HUMANITY 2.0: Prepare YOURSELF for the NEXT EVOLUTION of MANKIND NOW! with Richard Rudd

Life, in its magnificent tapestry, often presents us with rare gems of wisdom that illuminate our path and deepen our understanding of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome Richard Rudd, a profound thinker and spiritual teacher, renowned for his pioneering work on the Gene Keys—a transformative system designed to unlock the higher purpose hidden in our DNA.

Richard Rudd shared his extraordinary journey, which began with a spiritual awakening in his late twenties. One morning, he awoke not just from sleep but into an entirely different state of consciousness, where time and space intertwined in a dance of fractal patterns. “When you’re in that state of timelessness, you realize how everything is connected to everything else,” he explains, capturing the essence of his revelation. This experience, lasting three days and three nights without sleep or food, laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys, as Rudd describes, are a set of 64 archetypal energies encoded in our DNA, each representing a unique aspect of our potential. These keys help us navigate through the shadow aspects of our personality, transform them into gifts, and ultimately reach a state of transcendence known as the Siddhi. This system is not merely intellectual; it is an experiential journey that invites us to embrace our inner wisdom through contemplation and self-reflection.


  1. Embrace Your Shadow: The Gene Keys emphasize the importance of facing and integrating our shadow aspects. By doing so, we unlock the hidden gifts within us and pave the way for profound personal transformation.
  2. The Power of Contemplation: Unlike meditation, which often focuses on emptying the mind, contemplation involves deeply engaging with our thoughts and feelings. This process gradually unveils the deeper layers of our consciousness.
  3. Interconnectedness of All Things: Rudd’s teachings highlight the fractal nature of reality, where everything is interconnected. Recognizing this interconnectedness allows us to see the divine pattern in all events and experiences.

Rudd’s exploration of the Gene Keys began with his profound experience of light and zero resistance within his body. This illumination, as he describes, was not just a mental state but a full-bodied experience of being filled with light and love. It was a return to a state of pure presence and freedom, unencumbered by the usual human fears and doubts.

This awakening did not come without its challenges. Integrating such a profound experience into everyday life took years of contemplation and patience. Rudd speaks candidly about the confusion and existential crises he faced, including moments of grandiosity and denial. It was through this process that he came to understand the importance of gentleness and patience with oneself.

In developing the Gene Keys, Rudd drew inspiration from various spiritual traditions, including the I Ching and the Human Design System. The Gene Keys provide a practical framework for personal growth, offering a profile based on one’s birth data that reveals key areas for transformation. By contemplating these keys, individuals can gradually shift their frequency from the shadow to the gift, and eventually to the Siddhi, embodying their highest potential.

One of the most profound aspects of the Gene Keys is the concept of “frequency.” Rudd explains that our thoughts and emotions emit a frequency that influences our reality. Shadow frequencies keep us trapped in victim loops, while higher frequencies attract positive experiences and relationships. As we transform our inner landscape, we naturally draw in opportunities and people that resonate with our new state of being.

Richard Rudd‘s insights offer a roadmap for navigating the complexities of human existence. By embracing our shadows, engaging in deep contemplation, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, we can unlock the full potential of our DNA and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Richard Rudd.

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Richard Rudd 0:00
When you're in that state of timelessness, you realize how everything is connected to everything else. There are patterns everywhere within patterns within patterns within patterns. And that's all you see from that highest state of consciousness, all you see is the perfection of the pattern. But then it doesn't just bleed into space, it also bleeds into time, right? And that's kind of a hard one for the human brain. Because when time starts to break down and you start to see fractal patterns in time, you get to see wow, there's there are cycles, where things happen for reasons that we don't understand until later. But they're connected to something that happened before which is connected and suddenly what's going to happen later, and there's a perfect timing to everything. And if you know how to read that pattern, you're getting a glimpse into what's behind the matrix, the working the underpinning of consciousness of reality.

Alex Ferrari 0:56
I'd like to welcome to the show Richard Rudd. How you doing Richard?

Richard Rudd 1:09
Hey, good, Alex, nice to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:12
It's such a pleasure having you on the show, my friend, you you. Your work is kind of rippling across the world and your story on how you got to the ideas in the Gene Keys, Gene Keys, excuse me, are pretty remarkable. So, from what I understand you had kind of like a download or spiritual awakening that brought this into the world. Can you kind of talk to us a little bit about that?

Richard Rudd 1:37
Yeah. I mean, I don't like to use the word download. Everyone's who sees that everyone's downloading nowadays, you know. But yeah, I, I had an experience, kind of rare experience, I think, when I get back in my late 20s, that was in 1996. And, and I woke up one morning in my bed, and I woke up into another state of consciousness. So I went from sleep into awakened consciousness. And it was, so it felt very natural. But it also was completely different. And so I stayed in that for three days and three nights and, and it was in those days, that in those days or nights, I didn't sleep at all, that I kind of, I mean, it's not like, I knew what was happening to me. But and it's not like I received the gene keys, or a set of teachings or anything like that, nothing, not none of that came to way later, years later. But I did have a big revelation about truth and the nature of reality. And, you know, my destiny, I guess, and what I am, who I am those kinds of things, there were some personal things, but there was also a sense of remembering and coming home. And, and it was all very, even though it was my mind was just hugely expanded. I was also very present and very in my body, and, you know, I didn't eat anything I couldn't eat, and I couldn't sleep. I didn't I didn't want to sleep because it was so captivating. Let's find Yeah, so that was that was how it started.

Alex Ferrari 3:28
Well, let me ask you were just so when you said that you had that you're an awakened consciousness that's a fairly broad term. So for all of us who in the audience who have not been spiritually awakened and had been in spiritual consciousness like you have what actually was going on? Were you seeing visions? Was it just a feeling of you just walking around kind of in this blissful high for three days? What, what was it exactly?

Richard Rudd 3:51
The one way to describe it is I was through light, I was filled with light, I was lit up out from within I was illuminated from inside my being. And that light kind of just kept streaming through me in into it didn't stop it just went on forever, infinitely. And the other thing I experienced was zero resistance anywhere in my body. So no fear, no doubt, nothing. All of that normal human background unease was just gone evaporated. And so I was in a state of complete freedom. I guess. I didn't it felt very natural, but I didn't really kind of question it at the time. I guess it was just okay. This is my mind has also kind of there are different levels, but the very human mind was sort of there inquiring and going well, this is interesting I can find stuff out.

Alex Ferrari 4:53
It's so did you did you start asking questions that were you would Did you have a guide or did anyone like show up and goes. Hey, Richard, this is the time come with me nothing like that.

Richard Rudd 5:04
No, there was no guides, because there was no, there was no sort of that wasn't that sense of separation between me and another being, although I did have a kind of I did have visionary states within the station, you know. And so so I kind of because I was curious with my mind to know things, I trained my mind, I sort of when I say a trainer, I kind of sent it into different directions are asking, though, it wasn't like consciously asking questions. It was like, I wonder what death is like, you know, things like that. And then, and then I would just explore the memory of dying and the kind of understanding of the process of dying, and it just always there. And lots of things I asked. I was kind of nosy as you should be, sir. As you're like, Well, what about me? You know, who's this? What's this thing? And what's my future? And I was like, Can I see the future? And I, yeah, it was quite a thing.

Alex Ferrari 6:08
So did you know, there's a couple of it's a bunch of questions I want to ask you. One is how, during since that time, you were what in your late 20s. When that happened?

Richard Rudd 6:19

Alex Ferrari 6:20
Yeah. So we obviously the smartest point in your entire life, the most evolved point of your entire life, you've only been downhill from there. Obviously. That's what happens to all 20 year olds, or at least that's what all 20 year olds think.

Richard Rudd 6:33
I was full of angst, is the reality.

Alex Ferrari 6:36
Exactly. So since that moment, have you figured out why this happened to you? Because this is a special. I mean, everyone's capable of doing what you did that I understand. But you were just kind of like you weren't looking for it. You just literally woke up into it, which is a pretty remarkable thing.

Richard Rudd 6:55
Yeah, I have, I think I'm, I'm kind of aware of some of the reasons behind that now, because I've had a long time to contemplate it, and sort of integrate it. And that wasn't easy in the beginning at all. You know, for years, I was really confused and lost. And, and kind of I you know, I one point I thought I was the Messiah. And another point, I just thought I just went into denial. And and you know, when I say point, like some of those phases lasted several weeks, you know. And so I had to make sense of it. But yeah, by now I have kind of made more sense of it. And I came across a teaching in from the Tibetans where they call it Tamar, which means treasure. And these are like, revelations that are kind of almost it's almost like their idea of they're hidden in the past to be discovered in the future. And, and, and what happens is, they're revealed in the minds of certain Lamas or initiates, and then they just spontaneously come alive. Like they've been waiting. And it was a bit like that experience for me. It's like I, there was this transmission, this wisdom transmission that was waiting for me. And, and then it came alive and inside me. And then I had to figure out what am I supposed to do with it?

Alex Ferrari 8:19
No, that's the thing is that when you're in your late 20s, this happens to you. You're don't eat, don't sleep for three days. You come out of this, now you get slammed back into the real world. And now all those other things start happening. How did you process this event? I mean, this is some I mean, look, I've had a couple of visions here and there just while I meditate, and it took me a minute to process, things that I've seen in my meditations, or experienced or felt aspects of what you're talking about. But this is a completely different level. And at the end with no training, no one there guiding you nothing. How did you process this?

Richard Rudd 8:57
It just took time, actually, I think being ordinary really helped, you know, and I was married. And so I had had a child. And that that helped, because it grounded me, even though it was very confusing. But in those early days, I didn't have I didn't have a structure or a form. There was things I was interested in, I was interested in, I got interested in like the human design system and the eaching and all those things that most people explored who are watching this. And they kind of formed loose frameworks for me some of those things and helped me to kind of create a sort of sense of landing, there was one point where I turned it, I went into a sort of Mad Professor mode. I remember and I literally, I was downloading and I kind of started receiving all kinds of things that became jinkies later, a teaching and I had them up on my wall in my room and I was just scribbling and writing and things and it looked like kind of a mad Scientists sort of inside of his brain, she was I was just seeing things and making connections. And and that was quite a phase. Yeah, but I made sense of it slowly.

Alex Ferrari 10:12
Now, you mentioned something before our because we're gonna go deep into the gene keys gene, I can't say that word gene keys. I want to say gene keen. Gene Keys. Yeah, before we go deep into the gene keys, you mentioned something about the structure of how we're made up, I'm assuming going into the DNA and understanding that, is that what you're talking about?

Richard Rudd 10:37
Partly, yes. I mean, I had that experience, the DNA, you know, I didn't know anything about DNA really much. But I had the experience of going into DNA being like a wormhole, you know, in it, so that we were made up of wormholes, you know, and that every, and that reality is made up of wormholes. And at any point, you can fall into one and come out and another dimension, and they're in a we are a kind of living, repository of wisdom. And, and it's just a matter of how do we, the structure of DNA was like, is really interesting to me, because it's sort of the last line before the subatomic world, where you can't kind of it's hard, you know, that's where things start to kind of reality starts to dissolve and become less reliable. So DNA is quite a, it's a, it's a fixed, but malleable, kind of quite plastic open system, that it's our software really so. So it, we can program it and reprogram it. And that's why it became really interesting to me. And that's why I kind of named the gene keys after genes and genetics and genius. And it's not because I'm an expert in that realm in any way at all. But because I learned that that's a part of us, because my DNA was was literally exuding light. You know, it was it photons were coming out of it. And I was like, wow, it's actually in us this light, it's, it's actually in the matter of the spiral of our helix, you know, where this light is wound up inside us. And then when it gets released, as an illumination, or as a revelation, or as an insight or a mystical vision, or, you know, just a burst of love. Really. It's because it's actually kind of in we're enveloped in it. Yeah, that was quite a thing to realize that we made of light.

Alex Ferrari 12:38
Well, yeah, I mean, from I mean, I've spoken to so many near death experiencers, who've talked about Beings of Light constantly. Yeah. Which I wanted to take it back a few 100,000 years, if we can, on this on this topic, because, and I just want to hear your thoughts on this. You know, every great civil, every great civilization, every great culture. If you go far enough back, there is a origin story of humanity, which usually is sky gods, like, you know, beings, those kinds of things, the Anunnaki in Sumerian times, do you have any insight to any of that during your work? If you've seen anything or heard not heard? Have you heard anything on the streets? Now have you had any, any kind of downloads or anything? Because we you go so deep into our genetics, these ideas? I'm just curious if you had any cross pollination?

Richard Rudd 13:34
I did you know I don't talk about it very often. Because I don't want to I guess I don't want to go too. Woowoo. You know, well, this, this show since you asked, it

Alex Ferrari 13:44
I've since this this show, I always I agree with you, I generally don't like to go woowoo. But with something like the Anunnaki. And then that's historical. It's on, it's on stone tablets, and it's everywhere. So it's, it's not, it's not tinfoil hat time. So that's

Richard Rudd 14:01
One of the it's one of the kind of understandings that I think Robert Grant and I kind of had together where we would talk, we would kind of searching into the sort of source codes of what became Egyptian mythology, but actually was earlier was was, you know, something else? And so I did at some point, our head of I had a memory for myself of the birth of my soul, and on this planet, and what I experienced was that I had had a different kind of DNA that enabled you know, in another reality that had enabled me to, in that reality to transcend a physical the physical reality, right? And and that what had happened is I dropped a part of the DNA. So a heat so one of the helixes you know, one of the strands I dropped the third strand in order to come into this Binary reality. And I'm not the only, you know, that's an it was a metaphor as well as like, wow, that's what happens to higher consciousness, when it wants to form into a human form, it has to drop that third aspect, which, which is the transcendent aspect. And then it makes a sacrifice and comes down into this double helix, in order to kind of become part of a dualistic reality, which is what we live in, you know, and so, I think that was, that was a really profound thing. And because there was a lot of ancient teachings connected to, to that for me, and it was a sort of memory physical memory that I had, as my soul kind of came down here. So that I think that's why, you know, when I had my other experience, I kind of had the memory of, well, that's what it's like to have the third strand operating, you know, because then because if you have three, you have this, you have this, this essence of transcendence, and, and in my teaching through the Jinkies, and everything I understand, it's, the entire universe is made up of Trinity's, that are consistently embedded in each other in a fractal way. And they, and they do pan out into other numbers and shapes and forms, but everything has this triplicate, nature. And a lot of those ancient religions and and things have are all founded on that same truth, actually, of the Trenary consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 16:36
So do you think that these is these masters, these these Living Masters walking masters, ascended masters avatars, who had walked the earth at one point, were able to reengage that third helix to the point where they've become enlightened the Buddha, Jesus, these kinds of Yogi's, enlightened Yogi's, I would just love to hear your thoughts on that.

Richard Rudd 16:58
I think there's some there's some truth in that, I think I think there's a sort of residue of that third helix, that, you know, that third strand. I wonder sometimes whether when that, you know, what the, whether that's going to re evolve for us, I suspect it is, in order that we can re thread our connection to the divine, actually, in the physical form. This was something that Sri Aurobindo spoke a lot about, you know, that we would eventually you transcend through the physical form, you know, so we'd actually we approach, you know, re approach our divinity, back by climbing through the, you know, not beyond it, but kind of deeper into matter. So, that's why jinkies is sort of based on this prophecy, that that's a, that's a, that's a commit that's coming for us a mutation in our DNA. You know, because DNA mutates, that's the wonderful thing about it, it mutates it changes over eons. And sometimes it changes really quickly. In fact, most of the times in our history, when when species have changed, it changes, we change fast, usually because of some event, or Ceataclysm or something.

Alex Ferrari 18:17
So what So we've been talking about the gene keys a lot, what is the what are the Gene Keys?

Richard Rudd 18:22
Well, there they are a way of kind of tracking and mapping the codes of consciousness, you know, that we live in. And, and there so there are fundament, there are kind of fundamental set of patterns, based on the number 64. Which is, coincidentally if you believe in that stuff, the the number of codons we have in our DNA that were made up of. And it's also, you know, the heart of many natural systems, you know, that we see around us, you know, this 64 file matrix. And it's even the the reason that we can talk together right now, because the 64 bit matrix hidden in these in these screens that we're working out of so it enables us to consistently travel through the, through the cosmos. So it's a code. And the Chinese really track those codes well in in their early evolution, like five 6000 years ago, in the form of the eaching. And so I did some very deep contemplations of that eaching I used human design as well, which also picked up a lot of that some of those threads, ancient threads and wove them into a new tapestry. And eventually, that became the jinkies a system of tracking where you know, who you are, what your purpose is, using, you know, some I've borrowed some of the some of the beautiful things of human design, because I'd studied with its founder, Robert, who, and and I kind of started to reshape My own kind of understandings that was rooted in my experience, my spiritual experience. So I, I rethreaded a synthesis. And that's what the jinkies is, it allows us to understand our own nature better. And it beginning with our shadows, really. So it's a map of our shadow patterns, and how we can transform them into gifts, and eventually into transcendent states. So it's a kind of, it's a, it's a cosmic code of consciousness, and you work with it over a long period of time. It's, you know, it's something to contemplate deeply.

Alex Ferrari 20:38
I mean, that's a tough, I mean, that's thinking about what you just said, is so profound. And I'm just trying to think of like, man, when he decided to put this out into the world, the marketing campaigns rough on this.

Richard Rudd 20:53
Yeah, it is actually.

Alex Ferrari 20:55
It is extremely, it's, it's, there's a long

Richard Rudd 20:58
The elevator pitch.

Alex Ferrari 21:00
The I mean, the elevator pitch is a good two, three hours, I mean, really. And you put this out there, where you kind of told in your, in your contemplations like this needs to be birthed into the world.

Richard Rudd 21:12
No, I never really sort of had that feeling of that quite like that. But it was an impulse in me of it started to grow, I started to see the patterns, it started to form its own system. And then I was the first student in a really, so I had to apply it to myself, and I needed it as well, because I was like, this kind of slightly screwed up guy who'd had a big spiritual experience and was trying to make sense of reality. And I had all the same problems as anyone else, probably more. And, and I and so I thought, Well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna use this to kind of make myself feel better. So like, you understand my relationships and learn, you know, to heal some of the traumas that I collected from my childhood and, and also kind of heal my relationship to money, or you know, that because we all have these, these patterns, these shadow patterns in us things in our health and things that plague us and, and so it became like, a really good tool for me to kind of find peace in my life again. Because it might sound like you know, it's great to have a hit of peace, but then you're back to normal. And that is, that's even worse.

Alex Ferrari 22:33
Because you now know what, yeah, you know what peace is like.

Richard Rudd 22:36
Yes, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 22:38
Is it better to love in law to lose lost or never to love at all? It's very, very,it's very similar

Richard Rudd 22:45
Hug a tree, right?

Alex Ferrari 22:46
That's exactly it. So it's like, at least you if you have, yeah, if many of us who have not have massive spiritual experiences, just live a longer life. But when you have had that kind of that kind of experience, you know, that exists. And it's difficult to process, the real world after that. Walk and walk you through it. Now you're talking about the shadow patterns and healing traumas, what is me? What did what does this system do? Like, did you like let's say I have a per trauma from childhood, whatever that might be, with money, with relationships, whatever that might be? What is an example of what the Gene Keys could do?

Richard Rudd 23:24
Yeah, well, there's a lot of ways to approach the Gene Keys. Because of the synthesis, it's got a lot of different windows to come in through. And they're very different. Some of them the most popular one is through the Gene Keys profile. So we created a profiler. And over the, over the last sort of 20 years, and that's based on your time, date, place and birth, so it has some astrological components. But it's, it's very different from astrology. And it gives because it gives you a profile, so anyone listening to this, they can go and go to now and get your free profile and look at it, and you'll get a sense of okay, this is a journey here. Because what you have is you have these, these stages or spheres that represent different aspects of your life, like your life purpose, you know, and you're kind of what you're here to do. And you know, you're kind of the some of the things some of the aspects of your, your, you know, relationships, early relationships that kind of are embedded in you, your soul's quality, all those things, and there's a gene key, but each one of these so that of the 64 keys, you get different aspects according to the time place you were born. So you can look and see well, I have Gene Key 29 Here, you know, because the 64 and they all have different meanings. And he could 29 its shadow it has three levels, they will have three levels of shadow gift and the city of cities and like a transcendent aspect. So Gene Keys 29 is the shadow of Half heartedness. Right? And it's like, so there's a part of, if you have that key somewhere specific, there's a part of you that when you don't commit to something fully, and you won't, because it's there, it just falls apart all the time. So maybe relationships, like you have a real issue with commitment, you know, so you, or maybe your job, and you can't stay with it, because you, you're doing something that you that doesn't really turn you on. And so that shadow is a part of you that's too afraid to probably do the thing that you really want to do, until you realize, so half heartedness then becomes a great lesson. It's great. And every Gene Key is a lesson for all of us, actually. So anytime you're doing something in your life, in a half hearted fashion, is destined to fail. Simple as that. So if you're in a relationship, that you're not really, you're kind of there, because you're just like, tight, you know, killing time, it's not going to be fulfilling, it's just not going to fulfill you, it's going to fall apart at some point. So why be there, and then the gift is commitment. Right? So in half hearted pneus, is the gift of commitment. So it teaches you about commitment, and then the city is devotion. So those are three levels. So devotion is when you've, you know, you've, you've gone through the journey of commitment, and you've come out the other side into this place where your heart is fully opened. And it's suddenly, you know, the whole notion of doing anything in a committed way is that's all you know, you know, so half heartedness is is a thing of the past. So that's an example of how someone might apply a gene key to aspects of their life. And it's a contemplative journey. So it's not a kind of therapy, therapy, but it's therapeutic. And you kind of you learn it yourself. So these are journeys, you know, I've created a series of journeys that people can go on with their profiles, contemplating their keys. So that it's like it's you, what you're doing is you're beginning to unpick the reasons why things are the way they are in your life. So it's quite rich around it.

Alex Ferrari 27:13
No, it sounds it sounds amazing. It sounds extremely profound. My question to you is, what is the I hate to use the word science, but what is the energy behind these, these knowings because like the I Ching, or horoscopes, or astrology, there's something connected. So if you're looking at astrology, it's the placements of the of the planets and the stars have certain amount of energy and poll and certain time periods and the cycle of of everything. What is that kind of thing for this? Because it just sounds so profound. Like I would ask you like, what is it for the I Ching? Like I Ching is also something extremely profound. What is the kind of where's that base come from?

Richard Rudd 27:58
Well, it's more, it's like going back to the experience I had like, and when you're in that state of timelessness, you realize how everything is connected to everything else. And you realize that not only is space, kind of geometric, and fractal, and repeat, and holographic, so in other words, there are patterns everywhere, within patterns within patterns within patterns. And that's all you see from that highest state of consciousness, all you see is the perfection of the pattern. But then it doesn't just bleed into space, it also bleeds into time, right? And that's kind of a hard one for the human brain, especially the scientific brain. Because when time starts to break down, and you start to see fractal patterns in time, you get to see, wow, there's there are cycles, where things happen, for reasons that we don't understand until later. But they're connected to something that happened before, which is connected, and something that's going to happen later. And there's a perfect timing to everything, you know, and everything is connected to everything else in this fractal kind of time space continuum. So when you look at a specific moment in time, you're looking at a very specific pattern, universal pattern. And if you know how to read that pattern, you're getting a glimpse into what's behind the matrix, you know, the working the underpinning of consciousness of reality, which is what astrologists, you know, were trying to do in the old, old, old days, and still some of them can do it, but it's, it's different, you know, using the eaching is different because you're looking at the fundamental pattern of 64. So you're really looking into the fractal nature of reality, and it's a crystalline kind of makeup. And if you know how to read it, which is quite simple, actually. You can kind of extrapolate all kinds of truths. You could actually read the future, you know, If you if you really want it to,

Alex Ferrari 30:03
In the future based on its current path of trajectory, the trajectory of the current path, which could be adjusted, based on human choice or humanity's choice.

Richard Rudd 30:13
Yeah, to an extent. I mean, there's there's there's a level of, you know, that's a big question. But there's a level of at the highest level of consciousness, there's a level of choice lessness, there's a level of predestination. But when we come down into these forms, we get we are given the, this sounds really hard, we're given the illusion of choice. And it is act from the highest level, it's an illusion, because when you're at that highest level, there's there's no one to choose that you don't exist. There's just the pattern unfolding in its perfection. Right? But that would be boring. Unless you unless you could, unless you forgot. No, you had to come down and forget.

Alex Ferrari 30:58
No, and I understand what you're saying in for, if I may throw my translation in? Or how I see what you just said, because because it could people listen to like, I have choice, what is he talking about? Like? No, wait a minute, the game that we're all in the simulation that we're all in, there are rules to these, this game? Okay, so the rules of this game is you have free choice, and you truly have a choice to do whatever you want down here. And also, to a level extent, as you go higher into the other realms, after you pass, there's also a choice of, I want to go back down, I don't want to go back down. But the higher you go, the less that even makes sense anymore, because you just are you just you just you just be at the moment that you're in. So it doesn't make so it's a equivalent of me, making Mario go left in Super Mario Brothers instead of right. Yeah, it's an illusion, I'm controlling it, but it's a kind of illusion of choice.

Richard Rudd 31:59
It's true. Yeah. Visions decisions happen. Like, do you know what I mean? It's like, they are aren't actually made. They happen, they are a causal. In that sense. At the highest level, it's really hard for humans to fathom that. And there's a lot of science now kind of going towards this, which is really interesting, you know, and as you write it is a simulation. And that 64, or five matrix is kind of like the motherboard of the simulation. So that's, that's why if you know how to view to understand the simulation, it's actually not hard. And and that's why I kind of create these programs, so people can figure it out for themselves. Because it's our intuition that helps us understand, you know, our reality and understand the shadows and how to transform them. You know, because that's what it's all about, really, unless, because all the philosophies great. But unless we can actually, unless I can help someone transform their patterns, their shadow, so that they haven't a nicer simulation. I'm not really interested. So I want to help people.

Alex Ferrari 33:18
Absolutely, no, absolutely. I think we both do. That's why we do what we do. So when, when you were in your spiritual, high, we'll call it when you were in your late 20s, that that little hit of bliss that you got for those three days. Yeah, I'm fascinated. I'm fascinated with the idea of our hardware, our brain is very limited. It's, it's not even two bit. It's not even eight bit, you know, we're talking about 64 bit, it's like not even eight bit we're not it's it's Pong. It's pong and, and the universe is, is basically where Halo is. Now, let's just say that difference, it's probably much bigger. But that difference, when you were in your spiritual awakening, it seems to me that you left the eight bit or less two bits. World and, and were able to connect to the 64 bit world, because you kind of were not using this hardware, you were using another mainframe, or patched directly into the internet, where the hardware it's not really relevant as much because you can hook up to the internet with a slow processor, or a fast processor, but the information is there and how you download it. It's really up to bandwidth. Is that any of that? What I just said makes sense?

Richard Rudd 34:38
Yeah, I love it. It's really great. I mean, in Gene Keys, as I said, like we have, you know, because you people are interested they can get the Gene Keys book is a big huge book took me seven years to write with all where I go through the 64 The 64 archetypes, right, and there are 64 cities, right and that's a Sanskrit word. So they said he, right and it means free. ascendant read, you know, reality, and they are embedded in our body, right? So we have superpowers in here, right? And you know, and there are 64 of them, right. And you will have certain ones that are just dormant and you might in your life, if you are lucky, if you believe in luck, your heart, you might have a flash of one that just goes off one of these, one of these little places inside your DNA just sparks and then you have a sense of, Wow, the positive might be, it might be a burst of universal cosmic love, you know, unconditional love or something like that, that just happens, it might, you know, this brings you to tears, it might be a complete silence, where all thoughts cease spontaneously, you know, there are lots of different layers to the cities to these, but they're built into us. So they are, you're right, there is a way where that we can access the mainframe, and it is inside us. And it's part of the, it's the journey of the gene keys, it's really for the future, the gene keys, the knowledge, because it's to take us into the next stage of our evolution where these dormant kind of super powers can start to come online, and we start to inhabit that universal body, that universal mind, you know, because there's a new, a new kind of human coming. And we need, you know, and this, this is going to require a mutation of us of our inside us in our DNA in our species species wide. It sounds quite wild. But it has happened in the past that we've mutated, you know, we, we were we were Neandertal, then it mutated, it became a cro-magnon it we've mutated and animals mutate all the time. So life is built to DNA is built to mutate, and to change and to evolve. So what my question with the jinkies is, what's the next human being look like? What's the future human being look like? And that's, that's definitely written in my book that's definitely written, you're invited to contemplate that. What are you What is the highest you look like? So when you look at your profile, you'll see the shadow words, you'll also see the city words, you'll see these, you'll see words like ecstasy, you'll see words like, you know, rebirth, you'll see words like harmony, that these are, these are state of consciousness that are embedded inside you as a living potential. What would what would it be like to live only in harmony, everything in your life in harmony.

Alex Ferrari 37:40
Obviously, Marvel has already told us what the next stage of evolution is. And is the X-men obviously I'll take Wolverines powers. I don't know what you would like, but it's

Richard Rudd 37:53
I like the lucky one, you know?

Alex Ferrari 37:55
Oh, yeah. Okay, there's Yeah, the oh, what's her name? Domino. Yeah, Domino. She's always Oh,

Richard Rudd 38:00
Yeah, that's that's to me is the ultimate superpower.

Alex Ferrari 38:03
I mean, you're absolutely right. Domino's. A domino mixed with Wolverine would be fantastic. If that if we could do that. That would be fantastic,

Richard Rudd 38:10
That's an interesting looking creature.

Alex Ferrari 38:13
Someone who could completely regenerate really much not die and as luck all the time. Yeah. And if you happen to mess with it, it has giant unbreakable claws. Just in case something has to go down. Know when you were saying that sometimes if you're lucky, that little spark, you see a glimpse of the of that city. That power that's inside of you. It brought me to a story that Wayne Dyer said years years ago, when he was alive. He's like he was meditating one day. And all of a sudden he started to levitate. And if you've studied any of the yogic in Vedic traditions, that's something very common with Yogi's he goes, but the second he was levitating his brains like, Oh, this is cool. I can do this in the Tonight Show. And the second he said, he fell back to the ground and never was able to do it again. He disconnected completely with it. But that was the first time that was the only thing came to my mind when you said that was like, oh, that must have been a glimpse of his superpower. It's just one of those things.

Richard Rudd 39:14
Yeah. It was one of the funny things that as I was sort of exploring this revelation that had come to me and I was realizing, Oh, there's the 64 CDs. And that was the word I chose. And then I remember because it's like, way back, right. And internet was still quite young. But I Googled 64 cities, and I read and I found that there is a tradition in India of 64 cities. And I was like, Wow, isn't that cool? You know, that they they tracked this, you know, for 1000s and 1000s of years, they knew that the this matrix was hidden inside us, you know, so the super, you know, those X Men, all of that that's kind of, in a way preparing our minds for what's to come.

Alex Ferrari 39:58
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Richard Rudd 40:34
In some way.

Alex Ferrari 40:36
I have Okay, so now you just opened up a whole can of worms because now you're working into my world of story and movies and books and things. Yeah, they're the the idea of this, this this next evolution of humanity, which goes along with what we talked about on the show a lot, which is this great shift in consciousness, the great shift in humanity. And you all kind of see that, in the last 150 years, our consciousness has grown exponentially over the lot. We've gotten more in the last 150 years than we grew in the last 3000 or 5000. You know, really, so it's it, there's a ramping up of this mutation in our consciousness, if you will. But when you just said like these movies, these ideas, these stories are preparing us for what's coming. I would 110% agree with you. Because if you start thinking about HG Wells, and you saw when his before him, there was no idea the science fiction world wasn't anything like it was, or Frankenstein with my Riley. And all these stories that prepared us for the space age that prepared us for the Industrial Revolution. These ideas, then movies like Star Wars, I mean, how many astronauts and astrophysicist were born because of Star Wars and Star Trek. You know, I was talking to a NASA rocket scientist the other day, as you do on the show. And she was telling me how much her colleagues absolutely adore Star Trek. Like it's, it's rampid. Throughout all of the quantum physicists and rocket scientists, they all seen Star Trek Star Trek more. So for the scientific side. Yeah, the more the more kind of mystic sci fi world, the more mystic you go towards Star Wars because of the force. Right, right. But, but Star Trek was very scientific, very grounded. But even then they were doing things that make no sense. And yet, it prepared us for what's coming. So a lot of these stories in these movies, even like what's going on with Marvel with the multiverse that just showed up parallel realities that just showed up quantum realm that just showed these are all Marvel ideas, you know, from the comic books, and now people understand what the quantum realm is. They understand what parallel realities are they understand what the multiverse is. That was really Hickey sci fi stuff back in the day.

Richard Rudd 43:02
Absolutely. I mean, I was watching this thing on Netflix. Sense8. I don't know if you've seen that. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's like networked intelligence. Right. And that's the next stage of the future human is networked intelligence. You know, so that so that we begin that's, that's the next phase. That we're at the quantum level where these different fractal groupings come together and discover a genius that is shared, you know, at another level of consciousness, because it because the ultimate one is when we're all a networked intelligence. We're all one network, which we are. But it's going to take us a little while to get there. So it's going to begin with smaller groupings, and then it will expand and that's I described this in in jinki 55, which is the kind of big meditative Jinky that came and contains the prophecy at the heart of jinkies. You know, which is about this future human. And, yeah, so it's, it's fun.

Alex Ferrari 44:02
Now, you know, who wrote sense, you know, who's the creators of sense8? Right? Yeah.

Richard Rudd 44:07
It's a woman, right?

Alex Ferrari 44:08
No, it's the it was the

Richard Rudd 44:12

Alex Ferrari 44:14
Yeah, yeah, the Wachowski, the Wachowski are for everybody who doesn't know the creators of the matrix matrix. So which is also one of the most profound films that have prepared us for the idea of simulation theory that this is all a game. Before then it was deep and philosophical ideas or Vedic traditions, or even deep in the quantum quantum physics world. But now everyone understands like, oh, yeah, we, we and it wasn't just just wasn't a just a year or two ago that the Nobel prize went to some quantum physicists who proved that we are in a simulation. I think mathematically,

Richard Rudd 44:52
There's a lot of it. Yeah. Now it's an incredible thing. And the Buddhist has been saying it for years, the book the higher but the high Buddhist teachings. That's exactly what they teach.

Alex Ferrari 45:02
Maya, Maya.

Richard Rudd 45:03
It's like Maya, even Christ, you know, said, You know, my Father's house are many mansions. I love that quote, you know, which is like, all these different dimensions, you know, that.

Alex Ferrari 45:15
That's such a beautiful quote, It is such a beautiful quote. And then and then jumping into parallel realities and how we can, there's quantum jumping now, I mean, we can go down so many different roads, Richard. So, so So where we are right now? Where do you see us going in the next 20 years? 50 years, your lifetime? My lifetime? You know, what do you see humanity doing? Because we're moving at such a clip. I mean, from the birth of the Internet was a little over 25 years ago, really, you know, with baud broadband. I mean, the real like the the popular birth of the Internet, mid mid 90s. So mid to early 90s. So it's been 25 30 years. And look how far I mean, we've got aI Now, where do you see this going in the next 50 years for this mutation in ourselves?

Richard Rudd 46:06
Well, I may not see exactly the same as everyone else. But I, you know, I went in, I kind of saw this in it back in my heightened state of consciousness, I kind of wanted to know why this time, why now, or why me seeing this. And it was framed in the context of this time. And, you know, sometimes when you look at the future, you kind of you assume it's going to be based on the patterns of the past, that's a natural thing to do. So you kind of look at us, you go AI, and then we're gonna get to Mars, and then we're gonna do there, you know, and you kind of, that's how the mind thinks in a linear form. But during times of mutation, you know, linear linearity breaks down, it has to, so there has to be, in order for a quantum leap to occur, like a new mutation and human DNA, it requires a huge shock, actually, it requires a massive, it requires very, very difficult conditions. In order, you know, and a lot of heat and a lot of, you know, usually some kind of trauma in order for that to kind of that shift to occur. It's like birth, right, birth is not an easy thing. And I'm gonna Matt, and so I have no idea. But you know, I can kind of I've delivered my own child, you know, and so I kind of I have a sense of

Alex Ferrari 47:32
Your front row seat, sir, you have front rows.

Richard Rudd 47:34
Yeah, exactly. Thank you. But, so birth is not easy. And so I what I envisage happening is a kind of, not that we're going to go off on this nice trajectory, you know, but actually, what's happening now to the planet is with all the systems beginning to break down and collapse, and, you know, and the ecosystems also, you know, beginning to give away, that, we're going to kind of hit a crisis, and, and it as a species, and it's not going to be nice and comfortable. But we will move through it. And we will come out the other side. And we'll come out the other side, completely different. And many, you know, I don't I, I don't, I don't know what it looks like. But I imagine we'll bring some of our technology with us. But I think a lot of it, a lot of it is going to be slightly back to kind of simplicity, you know, because when things start to really sort of fall apart, because we've built a world that is not sustainable, and our practices are not sustainable. And despite our best efforts of kind of heroic people. It's still the mass consciousness doesn't have enough intelligence, actually, I would say, to kind of chipmaker, check, make and make a kind of a fix put like that. So because we have to go through these changes. So we have to go through these crises these births, and I think that's what's coming for us. But through the Gene Keys, especially Gene Key 55, which I describe a lot in my work, and in the book, you can see you get a focus on what's the other side look like. And it's really important to have that hope, more than hope that certainty that this is meant to be this way for a reason. Even though it's not going to be easy. We're going to come out the other side, completely different and that's why in Gene Keys, my symbol is the dragon fly. And I talked about the story of the dragon fly and how a dragon fly is similar to the caterpillar and the butterfly but in a way more dramatic because the dragonfly lives as a larvae underwater for two or three years, where it's a predator And, and then it kind of comes up, suddenly, it comes up a stalk of grass out into the light, and it starts to mutate and change. And within a space of three, two or three hours, it's become an insect, a beautiful iridescent creature of the air. And that is like an extreme, and it happens really fast. And that's a beautiful allegory of our of what's inside us, we have a dragon inside our genome, we have an incredible, iridescent multi-dimensional, you know, fire being hidden inside us. But it's got to go through this process of leaving its old environment, you know, where it's predatorial. And it's got to take this huge risk and come up into the air and into the light, and then it's going to go through, it's going to shake its old life off, and something completely of another dimension is going to emerge. And that's so it's hard for us to imagine that the vastness of the change. But that's that is what I kind of feel we're heading towards.

Alex Ferrari 51:11
And I don't know about you, but I think the greatest moments of growth, for me in my life had been the most difficult. Those are the ones that when you're when you're when you're what is that? honed by fire, essentially, you walk through the fire in your heart and by the fire, not Batman and not by the butterflies, not by the fluffy clouds, no, no, no, the fire and it's not pleasant. So on an individual level, we all do that. And that's what kind of makes us who we are. That's the shrapnel that we take, you know, that we that we walk around with. But I think also the planet and humanity itself, these old systems, as you say, are breaking down. And we can see those systems breaking down around us. It happened at a smaller extent in the industrial revolution, where like from the horse and carriage, the horse and buggy to the car. That was, but these institutions are much larger, and some older institutions like religion, religious institutions, political institutions, monetary economic institutions, medical and so I mean, all of them are, you could just see the cracks. And people are just starting to like, this is not working anymore. And you could see it in the numbers of people go into the movies, you can see it and people watching the news, those numbers are all going down. And you notice that those institutions are becoming more desperate. They're becoming more outlandish with their ads or with their things to get you to click a link No, no, no, no, don't go here. Look, look, look, someone just died. Come here. Like it's, it's constant. But people are starting to pull away from that. So you're absolutely you're absolutely right. That we're gonna be going through some through some stuff. And I think you're I think that all of us are gonna go through something pretty dramatic. Probably within the next decade, I think something's going to happen. And I don't know what that is. But you could just see it around us. Look, I mean, I ran shooting missiles at Israel, and we got the Ukraine war, we got this year's election here in the States and elections around the world. I mean, it's insane.

Richard Rudd 53:19
Our world is so fragile, you know, the world systems are interdependent on each other. It doesn't take much for a whole thing to collapse really doesn't

Alex Ferrari 53:30
Oh, no, you just need a power outage and you understand how fragile you are. Just one power outage, you lose power to your house is basically a useless box, other than to keep the weather out and maybe keep some of the heat or cold in. Yeah, it's an it's nothing works.

Richard Rudd 53:47
You can't I think a lot of the planet will will, you know, will become an uninhabitable for a while, you know, and, you know, so that's kind of caused a lot of migration. And that's going to cause even more war and conflict. And I mean, this sounds sounds grisly, but actually, I'm an incredible optimist, more than optimist because I had that download thing, where I experienced the future human. And so I know, it's a fact, in my DNA, I know it as a cellular certainty. And that's why I started to teach around it and create a body of teaching so that other people could remember the same knowing and that would that it would hold us. So it's my goal, really the jinkies to remind us and hold us through the change so that we know that we're heading towards something beautiful. And that will give us hope in dark times.

Alex Ferrari 54:41
Richard, I have to imagine that you've been doing this for a few years now. So I imagine at one point or another someone raised their hand and said This is absolute BS. This is malarkey. This is who hula What do you say to skeptics about this? Because I'm sure someone listening right now like These guys are out of their minds. What would you say to that? But first of all, if they're still listening, why are you listening? You're obviously curious. So what's going up? But what would you say to somebody who's skeptical about all of what we're talking about?

Richard Rudd 55:12
What would I say? I'd say, you know, I don't know what I'd say. I'd say, Why are you still here? You know? Why are you watching this? My all time favorite? Because, you know, I used to look at my reviews on Amazon a mic for my books and stuff. Oh, you know, book, when you first bring out a book and you're like, curious and, and you're really upset when you get a first bad review. And my favorite all time review, I can't believe I'm saying this on with you. It just was two words in it. It gave one Stein it just said baffling crap.

Alex Ferrari 55:47
Well, actually, that's, that's a fantastic sentence, you gotta get a cake by packs a punch.

Richard Rudd 55:52
It's really, I mean, it's just beautiful. And I really wanted to have a dialogue with that person. Because I just I respect that kind of view. Actually, I understand that seem crazy. But I think once you've had some awakened experience of some form, everything begins to change inside you. And, you know, you can't explain that to someone who hasn't had a glimpse themselves. Because you just can't there's there's, there's, there's, it's, there's how you're going to get across that divide.

Alex Ferrari 56:29
It's kind of like trying to explain to somebody, you know, the first your first love, if you've never loved anyone, and you're trying to explain to somebody about love, you sound like a maniac. You sound like you sound insane. But there's this thing, and they're like, no, like, you just really can't even comprehend it. So you're right. And I think that once you do, you know, just for my own, you know, for lack of a better word awakening that I've had things slip different to me. patterns start to appear, like I've spoken to Robert, Robert grant so many times in the show. And we've had a lot of personal conversations about it and seeing patterns and how they interconnect with other things. And the goal of what I do is because I want to see the whole elephant, most people just focus on the tail, or the foot or the trunk or the ear. But I'm trying to connect all the points to get to the same truth. And the thing I keep seeing again and again, is that everything you've talked about align with some of the great Yogi's, I've spoken to on the show, spiritual masters, quantum physicist, all of this all connects. And that's what's fast. And I haven't heard one person really come on and just go so off left field that like, no, no, no, our DNA is actually made of cheese. And like, I haven't heard that yet.

Richard Rudd 57:50
You know, what's beautiful about the image of the elephant? Like while you're looking at your Yeah, because you're talking about that, you know, you only see one person only sees one part of it. And yeah, if you if you dive deeply into anything enough, so even if you only look into the trunk of the elephant, but you look deep into the trunk, and deep into the microscopic gene, in that trunk, you will actually see the whole elephant in that tiny fragment. That is what it's like, wow,

Alex Ferrari 58:20
It's it's so beautiful. If you if I may quote the, the matrix, one of my favorite movies of all time, and the scene where meals walking into see the Oracle and is in the waiting room with a little like, Buddhist child, and he's bending the spoon with his mind. Yeah. And he's like, how do you bend the spoon? He's like, first you must believe that the spoon was not there. But when you understand the truth, that there is no spoon. Yeah. It's so profound. It's such an action and a Hollywood action movie, which would never get made today.

Richard Rudd 58:52

Alex Ferrari 58:55
Absolutely. So, so, so profound. Richard, what are some of the, you know, we've talked about the Gene Keys so much, what is some of the biggest challenges people have with using them? Like there's obstacles of like, not being able to connect with the material or, or the ideas?

Richard Rudd 59:12
Well, I think it's at the beginning, you know, Chinese have a, have a saying difficulty at the beginning. And it's natural, you know, because you come in and it seems a bit overwhelming and the concepts that you have to get your head around. So what I say to people, I'd say, this is not knowledge. So don't come towards it. Like you'd go towards knowledge, which is what you learned at school, what we all learned at school knowledge, knowledge is something that's put into you. And this is not something that's been put into you. This is something that's here to access wisdom. And wisdom is already inside you have wisdom has to come out. It has to be catalyzed or triggered or awakened. So the gene keys only purpose is for you to go towards it gently and be patient And then use the art of contemplation, and then it starts to awaken inside you, it starts to trigger your own wisdom recognition. And so it's a very different way of moving towards something, because you don't grow up, you can't grasp with your ego mind, you know, you have to just allow and let it it's a bit more of a romance, you know. So you come in gently and you, you come in and you let it, you let it percolate. And you let you savor it you don't, you know, if you're, if you get lost, that's okay. But we're always say in Jinkies, because we do a lot of online retreats, which are really popular and ways of connecting with each other and following the teachings and got couple on right now, with sort of 1000s of people in them. And and what we say to people is that Kira hadn't been able to do the thing I'm left behind and was like, no, no, you can't be left behind. You're just where you are, by your bet you, there is no left behind, there's just the pace at which you're moving. And that's natural to you. And so, so just trust in that pace. And that's where I teach, you know, this art of contemplation, it's a, it's a slow, you want to get wisdom, it takes time. You want knowledge, you can get it quickly, you know, as fast food. Wisdom is slow, slow burn, you know, because it's inside, but when it comes out, it awakens something inside you, you know it. So it is a process of revelation is a process of awakening. And that's what jinkies is all about, really. So. That's what overcomes that first like trepidation of like, oh my god, there's too much I don't understand this dance. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:45
Well, it's kind of like, you know, when you're going in for that first kiss, you know, with that first kiss you like, if you go in hot? Yeah, it's not gonna go if you go in aggressive and hot, which is basically your ego mind going in and going. Ah, that's Whoa, no, that's not that does not work. Any young, any young men think, or women Listen, you're gonna match time that you're gonna miss time that you're gonna bump heads, the nose is gonna hit. It's not it's not a good thing. But I love the idea of the romance. Because it is something slow and you're feeling for it, you're not thinking. Because when you think you're off, you're done. You're done. It's when you feel that moat. And when and using the analogy of the first kiss you feel when it's right. The other person is signaling when it's right. And it's it's this slow process when you finally go in and kind of roll that's the term romancing it, romancing it out of, of inside of you.

Richard Rudd 1:02:46
It's why I use poetic language a lot. Because I'm a bit of a poet myself. So I use in all my books and writings, a poetic language frame, because it's that that's what it you know, it's not poetry, but it's just it. It's more about the sound and the kind of that sense of like, just enjoy the language just let it in like birdsong. You know, you don't analyze birdsong. You just let it in. And then it starts to kind of find its way in into your mind and into your emotions and into your body. And over a period of time, you actually start to have these little mini awakenings or these insights, or these breakthroughs, sometimes called epiphanies, you know. And that's how you enter into the jinkies teachings. So the same way that the same thing that happened to me, I had an epiphany. And so that's, that's the way I know, of arriving at truth. And you go in gently and use it, you allow it to seduce you. Yeah, so it's a soft, it's a soft approach, as you said,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:53
Very, , very soft approach. I wanted to ask you one thing about the gene keys, frequency and vibration. What does that play in these ideas of the mutating gene, the evolution, the kind of evolving of consciousness or connecting due to wisdom? What does that have to do with frequency in vibration? If anything?

Richard Rudd 1:04:14
Well, yeah, it's the foundation of the whole language of the gene keys is called a spectrum of consciousness, you know, which are these words that are arranged in these layers, these three layers, shadows, gifts, cities, and it's, it's a way it's a way of organizing the quantum world through language. And so they are bands of frequency. So a shadow frequency, you know, if you've if you track your shadow frequency, it always keeps you in victim loops. So you can look at their gene keys that relate to your your shadow patterns might be you know, reaction let's say you have reaction, a shadow of reaction and that reaction keeps you In a loop, because you're reacting emotionally through that kind of old memory of panic or fear or anger. And that's a level of frequency, and it just keeps you in, in the shadow frequency, and it draws other shadow frequencies towards you. So it creates, you know, entanglements and relationships with the same energy. As you start to transform those freak those shadows, and they become gifts, and they become creativity in your life, because that's what happens, you become incredibly creative. Then suddenly, your the VISTA opens up and you realize you've you've shifted frequency, you know, DNA is operating at a different level of frequency. So it's emitting different light signature. And that attracts different like signature signatures, it attracts, does it not so much, it attracts other people operating at the same level, you know, so it tracks easier relationships, more beneficial relationships, people who are successful in some way or fulfilled, and then your whole kind of your whole world, your whole world begins to shift. And then the highest level, I guess, the city level is, you know, it's where you start to draw in, like teachers really embodied teachers or teachings that enable you to access and embody more of those higher heightened frequencies, like really high frequencies in your life, and then you begin to kind of those high frequencies begin to guide you from inside you. And they connect you to a much broader destiny, a Dharma, you know, that is sort of your highest purpose, you know, so I think we have levels of purpose, you know, and to live your highest purpose, which is the purpose of the Jinkies, to help you, that's the name on the front of my book, you know, embracing your higher purpose in life, and it's not, you know, there's these layers of purpose. So you, you're gonna have a kind of a lower purpose and middle purpose and a higher purpose of your life. And, and you want to be in that high one, if possible, you want to be moving towards that one. So opening up this language of frequency starts to entrain, you starts to change the way you think about yourself, the way you see it, you start to see yourself as one of those X Men, you know, X women, you start to see yourself as filled with potential. And instead of trapped in some kind of victim loop that you think you can't get out of you believe you can't get out of. So it changes the fundamental nature of your reality, through doing the deep contemplative work, that's, does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:43
Oh, it makes all the sense in the world, and it completely connects to everything else I've learned from the Masters I've spoken to is in regard to you're essentially talking about a version of the law of attraction in a very basic, basic way, I hate to use the Law of Attraction, since it's been so bastardized over the years. But that idea of we create a reality. That's an old concept from the Vedic times, that we create our reality. And you're just kind of breaking down how you do that. So the thoughts and things like that, but once you did you start attracting the correct, yeah, I appreciate it,

Richard Rudd 1:08:19
You, you have to do the shadow work. That's why the law of attraction sometimes doesn't work for people. Because you can't, it's not enough to just have a nice thought pattern, you actually have to go into some uncomfortable uncharted areas of your psyche, and do some serious mining in there, and transformation. And then after years of that the law of attraction starts to kind of really open up inside you. But you can't bypass that inner work. You know, and I think you see that a lot in the, you know, in the New Age kind of stuff that people are bypassing that work and, and sort of, you know, so so it doesn't, it can't really operate. You know, I call it the law of unseen grace, which is, which is what the law of attraction is built on. So it's, it's deeper, in a way, an unseen Grace's where you don't realize that you already have right now, everything exactly as you need it. That's unseen grace. So the moment you harvest like, oh, wow, so this shit relationship that Kant is actually perfect for teaching me exactly what I need to transcend it is the perfect teaching, you know, and it's, it's trying to show you something is trying to lead you on a transformational journey so that you can change, you know your frequency, but you've got to go into the very thing that you're you want to avoid in order to get to the prize. I love that that's kind of Shakespearean as far as I'm concerned.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:54
Now, Richard, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Richard Rudd 1:10:00
Well, I think it's something connected to simplicity. It's something very connected to being in the body being embodied, and the love of the body, and the love of the love of the form. So the love of the things of the world, you know, it's not necessarily all about transcendence, even everything I've said, it's about the love of each step along the ladders of frequency, you know, fulfillment is is, is here now, it's not in the future, you know, so it's all around us. So we have to, we have to harvest it in a contemplate. That's why contemplation is a beautiful art, because it helps us harvest that fulfillment, that beauty that is around us all the time. And contemplation also slows us down a little bit different from meditation, it's more whole system, you know, so you do it when you're awake, when you're walking, when you're moving. It's a way of life. And it might include meditation as well, or mindfulness. But it's, it's an approach that allows us to harvest that beauty that's around us. So I think that's, that's the foundation of fulfillment for me.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:16
Now, if you had a chance to go into a DeLorean and go back in time, what advice would you give Little Richard not the musical star user.

Richard Rudd 1:11:27
As like, I've already given it to him. Said, you know, I would say look, the two things that I have learned, right, that are most precious to words, and they're really one, gentleness, and patience, you know, gentleness with yourself. You know, so that, and patience with yourself, because it you know, all the places where you hurt, or you feel stressed, though, or the wounded parts of yourself, that's what they most need is you to be gentle with yourself, and patient with yourself so that you can heal on this journey. And those two qualities are like, they may sound soft, but they're like, they're the most intense discipline, you know, to be gentle with yourself so that you don't, you know, you're you don't judge yourself too harshly, you know, to soften to open your heart again, that's like, that's an amazing thing to be able to do. And it goes with patience, you know, because patients means you don't push you don't, you know, even if you even if you're impatient, you can be patient with your impatience. It's like, it's you just take you're just learn to be easy with yourself. And then things happen quicker, you know, your growth happens quicker.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:49
How do you define God or Source?

Richard Rudd 1:12:51
I guess, you know, I bring it all back to love reading and bringing it back to love. That's like, the Sufis have an old way, an old equation, you know, it's the lover, the beloved, and love. And those three, that's the equation like the beloved, the beloved, the lover, and love, love is the thing that connects us. And this creation is the Beloved, we're the lover, but you can also spin it however you want, you're also love. And, you know, everything is about being a lover, you know, for me, like at every level. So I'd say that that is as close to God as anyone can ever get is being a lover.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:40
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Richard Rudd 1:13:42
I had a I had a regression once. I'm gonna answer that quickly. And she took me back to the beginning of things. And I was right back at that point, I said, the birth of my soul, you know, and she said, Well, what, and when you came in, what was your purpose? And all when I heard that, I started to laugh. And I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed, and then she started to laugh. And you know, as she was, and we both were just laughing and laughing, because that was all that was the answer. For me. It's like the purpose. You can't ask that question. Because it because the answer is laughter.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:32
That's amazing. That's amazing. Richard, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing with the Gene Keys?

Richard Rudd 1:14:39
Yeah, they can easily come to And there's all kinds of stuff there. And also my YouTube channel as a lot of good free stuff. Gene Keys again, and one beautiful thing. It's a free app. It's a contemplation app, though created called the triple flame, and it's free and it's on the app. store. And it's really fun, I think I think you'd enjoy it actually, Alex, it's it, it. It's got lots of meditations and things on it for me that are really, you know, short and long and all kinds of things. But it's, it brings you every three hours for three minutes. And it gives you a pause, it asks you to pause for three minutes every three hours on the 3 6 9 12 o'clock. And it also tells you how many other people are pausing using that. And so it's it's the beginning of a pausing community, around the world of people who are pausing to contemplate, and it's really beautiful, because it slows you down. It makes you a more poetic, contemplative person, it reminds you that that's who you are. So it's a kind of lovely thing. And it's a nice way to kind of get in touch with some of my other stuff because there's a lot on the app that's just free.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:54
It's been such a pleasure talking to you, my friend, it's I know we can go down many more rabbit holes. And we and we will absolutely do that in the future. So I appreciate you and everything you're doing to awaken our planet and to turn us into X-Men. So I appreciate you.

Richard Rudd 1:16:10
Thanks, Alex. It's a pleasure for me to really lovely to meet you.

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