Near Death Experience: Tortured, Shown the Future & Met Jesus Christ with Ken Leth

Kenneth P. Leth died and went to heaven when he was 8, but the full picture of what he experienced didn’t come to the forefront right away. When he became a young adult Ken experienced a STE that opened a door. From then on the memories have been coming back. Ken is 67 now and details are still coming to him in moments of knowing, or clarity. As per Ken talking about it in an interview with people is almost like a therapy session for him. There are always insights and details that come out during a session. They may not be obvious to you, but he often come away with more than he expected. Meeting other experiencers through organizations like IANDS, or NDERF has been a great help as well.

Among the important events that Ken now remember:

  • Ken lived a previous life that he can remember parts of.
  • Ken met with a panel, or group of entities who acted like a council. They determined his level of spiritual growth to be lacking before he was sent back down from heaven to live this current life.
  • He have a spirit guide who comes through to give him messages when important things are about to happen.
  • Ken can recall his birth because he almost died then too, and he was shown his birth during my life review at age 8.
  • Beyond the usual NDE stuff, Ken was also shown the future, and is willing to talk about that as well if you wish. A lot of his predictions are happening right now, today, with current events.

Ken Leth’s book: A Child Goes to Heaven

Anyone reading Ken Leth’s book will come to understand why we were born in the flesh and why family is just as important here on Earth as it is there in Heaven. Ken Leth was 8 years old when his appendix burst. In the midst of life-saving surgery he was whisked into Heaven where he met his great-great grandparents and many other deceased members of his extended family who assured him he was loved more than he could possibly imagine.

A Child Goes to Heaven is an inspirational book that addresses the profound truth that the love we feel here on Earth is an extraordinarily weak imitation (at best) of the love we will experience in Heaven. This Second Edition contains “Publisher’s Notes” that reveal the futuristic visions Ken saw in Heaven, some of which have already occurred.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ken Leth.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 137

Ken Leth 0:00
And I saw people marching around that building covert or there was fighting going on gunshots and people dying. Finally, the army gets inside that building and kills everyone in there. Then after that, the fighting dies down. But what struck me it went down to my core was when that building is destroyed or everyone inside is killed. I saw something like a demon rise up out of that building.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
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I'd like to welcome to the show Ken Leth. How you doin Ken?

Ken Leth 1:19
I'm doing great. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:20
Thank you so much for coming on the show you have a very interesting story to tell. And I'm here to help you tell it to our audience. So my, you had a near death experience when you're eight, but it seems like you've been having interesting experiences, even from the womb. So can you talk a little bit about those experiences before we get to your near death experience?

Ken Leth 1:43
Experiences from the womb? So okay, then you're referring to my earliest memories coming back, okay. Well, if you want it in a lineup progression, I believe I lived a previous life before this one. I believe I lived in northern France. I recall going to a river where we're there was work being done. And I think we were harvesting some kind of read or something along the river. And those reeds were used for like housing to like cover a roof, that kind of thing. I think I was a young man. Let's see, something happened to me, I it seems like I got sick, or I might have been in a fight of some kind. I'm not sure. But I remember people being really upset. And I remember lying on the floor, it was dirt. But I had a bed of hay. And I was sick. And there was a women coming and going from the hut that we lived in, really upset because they didn't know what to do with me. And then I remember just passing away, I floated my consciousness floated above my body, as floating in the room. And then I elevated, floated went through the roof, and then I was above the HUD, and I could see down on the grass and stuff on the top of the roof. And then from there, I just went up and I saw bright light, and then it ended. The very next thing I remember is I have like a guardian angel with me, or some sort of entity talking to me, I'm up in heaven. And I'm being confronted by a group of I'll call them entities because I don't know what else but some people have told me it sounds like a council of elders. So others have recounted that kind of thing. Or they have a memory of that kind of thing. And these are like authority figures. And they're asking me questions about my experience on Earth. And what do I remember? And what did I learn? Especially what did I learn? I got hung up on explaining to them what love was. And my guardian angel sort of whispered in my ear and said, you have to answer this question, but do it the best you can. If you don't really know the answer, just do the best you can. I don't recall exactly what I said. But it was determined that I hadn't learned enough. But it wasn't like a punishment. It was just they sent me back down to earth into this life now. So but before I was sent down, my guardian angel took me away from the council of elders took me kind of like outside a room, explained everything to me very well. And that he like opened up an opening from heaven or a time at all, so I can see down to earth. And this angel showed me a loving couple, a young couple in a living room down on Earth, they're very much in love. And then he, I could feel the love between them, I could feel it. And the angel told me that we can sit down and you can be their next child. And you can experience love through them. So I thought it sounded All right. I mean, they were laughing a lot and having a great time. You know, I really enjoyed being around them. So yeah, I'll go with no problem. So I was sat down and, and then next memory is my birth. And some people really poopoo the idea that a person can have a memory of their own birth. But you have to remember, as I talk, you'll realize that when I was eight years old, I had a near death experience. I was shocked on my entire life, eight years of it up in heaven. Part of that was I was showing my birth. So I think that's where the memory comes from. So the next line of progression is, I'm being born on earth into this current life. And I'm cooperating with the natural movement of my mother's uterus, and the muscles pushing me. And I'm working with it. Very aware that something important is going on. So I didn't fight it.

And then all of a sudden, the pushing stopped. I was trapped in this very tight place. Not like being loose in the uterus. I was, you know, I was being squeezed, the squeezing wouldn't stop, the movement stopped. Then my mother's heart slowed down. And I knew something was wrong. And even as an infant, right before I was born, I knew something was seriously wrong. And to save myself, I tried to back up. And then I left my infant body. And I was outside my body floating around. And I took the form of just a brilliant orb of light. I was greeted by another orb of light, and I realized it was a girl. I had no no idea who it was, I just noticed the girl. And this girl said, Come on, come on with me. She was older. And she took me and then we started to fly around together. And it was fun. But eventually, I was told and yet a third entity came, another orb came to us came to me and said, You need to be born, you need to go back to your body. And they sent me back into my body inside my mother. What I found out later in life, was that my mother was overdose on laughing gas during my birth. Our doctor was really old. And I was born in 1955. And the county hospital was actually house. The way I knew all this, because my mother never really told me about it until I was much older. And we went for a walk one night in my mother's hometown, and we stopped in front of this old house. And she goes, You don't know this, but you were born up in that that room up there, up there with that window as you were born up there. And that's when she explained to me that was the county hospital. And she told me that when she told me the doctor was really old, he screwed up. He wanted he was he loved to go hunting. And he knew that my father was a hunter. And my dad was just outside in the next room waiting. He wanted to take a break and go talk to my dad have a cigarette, you know. So he put the gas mask next to my mother's face on the table. And he turned it on. And but he didn't put it on her, he put it next to her. And he told her I'm gonna go out and have a cigarette with your husband. So when you get in a lot of pain, just turn into the gas and breathe and then get away from it. Everything's cool. So he takes a long break with my dad when he comes back. The mask is the mask is on my mother's face and she's knocked back. And she's getting this strong continuous dose of I think it's nitrous oxide. laughing as it almost killed her. She had to be revived. That's why when I was an infant, I had a memory of her heartbeat, almost stopping

Alex Ferrari 9:56
That's how you started this journey.

Ken Leth 9:59
That's time Yeah, with this life, that's how it started. And I also found out much later in life, I was talking to my mother about it on her deathbed. You know, that was back in night two, or excuse me, 2012. Come to find out, she carried a tremendous amount of guilt, because of all that. She never really admitted it. But to me later, she told me that she always felt like I was act a little bit goofy or a little bit retarded. And she felt it was because of her in the laughing gas. Can you imagine a grown man and watching his mother die? And all of a sudden, you find out your mother always thought you were just a little bit off? I mean, it's a little messed up. Thanks, Mom. You know,

Alex Ferrari 10:54
Bye, mom! Thanks, appreciate it.

Ken Leth 10:56
But you know, all the pieces to the puzzle fit then because that explain all those times that when she protected me and told me to be quiet, or kept me away from groups of people. I was, didn't really understand why she was doing that. But I went along with it because that was her child. Well, she was embarrassed, she was afraid I'd say or do something that was embarrassing. That makes sense. So she always protected me. And then it had an effect on my personality. Because then I was like, when I got a chance to break away, just be myself and do something. Even if it's just weird. I just do it. Because I was tired of being stifled all the time. She, she carried a tremendous amount of guilt. And I think my dad did too.

Alex Ferrari 11:44
So then, so what happened when you were eight years old, and you had your near death experience.

Ken Leth 11:50
I came home from school, really sick one day. And I didn't know I was hungry, though. We sat down to the dinner table, but I couldn't eat my stomach to where so it resembled the flu. And I remember a lot of vomiting. A lot of automatic vomiting and I couldn't hold down water choose nothing. For several days. I remember the vomiting at one point guts so violent that I was my stomach was empty, and I was vomiting bile. There's nothing else there. And bile burns, some terrible. And then I couldn't drink water to get rid of the burning because if I did, it just made me vomit more. So it was it was awful. So my parents they call a local doctor. Mom always did kind of blame him for my getting sick. Not realizing that I had an appendicitis. But I also know my mother, she had this thing about when she called somebody like a doctor or a priest or somebody. She might have a problem. But she would make it sound like oh, it's not so bad. You know, she didn't want to bother people. Right. So my son is sick, but we think it's the flu and the doctor went with it. Of course. Yeah. So they kept me at home. So I know that was home for at least a week if not longer. As the SEC though, I'm not really sure I have a good gauge of time. But and then my mother had a job, dad, he that week that I was taken to the hospital. Dad had to leave town with his job. So he was gone like a couple of days. And then my mother's boss called and begged her to come back to work. She had been keeping an eye on me but she her boss was just desperate to get her to come in just for half a day. So she left me alone for like a morning or maybe it was an afternoon. I can't remember. The vomiting had stopped. You know, so I just said fine. Go ahead. I wasn't scared. But I felt I woke up from a really hard sleep and I woke up so Thursday I couldn't stand it. It was like dehydration kicked in what once she was gone. So I somehow got to the kitchen saying it was too far away and I took a drink of water. And I didn't get the whole thing down and I passed out and fell down on the floor. The whole room just went white. I remember laying there on the floor looking straight up and all the color and my vision just fade to white but fade it real slow. And then I felt this fuzzy hazy feeling come over me. But I was conscious and I just lay there Just, you know, watched it happen. And then eventually the color came back. And I was like, Well, I can't stay on this floor, I better get up. But I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the couch where I'd been sleeping. And when I got to the couch, it didn't feel right. There was something like out of place, and I kept turning and tossing and stretching. And then something in my gut kind of went blank. And I felt it. But you know, that instant that help happened. I felt better. As I was ready to get up and play. I felt so good. Mom came home. I told her about the whole incident, you know, passing out and everything. She got more worried than ever. I guess I didn't look very good. look really, really wait. As I don't know why, but she kind of hesitated. She kept me home. And I slept one more night in the house. And then the next morning, she took one look at me. And she's like, that's it. We're taking you to the doctor. You know, I don't even think she had an appointment. She just put me in the car and took me.

I guess she is she's she told me that I was so pale that I looked like like white paint or like almost clear. She could see through me it was that bad. Wow. So totally up to the doctor, he immediately knew that something serious was going on. And I remember a lot of fast talking, going back and forth between my mother and the doctor. And the doctor kept insisting I go immediately to the hospital. And mom wanted to wait until my dad, she kind of really relied on him for decisions, you know, something like an operation. She wanted him involved. That he was out of town and there was no cell phones. This happened in 1963. So they get me into the hospital. Nurses really nice nurses put me in a room. And I remember they started shaving my my belly was shaving cream and man's razor, which I thought was really weird because at eight years old, I didn't have any hair on my chest. But they explained to me that there's a little bit of fuzz on your skin. So that has to go. And that's when I realized somebody then said something about, well, this is how we get ready for an operation. They're gonna cut you open. But then it hit something real serious is going to happen here. And I started to get scared. My mother was going back and forth in the hospital to the front office and back to the room to check on me back to the front office trying to get on the phone and call my dad somehow. When it came down to was they were on my dad was on the road with his boss. She knew what town they're expected to go to. And she I think she knew what motel they were going to check into. The she wanted to get a hold of him sooner. So she was working with a telephone operator. And the operator said you know, do you know where they might stop for a cup of coffee? You could leave a message there. And that's what she wound up doing. And so she finally reached my dad. So there was a message left with a at a cafe for me. So dad came home as quick as he could.

Alex Ferrari 18:41
But did they cut you up there they already start to surgery at this point or were they were waiting for your dad?

Ken Leth 18:46
No, they didn't wait for him.

Alex Ferrari 18:49
Right so you're going through the surgery is this is when the that the near death experience happened when you were in surgery. Yes. So what happened? So what So exactly what happened when you tried to start to transition?

Ken Leth 19:02
Well, the first thing is when they strapped me down to the operating table it scared me because I was so strapped down so tight. And that little hospital in 63 they didn't have injections, you know, knock people out. So they use dethrone me often either as an asset. Yeah, ether is a nasty way to have to go under. So it made me really dizzy. I felt like my body was stationary and my head detached and started orbiting my body like a planet. I remember the spinning just, you know. And then it was out I was in blackness and I don't know how long I was in that blackness. But I suddenly realized that I could still think and then I was still me. I was no longer in my body. I didn't know where it was. It was like somebody had locked me in a dark closet. And it was quiet. It's comfortable. I felt nothing And then I got curious and I kept looking around, like, What is this place? Why can I hear anything? Why can't I see anything. And the more I struggled with all that, the more it all came back. And then eventually I did started hearing things. And then I did start seeing things. And one of the first things I saw was spirits rising up, somehow understood, it was rising up off the earth. And it was people that were passing away on Earth. And I saw like, four or five different people, at different times, go up. And then past me, they left their bodies, they looked like they were grandparents to me, with gray hair, you know, they looked old. They were very happy. They were smiling because they left their bodies, they probably weren't feeling very good when they died. And then they just kept going up, and they were smiling, and they're happy and zoom. And then off they went. And I remember wondering where they went. So my eyes worked well enough to see that. But then eventually, I started noticing that I wasn't alone. And I started seeing like sets of eyes way off in the distance. And it was like they were behind a barrier and it was blacker than black. blacker than where I was. I took it like they were deeper into the darkness than I was. I suddenly realized they could understand my thoughts. While you're in the spirit form, your thoughts are not private. Right? You can sense what they're thinking and they in return, consents yours. Well, being a little kid and being scared anyway, before I went under, I didn't know where it was, I entertained to fear. And, to me, those sets of eyes looked like eyes hiding in a deep forest, you know, like animals. And they started coming closer and closer. And then I got really scared. When they realized I was scared, they attacked. And they could fly and I couldn't. The reason I could not fly is because I had a cord coming out of my belly, my spiritual belly, a cord that went down to my body on the operating table. I followed it, traced it and looked down, I can see my body on the operating table. And I had the silver cord holding me there. And that's the reason why I didn't go up. Like those spirits that were dying on the planet on the earth. It helped me there in this darkness. So these spirits that came after me, they were angry, mean, bitter, hateful. They just they hated me. And they wanted to kill me. So they came after me, they attacked, they knew I was trapped, and I couldn't leave. And they loved it. And the more scared I got, the more happy they got. Because they kept laughing. And they would like hit me like in a body slam and I'd be suspended by that court. I just spin in circles, which didn't help. They were beating me down pretty good. And then so I must have been arrived at the entrance of Hell is where it was. And those spirits they actually sent it that children they, they sounded yeah, there's, I can tell you as they laughed and giggled like delighted children.

And so they kept attacking me and beating me up and having a great time of it. And I finally got to the point, I guess the tired of it. I started asking them to leave me alone and that made it worse. They attack me harder. And then finally somewhere from deep down inside me I said Please, God, make them stop. Then they were furious. They told me to shut up. I wouldn't. I just kept calling out for help. And then I heard another voice. At first it was way off in the distance. And it kept coming closer and it was calling out to me and somehow I just knew I could trust this other voice. It sounded like it was concerned and it cared. You know, I heard you calling. Where are you? I'll find you but call out again. You know that kind of stuff. And I kept calling. I'm down here I'm down here. Can you hear me? Can you see me? Well when it finally got up to me those bad children those bad The spirits that were attacking me, they took off. They were scared now. It changed everything. And what I realized, later in life, when I've had some time to analyze all of that, what came to me was an angel. And that angel glowed with light. So I can see again, and those things that attacked me could not tolerate that light. It was like it burned them. So when that Angel got close, those spirits just took off, they had to hide back in the depths. So this angel, he understood, I was very frightened. He came to save me. He had like, he didn't have wings, but he did have her. So I think in churches and stuff, when I see pictures of angels with wings, I get the feeling that whoever whoever is drawing it is just trying to depict that they have heard. But of course, in the early days, no human could fly, they can hover, so they had to have wings. Of course, there they are. There they are. And this halo business now you're not you don't actually see a halo, but you can see people glowing light. So yeah, he just glowed very nice man. Very pleasant looking. Started a long flowing white robe. But it was centered around the waist with a belt, and he had a sword attached to a long sword. And he also had a strap over his shoulder and it was worn. A long horn. Gabriel. Yeah, well, yeah. If you are Michael, St. Michael, Gabriel or Michael. So we talked and he asked me. You call that forgotten us? I think I asked him. Where are you here? This is what you call that forgot. Didn't you? Go? Well, yeah. But see, my concept of eight years old wasn't very good.

Alex Ferrari 27:16
So you're still has it? You still have an eight year old mind at this point? Yes. Yeah. You're still not you're not in your full soul. yet. You still have the consciousness of an eight year old?

Ken Leth 27:29
Yeah. And that consciousness stayed with me throughout my near death. Okay. I stayed as I experienced it as an eight year old. So you know, when I, when I recall all this that I experienced? I'm sharing with you the memory of an eight year old kid. Got it. But I do have quite a bit of detail. Remember that? So I'm talking to this angel, and he mentioned God. And I said, Yes, I did call out to God. And he asked me if I understood what God was. Somewhere in that conversation. I mentioned that I had been going to church with my family in Sunday school. And then he had the ability to look into my life and pull out my history. My all my past experiences. And so he pulled that out. He was looking for proof that I've gone to church. And he found it. And he found an incident where I was singing with a bunch of other kids in the front of the church. I was really little. And we were singing Jesus loves me. And it was a fun moment because I was screwing up and wasn't singing it right. And I was next to a little kid that I went to grade school with. And he just couldn't stand it that I wasn't singing it right. And he stopped me in front of the whole congregation and told me the right words. Now this is what you're saying. He was correcting rates. And the congregation was laughing. Oh, the old people. They got a big kick out of that. But the angel he kind of liked it too. He was like, he liked it. He thought it was pretty good. But eventually, we got serious again. And he told me that he was going to have to leave me and then I got scared again. And he said well, I can't leave you like this. I'll have to protect you. So he took out his sword. And he cut my cord. And he put me in a plastic bubble like it almost felt like plastic. It even kind of squeaked. But it was big. I could roll around in it. It's very comfortable. And he told me this will take you up to where all the others went. But before he set me up, he was talking up to others above me He would look up, and there would be like a yellow glow light up there. And he would talk up there. And he was using the language I didn't understand, I'd never heard before. And then given an answer, then he talked to me a little bit. And I asked him, What are they saying? Or what are you doing? And he told me that they up there, wherever they is, they're looking for your family up in heaven. They're trying to figure out who you are, and where you should go. Okay, I had, at that point, my life, I had no idea that I had family. My father, my mother, that never talked about it, losing anyone, and having to go to a funeral and all that. So I knew about heaven. I read about it, heard about it. But anyway, so this angel, he says, Well, goodbye, you're safe, don't worry, the bubble keep you safe. He sent me up. Eventually, I wound up floating over the earth. And I could see down below, I could see, I knew the earth. And I could see like lights and dark places like street lights, new cities, you know, growing up, and then I saw all kinds of stars and galaxies. And I knew they were galaxies, because we studied some of that in school. And I realized, eventually, that up there, in my bubble, I wasn't alone. I detected multiple channels that reached down to the earth, they were like tubes. And inside those tubes were people and they were all traveling up, like me, going up. And where the tube ended, was that the opening of a tunnel. And the tunnel looked like a whirlpool. And it had bright lights stuck inside it that was spinning with it. It turns out those bright lights, they weren't stars that were inside that tunnel, those repeat. Like me, we all kind of glowed with a little bit of light. And then so we get up to the tunnel. The tunnel sort of acted like a sorting device.

I don't know how else to describe it. spiritual people that go to church kind of resent my mechanical description of things. But you know, I'm sorry, folks this way it is. So the tunnel acted like a sorting device. And then people that were around me in these tubes get separated, moved over to other parts of the tunnel. And I never saw them again. And then once I was fully inside the tunnel, I was by myself. And it kind of went up and down around kind of curved. So I was traveling, I felt like I was traveling a distance. And there were brilliant colors like emerald green and royal blue, ruby red, beautiful colors are flashing and going past. And then at the end of the tunnel, I got split out into open space again. It was very quiet, very dark. And there wasn't another soul around. It was just me. And then flooding in this bubble. And I go up. The bubble kept going up. And then it came to a barrier like a puffy cloud and then it stopped. And I sat there for a very short amount of time. To arms, reached down through the cloud, grabbed me by the shoulders, lifted me up, sat me down, and then I'm standing in front of a man that I've never met before. Now from sharing the story with my family, years, years later, my dad told me that he thought that man was his cousin. And his name was Eddie, and he died in the Korean War. So I was born in 55. He would have died around 51 or 52, maybe 53. I don't know exactly when the Korean War ended. So he died in the Korean War. And so this all took place in November. Yeah, it would have been early November of 63. So he must have been dead 10 years. So anyway, he he greets me. And he starts asking me questions about who are you? And do you know where you are and stuff like that? And I didn't have a clue. I was just stupid. I just didn't know where I was. I think he expected me to know how I was connected to his family. Because it turns out he was part of my dad's family. And I didn't know. So he took me up to more people. And he told me that they were. I think he said, they're my mom and dad, but I think actually, they were his grandparents. Because I know now that when all this happened, his mum and dad was still alive. So, yeah, I must admit his grandparents. So I met my great grandparents on my dad's side, okay, well sets both sets. And the two women, the two grandmothers, in particular, paid real close attention to me and talking to me, and they couldn't figure out who it was. It was almost like I was unannounced. Which is really weird, because other near death people that I've listened to, it seems like relatives come to them, and they know in advance, sure. But the way it was for me, my relatives really didn't know who I was. I was unexpected. So we're talking back and forth and trying to figure out who I am. And it finally came down to a What's your name? I said, my name is Ken. And they go, Well, what's your last name? And I said, Let. And that's when they go, Oh, they knew that name. And then they were like, well, who's your father's name? Or what's your father's name? And I said, Lyle, and then they said, Well, he's your grandson. We know your father. And then it took me a while to figure out that my grandma and grandpa was living on earth. At one point, it must have been young like me, I have no clue. Right? Because you're eight years old, and my dad never talked about his grandparents. I mean, they were dead long before I was born. Gotcha. Gotcha. And he's just never talked about him. So I didn't even know I had like an extended family going back.

Alex Ferrari 37:03
So once they find out who you are, where did they get? What did they take you?

Ken Leth 37:07
Well, we, we talked quite a bit and I met quite a few other relatives. It was like a, it was like a party, like a celebration. Everybody was joyful. Well, eventually, I was. One of my great grandmother's came to me and said, Someone is coming to greet us this this is someone that's very special. And she tried to prepare me it was like, No, be good, be nice, don't. Don't be scared. Everything's fine. You know, that kind of thing. Like a grandmother would do. And this, I could see it an entity coming for me. It was in a distance and it was a woman. And I could see you're kind of traveling. They didn't walk, they floated. She just kind of floated and kept coming closer. And then when she's right in front of me, she's very nice lady. And she looked older, like my grandmother's. But the very first thing I noticed was her clothing was just like a tunic. And it was made out of something like sack cloth like a sack of potatoes would come in. It looks really like burlap sack. It was really rough. And looked at she you know. And she greeted me and we're talking a little bit and then I got brave, I guess I pointed out that her hair looked weird her. She had chunks of hair sticking out like somebody's really given her a terrible headache, or I mean, hair cut. And just sticking out in bunches. I said something about it.

And my grandma, I think my great grandmother was a little bit of that, and then they started talking real fast. And then what was explained to me was this woman who I had no idea who she was. She told me that when she lived on Earth, she didn't have scissors. Then she cut her hair with a with a knife. Got it. And that's why it looked all choppy like that. So she's probably always had a hurt or something too.

Alex Ferrari 39:18
So where did she take you?

Ken Leth 39:22
She she told me that my family had a long history and she wanted me to see it. So I agreed to go with her. And she has so much love in her She treated me like a mother would treat a child. So I just call her mother because she never told me who she was. I just whenever I talk about her, talk about her his mother in heaven. So she takes me away from my immediate family and heaven and we go on this path and journey and she she transforms into like a one point she transformed into a late. But yet she's holding me like a mother would hold a baby. And I transformed. I was like an infant at one point. And she was just holding me loving me. And then another time I was, she was holding my hand and I was walking like a toddler. She could great mother. So she again said, your family has a long history. And I would like to show you that. She walked up this place, and she's just sort of waved her arm. And there's another tunnel, another opening. Okay, this one looks like a cave. And this one doesn't spin and rotate. It looks more like it was stone, you know. And I noticed in the tunnel, there were people. But the tunnel went back in like layers or steps. And what it what can't what it came down to was each level it going back in that cave represented a generation of people in my family. And I could say for where we were standing, I can see at least 1015 generations or levels. Going back probably further. I believe I saw my great great grandparents. On my dad's side, I believe I saw them. And they never see my family's from Denmark. And they never came to America. So we lost, my family lost all contact with them. And my grandfather, let he never knew them, never met them. But I got to see this older couple and I believe they were my double great grandparents. And the woman was sitting in a chair and she's waving and smiling, trying to get my attention. But when I look to the far back and the cave, I saw past all those generations, I saw one man standing alone, next to a brilliant light. And he was very tall and very bent over. And he was holding a walking stick, not a cane but a walking stick. So went up above his head. And he was wearing I think, a form of pants, but they were very loose looking. And he was just standing there just absorbing the warmth coming out of that brilliant light in front of him. And he was enjoying it very much. And then mother got my attention again. And she said so you see that light at the end of the tunnel. And she said that light is coming to greet you. It wants to say hello to you. So then eventually, I saw the light coming through the tunnel closer and closer and closer. And then it was in front of me and almost instantly transformed into a man. And he looked to be late 20s, early 30s. I do remember, I think I remember a beard. I think I remember dark hair but it wasn't super long. Nice fella, but I can't really his facial features. I can't really describe them. So I asked Mother, well, who is this? And she just simply said, well, on earth, you might have been told that his name is Jesus. So she said, This is my son, this is Jesus. So I must have been standing there was Mother Mary. And yeah, and he was he was super nice, nice guy, Ray with kids. He knew how to talk to me. On my level. He was good. I mean, he was an interesting guy. I liked him. And but I saw him talking back and forth was Mother, like a son does with their own mother and with respect. At one point, they were discussing what to do with me. And you know, I think if Mother has said, Now let's not do that let's do something else. I think he would have said okay, you know, he would have been fine with it. He was real accommodating. So, yeah, I've had a religious background through my church and I've observed other people talk about Jesus and all that and you know, I wish people here on Earth would just knock off this business of Jesus is this ultimate powerful garden if you ever made them him? You should just throw yourself on the ground and beg for mercy because we're nothing but worthless centers. Now but it's not the way it was at all. I think if I'd done that he would have laughed, he would get up, you know? Because he loved me. And he was giving me love. And it was because I was treated like a member of the family, which we are, all of us are, every single one of us. I don't care what religion you are, what nationality you are. You can be born with all kinds of defects, it doesn't matter. You can be the most beautiful person on the planet doesn't matter. We're all equal in the eyes of God.

Alex Ferrari 45:39
So what are these to do with you?

Ken Leth 45:42
Well, my mother told me that Jesus needed to spend some time alone with me. So he did, he took me away from her for a little bit. But he was like he was playing with me is going like he said, I have to show you something. And he made it sound like a game. And he goes, watch this, you know, and he just whoom turns to a brilliant light again, and I'm just standing there. Oh, wow, this is so cool. That was so cool about it was his love. And his the light radiated through me. So when you're in the spirit form, and you're in heaven, you have no need for food, you have no need for oxygen. You have a need for love, because it feeds your soul. And the light that God Jesus radiates is like food. And it goes through you. It purifies you, it feeds you, and it builds you up. That's your food and heaven. And it is wonderful. And I expanded, he expanded and I expanded. I was like filling up the room. And so was he. And yeah, it was, it was pretty great. And then eventually, he didn't say he was going to do it. But he took me to God. God, God,

Alex Ferrari 47:17
The big man, the big man.

Ken Leth 47:20
The big G Yeah, big, big G as they say, Yeah, to the big G. And I never saw him he too was a bright light. I actually didn't dare look directly at him. Because his light was so intense. But I felt that love radiating from him. But I heard his voice and he communicated with me on purpose. God did. And his voice by the way. Now I call him a man. God was a man simply because he had a deep rumbling voice like a man. And I saw no image. So my only reference is that deep voice. But his voice just rattled. And so we're talking and God says, so you've, you've met Jesus, do you know what he did for me? And I didn't really understand why Jesus had to die on the cross. So I think God sort of explained it to me. And then God was like, because Jesus did, Jesus did that for me. And he sacrificed himself for me. He said, you too, can make sacrifices on Earth. And you can you can earn a great rewards in heaven, just like Jesus did. Well, then I got a little bit spooked. And I was like, thinking to myself, Oh, no, he wants me to get crucified like Jesus, I don't want to do that. I got a little bit scared. But I got understood. And then he was like, you don't have I'm not asking you to do that for me. You have to live your life. And he did say he was gonna send me back to Earth. But he said, when you make sacrifices, and you do it for others, you take care of others, you care about others than when you you earn rewards in heaven for being a loving person, somebody who takes care of others.

Alex Ferrari 49:32
It seems like you're getting this information, like a child who get this information. It's really broken down like a child, like lessons a child would be listening to this is not a complex conversation. And I have to ask you, though, you know, there's been so many, I mean, obviously, there's been 1000s of religions, and philosophies throughout history. From what I hear from other near death experiences. If you're a Buddhist, you know, you go down that road if you're Hindu, you know There's certain things you see, do you believe that you were introduced with these iconic images of Catholic of Christianity? Because that's what you were raised with?

Ken Leth 50:10
I think so they knew that about me. They knew I had a background in religion. And so I think they wanted to present things to me in a way that they thought I could understand.

Alex Ferrari 50:20
Right! So in other words, Buddha is not going to show up and you're gonna go, Who is this guy? I've never heard of him.

Ken Leth 50:24
Oh, yeah, I would know nothing about Buddha at that edge.

Alex Ferrari 50:27
Right. Exactly. Exact. Okay, so that was an interesting point to make. So, so they decided to send you back at this point.

Ken Leth 50:36
Well, it didn't happen right away. Mother. When I was done with God, mother took me back. And then Jesus was there again. Oh, wow, that mother gave me like a tour of heaven. But first, I had to go through my, my life review. And that's where I saw my own birth. And all my life, it always struck stuck with me, I saw this old doctor sweating me on the bottom when I was born, because I wouldn't breathe. And the reason was, I wouldn't breathe is because I felt fine. I was out of my body right after I was born, because I was like, half dead. And my spirit was floating around, and I felt fine. I was comfortable. I didn't care if my body was going to die. But he kept sweating me to draw me into my body. Or at least that's what it did. But I remember this old man swatting this baby. And I'm like, wow, that's a little bit rough. I'm already thinking that.

Alex Ferrari 51:39
So. So you see your life review.

Ken Leth 51:41
Saw my life review, I saw many incidents throughout my life that only eight years old, but I saw some really cool times, you know, playing with family and stuff. Lots of fun. Then mother took me, Jesus came back for a little bit. And then he took me through like another barrier. And he told me, you can go through this barrier by yourself. It was almost like a door. And he said, you can go through here by yourself, you're safe, you'll be fine. Just go through here and explore for a while. I think they were just trying to use up a little bit of time, maybe the way the phone.

Alex Ferrari 52:20
Now you can set up their things getting set up, like we need a few more minutes before we can put the show on. Can we put them in?

Ken Leth 52:29
It did kind of feel that way. It was like they were babysitting me. All this time my body's being operated on down on Earth. And so yeah, they just sent me loose. And what it was it was like infinite wisdom, knowledge. And it was floating around in open space. I was exposed to tremendously beautiful music. I saw equations, mathematical equations, kind of floating through the air, while there's no air up there, but I can see him floating around space, space. And I can see these equations, and I understood them at that time. Yeah, I do remember zeroing in on the relationship that humanity has with living organized organisms like plants, and that there's a cooperation between humanity and plants. Many people don't understand that relationship. But we have an ability to make things grow. And we can do it through our energy in our love. And we wouldn't have to rely so much on pesticides and things like that, if we had a better handle on how we can cooperate with plants and make them grow. So I saw that, but the coolest thing I saw see I'm really into music. I have a stereo that's way too expensive. So what I love it, and I heard music, but it was more like vibrations. It was almost like heaven is a mechanical structure. So if you can imagine a very large large building made out of like steel, so big that sometimes the weight shifts and it groans. That's what it sounded like out there. So there were times when Heaven vibrated and it'd be dead. It'd be like, really deep. And then there are other times it squeaked like chirping birds, but I could see the vibrations. It'd be like there'd be a barrier or a wall next to me. And when the vibrations hit it, I can see the vibrations going up that wall and then they change colors. God's voice was the deepest vibration of all that rumbling deepness. So I saw all that going on. And then eventually, I was called back, I think it was mother who called me back to the doorway. And then she gave kind of gave me a tour of heaven, she took me to a place where she showed me a choir. And it was almost like the Mormon Tabernacle. Because I was standing in the middle, and there were like, bleachers on either side. And it was full of singers. I think it was mostly women. But I heard them singing like classical music, and it was the most beautiful music I've ever heard. And it got to a point where I could almost in my mind, I could choose the next note and then sing it. So I was composing this music with them. And they were singing it. Wow, was it beautiful. And then at another point, I was shown, I had I was given some education, I was shown the image of a Bible. And as the pages were flipping, I heard a voice. And I don't know whose voice it was, but heard this voice explaining to me what was happening in all these stories. I'm pretty sure what I remember out of all that is, at the get go, Adam and Eve, the original sin, humanity is automatically sinful forever, because of what Eve did right? Now has nothing to do with it. We're not being punished. God didn't send us down here to punish us. He sent us down here because humanity had a desire to experience freewill. And to find out for ourselves, how to gain knowledge, and God went along with it. It is not a punishment, it may not have been the wisest choice that humanity made. But we're living it. And if we're going to be calling it a punishment, then Darn it, we're punishing each other. Right? God isn't doing it to us. So when we go up to heaven, the doors open, and we're greeted, like a lost child that they hadn't seen forever, and they want us back. They're glad to have us back.

Alex Ferrari 57:21
So you're so you're getting this tour. And I remember somewhere along the lines that in some other interviews, you've done that you talk about you were privy to what's happening in history, you were able to see some stuff in history, and you were able to see some things that were going to come down the future.

Ken Leth 57:41
If you'd like to talk about it, yeah, I would love to, I'd love to. Okay, because a lot of that is happening right now. Right? So, mother eventually took me to it felt like a room, but it was very big. And in this room, I saw some entities standing around. It was kind of like a machine. But it was a model of the earth. And it was very big. And this earth was like up on a pedestal. And it rotated just like the Earth would. And I could sort of remember, underneath part of the pedestal was like, there was controls, like buttons or something. And these entities were maintaining it. So I was curious, and I asked what is this thing, and I was told that it was like a time capsule. So all past, all past events on earth, that humanity experiences are, are kept there. But also that I can see the future. So at first, I was curious about the past, and they showed me something because I wasn't specific about what I wanted to see. So they show me a really old city, it might have been might have been wrong, or it might have gone back further, because I remember donkeys and carts and like a parade through town. I lost interest in it pretty quick. So then. So then I decided, well, I'd rather see the future. So I walked up to these entities that were maintaining it. And one of them was like a teacher. And mother handed me off to her and told me just work with her. And she'll tell you everything you need to know. She did. She taught like a teacher. She was like, very business like down to earth. And she gave me very direct questions or answers. And what she told me something she expected me to understand it. She got a little bit impatient with me if I didn't. But I came to her and I said, Well, I'm interested in the future. But I said where do I fit into all this? Can you You show me where my time is on earth? And she goes, Oh, yeah, I can show you that. She pointed down on the planet where I was born, which is central Nebraska. She pointed to it. And as soon as she did, she was here. Here it is. Instantly, a vision opened up in front of me like a screen. And I can see things going on, down on Earth, in my timeframe. And then she goes, she said, if you if you go, if you go back down to earth, this is some of what you will see, this is what you'll experience in your life. So the very first thing I saw, I was like, standing on grass next to a street. And there was a row of cars driving through the city, paved roads, nice big cars. And somehow I understood that this was a procession. And in that car was the president united states, Kennedy, Kennedy. And then all of a sudden, something happened. People were crying and they were upset and the car sped off. I didn't see the blood and gore. But I knew it was the president. I was shocked. See? I was I was in the hospital. This happened. My near death happened about a week before he was shot. Oh, wow. Yeah. So when I came when they sent me back to Earth, and I was sick, and I was in the hospital, I didn't remember anything about it. But I remember arguing with the entity, the teacher entity, I was like, I liked Kennedy. See, I was only eight. But I knew that my parents really liked him. JFK, they liked him. And so I saw that he was hurt. And I was asking, Why would God let this happen? If you know this is gonna happen in advance. Why can't you stop? Why won't you stop it? That kind of stuff. I was pretty much told we, they can't interfere, we can't interfere this. And the reason was, humanity makes choices out of their hands. Humanity makes choices that sometimes lead to terrible things like this. And they just have to let it go. Humanity has chosen this path. And they have to let it go.

I wasn't real comfortable with the explanation. But what can I do? I was in there. I can't really complain.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:47
So from there. There's no complaint department. Customer service, you can go.

Ken Leth 1:02:57
That's right, I'm gonna take my ball and go home now. Can't do that. So yeah, and then they, they told me they sped it up. And then they told me that, actually, there's some important things you're going to happen in your life that you're going to witness. And so they decided to speed it up into go. And then I was told that these things that you're gonna see you're gonna happen later in your life. But I saw them speeding it up, I saw things jumping around on the screen, and I saw, Wow, I saw wars. I saw people marching in the streets I saw, I saw love and good things to do. But it just all just went real fast. And then all of a sudden, it slowed down. And then I saw an image of the Supreme Court building. And it's a unique building because of the facade, the front, and the pillars in front and his left side is elevated just a little bit. And I was told this is a government building in the United States, and toward the end of your life, or later in your life, some things are going to happen. And there's some things are gonna happen through this building, that are disruptive, that caused some turmoil in your country. They never told me what exactly that would be. But they said, it'll all start with this building and what's happening there. So I went public with my story in 2014 2015 through a group called tender, I don't know if you're familiar, but that's my first time that I went public. At in 2015. They ruled that gay gay marriage was legal. And then I saw all of this eruption coming out of evangelical churches and politicians raising a big stink about it. Then there was that county clerk there was gonna get thrown in jail and they were protesting and they were really offended by the whole thing. I saw that as the beginning of the turmoil. So I'm sticking with it. I've had people telling me that maybe it was the ruling on abortion. Now, the beginning was the ruling on gay marriage. That's the way I took it. Because things really have snowballed since then. So then then from the Supreme Court building, then it jumped. And I saw all kinds of storms and stuff hitting the east coast of the country. And since about, well, let's see back in the seams, I can early 90s Or maybe it was the late 80s. Andrew was terrible hurricane. I was in it. Where are you? Well, we were Wow.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:10
Yeah. How was it? I was in Fort Lauderdale. I wasn't in Miami. I was in Fort Lauderdale at the time. And I felt it in a tree fell on our roof. That I mean, we laid on the roof and garden break through but we had some damage and it was terrifying. A grandfather slept through the whole thing. He was snoring. But because you know it's grandpa. But it was pretty terrifying. Yeah, he wake up in the mornings like was it over?

Ken Leth 1:06:35
Wow. What a cool old man.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:40
I see some stuff. So yeah, no, I definitely see, I've been in a few hurricanes in my life,

Ken Leth 1:06:47
Where there's been an increase of bad storms starting back, I guess in the late 80s, whatever. Moving on up and boy around, I think seems like 2009 2012. More than ever. Yeah, it's every year is getting worse. Every year is getting worse. And I saw that I saw more and more storms coming to the United States. And then I saw lots of people, pockets of people dying like in cities, concentrations of people dying. When I first described this a long time ago, I assumed it was because of storms. But now COVID has hit and there were pockets of people in cities close to each other all dying. So I wonder if maybe it wasn't. Maybe it wasn't COVID. But I just didn't understand that it was sickness. Then it skipped and then it then I saw Hillary Clinton campaigning for the presidency in 2016. I heard her voice. She had a campaign voice that as soon as she was on TV, and I heard it, I knew I had seen this in advance. And I remember being a little bit surprised a woman was running for President because in 63, there's nobody would ever consider something like that. But yeah, and I asked the teacher entity I asked her, you know, something like, well, she sounds all right. I was told that this woman campaigning for the presidency would be there with another president. Like she was important. And sure enough, Bill was on the campaign trail there all the time, of course, so it must have must have been bill. I remember telling the entity I was like, well, she sounds alright. I don't think she would be a bad president or something like that. I was still Yeah, but she may not be allowed to serve. She may not win. And it was explained that there were laws that might interfere. And that's all I was really told. But they did not tell me anything bad about her whatsoever. Like she if she had won, they would have been fine with it. And if Hillary ever here's one of my sessions, I hope she hears me say that. She's okay. All right. So then, and then from there. It skipped again. And then I was shown this very angry, disruptive man in our government. I don't recall his face. All I can recall is His personality was just nasty. always unhappy. never satisfied. Always complaining, wanting more more, more expecting it to be handed to him. Chewing people out all the time. And he had blond hair then because of this man, I saw demonstrations in the streets, and people fighting and arguing, lots of disruption, disruption in our country. And I remember feeling really disgusted by the whole thing. Because this man was the source of it all this way I took it. And I remember asking the teacher entity, where'd this guy come from? This is ridiculous. Why is he our president. And she showed me a vision. And it was like, a solid vision of the Bible again, Bible opened up, and it was like flowcharts, were going around and through the pages, pages that flip the bar graph would change. And what I was told was, this is the progression of human history from the beginning, and it went very fast, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, then it slowed down. And then it stopped. And then like, like, an arrow jumped out of the Bible, and landed in Old Europe. And then the vision took me there. And I saw people in Europe, building churches, but it was like, the Middle Ages, early, you know, early Christian churches. And I saw them building cathedrals, and, you know, big, big structures. And I was told that these people would establish their churches establish their rules, their beliefs, that they would bring them with them, and they would emigrate to the United States, actually saw them getting on ships and sailing to the US. Then another arrow jumped out of the Bible. And it landed in the deep south of the US, like around Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, down in there, and Mississippi, the Deep South, landed down in there. And then I was told, This man will become president, because of churches that came from Europe, over here to the United States. And they supported this man and helped get him elected. And then I saw these churches in America, growing big structures, big complexes, schools, fancy mansions, that people were living in, lots of money being exchanged. And I saw them involved in politics. And I was told, point blank, stay away from these people stay away from these churches, they are evil, and they are harmful. And they will do you no good. All right. And so I never have had anything to do with them. I never listened to them. I mean, you know, in the early 80s, with the advent of cable TV, that's when televangelism started. And they started with their star links or whatever they call themselves, godlike. You know, they're satellites. And they're broadcasting all their stuff on TV. Well, and cable TV first came out, you could accidentally come across one of their channels. And listen to the moan and groan about what God needs. But it always was God needs your money.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:36
To buy me a new plane.

Ken Leth 1:13:39
Yeah, a new plane. Yeah. Because I can't stand to be in a commercial plane. That's a tube of demons. Oh, please. But yeah, I was shown just how evil and backwards these people were and how far away from true religion they were. It's a business they have. It's not a church, it's a business. And so they use their money to influence politics. And of course, the politicians will take that money gladly. And do is the money givers ask. So yeah, they that's how Donald Trump got elected, certainly from them. And so, but then I saw lover demonstrations in the streets. And then I saw one really bad demonstration. I mean, people were getting hurt bad. And I do know, the location was south of New York City. Now, at first I thought it was Charlottesville. But because of the destructiveness. I think what I was showing was the insurrection took place. Washington DC is basically south of New York. Sure. So When I saw that, then I saw this angry president, I saw him in the oval office in the White House. And he looked really kind of spooked and a little bit scared. And he was walking back and forth. Not knowing what was going to happen next, he was very unsure of himself. And he kept going out into the hallway expecting visitors and they weren't coming. And they finally showed up. And he didn't like what they had to tell him. He got very upset. And then they took him out of the White House, out into the lawn, and they left in there. And then the next vision jumped. And he's holding a rally on the steps of close to the steps of a large building in Washington, DC. He's behind a microphone. And he's telling people to fight, fight, fight, and he's shaking his fist. And Donald Trump did exactly that. The day of the insurrection. And then from there, I just saw a lot of chaos, a lot of fighting a lot of disruption in the country, people arguing and not agreeing with anything. I did see at one point. So like in our government, I saw like a panel of people discussing him. And I'm not so sure that now that the January 6 committee has been formed. I'm not so sure I wasn't shown them. But when I first started talking about this, there was a lot of talk of impeaching done. So, so a couple of years back when I was interviewed, and I said, he will be impatient. Sure enough, he was twice. So yeah, so I saw the disruption. And then I saw, I saw Donald at a rally somewhere close. Not too far away from Washington, DC. It was kind of like the upper northeast, up in there somewhere. I saw him at a rally, getting people riled up again. But not too long after the rally. It was like he suddenly clutched his heart like he'd been hurt. And he couldn't breathe. And he looked scared. And then I saw him sort of get sucked into a spiral, like a tunnel. The same kind of spiral that I went through when I died on the table. He got sucked into it. Then I saw him spinning inside that tunnel. And then he got sucked in and he disappeared. The very next thing I saw, he was in a hospital room was surrounded by I think his family. And I pretty much understood that he was dying. He didn't have lung to live. He had a heart attack, heart attack, or maybe he was shot. I don't know. I don't know. But that's, that's the next thing that I expect to happen very, very soon. Every time I see a picture of him, not all made up with his orange goop, and then a suit and everything got it looks awful, pale and yuck. So I expect I expect something to happen to him any day now. So I'm still holding rallies.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:28
Yeah. And then you talk, I think you spoke about something about a complete either Civil War or war within the United States. Something currently, you know, like, things happening.

Ken Leth 1:18:42
So after he passes away, then I saw a major increase in fighting and destruction is in the streets. And I saw a group of people acting very covert, go into a tower like building kind of like a small SkyRise. It turns out to be a TV studio is what it looks like. And people my wife is on. So people are inside this place, and there's an explosion. And I saw like, it looked like a TV studio with cables and lights hanging and they're all burned and broken. And then I asked why. Why were people attacking this building? Why were they demonstrating around it because they were very angry. And I was told, because they believe lies. They're being told lies on purpose, and they believe them. And so I asked What is this place and it was explained to me like it was a place where information is shared it so it could have been like a TV studio or it could have been like, connected to the internet. So that happens, and then after that there's a period where there's like an investigation. And I saw two men probably in their 30s. Maybe one has darker hair, one had lighter hair, tied to money with a real flippant attitude, and they're being interviewed and talked to because of that explosion, and they were being asked what they knew about it, why? Who was involved in why did it happen? And the one with the darker hair, laughed it off. Like, he didn't care. So this way it is, you know, what was the government expect? Boy, that sure sounded to me like Jr. Don Jr. Or it could have been Shapiro could have been that black haired kid and Shapiro, because I remember, I remember hearing a laugh, and it was hideous. And I've never heard Jr. Laugh. But I've heard Shapiro laugh, and it was pretty bad. So it could have been Shapiro, I don't know, I can't say for sure. I can't see Shapiro was being any kind of a leader. Not really. But for that matter in John Don Jr. I can't imagine him a leader either. But they were presented to me as if they were leaders. And that's why they were being interviewed by the government. And then after that, things just got crazy. I saw people being pulled out of their homes in the middle of the night, like in raids, and arrested. I saw violence, I saw people killing each other. It was almost like the beginning of a civil war. Then I saw an army being built, and it looked like it came out of the west like California. And that's where it organized. And they marched across the United States, but they organized about where I'm living like through Nebraska, because we're just west of the Mississippi here. And the Mississippi, Mississippi was important and so they organized before they crossed the Mississippi and then fighting just over the top. Blood destruction, people fighting. Um, but at the same time, some of what I saw almost look like an earthquake. Because I saw buildings shaking and toppling. I saw a flooding happening. I saw a major flood hit somewhere like close to Omaha. Between Omaha and Iowa, I saw people dying instantly. The water came from nowhere. They're totally caught off guard. So the only way I can picture that happening is because of earthquake.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:00
Yeah, I was gonna say, I mean, if there's a tidal wave that hits Omaha, we're screwed. That the world has gone down. If there's a tidal wave that comes in the hits Omaha?

Ken Leth 1:23:13
Yeah. So I'm thinking maybe it's big enough that the Great Lakes, one of them drains, maybe some might die, maybe something like that. Or maybe the Missouri River backs up. That's where the water is coming from God is Missouri River is really big, deep. So yeah, I wasn't shown anything about that. I'm just supposing when I say that, but um, no, but what I did see was multiple spirits of people jumping out of their bodies, screaming, terrified, because they're overwhelmed by water totally caught off guard by surprise. And jumping out of their bodies is really dying. And that wasn't a very pleasant thing. So during the worst of it, when it got really, really bad. my eight year old might mind my consciousness. It was overwhelming. And I turned away at one point I couldn't watch it. It was just too much. But eventually, I did look back as the teacher entity told me to so I looked back and one of the next things I saw was the fighting started to die down. But I saw a concentration of people fighting around a building. Now I'm guessing location wise. It could have been Arkansas. I don't know my state's down there. So well. It could have been Arkansas. It could have been Louisiana. It could have been Mississippi, I think it was it was a state that I believe borders, the Gulf of Mexico and I saw a building And that looked fortified it it looked like it was one level, it wasn't a SkyRise. It looked like it was one level. Lot of people inside it was big. And it looks strong, like it was stone like it could have been a government building. And I saw people marching around that building covert, there was fighting going on and gunshots and people dying. Finally, the army gets inside that building and kills everyone in there. Then after that, the fighting dies down. But what struck me it went down to my core was when that building is destroyed, or everyone inside is killed. I saw something like a demon rise up out of that building. And it didn't really have a human form, although it had a face. But it was big. It was like a balloon. It was like a blob and it was black. And it didn't care that everybody died, it wanted them to die. It wanted the destruction. It was the source of all the anger. It rose up. And it had to leave because his job was done. And it was happy with itself. It rose up and left and it laughed. Laughing all the way that you know, as soon as it was gone, the fighting stopped. And it died down. And then people were like, well, why are we fighting? Why did we do all that? And then I also remember some I remember hearing people say, Why did we believe all these wrong things that made us so angry. It made us kill each other? Why did we do that? Because they were looking around and they were looking at all the destruction. It was like, they were in a trance when they were fighting. They weren't in control. The ones that black thing left, that in their eyes were opened up and they were like, We don't want to fight. That's what it was like. I even saw one young man feeling a lot of remorse. And he was sitting alone, next to a building that was completely destroyed. I mean, they were like, well, there were a few pillars. And there were a couple of walls left standing. Right, right, the building was wasted. And I remember hearing his thoughts. And he was like, why did we believe all that crap? Why was it so easy for them to fool us? And then why did we follow it? And why did we kill so many people. So many people died, they didn't have to remember feeling that remorse coming out of him. And after that I saw things get a little bit better that country started to rebuild, reorganize. And there was a strong sense of our government had been taken advantage of and that's why the fighting happened. Or it was like our government was structured in a way that it could be taken advantage of. And that was going to have to change. Our government was going to have to be restructured. But it'd be for the better.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:15
I mean, you could see it now. I mean, it's been tested. It's been tested all the time over the last, you know, six years or so it's things that you and I would have never even thought of, you know, growing unless

Ken Leth 1:28:29
You have a really devious mind.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:31
Right! You think these are institutions? These are things that just you never think about? Any of these kinds of stuff.

Ken Leth 1:28:38
I think the recipe is responsible parties are nothing but think tanks, and they sit there work out ways to disrupt our government, and they're doing it on purpose. And there's money behind it all.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:51
So do so is there anything positive sir out of this? This future? I mean, do I mean it's pretty doom and gloom here, sir?

Ken Leth 1:28:59
Yes, it is. Well, okay. Just a little bit more. Bear with me. So I saw some building going on in the country getting better. And it was a positive time of rebuilding, I saw that everybody was starting to feel like the future was bright again. But then I saw some more disruption, enter the picture, that it wasn't internal. In our country. It seemed like it was external, from the world, other countries. And then I saw some fighting startup again. And then I saw a major explosion happened. Somewhere around it looked like Yellowstone where it's located. It looked like an atomic bomb and it was huge. And there was a ring of white that came out of that explosion. The stayed close to the ground and expanded, completely covered the continent. And then I'm floating there in the air with this entity is He's showing me this going on and I understood perfectly that it wiped out. Most human life was gone. It just wiped it out. And then I saw the our country became real quiet and peaceful. So there were animals again, and I saw trees growing and it became very beautiful. Eventually, the teacher entity took me to a place and it looked like it was the Georgia coast close to the ocean. Atlantic Ocean, and I saw a tribe of people living there. And they were like, indigenous people. They were very simple clothing. But they were full of love. They were very spiritual, very happy. And a very strange thing that I got out of it was, you and I are generations, our pots and pans are prized possessions. These indigenous people, when they when they discovered a potter pan that was usable, they loved it. And they they used them. Yeah, it was like, but they were they were so full of love. And they were getting along with each other very well. But they seem to have enhanced spiritual power, like they could heal each other. And they were causing plants to grow. So they never went hungry.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:37
How many years ahead it is you think?

Ken Leth 1:31:42
I can only guess but well, once an atomic bomb has been dropped. I don't think the ground is livable for quite a while.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:51
Um, well, yeah, me Hiroshima taught us that.

Ken Leth 1:31:55
Yeah, so I wasn't giving any time reference, I was just shown that life is wiped out

Alex Ferrari 1:32:04
In the area that the bomb drops, or in the area of the continent.

Ken Leth 1:32:09
It felt like, almost all the continent was dead, is what it felt like. Okay, but I only saw the one explosion. Oh, another thing I saw. As the explosion was going up into a big mushroom cloud, I saw something that looked like an angel floating over the continent. And it was gathering up souls. And it was directing them up to heaven, it was helping them rise up. I saw that is a very vague image. But I do remember seeing that. So the teacher entity, after she showed me these loving people living close to the coast, she said, so you see can, there's going to be a lot of disruption coming. A lot of bad evil things that mankind has caused on their own, it's gonna have to be worked through, and you're gonna see some really bad stuff. But what you have to know is, in the end, things are going to get much better. And mankind is going to be more in line with the teachings of God, and living the way through love the way we're supposed to live. We've, you know, we've got a lot of habits and practices that we've adopted over the centuries that nobody challenges that.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:35
Right. And there's a bit that's absolutely things that are kind of just legacy of the old and older. I mean, look, we could have had electric cars in 2000. I mean, we could have switched over from fossil fuels a long time ago, we have the technology to do so. But you know, financial interests have said no.

Ken Leth 1:33:55
And again, and then making a profit. I understand.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:57
I understand there's a reason why a McDonald's burger is more is cheaper than a piece of broccoli. Like, I mean, it's just there's, there's, it's not that we can't do things is that we choose not to, and it takes, it's like a big ship. I look, I look at societies like this giant aircraft carrier that takes forever to turn, it's slow. It's not a speedboat that can just jump all over the place. It just takes so long to move. And I mean, even in the last 20 years, I've seen it shift I mean from you know, now, we all got on board or like, you know, I think Electric is going to be where we're going to go we got to find some other fuel sources to become energy independent, just on a political standpoint, that freedom from, you know, why are we buying oil from countries that want to kill us like, it's like, there's some logic there and there's more spirituality, there's more understanding of spirituality. There is an awakening happening and but there's a lot of disruption as well. So it's just like a it's kind of a growing pains in many ways.

Ken Leth 1:35:04
It is exactly the way it was shown to me it was like, what's happening here? It was like predestined. And humanity chose this path. And it's not going to change until we change. Right? So the, the path we're on, I mean, when you think about, well, I watched the news broadcast about Ukraine war, for example. And it's like how some of the some of the people on TV are, like, analyzing the effectiveness of this type of advance, you know, that kind of thing. It's almost like a football game. They're encroaching on the enemy's territory. And what next, you know, is the deadly. It was very deadly. And, and necessary, completely. Because that strange, weird guy in Russia has an ego problem that he can't shake. Oh, my God.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:05
It's Yeah, well, well, I mean, Ken, thank you for, for sharing this journey with me. Well, we do anyway. So you've seen all of this, and then you get sent back into your body. Right?

Ken Leth 1:36:17
Right. Eventually, mother came back and got me, took me away from all that and took me back to my immediate family. And I believe that was like at the opening of heaven. And I was told I had to make a decision. If I was going to stay up there with him, or I was going to come back, but I decided to come back because I was told that that my mother on Earth was praying for me, and that she'd be very sad if I stayed. So I decided to come back. But one of the things I need to tell you those right after I was shown all those visions of the future mother took me aside. She said something about if you go back with all this knowledge, if you go back to Earth with all this in your head, she said, I do not want you to be a child prophet. And she said, Child Prophet, because she said, if you remember all this, when you're a child, and you talk about it, your life is going to be very difficult. She decided to protect me. So she sort of reached into my consciousness, and she smoothed over a whole bunch of that future stuff just wiped it out. I didn't remember it until I was about I think it was in my early 20s. I woke up in a real intense dream. And God spoke to me and my dreams, and woke me up. And then after that, it just opened my eyes just opened up all those old memories. And then I remembered all kinds of detail about my near death, it all came back. So throughout my childhood, I never talked about war and destruction and all that because I didn't remember it. Right. And I was just as surprised as everyone else, when I found out that JFK died. Because I didn't remember that either. So

Alex Ferrari 1:38:12
So then you get sent back down, and then you you live your life. And you're here with us now sharing, sharing your, your knowledge.

Ken Leth 1:38:23
I have to tell you that in 2015, when the election was getting more intense, I mean, the 2016 election was coming. And I I knew that Trump was running, I knew that Hillary was running. I was like, beside myself for a while, because I could feel the intensity of the country. I was familiar with it. I was shown all that when I was in heaven, and it was a reminder of all that stuff. And I knew some really bad things were just coming in a minute. And I went on an interview with a with a guy called Lee Weading. He's got a, he works through ions. And he's got a radio broadcast, he was the very first person to interview me. And in 2015, he interviewed me and I told him about all this future stuff. But he didn't realize that day it was it was so intense. I felt like I had to warn humanity, we're about to make the wrong turn. And I didn't want that to happen. And I'm rattling all this stuff off about these people are wrong and those people are wrong. And this is going to happen next and we need to avoid it and you know, look out and Lee at the end of the interview was kind of like, now can he goes Where's all the love? He goes usually when I interview people, there's love. Where's all your love? And he kind of caught me off guard and I'm like, I was trying to warn people that I had to get it out. I only had an hour you know

Alex Ferrari 1:40:00
So let me ask you one last question when asked you what it is as far as the economy and things like that what happens? During all this time? Do we lose the dollar? Do we go back to gold coins? Do we like what? What did you get any information about that?

Ken Leth 1:40:18
No. Then all I saw and all I felt was the anguish and the disruption that people, I felt their emotional reaction to everything is what I felt. And then every so often, I will see a particular figure like Donald, who was making it worse.

Alex Ferrari 1:40:38
Well, Ken, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Ken Leth 1:40:46
Living a good life is being an open, honest person, where you don't take yourself too seriously. And you're, you're empathetic. And you're, you're open to the feelings of other people. And you want to help them if you can. And you leave yourself open to love.

Alex Ferrari 1:41:04
What is your mission in this life?

Ken Leth 1:41:08
My mission? Oh, boy. At this point in my life, I just want to get along with people. I live in isolation, in Nebraska way out of the country, and I love it. My mission, I'm not so much into warning people anymore, because everything's in motion. I can't stop it now. How, however, if it comes down to fighting a war? Do people really want to do that? I mean, come on. Do you want to tear your country apart to that point? I don't think so. And I don't think we should do it. But I don't think anybody's gonna listen to me. I'm not, I'm not taking serious because I'm a spiritual guy that claims that he went to heaven and met God. Fair enough. There's a lot of, there's a lot of people in churches that tell you what God wants to. And it has nothing to do with preventing a war. It has everything to do with tithing and get on the floor and grovel, because you don't deserve a damn thing you center back, what a waste of time, all that is.

Alex Ferrari 1:42:16
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Ken Leth 1:42:19
Since I was shown that I have a long history in my family, the growth of the family, I believe, is very important. And so to contribute to your family, by living and being fruitful, and extending those generations, because I saw that that guy at the end, at the end of the tunnel, absorbing all that light, I believe each new generation that came after him elevated him closer to that light. So living the fruitful, grow your families. If you don't want to get married, that's fine. I saw single people up there too. But you know, live your life and grow and be good as best as you can. And then when you die and you go up to heaven, the rest of your family gets elevated one step closer to God. And so be responsible and think about your contribution to your family. And then wrap your love and appreciation for them. In your good memories about them. The laughter, the love and the comfort you felt with them. The good days they did for you, when they made you feel good. Remember them and think about it because I think those positive thoughts get through like a prayer. And I think it honors them up in heaven.

Alex Ferrari 1:43:48
Ken I appreciate your time and thank you for sharing your story with us and hopefully, it'll do some good for the world. Let's hope and pray. I appreciate your insight.

Ken Leth 1:43:56
Absolutely. Yes. I appreciate your thanks, Alex.

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