Two NDEs: I Died at 8 Yrs Old & Met the Eternal Saint Babaji with Rev. Bill McDonald

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Reverend Bill McDonald. As he joins us, we delve deep into the extraordinary spiritual journey that has defined his life. Rev. Bill McDonald is not just a veteran or a spiritual seeker but a man whose life has been punctuated by near-death experiences and mystical encounters, shaping a profound understanding of the unseen realms.

In this profound conversation, we explore Rev. Bill McDonald’s first near-death experience at the tender age of eight. He recounts the vivid memories of leaving his frail body, only to be enveloped in an overwhelming sensation of love and peace. This initial brush with death, he explains, was not frightening but rather a serene detachment from the physical form, marking the beginning of his lifelong spiritual quest. “I felt like a million grandmothers were hugging me,” he recalls, emphasizing the intense, all-encompassing love he experienced during this out-of-body journey.

As we journey further into his story, Rev. Bill McDonald shares another near-death experience from his youth, where a severe illness led him to a hospital stay filled with suffering and solitude. Despite the dire prognosis and the harsh treatments, his soul found solace in the form of divine comfort. He describes a transcendent moment of being lifted from his pain-ridden body into a realm of brilliant light and unconditional love, reinforcing his belief that the true essence of our being is beyond the physical.


  1. The Impermanence of the Physical Body: Rev. Bill McDonald’s experiences remind us that our physical bodies are temporary vessels, and our true essence lies in the spirit, which is eternal and boundless.
  2. Unconditional Love as the Ultimate Truth: Through his near-death experiences, he encountered a love so pure and powerful that it transcends any earthly emotion, suggesting that love is the fundamental nature of the universe.
  3. The Power of Faith and Resilience: Despite facing multiple life-threatening situations, his unwavering faith and resilience have guided him through immense challenges, highlighting the strength of the human spirit.

In a particularly striking account, Rev. Bill McDonald narrates an incident during his heart surgery, where he felt his consciousness transported to India, standing before a sacred temple. As his body lay on the operating table in America, he found himself in a physical form in a distant land, guided by divine beings. This experience was not just a vivid dream but a powerful spiritual journey, affirming the interconnectedness of all existence and the transcendence of the soul beyond time and space.

Another profound experience he shares involves a vision of Babaji, a revered spiritual master. During a period of intense physical pain and suffering, Rev. Bill McDonald felt a divine presence anointing him with healing energy. This mystical encounter, witnessed by another, provided a tangible connection to the divine, reinforcing his belief in the power of spiritual intervention and the ever-present guidance of higher beings.

Rev. Bill McDonald’s life is a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that lie beyond the veil of our everyday reality. His near-death experiences serve as profound reminders of our spiritual nature and the infinite love that surrounds us, waiting to be embraced and acknowledged.

In conclusion, Rev. Bill McDonald’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek to understand the deeper aspects of existence. His stories invite us to look beyond the material world and recognize the divine essence within ourselves and the universe. His message is clear: embrace love, faith, and resilience, for these are the true pillars of our spiritual journey.

Please enjoy my conversation with Reverend Bill McDonald.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 136

Rev. Bill McDonald 0:00
There's a part of me to says that body was so ravaged with pain. That body that I left was in such bad shape.

Alex Ferrari 0:19
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Reverend Bill Mc Donald. How you doing Reverend Bill?

Rev. Bill McDonald 0:58
Well, it's a pleasure to finally be on your show, we've talked several times. And every time you call them either just had surgery, having surgery, or an arm recovering from surgery. So it's kind of nice. It's been three weeks out of surgery, and I got surgery next week. So hey, we found a middle spot.

Alex Ferrari 1:16
Little window of opportunity to tell your story here on the show. I appreciate you. I really do appreciate you taking the time to come on. I know you're in the middle of recovery, and you're getting ready for another surgery, which we have, of course, wish you nothing but the best and send you good energy with all of that that you're going on. But the reason why I didn't have you on is you you've led a fairly boring life, sir. Not much going on? Not much, really. I mean, I don't even know why I asked.

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:42
Just a normal, the normal mystical type stuff, you know, that everybody has.

Alex Ferrari 1:47
Exactly, exactly. So so let me so let me ask you for your first question. What was your life like before you had your first near death experience?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:57
Okay, first near death experience was at eight years old, in San Jose in a hospital. And so my first real spiritual stuff was happening when I was like, a year and a half, two years old. I mean, I was making up my own forms of meditation. I didn't know they were a type of meditation. I mean, I do crazy stuff like I would little kid right? I take it, I push my eyelids in. So the fact that gaze would be on my spiritual, it knows the spiritual, I just pushed it in this Oh, I see colors. This is really cool, right. And then I would have visits and guests coming into my world. And I even had an alien abduction, me and my two sisters was five years old. And I talked about that in my, my book. And, and I don't normally talk about those because, but he's not even mentioned, it's the fact that I have two sisters have the same exact memories I do. And when it happened in like, 1950 The next day, we never talked about it until 2005, or six or some crazy number. I mean, it was well into our old age before we were ever even talked about. What you know, memories for me was memories.

Alex Ferrari 3:21
So you so you've definitely you were living an interesting life. From the get go essentially, as far as your as far as your life and your spiritual life. When was your first major near death experience that you've that that can't I can't believe I just said your first major next.

Rev. Bill McDonald 3:40
Ethics. Actually, actually, the one that happened when I was a child was interesting, because when you're young facing death, it's a whole different thing. First off, you're not that far from removed from the cosmos. I mean, you're, you're born you're there, you're still getting your feet wet. And next thing you know you're fading out, but it's not scary at that age. It's like, okay, let's start over let's let's read to. I was eight years old, and I was literally deathly sick. And nobody was taking care of my needs and ignoring me and everything and the school sent me home and then eventually people came and say, This guy's really sick every time I get to the doctor. They basically told my mother and my stepfather that looks like he's probably not going to make it. You're bringing them in too late. So they were prepared for the worst is strapped me on a gurney at San Jose County Hospital has been awarded of the county and they took me off the roll be away from my family and my family left. I mean, people think that's unusual. But back then that was a normal edge like I'm going into hospital. I end up being there about a year and only saw my parents about 10 15 minutes a week, only visitors I had and no school no nothing. So being in the hospital back then and an old wooden building, you know, the old wooden wheelchairs, they don't hold the experience. So my first night there they took, I had, I had a kidney disease real bad kidney disease. And and I had double pneumonia. And my lungs were filled up pleurisy, they call you and you got fluids in your lungs. And I had moms on both sides, and I was anemic. And there was about five other things that cascaded from the original mumps, Mumps started off, and then everything cascaded from that your whole immunity system went down. So they stuck these big, huge needles. I mean, I was young, they looked huge. And I've seen them now demonstrating when they show me needles are still long, when you stick needles into your back into your lungs. They're big needles, they're fat, they're thick, and they're long. But they drained all this stuff out. And it had the it looked like like applesauce coming out. It was just like that kind of fluid. And then they put me in bed all by myself, turn the lights off. And I was left alone. Nobody said how are you? How are you feeling? You know, can we get your teddy bear? Can we hold your hand? Nothing was like, we're done. Boom, there I was for the night. First first treatment I got. And then that nights when something happened, the lights were off. It was totally dark. And first time I've ever been away from home by myself. And I'm laying there in bed and I'm surrounded, I'm engulfed in this room of darkness. And here's the way too dark. I don't ever have a darker night. I mean, it was like you get more light in your sleep with your eyes closed. It was like and I'm laying there. And I feel I have a familiar feeling because by this age already many astral traveling events in my life. You know, I believe in the body astral traveling around which I never thought twice about I don't ever talk to anybody. But I just So yeah, that night to travel, right? You go check things out, right? But no, not inhibited by the body. And you could do this things go through walls. Anyway. So I'm kind of getting that light feeling. I think I'm having an out of body experience when I'm thinking and I'm kind of floating up and the room is getting lighter and lighter and lighter. And pretty soon it's as much light as is behind me now. And then it gets brighter and brighter. It's almost like I'm in a cloud, you know, with the sun porn and on me and, and I kind of have an awareness to look down. I looked down and there's this body of this eight year old child laying underneath me and I'm going well, I feel sorry for that body. Doesn't look too good. The partner realizes that's my body. But there's also the the older me in a spiritual sense, that knew that. Yeah, it's just my body. It's just my body. It's not the real me. The real me is this floating around here. This is me. And so I was at peace, great peace. And then I I was kind of aware of my need for comfort. I mean, I went into this night of darkness with a heavy heart because I was all alone. I felt like nobody loved me. They dumped me you don't want to hurt to talk, you know, ain't gonna make it. And nobody was there was like, boom, put them in a room close the door. Right? So I was needing comfort. And just that thought that was all it took. And it was like all right. Do you know Italians and Mexicans, Cubans and Spaniards? There's a certain thing about Mama's you know, Mama's hug, right? I mean, all of us grow up and it's Mama Mama right? Now, maybe in the other cultures, but I see no the culture, but it's like, Hispanic culture and Italian culture. It's pretty heavy. It's like, you know, it's never Papa who cares about Bob. It's always the mother of his eldest son. I'm having a thought and it's like, it's like 1 million Italian mothers hanging on to you and just squeezing you did it in your grandma, pinching your cheeks. It's one of those kinds of hugs. It's just like, wow, I am love. I am loved. I am love. I'm surrounded by love. I consist of love. There's nothing but love. That was it. That was the entire world just just love it. I'm just I don't know how long there's no time when these things happen. I mean, you've talked to enough people nobody. There's no Time. I mean, it could be seconds, it could be hours, who knows. But it was like, I'm no hurry to go anywhere. This is I'm just bathing this, my body, my soul, my mind, my heart, my, my, my spiritual being needed just to be hugged. And that's what I was getting, you know, it's just, it was it was so beautiful. And, and then

I'm looking at this, like cloud all the way around. It's like I'm fully in a cloud. And I can see that now having flown in Vietnam in a helicopter when we fly through crowds, clouds, I got the doors off of my helicopter. So we're in the clouds and the clouds are kind of in the helicopter experience. And most people don't make experiences actually being in a cloud touch it.

Alex Ferrari 10:49
Oh, it's beautiful. I was I was in it once it was.

Rev. Bill McDonald 10:51
Oh, yeah. Yeah, not great on the pilots, they get vertigo. But for for passenger, it's great, right? So it's that same kind of feeling of like, cloud. And then this cloud turned into this big Tamarama meaning all the way around. Like a back then I called it like a movie screen. Press, you know, movies and stuff, technical stuff, but it was like projected there was this, like a follow all these things that were going on on this cloud. And every one of these things that were going on was I realized was me at some point in the future. Now, older people have a near death experience. What if say a past life we feel? Well, eight years old? I mean, what are they gonna? Do you beat up your, you know, you beat up your teddy bear one day, you know, you didn't eat vegetables. So what are you going to go? What are you going to review? Right? So I'm not getting a review backwards. I'm getting this panorama forward, as it turned out from events, the years and and I'm watching myself in high school, meeting this beautiful lady, girl. Oh, I've been married to now for 50 some years. But I knew that's the person I'm going to marry. And then I saw myself sitting in a helicopter. I didn't know what kind of helicopter was it looked like, in my mind. It was like a tadpole, you know, was a Huey helicopter. It kind of looks like tadpoles. Nobody even invented a Huey helicopter back in 1953 Maybe they were at a drawing board someplace but never saw one. And I saw myself sitting behind a machine gun and I saw these things happening and people shooting at me and events happening and me making decisions and doing things and and then I go forward and I see myself getting married to this wonderful girl that I met in high school and and then I see my children and I see where I live. I see the jobs I have. I see all these events transforming before me. And I knew that number one that too bright, but I find it oh wait, I've seen my future. Therefore I ain't gonna be paying dying. I'm coming back, right? I bet can't have a future unless I'm still here. So I kept seeing these two numbers tossing around. tumbling. And I've ever seen a, a five and a two this was this was a two to 929 It was kind of flipping but sometimes it looked like 59 but two and flipped over he flipped over to looks like a five. So I in for decades of my life. I didn't know what that meant. Because I thought 20 9am I going to die at 29 Something happened and when I'm 59 What's going on? And then some astrologer in India goes Oh no 29 59 as you return your Saturn every 29 years and 59 years, you know you got Saturn coming and going to allow okay, but it still didn't feel right. As as it turned out a future near death experience at monsters before my 59th year was an eye opener. So we'll talk about that later. So anyway, so there was having all these supernatural visions and only way to say his vision. And it all seemed not mystical. Not supernatural. It just felt like yeah, okay, like everybody sees 50 years ahead. Like yeah, okay. And then I just kind of faded out and I found myself back on my pillow. There's a lot more involved on that there really was but just because I got a lot of stuff going on. But when I wake up on my pillow, I mean I was wake up spiritually psychologically aware of I'm back on the bed, because I think it was more It can in divisions that it was late at the body, and then great pain in my body and disease and everything else. But I knew I had a long journey in the hospital. But I also knew that, yeah, there's light, it literally, literally light at the end of that tunnel. And I got these other things I got to do, and I got to catch up on. So that was the major thing. So I came home from the hospital, and I'm home, but two weeks, and I'm sitting with my mother in a flooded room. And I'm not in school, still sick. And we hear this choir of women's sound like women, feminine voices singing. I mean, you know, these beautiful church music you hear like, I don't know, picture a choir of women singing in a church. That's what it sounds like. It wasn't on Maria. But it had that bounce to it. It had that energy to it kind of like, ah, it was kind of like that. Almost like, almost like Catholic church music. It was just beautiful. And we were listening to my mother says, you got your radio on. Look, no radio was on. No television was on no record player was on. And so we thought the neighbors were playing it. So we went outside and wherever where we walked in, we walked the whole block. Volume never went down. We could still both of us here this wherever we went. It never changed, fine. Went back in the house, we sat down and my mother just goes. It's got to be a choir of angels singing for you. And I believe that at the time because it's like, it then took about an hour. And then it just faded out a few days later. I'm sitting in the house, I hear the screech of a car pulling or drain. And I go out in the front of my house. And there's my poodle poodle dog, miniature, and so small poodle, and it got hit by a car going about 40 miles an hour. And it got bounced in the air and it landed up just laying in the street with a tongue hanging out. Literally now the quarter was smelled blood coming out of its ear. And whimpering. I mean, it was toast. It was a glider it was flat. But I wouldn't accept that. I go up and I pick it up and I bring it back into the house. Now, I noticed that you got Self Realization fellowship books and stuff behind you. So there's a chance that maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about recharging exercises that the Self Realization fellowship teachers, and they teach it as we prepare yourself for meditation, you get your body charged up with energy, you know, you just to namak tension, you know, when you visualize energy and and that's great. Everybody accepts that, what they don't realize. And at that age, I had the concept that, well, I'm pulling in energy and I'm doing this. I'm a dynamo, I'm a battery i i can release this energy to heal. crazy idea. But I was nine years old and this a year later, at nine years old and they can No, I can take that same energy. So I did. So I tightened up and and I just put my hands on this dog. And I just focused on energy coming in through my crown chakra and through my spine, and then out my arms into my fingertips. And I visualized light and love and healing energy going through my fingers. And I put my hands on the dog and just kind of did this and it was like he was electrocuted. I mean, all of a sudden he jumps up and start spinning. Because like he got electrocuted. Like you can hear that. You can hear that snap from electrical current was even surprised me. And it ran around live another four or five years. Never took it to the vet was good to go. So that's when they hit 40 miles an hour and flattened to. So people ask what do you get changed by the near death experience? I don't know. I was interesting side effect though. So then I realized, oh, there's there's energies that we can use for good. There's energy we can use for healing. And so then went on to lots of things that what was interesting was a lot of stuff that happened. Almost almost everything that happened in my life for the next 50 years. Everything was I know just before it gets deja vu everything was Deja Vu was like no, so when I went to Vietnam all these guys aren't just scared you know the rockets are going up to a shot and helicopters crashing I don't know. I suppose I seen it already. I know I survive, you know, my get wounded or scratched or something. But I know I survived. So. So supposedly I was this big hero in the war and I got Distinguished Flying Cross Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medals, all this stuff right now, battles are for heroes that were scared. They deserve. They did it. They were scared, but they did it. Me. I knew nothing was gonna happen. I could walk on the battlefield with explosions, bullets going by things. I just did what I had to do, because I knew wasn't my time. I'd been there see how it ends. So anyway, so So first year to experience that's how it kind of affected me there.

Now, did you? What was your first or most intense adult near death experience before you go to India, because I want to talk about India after

Why I had two near death experiences. And one of them is in India, a second one. Just before I'm 59, remember that 2059. And then the other one happened years ago in 2011, when I was in India, had a heart attack, came back to America and then had open heart surgery. And during that surgery, I appeared in a duplicate body in India, which is interesting story. And I had experiences there and a flesh body when being when my heart is stopped and I'm being operated on seven hours. I'm in India, having this experience and that was a crazy one because people don't Yeah, sure. It was a dream validate. So the second one wasn't that difficult. Second one deals with

Alex Ferrari 21:53
Stop for a second, let's go back to that whole I was in his flesh body in India while I was having a heart surgery. You you pass by that? Like it's nothing. It's not. I haven't heard that story before. But you know, and for everyone listening, that concept is very yogic incense, it's something that the yogi's have been able to do have been two places at the same time. Two different bodies at the same time. It's spoken about An Autobiography of a Yogi. It is it is kind of common knowledge in that Eastern philosophy. So but for our Westerners it sounds a little off. So I just love to hear what was the experience that you were going through during that does have an hour's.

Rev. Bill McDonald 22:35
Alright, so let's let's give you the full immersion. First off, in that I've been 20 live and in 2010 when I was in India, standard astral medical vignette stay three, four months, I was I wasn't just a visitor I had stayed really block off some time. And the guru I was staying with at the time said, I want you to go out and get a naughty, na di Di, a naughty palm leaf reading done. And I said I don't believe in Fortune teller. He says, oh, no, no, this is different. This is different. I said no. And I said, No, no, no, no, this is different. You need this, this will help you on your next stage of where you're going spiritually, and I'm gone. So he told me about what it was because I had no idea what it was. I'm thinking you're reading your palms or something no 2500 to 5000 years ago. These 18 I think there was a team of issues is holding men, sages. They sat down and he channeled the lives of future people going to be born over the next several 1000 years, you know, 1000s of years. And they would write stuff down it was written on a palm leaf. You know the hard part of the palm, they take the fronds off and then they would somebody would ascribe it and engrave it. That is shellac it. And it would last for you know, the letter years and then deteriorates. Somebody have to redo it. So consequently sold been redone a few times, which lends itself to errors just by the fact that someone else rebuilding. So I'm told that I'm going yeah, okay, so somebody 5000 years ago, or 2500 years ago, as written one of these for me. Yeah, if you're supposed to have one, you will have one. And the first time ever heard about these was somebody that used to be in SRF. And he formed his own group and Nanda, brother kriya, Nanda. He wrote a book about these things, prophecies and things and stuff. At the time on God. Yeah, okay. I'm not much into it, even though I'm a new ager and a lot of neat stuff happens. But I'm not. I don't chase it. I'm not. I don't need to know why it was at a past lifetime. What this is what that means. I just, I'm very childlike. I just enjoy. Oh, that Okay, that's cool. All right. So in this reading I had and in this read is interesting because you go in there and you don't tell him any information, you just give them a thumbprint. And for your man, you give your right footprint woman the left front, right? And that's all they have. You put initial or number whatever you want next year, so they, we put a call in. And so I gave it went to this place. And about three hours later, they call me and now some places, they may not find that for six months, or or at all, you know, so, but I was gonna sit there and they find it, which is really crazy. Because it can take months that, hey, the guru sent me data, we're supposed to get it done. So it must be here, right? So I mean, because these things are stored all over India, like about 20 different places. So you may go to this place. And and they don't have yours. It's a Delhi and you're in Pune, you know, it's like what? I all I was going all the odds were against it, right? So I go in, I said, I'm personally gonna call his band. And then he pulls out these, it looks like venetian blinds, they're stack it he'll, he'll ask you a question. If you say no, he puts them in white. That's not you. And you go to the next one. So this was on the about the seventh one of this bundle. And I kept saying, No, it was close. But you know, now, say finally goes. Your name start. Your name is four letters long. Well, my nickname the name I go by every day is Bill. Right. So I'm thinking, William on the air. Okay. I'll give him that thought. He's good guests. Four letters, Bill. Yeah. I said, Okay. It says it starts with B. And I go, okay. He says it's B here, or wherever they mispronounced it. But it was like, BIA le spelled it out right phonetically. On this thing, it's, it's all about sounds, it's not so much in English. I didn't know that at that time. He says your name is Bill. He says and your father name was beanies implied that he's no longer around. And your father's name was also the same exact name as yours. Well, I'm William Hector McDonald, Jr.

My dad was senior. So it's exactly the same name as mine. So when he says you had the same exact name as your father, I thought I was pretty good with these guys on a Google search or something? What's going on here? Right. So then he goes, and your mother's name is they blow it? They say Marcella, you know, because it's kind of a tie in Saudi humor. So I finally figured out what he was saying every Yes. And, and they said, so both the parents are dead. Yes. And I didn't know my father was dead till just a year or two before that he died in 1973. In 2010. I don't know my dad. So I finally found out he had died. So I didn't know that information. Just short time before I walked in there, right. And then the guy goes, in order for you to know, this is when you're supposed to have your reading. This is the right time. I'm gonna give you a piece of information. If this is correct, that we're gonna go ahead with the reading. He says, You recently worked on he says, this is this is written here as a play. But this was written 1000s of years ago. He says, It's the guy that's read it the school guy goes, my intuition says you recently worked on a movie. And I go, Yes, three weeks before, and, but not as an actor. And I go, that's true. I actually help inspire the ending I help with the ending of this movie. And but nobody at the ashram knew that. And had I been in there the year before, wouldn't made any sense. And had I been in there a year later would have been not recently not, you know? So it was like, okay, that's right time. Then he goes. You know, birthday is March. And they kind of pause goes between 14 and 16. Is that correct? I go yes. Then he goes. The 16th not the Okay, that's pretty good. March 16. Okay. And 1946 He says, when we're unsure the time you were born, we think it's between one o'clock and 130 in the morning. Now, here's a funny story on that. On my birth certificate was a guest. They know it was between one o'clock and 130 they think they put down 110 or so 115 or something, right? I didn't even know what the right time was. These guys on the reading didn't know what the right time was. The gurus did this thing. Didn't know what the right time was. And he altered the guests about 110 115 and they put that down there. I think it went 110 and eventually 115 They took a guess their guesses as good as mine. They probably know more, right? So I'm thinking there's no way they could have gotten that. And it was the same problem I had on a real birth certificate. So Then he goes and your wife's name is Carol. Girl my dreams, right girl my visions? I go. Yes. And you still married to her? Yes. You only had one wife? Yes, you got two children. A boy, that a girl. That was true. And then he gave some details about my wife going to one of the best universities that go on Cal Berkeley. And if that was considered one of the best universities, my wife would argue with me but like, okay, let's give you that. So it went through 40 different questions. answered yes, all. You write books, you're currently writing a book about you. You know about the Guru's Ashram is saying that you wrote a book about your life, blah, blah, blah, it works spiritual books. You give lectures you give to all that stuff was right on. And then it goes. And you got basically two rules. Oh, really? And so. And so they gave me that? And was Baba Ji, which nobody could be a direct disciple of, but they said Baba Ji. And then this guy was with kind of like, a life version. So then I thought that was the end of the reading that gave me a bunch of stuff. And I took up my wall and I was gonna pay him.

No, no, that was the reading. That's just the index card. So now we can pull up to read on you. I know what I just showed, you know, we got the right guy. So that was bells and whistles I thought was the reading and it wasn't. So six hours later, I go upstairs and they got two interpreters. Because it goes from one language this thing's in and he reads it. This other guy understands that. And he gives a language this other guy that and this other guy gives it to me in English. So I Okay, this is gonna be fun, right? So you might miss a little interest when he should and so it's like, okay, so they go. And they gave me a past life reading. They took one past life that was significant that was affecting me in today. situation wasn't necessarily the last one or order of anything. So they picked one said, you had a former lifetime, a significant lifetime in Sri Lanka. What it is now Sri Lanka. Salone or what were the title was it before she Rwanda but anyway, but your senior monk at an ashram, run by the guy that you're presently staying at his ashram, you read his ashram back then, and and then the guru that sent me for this reading? Told the integrities in a note or telephone conversation, he says, I want to know what his worst sin wives. So So basically, I go, this could be great because I've seen people leaving that room earlier during the day that were crying. You know, one guy who beheaded a bunch of people, somebody burned somebody alive, somebody was adulterous, and a and a crook and a criminal and died. I mean, all kinds of crazy stuff, right? So I've got my worst sin ever. Okay, so the guy says, Okay, I was told to give this to you. I'm gonna take your worst sin ever. You were at the ashram. The girl was a married man had a beautiful wife. And you had a thought how beautiful she was, and you'd like to have her? And I'm going, that's it. Did I do anything? No, it's against your vows. Did I say anything? No, it was against your vows. But the guru read your mind and you were cursed and kicked out. And then your mind got really crazy anyway. So then you spent the rest of that lifetime wandering back on the mainland on India on that the Ganges River the last few last moments of your life according to reading makes great story. last moments of life, I'm bathing in the Ganges I'm going through water and I come up this blazing light like sunlight right on top me. And it's the light of Lord Shiva. But you can't see Shiva if your life only if you're dead, right. So there I am, can be made this latest Shiva and I instantaneously become this rainbow, like a flurry of filament of rainbow colors. And I just, I'm gonna this rainbow light. And then according to the guy doing the reading, which makes great fiction makes good storytelling, lot of camphor. But basically they said, This is how we read every one of your last 30 lifetimes for us we built every lifetime you ended in a rainbow body. And yet you keep choosing to come back to pain and suffering over and over again, forgetting everything you who you were, what you were, and you come back time and time again, to walk and tread this earth to help and assist others. And I go, Yeah, okay, fine, great story. So, they went on and then they went on about telling me what happened before I walked in there, everything happened from birth to the time I walked in there. And that was 100% accurate, I think and how do you know all this stuff, you know, sickness, Army, all this stuff. So he knew everything. So it's kind of giving credibility to his read my past life, and I'm going nice, it's okay. Now, let's read the future. He says that your future is not very long. He says, this is like certain stone. He said, Well, we only see about it since 2010. We only see a decade ago, really 10 years 2020. He says, 2020 you're either going to die. Or Shiva or Baba Ji is going to ask you to stay it's not your choice. If you stay, it's to work. Not for you to you know, play glory, write more books for around, watch baseball games, you know, none of that. Other words, like that's a choice. But 2020 There's something going on. If you're going to leave that will be 2020. So imagine 2020 we're, we're, there was a little story. So anyway, so on the predictions that they made for the future, but those 10 years, everything's set, my death happened, everything they predict. I mean, they predicted some really crazy, weird stuff.

And one of the things they predicted was at a certain date in the future. I was to travel to southern India, and I supposed to go to the special temple. And it's sitting at the foot of some hill mountain place. And I was supposed to get there recognize the place, I was supposed to take a journey and walk uphill, two to four hours, whatever it took walking up this hill, and top of this hill, waiting for me would be the rishis. And they would have part knowledge. And the guy who was that's a strong word, he says, all they're going to do is awaken. This is gonna open the door for you already have this knowledge. I'm going yeah, okay, great storytelling. So anyways, I'm gonna get there. So anyway, that was the background. Now, the next year I come, I have a major heart attack, a lot of beautiful things happen. I see Ritesh wipe vision of him things happen, just skip all that mundane stuff. Because I come back to United States I had up in a hospital in Sacramento, California. And I'm rolling in the operating room for quadruple bypass open heart surgery. And the doctor is telling me as I'm laying naked, on his steel, stainless steel table, but naked, freezing my butt off. And if you ever been in a hospital room, they don't have the temperatures up because they don't want bacteria to grow. Right? So it's always cold. So the 40s 50s I don't know what to demonstrate, actually. But it feels like it's freezing cold, right? I mean, you can see me here's California, Autumn dates gonna be by 80 out through the day and Marty bundled up, right. So I'm laying there and I'm asking the doc, I said, Okay, Doc, what's gonna happen? He says, Well, I'm gonna give you a shot, you're gonna go unconscious, six to eight hours from now, you'll be kind of coming out of it will be through the surgery. And then I'll pull you out of that, that stupor, when I think you're stabilized? I said, Well, okay, so what do you actually do? And he says, Well, we're going to use his bedside manner, we're going to cut and rip up in your chest, and shows me this was this device. It's, it looks like pruning shears. And I'll click cut to ribs. And we're going to hold this thing open, it says, and then we're going to cut and we're going to harvest some arteries in the legs. And we're going to harvest they will

Alex Ferrari 38:49
Horrible bedside manner, this guy has.

Rev. Bill McDonald 38:52
Given me the whole thing here of my eyes are getting bigger, right? He says, There must be good, all that stuff harvested ready to go. He says that I'm going to stop, I'm going to shock you hard to stop it or whatever the how they ever stop it. I can't remember the shock and stop it. Somehow they stop it. So this is I'm going to stop your heart when I'm cutting your arteries. And it goes into this heart lung machine. And we're going to pump blood through that and oxygenated from this big thing. So you don't have to breathe, your lungs will be shut down. Your heart will be shut down. You're going to be artificially kept alive by this machine's going to pump oxygen into you. So I went to the doctor going back if my heart stopped beating and I'm not breathing aren't I did and he laughed to go home Well, technically, well, you know, we're inside. That's my thought. I'm going now they're killing me. They're going to kill me and they keep me alive on this machine. You know the flesh and bloods gonna be kept alive. I get the shot. Okay, stories come in now I know. Never let it Irishman. never lead him to the leading question. So there I am, gives me a shot, he goes count backwards from 100, I get about 96 and darkness. Remember that dark darkness I had as a child is same darkness, except all of a sudden I'm standing in my flesh and blood body. In a patio area square, you know, it's all Cobblestone and everything, but I'm looking right at a temple. And it has, it has this bull out there, you know, outside the typical, that's Shiva temples got the ball, right, you know. I look around and people are bumping into me, and I feel them and they look at me, and they feel me, they see me, I hear them. And what's the first thought I have? Well, before I got here, I had no clothes on. So I got to take a look. And I got close up. So I'm a modest astral traveler, or so I, I replicated whenever I was fully clothed. So I don't know if that's our imagination. Well, but it wasn't naked up saying you're fully clothed. And I got sandals on and looking around, and what was the instructions I had the year before, when you get to this temple. And I knew was at Temple, even though I couldn't remember the name of it. And I didn't read the name. But I knew instinctively that's the temple. And I look up and there's a small path going up this hill. There's some pilgrims walking up there and stuff. And I'm going I got nothing better to do. The guy told me six to eight hours on the atomizer take a journey. Why question is body and walk around it right? I mean, it's hot and sweaty. I mean, it got sweat coming down. I'm feeling the heel grade.

I don't feel myself breathing. So in diverse, I'm not I don't feel like I'm breathing. But I am moving. And my feet are moving the body is functioning. At every once in a while. My body would have movement inside the chest. It was like, there was hands and instruments and things going on was like there was surgery going on inside the body was like, Oh, I could feel that there was things going on. Right? So about two, two hours, whatever amount of time it was. I get to this rises at the top. And there's this grove sitting there. And sitting around are about 18 guys or so plus one. And they got this. It's like Jamaica and all this crazy hairs, you know, braids, weird stuff. weird BEARD dreadlocks.

Alex Ferrari 42:46
Yeah, yeah.

Rev. Bill McDonald 42:47
It's all that kind of weird stuff. I'm going. Yeah, I gotta be these guys. Right? Who else is going to know it all sitting there, John logs. They're on rocks. They're standing there fooling around. There's a campfire there. And there's a mystery person or two there. But also joining this group was this guru that sent me to get that receipt. Right? He was there. And I looked at him and it's like, we don't know what's going on. And so he looks at me and he says, you can you could skip a beat or two, but don't give up heart. What do you mean, don't give up part three a couple of times. And so I'm, I'm there. And there's a part of he says that body was so ravaged with pain. That body that I left was in such bad shape. I mean, it was like my 10th 11th or 12th Heart attack can't remember which it was a bad shape. I'm at eight stents and everything. I mean, it been down that road before. It was like you know, this is pain in the butt. So there was a part of me that just wanted to go. So then this beautiful female voice comes the clouds nebulous clouds, the clouds kind of roller on this hilltop a little bit. And, and then I hear this voice coming from this cloud and this woman's voice goes. And it sounded like and this is a spiritual story. So it sounds terrible to say this, but it was a very sensual, beautiful, feminine voice. Oh, my gosh, she was like, I'm picturing this 21 year old, beautiful virgin lady. Beautiful, Gorgeous. Gorgeous, you know, I hear this voice says, Bill. Just give it up. Just let it go. To stop. You've done enough. You've done what your karma says you're supposed to do. You don't have to do anything anymore. Let it go. I'm gonna give you peace, bliss, joy and Listen, love. Just let go. Just stop, stop the heart start to breathe and just medical. And I'm going wow, this is pretty good. Yeah. You know, it's tempting. I'm going. Yeah, yeah. Okay, you know, it's so then this guru guy that goes with the extra right? He goes, here. He goes back to this skip a, b, or two. But don't give up. Don't give up aren't right. Don't give it up. I don't know why she's promising me. Bliss, joy, love, pain, painless. You know, just beautiful. We promise to meet you soon as you come back. You're going to experience more pain than ever had your life. You're going to have to learn to deal with pain. Because before you get pain, and you just bliss out Delmond pain, you know. But now that gift is gone, you're going to have to learn how to handle pain like a regular person. So you can teach others. Oh, sorry. So even straight. So I stay I get great pain. I leave I get no pain. By this no brainer. No, no, no, no, says no. And you're going to suffer more and more things are going to happen to you. It's like surgeries, things stuff. It's got to be just non stop. Because you have to do this to teach others. I'm going what? So? And then he finally goes, no, look at this. I'm pursuing those clouds. Remember, those clouds were filled with visions of the future. These were just images of faces, children, even animals, old people, young people, teenagers, 30s 40s, Indians, Mexicans, Irishmen, blacks, Hispanics didn't matter what they were, there was 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of faces.

And this guru saying, If you don't go back in this next decade or so all these people will miss something. You know, they don't have to have it. But they will miss something, a gift from you. Even if it's a smile, understanding a healing spiritually, mentally, physically, spiritually, maybe just some kind words. Maybe it'll stop suicide. Maybe it'll be friend, somebody that makes their day maybe it will inspire somebody uses but everyone leaves, people will miss something from their lives. Every one of them have gone. Yeah, but pain suffering. So while this argument is going back and forth for a long time, all of a sudden, I'm feeling stuff going on in my body, right? Like, all of a sudden, it's like, somebody took the paddles through on the operating table. And I'm on this bound, dumped all of a sudden was like shoom. And I'm thrown right back into my naked body on the operating table. I don't know close to eight hours later. And there's someone up my stuff and do all this stuff. Except I got my eyes tape shut. I got this tube down. I can't talk. I can't communicate, my hands, everything. Everything's died down and whatever. I know what they do, but I can't move. But the anesthesia it's 100% More off. It's worn off. As part of me trying to say, hey, you know, and you got another 2030 minutes to go. I mean, putting my ribs together and wiring them literally wiring them up and stapling them and, and then you're stitching here and you're cutting here and to get all this stuff. inside my head. I'm going wow, they promised me pain. But from the very moment that I came back, the anesthesia was gone. And then it took forever closed me up and then they rolled me into Rome and I still got my eyes closed shut it still got the tube and I'm trying to wake up saying in my mind, I'm going Hey, pull the tube out. Hey, you know, anyway, so that was that experience. But here's the main unbelievable. Two things happened after that. One. I get worse. Separation must get better. I get worse. I'm there over three weeks. Usually in modern America. You have open heart surgery, they kick you out four days, five days, they kick you out, go home heal. No, I I'm just five blood transfusions I'm not doing good. And so finally they it's 11 o'clock at night or so 10 3011 and again ready to roll me out of the hospital onto a gurney. Take me downstairs for emergency procedure and do some stuff and and my phone at the bed rings. Somebody's calling it by bedside. I think I don't answer that. Don't ask No, no, I got to answer that. Because I sounded like was that when that cartoon characters with a deep voice, Elmer Fudd. Anyway, my voice was all raggedy in so I insisted I was getting upset, Nick Advancers I answer the phone and it's just, it's the guy goes, this has gone off from India and I go, Yeah, how many graphs do I know? Right? This is like, yeah, okay, identify himself. And then he goes, you could skip a few beats, but don't give a part. And go what? And then repeated it. And I go, what? He says, Is this out, I just asked 100 people here to go to temple to pray for you. I told them I was praying for you, and you'd be alright. Don't embarrass me. Now we just don't die. Right. So anyway, so then, a couple of days later, the other part of that prediction came up and part of the prediction was a stupid prediction. I go, Well, this is the dumbest prediction I've ever seen. When's this gonna happen? The prediction was that I'd be I'd be sitting or standing I'd be someplace. And Lord Shiva. Perhaps as Baba Ji, you know, was like, Shiva and Baba Ji are one, you know, type thing, you know, but I would get anointed by raindrops or water or oil on my head. And I would know I was getting blessed by the one. And I see okay, but that never happened. This is the next year. So I'm laying in bed, the hospital bed. And all of a sudden I look up the foot of the bed. And there's vomiting. no shirt on, but this is in America. Baba Ji was wearing Levi's. barefoot, their shirt had long black hair, shining skin, just like he got out of a swimming pool or some. But there he was. And is at the foot of my bed, which is like six, seven feet away from me right my toes. And he's standing there and get his hands from there. It didn't seem strange at the time, but his hands are over atop my head. And he's pouring oil and water. And he's chanting in some language. I had no clue what it was. But it was very soothing. And this is going on. I'm thinking. I said, if I'm delusional, this is great. Keep it up. This is a beautiful thing, right? This is I can handle this. I don't even have a dream or vision or, you know, Bob, but he's a good one. Right? I thought, okay, nobody believed me. Because this is happening. I've seen it by myself, you know. So then I get out of the hospital. I'm on three, four days, and my daughter comes to visit me. And she says, you know, all Labor Day was there to visit you. Or same day that happened, right? And I said, No, it wasn't. I didn't see Mrs. Oh, yeah, he came into the room to see you. But you had some crazy young Indian guy with no shirt on barefoot, pouring stuff on your head chanting some crazy stuff. And he was embarrassed for you. And he left he thought it was funny. So there, somebody didn't believe any of that noise that was going along. And he came in and saw exactly what was happening. So that was that experience, which was totally different than my first experience. That was my third experience. And then my near death experience number two, which we can talk about happen coming back from Babajis Cave, which was

Alex Ferrari 53:27
Yeah, because I heard about the Babajis Cave. Can, can we please discuss that one as well. By the way, first of all, by the way, before we continue, this is all quite remarkable. We were talking about it as it's very casual. But this is all very remarkable, very mystical stuff that's going on in your life. Your near death experiences are quite unique. What I find interesting about you and and your story is you seem reluctant about it in the sense that like, it's good for fiction, and it's good for stories. So it's not like you've drank the Kool Aid as you will. In regards to it. You're you're still questioning it. You're still like, what's what is this and like I've no pain I rather go with the hot chick in the cloud. That's what I love your storytelling in that sense, because it's real. It sounds real. It doesn't sound very kind of like, you know, it's mystical, but yet with this real Western esque vibe to it. So I do appreciate that. So tell me about your near death experience Babaji's Cave.

Rev. Bill McDonald 54:32
Okay, let's go back to the 29 59

Alex Ferrari 54:37
Real quick before we've continued because you and I are speaking about Baba Ji like we know who he is. Can you give like a quick like 60 sec. biography of Baba Ji and who he is.

Rev. Bill McDonald 54:47
First off, no one is alive that could give you a full description of who he is, what he is, or what level he's at. Yogananda tried and introduced him to the Western world and autobiography yogi. Thank you And basically this avatar has been, here's probably, I've heard from them, the men that I met the Himalayan Mountains, they say he's been here since the beginning and formation of this world, the earth plane, you know, and it was still bubbling over. And he came down. And he's been, he's been assigned this group of souls, souls everywhere. But the group of souls that come to this earth plane, this is his, this is his flock of sheep, basically. And he's been around since the beginning of time. And all these great ones, whether it's Jesus or Buddha, or somebody, someplace along the line, he's visited him and given him meditation techniques and has given him help. He's been there in the ether or in person. And so periodically over 1000s of years, there's been numerous stories of his appearance, and actual even perhaps even some lifetimes where he took a human body for a lifetime to so it's really there's no pinpoint exactly. That was this. This being looks I've had I've had four experiences I talked about the others, I don't so let's put it that way. But for experiences I talked about souls youthful. So it was like his early 20s. Its greatest skill in the world. I mean, the guy's just as in shape, and, but it's always not a big huge conversation, it's always about direct to point connection is just direct. It's an energy transfer. It's like, oh, for example, for I get to the story of the near death, if you got a couple of minutes Sherpas all behind me on the other side of that wall. There's, there's a bedroom that stay when I'm sick and everything. And I had my this was in 2009, I think or 10. I had my first surgery, they removed both my nose and my nose a bit cut off three times get shorter, but first I was caught off as big ugly hole, it was terrible. And they didn't fix it till the next day at another surgery. So I went around big hole in my face for a day, you know, and had a lot of it was bleeding and it was painful, painful, painful. And they finished cutting it off. I went home and, and it gave me these pills to take oxy, whatever they are. And I go I hate these things. I don't need these. I use my mind. But the pain got so bad. I took a half a pill and I thought well, I'll take a pill. I put in my mouth and just say swallow that. pain went away. So I wasn't the pill was me. I knew I didn't need it. So I go upstairs was the daytime and I slept for about four hours I woke up my pillow was soaking wet. And I thought I'd been crying. I go when I went and my cry was a pain that bad what's going on? Right? So I come and tell my wife I said yeah, the sheets and pillows and things went on. I was really been more like a baby. She goes up there she brings down these Bledsoe pillowcase pillows. Throw them all away. Blood blood everywhere. I've been bleeding. Went to bed that night and round that'd be witching hour that spiritual hour between 3:15 Four o'clock, you know that, you know that time of day four ish. The Shiva hour. All of a sudden. I'm awoken by light. I mean right like floodlights light greater should have blinded me light. The room was just vibrating light, the light was vibrating. It was that great of white. And so I'm laying there and I got patches over this and I got an eye, my eyes. Only one eyes open up Skype patches and everything. And I feel that remember that 1 million grandmothers they came back 1 million grandmother's hugging me again. I go, Oh, this is crazy. This is beautiful. Actually. That's an exaggeration because I had no thought process. It was like it's come. It's like, Yeah, okay. We're having Yeah, what is happening again, it's all right. And I see this arm bear arm up to about the shoulder and a hand come out from that wall, the other side, right where my thumb is that there was a hand come out inside. Extending right over my bed. And the hands covered by nose, my face my eye. Right had hundreds of stitches.

And it was like being held by the hand of God. It was just for immense amount of time. I don't know what but it was beautiful. Right? And then I was over. I got up and my wife told me it was six o'clock in the morning my surgery had to drive all with full support. Oh, just a bomb I get it earned a doctor's telling my wife, where are you going to cut a triangle on his head, we're going to flip that skin over, we're going to pull it over, we're going to take stuff from his nose, in here and there. We're going to rebuild this thing. And we'll need seven surgeries to get this thing back. We're going to consider we got a graph all this stuff. My wife says, oh, man, I mean, it was scared her. So do whatever you got to do, Doc. So go in there, and I come out of the surgery. And my wife scares me. And I'm called what must be bad, right? So she gets sent for the doc packages. What do you do? You didn't cut his forehead. You didn't do this. He says we don't want I've been doing this surgery for over 30 years. And the way I did it was the way I told you. He had a graph showing what he was going to do and everything. He says I studied, it took pictures. And then I got in there, I got inspired to do something totally different. And I took a chunk of his shoulder, and I rebuilt it all from his shoulder. And I didn't need to take it anywhere off his face. And I left his ears alone and I use didn't need the cartilage. So I never did it that way before. So anyway, so I started healing right away. I mean, right away. So that night, he gave me a bottle of more pain medicine, like I don't need a doc, no, no, you couldn't need it, you know, as an attorney. So I go to bed that night, and I have the same exact repeat experience laying in bed, that Shiva our Comms Room Lights up and comes out, puts it over my face.

I've embraced 10 days later, I go to get the stitches up. And the doctors kind of mumbling and it goes what what happened was Ronnie says, he says I've been doing this again, because three decades. I've never had skin grow over stitches in 10 Skin grow over stitches in 10 days. In other words, skin, the skin grew new skin and covered all the stitches. dantas really worked out to get some stitches out some dissolve, but it takes him out. He never seen that. So then, a few days later, I get a call I get invited this wedding. That guru was at the Astros at the wedding. We're sitting at a wedding table. And he looks at me, he goes right away. Bill says What happened to you the other night? That you get those guys attention? Right? Okay. I didn't tell anybody what's going on here. He says that wasn't a vision was in your imagination. Was it a dream? That was the big boss coming to hear you. Now he calls a Big Boss Boss. He says look the big boss much as bothers you. So he said that in front of my nine people and I'm going that's I guess the cat's out of the bag. So that's one reason I tell that story is because I got permission to tell that story. I tell the story in the hospital because it was witnessed by somebody and so I tell them a story. There's other bombings, the stories, I tell the one about at the ashram. That's an interesting one. But there's other ones, it's private. You gotta be you gotta be told it's okay. Big Irish blabber mouth. I get told a lot of stories to tell so

Alex Ferrari 1:03:06
So what happened at the Babaji's Cave?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:03:09
Okay, I knew we were going someplace with this. And I'm glad one of us is on track here. So one of the topics they started an Irishman. So I will point out who so I'm going to borrow this case because I read the book when I was in the hospital. Eight nine years old. Autobiography Yogi I'm ready.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:30
I'm going how I'm so you were eight or nine years old.

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:03:33
Yeah, and I read that book. And I focused on RPGs cave it was like when I get to be an adult. And robots and I tried to go to Bobby's cave when I was 18 19 20 21 like on the surface 22 Everything I did nothing ever lived there. It just never worked out it just until I was just getting ready to be 59 years old. I remember from my visions that's as far as my life went was right around 59 You don't have to go on all 59 Maybe that's why I'm ended I got a goal so I'll be 59 in March and I live in November so to go to India in a winter and because I figured you know if I'm gonna die I'm gonna go see bhajis cane cycling I finally get there surreal arduous trip I'm it's really hard to find the place and find the people and there's no guides to take me because there was a wi SS which is SRS Indian group. They're having a convocation and Ranchi, another big city and everybody left but one, one guy. And he goes, I can't give you any guides. He says, I'll tell you how it gets better. I tell you how to get the key. You'll never you'll never find it. And I said no, no, no, no, you tell me how to get there. So he writes this piece of paper or chicken scratch lines could go down the road when the roads doesn't feel like it's gonna go to the left or the right. Well, there's three roads up there, take one of them to the left. Or maybe it's to the right as a kind of struggle. And then then you get to the end of that road, and then it feels right, stop and start walking. And then you'll see some trails, pick one that looks like that's it going anyway. So I go be my buddy. And we traveled this road. And we leave our driver in the car and we start walking up to Bob as his key. Now, if you ever been to Bob just gave it is you need a guide, you really do. We got lost, we're wandering around should just be an hour and a half or so to our shop. To me, we're like four hours going up. So I knew who were last. We finally see the temple. They actually built the temple up, their bodies use temple and it's got a lock door and lock gate on everything. The the ashram gave us the keys to all that stuff away the keys to the cave. And we were all by ourselves, we had the whole place to ourselves, which is rare. I get up there and my heart is just pounding. I know I'm having a heart attack. It's it's just bad. And I'm having trouble lightheadedness. And we didn't take any water. We didn't take any coats. We didn't take a flashlight. We didn't take any matches, we didn't take any candy bars. We're just out for date hike, right? And this is the Himalayan Mountains, we're up at 9000 feet or whatever it is, I have no clue how high it is. But these big mountains are casting dark shadows too. So it's getting cold. But I've been sweating. And then I thought I'm okay, I'm not sweating anymore, totally dry. And number one sign of dehydration. You don't sweat anymore. So we finally get to the cave. And I'm sitting in st Barbara's cave, and arches. And I reached into my pocket and I pull out this list. I had four typewritten pages number 10 have Disha on both sides, and I just have one space between each name. And I wrote down everybody I can remember my life that I was going to give to poverty is thought or prayers for I had I had stuff on there. I didn't remember somebody's name. I see the guy in the army with being at coochie the guy that you know, the beggar on the corner of whatever was the homeless kid. You know, the foster kid, the boss I had the enemies I had the person that hated me whatever it was, I put them all down. I had all these I figured God knows who they are Bob he knows who they are. I can see him in my mind it's all account of Bob's you would know when they were so I had all these names and I pulled the list out and I mentally read the list took a long time. And then I eventually took that list when I was done on the Ganges River. And I ran him there and then at sunrise I lit a match to it burned it to ashes I dropped it on the river so I saw consecrated dead list so all these people family friends enemies that will never go to bother just cave. I took the essence of of their energy and who they were to bothers us cave. That was my gift to them friend and foe it didn't matter. Anyway, so I'm in their business. I feel really dizzy really feeling terrible. We leave my friend is following me which is mistake, I get lost. We're standing on a cliff there's a 30 foot cliff drops off and I collapse and instead of falling straight 30 feet, which would have been a little more bruising. There was covered a couple of outcroppings. So I hit a ledge that was two or three feet out. So but every 10 feet, I hit bone, and then boom and then I end up on a rock boulder laying on my back the boulders like the size of a Volkswagen Bug. I'm looking at the sky kind of like, you know, The Simpsons cartoon starts the Simpsons and it shows the sky. But it was kind of like symptoms, and I'm looking at the sky. There's the clouds and stuff. And I realize I'm moving towards the clouds. And I realized that my heart is not pounding anymore. It's doing nothing. There is no breath. There's no pulse. There's no pounding. There's nothing and I looked down and I see this body laying down underneath. I seen that before. Okay, don't need it. That's my body. I've been to bondages cave. Well, so I need to know. So I'm floating up there really enjoying myself. I'm ready to just keep going. And then I looked down and I see a cobra. I told the story. Being a good Irishman. I've seen some large large Cobra how large it was. I think my wife reminds me the first time he told this story. It was only six and a half feet I think Last time I told you it was 12 to 15 feet it was a huge within. I never saw the head the tail together just came out the grass, crawl over my legs. And when the grass it was the body was still moving. So I never saw the end of tails. You just as good as exaggeration and saying it was six I don't know. excited because I'd love snakes or something about snakes. And you know snakes are the symbol of the Kundalini energy and it's a symbol of all that stuff. And it was instantaneously. My love for that Cobra. Love for the Cobra. I wonder I wonder hold it. Incidentally pulled me back into my body. Got back my buddy that I jumped up from the rock and my friends watching me flutter thinking what is this crazy guy doing right? And then I'm grabbing onto the snake. This is not a team snake. Not a performance steak hasn't been milked, got all his teeth. He's just a wild Cobra. And he's trying to get away from me. And as I got my hands like this around it, because I can't get my fingers to touch the middle of his body. I can't get my hands all the way around it. So it's like this. I have no clue how big that was. But that's, that's a pretty that's a pretty cover. That's a big comer, right? And of course what's bigger in my mind going wow, that's huge, right? But I'm excited. I love it. There's no feel a danger. And I'm chasing this thing with my sandals and bare feet through grass that's about two feet tall. Not knowing exactly where it's at. I keep touching it, grab it and touch it until it ends up slipping behind a rock. We're small by nine foot waterfalls coming down just a trickle. And when I see the waterfall and I see the snake hiding behind it looking at me curled up I stopped and then the part of the book in The Autobiography where Larry Marcia materialize this castle you know in this beautiful palace there. And then afterwards he's told to go down this little waterfall and and wash. Nobody no room said. And that was a thought I had I said wait a minute. This is where Larry Masha came in days afterwards. And so I didn't try to grab the cobra, the Cobra was at home behind the rock watching me and I'm having those thoughts that I'm just I'm feeling this oneness with the Cobra was really beautiful. So me Robin fell down the hill as well. I got some kind of, I got like a poison ivy or poison oak type stuff in India is different stuff. But seeing that you start making wealth. So by time I finally get back to the ashram, I got welts all over my body. I got bruises, I got cuts from fallen, my shirts torn. I just got a t shirt on and it's not cold in the Emily at nights, right? It's going to be dark. And I'm frozen. And the guy asked me how my trip I found it. And I told the whole story really happen the near death experience. You know, the fall in the heart attacks everything. And then this woman interrupts she says she was you know what they say? I said what they say? She says those who have the most arduous journey, the Barbies cave, get the greatest plus. So I'm thinking, let's say died, fell down at a heart attack.

So that was that. So I cut back to America. They said like, before Thanksgiving, I get home for Thanksgiving. I'm having a hard problems and things are going on. I don't do nothing about anything. Except I had this big, all of a sudden had a big bump on my forehead. Just like a month after I get home and I go in and they operate on my forehead spiritual life. And they pull out this big cancerous tumor. And I just thought instead of being like, Oh my God, it was like, How wonderful is that you go to find the guru on the mountain topic and and find spiritual answers and joy and bliss in India. And you come back and then remove the cancer from your spiritual life. I mean, so symbolic, right? It's like, take it right. So then the next month, I finally have a major heart attack again. And I fall down in the garage. Anyway, so I end up dragging myself to the doctor. I told my wife and I failed to oversee the doctor. I've had a full blown heart attack. I drive seven miles. Look for parking spot in emergency. I've tried to find a parking spot emergency during any you gotta go into the parking lot. Come back. I did. I get there. There's 20 People 1820 People in line ahead of the emergency window. I wait 20 minutes I get up there. She says fill out this form. Okay, I go. I said I feel like going into the line with but eight people. She gets it finding after half hour I'm in there at least. And she looks at it. She goes says do you think you have a heart attack? I said yeah, I'm having a heart attack. I got it. Yeah, let me be the judges that sit down because I understand the scope and she goes they see there's this blue light go she goes Code Blue Code Blue Code Blue for me had a Green says sir, you're having a heart attack. I said yes. Why came in. So the doctor comes in. And of course he wants to operate, do all these things and stuff. And I got started complaining. I've been a vegetarian for 60, almost 60 years I'll be I'll be 59 years old and in the next week or two. Right? So almost 59 And I said, a bit of vegetarian. I don't do booze. I don't do drugs. I don't smoke. I don't do sugar. I don't do salt. I don't do tobacco. I don't do caffeine, nicotine, nothing. Right meditator. I look at my body. And then here's 2959. Remember that? The doctor looks at me coldly and goes, No, sir. With your genetic makeup. He says I would have guessed you been dead by 29 stead of being almost 59. Next week. I'm gone. 2959 Because I almost died at 59. And almost 29 Something else happened. It was more of a spiritual change. And now, astrology. Here's astrology when it comes to when I was born in San Francisco, there was a gentleman friend of mine, Paul H O'Brien Jr. and Alice William H. McDonald, Jr, both Irishman both born in the same hospital, within an hour of each other. Our mothers were sharing a room together. But we didn't know that until we get into a school 40 miles away from San Francisco in the classroom, and a fourth grade and he mentioned and we tried to wait. So I looked at that I got what happened to him. So just before all this happened, I asked a class reunion committee, or my friend Paul, Brian was x I wanted to see him they go, Oh, Billy died. And I just before he was 59. So his astrology chart showed 59 He checked out. But he smoke, eat, drink, eat meat did meditate, whole different path. I took a different path. And I survived. So anyway, that's a story to 29 59. And it's a story of the three near death experiences, which are much more detailed. And I could talk all day on each one individually. But that's an overview. And yet none of those were as spiritually earthshaking to me, as my samadhi experience in the rainbow body, which we can talk about anytime you want.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:45
Well, I was gonna, you know, it's so funny, because that was one that was one of the last questions I want to ask you if you can explain what the rainbow body is for because it's it is a, it is a Tibetan concept. It's a it's a Hindu concept. It is it is, is one of these eastern philosophy, parts of eastern philosophy is to religions. And I've just started to hear about the rainbow body recently. It's so funny, because all the books I've been reading lately, the rainbow body kept coming up, and you just mentioned it. So I think it's important for you to explain what the rainbow body is historically. And how did you how did it happen with you?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:18:23
First off, I'm a late bloomer, when it comes to understanding what a rainbow body was I was having rainbow body experiences. Second, it was just some kind of interesting way to astral travel, which was not a whole different thing. Rainbow body means like in Tibet, when a high Dalai Lamas and his great masters die, they their body collapses and actual people will see those highly evolved they will actually see this rainbow like filament, just shoot out of their body. Just boom, and they traveled. And those souls will live in those that's their body that's and they will travel will travel. And that's what I thought it was traveling. It's not traveling. It's expansion. In other words, concept. So this rainbow body concept is you're not identified with the human body anymore. You don't even identified with an astral body anymore, or an angel body anymore. You're at this light. Li ght you're at this light body thing. And, and rainbow body seems to be one of the essences of that. And the great ones. That's how they leave this world. Whether you see it or not, there's been it's there and a that's how their soul exits. That's all I I'm not an expert at it. I've experienced it. But I have a child. You know, a child could experience a lot of things they could they could they could watch brain surgery, they couldn't tell you how to do it. Okay, so I bet in the experience, all these neat things happen. I go away. So what happened was, you got time for one last story. One last story, sir. Okay, As you know, you gotta you gotta roll up the, the stop signs when it comes to me, I just get going. So

Alex Ferrari 1:20:06
Keep it keep it under 10 minutes and I think we'll be okay.

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:20:08
Okay, so I had this picture of Yogananda, which I don't have set up my office right now, because I'm remodeling. But it's the picture was taken his last photo taken before he died in LA. And it's a beautiful black and white picture, just really neat. And I had this picture for decades and decades, meditation room, everything else. So when I was much younger, I was in my 20s. And I was, I was working, not have to do all my meditation. After my wife and family were down, you know, meditate, where you get family time, right? So, so I was cutting the ends of my sleep off, you know, going to bed two hours later, everybody getting up an hour or two before anybody else, which is left about four hours of sleep in the middle. But I do these intense meditations, like, hour and a half, two hours, you know, chanting and everything. So fierce is one that's just feeling really, really light, literally light. When I finished one, I went to bed. And I got that on my nightstand. And I roll over, and I'm looking to put your Yogananda and for those that follow anybody, it's a picture of Jesus. Well, I painted it to Jesus, but to be for those out there that are autographed, enviable, but what if you have a holy image and you're looking at it, you'll notice the phenomena when you look in the eyes of a painting of a spiritual person or photo. If you look deep enough, you will see movement, you will see life. So I'm walking into Yogananda his eyes and he comes alive. It's like, there's movement, there's, there's that. And then all of a sudden, shebang, amount of my body is just ramble. Me, just goes. And I'm traveling, see, by first of all the story 3540 years ago, I was traveling, you know, faster than the speed of thought, light and everything. And it was like, it was like Star Trek with all the stuff going by and everything. And so I told the story that way, for a long time till about a decade ago, I woke up having this intense dream, and a realization that I could have been traveling because I was going every direction. All directions were coming to me, which was the only thing it could have been happening was like consciousness was expanding. You know, it's going out is expanding and becoming one with everything. And that's what was happening during this experience trying to make this short story. Time wise, I would say I was looking at time in the 100 200 300 billion year category. That kind of be supply. And why I'm traveling with this rainbow. It was a rainbow body. But it wasn't just my body. It was like, my pinky, or cell in my pinky is a part of this whole body. I'm it's rainbow body. Right? So it was like, this group is sort of like souls, holiness, Rainbow group together. And it's like, we all had a purpose. And that purpose was spiritual and inspirational development of the planets. This part of the cosmos. And periodically it's crazy. I know, I'm just gonna go out. It's just crazy talk. But it was like periodically, members, family members of this group would incarnate to the earth or someplace else they would incarnate. And their job was to incorporate spiritual inspiration, just as this rainbow body was passing through the great cosmos and everything. There was other rainbow bodies with science, medicine, philosophy, politics. Invaders, I mean, all these. There's like, we're the great ones. So these guys would come in their job was to help philosophy this guy, other job is to help science.

Alex Ferrari 1:24:22
Our music meant math, right?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:24:24
Yeah, you got the idea. But the one I was with CTV, this was like the ultimate group. This was the group that was doing this, just your task. And this task is going to go on to the end of mankind into this creation, this group, and so when somebody leaves that group, they're supported by the people in that group. Whatever that meant, I knew I'm telling you to because when you come when I came back, trying to remember everything 90% was taken away, dulled, and then trying to interpret things like you know, like, what's that sound? What's that sound? Everybody look what's going down? No, you couldn't tell sounds were different that the colors were, it's like trying to tell, trying to tell somebody that never tasted an orange with an orange taste like it wouldn't know unless they, you compare it to something else that they've had. And you still wouldn't know, right? Trying to tell somebody with a color sound was. So anyway, you became one of the sounds one of the CO owners. And meanwhile, I'm seeing the beginning of the creation period. I've seen the end of it. Everything is just on SketchUp. I'm just growling until I remembered my wife and two children. That was it. I remember, I remember the I, the me, and the history of this lifetime. And it was instantaneous. I was back in my body like 2000 pound weight, cheekbone. And I just started bawling like a baby. And I thought it was crazy. But children were and I cried for an hour too. It was just so bad to be back. But it wasn't until I remembered my connections to this world. That happened. So we talked about that another time. But there you go.

Alex Ferrari 1:26:11
Bill this has been a remarkable conversation. I thank you so much for sharing these amazing stories. And hopefully they inspire people and not only entertain as well but inspires them to look deeper inside of themselves. At their own their own spiritual journey. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. It's kind of like rapid fire questions. What is your definition of a good life?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:26:39
In the end, what did you add to this creative world? What did you add to anybody's life? Did you love everybody? So at the end, it's not about who loves you, because that can be influenced by money, fame fortune. Not who loves you, but who did you love? So to be successful in a way, there's the ego, my part also says, To be successful, I hope I missed.

Alex Ferrari 1:27:12
How do you define God?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:27:15
To me? There's only one. And they mean, what you mean? What not, there's just one. There's no time there's no space. There's no this that. It's just the oneness. You call it maybe consciousness, but it's just oneness. There is nothing. There's no separation between us only in our minds. Is there separation. I think I'm building Donald, you think you're Alex. So therefore we're separate. Even on the screen here were separated. But in reality, there's when we awake. We know that we're god, there's no there's there's no logic retain this memory of who you are. There's separation. So no, God is not a person agender. Jesus, a Buddha, there's only love. So if anything's definitive, I'd say whatever love is. That's God.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:15
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:28:19
To love and to serve. Without question.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:22
And my friend, where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:28:25
Okay, first off, let's get a plug in. Yes. This is my book about my trips to India. And everything covers about a decade of my life and death experience. Some really interesting people I've met. This is my autobiography. These books are available on Amazon. Now, if you live in a foreign country, or you want to speak Spanish, I got my books in Spanish, I got my books in German, they're coming out in other languages. Bottom line is, I'm out worldwide starting in 2023. I will be in India, giving workshops and lectures, I hope to be in the UK and to Scotland and Ireland, Wales, England, maybe Germany. I will be in Syracuse, New York in April, giving a free workshop and a talk in April. And I'll be given a free workshop and taught in Salt Lake City in February. In other cities as they come up, I just take it into pieces at a time. I can't schedule too far in advance because honestly, I have operations about here the book that I just, it's crazy. So I have this gift of cancer. It keeps giving and it's blessing my life with great experiences and great stories. No complaints.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:38
Bill it is a it's been an absolute pleasure and honor speaking to you my friend. I wish you nothing but the best with your medical journeys that you have in front of you and thank you again for the work that you're doing and helping the world as you are my friend so thank you so much again.

Rev. Bill McDonald 1:29:54
All right Godbless!

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