like nothing, I wasn't like light here. It was alive. And it was dynamic. And it was pure love it. I have to say it's light. But it was the most beautiful love I've ever experienced, like love here, but to the power of a million a billion like it was. It was love. And I knew as I got closer that there might be unconditional, non judgmental love that I knew was the source of everything. So I knew I just as I'd woken up with a knowing I'm not going to be here tomorrow. I knew it was the source of all I knew it was where I came from. I knew it was where I returned to. I knew it was it felt like I was coming home. It felt like when you go on a really nice holiday, and you have a lot of fun. And it's really really great fun and you come home and you go so good to be home. And you've got your own beard and your own favorite mug and your own cup of tea and it just feels so good to be home even though you've just had a really good holiday. It felt like that. Familiar, it just felt familiar. And I was happy to be home. And I I knew it was the foundation of everything. I knew it created me And I, I guess, I feel that it's what we all reference, but we use different words, depending on our beliefs, we all have a different label for what this light is, it was love. And it was so simple. And it was the foundation like love is the foundation of all consciousness. And I knew that. And so while in this space, this love dimension, I now refer to it as I went to the lock dimension, I became aware of the presence of three beings. And they were also familiar, like, meeting like meeting someone I met. In preschool, I don't know what you call it in America, reach preschool, like that, you haven't seen them for a very long time, and you're now in your 50s, or my time and you they're familiar, you know them. And that remembering as you spend more time with them, you sort of remember them more and more. I actually don't know how to explain that, but I knew them. And they knew me, everything about me. Me, everything was thought sung as a thought, like conscious thought, I'm existing as consciousness and able to have a conscious thought. Everything I've thought was telepathically communicated. And the beings communicated, they were my guides, I'm one of them had more prominence. I'm not gonna say more important, but one of them had more prominence, energetically. And I knew that to be my Master Guide, who had been with me forever and ever, in every incarnation. And they communicated with me, it was sort of like, let's see how that went. Let's just see how that went. I was in that's referencing a life review. And I was to review what my life was. And it's like watching a movie, where you're the leader, but you're not just watching. So I, I wasn't just watching my life, I was observing, that I was it Spirit at work, experiencing it from multiple perspectives, my perspective of me playing the scene, and the other, the other person that all people that were in that scene and experiencing it, as they experienced it, so, and then I was also reviewing it with my guides, all of those things, all at the same time, experiencing, participating, experiencing, and at the other end, reviewing the intent, the intent, I had in that moment, and experiencing what that the ripple effect that had on another and if I had if I had a really positive effect, or I experienced that, how the other experienced it, but if I had affected someone negatively and cause suffering or pain, or

I experienced that, as they experienced it, and also the ripple effect that that had going out into their reality, their reality and like lots the continuum of that effect. So I it was like a felt it was experiencing it as a felt experience of it all. And if that makes sense?

Alex Ferrari 34:30
It makes all the sense of the world. I've done over 100 of these interviews so completely makes total sense. Because I've heard I've heard what you're going through from multiple different perspectives. To my understanding, that's a life review. And in the life review, you feel the way you feel what you felt at the moment of that scene. And you also feel how it affected the other person as well. So you're actually at the exact same time if you hurt somebody, you feel the hurt. If you're kind to someone you feel how that person felt when you were kind to them. Um, and it's kind of like and you know, you don't go through a whole life like that. But you go through specific scenes, if you will better using the movie terminology. It's these kinds of scenes, when you were looking at your life review was it like, a bunch of screens up on, like in the air, almost like Minority Report with Tom Cruise, when there's like scenes all over the place, and you're kind of moving things around?

Sara Jayne 35:22
It was, it was like that it was your awareness. So where you direct your awareness is what you are literally focusing in on it's like the macro and micro and macro. My awareness was being directed to where my guides would have it. So the scene that we wouldn't be looking at and examining or not examining, but reviewing. And what you put your awareness on, expands in consciousness, so that it's sort of like you zoom in with a camera like, I don't know, camera, man. And you can zoom into one thing, even though everything else exists around it. Your awareness is like that, just like the cameras zooming in on one focal point. And that's the life review really highlighted awareness in that regards, and also intent. It really highlighted how important your content is. And I had not given that I had never given that any thought, what intense Am I holding that for this for this moment for this interaction for a fit everything, what am I intense, and is my intent in this moment, to have good of good for all, or I didn't, I now understand the intent, how important intent is and how it the big role that it plays in the co creation process of reality of the reality I'm going to walk that you're going to walk into anyone will walk into your intent is a really powerful tool in that co creation process with consciousness. And that's always been my big take home of a life review is what you do. And your intent in each moment matters. And I think the concept of heaven and hell think about, if you're reviewing your life, and you have predominantly done thought said, acted in a way that brought happiness and joy and all the positive good stuff to others. That's what you get to experience in your life review, that will be the experience over and over again. And each scene might feel like heaven, or might be a heaven experience. If on the other hand, you've predominantly cause pain and suffering. And that is your experience through every scene as what you've experienced it as the other that may feel like hell. I think that is my understanding of heaven. And hell is how you're living your life now becomes your heaven or hell, because you're going to experience it as what you've done, what you've lived your life as.

Alex Ferrari 38:36
But also from what I understand, it's not as a punishment, no more so as an awareness. There's no judgment. There's no it's more of like an awareness, kind of like you're looking at like a video game character and going, I really shouldn't turn left instead of turning right kind of vibe. When you said something, it was really interesting. With your guide, saying, well, let's see how you did. It seems so nonchalant. And like we take our lives so seriously, as we do, because we are down here we are in it. And I always use the example of a video game. If mario is running around trying to save the princess. It's really important to Mario not to get squashed by a monster or hit by flaming arrow or something when you're in the game. But looking at it from this point of view, it's like doesn't have the same feeling now, if that makes sense?

Sara Jayne 39:29
I completely agree. And I was such a serious head. I I look back now at my life leading up to that. And I was so serious all the time and everything. Really, the things that mattered, didn't matter. And the things that really mattered. You didn't put enough of your energy into because you're so busy living this life and being so serious about it all and yeah, no, it's not about judgment. None of It was about judgment, it's just part of your soul evolution, that recruiting process, as I'm evolving here, that never stops, everything here holds true, none of it changes, I still am me, I still feel like me, I still think like me. And I'm still my soul is still evolving, and I'm still learning. And it's basically a reviewing, and I'm, I'm the only one that could have judgment of me, no one no other entity or being or God or is judging it, it's May so that I, I think it's so it consolidates in your soul. Next time around, I'm my soul will have memory it will have, it will have it had a huge impact on me. So that I may take a different action next time I come to come and play on Earth. And I'm not serious anymore, it actually has changed my perspective so much in circumstances that I would have probably got really upset about or may have taught me over a little bit in the past, I actually am able to sit back and actually be a little bit like that, sit back and observe it. And I know that sounds weird, but I sit back and I've watched the scene that I've just that's happening, that's I watch it online, it really doesn't matter. If I can just turn up as love in this moment. And that may be love for self, if it's a challenging moment, I just I really now. My intent, I always try and be very aware of what's my intent. And bring that into each moment. And I look at it online, this is a biggie, probably not, I've don't really need to get upset, it's going to be okay, it will all work out. And it may look like something that in the past I would have gone this is horrible. I'm this is the most horrible thing that could happen. Probably also because I look at it through the lens of the most horrible thing that can happen to is usually the opportunity for the greatest soul growth and evolution. What I've looked at is, you can look back as our that strike, that's a horrible thing to happen to someone who's 35 to have a stroke. But in truth, it was wonderful because I exist. When I had my stroke. My apartment, my right side of my brain was more my left side was affected. And that's when my consciousness was I was existing, sort of like I was out of my body as an awareness. Without that executive function of the prefrontal cortex. I was assessing life and planning life. i It was very different. I couldn't talk, I couldn't walk, I couldn't communicate. My I was shut down. And it took me a long time I had to learn to talk again I had, but that helped me cultivate patience. And I really needed to cultivate patience with this person. So I was recommendation like, so something needed to happen to patients. And that was a really good fast track to it. And also, when my father had a stroke, I was able to turn up as the daughter, I would have liked to have turned up as and I would not have been able to do that if I hadn't experienced a stroke myself, to have the patience, hate an hour to feed a teaspoon of food or to communicate and no even though he's not talking back to me, he understands what I'm saying. He knows he knows what I'm saying to him. And so back to that perspective of it could be perceived as suffering, or it could be perceived as a really horrible thing to happen. It was a really good thing. It was a great opportunity to develop character, obviously things I needed to develop into. Throughout my whole illness experience has been multiple things that may be looked at as horrible but now I look at as they weren't, they really weren't. They were opportunities for me to learn for me to evolve. And I'm great. I actually am grateful. Grateful for it all. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 44:49
Now when you show so while you're going through the life review what happens after you've gone through the life review.

Sara Jayne 44:54
Okay, so when that's finished so the the Your screens are gone. And that's finished and my Master Guide, and the two other guides, it was if their essence or presence dimmed out, I don't want to say diminish, but receded, it was like they're receded. And then I was aware of my father's presence essence, it came more into product, my dominance. And I was so happy, I was so happy to see him. He died when he passed about a year earlier, at the age of 92. And he'd had dementia for a few years. And I, I'd gone through a lot in that period that I didn't think he was aware of. And even in the last year when he had passed having that was the year of my youthful year of chemotherapy. And the first thing he communicated was telepathic, it was not with no spoken words. It was a telepathic, like vibrational communication. And so it was like words, but also feelings or being communicated telepathically. And he communicated his love for me. And that he knew what I'd been through. And that he was proud of my fight. And he beckoned to me as he had when I was a little girl, like you put out your hands for a little kid to come to you. And said theory theory, which is what he called me as a little girl. And it was the love that we were sending to one another. It was it was so it was too slow. It was really lovely to see him again. And he, as he was on earth, to me, he was, as my father, he was my mentor, he taught, he was always teaching me. And he sort of like my guides and said, Let's see how this goes. Or with how this went. He was he went, sort of the communication was along the lines of hey, look at this, look at this. And he directed his awareness off to the right and to the distance. And for me to do the same. And as we, as I did that, I was aware that what I was putting my awareness on was expanding and unfolding infinitely. And he telepathically communicated, and I was understood. I don't know how this limited brain understood. So this limited brain can understand it here. But there I have the capacity of understanding everything. And like I know that your awareness co creates with consciousness, and it makes it expand and unfold. And that's what he was showing me. And he was like, isn't that cool? Sorry, he's sort of he's right. I was like, yeah, that's sort of that's really cool. And I think that's really important when now back in, back in human form, what, what I put my awareness on, is going to become my reality. That's what's going to expand in consciousness, and I'm going to co create with consciousness, the reality I walk into, and awareness and intention. Other tools for that. And we do it every day, with what we say and what we do our actions, our words, our thoughts. They create, they're, they're like the it's like you've got your blank canvas as a painter. And awareness is the paintbrush, and your thoughts and your words and your actions, paint colors. And you get to paint the scene that you're going to step into. And intention supercharges that supercharge is what you're going to create. And I guess that's what I was understanding as I was watching it. And I I know it's like how do you explain consciousness expanding? How do you explain what that looks like? And there's really not much of a human equivalent other than I remember watching when I was a little girl Watching the Scottish malls and the fog, rolling over the Scottish malls like coming toward, like rolling towards me, it's sort of like make that in reverse and rolling the other way and expanding infinitely. That's the sort of the only way I can expand, like explain infinite expansion of consciousness as you're watching it unfold in front of you. And so then after that his presence or dominance seemed to recede again, and my guides came more into dominance. And I was told that I was going to have a healing, I was going to go to a healing space. And it was a dome shaped building room, and it had an arched doorway. And my guides, directed me through it, and communicated a middle lie down. And as I was saying, at the beginning, I had form like, not a human body, but I had the sense of warmth. And I lay down and my master and Master Guide was at the, at my head, and my other guides were at the size of my arms. And there was three other healing beings in that space. That's what I was communicated that they were healing beings, and they were at my feet and around my legs. And the healing was for my soul, for what it had been through in my human incarnation. And it was really, really beautiful vibrational, like hum. It was a vibrational feeling and sound that traveled through me and traveled through like, like a warm, gold and warm liquid gold, just passing in a belt. Magnificent, oh my gosh, I could feel that through it was beautiful, it was so beautiful. So I don't know, having having a really beautiful massage or something, and you never want it to end. Like it's

Alex Ferrari 52:45
Intoxicating, intoxicating.

Sara Jayne 52:47
It was. It was healing, it was just healing. And when that was finished, and I'm not going to reference time is another thing, I can't give a reference to how long true anything was, time does not exist in the that dimension as it exists. As within the context that we frame it. It's, it's not there's no time reference. And I can talk more about time, if you wish. My understanding of it in the concept of now, like everything is now that we look at it like time like past now future. And how I do how I explain it now is take that horizontal and make it vertical. And now all time is stacked on top of each other. And the past, the present, and the future are all stacked together. I think of it like a you know a jukebox, like in the old movies and there's a jukebox in the corner and there's all the records lined up and you don't put a coin in that little arm goes. So think of time like that. So turn the jukebox around vertically and all the records are lined up. And your awareness is the arm that goes in and picks the record out and brings it out. And then you can sharpen your awareness like I was watching my life review you can focus in your awareness so you can focus in your awareness on a track on that record. And that's the reality you're living. That's what you're experiencing. Your awareness is in so it all exists. Everything exists. But you are just watching what your awareness is. This this life of Alex or Sarah what what we are experiencing now is just what are wearing This is placed on, it's all that we can perceive at that, that's what's what is available to us, in the human continent. Once we're in this human jumpsuit, and we're limited by our human brain computer. But of course, when you pop out of your body, pure awareness, and you're able Group II, all of it, it's so different, it's different, you're not limited anymore. And I, at the end of my experience, I will maybe I will get to that where I was showing the time, space energy field, and how,

Yeah, how's that work?

Talk about it now.

Alex Ferrari 55:48
Sure, go for it.

Sara Jayne 55:49
Okay. So as I was, at the end, I was like I was, when I was falling back into my body. It was like I was plugged into conscious, it's like, you get a power plant and put it in the wall socket. It was like that. And just downloading everything. I'd been curious. Like, everything that I had been thinking about or curious about was like downloading past lives. And I know, I was curious about time and space and energy, and how does all this work? And because I don't think about the little things, right, think about a big concept. And I was showing, so think about maths, I don't know, if when you're at school, you have grid paper for maths when you're learning maths and culture. So put in print a grid like unconsciousness, and it's fluid and dynamic, and that grid is moving. That grid are unified fields of time, and space, and energy, all imprinted on consciousness, and then turn it and flip it like what we would think of like a black hole, you know how, when you watch a black hole, and it's curved in and collapsing on itself. So they put the grid that was imprinted on consciousness, like that. And they had it all collapsing in on itself, to demonstrate to me what the Unified Fields of time and the unified field of space and energy and how they interwoven and interacting, like dynamically, and then collapsing in on each other. That's how it was represented to me. And that's the best. That's the best way I can I mean, I'm very limited in how I but I understood that they are not independent, and they are intricately interwoven together. As part of consciousness, as we are like, we're all we're all interwoven in. It's like this intricate web. And you can, obviously then manipulate with your own awareness. And that's how we're co creating all the time, not just creating, but co creating with consciousness. And I think that's why I can't do time I travel all the time. Now, I still keep track of anything. Now I have to have people ring me and say, Hey, you're meant to be somewhere. Or I have to have multiple alarms on my phone to get me anywhere at the right time. And I was not like that before I was I was always on time. 10 minutes early all the time. Now it's really tricky. And I find it hard to talk about time.

Alex Ferrari 58:52
So when did so what point did you finish your, your experience after this, then what?

Sara Jayne 59:01
Well, I before that I after the healing experience, my father came back into dominance. And he said, Oh, we've got to go to go to go to Rockport, like the welcoming party. Gotta go to everyone. Now. Everyone's waiting, like everyone's waiting. Let's go there waiting for you. And when he was looking, I watched in there you can see everyone that I knew and loved in Sarah's existence that had passed. Were there. And it was like a Selam this feeling you can say like, Oh, she's coming. She's coming. And as I got there is like, like a big reunion. I'd like to say School Reunion but not a lot of people love this school reunion. So I'm not going to compare it to that but it was like a big party like the best party you've ever been to and it was everyone was so excited. to see me and my is was lined up, it was my mom's lineage on one side and my father's Lineage on the other side. And then beyond that friends and colleagues and you know, people that I had loved and meant a lot to me, and who had a role in my life, or just sending me love, and celebrating my wife. And we might think, Well, I didn't really do much I didn't achieve much I didn't. But celebrating like, it was the best thing they've ever witnessed. It was, it was really, I think, now I look at it as if everything celebrated every, every little thing of it your whole life. And like, we put so much importance, and we make it so serious, but it's, it's just you existed, you you exist in, and that's being celebrated. And everything your love amplified. And as I was proceeding through this mine, people wind up, I wasn't thinking about the life I had laid, I wasn't thinking about anything about my life. And the reason I say this is I got to a point where there was I like stopped something. It was like an energetic boundary or threshold. And I knew if I step over this threshold, and it was like an energetic and obviously it's nothing physical there. I didn't get to come, go back. I didn't get to go back to that life. And I hadn't been thinking about it. I hadn't been worried about it. And I turned to my father. And as soon as I think it, he's there received it. And it looks to us that yes, they affirmed what I was asking, and yeah, you've got a choice now and no choice is right or wrong. If you keep, if you step over this threshold, if you keep going, you don't get to go back, you get to stay here, you're healthy, you have no pain. And, or you can go back and you go back to your sick body. You go back to challenges and pain. And no choice is wrong. And I instantly, then bored of my children. And as soon as I thought of my children, I was I if you could yell telepathically or yell yield? No. So I don't know that. I can you know that you can yell at telepathically but I did. I yelled, no. And as soon as I yelled, I started falling. It was like a roller coaster and I hate roller coasters. I had anything really fast and a bit it was it was a fast not a full or I can only say four but it was like a roller coaster pulling me back. And that's when I felt like I was plugged into consciousness. And I was downloading as I was falling back into me into my body. And past lives flashing like flash flash flash flash flash light. Do you know those books that I don't know if you had them when you were little and the page would start with one line on it and then as you flipped through it.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:59
Yeah, little animation. A little animation started.

Sara Jayne 1:04:01
Yeah, it was like that we pass laws on each page. It's flicking through them and quickly observing them as I was falling back into my body. And I was aware of getting back into my body. And the only way I can say that is I think I was aware of how am I going to fit how because I was expanded right? How am I going to fit back into that? I don't know if I thought how but I went. That's I'm not going to get back in but it felt like really tight. Like I was squeezing into clothes that with five sizes too small and uncomfortable. It was just uncomfortable. And I was aware of how heavy and dense I felt. Because I'd felt I wasn't aware of feeling light when I was existing in a non face On, I wasn't a fit, aware that I'm not breathing or that I'm really light or that I'm really expansive. I only became aware of that when I was back in my body of the contrast of how heavy and dense and I've got to breathe. And that's my I don't have to worry about that when I'm non physical that I was that was aware, trying to breathe, like trying to get air into my lungs. And that's what woke my husband up because I was gasping and trying to breathe. And he grabbed from my pulse. That's, and I think the only way I can explain that is when you're with someone who's really, really sick for a decade, and he's medically trained. That will, that's your impulse immediately feel for a pulse. And I remember him saying to you, or your pulse is really 3d, which means really weak them. And he, he's like, are you okay, you're okay. And I'm like, Yeah, and I'm back, back in my body and back in pain back in immense pain.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:19
So after this, after this event after this experience, I'm assuming you didn't put it away this time. You started to embrace it a little bit more. Can you just tell the audience how you dealt with it when you came back?

Sara Jayne 1:06:34
It's really interesting, the reintegration period after such an extensive experience. As I said, I've there are things that I struggle with. I I didn't tell anyone about it for probably a month. I wanted to I wanted to sit with it. I, I didn't even know like I didn't know the term near death experience. And even that I sort of have issue with because it's not a near death experience. It's not me. It's a death experience. It is a death experience. It's not like oh, it almost it's not like it almost happened. It happened. To me. I always say I've had a death experience. I think I knew, just as I knew I was going to not be there. The next day, I knew I needed time I needed to sit with it. I needed to consolidate the what it was, and the insights and what how can it inform how we live our life that wisdom and insights, a death experience, I think can give us all about like, like you were saying, we don't have to be so serious. We're actually here to live a life of joy. We're actually here to do the things that light us up. We're actually here to go. What lights me up. Let's do that. Instead of judging and going, Oh, I can't do that. Everyone will think that's wrong does do what you're here to be. I think I journaled it. I wrote it all down. I wrote everything down. And I didn't listen. There were I actually don't even know that there were podcasts like this available back in 2018. I'm not sure

Alex Ferrari 1:08:31
2018 I started in 2019. There was a few but they were few and far between it is really ramped up in the last four to five years. I've only been doing the show for a little bit over three years. So 2020 so 2021 is when I started. So it was a few years later. Yeah, but but there was a few shows but not a whole lot by any stretch. It was it's now every now everyone's got a near death experience show and everyone talks about this kind of stuff, but it wasn't around even 2018 it was not very never spoken about publicly.

Sara Jayne 1:09:08
And I guess that's why I didn't I didn't tell you I really didn't tell anyone and till a really dear friend came over and I said I'd like to share with her what happened. And I sat and told her about it. And she said to me that she she said are you you're different? Like you're different now. You're just more peaceful and more she just said I seemed so much more peaceful and I guess that's a gift of it right? I feel Yes, like at peace of it all.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:51
You know from from you know I have a perspective that you might not have because I've spoken to so many people who have had near death experiences have had had deep conversations with so many people have a near death experiences and and the thing is that you are correct. I would say most of them have a much more peaceful look outlook on life. They look at things very differently than the rest of us. They're kind of aware of the game that we're playing. They've seen behind the curtain. So they don't take things as seriously. The couple that I had that were hellish experiences, there's very few, but actually had a hellish experience came back different, no question. But one of the ones that had a hellish experience, she said, I had to go through that because of my own belief system. I believe that this is what I had to go through for my own punishment. But then I was able to come out the other end, they generally always, from my understanding, from my experience, at least, come out the other end, something saves them Jesus shows up, an angel shows up a light shows up and gets them out of where they are. But to answer your question, yes, they are much more peaceful, the energy that comes off of a near death experience or a death experience, or in your case, is very, is very peaceful, generally, generally speaking, and they just their whole life changes to the point where they, they feel that they have to share their story, if they're at that place in their evolution, that they have to share their story of many of them, take it to the next level, start teaching, start speaking writing books, because it's kind of like this, like I was sent back with this information, I need to get it out to as many people as possible. Does that sound familiar?

Sara Jayne 1:11:36
Yeah, there were two points from what you've just said. And the first being, what, how we're creating our beliefs, what we believe it's sort of like placebo effect, if you, you know, we're talking about placebo effects. And it's not as simple as just saying what you believe is what happens. It's from the human level. There are very different placebo effects that happen, though, from a medical understanding of that your brain is like a chemistry lab. And your beliefs inform what chemicals are, you know, what hormones will be released, what what you're going to, what's going to happen physically in your body will be influenced by your beliefs, what's going to happen in your life is going to be influenced by your beliefs, you are energetically creating your future with your beliefs. So our thoughts are intense our words out and that belief plays a really big role in it. And it does. Everything that holds true in how you are creating, and it's the same even in non physical form. That's why we have such varied death experiences. And the accounts of them are so different, because what are my beliefs are going to inform my experience, I am going to co create my experience with consciousness. And it also has to have an element. I think of familiarity. So you don't freak out. Because you've just had a whole experience where you've had amnesia, and you don't remember this place, right? And now you're back. And you sort of need that sense of it feels like home or a bit familiar. But you are going to co create that experience. And you're going to create it through belief if I believe, like you said, if I you if I believe I'm going to be punished, or there's going to be this is what this is how I think of it. I feel that I didn't have I didn't have an and I didn't have an understanding of life reviews or healing chambers or welcoming parties or anything like that. I actually didn't have a belief system about it. However, I also didn't have a belief of judgment or punishment, or hell, or I have any of that either. So I I do believe that explains why every experience is different. It has to be because it's not only catered for you but created by you. In co creation with source. It's how I understand it.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:30
Yeah, it's tailored to your needs something to make you feel comfortable to go through the process. And if you feel like you have to go through hell, or you have to be judged, then that's what will happen. But generally speaking, it's tailored that's why generally and not always. But like I heard a death experience the other day where Jesus shows up and Jesus I always say is the hardest working man in show business because he shows up a lot of near death experiences. But this but this Jesus showed up in a suit in a three piece suit. And he goes, and the guy, the guy knew who Jesus was, but wasn't a Christian. And he goes, Jesus, he goes, Yes. He goes, Why are you wearing a suit? He goes, Well, that's the only way you would take me seriously because you come from the business world. Yeah. And he's, and then they start, they both start to laugh at it. He's like, Okay, now, you know, because if normally it's the robe or something along those lines. Yeah. Sarah has been such a pleasure talking to you. And thank you so much for sharing your, your beautiful experience with us. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilling life?

Sara Jayne 1:15:42
That's a really hard one. Alex, I think my definition would be to live it as who you are. On it might be you. Don't edit it. Don't, don't live it how other people think you should live it. Do find what lights you up and do that. And just leave it big, and grab it and live it all. And it's amazing. All of it. It's just, it's amazing. I life is so much fun. And instead of putting our awareness on the negative, look at all, like everything, there's so much to be grateful for what I've just delivered as you be you. And you like we're all love, right? But bring, bring your spark to life. And I know we're all here in service to others to be love, like verb. That's what we're here for. We're here. That's what this whole fun games about, to remember who we are. And all these experiences and opportunities that may look like illness or losing someone you love. They're all just in service to you to wake you up. So you remember who you are, which is, I'm love. I'm here to be love. In all my thoughts, words and actions and a mass consciousness. That's how everything evolves. That's why we're here. But hey, let's look have fun, like, kid do it and have fun, fill your life with joy, and all the good stuff. That sounds like a fulfilling life to me.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:19
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time, what advice would you give yourself your little self little Sara?

Sara Jayne 1:17:24
I think just that don't be so serious. It's, you know, just don't be. Don't be so serious. Be in the now. Like, don't don't spend your life worrying about things in the path, or having anxiety or stressing about the future. Because you'll realize that you didn't spend any of your life living the moment you were in. You spend it all time traveling in the past or the future and not where you are, like live where you are, be where you are. And. And don't be so serious about it all. And it's don't take yourself so seriously, get over yourself, literally get over yourself. It's not about it's really not about you.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:11
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Sara Jayne 1:18:15
Okay, I've set up my personal website, which is sarajayne.com.au. And I've setting up a little soul Academy because, as you mentioned before, a lot of us that come back, know, we've come back to do some soul work to and I'm in the process of writing a book about my experience that will come out probably early next year. I'm actually in the process of writing three. Another thing about me, I like to just do everything and go for him go for this guy for it. So yeah, so um, yeah, my website is probably where I direct people. And I can hear about things as they're announced as they come out.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:04
Sara it has been such a pleasure and honor speaking to you, thank you so much for sharing your story and for helping awaken the planet with the work that you're doing. So thank you again.

Sara Jayne 1:19:13
Thank you, Alex, thank you so much for the opportunity to share my experience I I really appreciate it and I've had fun chatting to you. Thank you

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