The Most Powerful Energy Healing Technique with Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, is a visionary and a pioneer. With over 40 years of experience in the field of energy medicine, Richard is the best-selling author of ‘Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal’ and ‘Your Healing Hands – The Polarity Experience.’

While attending Christos School of Natural Healing in Taos, New Mexico in the 70’s, Richard discovered the power of working with energy and hands-on healing. This work led to a wide range of further discoveries as Richard began to explore all the energies around his hands. He eventually met an awe-inspiring healer named Bob Rasmussen, who had an extraordinary ability to heal people’s bodies with his hands. Richard began apprenticing with him and this is how his work was born.

Richard founded the Quantum-Touch organization more than 20 years ago. The organization currently has more than 1,000 certified practitioners in 50+ countries around the globe. Their vision and mission is to help improve the health and quality of life for many people using simple, easy to learn energy healing techniques.

With his expertise and passion for sharing the message about hands-on healing, Richard has travelled around the globe to speak at medical centers, conferences, and chiropractic colleges. He was faculty at Heartwood Institute and the Holistic Health Institute.

Other books written by Richard Gordon include:

* ‘Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human’ which explores the convergence of science, technology, and the power of the human energy field.

* ‘The Secret Nature of Matter’ — a fascinating investigation of the profound relationship between matter and consciousness.

* ‘Hacking the Law of Attraction’ — a fresh perspective on the Law of Attraction.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. (Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association) endorsed Richard’s work, calling it, “The first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.”

“Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.” – Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch Organization Founder

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Richard Gordon 0:00
The religion of science is everything can be measured. Everything can be quantified. And well how much do you love your wife? How much do you love your kids? Tell me the number. How do you quantify that you can't!

Alex Ferrari 0:22
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Now, have you ever been interested in energy healing? This is the episode for you. We have on the show, world renowned energy healer, Richard Gordon, and Richard and I go deep into the weeds on his process, how he's been able to help 1000s of people through his healings, and so much more. So let's dive in. I'd like to welcome to the show. Richard Gordon. How you doin, Richard?

Richard Gordon 1:19
I'm doing great. Good to see you.

Alex Ferrari 1:20
Good to see you as well, my friend, thank you so much for coming on the show. I am fascinated with your work, sir. And your book here. Quantum touch the power to heal. I wanted to have you on the show because we've had other healers on the show before talking about different different methods and techniques. But yours is interesting because you're you deal in power, power, or energy healing, and quantum touch. And we're gonna get into all of that. But I have to ask, how did you get started down the road of this kind of world? I'm assuming you didn't, you know, just fall out of the womb. Hands hands ready.

Richard Gordon 2:01
Actually, I never would have believed I would be in this field. To be honest. Because I grew up in an atheist household. I became a non theist saying, Well, I don't know what's true. So why am I going to be against something I don't believe is there. And my health was getting really bad. By the time I was 24. And I went to a doctor, and he was my inspiration. I have to give it to him. He said, You got a lot of symptoms, but let's wait to get worse. And then I can treat you. And I thought all right, the guy knows nothing. So let me study. So let me study Holistic Health. And I went to a holistic health school. And some women from California showed me something called Polarity Therapy, which is really amazing stuff. And I got into that. And I was just seeing miracles, just miracles. And I thought, wow, so I wrote this book called your healing hands of clarity experience that was translated into 10 languages. And a few months before it was in print. When I was just feeling on top of the world, the young published author, I was like 29 years old and really excited. And it was 1978. And I meant I went to the seminars, my friend said, You gotta go to this seminar. This guy's never taught a class before. He's been doing it for 30 years. And it's amazing things. So I went to the class. And here's this big, morbidly obese board grandpa, who's telling tall tales, I don't believe anything. He's saying, I don't believe a word. He said, Well, I just taught people the bones move back to alignment with light touch, always worked on a tumor, and it just dissolved under my hands and 40 minutes and, and there was a time the child broke his leg and the leg came back together and an hour and a half. And then he's, you know, walking around the pool the next day, rah rah rah. And he's telling us crazy stories. And of course, I just dismiss it all. And then my girlfriend gets up to the front of the room. And I'm sitting four feet away, or five feet away. And she has a major scoliosis in her back, and he touches her hips. And he does this breathing body awareness that I teach, and the hips just roll right back to alignment right before my eyes. And then he touches the base of her cranial bones, and they just roll right back to alignment. And what Mike draws on the floor. He goes up and down her spine for like, seven, eight minutes, and half the scoliosis was straightened out. And in the course of the day, I saw I could move uneven cranial bones and you lift up I had actually studied this at the holistic health school where you measure you know, the occipital ridge. And if one side is much higher than the other, no one really has a good technique, but I would. So I tried this and I was able on the first day to get the bones to move to alignment without force. And that just blew me away. And then I started seeing all kinds of other miracles I apprenticed with Bob Rasmussen, the older gentleman took over his retirement, and then radically evolved his system evolved it to the point where we can now explore the intersection of matter We're in consciousness in an empirical way. It's not just all the extraordinary healing we do if see, parents, okay, I'm making, jumping around, but it's kind of fun. I'm making a documentary now with one of the producer directors of what the bleep. It's a five part series called The Galileo Project, check, what would happen if somebody had visible paradigm changing information before the world was ready to see it? That is the premise. So we're interviewing all these top luminaries in the field? And in one of the segments we have, how do you show healing in a documentary without just dismissing it? Because you can always find people actors who will say anything or faith healers or placebos. So the idea was, we work on infants. And so there were these twin girls, with their parents. And I'm on, I'm on a long distance call with them. And I can only see myself I can't even see what who I'm talking to. And these girls have an inability to fall asleep. They're one year old, and they can't fall asleep. So I'm giving the Father the basic quantum touch instructions. And there's, by the way, there's no attunements, or magical symbols, or it's just breathing and body awareness, love and intention. That's how we work. Nothing esoteric about it at all, except that it's looks like magic from the outside. So while I'm giving this Two Minute Talk, and they're feeling their body, and they're bringing your awareness through their body, and they're linking it to their breathing technique, the father picks up one and the girls are going, and they're whining the whole time. And I'm talking, and then father just picks up one of the girls holds her in his arms. And I happen to say, I've seen children who have difficulty sleeping, suddenly go out, like they're dead to the world. And as I'm saying this, I'm told the girl totally falls asleep, and is dead to the world, right on cue. And the camera zooms in and sees her just sleeping. So since then, the parents have been using this approach for naptime and bedtime, and the children are sleeping perfectly fine. And so this is how we are showing that energy healing is real, but it goes way beyond energy healing, when you start to explore it. You see, the the computer scientists are always asking what is self awareness, but in order to have self awareness, and this is part of the myths and it's so obvious in retrospect, you first have to have a self. They don't know how to program itself. They know how to program some level of awareness. So to move the chess piece, but it's still a zombie and it doesn't care if it wins. The toaster doesn't say I make toast therefore I am it has no self. So what happens is, it's we first have a self and the self has desires imagination will intentions, projection, access to lifeforce energy, law, all kinds of things, but it starts with a self and the self is an entity. And this energy that we're using, I like to call it the lifeforce energy. The Chinese have called the Chi the Japanese called a QI the yogi's call it prana. There's 70 Odd cultures that have given specific names to this energy, I just think of it as the animating current of life. And because it doesn't function according to traditional physics, meaning you can do distant healing, and work on somebody other side of the world as easily as working on somebody right next to you. So it isn't electromagnetic, cause electromagnetism and light fall off with distance. This doesn't fall off with distance at all. And your love is actually a real thing. It's a real thing. And we are entities we are beings, and not just bodies and physics. So the traditional scientists think that everything will be explained to math, physics and logic. But the truth is, is that they are they've, they're not even examining the great mystery and the great mystery is who and what are we and what is love and what is their intersection of matter and consciousness and our and the bridge between science and spirituality, not religion, but spirituality, the connection to Source. Now, religious people can be very spiritual or not at all, depending on their connection to Source or non religious people can be very spiritual, it really doesn't matter. What matters is the connection of source and because science refuses to consider this and study it for financial reasons, and I had my great awakening when I gave a talk a couple of years ago at the University of Arizona. I got to speak to a roomful of scientists, which is unusual for a person in my position,

Alex Ferrari 10:03
I was about to say that must have been a hell of a hell of an audience. Hell of a room.

Richard Gordon 10:09
It was it was extraordinary, because I somehow got invited to come to this lab meeting. There are all these, you know, postdoc, PhDs there and the head professor. And they said, Well, where did you find and how did you get there? So all right, here's my history. And I went through it. And then I said, This discovery led to this discovery led to this discovery. And now I'm going to demonstrate and they say, well show us I said, All right, so what I did was I found people his hips were massively unbalanced. Where it is really obvious, if you get your eyes love with your hands, if this side is higher than that side, or the cranial bones run balance. So I had the measure each other, and three or four people would measure each person. And these were really good cases, because it's really easy to say, okay, my right hand is much higher than my left. And there's just no doubt about it. And I found I could put consciousness into a physical object, we have these pendants that we've meditated on. And I would touch somebody on the shoulder with a pendant, use my preferred magic word coin, and I'd say such a shoulder and say, boring. And then they'd measure if it's totally level, the measure the occiput. And instead of being off, it would be leveled again. And then, after doing it six times on the seventh person, I said, All right, you hold the pendant, and have a strong intention to cause alignment, even though you don't know my work, or how I do it. Just use the pendant touch their shoulder, or their head or their nose, or wherever and just touch them with the intent and say, You don't have to use the magic word. And the guy just focuses does it we measure it, it's all perfect. So that was the result of I think it was my fourth book, The Secret nature of matter, exploring the intersection of matter and consciousness. So after they, they saw this, they got really excited. And for the scientist said, I want to research and publish this, you're just blatantly like this is exciting. I want to I want to research this. And we then they bragged about the MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, and something I never even heard of, you know, some fantastic equipment. And so they, they were really enthusiastic. And then one of them said, but if I do this, if I if I publish, I know I'll never get tenure at the university. And then number two, three, and four said, Yeah, this will be academic suicide. And then the Head Professor chimed in and said, unfortunately, there's probably no university in the United States or Europe, that's open to what you have discovered. And then he compared me to Ignis, Samuel wise, Gregor Mendel, James Lind, William James Gallo, Giordano Bruno, and a host of others who could never be appreciated while they were alive, and said, Good luck. So I decided Screw that. And that's why I'm hoping to produce this document entry called the Galileo Project, which will be out in less than a year from now, but not much less than a year. We're still shooting it. We've got Roger Nelson around the pear Lab at Stanford, we have physicists, we've got some different scientists who got HeartMath got a whole bunch of really extraordinary people.

Alex Ferrari 13:22
You know, what's really fascinating about your story is I've had I've had multiple physicists, scientists, neuroscientists, on the show, talking about their different expertise is, but what I find interesting is that science or spirituality and science are intersecting in ways that have never really happened, at least to our knowledge in our in the history of humanity, it because now we're things that science is starting to come coming to be aware of the yogi's have been talking about for 2000 years, or the Chinese have been talking about for 2000 years, or other cultures or other, you know, spiritual practices have been literally talking about this, the concept that we're all energy. And as a general statement, has now been proven by quantum physics. And as you go as far down into the atom as you can, there's literally empty space. So we're not exactly technically solid, which is a difficult concept for people to understand on a physical level because they're like, if I punch my fist to the wall, it's gonna hurt the wall is solid. But when you start getting into the quantum mechanics of it all, we're now we are energy, we are flowing energy, it's just really injured and then you start getting into all these other things in regards to your thoughts, your mind, what energy you bring towards you and all that. Then you start talking about, you know, I've had I have had spiritual masters on the show that talk about their, the vibrations of the human being and where their consciousness is. And based on that is what is attracted to your life. And there's so many different things. What's your take on science beginning, very rudimentary beginning to come to grips with the a lot of these concepts have been around for 1000s of years, they're starting to be able to prove or even investigate and make it okay to investigate these things.

Richard Gordon 15:34
It's still rather iffy for traditional scientists to step out of line, because the money that funds the university system is is very tight, and materialistically based. So the assumption is, everything will be explained through math, physics and logic. And if you break the model, they don't want anything to do with you. So some, some fringe scientists are willing to go there. And what I discovered was an empirical way to explore the intersection of matter and consciousness. And what happened is he first in basic, quantum touch. And this is like an essential human skill that every family member should know, every friend should know this, how to use breathing and body awareness, I can teach it to people in minutes to start becoming effective, but with more training, you get better. So how do you run the energy through your body and, and that's the foundation of it, then we have level two, where you bring you continue doing the exact same technique, but you're bringing it all up to your heart chakra. And you're projecting it with intention from the heart chakra, using, it's not just body awareness. And it's not just breath. It's the synergy of your breath, your body awareness and your love. And we project that. And then we can do this distant healing, or you can be doing distant healing, while your hands are also touching, you're doing both Simon taneous Lee, and then one of my students turned me on to a bone behind the nose and is called the sphenoid bone. And it turns out that if you can send energy to the sphenoid bone and give it a little mental turn, then all of a sudden, spontaneously, the hips and the cranial bones align at once that's considered physiologically impossible. Then I was sitting in LA at the bulletproof cafe in Santa Monica. And I heard I was drinking coffee. And then it suddenly dawned on me. I was wearing a sweater, I play golf in the morning, I pulled out a golf tee out of my sweater, what would happen if I meditate on the golf tee as if it was a person? And it's a really dumb thought. But I love dumb thoughts. So I tried it. And I meditated to align the sphenoid bone and put that information into the golf tee. And when I handed it to somebody, it instantly aligned their hips and cranial bones. No, that can't be true. And I did it 10 times it worked out all the time. And then I said, Well, what about this plastic lid? That was on my coffee cup without work? Yeah, work just as well. What about a pebble outside glass, plastic, rubber, any kind of material? I could find work. So I ran 58 experiments to find out what the limits of it were. And I found out for instance, if you boil water for 20 minutes and cooled it down, it will still hold the information of that energy. But what about water that had evaporated on the lid of the pot that I collected? It had lost the information. When it changed state it lost the information. Water turned into ice loss information. But I turned into water maintained it. I wasn't making up the rules. I had no preconception of what was supposed to happen. So I was the perfect person to do the experiment because I have no idea what to expect. Let's just see what happens. And I get yes or no.

Alex Ferrari 18:50
Now did you? Did you see that documentary about the? I think it's Japanese Doctor Who did the water? Yes, that's the water experiment.

Richard Gordon 19:01
Yeah, unfortunately, Dean Raiden of Noetic. Science did research on dr. Emoto his findings. And it wasn't pretty. Because what he did was he and he eventually took the video down because I think they probably got too many complaints from it from numerous people. But what happened was, he had 1000s of people meditate on a bottle of water that was on a live camera feed. And there was another bottle of water 10 feet away that nobody could see. So 1000s of people were sending their love to bottle a and then they took 50 slides of frozen slides of A and B and they sent it to him then he put them up randomly for 1000s of people to say which looks prettier A or B A or B A or B and there was an emotional effect but it was like 1% bias toward the one that everybody had meditated on. Now if I have 70 cents in my pocket and say I have $5 million that's called line And so what sort of Emoto essentially had done is he so exaggerated his findings, he just did cherry pick. And he took pretty pictures and ugly pictures, but there was an Emoto effect. That's the exciting part. Everything he said was true, but exaggerated. So we do affect but we do affect the water. But you don't get the like the really gorgeous picture and the and the messed up picture, you don't get that you get something where 1000s of choices of A and B, there is a bias toward it. But what isn't subtle is that you can send your love, you can use your breathing water, your body awareness and intention. And you can make massive physiological changes and other people, we used to have a, we still have all over the world support groups where people would do quantum touch on each other. And they'd invite a new person in every week that they'd have their meeting. And they kept seeing miracles. And they said, well, we can't keep calling it a miracle if it happens all the time. So they came up with a new word, and they called it a normal that when miracles become normal, we just accept that this is a normal, this is just how life works, that the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. And because we haven't been using this incredible resource of x, I'll just call it activated love. Where we're combining these elements of our consciousness to help the other person's body accelerate its own healing. Here is the principle. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, either the lower frequency comes up, the high wind comes down or they meet in the middle, this is resonance and entrainment how vibrations come together. When a practitioner, a skilled practitioner is working, the holes are really high vibration, and the other person's energy has to match your vibration, then their own body and spiritual intelligence does the healing. I don't know how to help anybody, I don't know how to heal the cell. Nobody knows how to do that. That's like beyond human consciousness. But the spiritual intelligence of the system knows how to do it. An untrained person who might have just taken some Reiki courses or something, what they'll do is they'll bring the other person out, but they'll be coming down to match them. And they may feel tired or drained. Now the publicity says that's not supposed to happen. But when I've interviewed hundreds of Reiki Masters, about half of them told me they do get tired or drained from time to time. That's, um, necessary, it doesn't have to happen that way. So we just use breathing and body awareness to lift ourselves to a higher and higher field. So we never come down to match them, they have to come up to match us. So we'd like to say the definition of a healer is someone who was sick and got well. And a great healer was someone very sick, who got well quickly. Because ultimately, the body heals itself, you don't heal anybody else. That's the illusion. That's Hollywood, I'm going to drain myself, like, you know, a Green Mile or 80, or something, and I'm going to give my vital energy to you. And I'm sacrificing myself, you know, no, no, that's just silly. What we do is we raise ourself up to become more, and we let them match us. This is why it's so incredibly elegant. And we have practitioners and physical therapists and chiropractors and body workers of all kinds coming to quantum touch and being blown away. Because it's a technique without a big ego, meaning that you can combine it with anything else, you know, and get better results if you do something.

Alex Ferrari 23:39
So it's interesting, because I think, to bring this down to a level a lot of people might have a better understanding of is, when you walk into a room with a bunch of people in it. You can many times if something negative has happened, if two people have just gotten into a fight, though, they're quiet, you feel the energy. When you meet a sleazy car salesman, you feel like taking a shower afterwards. When you're in the presence of someone who's a little bit more spiritually enlightened, or a little bit farther down the path. You feel their energy I've been I've had the pleasure of being in rooms with, you know, movie stars. And you sense they're the energy that they come off and you're like, Oh, I get why they're movie stars. It's just there. They radiate a certain thing. They radiate a certain energy that it's not quantifiable like you can't, you can't, you can't put a math problem to it. But that's kind of the energy you feel and then you and then there's people that you love being around because they make you feel better. And there's other people around that you feel toxic, they're toxic. And either you have to maintain your energy in a toxic scenario, or you come down to their energy and you just, you feel horrible when you're there. That's a little bit of An explanation of just energy in general. And I think most people have felt that in one way, shape or form.

Richard Gordon 25:07
I think that's a really good example to help people reconnect with that idea. One woman who had taken my workshops, she worked at a horrible job, kind of like the Department of Motor Vehicles where everybody's cranky and angry all the time. And which, and she came in such a good mood that morning, and she decided what she was going to do was she was going to take that good energy and do distant healing on the whole office. And then she heard the most bizarre conversations, like one woman says, Well, I don't know why I'm in such a good mood today, nothing good has happened. And really good. And then I had, I used to have a hobby of I was living in LA. And I need a lot of up and coming actors. And this woman's complaining, she can't get any jobs, bla bla bla. So well, let me show you some techniques. So I showed her how to increase her charisma energetically, and how to raise your vibration before she walked in. So when she's having those, like 100, that, you know, she's good, there's one mile size aura, and she's coming into the room. And she says, Hi, guys, you know What's with her. Now, she's not prettier than anybody else. But there's something about her because her field is so strong, just wonderful expansion of energy that she's holding. And to be able to have these simple skills that you could work on, you could do healing work on your loved ones, even on yourself, we had hundreds of stories of burn cases where people were able to bring down the pain really fast on themselves or other people. And then with COVID, we had to take all the testimonials off our website, because the powers that be won't let us let people tell their stories anymore. So how did you turn the website?

Alex Ferrari 26:51
So how do you do that? So how do you do what? Give me an example?

Richard Gordon 26:57
Well, what happened is like we had a whole page like 40, or 50, burns stories of people who had to dealt with like massive burns, and they're all unique stories and totally different situations. And then we just took them off the website, and we did redid the website with a great expanse, to just, we've put them over somewhere where people don't have access to them right now. Because the Fauci powers that be so you're not allowed to talk about this stuff anymore. So we're experiencing that kind of crushing energetic of the culture. But I say screw it, I'm gonna make my documentary. I'm going to show people what's actually true. And one of the great secrets of the documentary is everybody watching it will be able to do everything I talked about.

Alex Ferrari 27:43
So is there any? Is there anything that you can show the audience today? A basic, of course, the thing they got, they can take away?

Richard Gordon 27:51
Of course, yeah. So see if you can feel your hand or a finger. By putting awareness there, can you bring more sensation to your hand or finger, breathe deeply, and bring that awareness into that hand. And just concentrate on it as your breath as if you're breathing through it? Do you feel tingling, or vibration, or heat or coolness are some more sensation, if you can bring sensation, what you've done, as you move your consciousness to that area, you become more aware of your physiology. But because the energy follows thought, that tingling or vibrating sensation is an indication that you've also brought energy there. Now that tingling isn't the energy itself. And when, and the Karate Kid, I wrote the book before the Karate Kid came out. And then he does the healing. You know what that does, when you rub your hands together, it's not static electricity, and it's not an electrical thing. It's that you brought more awareness to your hand. You see, now you're feeling all the cells all over your hand. That's why it works. Now, you can do that without rubbing your hands too. And you can do it much more powerfully by developing the muscle of breathing and body awareness. So we teach people a whole series of breathing techniques and have them link it to body awareness. So you're moving it all the way through your whole body, you're catching all the chakras of your system. So you don't have to worry about what color of energy what quality of energy you're putting out because you're getting all the all the qualities of energy because you're moving it all up through all the chakras. And then when it comes out your hands and we see these these crazy things happen you know somebody in one of my classes regained your hearing so many one of my classes so like, I put my glasses on, I couldn't see what time it was in the morning. I had to take the glasses off to see what time it was. Because their eyesight did change so much. She just got a session for sinus pain, but it helped her eyes because the body intelligence and the Human will go where the body is asking for it, not where you think it should go. So the body and spiritual intelligence is beyond our human imagination and understanding. We don't have that the understanding of how a cell heals itself, or how DNA heals itself. They don't really know how any of this happens. We're speculating, we're, we're like, we're not caveman. But we're really in the dark when it comes to understanding how these things function. And the truth is, is that it's so much the mystery. And the reason they won't make the kind of progress that they could, is because they're assuming that that lifeforce energy isn't real, because you can't weigh it, measure it, put it in a formula, therefore, it's not real, because the only things real can be to math, physics and logic candidate doesn't fit math, physics and logic, we must dismiss it. Because that's the that's the religion of science. The religion of science is everything can be measured, everything can be quantified. And well, how much do you love your wife? How much do you love your kids? Tell me the number? How do you quantify that you can't, you cannot quantify the most important things to us, which are the connection to our love. That's the most important thing for everybody. That's why people are trying to get fame and money and sex and all that they're wanting the love. And they may be poor substitutes are great. They're great at times, if they're connected to the love or shallow if they're not. So that's why people are so lost. And part of the lostness with people is they're disconnected from their own inner harmony. They're disconnected from their source, and it's reflected in music that no longer has harmony, or messages that are uplifting and connected to source. Now, that's not all music, of course, but much of the music now is rhythmic intensity, of bravado, of sexism of violence of ego issues, rather than, ah, yeah. What and so a lot of younger people now cannot sing Happy Birthday on the same key. Because they're not they're tone deaf, they've lost the ability to hear melody and harmony as being significant. Therefore inner harmony is lost. Because to hear harmony and feel harmony are very similar. They're very closely related.

Alex Ferrari 32:38
There's there was a neuroscientist that I had on who, who said something really interesting that they were studying how electricity, electrical, electrical energy passes through our bodies. And they would like literally take a take a instrument across. And funny enough, do you know where the most conducted areas of the body are for energy to go through? No. First one was right around here. Okay, whichever, right here and the third eye, top of the skull. Like it started going, it was just all the chakras, exactly where the shock was, is scientifically they were just like, and this is a neuroscience very well respected neuroscientists just going, Hey, man, this is this is what I'm seeing. And this is, you know, quantifiable, you can actually see these things. There's really an interesting concept about how energy is and I also wanted to ask you, you talk a lot about breath work. Can you explain to the audience the power of breath and what we can do with it? Because I'm sure you've heard of the Iceman, the guy who who goes into the off Wim Hof. I've, look, I've done the technique. It works. I mean, it works. And it was a really expert. It was really an I did it for as an experiment to see the power of breath. And yes, man, is it powerful people just don't understand the power of bread. So can you talk a little bit about that? Yeah.

Richard Gordon 34:15
Well, the breath is more than just breath, because as spiritual entities that we are the breath has access to this lifeforce energy, this prana the chi and so while Wim Hof doesn't really talk about that very much because he entered surrender modes. And because he's using taking the breath to the limits of how far how much oxygenation you can do the oxygenation is kind of the physical version of the lifeforce energy, but the lifeforce energy doesn't require massive over oxygenation to be able to utilize but it does help to move prana through the system. The breath and the prana are similar are so closely related. And so when we're doing healing sessions on each other, we're not quite doing a Wim Hof breath. But at times we're doing a fire a variation of a fire breath, which is similar to a Wim Hof breath. And we're also keeping like when he's climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it's

Alex Ferrari 35:24
In shorts, and like flip flops or something in the winter

Richard Gordon 35:28
And flip flops in the winter, while the ski patrol is coming down the mountain and they're down coats, and they're see people playing the guitar, and walking up the mountain in their shorts, and drinking beer and laughing and having a good time. While these people are coming up, they are all still doing exaggerated breathing the whole time they're doing it. Well, when we're doing quantum touch, we're also doing an exaggerated breathing, we might do like a four, four count or a one six count, it's very. We can beat to the nose or the mouth, but you want to move maximum air but you don't want to get dizzy. And then we're doing firebreath, we're doing a lot of different breathing. And sometimes when you take the energy up as high as you can, and your hands are vibrating like crazy. And then they seem to start leveling off, you might want to do a firebreath and bring it up to another level. So Norman Shealy, the founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association tested me. And after working on his account, and his secretary and his nurses, and everybody was getting better. He said, Well, you know, maybe they liked you, or maybe they would be nice. I want to give you tough, tough, tough my toughest cases. So we brought in a whole group of people who had never held been helped by any tradition or alternative method with massive pain. These are major pain cases. And what he did was I trained for because other people, all five of us sat around for an hour at a time working on each one of these people, because I know they were going to be tough cases. And one of the points and all them had between 30 and 70% reduction in their pain. That was last night two weeks later. Anyway, Norm was working on one woman and he was holding her head. And he said, Oh my god, the vibration is so strong in my hands. I said, Yeah, that's how it works. And then after about 20 or 30 minutes, he said, I don't feel anything in my hands. I said, Great. Take your hands away. He said, vibrating like crazy. Now put your hands on her. So don't feel anything. Exactly, she has matched your vibration. And then Norm said, I get it. He said you can't give a person too much energy. As that's exactly

Alex Ferrari 37:38
You can't OD cannot OD on energy.

Richard Gordon 37:40
Oh, you can't, you can't do it. And so then he said something that I still is one of my aspirations in this lifetime. 100 others, he said, I want to see 24 hour a day quantum touch sessions given to every critical patient in every hospital. Now that's going to look like Star Trek science fiction. Because the more a person is suffering, you know, when the battery has a 10% charge, it looks like a miracle when you bring it up to to 80 or 90. When the battery is 90%, you don't even notice if it gets to 100. And so when somebody is in really depleted shape, and you got one or three people, people doing an energy healing session for them for an hour, it's going to look like a miracle. And if you could do that, you know, 510 times a day, it's going to be crazy, miraculous healing. We've seen this in so many 1000s of situations, even I even showed students at University of California, Santa Cruz on the basketball team, how to work how I could work with injury. And we saw I documented every session gave every report to the coach before you know, after the person had signed it before the session and after the session, how long and what their pain was and all their notes. We saw on 100 sessions, and an average relief of 50% from a 10 minute session across the board. And he wrote a letter saying in my vast experience, I've never seen anything like this blah, blah, blah. I've one of my students told me that there is a professional baseball team using it, but they won't admit it because they don't want other teams to know. There's a professional football team and other one of my students told me there's a professional football team using it, but they don't want anybody to know, because it's their secret. It's called Quantum touch. But don't tell anyone. But this really helps people accelerate their body's potential for self healing. The healer was the one who was sick, and we were just helping them accelerate their own self healing mechanisms through the energy.

Alex Ferrari 39:44
So if you have an injury, let's say or a chronic pain, that doesn't want to go away. Yeah. How would you approach healing yourself in any aspect.

Richard Gordon 39:55
Okay. All right. There's there's two sides to it. The first is If we could do energy work, so you a woman comes to me with massive sciatic pain, she cried yourself to sleep every night. Okay, this is easy. I'm in a cafe, I don't care where I am, I just do it anywhere. And I spend about six or eight minutes working on her sciatica, I expect it's gonna like handle it. And it didn't at all, because about one out of eight or 10 times, you might need one or 20. But it's you're just not going to be able to make the progress energetically. So what I did was I have another entire system I call self created health that helps people discover the emotional causes of why something is in place. So I helped her figure out what she's in extreme emotional pain and anger about by not using some paint by numbers system. Well sciatica means this and knees mean that no, that's paint by number. What I did was ask her simple interrogative questions. And within four or five minutes, we knew exactly what the issue was had to do with your ex husband and blah, blah, blah. So I gave her a little bit of homework, okay, now release the intensity of that pain. Just let yourself feel the pain as an emotion instead of in your head. She slept like a baby and didn't have any problem with sciatica. And so she's started running with that ball, like, Oh, my God, I can let myself feel my emotional intensity. So the energy healing is, is absolutely brilliant, up to a point. And there's about maybe eight or 10% of the cases. It's not what the it's not the answer to the question. And maybe I'll get one woman who was one of our top instructors, she came to my first class I taught on self created health, which is what I call my system took me 30 years to develop that system, by the way, but she did having his hip pain that just kept coming to her. And, and the quantum touch would relieve the hip pain, but it always came back. And then while she was asking herself off the questions, I had developed, like a series of simple interrogative questions that anybody can ask anybody else you can ask yourself and write down all the answers verbatim. As she's answering the questions for the very first time, she gets the download, oh, my God, that's what it is. And she got the insight because all the conditions are holographically. Mirroring emotions, you didn't want to feel we live in a magical holographic reality. And so the scientists who are materialists want to say it's a hologram from the future with advanced aliens or, or humans that have? No, it's a spiritual reality. They know it's an illusion. So they have to come up with a physical explanation saying it's a simulation. Well, it is kind of a that a simulation. But it's a spiritual simulation, but because they can't go there, because that's taboo, to consider that as how the reality works, then they just don't go there. Because it's an unacceptable answer to the question. But I find their physical answers unacceptable.

Alex Ferrari 43:07
So let me ask you, because you were saying something in regards to letting go of emotion? Can you explain the power of what we think and how we feel on our physical health, on our ailments on our diseases, things like that, where, I mean, someone famously said, If, okay, if we if we, if we had a person in our life who spoke to us, like we speak to ourselves, we would want them out of our lives very, very quickly.

Richard Gordon 43:37
What people would do that, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 43:38
Most people do that. So what is the fellas as its negative talk that we do to ourselves,

Richard Gordon 43:43
But what happens is, the body has the ability to be sick, not as a dysfunction, but a communication from your own higher consciousness. So the suppressed, hurt, anger, shame and guilt are the big four. Whenever you suppress an act of emotion of anger, it has to be expressed, and it will be expressed through your health, your relationships, or your successes or lack thereof, you will contact the outer reality is a mirror of consciousness and your body is one of the best feedback mechanisms. So when you suppress the hurt, and you don't want to feel the hurt and your body is hurting, when you express the express the anger, and you've got you know, it's funny, I read this article years ago, I hadn't thought of it long time. But cell biologists studying cancer cells describe the most virulent, dangerous malignant cancer cells as being looking very angry. suppressed anger is the expression of cancer and the cancer patients are known to be the nicest people in the world prints of of Hello, too good to be true our technical terms they use in hospitals to describe The cancer patients, because they're so nice, What's eating you? Oh, nothing, just my cancer. So what happens is when people suppress the intensity of their emotions, then they express, I had one guy come to me a couple of years ago, who had a business failure of unprecedented proportion was like, unbelievably painful. So I tracked it back. And we saw that he had had two other failures of his business, equally bad. And so all right, well, let's take that back further. And why don't you see what I do is I ask a series of questions that I get 3040 replies, I asked them. And then I, I look at the most graphic reply, like, what was there a situation that had some of these elements, and I'll feed a few back where you felt like you were being stabbed in the back? And this? Well sounds like my relationship with my ex or something? Or when did that happen? I was 20 years ago, when this condition started, was there an emotional situation at that time, where you felt hopeless, like you're being stabbed in the back, and well, it sounds like my situation, my father or something. And so let's see if it fits. And I'll walk through all 40 of their replies one by one. And they all match the condition that you want to feel. So this guy, when I tracked it back to his childhood, this business failure he had, which were two others before, in the last 40 years before he had had these other two failures. felt exactly. And I can't even imagine this, the way he felt when his drunk father was beating his mom, knowing he would be beat up afterwards. I can't even imagine that kind of pain. But that's the kind of pain he felt from this business failure. Why does he have it? Because he didn't finish it. So it's Groundhog Day, you haven't finished this. You see, we want to come back to love, we want to heal we want as spiritual beings to complete our mission here, and have beautiful love and connection. And so we keep repeating the story over and over again, oh, man, you're just like my mom or my dad or something. Because we want to heal it. That's why especially younger people in relationships are always dating their parents, either identical to the parents or are dead or identically opposite to their parents. But there's still hold holding that rope, they're pulling on that rope. And that's why we do it, not because we're stupid. But because we want to heal the relationship because it's a very beautiful thing, in a very sad way. We're unconscious. And the biggest human blockage is the unwillingness to feel the intensity of the emotions. So everybody starts, like, they're all standing in shit up to their lower lips and don't make waves, we're all going to be normal, we're not going to feel too much, we're not going to get too angry, we're not going to get too sad. We're not going to fully express and you see the islanders, you know, where somebody stays on some remote island for six months. And then when he leaves, the people all feel the need to put their head on his shoulder and cry fully as fully because I'll never see you again. To completely feel it all. But we're civilized and we're will be normal and will function like atomic Hans, become more and more deadened. As time goes on. And I'm seeing the dead mean of the society. When I was growing up, I mean, I'm I'm 73. Now.

Alex Ferrari 48:30
You look fantastic, sir, by the way.

Richard Gordon 48:33
Well, no, I did. I, my trainer today had me doing about 140 Push ups. So I'm not doing too bad. When what happened was, I see when I was, you know, when Star Wars first came out in like 77 or something. There was no obese people in line. Now it's normalized, we have to have at least one or two of these people that all the sitcoms or TV shows because we have to normalize it. And we're not allowed to say, you know, you're really carrying too much weight. Now. That's fat shaming. Now, we're not allowed to even tell the truth about the fact that we're eating crap. And we're not uplifting ourselves as a culture, we're actually becoming much worse over time, where people are more and more disconnected from themselves. And there's where's the passion, enthusiasm, creativity, exuberance of the society like wow, this is going to be so exciting when we move in these directions. Why are there no hospitals? Why why are there no universities in the world studying lifeforce energy, it's right there. They could look at it. But the money says no, everything has to be, you know, drugs or surgery or implants or some kind of thing you sell. It's got to be saleable. But how can you sell breathing body awareness and love? You can't sell it, it's not marketable. But if people want to empower them, so So I really encourage them to study some of the stuff that you're talking about that I'm talking about, because it empowers you. And it can uplift you and provide a whole new avenue of exploration. I've had countless people tell me they changed their career after even reading my first book, because it's set them on a whole different life path of possibility.

Alex Ferrari 50:22
Well, I mean, for me, I mean, I've seen just the power of what you eat, to heal yourself is totally massive. And you know, when I was being raised and growing up, all all bowed down to the medical establishment, and they're the ones that are going to save you. And I always tell people, Look, if I'm shot, don't rub a leaf on me.

Richard Gordon 50:47
Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 50:48
I need an emergency room, I need some surgery. But for long term care, and chronic things. Just changing your diet, is I took my wife off of all of her when I first met her, in her 20s. She was on like, three allergy medicines, and like Flo knees and other things like that. And, and I'm like, is it like calling, you're gonna be on these, like, I'm gonna be on these for the rest of my life? I'm like, No, you're not. And I just changed your diet. And in 30 days, she got off of all of it just by changing her diet to one organic diet back then. And it's slowly but surely she was able to she was here, but she's never dealt with it again.

Richard Gordon 51:33
Of course. Now, one small suggestion I can make is, it's very hard on your body to try to go from A to G. Like, you can't jump seven steps. It's the same, you know, just go two steps, maybe maybe three if you're really pushing it, but you can't jump eight step ups or 10. So the body doesn't respond well, to find it overnight, change things. What I have a wonderful suggestion that can change your life forever. And that is every week, make one small change that you'll never go back on. So okay, well, I'm never gonna eat Twinkies again. Okay, that's just my thing. Or I'm gonna just, I'm just forever. I know, I gave a lecture one time to a room of physicians. And the only one who was obstinate and didn't want to pay attention or practice, anything I was showing them was a woman physician in the back of the room. And her lunch consists of, I swear to God, a pack of Twinkies and a can of Coke. That was her lunch. Wow. But she had been to med school, she graduated med school, and she's a can of Coca Cola, and a package of Twinkies. And that was her lunch. And she didn't need to learn anything. Of course, I don't think she lasted this long. But bottom line is if you decide, just make one small change every week, oh, I just learned that vitamin d3 would be good for me. So let me get my blood tested and, and find out what the proper dosage is. Fantastic. That's one tiny change one little tiny pill every day. You know, if that's what you need, make one small change, just a tiny change every week, look for what would be a little better than I'm doing now. Well park a little further away and walk, okay, whenever the tiny changes, you decide to make that change, and then forevermore, I'm always gonna stick to that change, it's actually a very easy thing to do. But if you make a 2% change a week, in a year, you're 100% different. And the next year, you're 100% Different and next year. So you know, I'm adding so many things to my coffee. It's silly nap. But it's even coffee because it's, it's a concoction. At this point. You know, I go into my coffee shop and buy a big bag and I'm I'm putting this I got my thing that spins inside the I'm just making my own thing. But it's a very small change. But it these things add up. And especially when you get older, you want to not only maintain your vibrancy, but you want to get better, I'm much stronger than I was in my 20s I can hit a golf ball much further than I could when I was 3040 or even in my 20s. So you can you can actually change the course by not developing hardening of the categories. You decide to keep growing and becoming more and making your own discoveries.

Alex Ferrari 54:29
When we say hurting other categories, what does that mean?

Richard Gordon 54:34
The assumption that everything will be explained through your assumptions that your assumptions are enough to have the open mind to say, hey, there may be things that I know nothing about. Like I knew nothing about lifeforce energy. I do nothing about the prana the chi i thought i was completely of the opinion that We will understand everything through math, physics and logic, like the rest of them. And but when I saw things that just couldn't make sense that were so outlandish. So for instance, I gave a talk at something called the Smart life forum in Silicon Valley, where there were 100 scientists and other people fascinated with growth. And I demonstrated that I could align people without touching them. And so I did a few up close demonstrations where people say, Well, would you like me to align the whole first row? And so hey, why don't do the whole room? All right, I never tried that. So let's do it. So I did it out loud. And what that looked like, I didn't know I could do it, but I just tried it. what it looked like was, I'm looking at everybody in the room, just kind of, like I'm reading everybody there. I'm just having a deep intention to include everybody in my consciousness. I'm doing this out loud. I'm sick. I'm looking around at everybody to include you all. Okay, now that I've seen everybody. Now I'm gonna close my eyes. And I'm gonna merge you all into one iconic person, like, this sort of mannequin

Alex Ferrari 56:05
Avatar, almost like an avatar?

Richard Gordon 56:08
Yeah, yeah, like an avatar. So I just merged everybody into one iconic person. Then I said, Okay, now I'm gonna do the alignments that took like, three seconds, it's gonna move the scenery bar, more like that was done, okay. And then all of a sudden, we had about 10, or 12, people in the room said, Oh, my God, my neck stop hurting. And my science has opened up and make it, you know, and My back feels better and my shoulder opened. Because as that simple shift of the sphenoid, behind the nose and eyes, moves the hips on twist the cranial bonds on twist. And that, by the way, is a permanent alignment. That takes two seconds. And so one of the things we're showing in the documentary is, I'm sure everybody watching it, how to do that technique. And it breaks physics. In its traditional form, because there's no way without force see chiropractors use force, osteopaths and physical therapists use pressure. But they all use some kind of deep energy, physical energy to cause the alignment of the cranial bones and hips and usually go out and again, in three days, I can wave my finger and say boying and do it in one second. And it's done. And you can check them six months later.

Alex Ferrari 57:28
Richard, do you meditate by any chance?

Richard Gordon 57:31
Yeah, I meditate. But it's not. It's not like I used to. It's more like, my mind is so quiet. Normally. I've had my brainwaves tested, I'm very abnormal. I'm living in delta and theta all the time, like the deepest states of sleep and meditation. So like last night, I had a difficult question I had to ask myself, and I didn't know how to find an answer. So I just stood there, emptied out and said, All right, how would it feel to go this way? Where that time feel good? How about if I go this way, whether or that feels good, so I asked him a second time, is doing this way. No. Does this way feel good? Yes. All right. Now, even though I have my concerns, I made the decision. This was just me simply tapping in. So you can go into active meditations where you are asking questions or opening up or you can just meditate on the depth of your love. Or you can just go empty and do empty meditations where you're just just quieting yourself. But that's sort of an automatic for me to have that quietness. But the thing is, are you in tensioning? That's a word to, to connect with the the deepest, most wonderful aspect of yourself, let's call it the deepest love the deepest gratitude, the deepest connection with your ideals and principles, to align yourself and have that integrity to be aligned with your deepest principles and desires? Or can your desires be aligned with your principles? Wow, that's powerful. Can you set your priorities, so that your alignment is a full expression of who and what you wish to become? That's powerful. And so if the meditation takes you there, yes. Now, a lot of people use meditation as an escape, or relaxation. I approve the relaxation but not so much escape. I hung out at a Buddhist community for a while. And I found out a lot of the people were just so afraid of their emotions, they found a spiritual path where they don't have to feel anything. And so they're hiding behind the Buddhism so as not to have to feel the intensity of the rage and the depth of the hurt and the sadness unfathomable. Pain, and the shame and the guilt that are buried in suppressed emotions. So I'll just like to let the thought pass through me and I don't have to go there. But it's still going to be reflected in your consciousness because you can't vary an emotion and hope that it dies. When you bury emotion, there are some book titles said you're buried alive. And we always buried these emotions alive. So it's, it's no good just to meditate, if you're still holding on to the depth of that current anger, shame and guilt, because it will still have to express itself.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:38
Right! Right. Now I'm gonna ask you a couple questions asked all my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Richard Gordon 1:00:47
Well, I have a few. I'm on a professional level, I want to see a bridge between science and spirituality to occur, I want to see a complete paradigm shift of the materialism in science. And I want to see a post material science exist on more of a personal level, is to exemplify my own love and creativity and half, have my community of people and the loved ones, to find an ideal to be in an ideal relationship and to have to be an inspiration to myself and others, primarily, that's my own personal quest. So I'm on my own personal quest, but I have my, my more to the World Quest as well. And then I'm thinking that there are some very large projects that would require billions of dollars that I'd like to be involved in, I have some ideas of what they are right now. I just don't have access to that resource out if somebody wants to hear about them. And you have resources we can talk.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:53
And why do you think what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Richard Gordon 1:01:59
Have fun.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:01
Enjoy this, enjoy this ride.

Richard Gordon 1:02:04
Yeah, it's like, you see what is fun? That's not an easy question. Fun, is connecting with your higher self, connecting with the deepest part of your love, to be living your integrity, to have the honesty, integrity, the self responsibility and the trust, to do things that are aligned with yourself. So that you can actually have that depth of fun to really enjoy and celebrate this space. That's what it's all for. And the purpose of this is an evolutionary journey, to grow and be transformed to heal to, to discover who we are, and what we really are. And not just the money making, you know, or, or fame seeking or our sexually, you know, whatever, it's to become more, because I believe we're on an evolutionary journey. And then beyond humaneness. There are realms that go on forever or beyond the physical human form, and the reincarnation of the of the soul that's that we move past time, space reality into places where there is no time. And you experience yourself on a massively different vibrational level than we do now. I think that's what it's about.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
And where can people find your book, your books, your courses and find out more about use.

Richard Gordon 1:03:40
There are five of my books now, they're all on Amazon. And I don't know if people still shop for books anymore at the bookstores, brick and mortar places, but you can find them. But if you're interested in becoming more and studying energy healing, I encourage you to go to quantum and explore learning it or becoming a practitioner or even becoming an instructor and inspiring 1000s 1000s of other people to do this, because it's a human ability that appears to have been lost or forgotten in the past, that transforms our potential to care for others.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:22
Richard has been a fascinating conversation, to say the least thank you so much for coming on the show. And thank you for doing the work that you've been doing. So I truly appreciate you my friend.

Richard Gordon 1:04:30
Thank you. Likewise, I really appreciate your questions too. Thanks a lot!

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