NDE: Died 3 Times & Saw My 12ft Guardian Angel with Michelle Clare

In today’s episode, we welcome Michelle Clare, whose extraordinary journey through three near-death experiences (NDEs) has given her profound insights into life, death, and spiritual awakening. Her experiences offer a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless nature of love and spiritual guidance.

Michelle begins by sharing her background, describing a typical upbringing with a father in the Air Force and a mother who was a nurse. Despite a relatively normal childhood, she had early encounters with the spiritual realm, communicating with her deceased grandparents. These experiences laid the foundation for her later spiritual journey, although she kept them private, not fully understanding their significance until much later.

Michelle Clare experienced her first NDE in April 2000, while in the hospital due to complications from a severe seizure. She vividly recalls opening her eyes to find herself in a timeless, blissful space, cradled by her grandmother and accompanied by a magnificent angel. This angel, named Madeline, communicated telepathically, emphasizing the importance of being present in each moment. This initial experience awakened Michelle to the reality of angelic and spiritual realms, deeply impacting her understanding of life and spirituality.


  1. Being Present in the Moment: Michelle’s experiences emphasize the profound importance of living fully in the present. During her NDEs, she learned that each step and breath is sacred, teaching her to appreciate the present moment’s beauty and significance.
  2. Angelic and Spiritual Guidance: Her encounters with angels and spiritual beings highlight that we are never alone. These experiences reinforced her belief in the constant presence and support of spiritual guides who help navigate our earthly journeys.
  3. Purpose and Connection: Michelle’s journey underscores the interconnectedness of all experiences and the deep sense of purpose that guides our lives. Each NDE brought her closer to understanding her mission and the importance of helping others connect with their spiritual selves.

Michelle’s second NDE occurred in 2007 during a medical procedure following the birth of her third child. She found herself running on a radiant beach with her deceased dog, Tahoe, feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and love. This experience reinforced the lesson of being present and introduced her to the idea that the soul can exist in multiple places simultaneously. Additionally, she encountered Jesus, who provided comfort and guidance, solidifying her belief in divine presence and support.

Her third and most transformative NDE happened in November 2011. After a severe fall from a ladder, Michelle found herself surrounded by three spirit guides and a powerful angel. During this experience, she was given a choice to stay or return, along with a download of profound information about her purpose and mission. This pivotal moment catalyzed her spiritual path, prompting her to fully embrace her abilities as a medium and help others connect with their loved ones and spiritual guides.

Michelle Clare’s work as a medium has brought comfort and healing to many, including a poignant experience with her son. Following her third NDE, her son struggled with guilt over the emergency call he made during her accident. Guided by a message from her deceased grandfather, Michelle obtained the 911 recording, revealing that her son’s call had indeed gone through, bringing him immense relief and illustrating the power of spiritual communication.

In conclusion, Michelle Clare’s extraordinary journey through three near-death experiences offers profound insights into the nature of life, death, and spiritual awakening. Her story encourages us to embrace our spiritual connections, live fully in the present, and recognize the profound love and guidance that surrounds us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michelle Clare.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 197

Michelle Clare 0:00
Being present in that moment. And one of the things I learned in this near death experience was there was only each step that I took, there was only each breath that I was taking. So it was about being truly present.

Alex Ferrari 0:14
I like to welcome to the show Michelle Clare. How you doin Michelle?

Michelle Clare 0:32
I'm wonderful. How are you today Alex?

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I'm doing very well. Thank you so much for coming on the show. You've lived a very uneventful life, obviously. Why are you here on the show I know you've you've lived a very interesting life, thus far. And you've we're here to talk a little bit about your near death experiences, which is not just one, not just two, but apparently three. So question number one, what are you doing and you need to stop it. And other things that you do in the world as well. So before I get started, the first question I have for you is, what was your life like before your first near death experience?

Michelle Clare 1:09
Yeah, well, I was raised with a dad who was in the Air Force a mom who was an RN, so I had a pretty normal upbringing, I would say, you know, my parents worked hard. I have one sister who has severe cerebral palsy. So I always had a soft spot in my heart for people with special needs like that. And now I have a total of three sisters, no brother, so it was pretty normal. At the age of 12, my grandfather passed and when my grandfather passed, I noticed that he and I were still communicating. So I would tell my mom, Hey, Grandpa said, you know this, and she would say, Well, I know that's what you think he would say if he was still here. So I quickly learned that this connection with grandpa and myself was pretty much for me. Nobody else seemed to be talking to him. And so I let it go with that. And then my grandmother transitioned a couple years later, same thing talking to Grandma told my mom, my mom said, Well, that's what you think should save she was here. So I learned, okay, we're gonna keep this connection to myself, too.

Alex Ferrari 2:08
Right. And, and then, as it did you go deeper into any of this kind of, like, into this vibe into this world of being able to talk to the other side? I mean, as you got older, I'm assuming you obviously understood a little bit more and started going, you know, the other kids aren't doing this. So did you start to investigate as you got older into this into this world?

Michelle Clare 2:29
You know, I did not I started, I didn't realize that other kids weren't doing this. So I just kind of kept it from my own little secret secret. And I didn't really share it with many people. I truly didn't know the word mediumship. I didn't know what that was, I had never heard of a near death experience. So I knew I had had experiences after I'd had these Indies. But I didn't know they were near death experiences. And I just kind of always had this open connection with spirit. But I was very much aware that not everyone else around me was having the same experience.

Alex Ferrari 3:00
So tell me, tell me your first near. Tell me what happened with your first near death.

Michelle Clare 3:04
Okay, my first one happened in April of 2000. And I was in the hospital that day, because my sister in law was having a baby. So I was in the hallway talking to her RN who was my friend from high school. And all of a sudden, I had this massive seizure. And yeah, I had never had one before that. So what I remember is, I remember opening my eyes, and I am laying with my head in my grandma's lap. And she looks like the youngest healthiest version of her that I can remember. And I'm just in awe, I'm in a timeless space, I'm filling this blissful love. And I start to look around, and I noticed that I'm in this white room. And although the walls seem to be solid, it's as though every cell or molecule in them is alive and breathing. And it's radiating this light and love. And as I'm just really soaking it in, listen, I was enjoying it. I was like, Oh, this felt really good, right. I look up next to my grandma. And there's a 12 foot angel standing next to her. And at that moment, I'm really just drawn into her presence. And I remember thinking, oh, I want to see her wings, because I expected them to have these huge feather wings. And as I went to look for them, they were actually light, they were made of light. And they were like the roar of Borealis where they were just moving and iridescent and timeless, almost seem to span eternity. And so I was really present. I would say I've never been more present in my life than I was in those moments. And they actually felt more real than my daily life feels now and as I was laying there, I looked at this angel and I was thinking in my head, what is your name? And she answered me, and I was really surprised because I didn't know anything about telepathic communication either. And she said her name was Matt align, and that she was one of my guardian angels. So I'm just laying here in this space and join my grandma enjoying the love. Truly, when we think about something like winning the lottery, people think about the freedom that comes with that, oh my gosh, I'm not gonna have to worry about bills anymore. I'll hire a chef, right? We think of the freedom that that gives us. Well, when we go to this timeless space, the freedom is infinite, we don't have to worry about eating, being cold, being hot paying bills, it's truly all of our human worries are taken away. And we get to be pure love and present in the moment, which was this experience that I was having. And I had grown up feeling left, but I had never felt as loved as I had felt in these moments there. And so as I was laying in this space, and just enjoying, enjoying it all, the next thing I know, I hear someone yelling code, code code, and I was back in my body. My body felt so heavy, and so dense, I felt like I had literally just fell out of a 10 storey building back into my body. And at that point in time, I guess I had stopped breathing. And since I was already in the hospital, they had called code. So they admitted me, and they actually never found out exactly what caused the seizure. And I had never had another one since then.

Alex Ferrari 6:21
Well, let me ask you though it since you, you're able to speak to the other side. Did you ever ask like, why? What was the purpose of that one, since you didn't have like a full blown conversation or someone or have a life review at that moment or something going, Hey, you're being sent back? Because you've got to cure cancer. That's your mission. You didn't get that? So what was the purpose of that first one?

Michelle Clare 6:41
Right. So what I found out later is the purpose was really to bring awareness to that angelic realm. And that higher awareness and that higher consciousness of this is real, and you can access it, which is something I had grown up Catholic, I believed in angels and saints and all of these, you know, Beings of Light who were here to help us, but there's very much a difference from believing in something and then experiencing it, right. And so that first near death experience was about the experience the amplification process for my soul to say, Oh, yes, I remember.

Alex Ferrari 7:16
Got it. Okay. So, so you had this experience. Did you start talking about it to anybody yet? And how old were you when this happened?

Michelle Clare 7:24
So I was, that's a good question. I'm remembering I was about 25. When this happened, and I start, I talked to my mom about it a couple of weeks later. So I didn't, you know, like I said, I knew I had an experience, but I didn't know I had a near death experience. And when I told my mom that she was kind of like, okay, I mean, she believed me, but she wanted me to somehow have some type of proof or evidence, which I did not have. And, but she knew, I told her, I said, Mom, I felt so loved. I have never felt this loved. And it was so real. And Grandma, it's so healthy. And this angel talk to me. And so she very much believed me, but she was always trying to wrap her scientific mind around how this is happening and how it can be.

Alex Ferrari 8:08
Okay, so how old were you when you had the second one?

Michelle Clare 8:11
So when I have the second one, I was 32. Okay, and what and what happened in this one? Okay, so with that one I had had my son. So by this point in time, when I'm 32, I have three little kids. I have a five year old two and a half. And my son who was an infant, he was six weeks old. After I had him I had had a lot of complications. So I was in the hospital about four out of six weeks, I had infections, I was on IV antibiotics. And the doctor said, Well, we just need to do a DNC, which is a procedure they do to clear out the uterus, you'll be fine. 45 minute outpatient procedure, we'll send you home, it'll be good. The night before I just had this gut instinct that I should not do this. But you know what, they offered me a quick fix, and I was really ready to be home. So I went in, and I had had anesthesia prior to this rather treatments. And I remember it was just a blank space. It wasn't a dream. It was nothing. It was just a blank space. So I remember counting backwards for the anesthesiologist. And the next thing I know I'm laying on the gurney in the operating room, and I had a beautiful white German shepherd named Tahoe, who had transitioned a couple years before this. She walked in later had on my Gurney lifted me and we were gone. We just disappeared out of this room. We were on this phenomenal, radiant beach and every drop of water. Every cell in every plant, every molecule of sound, everything radiated this light and this love and seemed to have its own intelligence there was there were just colors that we don't have here. There were again, timelessness peace, bliss. It's really hard to put these experience in the human words right They are so much bigger than that. So as I was with her, we were running on this beach and I was once again looking at her, she looks young, healthy, vibrant, we're having this telepathic communication. She's so happy, I'm there. And I noticed we're running on the sand, but it actually ends up feeling like clouds, it doesn't feel like the stand, right. And I start to notice after a while, gosh, I'm not getting tired and not getting hot, I'm not getting thirsty. And it felt like we had run quite a while at that moment. Well, here's a little funny side note to that I actually personally hate running. And I tell people, if they see me running call 911. That's like an emergency. Right? That's not me just going for a jog. So here I am, in my near death experience just running on the beach, right, loving every moment of this. But what it really was was it was being present in that moment. And one of the things I learned in this near death experience was there was only each step that I took, there was only each breath that I was taking. So it was about being truly present in the moment, which is a huge challenge for us as humans, because we have a million things pulling on our energy and our attention at all times. So as I was running with her on this beach, all of a sudden, I could fill my son, who was back at my house with my mom calling to me. And he was scared because he knew I was getting ready to leave. And so in that moment, my soul was able to be in more than one place at a time, which I didn't know our souls could do before that. So I actually went to him. And I remember saying to him, I promise I'm not going to leave you I will find a way to stay. And I start praying and I start saying it's not my time, I need help. The next thing I know I'm back in the operating room, but not laying on the gurney, I'm standing there and was almost overviewing it. I feel Jesus come in. And Jesus comes in very much as my friend like, I'm here to help you. What do you need, not the bow down to me start praying. It was like, Here I am, right. And it was so comforting and so full of love. And I see this operating room light up. And the next thing I know I'm waking up and post op and my 45 minute procedure turned into a three and a half hour emergency surgery, because they had ruptured my uterus in two places. And they actually miss my aorta by a millimeter. No, right? Yeah, yeah. So that gut feeling the night before about maybe you shouldn't do this probably should have started there.

Alex Ferrari 12:34
So again, this is another experience. So both these near death experiences are not, for lack of a better word traditional. There's, there's, these are more just they're not the you know, I'm sure the third one will be a little bit different, but they just seem like experiences almost dreamlike in many ways. There's there isn't it doesn't seem like there's anyone talking to you, other than your dog, and you're running on a beach that's very dreamlike. That's not associated normally with a near death experience. But I understand like, I had anesthesia when I was younger, I had an operation. And I just remember black. It was just, it's gone. And then next thing I remember was waking up. That was it. There was no I didn't have any experiences. So I understand the pit of darkness that Anastasia puts you in, like, there's no dreaming, there's no thinking. It's, you're done. You're out. Right hold. So I understand that. But it's really interesting that it's a What was the purpose of the second one? Or was this just like, Oops, like?

Michelle Clare 13:40
I know well, I think it was an oops, on the doctors part, obviously. That for me, it was actually once again about so my soul remembering, and kind of this amplification process where it was now I had an awareness my soul can be in more than one place at a time and multitask. I found out I had always grown up believing in Jesus. But guess what I had firsthand contact with him he was real. And he wasn't coming in asking me to bow down and pray them and so there's at his feet for eternity and sing to him right. He was there as my friend that helped me and so it really brought together a true knowing and my heart and my mind and my body and my soul that we are supported. And we are guided and we are loved and we are watched out for more than our human mind can ever comprehend.

Alex Ferrari 14:28
So it's from from my understanding like so. So learn that lesson there. You're going to an extreme here you're dying. A lot of these lessons that you're just talking about people get it through meditation, have gurus who walk through them there's so many other ways to get this information but with you they keep killing you. This is a this is a problem.

Michelle Clare 14:49
It is a problem I would never say I did it the easy way I did

Alex Ferrari 14:55
It just because I mean everything you just said like oh there's Jesus wept with IT people find that meditations people. And then did meditation, you know, they go off to India and they can find that or, or they have Yogi's or they have gurus, all this information, everything you've gone through so far in these two near death experiences can easily have been discovered and other ways. Is there a reason? Why are you just stubborn? That they, they said, she's hard headed, we're gonna have to do something to really get her attention, which I've heard as well is that happened.

Michelle Clare 15:25
I do think that that was part of it. I would also say, the upbringing that I had, I wasn't, you know, my mom at that point in time was like, don't even go to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are bad. Well, now you see him on every corner, right? And everyone goes to a chiropractor, and pretty much right. So I was raised in this very kind of strict Catholic, this is what we do, this is the only way to do it. I had no idea what meditation was, there was no way my mom was gonna suggest I go find a guru to help me. So I think my soul said, I will find this, but I'm gonna have to do it the hard way. Because I also believe I did choose that family. And I did choose that that bringing,

Alex Ferrari 16:04
Right this is the path, this is the path that you this is the plan that you kind of came into, into this life with. And you're like, these people are going to teach me what I need to be taught and, and they're going to get set me up for the path that I need to walk in this life. So that makes sense to me. Because I mean, I say very loosey goosey, like, oh, meditation, not that I was raised with it. But it was something that was brought into my life and, and things like that. But I understand there was no outlet for you to have that. This was seemed like the only way that you can get this information.

Michelle Clare 16:35
It did. And then the other thing I would say about that is that in hindsight, the universe is always tapping us on the shoulder, right, wanting to give us a message. So I would say I had been tapped on the shoulder probably multiple times, and for whatever reason chose to ignore it. So it kept getting my attention in a more extreme way.

Alex Ferrari 16:52
Right. And that's, I say that all the time to people that like, oh, yeah, you know, they start with the tap, they whisper sometimes they tap, and they poke, and then a car hit you. Because you're not listening. So this was your car, essentially.

Michelle Clare 17:06
Basically, it was Yeah. And, you know, I didn't know I didn't have the tools in my human upbringing to find the universe in another way.

Alex Ferrari 17:16
That makes a lot of sense. All right. So now, you're you've done through two of these. In Have you already started to go down more of a spiritual path? Have you started to investigate what you're seeing? Are you questioning what you're supposed to be doing here? Any of that's happening these next two, but these last two?

Michelle Clare 17:35
Well, the good news is yes, they are now thank God, thank God, but not a great levels. But it has started. So I did start becoming more interested. Like I finally heard the word mediumship. Oh, this is what I've been doing with grandma and grandpa this whole time we've been talking through mediumship. So I started to find out a little bit more. However, at this point in time, I have now a five year old, a two and a half year old, a three year old, I come back with a lot of physical trauma. So it takes me months to get back to where I was. So although I had another soul expansion, I did not have it still to the extent that I should have had it.

Alex Ferrari 18:10
Right. Okay, so the universe has tapped you. And it's actually slapped you across the face twice already. Right. And it's not. It's not cooking yet. So now you have your third near death experience. Can you please tell us what happened?

Michelle Clare 18:24
Well, I would just like to start by saying I was I'm really happy to say I finally got it.

Alex Ferrari 18:29
I'm hoping. I mean, I'm hoping because I don't want anything to happen in this interview at this point.

Michelle Clare 18:36
Right! You will have the you will have it firsthand. It will all be recorded. She was here. She told everyone. The fourth one would be your last and apparently she was right. Because she's gone now. Right?

Alex Ferrari 18:49
Could you imagine? Can you take a camera with you and send back, please?

Michelle Clare 18:56
Oh, so my third one happened in November of 2011. For people who like numbers, this happened on 11 111. So there's a lot of ones in there, right? One more way the universe is trying to get our attention, right. And so in my house, I have 14 foot ceilings, I was about 12 feet off the ground because I have candles that are battery operated. And every night they turn on and glow and all this good stuff. My kids were older now my youngest was five, my other one was eight and then I had a 10 year old. And so my younger two are home with me and I said as soon as I put this candle back up, we're gonna go get your sister. So I climb up the ladder. And as I get to the top, I feel it start to shift. And I had was one second to think this is going to hurt because I knew it was going down. And at that moment I am absolutely ripped out of my body not in a painful way but in a fast way. And I am turned around and I can see my body and the ladder suspended in the air. And I am standing with three people and I had never met them in this life. I feel like I've known them forever. They feel like family, close friends. And I actually, I can remember so vividly what they looked like one was an Egyptian woman. One was an Asian man, and one was a Hawaiian man. And they were standing there. And telepathically, they said to me, what would you like to do? Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go? And I was a little bit taken aback because this all had happened so fast. And once again, I'm in this timeless space, and then this blissful, unconditional love. And I was looking at my body and the ladder in the air. And I realized, gosh, it's gonna hit the floor, and probably less than a second. But I had forever to make this decision. And so I kind of got stuck in this little loophole where I was thinking like, this, is this interesting. They're not rushing me, I felt like they should be like, Michelle, Michelle, what do you want to do? Hurry, hurry, I had forever to decide. So as I was standing there, looking at my body in the ladder suspended in the air, I saw a different Angel command. And this one was dressed in red and gold, and absolutely just got brilliant and glowing. And when I saw this angel, I knew immediately this angel is here to either take me home, or make something happen so that I could stay. So as I was, in this moment, I looked in the kitchen, and I saw my younger two kids were there. And as soon as I saw the kids, I said, Oh, I've got to stay. And then that instant, I was just downloaded was so much information. I was, I was told, okay, but being a stay at home Mom's not your only purpose, we expect more from you. Now you need to go back, you need to do your mediumship in the way that only you can do it. There's a million mediums, but we're all individuals with that. They told me that my marriage probably wouldn't survive this change in me. I mean, there was just countless amounts of information that was downloaded. And and some of it I don't remember to this day, what will happen is like something will come along, and there will be a sight a sound a word that will trigger that. And I'll go back to that moment and say, oh, yeah, they told me that. So it's really interesting. When I think about this, the pivot point of my entire life happened in the moment when spirit stopped time. That is when everything shifted for me. So clearly, I came back, I felt, I hit the back of my head on the corner of my granite island in the kitchen. So I had a five and a half inch skull fracture that when I had a brain bleed, loss, my taste my smell my equilibrium part of my hearing. And they took me to the hospital, obviously, what they decided was I survived the fall by half an inch, because I had missed my brainstem by half an inch, which would have been the difference between life or death. And I knew when I saw that angel, that was the purpose of it. So after this, the next few months, I was really just trying to heal. I was in the hospital for a while I was in vestibular therapy, physical therapy, I had different things I was doing. And my son who was five at the time, started to get very depressed, and he would tell my mom, my mother in law myself, whoever would listen, he would say, I didn't need to be there. He said, Because he, my my kids called 911. They were the ones who got me help that day. And he said, I didn't need to be there. My call didn't go through. So if he could have done it without me, and we felt like truly in the trauma of the moment he had maybe just dialed it wrong or forgot to hit, you know, the on button, I don't know. And we would say Josh, you let the policeman in the door, you were hoping there were things she could do. But nothing that we could say would ease this burden that he was carrying. So the end of January 2012. A few months later, my grandfather who had passed away when I was 12 years old, came in, in my first really big, big mediumship visit since my head injuries. And he talked to me about my accident. He talked to me about my son being good with electronics. And then you know, which is interesting because he and my son lived on this earth decades apart, right? So we know our loved ones are connected to us. And then before he left, he said to me said, Michelle, you need to get the 911 recording. There's something on there, you should know. I didn't even know I could get the 911 recording. So I went down and I ordered it took a couple of weeks to come in and I got it. I played it and I heard them say 911 What's your emergency? And I hear my son and his little broken voice. They Sophie, what do I say? And then he laid the phone down. So for the next minute and a half 911 is trying to get their attention. They're saying can you hear us what's happening? And then you hear him say I'm gonna go push the panic button on the house alarm and my daughter says hold on, let me try calling 911 She hangs up the phone and then her call goes through and her called gets so when he came home from kindergarten that day, and literally said to him, I said Josh, you're All went through help was coming. And it was as though I lifted a 10,000 pound weight off this little boy's shoulders. And then that moment, I got the gravity of mediumship on a whole nother level, if this life changing message had just come through for my son that I didn't even know was available, and yet my grandfather knew it was. And I actually watched it change the course of his life and his self worth and his, I did something to help come back in. And this is very emotional for me sell today, because part of my mediumship that I came back to do is to help people connect with their loved ones to connect with their own soul to connect with the fact that we are not living this life alone. And a lot of times, that's not how it feels in the human form.

Alex Ferrari 25:51
So in this this last near death experience, you didn't have you didn't have a life review. You didn't go to a place or anything like that. There wasn't a council of elders, there's a lot of these kinds of things. You didn't see a relative, other than these three beings who you felt it assumed they were spirit guides.

Michelle Clare 26:10
Yes, they were my life guides. But see, I didn't even have the word for that. Then they were just three really friendly, nice people who like me, right? Yes. And it wasn't until months later that I found out oh, they have a title.

Alex Ferrari 26:23
And then this angel was there to like, okay, what are we doing? Yeah, kinda like a facilitator, like, okay, I can does five inches that can make those five inches, go quickly, and you're gone, and you're with us or I can save it, it was. So it's very interesting, very interesting, near death experience, because all three of them have been very interesting. Because they're not traditional, they're a little bit, they're a little bit different. They're specific to you. And that's the other thing that a lot of people with near death experiences, who are interested in this, they don't understand that. It's not one size fits, all. Right, everybody has a very customized thing that they need to go through for their, for their comfort level for who they are, and what benefits them the best in the process of their life. Correct?

Michelle Clare 27:09
Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, people will say to me, Well, did you see the tunnel of light, did you? And I would just say, No, I kind of felt like I bypass that I was always just there. I was like, oh, here I am in that space, I made it to those unconditional, timeless places. But a lot of this what I have found, as I've done my mediumship. And that kind of work is that, you know, if we use the word, God, let's just change that to love. God is love. And love will greet us where we are. And love will always want to show us it in a way that we can understand and feel comfortable there. So for me, yes, these were exactly what my soul needed, which are going to be completely different from other people's souls.

Alex Ferrari 27:51
So when you're when you're after this, after this, this car wreck that hit you finally, and you woke up and you're like, Okay, I got to do this kind of work that I'm assuming you started going to do more research about mediumship and about psychic abilities, and I'm sure near death experiences you. I'm sure you went down the rabbit hole and all this. At what point did you come out of the closet? To your your relatives, your family or your friends? I always I always enjoy asking that question because it is it for people listening who are skeptical about this path. This is not an easy path to walk. I mean, I've got people that were scientists, military hybrid and and people in the military. Professors, lawyers, people who have big careers walk away from a lot of money. And everything they know to go down to be either a channel or a medium or a psychic. This is that this is not an easy path to walk down. It clears a room as I like to say you bring out to you like hey, I'm a medium. Okay, click depends on the room, obviously. But generally speaking, it clears the room. So how did you get the courage to to do this? And how did psychologically how did you deal with the reactions?

Michelle Clare 29:09
Right! It was very challenging. So first, I did what any good person would do. I got a counselor, and I started telling her I'm talking to dead people. I need help. There's something wrong with me.

Alex Ferrari 29:19
Okay. Okay, fair enough. Fair enough. But that's it. That's a logical path that you go down. Right, right. I hear voices. I hear voices,

Michelle Clare 29:26
Right. Like it was okay when it was grandma and grandpa, but now I'm getting messages for other people like, what am I supposed to do with this? Well, it's fear would have it. They led me to the perfect counselor who said, Michelle, what a gift. Let's get you a mentor. And I see that's amazing. Right, what are the odds of that? Well, you know how Spirit works, right? It was all in alignment. So with that being said, I really struggled because I knew my husband at the time was very much against this. I knew that a lot of the friends I had were going to be like wait, watch Are you telling us and I knew that my resistance, you know, I had encountered with my mom, not that my mom didn't want to believe me, but she wanted to understand it, and I couldn't explain it. It was just happening. And so I stayed in counseling. And then I started telling my husband, I would say, Okay, I, I got a message from this person. And he would just kind of do what my mom had done except a little bit with a more freaked out energy, like, well, I know, you think that's what happened, you know, and then just really try to brush it under the rug. Like, let's just pretend that didn't happen. And, and so became very challenging. And so but what I found with my mentor was like, Oh, my gosh, here's someone who speaks my language. Like, I can tell them the craziest thing that happened to me, and they're like, oh, yeah, just another day, right. And so then I started realizing the challenge that we all face at different points in our lives, when we outgrow people, places and situations. And it's not that we don't love them. And it's not that it has to end badly. But at some point, we have to say goodbye to people. And so I started outgrowing friends. And I really did not want to outgrow my marriage. I stayed in that for another 10 years, I was married 25 years. But every step I took down that road of mediumship. And working with people was a step I took away from him, or he took a step in the opposite direction, because he was uncomfortable with it.

Alex Ferrari 31:24
And that yeah, like I said, it's not an easy path to walk. It really isn't. And then so many people think it's like, oh, yeah, no, it's definitely not a money grab. Right? It's like, yes, because you're, you're just rolling in that psychic money, or that medium ship money just rolling in it. Like it's not. It's not the way it works, you do it because it's a mission. It's a passion, it's what you want to do. And you truly want to help people, which is what I've found, I found in just doing this line of work of talking to people like yourself. Now, I want to ask you this question. And maybe you can help me with I've never asked this question on the show before. We have this team of spirit team. It's called called Spirit team, of light of life guide spirit guides, relatives, loved ones, angels, and probably other things that I'm not aware of, you know, Jesus is always around, Buddha's hanging out like, hey, they're always working. So you've got this team with you. When you're done with your, with your journey, and you transition. Where does this team go? Do you? Is there a bar we go to, to hang out? So it's like to talk about what happened? Like, you know, it's like, I'm curious about that. Because if you have life, like if you have a spirit guide, or your life, when that job is over, do they move on to somebody else that they loved and help them? Where are they? I mean, I'm assuming they can help two or three people isn't? I don't know. I'm just curious. It's a very curious question.

Michelle Clare 33:02
Yeah. No, I love it. I think it's a great question. Well, number one, I'm hoping there's a bar and they serve Cosmos, and maybe some chocolate would be good too. With that, you know, go have a big party afterwards. But yes, because there is an evolution process for each of our souls that does not stop when we leave our human existence. And because of that, when we transition to these higher realms to heavenly realm, whatever we want to call this, we are struggling to learn and grow and evolve. And so are our life guides, our loved ones or angels. And so yes, there will always be a next mission does that it doesn't mean that our connection with them will ever end because this is a deep, eternal infinite connection. But yeah, they're gonna say, okay, hey, I'd like to go take on this project, or this person or this situation now. And they're going to want to continue to evolve and grow just like we are and we're always wanting to help each other because we're really going back to that oneness. So let's say my life guide is amazing at talking you into coming back from near death experiences, let's just give them that title. Right? Sure. They're going to be like, hey, there's someone over here on the other side of the country that's about to be born that's going to have for they're really gonna need me let me sign up to help them.

Alex Ferrari 34:15
Got it. I was just curious about that. I was just like, I wonder is there a bar do they hang out? Like what? Like, is there like a group of like, Guys, we all hang out like talk about our our missions and I'm just curious

Michelle Clare 34:30
Exactly, of course, you know, and and it's interesting too, because I've actually had some spirit when I'm doing readings come through and say like, Hey, you know how this works on the other side as you're planning your exit, right as we're planning to leave this human life. Like they like to go up there and talk about it. They're like, Oh my gosh, you shouldn't see me I went out in the fiery car wreck off the mountain, you know, and there is a planning to this. So when our souls see this life somewhat as a video game, right Ah, yes, we're picking our spirit team that we're going in with, we're picking our human team. And then at the end, we're like, high five. Good game. Yes, let's go the bar.

Alex Ferrari 35:12
You know, it's really interesting, because I use that video game analogy all the time. Because it's just a perfect analogy for for what we what we go through. But when we're in the game, it's taken so seriously. Yes, because we don't know anything we don't we are Zelda. And we don't know that we're in Zelda, and playing a video game. So we're like, Oh, my God, there's an orc or a troll that's about to kill me. And it seems so realistic, because this simulation or this experience is illusion, the dream, whatever you want to call it. The matrix is built so well, that we take this so seriously, that it's difficult for us to disconnect. And when you say things, like you just said, like, oh, man, I went off in this fiery wreck. I understand what you mean. But other people listening might be like, Well, wait a minute, you chose life, a game? Do we not have to care about things? Do you know? Like, if I go off and hurt somebody? Is it cool? Like, I want to make sure that's fair? Yeah. So from your point of view, how do you how do you approach that?

Michelle Clare 36:12
Right. So I would say that life is a place for us to learn, evolve and grow. And our souls actually come here to play with the magic of life to remember that we are souls having a human experience. So no, you should not be hurting people, you should not be causing harm to people verbally, physically or otherwise. Because that was never the intention of playing the game of life. And but with that being said, it is so real when we are in it. And there is energy that is created by our actions and our words. And this energy will exist throughout time and space. So it is something that we need to be good stewards of. But at the same time, we also don't want to take it so seriously, we don't want to believe that the person that we have loved with all of our heart has ceased to exist because they left their human form. Because the truth is, if the earth was swallowed by the sun, today, none of us would cease to exist, we would just exist in a different form or a different realm.

Alex Ferrari 37:13
Exactly. It's so it's a fairly I mean, this is why I love doing the show, because it's such a you go down such deep different rabbit holes, which I'm about to start a new rabbit hole right now. Okay. mediumship. So I've had I've spoken to many mediums before, and I'd love to hear how, because I know everyone's different. How does it come into you? Is it images? Is it verbal? Do you see dead people? Like? Are they walking out? Do you see them right? Now, these kinds of these kinds of because it all everyone's a little different? Like you will be Goldberg and ghost, right? You know, do they come through you that like to go come in through and you start talking like you know, you know, a jazz musician from Louisiana? Like, how does? How does it work for you?

Michelle Clare 37:57
Right! And that's a beautiful question. Thank you for bringing that up. So for me, personally, I get most of my information through feelings. Now I am translating what spirit is making me feel and towards I will describe that often as looking at someone that you know, well. And you kind of know what they're going to say before they say it, you didn't actually have time to think about it and process it. It's just there, right? This is how spirit communicates with me. So I'm translating feelings into words. Sometimes I will see things I will physically feel things. So sometimes if somebody has transitioned from a heart attack, I'll feel kind of twitchiness in my heart area. So I'll feel things and then I'll also get words occasionally. Now, I often tell spirit, it would be so much easier if you could just talk into my ear. And I could just tell you, and you know, and just tell them exactly what you're saying. But for me, it's a translation of feeling into words, the good part of that is, language isn't a barrier, because feelings are worth 1000 words. And so sometimes people will call me and say, hey, my loved one only spoke Spanish. Can you you know, will this still work? Absolutely. Because we're connecting through feelings.

Alex Ferrari 39:03
So I've had that conversation before where like in dreams, a lot of times it's dreams or our spirit or the other side, trying to give you warnings giving you understandings, they this is coming, things like that, but it's always spoken in this kind of this language that is so complex and so difficult, meaning that like, you know, it's never about the pineapple. It's something else, like a pineapple represents this. So it's a kind of like a metaphor for that. And I'm assuming that that's kind of the way it comes in through mediums like there's a feeling, but if you do see images because I'm speaking to other mediums, they'll see like, all I see is a pineapple and a dog. And it's like, it's hard for them to explain what it is, but then it makes sense to the person they're talking to. Is that kind of like the way it is.

Michelle Clare 39:56
Absolutely. I mean, I've done this long enough now that I'm pretty you good at being able to almost translate sentences and sentence out? You know, I can get on that track? Well, it's very open communication works. If it is a conversation, it's just a conversation through feelings. But yes, I will always say trust that one word or that one image or that one, whatever this is because most of the time, that is them talking to their person, and I don't need to understand what a peach means to you. But if I tell you, peach are going to be like, Oh my gosh, my grandma always made peaches. She'd have them all peach cobbler was all over her counter, whatever this is, but they will give us that information to share so that the sitter is saying, Oh, yes, this makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 40:38
Is it something that tires you or energizes you?

Michelle Clare 40:42
I find it energizing.

Alex Ferrari 40:44
Okay, so it does energize you. Do you turn it on and off? I? Yeah, cuz I've heard people look like maybe I'm just like, I literally put a closed sign on it, you know, spiritually like, nope, nope, don't come talking to me in the shower. Right! off the clock. And then you turn okay, I'm open for business everyone come in. Right.

Michelle Clare 41:05
Yeah. So I like to use the radio analogy. So think of it as a radio. If we're talking to your angels. Today, we're going to channel 111, if we got to talk to grandma 103, we got to talk about work when 10. So we're guiding and directing. We can target the channel or we can open up and kind of scan the universe. With that I also have that on off slash volume button. So I never really actually turn it off for myself, I'm always open to what spirit needs to tell me. But yes, when I'm not in a reading with someone, I'm not walking around Target or the grocery store and talking to everyone's loved one spirit.

Alex Ferrari 41:42
Right, exactly. So you just generally I know some mediums do this. But generally you don't walk a target and you're like walking by and you said lady coming towards you like, Excuse me, I'm sorry. Grandpa just came through. And he's got a message for you play these numbers in the lottery?

Michelle Clare 42:01
I wish they would do that. You know. And the other thing that I've found over the years is that not everyone is open to receiving a message. Right? So there have been times when someone's loved one has made themselves known to me, maybe I'm in a movie theater, maybe I was at school with. And and this was before, you know, but not often once in a while this will happen. And when that happens, then I have to kind of read the energy of the person who's here? And are they open? Oh, I can tell they're really not open. And then a lot of times their loved ones just want to be acknowledged, thank you for acknowledging that I'm still connected to them. Some people because think about spirit, think about they know their people, right. And some people if you told them that it would shut them down, or put them on a challenging track. And so that's why I would also say, you know, it's not always productive to walk through Target and read everyone you come across, because people are not always open to it.

Alex Ferrari 43:03
To say the least. Again, we're I think in today's world, we're much more open than we used to be because this information is out there much more than it was 20 years ago. But it's still certain people like if your mom would have gotten a reading. Right? She would have been no, right? No. Well, let me ask you then. So how did this these experiences and the work you're doing now? Change your religious beliefs? And did it change your religious beliefs?

Michelle Clare 43:33
You know, it really did. It did change them. Because what I realized is, all religions have beautiful things in them beautiful beliefs, beautiful. And we're all headed towards the same hub. So when I when I did tell my mom this and my mom was really not happy. When I told her this. My mom ended up transitioning from breast cancer. And about six months before she went, I thought I was sharing really good news with her. And I said to Mom, no one has ever come through in a reading and been like, I just got out of purgatory call my family, right? And so I'm telling my mom like, Mom, there's no purgatory, you just get to go. And she literally glared at me that was not what she wanted to hear. She wanted to feel like she had done her job. She had worked. She had been a good Catholic woman and she was gonna get there on her own merit. And so she was not very open,

Alex Ferrari 44:23
Even at the end, even at the end

Michelle Clare 44:27
So I just had to love her through that. So here's what I have found interesting. No one ever comes through and says to me, I've had atheists come through, they're like, I'm so glad I was wrong. You know, I mean, it there is this part where it's, it's actually so much bigger than any religion. It is so much bigger. We are talking about unconditional love. We are talking about countless second chances and opportunities to learn and live and experience and explore the universe and every dimension within it, right? And so when When we're talking about pure love like that, that that supersedes any religious title you could give yourself.

Alex Ferrari 45:07
I mean, love is the the only religion. Exactly, exactly. Kindness, all that

Michelle Clare 45:13
What I have found though is listen there are there are people in this world that religion is good for, because that is their way to like connect with God there are there are souls that said, hey, I want to come in, you know, spoon feed it to me every Sunday at 10am or, you know, whatever it is, like, helped me to build it this way. So it's so it's it's not that it's not productive. There are some people it's very selective for. But I will tell you this one of the challenges with when you're there death experiences. When I came back from that last one, I had a hard time finding another human that could get me to that connection with God that I felt like I already had on my own. And I kind of got to the point where I was like, wait, I'm going to church or the service or wherever to hear some human with his own issues, and his own ideas, tell me how to find God. And I actually felt like I had a more clear channel to God and myself. And so for me, that was where the challenge with religion came up, I'm certainly not against it. I honor all religions. But for me, personally, gosh, I have such a good connection, it's hard for me to find someone else, that would be a more clear channel,

Alex Ferrari 46:21
Right! It's kind of like a middle man or middle woman. Just like you don't need that you can connect directly. And I think if I'm not mistaken, Jesus was saying that all the time, all the time. God is within you. Everything I can do, you can do and more. You know, these kinds of ideas have been around for a long time, but they get muddled up in in a lot of other things, dogma and other things like that, that kind of got thrown in over the years. But yeah, I mean, the idea is to find Self Realization, where you can connect directly to the divine. And when you're able to to correct and that through meditation through other other avenues that you can do it yourself. That's, that's the key. I think that's the goal, you know, all all Ascended Masters, you know, all these, these spiritual masters that we've we idolize over the years, they all did it that way. You know, they all went inward and found God through themselves and realize that themselves. So it's a it's a fascinating topic.

Michelle Clare 47:23
It really is. And it's interesting, if you think about it, we are that spark of God, we are that spark of divine, we really don't have to go anywhere else. It's right here. But that amnesia that we come into Planet Earth with right boy, we take that pretty seriously and pretty strong. And so there are people who will distance themselves from that their whole lives, there are other people that will ease their way back into it. You know, there's such a wide spectrum. But the truth is, that connection is already right there within you, you can't take it out.

Alex Ferrari 47:54
Isn't it interesting, though, that people who are against listening to things like this, and they're very stuck in there a document like your mother stuck in her dogmatic ways of her. It's also a sense of, and I don't say ego in a bad way, but ego in the sense that I've worked all my life and believe this all my life. And if I admit to myself that I might have been wrong, or I just didn't choose the this other path that this other person is talking to. It kind of negates everything I've done in my life. And it's hard for the ego to deal with that. As opposed to a very open person. We're like, you know, what, maybe there is other ways, maybe I don't know everything, maybe I got it wrong, maybe you know, this is not the way you know, I even when I was younger, coming up, I was raised Catholic. And I always let them like, well, there's Buddhism and there's a billion some people there. And Hinduism, there's another billion and some people have like, some big they figured something out on their end that's working through them. So how can there only be one path, and that's what started me on this conversation of trying to figure out where I can find the divine within my own life by studying all the religions and starting to study as much as I can to, to figure it out, because this is not an easy path. This is you know, this is tough, but

Michelle Clare 49:15
It's it is in a you know, and this is what I would say my knowledge about spirit, there are souls lined up waiting to get their shot at Planet Earth. Right? This is the leading edge learning playground throughout the universe. So I would like to say every human here should get a badge of courage because congratulations, you signed up, you made a plan you came in, it's not going to be easy, but you're not alone in it, and you can do it.

Alex Ferrari 49:41
And can you talk a little bit about your understanding of the soul plan? And because that's a concept that a lot of a lot of people have trouble with the left So you mean to tell me that I chose to be in a family that was abusive or I chose to have a physical ailment so my life would be tougher or I chose to have my heart broken all the time. Like, it's hard for someone in the gig and Zelda, I chose to have trolls attacking me daily, like, you know, like, so like it's hard for the sick. Can you talk a little bit about why it is and how that works?

Michelle Clare 50:15
So, you know, it's a blueprint, we do come to planet earth, and we do have free will and other humans have free will. Right? Well, so there are a few things that can change course or change direction on that, right. But if I, if I'm coming in, and I'm saying, well, we'll just guess what my blueprint might have been for this length life, no matter what the challenge is, I want to become a medium, right? I'll die three times to do it, I don't know. But with the blueprints that we come in with, we say, okay, these are the lessons I want to learn. When we are in this heavenly perfect realm with no contrast. It makes it hard to learn a lesson. We don't even know what it's like to be freezing cold or boiling hot, because we're in this perfect temperature, right? Think about how we use that contrast to grow. Planet Earth is full of contrasts. So we will pick a plan, we will pick lessons, kind of like when you're getting ready to go into your video game. You're picking who you want to be on your team, what area of the world do you want to go in? Are you going in into the jungle or the deserts, right? And then what happens is our soul is knowing that this is an experience, not our only experience and that our life is eternal. So our soul to our soul in the scope of returning it. We're like, I'll be there in five minutes. And I'll be right back. Right? Eternity. So our soul will say yes, I'm going to take that five minutes experience because I'm going to learn, I'm going to grow, I'm going to get to love. I'm going to get to do all of these things on a level that I can't do in a place with no contrast. And so when we're looking at eternity, we say, heck yeah, I'll take the five minute lesson. And we go in, I do believe our souls come here with the highest good wanting that to happen. And then humaneness happens, right? And then we have other people who do other human experiences. So is it all exactly the way that the blueprint is laid out? I do not believe so because of free will. But I think we have a baseline and in that blueprint, we have built out possibilities. So clearly, in my blueprint, I gave myself three opportunities to exit Well, four, because we know I'm going to leave here at some point, I have at least four opportunities to exit. But think of all the opportunities I gave myself to grow, to love to learn to experience to reconnect to my soul.

Alex Ferrari 52:35
Yeah, it's kind of like if you were born into a family who had a five star five Michelin star restaurant, and the only thing you've ever eaten is absolutely perfection at the highest level of food. And you've never tasted anything but the most amazing food ever. And you have no contrast to that. And then the second you go over to McDonald's, and you get a burger. You're like, you need to go to McDonald's. We have to understand how good you have it. Oh, wow. So I've been imperfect. I've been eating this amazing food that I don't know if you've ever been in like a five star like one of these restaurants, that there's little plates that they bring you like just a morsel and but you like this, and you take a bite you're like, holy, it's like the flavor explosions is 1000 things so much complexity. And then you go eat up, you know, a fast food point, German, you know, join burger and you're like, oh, it's mac and cheese. Okay,

Michelle Clare 53:29
Yeah. And maybe even leave with a stomachache to top that off, right?

Alex Ferrari 53:32
Yeah, exactly. And then you're like, and then you've got it and then you're gonna pay for it later. If we don't know what that means.

Michelle Clare 53:39
You know, that's amazing. Because what spirit really has been telling me especially over the last few months, is planet Earth is all about the contrast because that is where we learn and grow and explore. So even the contrast right? When we are in not oneness to some extent we're almost invisible to each other because we are all one I am you You are me we are blended right. But today because of your beautiful contrast, I can see you, you are a man, you have a beard, you are in a dark colored sweatshirt, you know all of these things that I can see about you. You can see me today because of the contrast I created. Otherwise, if we were in this space of oneness, we don't miss blend. So the contrast doesn't always have to be a bad thing. But it makes it makes us visible to each other. And it also helps us know what we want and learn and grow.

Alex Ferrari 54:30
I had a guest on that is he he's a pre birth experiencer. So he remembers his pre birth moment. So like the planning, the spirit guides the whole thing. And he told me the story, which was fascinating to me. And it's so well it's I think it illustrates what we're talking about. You know, he's just a soul hanging out. And then he meets another soul. And he sees something and the other soul. They're like, Oh my God, what did you do? Like how do you like there was a depth To hit that other soul that he didn't have, he's like, Oh, I spend time on Earth. Right? And he's like, what? I want that because you don't understand this is not easy what I did, because so it's kind of like meeting someone who has a six pack and is perfectly in perfect shape. You're like, what did you do? I worked out in the gym every day and ate nothing but chicken and broccoli and brown rice for a year that like, but you look great. I want them like, yeah, right. Yeah. So it's the equivalent of that when you're coming down here like this is the chicken, broccoli, and rice and working out six hours a day kind of experience to get that perfect body that we all

Michelle Clare 55:40
Right, there you go. The perfect soul.

Alex Ferrari 55:43
Exactly. This is this is the ultimate gym. For your spirit. It really is.

Michelle Clare 55:48
It is and the learning and the growth that happens here is unbelievable. But listen, a lot of times people think that growth has to happen in really hard, challenging ways. But but it doesn't, we can play in the magic of life, we really can. This is part of what spirit tells me. We have our human ideas, and we have a spirit ideas and the human ideas are not usually beneficial. We're like, Oh, if you work really hard, maybe it will pay off. Like we give ourselves a lot of challenges. But spirits like well, you could work really hard. Or you could over sit over here and daydream and manifested and tap into your own abilities. So we have more tools available to us, then most of us know on the human level.

Alex Ferrari 56:29
Oh, there's no question. I mean, from someone who's hustled hard most of his life, to the moment where I find it let go and allow the universe or Spirit, God, whoever to guide the process. And doors start swinging open. I'm like, what I've been doing all these years. I mean, you. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have to work every day. And we have to we have to get up and be participants in the in the energy of what we're doing. But trying to force something to happen, like I want that promotion, I want to make that money, I want to get that person that generally doesn't work. It's just kind of like really walking up the river. Upstream on the river, when you just let go and go with the flow. That person just walks in the door. That opportunity just happens. You get a phone call from that you just didn't expect or synchronicity happens. And that thing that you've been looking for happens all of a sudden, I found that to be true in my life. I don't know about you.

Michelle Clare 57:28
Yeah, absolutely. The minute that we stop worrying about controlling it. And we actually live in alignment, which is with our spirit or body mind, spirit. And we say okay, take over, I know you know what you're doing. That's when the doors open. And that's when the flow happens.

Alex Ferrari 57:46
So I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Michelle Clare 57:53
I think it's to know that no moment is ever wasted.

Alex Ferrari 57:58
How do you define God?

Michelle Clare 58:00
As everything as you as me as the Sun as the flowers as the animals. Pure Love, though.

Alex Ferrari 58:09
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Michelle Clare 58:11
I think it really is to awaken to the power of your soul. And remember that this is a video game, and your soul has more tools than your humaneness will ever have.

Alex Ferrari 58:22
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Michelle Clare 58:25
On MichelleClare.net

Alex Ferrari 58:29
And do you have any parting messages for my audience?

Michelle Clare 58:33
I just want them to know that they're not living this life alone. You have a spirit team, you have angels, you have loved ones, life guides all around you, truly encouraging you on your path. So being aware of that and it's okay if you don't feel them, just know that they're there and they're cheering you on and ask them to send you signs and messages and connect with you.

Alex Ferrari 58:54
So it's been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It was an absolute honor and privilege talking to you today. So I appreciate you.

Michelle Clare 59:02
I feel the same way about you. Thank you so much Alex.

Alex Ferrari 59:06
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