Man in COMA for 5 Months; Shown MANY Civilizations & Realities! JAW-DROPPING NDE! with Larrick Ebanks

On today’s episode, we welcome Larrick Ebanks, a singer, songwriter, and spiritual seeker whose recent near-death experience (NDE) has profoundly reshaped his understanding of life and the afterlife. Imagine navigating a profound spiritual journey that challenges your deepest fears and beliefs, ultimately leading you to a place of enlightenment and purpose. This is Larrick’s journey—a path from illness and near death to a renewed sense of life and mission.

Larrick’s journey began with an unexpected illness that escalated into a severe case of COVID-19 pneumonia. “By day nine, I just couldn’t really move. I couldn’t breathe,” he recalls. Despite his efforts to meditate and find his way through, he ended up in the ICU, where he was induced into a coma for three months. This period marked the beginning of his extraordinary experiences beyond the physical realm.

During the coma, Larrick Ebanks underwent a series of intense spiritual tests and challenges. He describes these as endurance tests, telepathically communicated to him as necessary for his spiritual growth. “I just remember being told telepathically, this is an endurance test, you’ve got to make your way back,” he shares. These tests ranged from mental and physical challenges to profound encounters with lower frequency beings, pushing him to the limits of his spiritual and physical capacities.

One particularly harrowing part of his journey involved being pursued by low-energy beings who sought his light. “They were trying to get me to say the word cod instead of God,” he explains. This was a test of his concentration and spiritual integrity, symbolizing the constant struggle between higher and lower frequencies. Despite the fear and confusion, Larrick remained resilient, guided by telepathic messages and the presence of his late mother, who played a significant role in his journey back to life.

As Larrick navigated these spiritual realms, he also encountered moments of profound beauty and love. “I was shown an amazing place, an energetic wall filled with light beings,” he describes. However, he was told it wasn’t his time to join them. This message, coupled with the guidance to use his “God breath” to re-enter his body, marked his return to the physical world. This transition was not without difficulty, as he had to overcome significant physical challenges and integrate his experiences.

Larrick Ebanks’s return to life was marked by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to share his experiences to help others. He has dedicated himself to charity work, aiming to procure an ECMO machine that saved his life for the hospital where he was treated. “I’m spearheading some charity work to get an ECMO machine,” he explains, highlighting his desire to give back and support others facing similar challenges.


  1. Embrace Challenges as Growth Opportunities: Larrick’s journey emphasizes the importance of facing and overcoming spiritual and physical challenges as essential steps in our growth and enlightenment.
  2. Maintain Spiritual Integrity: The tests involving lower frequency beings and the significance of maintaining focus on higher spiritual truths underscore the importance of spiritual integrity and resilience.
  3. Use Your Inner Strength: The guidance to use his “God breath” highlights the power of inner strength and divine connection in navigating life’s challenges and returning to a state of balance and purpose.

Larrick Ebanks’s journey from severe illness to profound spiritual awakening offers valuable insights into the nature of existence and the power of resilience, integrity, and divine connection. His experiences remind us to embrace our challenges, maintain our spiritual focus, and use our inner strength to navigate life’s complexities.

Please enjoy my conversation with Larrick Ebanks.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 316

Larrick Ebanks 0:00
Nine days build up to that I wasn't feeling well. It was recognized when people around me Larrick union to see a doctor. I was struggling breathing, I was cleaning, I couldn't meditate it and find my way through. But yeah, by day nine, I just couldn't really move. I couldn't breathe. My what I call her my sister and dear, dear friend, sister of mine, called the ambulance. And from there, bit of a blur. I remember going into the ambulance, remember the oxygen, I remember thinking, Oh, the way they're behaving, they're picking something up here. But I would say, got into the hospital. And I was almost rushed to ICU.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I like to welcome to the show Larrick Ebanks. How you doing Larrick?

Larrick Ebanks 0:53
Guy, and it's lovely to meet you finally meet you, Alex doing well, I'm doing well.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend, you have had an extraordinary journey that you're going to be sharing with all of us today. And I really appreciate you coming out and doing that for us. So my first question to you, my friend is what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Larrick Ebanks 1:15
I've always been into some form of meditation, and sensitive type. But I'm a singer and a songwriter. So music plays a big part in my life. So I guess being a creative, you tend to live a creative kind of life. So I'd say, you know, a bit of grounded through meditation, regular life, good family, you know, good family. And a get well with my family. I think my parents did a good job with us with the struggles that they had. They did the best they could do and stuff. But yeah, I've had quite a decent upbringing, and an interesting kind of life through the eyes of a shy, initially shy guy who's come more and more average shell really.

Alex Ferrari 2:01
Were you religious or spiritual, very spiritual or religious prior?

Larrick Ebanks 2:06
My parents, from Jamaica. So you can imagine came to the UK in the mid 50s. And yeah, going to church every Sunday was mandatory, whether you wanted to go or not. But I'd be honest, I found the joy within the singing part of the church. But I was always thrown with the preaching, let's say, I felt it didn't completely resonate with me. So I wouldn't say I'm religious as such. I'm very spiritual. But obviously, at a younger age, you don't really know what you are as such, you're just feeling it all out. But there was always something you know, you know, no disrespect to what people's beliefs. I just, I just knew some of the teachings just didn't resonate with me as such, but the singing part I was all for so

Alex Ferrari 2:59
Very good. So tell me, tell me about your near death experience. What led up to it?

Larrick Ebanks 3:06
Oh, well, that I've been out of hospital. It's just turning eight months now.

Alex Ferrari 3:12
It's pretty fresh. This is pretty fresh.

Larrick Ebanks 3:14
It's pretty fresh. So I'm still figuring it out. So if you can bear with me a little bit here, because all the experiences you know, very interesting. I've been writing it down since being in hospital. But it's still I'm still processing a lot being out and I've got some physical challenges that are not visible. But But um, yeah, it was the year because I was in hospital for 11 months. I'm just trying to think of a year where we 23 So 2021 November, I came down with what they termed COVID pneumonia. Severe just severe nine days build up to that I wasn't feeling well. It was recognized when people around me Larry, if you need to see a doctor, I was struggling breathing. I was cleaning. I couldn't meditate it and find my way through but yeah, by day nine, I just couldn't really move. I couldn't breathe. My what I call her my sister and dear, dear friend, sister of mine, called the ambulance and from there, bit of a blur. I remember going into the ambulance. Remember the oxygen I remember thinking oh, the way they're behaving. They're picking something up here but I was like, going into the hospital and I was almost rushed to ICU. I think I I'm trying to run it. Yeah, I did a night in the in the ward and then morning. ICU. What I heard was okay, because I got induced into a coma. I was in a coma for three months. But what I heard was three days. And I don't remember doing this but apparently I text my brother, my brother called sister and my best friend, Marina and I said to them, Oh, I'm getting induced to a coma for three days, I see on the other side something to that effect, which then turned into three months. And that's where I started to experience a lot of what I've been writing down

Alex Ferrari 5:18
So so then do this

Larrick Ebanks 5:20
Obviously the coma basically, sorry, three, three months in ICU for five.

Alex Ferrari 5:24
So you go the hospital, you basically fall into a coma. And you're out pretty much. Yeah. And so it's an induced com

Larrick Ebanks 5:34
It's induced because it was so severe, lots of liquid on my lungs, and yeah, hardened lungs. And what helped save my life is, is the thing called Well, a lot of people don't know it's an ECMO machine. It's a machine of still got the mark there, which is plugged into your neck. It takes the blood out oxygen makes it and then yeah, body. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 6:01
So okay, so because you just weren't getting oxygen to your system. So yeah, this machine was the only thing oxygenating your blood at this point. Yeah. So you're going to your coma. And what's the first thing you remember? What's the first thing in this experience?

Larrick Ebanks 6:17
Right, so I just remember being told telepathically, this is an endurance test, you've got to make your way back to the first thing I heard.

Alex Ferrari 6:29
So triathlon, your triathlon Ironman, and Ironman, spiritual Ironman got it.

Larrick Ebanks 6:39
Kind of I then just I kept, it was like Groundhog Day from there, because I just kept waking up in this room with other people, like in this rehearsal, and they just kept waking up in this room rehearsing. And the test that first test was a mental test was, I had to figure out how I got into the room. But I just remember every time I woke up, my first feelings or thoughts were just want to wake up in my apartment. And then it came to me, I came here for one audition. Right? And they it was correct. And then I went straight on to another test, because I had so many experiences. And I just remember the second test being more one of the physical strength, and with weights involved with it, and I had to move weights from one position to another on these boards. But I initially felt like I couldn't do it. And I think that's where I was conscious that there was something going on with me physically, that I didn't have that kind of strength. And plus, my physical strength isn't what I tend to use in life in general anyway, sort of thing of, you know, it's so I struggled with the idea of being able to move the, the weights, and which became a bit of a concern. And then telepathically I was told in a life and another life, I was the strongest, strongest man in the world. And that idea came in. And what I've come to understand is, as my guides were giving me information as I was having tests, but the information was about remembering, remembering who I truly am, and who we truly are, and the magic that's inside of us, because that starts playing out. As I have a lot of experiences, I was constantly being guided, so given tests that were humiliation tests and torture tests, and just had some really nice situations but and coming to understand I was really living out a lot of my fears in other dimensions and sent to the situations and living them out. Because I was told that part of me exists somewhere. So I was kind of stepping into it and

Alex Ferrari 8:58
So you were kind of going through a gauntlet if you will, that you needed to kind of experience and this is a way for them to kind of supercharge and super speedy way they do experience a lot of this stuff

Larrick Ebanks 9:13
Very, very speedy way very here.

Alex Ferrari 9:16
Because this is this could take lifetimes, multiple lifetimes to experience a lot of the things that you were kind of going through this fast and I haven't heard of a near death experience like this before. So okay, so I've kind of heard a couple of times I've heard one or two things but not this endurance kind of Iron Man spiritual Iron Man that

Larrick Ebanks 9:36
There was there was there was a lot going on there was there's a lot of experiences. It's really hard to go through every because every kind of situation has this build up story to it. That's why even when it came out of a coma, I was almost immediately riding once I could move because I couldn't move and I couldn't talk shouldn't even even think a thing called the God test where I was tested on Just trying to tap into this memory actually, which was tested where I had to, I was being asked certain questions. And when I finished answering the question, I had to say 123. God, immediately, like it was like, answer 123 God, then the what they were terming lower frequency beings that were interacting with me. They were trying to get me to say the word cod. I know, it sounds a bit strange, but that was. So if I had to quickly say 123 God, but I said, 123 Cod, it would then take me into a realm where they reside, and be more within their belief system that say, but I just remember that and really having to be concentrated and very work focused on the word God, because it asked this question and get my mind into the question more of the question. So I'd have to be thinking more figuring out an answer. And then it means you got 123 God. And they are they play this a lot with me, initially, I just wanted to I just just wanted to put that out there because that was a that was there was a lot of challenges. And that was one in particular that I'm actually just kind of playing back into my memory bank. I've written it down in that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:31
So so you're going through all these challenges? At what point do you kind of what happens after you kind of go through this gauntlet?

Larrick Ebanks 11:39
It's like test after test experience after experience, because, you know, being shown, like what was considered the fifth dimension, and I had an experience there, which looked very much like the Earth life, but was suggested that I could be a lot of use there is there's a lot of development going on there. What I could bring there with the person that I am, could be very beneficial to me, because it was kind of on offer of where I would go. That because where I would go, just depends of how well I was doing, and how I could really step up, which I'm becoming, which I'm beginning to understand, the more that I'm living with what I've experienced, was really setting me up for the work that I'm beginning to do now is a lot of charity work and things aren't doing in general. But I am recognizing that when I first came out of the coma, and trying to make sense of it, it was so heavy can still be that for me. But it was a cathartic for me to write it down. And I was writing it because I was just getting downloads and suggesting I needed to write write the experiences but also telling me why so I've got in that job in my book. I think they call it automatic writing where guides of mine were suggesting to this and kind of connecting dots for me, because it's just a lot of information. A lot of information there. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 13:10
I mean, let me ask you this, though. So during this whole process, did you have guides with you? Or was it just more telepathic communication with some some something.

Larrick Ebanks 13:21
So there was a lot of telepathy going on? Voices, my mother showed up. I've just shared this with you. But bless her, she's just passed, but she was with me as in during my time in hospital, and she showed up a lot she was able to unknowingly to her. When I mentioned it to her when I came at the coma and we were talking, she was kind of jumping into the realities with me, helped me back. So my mom played a big part in the way that I was coming back to work, I'm kind of fast forwarding a little bit because there's so much information, but all the scenarios and, and situations and different realms and experiences, my mother would show up, because there was there were some beans, which they were referring to as low energy beans that were very insistent that I join them around and be a part of that. And in these dimensions that I was being shown, the more I could raise my frequency into a higher dimension, they wouldn't be able to reach me But initially, when I went into the coma, and the initial experiences I was kinda very vulnerable, let's say floaty and trying to find my my way in what was going on and comprehending it. So it's almost like these beings kind of who there is this new whatever they want to say that I am consciousness or, you know, here and trying to to reach me, and they were torturing me, I had moments where I was tortured, and human information in the hue, humiliation tests. And what I came to find out. Because I was jumping, I would say jumping, traveling to different realms and trying to reach higher realms, so I could eventually get away from them, because they were following me on different dimensions in different realms, managing to find me almost haunting me. And I was raising for each frequency, which I managed to do. But then, when I was done in this, in this torture chamber that said, I was on this table, the head of the beings kind of left this room, the space we were in, and the rest of them there, I overheard them talking. So basically, why I was there was they were saying that they needed my lights, that they had messed up a little bit, and wanting to raise their frequencies, but they needed light spins, this is what they were saying, the energy and the frequency to work with. And that is, because that was a that was a sign showing me compassion coming through, even through the darkest state states, there is still a form of love, which, like learned is Divine Love, which were a part of I was told that later on, but the build up to all of that I'm just found myself in these situations, that just were initially feeling very unbearable to me. So they kind of let the cat out of the bag by saying is because we want your lights and showing that professional side, their head came in, of the beings, and was really angry, like, this is not up for discussion, especially in front of me. And this whole thing got really angry and tortured me more. But what what that gave me funnily enough, because I'm, I've had time to really go into a bit more, but I was understanding that I was constantly being shown that, you know, in our deepest fears, there is a hope there, there is hope in all of it. If we if we look, if we really go into detail, there's always a light there, there always is, even when you feel hopeless, there is always hope. And I can say that now I kind of said that. When I was first talking about this, when it came out, I was just talking everything the way it was what happened. And it was like this, and it was like this, there was a good moment there wasn't, but now I've softened it. Because I've had communication with guides, kind of just spurring me on, you know, a wonderful experience that I had during the time in the coma. I was sent three sets of wings, angel wings, three different occasions. And this is when I was making sense, again, where physically, I wasn't able to move, because I'm floating in dimensions. But I also recognize I have an awareness of the hospital. And some of what was happening there, which was confirmed to me later on, when they came out the camera with things that were said. And I said and they said, well, actually, I've had those moments. The first time the wings came to me, they kind of came by the window outside the window of the hospital. And I heard telepathically that all I needed to do was just open my arms, which would suggest that I'm ready to receive to cross over because it was about crossing over. And I couldn't. And I was so frustrated that because I wasn't quite sure why. But I knew something's up physically. That's where I was making a connection. So I couldn't. And there was two other attempts. There was an attempt by the third time where they I heard that they were suggesting when I say they, it's like a It's telepathic. It's like my guides. It's, there's there's a voice within the voice. And they were suggesting that if they sent someone to me, if I could simply hold on to the back of the person, they could cross me over, basically. And I was agreeing to that because by then, with a lot of experience says because there's so many to talk about. I did want to cross over I was definitely there, which I eventually did. So yeah, but I couldn't manage that either. So there was a lot of frustrations there for me also.

Alex Ferrari 19:35
So when you saw when you were going again through all of this, it just seems like you have almost endless amounts of experiences during these three months. What Why did how did this end or did you go to after you did you pass all the tests obviously your year? So like, where did you go? Sorry. Yeah, so wherever you go,

Larrick Ebanks 19:57
There is a lot of situations and And so I eventually crossed over via lights, a light that came. And I had to connect with the lights. Because I was lying there, and I crossed over that way. And then I was showing half of my life review. Which was, which was interesting because they showed me an image of me when I was younger. I think I was eight years old, something like that. And I had a wizard's hat on purple wizards, wizards hat that my dad bought me. And they were reminding me of the magic that was in me, that's in everybody. And we should always tap into that. And remember that they showed me a scenario of how it looks of our behaviors, how we affect other people. The one they showed me was there was a guy who's lived on my street when I was younger, think it was about 1211 12. He'd come and knocked my door for something. And I opened the door and the main part of me, because he went to put his foot on the stair, that front doorstep. And I kind of nudged it as to suggest you can't come in for whatever reasons. He hadn't done anything to me particular. Maybe somebody's been mean to me, and I was passing them on. I don't know. But I did that. And then I had to watch how we affected him what it did to him now, it didn't ruin his life. But it made him feel unlikable. And what am I had to witness that? And recognize that? Yeah, and feel it and know what our actions, how our actions, even on the simplest forms, how it affects another. So I was shown that, and they went off with a lot of stuff there. And yeah, which was very heavy. If you have a head, but it was very, it was a lot because I just remember was going this is a lot because it was a lot of inflammation. And yeah, so yeah, that was

Alex Ferrari 21:51
So you see, you're you're so when you're doing this life review. Are you with somebody? Is anybody with you?

Larrick Ebanks 21:58
Yeah, yeah. Well, I got called in by and in the room. And there was two guys there. And what seemed like a lot of paper, initially, but I don't know if that's just a cat. I don't know why the paper but there does seem to be a lot of paper. But then I saw, like, it played out almost like a movie in front of me. So went from that. And I think that's my call. It was such a lot, because I just saw lots of information about my life. And I was like, I was like packs a lot. You know, it was like, Whoa, you know, and then I watched some things being played out. So yeah, it's

Alex Ferrari 22:32
Who were the other two people in the room?

Larrick Ebanks 22:35
I they weren't familiar to me. They weren't familiar to me, it was just set to do the job. It was they just they knew of me. Didn't feel like it was it just, I don't know why. But it just felt like that was their job. Right? It was like, that's the job that they do, they've been assigned to do. Because they didn't feel familiar to me. And I didn't feel them very compassionate. To me being overwhelmed, either. It was like this is it, you know, but I didn't. I didn't feel judged. There was nothing to do with judgment. And I was told there was no judgment. That's another situation, there is no judgment. It's something that we've created that idea of judging each other. So I didn't feel judged in that moment, but I just had to handle it and review it and like understand it. And I was like I was there was moments where it was like, Ah, okay, if I'd done that, that's a different outcome. Because they reference the movie sliding doors, that parallel living they reference that how how it can look, when we make different choices. But the point that we're trying to make with me was, if we can be honest, like truly honest with our truth and speak it, the outcome is completely different. You know, it's not like you have your life goes completely pear shaped, it just takes you off the real balance of what your heart desires. So here we are, why doesn't this happen in my life and stuff like that. But if you check, you're not always been really fully honest. And the suggestion is, is if we can be honest, we experience what our heart desires. And that made sense to me that resonated with me, because they referenced also, like an example of me exaggerating a day on something, something that's simple, like if you've done something and you in five days and you're exaggerated by another day, that's an exaggeration. It kind of puts you off from the the the outcome of your next given move your next situation. They were being very specific with this, because they were trying to show me that the things that I asked for, in life there We're all there. And we came here to, to align with that. But life circumstances throw us off sync. And we operate not really from a completely honest point of view. Because

Alex Ferrari 25:17
So after your after your life review, where did you go?

Larrick Ebanks 25:20
Yes, crossing over. So I can bet yeah, because there's too much to this story, Alex, really estimate. So I crossed over. And I was shown an amazing place. And when I say an amazing place, if I didn't get to go into what I could observe from the outside, it was almost like a wall. But like an invisible wall, it was like an energy wall. But I knew there was a lot of energy beings inside, I could sense it, I could feel it, and I could see beams of light coming from it. And I really wanted to join, I really wanted to be in there, it looked like it was going to be like the best party on the planet. And I don't mean that kind of party. Just Just a lot of love. I felt the love. And what I considered, what I would say was a divine said to me twice, it isn't your time, this is not your time, twice, I was told that. And as that has been said to me, I found myself working my way back, kind of coming into my body, and struggling with that idea of having seen something so beautiful and magical, which words truly cannot explain rarely. But here's the thing of elements that really helped me to come back. As I was coming back into my body. I was told you, us your God's breath. And I've never heard that before. I don't know if it's out there. And maybe I should Google that. I don't know. But I heard. Use Your God breath. Because I was really struggling coming back in. I was hearing all the prayers that was going on. Because a lot of people were supporting me even people who didn't know me, because I've been, you know, in a coma for three months. And it was going on, it was just a long thing, you know, the doctors had put out there. And through my circle of people that I had a 10% percent chance of living. I was on an ECMO machine where you're meant to be on no longer than I think it's something like, what is it? I need to I? I won't say exactly because I don't, it's in Google, you can Google that. But I did 36 days more than you're allowed to, let's say, because my body was requiring that. So as I was coming in, I heard use my god press. And they were talking about this deep belly breathing that resides in the bottom of your stomach, deep belly breathing. That's the God breath. And they were constantly reminding me because I was trying to figure out what is that and the panic setting. I'm hearing and I've heard from doctors, there was a lot happening when I was coming around like on machines going off the scale and stuff like that is the hemorrhaging you know, this whole thing was going on. But I heard the god breath, deep belly breathing. And then they were showing me and says suggesting when I'm sleeping, I don't need to think about that. There is a breath that brings the body trust that I'm always giving me analogies so I could comprehend it. Because when you hear us the greatness like what is that? Where's the wisdom on this? So they were always given me analogies about that. So I just basically then had to surrender to what was I was in complete surrender, because I didn't know where it was gonna go. But I did ask also, if I was going to be disabled that I didn't want to come back. If I was going to come back into the disabled body, I didn't want to come back here. There was a lot of stuff going on with me. And they just asked me to surrender and trust my god breath, which I did do. And yeah, and that's how I kind of came back fully into my body, which wasn't functioning at the time. And

Alex Ferrari 29:05
So when you were still on the other side, you went to this kind of amazing place. Did you see anybody else there? Or did you see anything like other souls? Did you see ascended masters?

Larrick Ebanks 29:18
Well, one of the wonderful experiences that I did have, I did have, because I'm kind of, you know, talking a lot about the dark stuff, what would have happened, but um, I had a moment where I assisted, what I consider to be like the Jesus figure. So I was I got the, you know, I was fortunate enough to I was on this rooftop, and I just got to witness souls living leaving the earth plane, and just souls rising up. And then I looked to my right, and I saw what I call the Christ image, as a portal, and soul was leaving that way. So I saw souls in that Respect. At the end when I crossed over and I was with what I consider to be the divine, which was just, this all knowing is just even talking about it just, you could almost get emotional because it's such a beautiful moment and a feeling. And it wasn't people physically per se, it was light, it was lots of lights, but you knew was energies, and I'd like a consciousness, but lots of them within this, like I say, energetic wall. And I was this side, and I was close. And I was brought to it with like a divine. It was it was like a silhouette. Divine I was walking with there was no other people walking with me, it was just me. And this. The image, but more an energy in the figure of a person walking to this edge of the wall with that. Yeah, so that was my experience. And I wanted to go in. And I was told, it isn't your time, it isn't your time.

Alex Ferrari 31:10
So you, you get kind of slammed back into your body and you start feeling all the wonderful things we have down here. Including pain, when you finally start to recover and get out of your out of the coma, but you're still in the hospital and dealing with your recovery. How much of this? Did you start to go? Did I dream all of this? How did you psychologically start to process and begin to process this experience? Because it is intense brother, this is an intense, near death experience. I've heard a lot of them. This is an intense one. And you went through a lot of a staff a good bad and in the middle as well. So how did you begin to process this?

Larrick Ebanks 31:57
Okay, well, fortunately for me, I heard this is a rebirth. As I kind of was coming to I heard this is a rebirth. And there was a lot going on I was wider by my body, I couldn't move. And but my mind was sharp. It came I came back with information. And Alex, here's the thing. You know, when you've had such a divine experience, and the point is to remember who we truly are divine love and light. It's so powerful. You know, it's not your thing could have been? Is it? You just simply No. No. And the truth is, yeah, and in a way, there's a part of me that just wants to know, and not even talk about it. Just to know, because sometimes to talk about things, people don't have like questions, nothing wrong with that. People try to dilute it. Nothing wrong with that. But you just simply know. And you just stay within that knowing. Because you know, then what's beautiful when you realize people are experiencing this all the time. You're not the furthest we go. Okay, there it is, like how many? How many good information that we can receive a no to better us like really? And sit in that knowing ago? Yeah. Yeah, there's enough of it here. For people to know. Yes, we are divine love. And to remember that, and know that if I can't touch, taste or feel it, there's something else going on. You know, this is really important that we remember that. So even though the doctors thought it was a bit woowoo in some of my friends around me, because I was coming in on I was talking it's I was writing it. I was compelled to write and I was writing. And once I couldn't move because it took about two, three months, something like that I was in ICU for five months. And then it took me a good while I'm trying to think of to find this anyways, I was writing. And I just knew it was it's lovely when you come from a situation like that when it's fresh. That's I'm sure how babies feel they come in with all this knowing. And by the time they reach a certain age, they've been in a date with all this information. You know, I could really say You're so sensitive and you're so vulnerable, that you can see how easy it is for your mind to be, you know, programmed or how we take in information start doubting ourselves. I could see it because I was coming from such a fresh experience and a fresh understanding to people almost convinced them the usual little, even the doctor said to me, you know, like what you've been through is so traumatic. We think we suggest when I was in hospital, you know what some videos on trauma and I said, trauma. I said I've been sociate but I went through his trauma, it's a rebirth. And he said you think of it like that? I said, No, I really do. Like that. I know that and I was it through Because I was sitting enough in my divinity, to understand this is who I truly am. And not everybody is going to see this. And not everyone's going to relate to this. But you just, it's a knowing Alex, it's just a knowing.

Alex Ferrari 35:16
So why do you think that happened to you, because I always near death experiences. A lot of times, not everybody, but a lot of times, it's because you're going the wrong way. And it's a way to kind of slap you around and kind of slap you back on the road that you will agree to be on in this life. So for you, I mean, you went through a whole lot of stuff that normal, normal, near death experiences, and the years don't go through. So why do you believe that you went through this experience?

Larrick Ebanks 35:49
I came to understand it was on my timeline. It's for personal reasons. It's because I needed to just show up in life stop hiding behind things. Because I people, just in a good way, I'm, I consider myself to be a good of heart, let's just say that. And I really got to experience that with what I went through, and how so many people showed up, and people who, who didn't have never met me. So that was a good reference for me to know how to walk the life. But I know my dad for is I don't show up. I tend to hide behind things and stuff like that I needed to show up. So I had to confront so many fears and experiences and stuff like that, to become the better version of myself whilst I'm still living. Your true truly Alex, because I've been in really, really good situations in this life. And I tend to just not accept them, because of one thing or another another story to do with what they would term it when I was 20 to have a meltdown, which I found that was my wake up. And I had high anxiety. And I had a lot of great opportunities. And for years, it took me years to understand, and I wasn't showing up. So by confronting most of my biggest fears and humiliation tests and stuff like that, you've come back in a way that you're appreciative of life, you realize your strengths, and and now I met my strengths. People who know me, and they've met me a long way always say that, you know, they say certain points about me, but it's more of a shyness about me, or I play things down. And I like that about me because I don't need to shout things from a rooftop. I'm genuinely that type of guy can say that. But I can honestly now say I'm actually very comfortable to, to see myself, you know, in rooms, doing talks that uplift other people charity work that I'm working with now, I'm spearheading some charity work to get an ECMO machine that helps save my life in the hospital, but I'm standing up for it and voicing and being passionate about it, where I'd kind of be more passive, let's say a more active.

Alex Ferrari 37:57
So it what's interesting about you there is as well as that you are pretty fresh, you're the I think you're the freshest, near death experience, or I've had on the show, meaning that it's only been eight months, since you went through this experience. So what I find fascinating about your story as well is that you did not hesitate to come out publicly, you did not hesitate to tell everybody around you. And then also do interviews and you are out there really quickly, where a lot of new death experiences sometimes take decades. Obviously, there's a lot more information out there. It's a lot more accepted nowadays. But you still move in pretty fast, man. Why did you decide to go so quickly, to be public, to help others to do what you're doing? Many, like I said, many of them hold back for years, just to kind of process if you were able to go through this pretty quickly, arguably says you also went through a very long, near death experience over three months. So it was maybe that's a process and that you did on the other side. I don't know.

Larrick Ebanks 39:06
Two things there is I've always been able to receive messages. It's a gift or whatever he wants to call it. I do nothing with it. Nothing with him. I really do. I've been able to communicate in a way not channeling, not my thing. And I think it's a beautiful thing that people do all that I think it's beautiful. Just information done nothing with it. And coming back and how I feel life's sped up at any ways. I feel things around me and life in general just things seem to be happening so quick technologies and everything and everything and everything. It's not even about sitting and pondering anymore of shall i do this should I do that? I'm a musician. I make music and making music all my life. I've been given great opportunities and here I am still trying to move my music on line and stuff like that, because that's that actually says how I am as a person So if I know what I know, and my experience is going to uplift humanity in some way, help another, let people understand more, or be a reminder just to show up in my divine state, and somebody else can remember their divinity. Are you kidding me? Do I need to wait a year or two and stuff before? No way? No, I've done it all my life, Alex, I've done it with my music, I've done it with being able to communicate in the past experiences that I've had, and just say stuff about it and get on with life. Like I said, the very, very passive, and I kid you not, it's, it's beautiful sometimes, to just say to yourself, I want to know what it looks like to really, really show up. And with all the fears that I have, and I've had for many years, panic attacks, all the above, just show up and talk what I know. And be okay in it and feel steady in it. I'm doing it. And I'm going to continue to do it. Good things are coming from me showing up. Because I've been shown through my experiences that I can do this. And I should never doubt myself. And it wasn't just about me, he was about all of us. All of us are here to do great things. We have forgotten to some degree. And it's not some I was told, every single one of us serves a purpose. Isn't that beautiful? To really hear and understand. Because some people truly, like every single one of us like this, this puzzle, we're all a piece of the grand puzzle. Isn't that lovely to know. So I show up and sort my stories of anxieties and had to come up tours with people. Because I couldn't handle things. And I felt a shame for so many years, I can talk about it. And now I'm going to talk about it, because it does help. And it's helped me when I've heard other people's stories show I'm showing up. So now I wasn't waiting. Sorry, Alex is gonna come at a time here. But I just want to say, I'm doing charity work, right now that it's going to make a difference. That's all I'm going to sound on the matter. And if that's me, looking for opportunities to jump in the back of something. And that's how people view it. So bit. My heart is pure man. And I've always known that. But I was afraid to expose it that say and show that side of me. I hid behind so many things. And I just, I'm ready to tell my truth. From my perspective and my experiences. I'm okay to talk about it. I'm okay.

Alex Ferrari 42:36
So it sounds like this was a wake up call. This was a wake up call. It was grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking. Yeah, yeah, to get you to get back on a path where so you had been given gifts, and you would have been given opportunities, and yet you kept quiet. So this time after this now you're like, I'm not going to stay quiet anymore. I've been quiet most of my life, I can't do this anymore. And that's why you're out. And the way you are. It's it's a beautiful, it's beautiful. It's it's really, really beautiful. Because so, so many times I hopefully somebody listening right now will listen to that. Because sometimes we're given opportunities, and gifts, and we're afraid to take advantage of them. We're afraid to put ourselves out there, we're afraid to do things. And those opportunities will only stick around for so long until you finally either, you know, figure it out, or it will move on. And that's where regret comes in. And that's where anger comes in. Because you were afraid of putting yourself out there. I'm an artist as well. Benard an artist all my life brother, you know,

Larrick Ebanks 43:41
Look at you look at you shine, Alex, how beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 43:45
I appreciate that. But, but I've been I've been an artist and a filmmaker, and a writer all my life. And look, man, this show. It took me forever, to agree to do the show in the way that it's being done now because I was afraid. And I needed to get past that fear of what people would think and what I'm not going to do and all this stuff. And the moment I just I just said, I'm open. That's when the life changed. For me my life completely changed so radically because of that. And it's a lesson that I bring into this conversation because it's a lesson that so many of us allow fear to stop us from everything and specially artists don't even get me started. I mean, I've been around artists in the music industry in the industry. I've talked to the biggest and the best and I've talked to people just starting out I've had relationships with everything in between. And I've just seen it again and again. Yeah, fear and ego get into Absolutely. So I think so.

Larrick Ebanks 44:51
You in particular and your wonderful show next level soul. Honestly if I'm truly honest has really helped me to be able to do this. Because I need someone to share some with you, honestly took me a lot to show up today. It took me a lot to show up today, let's just say that my friend, it took me a lot. And I'm so happy just to have met you for what you've given to me, continued, You are a beautiful spirit, man. And lots of people are talking about it, and know it, what you've done. And I love the fact when you started sharing your story, I realized with your interviews, you started sharing the story of that new filmmaker, and you've done X, Y, and Zed and your friends, so and so on, and all of that stuff. I'm glad that you were telling your personal story, and you weren't just asking all the questions all the time, because it was that that gave me also permission that I can promote myself. I can do this because I'm trying to do this. I mean, in the best way, because the truth is, you're here to help. That's it in a nutshell. That's your job. And that's how I feel. I feel like I'm here to be of service. And I couldn't get my head around it because I got caught up in what is it? egotistic you know, you know, the the battle buddy? Oh, yeah. You know, like below, it's like, and I was it's okay, as I watch people like your good self and go, thank you Miss permissions. It's okay. His intentions are beautiful. And it helps so many. It's okay. My heart is pure. I know that I'm here for that. And that's why I show that believe me.

Alex Ferrari 46:29
I appreciate that very much, sir. And I you know, when I do this, I do it from even when I tell my stories, I do it in service of the audience. It's not my ego,

Larrick Ebanks 46:40
We feel it we come on man!

Alex Ferrari 46:43
I don't, I don't. I don't need to tell my stories again. And again, I've done listen at this point. 1400 episodes of content examined this this show and all my other shows. So I don't need to keep saying I'm good. But I

Larrick Ebanks 47:00
Please do please do. Yeah, no, no, no, for every new comer for every newcomer, It's important.

Alex Ferrari 47:06
But I do. But I do it for service of the show and service of the topic of what we're talking about,

Larrick Ebanks 47:12
It comes across that way.

Alex Ferrari 47:13
I appreciate that.

Larrick Ebanks 47:16
It helped me because you were a deciding factor of how you said that I'd come quite quickly at my situation, because I wasn't going to stay at home to my thumbs, you know, complaining because my my lungs need another according to doctors, another five years to heal and my feet that are numb, you know, and I was like, I'm gonna sit here in that information. I'm gonna do something. So you keep, please, really prove your work is beautiful. And I'm so grateful to you. You would ever know.

Alex Ferrari 47:41
I truly appreciate that, my friend. Well, this, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests, as you know, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Larrick Ebanks 47:51
Just show up and get on with life. And no longer be afraid of it. That's it. Just to show up

Alex Ferrari 47:59
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Larrick what advice would you give him?

Larrick Ebanks 48:05
You got this! I'm gonna love you as an adult. We good.

Alex Ferrari 48:11
How would you define God?

Larrick Ebanks 48:13
My romantic idea of God would be like nature, and how a seed becomes a flower. And the wisdom and intelligence that happens there. That's how I would view God romantically. likened him to nature, the beautiful parts of nature. But spiritually, for me, the source, the source of all that is that we're all an extension of,

Alex Ferrari 48:37
And how do you in what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Larrick Ebanks 48:40
Again, just to show up, become and expand. It's for it's for the expansion of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 48:48
And what is the greatest? What is the greatest one thing that you pull from this experience?

Larrick Ebanks 48:55
That we are divine. And that we are truly love. And everything else is between adjust the lessons.

Alex Ferrari 49:02
And where can people find out more about you, your charity in the work that you're doing?

Larrick Ebanks 49:05
Right, the charity that I'm doing? I've called it The Larrick ECMO Project, because we want to finance a 40,000 machine from the hospital. Really quickly, Alex because there was only four in all of the Balearic Islands. When I got to hospital. Six of us needed it only two of us could. Two of the existing four are not very good machines. So there's that. And there's a little kid that I've recently missed, met through his father, little baby who use the machine and when needed again. So that's that. I wasn't going to do a go from Funmi just since they give me money to write the book because I'm trying to write the book. So I've got my Bandcamp page with my music that I've written some covers, and people can purchase my songs whatever they want to pay there. That money will pay for my co ghostwriter because I've never written the book But I want to write this and get it out there that will finance that and promotions that need to be done around that. soon find my music and help out that way if you want. That's just there because and yeah, Facebook and it's always Larrick Ebanks, official Larrick Ebanks and

Alex Ferrari 50:16
What's the website? And you didn't say their website? What's the website?

Larrick Ebanks 50:18
Oh, Bandcamo. So it's Okay., that'd be great.

Alex Ferrari 50:31
I'll put links in the show notes, everybody. And do you have any parting messages for the audience, my friend?

Larrick Ebanks 50:37
Be love being be the loving light that we truly came to be, and and let fear subside. Really, and let's see what it looks like from that platform. Let's see what it looks like. I'm not here to change the world. I'm just here to be as much as my loving self where I can be and see it in other people. And let's see what it looks like and see what we build from there.

Alex Ferrari 51:03
I appreciate you so much for coming on the show, sharing your media, and sharing your story with everybody and the bravery that it takes to come out and put yourself out there. I know what it's like. So, I appreciate you and the work that you're doing in the world, my friend. Thank you again.

Larrick Ebanks 51:19
Bless your heart. Alex, thank you for your time as well. Thank you so much.

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