Confessions of a Life-Long Psychic with Robert Lindsy Milne

In the mysterious dance of existence, today’s episode brings us the captivating presence of Robert Lindsy Milne, a distinguished psychic with over 57 years of experience. His insights into the unseen realms of consciousness provide us with a deeper understanding of the spiritual world that surrounds us. Known for his remarkable ability to tap into the energies of those he reads, Milne’s journey is both fascinating and enlightening.

Robert Lindsy Milne recounts his early experiences, beginning with his realization of his abilities at a very young age. “I’ve always had a sense of awareness. My first remembrance, I was about five or six years old, and I said to my mother, ‘Grandma Harris died today.’ And she had.” This early awareness marked the start of a life dedicated to exploring and honing his psychic talents. Milne prefers to call them talents rather than gifts, emphasizing the hard work and dedication required to develop them.

One of the most striking aspects of Milne’s practice is his belief in free will and destiny. He explains, “We have free choice and free will, but then there’s something else called destiny, and destiny cannot be changed.” This perspective shapes how he approaches his readings, guiding individuals through the probable paths of their lives while acknowledging that some events are beyond our control.

In one of his most profound experiences, Milne describes a life-saving connection he made while assisting a client’s husband who was in a coma. Using a visualization technique, he kept track of the man’s life force through the image of a candle. “When he was okay, the candle’s flame was strong. When he got into trouble, the candle would flicker.” This deep connection and his guidance to the family played a crucial role in the man’s recovery, showcasing the extraordinary impact of Milne’s abilities.


  1. Awareness and Development: Psychic abilities are not simply gifts but talents that require dedication and effort to develop. This perspective encourages us to cultivate our own awareness and intuition.
  2. Free Will and Destiny: While we have the power to make choices and shape our lives, some aspects of our journey are predetermined and unchangeable. Recognizing this balance can bring peace and acceptance.
  3. Interconnectedness: The ability to connect with others on a deep, energetic level highlights the profound interconnectedness of all beings. This understanding can enhance empathy and compassion in our daily lives.

Milne’s approach to giving readings is deeply respectful and ethical. He emphasizes the importance of sharing both positive and negative insights responsibly, stating, “We are morally obligated to give them that information. If it’s come through, it must be shared.” This careful balance of honesty and compassion ensures that his clients are prepared and empowered to face their future.

In reflecting on his life’s mission, Milne keeps it beautifully simple: “The purpose of life is to experience.” This mantra underscores his belief that every moment and every interaction holds value and potential for growth. His advice to those seeking to discover their own purpose is equally straightforward: focus on what is directly in front of you and strive to help those around you.

Our time with Robert Lindsy Milne has been a journey into the depths of human awareness and the unseen forces that shape our lives. His experiences and teachings remind us of the power of intuition and the importance of living with purpose and compassion.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robert Lindsy Milne.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 097

Robert Lindsy Milne 0:00
The way I knew Tom was okay or not, was he because he was in a coma I visualize the candle. And the flame was his life force. And when he was okay, but in sick cells in the coma, but when he was okay the candles the flame was strong. When he got into trouble or a sick or something, the candle was would flicker. There was this one time in Germany. When I was checking the candle, it looked like it was going to blow out. And what was going on with Tom, he had been medivac from Egypt. He was in this maximum place where where everyone's used wearing hazmat suits and he's unconscious. He can hear voices, and he can hear voices on down saying he's going to die. You could hear that he was cold, sick, and he didn't know where he was. And he was letting go

Alex Ferrari 1:14
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I'd like to welcome to the show Robert Lindsy Milne. How're you doing Robert?

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:49
I'm doing great. And thank you for having me on today.

Alex Ferrari 1:52
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend I appreciate it. I I've had a few psychics on the show and but it's always interesting to hear different perspectives different stories, everyone's story on how they get their abilities is different and, and how they use their abilities is different. So I'm always fascinated. I'll always love asking, you know, kind of deep questions about how this process works. So, first question is how did you discover your gifts?

Robert Lindsy Milne 2:22
Okay, so I don't actually think of them as gifts. I think they're talents that you work really hard to develop. Okay. So so I don't think of it as a gift. You know, when you think of something as a gift, you just great no matter what. And that's not the case. The harder you work at anything, but the harder you work at developing our awareness, the better we got. So I have always had a sense of awareness. I've always sensed things. My first remembrance, I was about five or six years old, and I was just coming home from school. It was either kindergarten grade one for lunch. And I said to my mother, grandma Harris died today. Well, Grandma Harris actually was my great grandmother. She was in Britain, and I lived in, in in Toronto, Canada. I've only ever seen her once in my life. And by the way, this was about in 1955 or 56. Okay, so it's a different world. My mother got angry with me, yell probably hit me for saying that evil thinks. The next night at dinner. We're all sitting around my my little sister and I'm a mother and father. And my mother says to my dad, grandma Harris died yesterday. And I thought my father was going to get angry with my mother for saying bad evil things. To my astonishment, they talked about it. So things like that happened to me. And I would say things to people and get into trouble. IE, Uncle Harold that wasn't that Sally? Who was that person in that one? I know for sure it got me here. But I didn't understand what was happening. So I discovered when I was around nine years old, that I was different. And it happened at an end a Toronto Maple Leaf, semi final Stanley Cup, and just was in what 1957 or 58 and 20 in Boston we were playing series was tied one one the game was tied worn one and and you know the game went into overtime and won the fourth period started. I knew number seven Team was going to score. I just knew it. The game hadn't even started. Anyway, the referee blows his whistle and then you guys go to the bench and number 17 was thrown with Gaijin and Gary England, he wasn't a first string player, and he was on the bench. So I'm hatching Maple Leaf Gardens, it's like 18,000 people in the referee is getting ready to drop the puck and they lowered the ice, or the lights. And I couldn't hold it inside anymore, because I it wasn't that Gary even was going to score in my mind he had scored. And the entire bowling was silent. And I just jumped up and started screaming and cheering, right. And everybody in the building looked at me and my dad. And he put his hand on my shoulder and he said, sit down. And I did referee drops the puck, the game goes on. I don't know, however many minutes, Gary even jumps over the boards and a guy named red Cali pass the puck to him and even tips, the puck in the net. And the building erupts. And I was remembering looking around the building, realizing that nobody knew how naive even email that he was going to score. And and it was at that time where now Now remember, I was nine years old. So I'm not I wasn't able to process it as sophisticatedly now, but But I realized that I saw incense things that other people didn't. That was when I knew.

Alex Ferrari 6:34
So this is a question I'd love to get your perspective on. You know, we all have freewill. And at any moment, we can move at any direction. So when a psychic so a psychic when they get images or information about what's going to happen in the near future, maybe in the far future. I'm assuming it's it's that, that this is the probability of it happening. It's not an exact sign. Because at any moment like, yeah, at any moment, I could just get up and go do something else right now in the middle of our conversation. I have that function. I'm not going to so it's probable that I'm going to sit here and write to you to speak to you for the next hour.

Robert Lindsy Milne 7:14
Most likely, and I'm hoping we do right. Yes, exactly. And I'm predicting that we will okay. I, that's an interesting question. We have freewill and free, free free choice. And we can do anything we want. Now, it's not free as then we can do anything we want and get away with it. Right there is there is accountability. Okay, and rule is what we do one way we must do equally the opposite. That's last rule, right? Was through law of karma. If you know what we are one way we're equally the opposites just positive and negative. Anyway. When I do a reading, what what now is different at I'm almost 73 is different today than when I was 15 and a half years old doing tea leaf readings and at the cozy Tea Room in downtown Toronto. Again, more sophisticated. I see a path I see an energy line. And the things that I see most often do occur there is free choice and free will but then there's something else called destiny and destiny cannot be changed. So often Destiny cannot be seen because if it can be seen it can be changed

Alex Ferrari 8:53
From from your perspective from a psychics perspective.

Robert Lindsy Milne 8:57
Oh, yeah, well, right. Okay. So it's not like you know, hockey players perceptive. You know, if you can see it, you can change it. One example. Okay, let's say I say to you, three o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the corner of Hollywood in buying, you're going to get hit by a truck. Well, if you're not at Hollywood and Vine at three in the afternoon, you're not going to get hit by the truck. If I hadn't have told you, you could have been at Hollywood inbox. Now, if I were doing a reading for you, and your destiny was to get hit by a truck at three o'clock at Hollywood and Vine, I wouldn't be able to see it.

Alex Ferrari 9:48
Right there's those are the rules.

Robert Lindsy Milne 9:51
Well, it's yeah, okay, so I had some of those experiences, one of the most profound and it blew me away. It was just After the Calgary Winter Olympics, and I was doing a reading for this young woman she had just come back. She was with the CTV, Canadian television sports, a Canadian TV channel in the sports department. And she was a producer at the at the Winter Olympics. And she had just finished and she wrote up to buy a house. And in Toronto, we have what a lot of people call trolley cars. We call them streetcars. Anyway, I did a reading for this young woman. And I thought it was brilliant. Like I was telling her all kinds of things about what was going to be happening. And I was feeling really good. She loved the reading. And she laughed, and she got on her bike and rode home. The next night, on the evening news, and in our news is bright. Our main news is national broadcast, usually at 11. At night, I was watching the news on CTV and the news broadcaster was doing an obituary. And the picture was the woman that I had done a reading for the day before. And on the way home, she got hit by a streetcar and got killed. Okay, so I was in my 30s I was in my prime at that time, I was out my peak. And and I was it drove me crazy. If you're so damn good, Milan, how the hell did you miss that? And I walked the floors worrying about it went on for a long time. And and then then I realized it was destiny. And Destiny cannot be changed.

Alex Ferrari 11:48
So in in many ways, it's kind of like you definitely got

Robert Lindsy Milne 11:54
I completely blew it. There's, I want to do the justice.

Alex Ferrari 11:58
Well, there's, there's, so there's certain there's certain things in the world that aren't going to happen. So you're the iPhone is gonna get invented, the car is going to get invented. The this person is going to get assassinated at one point or another. That's that destiny of that path. But how so let's say for argument's sake here, let's have an just for fun. This, let's say tomorrow, Hollywood is fine. You told me I'm not a Hollywood Vibe and the truck goes past, I don't go that day. But if I'm destined to die, I'll get hit the next day or maybe later on that day, somebody

Robert Lindsy Milne 12:34
I would have told you

Alex Ferrari 12:36
It wouldn't have been destiny

Robert Lindsy Milne 12:37
At this time. And you avoided it, it wouldn't have been destiny. Got it. Okay. And the story. If it were destiny, I wouldn't have seen it and we wouldn't be talking about it.

Alex Ferrari 12:50
So there's certain there's certain things laid out in the map or on the journey. These are, these are mile markers that have to be hit. How how you get to those mile markers many times in your own life is relative. So that's where that free will Yeah, that's the freewill that we have. So in other words, I'm not going to be an astronaut. Not in my path. I could choose to start to try to train to be an astronaut at my age, or an NBA player. Probably not going to have or hockey player.

Robert Lindsy Milne 13:20
Okay. Not gonna happen. Sure. That's right. Well, we have free choice and free will to do anything that we want. And when when we get incarnata. So when when we create the form, there, there is only one mole. And when we get molded and we get born, the mold gets broken. So there's no other being in the universe like us, we're the only one. Okay, now we have a template when we're born. And then that template, which is our body or mind what that template gives us. We can experience anything we want inside the foundations of the template. So the example would be it's unlikely you could play basketball in the NBA, but you can learn how to play basketball.

Alex Ferrari 14:18
Right! Not at that level.

Robert Lindsy Milne 14:19
But but but but you can play basketball and you can play it to the boundaries or the structure or of that template,

Alex Ferrari 14:30
Which is my my physical body and skill set.

Robert Lindsy Milne 14:33
Right absolutely. But you still can do it. So you can play basketball. And you can play it to the greatest of your ability. But that would be the limitation band and we have that with everything.

Alex Ferrari 14:48
But the key is to find that the road that is been paved for us with our skill set and our template and that's where we thrive

Robert Lindsy Milne 14:59
Well I don't see this as a road that's paved for us, I see it as a free choice and free will. So the person who is not ever going to play in the NBA, but absolutely adores basketball, and plays it and will get as much joy when they push themselves to the limit of their ability. Then as what somebody as a professional work, the external accomplishment may be different.

Alex Ferrari 15:31
Gotcha, I gotcha, gotcha.

Robert Lindsy Milne 15:33
So you have to be pretty evolved to be able to say, Oh, well, I gotta work my ass off over something and be the best at it, you know, there would be something about you.

Alex Ferrari 15:41
But that's, you know, I'm using the example of professional sports. That's the thing, how many people around the world play soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, they do it for the enjoyment of the game. Sure. But there's a few of us. And a few of them, excuse me, that are few of us as humans that are at that at a higher level. I come from the film industry. So anybody nowadays can make a movie, you know, it does take a lot of skill sets, or there is a level of skill. Very few of us are going to be Steven Spielberg's Of course, or Martin Scorsese, or Francis Ford Coppola. So these so because they're at a high level, same thing with painting. Same thing with music, same thing with all of us. So you can play the guitar, but not everyone's going to be Jimi Hendrix.

Robert Lindsy Milne 16:26
Alright, so, um, so that's true. I think what we were just just talking about is, is we have the free choice to do something to anything that we want, we have only one restriction is that we can only do it to the limit of our of our ability. Yeah, right. Okay. And on the other hand, the other thing is what we do one way, we also must do equally the opposite. Okay, so that balance is experience.

Alex Ferrari 17:08
Got it! So what do you mean by that in regards to like, well, this analogy,

Robert Lindsy Milne 17:12
Well, in everything so. So, in everything there is positive and negative. And and what we are as a person, we are equally opposite. What we are on a positive level, we also are to the same degree on a negative level, because you cannot have, so you can't have more positive than negative and B balanced. Okay, so we are the exact opposite. So as happy as I can be as sad as I can be. Got it? I understand, okay. Okay, I'm as strong as I could be as weak as I can be, where we are like that as kind, as mean, why? Because there has to be the opposite to something or it doesn't exist. Right, and I don't have a one sided line.

Alex Ferrari 18:12
Would I understand what you're saying, and I was, I was talking to, I forgot who I was talking to on the show. But this came up with, you know, what, what happens throughout history, anytime there is a great evil, or negative energy that pops up in the world, there is an equal positive level or a good energy agree that comes up to fight that when the when the negative goes down, the positive goes down. So you know, using what's going on in the Ukraine, the whole world came up, like in joined forces in a way that I hadn't seen before. Same thing in World War Two, you know, there was there was a great negative. So in other words, there's not always gonna there's not going to be this great, powerful, negative energy that will completely overtake the world, let's say, they'll always be a counterbalance to that

Robert Lindsy Milne 19:03
There will always be the strike. So when I do read, if not, not at this time in my life, when I don't use the medium per se, like I don't want to use cards or crystal balls. And I think I said I've been doing this for 57 years, it's been my life career, right. So so when I do readings, now I start off I often see someone's life from conception to the completion. and everywhere in between and I and readings, I do more monologues and dialogue. And I just talk so and I go forward and backward in time several times in someone's reading, and the way I give bad news and and we are morally obligated. If we see something bad or negative for that person, we are morally obligated to give them that information. If it's come through, if it comes through, and the reason why we're morally obligated is because just as what we've been talking about when you're forewarned is forearmed. So the way I often do it is, I look into the future to a point in time. And I described to the person, they don't know what I'm doing in reference, I'm describing it to them about, but I describe the positive event, or the positive result on the positive adjustment of growth in their life as a result of what's going to be happening to them shortly. And then I come back and talk a little bit, you know, drop little hints, and then talk about other stuff. And then I talked about the good thing, then I come back and you know, drop a bigger hand, and let them think about it. And then, and then by the time I'm ready, I take 20 minutes to do it. And by the time I get to that point where they're already thinking about it and ready for it, and and because we're in this connection, they're able to accept it calmly, because because I've shown them, they get through it, and you start processing. That's some of the ways that I give negative information.

Alex Ferrari 21:17
Now, when when you're getting these messages, how do you connect with it? Is it and what's the difference? Let me ask you the better question, what is the difference between a channel and a psychic? Or is it one of the same?

Robert Lindsy Milne 21:28
Well, I don't think I'm a channeler. So I guess it's different than the way I do readings, that would be the difference.

Alex Ferrari 21:35
So how do you receive the messages? Do you see pictures? Do you see voice? Do you hear voices? Do you sit down? Do you see dead people?

Robert Lindsy Milne 21:42
Well, okay, um, after all this time, and and this has been when I say it's been my like my life's work, I've done more than 100,000 connections, psychic connections, since since I was 15 years old till now. And from the time I was 21, until almost 60. Either I made a vow when I was about 21, that I'd heard if a young man became a priest, he would he would make a vow to say, a mass every day of his life. So when I was 21, and I left the tea room, I made a vow to either do at least one psychic reading every day of my life, or practice doing psychic readings. And I made it for a little bit more than 30 years without missing a day. So I'm constantly focusing or practicing. So that's come, there's been so many connections. When I do a reading, I just simply start talking. And I asked my client, please don't interrupt. And I asked them two things, how old are you right now, and what month next birthday. And I say thank you very much and turn on the recording and, and then I start talking, and the information conserve, and when I'm doing readings. Now, because remember, I've been doing this for so long. When I do readings now. What I'm saying isn't what I'm thinking, what I'm saying has already been processed. And what I'm thinking about is what I'm going to say. And also at the same time, I will be thinking about what I've already said earlier in the reading. And then I'll be constantly looking at all of those thoughts all at the same time. And I often don't know what I'm going to say next. But I just say it. And that's how I've done.

Alex Ferrari 23:49
So what do you ever get? Do you ever get overwhelmed by messages? Like if you're just walking down the street and you pass two or three people and a message is coming like oh god that that lady that just walked by? I have to something's coming in for her? Is that radio station type of thing?

Robert Lindsy Milne 24:02
I wouldn't, I wouldn't I would never be so intrusive.

Alex Ferrari 24:09
Sure. But the messages do they still come in though.

Robert Lindsy Milne 24:13
Um, I do my best to look the other way. So now Now, I also want to be clear on this. If there's something going on with somebody in front of me, like their life is in danger, I don't go oh, I react and often those situations occur. I had one of those happen quite recently. I just moved from the suburbs in Toronto to a really fabulous place in Toronto and downtown. It's called Corso Italia. And it is a really fabulous neighborhood. I've only been here about a week and I went out for a walk. And I went to this chicken sort of got dinner. And I was standing and I was at the corner. So I have to tell you the direction. I was standing on the south east side of the street, and I live south of that street. And that was where the store was. And all I had to do get home was gonna leave the store, turned to my left and walk home. And on my way home, and I thought about 25 or 30 yards into my walk, there was a guy laying on the ground, unconscious, and people had been walking by him. And I kind of stopped and looked at the guy and you know, he was he was unconscious, and he was kind of gurgling. And I got a little bit nervous, I didn't really want to touch him, or I didn't want to, you know, I didn't want to startle him, and he wake up and beat me up or something. So I kind of watched him for a moment. And a woman walked up and stood beside me, but I just noticed her. She had white hair, but it wasn't white, like gray, it was white. And it was short. I think she was young. And I just looked at her, I glanced at her and I said I'm gonna dial 911 And then 911 came on. And the operator said to me, you know, what is this and I call, I started to talk to her. The woman beside me said the man on the ground, his airway is blocked, his mouth is closed, he's breathing through his nose, and his eyes are rolling back into his head. So I said to the operator, you know, guys laying on the ground airways blocked, his mouth is closed, and he's breathing. So there's no and the operator said, Okay, would you go over and bend down and and count his breaths. And I was kind of frazzled. And I bent down, and all I smelled was alcohol. And I said out loud, you know, there's alcohol involved here. The woman beside me said, Oh, yes, indeed, there is alcohol involved. But there's something else that's more serious. So I say there's alcohol involved. And, and then the, then the operator said, Put your hand on his forehead, and put your hand underneath his neck and in our extended snap. And without even asking, I just handed my cell phone my iPhone, because that person beside me I didn't even you know, hadn't hardly look at or anywhere I was holding the guys had. And and a couple minutes later, the you know, the paramedics and fire truck arrived. And I just stepped away. I had my cell phone and my incident on my cell phone just beeped. I had my cell phone in my hand at that time. And I don't know how I got it. And when I looked around, the woman was gone.

When when the paramedics came, I just started walking away. And as I was walking, I realized that I was in a part of the neighborhood I hadn't seen before. And the houses didn't look the same. And I live that 1591. And I was around 1900 And something and I'm saying this is where and I then realized that I was walking north and not south. And I was on the west side, North East Side. And so I turned around and started walking back and there was the guy on the ground he would he'd come to and I stopped for a moment. And I said to the you know, I said to the guy, you know he had oxygen and he was breathing as to Well, you look a whole lot better than you did a few minutes ago. And the paramedic said he had a fentanyl overdose and you call it right in time. So I walked home, I got down to the corner and and I realized that I was on the wrong side of the street. And I was a couple of 100 yards North farther north than I done where I live. And the next morning when I got up, you know, I checked the walk again. And and I thought it it happened really close to the Main Street. And it turned out that it was at least 100 yards north. I don't know how I got there. I don't know how I got there. And I don't know how that happened. These things happen often.

Alex Ferrari 29:24
Interesting. Yeah. Interesting.

Robert Lindsy Milne 29:27
So and then I don't I don't talk about it very much. I don't think about it because others happen all the time to

Alex Ferrari 29:35
I guess it's something that when you when you discovered your, you know, disability awareness, the awareness. Did you when you first started, you know, I mean, especially in the time that you discovered you're talking about the 50s 60s It wasn't as well known. It was well known as well received as, as well understood.

Robert Lindsy Milne 29:55
I was an outcast in my family.

Alex Ferrari 29:57
I was about to say how

Robert Lindsy Milne 29:58
My father might father went to his grave, believing his only son was a fraud and a charlatan. He told me that of the other thing you said is I'm the only guy you ever met that never had a job. That made it that was not a compliment. That's right. But it wasn't a compliment, right? So, um What eventually happened is, I realized that convincing somebody that doesn't believe or doesn't want to be aware, is like trying to describe the color orange to somebody who was born blind. Right? It's impossible. Right? So don't do it. And for me, when I got to the point where I didn't care if if people agreed or disagreed, I didn't care. It wasn't it wasn't important anymore.

Alex Ferrari 30:58
Right! You got to a place where you're just like, This is what it is. I'm moving forward. Yeah, cuz I've always I always, you know, when I, when I speak to people with abilities, or awarenesses, that that many of us have not developed. I'm always curious on the psychological challenges of just dealing societal and dealing with I mean, friends and relatives, and, and you know, spouses, I mean, I've had people who've had many near death experiences have come on, on the show to talk about their experiences, and how they are absolutely different person before then, after, and how their families, their spouses, their kids, it's hard for them to under to to deal with this new version of themselves. So I always ask about how they personally deal with it, because so many people listening, have challenges like not like specifically, like, here's the challenges they have to deal with.

Robert Lindsy Milne 31:54
At the very beginning of the show, when you were we're doing the introduction, and you were saying about the interesting people that that you've met. And that and that we were all different. Yes, indeed, we are all different. But almost 100%, maybe not 100%, but a very high percentage. Almost all of us have experienced serious major trauma. In our early life. Almost all of us, and almost all of us are crazy. There's a crazy side to us, but happy, crazy and an unhappy, crazy, happy, crazy, he's more, he's more fun than the other one. And all of us will have issues and negative behaviors. And all of us often start out with a very low self esteem. We, you know, empaths and angels don't come down from heaven. We fight our way out of hell. And go the other way around, we don't come down from the highs, we come from the lows and work our way up and heal. That's how it's done.

Alex Ferrari 33:11
Yeah, without question, there's that I've discovered, you know, we all go through trauma in one way, shape, or form, almost all of us. I mean,

Robert Lindsy Milne 33:20
Usually people that are really psychic, and some of the best, we've all had major trauma, we've all been abused or seen abuse, or we've all almost all of us have experienced it.

Alex Ferrari 33:33
Now, there's, you know, a lot of people on, you know, on the outside of this kind of conversations, think that like, oh, there's only special people who get these special abilities, or special awarenesses. And that's it. But I always tell people who ask, I'm like, we all have a version of this. We all have the gut. We all have the gut instinct, we all have intuition. We all have these things. They're not might be as heightened as your abilities obviously are. But we all feel something like you know, we've all been in. We've all met somebody and said, God, I want to take a shower after I met that person, or you met somebody and go, Oh my God, where have you been all my life? That's instinct. That's

Robert Lindsy Milne 34:18
Yes, it is. It is. Okay, so, being psychic is a normal natural phenomenon for almost all mammals, not just humans. Almost all mammals. Like some of the examples, I've slight different ones. So have you ever been somewhere and you look up and someone's been looking at you, or have you been walking down the street and you think about a friend and you bump into the friend or many variations like that. So if you think of a bell shaped curve, and at one end of that curve, we call a bell shaped curve awareness. Okay, so At one end of the bell shaped curve, there was one person that has absolutely zero awareness. And then at the other end of that bell shaped curve, there's one person that has 100% awareness. I like to be that guy. And then the rest of us are somewhere in between. So is everybody psychic? Probably not? Are most people? Yeah. So being psychic, and we think of some great talent, ESP. extrasensory perception. Whoo. I remember when that was coming out in the 60s in the 70s. And 80s. People were implying, you know, do you have ESP and as if it was something unusual and different and special, and made you more or better than anyone else. We have five basic senses. There's more to but we have five basic senses touch, taste, smell, see here. When we take all of those senses, and put them together and work them together, we develop a sixth sense. extrasensory perception. That's That's what being psychic Yes, becoming aware of our senses. Psychic comes from the Greek root, psychic mind, soul or self. So if you have a mind or soul or a self, and use it, your psychic and and when I teach classes, haven't done it for a while. But when I do, one of the things I get people to do is stop identifying. Stop describing what you're doing. Don't worry if you're being telepathic Claire sentient Claire audience. Don't bother with the words. Just focus on what's going on. Don't label it. So when we get in touch with ourselves, our instincts, our intuition, and they're on all the time. By the way, when we sense, our feelings, we're now being psychic is normal. What I also tell people when they're learning how to do readings, and this is a fundamental, don't worry about identifying it. Become aware of what's obvious. So become aware of what's obvious about the person in front of you. Awaken all of your senses, like like, don't be grabbing them, but but awaken all of your senses and put them you know, and get in touch with that part awakened and see that person as clearly as you can. And when you become aware of what's obvious about them, then more becomes obvious. And then when more becomes obvious, and more becomes obvious again. And as you become aware, and become more and more expanded in that what's obvious. It's not obvious to others. But we start off with at the beginning, just become aware of what's obvious. And then more becomes obvious.

Alex Ferrari 38:27
So I always talk about this in the show where I feel that there's a great shift happening in the world, at this time in history, where, you know, the weather environment, you know, we're going through COVID Still and politics, money war, there seems to be a lot happening at the same time, there seems to be a shift. I love to hear your thoughts on what is happening now. And where do you think your predictions are moving forward?

Robert Lindsy Milne 39:00
I'm sure you've thought of this. Oh, I have. My answer may surprise you. Okay. I can't do anything about the things you're talking about. I, there's nothing that I can do about what's happening in the world. I'm not smart enough. I'm not strong enough. I'm not rich enough. I'm just not anything enough. There's nothing I can do. But what I can do is feed the hungry person in front of me. And what I can do is help the person who's in the crises in front of me, I can help them through that. That's what I can do. And that's what I do well, and that's what I strive on. So what's going on the world sometimes I'm pretty good at projecting I don't like I'm not into that. I really am mostly into I'm helping that being in front of me. That's that's my calling.

Alex Ferrari 40:04
Gotcha. Fair enough. Now is there, there's there's the thing that we talk about where we are here for a reason, I believe that we're all here for a reason. I believe that we have our soul has a mission. And when we connect, when we connect to that mission, things open up doors, doors, open up faster, things like that, generally speaking, generally speaking, yes. How do you how what advice do you have for people to connect, or discover what they're here to do? Because so many people are so lost.

Robert Lindsy Milne 40:38
The purpose of life is to experience. That's it. So the purpose of life is to experience all things on all levels. You can't experience all things on all levels, so our soul or whatever creates existences. And those existences could be called templates as well. And when we get that template, our purpose is to experience what's going on in that template. There's no right or wrong. There's no good or bad, there's no higher low, it's what do you want to experience?

Alex Ferrari 41:23
So we're here for simple as simple as that.

Robert Lindsy Milne 41:26
I'm a really simple person. So much easier, man, it really is. Really, it's so much easier.

Alex Ferrari 41:37
So do you know, seeing everything you've seen? And I'm just having a deeper understanding about the making up the making of the universe, if you will, of why we're here and so on? How has that changed? Being a psychic? How has that changed your outlook on life on death? On spiritualities? In general?

Robert Lindsy Milne 41:58
I have a skill and a talent, whether it whether you know I'm a good guitar player, or I'm a good hockey player, or I'm a good psychic, or I am good at what I do. So I just do it. I think that's the answer to your question. I it's not that evolved.

Alex Ferrari 42:26
No, but like in regards to like, you know, before, I guess you would do so, so young when it happened. I think you were nine,

Robert Lindsy Milne 42:35
I left home, I left I left home at 15. And I was homeless. And and I survived through the November December of that cold winter part of the winter. In Toronto, I live in alleyways. And I heard that if you work at the cozy Tea Room, doing tea leaf readings. If you work there, you would get a sandwich and a cup of tea and cookies. And and you get paid at the end of the shift. And if you worked at the night shift, you got a hot meal and cookies and a sandwich and you got paid. And I applied. I never I had never read a tea leaf in my life. And I'd never done card readings. I have always just survived using my awareness, my psychic ability. And so I applied by phone, the lady that owned the place and told her that I could do and she you know, the way you got the job you applied you had to do a reading for her. So I got the T cop and looked into T Cognis looks like blobs of tea. And I put the cup in front of my face like this. And I looked at her and I held a cup like this. And I just talked to her and said what was going through me was coming through. And then I put the card down table I had no idea what the seven of hearts meant or that, you know, I just I just had no idea. But I don't know why I was kind of a smooth talking kid. Maybe that's how I survived as well. And I in You know included the cards in what I was saying to her. I had no idea if the seven heartless was good or bad. But I would point to the seven of hearts and then say something that I would have said that some of the hearts weren't there. And I got hired. And on that day, I started and I got that I worked in the afternoon and I worked in the evening. So I had like one launch in a hot meal had been been a while. And that night I had a place to sleep. And the next day I had a job. And I worked at the college mattereum working six, five, sometimes seven days a week and during that period I would see 30 people in a day or 10 or I'm and I did not until I was around 21.

Alex Ferrari 45:04
So it's, it seems like your story is fascinating to me. Because I mean, you you're you understood your abilities very early on. And I had a pretty good grasp on them. Did you have a mentor at one point or another that helped you along the way?

Robert Lindsy Milne 45:18

Alex Ferrari 45:18
Not so you did. A lot of this was instinctual, basically.

Robert Lindsy Milne 45:24
Sure, a lot of it was, well, it was me being me, I generally was a good person, there's I'm equally the opposite. And I've done I've been the opposite. But I generally won't had was a jovial person, I think one of my skills for my lack of intelligence is my ability to get through things. When I have a crises, I just know I'm going to get through it. And rather than if I lose something, rather than focusing on losing what I lost my focus on where I'm going to go, or what I'm going to do again, or how I'm going to make it different. That's just been my instinct. So So when, when I, it's easy for me to let go of physical or material things.

Alex Ferrari 46:26
So if you saw a lot of this, I mean, it seems like you were programmed at the factory with a lot of this stuff, a lot of these insights

Robert Lindsy Milne 46:34
It seems like it. Um, however, throughout my life, I've always been put in situations like, one of the ways I when I was surviving on the streets, I was always offered the choice of of solving it by using my instincts, awareness, psychic ability, or an illegal or immoral act. And I was always faced for you know, I was always presented with those. And almost always, I chose, yeah, almost always I chose the using my intuition or psychic ability, that there were times where I, as a child, I had to do a moral act to stay alive. You know, it was very difficult for a 15 year old to survive in a blizzard chair without doing things but I never stole anything. And I almost never did anything illegal. But mostly I follow you know, my psychic ability and during those times when I was on the street, I was taking care of people in worse shape than me and if I found food other people had food and that was a way that I survived so I'm not sure why are saying so each one of those experiences whether it be the night in the blizzard whether it be going to a restaurant and asking Can I you know wash dishes for something to eat or I never stolen and so there was no right or wrong in the choice that I made. So or whether I would have done something illegal immoral or intuitive or psychic there was no right or wrong or what I should or shouldn't have done what did happen though, is the direction my path watch would be choke will be caused by the choices that I made in that those moments you know those in those moments are when things happen your choices that you instinctively max

Alex Ferrari 48:54
So it's again it's fascinating that you know you basically were living and surviving on your you're not only your wits but your abilities and that's not a story that I've heard before. Yeah, not like this that you know doing you know readings at 15 to eat

Robert Lindsy Milne 49:14
I was ready to rent the TV room, you know, where in the summertime. In the summertime, y'all my hair was down to there. I I didn't have any shoes cuz at that time I hardly had any money. So so um, but it was wonderful. It was it was you know, I was doing something that that was amazing. And you know working at that tea room was it was a comedy in you know in the making what went on there? It could have been Wk RP in Cincinnati. Oh, wow. Yeah, the things that went on it was just amazing. And I became pretty successful. right away. That never I was never the I was never the best there. Or I was never the most popular but but I was all but remember, I was a kid. Right?

Alex Ferrari 50:11
Right. And so you but you were making a living and surviving,

Robert Lindsy Milne 50:15
Alright, and I had a place to live.

Alex Ferrari 50:16
I had a place to live, you had food in your stomach, you had a roof over your head, using using your abilities. That's a pretty fascinating, fascinating story during all of your, your hundreds of over 100,000 Psychic connections at this point in readings was ever one that stands out as a just a profound experience.

Robert Lindsy Milne 50:39
Well, I've had many. And, you know, I have to tell you, though, it's gonna sound hokey. But at this point in my life, I can't do as many readings as I used to. I sure can't do them as fast. But right now, at this time in my life, if I were ever going to get if I could choose to get a reading for me, at any time in my life, I would choose right now, I see things better, clearer, broader than I've ever imagined, I could see, I see things with a clarity I never imagined possible. And the good news is I still is still expanding and still happening. So one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced as a psychic occurred, and it's written about in a book called The perfect creditor. And, and and that book is is written by a scientist, and her husband was dying of an incurable superbug. And, by the way, I knew these people, and they had been my clients for for several years. And I told and I can say the people's names because their names are in the workbook. That's right. And I told Stephanie's husband, Tom, a year and a half before this happened, that it was going to happen. And I told him it was going to happen exactly the way I just described to you earlier on in our talk, I giving him the good news. And then and then the bad news. And and now both of these people are scientists with PhDs and professors. Stephanie is a professor of epidemiology at Southern California University and Associate Dean of the department Tom is is a professor of psychiatry and teacher and sorry, he has a PhD in psychiatry and he's the professor in an in experimental psychology and and he's also Associate Dean of the experimental psychology department. Tom is great big guy six foot five and he's a little older than me now Well, five or six years older than me and he had blown up to well over 300 pounds and I was doing a reading for him and I told him and how I said this to him is by the way Tom in such a such a time whether it was three years or whatever, you're going to be more than 100 pounds lower than what you weigh now and you're going to be wearing different clothes and right and then I talked about other things and then I started talking about something going on in his stomach and then I talked about him losing 100 pounds and then I talked about more about the stomach and then I said there's an illness coming and by the way it's in the book there's an illness coming and and you're going to be as sick as you possibly can be without dying and you're going to lose more than 100 pounds then I said Tom the Destiny could be losing 100 pounds so cuz you're gonna get sick and lose 100 pounds or listen to what I just said to you it scares the hell out of you and you take control and lose 100 pounds or you go through the experience thing is no survive it and it's up to you and you can do it the easy way or you can do it the hard way. I was not direct okay a year and a half later. Tom and Stephanie are away in Egypt on their dream honey dream holiday one of their many dream places Tom hadn't been feeling well anyway. They go into this pyramid or whatever Tom gets sick passes out in the pyramid because carry out of the pyramid. Back to the hotel that Doctor comes to see me gets rushed to the hospital in Egypt. He's diagnosed with something about a pseudo sound what the hell that is. But while he's in the hospital in Egypt, Cairo, he contacts the most potent superbug on the planet. It was who am I? Who am I? Who am I tense, it was the most, it was 100% antibiotic resistant. And if you get that, it means you die.

There's no cure. Tom's in a coma, dying. He got medivac to Germany, Stephanie all freaked out. They're in Germany. And this is coming up to near around Christmas time of that year. And I had the worst flu I've ever had. I mean, I was just feeling awful. And and I got out of bed to walk the dogs and then crawl home. And in the afternoon, I heard my Skype line ringing, and I crawled to the computer. And now I'd been thinking about Stephanie and Tom, all the while I was sick. And what, as soon as I answered, and I saw it was her, this is what I said to her, I said, what has taken you so long, I've been waiting for you. And that's also in the book, by the way. And then she told me what was going on. And, and I told her, the Tom isn't going to die. And that he would survive. And at that point, I developed mind link with Tom, when he was in a coma. And I was in tune with what he was going through. Seven days work 24 hours a day, every moment of the day. And that went on for about eight or nine months. And Tom was in a coma. And I knew when he was in was was was in trouble. I knew when is was vital signs change. I knew when when he was okay, I lived it. Now, I just have to explain this. I am not the star of the story. There's a lot of other people but if a psychic hadn't been involved, and I share this with my entire contemporaries, if a psychic had not been involved, Tom would have died. And and I it's been proven, by the way you can hear this, but the sirens in the background desire and just went by, I don't know if you could hear that. But anyway, so Stephanie was going panicking, her husband was dying. Oh, and Stephanie, by the way has got a mind like Sheldon Cooper, you know, guys, of course, man got a memory she's got out of memory like that, guys. It's uncanny. So she Steve decided are with me wanting to do something. And I told her that she could find a cure. And, and, and I started having meetings with her every day. But Tom was sick. And she decided that she was going to find a cure. And she created a team of professionals at the top of their field around the world. And this collaborative group, put their their thoughts together and came up with a cure for this incurable super buck. And one of the things that I've been petrified of in my work is getting involved with anything medical, because they don't know anything about it. And I don't have the right or the knowledge and I I'm afraid of it, I'm afraid of saying something and killing somebody and Oh, my wrong information. Okay. And I've always until that time, I had never just let it all hang out as it were, you know, just you know, leave it all in the ring. I never quite done that. I always save some for cautious or, you know, covering my ass or whatever. So I told Stephanie one time in a meeting I said you know I feeling really nervous about this. I I'm really hesitant to tell you for fear of making a mistake. And she said, Robert, it's important for you to tell me what you sense and feel what you absolutely feel because I have this team around me and everybody's giving their the their information and their information. Well, I have my make my decisions. You are not on the hook. She said, but she said she was on her. And she said, Please say it as as you see it. And that was the first time in my life, I just, I just, you know, open the throttle and let it all go. It was the most learning experience of my life. It was unbelievable. And that's where big shift came. Every day, Stephanie was giving me a rehash of what I'd said the day before, or the week before. And and I always knew I was good. I was that good. It was, it was really astonishing. What was going on. And most of this is in the book. So I'm not thinking so anyway, Stephanie narrowed it down to three choices. And she was running them by me. And she said, So the first one is, and she said, It's phages. And it just starts to describe it. And I said, that's the one. And she said, Well, would you let me tell you about it? And I said, that's the one. And she told me about. And I said, okay, and then she started to tell me about the second one. And I said the first one, not irritate her. So she told me about the second one, and then the third one, and I said, it's the first one. And then she said, why is it the first one? And I said, because it's like a little Pac Man. And it will attack the superbug kill it and eat it. And she said, that's exactly what it does. And she made her choice. Now, she didn't make her choice on that there's 100 other guys given her information, and that was the straw. And, and phages by the way, hold on your chairman phages are harvested from unrefined sewer water. phages are excrement. And there were experiments done Stephanie doll. This research, there were experiments done in in Russia, in the 1930s 20s into the early 40s. And what they were doing was injecting fresh stool into a person who has a lower bowel, a bowel cancer or a bowel disease or, you know, stuff going on in that part of their body. And the concept was the healthy bacteria kill the unhealthy bacteria.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:58
I've heard they've been doing that enough for a little bit.

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:03:00
Yeah. And by the way, first time ever done on a human was Tom key was K 00001. Wow. And they chose, they chose that. And it was he was the very first human that ever been injected with these. And he was within hours of deaths. And, and he was finally injected with stages. And and when he was first injected, his his his life signs got stronger. And then they zapped him again, and he got stronger and stronger. And then throughout the night, he kept getting zapped. And the next morning. Stephanie was beside Tom, and he came out of his coma. And he opened his eyes and looked at her and saw her and then and they made eye contact. And then he fell asleep. But he never went back into a coma again. And he lost more than 100 pounds. And they wrote the book called The perfect predator. Wow. That's an under making a movie. They're making a movie out of it now too.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:20
That's excellent. That's fantastic. That's it. That's an amazing story.

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:04:24
Do we have can I just tell you about one thing that I would really like to share? Because this is all for my brothers and sisters that do this work? It really is. The way I knew Tom was okay or not. Was he because he was in a coma? I visualize the candle and the flame was his life force. And when he was okay, but in sick, Sal is in a coma. But when he was okay the candle was the flame was strong. When he got into trouble or a sick or something. The candle was would flicker There was this one time in Germany. When I was checking the candle it looked like it was going to blow out. And what was going on with Tom, he had been medivac. from Egypt. He was in this maximum place where, where everyone's used wearing hazmat suits, and he's unconscious, he can hear voices. And he can hear voices on them saying he's going to die. He could hear that. He was cold, sick, and he didn't know where he was. And he was letting go. And, and I said to Stephen, and once again, our Stephanie gave me permission to, you know, say it as it is. And and I said to Stephanie, I said, Tom is alone. And he's letting go, and he needs his daughter's yesterday, which would have been good for him. Today is good. Tomorrow's not so good. If you wait longer, don't bother. That night, the girls showed up. And I wasn't directly on job as it were. But I certainly was looking at the candle. And all of a sudden, the candle started flickering that night, and I knew that as the underside arrived. And that is it. What happened. Now, if a psychic not just me, if a psychic had not been on the job, Tom would have died. And there were two other events that if a psychic had not been involved, Tom would have died. So I'm sharing this because I'm not the only person in the world that could have done it. This lots. My number came up, you know, I just got the call and answered it. You know, that's what happened. It was like the invitation I got for your show. I just answered it. That's all it was my turn. But there were many, many people that could have and, and it's proven that we can sense things. And people when they're in a coma, sometimes there is a consciousness. And and we've proven that.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:15
Wow, that's remarkable story. remarkable story. I'm sure you do. Robert, I'm sure we could talk for another four or five hours, to say the least. But I'm gonna ask you a couple questions that I asked all of my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:07:33
To experience

Alex Ferrari 1:07:36
And the ultimate purpose of life is?

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:07:39

Alex Ferrari 1:07:41
Simple as that.

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:07:42
When I end my podcast, because I have my own podcast now. It's we're just coming up to a year at the end of my show, and it always is, do good. Stay safe. And above all, just be kind. And the purpose of life is to experience and I'm gonna steal words from the Dalai Lama. The purpose of life is to experience Be kind whenever possible. It's always possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:13
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:08:16
You can find me on my website,, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. My podcast is My side of the crystal ball. And it's on Apple, everywhere, hard. everywhere, everywhere.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:34
There's a podcast available

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:08:36
There's a podcast and I still do psychic readings and I'm still pretty good at that that too.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:44
Robert, it's been an absolute pleasure speaking to you, my friend, thank you for the work that you are continuing to do and help the you're providing a lot of people out there so and thank you for sharing your stories with me. It didn't really end with the audience. It really was intriguing and interesting conversations to say the least.

Robert Lindsy Milne 1:08:59
Thank you.

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