NDEs, The Afterlife & God – This Will Give You Goosebumps! with Roberta Grimes

In the gentle unfolding of our lives, we often find ourselves searching for deeper meaning and understanding. On today’s episode, we welcome Roberta Grimes, an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to exploring the mysteries of the afterlife. Her insights, grounded in both personal experience and extensive research, provide a beacon of hope and understanding for those seeking answers about what lies beyond this earthly existence.

Roberta’s journey began at the tender age of eight when she had a startling realization: there was no God. This revelation, terrifying for a child, was followed by a profound spiritual experience. A brilliant white light appeared in her room, accompanied by a voice that reassured her of God’s eternal presence. This encounter set her on a lifelong quest to understand the nature of the afterlife and the true essence of existence.

Roberta’s research into the afterlife spans decades, and her findings are both fascinating and comforting. She explains that before we are born, we choose several potential exit points from our earthly lives, depending on how much we need to experience and learn. This understanding helps to frame our lives’ challenges and tragedies in a new light, showing them as opportunities for growth rather than random misfortunes.


  1. Life’s Purpose and Challenges: According to Roberta, we reincarnate to experience and learn from the negativity and challenges of earthly life. This process helps us grow spiritually, aiming to raise our vibratory rate to higher levels of consciousness. Each hardship we face is an opportunity to learn forgiveness and unconditional love, essential components of our spiritual evolution.
  2. The Power of Forgiveness and Love: One of Roberta’s key messages is the transformative power of forgiveness. By forgiving others and ourselves, we release negative energy and open our hearts to love. This act of forgiveness is crucial for our spiritual growth, helping us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and eventually reach a state of pure love.
  3. The Continuity of Consciousness: Roberta emphasizes that death is not an end but a transition to a different state of being. Our consciousness continues to exist and evolve, and we are welcomed into the afterlife by loved ones and spiritual guides. Understanding this continuity can alleviate the fear of death and help us live more fully in the present.

Roberta’s exploration of the dying process reveals that it is a beautiful and often joyous transition. She describes how, in the moments before death, people often see deceased loved ones who come to guide them to the other side. This comforting vision helps ease the transition and reassures the dying person that they are not alone.

One of the most striking aspects of Roberta’s work is her description of the afterlife itself. She explains that the afterlife exists in a higher vibratory plane, right alongside our current reality. When we die, we simply tune into this higher frequency, much like changing the channel on a television. This new realm is filled with colors and beauty beyond our earthly comprehension, and it is a place of joy and reunion with loved ones.

Roberta also touches on the importance of maintaining a positive and loving mindset throughout our lives. She explains that our thoughts and beliefs significantly impact our physical and spiritual well-being. By cultivating positive, loving thoughts, we can enhance our vibratory rate and create a more harmonious and fulfilling life experience.

In conclusion, the conversation with Roberta provides profound insights into the nature of life, death, and the afterlife. Her work encourages us to embrace love and forgiveness, understand the deeper purpose of our challenges, and recognize the eternal continuity of our consciousness. Roberta’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual exploration and the boundless love that awaits us beyond this earthly plane.

Please enjoy my conversation with Roberta Grimes.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 161

Roberta Grimes 0:00
All of us will try very hard to get to level four and level five. Once we are in it to do that we will we will reincarnate repeatedly on the earth. The trouble is there is amnesia when we come back.

Alex Ferrari 0:27
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, hovering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to nextlevelsoul.com/free. I like to welcome to the show, Roberta Grimes. How you doing Roberta?

Roberta Grimes 1:05
I'm doing very well, it's good to meet you.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
Oh, pleasure to meet you as well, my dear, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really excited to talk to you because you are your work that you've been doing over the years is very fascinating, very interesting that many people you know, are in that field, or at least you know that it's not, it's not a normal field you go into so I'm fascinated how you got into it. The whole the whole process what you've learned, but my very first question to you is, can you tell everybody, the moment when you were a little girl that you knew that there was absolutely no God?

Roberta Grimes 1:41
Well, I was only eight. That's a hard, hard thing to realize when you're eight years old,

Alex Ferrari 1:47
You think?

Roberta Grimes 1:50

Alex Ferrari 1:52
So what happened at that moment what happened at that moment, when you had that?

Roberta Grimes 1:56
I woke up at eight in the morning, I woke up in the middle of the night, but I was a I was eight years old. And I had the stunning realization that there's no God. And I was really scared. So then there was this bright light in my room like big burning magnesium, very bright, white light, light, light. And I I stared into it, it was like a flash of light. And, and this boy said, You wouldn't know what it is to have me unless you knew what it is to be without me. I will never leave you again.

Alex Ferrari 2:32
And what did you say to that your eight year old mind?

Roberta Grimes 2:35
I thought well, that's handy. If you forget, there's a God, they remind you. And I went back to sleep?

Alex Ferrari 2:43
And how does that affect your life moving forward to deal with just having in the back of your head? Or did you even think of that anymore?

Roberta Grimes 2:48
No that part is still there to this day?

Alex Ferrari 2:51
Okay, so it was something that really did move you and did did shift your, your path

Roberta Grimes 2:56
I thought that's handy. If you forget, there's a God, they remind you. And it was a very reassuring thing. But I thought it was normal. I mean, if it happens to you, when you're eight years old, you assume you're still figuring the world out right when you're eight years old. So I assumed it must be normal. You always assume things are normal if they happen to you, because you're still figuring your world out. And it was a long time before I understood that was definitely not a normal thing.

Alex Ferrari 3:24
So So what worked? Can you talk to the tell the audience what kind of work you started to get into and what got you fascinated with the afterlife and how you study the afterlife. And that whole process?

Roberta Grimes 3:37
Well, if when after I realized that that had not been normal, I began to understand that I was going to have to figure out where that voice came from what it was. And I came to realize that there must be a place where that came from. And it probably was the same place people went after they died. There had to be an afterlife. So that was made me was what made me start to just sort of decide I had to figure out where the afterlife was and what it was.

Alex Ferrari 4:09
So how does one go about studying the afterlife? I'm assuming there's not a lot of PhDs in it. There's not a lot of curriculum at Harvard, about the afterlife, different levels of classes, you know, near death experiences out of body experience. Like there's not classes you could take for this stuff. So how did you start and how does someone go about studying the afterlife or researching the afterlife?

Roberta Grimes 4:34
Well, this was even back before the 1970s when Dr. Raymond Moody wrote life after life. So I majored in early religion. Actually, I majored in early Christian history in college. I figured that was where I would have to start, and I learned a lot One of the things I learned is if you really enjoy hot dogs never watched them being made. I never if you if you want to be a good Christian never understood ever tried to study how Christianity was developed.

Alex Ferrari 5:19
Why is that?

Roberta Grimes 5:22
Because ever after I understood that Christianity was not it was nothing that either Jesus or God ever developed it was something men developed.

Alex Ferrari 5:40
Yeah, I mean, after I would have to agree with you on that, because I've studied a bit of it. I was raised Catholic, and I went and studied a bit of it. And just as you as you go deeper down the machine, you start to see kinks. Little Pigs little, I'm trying to be kind. I'm trying to be kind, but don't be generally speaking, you start you know, you started you started looking at certain things, you just like that as well. Even when I was a child, even when I was in first grade, when they told me there was a hell, which terrified me, of course, because I was in first grade. But then as years go on, you're just like that this doesn't make any sense. My father loves me. You know, it's a man obviously can't be a woman, obviously. Because you know, that doesn't work. In religion, it has to be a man figure up there in a big, you know, long robe with a big white beard. And he and I always found us like, why is he so jealous? And why is he so angry? And he's very, very insecure. He was seemed to be very insecure. Like, if you don't bow to me, I will rain fire. No, thank you. I just didn't make any sense at that young age. Even in the second third, fourth grade, I went because I was getting pounded by it and Catholic Church and the Catholic school. didn't make sense. So years later, you know, as I wanted that Catholic school almost all my life. So when I graduated, I was just like, even in high school, I mean, it was just like, battle. You mean to tell me I can go kill somebody, go get to go to confession. And I'm solid. But if a pork on Fridays, and I happen not to get to confession, I'm going to hell for the rest of my life. Like it did just things just didn't line up again. kinks. Yeah. So so as you so as you started to go down this road, when did you start shifting more towards spirituality more towards the afterlife? Like how do you again, how do you go about studying the afterlife, especially at that time, when there weren't shows like this, and there wasn't as much information,

Roberta Grimes 7:43
It was really a very difficult thing until we got life after like, the book that Dr. Moody published in 1975. Because that opened the floodgates. And we started to get books about the evidence, be near death experiences, it may surprise our listeners to know have nothing whatsoever to do with the afterlife, nothing. People who have near death experiences go to what we now understand is the astral plane, which has nothing to do with the afterlife, great experiences. But though but if someone is there and able to tell you the story, that person has never died, you don't come back from death, the there the silver cord is not severed. The silver cord, by the way is a is a term that comes from the Bible. And even even the people 1000s of years before the birth of Jesus knew that the silver cord is what keeps the body alive and you can't reattach it once it's severed. So you just you can't come back from death. But nevertheless, once the was the first that what's the term was coined and we began to get people who had had near death experiences, we also began to get good explorations of the of the wonderful heyday of after death communications, which happened around the turn of the 20th century. And when once I got my hands on that literature, and that you could find those books in the early 70s, mid 70s. You could find those books in bookstores. Still, in in used bookstores, I became a denizen of those bookstores, and I wrote I read Oh, hundreds and hundreds of after death communications through through deep trance mediums. It took me two, three years to devour hundreds of these communications. And they were received most of them in southern England and in the eastern United States, mostly in in southern New York. state and in, in eastern Massachusetts, and I was a skeptic. In the beginning, I couldn't believe it was possible for people to be communicating in such extensive degrees through through these people who were in trance and talking from where the dead go. I didn't believe it. I mean, I just. But by the end of two years, I was convinced, because although they were not none of those communications were the same or even all that similar. They all were probably in the same place. Now, they would say the same physics, the same process, the same details the same, they everything was the same. I mean, nobody was talking about having a different kind of body or different weird experiences, it was all the same. It was impossible for it not to be real. So by the end of two years, I was convinced it was real.

Alex Ferrari 11:04
And that's the thing is fascinating, because a lot of people who you know, going into the Near Death Experience stuff, a lot of people were like, Oh, they've heard their story that lied, and life review that that's common knowledge. But back then it wasn't common knowledge. And if you're reading things from the turn of the century, it definitely wasn't common. A lot of these elements that are the same, it just, and as I interview more and more people, like yourself, more and more people with near death experiences and other things like that, which is not exactly what we're going to talk about today. But it just keeps ringing true again, and again. So there might be some shifts here and there, especially in your deaths, like depends on the person,

Roberta Grimes 11:44
A lot of them are more atypical, but they were all the same.

Alex Ferrari 11:49
So then tell me exactly. So tell me what happens in the dying process based on your research.

Roberta Grimes 11:55
They die a natural death. And not all of us have natural deaths. But people who are when before you enter your body to be born, you do choose two or three with your advisors, you choose two or three exit points, usually what is relatively early in your life are around the age of 20, or earlier. One of them is midlife, maybe 40s. And one of them is in old age. And your higher consciousness chooses, you don't choose when you're going to leave. But what as you are approaching one of those exit points, if you if your higher consciousness decides you've gotten enough out of that life, and you that's the one you're going to take about a year before that exit point, you decide, okay, you're going to exit then. And typically, if it's the first exit point that you choose, you will die in an accident. Many people who die young people who die will die in an auto accident. Most of those young people who die in an auto accident that's a normal exit point that they have chosen it seems like it's an accidental death. It's not it's it was a chosen exit point. Typically, in middle age, it's cancer or some kind of exit like that. In old age, it's an old age of course a death people it when you go to a celebration of someone's life very often, you'll see that they were wrapping up their life during that last year they they took a trip they they were picking up with with relatives or friends that they had seen in years, they were sharing the the secret codes with their wives. I mean, possibly people are wrapping up their lives and they didn't even know they were going to die but then they they die. My first book in this field was called the fun of dying and I can't tell you how many people told me dying is that fun? Well, it is it fun if you're dying of a disease. That's not fun. But with during the last few days before you die, usually, you get to the point where it's pretty you're pretty much pain free and or close to it and your your, during the couple of days before death. Often your you start to get better. In fact, the doctor will typically say to your family, he or she is coming to the point of death. And they're actually getting better or seem to be they're typically coming out of what might have been a coma. They will start to you know want to eat or drink again. That's saying death is getting closer. Often they'll call the family and say come in, prepared to say goodbye often, often, that's when people will see their deathbed visitors in the upper corners of the room, mom, or a spouse, or death, even perhaps a childhood pet will appear. They'll be young, they'll be healthy looking happy. And that's a sign that death is very close. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs at that point said, Oh, wow, oh, wow. Oh, wow. And other people, you know, said these last words. And they were the last words that they said to the living people around the actor. They didn't say them, usually, to the living people around the bed. They were saying them because they suddenly saw people that they thought they would never see again. And that's when they stopped communicating at all with the people that were in the room, they started communicating with their with their dead loved ones. Then they started talking with these people in their minds. Often, the people that that they did, who had come for them will come down into the room, and they'll start you know, communicating and actually have sometimes it's a party. This is the part of the that we sort of miss nowadays because people are heavily sedated, typically, nowadays before they die, which is too bad. Because 50 75 100 years ago, people weren't sedated. And often a room would the walls, the room would disappear. And they would would have a detailed vision of where they were going. And they would start they would predate me describing it to the people who were in the room, the living people in the room. But nowadays, it's you know, it's kind of toned down because people are sedated. But the next thing that starts to happen is that the inner body which is leaving starts to unveil CRO I think of it as an velcroing. They're there, they're there. They're like millions of little strings that attach us the part that staying that the material part gets an unstitched or unbuilt code from the part that's leaving, which is the interior part, and the energy part. And that gathers in the chest. And then it leaves usually through the chest wall or through the top of the head. And as it leaves, it's like a mist. In fact, you can find on the internet, people did this with mice, you know, mouse is walking around, and suddenly the trap gets it. And this mist pushes out of the out of the mouse. And that's that's the energy part. And it's kind of creepy. But that's you can find it on the internet, anything you find on the internet. And as it leaves it up. Then it appears to disappear. If you're there sitting with holding Mom's hand, it appears to disappear. That's when Mum seems to die and she hasn't died yet is still recorded, still attached. But she's about to actually die. That's the moment when the silver cord detaches is the moment of actual bodily death. What happens is that mist rises and forms into a body above the material body. And that's that's the moment of death because the silver cord then detaches. And everyone then is feeling the pulse of the material body. And then everyone is sort of alarm because there is no pulse. That's a moment of danger, or the person who has died. Because if if you then get alarmed at the fact that everyone's saying, Oh no, there's no pulse. You might then focus on the people around the bed. What happens if you do, then you lower your own. If you are the person who has died, you lower your own vibration. And when you do that, you may no longer be able to perceive the people who have come for you. That's how we make ghosts. Because if you can't see the people who have come for you, then you can't follow them can you and suddenly, you're you're you're isolated. Because your mom and or whoever the people are around your bed can't see you. You can't get their attention. You can't follow the people who have come for you and you can be stuck there for hundreds of years. So if I were going to give any advice to the people listening today, it's this. Once you are out of your body, it's irrevocable. You can't get the attention of the people around the bed. The only thing you can do is follow your deathbed visitors so follow them. They're going to take you home and once you are home, you can help them People around the bed but you can't do anything for them now. So having heard what I'm just saying to you, you will do that you will follow your mom, your childhood pets, whoever has come for you, you will follow them. And what happens is, they'll be hugging you, there'll be saying Come with us, and you will happily do that now you won't be going far. Because dying is very much like changing channels on your TV set in the room around to now are hundreds of channels. And if you had a TV, you could tune them to channel two, channel three, channel four, Channel Five right now, you your mind is tuned to your body, on what you might call channel three, a very low channel, which is this material reality when you die. All that happens is that your mind tunes to a slightly higher channel in the same place there it will pick up a whole new reality in the same place. In the end, the people who have come for you, your mom, your childhood pets, your spirit guide, they will guide you in raising your vibration just enough to pick up that new channel. Which is the actually it you might call it the afterlife, but really, it's just it's just the astral plane in the same place where you are now,

Alex Ferrari 21:29
Which is what we're near death experiencers go

Roberta Grimes 21:32
That's where they're at. That's also where near death experiencers go

Alex Ferrari 21:36
Got it and how about something out of body experiences like people who

Roberta Grimes 21:40
Absolutely same place, okay, the afterlife is a very small part of the astral plane. In fact, near death experiencers who are on an extensive near death experience trip will often come to a place and be told you cannot go any farther. If you do, you will enter the place where the dead are and your silver cord will sever and you will have died, you will not be able to go back.

Alex Ferrari 22:11
It really is. Because when you keep saying silver cord and I've heard that concept, by the way, the silver cord the this long cord that connects us. I remember,

Roberta Grimes 22:21
It could go goes to the end of the universe

Alex Ferrari 22:24
But what it does, it does and the thing that I just when I remember when you keep saying it, I just remember the cartoon the Disney cartoon of Hercules. And when the souls were being sent down to Hades, it was this core that needed to be cut in order for them to be able to go. And I just remember that even even Disney's animators figured I guess it was part of the mythology of Greek mythology that there was a cord that needed to be cut. So that's a concept that's been around for quite some time.

Roberta Grimes 22:58
It's in the Bible that goes back 1000s of years.

Alex Ferrari 23:02
It's fascinating Okay, so now that our a sort of soul is passed into the astral plane, which is something that you know, we've heard a lot about through near death experiences and that whole that whole process to life review what is hope from your research where do we go from here?

Roberta Grimes 23:18
Well, what happens is they take you to directly to the afterlife so so what happened with as as your your vibration, there's rise together, the room that you leave the room where your where your dead body is, and your family is no going, Oh, no, he just died. And you're thinking, aha, you don't know I haven't died. After all. That room becomes vacant, papery, and what opens before you lose a miss that you've sort of gone through. And what opens up for you is this beautiful scene, all these colors that don't exist in life, you know, in this world, every it's just the most beautiful thing you can imagine. And it's the afterlife because you enter directly into the part of the astral plane, which is the afterlife. And there you are and and your your other relatives welcome you everybody is just it's just the best you can imagine. But it's right in the same place. It's just at a higher vibratory rate not even that much higher. And it's what we call level three. It's the lowest of what went with the Vikings called the Summerland levels three, four and five of the afterlife.

Alex Ferrari 24:29
So, so the these levels that you're talking about, we're still in the astral plane, so we just pass the astral plane.

Roberta Grimes 24:35
The astral plane is farther away. This is think of it as a Fourier.

Alex Ferrari 24:43
Okay, I got it. Where are we? Where are these life reviews, these councils of elders all that stuff?

Roberta Grimes 24:51
Yes, the true life review happens in the afterlife. There's a simulacrum of the of the life Preview that can happen in the, in the, in the larger astral plane, if you are having a near death experience.

Alex Ferrari 25:08
Let me ask you this because you keep saying vibrations and different levels of awareness. I have to ask you, these these yogic masters these, you know Ascended Masters who eventually become Ascended Masters. But we're masters down here that Jesus is the the Buddha's these, these masters who meditate heavily, and have they speak of the astral planes? Are they able to kind of dive in and dive out because of their meditative abilities to be able to transcend this thing from your research?

Roberta Grimes 25:42
I'm not trying to understand your question. You they can vibrate much higher.

Alex Ferrari 25:47
That's what I'm talking about. Yes, their vibrations are higher.

Roberta Grimes 25:50
Yes, it's easy to go lower than your vibratory rate. Oh, yeah. If you're vibrating very, very high, you can easily go lower. You just can't go any higher than your vibratory rate.

Alex Ferrari 26:07
But you can raise it, but you can raise your vibratory rate as your alive

Roberta Grimes 26:10
Gradually can raise whatever your ceiling is, right, which is what really is very, very, very high. You can easily go lower.

Alex Ferrari 26:19
Right, but what are they because I've read, you know, through my, my research and yogic texts and things like that, that some of these Yogi's have been able to go into the astral plane at will. And in come back in their meditations, is that something that you found in your research as well?

Roberta Grimes 26:35
Yes, yes. yes. And and most of us can easily hold to level three. Because most of us enter the afterlife at level three, and we have no trouble holding that level. Got it? Okay. No, that's, that's the standard thing we can do. But you know, you and I will be able to do it without a problem. Getting above level three is something most people have more trouble doing.

Alex Ferrari 27:03
So explain what are the next levels,

Roberta Grimes 27:05
Level four, and level five are also parts of the standard Summerlin level, we all of us will try very hard to get to level four and level five. Once we are in it to do that we will we will reincarnate repeatedly on the earth. The trouble is there is amnesia when we come back. We don't remember why we did you wonder why babies cry? Babies forget people we forget when we enter a baby's body again. And we Yes, we have to think of it as shrinking ourselves in to get back into a body. And then we've we've totally forgotten why we did that. And then we get born. And it's such an awful experience that we cry. And we do this repeatedly to experience the negativity that we cannot experience in the afterlife or in the astral plane, they are not negative at all. We there's lots of negativity here, I don't need to explain that to people. We are all here. But we don't understand just how bad this is until we go back to the afterlife or to the astral in a near death experience. Or were by astral traveling. And we see how great it is there. And and you know what? What can I tell you. But we come here to experience that negativity, gradually, by coming back here repeatedly, we gradually raise our vibratory rate to level four. And finally to level five, once we get toward the upper level part of level five, we cease to need to incarnate

Alex Ferrari 28:49
These are the Ascended Masters, the Jesus's the Buddha's of the world,

Roberta Grimes 28:53
Well, yes, Jesus is way above that at this point at this point,

Alex Ferrari 28:56
Yes. But at one point he was at a level five, we all have to walk before we run.

Roberta Grimes 29:03
Yes. Yeah. And eventually they get to level six. And when they get to level six, that's called the teaching level. Or the the the causal level. That's where most of what exists in the afterlife and in the astral plane have been have been created. That's where that's where the teachers are. Most of most of the Buddhas and the in the the Ascended Masters are on level six. They they aspire to level seven. Level seven is the Godhead level. That's not where God is. But that's where the source is the source of much of what is on earth. Now what we used to think was that that was where God is But God is even higher than that. We're trying to understand now we who do this research, what is above the Godhead level but there's more above the Godhead level even more. There apparently is no is no height, we're coming to understand that consciousness which is all that exists is more like a cup without without a top.

Alex Ferrari 30:24
We don't just, it can keep growing and growing and growing,

Roberta Grimes 30:27
We can grow forever. We don't know what the top is.

Alex Ferrari 30:32
It's so fascinating and you know the work that I do here with the show and I speak to people like you I'm always fascinated at how much overlap there is between different philosophies, different spiritual texts. I mean, the things you're talking about are you know, you're saying Viking, Viking lore as well as you know, Hindu, Jainism, you know, yogic philosophies, all of this stuff is overlapping many of the things you're talking about. I'm not surprised by any of this.

Roberta Grimes 31:05
There's one truth my dear,we are all approaching from different.

Alex Ferrari 31:11

Roberta Grimes 31:13
One Truth.

Alex Ferrari 31:14
That's the thing that's so fascinating about it is because, as more ice as I study this more and more, I come to keep realizing that there is one truth Truth is truth, regardless of where you get it from, you know, whether it's a channel, it's a medium, it's a text, it's a book, it's a guru. If the truth is truth, it rings at a certain vibration. And you read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, the truth rings in that book, as many other books that I've read over the course of, of my life so far, so everything is I've heard of this, this, there's, I've heard the seven levels, and each of those seven levels are broken up into seven other levels. So there's 49 levels,

Roberta Grimes 31:58
Many Yeah, but there's may there. There are hundreds of sub levels, correct? Yes, we there, we talk about the seven levels, but there's hundreds of sub levels, or probably an infinite number of sub levels.

Alex Ferrari 32:11
Right. So it's always so and so people listening a lot of the, the the Ascended Masters, the these these beings, you know, Saint Germain and, and you know, Jesus and these kinds of people, they have been into this earth so many times that they finally got to a place where they don't need to come back anymore. And they choose to come to help and guide humanity. They're the teaching levels

Roberta Grimes 32:39
That they want to do. Now. Now, we talked about Christianity, which, which is entirely human made. The most famous, most known name most no known person on the earth is Jesus. But people know Jesus for things which are totally untrue about Jesus. And yet, his teachings are true, except nobody knows what his teachings are. And we have been asked now by Jesus to give him a website, how Jesus knows about websites. I have no idea. But we're but we're going to give him the website he has asked for is going to be called teachings by jesus.com. How he knows about that stuff. I don't know. But it'll be up next year.

Alex Ferrari 33:29
That's fascinating. And it's I think, I love one of my favorite quotes is by Yogananda who said, Jesus was crucified for one day, but his teachings were crucified for the last 2000 years.

Roberta Grimes 33:40
Exactly right. And he has decided it's time for people to know what he actually said.

Alex Ferrari 33:46
Because it's been Yeah, exactly. And then same. I mean, you could say that with all any religion that starts with a figurehead, it has been twisted and turned a little bit here and there. It just the nature of man

Roberta Grimes 33:58
Said, a holy, holy patience. I don't know why he was so patient,

Alex Ferrari 34:04
I would have to agree with you on the degree. Well, I think it's also that it's really interesting, too, because we are at a stage now in our evolution as a species and as a, you know, group of souls on the planet, that we're more awakened now, I think that we have in within the last four or 5000 years where I think we're more willing and able to start listening and hearing these messages, hopefully, hopefully, we are but I mean, look, this conversation in the 70s would have been a lot otter, and it's still odd in certain Professor uncovered in certain corners of the world without question, but it is a much more accepted and more people are looking for it. When people are searching for the truth. That's why I was speaking to a speaking to another guest the other day, they're saying you know, people are leaving religions by the buttload big because they just don't, they're not connecting anymore. They're like, No, there has to be more to this. I need to, I want to, I don't need the middleman, I need to find my direct connection to Source. And these truths, who have been around for 1000s of years are starting to bubble up, which shows like myself with the work that you're doing, and things like that, would you would you agree?

Roberta Grimes 35:24
Oh, of course. Oh, big time. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Now, one thing that a lot of people ask me all the time is, do we plan our lives? So, so please elaborate on how we plan and why we plan because people, you know, people listening, a lot of times, they asked in the comments and things like that, that like, why would you want to get cancer? Why would you want to have an abusive parent? Why would you want to go through pain in this life? And then why do some people obviously, you know, get born with a, you know, some sort of physical deformity, and others are born into a billion dollar, you know, you'd become a billionaire heiress and never has to truly worry about those kinds of things for the rest of this life. Why it seems so unfair. Some people can't even get water right now, as we speak. And other people have 5000 houses, and six private jets. And they it's three people, you know, it's the two people, like, how many more houses do you need? How many more stuff do you need? So there seems to be an unbalanced, and I'd love to hear what you think about that. In regards to the point of life,

Roberta Grimes 36:36
The hardest lessons are really the hardest, single hardest lesson you could have would be wealthy people, people are there, people in our real lives, are afraid to plan wealth. Because it's the most it's the hardest, most dangerous lesson you could have. And it's too easy to set yourself back by eons spiritually, if you give yourself wealth as a lesson. And so people, people shy away from it, people don't want to have that lesson. People plan hard lives, because that you get the most value out of those hard lives. And so people eagerly plan to have very, very hard lives, they plan diseases, they plan poverty, they plan a lot of people in the in the United States plan, who, for example, were slaveholders planned to be poor black people in adoring Jim Crow, because they needed to have that balance. And and you know, get get rid of the the negative negativity in their their karma, if you will, from having been slaveholders in the American South. That's the kind of thing I mean, that when you're there, we you know, in our real lives, all you want to do is grow spiritually. And you need to get rid of whatever negativity came out of a life you may have lived here in which you were wealthy, and you and you gave yourself negative karma. So we we see, or we see these lives on earth very differently than we then we think we're going to see them. We see the lives on earth as very short. We see the things that look good to us here as very negative there because they can set us back spiritually, and we don't want that, you know, to be to be a rich person here is is it and not to have done valuable things for the world, for people in the world with our money to have had that jet and not used it in a way which was valuable for people. That's not going to help us spiritually, is it? It's spiritual wealth is the only thing that matters. That's part of the teachings of Jesus that we're going to help expose the people to the world with long since people should have known what Jesus taught. But nobody can recite what Jesus taught people. Those gospel teachings have been in the Bible for 2000 years and people don't know what they say. That's a pity and a shame because we're only going to be teaching the canonical gospels we're not even going to teach the other gospels there's no need

Alex Ferrari 39:41
It's pretty fascinating. You know, it looks seems stuck. It's almost like you know, I need to lose a little weight or I need to put a little bit more muscle on so I'm going to work out this muscle and this way it's it's and I got to do a little bit more cardio because I gotta get rid of the you know, the muffin top. So I got to do that. This kind of stuff, but I have to eat properly. It's the same. So almost it's a workout. So it's a spiritual workout with this body. And when we're in the body, we're just like, this is horrible, because we're not aware of what we're doing. But our spirit is like, No, we got to go through this because we picked up a bunch of calories and three lives ago that we were really bad. And we picked up a bunch of calories, we got to burn all!

Roberta Grimes 40:22
Especially now when they're when they're, they're boarding so many babies with lives on Earth are precious. We people need to come into the these, this is the only place we can grow spiritually, the way we need to grow spiritually, these bodies are precious, and people want to get into these bodies and have these tough, tough lives. Because we can grow. I don't care who you are, if you are under the age of 70. And in reasonable health, I can help you make this your last Earth lifetime. How is that stuff lifetime? How do you do that? Follow the teachings of Jesus strictly and it's your last term lifetime guaranteed.

Alex Ferrari 41:07
I've heard have heard everything you're saying I've heard in multiple places. Everything you're saying is so true. It's just the the having to work things out having to get things. And one other thing that a lot of people are confused about is why they're here. Because of course, we all forget why we're here.

Roberta Grimes 41:25
And that's fine. You know, see, that's the thing, it's not that hard.

Alex Ferrari 41:30
So that's my question, how can we find out what our mission or our purpose is in this life?

Roberta Grimes 41:37
It's to learn to love completely forgive completely. And once you have done those things, there is nothing more to be done. You are at the top of level five. And that's it.

Alex Ferrari 41:53
So but if you come but if you're, you know, your mission here is to be an architect because you're going to discover a new way of building buildings, that's going to help save the planet. And you just like now, you know, really, I want to play music does any of that.

Roberta Grimes 42:08
Those things don't matter.

Alex Ferrari 42:11
So if someone's feeling lost in their life, you're saying, to do what?

Roberta Grimes 42:18
All you have to do. It's three things really. But they all boil down to one. forgiving and loving. Okay, that sounds like too but but but the forgiving. The forgiving is a necessary preclude to the loving. Okay, so gratitude is what it gratitude, plows fear. Forgiving, so as the seed and love is the harvest. It's that it's that simple.

Alex Ferrari 42:54
So with with all the research that you've done over the course of your life, um, it seems like you've you've gone at it from every angle, every culture, throughout history, and you've kind of put it all combined it all together to figure out where the common truths are. Is that a fair statement?

Roberta Grimes 43:11
I didn't know it really? Yes, it wasn't that hard. First. First, I had to understand what happens at an after death. And that wasn't that hard. Once I got what they had been what they were telling us 100 and some odd years ago, once I really got that, and I knew what happened, what happens. And by the way, why isn't it common knowledge now, if it was so easy for me to find it? Simple science shut it down. In the 1915 15 19 20 range, they absolutely shut it down. Because once Max punk who was the good the 1980 Nobel Prize is the founder of quantum mechanics. Once he said consciousness basically underlies at all. They said we didn't go in there. This is the scientific gatekeepers. The the the establishment. Yeah. Establishment said Well, no, we're not gonna go where we won't go. Well, there we That's it. And to this day, they enforce materialism as the fundamental right, the fundamental scientific. If you if you try to, to investigate anything that has to do with death in the afterlife, they will not allow you to be a practicing scientist. In certainly in the United States, and I think it's probably still true in the world. This is a greatest shame in the scientific community to this day.

Alex Ferrari 44:44
But what but one thing that is happening and I've been seeing and reading scientific papers in regards to it is that quantum physics and quantum mechanics is they're starting to prove certain things they're starting to come back to. They're starting to prove things things that had been talked about and spiritual texts for 6000 years. Were Maya is now simulation theory. And simulation theory has just been proven by some scientists in in Japan, that there is a possibility. Mathematically, though, this is all a simulation, which is Maya the illusion, which has been talked about for years.

Roberta Grimes 45:23
Yes, but do you know that there is currently spending a billion with a B dollars to use to feed the poor, to try to find a source of consciousness inside the human brain?

Alex Ferrari 45:36
I know. I know, I understand what you said

Roberta Grimes 45:39
Money could be used to feed the poor. And in fact, consciousness is the base creative force that underlies everything. I understand any idea what a folly that is.

Alex Ferrari 45:52
It is unfortunate, and it is unfortunately, the process of of humanity. We keep bumping our heads against the wall, that I've been against the caves since the beginning of time

Roberta Grimes 46:03
All because they're terrified of finding God. Yes, Max Planck found God and he found God almost 100 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 46:10
Right. And there hasn't been any hugely major advances in quantum mechanics since then. Because

Roberta Grimes 46:16
Or any or any other basic science, think about this physics has been dead for almost 100 years. Really?

You're absolutely right theory, you know, nothing.

Alex Ferrari 46:27
Yeah, a couple things here and there, but nothing of any major, no equals MC squared.

Roberta Grimes 46:31
Theories, they can't prove any of it because it's all dead ends.

Alex Ferrari 46:36
It's fascinating. One thing that I heard you say in an interview is the worst ways to die. Can you talk about that concept of what and what you found in your research? What is the worst way to die?

Roberta Grimes 46:48
Well, I don't know. I mean, let's talk about something positive.

Alex Ferrari 46:53
No, I remember he said something in an interview, or a conversation about the US hospitals or something like if you die in the US hospitals, like the worst way to die, other than like being hanged and quartered was even higher on the list of federal waste.

Roberta Grimes 47:11
I told you about something positive right now.

Alex Ferrari 47:13
Okay, fine, we'll stop it.

Roberta Grimes 47:16
The worst kind of the worst kind, let's talk about the worst kind of career, the worst kind of career right now is to be a scientist. Because if you're a scientist, you have to spend, you're, in order to put your kids through college, even to feed them, you've got to live a lie. Let's hear about that.

Alex Ferrari 47:35
That's very true. That's very true. And they, it the same thing happens in the medical field, you know, doctors, if you vary at all through what they believe is the way to go. You can't practice medicine. And so many MDS are going out and doing, they're like, No, there's other ways you can heal the body in other ways. It's natural.

Roberta Grimes 47:56
To a Doctor, tell me about it.

Alex Ferrari 47:58
You know, like, it's very frustrating. I know, doctors, I've gone to MDS who've become alternative doctors, but have an MD, because they were like, I'm so frustrated, I can't help I can't help without prescribing a pill, you know, and there's plenty, there's a place in time for that, but not every single time. And scientists is the same thing. They're forced to go down because it's an establishment. But hopefully in the near future, things will change. I'm hoping I'm hoping things will change in the future,

Roberta Grimes 48:26
The only thing that is going to the only thing that at this point that ends it is shame. And the only thing that will shame them will be some kind of direct telephone communication with people that they're known to be dead. We've talked about that. And and they actually people who that we used to think were dead are actively working on telephone communication. And the trouble is that there are negative entities who feed on fear, who are are trying very hard to prevent it from happening. Because once there's no more fear of death, that you know, their lives are over there. So there's no way they can create fear any longer and they need the fear to survive. We know that those entities exist.

Alex Ferrari 49:16
Let me ask you a question. If we now as a society as a species had no fear of death, would that hurt our development as souls here? I'm just asking.

Roberta Grimes 49:28
No, I think I think it would be fine. I I understand why you would wonder about that. Because this is a very useful place for us to have the fear to push against but I think that there would be still enough uncertainty and that's really the uncertainty. That is enough. There will still be enough gray that and that's really all we need is the gray. We all we need is to raise it because that did that That calibration is being watched very carefully by people far above my paygrade to make sure that we don't raise raise the positivity of this planet too much. We need to raise it some, but they are trying to make sure that don't raise it too much. But it's a very good point. That's a very thoughtful point that you make is we can't we, Jesus talked about bringing the kingdom of God on earth. And we can't do that to the point where there's no fear. Because that would be that too.

Alex Ferrari 50:35
Because then the school doesn't work as well.

Roberta Grimes 50:38
Yes, exactly. Very thoughtful point to make.

Alex Ferrari 50:41
Yeah, it's this is a school and if you know you got if you've got the answers. It's not really you'll pass but not really,

Roberta Grimes 50:53
The way consciousness works is that when if 10% or so of the people on earth, raise their consciousness vibrations by quite a bit, it will raise all of our consciousness or vibrations, materially, and all of us will grow spiritually, we don't all have to do it just to just a significant percentage of us need to, because our consciousnesses are directly connected. It's all really one consciousness. In a very real sense. There's only one of us here. We're all connected directly.

Alex Ferrari 51:31
One One question I want to ask you in regards of your research on the other and the afterlife. What is your understanding of time? There versus here? I mean, I my theories, obviously is not a theory. Time is a man made element because it's a revolutions are on our son. And if we didn't have our son, there would be no time, as we know, is no time at all. Exactly. It's a man made. It's a man made, you know, thing. So what is your understanding of time there? How, how is it even calibrate it is a calibrated?

Roberta Grimes 52:05
It isn't there is no time there at all. It doesn't it doesn't go in either direction. It goes there is no time.

Alex Ferrari 52:12
That's what that's what I've heard from other Near Death Eaters that they say is like a blink here, a blink there is a lifetime here. Because there's no real reference point. There's not like, there's there's not like, you know, our relatives are sitting like cheeses another 20 years before this guy gets here. Like it's not that way.

Roberta Grimes 52:32
No it there is no there is no sense of time passing. There is no time.

Alex Ferrari 52:38
Okay. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Roberta Grimes 52:47
Life lived for others is a life worthwhile

Alex Ferrari 52:52
And how do you define God?

Roberta Grimes 52:57
God is all that exist. God is everything I I don't think of God as an entity, I think of God is everything. I think of God as all that exists.

Alex Ferrari 53:13
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Roberta Grimes 53:17
My website is Robertagrimes.com. Just my name.com no punctuation. And seekreality.com is our new website where people can learn all that there is to know about death in the afterlife, and teachingsbyjesus.com will be up by early March. And that's the website Jesus asked me personally to do for him. It's his website. And I'm still trying to figure out why. I'm still trying to figure out why me and by My Spirit guide says why not me? So I figured okay, I'll do it!

Alex Ferrari 54:02
And what did you just said spirit guide, love to hear your perspective on who our spirit guides are the relatives or the entities that have that have incarnated? Are they as they've never incarnated? Are you know, what is your definition of them?

Roberta Grimes 54:17
Are we all of us have you it's part of our package that we come to earth with, in my particular case, my spirit guide, and I met when we both were massacred, shortly after Jesus died, we were some of the very earliest Christians and he has he goes back with Jesus a long time long before Jesus was even Jesus. I just go back 2000 years with Jesus and with him.

Alex Ferrari 54:43
How did you and how did you How do you speak to him? How do you communicate with your spirit guides?

Roberta Grimes 54:49
He's internal. i The first thing if you want to know your spirit guide, the first thing you should do is to ask your spirit guide what he wants to be called he'll say you give me a name. And so I call him Thomas. And he would just say please step outside of my body. So they will typically step outside on your dominant side. So he's just behind my left shoulder. And we would communicate all the time constantly.

Alex Ferrari 55:16
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Roberta Grimes 55:22
Yes, you are a powerful, eternal being, you'd never begin you never will end and you cannot imagine how perfectly You are loved. Also, I guess I should say, seek reality with Roberta Grimes is available on web talk radio.net And it's almost 10 years old I podcast to Except unlike you, I have a great face for radio so I only do it as audio not as video.

Alex Ferrari 55:53
Roberta, thank you again so much for coming on the show. And thank you for all the work you've been doing all these years and trying to get the word out on and try to Lessen the Fear of the after death, afterlife,

Roberta Grimes 56:04
Nothing to be feared. It's all joy.

Alex Ferrari 56:07
I appreciate you my dear. Thanks again!

Roberta Grimes 56:09
Thank you!

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