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In the tapestry of the cosmos, there are those who can read the stars and decipher the divine language of the universe. On today’s episode, we welcome the insightful Pam Gregory, an esteemed astrologer whose journey began with a serendipitous encounter and has led her to unravel the mysteries of the celestial bodies. Pam Gregory offers a profound perspective on how the stars and planets influence our lives and the collective journey of humanity.

Pam begins by sharing her belief in an impending metamorphosis for humanity. She envisions a future where we will transform into beings of light, shedding our dense physical forms and embracing a more telepathic and healing existence. This shift, she explains, will not be a gradual evolution but a significant leap in our state of being. “I think we’re going to become beings that we have never been before, we’re going to change our state of being there’s going to be a complete metamorphosis,” says Pam, painting a picture of a beautiful, light-filled future.

Our conversation delves into the historical and practical aspects of astrology. Pam recounts her early encounter with astrology in Canada, where a chance meeting with a Jamaican astrologer changed her life. This encounter ignited a lifelong passion for studying the stars, a journey that has been as much about self-discovery as it has been about understanding the cosmos. Pam’s ability to read a birth chart, which she describes as a unique sheet of music, allows her to provide insights into an individual’s psyche and life path.

Pam’s description of astrology as a language is particularly enlightening. She compares it to learning French or Spanish, emphasizing that it is not about belief but about understanding and interpreting the archetypes and geometry of the planets. This approach demystifies astrology, presenting it as a practical tool for navigating life. “It’s just a language,” Pam explains. “It’s literally a language so it’s just like learning French or, or Spanish or whatever.”

In discussing the future, Pam highlights the significant astrological events shaping our world. She speaks of the transition from heavy earth and water signs to lighter air and fire signs, which will accelerate technological advancements and societal changes. Pam predicts that by 2026, we will witness a significant new beginning, a renaissance of creativity and spiritual awakening.


  1. Metamorphosis of Humanity: Pam foresees a leap in human evolution, where we transform into beings of light with heightened telepathy and healing abilities. This transformation will take place over the next decade, leading us to a more harmonious and connected existence.
  2. Astrology as a Language: Understanding astrology is like learning a new language. It provides a framework to interpret the archetypes and geometry of the planets, offering insights into our psyche and life path. It is not about belief but about mastering a complex and nuanced system of knowledge.
  3. Shift in Energies: The transition of outer planets into air and fire signs marks a shift towards faster, lighter energies. This change will bring about rapid advancements in technology and a shift in societal structures, moving away from top-down hierarchies to more collaborative and grassroots movements.

Pam’s insights extend to the broader societal transformations we are witnessing. She speaks of the Pluto return for the United States, a time of significant upheaval and rebirth, affecting the country’s values and political system. This period, she suggests, will lead to a redefinition of what it means to be a nation, emphasizing grassroots movements and community-based governance.

In this profound conversation, Pam Gregory offers a roadmap for navigating the complexities of our times. Her wisdom encourages us to embrace the changes ahead with an open heart and a willingness to transform. As we stand on the brink of a new era, Pam’s insights remind us that we are all part of a larger cosmic dance, guided by the stars and the divine intelligence of the universe.

Please enjoy my conversation with Pam Gregory.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 459

Pam Gregory 0:00
I think we're going to become beings that we have never been before, we're going to change our state of being there's going to be a complete metamorphosis, it isn't just going to be a gradual linear evolution for humanity, it's going to be a jump in a state of being a total metamorphosis. So I really feel we're going to step into our light bodies in a bigger way, we're going to be less dense, literally, physically, we're probably going to eat less more plant based lighter foods, we're going to be have a sense of much more telepathy, stronger healing ability. It's very beautiful, actually. And it's going to go it's going to take us a few years to get there probably, you know, 10 years, but people are going to be popping into that at various points depending on how much light they can embody.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I'd like to welcome to the show, Pam Gregory. How're you doing Pam?

Pam Gregory 1:01
Yeah, top of the world thank you Alex, joy to be with you. Thank you for inviting me.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Oh, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm looking forward to our conversations because I really haven't had anybody on the show that can go deep, deep down the rabbit hole of astrology and, and kind of debunk a bunch of myths about astrology because astrology has a has a pretty bad rap in the in the, in the world of, you know, people who don't believe in woowoo. I mean, it's it as far as woowoo as you almost as you can get, sometimes, if done incorrectly, or spoken about incorrectly taught incorrectly. But before we jumped down that rabbit hole, I wanted to ask you what got you into becoming an astrologer? I mean, it's not something that will you five years old and go, You know what I want to do when I grow up?

Pam Gregory 1:50
Not sure. No, it was, it appeared to be by chance. But of course, it's never by chance is it? After university the next day after I finished university, I got on a plane with $100. And this is way before the time with mobile phones, emigrated to Canada. And in the first week, I joined a yoga class. And there was a big guy there from Jamaica and yoga classes are very silent. But at the end, a couple of the girls said, he's an astrologer. So I went up to him and said, Look, I know nothing about this, but I'd love you to do my chart. And the next weekend I went round to his tiny apartment in Toronto, I remember it like it was yesterday. And I spent seven hours with him. And it just blew my world open. And and I haven't stopped studying since then. It just cracked my world open that he could, you know, go back in my life, give me dates have particular experiences, et cetera. And it was just like magic. And oddly he did. He disappeared soon after that. I think he was just an earth angel that came to reconnect me to it.

Alex Ferrari 2:54
Really? That's fascinating. Well, so during those seven hours, did you? I mean, will you believe you were a believer in astrology before you did those seven hours with this guy?

Pam Gregory 3:03
I knew nothing about it. And it's interesting you say believer because people think you've got to believe that it's some kind of religion or philosophy in that way. It's just a language. It's literally a language so so it's just like learning French or, or Spanish or whatever. But you'd never say you don't believe in French do. You don't believe you don't believe that codswallop called Spanish Do you literally just the language that you learn with rules like grammar, etc. And it's for me, it's having spoken pretty good, pretty fluent French, it's much more complicated than learning a language. Because we're the language you finally get to the point. So I did with French thinking, Okay, I pretty much cracked it. I can be colloquial and speak with a local and talk about anything. I don't haven't got that clunky thing in my head anymore. That's trite. You know, this means that and so you get to a finite point with a language of saying, right, I can now speak this language. You never get to that point with astrology. I'm still a learner all these years, I'm still a beginner. It just is infinite. It goes on and on and on, partly because of the discovery of new new planets further out in in the cosmos. But it's also because we are able to, to I think really dig much deeper into the true meaning of astrology and, and so whether you go out or whether you go in it's never an ending. It's infinite.

Alex Ferrari 4:36
Where did astrology come from? What are the origins of astrology?

Pam Gregory 4:40
Well, that's a fascinating question. It is said in recorded history. It is said that it began about 6000 years ago, on in ancient Mesopotamia, which was the birth of civilization and writing and arithmetic. And that, sadly is now modern day rock. But that's when people will live I'm very open to the skies, they didn't have computers and televisions, cinema, that entertainment was watching the moon move around, and Venus and Mars. And so they started to tell each other stories about the gods that lived on the planets. And those stories are the myths that are still my bread and butter today. I mean, I find it astonishing that the myths that were invented, as stories for entertainment are absolutely what I use in my day to day practice. I think I actually think it is way older than 6000 years because, you know, Robert, Edward Grant is a great friend of yours, if you look at the work he was doing in the pyramids, where there was no depth. So, you know, if those pyramids were born, were built 13,000 years ago, or maybe even a whole processional cycle. earlier than that, you add another 25,000 years back on that. If that have the language of the zodiac signs written inside the king's chamber, then we're dealing with something really, really ancient as the galactic language. I think it came from the Galactus.

Alex Ferrari 6:05
So if it's okay, so, for the layman, what is astrology? Because I'll go, I'll tell you what I think it is, and I'm sure I'm going to be completely off. But it is basically from my understanding the the movement of the stars. And depending on where the stars or planets align, certain things happen energetically, to this planet, just like the moon, moving around the Earth affects the tides, we have that kind of effect on our, on our energy level or energy on our, depending on when we were born. There's a certain energy signal, I don't think so it seems very muddled what I just said, Please fix this for me. I did I set you up, pam, pam, I set you up, I wanted to completely look like a buffoon. So you look even better. So please..

Pam Gregory 7:00
So what what a chart, what your birth chart is, is is is really completely unique, it will never be repeated in history again, which means we're all special. What it is, is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of your birth, which is like the hermetic philosophy, it's an out there because it's a snapshot of the heavens. But it also gives me a very detailed map of your psyche. So it's inner and outer at the same time. So what you're looking at really is the, what are called the archetypes, the myths around the planets, and their geometry to each other. And so the the archetypes of the planets give me specific meanings. They're specific geometry to each other, give me specific meanings, the positions they fall in, in the plot face of the birth chart, you know, are they at the beginning, the middle, the ember of that gives me another layer of meaning. So you've got this kind of multi layered Jigsaw building up, that gives me just layers and layers and layers and layers of meaning for that person. And so what astrology does is connect us to the cosmos via a language of meaning, and sacred geometry, essentially, so it's very deep. And I'm discovering things in my own birth chart all these years, I think, wow, how did I you know, how did I see that. So it is very, very multi layered. So even I don't do client work anymore. Sadly, I just don't have the time. But when I used to see clients, or like no was their name, and they could call themselves, Fred, that didn't matter. But as long as I had the accurate birth data, I could go back in their life, which I always did with the client, and select maybe 20 or 30 specific dates, where I could ask a question that had a black and white answer. Did your did a parent die at that time? Did you emigrate was the assembling born who was very unwell at that time, did your mother become very ill at that time? So all of those questions kind of had yes or no answers. But you couldn't say when my father kind of died, then an account of emigrate. It's got black and white answers. So that would confirm the birth time for me. And that means if in going back, I could pinpoint exact dates, usually by the month, not necessarily by the day, but by the month. I could therefore reliably move forwards in their life and describe the qualities of experience I never described the events because the universe is way smarter than we are in CO creating with us. But I could describe particular qualities of events or opportunities, strategic opportunities coming up for them, which then they could optimize. They could maximize. And so that if for instance, I was with a client going back in their life and saying, you know, did this happen, this date the salmon and they'd say all of those things happened. But they happened six months earlier than those dates you're giving me, I know the person was born, let's say about 10 minutes earlier. So I can rectify the time or I can change the plot face on the birth chart, then everything going backwards and forwards works like clockwork. So it's very precise.

Alex Ferrari 10:20
How did you know what questions to ask? Where does that information come from?

Pam Gregory 10:24
Okay, so the questions, so they come from the market, they come from the archetypes of the planets, because I don't want to get too lost in the weeds because I know some of the audience may not be familiar with astrology. But let's say you had a big Pluto transit to the vertical axis in your chart, you've got two axes in your chart, like cross wires. And so the vertical axis one of the meanings is the parental axis, the family axis. So if for instance, you have a big Pluto transit, and Pluto has a 248 year orbit, so those don't come up very often in your chart, that is one of the classic signatures of the death because Pluto has to do with death, transformation and rebirth. The death of a parent or grandparent, very reliable, transit solar aren't very reliable, equally with if it's a Neptune transit to that vertical axis, that parental axis, I'd say to the parents or grandparents become extremely frail at that time and just kind of faded away. And you get the answer yet, so it's in it used to, it still blows your mind, all the time, how reliable and accurate it is. And this is literally the first time I've met someone or spoken to them on Zoom. And they might have called themselves spread, as I say, it is remarkably remarkably accurate. And so it gives us a a stunning sense of validation of our uniqueness in the world, who will who we are, and who we are meant to become in our dharma. What is our dharma? What is our unique souls purpose in this lifetime? And that is, you know, that's often what people search for all their lives. And it's so clearly marked in the in the chart in terms of the direction that their soul needs to go into to be fulfilled in this life. It's like a compass needle. And I can say more on that if you'd like me to.

Alex Ferrari 12:23
Yes, absolutely. Want to, before we move forward, I want to go back how? So if it let's say, I show up? I'm meeting you for the first time. All right. I don't see a whole lot of books around you. I don't see any charts around you. I do see some beautiful pillows that have some, some astrology in it. But so if I show up and give you a birthday, and I'm talking to you, yeah. And you, and a time, a time, a time when they were born,

Pam Gregory 12:48
Your time you were born and place like a town?

Alex Ferrari 12:52
A town. Okay. So if I gave you that information, then you would based on just me, because that's a lot of a lot of variables between the last, let's say the last 50 or 100 years, a lot of dates and times during that period. How are you going to? Is it something that comes instinctually to you? Are you using astrology and a combination of some other skill set or Astro? Like? I'm really curious, I'm just wondering how the process works.

Pam Gregory 13:20
When I was studying a long time ago, we had to calculate the charts manually with logarithmic tables of planetary movements, we didn't work allowed to use a calculator that took hours to do now, computers can calculate the actual chart. So all I need is the date, a time and a place. That's all I need. And, as I said, they could make up the name, that's the only three things I need, the computer can calculate the chart in a few minutes. And I asked for various kinds of slices of information for you like levels of inflammation, I then spend about five hours analyzing all of that information. And the real skill with astrology is not that means this. It's the synthesis. It's almost like, you know, when you're learning a language, or when you're learning music, it's really clunky when you start, but once you can really flow with it, you can start to read it like like music much more intuitively. So even now, if I was doing a special favor for somebody because as I said, I haven't got time to do client work. It would it would take me literally four to five hours before I would have the conversation with a client and then I'd have a lot of information for them.

Alex Ferrari 14:39
So it was so Pam when you when you were studying this you know the world we live in now it's a little bit more open to a lot of the things that we're talking about on this show, channeling psychic mediums as it's always been around, but they're a little bit more open to it nowadays than they were before people were curious about it. Yeah. 20 years. If you would have told me I was going to have a conversation with an astrologer in England, I would have said you you're absolutely insane. But, but I'm here now, because this is where I am in my, my journey. When you came out as a professional astrologer, what is your friends and family say about around you? Because this is not an easy path to walk when you started?

Pam Gregory 15:21
Oh, no, no, no. I mean, I think you're spot on Alex, because, like any spiritual path, it's pretty solo. You know, it's pretty similar. You know, I worked in the corporate world for 35 years. So I was I was pretty senior, I was director in the corporate world, I could not mention this subject, because I'd be it would wipe out any business credibility I have. Because in one sense, it's very interesting. That's why I call my first book, You don't really believe in astrology, Do you? because, you know, I operate. I operate in the corporate world pretty successfully. And so but if any of my clients, my big corporate clients heard that I was also an astrologer. At the end of meetings, they kind of take me off to a corner. And in a kind of conspiratorial whisper, they'd say, come on. Now you can tell me you don't really believe in astrology deep. Like I've gone from a competent person to somebody utterly wacko, who clearly needed therapy. So it that became such an impossible Grand Canyon to navigate in. And many of us do this, don't we? We do that we do the no brainer as our first career. And then we move on and say no, no, this is the thing I've really got to do. And I know in previous lifetimes, I've absolutely I know, I've absolutely worked as an astrologer. So at that point, I just said, I'm done with the corporate world and plunged into astrology. And I never made a better decision because I was meant to do this. I absolutely know I was meant to do this. And I'll do this till the day I, you know, pop off my pop my clogs, because it is so helpful to people in particularly the way I'm kind of coming at it right now. I'm really trying to encourage people to go beyond the fated pneus of planets do things to you. Because there's still quite a bit of fear around astrology. You know, tell me, you know, tell me my fortune, because I'm worried about what Pluto's doing to me or Neptune. And I want to turn that around, say, Come on, guys. This is incredible information, to help you live strategically, to help you live a bigger and more magnificent life fulfilling your dharma, incredible information. I think it's absolutely unparalleled. And I don't think I operate very psychically at all, I'm still reading it very much as a language. But nevertheless, it is profoundly helpful to people. I mean, I am profoundly it's quite life changing for people.

Alex Ferrari 17:52
So the concept of Yeah, I mean, that's the thing is that astrology has been hijacked by woowoo, has translated or has transformed into that in the in the public mind. Over the last set, you know, hundreds and hundreds of years, I don't know where it started, maybe you have the answer where, you know, there was that the Gypsy or the old lady in the sewer or was, that was kind of making it just like, oh, Mercury's in record, retrograde, don't go outside, like that kind of thing. And there might be some value. So it might be some truth to what I just said. But you please explain it. I'm like, I'm still I'm the last deal with this. Because all I know is I'm a cancer. And I don't even know if that's real or not based on what you're telling me. You know.

Pam Gregory 18:45
Fatherhood would be, you know, a big deal to you, I would say, fatherhood would be a big deal to you.

Alex Ferrari 18:54
In what sense? In what sense?

Pam Gregory 18:55
Well, being a parent would be a big deal to you, that would matter a lot. And it's very loving and caring and empathetic and emotional security, financial security will be super important to you need to be rooted need to feel you've got a very safe sanctuary that you can retreat from, you know, when the world gets too much a lot of sensitivity there, actually. But anyway, so going back to your question

Alex Ferrari 19:18
Were you just giving me a small reading based on the saying I was a cancer?

Pam Gregory 19:22

Alex Ferrari 19:23
Really? So all the things you said, Okay, go ahead.

Pam Gregory 19:26
Yeah, if I look at a birth chart, there are about 3000 variables. Okay, the sun, high knee part of it. That's why it takes me four to five hours prep. If it was just the sun, well, it would be a doddle. But I wouldn't have spent you know, all of these decades learning and still learning.

Alex Ferrari 19:44
So the concept of like, being a Leo or being a cancer, those concepts are they work within the world of astrology that you are talking about? Correct?

Pam Gregory 19:54
They work but is a very small part of it. A much bigger I'd say too, too big upon Remember, there are about 3000 variables in every birth chart. And again, the birth chart is unique. I would say that the the moon, your moon, is much richer for me and information. It tells me a lot about your growing up your childhood experiences, particularly your mother, what kind of a person you were mother? Was your relationship with your mother? Was it easy? Was it difficult? Was it challenging? In what particular way? Was it challenging? What has it taught you even if it's challenging, what gifts have you brought down on the matriarchal line, your dietary habits, you're the kind of home you want to live in, where you you what your principal needs are in terms of feeling safe and secure your instinctive reactions to life. I mean, it gives me so much and more, it gives me so much rich information, just the moon, just the moon, the sign and house it's in. And the aspects will give me all of that information. The other big thing of importance in the chart is what's called your ascendant. Now this is determined, that's why we've got to have the exact time and I know linear time doesn't mean doesn't exist. And that's a whole nother rabbit hole to go down. But the the ascendant describes the constellation on the horizon at the moment of your birth, so you know, Aries, Taurus, Gemini cancer, whatever, a specific degree of that, and that the ancient peoples believe that's when the soul entered the body. But that is really the start point of the birth chart of the clock face of the birth chart. And that acts like a lens or a filter over your entire chart. So it's, it's how the world sees you, and how you see the world. It's like a two way filter. So for for, you know, somebody say you're, you're a cancer son. So you have all of this sensitivity and the need to pull back and recharge and have a safe sanctuary and be at home with, you know, very cozy settled, good relationships, that feel very safe and secure, you probably have a much more social ascendant, like a Leo or a Gemini got to be out there in the world, I've got to be seen, I've got to interact, I've got to have all these different connections with people all over the world, it could be one of those, and you probably have some strong Aquarian influence as well, because you're very interested in the alternative and spiritual and where we're headed as a society. So so your son in cancer is, yes, it's important, but it's still a very small part. So the moon and the ascendant are two big things. And then you've got just dozens of other things to consider to feed into the picture.

Alex Ferrari 22:47
So when you say, and now in cancer, because I don't know many of them. But let's say cancers is the thing. If I say the word cancer, that gives you a very broad stroke on the person based on just that moment of that sign, correct, then when you get the date, time place, then you can start whittling down because there's different variations of cancers, not all cancers are going to be artistic and sensitive and, and all of the things that are associated with a cancer. But as you start to whittle down, then you could start going in there and going, did you lose a parent on this day? Or this month? Did you? Did you do this? Or did you trans? Did you move on this? That's when you can do that? Am I correct?

Pam Gregory 23:37
Correct! Yeah, perfect sense.

Alex Ferrari 23:40
So then as we go through all of this, what I find fascinating about this system, this language, if you will, is that all of this information is laid out there for you. It is kind of almost a cheat code. From the matrix. It's almost a cheat code of like, okay with this, this, this soul came in here. If the soul configure, have someone figure this out for the runner or can read the stars, their information is laid out like their their soul plan is laid out in front of them. Now, this is where a lot of people have a problem with astrology. And I want to hear your thoughts on it. freewill versus destiny. And that's a big, big thing because a lot of people like I have free will have free will. My understanding to it is there are certain mile markers on the road that you have to go through. How you get between the mile markers is up to you, but you set up these mile markers on the other side. So you and I are not going to be astronauts in this lifetime. Or NBA players. We were just not set it. That would be a very interesting game. Probably a little boring because I would probably break something and I don't know what. But that was but that's Does that make sense at all to you?

Pam Gregory 24:53
Yeah 100% Yeah. 100%. So the way I the analogy I've used a lot is your birth chart is like your unique sheet of music. So you're given this sheet of music for this incarnation. So that set how you play, the piece of music is down to you. So you could just bang a couple of tin spoons together. Or you can play in the London Philharmonic, you can make a magnificent piece of music. So you have great latitude of freewill in how you play that piece of music. And because I've been doing this for so long, I've had the benefit of often seeing people who are born quite close in time and geography. And no one will have sort of kept the trapdoor firmly shut, and not, you know, push the envelope as it were, in terms of really living a big life, and the other person will have lived a much bigger life and helped many more people now that could also be linked to their soul contract and, and all that side of things. But nevertheless, that is where we have the latitude. And I'm actually going beyond that now and say, look, I think astrology is about half the picture. It is magical, to get the validation for your unique self, who you are, what your challenges and gifts are in this lifetime, your dharma potentially what you're not, are you meant to become a rose or a resentful mum or a rhododendron or it gives you a in much more detail than that it gives you a pretty specific direction to go in, in terms of and what you have to incorporate into that Dharma to really feel you've lived a good life. So I can be very specific about that. But then you still have so much latitude in taking, taking this music or taking this sheet of music or taking this modeling play and making it amazing. And so I want to get way beyond any sense of being limited by your birth chart, because consciousness is bigger than your birth chart. Am I making sense there?

Alex Ferrari 27:08
It makes it makes all the sense of the world. So in other words, what we're what the birth chart tells you is essentially, is the kind of clay that you're going to use. Yes, it's going to be a very specific kind of clay, a clay that's specific to you how you play with that clay, how you mold that clay, it truly is up to you, you can build a little, a little a little, you know, a little mound of something, or you could actually build the feeder, a lot of that clay, it's truly up to you in a lifetime. So, but this is the clay that you're going to use, like you know, I was born, this person, this height, you know, my height is my height, I can't really change anything about my height. Well, you can but it would be very painful, I would rather not. But generally speaking when you're born at a certain height, so this clay is kind of like what your height is going to be when you're a baby, you really don't know, nobody knows how tall you are going to be a you know you can be end up being six, five, coming from a family that are all five to it is possible. But it all is relative. But that is the framework of this life for you. What you do with that frame, what you do with that music, what you do with that mud, and that mud clay is truly up to you. And understanding where these big events or opportunities are going to be presented to you down the road, is how you said earlier optimize that ability. So if you say hey, you're going to have a really big career change in about three years, when that comes, it would be your it would be your best interest to take it and do the best you can with this, this this and this aspect of it. Does that make sense?

Pam Gregory 28:48
Yep. And it reminds me that a client a while back and yes, they had a very big career change coming up in three years time from the corporate world as so many of us do. And they're going to move much more into the spiritual side. But it was going to be I could clearly see it was going to be connected to children, children in the third world, it was also given Okay, so good luck. It was also given to incorporate their interest in shamanism and ancient tribal cultures, ancient tribal medicines, the ancient wisdom of the Earth, plant medicine, and how they could help these children. But they would have another front person and they would be the person working behind the scenes kind of theater manager making all of this happen, but they wouldn't want to be the front person. But they would be doing incredible work working with children in dire poverty and not in good health, but using ancient wisdom to do that. And they would go on a huge learning curve, about ancient medicine, shamanism, all of that side of things. You In order to fulfill that, so that would give you a kind of idea of the kind of information I could see for that person at that time. Now that could ignite them something which has been there. Am I really interested in shamanism that kind of, I'm not sure, that could really ignite what was dormant in them, to give them enough confidence to say, I'm going to do that course and see it, see, see where it leads me. So I never tell people what to do. I plant seeds that could really grow into something huge in their lives that I can see very clearly. And they chop that up that are potentials to come up. Does that does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 30:37
Makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense. So Pam, let me ask you Who or what or when did this this language, this technique the system get hijacked by the Woo? When did it when did they get this bad rap to the point where they look at you going, honey? I mean, I know you're You were fantastic in the board meeting, but you really don't believe in this stuff.

Pam Gregory 31:02
It was really quite humbling.

Alex Ferrari 31:04
Because it's in the zeitgeist. I mean, that is when I mean when you and I think that has to do with like the daily horoscope that you read in the newspaper, and like oh, today so Oh, cancers don't walk out the house today, because today's not a good day to walk out the house. That kind of that's that's ridiculousness. That's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. But that's what's associated with astrology. So when did this happen? At what point did you do you see in the history of astrology went from the shamans and the mystics to the Woo.

Pam Gregory 31:37
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Because I despair at that. And that's why I've never ever, ever done some fun astrology. I mean, my heart just sinks because also, it's not only very superficial, but it's gets back to the fakeness don't go out today, you've got Mercury Retrograde in I was born with Mercury Retrograde hasn't stopped me communicating so far. So and I basically ignore Mercury Retrograde because I think if you have the belief system that your car's not going to start the printers gonna jam, they will get lost. That's what happens. That's. So in terms of, if we follow recorded history, which is all we really know, 6000 years ago, ancient Mesopotamia, it grew up through society in very academic circles. You know, the great geniuses of our time, if we look at ancient Greece, and we look at Plato, Pythagoras, they were astronomers and astrologers, the two went very much together. So it developed very much in ancient Greece, it developed all through society. And it was very much always in, in, in academia, and it was part of our university curriculum. Always that you you studied astrology as part of the mystery schools. It was one of the foundational subjects in the Mystery Schools. In the Middle Ages, you couldn't be a doctor unless you understood astrology, because they were dealing with the four humors you might remember the four key was was and if the humans were unbalanced, it meant the person was ill and you had to rebalance the humans. That was they were taken from you know, fire, earth, and water. That's astrological. So they had to be so really all the the main monarchies in Europe had astrologist to advise them. Up until the Middle Ages, the papacy had its own astrologer. So they were held in very high position. Very academic very revered. I mean, Dr. John D was the last great royal astrologer to Elizabeth the First he was a huge academic mathematician, astronomer astrologer, he was sent as an ambassador all over Europe for Queen Elizabeth averse. So, you know, they were held in high regard. And then, really, it was the so called age of enlightenment when Isaac Newton came along, and said that, that apart from the moon, the planets couldn't exert any any physical gravitational pull on the earth, which is correct, which is true. Therefore, he said, If I can't explain this rationally, it's bunkum. And from that point on astrology was then dismissed into back tea rooms and tea leaves and all of that kind of thing. But it started to recover really, but 100 years ago, I think with some very clever academics yet again, with David Rhodes yacht, Carl Jung was a hugely prolific astrologer, because he knew if you did the birth charts of his clients that gave them a shortcut to the psyche, that gave them a shortcut to diagnosis, because he could literally see the psyche of his patients. So it took him much less time to help them and he'd asked about their dreams because he could see what's likely to come up from the archetypes, you know, so he'd been he kept that quiet. In fact, his whole theory of, of archetypes is theory of synchronicity, that both those theories were entirely astrological entirely, but he kept it quiet because for the same reason I kept it quiet in the business world. It blows credibility. So it was really around Isaac Newton time, the Age of Enlightenment when you couldn't prove the physical effect of any planet beyond the moon. And if you couldn't prove it rationally, then it must be Buncombe. So I think we're moving into a very different era now. And we're just on the brink of this, which is, in fact, I just had a conversation two days ago, which was absolutely mind blowing about how it may work. But certainly, I think the planets are consciousnesses in themselves. I think they have music as a consciousness, they have a tone, they have a pitch. And some people, clever people have been able to record that, that tone or that pitch from the planetary orbits. And I think we have so much to discover for lots of reasons about energy and frequency as we move into this new age. And that's when we will really get a grip on how astrology works. But it's very much part of the quantum it's very much part of the quantum field that we are receiving quantum of information from the planets, it isn't a physical push pull mechanical thing.

Alex Ferrari 36:21
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So let me ask you, there is we're gonna start walking into the we're talking about individual maps are individual charts. I'm assuming there are charts for humanity. And for the earth that you also can see as far as where we are going as a society, where we're all going for that. Before we jump into that deep, deep rabbit hole. There is this concept of the Yugas, I'm assuming you're familiar with the yugas. Where there's a moment there's 24,000 year cycle, and that humanity goes through the cycles within 24,000 years. At one point they're enlightened are much closer to source. And then as as the planets and the actual galaxies are pulled away, in just general general orbit of source. Let's say it's being pulled back away farther from the center of the universe, if you will, or the center of source, we start to get dumber, we tend to forget, we start to get angry or we get more violent. And you can actually see that in the cycle of humanity. Where we get to a point where we're so far gone. That was the Dark Ages, where nothing's nothing moved for hundreds of years, nothing. We had no advancements, no nothing. But then as we start moving closer back, which is now going on the other end of it, we start to get enlightened again, we start to shift again, our consciousness starts to rise. And that's where it seems to where we're going because in the last 150 years, the advancements not only in technology, but in consciousness is so fat. It's so fast so fast. It seems to be speeding up daily now almost the advancements in it's getting faster and faster and faster. I mean, I remember when I was a kid in the 70s You know, things pretty much stayed the same. Yeah, we oh, now we have remote controls. Cool. Two or three years later, like oh, look that big color TVs are getting smaller. Okay, great. It but it was it was very slow. Now it's like every day AI is doing something new, or we're doing this or we're doing that so that everything I just said is that all makes sense in the in your world.

Pam Gregory 39:09
Yeah. 100% 100%. , and there's a very bit not only are we moving past the end of Kali Yuga, and towards the golden age, but there's so much in the cosmology as well as the astrology that says we're moving out of the old world into the new and you're absolutely spot on Alex it's moving faster and faster and it will continue to do that it will move faster and faster and faster because the outer planets which kind of give us the general zeitgeist of of the energy we're experiencing and society, they are moving from last year to 2026 that tight bound of time, out of heavy slow earth and water signs into air and fire. And even if you're not in astrology, you can feel water Earth heavy slow into air. That's super quick. And even by the 25th of May, I'm not sure when this will go up to 25th of May 2024, we're going to have another another jump into speediness. AI is going to be absolutely exponential. As you know, Jupiter moves into Gemini on the 25th of May. So interesting that the latest iteration from Google of AI is their latest upgrade with Gemini. Now, Jupiter is moving into Gemini. And Gemini, as you probably know, is a massive Jupiter planet of expansion, massive data processing, AI, data processing is very much related to Gemini Man, it could not be more literal. So we are gonna go in these huge leaps and bounds with technology. I think we need great discernment with that. And I couldn't tell anyone what to do. They've got to make their own decisions on that. But But technology, medical technology is going to be phenomenal. I think dealing with light, dealing with energy and frequency, that's going to be amazing. We're going to have anti aging technologies, longevity technologies, we're going to be able to turn a lot of things around, we're going to be able to clean up the Earth, I think much more rapidly than we imagined. And we're going to do that with this new quality of light that's coming in for us because of the area of space that the earth is moving through currently. So because there are two main ingredients for our evolution right now beyond the astrology one is, I don't know if you're aware of where it solar peak of solar cycle 25. Okay, there are 11 year sunspot cycles that happen, you know, always have Lemonnier sunspot cycles, we're in solar cycle 25, and everyone has a trough and a peak, and then back to a trough again. And the peak was supposed to be in 2025. The astrophysicists have had to pull it back in time, pretty much to now because the number of solar flares are off the scale. The magnetic shield of the Earth is thinner, more unstable. So that was like a kind of cotton wool buffer protecting the earth from the the cosmos that's thinner and more unstable. So as the sun throws out these balls of radiation, they are more easily able to get through to us. So they are unified. Go back to 2018. We didn't have a single single M class flair. I think this year. So far, we've had 60. I mean, that's the last.

Alex Ferrari 42:34
Is that why the what are those? The Northern Lights we're seeing in Texas? Yeah, that's insane.

Pam Gregory 42:43
Yes, absolutely. Because it brings in new energy to the ionosphere. And the X class flares. I think we've had something like 13 in the last 10 days. And the solar flare scale is like a Richter scale. So m plus is 10 times the strength of a C Class X time x classes 10 times the strength of an M class goes up like a Raptors go. So to have that many X class flares is is pretty crazy. And yes, we're at the peak of that. So what that does is, on the one hand, give us lots of strange physical effects like, you know, either extreme fatigue, or insomnia. We're plugged into the mains, we can't sleep or tinnitus, or aches and pains, all kinds of, because we've never experienced really, in this lifetime, I think, to this degree, this, this high and concentrated number of solar flares. That's how it feels anyway, maybe it's the effect of social media too. But at the same time, we are also going through a band in space called the Photon Belt, we only go through that every 12,000 years give or take 500. So it's very concentrated high frequency light. Yep, the doughnut. So you've got two lots of ingredients coming at once. And I think the reason we're feeling the solar flare so intensely, is because at the same time, even though that's an 11 year cycle, we're going through this 12,000 year cycle at the same time. So these are like two very particular sets of ingredients that the chap on social media called Jason esters, he calls these stem cells for the soul. They are helping to change us from carbon to crystalline, they're reactivating our DNA. They're reactivating our 24th chromosome, which Gregg Braden talks a lot about cryo on talks a lot about at the moment, which will connect us to our multi dimensionality and our expanded consciousness in a way we've never known in this lifetime, on many lifetimes. So that's the cosmology of it, which is very unique. And then you come back to the astrology, where you have many outer planets changing sign endings, beginnings, endings, beginnings, endings, beginnings. And so those are all very clear. So signatures for me that we are moving into a very different era, which is really exciting, actually. I mean, don't look at the old world. That's just rambling. Don't give it any don't give, you know, don't give lifeforce to anything that's dying. Just create create with these amazing new energies, new light, which is coming in silver diamond light, create, create, create, because we are doing it we aren't we are altering the quantum wave structure to create a better future for humanity. I know when so.

Alex Ferrari 45:33
So then the million dollar question is, this is going to be a heck of a year, it's already turning out to be a heck of a year. In many ways. We have this little election coming up in November in the States, and actually a lot of very pivotal elections around the world. At this time, there seems to be this kind of almost perfect storm brewing. I can see it. I mean, it's it's very clear. You know, right now, one of our presidential nominees are in a criminal case. And if something happens to go in that criminal case, all hell's gonna break loose. I mean, there's just no question about it. Either way, there's like, it's not it's not avoidable. It's just not avoidable. Either way. It's, it seems like we're heading towards something pretty, pretty insane. Because I don't know why I know this, or why I feel this, but I do I see it. So clearly. I'm like, I already have been telling my family. I'm telling friends. I'm like, Guys, November, it's gonna be Oh, hell is gonna break loose. So that's what I've been seeing. So what would what do you say about? I don't need another lottery ticket numbers or anything like that? I'm not asking that. But as a general broad stroke, am I correct? In what I'm what I'm feeling?

Pam Gregory 46:57
100%, astrologically, astrologically 100%? Because normally, if I've looked at elections, in what, you know, whatever country usually I look at, you know, Europe, UK, US. You can, you can get a pretty good sense looking at the candidates birth charts of what's likely to happen. I mean, Trump's win was very clear to me in 2016, he had a particular soul axon on his ascendant. That was clear as day despite what the polls was saying that he was going to win. So normally, I can see it fairly clearly, or flip with good probability, let's say, this time, all bets are off. It is incredibly volatile. In the astrology, it's incredibly volatile. It's very hard to read. I don't know whether they will even be an election. If there is one, will it be contested? Because there's so much polarization in the US? The energy we're moving into, which is Aquarian energy favors youth, rather than old age because both your pain current candidates are old guys.

Alex Ferrari 48:02
Shockingly, yes. extremely old. Yeah. The oldest, the oldest, and the second oldest, they're both. I mean, great. It's, it's insane. It's insane. So yet, is this the final like, death rattle for the for that, that not that generation, but for that system these ideas? On? I'm not I'm not trying to say on one side or the other on both? Because it just seems so polarization and us is not the only one that's polarized. The UK is it for my understanding? everywhere, everywhere every country is I've never seen anything like this when I was growing up. I mean, yeah, there were one side, left side and the right side here in the US. But they work together, they argued, but that was politics. Now. It's just like, you can even look at each other. And it seems to getting worse. And logic has been thrown out the window. And it just seems to be getting so intense that the bubble has to pop a big, big, and it's not going to be a fun way. Would you agree?

Pam Gregory 49:05
100%. And what they sent me to my head here, because the US has a very particular thing happening for it. When you were born as a country, Fourth of July 1776. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 49:18
Sorry about that. Sorry about that. By the way, I didn't mean to, to leave the queen in 1776. So I do apologize for my people. But I know we were we were rebels. I'm sorry. It's a thing I apologize.

Pam Gregory 49:33
About, you know, because that's all coming back the rebellion, the limited freedom, you know, truly it is you know, I'm all for it. So when you were born, as it were with the legal constitution, Fourth of July 1776, that has its own birth chart. And that might sound crazy to say country has a birth chart, but it's tested to destruction by astrologers over decades. And yes, that's a very reliable chart. So if I look at where the planet Pluto was Fourth of July 1776. For the very first time, since the birth of the US because Pluto has a 248 year orbit, it is coming back to its natal place. So Pluto is about death and rebirth. Okay. Death and rebirth of the US now it's in the area of the chart linked to the country's values. Who are we as a country? Do we still stand for liberty and democracy and all that in the economy of the country? It's in Capricorn, which is linked to the politics, the constitutional framework, even the geography of who and what makes up the US? So I've been talking about this in my updates for the last two, three years, saying, there's going to be a whole revolution a whole transformation in the US, who are you? What's the economy going to be? What's the political system going to be? Because it probably isn't going to be the same as it is now? And are some states actually going to pull out of the US? And my strong sense was, it's gonna start with Texas, because that's the total solar eclipse you know, 2017 and an April crossed a Texas so I've been saying the last year or so watch Texas, because this could begin in Texas. But it won't just be Texas, it will be other states, I believe that potentially can pull out of the federal union. And so I'll see great volatility around the election. The result? Doesn't seem to be clear. Certainly, to me, I've got to dig deeper. But to me, it doesn't seem clear. It favors youth rather than an old age. But I believe the whole system is under question. And not just for the US, but for many countries because I look at something else. For The World. Pluto is moving away from the end of Capricorn, it spends Well, it's been in Capricorn since 2008. And what it does is reveal any corruption that's not for our highest good in the archetype for that sign. Okay, now that sign rules, top down authority, historically, that might have been monarchies or the church. Now it's governments, okay, governments, corporations, institutions, that are top down ritually, people at the top telling ordinary people like you and me what to do. So inequality elitism, and they've held the power, particularly, you know, over the last couple of decades, that is really in its death knell system. Because Pluto only has it's currently just tipped into Aquarius, which is the sign of shifting the power to the people. Revolution, freedom, humanitarianism, greater equality, it dips back into Capricorn, second of September to the 19th of November over your election period. How interesting is that. And that's the kind of last gasp in Capricorn for about another 240 years. So from the period second of September to the 19th of November, we could feel, you know, are we being pulled back again to the old order, but it will be louder, in terms of that top down attempted control, but it will be much more hollow. Because the direction of travel from that point on from the 19th of November is Pluto and Aquarius for another 20 years, and then at the age of Aquarius for another couple of 1000 years. So that's youth that's revolution. That's a whole different socio political system of you know, grassroots up communities lives and businesses getting together. Enterprises, it's no longer top down. That's the direction of travel, the shift of Pluto is power. It's the shift of power, from top down structures to the people. Now it won't happen in a day, a month a week. But over time, that is our direction of travel. That's where we're headed. Look at the French Revolution. Peasant stormed in, you know, Manuel was executed, beheaded, and France became a republic, mass. And that's the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, massive shift of power from rich, autocratic monarchy, gold everywhere. Peasants couldn't afford to buy bread to it becoming a Republican and ordinary people having legal status being that became the foundation of democracy for Europe. says Listen, we're going through again, globally, but particularly for the US because of the Pluto return in the US.

Alex Ferrari 54:43
Is this why a show like this is getting the reaction that it is now and wouldn't have gotten the same reaction 10 years ago.

Pam Gregory 54:52

Alex Ferrari 54:54
Really? because, I mean, I say that all the time on the show go This show doesn't make sense. was 10 years ago. I mean, what we might have had a few people listen, but we weren't have merely millions of people watching shows like this.

Pam Gregory 55:08
This is your time.

Alex Ferrari 55:10
This this, this is the moment of when it needed to happen. Because if the show opens up in the 80s, you might have the fringe is watching it. Certain groups, small groups are watching it. But these concepts being talked about the way you and I are talking about it, and being viewed by millions of people around the world, is it just cuz I'm noticing and it's not just my show, I see other shows. And I'm like, Wow, this. I mean, this is giving a place for a show like this. And not just in our field and other fields as well from quantum physics, to other other shows that are talking about things that are not in the old, but are looking towards the new. And this is only going to ramp up is what you're saying.

Pam Gregory 55:56
Totally. It's about truth, honesty, openness, the alternative the the melding of science and spirituality with great people like Nasim Harriman and Gregg Braden and all these wonderful people, it is about people discovering their sovereignty, rediscovering their sovereignty, and saying, I know I have the power to come together with other people and CO create a better world than this. And you are a big part Alex of that service to humanity to give people a platform to help them create a better wellness. And I set up this incredibly simple idea of a 15 minute meditation on a Sunday evening, no tech, no zoom links, no recordings, and we just come together energetically imagine we're holding hands and connecting with our hearts, feel love, feel joy, feel compassion, feel peace, gratitude, freedom, the visions, the experiences people are having is incredible. And I know, we are changing the quantum wave structure, we are changing the future timeline for humanity and loads of people are doing these meditations. I'm not special in doing that. But But each of us are playing our part, particularly when you come together on a platform like yours, or in a group the energy is magnified as a group, you become a kind of family of frequency, to really amplify the energy to say we want a more loving world than this a more equal world, a more caring world, a more abundant world, you know, where animals are loved and respected to all of them.

Alex Ferrari 57:23
So you were just saying that, for the moment, it seems like we're pulling back just a little bit. September, this September to November, we're going to be pulling back a little bit which will appear, it will appear and then it's just going to go off like a rocket ship into another.

Pam Gregory 57:41
Yes. And it will be volatile, particularly for the US it will be of all time because your election is so particularly polarized. But it will also bring bring up any corruption that is not for our highest good, it will reveal that. So it's the analogy. It's got to, you've got to smash up the old kitchen cupboards before you can put in the new ones. An analogy I've used is, you know, imagine you're going to the theater, and you become aware that the the whole script, the whole narrative of the play is not hanging together. People just aren't believing it anymore. So the actors are talking louder and louder and loaded. To kind of say no, no, you know, this is real. And we're in control of this script. And it's all fine. But the audience of assessing it there are saying, Yeah, I'm not, I'm not buying this anymore. I'm not buying it anymore. And eventually, the scenery is starting to collapse. So I see the second half of the year as the scenery really starting to collapse and the audience thing. I'm not buying any of this, I'm leaving the theater.

Alex Ferrari 58:43
So that's why traditional media, Hollywood, banks, religions, all of these institutions that have been around for so long, are starting to show I mean, I mean, I come from Hollywood. So I worked in the film industry for 30 years. And I've just seen the difference of how people are consuming it. People aren't buying the things that are coming out of Hollywood as much as they used to, they're going to alternative media sources. People don't even trust the news anymore, because it's all partisan now. So they're looking at, I mean, Joe Rogan, who's got the biggest podcast in the world, much bigger than any of the news deals, news networks would kill for one episode of Joe Rogan's audience to watch their entire network for a day. It's it's, it's insane. It's fascinating. You were saying that the countries have their own charts based on when they're born. Could you go back to the Roman Empire? And since it's so well, it's so well historically act, you know, written down what happened at certain times. Could you go back and go, Oh, this is when Julius Caesar showed Okay, that makes sense because of this and Oh, and this happened that is have you done that as an experiment by any chance?

Pam Gregory 1:00:00
I haven't done it, the only thing you need, the crucial piece of information you need is also the time. So when did the Roman Empire start? Where was it? You know, you can't you can't pin down. So I need a time. But you can go back quite a long way historically, as long as you've got a time in

Alex Ferrari 1:00:19
1776, or even, you know, yeah, a lot of a lot of Europe when it was formed, there's very specific dates,

Pam Gregory 1:00:26
1066 UK, you know, you don't. So as long as you've got a time like signing of the Magna Carta or something, if you could have time, then you've got a workable birth chart, if you don't have a time, you have much less information, because you don't know where the clock face starts on the chart.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
Right. Right. You can be off by years. But if you just adjust, oh, it's a one o'clock not at five o'clock. Well, that's going to change timing a lot.

Pam Gregory 1:00:53
It gives me much more information once I've got an accurate birth time. So But going back to what you just said, yeah, all of the top down structures, religion, monarchy, banks, traditional media, Hollywood, anywhere, whether is elitism and inequality. Over the coming months and years, the energy is leaving those structures and going to grassroots up ordinary people, communities, collaboration networks, local networks, global networks, farmers networks, growing food, linking information across the world, how to grow food better with electric culture, or whatever it is, you know, I'm in a, I'm in a group of about 200 people. And we all do something different. But we are all helping to create a more loving world. And we're constantly sharing information from other groups in the UK, or the grips of across the world. So we don't have to reinvent the wheel on things like healing modalities, or whatever it is, more and more people across the world are coming together to buy land, to grow food to live on, to share information and care for each other. So less and less, it's about a kind of, we're moving away from this, what I call material territorialism of this is mine, and this is my bank account. And this is my status and my title, you know, I'm director or CEO, nobody cares anymore. But you know, that what COVID did was act as a boomerang for people just desperately wanting to connect as humanity. When the people in my group of all ages or backgrounds, all status doesn't matter. We had we laugh, we were all human beings. So there was a real catapult effect with with COVID.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:34
So we're, we've talked about this year, which is going to be interesting to say the least. Where do you see all of us in 10 years, over these next 10 years? What are the what is the charts talk about? Where we're going?

Pam Gregory 1:02:48
Yeah, it's gonna be, I think, yes, a fabulous question, we start to lose vocabulary, because I think we're going to become beings that we've never been before, we're going to change our state of being there's going to be a complete metamorphosis, it isn't just going to be a gradual linear evolution for humanity, it's going to be a jump in a state of being a total metamorphosis. So I really feel we're gonna step into our light bodies in a bigger way, we're gonna be less dense, literally, physically, we're probably going to eat less more plant based lighter foods, we're going to be have a sense of much more telepathy, stronger healing ability, living as oneness living as a connection to Source and seeing each other within one consciousness. With everything in harmony, animals and nature. All of us in harmony, complete transparency, nobody can tell a lie, because you see it in the energy field straightaway. And so it's very beautiful, actually. And it's going to go it's going to take us a few years to get there probably, you know, 10 years, but people are going to be popping into that at various points depending on how much light they can embody. But But the big pivotal year, I think, is this year, and next year, we're going to be seeing more and more green shoots of New Earth as I call it. 2026 is a very big year have a big, big new beginning, a very big episode for humanity in 2026. And then you've got some beautiful aspects happening between Uranus and Pluto, which if you go about 300 years, so that was that was an incredible time of creative renaissance in Europe. So I think we're gonna see a lot of creativity coming in as well. It you know, I think it's, if we can just keep focusing on creating a beautiful new world, we're on the right track. Stay in love, stay in your heart, stay in kindness. If you go into fear, you're on another train track. The bifurcation happening right now, if you're in fear, you're following the narrative. It's a very different future trajectory to staying in love and staying in your heart and nobody forces you on to either one you self select depending on your frequency. Sweet and still see the other train at the moment. But as time goes on, we won't even see the train. I think we'll just forget our past I think our paths will go to does.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:08
So how do you? How do you explain to people what's happening now with all these wars, we've always been at war, there's always been some sort of violence or some sort of war going on since we threw the first rock. So that's not anything new. But these are the two big ones that are going on right now Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Palestine. They're old fights. They're extremely old, some 1000s of years old. When I saw that come up, I was just like, I use it. My first isn't like, really? Is this we still arguing about this at this point? What what is the what are the charts say about Israel and Palestine and why that's even starting now. And, and all the damage that's caused, I mean, it is causing both of these wars, it's causing so much damage, not only into their own worlds, but it is spilling over into, you know, other countries around Europe, around the world in the US are spilling people are taking sides, again, more polarization. You know, I would love to hear what what you think about this.

Pam Gregory 1:06:13
Absolutely. And, you know, broadly, I would say it isn't the people who want the wars, it's the leaders who want the real source.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:21
Of course, of course,

Pam Gregory 1:06:22
As you know, because if we are in fear of all these terrible things happening, you know, we're easier to manipulate. So, and it is the polarization, the separation, the red, blue, you know, Protestant, Catholic, whatever the split is, that has also been very much encouraged. So for me, and I say it often often in my my upgrades, as long as we, yes, it just unimaginably horrific what's happening to those people out there, I cannot imagine what they're going through in those war zones. But if we stay in that hamster wheel of war, deaths, suffering, poverty, disease, misery, we're not going to get out of the hamster wheel. So what I'm trying to do, and I'm very much a big fan of Buckminster Fuller, if you know, his work, he said, Don't feed, don't even fight the old order, you go beyond, and you create something so amazing. Everybody says, God, I want to be part of that I didn't want to be part of this. And you'll literally starve the energy from that old hamster wheel, you just starve it up, because you give it no attention. Because then we really, you know, start to use the quantum physics model. It's where you put your attention and energy that creates, in a poor Levy, the Buddhist author talks about your attention is your superhero power. Because whatever you're putting your attention on is literally food in the quantum world to activate and build. Even if it's invisible right now, whatever you want to create. So if you starve out your attention on this rific as it is, but because it's so horrific, we can't go on doing it. We've got to create something way better. And we are completely able to do that is by getting a lot of people bringing humanity together very Aquarian to create a better world. And we're doing it quickly. And through your show, through your show. You're doing this, you're giving people a platform to speak truth and say, Okay, we're going to create a new world based on these values, these principles. And that's our future. And you just start out the attention on the now people say, well, that's incredibly careless when it isn't. Actually, it's because of the horror that I want to create something better because if we go along, so if you think on a practical level, Alex, what can we practically do? Can we go and deliver aid to those areas? Well, a whole age convoy were killed recently, you know, it's very hard to do to be on the ground delivering aid. Can we send money that will reliably get through to the people who need it? That's pretty dodgy too. Usually goes to the admin and the management often. So what can we do? Well, we can work energetically. That's what we can do. I mean, Lynne McTaggart, is the queen of this, she has a tab called evidence on her website with the evidence of what these meditations have actually done to stop violence in the Middle East in the past, you know, these group when groups come together with clear intention and love you can you can really start to change where we're headed. And that's where I'm at.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:31
It's it's pretty fascinating, where everything is going and, and I thank you so much for saying what you say about my show. I mean, I, I got thrown into this show. It wasn't something I ever wanted to do. I was just kind of it just happened to happen to be that way. But what you're saying about starving the old again, I have to use the analogy that I know which is Hollywood. You know, I I've been a student of Hollywood since I was a kid and a video store. If that's how old I am, where I used to work at the video store, and I used to see, I've seen the changes of how people perceive Hollywood, Hollywood movies in traditional media, and the rise of YouTube from 2005. Now people are like creators, even celebrities now are starting to go, Wait a minute, why am I going? Why am I dealing with this system that is so barbaric, so toxic, so many things are going on, that I can just go straight to the audience. And you're literally seeing that people are starting their shows, the creating their own shows for YouTube, or their own media platforms, podcast shows like that. The attention is being taken away from traditional media from traditional news sources, from Hollywood, just look at the box office numbers for God's sakes of Hollywood, even around the world, it just doesn't have the same, the same energy that it did in the 90s 80s and 90s. When I was coming up, I mean, everybody knew what when movies came out that weekend, and how much they made. It was a sport. And that's all gone now. It's completely gone. Would you agree?

Pam Gregory 1:11:16
100%. And, you know, if there are any undercurrents of toxicity happening in that world, that's the time you know, the dirty laundry comes out, you know, Pluto and Capricorn last few degrees. So that's when anything which is not born of love, and born of transparency, honesty, fairness, justice, this is when it's all coming out this year and an ongoing, big time. And I think we're gonna have some fascinating revelations as we move forwards in the next few months.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:46
Now, Pam, I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked, all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Pam Gregory 1:11:54
Fulfilling your dharma with love.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:58
And you've said Dharma a few times for everybody who doesn't know what Dharma is what is dharma?

Pam Gregory 1:12:02
Dharma is what you are meant to become in your uniqueness. Yeah, you're that particular unique rose, let's say you're blossoming into your uniqueness that you are meant to become, as I can see in your birth chart.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:18
If you had a chance to go back in time to speak to little Pam, what advice would you give her?

Pam Gregory 1:12:24
Oh, wow. Wait, that's a big one. Yeah. Be brave and trust your heart. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:36
How do you define God or Source?

Pam Gregory 1:12:40
That's a really interesting one. Which rabbit hole I'm down at the moment? I think it is omnipresent divine intelligence that is within all of us.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:53
What is love?

Pam Gregory 1:12:56
Love is a state of being that we can all live in in every moment.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:02
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Pam Gregory 1:13:11
To create with love.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:15
And what does World Peace look like to you?

Pam Gregory 1:13:21
I think it's treating everyone as you would want to be treated yourself. Total respect for every living being and that includes all living beings,

Alex Ferrari 1:13:33
So basically. So basically the hodgepodge between Buddha and Jesus, what they said. They said, That's exactly covered everything that the both of them said in such a beautiful way and simple.

Pam Gregory 1:13:44
Well, I named him once Buddha, actually. Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:48
Yeah, but you know what I mean, you know what I mean? Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Pam Gregory 1:13:55
Bless you. Yep. My website is And you can a lot of information there. I've got a couple of books, training videos on there. Also, I've got a very busy YouTube channel called Pam Gregory astrology. Astrology, not Pam Gregory astrologer. That's the scammer. So it's Pam Gregory astrology. And that's super busy. I put up I don't know, five or six videos a month and very active. Lots of updates and interviews. Yeah, super busy.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:24
Awesome. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Pam Gregory 1:14:29
Yeah, just really live from your heart in every moment. Trust your heart and live from it in every moment with kindness, I would say.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:40
Pam it has been a pleasure talking to you. I have such a clear idea of astrology. Now I have a clear idea of where we're all going. And I hope this conversation has helped a few people out there. So I appreciate you and everything you're doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you.

Pam Gregory 1:14:56
Thank you so much. And lots of love to everybody out there too. Thank you so much, Alex for the opportunity.

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