Council of 8 Speaks! Channeled Message That Will Change Your Life with Michelle Carpenter

Michelle Carpenter can connect to a person’s body and energy field; she can feel where there are any unconscious feelings and emotions stored within a person’s body and mind. Michelle is able to feel when a person’s heart “contracts into sadness” and “expands into joy and bliss.” Through breathwork, music, and working with elementals (singing, whistling, and chanting), she guide’s a person’s body to release the old emotions and helps the body and mind to let go of old trauma stored within. Michelle work’s with intergenerational trauma and ancestral trauma and, in moments of vulnerability, hold a safe space for a person to grieve.

Michelle can connect to the spirit of loved ones who have passed over into the light and find these sessions healing for those who would like to hear from loved ones who passed over.

She also channels the Council of 8, angelic beings of light, ascended masters who have once worked the earth planes.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michelle Carpenter.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 188

Michelle Carpenter 0:00
And the anger that I carried and the resentment for years and years and years was what was you know that secret that secret was so heavy as a five year old? That that was what was kind of eating you up inside?

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I'd like to welcome to the show, Michelle Carpenter. How you doin Michelle?

Michelle Carpenter 0:29
Hi, Alex. I'm great. Thank you. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I'm doing fantastic. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really excited to talk to you. And the Council of aid who are here is very chatty, and loves to come on conversations in your views to spread the good energy that they're doing in the work that you're doing as well. So before we get into the Council of eight and what and how you channel and the work that you do, what was your life like prior to this whole, insanity let's call it that is in part of your life now.

Michelle Carpenter 1:01
Yeah. Gosh, you know, I do you mean like from the time that I've started channeling them, or just in the last few years as to what this insanity?

Alex Ferrari 1:13
No, no before before the insanity, before this before the insanity of what you're doing is general statement. So like, before channeling before, you know, I'm assuming you didn't come out of the womb, channeling the Council of eight. So I'm assuming that there was a time period when you were doing this work. What was your life like prior to you doing this kind of work?

Michelle Carpenter 1:36
So in a previous life, I was very chatty. And I still can be very chatty myself. I was a sales rep. That's the background that I come from. And when I got to my 30s, I, my ex husband did the best thing ever. He had an affair. And we had little baby girl at the time. And it was my wake up call to take responsibility for myself. And this was in South Africa. So I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, which was Rhodesia. And then my parents kind of got out of it in 1980 1981. Because of the government that have taken over and my dad decided, as a family, we were sort of under threat, we moved to South Africa. And we were in South Africa, when I was about 19 years old. So I went through the apartheid era, but I don't remember a lot of it. And then slowly but surely, we went to a mining town and slowly but surely as I grew up, as a teenager, I started realizing that the life that I had, as a young girl had really affected me, excuse me, my dad. He was Rhodesian soldier and he was in the wall. And he had had drunk quite a lot. And I had a very angry mother. And you know, just due to the own traumas that they had endured in their lives, I've come to realize, but I went into sales. And I loved being a sales rep. And I worked with wonderful people, many different companies. And slowly but surely, I started to realize that I was a victim of my life. And I was a victim of the circumstances in which I grew up in and I say that, not at lightheartedly, because really, I played the victim. I played the victim role really well. I'm a middle child. So I had a whole different level to being the victim. And when I got married, and my ex husband cheated on me, it took me a while to find out that it was happening, but like I said, was the best gift that happened for me, because it brought me to Wake up to myself and I went to a clairvoyant. And I wanted a reading. And all I wanted was for him to help me with my anger. I had a lot of anger, again, being the victim of like, why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to me? So I was sexually abused at the age of five by my uncle, my mother's younger brother. And thank you. And it's come with a lot of healing. It's come with a lot of working through that trauma. And that was part of my teenage life and being so angry. And also, my dad had had a phase when we were young kids. So there was all there part of the anger that my mother had sort of projected on to onto us, myself and my older brother, and, you know, again, nothing against my parents. I've worked a lot through the forgiveness of not only my own journey, but my parents and you know, the intergenerational trauma of what they've carried. So I got to 33 years went to go see this clairvoyant as, like, there's gotta be something different to life, man. There's like, I just cannot be angry. I'd been in car accidents. At the age of 24. I've knocked over and killed a young girl. I now know that that was a soul connection. And that was a part of my big wake up or my awakening, but all I did was suppress and suck. Have that anger and that stress, and I just kept going, and I kept going, and I kept going. And as a sales rep, one of my cue lines was, the more stressed I am, the better sales I make. And then I came to realize with having a young baby girl, it didn't serve me. And it didn't serve her to be the mother who is just under stressed. And you know, South Africa, as to what it is. Now, we've been in New Zealand now for the last six years. But you know, 15 20 odd years of living in South Africa, there was a lot of crime, and we were involved in quite a lot of crime. So I'm still working through that too. But the age of 33, it was such a pivotal point in my life where I went, I need to do something different. So again, I'm very blessed, you know, for the experience and the story of my ex husband. But it was a great gift to me to realize. It actually wasn't about him, it was about me and the way I tried to control my life. And the angry I was, the more more in control I tried to be, but the more out of control my life was kind of strange here. And so that just led me on to a journey of going to see this giveaway. And he was a young gentleman, and he just kept saying to me, shall you just don't love yourself? And I'm like, dude, just help me with my anger, like just telling me and it's quite funny, because I do readings now. And people come to me and they say, just tell me like, what's, what's the direction forward? What's the purpose, I'm like, well, let's just work with what you've got going on inside of you. And then often brings me back to how I felt, you know, at the age of 33. So it led me to a weekend away with hospice. And they did this wonderful retreat, and the facilitator that I had thought I chose and but on some level, we chose each other. We had very similar stories in our journey. She was a lot older than me, but what she did, and this was nine years off, Don knocked over and killed the young girl, that and it was in broad daylight, I wasn't drunk, there was no alcohol involved. I'd looked down to put a straw into a cool drink. And she had run across the road and misjudge my car. And we're connected. And I'd hate to I didn't know what I'd hit. And I stopped and pulled over and people had stopped and said to me, I knocked over a pedestrian. So at this weekend retreat, what actually happened was, I thought I was going down, I was like, God, this person is going to help me with my anger. And we were a small group, and she actually got me to feel how I felt about knocking over this young girl. And it was huge as you can well imagine, because all I did was just suck it up. And this was nine years later, as I said, and I cried so hard, and except my head felt like it was it was exploding, my heart felt like it was bursting into 1000 pieces. And it was quite an intense wake up call to realize how much we suck up in our lives and how much I had sucked up. Over, you know, 30 odd years of my life. As a kid I'd always suffered from tonsillitis, bronchitis, I was sickly continuously earache. And I realized that that was just part of the trauma of just being on you know, I was a child that remembered so much of my parents fighting, my dad coming and going, I picked up a lot of my mom's fear with my dad coming and going into the wall. And so it was a great wake up to say, Okay, now what can I do differently? You know, I like Okay, wow. So this is about feeling. And I just loved in my head, the chaos was always in my head. And that then led me to that after that weekend, they offered a 14 week counseling skills course hospital, and I then became a part time caregiver. And I started working with people who were transitioning, obviously terminally ill. And it was a great, great beginning for me to start to work with empathizing, realizing that there is life after death. But I was still working very much in my head. And I realized that in my own journey, I had a lot to heal. And that's where I started on the path also of working with being sexually abused. And the anger that I'd carried and the resentment for years and years and years was what was you know, that secret that secret was so heavy as a five year old, that that was what was kind of eating me up inside my tonsils not being able to speak up not being able to share it. And he shared it with my parents at the age of 33. So this then led me to slowly but surely, transform and transition and I then studied Neuro Linguistic Programming programming, and I just wanted to I wanted to evolve I wanted to shift and Nick I don't know if I can say this, but I wanted to shift my shit. Like a really, for myself, but for my dog To as well like I wanted to be a better person and not live under this intense stress and this intense anger that I was carrying for such a long time. And also the trauma, obviously, of what I'd carried. But a big part of my awakening before I started connecting to spirit and channeling was when you know, when you look at the dots, and you start to build the puzzle of your life, I don't know if you've ever done that.

Alex Ferrari 10:27
Ohh yeah!

Michelle Carpenter 10:28
Okay. And so when I was 60 and a half, I lost one of my very best friends and she had a kidney transplant in Johannesburg. And when she passed over, she was she passed over in hospice in Johannesburg. And I remember sitting on the couch before she passed over sitting on the bed, or sorry, sitting on the couch in her room. And no parents had just gone to talk to a caregiver, or a counselor. And I remember this young girl sitting there looking at the caregiver going, Wow, how is she not falling apart? Like she's surrounded by death? And forced forward? You know, what's it 15 odd years 16 Or Jews, and we were a little bit longer, my math isn't great. And, and I was able to do that for others, because even though I was working with people who were, you know, transitioning, then sort of working with their families, you know, counseling their families, and just being a friend to them. And it taught me so much about empathy and compassion. So, I've been kind of a late bloomer in my journey. I'm a slow learner in many different ways. And, and slowly but surely, as I started to help myself to heal, I started to build the bridge of letting go of this extreme intense control and trauma that I'd had for such a long time, I didn't know how else to live differently. And I really grew this relationship with my ex husband, bought his girlfriend into my space. I'm now married to a beautiful man. And even he said to me, I'm sure I wasn't a part of that journey. So I've got nothing against him. Let's bring him in. And it was so healing for our daughter, because I wanted what was good for her. And it really brought me into a space of just this continuous learning, like, what what is compassion? What is forgiveness? You know, and I think it's, it's such a similar vibration for me personally, in terms of the words and the space that is held, because it's, it's a space of love, and in my heart, and, you know, I'd say to my ex husband, I am so grateful. And I think he thought I was ticked in the head, you know, because he was like, What do you mean? And that's it, I really love you. I really, really love you. I'm grateful for the experience. It was frickin hard. But I'm so grateful for the experience of what had happened. And I called it I remember many times in my head when we argued or fought, I think, why did we just get divorced. So it was part of what I had bought into my reality. And it also helped me to heal a lot of what my mom had held on to, you know, with my dad, when he was a younger man having his affairs, but I was the change when God chose not to stay. And my parents didn't like that they wanted me to stay in the marriage. And I'm like, No, I just feel like I've got to do different. So it came at a bit of a consequence or a price as we would we would say, my parents didn't like it. And they didn't speak to me for a while. But it was a great learning to be courageous and vulnerable, because tears wasn't something that I did very easily, especially as a young teenager, and I just kind of went, Well, I've got to heal this man. Like, I've got to heal this, I've got to just let go. So that's part of my previous life.

Alex Ferrari 13:47
So what so you know, beautiful about that. And now there's a lot of trauma and things that when I say beautiful, you'll understand what I mean in a minute, is that you're the definition of a souls journey, that things happen for us, not to us, for sure. And you have very clearly very clearly illustrated all of those traumatic things, the obstacles, the the the I mean, major life things that most of us, you know, we don't go through, I mean, you went through some stuff. But how you were able to take that stuff and transition it into growth, forgiveness, evolution of your own spirit. It seems like you've been doing a lot of work on yourself in this lifetime, without question, and you're continuing to do more work on your life. So it's just a great example for people listening. That might be going through stuff. You know, I've gone through stuff, you obviously have gone through stuff, we all go through stuff. But that is part of the game. This video game that we're playing down here is it's stuff that we're challenging we have to be challenged. It doesn't necessarily have to be bad or good. Sometimes you got to just go through the stuff that you have to go through in order to grow and forgive. I was I mean, when I was younger, I was extremely angry. Oh my god, I was angry. Oh, my God was angry, I was angry. You know, my parents got divorced when I was young. And I was angry about that. I didn't know what was when I was angry. It's been 15 20 years in the film industry chasing a dream, that I would get really close. And I would get in the rooms and and meet these big movie stars. And, and I just always something with just No, no, not not, not again.

Michelle Carpenter 15:37
Knee jerk reaction like, did you ever have that knee jerk reaction?

Alex Ferrari 15:41
Yeah, because it was to the point where like, I'm good enough to get in the room. Again, and again. And again, I'm so many times I got so close to a national stage, even on reality shows, I got to the very end, like just the ones that before I got on to the reality show, and things like that, and we just keep falling apart, and that we like, was so angry. And then I finally let go of that and forgave myself understood what the process was. But that only happens with time, as you can attest to time is needed to be able to have to go through things to in order, like I'm sure when your husband was having an affair, didn't feel good at the time. But looking back on it, you're like, Oh, thank God that happened. Because it's gone, it spawned my entire new path that I've walked on. Without him doing that, I might be still in a, a loveless relationship and a painful relationship, I would have never gotten done this, this or this. So the universe kind of pushes us in ways that we might not feel good about. But it's for our best.

Michelle Carpenter 16:51
100%. And that was part of the, you know, the awakening. In would have been if, if I was guided to go for counseling, or somebody said to me, Michelle, you need to go was when I was 24 years old and knocked over and killed the young girl because in one year, just to give you the amount of I want to say depressive state of the way I lived was, I was in a serious relationship. We built a house together three months later, it became incredibly toxic. Like I knew he had quite a temper on him. But then I started provoking him and I was like, kind of just give me a reason, buddy, just give me a reason. You know? And you know, so it became a slap on the back of the leg and then a push here and, and I like I say I can be quite chatty, but the anger was like, Come on, bring it bring it okay. And I think that's also the Joburg in me. And, but it's which doesn't serve anybody let me just be really clear. But, you know, three months later, I was packing up. I was headhunted by a company. This was all in the same with this was like a six and a half, seven month period headhunted by a company. I was with him for eight months, made redundant. And then two months later knocked over and killed the young girl. And two days later driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, which is a 12 hour drive. And my friends are like, Michelle, what are you doing? And I'm like, I've got to go. So I went on this massive party just depressing how I felt. And I remember crying and my friend's arms are one night like sobbing, because she said to me, Mitch, do you know what's happened to you and I was like. I've, I've killed somebody. Yeah, you know, but that was it. And then I just suppressed it. And then like, oh, let's party let's drink and, and nobody sort of took the time to go. I think you need to go and see somebody like this as big in your life. And again, it was just that suppression, which led to shame and you said it beautifully. It was forgiving yourself. And a big part of my sexual abuse at the age of five, believe it or not, was learning to forgive that little girl inside of me. You know, she sat there and she didn't know any different. I thought it was like what we're this is what we do. So it was like kind of sharing the experience because it brought a good feeling. And the reality is I've had to forgive her continuously for the the experiences that happened, and they weren't great experiences. And it took me a long time and ndsi I took a long time to own the hard work that I've gone through. I'm still going through you know, my husband and I have been through some very severe experiences in South Africa. I'm still learning to navigate and work with my nervous system and so is he. So it is a continuous journey, but I really feel like that's why if I can teach humans that we are worth it. We can we can push through and sometimes it feels like we're in this moment of like what, you know. Oh, dammit. My ex husband man, if I tell you, I've punched pillows I've hit Oh, oh, oh, he cannot you cannot be angry today, you know? Oh, okay, you know,

Alex Ferrari 20:07
Sometimes you sometimes you look for you look for a few look to pick a fight, almost you look. And it's generally the people who are closest around you to take the brochure, either your family, your friends, somebody and then you look for a fight. And until you do the work to ask the questions, why am I so angry, you will continue to go down these vicious circle these vicious, you know, rabbit holes until you really do the work and look in the mirror. And do that kind of soul work with yourself, for sure to kind of to get it out. And once you're free of it, as you can see, I mean, you seem like a very happy person, the energy coming from me on the other side of this call, it seems very energetic, very nice, very, very forgiving, very comfortable that you look like you want to do well for the world. You want to do good for the world with the work that you're doing. That's just the sense that I get from talking to you. You don't seem like an angry person. And I know angry people trust me. Hollywood for almost 30 years. I know. So I know angry people, I can feel it. And I know it through myself. So it's a great lesson for everyone listening. So so my next thing is Alright, so now you've gone through all of this. At what point do you hear voices? Exactly. The Council of eight come in, how do they come in? How do you deal with it when you start here? Because I'm assuming you've as they say, drank the Kool Aid a little bit, you went to a clairvoyant, you understand that side of the world. But I'm assuming this was new to you.

Michelle Carpenter 21:45
100%. And so a big part of my my learning was first connecting to loved ones who had passed over two souls to spirit who had passed over and I was counseling for a quite a few years in South Africa. And the I had this client in front of me and I said, you've got a little girl, and you holding her and I explained the dress. And she said, How do you know that? And I said to her, I'm just being shown and being shown that you holding a little girl with dark hair and little baby and she's like, No, Michelle. So what do you mean? No, no, what I sort of like, you know, hold my breath. And she said, I had a baby that was stillborn. And it was such a profound moment for me. And you know, the facilitator that I chose. And she chose me on some level, at this hospice weekend that we went that I went on, she became my mentor. And she started teaching me that everything is energy. And I was listening to the late Wayne Dyer, the Lake Louise Hay. And I drove my friend Vicki mad because I was still in my head, I didn't understand. So fast forward to this me counseling. And I started to hear different things. And I started to trust, I started to trust the information that was coming through the connections that were coming through. And then in my counseling sessions, I'd say Well, have you lost a father? Or have you lost a grandfather? And then the messages would start to come through and my clients are how do you know that information? So that started to happen. And then as I was going on different courses, and upgrading myself, as I put it and working through my own stuff, I started to realize that there was more, let go of everything that I thought to be true. And went, Okay, I want a deep dive, just bring it on, like show me there's got to be more. And then as I started to elevate my consciousness, which for me, again, is the building of the bridge between letting go what I was storing and contracting, to upgrading. And then brought a shaman into my space. And we had this beautiful weekend of channeling. And I was like whoa, and there's more. And there's more. And I just started to say things. They were just coming in my mouth, you know, do yoga or something like and people would say to me, wait, what is it? How do you know that stuff? And I'd say I don't know. I don't know. We emigrated to New Zealand in 2016. And we immigrated to a beautiful space called Queenstown. And it's just, it's just you're surrounded by these mountains. And the mountains hold such intense energy and it's a space where you are the hill and the mountain spit you out or you stay in it and you work through your stuff. And I came from South Africa, incredibly traumatized and I fell to pieces, I went into a deep depression. And I sort of just cried daily and I say to my kids, mom's just said, but I've got to do this because I was grieving. I was grieving. And again, the voices were there that I always felt like I was surrounded by something and I started sensing Samia. You know when you have those moments, Alex where you would be talking to some Thinking sorry, somebody something, yes, there's a lot out there. But you get goosebumps. And that would start happening to me and I go, Whoa, who is this? What is this? And like, for me that sort of started to become complete affirmations are the information that was coming through. But I still didn't know who would was what it was. And I'd have at my asthma, my own therapy started to change from counseling to really just connecting to loved ones who had passed over to just allowing, I would sit in my meditation and go, Who is this? Black we are these voices coming from. And then as I'd sit, it just been a quiet space, I would be shown counsel, and I'd say, well, counsel, so in my third, I'd picture like these dudes sitting around the table. And, like counsel, and I say, Cool, who are you? Counselor? What? And then they'd show me the aid. And I started when I'd have a client of my therapy table, I started doing the circular motions, like in eighths, like as like, whoa, okay. And then I started asking more questions when I was meditating. And slowly, but surely, they've come and they've showed me, I've gone up into this spaceship, I've I've met the commander. But at the same time, they shift and change because energy is energy is energy, and they're not specific. And they started showing me that they come through as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, you know, because I'd say, Come on, I feel like I need something more specific, because we as humans, I most certainly, I want to label like, you've got to help me help people believe helped me to believe you know, and then, and so Michelle, Will, you've got to start to believe we're here, we're here. And we would like you to be the channel. And there are many others that are connected to us. And I said, Okay, well, who are you? And there were a collective of beings, you know, mother, Mary would come through, and they would just show me a does not matter to the infinity number of eight, which is, which is, which is everything. And I then started to absolutely trust, I would, I would have a few clients and my family. I'd say to them, can you guys be the guinea pigs? And I close my eyes? And I'd say, Well, you know, especially with clients that were first time clients, I'd say to them, you know, would you like a channeling? And they'd say, Sure. And the information that came through was profound, that how did they know that? And that's it. I don't know. I have no idea. So it was about me trusting them, not them trusting me. And slowly but surely, and it has been a process because, you know, I go into my head, and I'm like, why are you choosing me guys? Like, come on, there's got to be other humans. And, and I feel incredibly honest, and honored. Sorry. And I feel incredibly blessed in the honesty, because I've said to him, please keep it simple. I like simplicity and and I want to keep it real for the humans that I'm channeling to. And what can we share in terms of upliftment, but at the same time, being honest, whether it be a one on one with a client, or when I'm doing a channeling for the collective. So that's pretty much the story.

Alex Ferrari 28:19
So how I have to ask this question, I always love asking this question, how did the people around you deal with this situation? When it came into into your into your life? I'm assuming it's something that might clear the room, when it comes as a general statement. So how did you deal? What how did they react? And how did you deal with it? Because you've gone through so much in your life? Now, you know, I don't know if you've lost people because of it, or did you gain? I don't know. So how did you deal psychologically? And I asked this question for a very specific reason, because a lot of people like, oh, this channel, she's, it's fake or whatever. And that's fine. You can believe whatever you want. I always tell people, what is it? What are they saying? Is it profound? Does it resonate with you? If it does take it and use it if it doesn't, discard it, and move on with your life? But But, but a lot of people thinking a lot of people listening to this right now. They're like, Oh, they're in it for the money. And I've talked to so many channels now that I don't know, I understand that it's not the most lucrative side of the world. It's not like you're rolling around and channeling money on the dollars by channeling it also, I lose family members, I lose friends, I get ostracized sometimes. So I say this. So people listening can understand that this is a difficult path to choose. And you were professional and you have other options. You weren't like, on a beach somewhere. It's like I hear people need you like, you know, there's there's so can you explain to people how that how that transition works with people around you?

Michelle Carpenter 29:51
Yeah, absolutely. And thank you for that question. So yes, I have lost people. I've lost friends. I've lost family time and My mom before she passed over, which was a year ago, my mom was very connected to Christianity. And for many years, she had said to me that, um, you know, channeling the devil, and that's what mediums do, obviously. So it was it was very intense. And it's a very I feel person, it's a very brave path to walk. And I don't say that egotistical, and I hope I'm not coming across egotistical. It's just that, you know, there's been times where, and I mentioned honesty, there's been times with, they have come through and given very honest downloads or channelings to a person. And it may be within a group that I've done it and the person hasn't liked it, yet the person's chosen to, to listen to wake up to themselves. So they might not like it in that moment. Because it's like, how dare you put me on the spot kind of thing. But you're when I'm in when I'm in social groups, I'm very aware as to who I hang out with. And I've had to become aware because I'm very open. And sometimes, I, you know, I very, I want to keep it real in the sense of like, okay, I'm here to be human, shoulder, human. And sometimes I have mother moments where I'm very triggered, and I had one of those days yesterday was just on. But at the same time, yes, it's a case of ya, like, I love what I do, and I'll really want to be of service. At the same time. I know that it's not only about the channeling, it's about the fact that what is it helping? Or how can they help us? How can they you know, in these crazy times that we've been in, the one thing they kept sharing was about love was about love. And I honored them for that, you know, no matter who the presidents were the prisons, and you could see people's backs getting up like I dare you, they evil they this, I'm not talking about the Council of eight, I'm talking about the presidents of the different countries. And I'd say that's what we're here for, though. If you think about it, you know, our minds keep us playing small. And if you think about it, our hearts only expand into the one consciousness, the one connected and, or the connectedness. And, you know, I often use the example of a tree growing one tree doesn't look at another one, go, Hey, dude. Like, take your roots and move across because I was planted here, they just the integral and they interconnect, and it's beautiful. So it has been a challenging journey, and I used to underplay it a lot. But I'm quite selective as to who I want to spend time with. And, and it's your it's just all a learning, I'm still learning because the one assumption that I think a lot of friends that I know and clients that I have had in the past, is that I'm always intuitive. I'm always on. And I'm not, you know, if I go to a party, I'm gonna have a g&t and I'm going to have a good party, I'm going to enjoy the dancing. But you know, when people come to me and say, Michelle, can you just read that person's energy V? And I'm like, No, it's a little party trick. Like I'm here to have fun right now. But I'm kind of like blue with one G and tea, which takes me two hours to drink. Party hard for like 30 minutes. And then we're like, okay, beta, which is 10 o'clock, which I think is part of being

Alex Ferrari 33:27
Were not as young as we used to be, let's just put it we used to doing things you did in our 20s, early 20s, or things we even did in our late 20s.

Michelle Carpenter 33:41
Yeah, so. So yes, you know, I admire and honor anybody that is doing this kind of work. And it's, for me, it's an absolute honoring. It's an honoring of Wow, gosh. And what I wanted to say to you is that I was very fortunate that as I started to know that there was more and allow my heart to open more, I brought more like minded and open hearted friends into my space, who were very out there in the field. But I realized it was my upgrade. To knowing that there's more. It was just the game me playing small. But again, I like to be Michelle the human and allow the spiritualist to happen. And yes, we are supposed to having a human experience. But that for me is with a grief and trauma work comes into it. It's like the magic, the magic because I've met some amazing, amazing human beings. But I've also met some amazing spiritual humans that can be not the nicest human beings that are out there in the field. And I'm being very diplomatic right now. But they saw it that they forget that they just forget that we still here, you know, and how do we show up? It can be a little bit super Facial for me at times and I know that's judgmental. But I always internalize I go, Well, I'm bringing somebody like that into my space. What's the mirror? What's the mirror? Okay? Michelle, be real. And authentic authenticity is important for me.

Alex Ferrari 35:14
Of course, of course, that's what people are attracted to. People are attracted to authenticity. And I think more now than ever, they can smell when people are in an authentic without question. So let me ask you Can Can the council aid come in? I have a handful of difficult questions for them. So I'm curious about it. I'm, I'm very looking forward to talking to them. So if you can, connect, please.

Michelle Carpenter 35:40
Sure thing, sure thing, Alex is gonna take a few breaths and they'll come to you okay.

We welcome you here today, Alex. And we have been waiting for this connection, not only between yourself and Michelle, yet the connection of the next level, and we are wanting to acknowledge you in the acknowledgement of the change that you are bringing to the collective, we would like to make an offering to not only yourself, you but to those that are in their awareness of the beings of their internus of their light, do you hear how we said that there is change that is continuous within the dimensions that humans exist in yet there is change that is continuous within the different galaxies that are out there yet within and what we would like to help in the offering or give as a suggestion is that keep allowing the inner light keep shining bright, keep knowing that all is within as all is without energy is frequency frequency is vibration, vibration is within the knowing. And what we say to you is, we thank you. We applaud you. We honor you. We acknowledge you. When humans use the word ag knowledge, knowledge is a statement where it is being used often that knowledge is power, is it not? Alex? It is? And yet, how often do humans acknowledge each other? As in the acknowledgement? Knowledge is within? Is it not? Humans are taught that knowledge is on the outside. And as humans are navigating, navigating, navigating and opening up and opening up and sharing in the internal space of change. The vibration is shifting. So we know that you have many different questions for us and we smile and we wait with if we had a breath with our humble brain. Please go ahead, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 39:00
My first question is how can you explain to people that life happens for them and not to them?

Michelle Carpenter 39:10
This is a great question. And what we say to you is, and this has been shared many, many, many, many, many, many times through many different channels that not only have you had on your show, yet it has been heard yet, humans at times choose not to listen. So as we thank you for the allowing of Michelle sharing her story in this lifetime, and parts of it that she disclosed and discussed is exactly as she had. Ed mitad is, it is about the journey. It is about the alignment of the souls of awareness, it is about the knowing that one chooses this body, one chooses this face, one chooses this time to be and yet the choosing and the blueprint is within here, yet the blueprint is within the collective. So, within the knowing, as an example, Michelle could have chosen as could have you to have stayed in the spaces that you wanted to. Yet there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel, there was a nickel for choosing different for Michelle, there was a noticing of what did not serve her no longer as when one chooses a simple journey. And please notice how we say this simple, this was a simple journey for her yet when she was in the chaos of the moments of the feelings, it did not feel simple. Would you say that this resonates with you Alex, it does. So, it is very much a choice. It is very much a knowing it is very much a knowing it is very much a knowing. One can choose to look within and to be guarded. Or one could choose to look within and be open. Yet many humans choose to stay within here. And we know that the brain is an incredibly intelligent organ. Yet, we also know that the brain holds many humans back many of you have been told it is about your thoughts, which is truth. Yet the truth lies within this similar structure. Does this answer your question Alex?

Alex Ferrari 42:20
It does. So can you also explain the concept of reincarnation and if the concept of reincarnation is valid, why we choose to continuously come back and suffer at some times and go through goods and Bad's and experience every emotion known to humanity? Again, and again and again for a lot of people who don't understand this concept.

Michelle Carpenter 42:51
So what we say to you and this may be what we would disclose as a big answer to your very how could we say this a amazement, as if you choose to break up the word a maze? What is amaze Alex, it is something that one chooses to go through is not right. And at times within the maze, sometimes humans could hit a wall. This is how we would describe reincarnation when the soul chooses to come into this dense energy and use we know as we have already been talking to Michelle saying that there will be many different questions coming from yourself and one of them will be about reincarnation yet it is also about how come how come humans choose to come into this human plane. So, what we say to you is that it is about the maze that humans or the souls changes within that need to be made. And it is a what we would say to you once again it is a simple statement when one is staying in their warrior space and power fool pneus and we are saying warrior in terms of the tribal which brings about the anger which brings about the displacement which brings about the discombobulated pneus this is what is being carried out within many different timelines is you are all holograms are you not annex and when the soul is what you are seeing reencounter nating it is a what we would say a split where it lands within the human surface. Yet it is also a knowing that is held within many different timelines. So as an example, what we say to you is that humans that are making different choices have within the different timelines what humans were to pass lives, have all fragmented souls have chosen quite abominable, past lives, or abominable timelines and there is time for change, there is time for Source Energy, there is time for the inner God to bring the healing. So, what we say to you is that and we want to keep this simple, it is as we are using Michelle's hands here right now, they are soft, they are gentle, they are warm, yes, they can be hard and intense, if we want them to or they can be soft, they can be gentle, they can be warm. And it is very much again within the alignment of the change that needs to happen. And yes, the other question that we have been asked many times is how can we do not get involved as spirit as the beams of light that we are yet we do get involved we plant seeds, we give messages, we share downloads, good, how many humans choose to do nothing, how many humans choose to stay within their addictions or their addictive spaces, as they may not want to bring change for themselves, they may not want the gentleness they may not want the car the kindness or the compassion it is very evolved, it is very involved, is it not?

Alex Ferrari 47:28
Very much so, very, very much so. So, for so many people listening who want to connect with the divine within them, and is have in their having trouble doing so do you have any advice on how we can connect to our higher consciousness to our true nature to help us navigate this maze that we are on?

Michelle Carpenter 47:53
It is as simple as placing one's hand over one's heart and connecting into the beat of the vibration. As you are aware within this conversation and connection with you and Michelle, there are many many humans and she too has been very much within her head space. And often what we say is that humans work walk and work with their heads Yeah. And the bodies Yeah. So to bring the divine back within it is a simple exercise of tuning into one's heart connecting to the beat, connecting to the rhythm. And it has been saved many times. Breath is key breath is Life Is it not annex? It is when when a baby comes out into this world. It is the first thing everyone holds their breath to hear the first moment that a baby breeze in the open spaces. So we would ask humans who are watching this, to take the time to breathe, to take the time to listen to their own beat. Many have forgotten how to go within. Yet again. We talk about the baby that is born. When it comes out. The heart has been beating for many many months already. It is the first thing that you as mothers and fathers want to hear is that not when you go for your scans. You want to hear the heartbeat So heart is key. Take the time to listen to your own beat, as the Divine is within, as the Divine is within, as the Divine is without, as the Divine is without annex. We thank you. Any more questions for us today?

Alex Ferrari 50:23
Yes. Can you explain to people who have have trouble understanding this concept of why a soul would want to reincarnate as a sickly person, as a deformed person, as something that that that is going to give them structure, massive struggle in their life, not only to themselves, but to the people around them, who love them, their parents, siblings, friends, there's a lot of pain that comes along with that. Why would you choose that? And that is a question I get asked all the time. So can you explain that to the audience?

Michelle Carpenter 51:00
We can. It is about the collective. And you use the word, word pain, and you have used the word suffering. Humans are addicted to pain and suffering, are they not? Yes. And what we say to you is that, imagine if humans were looking at these beings of light, they'd have chosen a different body, their heart is still beating. And if these humans within the collective within the soul groups within the soul families within the soul friendships, look at these individual lights that are shining bright, they do not care. They are there to bring joy. Yet humans choose to look at it as pain and suffering. And yes, we know that the energy on Earth is dense and use we know that there is the pain and that there is the suffering, yet the pain and the suffering can be transformed. If humans choose to look and to see and to feel differently, yet humans choose. We're using the word choose and it is very much a choice as Michelle chose to get up and wash your hair and brush your teeth and put her makeup on and get dressed for today. As she does every day, it is a choice as to how one wants to see it is a choice as one wants to feel it is a choice at times that when tears of joy are being shared. They can be misunderstood for tears of pain. So yes, it is very much with in the collective, the soul that comes in that we incarnate into the deform bodies into the children who would have the DIS eases within the vibrational beings. They bring so many gifts and so many healings, to appearance to the families to the friends and you know what the biggest thing is, it brings togetherness Alex humans forget. And we are using the word together. Spelt t w o to when you bring them together makes one does it not?

Alex Ferrari 53:41
Does it does it can you tell me what you what your feelings are? Or your thoughts are on what is happening to humanity today. And the next year so many people are so afraid of what's happened we've had a rough few years to say the least. And as a planet and people are concerned about the next year coming up. Can you tell us what you think is coming ahead of first for all of us?

Michelle Carpenter 54:10
We can and what we would like to infuse into the collective for those that are showing up for themselves is that the denseness of these times? Please know that this is a specific timeline that you have all been on. And there are many that are upgrading into the awareness of Christ consciousness. And when humans are upgrading themselves and their cells, what we say to you is that it is a flip of the switch. Yet please notice with Michelle's hands when the switch is down It is suppressed energy can be very suppressive, the energy can be pushed down. It can be dense, it can be hard, it can be shameful. Yet when one chooses to shift and flick the switch of, to the vibration of love, to the vibration of compassion, to the vibration of kindness to the combination to the vibration of consideration. There is an openness that happens. If Michelle was to meet you like this, Alex, you would be concerned, would you not? I would, you would wonder if she had a sore back, you would wonder if she had a sore neck, you would wonder you would wonder you would wonder yet when one greets another one. If she was to sit up, as she did, if she was to sit like this, you would wonder how many humans have a two millisecond thought that happens. And it is this quick it is as quick as we are pushing and shifting and changing her vibration as we are poking at her. And there is a shift, there's a mammoth shift that is happening within the collective within the next year within the numbers of 2023 There is still many moments of time that they will be and please notice how again we are using Michelle's hands we they will be an intensity of change. There is already what we have noticed uprisings there is a really many fingers being pointed. Is there not the is already many different countries where many are standing up for what they are wanting, which is the change to be seen. Is it not? Yes. So for those that are within the suppressive spaces within their intense moments, where they are not feeling the togetherness, the kindness, the compassion, what we would highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend is, again, take time to breathe, take time to connect to each other take time to speak out take time to because time is anything and everything and all and nothing. And it is about the time where you all show up for one another. It is about the time when one takes the time to pick up the phone and say hey, been thinking of you? Are you okay? There is one individual who is a bright light. And we would like to mention him as he recently had taken his life. Would we be able to switch please with you, Alex? Yes, please. He was known to everyone as Twitch. And he was a great, great, great light for many millions of human beings was he not? He was he had the brightest smile. Yet he was in a space of him not noticing how much he had held on to within his cells. And he was out the gate he was in here. And what we mean by this is we want everyone to know that he was feeling the denseness of these times. And many humans put on masks, do they not? You have been exposed to this many times. Have you not Alex? Yes. Exposed? Do you hear how we said that? And many will be exposed in these times. And what we say to you is that the shift into Christ consciousness into love into showing up for one another is as much as the human beings that are on the machines that are keeping them alive within these times. Those that are on ventilators, those that are on the machines. It is As quick as a flick of the switch, the vital signs are still happening yet the spikes are still happening, they will be disbelief yet it is a time for humans to stand up not and be vocal in the anger and the intense frustration that has been felt and overwhelmed because it has been an overwhelming time we know this, it has been very much a an a sense of intenseness we many are feeling it within the grieving of the lungs and the hearts combined. Hence many are checking out yet in the breath in the change in one's thought processes in one's collective combinations of the Divine of source of God, we would ask everyone to take time be in the now be within love more, if you are wanting to be more in teams, smile more bring more togetherness take the time to share the love. So, the shifts are happening. We are noticing many humans are waking up and this is again the time for the uprising yet it is about the time for love. And we ask those that are in fear to please know that we are holding space within the different galaxies within the different councils within the different Galactics for the shift and the change Mother Nature is aware of the vibration of the suppression for suppression that has been happening. So the changes are coming and be within take the time. Now right now is all one has. Please do not share the fear. She the love and the equality. Everyone is equal. Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:01
Thank you so much for that message. I appreciate that very much. And thank you for answering my questions today. I hope it helps people out there listening. I appreciate you.

Michelle Carpenter 1:03:11
We appreciate you and we applaud you for all the time or your love or your connectedness. And we would like to please present you with the blessing if we may. Yes, for those that are listening. Please take a big breath in

Thank you Namaste

Alex Ferrari 1:03:55
How are you doing? Up there are you?

Michelle Carpenter 1:04:08
Oh, I just, I'm having such a little little moment because I was like, the like, Michelle, we've got you been and it's just like it's just, it's just so wholesome. You know, and it's like, oh, gosh, I have no words I just have my heart just fills up with so much love.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:23
It was they were they were wonderful and I hope we can help people listening can take the information that they put out there today and really use it in their lives and and what is not only happening within themselves, but happening to society and to humanity in general. So I appreciate what you're doing without question. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Michelle Carpenter 1:04:55

Alex Ferrari 1:04:57
Amen sister

Michelle Carpenter 1:05:00
Don't Drink lots of water, bless the water, you know, just just place it and thank it for all that it does. It simply, it's something I've learned over time, laugh more, smile more, compliment more and be more real. In the realness and honesty, it's like when we when we like who we are in love who we are. It's it's just a vibration that's that shared at the end openly.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:32
What is your definition of God?

Michelle Carpenter 1:05:35
To be within and there's no words

Alex Ferrari 1:05:45
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Michelle Carpenter 1:05:49
To find joy, and to love you know, I have a beautiful slogan, we have, you know, it's it's a brand, but it's not a brand, it's love as well we are here. And love is why we are here, the more we love. It doesn't matter how you know the behaviors are and how people show up. Because yes, there is a lot of pain out there, there's a lot of trauma. But the more we love those, you know, people it's just the pain. It's just the suffering. It's not the the whole of who they are, it's the behaviors. And if you can love people through that, man, you never know what breakthroughs you're gonna get.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:34
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Michelle Carpenter 1:06:36
I have a website and it's And people are welcome to book a session with me. My email address is said, I'm on YouTube, which is I have to read this because I forget about it. Michellecarpentermedium on my Instagram mich.carpenter_ and then I'm also on Facebook, which is Michmedium. And you know, I know that these moments, especially this time of the festive season, a lot of people who have lost loved ones feel very alone and and miss those loved ones. And for those of you who are alone, do you just know that we're never alone? We always been guided we always have somebody those who have passed over always with us. So please, if you just want to check in and say hi and say I'm taking a bit of strain, you know, I won't get back to your email straight away. It's just saying I'm here for you. And if we can show for each other. That for me is true love.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:44
Michelle, it's been an absolute pleasure and honor talking to you today. It has been enlightening. Enlightening, to say the least and I hope this conversation does help some people out there so I appreciate it My dear Thank you.

Michelle Carpenter 1:07:54
Thank you I'm so appreciative of you finding me and having me on and like I said to is like Willy Wonka in the factory. Oh my god. Call me today.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:07
I appreciate you.

Michelle Carpenter 1:08:09
Thank you. Thanks, Alex. Thank you everybody.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:14
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