Man DIED in NDE & Given ACCESS to His Many PAST LIVES (Near Death Experience) | Kelvin Chin

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Kelvin Chin. Kelvin is an extraordinary individual who has traversed both the physical and spiritual realms, amassing wisdom and insights from his countless lifetimes. His journey is a tapestry of near-death experiences, profound meditations, and recollections of past lives that span over 6000 years.

Kelvin began his journey in the suburbs of Boston, where his life before his near-death experience was quite ordinary. In 1970, he learned to meditate—a practice that would later play a pivotal role in his spiritual awakening. His meditation journey started scientifically, driven by a need to manage stress and anxiety, rather than spiritual curiosity. Kelvin recalls, “I wasn’t looking for anything like that. I didn’t believe in reincarnation. I didn’t know what out of body meant. I didn’t know what an NDE was”​.

The profound experiences that followed—near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and vivid past life memories—were transformative. Kelvin shared how these experiences initially caused him identity crises, making him question his reality and place in the universe. He trialed and errored his way through understanding these experiences, often feeling overwhelmed but ultimately finding a deeper sense of self and purpose​.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Kelvin’s story is his ability to recall past lives, dating back thousands of years. From being a Crusader knight feared on the battlefield to a Carthaginian slave fighting in the Punic Wars, his past lives have provided him with a rich reservoir of memories and lessons. He notes, “It’s about living in the present. It’s not about living in the past, or ruminating about the past or pining away”.

Kelvin’s insights into the spiritual realm are profound. He describes the other side as being more similar to our world than many realize, with councils and beings that are just as complex and varied as those on Earth. His teachings emphasize the importance of discernment and developing personal filters to navigate both the physical and spiritual worlds effectively. “Power does not mean wisdom. That’s one of my fundamental teachings,” he stresses, encouraging us to look beyond appearances and superficial brightness to find true wisdom and guidance​.


  1. Embrace Meditation: Kelvin’s journey highlights the importance of meditation not just as a stress-relief tool but as a gateway to deeper spiritual understanding and personal growth.
  2. Learn from Past Lives: While it’s not necessary to recall past lives to grow spiritually, understanding emotional patterns and learning from them can provide valuable insights into our current lives.
  3. Discernment is Key: Whether dealing with people or spiritual beings, developing a keen sense of discernment can help navigate life more effectively and avoid being misled by appearances or persuasive forces.

Kelvin’s final message is one of relaxation and enjoyment. He urges us to enjoy our physical existence and make the most of our time here on Earth. “Relax, enjoy life. Enjoy being in your physical, biological body while you’re in it. Because whether you remember you did this or not, you chose to come here,” he advises, reminding us of the choice and agency we have in our lives​.

Please enjoy my conversation with Kelvin Chin.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 249

Kelvin Chin 0:00
But who am I soul has manifested in the past and has done some stuff that maybe not so great. You know that it's not me now I know who I am now. I'm not worried about being tainted by that.

Alex Ferrari 0:22
I'd like to welcome to the show, Kelvin Chin. How you doing Kelvin?

Kelvin Chin 0:25
Hey Alex, good to see you. Yeah!

Alex Ferrari 0:27
Good to see you as well my friend. I'm excited to talk to you. I've had many near death errs on I've had some people with past lives. I've never had a combination of both. Plus other things that you taught me you to cover a lot of stuff in your work, sir.

Kelvin Chin 0:41
I do. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
So my first question to you let's just get into it is what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Kelvin Chin 0:49
Prior to my near death experience is pretty regular. I mean, you know, just growing up suburb of Boston, born in Boston, you know, did the things you know, sports music, you know, studied and all that stuff went to college. But the unique thing about before my near death experience was that I had learned to meditate two years before I almost drowned. So that was the most significant thing other than that, everything's like in a regular kid growing up in the suburb suburbs, you know.

Alex Ferrari 1:16
So when you were learning to meditate, what year was that around?

Kelvin Chin 1:20
That was 1970. I learned 1970 to meditate.

Alex Ferrari 1:24
So meditation was not, you didn't have an app for it? Let's just put it that way.

Kelvin Chin 1:29
No, no. In fact, some people have said to me over the decades, they said, Well, you kind of you're an Asian last name. Did you grow up meditating? That no, my parents were scientists, they they were not into like anything. They thought I was nuts learning to meditate. I mean, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:45
But from what I heard, you actually approached it more scientifically more evidence based than you did spiritually based, correct.

Kelvin Chin 1:53
I spiritual I don't even know you said the word spiritual to me back then I would have thought it was Spirits, ghosts, or something. Or I thought, oh, to think, oh, yeah, I went to the congregational church, but I didn't really pay attention. You know, that that's what I thought spirituality was was religion. So I really, you know, as a teenager, I didn't know what that meant. So no, I was stressed out. That's why I learned totally, you know, I wandered into a lecture hall. At college, I went to Dartmouth College up in New Hampshire. And I was so stressed out and the guy was talking about research on meditation that was just starting to be being done. It was the very beginning is the first medical studies ever done on meditation in the US anyway, by a guy named Herbert Benson. He was a cardiologist in Boston, Boston, and I ended up six months later being in his experiments, but they the guy that the on the stage was starting to talk about cortisol, adrenaline, lactic acid, those the only three that I remember. But he's talking about all these different changes going on in the brain and the blood chemistry and I thought, I need that.

Alex Ferrari 3:00
So then, when you started to meditate, did the spirituality start to creep in? Because just by the nature of meditation,

Kelvin Chin 3:06
Yeah. And I guess the first thing that I, I did it the first experiences that I started having that you and your audience and I now I would call spiritual, but I didn't think of it that way at the time, was that I started being unaware of body and surroundings during my meditation. So people sometimes was a an having an out of body experience, or is just unaware of body and certain people can parse that, you know, I mean, if it had been because it's gradations its degrees, but I just thought, Oh, if I wasn't aware of my body and surroundings never had that experience before, and then I'd come out of the meditation feeling like really refreshed and less anxious. That's all I cared about at that time. But yeah, later, I started opening up in a more, let's say, for me and unusual because I came from an science background. So you know, these things are very unusual to me. I'm not thinking like, I'd never read any spiritual stuff. I wasn't looking for anything like that. I didn't believe in reincarnation. I didn't know what what out of body meant. I didn't know what an NDE was. I just happen to have one that I didn't even know what it was called when I almost drowned.

Alex Ferrari 4:17
So let's go. Let's go into so tell me about your NDE.

Kelvin Chin 4:20
Yeah, so I've been messing for two years. As I said, I went out to study intensive language study for the summer, like get a year's worth in like, two or three months. at UCSD in San Diego, La Jolla. Right? And so I'm from the East Coast. I've never been in the Pacific Ocean before. So I met this girl at registration. She'd never she was also from New England. She had never been in the Pacific. I said, Hey, let's go swimming. Let's go. We got Duck class till tomorrow. So you know meta record at registration desk. And we went down there was nobody there and people who know Torrey Pines state park right there in the hall. Yeah, it you know, the PGA Tour is held at Torrey Pines, whatever it's called the country club or whatever. It's called there. And it's on the bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean. It's a gorgeous, I guess it's a gorgeous golf course I've never been on it but I've been on the beach. And it's 300 feet down is the beach. This cliffs three and a feet down is when we were on the beach alone. Nobody there. So your walk from UCSD, it's literally just, you know, cross campus down the driveway. You're at the beach here at one end of the State Park. And there's never any lifeguards or anything. So just the two of us their beautiful June day, hot sweaty, go into the ocean, you want to dunk right away. I literally was in. I probably walked in literally, the waist deep and dunked and started seeing her get really good, smaller, smallest walls was getting pulled up, pulled out in a rip current. And those people don't know what a rip current is a rip current is a river in the ocean. And it's sometimes can move really fast. And they're all over the world. But they're not around Cape Cod, where I grew up. So I never knew what a rip current was. I learned quickly. And so I saw the cliffs getting smaller and smaller and smaller. And I asked a friend of mine who is, you know, used to be, you know, a merchant seaman captain on these big huge ocean ships, you know, freighters and stuff. I'd said that was those cliffs. 300 foot high. We're about three, four inches tall. How far out was I said 1.7 miles out. So I don't know, I was panicking. So I didn't. It was a seconds minutes. I was panicking. But I was out there fast. And then I started trying to swim back in of course and wouldn't because I I panicked. I did, I went right back into the current, which is what you're not supposed to do. So there's this saves anybody's lives. I've been saying this, when I tell this nd you swim at an angle to the beach, because that's going to increase the likelihood you're going to get out of the rip current that just pulls you out. Well, I forgot all my Boy Scout training. And I just because I panicked and I'm swimming back in and I'm going nowhere. And I'm probably getting even pulled out farther, seeing the cliffs get even a little smaller. Because I'm panicking, I start going, I'm exhausted. So now I start going down because I can't swim. I just and I see the surface of the water. I'm holding my breath and pop out of my body. My mind, that's the only way I can describe it as my mind. observed my body. Okay, so whatever you want to call that popped out, I say I popped up. And I and I and I realized what was happening though, because I had been meditating for two years, every day, twice a day. I've been on some retreats, some long retreat, I've meditated a lot for two years, okay. I've had this unaware of body and surroundings and separate from my my mind separate from my body experience, whatever you want to call that many, many times during those two years of meditating, I was familiar, I knew what was it didn't shock me it was like, oh, and then i Wow. And I and I just know, like back in, I kind of I didn't have a thought it was a desire, it was a feeling of No, like I've my mind went back into my body struggled to four or five feet to the surface. And I just had one thought, take your time. And that was it. And I flipped over my back, got my breath. And I did sidestroke all the way and she said for an hour. And I did sidestroke intentionally because I didn't want to do breaststroke because I didn't want to put my face in the water and risk taking water in because you know I was exhausted. So I did sidestroke kept my head out of the water the whole time. I didn't want and I tried to sleep swimming on my back. But the waves were kind of washing over me too too. So I did sidestroke the whole way in kept my head above water the waves would come over me every once in a while but you know my head was still out of the water. And she said I passed out for a half an hour she said when I when I when I get up on the beach. So that was my so the meditation really saved my life because if I had had a classic nd you've had a ton of people on here I know who've talked about Indies and you know you hear them well I'm on the other side is beautiful is full of light out of my body, my body I feel no pain in my body if they're experiencing pain for some people, and I see Jesus or God or angels or my dead loved ones and they're welcome. My body would have been 60 feet down. And there's no way after, you know a few seconds. Right?

Alex Ferrari 9:46
Right. You wouldn't have come back.

Kelvin Chin 9:49
I would have been I would have been dead. I don't think I could have struggled 12 feet up to the surface.

Alex Ferrari 9:55
Well let me ask you so you were when you say your mind, it sounds like your consciousness or your higher self or whatever the spirit popped out of you. And you were now witnessing what was happening? Yes. And you could have arguably continued down that path, let's say if you weren't educated in meditation and kind of felt that before. Yeah. And you made a conscious choice of going, Nope, I don't want to go. And you just got slammed, slammed back into your body. And then you basically saved yourself. So there was no classic and II know tunnel of light. No, no, it was it was more of a, it sounds a bit more like an out of body experience. Right. A certain extent that that moment that that moment, because yeah, and so you're definitely something else,

Kelvin Chin 10:42
Right! You hear people will say, well, that's not really an end. I said, Well, I almost missed the question. I'm not arguing with you about your one. Okay. I don't care what you label it. I almost died. Alright. Whatever it was save me a lot in my life. I don't care what you label it, because I didn't even know what an NDE was till about five, six years ago.

Alex Ferrari 11:01
Oh, really?

Kelvin Chin 11:02
Yeah. No, no, I never heard the terminology. Until I wrote my first book about overcoming the fear of death. And I researched this stuff and said, Well, wait a minute. Did I have an NDE? I didn't have a classic NDE. So a lot of people may say, Whoa, but really an indie? It's like, no, it's like my NDE. Better than your NDE.

Alex Ferrari 11:22
I saw more angels in my NDE

Kelvin Chin 11:23
I saw more angels. You didn't really have any. And actually, I've since I've been to. I've spoken at the International Association, media studies, ions. I was invited to speak well, I've spoken like three years in a row. First time I went to their group. It was to speak at their next international conference in 2019. in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and I heard people saying this in the in the hallway,

Alex Ferrari 11:53
That's not that's not a real NDE

Kelvin Chin 11:54
Yes. She didn't have a real nde he didn't know my nde with, like people comparing nde's I'm like, Really, I don't even know what an nde was. And so I don't need to call what I experienced nde, I almost drowned. And I didn't

Alex Ferrari 12:12
Right and there was some sort of spiritual thing that happened

Kelvin Chin 12:16
Something happened to call it I don't care what you call it. I'm not. I'm not here to say I had an nde. Likesaved people's lives if they get pulled out in the RIP car. And I seriously mean this. Don't do what I did swim with an angel.

Alex Ferrari 12:31
So when you came back, I'm assuming that's a bit jarring. I almost when I was when I was a young man, I didn't think I had an E or an out of body experience. But I did almost drowned was being pushed under by a bully. In a pool. Once young, I was really young. And it jars you it. It jars you because at least for me, I was probably 11 or something like that. And I was I walked around like I almost died. I almost died. I am so and I was young young kid. I can only imagine what happened years is much more intense. How did what were the after effects of that event for you?

Kelvin Chin 13:12
I was 19 20 years old when this happened. And so yeah, I'm walking around thinking what the you know, fill in the blank just happened. I almost that was it. That was it. I was like, I got my I'm a teenager and I got my whole life again. Hit me. I'm like, that was it. And Mother Nature just boom, pulled me out. Call it whatever you want. And it's just like, how random I thought, you know? And I Yeah, so I was walking around a little bit in a daze like you said, like you were, you know, like, will, you know for a while there and then I just, I don't know, dived into life I guess?

Alex Ferrari 13:13
So. Yes. So it didn't it didn't start you off on a spiritual path or anything like that.

Kelvin Chin 13:44
No, I didn't think of it as a spiritual experience. I thought of it as I almost drowned.

Alex Ferrari 14:07
That's a physical experience.

Kelvin Chin 14:09
Yeah, I know. You call that whatever you call it, you know, but no, it was not a spiritual experience for me, as it is for many people of a classic indie, etc, etc. Because Because even even even having an out of body experience for many people can catapult them into that, right. But for me, I'd already had two years of this is like very normal to me. It was normal,

Alex Ferrari 14:34
And the thing is also to the information in the 19. Early 1970s was not as rampant out there like it is now these conversations weren't happening due to the concept of what's happened to you while you meditate. You were just like, whatever this is, I felt that before and I kind of

Kelvin Chin 14:51
I felt better. I felt better and my anxiety was going away. That's why I learned to meditate my anxiety. And so when I had this feeling or whatever it is, With our scribing I felt great. And I my anxiety was non existent, and then we'll come back a little bit after it's opened my eyes up. But you know, after months of this, my anxiety went away. I didn't care what it was called. I'm, I'm a pragmatist. So that's something about my personality. I'm a pragmatist. I'm not I don't need to label stuff. And if to compare myself to other people about I don't even know what spirituality was. But you know, to me, my life was saved. And I felt better from this thing called meditation. And my anxiety had gone away.

Alex Ferrari 15:36
So I was so one of the one of the main reasons I asked you on the show was because of your ability to remember your past lives. And not only, you know, because I've had other people who remember past lives, I had other people who remember many past lives, but you claim to be able to remember up to 6000 years ago, or more many, many past lives. So when did this insanity start for you? Because I'm assuming it hit you like a freight train.

Kelvin Chin 16:04
It did it really! I thought I was a little cuckoo. I mean, so are you talking about us insanity? I mean, I really thought that I was like, Well, I didn't think I was insane. But I thought it was at a really, really vivid imagination. So I thought I thought it was making it up. Okay. I thought this was fantasy. Well, first of all, so the answer your question 1977. That's when it started. Okay. So I've been meditating for seven years. And first of all, I didn't the first experience I had, I didn't know anything to do with past lives. So it wasn't, it wasn't like, a past life experience to say, oh, you know, you saw yourself or this or that. It wasn't like that. For me. I had a dream. I thought it was a nightmare. And it was a nightmare, actually. I mean, a bad dream, meaning nightmare. Bad dream. But that's all I thought it was was a bad dream. I like a really intense, emotionally disturbing, distressing bad dream. And so I just let let you know, I was a science major, you know, I didn't believe in reincarnation stuff. I mean, I would hear people by then, after seven years of meditating and, you know, by then I was teaching meditation. I learned TM, I was an international leader with maharishi's organization at that point. So I was in, surrounded in some of these, you know, teacher courses with a 500 or 1000 people and you know, the food line and whatever you hear people talking about reincarnation, you know, crazy people, you know, I just thought they were just making stuff up. I. So the dream that I had, I just thought was a bad dream. until about six or eight months later, I was with one of my close friends. Very close friend of mine. And I just started telling him the dream. And he finished the Dre. Like I just said, I had a really bad dream about six or eight months ago, George, at the end, he just told me the whole dream. Yeah, you will lie on the side of the road, you are crying all night, your face. This is what you were wearing and the sandals, and this is what your tunic look like. And I went whoa, what? And so how did you know that? And he said, Because I'm the one that found you there 2000 years ago. So that's how and so he had told he, he had had his some of his memories started coming to him as memories. Not as in like, not, not in the similar way his mind but actually as actual memories a couple of years before something like that before I mine this dream that I had. And so he had remembered who I was in our relationship, but he didn't tell he intentionally did not tell me because he wanted to see if I surface something myself before he started saying anything. You know, you don't want to be planting seeds you want to be me need to be innocent. And just see what happened. That's so that's what happened.

Alex Ferrari 19:07
And then so once you understood that there was a past life When did when the other start coming in because you remember many

Kelvin Chin 19:14
Shortly after that. I had some some some some pretty in a sense of jarring to us kind of go down your road of you know what you're intimating in terms of the cycle emotional of what was going on? It was it was somewhat jarring at first because again, it was jarring, not just emotionally it was a jarring because intellectually I didn't believe in reincarnation. I'm still doubting even though he said what he said to me. I'm still thinking he's making it up, right? I'm still questioning. I'm the ultimate skeptic. So I'm like what? And then and then I started so here's one one of the early ones is I was lying down, after I met, I always lie down, I was below the audience. And even if they don't do my technique of meditation, it is I always recommend people rest afterwards, don't just jump up after you finish your meditation, rest for, you know, 510 15 minutes or something. So I'm in that mode. So I'm not meditating. I'm not sleeping, I'm not dreaming. And I'm not totally wide awake, but I'm kind of in that in between wakefulness state. So I'm in that mode. And then like, it was as if like, like a TV screen like switched on in my in my head and I start seeing things like you see in a dream, but I'm not dreaming, right you know how you in a dream you can you see things, but you don't see yourself right, you seeing stuff in your dream. So you're looking through your eyes, your mind's eye, people, sometimes you call it that, right? So I walk into this room in this experience, I'm just lying on a friend of mines living room, because we all have six or eight of us that just meditated. And just lying there resting and, and I, I go into this room, and it's all stone big, huge, like stone blocks, two, three foot stone blocks, and floor, I look at the walls, stone, ceiling stone. It's all a big huge stone room and the ceilings, maybe 20 3040 feet up something like that, you know, it's big, high ceiling. And there's nobody in the room. I'm alone in the room, I look around, and all the furnitures pushed to the walls, except this one piece of furniture in the middle of the room. And it's a big, huge, full length, mirror. And so I walk up to it. And it's the first time we're getting chills done the worst time first time I walk. I've seen myself and I saw myself and I was a bit I filled up the mirror. I didn't know how big I was then. But I filled filth filled up the mirror. So I was a pretty big guy. And I had reddish red hair, red beard. A white tunic and a cross on it now had chainmail underneath full length, head to toe chainmail. Okay. And that, so that was the first. So then I don't know if it was, see, I never thought it'd be talking about this stuff. Because I just thought I would talk to my friend George and, you know, over the decades, like, hey, yeah, we just would just talk about it at my shelves. Now I've written a book, my third books coming out. It's all about this stuff, because I use it to help teach people get rid of their fears. But at that time, you know, I was what 26 years old when this happened, and 27 years old something and I said, you know, my life, I'm living my life, you know, whatever. So I don't know exactly when the following thing happened that relates to this lifetime, but at some point, it was 10 or 20 years later, something I in my book, I guesstimate, you know when it happened, but I started realizing how big I was. I had this knowingness, the only way I can I was 6'5" 6'4" 6'5"- 225,230 pounds. That knowing just just came into my mind about 10 or 20 years later, about that lifetime. Not that many people that big. You know, with red hair. We're in the Crusades.

Alex Ferrari 23:22
Right! You're a beast.

Kelvin Chin 23:25
I was a beast. I was a beast. There's stories about me. Where I was on horseback too. So warhorses were about 1400 pounds. The regular horses we would would drive her about 800 900 pounds. But the warhorses had to carry us with all our chainmail. You got 100 pounds of armor on you and I was and I was already 230 4050 pounds. So you know, I'm like, I'm like a 300 and a 350 pound beast on a horse. So we had 1400 pound horses. This story is about this guy who would go up to the we call them Saracens, then this is a whole other experience I had later where I use yelling out Saracens, I didn't even know what the word meant. That's the word for Muslims before. Well, in the Middle Ages, I can't remember i It's in my book, I looked it up but it's like before 14 or 1500 ad or some 16. We call Muslims is a relatively new term, but we call it Saracens. So I there's a story about me, this big guy on this 14 pound War Horse going up to several 100 Saracens and they saw him and they ran away. Right? It wasn't just me, it was me with my troops behind me. But I was in the front of the troops, right? I was huge. I mean, you know, I'm not weighing them by 150 pounds. I'm like a foot taller than they are some of them.

Alex Ferrari 24:50
You can only imagine you look like the devil coming on horseback. I mean, yeah. Yeah, they've never seen anything like it. So let me so let me ask you, what was the What's the oldest life that you can remember in a time or place that we might not know?

Kelvin Chin 25:06
Yeah, the oldest one that I remember, and it's really odd how it came up is some Samaria. Okay, area 6000 years ago, but 4000 BC. Again, these are estimates, you know, whatever, it's wise, but I know it was Samaria because I was sitting, minding my own business in my apartment alone in Austin when I lived in Austin, Texas. And I sit alone meditating, and then this So in 1986, I started getting information from the other side just spontaneously again, just minding my own business just started happening. So by this time, this was like 5 6 7 years ago this happened when I was living in Austin, Texas. I said something in Sumerian I've never studied Sumerian before. Okay. I've never I heard the name I knew it was an ancient civilization. I'd never read about it or anything like that. And I just knew that I it was something in Sumerian. But I didn't know. So what did it mean? I didn't know. So then I looked it up online. And yeah, it's so it's it's what is it Asha? I think it was. It seemed my whatever. I've written these things down since but you know, it means cosmic order. And I didn't know what it meant. I didn't know it was Sumerian. But in my meditation, it came to me. This is Sumerian. This is what you call this person back then.

Alex Ferrari 26:44
And that's the oldest memory you have or of your past lives and other ones up into you. I'm assuming you were in Egypt at one point or another.

Kelvin Chin 26:52
Yeah. I've been in Egypt several times. Yeah. Several times. It was a priest in Egypt several times. But yeah, that's the oldest one. And I remember standing on my veranda veranda, second floor, five o'clock in the morning. I don't have a lot from that lifetime. But I remember standing on the veranda, five o'clock in the morning, watching the sun come up over the city. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 27:17
Well, let me ask you, what's the most interesting past life that you can remember?

Kelvin Chin 27:22
Interesting. I mean, the one I have the most that I have this several who are very, very interesting. Depends on how you define interesting.

Alex Ferrari 27:33
I'm asking your definition of interest because it's your lives.

Kelvin Chin 27:37
The one that has helped me this lifetime the most? In a really nitty gritty way, not intellectually, okay. But in a visceral only way as visceral way. And you'll see what I mean, when I describe it to you was when I was a slave, I'm estimating it was around 2300 years ago or something like that. In the Punic, wars, fighting in warships was enslaved by the Carthage Carthaginians fighting the Romans. Okay. So the Carthaginians ruled the Mediterranean for many, many hundreds of years before the Romans got their act together and figured out how to build ships, like the Carthaginians could, okay, so the Carthaginians ruled all the trade, you know, you know, all the trade routes and everything. I was African at the time, and the only reason I know that is because I could see my skin. And I was very, very, you know, like, the sometimes people use the phrase of blue, blue black skin, you know, very, very, very dark pitch dark, very dark, yeah, blue, black. And so I could see my skin in this experience. And I was, this is one of my very early memories in this lifetime, very early. So like 1978 ish or something. I had this memory right after the first one, but and I was, I was dying. I had a nearing death experience, then to nearing not a classic end. But I almost died on a piece of wreckage. Because the ship had gotten blown up or something that I was rowing on so and I willed myself to stay alive. That's why I say viscerally. It helped me the most in this lifetime. Because I've been through so many difficult challenges in this lifetime, not the least of which I mean, this is not the only ones but not the least of which is being laid off five times since I was 50 years old. You know, an age discrimination, age discrimination is is alive and well. Alive. And well. Thank you. That's the phrase it was alive and well in the United States. They look at your resume college experience, oh, we got to pay this guy that much money, forget about it, you know, we're not going to talk to him. So at 50 years old, I've been laid off five times, you know, over the next 15 years and so that At lifetime, 2300 years ago of knowing how powerful My mind was to will, my physical body to stay alive, helped me ramp it up so that I could put on a good face in an interview to get a new job this lifetime. That makes sense, right?

Alex Ferrari 30:16
Well, let me ask you, Kelvin, how did you deal with this psychologically? Because this seems like a lot of information. And you're not, you're not training in the spiritual space. You're not reading the Vedic texts. You're not, you're not studying with a yogi. No one's there explaining this process to you. So I imagine you got to be like the computing power in your brain has to be overwhelmed

Kelvin Chin 30:40
Yes, sometimes you're absolutely right. Yeah, I didn't read books. I wasn't there were no YouTube videos back then. But you know, I wasn't going to workshops. I mean, because I'm still kind of questioning. And seriously, there's no part of me even after all, for several years, I'm talking about, like, several experiences. I'm talking about several years worth of, I don't know how many hundreds of experiences over several years, whatever. I wasn't counting, I'm still questioning whether I'm making this up. And so I was trying to answer your question. It was it was difficult for me a time I was go, I went through some identity crises like am I make, you know, who am I? You know, who am I? That's what identity means, right? And so I was trying to figure this out myself. And I kind of trialed in errored, it Burb verb, it's made up a new verb, you know, I just, you know, just try to figure it out myself, because that's how I'm wired it because if I, I don't even think about it. But this is how I'm wired personality wise. If I go to somebody else, I'm gonna get their interpretation. I already knew that. So I'm like, I want to figure it out myself. Am I making this up? Or whatever. And so I just kind of sat back and I, this is I talk about this in my third book, I talk about this angst that I kind of went through and it's questioning that you're talking about I talked about this, you're very astute, actually. It's not just the service stuff, because I say, otherwise, it's cocktail party talk, I don't care. This is when I was going to talk about this was stuff that's internal to me. I talked about it with one friend for decades, and then maybe a small handful of a six or eight of my closest friends after that. And I've told them to keep their mouth shut, because I don't want I don't get locked up, you know, yeah. This is like my experience. And it's my journey about me. So then I started teaching this stuff recently, like recently for me is eight to 10 years ago. And so now I've written this book, but you know, it's all getting out there. But it's not about who I was. It's about what I did with it. And that's what my book is all about. And that's what my teaching has always been about.

Alex Ferrari 32:54
Yeah, it's not it's because the the stories themselves are their stories. They're wonderful stories they are. It's like watching a movie, but it's about the message of the story that you can then apply in today's world

Kelvin Chin 33:08
It's about living in the present. It's not about living in the past, or, you know, ruminating about the past or pining away. Oh, I wish it was like that.

Alex Ferrari 33:17
I wish I was back to being that red. Giant.

Kelvin Chin 33:21
Exactly. Exactly. So it's, it's about how does it inform me to help me in the continual present, which I'm living in all the time. To me, that's that's what I teach. And that's how I've used this.

Alex Ferrari 33:34
So then let me ask you this, because you seemed you were very reluctant and held on to this for so many years. This information, when did you decide to come out of this past life closet?

Kelvin Chin 33:47
What was it? I think it was? I don't know, if you go on my YouTube channel? Sure. You get a more accurate answer,

Alex Ferrari 33:56
Not the exact date. I'm not concerned about the exact date. I'm more exactly

Kelvin Chin 34:00
Four or five years ago.

Alex Ferrari 34:02
So the what was it? What was inside of you that said, this is the time for me to open up and take this leap?

Kelvin Chin 34:08
Well, maybe it was a little bit longer than Well, the four or five years ago is when I came out more publicly. I guess I started talking about my Carthaginian slave lifetime in my first book, so that was 2015 or 16 when I wrote that, so I guess that's when I first came upon, but so what really kind of, I guess nudged me, like a strong nudge was in 2014. I organized an event called the 30th November talk, we'll call it the 30 November talk to three zero th is the website we created where the talk exists. It's not a talk by me, but I organized the event. And what happened was my good friend George, who I mentioned in the previous yes story about finishing my dream. He He's been in mergers and acquisitions. So he's retired now. But he was emerges and acquisitions lawyer for 25 30 years big global law firms etc. I say that because he's not a psychic, but he and I've been meditating for so many decades, he's been meditating, you know, a couple of years less than I have. So I've been meditating for years, he's been missing 50 years, okay? So we're about the same time. And it's like, okay, opening up, opening up opening up the meditation, he got a download, he got a visit, when his sister died in his house, she came and brought a bunch of, we'll call them old friends, from previous lifetimes to him, who asked him to do this 30 November talk. As a result of that 30th November talk, I was involved, they came and visited me from the other side, also, etc. And not just me and George, but there were several others who got visitations. I know, I know, of at least 20 who contacted me and they got visitations. But these 20 people I don't even know around the world when I was organizing this. And so that kind of to answer your question. That was, I guess, the seminal event, if you want to push me

Alex Ferrari 36:14
When you say visiting, visit visit says visitations. What does that mean? Well, you like seeing ghosts, where you like, what was going on?

Kelvin Chin 36:21
Communications from the other side? You know, you've probably had people on talking about that, right? Sure. Yeah. So telepathic communications from the other side, etc. And as you know, because of all your previous guests who've talked about it, that can come in many, many different forms, sometimes you can see their energy body, sometimes you just hear them, sometimes you have a feeling until it you know, you know, you know, telepathic communication, sometimes it's a combination of all the above. It varies. So we were having a number of us having a lot of first it was George, but then a number of us were having these communications with just call them from, you know, folks on the other side, about the Sturgis November talk. So that was it, it was a talk just in this. Those of you who, you know, would go to the website, you'll see it's a talk about the history, the explanations of why certain things were done. In the beginning, and in the beginning days up beginning millennia of the Judeo Christian Islamic Vedic traditions. So it was the, some of the progenitors of the Judeo Christian Islamic Vedic traditions, giving a download as to well, this is why we did this, and we're trying to do a social, this is my terminology, a social science experiment to help humanity that's my terminology, Hey, Ian, let's try this. And let's try planting a seed. And let's send a prophet down with this message. And let's send another prophet down with that message and plant the seeds and the profit will come down, and then teach and so forth and so on. And then, and then spread these concepts. We're talking over the last say, 10,000 years, roughly. Okay. So that's what that so I organized that, you know, event, and it happened in Alexandria, Virginia, outside Washington, DC. And as I said, 2014. So I guess to answer your question, I never thought about it until you asked me because you're asking interesting questions. Like what kick me in the butt to kind of start

Alex Ferrari 38:36
But to put yourself out there because this is not. This is a room clearing conversation, man, this is not like, Hey, everybody, I remember 6000 years of my past lives, generally, not the best coffee talk.

Kelvin Chin 38:48
I select my audiences. Look, I have a career previous to doing what I'm doing now of working in law firms. Right? That was I was a lawyer I was we're gonna be

Alex Ferrari 38:59
Very spiritual space. Very spiritual.

Kelvin Chin 39:01
Yeah, exactly. Right. Yeah. Right. I'd be at these legal conferences, talking to these lawyers around the world and travel, I'm traveling around, but this covers that. Anyway, you get a couple of drinks in him and more than a couple of drinks in him, you know, I'm drinking my, what they think is vodka, which is my water in a glass, you know? And then, you know, and then they loosen them up, and they're like, Kelvin, what would you really like to do? Because, you know, they tell me how much they hate practicing law. You really like Adobe get the heck out of this industry? Or I said, Well, I don't know, you know, this is like, 2030 years ago, I'd say. I don't know. I feel like I'd like to help people with death and dying issues and help them like, you know, just, you know, get on with it, and you know, being uncomfortable. And they say, really, you got to do that. I said yeah, I said I've no idea how to do that. But it just you asked me so I'm telling you. And of course next morning they're sober. They completely forgot that I've had that conversation with them.

Alex Ferrari 40:00
Well, let me ask you this, why do you think you were chosen for this? For this kind of information? Because, you know, from what I've spoken to, and I've spoken to spiritual masters, I've spoken to nd ears, I've spoken to a lot of different people on this, about this topic. Past Lives The reason and I've asked certain people, why can't we remember our past lives? And a lot of people always ask like, well, if if reincarnation is real, what can I remember? Why am I this? This, this amnesia, and the always would have said is that like, if you had the information of all your past lives, your your current brain couldn't deal with it, you barely could deal with what you have in this lifetime, let alone baggage and traumas and other things from past lives, you would just explode. So why have you been given this ability? And why do you think you were chosen for this kind of memory that you're even doing with it right now?

Kelvin Chin 40:53
So I it's interesting question. So first of all, I'll work backwards with you. So I don't think I'm chosen for this. I mean, I think that I have chosen that I don't think there's somebody external has chosen me now. Sure. Do I have friends on the other side? Who externally say, Hey, kill, get out there and start talking about? Yeah, I have had friends on the other side telling me that for 20 30 years, and I've said, no choice free will force God's free will. So I've had I've had nudges, let's just say, but it's my choice. So I'm not chosen in that way. I think really, it distills down to one simple thing with all kinds of nuances, of course, but which is that I don't have a fear about a lot of things. So I don't have a fear about death, and dying. So I, I can, I can go and experience my death in a number of different lifetimes. So I talk about my book, but you know, so I've experienced that I can experience it. I can experience the memory of it now even right, and it doesn't freak me out. Oh, it freaks me out. It affects me, but it doesn't overwhelm me.

Alex Ferrari 42:04
Okay. It's like you remember dying and other up past lives?

Kelvin Chin 42:08
Oh, you guys. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So that's one. And then and that's one fear. But I think a bigger that's one big fear that I think prevents a lot of people from remember. But I think even bigger fear is embarrassment. You know, or shame or embarrassment, or, you know, like, because people hold themselves, they have an eye, everybody has an ideal image of who they want people to think of them as a mask. It doesn't matter what it is. And it's it, everybody has a different ideal image of what you know, it's their ideal image. And you don't meet that people feel they get embarrassed. Sometimes people get shamed, they feel guilty or whatever. I'm like, Man, I'm secure within myself is who Kelvin chin is who Kelvin chin has been in the past or my soul, not Kelvin chin. But who am I soul has manifested in the past, and has done some stuff that maybe not so great. You know, that's not me. Now, I know who I am. Now, I'm not worried about being tainted by that. I think that's a big cautionary barrier, or whatever you want to call it for a lot of people prove creates a barrier. The other thing is to, you know, to the way you kind of summed up with your heard other people say about your brain, your mind would explode. I don't know if explode is the right word, I'd say your your mind wouldn't be able to handle it. Because of the fears of the guilt of the shame of the trauma that it could it could trigger in somebody. And that's one reason why I say to my students, I say you don't have to remember your past lives. In order to fully develop from a spiritual standpoint. You you look at your emotional patterns is what I advise, because the emotional patterns are, are definitely linked to your past lives. So look at the emotional patterns, you don't need to remember how you died or what was going on in the battlefield here, or I was almost dying on a piece of wreckage when I was a slave in the Mediterranean. I don't have to remember all that nasty stuff. But if I look at my emotional patterns, I can learn more about who I am today. Because those emotional patterns, in my experience are what have carried throughout the 6000 years of my memory so far. And that's what I talked about in the last half of my book. Is all of that stuff. The first half is kind of like you said stories. The last half is a different sort of stories. It's the stories about the inside the outside, right out.

Alex Ferrari 44:45
So let me ask Do you think that you that you go farther back than the 6000 years and you just have to remember?

Kelvin Chin 44:50
Oh, yeah, I mean, I think I've been well. You're the first podcast Interviewer Who's asked to be this that where I've had since I've Got a recent experience that literally just it's, it's not only going to be in my third book, because it's got my my books go into the interior designer guy who's going to upload it. But this just happened within the last 48 hours. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 45:16
Ohh wow. Okay, this is a fresh and exclusive if you

Kelvin Chin 45:18
Well, you gotta whatever you call that, you know, you gotta Yeah, whatever they call that music, which is what's happened to me in the middle of the night, I got up to pee in or whatever, you know, and I come back and I'm so I'm not I'm not asleep yet. But I mean that go into Yeah. And I started speaking in another language and this is going on and I tell this in my book it's been going on since the 1980s. I just babble I could stop doing it. It's not like somebody's something's controlling me, I could stop. But I'm in that relaxed state, about to go to sleep. And I was not speaking of the familiar language, familiar, like the language that I've been native, indigenous people language that I've normally been speaking in the past for decades, it was something else. And I had a vision of myself in the southwest, not in the Great Plains, where I've had many visions of lots of memories being in the Great Plains in the 1800s. But this one was ancient in the southwest of what we call our country now. But you know, the South America, North America southwest? Like, I don't know, 8000 10,000 years ago, something welcome. I don't know exactly when. So it's just, uh, I just had a little window into it. You know, it was arid, it was dry. I knew it was in the southwest.

Alex Ferrari 46:49
Was there anybody else around?

Kelvin Chin 46:53
I don't know. I don't know. Because I fell asleep. You know, in this light, you know, a couple of I just, I fell asleep. And then I don't remember what happened. So you,

Alex Ferrari 47:04
But it was it was obviously a different, a different experience in that space?

Kelvin Chin 47:11
Yes, it was different. It was different from all my other ones.

Alex Ferrari 47:14
And the language you were speaking is completely unrecognizable.

Kelvin Chin 47:19

Alex Ferrari 47:21
I want to ask you this Kelvin because you have such experience with past lives. Do you? How do you think that we have evolved as a species as as humans on the planet for so long? Because, you know, obviously, history now that that ancient history is the timeline, it continues to be pushed back by new like the Google Pele in Turkey and pull up a campaign and never say the name. Let's just back 11,500. All these kinds of things, paths, going back, some people are even arguing 30 40,000 years back, is where different different civilizations have come and gone. You know, again, all that kind of stuff. I'd love to hear your take on it. Because you have this kind of experience of so many different past lives, and experienced so much. I'd love to hear your opinion on that.

Kelvin Chin 48:13
I think I guess what I could say is it. I think what we tend to do in 21st century Earth is judge the sophistication of a civilization by technology. And I think that's a big mistake. Because this is what's persistent. Not this, but our mind, our consciousness. Our soul is what's persisting through time. technology could come and go, you know, I mean, oh, yeah. I mean, look at look at ancient Rome. I mean, I watch the Discovery Channel years ago, in ancient Rome, they had look at these brain surgery tools, and they had Ancient Rome 2000 years ago, or 2500 years ago, whatever it was, and they had today 20/20 century 20th century tools, and they were essentially identical. Okay, right. But they were lost in between the Middle Ages, they were not all of that was lost when the Roman Empire went down the tubes, right. So it came back again. So my point is that over the millennia, you go back 40 50,000 100, maybe 1000. I don't know what you go back. It's the consciousness that's continuing. And yes, I think we've developed but I think there's more. More self awareness back 40 50,000 years ago, then people will give the 40 50,000 years ago archeological digs credit for I'm not saying we were more conscious than than we are. Now. I'm saying that our judgment, our assessment of how conscious the civilization was, is based on artifacts that we find. It's based on things,

Alex Ferrari 49:55
Right, because they think, Oh, we have planes, we have cars, and we were much more advanced but there's things that The thing that I heard that Graham Hancock say this is like when we look in the past, we look for our technology in the past. And that's what we rate everything against, but you're not looking at what their technology the technology that was created, then we still don't know how the pyramids were made something. There was some sort of technology that built that. Yes. And, you know, that was more advanced than what we could do today. There's

Kelvin Chin 50:25
Not only that, but you asked what my perspective here is, here's something for you. You look at the iPhone today in the Samsung Galaxy, whatever, you didn't matter which one you got. Smartphones. Are you telling me that the smartphone development is a direct result of the 8 billion people's consciousnesses on planet Earth today? I say, No, you're Dreamland, you're living in a fantasy world. There was a small percentage of those 8 billion who are on planet Earth, who created the smartphone. There's a small percentage of the human race at the time, who came up with electricity? Or the wheat? Or the this or the that? Okay, judging the the. It's kind of like, I don't know where this came from. It just popped into my head. But I grew up in Boston, okay. What's their Harvard and MIT? I can't tell you how many people in the Boston area walk around wearing Harvard and MIT sweatshirts now? who've never, who'd ever been to college before? So are you telling me that all those people who are now wearing Harvard and MIT sweatshirts have the wherewithal consciousness intellectually or whatever you want to however you want to measure? Right? Just because Harvard and MIT exist in the Boston area, and they're breathing the same air? That's the thinking that people have. Well, we we have smartphones now. Okay. Yeah. Like, it felt that person who says that I would say to them, yeah, what did you contribute to the smartphone? Right. I'm sorry, it's the Ria. But that's the perspective, you're asking me my perspective, is always a very, very, very small percentage of people who really move the needle in civilization. That's my experience over 6000 years.

Alex Ferrari 52:27
There's no question. There's no, in every industry, there's a few trailblazers, who usually get the arrows in the back and bloodied, because of the first one is the wall. Always in every industry from sports, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, you just all of them, they do what they do. And everybody, then also when they do it, then everybody else says, Oh, it can be done. And then all of a sudden, magically, in the next five or 10 years, other people start doing something that we thought impossible, the four minute mile, things like that.

Kelvin Chin 53:00
Exactly. It but we forget that that's a, I think when you point that out to people, they go Oh, yeah, yeah. But then you don't transpose that to the questions that we're talking about. symbolism, right.

Alex Ferrari 53:12
Right. And also, don't forget also that there's this this phenomenon of the same thing coming into existence at the same time, because Edison was doing electricity here, someone in Europe was doing it as well. And of course, Tesla as well was doing it. But at the exact same time, there was the Wright brothers here. And in Europe, there was another group that was doing it as well, at the same time, patents. This patents were like days apart from each other. I mean, there's that phenomena, but we could go down that road. I mean, it's a favorite topic, you can go down there forever. I wanted to ask you, because you know, you, you talked about the past lives, you talk about reincarnation, how do you and your I love your whole energy Kelvin, because you were just kind of very pragmatic about this whole thing. You're not deeply, you know, woowoo, I use the word you're not like woowoo this and that you're not there. That's what I like about your perspective on this. How can you explain reincarnation to somebody who doesn't believe in reincarnation, it doesn't jive with their foundational principles that they were programmed with that youth essentially, how do you explain it in a logical sense, where you can have an intellectual conversation about it?

Kelvin Chin 54:26
So so the first assumption is that they're curious, because if somebody is not at all curious, I don't I don't go there. To me, I'm not here to change. I'm not a preacher. I'm a teacher. So if somebody I'm not here to change their belief systems, that's what a preacher does. I'm not here to do that. So if they want a little bit insight and maybe a little bit more understanding, I talked about the first law of thermodynamics. You know, matter cannot be created nor destroyed. So, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. matter is made of energy. So energy cannot be created or destroyed the first law of thermodynamics. All right? Conservation of Matter, conservation of energy is sometimes what it's called. Alright, that's what I hang my hat on. Because if that's the case, then what are we? Are we our biological bodies? Well, some people will say that, and I'm not going to argue with them. Again, that's their belief. They don't believe in atoms and molecules and so forth. If they don't, that's okay. There's some people that may not believe in atoms and molecules, okay, fine. But I think most people will believe that we're made up of atoms and mock very tiny particles, we call them whatever we want to call them, tiny, tiny particles that at their, you know, you get tiny enough that you're talking to energy is what we're talking about. And so if if that cannot be created, nor destroyed, and is permanent, is eternal, it is uninfluenced by the continuum of change, that's what eternity means. Eternal means, then it has to continue. And if it continues, how does it continue? And so my experience is that it can take on a different form. Reincarnation,

Alex Ferrari 56:15
It's an analogy, I understand your analogy, and I'm gonna play devil's advocate for a second, because what you just explained, and I already drank the Kool Aid. So but I'm just gonna play devil's advocate, is that what you explained is the physical death, because you're right, we will die, we will decompose in the earth, and we will transform into a tree into something else that to a plant that feeds, we will our energy will continue and will continue and continue. Yeah, as far as the physical is concerned. Yeah. But you're using that as an analogy for the spirit. But you have to you have to cross the cavern in the, in the belief that there is a soul or spirit.

Kelvin Chin 56:57
It's impossible. That's impossible. It's impossible to first of all, none of this is is possible to prove, as in a theorem, he has a right and an absolute wrong answer. Correct. Correct. So these are interpretations. I say this right up front of my book, these are interpretations. And now can we take interpretations and put them through the crucible through the filtration system of whether or not the evidence supporting it is reliable or weak? Or stronger? Oh, yeah, yeah, we can do that. We can look at more reliable evidence rather than less reliable evidence. So I talked about what what is more reliable evidence and so forth with these reincarnation experiences, but it's still it's, it's still it's still it's not absolutely provable? So but here's an idea that a plant a seed in your head, this is good can can start to get very abstract here, but have this idea of a soul or a mind or a consciousness? That's independent? Because that's really what we're talking about. Okay? It is it is it doesn't exist independent. And so if we look at the universe, I'm just gonna give you the broad brush on this, okay, first. So, if we look at the universe, what, what's one of the fundamental principles that exists in our known universe is entropy. Entropy being is, you know, things, if left to their own devices will degrade, and in and become, we'll call chaotic. Okay? So entropy, if I move out of this apartment, and I just leave everything as is, if you come back to this apartment 500 or 1000 years ago, maybe less than that. This paper is not going to be here anymore. It's going to be degraded. Sure, Ash dust or whatever, you know, you know, probably my iPhone case will still be here, because it's plastic. All the plastic will probably still be in a bar. But that's the idea of entropy. Is it things left to integrate. So what, what what can we look at? That gives some again, this is not absolute proof, but some reliable evidence that we can hang our hat on, that demonstrates that there's something else operating besides this principle of entropy, which I think everybody would agree exists throughout the known universe. And that's that there's something that can do things within that entropic universe, that can change entropy. Wipe, take sand, and heat and make a glass. There's something that can do that. Or that's a human example or To take dirt and pile it up in a certain way, and create little little tunnels in it, that creates a two or three foot or six foot high termite nest. There's something that's doing that. And so and I would argue that it's individual, that that's that termites have souls or whatever you call it, we have souls now, they're not the same, but they have the ability to disrupt our entropic universe disrupt meaning, create stuff that's not in Tropic, right, like Weaver, if you just let the woods go, the woods is going to eventually over three, four or 500 years, the woods gonna fall down, you know, you just go back, you don't have to go back that long. Go back after five or 10 or 20 years, and the trees are falling down, there's been a fire that ended or whatever, and then whatever. And then some of the trees have fallen over the river and it's in bad weather. But look, you go back not that long ago. And look, these animals called beavers have actually constructed a thing called a dam, we call it a dam across the river. That is violation of the entropic universe rules, okay? But you know what? A soul is doing that making freewill conscious choices to have the bedroom of the Beaver Dam over here, and then take this tree and conscious consciously make make making something happen.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:27
You see what that and for people listening to might go wait, wait a minute, I can't. I mean, not everything has a solar conscious. But I argue to say that that beaver has a program that's inside of it, it will never make a damn outside of a river. That's not what a beaver does. Those Termites will never do, they will never build the Eiffel tower out of dirt. They can't do that. But they have a programming, simple basic programming that gets more complex as we go up in species plant has the consciousness to follow the sun to get there's something inside of it. There's some sort of code or programming or consciousness that does that. Even blades of grass, do it. There's something there. So there's something there's something going on. And that is what I think my show is really all about is trying to answer the mysteries that we all see around us, but can't put our fingers on, there's something going on at a deeper, you know, spiritual, conscious level that we can't understand or explain. And that's what I thrive, to try to get out of people on this show be like yourself who are walking a different path than most, most people don't have six to 8000 years of memories of past lives.

Kelvin Chin 1:02:49
And we don't have to debate the termites or the beavers because people don't have so it's okay, okay, fine. You don't think your dog or your cat has a soul? That's fine. That's okay, too. You don't think that they have freewill. And they've you know that the you know, they know they make choices. You think they're programmed or whatever, they don't have a soul or whatever, that's okay. But what humans, I think we could pretty much agree that they are very unpredictable souls. And they just do all kinds of wacky stuff. And sometimes it works. And sometimes the building comes crashing down because somebody didn't follow the building code. And they got lazy, and they just did whatever and tragedy happens. You know, I don't mean that. Jokingly, but let me just because people make free will choices based on humans due for all kinds of reasons. Financial, or religious. Ego, just laziness. You know, whatever. Sure. Sure. Sure. Does it rain? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:51
So let me ask you with all these memories you have of past lives. Do you have any memories of in between lives?

Kelvin Chin 1:03:57
Yeah. Oh, so. So one of them surface fairly recently. And like, since I was writing this book, I started actually writing down when certain things were happening was January this year, when I was swimming, I swim three days a week I do laps, and when you do, you know, repetitive stuff, you kind of have to meditation. Yeah, it's like a metaphor, like except you're physically moving, but you're kind of in a meditative mode kind of thing. So I'm on the back and I had this mini experience just a very quick flash of being on the other side. And I detail this how this happened and how it unfolded in my in my new book, but the short version is that I saw I saw I was on the other side see, observing Earth at around 1978 1918 ish or something like that. And I be because of a previous lifetime memories, memories, but on the other side and remembering a previous lifetime, it was influenced by 100 years earlier, 200 years earlier, whatever. I decided, I thought I could see that there was going to be another war after the end of the First World War. And I decided to come in. I was born around 1980 9019. And I came in and I was I fought in the Second World War, I was blond, blue eyes, I fought I flew F four F Wildcats off of the USS Enterprise, and other aircraft carriers in the South Pacific in World War Two. But the big question, I had this, I saw myself see what I was seeing down here and fake and I figured out I connected the dots and figured out what parts of what I was seeing wasn't what Normally people would think, you know, the British and the Americans fighting the French fighting the Germans influential. It was the Russians. I saw what the Russians with the Russians and the Germans what was going on with the Russians and the Germans. That's what made me think, Oh, this is going to blow up again.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:12
So you saw the writing on the wall, if you will.

Kelvin Chin 1:06:15
Yeah. But but but the Russians, I saw what happened with the Russians and the German fighting.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:21
So that when you were up when you were looking down, did you see anything else? Or would you just remember seeing Earth and that was it, you didn't see yourself?

Kelvin Chin 1:06:29
I wasn't seeing well, I'm down on the battlefield seeing this now. It wasn't like, it was like it was in another world will say this, you know, on the other side, kind of, and I knew, I knew I was looking at what was going on in some figuratively speaking, saying I was looking at Earth, you know, but I was I was aware of the events going on on earth. From the other side, if you were deciding to come back or not, or accurate way of saying it. Yeah. It's sad.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:00
But you've never had you didn't you don't have any memories of like, being on the other side? Or life between lives as far as like,

Kelvin Chin 1:07:06
Memories I have experienced as being on the separate from those past life stuff. Sure. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I have experiences now. You know, since 1986, off and on, I've had experiences of being on the other side and just, you know, the field of light and then ended on it's just, it's all light. It's not a field of like, just, it's, it's energetic. And so it looks like it's like in the fact that we can do whatever we want to do. And basically you think, whatever, and so forth. And you can travel around really fast because you're a biological body. I don't think getting a view

Alex Ferrari 1:07:46
So like thought you basically moving around in thought, yes. Is there anything on the other side that you remember that would that would be interesting to discuss? In a Hall of Records, a council of elders? A bar, A bar that you'd like to go to?

Kelvin Chin 1:08:01
Yeah, exactly. It's more the latter than the former things, options that you get. It's more the latter. Seriously. I mean, there's there's there's lots of these councils. So let me just kind of answer it this way. There's lots of councils that you know, people talk about the Council of Elders the Council of this the Council of that and the Council of Essen that this is like a good jillion councils. It's in my afterlife. I teach an afterlife classes six part afterlife series. One of the first things I say in the session one is there's the other side is more like this side than people realize. Because people are blown away by how it's different way because it is different. You don't have biological binary. Okay, fine. Oh, that yeah, the given and its energetic is over. But all of the goings on will say that are really orchestrated by what? Not a biological body by the consciousness by the mind are still being orchestrated by all of the range of minds that you've ever run into on this side. Or if you've had an Indy on the other side of whatever, it's this still the fuel full range of minds. That's what people people think that oh, on the other side, everybody's enlightened. Everybody's perfect. Everybody is like, going to be nice to me. Well, not necessarily. You have, it's like people die. They don't all of a sudden become geniuses when they die, or whatever. Or all of a sudden people who are narcissistic, all of a sudden, they're on the other side, and they're no longer a narcissist. No, they carry that with them, not just into the other side, but into 1000s of lifetimes back on Earth again, and again and again and again and again, until until they overcome it until they until they want to overcome. Yeah, until the end. It's a choice because some people just they some people, they're caught up in the cruelty cycle. And I'm sorry, this is a whole other lecture. But you know, and it's just hard for them to get out of because it works for them. But no The other side is more like this side than the other, then people realize it. And so there are lots of councils, there's tons of councils, there's not one. And so my teaching is to people on this side is to discern, discern, discern, to distinguish, I help my students develop filters, so that when they're on this side or the other side, they can discern and make their own decisions and not be, go down a gun, not be sold a bill of goods by somebody who's incredibly persuasive, or incredibly powerful and bright. On the other side, the fact that some of being is incredibly brighter than other beings, doesn't mean anything. I mean, there are people on this side who are incredibly powerful beings, in human beings, powerful, who I would never want to be in the same room with nevermind have a relationship with, right? Power does not mean wisdom. That's one of my fundamental teachings. And most people are swooned by power on this side and the other side, near the other side. So don't be hoodwinked by somebody or being dumb. I don't care how bright the light is. Make your own. That's my as my instruction, my suggestion.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:25
Kelvin, I can keep talking to you for hours, sir. Little bucks, I could talk to you for six or 8000 years.

Kelvin Chin 1:11:32
We got an eternity. Yeah, like each other. We're good to go.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:39
But ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Kelvin Chin 1:11:44
To me, it's not complicated to me, it's it's figuring out what works for each of us. And we're each individual souls and everybody's unique. So we each have to figure that out ourselves. And how to do that, by, by, by, by trial and error, quite frankly, and by but by specifically looking at one of my desires, and then my subsequent actual thought and actions connected to those desires is working and what's not, and don't keep going down the road that's not working. Learn from that, to me, that's to me, that's, that's the road to happiness. That's the road to inner peace and contentment. That's, that's, you know, that's what I that's what I suggest.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:28
How do you define God?

Kelvin Chin 1:12:31
I don't see there, that there is a need for God in the way that other people define God. So, if there is no creation, or end there is no need for a creator. Now, could there have been a creator of human beings? Yes. But not of the soul is my theory. Right? Again, these are not provable. Clark ironclad, right. But my logic, and my experience so far tells me in my logic, extension tells me that we are eternal, and therefore, no creator of my soul necessary. Now, could somebody have created plants? Like you used to plant example? Or whatever? Yes, somebody could have been a creator of that some beings or beings could have that's possible. If somebody views God that way, then I could buy that. But I don't, I don't, I don't view there need to be a creator in of the soul or whatever. If it's, you can't have eternity start after something's created. That makes no logical sense. Okay, but hear that all the time. Right? Should I kind of cognitive dissonance? So that's what I'm referring to.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:57
That makes sense. It makes sense. What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Kelvin Chin 1:14:01
I think that I think every individual has their own purpose, whatever that is, in its development. And each person has to develop that themselves and, and refine it and change it as they go through their lives in lifetimes in their own one life. However, they want to look at it.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:18
And what would be a piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Kelvin Chin 1:14:23
My younger self, I would say, relax, open up. Maybe ease up on yourself, and don't be so hard on yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:35
Very much so. And where can people find out more about you and your books and your work?

Kelvin Chin 1:14:40
Yeah, yeah, so I got two books out so far. This is the first one overcoming the fear of death. It's a non religious approach to helping people overcome the fear of death. So the four belief systems I talked about hidden in here are belief systems that underlying support the religious and cultural beliefs in the world. They're not religious and cultural beliefs. So it's not Aren't religious approach. This is a collection of 67 essays I've written Marcus are really updated. It's called 21st century meditations on living life 67 essays on emotions life principles, there's a chapter on meditation essays. I talk about forgiveness, spirituality, suffering and happiness as a spiritual chapter in here. You know, talk about ego, God, karma, etc. My, my, my third book is coming out about my afterlife experiences, the easiest way to reach me probably is just Google, my name, your Google my name, and I'm the first couple of pages on Google, you'll see all my websites pop up, I have four websites, the easiest way to navigate all the websites is go to the bottom of any one. And there's hot links to the other three. That's the easiest way you don't have to remember what they are. And then my youtube channel link is there also on the bottom of every website page.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:56
And I will put that in the show notes as well my friend and what is your do, you have a final message you'd like to leave us with?

Kelvin Chin 1:16:02
I think they really the final message that I tell people is just relax, enjoy life. Enjoy being in your physical, biological body while you're in it. Because whether you remember you did this or not, you chose to come here, you chose to be in here. Now the choice may have been a very concerted, like conscious choice. Or it may have been like, Yeah, I miss getting drunk and boom, you're down here. And it may not have been a very well thought out choice, because you forgot that you had to get a job in order to buy the alcohol to go have fun at the bar. There's nothing wrong with having fun at the bar, but you gotta you gotta pay him you got to pay your you know, to pay for the pay for the beer. So I seriously mean that just relax, enjoy being here. Try to do it my advice, in his least cruel and hurtful way as possible because it comes around and bite you in the butt. And, and it's not a great way to be a happy person is to create more people around you who are unhappy. Now, that's what a cruel person does. So learn from that and, and enjoy life really.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:12
Kelvin has been an absolute pleasure talking to you, my friend. It has been a hoot to say the least my friend. So I appreciate you and the work that you're doing in the world, my friend. Thank you again.

Kelvin Chin 1:17:20
Take care, Alex, good to see you. Thanks!

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