Joshua Louis, someone with a troubled past, struggled to understand the world around him and his purpose within it. Following a simple spiritual path, he would come to understand his purpose in a very profound way. In 2012, his intuitive nature drew him to seek the truth regarding paranormal events and the existence of an afterlife. What he got was way more than he bargained for. As his intuitive abilities developed, he discovered he was able to communicate with souls on the other side.

With his new group H.O.P.E. (Helpers of Paranormal Entities) and his intuitive ability, he dedicated his time to helping stuck spirits crossover as well as grieving people looking for closure. Using a wide array of technological devices combined with intuitive means, Josh has been able to successfully reconnect many people with their deceased loved-ones. In addition to his work and research in to the afterlife, Josh is a devoted father and owner of a successful hookah bar café and filmmaker.

Please enjoy my conversation with Joshua Louis.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 128

Joshua Louis 0:00
This appeared to me. This vision appeared to me when I got to the end of the meditation. So I drew it and this like carpet came out. And it extended in this was a very vivid scene. And then it kind of rolled back. And it was like, Here's the door, you're working your way towards it if you're not ready to go through that

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show, Joshua Louis, how you doing Joshua?

Joshua Louis 1:06
Grateful, grateful to be here, Alex, thank you. Thank you. I'm doing good.

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Thank you for coming on the show my friend. I'm just gonna get right into it. Man, I wanted to ask you your first question, because your work is really interesting. And your journey is really interesting. What was your life like before your first spiritual experience?

Joshua Louis 1:25
I mean, I was raised in a good home, I was raised in a middle class, you know, home, Connecticut, New York area. And it was a very happy childhood. I share in my book that I you know, I was a pretty sensitive kid, I was picked on a lot and all that and I you know, and that's not a sob story or feel sorry. But that's just what led me to overcompensate. And I started I got into addiction. I mean, I was I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, you know, at the age of 1213 years old, and it didn't stop until I was 24. So, you know, I mean, it was it was a rough patch. I mean, I wouldn't that's a patch, that's a rough period, to rough decade, over a decade of a lot of difficulties, that a lot of arrests and things and getting in trouble and just bottoming out, you know. So it was there was a very little hope. It felt very hopeless.

Alex Ferrari 2:24
So what was your first spiritual experience?

Joshua Louis 2:28
You know, my first spiritual experience I share about in the book and something really interesting just happened recently about regarding it, which is very strange. But my first spiritual experience was, I was it was like, 2000. And I was really, in a bad place. I didn't know where to turn what to do. Family was tired of me. I burned all the bridges and I was crying. I was I wanted to confess my sins I didn't. I believed in a god, but I didn't know what that was or what that power was for me. So I was driving it to in the morning, no one was out. And I didn't know where to go. And I pulled into a church. The parking lot was empty, the rectory was closed. The church was closed, there was a little grotto on the side where you can like candles and kneel, the statue of the Blessed Mother holding the baby Jesus. I went in there, I lit a candle, I kneel down. And I was just crying. And I was just saying, God, I would just want someone to talk to you. If you're real, can I talk to someone and I kept looking over at the rectory thinking maybe a priest would see that I was in there and just feel compelled to walk over and out of nowhere, this little old lady no car pulled up nothing. Just this little old lady walked into the grotto holding a little dog. She lit a candle, She kneeled down next to me, she didn't say a word. And then she put her hand on my shoulder and looked at me and said, Would you like to confess your sins, and that's all I wanted. So at just with those few words, something was happening in that moment for me that I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the person was an apparition or some kind of Angel, but I will say that it felt like the power the higher power heard my plea and somehow plucked someone you know, and moved them to where I needed you know, where and it was very amazing. And I cried and I she pulled out this little black book with this old little black book with prayers in it and she read from it and I confess my sins she gave me this necklace off her neck that she said was her father's on his deathbed, and that she wanted me to have it that God told her to give it to her to me. I said I couldn't take it but she forced it. And I took it I still have it to this day and as quickly as she was there, she was gone. She walked out. I sat there like a Second, barely a couple seconds, and I got up and I said, I just need to see it. And she was gone. And so I don't know. The other day my aunt who lives in New Hampshire was she was reading my book, she was reading it a second time, she loves the book. And many people have given me a lot of wonderful reviews about it. And I'm really grateful. And her her granddaughter, my cousin's daughter was 13. She's reading the book herself. And, and she was really inspired by that experience in the book, she felt something from that story, when she read it. And my, my aunt went into her own bedroom after talking to her granddaughter about the story. And she went into her nightstand that she goes into every night. This is a very strange little side thing. No one knows about this, because it just happened. So I'm telling it to you for the first time, anyone really hearing it. And she, she goes into her nightstand, there's a little drawer, she goes in there every night. And she keeps her little things in there. And if she and she opens the drawer, there's a little black book with prayers. And these are in Italian and with like a little st cards. And she says, Josh, I just talked to Maisie about the story. She was I don't know what this is in my nightstand. I've never seen this black book before in my life. I said aunt Lynn, I said, Listen, I'm sure you probably had the book somewhere in the house or something. It's an it's an old book, maybe grandma had it or something, you know, and whatever she was, even if that was true, it would not be in this on top, in the drawer that I go in every night. It's impossible. And no, I've never seen this book in my life. And I'm sending it to you overnight. So I supposed to receive it here any day.

Alex Ferrari 7:00
Obviously, you haven't gotten it yet. So we're really, we're in the mix of it.

Joshua Louis 7:04
Now, that could be something which is known as an aiport, which is an AI physical item that's transported from one dimension to the next or can materialize in our own dimension. I've never seen proof of it in all my 10 years of research, I've never had any. But that is something that just happened I trust her. She's very she's of sound mind. She's a writer, she's a brilliant person. And so I'm not doubting my aunt, but when someone tells you something like that. It's a little daunting, like it's, it's hard to process. It's hard to accept it. But you know, I mean, someone something, put that book, whether that's the book from that story or not put that book in her nightstand or it appeared there somehow, right after she had this conversation with her with her granddaughter about that story.

Alex Ferrari 8:00
So tell me about grace instruct in instrumental transcommunication is the first time I ever heard that term. What is that?

Joshua Louis 8:09
And see, that's very interesting. That's the first time you've ever heard of that term. Yet you know about mediums you know about psychics you know about, you know, seances and all these other types of afterlife research or occult things that are going on. But why have you not heard about ITC and the first guys to ever do that stuff is Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. Those are two very prominent names from over 100 years ago that were doing this work. You've got guys like Frederick jurgenson, who was a filmmaker, ironically, that was recording ADR and doing different things with a recorder on a windowsill and he started capturing EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon, messages words, to him, his name was being said and other coherent messages. Constantine Radha vowel is a famous Latvian scientist, who was again another prominent name and he says ITC is not a hobby is not something to be taken lightly. It is a very serious thing to be to be researched and done. So, that is, you know, the people those are the people that were working on ITC and I'm just one now of many that are you know, that is also a pioneer in the ITC field. And it's using an instrument using a device or an instrument to communicate with a with a being in another dimension.

Alex Ferrari 9:52
Now, based on what your research based on your research, what do you think happens to us when we die?

Joshua Louis 10:00
Well, the guy that I think gets it, right the most as far as explaining the process of of energy, the afterlife. The higher power aspect is the face right behind you. The guy right there behind you is the one I defer to I, I just I always say listen, you really want to know the real deal. You got to read this book. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 10:29
Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi which is on on my website, I promote it constantly.

Joshua Louis 10:37
Okay, so that so you're, you know, you're in tune to the truth. And you know, the deal and my scientific research over the last 10 years has backed what this guy is saying, what the lineage of the gurus are saying, Baba Ji You know, and, and, and of course, you know, I follow Christ, I follow Jesus, but I don't follow him in a religious way. I follow the true version. I like to believe the true version of Christ is all loving, non judgmental, all compassionate, you know, and so I believe they all work together very closely, Baba Ji and Christ and Yogananda was a great lover of Christ, but not of religions. He was not a man of religion. He was the he was talking about the science of communicating with God. And so what happens to us after, you know, everything is pretty much governed by our karma. There are previous lives, you know, they're, they're, you know, Yogananda says, death does not make us angels. It's not the greatest escape that people think that it is, I'm paraphrasing his his his quote, but he's saying, you know, death is not the greatest escape that people think it is. If death was to make us angels, and let us all go to the ocean at once and drown ourselves and become angels, because but it's not that way you are who you are in this life, then you are in the afterlife. So he says, do the work. Now, you know, if you're a beggar and a thief before then you're a beggar and a thief in the afterlife, until you decide to change until you decide to do the work. And so that's really what the case is, here is the place to do the work. This is the Maya, the great delusion, The Matrix, whatever you want to call it, it's the same thing. It is a matrix of light. But it's not. You know, it's a very dense, physical feeling world. And there's a lot of beauties in this world. There's a lot of horrors in this in this world. And we are to work through those things work through our own karmic crap. Follow the Dharma follow the spiritual path that we are to find the purpose in our life, that that we can do something that is fulfill, you know, fulfilling and being able to give back. And, you know, that's hard. That's hard, you know, to find that, you know, that truth. But, you know, Yogananda says, he's like, the greatest thing that we can do while we're alive, is to continue to seek a connection with the higher power, with with with our Higher Power. Everything else, you know, we can live our lives have houses and cars and families, and jobs and careers. And we can travel the world and we can achieve great things. But if we're not meditating, if we're not seeking a connection, conscious contact with our higher power on a daily basis, we're wasting our time. And then when we do die, when we go to the other side, I don't care how fat your bank account is, I don't care how big your house is, I don't care what you achieved. While you were here, as far as status goes, and what you're, you know, who you became, it's what you became inside. It's the work you did internally. And so that's the true treasure that connection with with the higher power the Mother Divine. You know, Father, Mother Divine, being able to go with that connection to the other side. That's the treasure.

Alex Ferrari 14:09
That's like, as they say, you never see a U haul attached to hearse.

Joshua Louis 14:13
Correct. You know, absolutely. And, you know, it's Yeah, man. I mean, that's, that's, that's it's very true. So yeah, I'll just leave it at that.

Alex Ferrari 14:23
Now. do you what do you think about the the Near Death Experience phenomenon of all those things? What is your

Joshua Louis 14:33
I think it's, I think it's a it's a beautiful look into you know, spiritual awakening, a beautiful look into the other side to remind to to help people it happens for a reason, great. There's a lot of documented cases. I also just really started to understand more about shared death experiences, which I didn't understand really well. What was going on? I was hearing about these things before, but I didn't know I was on a show podcast recently with a doctor who was interviewing me. And he, and I was telling him about some of the work I was doing with, with a coma patient, a friend of mine, her, his mother went into a coma. And I believe I successfully reached her through my box through my intuitive ability and captured her voice through my box messages very clear, while she was in the coma. And then after she died, then she came through again when I asked for her. So that was some really powerful work I did. And he started talking about the shared death experiences. And I had a client recently that is his dog died, his little dog that he loved for like two days, I don't know how long he had the dog, long time. But he believed he, you know, he saw, like he experienced going up with the dog's spirit, and like giving the dog over to a loved one. And, you know, he was in a very deep meditation. And I said, that's exactly what a shared death experience is. And that's what this this new book that someone wrote about it. They said, 100% of the cases that he documented, not 90 to 100% of the cases of the 100 people that he interviewed about shared death experiences all experienced a form of light moving up, and a wonderful feeling, you know, along with a number of other things. So but there was a consistency in 100% of the people that he interviewed. So that was pretty, pretty amazing.

Alex Ferrari 16:40
Now, you mentioned meditation, and I'm a big meditator. And I've had, you know, Buddhist monks on the show and Tibetans and really delved into meditation. But I'd love to hear your point of view on the importance of meditation.

Joshua Louis 16:54
Well, I mean, it's really, I have ADHD. So I'm, I'm, I'm a, like, an extreme case of, you know, the ADHD psychic, you know, I mean, it's, it's really hard. For me, I have a strong will, and I have a strong drive. So I get things done, you know, you have to be to be a filmmaker, you have to be to write a book or to do certain things, you really have to keep the main goal. in sight. In order to really achieve this, there's a lot of obstacles that one encounters. And when I first started meditating, I was I was taught, TM, transcendental meditation, which is a very, I think, a very good form of meditation, especially for people that may only they may not want to go, I don't know how far they want to go. But like, they may just want to meditate. And you know, like Howard Stern, does, TM, he's a big advocate of TM, and but he doesn't do it because he believes in the afterlife or believes in a God He does it because of the benefits that he feels physically and just a sound mind that he gets from it. So you get the mantra, and you just recite that mantra, and it's, you know, it's like a ball that your mind plays with so that you can go past the mind, you can go past thought. And so for the first, almost a year or two, I mean, I don't know about that. It was like months and months of really doing TM practicing it religiously, in a sense, every day, I could not lose the mantra, all I could do is just thoughts kept coming in. And all I could do is keep reciting the mantra, and then eventually, I would not fall asleep, but I would go Pat, I would lose the mantra. And the Maharishi says, you know, loss of mantras, again, in meditation. So you want to eventually lose the mantra and go past that to a theta state go deep within, and you're kind of in just a peaceful place. You're not asleep, but you're not in heavy thought. You've gone past that point. And that's what I achieved. And then I found Yogananda and reading the book, and these talks about kriya yoga, and then I'm like, Well, where did the easy teach kriya yoga and then all of a sudden, I had to go to an ashram and, and I had to go and spend the whole day there and learn the technique. And it's very difficult. Kriya Yoga is very difficult for me. For some, it may not be it and that's why we're not allowed to teach meditation to people because you could be teaching your own crap to them to people and it's not the way it's supposed to be done. He's supposed to be taught by a master or a guru, as a certain, you know, way that it's that it's taught. So, you know, I've learned the techniques of energisation, the Hong saw technique and the arm technique and, and I've learned from one ashram from one guru, who was a student devotee of Sri RX, who are of Swami Shri XLR, but I've also now Now I'm learning from the Self Realization fellowship. And I'm taking those lessons which are yoga non does direct lessons. So it's been it's been a challenge, but also extremely amazing and rewarding the first time that I did Kriya Yoga, the the proper, or the first time I did it on my own without any aids, I just sat and did it the full hour. This appeared to me, this vision appear to me when I got to the end of the meditation. So I drew it and this like carpet came out. And it extended. And this was a very vivid seemed, and then it kind of rolled back and it was like, Here's the door, you're working your way towards it, you're not ready to go through that. But that that felt like a very powerful vision. So it's been, it's extremely important. I don't know how else to stress it. But no matter what troubles or difficulties I deal with, or how many amazing meditations I have. I just know that I'm not right until I've done my meditation for the day. So I have to keep I can't do my intuitive work without it. I can't, you know, it's that important

Alex Ferrari 21:14
As a filmmaker, you'll you'll know this film, or the movie castaway. Yes, with Tom Hanks. Yeah, I remember that he couldn't get past the waves. He couldn't get off the island. That was a biggest hurdle. That was his biggest hurdle. And if we if we may use the analogy of that experience of Tom Hanks trying to get past the waves. When you're meditating, the waves just keep coming. And no matter how much you try to push through, the waves keep knocking you back down and knocking you back down and knock you back down till the one day that not to ruin it. For anybody who hasn't seen it. He has something that gets in past the waves. Sure. And then it's called. Yeah. And that's basically what you're doing with meditations, the monkey brain that, that those voices are the waves. And you have to learn how to get past those waves. And once you're past them, yeah, once you get past them, it's, it's clear sailing, it really is clear sailing and, and you go deeper into places you you haven't been able to go to before. And I always I always find that questions get answered in that place. If I have a question, in my meditation, I'll make the intent and like, Can you Can someone help me with this, I'll go into meditation and name will pop up, or the answer will pop up or I'll have an intuition or something. It's it's changed my life.

Joshua Louis 22:33
Yeah, it is life changing. And it's a shame that, and I talked about it extensively in the book about what meditation means and how everyone should be doing a form of, of meditation, and practicing. And if they're not, you know, it's like you're not brushing your teeth, you're not getting enough sleep, you're not doing something that really should be affirm part of everyone's life and should be taught at an early age or at an age that they can start to understand, you know, I've kind of held off. I mean, I've talked to my 10 year old daughter about it, and I've showed her, and I've started to introduce it. But I also don't want to be the guy that pushes it onto someone and makes them do it. Because that's not the way that it should be done either. The seeker has to find its attraction, not promotion. So it's not, you know, no one's proselytizing here. It's like, no one's trying to save anyone's soul, it was salvation and trying to get into that kind of thing. It's like, you know, finding it when you know, when you're ready, but being at least shown at the seed has to be planted. Anyway,

Alex Ferrari 23:40
Now, are you are you afraid of dying anymore?

Joshua Louis 23:44
You know, I mean, I'm 41 years old, and I'm not afraid of the afterlife, I think I still have a fear of like, you know, I've seen some people die in like miserable ways. And I, you know, I don't want to ever be in pain like that, you know, what I'm saying? I don't want to have to die slow from cancer or anything like that, or, you know, I see a lot of it around me as I deal with this work constantly. So no, it's not a fear of like, the unknown, or the fear of the death on the other side. I feel like that's going to be you know, I'm going to see a lot of friends. I'm going to see a lot of people and then have, I'm going to, I'm going to experience a weight lifted off my shoulders in a lot of ways, but I also, you know, I mean, the way Yogananda went, right, he said, you know, he knew he was going and then he performed that, you know, that final gurus technique, you know, of turning the gaze up and being able to leave almost, you know, at will. And, and that's a that's a beautiful honor. That you know, God gives those that are able to, you know, are at that We are able to do that and say, You know what? I'm, I'm leaving soon. And they do it in their sleep, or they do it in a way that is okay for them, you know, but no, I'm not afraid of death. I've, I've, I've now without a doubt, discovered that there's a lot of amazing things on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 25:21
So now how you've talked about your abilities, what are your abilities? And how do you use them to connect to the other side.

Joshua Louis 25:31
When I first started, I didn't believe I had any kind of ability. So 10 years ago, I was just investigating. You know, cemeteries and abandoned places and just trying to do what kind of the ITC guys were doing in the beginning, which was just captured this stuff on on through the equipment. And I started to feel things and I was working with a medium and eventually the medium said, you are going to now start getting I'm getting a message you said you are going to start getting stuff on your own, you're going to have an ability, your partner, Nikki's going to have an ability that she's going to have. And we both really just didn't believe that we kind of poopoo that message when she gave it to us, even though we were seeing validations that she was real in what she was getting many times. So it was hard to deny her own ability. But for her to say that to a guy that was a former drug addict and all this other stuff. I didn't think that that was something that you know, I had a good heart helping guys in the program. 12 steps, doing a lot of work with people. But I didn't think that so eventually, I we both Nikki and I started to pick up things and we started to get stuff that we couldn't deny ourselves. And I started working with a woman, Deborah Lynn Katz, PhD, she's she's the she runs the International School of clairvoyance. She's a psychology major. She's parapsychology, she's in charge of the remote viewing international remote viewing, association or conference, whatever it is. So she's the president of that. So she's worked with some really amazing people. And she taught me you know, how to develop my intuitive ability, how to harness it, how to work with it. And by no means am I like the greatest medium in the world are claimed to be. But every session, every reading I do, I am able to get accurate information, detailed information in some aspect that is verifiable information I didn't know prior, there was no way of me knowing prior. So I continue, I've done over 3000 paid sessions paid readings up to this point and continue. I do group gallery sessions for for patrons every month. And I will just clear voyant, clear audience clear sentient and I'll use my ability, especially, it's important they go hand in hand, I can't do the box work without the intuitive ability. So I'm not always right, with everything I get. But with my ability, I'm able to use it and connect enough that when I'm doing that, and then running the box is running my equipment that has to be in tune there has to be some connection there. Then the box stuff works better. As opposed to me just turning it on saying hey, who's here? What's going on? You want to talk like I have to tune into that?

Alex Ferrari 28:37
Is it taxing physically?

Joshua Louis 28:38
Absolutely. It's energetically taxing. I can't I can only do. I do one box set private box session a week I do two to three readings, psychic readings, psychic or mediumship readings a week. In addition to the one box session I Do I Do only two groups session a month. And then I'm then I do sessions to for my channel. You know, I reach out to a well known people I asked for well known people. And that's I think the most the most unbelievable work that I do I think that people can accept that I speak to people's loved ones that I'm a medium that even that these people can come through boxes at times. But when I do a well known person it's just it's like, forget it. No way I'm done. That's it. I they can't they just cannot accept that I'm asking and I am in no way claiming that I'm getting these people for sure. I don't know that. So no one is saying you know, I definitely spoke to Kobe Bryant or I definitely spoke to you know, I don't know that I've asked for so many amazing people. But what is amazing is that every time I asked for them I get compelling, clear direct communication that is indicative of what these people would say. I am seeing them in my mind as well. So it's not like I'm just asking, I'm also having a psychic intuitive experience with that person.

Alex Ferrari 30:19
So, so when you started this work, I mean, since you haven't been doing this, since you were a child, how did you deal with the psychological toll that it took from people around you, not accepting of, of what you're doing? Because this is a bit, you know, you're going off going off the reservation of normal, quote, unquote, normal people's thought patterns on these kinds of things.

Joshua Louis 30:44
I I'm not even on the reservation of the mediums and psychics, because those guys are saying, I'm nuts. So when you have the mediums and the psychics out there going, Oh, this is insane.

Alex Ferrari 30:59
What you've gotten up to,

Joshua Louis 31:03
I mean, I don't know how much further I could have gone. I mean, it's just, it's insane. And it's hard. I'm a pretty sane logical guy. So to do this stuck kind of work is just like, it's an I don't know how else to describe it, man, I don't like being looked at like, I'm insane. I don't like being looked at and judged and called a charlatan, a fake, a crazy guy, a kook, you know, all these kinds of names. And a lot of them, I just have to block and delete, unfortunately, because I just, I'm not going to get into the mud with them, to try to convince them. If you find the work, and you understand and you watch my videos, you'll know I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm very transparent. I'll do this anywhere, any with anyone at any time. Like, I'll talk about any part of my process. I've worked with institutes, I've worked with PhDs I've, I've, I've gotten 1000s of pieces of evidence, you know, that is verifiable, validating evidence that there was no way for me to know, or the box is saying things that there's no way for anyone to know, but the person themself. And even with that being the case, it's like, it's like cognitive dissonance for these people, these two opposing thoughts cannot coincide in the same space for them. So to them, they're not going to watch my videos, or they're not going to give me a chance, they're not going to look at the science, they're not going to you know, look at it, it's just, I don't believe in this. That's crazy. So that guy has to be fake. So you know, that was that was tough. My family and friends. You know, after 10 years, they're starting to understand, but really, it was like, you know, I mean, I shared that I worked with Michael Rispoli, you know, great actor that, you know, one of the best character actors of our time, I feel like and we became very close him and I, you know, like, kind of like a father and son, he played my father in my movie, but, you know, we became so very close, and we would meet and hang out a lot and, and eventually, I had to really kind of tell him what it is I'm doing. And he you know, he's an old school kind of Italian.

Alex Ferrari 33:23
How did that go?

Joshua Louis 33:24
You know, and he would tell me some stories about some of his things that he'd had happened to him, you know, but he was like, you know, Josh, I mean, it's kind of hard to understand a lot of people would probably, you know, don't don't believe you. And I said, yeah, they don't and I you know, I don't blame them. So there are those like coming out moments that I have to have with people and share them share with them that this is what I do now. And I don't blame them if they don't understand or don't believe but it doesn't it doesn't change the fact that everything I'm doing is 100% real whether you accept the findings or not whether you you know to some people it's either fake or it's that oh, it's real but everything you're getting is demons lying to you just all demons all demons and that is not the case. 98 99% of what I've captured in the last 10 years is all been positive, love filled talk of the light talk of helping others talk of God. Angels talk of that they're happy doing you know, they're there. They're living a good afterlife. They're around loved ones so there's a lot of just I mean, sometimes you get some negative things. The negative is not it's not like demons or any kill you like it's more like it's not Ghostbuster stuff. No, it's more like just, you know, an a hole that was in a hole here is in a hole on the other side, someone that's not really a positive person on the other side saying something negative. So it's kind of like the same that you would get a troll on a post on Facebook or social Media is kind of the same thing on the other side, you get some negative influence sometimes. But it's, it's if you're grounded and you have a connection with your higher power, none of that negativity is really going to really affect you too much, you may kind of affect you a little bit. But it's, you know, it's rare.

Alex Ferrari 35:19
So now what are some life lessons you've heard from the other side that have really been profound in your life?

Joshua Louis 35:26
Well, why don't they really confirm that we are light, our soul is light that's been continuously confirmed over time. To not have resentment, which is hard to let go of anger, which is hard to, to spread the light to spread the light and love, love and light, and light and love is the same thing. And it's God's it's it comes from the source. They've talked about Jesus, but they've talked about you know, Shiva, and Krishna, and Buddha, they've mentioned these other names, these are real energy, they are real people, real avatars, they really were here, they really are doing the work. So there's been confirmation that there are angels and Jesus in the guides and Gutten and different, you know, different avatars Maha Fatah's, that have helped us that are helping us that are, you know, he has come through many times. And he's used his own voice to come through my box, or he has said his name Paramahansa. He said his name. So, you know, the lesson that he teaches you in this book is that the gurus are not far from you, that you don't have to have a living guru to get the lessons from that they are still on the other side right there with you helping you. And he confirmed that by coming through my boxes really like to validate his own writing. So it's just been really beautiful that, you know, people can be in darkness. If you die in a place of pain, and suffering, and you're, you're you're angry, or you you, you know, were selfish, when you were alive, you didn't care about trying to improve yourself, you know, you may not go right to heaven, you may be in a not a bad place, but it's you know, there's, I don't hear a lot of hell. It's more like, you know, just a dark darkness, a feeling of darkness, it's kind of a, you know, a mental place. I mean, you know, I think that we can, you know, pretty much just by our vibration by what we do with ourselves, we can ascend to heaven before dying, you know, so that we could be in a place already of the of the Divine. And when we die, we're just on the other side of that place of where we were already. So we can already kind of ascend in a set, we've already kind of ascended our vibration. So, you know, people that die. I mean, I had a friend that just died in addiction. And he, and he shared that he was feeling darkness. Whereas God's light, he said, you know, he said, I'm okay, I'm just trying to accept it. And I'm grieving myself right now, he said, so that was interesting. But then I had someone that had cancer, that knew he was dying, and he and he made peace with his with all of his loved ones and everything. And so, you know, he was like, I'm around God, you can see him, he goes, I'm around the light, I'm in the light. So you're getting these two stark differences. So I think that the lesson from all of this amazing work is to continue to work on our conscious contact here. I think that's what the greatest lessons that we can learn from these these sessions that are very interesting, very telling, very revealing about the other side, but they're very revealing about this side.

Alex Ferrari 38:58
Is it with all your research and experience? Do you have any advice on how we can connect with our higher selves?

Joshua Louis 39:07
Well, I, you know, I don't really do a lot of work as far as I try to keep things simple for me, because I can overthink a lot of things. And I can start looking at books and books and books and doing this and this research and that research. So I find that. For me, it you know, the best is is really through prayer and meditation on a daily basis is that and a lot of trusting in my higher power. And then, you know, almost like blindly walking in that faith. You know, I mean, I have to do the next right thing in front of me, but there's a lot of things I just don't know. I don't understand yet. I don't know why this is happening, what the purpose of this is or where I should be going with this. Sometimes it's The 11th hour when I receive in, it's put on my heart, you know, and I, and I'm like, Okay, and so now I've come to a place in my faith where I'm like, I get pissed off at things, I get little trials and tribulations sometimes can throw me off, you know, whatever. But I always go right back to the kind of, to that center of gravity, which is for me, Christ and my guru, and I just go, I'm trusting in you guys. Give me the guidance. Walk me through this. And if you don't tell me the answer, right, now that I know, you'll give me the answer when it's time. And that it just works out. So I mean, you know, that's what I have to do. I know my soul is, is light and one with Christ. And I have to keep on affirming that every day because this world does a great job at trying to get me to forget that. Yeah. So it's a daily reminder of that. So I have the built in forgetter. So I have to keep every day doing you know, that that work, in order for me to stay feeling plugged in?

Alex Ferrari 41:06
What's next for you and the work that you're doing?

Joshua Louis 41:10
Well, a couple of years ago, I said, that's the, you know, I said, I'm doing this channel, I'm doing sessions for people, but I don't know what to do. And so I'm like, God, Christ, you need to show me what I need to do. What is next for this? And I said, you know, and then, you know, when the time was right, he told me, I got it put on me, he said, you know, and I heard his words, too. He said, you know, write a book, create an app, for people for free, you know, create an app and and start holding events. And so I wrote the book, I created the app, the app is out there. It's the hope spirit box app. It's for free on Android and iOS. And it's a it's a, it's a culmination of all my research all my work, what I have discovered through working with equipment, and it's an amazing tool. And then I started holding live events. And last year in St. Augustine was my first hope, afterlife experience event three day weekend event was amazing. And then, in a few days, couple days, I'm going to be driving to New Orleans to hold the second hope afterlife experience in New Orleans. And then in February will be Savannah, Georgia. So you know, I'm doing that I'm working on on on creating a nonprofit organization, the facility of hope. When I first started, it was hope was an acronym for helping her helpers of paranormal entities. And now it's becoming an acronym for helping other people evolve. Because it's really about the living as much as it is the afterlife. It's not just about afterlife research. So looking at finding ways to help more people now that don't have faith that don't have a belief to help help them with that. So, you know, I don't know where else it's supposed to go, I'm going to keep doing the channel. I'm going to write a second book here soon. And I'm coming out with a pro version of the app, which is an online version for desktop. It's not for the phone, it's a more advanced version. You know, it's been downloaded over 120,000 times now. So it's an app that's been tried and tested now over the last, you know, year and a half now. And so it's been really amazing. So I'm going to keep doing that. And I'm going to keep kind of going against the the paranormal grain, the religious grain, whatever other grains there are, because it's like I'm, you know, trying to really show the reality, the truth that you know, Christ doesn't hate anybody. You can find that higher power connection in anything that you do. You don't have to be a part of a religion. There's a lot of great things in the Bible, but there's a lot of misinterpreted things. There's a lot of things that have been left out unfortunately and I talk about that in my book. So you know, there's a lot of stuff that we haven't been given the truth on completely and and it's our job to find that out. You can't just take anyone's word for it, you got to experience that yourself. You know, so through your own experience everyone should never you know, they should always keep seeking always keep seeking that's like my message you know, be the change you want to be that you want to see. And you know, like Rex Bear says that from the leek project and I love him and and to keep seeking never stopped seeking. I mean, I don't know what else I could say about that.

Alex Ferrari 44:42
Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Joshua Louis 44:49
I'm sorry if you hear my cat He's so good. Definition you're living a good life is humility. A joy in a connection with your higher power, whoever that is for you, whatever that is for you, helping other people in some way giving back in some way, if we're not doing that, then we're missing the biggest part of what this life is supposed to be. So I really feel that I don't care what it is you do for a living or job or you know any other thing. But find something that you can do to connect with other people on and to give back in some way. I think that's how we come to know that higher power.

Alex Ferrari 45:40
What is your mission in this life?

Joshua Louis 45:43
To help people realize what I was just saying?

Alex Ferrari 45:47
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Joshua Louis 45:50
To connect with a higher power to connect with a god a source and to have some kind of conscious contact with that source I believe

Alex Ferrari 45:59
And where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing?

Joshua Louis 46:02 You can find all things hope related the book the app, the events, my classes, group sessions I do for next to nothing two cups of coffee, I give people an opportunity to ask for loved ones on a once a month in a group setting if they don't want to get a private session, so hope the channel you can find my channel which you know, got a good amount of on tick tock and I've been sharing my clips on tick tock with almost 350,000 followers so I mean I've got a good following there and you know, and there's this really beautiful thing so

Alex Ferrari 46:40
And is there a message you would like to leave the audience with?

Joshua Louis 46:44
A method

Alex Ferrari 46:45
A message

Joshua Louis 46:46
A message

Alex Ferrari 46:46
Your last message

Joshua Louis 46:49
Yeah keep seeking never stop seeking and be the change that you want to see in this world that's that's what we have power over. That's what we have control over.

Alex Ferrari 46:57
Josh has been a pleasure talking to you brother. Thank you for the work you're

Joshua Louis 47:00
Likewise man. Thanks Alex.

Alex Ferrari 47:02
And doing and doing everything you're doing brother. I appreciate you man.

Joshua Louis 47:04
Thank you, man. I appreciate you are what you're doing with a lot of different fronts. The filmmakers and here man. Really good stuff, dude.

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