My NDE Showed Me NO Religion, NO Dogma, Simply Love with Nancy Rynes

In this ethereal dance of life, we sometimes find ourselves lost in the cadence of everyday existence, yearning for a moment of profound connection. Today, we are graced with the presence of Nancy Rynes, a beacon of light who brings forth the wisdom gleaned from her near-death experience. Her journey, much like an ancient tale of awakening, serves as a reminder of the hidden depths within each of us.

Nancy’s early life was a canvas painted with skepticism and a strict adherence to the scientific realm. Yet, even in the rigidity of her scientific pursuits, a subtle undercurrent of spirituality flowed. This duality culminated in a transformative near-death experience (NDE) that reshaped her entire being. As she lay on the operating table, slipping from consciousness, she was transported to a serene meadow, a place imbued with a sense of homecoming and divine love.

This meadow was not just a visual experience but an emotional and spiritual immersion. Nancy felt an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance, a stark contrast to her former agnosticism. This loving presence reassured her that she belonged, that she was cherished beyond measure. It was here that she met her spiritual teacher, a glowing, ethereal figure who guided her through a profound life review.

Nancy Rynes recounts, “I felt like I was being hugged energetically with love.” This embrace was more than just a feeling; it was a revelation of the interconnectedness of all life. Her teacher emphasized the importance of love, gratitude, and connection, urging Nancy to live a life grounded in these principles. This guidance wasn’t about judgment but about understanding the ripple effects of our actions and the potential for growth and healing.


  1. The Power of Love: Love is the fundamental force that binds us. It transcends the physical realm and touches the very essence of our being. Embracing love in all its forms—whether through kindness, compassion, or gratitude—can transform our lives and the lives of those around us.
  2. Interconnectedness: We are all part of a vast, intricate web of existence. Our actions, thoughts, and words resonate beyond our immediate perception, impacting others in ways we may never fully understand. Recognizing this interconnectedness fosters empathy and mindfulness in our daily interactions.
  3. Living with Purpose: Our time on Earth is a journey of learning and growth. By aligning ourselves with our true purpose, which often involves serving and uplifting others, we can lead lives of fulfillment and joy. This alignment requires introspection, openness to change, and a willingness to follow the subtle nudges of our inner guidance.

Upon returning to her physical body, Nancy was forever changed. The fear of death that once loomed large had dissipated, replaced by a deep sense of peace and purpose. She realized that life is not about grand gestures or monumental achievements but about the everyday expressions of love and kindness. Each moment offers an opportunity to expand the divine love within us and share it with the world.

In conclusion, Nancy Rynes‘s journey is a testament to the transformative power of love and the profound impact of spiritual awakening. Her experience teaches us that we are all interconnected, that our lives have purpose, and that love is the guiding force that can lead us to our highest potential.

Please enjoy my conversation with Nancy Rynes.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 146

Nancy Rynes 0:00
It wasn't just negative stuff so I want to make sure everybody understands that it's not like they were trying to my my my teachers were trying to beat me with how bad of a person I was that wasn't it. There it was balanced out. So I was also able to experience times when I help other people

Alex Ferrari 0:30
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I'd like to welcome to the show Nancy Rynes. How you doing Nancy?

Nancy Rynes 1:08
Great, how are you doing?

Alex Ferrari 1:09
I'm doing fantastic. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you and hear your journey and, and what you've done with your life since your near death experience. And we'll talk about your book, awakening awakens from awakenings from the light, and so much more. But my very first question to you, my dear is what was your life like, before the spiritual awakening before this near death experience?

Nancy Rynes 1:36
Nothing like it is now. So different. You know, our my early childhood, I was actually a fairly spiritual kid. And that's an interesting way to start life, I was probably even more spiritual than most kids, I don't even know where that came from. It was just part of who I was. But then when I got into my late teens, even in my early 20s, when I started to really question, you know, I was brought up in a specific Christian foreign form of religion, I started to kind of question that, and some stuff happened that really made me take a step back from all of my thoughts on spirituality. And then I went into I studied art for a while, went to art school, and then I went to a university and got a, you know, basically two different degrees, one in geology and one in archaeology. So very different. Spiritual stuff. And, and I, that's where really, once I immersed myself in the sciences, I became not just skeptical of the spiritual world, but really a complete like critic. And that wavered a little bit, depending on the point in my life I was in. But basically, for the next, you know, couple of decades, almost, I was really identifying as a scientist meaning, but not as a real, like a real scientist is super curious. I understand that. Now. back then. I wasn't I was very strict and like, oh, none of that stuff even exists, how can people believe that whatever. So by the time I had this nd II in 2014, I had been, uh, you know, at least an agnostic for a very long time. Pretty much an atheist non believer. But by the time this happened, I was not feeling I was in my mid 40s, I was not feeling super happy with my life. I wasn't unhappy. But I wasn't deeply contented, or, or satisfied with where I was in my life. And I thought, maybe I just need a new job or something.

Alex Ferrari 4:14
Very blocked, kind of like kind of like, it doesn't hurt but it doesn't not hurt. It's kind of like I'm in like that weird space.

Nancy Rynes 4:21
Yeah, I used to call it limbo. Like, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with myself or where I was gonna go next. I really just assumed that I would get a different job. And honestly, if the end D happened, that's probably what would have happened. I would have just gotten a different job somewhere else and kind of soldiered on with it. But But that's where I was. I was in this weird state that we all you know, a lot of us find ourselves in that state even you know, now even after I've had this experience once in a while, I still get a little bit like I don't really know where this is going, but now I trust that the direction will come to me or I will get on the right path back then I had no interest in myself or, you know, any kind of divine guidance at all. So I was struggling, I was really struggling at that point.

Alex Ferrari 5:20
So, so tell me about your near death experience from, you know, the whole the whole process, if you will.

Nancy Rynes 5:27
Yeah, it's actually kind of a long story. And I'll try to make the accident part of this pretty brief. Because this was all precipitated by a car versus bicycle accident, and I was on the bicycle

Alex Ferrari 5:43
Generally not a good place to be. No, generally, generally speaking.

Nancy Rynes 5:50
And at that time, I was living near Boulder, Colorado, which was a huge it's still is a huge biking community hiking, biking. Yeah, yeah, really strongly outdoors. So it wasn't a big deal. I used to bicycle door, like three times a week. And that was like 15 miles one way. So I was used to being in traffic, people would see you and it wasn't that big of a deal. But But I had taken a little bit of time off work between Christmas and New Year, that New Year holiday break, that one year, it was 2014. And Colorado, winters are actually pretty nice, for the most part, there's cold times, but then there's also warm times and this happened to be fairly warm. So I went out on a bike ride, that one of those days that I was off from work over the holiday. And not even I didn't even make it, I think a half a mile from my house and went into a traffic circle, which was new back then, for you know, this little town I lived in people didn't know how to navigate these things. It was and it was not well designed for cyclists. There was you know, a bike lane coming in and a bike lane going out but But nowhere in the in this traffic circle for a bike to be. And it was very narrow. So I did the best I could navigating it, knowing that there was other, you know, other traffic around me. And as I'm coming in, there's a there's a very large SUV, like a truck sized SUV coming in from my right and I thought she was stopping. She didn't stop. Turns out later, she was texting and I always use this as a teaching moment. This is why you don't want to be texting while you're driving. She was texting as as she was trying to navigate this traffic circle, which was not good for me. She ended up hitting me on broadside. So you know like this. And I don't even like the first part of this. This is the only part of this whole experience. I don't remember. The rest of it is crystal clear. That I somehow ended up I flipped up off the bike and ended up on the hood of her vehicle looking at her. And I don't know.

Alex Ferrari 8:25
It's like a movie.

Nancy Rynes 8:27
It really an honest to gosh, it was it felt like it honest. And as I'm in this, you know how you hear people talk about like time being dilated. It's felt like forever, like this split second it felt like an eternity. And what I'm thinking as I'm going through this accident, it's just like Indiana Jones, that first movie where he's

Alex Ferrari 8:53
On the hood and you started.

Nancy Rynes 8:55
Yeah, that's it. And if you have that picture in your mind, that's basically what happened to me. Except I wasn't in full body armor when this happened

Alex Ferrari 9:07
There wasn't a stunt person doing it for you.

Nancy Rynes 9:09
Right! Yeah. And that's actually you know, if you have that picture in your mind, that's really what happened. She kept driving because she didn't see me. She was so bent on texting that she didn't see this person yield a hit. She didn't feel the hit. She didn't hear anything. She just at the other thing is that she had her driving glasses off so that she could text better. So so she didn't have like her her. Her vision was really only clear up to like a couple of feet from her from her face. So she really didn't see anything beyond like arm's length, because she was driving in violation of you know, of her license. So anyway, she kept driving, and it really was like that point and In Indiana Jones, where he's sliding off the vehicle kind of went over the edge. And then underneath, that's basically what happened to me. But when I hit the pavement, I actually heard like bones breaking, so I knew this was not good. And And all I'm doing is I'm trying to survive at that point, I somehow got my I had a little backpack on and had that there's a chest strap that goes across here that got hooked on something underneath of her vehicle, something on her axle, I'm still not really sure what. So that was kind of dragging me but I also reached up didn't, I wasn't even thinking and I reached up and I grabbed a hold of her axle. So that I wouldn't get run over. So think about it, she's in a turn, going into this traffic circle, if I wouldn't have done that her back wheels would have run over me. So it was kind of in a bad spotlight, I didn't have any other options, I could either, you know, try to hang out underneath their vehicle until she straightened out or, or you know, let go and try to try to not get run over.

Alex Ferrari 11:17
There's a ton of curves, so it's not straight. So if it was straight, like Indiana, you could have just gotten right to the back, but she was on a turn and a continuous turn, you would have just been eaten up by that by the back tires.

Nancy Rynes 11:29
Yeah, it would not have been a good good thing for me, I would not have survived that. As so as it was the first interesting thing that I noted. Again, this all felt like it was taking forever. But when I hit the pavement, my you know, my shoulder and hip on my left side hit the pavement. And what I noticed is when that happened, this was the first weird thing that I noticed weird back then, I noticed that all of a sudden, there was a part of my consciousness that wasn't in my body anymore. And this was kind of freaking me out because nothing in my training as a scientist in the physical sciences anyway had prepared me for that ever happening, you know, we were taught that the brain produces consciousness. And once you know, once the brain goes, That's it. And all of a sudden, there was a part of me and that and now I would term it, you know, my higher self or my soul was all of a sudden outside of my body, watching the accident from like, maybe 75 feet away off on the grass. And I'm off on the side. And I had this really unusual dual view of the accident. So there was like what I call the human level of consciousness was still in my body. And that was animal survival, trying to stay alive. And then that other part of me was so different. It was very calm, and very loving, and just very present and kind of talking me through the whole thing. Like don't worry, this is going to be okay, it's it's supposed to happen this way. But it's going to you're going to be fine. And to be able to see the accident from both vantage points was like starting to blow my mind. I had no idea that

Alex Ferrari 13:41
There's a lot going on in the split second. I mean, there's a lot of stuff happening.

Nancy Rynes 13:46
Yeah, and I you know, I realized that and I made that quick decision that I couldn't focus on that because I had no idea what it was and I just needed to focus on survival. So I sort of ignored it. I wasn't fully ignoring it but I was sort of putting it on the back burner to handle later. And and I just worked on surviving. So finally one of the other vehicles you know, in this whole area, got in front of this woman's truck SUV and headed her off and so he stopped her and that's when you know they call all the bystanders called the paramedics and they got me to the hospital. The funky thing is that my that separated state of consciousness stuck with me. I was in that dual state for several minutes until the paramedics arrived. And just kind of witnessing it was very weird to see the accident from both perspectives. And I was also super lucky. I don't know Oh, that this was you know, this was probably divine intervention here if you want to believe that, and I do now, the guy that was driving he was driving a Subaru that was behind me coming into the traffic circle was a trauma physician at the hospital a half a mile away. And it was a weird time of day for him to be going into work. He was called in because it was a busy day. So it was like 1030 in the morning.

Alex Ferrari 15:29
So he shouldn't have been there.

Nancy Rynes 15:32
He shouldn't have been there. And there was a trauma nurse also in a different vehicle coming in same time. So the two of them. Lucky for me, converged on me and helped me until they got me into the ambulance. Oh, wow. Yeah, if they had done that, my my turns out that my spine was in pretty tough shape, as you could well imagine. I had, I had a lot of broken bones. And most of them were in my neck and my my lower back. If they hadn't been there to keep me down on the ground. I my instinct was to get up and run. That was just like, I wanted to get up and run away. I couldn't control it.

Alex Ferrari 16:22
And I'm imagining and because I've heard it, I've heard stories like this before, but pain had to have what was the pain situation like when you're lying on the floor? Is it numb? Or is it so far, so much pain that you can't even feel it? Like it burns too hot? What was the feeling like

Nancy Rynes 16:41
Yeah, it wasn't feeling? It's a good question. I don't think anybody's ever asked that. There was no pain at all.

Alex Ferrari 16:48
So that's so that's something so interesting about what you're going on with you. Because naturally, you break all the bones in your body. It's going to be some sort of pain. But I guess the adrenaline might have been pumping so much the, you know, the moment something is blocking the pain receptors from you, on a logical physical standpoint, for you to feel pain, because you should be in excruciating pain. Because when you said I just wanted to get up and run like how, how could you even think about I would be in so much I broken bones. It is not fun.

Nancy Rynes 17:19
Now, now, and I didn't feel any like I thought I was fine.

Alex Ferrari 17:24
Oh wasa you were like, you were just like, me just shake this off.

Nancy Rynes 17:29
I was I was thinking like the most I would have is maybe a concussion even though I had a helmet on, you know, I did have a helmet on. It's it actually cracked the helmet. So I thought, well, maybe I've got a concussion. But but the instinct is super powerful. I've never felt like an instinct that strong before to just get up and run. There's no way that I could have talked myself out of it. And luckily, I had, you know, two medical professionals there with me to like, they physically had to hold me down in order to keep me from getting up once. So once the paramedics arrived, which was a, it was a few minutes later, they actually got there pretty quickly, but it was still it was still a few minutes. And when they started very gently, they started kind of prodding on my neck, that's when the pain kicked in. And it kicked in with a vengeance. In fact, just it like even at that point, just literally a minuscule little touch on my neck was eating. Then I knew like ooh, this isn't good. And I've never broken a bone in my body up till that point.

Alex Ferrari 18:47
So you didn't even know what the feeling was of a broken bone. Oh, no, it's not. Oh, yeah, it is crucial. I can and I broken ankles and broken arms. When I was a kid, things like that. And I remember very vividly what it feels like when you break a bone. I can only imagine the trauma that you're going so you're in. So you're at the hospital now. At what point is the situation going down?

Nancy Rynes 19:12
Well, actually it stayed with the funky thing is it stabilized now the doctors at first didn't think I was going to survive. And the guy that the physician on site, the trauma doc, he he kept coming in to my ER room over the course of the afternoon and he's like God, I can't believe you survived that. But they were actually I didn't know it at the time. Because they don't tell you when you're the victim that they didn't expect me to survive. There was just so much trauma I had at least 24 bones that were broken in multiple places. So it wasn't like easy bone breaks it this was like a completely fractured spine and just shattered and so they They really didn't expect me to survive I did obviously the first few days and that's when they put me into surgery. What they wanted to do was install titanium rods they were going to do it my neck and back they ended up just doing my back so that I could heal properly. They figured you know, I guess if I if I lasted a few days already then the chances of me surviving were pretty good at that point. So that's when everything kind of went went to heck is is in surgery. And they gave me the anesthetic and we still don't really know what happened they did everything properly. I don't there's nothing that they did incorrectly so I'm not I don't have any ill will toward the anesthesiologist or anything they did the best that could give in my state and it was probably just that I had so much trauma that I coded as soon as they injected me with that anesthesia and but I didn't know that you know I I was I felt okay going into it and then all of a sudden is I was starting to drift off from the anesthesia that's when I noted that I wasn't in the O R anymore or in the hospital at all and I instead it felt like I was out on a like a meadow on a hillside overlooking you know distant mountains and a valley and it was just really beautiful. It was misty and summer kind of a warm summer day and I thought well this is kind of cool. I can I can hang out here.

Alex Ferrari 21:45
I love your whole attitude to this situation is very just all right. It's fine. not freaking out not stressed out. Like I was in the hospital secondary phenomena. This meadow, snipes yo hanging out,

Nancy Rynes 21:57
Ohh, hang out, I actually just assumed at first that it was a hallucination. That's really my that was my first assumption. And a nice one, though, a nice one to be in. Pretty nice. The interesting thing was, though, that I was analyzing this whole time. So my brain was or my not my brain but but my consciousness was still analyzing, which, you know, I've I've talked to Evan Alexander about this. I've talked to Sam Parnia, who's a physician out in New York about this and even anesthesiologist this should not have happened had it. If consciousness was solely produced by the brain, right? What they had given me really should have either given me amnesia or not, I should have impacted my brain so much that I couldn't analyze but I was constantly analyzing. And I remembered, you know, I remembered that I had gone into surgery, and I remembered all of these different things that had happened. So it wasn't like I was in some Lala hallucinatory State, I was super lucid, and very rational, and always analyzing what I realized almost right away was this was not like, a hallucination. Now, I had been given a pain medication several years before for a back injury I had so and I did not react well to that and hallucinate it for a whole afternoon. So I knew what that felt like, this was not a hallucination. And I realized that pretty quickly, and that's when I started to think about what Okay, what else is going on here. And that's when I know I kind of paid more attention to my surroundings at that point. And that's when I realized, wait a minute, I am feeling love coming into me now that can't be because that's not normal. I felt like I was being hugged energetically with love. And I'm thinking, Well, wait a minute, that's not normal. And I felt peace. I felt completely at peace, and welcomed and accepted. And that's when things started to really click like, I wonder if I died back on the operating table. That was that's when I first realized that I may have died. And then the second thought was, well, wait a minute, if I did die down there on the operating table. What's this? Because my parents told me I was gonna go to hell, because I was an atheist, obviously, obviously. And this didn't make sense to be loved and accepted. And that's when I heard I don't know if it was It wasn't really hearing so much as feeling through my body, but I say I heard a voice that welcomed to me that this was my home. This is where I bought long this is you know, ultimately where where my soul lives and welcome home this is it that you are loved that you are, you know, accepted for who you are all that wonderful stuff that we all want to hear. But I was kind of flabbergasted because, you know, I didn't feel like I deserved it. I didn't at that point in my life, I didn't feel like I deserved love from anyone, you know, let alone this what I, you know, call the divine essence. It was overwhelming the amount of love that was coming to me and I just I didn't really know what to do with it for for a long time. Now time. It's hard to talk about time when you're in that kind of realm because it really doesn't exist the way it does here doesn't it doesn't pass the same way. So I didn't know how long I was just standing there. Trying to deal with all of that love and acceptance and where I was. So I was there for a while and then a figure kind of came up to me sort of almost materializing out of nothing. And it was a figure that look like a woman. She had long hair. But she was kind of glowy you know, silvery

Alex Ferrari 26:36
Glowy I love the way you present the glowy you know sparkles

Nancy Rynes 26:45
In fact, what I tell everybody is that everybody wants to you know, people want to know what she was wearing. Like, who cares

Alex Ferrari 26:54
Prada she was wearing Prada, Prada or Versace

Nancy Rynes 26:59
It was actually more like Eileen Fisher.

Alex Ferrari 27:03
If you're gonna go down that road, sure.

Nancy Rynes 27:05
Very long and flowy you know, loose top loose pants, but it was silvery, you know, it was a silvery gray that glittered and glowed. I don't know how else to describe her enough for another goal. And she welcomed me and she said she was going to be my teacher, and teach me what I needed to know, in order to make my life on earth one that would be one that one that would be worth living is this the way that she put it meaning clean, I'm here to help you clean up your life basically, and, and help you get on a path of love. Because those were the two main things that she wanted to accomplish with me was teach me about living a loving life, living a love based life, and then learning what to do to kind of get my life back on its track where it was supposed to be originally. And when she said when she said she wanted to send me back here. Like that's not going to happen.

Alex Ferrari 28:14
I'm solid, I'm very good with here and the meadows and the glowy, sparkly P I'm very happy here,

Nancy Rynes 28:20
Right and just take me to see my dad and my sister, you know, I've had people that pre deceased me and I'm like, I just want to go talk to my dad or my sister. But that was not to be I'm kind of happy in hindsight that they didn't otherwise it would have been even harder to share. But, but that wasn't to be. And and I saw I was my normal nature as a human being is I'm a bit of a I'm a bit of a rebel, and I question authority. So I was questioning her like, I really don't want to go back there. What's, you know what's up with this? I don't remember what you're telling me I agreed to do. She said you while you agree to go back. And I'm like, I don't remember that. Kind of challenging her little bit. So she showed me like this video in the air. If you ever seen the movie, the shack, there's a point in the movie where the protagonist is, is showing like a past life review or a life review and in the air in front of him. And that's basically what happened to me.

Alex Ferrari 29:32
So my understanding from what it's been explained to me from people who have had near death experiences, it's very similar to the Minority Report. If you remember Tom Cruise, like had video clips, and it was moving around. But I've heard it was in like a 360 Almost environment and it's all at once and you can understand it all at once. And it's all coming in. Is that kind of what happened to you?

Nancy Rynes 29:51
Yeah, basically in the Met and the funky thing is that the memories come with it and the emotions come with it. So that was really the first A review that I had, I had a second one a little bit later, because apparently One wasn't enough.

Alex Ferrari 30:06
She's got a lot of stuff we got to talk to her about.

Nancy Rynes 30:10
But the first one was really about reminding me why I came here into this life and what I had wanted to accomplish and agreed to do. So that was that first one. And as soon as that thing came up in front of me, then I remembered Oh, yeah, she's right. I do remember all that. I remember. It wasn't just seeing it, but it was remembering all the memories flooded back. So I just agreed to go along with her. You know, thinking in the back of my mind, I was going to be able to talk her out of this decision was gonna stay there. Great. Ultimately, I was just trying to figure out a way to get a

Alex Ferrari 30:49
Turn on hustles you're trying to hustle and hack the system already. You just got there.

Nancy Rynes 30:55
That's just me, you know, and I'm sure that she knew this and was well prepared for it, even though she was rolling her eyes several times, like All righty, anyway, so she took me on this little jaunt. Through this it's not it wasn't really like the full on quote, afterlife, which I don't really like that term anyway, because that's that state of being really is our our true essence. But but it looked to me like we were on this little journey through, you know, for others the other side, yes, yeah. You know, whatever, I call it my own little part of the other side. And, and I learned a lot of different things in different land, there was a lot of things I needed to learn, you know, the nature of divine love, and how to be loving to each other here on Earth, and what that really means. And the nature of gratitude, what gratitude really is, as another form of love, really, it's not, it's not a way to get what you want. It's just another way to share love with with someone else, or to, you know, the divine or whatever you're grateful about. And I learned things like, the importance of connecting with other people. Now realize that this was in 2014, well, before this COVID thing, but they were really stressing that, that I needed to kind of build up my own little community and get involved with communities of people, because it would be important in the future. I didn't know what that would be about, but, but they were really stressing. And when I say they, I knew that there was one teacher with me, you know, that looked like she was with me. But but sort of behind her meaning, edit, edit, at a different energy level. There were others that were speaking, kind of with her and through her. So it was like I had multiple teachers working through one, you know,

Alex Ferrari 33:00
Would they be your kind of, would you consider them your spirit guides, ascended masters, counsel guides, things like that?

Nancy Rynes 33:07
Kind of? Yeah, I think it was a mix of all of those things. It seemed to me like, there, there might be as many as 100, that we're working through her at different times, in total, not all of them at once, but, but depending on what lesson I was being taught, there were different beings, different guides, or Teachers speaking through her, and sometimes directly into me, like they would oftentimes override her and just I would get their information directly in, especially the longer I was there, the more I was able to communicate with all of them on their own level, you know, of like, I never really saw them, I only ever saw her. But I knew they were there because I was getting these, this information. And also feelings like love, like when I was getting that love from others that was coming in from them. So it was really challenging, kind of being this transition state between human body and the soul essence that we are so when you're still tethered to a body, like everybody's got an ND has had an ND you're still tethered to the body to some extent. You're not fully there, you're not fully here. And that's challenging to know which direction to go with this. It was at times, I identified more with my human self. Other times, I was you know, obviously a soul being so it was kind of going back and forth between those two states. But but there was a lot of learning going on. And a lot of being challenged by all of these teachers, to improve my life and to love other people and to make a positive impact on other people and on the earth as well. So it wasn't like I was being judged or told I was a bad person or whatever, they noted all my faults, but said, you know, you can do better than this, you need to do better than this, you need to extend your love to other people. And, you know, I kind of had my my marching orders at that point. But then I went through the true life review. And I didn't know that's what it was, I had no, no information, I'd never heard of NDS before this happened to me. And hadn't heard of Eben Alexander or anybody like that. And I was brought to this pond. And shown, it was very interesting, like literally little videos on top of all over the surface of this pot, like 1000s of little videos. And when I would focus on one of them, I was pulled right back into that bit of my life. So each one of those videos was an incident in my life where I was interacting with someone. And some of them were positive, some are negative, some are neutral, but it was my way of reviewing what happened. Now, it wasn't just the powerful part of this was when I would focus on one of those incidents. Not only would I re experience it from my perspective, in that moment, but I was also somehow in the head and heart of the other person I was interacting with. So for example, if I said something inadvertently, that that caused pain, or sometimes when I was, especially when I was younger, I was kind of as I was kind of snarky to my younger sister,

Alex Ferrari 37:06
I can't believe that that doesn't seem so it seems off off off brand of you, Nancy, from what I've already taken in.

Nancy Rynes 37:15
Okay, we, you know, we were six kids in our family. So we were always kind of, you know, at each other's and, and so if I had an incident where I said something somewhat nasty to my younger sister, I got to experience it from her perspective, as well as mine. And feeling her hurt. All I needed was one of those, like, all I needed to see was one of those and it was astoundingly.

Alex Ferrari 37:48
Transformative, profound, yeah.

Nancy Rynes 37:51
There's no way that I can really relate to people how powerful this is, when you're in inside the heart and mind of the person that you're interacting with. And you get to feel what they're feeling, especially if you've done something to hurt that other person. It's powerfully transformative, like, you know, at that moment, how strongly we're connected, how much your words and actions impact those around you. We like to pretend that they don't, but they really do. Depending on the situation to a greater or lesser extent, but but now because especially because of that I approach each situation in my life. And that's like every moment of the day, understanding that I can have an impact on someone and that I do have an impact on someone and that makes me very conscious of how I show up in my life. I'm very cautious about you know, interacting with people because I know everybody's in a different place and something that may not seem harmful to me may really impact someone else. So that experience of the life review the in depth life review was super powerful. And then it wasn't it wasn't just negative stuff. So I want to make sure everybody understands that it's not like they were trying to my tip my my teachers were trying to beat me with how bad of a person I was. That wasn't it, though it was balanced out. So I was also able to experience times when I helped other people and what that felt like for them and how powerful that was for them even little things like saying thank you to a clerk at the grocery store. You know, simple things like that really can make a difference in someone's De. So the whole experience was balanced out. So that it would be more of a teaching experience rather than a judgmental experience. Right. Yeah. And that was the most powerful part really. I mean, there's, there's so much that I learned and I put as much of it as I could into that book.

Alex Ferrari 40:21
So, so a lot of the things that you were learning you, you were able to bring the back with you because a lot of times, you don't remember a lot of these things. When when these near death experiences happen. They come back and there's feelings, there's understandings, there's basic core ideas, but you were absorbing and understanding these lessons. And you were starting to, there's like, No, you got to take these back with you.

Nancy Rynes 40:40
Right! Yeah. And even by like, at first, when I woke up in the recovery room, it was I knew that something profound had happened. And I knew who I had been with and where I want had been, I knew all of that stuff. But I was a little fuzzy on the details. But by the next morning, when I talked to a chaplain everything just like flooded right back.

Alex Ferrari 41:07
So how did you leave from from the place of the pond with the videos? How did you get back? And did? Did they go? Okay, it's time to go back now. And you're like, Noooo!

Nancy Rynes 41:17
Exactly. You got it. Yeah, I, they, you know, I was brought to another meadow. And, and my teacher was trying to make me feel lighthearted, I think, and we were doing what I used to love as a kid, I would spot cloud animals, you know, up in the sky, which is weird, you know, like, this is this is the afterlife where there are clouds, but I didn't you know, it wasn't going there. But so we were doing that for a while. And then she said, I really need to send you back now. And I just like, went off, really.

Alex Ferrari 41:55
And then just you just in the next moment, you're in the body.

Nancy Rynes 42:00
Well, I throw a temper tantrum first. And I would expect nothing less. I started to act like a two year old, you know, and the two year old isn't getting what he or she wants. And and, like in the middle of that tirade. She sent me back and I woke up in the recovery room in the middle of the tirade.

Alex Ferrari 42:21
Oh, really? So you were the you were still like, No, I don't want I don't want I don't want to kind of

Nancy Rynes 42:26
Yeah, why the poor, the anesthesiologist was there and one of the nurses was, was there. They were checking up on me. And I came up out of this. You know, my anesthesia screaming bloody murder.

Alex Ferrari 42:42
But you were you coded when you were down there?

Nancy Rynes 42:45
Yeah, so I coded, you know, I coded when they put me under and from what I found out later, I coded for about two minutes or so somewhere between one and a half and two minutes. And then they just said well, okay, I guess she's fine. They got me back. And they just continued on with the surgery. So I was I was out in surgery for about a total of two hours, maybe a little bit more. So that's that's how much you know, human time this took. But for me, it didn't realize it that human time.

Alex Ferrari 43:19
Doesn't matter. Right? Meaningless. So when you came back when you did you because I've heard others say the same this this thing is that you have no pain in the other side there is there's no pain. There's no physical feeling in that sense. There's the love the warmth, the information, the communication, but the second year back in the body, everything you're like, oh, this hurts or were you just numbed out because of the surgery.

Nancy Rynes 43:47
It was a it was kind of in between some. So I came back and they had me on pain meds for a couple of days. Now, I felt heavy, like the body felt heavy but not in pain. Right. But it felt confining, like, all of a sudden I was being shoved back into this little tiny vessel, which is basically what happened. And I felt heavy and like why do I need to eat Why do I need to breathe? What is what's this with having to sleep? You know, it just those basic things were like, because I had been gone for what to me seemed like a couple of months. And I'd gotten used to being this expansive soul body you know without the need to eat or sleep or what you know, this physical stuff is gone. So that was the first part that kind of came back was I just feel heavy and like Now granted, I was laying in bed for a couple of days. They the docs didn't want me up for about two days. So they had me on I think it was Dilaudid I really couldn't tolerate many pain meds. So they were they, they tried hard to find one that would even remotely work for me. And then I that I got up on the went. So the surgery was Monday, by Wednesday morning, I was up and walking around. And I honestly didn't feel any pain. But Wednesday morning, I also refused pain meds at that point, because I told the doc, I don't really need them. I don't need these anymore. And I honestly didn't, it wasn't like I was trying to be brave or anything. I just wasn't feeling any pain. I had a little bit of like, a little pulling or tugging where the surgical site was, you know, where they had stitched me up, but but I wasn't really feeling any pain. And he was like, flabbergasted at that there should you should be on pain meds for at least four weeks. And I said, you can give them to me, but I'm not taking them, you might as well just keep them. And, and that's really all I was on. Now once in a while if I if that surgical site pain came back, I would take a little bit of ibuprofen, not ibuprofen, Tylenol. And that was really it.

Alex Ferrari 46:21
So almost, it sounds like this was a semi gift given to you because you should have been in pain. I mean, your back was broken in a bunch of places you had metal rods in your back, I mean, yeah, should have been, as they say you should be feeling something.

Nancy Rynes 46:40
And I was like I had a broken pelvis. I had five broken ribs. And if anybody has had one of those before, they've told

Alex Ferrari 46:49
Breathing. You can't, you didn't feel anything.

Nancy Rynes 46:53
Oh, and I had a broken collarbone, which I understand is pretty painful too

Alex Ferrari 46:58
You understand is pretty big. I love that. So you didn't feel so this was again, kind of like almost a divine gift of no pain or very minimal pain of any during your recovery. So as you're recovering, and now your life is you look at your life, I'm assuming when you come back, there's plenty of time to think, plenty of time to contemplate what was going on all this information comes flying back to you. At that point, you say, You know what, screw this, I'm just gonna watch some Netflix or, or do you use like, what's what are the the mechanisms that start you on this path? And what did you have any dreams afterwards with? I've heard that, like, you know, dreams that kind of reinforced what had happened. Anything else happened after that?

Nancy Rynes 47:44
Yeah, that was really the start of a whole bunch of stuff. I you know, it was an I knew within that first week, so I was in the hospital for two weeks. Total. So, um, about a week and a half after my surgery I was still in. And then I had a lot of opportunity to think, first at first, you know, everybody around me was was trying to get me into this mental state of you should be angry at the woman who hit you, you should feel Venom toward her hate or whatever, you know, people were just angry for me. And, and even within that first week, I knew that I had a choice. So I could choose to live from the state that of being that I had just learned about or I could go back to the old me which would have been, you know, being spiteful or hateful or whatever. It's where this person. So I've I just very consciously at that point within that first week chose to walk the path that I had just learned about now it wasn't it wasn't like fully stepping onto it. All of a sudden, there was a learning process. But I made the choice at that point. The next 18 months was was the biggest and I'm still learning now. But that first 18 months was really the biggest part of my learning curve. And it went back and forth. Like there were some times where I really just wanted to watch Netflix and not think about all this stuff and change my life. But that didn't last long. Because I knew that this was again a conscious choice for me to be back here to be in this place, living this life, doing what I was supposed to do learning what I was needing to learn still. But it would take a while for me to really bring all those lessons fully into my life and change the way that I live it so I gave myself a bit of a break like okay, I know this is going to take some time. It's different for every person, some nd ears will choose never to do it, they'll just go back to the way they were, it's too hard. They don't want to face it, I've heard some that were so angry at being sent back that for 20 years, they just lived in this state of anger, and I did not want to be that person. So I really wanted to do the best I could to change my life for the better now, I had no idea where that was going to lead me. You know, I just thought, well, I'll do my thing. And I'll help my friends and help my family. And just be me, but in a slightly different way.

Alex Ferrari 50:40
Now, one question I love asking in the ears is that obviously you were a certain kind of person before the end. And then after you came back, it's very different person. It generally it's very difficult for the people around you, your loved ones, your friends, colleagues, to start accepting this. And even before you publicly come out of the closet with an NDA II, just your energy is different. The way you look at life, it like that whole concept of you being venomous towards the person who hits you everybody else is like, why aren't you angry? That's difficult for people around so how did you handle psychologically handle the way people around you close people around you were dealing with the person you became and then especially after you came publicly out with this, nde

Nancy Rynes 51:28
That was hard. I'll fully admit that was really challenging. It was. Luckily, I had some really good core friends that loved me no matter what. So there was that core group of people and two of my sisters were just right there with me. They, they were already spiritual. So they're like, you know, thinking, Well, finally, she's coming around. So I had a group of maybe a half a dozen, you know, between friends and my two sisters who were with me, no matter what, I did lose a lot of colleagues.

Alex Ferrari 52:06
All I can imagine in the scientific community. I mean, I've I've talked to many neurosurgeons and like Evan, and people are like, You're nuts. You're absolutely crazy.

Nancy Rynes 52:15
Yeah. And I've, I just had to say, Okay, I understand where you are, but I can't go back to that way of being because I know, I know. That's not correct. I know, there's more. And but they're, they're just not they're not ready for that. That's okay. You know, I understood that and we parted kind of in peace. You know, I wasn't, I wasn't angry about it, I just knew that they couldn't follow me where I was going, and that's fine. Not everybody can. It's been that, you know, the challenging thing really has been with with people around me who's who have known me before and know me now, for some of them, it is the different reactions like even today, it's been eight years or more. I don't react the same way. You know, I would normally go into anger or hurt or whatever, just by the drop of a hat because I was just so identifying with my human ego, and that that fearful human ego, and when the fear was stripped away, so when the fear of death for me it was stripped away with this, that completely changed everything. Along with that, that life review those two things, completely changed my attitude. Now. A lot of times now, with my friends and family, I really don't talk about this much. You know, what we're talking about here, I'm just I just act differently. But I don't put any kind of judgment on them. I don't don't bring any of this information to them at all unless they ask for it. So it's not like I'm out there, you know, preaching, preaching. I'm just me, I'm just doing things differently. Sometimes if a friend or or even a family member gets stuck, or they're in a situation where I feel I need to say something, I'll say something as gently as possible and then just let it go. It's not up for me, I understand. It's everybody's on his or her own path through this life, and it's not really up to me to tell people what they should be doing. I can certainly, you know, give somebody a different viewpoint but but I'll just be here in support. That's it.

Alex Ferrari 54:38
So when you came back, did you also notice any different bilities or just senses about things that you you know, more sensitive to people's energy more sensitive to situations. For everyone that watching this, her eyes just went straight up into the air? Because you know, being more empathic to do To energies of people and feeling that what what did you What is heightened now since you've come back?

Nancy Rynes 55:06
Yeah, I think there's a lot of different aspects of of me that have kind of expanded. I think these were always there, but they were just, and I think everybody has different abilities, we just tamp them down while we're in this human body. But what I noticed right away is that I could see energy like I did on the other side. So I could like with my, with my eyes open, I could see the energy connections that we all shared, not only with each other as human beings, but with animals and the world around us. So I could see like this scintillating web of energy that connected everyone and everything. It took me a while to learn how to control that, because it's really tough to walk around in that state where you're seeing all of this energy. So I learned how to turn it on and off over time, it took a while. That was the first thing I noticed was Whoa, you know, this is really powerful, I'm still kind of halfway on the other side. Along with that, though, I can more strongly sense people's energies. And that's become very important to me, it's a strong part of what I do now. It's not like I tried it, like spy on people or anything like that. It's not it. But I can gauge the energy of any situation just by, you know, tuning into that when I walk into it, whatever situation it is. So there's that piece of it. I've, my ability to be connected with people who aren't physically here in the room with me, has gotten crazy strong. And I'll give you an example of that. So there was a friend of mine, who was living. This wasn't too long after my nd by the way, she was living about 1500 miles away from me, so a long way. And, and she was a bit younger than I. But in the last time I talked to her, she and her husband, were not going to have kids that was just off the table. And I woke up one morning, out of the blue with this incredible knowing that she was pregnant, like, Oh, my God, she's pregnant. She told me she wasn't ever going to do that. So I emailed her, you know, if you know, when I was up and around and and she said, Yeah, I haven't even told my husband yet. How would you know? So that's what I mean by like, I'm sensing those connections really strongly. Like, I'm just all of a sudden in tune with people in a way that I hadn't been before. And it wasn't like I was, you know, doing a remote viewing on her or anything. It was just I knew, I knew,

Alex Ferrari 57:55
It seems that it's really interesting, because a lot of nd ears that I speak to, and also spiritual masters that I've spoken to, over the course of the of the show, there's a knowing there's a knowing of the truth. And it's not up for debate. And it's not man made truth, it is a divine truth that they just understand that the sky is blue, the water is wet, a rock is hard. These are truths that are not, there's not a conversation to be had about this. You know, it's not opinion. But it's a knowing inside of them. That is the truth for them. And it seems that a lot of that when you start tapping into that it's extremely powerful in your life, and it starts to navigate your life in a way that was unimaginable prior to finding that truth or truths in a plural. Is that Is that fair statement?

Nancy Rynes 58:55
Yeah, it does show up in ways that you wouldn't really expect that bet knowing like I have a really here's another example. Like, when I came back here, I had this insatiable need to understand our understanding of quantum physics because I knew that that was that part of the sciences was kind of getting itself on the right track of where we wanted to go. But but I also had this huge understanding that and knowing that time as we perceive it, the passage of time doesn't really exist it's here in our in our reality and that this reality that we're in is a simulation by I know that it's for some people that's hard to swallow, but the matrix or in the maps, but I knew it. And I knew that this whole thing of time passing wasn't ultimate reality. It was it was a part of this thing that we're in right now. But it wasn't ultimately real.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:05
But it's only real because we happen to be so many miles from the Earth and the Earth rotates so many times, and then we've put these numbers on it. But if you travel out a light year or two away, there's no time not the time that we know we can't, time does not arguably exist. Yeah, it only exists. If we were in Jupiter, time would be different. If we weren't Neptune, time would be tracked differently based around how many rotations we go around the earth around the sun. So if there was no sun, and we're out Star Trek style, light years away, there, there's just no time. You know, so I, that's not even arguable at this point, like time is a man made construct of Earth. I mean, right? As it goes, Do we get old? Yes. And that's all other conversation, you know, and things like that. But it doesn't, it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. It is, as a scientific fact, what we've created.

Nancy Rynes 1:01:03
And that's pretty clear. I mean, we're in this in this reality that we're in, kind of, we're almost chained to the concept of time passing. But when you pull yourself out of that, and I did, like, I still live in this weird state where time is mean, to me, it's sort of meaningless. And it has unfortunate repercussions sometime in this physical reality, because the concept of like, a particular day, like, for example, if I have, this happens a lot. If I have a doctor's appointment, let's say that scheduled for next week, I'll show up there tomorrow, because to me, it's just all now. And I've had to really rely on my Google Calendar, you know, to know, Okay, at this point in human in the human existence, it's, you know, 1030 in the morning on this particular day, and, and I let it remind me when I'm supposed to show up somewhere, I've never had to do that before. But I'm only like, barely tethered to this part, this this reality of time that we have, which is interesting, because then it allows you, at least for me, to almost be able to hear an experience other quote times from this in this place that we call Earth. So I can go to a specific location. And it's almost like tuning a radio dial for me, where I can tune into what was going on there there at that place at a specific point in the, in the past that I shouldn't really know about. And this happened spontaneously. At first, I had no idea that I could do this. But it started to happen about 18 months after my NDE. And it became very powerful and, and hard to control it first. Now I can control it, but but it is it's like if you know that that time does if you truly know deeply in your soul that time itself doesn't exist, then being able to tune into other quote times isn't really that big of a deal. But you have to you have to get over that mental hurdle that you have that, oh, I can't I can't access that, because that's 1000 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
It's really interesting, too, because you were talking about hurdles. You know, we all we all have, we have so many hurdles and so many blocks that we put on ourselves, that we don't believe in certain things. And you know, when I finally decided that, the that I'm being guided, for better or worse, because you start as you get older, you look back at life, and you're going How did I meet that person on that day that then touched me over here, and then I got that job there. And then there's too many coincidences for the path that you you walk in in life, and things that you wanted to happen. We never really know what's good for us ever. And never, we just were really bad at that. So like, I really wanted to get that thing. And it doesn't happen. You think the world is coming to an end? And then five years later, you go, Oh, God, thank God, I didn't go out with that girl, or thank God, I didn't get that job, or thank God, I didn't travel that day, all these kinds of things. And when you kind of have the belief and get over the idea that you are, I don't want to say that you're not in control of your life because we all have free will. But the broad strokes, I feel like we're being guided into what we have to be doing on this planet. Like tomorrow, I can say I want to be an astronaut or I want to be a basketball player, professional basketball player. First of all not gonna happen because I wasn't prepared for that. This body not built for the NBA, or any profession. Little sports for that matter. But maybe I'll go down that path for three or four years, five years and just realize, in wasted three or four, five years and learned a lot of lessons, but you, you start getting pushed back in the right way. And it's kind of like what you said that you were kind of like an in between place before your nd you're like, I don't know where to go. And then something life came in and said the universe came in and said, Okay, it's time.

Nancy Rynes 1:05:26
Yeah, yeah. And it's, it's a matter of learning to just trust, that guidance is going to be there. And it is there. It's not like everyone. Yeah, we can, a lot of especially those of us who like before I was a type A personality, I still can be if I want to be, but I tend not to be that way. Where I'm driven, like, it's all about my decisions and doing this and you know, making sure that if I want to do that, I just forge ahead and do it no matter what. And I'm five foot three, if I wanted to be a pro basketball player, that's not going to happen. But I would have probably still forged ahead and gotten, you know, slapped around a little bit. But it's you come to that state where, like you said, you look back on things that happen, just the right way to get you to where you really need to go. And then you begin to be able to trust it, okay, if I relax a little bit and just allow that guidance to come through that it is there. And I can relax. I still like you said I still have free will, I still have this thing in my mind that that I want to accomplish, or things I want to do or see or experience. But I don't have to try to drive it all the time. And that's okay, you know, you can let those synchronicities come. And that's been a beautiful thing to see in my life. Like, all of those things that I couldn't have planned. I couldn't have made those people come together to help me

Alex Ferrari 1:07:02
Know, I mean, and I always use the example of my very first show, you know, I did 425 episodes, over the course of three or four years before my first big guest showed up. And then the doors swung wide open. It's not that you don't have to work, you have to work towards the goal. But you have to trust that things are walking the path that you need to do. So it's, you can't just sit back, eat bonbons and watch Netflix all day and go, come to me. No, no. You have to be in action, as they say karma, karma, karma yoga, which, which is the yoga of action, and you have to be moving. But it's it's broad strokes, guidance, kind of like you know, guiding a horse, as it's walking, you still have to walk. But they will tell you which way to go and things will start falling in your path. That would have never happened if you didn't start working. So because of all of these things of working so long, doing almost 1000 episodes of podcasting at this point in my career. So many connections, so many friendships. So many opportunities have been brought into my life, because I'm doing the work. But it's but I'm not worried about where it's going. I'd like it to go someplace, but I'm my ego is starting to realize that I know nothing. And I just need to have faith and trust and let the guides and let the guidance do what they do. And it's not going to happen tomorrow. It takes time to do would you agree?

Nancy Rynes 1:08:38
Yeah. Well, I think sometimes it does happen tomorrow.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:41
Well, depends on what they what depends on what they you started could happen tomorrow, but generally speaking,

Nancy Rynes 1:08:45
But a lot of time, you know, it is you have to put that work and you have to take action. Like you know, I tell people because you know I've written a book or two and and I you know I'm also an artist, when I'm not doing this stuff, a painting doesn't paint itself. But when you're when you're at the easel and any of you who sculpt or write you know, whatever it could do choreography, you understand what I'm talking about. You've got to go there, you've got to show up at the easel and you've got to put in you got to put paint on canvas. But you know when you're in the middle of it, if it's going right or not. Now there are times when I'm at the canvas where and this happens more and more, the more I get out of my own way. And I think that's a key for all of life, not just art, the art, learn how to step back and allow that guidance to come through when I'm able to do that it is if is if someone else is painting that painting for me. But even then I'm still up there with the brush in my hand and putting strokes on the canvas. So it's a for each person. You know, you have to learn how to balance that it's going to be a little bit of a different balance for each person. But I guarantee you if you're the one you if you're the type that just is Your ego is going to drive the whole thing no matter what. And you're going to not listen to any guidance from that, you know, the etheric realm. It might be harder for you, you know, life is going to be harder for you. But if you feel like you're on that wave, meaning you're taking action, and you're able to kind of adjust your direction based on how things are feeling like, oh, yeah, that feels like that particular art form isn't for me, I'm going to try this one instead. And Oh, that feels better. I feel like I'm, I'm in my groove with this one, you have to learn I call it like surfing that wave, like you have to know. And trust when you're in that zone, it's being in the zone, that that's, that's your right path. And just let things happen. And I've had a couple of things like that happen, just in my art career in the last few days, like things I would never, I hadn't even thought to do like people contacting me for articles and national magazines. I had never even thought of that. But, but I had put this intention out a couple of months ago, that I wanted to really now blossom, my art career now that, you know, my books were out and that kind of thing. So I wanted to pay more attention to that. And as soon as I put that energy in, in the work, and then things started to blossom in that side of my myself as well. So it is it is true, but you have to learn your own balance, everybody is going to be a little bit different with the balancing between that driven ego and just allowing that stuff to unfold.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:41
But I think is what you're saying is absolutely true. But when you let go of when you start to believe more in that guidance in that faith, the thing that you have to let go of is fear. Yeah, it's that whole, you know, walk off the cliff and someone will be there, the net will be there to catch you kind of vibe. And if I may go back to an Indiana Jones reference. The last you see I got you the Last Crusade, trust, and then Indiana on that on the way to the was the cup of Christ, he steps out and there was a bridge waiting there. But to these eyes, he could not see that bridge. Right. So that is basically life in so many ways is stepping in trust and getting rid of the fear knowing that you are loved that that you are taken care of and you are going to go through good quote unquote good or bad. It all depends on perspective. One question when you were up there, up there, that's like I say, like it's upstairs when you were in that place. On the other side, the concept of good and bad is so much of a human morality play, as opposed to looking at it from the Divine. Because and I love using this example, like a car accident, no pun intended, a car accident, is horrible for the person who had the car accident, it was a very negative situation very positive for the mechanic. So it's all it's the same accident and the same thing, but completely different. So if a tree falls and kill somebody and, and lies on top of somebody in the guy, that person dies underneath the tree, because no one heard them. Horrible, negative situation. But for the animals that come around and have a feast it positive. So it's you know, it was very dark. Sorry, but But generally speaking, it's all perspective. So did you sense any of that? Because you kind of touched upon that with the negative and the positive feelings of, of how people felt?

Nancy Rynes 1:13:44
Yeah, it's, it is a little bit more complicated than than our typical view of quote right and wrong. The, the way that it was looked on, you know, during my life review with my teacher was not so much negative versus positive. It was can you learn from this? What did you learn from this? Whatever it is, whether you would see it as positive or not. We don't really know like you said in the whole grand scheme of things, positive and negative is totally relative. But But the whole point of it really is what are you learning from this? And are you taking away that learning and changing the way that you approach your life so that you're helping more people and that was the whole key of it are is are you promoting? Are you promoting goodwill? Are you promoting positive energy? Are you promoting love is really what it boils down to? Are you trying to expand love in your life? Or are you trying to you know, shrink it and it It's really all about, at least from what I saw anyway. And what it meant for me was the expansion of love. Now, it's not just romantic love I'm talking about it's just love it, you know, friendship, neighbors, you know, everybody around you are you expanding divine love in your, you know sphere of influence or are you not? And, and that's really for me how I look at it. Because we can either get in tune and in vibration with that, that sense of divine love that that higher state of being that higher state of consciousness, or we can identify ourselves with a lower state of consciousness, which kind of detracts from love, I just see it as I still am in that energy mode. So for me, it's the energy wave of divine love versus not. And, and I don't want to detract from that energy wave of love around me, I want to expand it, I want to magnify it, if you will, by putting out there, you know, positive things that I consider positive or loving. But But again, it's all about learning and learning how to be more in tune with that, that state of flow that we would call divine love.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:27
Yeah, and it seems to me that where there's love that can't be fear, love is a much more powerful, energetically, energetically powerful, quote, unquote, emotion or energy than fear. Fear is very down at the primal level. And, and love is at the very top of that, of that pyramid, if you will. So if you are promoting love, it's very difficult to be afraid. And like you said earlier, like when you when the when the fear of death was stripped from you, that gift of the fear of death, it all, all of a sudden, you're just like, Oh, I feel that I feel the difference of it now.

Nancy Rynes 1:17:08
It's a huge weight, when that's gone. I mean, even people who feel that they're religious, they still see that they have that fear, and it and it can really cloud, the way that you approach even the smallest things in your life. But But you're right, that when you really put yourself strongly in tune with that energy of divine love. And that's what I teach people, when I do give workshops and stuff, it's if you find yourself going into that fearful state of being immediately going into a meditation of some kind or another or a prayer or whatever. Most people find the meditation works better, but but get into that meditative state that's really more aligned with love to just counteract it and get yourself into it. There's some super easy things that I teach people. And one of them is just to like, think about really deeply think about and contemplate a person or even a pet that you love very deeply. And allow yourself to focus on that feeling of love until you kind of pull yourself out of your full state. That's just a super easy, simple way for people to make that transition out. There's others too, but, but that's one that we can kind of all identify with. And I use it even even now like if I find myself starting to go it like just, I don't go all the way down that fear path anymore. But if my old patterns are starting to reemerge, I'll go right back into a love based meditation and just override it.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:46
It really helps as as someone Someone said somewhere, we all want to go to heaven, but just not right now. And, and many Near Death Eaters are like no, no, no, I was fine. I can go now. Anytime you want to take me. Now. Now it's like, until until my work is done. Yeah. And that's the that's the big thing. It's the finding that mission in your life and finding that thing. I do. I just want to ask you, before we wrap up, there's so many of us trying to figure out what that mission is you are given that gift of understanding what the mission is, but you didn't know it until you get to get dragged Indiana Jones style underneath a an SUV. Hopefully we all don't have to go through that to get to that that answer. But what what would you give as far as advice for people trying to find out why they're here, what their purpose is and how they can navigate life a little bit easier.

Nancy Rynes 1:19:43
Yeah, there's, if I look back on my life before, what I saw was all of the different experiences that I was aligning myself with becoming a scientist doing I actually did the NBA Anna Jones thing by the way, I did a lot of archaeology work. So I I was actually in the Middle East right as they were filming that section of Indiana Jones that you just talked about, like at the same place. We were all in Powell

Alex Ferrari 1:20:14
You were you that was 1992 or something like 91-92. Around that time. Yeah, that's when they were doing Last Crusade. Yeah. So you were there, right? What is where's that called that big, big temple that they walked into?

Nancy Rynes 1:20:26
That's called the Treasury l Cazenave. It's in Petra, in

Alex Ferrari 1:20:30
Petra. That's what is engine Jordan? Yeah, yeah,

Nancy Rynes 1:20:32
It's a beautiful site, if anybody gets a chance to go there. Pretty magical place. But, but um, so if I look back, I learned a lot of stuff early in my life that I'm completely using right now, like, all of those things, led me to be able to do this. If I if one of those pieces hadn't been there, this journey that I'm on right now, especially as I'm doing as I'm doing workshops, and teaching and all that kind of stuff. If I hadn't had those experiences before, this would be very difficult for me right now. Like I was a scientific trainer, not just a writer. But I was also training people. And that allowed me to be able to speak and put together training materials. And you know, if you look back, just trust, you can look back at your life. And if you're examining like, where am I in my life, what am I here to do? Think about all those things that you really enjoy is one, like if you want to list them out all those things you enjoy doing. And then another list of all the things that you're good at those things that you really enjoy, where time seems to be non existent. If you get in that state of flow, let's say while you're you know, I don't know, playing the flute or whatever, that can be an indicator that you know, music is part of your path, it may not be the thing that you're supposed to make your money at. But it's certainly something that you that's on your soul's path. Now, we have in the at least in the US tend to have this thing where we think my reason for coming here is also the thing that I must do in order to make a living and I want people to pull those two apart, it may be that that is the case, but it may not be either. So don't put pressure on the thing that you're you love to do to be your sole way of making money, at least at first, just pull those apart right now, while you're thinking about it and just look back at what are those things that really weren't? Where I do them time just seems to just disappear? What are the things that I have been challenged with in my lifetime? What would I like to bring? What would what changes what I like to see in the world, all of those questions can lead you to why it is that you came here if you're passionate about let's say for example, ending childhood abuse, and you are challenged as a child with being abused. That's probably one of those things that's on your souls path, it could be a volunteer position that you have that you feel really good about doing. It could be that you start up an organization that tries to change that situation and get rid of childhood abuse. But that's the way you look at it, as you know, what do I love to do? What? What things would I like to see different in the world? What are my passions? What was I challenged with? What were my big challenges, sometimes our biggest challenges, once we overcome them can be our biggest gift to the world. And I there's so many examples of this on like YouTube, or, or LinkedIn or all those social media platforms. And I unfortunately, like blanking on specific names right now. But you've seen all the videos of people who are, let's say, physically challenged, who have taken what they've learned from their physical disability, and are teaching others now, how to be different in their lives, how to look at their lives with gratitude instead of disdain, how to be grateful for the smallest thing. So look at your challenges and see what's coming up. And then the other thing too, if you're really dead set on finding, you know, the thing that I'm supposed to be here for are usually people have multiple things they're going to do. There are hypnosis techniques. If you really want to go that route. There are hypnosis techniques by different practitioners that can bring that information out for you. But I always encourage people to just look at their lives First, look at where your heart sings.

Alex Ferrari 1:25:07
Yeah, I mean, it's something as negative as an accident that, you know, you lose a limb or you're disfigured or something along those lines, I've seen so many people who turn that, quote, unquote, negative scenario, and it becomes the mission of their life to teach others and, and, or to find a cure, if you're like, Oh, your mom died of this disease, and I'm going to become a scientist, find a find a cure for that disease. And there's so many of these things that we look as negative or positive. It's kind of difficult. And it's, I know, it's hard for, depending on where you are on your path to, to disconnect from the negative and positive. And I've had a lot of negative things happen in my life, you know, hopefully, I won't have many more bunless I have to have them as I move forward. But even even as recent as a few days ago, I there was a negative thing that happened to me and like, and I before would go right into the anger, defensive fear phase. And I did for a minute, you know, trying to figure out, okay, because then your analytical mind, like, Okay, if I do this, then you start becoming the chess player and like, well, if I move over here, then I could protect myself. And I could do that. And, and then, you know, once you have a minute or two to take a breath, you just go, Oh, what is this trying to teach me? Why is this in front of my path right now? Because there's just too many things aligned for this to happen. I have to look at that and really try to figure out, and then as you start analyzing, you go, okay, so this is why this person is in my life right now. This is the lesson he's here to teach me. Okay, let me let me change my perspective. Let me change my, my approach to this scenario. So if you are at that place in your life, where you can just stand back for a second and go, I can't do this car accident. Why did I get into this car accident? Nothing as extreme as yours, but even a fender bender? What's happening in my life? What do I need? What am I need to learn here? Things like that. It's because they're all to everything's teaching, everything's teaching the lessons all around.

Nancy Rynes 1:27:15
Yeah, to me, and now every, every moment is either a lesson or an opportunity. So that's how I look at everything. I don't, you know, I'm not that way. You know, most of my days are pretty calm, but, but when I'm, especially when I'm with other people, I look at my interactions with other people. And those incidents that you, you know, we talked about as either a lesson or an opportunity. And the opportunity could be to learn how to love more to be more loving to help someone else to, who knows, I mean, there's so many different ways we can have an opportunity come into our lives. But but the the lesson thing, that's, that's powerful for people, too, if you can get yourself out of the, the, the ego based, oh my gosh, that was a victim, that thing hurt me and get out of the victim mode and say, Okay, what am I supposed to learn from this, like you described, that's a power, it's also a powerful way to transform your life. Just get yourself up out of feeling hurt. And I know it's hard. I trust me. I've been it's not. It's not easy. It's not easy. But but even if you can back out of it a little bit and analyze the lesson or the opportunity here, I think it's going to help people kind of get into a better state, most you know, for for the majority of their lives.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:41
Now, Nancy, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. Okay. What is your definition of a good life?

Nancy Rynes 1:28:46
Yeah, for me, it's helping other people in whatever way that I'm allowed to do that. And helping people live that, you know, more creative, less fear based, more love centered life. I think that's like, that's pretty good. That's pretty good. Vegas one right there. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:09
And now what is your mission in this life?

Nancy Rynes 1:29:12
Ah, let's see, for my own my own Higher Self, I think it's to learn how to live in that state of love. And a whole bunch of different circumstances because I've been presented with a lot of them. So it is learning how to live in that state of love, no matter what. And part of that is also learning to live in that state of creativity and creativity doesn't just mean painting. Or, you know, whatever creative endeavor it's, it's the living creatively living from a place of being curious and open and expansive.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:54
And where can people find out more about you and how can they get there your book awakening from the light and your other book? Look, I forgot the title of it as well. But where can they? Where can they find a find out more about you and the work you're doing my dear.

Nancy Rynes 1:30:06
So books are on and my My name is Nancy and the last name is Ryness R Y N E S. And then you can take a look at my website and that has all the information on there.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:20
Nancy, it has been such a pleasure talking to you today. I mean, you are you're a spark plug I love I love your your rebel energy like you're questioning the spirit guide that's walking you through the other side. I absolutely love that energy about you. And I appreciate everything you're doing for the world and hopefully trying to make it a better place. So I appreciate you my dear.

Nancy Rynes 1:30:39
Thank you so much, Alex. Thanks for having me on.

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