UNBELIEVABLE! Man ENCOUNTERS Ancient Spirit Powers in SEDONA Desert! with Rahelio Rodriguez

In the ever-unfolding journey of life, where the ancient and the modern intertwine, we find profound wisdom and insights from spiritual teachers like Rahelio Rodriguez. Today, we explore the rich tapestry of Toltec wisdom and the transformative encounters with spirit powers in the sacred Sedona desert.

Rahelio’s spiritual journey began in his teenage years, during the vibrant yet tumultuous era of the 1970s. At 66, he reflects on his youth, marked by the counterculture movement and experimentation with psychedelics. These experiences, though challenging, propelled him into deep soul searching and ultimately led him to a path of profound spiritual awakening.

Rahelio’s early encounters with altered states of consciousness were not always pleasant. Unlike his friends who enjoyed the euphoria, Rahelio often grappled with intense existential questions and a fear of death. This fear propelled him into deeper spiritual exploration, culminating in a spontaneous Kundalini experience that opened his mind to a higher reality. As he recounts, “Nothing like thinking you’re going to die to make you get spiritual real quick.”


  1. The Power of Vision Quests: Rahelio emphasizes the importance of vision quests in Toltec tradition. These quests involve intense prayer, fasting, and isolation to seek spiritual guidance and clarity. He shares, “Vision Quest is really about your intense prayer and your surrender in your asking for guidance and help.” This practice allows individuals to connect deeply with their soul and receive profound insights.
  2. Balancing the First and Second Attention: In Toltec wisdom, mastering both the first attention (our active, waking life) and the second attention (our dream and intuitive life) is crucial. The first attention involves harnessing energy to navigate the physical world effectively, while the second attention focuses on developing conscious dreaming and accessing higher realms of awareness. Rahelio explains, “The first attention is mastering your everyday world… The second attention is dreaming consciously.”
  3. Healing Through the Feminine: Rahelio highlights the natural healing power of the feminine, both within individuals and in the world. He notes that if the feminine energy is not damaged by external factors, it serves as a profound source of healing and balance. This is reflected in the Toltec understanding of the yin and yang, where the passive, intuitive, and nurturing aspects of the feminine are crucial for holistic well-being.

Rahelio’s journey took a significant turn when he arrived in the sacred desert of Sedona, Arizona. It was here, amidst the majestic red rocks, that he encountered ancient spirit powers that profoundly shaped his spiritual path. Upon arriving in Sedona, Rahelio felt an immediate and powerful connection to the land. In meditation, he was contacted by spiritual beings who communicated with him, guiding him to become a spiritual guide. They told him, “This is where you come to do your work. You are to be a spiritual guide, and thousands will come to you seeking answers. Speak of love and inspiration, for a great awakening is coming.”

These encounters with spirit powers in the Sedona desert were transformative. Rahelio began to receive visions and dreams that provided deep insights into the nature of reality and his role as a spiritual guide. He was instructed to perform ceremonies and prayers to honor the sacredness of the land and to help awaken others to their spiritual potential.

One particularly profound experience involved a vision of ancient Native American spirits who conveyed the importance of performing ceremonies in the traditional way. They emphasized the need to connect with the earth and the spirits of the land, to bring healing and balance to the world. Rahelio describes these experiences as deeply moving and life-changing, reinforcing his commitment to his spiritual path.

In his work, Rahelio incorporates the Toltec understanding of the medicine wheel and sweat lodges. The medicine wheel represents the cyclical nature of life and the universe, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things. It serves as a tool for understanding and aligning with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. Sweat lodges, on the other hand, are purification rituals that involve intense heat and prayer, fostering a deep spiritual cleansing and renewal.

A significant aspect of Toltec wisdom is the recognition of cycles within cycles. Rahelio points out that the number seven is sacred, appearing in various forms such as the seven chakras, seven days of creation, and seven musical notes. These cycles reflect the greater cosmic rhythms that govern our existence and highlight the importance of aligning with these natural patterns.

In conclusion, the conversation with Rahelio offers profound insights into the rich tapestry of Toltec wisdom and the transformative power of spiritual encounters in the Sedona desert. His teachings encourage us to engage deeply with our spiritual practices, embrace the healing power of the feminine, and navigate the balance between our waking and dreaming states. Rahelio’s journey is a powerful reminder of the enduring wisdom that lies within and around us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rahelio Rodriguez.

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Rahelio Rodriguez 0:00
And this is the healing centers of our nature. So the female that the female is a natural healer, if she hasn't been damaged by her environment, by your upbringing by your circumstances, female is a natural healer. And then we fall asleep when we fall asleep we we then we go unconscious that we connect with the power of the soul. So we received the healing energy of our soul our sleeping, if you don't get enough sleep, you can burn yourself out. So your deep sleep is very very important.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I've been able to partner with mine valley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to nextlevelsoul.com/free. I'd like to welcome to the show where Rahelio Rodriguez. How you doing Rahelio?

Rahelio Rodriguez 1:17
I'm doing very good.

Alex Ferrari 1:19
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm fascinated to hear your story and, and your teachings is something I haven't had many Toltec you know, shamans on the show to talk about that kind of wisdom on before. So my first question is, how did you start your spiritual journey?

Rahelio Rodriguez 1:39
You know, back in the day, I was just a normal young teenage guy growing up. And I'm 66 now. So

Alex Ferrari 1:50
You look fantastic, by the way.

Rahelio Rodriguez 1:52
Back in the 70s. And after the kind of revolution, 60s, you're more smoking marijuana and doing psychedelics. So I found myself you know, encountering use of that. And I realized right away that it was way more sensitive than my friends. Because I was way more sensitive. It pushed me into like alternate reality states. And I had to go to a lot of soul searching and a lot of prayer to find myself.

Alex Ferrari 2:22
And when you say altered states, did you find yourself in altered states? Because you were taking a lot of that stuff? Or were you just more sensitive to it?

Rahelio Rodriguez 2:33
Not a lot because I was sensitive, my friend, we having fun. And I think I'm dying. And I have to go into my Psalter. Why am I dying? What's going on? With? Who is it it's dying and what why and, and I have some soul searching and it kind of became a little bit introverted with that because I, I didn't want to be social and be a part of the social thing. I was more just wanted to explore myself, who am I and what's going on there.

Alex Ferrari 3:00
So when you were Do you mind going a little bit deeper into those experiences when you when you happen to take those psychedelics because I've spoken to many people who have taken them and and that is a common theme what you're saying many, many have fun. And they just kind of go on a ride. The many actually have a really kind of like walking in the valley of the shadow of death kind of thing. And really look into their soul. And from my understanding is what dies is the ego, the self, the identity, the ID, in whatever else you want to call it, and it kind of opens yourself up to what you truly are, is that kind of what your experience was?

Rahelio Rodriguez 3:39
Is definitely a part of the process, you know, because when you nothing like thinking you're going to die to make you get spiritual, real quick. Pray and begin to ask great spirit. We believe in Jesus, if you believe in what is the sacred, you started asking for help to understand what was going through what's going on with that. So it pushed me into experiences where I had a spontaneous Kundalini experience. And I couldn't I couldn't even open up my spine and on top of my head and came down on me like our rainbow rainbow colors. So I had also then begin to encounter some spiritual beings that came to me and for the most part, it's a very beautiful thing, but I also had an encounter with one that was not so positive, and that jolted me. So I kind of put it all the way until I turned 21. I was in college in California was in Marin County, little community college there. My friends is definitely a great parties and one of the parties somebody wanted to smoke some really good Buddhist tie stick that really powerful kind of psychedelic weed and so we really smoke to hear that and I guess I've kind of worked everybody out like wow, that just kind of clouded in their heads. I had a cloud in my mind. I just said to myself, I want to see through this fog in my mind, I want to see to this fog. And a beam of light came, came reading through the brain. Because my perception, my mind was no longer contained within my head. But now my perception is outside my mind. The fog was all around me like that. And then the beam hitting suddenly I opened up my mind. And my master teacher said to me, it's time for you to wake up, remember and learn. So outside of the splashback, all these kind of psychic type of experiences I had as a teenager that I had forgotten about. If you've ever had a real vivid dream and then five minutes later, you can remember like that experience right veteran and you can't bring it back down. Now obviously, they all came flooding back into my consciousness tonight jolted me was when I was recalling, and I left the party and I went off to where I lived. And it was like 1030 The around the corner was a bookstore open till midnight, I started trying to find books I could read give me answers. And I went to an obsessive study period for about six months, trying to find answers. And the best ones I found was, Cindy had got a vision quest to connect Britain to the spirit because you can't get that information from a book and say the dropping out of college have gone to Hawaii. Like it was through my prayers. For three nights I prayed really hard, like an hour each night I cried to the Great Spirit have awakened me and show me show me with real show me the power of this supernatural thing, you know, in a natural way. And I started having spontaneous mystical experiences. And that was enough when I started seeing that, okay, I need to drop out of college and I need to go find myself. So I ended up going over to Maui, Hawaii to live there. And then there I had there was a really important place for me at that time of my life in my early 20s.

Alex Ferrari 6:57
Of course, you mentioned something a vision quest, can you dive into what exactly a vision quest is for people who don't understand

Rahelio Rodriguez 8:42
From a from a more of a traditional point of view? Native people some people would, you know fast and go on the mountain for four days. Or some of them would, you know, use the sacred peyote or the mushroom. And today I ask has been come very very popular into the nighttime dreaming awake into alternate reality. So my first true quest I just prayed for three nights in a row, an hour each night and I had to begin to have mystical experiences. But I realized as a teenager, I was pushing myself on vision quest and I didn't even know it. I didn't know that vision quest was but I was I just need to be alone. I'm gonna do this experiment with this thing he was gonna do to me and see what it's about. I was like, kind of like a scientist. And I push myself like, oh my god, I lose my mind. So Chris will help me God helped me and then down have my opening to the spirit through intense prayers. So Vision Quest is really about your, your intense prayer and your surrender in your asking for guidance and help and and it is meant to be you know, you have a like a dreaming awake you receive a guidance from the spirit that way.

Alex Ferrari 9:54
Now, we've discovered we've said it a couple of times in this conversation, told the Toltec wisdom why It is who first of all, who were the Toltecs?

Rahelio Rodriguez 10:02
Well, the Toltec is different ideas around the Toltec. You see, it was back in the 60s and 70s, a writer named Krause Castaneda wrote about the Toltec wisdom from Don Juan. And he wrote many books and had a big following. And today, you'll see there's some academic employees, and some other people who are also part of a Toltec lineage. Now, people always ask me, What's my native ancestry? And so when I go back to my ancestry, my native bloodline is called Propecia, Propecia is out of Mexico. I'm from the Midwest, I was born in the state of Iowa, I didn't have a really strong connection there. Didn't speak Spanish didn't didn't have that. And, and so when I go down there, go to the pyramids, you could turn to Tim O'Connor good and places like that. But it's been a while since I've been down to the pyramids. But back in those days of awakening to myself, I realized that you know, that my indigenous soul was really powerful. It was guiding me, you might say. And when I first saw the writings of Carlos Castaneda, I got some good information from them, but I rejected them as a path for me because it was, there was too much fear in some of their writing too much extreme stuff there. And I was going more towards to the Divine, to my connection with Christ energy. But later, as I ever had other mystical experiences, I came back around in the 1990s of 1991, I saw a book called The Power of silence, the power of silence when a trigger for me because I had such a profound mystical experience with the power of silence. When, before I dropped out of college, I was dropped out of college was leaving to go to Hawaii to Maui. That week, there I saw there was a renowned Native American medicine and speaking in Berkeley, California, his name was rolling thunder. I have a rare book about him. And because it was a book that I was totally blown away by this guy's abilities with spiritual power. And so I went to go hear him talk. And my idea was to have an elder teach me, Father, a spiritual shaman, father teach me. And, but I've been, I've already got a ticket to leave to Hawaii three days later, this was like Friday night, I'm leaving on Wednesday. So he, he's doing this talk. He's got a lot of people in the audience. And then after he finished his talk, he goes, You, you, you and you come over and talk to me, before you leave. You had pointed to me, so I went over there. And he's saying that he wanted to train us in on the Red Road. And Vision Quest, Medicine Wheel, sweat, light, plant medicines. Desert survival was a big one. He had a ranch in Nevada. Nevada is our desert. But there, I already had my heart set to go to Maui. And my friend there, they were at the beach and Hawaii been a lot of fun, too, because I'm 20, you know, 22 years old. And as he's offering us, offering me this opportunity to come and train with him, and I'm torn inside because I want to do that. But I've also already got the ticket already all set up to go to now yeah, I already put my my little Volkswagen bird on a boat. Senator Hawaii is already on the way. So I'm already going. And he's talking to us. And in my mind, I'm kind of conflicted. Like, oh my God, I want this yacht. I'm already going there. Hawaii is gonna be fun. This is hard desert survival, Vision Quest, sweat lodge, story, strip site, Grandfather character, a very strong man, very disciplined, very stripped, you know, which would have been maybe a good thing for me. But at the same time, going to Calais and everything's there for me. So he says to me, okay, he looked at me says, okay, because I was the main one he was really wanting to invite. And he was saying to me, okay, you're not going to come. But in seven years, you will walk the railroad. At that time, I was not walking a railroad yet. In college, I was going to I was ahead of a Native American Student Organization was more of a political activist more, or having to re sponsor the cultural situations, they're some of the tribes in Northern California area. And so I was not actively walking that path. That was more of like, say, from a like a, you know, political activist. And somebody said, like seven years you will walk the red road. I went to Maui and I did my time there. I did a lot of studying and a lot of personal growth in my own vision quest there. But the time came for me to leave and come to the main landed in it brought me to Sedona that's my background here around the the red rocks. And, and within the first year I got so I can dream visions of Native American people coming to me, telling me without speaking to me, but with silence, they were saying, do the ceremonies, do the prayers, do it the right way do it the right way. And they were very adamant, very urgent, because they wanted somebody doing these critters so Donnellan had a sacred to near people had becoming taken over by tourism, and people are in touch with the slightest sacred, in a general sense. So there have always been spiritual people here, but those Indian spirits, they wanted me to be doing that work. And I kind of pushed it back on him. I said to them, I didn't grow up with all that. So somebody's gonna teach me so I kind of push it back. Like somebody's gotta teach me. So over the next few years, I had met various medicine, men coming and teaching and participant in sweat lodges, and just get a feel for what they're doing. And I had become a guide at that time, already my 1988 as a guide, that's called the vortex tour guide. The tour is called the sacred Earth Tour. And I did that for about a year and a half. And then I broke off and started my own business. And now I missed the tours through helium. But I've expanded since that time, I had a chance to grow in Hawaii, coming to myself, and then come here, teaching, and little by little developing to orient now 30 40 years later, 25 years later.

Alex Ferrari 16:41
So can you in a nutshell, I know it's difficult to say, but what are the basic, the basic principles of Toltec wisdom? Is there? Is there some pillars and understandings of what Toltec wisdom is?

Rahelio Rodriguez 16:52
Yeah, I found that the Toltec wisdom to be the most profound information I studied. A lot of the younger traditions, in other mystical traditions, they don't explain things. So clearly how it all works. But the trick with the Toltec religion from from Don was teaching perspective is that you open yourself up excess power, you can be tempted by a shadow force. So many of the people who had this magical abilities went on to the dark side. And so they struggled through the light in the dark. And this is why many traditions don't teach certain methods, because they don't want the same people to go to the dark side with it. So sorcery and shamanism is kind of this push pull between those two polarities. So protectionism is very simple, that energy is consciousness, you need energy to be awake, you need energy to be present, you need energy, to, to actually to move forward on your path. And so it's all about cultivating energy and stopping the wasting of energy. How do we waste energy, we all invest our ego, we try to dilute ourselves to try to defend ourselves, we try to promote ideas, we try to work outside of ourselves, in the ego mind. So the ego is where the energy gets locked up, it's stuck. So it's becoming transpersonal. Moving ego, and the way it was ego way is to talk about the power style wisdom. So wisdom is where you can have a quiet mind. And when your mind becomes quiet, then you can begin to Dream Awake. So you have these two sides, your yin and yang, your day side is your active side, your masculine Yang side, your dig site, I gotta show up, I got to do a better thing I've got to be present, the more I know. And the better I do radio, the more success I can create. That's called the first attention. The first attention how we manifest this 3d world and master our creative purpose here. And so a lot of teachings there for how you harness your energy and your practice and your description of the world is having a correct description is very, very important. And so then you have nighttime side, the nighttime side, your passive side, you're relaxing. Usually, you're working during the day and you're relaxing in the evening. Some people may work in a nighttime but in general terms were relaxing evening. It's more passive as time of more personal intimacy and family and connections and your emotional ties, etc. So that's our female side. And this is the human version of our nature. So the female that the female is a natural healer. If she hasn't been damaged by her environment, or your upbringing, by your circumstances. The female is a natural healer. And then we fall asleep and when we fall asleep we we then we go unconscious and we connect with the power of the soul. So we receive the healing energy of our soul, our sleeping, if you don't get enough sleep, you can burn yourself out. So your sleep your deep sleep is very, very important to Connect with Sahil and then you begin to dream. So the Dreaming is the second attention. The second attention. So the second attention dreaming consciously. The first attention is mastering your everyday world, your sacred texts, texts and guides you in the mastery of your everyday world. Like how I bring my dreams down to earth and make it manifest How am I dreams guiding me. Some people are very lucid dreamers. Some people are really sensitive like that. There's different types of dreaming. But also maybe when you're having spiritual awakening Alondra control your dream mind, by cultivating a conscious dream level, you can begin to move in ultimate reality. So your dream time. And this is how a lot of the shamanic people will go into the mystical state without using plant medicine, they will open their agreement and step through the green light. So your right hand would be your first attention, your left hand your second attention, right, so your body, your date time side, your left brain crosses over to your right side, your left brings your rational side. So your male side, the right side of your body. We live in a predominantly right handed world is a male dominant cycle. And so waking the left hand side back up to awaken to it until we can do our dreaming ability to awaken to our intuitive mind to the mystical. In the past, if you were in the past, if you were left handed, they'd make you right handed. Because they were scared of luck hand side. Because the dark side of the sun in certain groups of objects God and the nighttime was a full moon. And people get underneath the full moon. They said you got to be a lunatic to be out there under the forearm. Why would they call people a lunatic? Not because they dance crazy and be foolish, but because that's when the vampire and the werewolf came out from prey, get home and put your protection your garlic in your sage and cedar and evil out. So the struggle of good and evil that does actually exist. But the problem is that the left hand side has been repressed in ways that the females so we have in the past a whole purging of the female called the witch because of the psychic ability and understand that male patriarchy was threatened by the female, mystical side. So a lot of women got burned the stake in those lifetimes. I'm very angry about it.

Alex Ferrari 22:39
You know, without question. So you mentioned a few things there I want to kind of dive into because I haven't really spoken to anybody about sweat lodges and the medicine wheel can you kind of dive into both of those and explain to the audience what those things are in your practice.

Rahelio Rodriguez 22:57
I talked about the first attention describing the nature of reality. The middle medicine will describe the nature of reality. It's our daytime side teaching. So you have a description you have an altar. So if the great mystery, the great spirit was into a deep sleep state, and then reawakened into the next day of creating the darkest dream, fourth gracemere dream for creation. So in medicine will be it's a circle, within a circle. So in the center circle would be like the black hole, the galaxy, the mystery coming forth and dreaming creation, into being. And so that's from the galactic level, but from the sources and level that would come forth as the Sun. The Sun would be in the center, the sun would be lit the fire, the sacred fire, the Great Spirit, the fire, and then from that fire came forth, that one divided into three. Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Trinity came forth. Father, mother, son, father, good mother, that Christ, that's the triangle. And so, from the one like that, divided into the three primary colors, then goes into the seven. So there will be the seven sacred dancers dancing around the ceremonial fire. So those seven stones representing the seven dancers, this would be representation for the planet Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, the seven sacred dancers not counting the earth, not counting Pluto. So those are the Seven Lords of light. And they are the lords who created personal creation, the seven days of creation. And if remember the seven chakras Right. So the musical notes there are seven the rainbow colors. So seven is a sacred thing, you know said that creation is vibrated into the power of seven. So

Alex Ferrari 25:16
Is that why that I mean, I've heard that the number seven pop up in many ancient texts and spiritual teachings and it's just a number that just keeps popping up from the seven chakras to 49 different layers of existence, which are seven sevens, and then seven of the seven and the seven and keeps keeps going and go. So it is a number that keeps coming up and up. And again and again. It's not just Lucky number seven, which is probably where that came from.

Rahelio Rodriguez 25:42
Yes, because a lot of the Spiritual things are hidden in our games. Right game cards, playing cards, people blowing dice. They use a breath of breath is power. So a lot of shamanism is tied into modern life. People don't know though. It's like a no.

Alex Ferrari 26:05
It's a Zeitgeist. Yeah.

Rahelio Rodriguez 26:07
Yeah. So to serve everything is is taught is divided in Part seven. And there's other numbers sequences like nine and 13, and other numbers. But seven is that the basic, the seven spirits if you look at the Christian revelations, there was a seven spirits before the throne of God. So it's the same teacher. And I think this is a there's different levels of what God represents. We have human beings body, there's gods in our mythologies, who are at war over control of the planet, and they've kind of tainted our religions a little bit with their tithing is great spirit guide was pure luck. This is why religions are a little bit skewed, because you'll call them the unlucky or lucky. Yes. So that that was a very real presence on the planet. And there was a strictness about them that you know, human beings have conformed?

Alex Ferrari 27:08
Well, that was it for people who don't know who the Anunnaki is, isn't that the that came from the Sumerian texts back in. I mean, we're talking some of the first written texts that that survived, that we've been able to find is about the Anunnaki. And as lore goes, the Anunnaki came down from another civilization And created humans in their own likeness, to, to if I'm not mistaken, to, to mined for gold as a slave, slave species, if you will. And there's a lot of earth I mean, this is Sumerian text. This is not sci fi. It's a Sumerian text.

Rahelio Rodriguez 27:45
6000 years old, 4000 years old, Babylonian, and Caitlin. So someone may be out of context, some of the information that people are putting out, because it's not all bad, or it's not all good. But the different factions were fighting with each other. Right? You look at Egypt, God or Cyrus, robins, his brother for control of Egypt, his brother said killed him. Right. And so later, his son Horus, comes back and Avengers The father's death and takes Seth down. So you find all these stories is kind of a conflict between the gods. And so this kind of has passed down, passed down through the lineages and people building pyramids and having this type of knowledge where LinkedIn, we've got,

Alex Ferrari 28:33
Well, let me ask you something, because, you know, you go back to Hindu texts and Jainism and even Sumerian texts, we can kind of see the lineage of how long ago these things when did the Toltec wisdom begin when when was like the beginning stages of it? Because it was, it was a it was an oral, oral? passing along. It wasn't books, or are stones carved in stone? Am I correct and say that?

Rahelio Rodriguez 28:58
Most native traditions are oral tradition. But in Mexico, they actually have written books, except for the Spanish burned them all, except for maybe like, three or four or five,

Alex Ferrari 29:09
Right! I heard of Yeah. And for the Mayans and the Aztecs for the

Rahelio Rodriguez 29:13
And some other things are, sometimes stories have been recorded. So if you look at the creation stories, they're all kind of similar between the different cultures. Even though they're metaphors, and they're symbolic. There's a lot of similarity within them. And so the Toltec were they the Lord castleconnell was held the Toltec. His kingdom was overthrown the year like around the year 1000 or so. Some of the other tribes ahead join up the Aztec and some of the other warrior tribes. They came in, they live in under the roof of the Toltec, you might say in the city to LA and there was the dark forces were working overthrow that unity that that that city state and castleconnell story in the fall the Toltec Toltecs scattered. So the Aztecs took some they're teaching other tribes similar teachings. But the Lord gets a quarter of that could Jesus he was about peace, about wisdom about compassion. He gave some prophecies. And his prophecy spoke at the coming of a coming. With Cortez, he said to be his return coming back here with Mike the fall the Aztec nation. And instead of Cortez coming with the symbol for Jesus, and in right away with the Spaniards coming in, and the Aztecs been dominating their neighbors, with native tribes joined with the Spanish to overthrow the Aztec, although other Spanish brought smallpox and other diseases within wiped out neighbors and new people in the first year or so. So the great crashing prophecy crash was caused the birth of the first of mine hell realms. And if you divide the year by seven, you get 52 weeks, you take a sacred calendar 20, signs 1013 days 260. So we have a 260 day calendar. In the 365 year calendar. When the 260 ends, it starts again, when the 365 minutes starts again, every 52 years, they line up, collect the seven times 749. But this way, 52 is a sacred number five and two is seven. So every cycle is 52 years. So mine hills of 52 years, nine has been creasing doom the Native American world had to go through. But with the conquest in coming, that spread up to the North American South Americans are all spread, destroy the Native American world. How run for Native people enter that cycle. 1987 August was the end of the hell REM cycle in the birth of what we call the Harmonic Convergence. This was the rebirthing of the Native American soul. And many people starting to really come into alignment with the wisdom of the native people. Instead of being a good Indian was a dead Indian in the name people being repressed. Now there began to be an awakening that was showing this, the Saudi people being reborn. And so by 1991, this was a solar eclipse went across Mexico. It was over seven minutes, it was a very incredible surge of technology. One, that was the birth of the sixth son, the fifth son came in in 2012. And without the mind camera is 2012. In other words, give me the big shift in the new dimension. Well, we're in a, we're in a transition phase between the sons. And the sixth time began in 1991. After the total solar eclipse, what happened was there began to be masses of UFOs over Mexico. That time, people had the heavy camcorders and became popular, portable hand camcorders. They started getting all these videos of the UFO phenomenon over Mexico. If you go back on YouTube and look through your posts of a Mexican, you see all through the 90s mass sightings are being filmed.

Alex Ferrari 33:06
Right! I mean, look, I mean, they just came out with the government just came out with footage. The US government just came up with footage of they don't call them unidentified flying objects. They call them something else. But they're essentially Yeah, aerial phenomenon or something like that. But they're basically UFOs. And there's footage of it, and there's pilots to talk about it. So I mean, something's happening what it is, we don't know. But it is what it is, is there is it's very interesting to see what's what's going on. Right now. I want to ask you from from a Toltec.

Rahelio Rodriguez 33:38
Let me interject on your there please. So the elders in Mexico said hey, this is that so people are returned to let us know that they come to help us remember who we are. There are sorts of different stars. We are star beings having a human experience. So that's what I started have in mind him my UFO encounters started in Hawaii. And then I came to Sedona and the day I arrived here, they'd been in my mind in a meditation they spoke to me in my mind, and they said, This is where you come to do your work. I used to be a spiritual guide. At that time, I was 31 years old. I dropped out at 22 years old from college. And so I had like, nine years I had been on my path studying and learning and trying to find you know, the answers to life and and receive mangoes answers. And I knew as a leave Hawaii, so I was traveling and a year and a half here on the mainland California, Phoenix I get to Sedona summer solstice 1987 And the day I arrived here, they'd be made in my mind and meditation. opened up my mind began to speak to me in my mind, it was these two women who had contacted me on Maui. There is a star people. They said, this is where you come to do your work. You're to be a spiritual guide. There'll be 1000s of people coming to you looking for answers. So answer their questions. to speak of love and inspiration, because a great awakening is coming, has been prophesied by the ancient cultures. They talked about the higher mind how we're going to awaken to our higher minds, and the universal consciousness in the cosmic quantum consciousness. They said that there is going to be a cataclysm with this earth coming in the future in our futures, Earth is handled through a cataclysm, you can already feel it. That's why people are trying to do the new Green Deal and politics to try to avert this earth disaster. They feel coming. They're scared to death of it. They're trying to stop the global warming they're trying to it's, it's too late to that. It's already coming. It's a part of a greater cycle that is bringing this change into the planet. The Galaxy pulses as a, as a living consciousness, the galaxies passing a heartbeat, waves, waves, waves were ringing on the outer edge of the galaxy, which is a great vortex of stars, like a dominoes, they start hitting each other. Remember, it's coming our way, we're already in it. But this wave is coming stronger. It's kind of like a hurricane comes the first waves of it is gentler winds and rains. But then as it comes, the full force comes in. And when it comes in that frequency is going to shift us to another dimensional real level of consciousness. That's why we are doing our work. Many men, we're doing the work of waking people up to the power of love. Because love is the gateway to eternity. Great Spirit is eternal love. And so when we are struggling to what we forget that we come from eternity, we lose perspective that we're this human being stuck in the 3d or with ego needs, or people are angry and frustrated, and you're fighting for control. And today is our election day. And people are angry because I tried to overthrow that the deep state and it's all this the right wing kind of extremism and another gun socialism. And there's two extremes on both sides. Yes, stupidity on both sides. I agree. And in that struggle, the people who are holding the light have to stay in the middle and hold a space where people from the extremes come back to the middle. Because some things are just out of balance, out of balance both sides. You know, but, you know, it's like, it's kind of like fossil fuel. We're damned if we do or damned if we don't say, like, oh, yeah, we need it because our system is built on it. But I know people that are inventing things, inventing, like free energy technology, it got suppressed.

Alex Ferrari 37:38
I mean, Tesla, the original Tesla had the car. I mean, that was the definition of what they did to him. And he was talking about free energy and, and wireless transfer of of electricity through his tesla coil and so many other things that he learned eventually just died, insane, poor guy, but he was

Rahelio Rodriguez 38:02
Was like the Dr. Frankenstein, you took the lightning and use it to give life to this guy. So that's what Tesla's doing. He's tapping the power of lightning. That's Earth Kundalini.

Alex Ferrari 39:40
It's I think that and I've heard this from many spiritual teachers I've been speaking to on the show is that we are going through a great awakening right now. We are going through we've got to kind of go through the fire before the chaos has to kind of bring everything up. Because just like giving birth It's not pleasant. It's very painful. There's a lot of blood. There's a lot of stuff happening. But that's where birth, that's where life comes from. And we're going through that, and we're not out of the woods yet. They say it's going to get a little worse. before it finally we get on the other side of it. But we have a few more years of insanity. Because the pandemic was the first kind of shot across the bow. Yeah, exactly. Because as I've said that so many times, it's like, this is the first time in my lifetime, and arguably ever in the history of man that recorded history of men that we know of, that the entire planet felt something at the same time. And since we're also interconnected, it shut down. I mean, the planet shut down. I mean, dolphins was swimming in Venice. It was pretty, it's pretty amazing. Remarkable.

Rahelio Rodriguez 40:54
Well, you know, a lot of people were very upset about that. It all starts from China, China's dictatorship there, they lock people down and ruthlessly with them, they kill Black people. Sure, China was ruthless. So that set the precedent for what came across the European market. And people were fearful, fearful that things get out of hand, and we're gonna get wiped out. It was like the worst nightmare for science fiction. People don't know though. It's fear based that causes people to overreact. The same way we're having people struggle to capital, fear based thinking that they're losing their government to like a socialist belief system, right. So this fear base is driving people into the shadow. And the more people are sharing conspiracy stuff, the more to go into the shadow. This was, Jesus said, resisting that evil, because you start resisting both evil evil gets into you. Suggest now that you judge yourself, you can project in your own shadow out. So who is evil, it's hidden behind closed doors, and who is the true person telling the truth, who has the right character to be the leaders of the free world, character matters. If you don't have the right character, you don't want that leader get in power, because that leader then is going to get carried away with the abuse of power. Because power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Catch 22. Now, rarely,

Alex Ferrari 42:23
I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Rahelio Rodriguez 42:30
You know, it's like, I really love teaching to Jesus. I love Jesus, Jesus, I don't particularly care for religion so much, isn't that papacy? And people, you know, talking to religious concepts, if they're not walking that truth, like, Okay, we believe in the right to life and Okay, give money for the women with the children that need support, you know, oh, that's socialism. So listen, we're caught in a catch 22 both ways. So is Do unto others as you want them to you. Love God, your body, mind and soul. That's the simple teaching right there. To love others and treat them as you want to be treated. And strength, your connection to spirit. If you do that, you have integrity in what you do. You're not trying to rip people off. I mean, look at how many people are doing sales jobs and trying to sell people stuff that they don't need. And at the end of the day, you come home feeling like you know, I got to get a sale, I gotta get a sale, I gotta get a sale. And I'm taking advantage of people get my sailor, now goes more extreme to, to politicians trying to get a sale kind of triggers. And then they don't live up to the, because they're being bought off by big money interest by politicians on both parties. So both parties are being the strings are being pulled by the people with the biggest money. And then they don't want to disclose who's paying, who's the donor or paying the money up. So everything's been it's like, how can we all get along? When we started having hurricanes and tornadoes and floods and extreme winds and cold in a grid going down? Are we going to work together cooperate? Are we going to have criminals loose, who are going to like, try to take advantage of people? And so the criminal element is you know, that, especially you were your poverty, people trying to survive, you have the criminal element, and where you have a lot of money. When people got a lot of money and they want to maintain that money, that lifestyle. That is where the criminal element is the strongest. So those two extremes

Alex Ferrari 44:48
Very true. Now, how do you define God?

Rahelio Rodriguez 44:53
The galaxy the great wheel

Alex Ferrari 45:02
Yeah, I see it.

Rahelio Rodriguez 45:04
The void is the symbol of the galactic center, the galactic butterfly, the spirit of the galaxy, the living soul, the galactic Butterfly. Butterfly is pure love. The source is love. What we're doing a duality we are disconnected from that love. We're disconnected from that unity consciousness. We're disconnected. And we forget who we are. And we fight with ourself, we fight with others, we play with our programming. We project our shadow, we're stuck in the Lord. We're working out our karma down here in the 3d. So God is love. God is life. Life you have life is inside you right now. You're breathing the breath of life. Your breath is your prayer, your breath is your consciousness. am I breathing? When am I fear? What's my breath. And if life is immune, the great spirit inside you. Then the ego mind gets in the way, by being attached to what it believes thinks it needs, its desires is programmed it's ego gets conditioned into duality. This way, Lord Buddha said, the ego mind is the illusion that we're in a unity consciousness. The Buddha was not an atheist, the Buddha was tapped into the universal consciousness from the galactic center. There are billions of galaxies. And so this vast creation came from the source, the big mystery birthed the galaxies, who birthed the stars. And each star is a living sentient being each star is a consciousness, the same way that Earth is a conscious being. So everything is consciousness, we're related to the whole creation, and creations within us. So if you get your ego conditioned mind, your anger, your rage, your fear your programming, out of the way. You strip away your program, so you can become superconductive. Become that and you can be a living expression of the divine.

Alex Ferrari 47:04
And where can people find out more about you in the work that you're doing?

Rahelio Rodriguez 47:08
Well, I'm in Sedona, Arizona, so those famous Red Rocks and my web page www.rahelio.com.

Alex Ferrari 47:18
Rahelio it's been a pleasure talking to you, my friend, thank you so much for your your insight and your tour through Toltec wisdom, and it's a little bit of its history as well and I appreciate what you're doing for the world, my friend. Thank you so much.

Rahelio Rodriguez 47:30
Thank you, brother. Have a beautiful day.

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