GOOSEBUMPS! The Most Detailed Near-Death Experience EVER Recorded: Tour of Heaven | John J. Davis

In the vast tapestry of existence, there are moments when the veil between worlds becomes thin, allowing us to glimpse the profound mysteries of life and death. On today’s episode, we welcome John J. Davis, a soul who has journeyed beyond the threshold of life, returning with a tale that is both extraordinary and enlightening. John’s near-death experience (NDE) offers a detailed exploration of the afterlife, providing insights that challenge our understanding of reality and our place within it.

John’s life before his NDE was deeply rooted in Catholicism, a faith that instilled in him a sense of fear and rigidity about the divine. “I had a hard time understanding Catholicism because the big thing that I had a hard time with was the fear of God that they put in you,” John shares. This rigid framework was upended by his NDE at the age of 21, when an allergic reaction to anesthesia stopped his heart during surgery. In that moment of clinical death, John found himself in a magnificent, otherworldly building, beginning an odyssey that would forever change his perspective on life and spirituality.

In this ethereal realm, John was guided by a spirit named Alan, who took him on a tour of various structures, each representing different facets of the afterlife. The first was an orientation center, a place where newly arrived souls were greeted and oriented to their new reality. John describes seeing an elderly man, recently deceased, being welcomed by orientation counselors who helped him remember his true home on the other side. As the man was oriented, his appearance transformed from an aged figure to a youthful man in his thirties, symbolizing a return to his spiritual prime.

John’s journey continued through a series of awe-inspiring locations, including a life review center, where he witnessed a panoramic replay of his life, and a building dedicated to past lives, where he was shown his previous incarnations. One particularly striking experience was his visit to the library, a vast repository of knowledge where souls could study and learn. “It was like looking or like, like rooms that you can study,” John explains. This library contained detailed records of all souls’ lives, akin to the Akashic Records, where every action and experience is meticulously documented.

Perhaps the most profound revelation came during John’s encounter with a figure he believed to be Jesus. Clad in a white robe with a golden sash, this luminous being conveyed a simple yet powerful message: “You must tell them, there is no death.” This directive became John’s mission, to share his experience and the truths he learned with the world, offering hope and reassurance about the continuity of life beyond physical death.


  1. The Continuity of Life: John’s experience emphasizes that death is not an end but a transition. Our souls continue to exist and evolve in a realm of profound beauty and learning.
  2. The Importance of Learning and Growth: The afterlife is depicted as a place of ongoing education and spiritual development. Souls engage in study and reflection, learning from their earthly experiences and planning future lifetimes.
  3. Divine Love and Guidance: Throughout his journey, John felt an overwhelming sense of love and support from the divine. This love transcends earthly fears and challenges, providing a foundation of hope and encouragement.

John’s near-death experience provides a rich and detailed account of the afterlife, offering a perspective that is both comforting and transformative. His story reminds us that our lives are part of a larger, divine tapestry, where every experience contributes to our spiritual growth and evolution. By embracing the lessons of the afterlife, we can live more fully and fearlessly, knowing that we are deeply loved and guided on our journey.

Please enjoy my conversation with John J. Davis.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 228

John Davis 0:00
We come into life because we want to experience hardship, because that's where we learn. Not, not all the time do we come in to experience hardship. But if you didn't want to experience anything, you would stay on the other side. And you still learn that way. But it's like trying to describe to somebody what it's like to ride a bike. You really can't describe what it's like they have to actually do it.

Alex Ferrari 0:36
I'd like to welcome to the show, John J. Davis. How you doin John?

John Davis 0:39
Hey, Alex, I'm doing great. It's so good to see you.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend, I've been really looking forward to our conversation, because I mean, I've spoken to probably 40 or 50, near death experiencers at this point, but you your story, your near death experience is easily one of the most detailed of any out there. So it's really, I'm really, really looking forward to diving in. But before we dive in, I always like to ask this question, what was your life like, prior to your near death experience?

John Davis 1:10
Prior to that, I was just, I was raised a Catholic. And somehow I was so yeah, I was in my dad, he loved to go to church, and we would go to church, sometimes two or three days a week. And then on Sundays also. So I was inundated with Catholicism. And before I had my N D, I had never had any experiences of any kind other than Catholicism. I was 21 at the time, and I was considering whether or not going to college, going to school. And I, the last thing on my mind, was spirituality. I was I had a hard time understanding Catholicism, because the big thing that I had a hard time with was the fear of God that they put in you. You were supposed to fear God. And I never really, I never really got that. So after I had my near death experience, my entire life changed that way in terms of spirituality and my views of religion. Like I have a hard time considering myself to be a Christian. But I love Jesus. And I read the New Testament all the time. But I have a really hard time with the Christian dogma. So that's what my life was like before, I'm just very much, much more materialism more interested in what I was supposed to do with my life, because I really had no clue at that point. So this N D E made a huge difference for me, and it gave me a solid direction to pursue. And ever since then, I have been sharing my story. In simple, something I'll mentioned to you too, is, you know how when you hear other people's near death experiences, a lot of times, they come back with some kind of a gift. Like maybe the person is maybe they have some psychic abilities, or I heard of one guy who was able to compose music, or they can. Well, I didn't have anything like that. But the only thing I did have was, and I think this has to be a God thing. I was given 100% Memory recall of everything I saw. So my experience happened in 1987. But to when I tell the story, it's like I see everything just like as if it happened yesterday. That's why I'm able to remember so many details. So I think that was just a gift that was given to me so I could share my story to people and help help them and give them hope. There's so much more than what we see here on earth.

Alex Ferrari 3:47
Well, my friend, I am here to help you get the word out. So let's dive in it. Let's dive in. So what happened on the day that you you had your near death experience?

John Davis 3:56
Yeah, well, I was I was my dad had won a sales contest, and he won two mopeds. And it's kind of like like scooters or mopeds. They call them scooters now, but we used to ride those on the weekends. So one day I was out riding, and I had an accident, and I slammed into a tree. And the way I landed, I tore the tendons off my right hand. And it had had to go in to have surgery. While I was 21 I had never been in surgery before. I didn't know what to expect. I probably been in a hospital, just a handful, the times not very often. So I had no idea what was going to happen. So they give me the IV and they start to pump in the anesthesia. And I had some kind of an allergic reaction, and it stopped my heart and I died. The very second that I died. I opened my eyes again. And I was standing there In the most beautiful building I have ever seen. And my very first thought was, oh my god, I had no idea the hospital was big. Because this the building that I was in, it was a long, long corridor building. And I couldn't see the end of it, it was so long. And there were columns on the right hand side, marble, beautiful white marble columns, maybe 30 feet high, all the way down as far as you could see, and they were about five or 10 feet apart. In the middle of this corridor, like building where these marble tables, just regular marble rectangle are kind of square tables. And there were marble benches on every single table. And these tables went as far again, as far as you could see. And the most amazing part was what was to my left, to the left of this building. buckin were like a marble, marble, all made of white, BEAUTIFUL PRISTINE marble. There were these tunnels that looked like they were cut out of solid marble. And in a court, they were, they corresponded to each table. So there was a marble column than a table, then these tunnels, and again, they went as far down as you could see, each tunnel was maybe five feet apart, and it was seven or eight feet high. And it looked like it had been carved out of the out of the marble solid 90 degree angles, like you have in a doorway. Wagon, they need to tell you something else that happened here, this will look this will kind of help you explain how this process works. We're at that point, right, then I heard a voice in my left ear, and it said, my name is Alan, I'm your spirit guide. Well, I had no idea what what that meant. So I, I just went through this whole process. And what happened is my spirit guide took me to every place that I'm going to I'm going to describe for your audience. And he took me to the outside, first of every building. And then he took me to the inside. And I like to tell people so they can have a kind of a visualization. This building that I was in, looks like a temple in Turkey, the country Turkey. And it's called the Temple of Artemis. And it's a r t e m i s. So if your listeners want to google it, they can Google it and see kind of what I what I was shown. That's what this building looked like. So anyway, everything I am going to tell you guys, it's from what my guide was telling me. He told me everything I was seeing, and what it was for. Well, this building that I was in, he told me this is the orientation center. And what's what's kind of different about my experience, if you ever, you've probably heard a lot of typical near death experiences where the person says that they had an accident, or they were in the hospital, and they found themselves floating above their bodies, then they become aware of a tunnel. And at the end of the tunnel is a white light. Well, my experience I, for some reason, I skipped all of that. And they took me to the other side of that white light on what's on the other side of the white light, as soon as somebody walks into it, they're on there in this orientation center. And they come through these, these tunnels that were on my left, the tunnels connect people with Earth to the other side. So when their lifetime is finished on Earth, they cross through these tunnels, and they end up on the other side. So somehow these tunnels are connected to Earth. And I don't know how it all works, but that's how people get to the other side. So he might die told me to look to my left at the at the next tunnel. So look to my left, and there was a gentleman coming through. He was probably in his 80s or 90s. And he had just finished his life. And he was he had his right hand, holding his chest like he was in pain. And my guide said he died from a heart attack. So he's coming through the tunnel. And at these tables that I've mentioned, there are two people sitting at each table on the other side, and my guide said they are orientation counselors. So their job is to help orientate people back to the other side. And the reason they have them is oftentimes when people come into life, somehow, and I think this is a God thing also because I don't understand how it works. But when we come into a lifetime, our memory gets washed about the other side where we're from because we're not from earth, earth is just a place of learning and growth and developing your soul. But our real home is on the other side, or some people like to call it heaven, some people call up the afterlife. And so these orientation counselors help people remember where they're really from.

So the woman, there was a woman at the table, I was looking, she stood up, she walked over to this man, and she took her hands and he is in, she led him back to the table and they sat down. The entire time she was talking to him, she was holding his hands. And my guide said, Watch him. So as I was watching him, his appearance began to change from a man who was in his 80s or 90s, to a man who was in his 30s. And nobody told me, why the age why the 30s. But for whatever reason, we're in our 30s. And I don't know if it has to do with that was the age that Jesus died, I, you know, I have no idea. But we're in our 30s. So that's what happens during the orientation. They just talked them about where they're from, you finished your lifetime. Here you are back on the other side. Now, when he was done with that, he stood up, and he walked to the right. And he stepped down three steps. Everybody steps everybody's they have called was between these orientation areas. So he stepped down and you walked into what I call the gardens, because it was the most beautiful gardens you could ever imagine. They they were like, English gardens, just beautifully manicured and the most beautiful trees and flowers. And what I remember that most was the grass. The grass was absolutely emerald green, just gorgeous. And what happens is the reason that they go into the gardens, when they cross over is that's where they have the reunions. Everybody that they've known in their lifetime, friends, loved ones, family, you know, cousins, grandparents, everybody is there waiting for them when they cross over, and they have a reunion. And it's a big deal when somebody comes back from a life on Earth. It's a huge deal. Because what I was told is that Earth, this planet, is the hardest of all of them. And I'll get to that for your audience in just a minute. But they have reunions, and they welcome people back. And it's a really huge big deal. So that was the first place he took me to was the orientation center. And I think that he wanted to show me how the process actually works. You know, you die, your body dies, when it's your time to go, go into the tunnel, go past the light, you're an orientation, you have an orientation session, then you meet with your family and relatives. So that was the first part. The next place he took me to was this building was square, or I guess it was kind of rectangular square. And they had columns, beautiful white marble columns all around the outside of it. And I don't know why a lot of the places that he took me to look like Greek buildings, but they do. And the other side, that's not all that's there. The other side is thinking of it like another planet, kind of like Earth. But it's perfect. There's no wars, there's no poverty, there's no hunger, there's no disease. It's just a perfect world what the other side is like, and the place that he took me to was just one specific area. So the next thing he took me to, he said he was going to take you to a life review. And you and your audiences have probably heard that before. And it was a this rectangle building and we went inside. And it was around a round room, really large, large round room. And on the top were these screens like movie screens all in a circle around the top. And he said this is your life review. And all of a sudden, the screens lit up. Like they were playing movies. Like it was like I was in the theater. In every screen that I could see had a different aspect of my life. One was playing when I was just a newborn. Another one was playing when I was an infant. Another one was playing when I started elementary school, and then went all the way through these. Every screen had a different aspect of my life up to the age that I was then age 21. And that was a life review. And what you do in a life review, the whole idea is to see if you've accomplished what you wanted to accomplish before you came into life. Because none of us are accidents. None of it's random. We all actually plan our lifetimes and I'll get Add to that in just a little bit, too. So that was the last review. The next thing he took me to was kind of a square building again, it had marble columns on the outside. And this part was really hard for me to digest because I was raised Catholic. But he took me to a building. And it was another it looked like a theater, just like the last one in the life review. But this one had one screen, like, like, what are movie theaters look like. And what he was showing me was past lifetimes. And this was really hard for me to accept, because I, I had never been raised that way. But we actually do have past lifetimes. Because we're eternal beings, you can have as many lives if you as you want to. So anyway, he wanted to show me three different lifetimes, so that I would be able to tell people when I came back that you know, just like your audience, life, past lifetimes really are real. And you learn from them, just like you learn in this life. Well, he showed me three of them in one, I was I was a monk, and I had a shaved head. I was probably in my 60s, I was wearing a red kind of a gown. And my job in that life was to teach kids about the monastery. It's kind of like, it's kind of like being a Buddhist monk. The next life he showed me was I was a shoe peddler in this village. And I had a wheel barrel, and it was fully shoes. And my job in that life was I fixed people shoes, and I'd fix them ticket back to my little shop, fix them and bring it back to the to the people. The other life he showed me was a fisherman. I had a little raggedy boat, and I was on a lake and I had a net. And my job in that life was to help the village with food by bringing in fish. So that whole episode was to just show me that love past lifetimes are real, because we're we are infinite beings, where there's no end to knowledge, there's no end to learning. And you just you learn, you're for your entire existence. And one of the things that I thought was so interesting, is that we come into life because we want to experience hardship, because that's where we learn. Not, not all the time do we come into experience hardship, but if you didn't want to experience anything, you would stay on the other side. And you still learn that way. But it's like trying to describe to somebody what it's like to ride a bike, you really can't describe what it's like they have to actually do it. Once they do it, then they get it. And that's kind of like why we come in here to learn. And so we do have a lot of different past lifetimes.

The next place he took me to this one was a little bit different. All of these buildings were just enormous. I can't even just to iterate how large they were. But they were all just enormous. And this one was round. It was round, and it had the marble columns going around in a circle. And it had a dome roof. And we walked in, and he took me to a marble table. And the table had two scrolls on it. And if you can imagine what papyrus papyrus scrolls look like, they look they look kind of like that. They were rolled up. And there were two, one had a blue ribbon, and the other had a red ribbon. I don't know what the what the significance was of that. But so I picked up the phone with a blue ribbon. I unwrapped it and I unfolded it on the table. And immediately I could see all of this writing, and it was in black lettering. And it looked like it looked like it was in calligraphy. You know how you take those pens and you dip them in ink. And then you write with that that's that's what Calligraphy is it looked it looked like that. When I went to try to read it, it's folded up again. And I was told that I wasn't able to read about my life because it might interfere with what I was going to accomplish in this life. And what they wanted me to learn and to share was that our lifetimes really are planned out. We plan what country we're going to live in, we plan what language we're going to learn who our parents are, are we going to go to college or not what kind of career we're going to have all that stuff goes into it, as well as what we wanted to learn and accomplish and what our goals were. And that's what the life review was to show you that, you know, you really do have goals and you want to see how you did. So everybody has these scrolls, and they're all kept in these in this beautiful round building. And I don't know why but we always go to this building to plan our next life. Time, and our guides help us. Our guides help us plan what we want to accomplish. Do you want to learn more about compassion? Do you want to learn more about love? Or these are the main themes that people have when they come into life? What do you want to accomplish, and you plan them in this in this huge building. When I looked to my left, there was this enormous window. And I looked out, and I could see, and this is the first time that I saw a bunch of other people. A bunch of people were walking back and forth along this walkway. And wherever he took me to on the other side, it was it was really busy. There were tons of people walking back and forth. And every race was there, every ethnicity, every color. People were short, some people were tall, they look just like we do. And what I noticed immediately was that everybody had bodies. Some some people that I've read about, say that we only are like, or energy that we float around. And but that's not what my experience was, like I saw everybody, just like you see people, they look just like us, that their bodies are different, their their bodies are somehow there, they're better than our earthly bodies. They're stronger, they're lighter, they don't get sick, they don't age. And I don't know what they're made of. But they are solid as we are. So I saw them walking back and forth. And one of the most beautiful things I saw was there was a lake on the underside of this, of this building. It was absolutely the most beautiful lake I'd ever seen. It was so still looked like glass. And all around this lake. They had weeping willow trees, you know, those trees that have the weeping willows that that hanging over, all the leaves were just sitting in the water was just it was just gorgeous picture, picture perfect. And then he took me to another place inside this building. And they wanted me to tell people about this. You've probably heard the term soulmates.

Soulmates are actually real, we, when we, when we were created, God created all of us with a perfect mate who was with us for eternity. But the perfect mate that we have on the other side, doesn't always come in to a lifetime with us. Because one of the things that you learn in a lifetime, you learn from having relationships, whether it's a girlfriend, boyfriend, marriage, whatever it might be, you learn a lot. And if I look back in my life, the most most of the things that I learned came from experiences that were kind of painful. But that taught me a lot. In the on the other side, when you have your perfect mate, you don't always necessarily learn a whole lot that way. So we come into life normally without our soulmates. And here was a really cool thing. This building, if you can, if you can imagine a gigantic enormous library of Encyclopedia Britannica as all these books were on bookshelves, and they were all the same color, kind of like maroon, kind of purplish maroon, and each one had gold lettering. That wasn't going to horizontal, it was going down. And what my guide took me to was my soulmates book. And the books contain everything about our lifetimes, all of our past lifetimes. What we learned who we became everything is in these encyclopedias in the writing goes down, up and down. And my writing said N I N A, and it was Nina my soulmates name is Nina. And he just wanted to show me that everybody has one. So don't always be so concerned about trying to find your soulmate in life. Because many times you won't, because that person is still on the other side. So that was this building. It was absolutely just a gorgeous building and up just beautiful. The next place he took me to was a stadium, just like a football stadium or a soccer stadium, we go to see a sporting event. He took me to the inside the inside, had 1000s of seats, just 1000s of seats that people could sit in, but when I was there, it was completely empty. Nothing was in there at all. Just the seats and my guide. Well, there was a gentleman behind me and And his job on the other side was to run this building. Do you remember when you were a kid, you used to go to the planetarium. Remember what those were, of course, we'll walk. Yeah, when I was in a planetarium on the other side. But it was the, it was huge, humongous, just gigantic. And the gentleman behind me, he ran this planetarium. And he said, let's begin. So the lights went off, pitch black. And I sat down. And he started showing me on the ceiling. And what he said to me was, the first thing he said was, when you look at the stars, this is what you see. And what he was referring to, was, people on Earth, people's perspective here. When we look at the stars, this is what we see. And he started showing our solar system started showing the planet Jupiter, then Saturn, then Uranus, then Neptune, all of our solar system, and including Earth and our Sun. Then he said to me, when we look at the stars, this is what we see. And what he was referring to was everybody who is on the other side, their perspective. And he said, What when we look at the stars, this is what we see. And he started showing me first planet after planet, then dozens of planets, then hundreds 1000s, then millions and millions of planets. And he told me, there was far more life in the universe than you possibly know. And the cool part is that Earth is not the only it's not the only planet, there are millions of planets. And not just that, but we can have lifetimes on any of them. There are on earth, we've always thought that Earth is the only inhabited planet, so it's not. And we can have lifetimes on other planets all over the universe. So that absolutely blew my mind. I love astronomy. In fact, I I love it so much. I tried to take an astronomy class in, in college, but I had to drop it because I could not understand the math. It was that trying to calculate distances from stars it was was just too hard for me. But I love astronomy. And that was just such a extraordinary I think that was one of my favorite parts of my whole experience was that planetarium. Next thing you took me to this building was a little bit different. Again, it was a rectangle. And it was so long. Again, I couldn't see the end of it. But it was the biggest building so far. It didn't have columns on the outside, it only had columns as marble white columns on the front. And it looks like our Supreme Court building in Washington, it looked like that with the columns in the front. And it had a whole bunch of steps leading up to the top. Again, everything was white, beautiful marble. So it takes me inside. And it's a library. And there's huge 30 Maybe a 3040 foot bookcases full of books all the way down as far as you can see. And again, it was full of people, people were studying at these different tables. People were talking to each other. There were people looking for books, and just a huge library. And he took me to an area on the left hand side of the library and what they looked like. It was like looking or like, like rooms that you can study study rooms off every day. Now libraries today have study rooms. That's kind of what they looked like, maybe the size of a person's average bedroom. I walked over, and I looked in and there was a woman who was she had her back to me. She had jet black hair, jet black hair down to her waist. And she was wearing like a purple gown or a purple robe of some kind. And she was looking at what we would call today as a really big flat screen TV mounted on the wall. And my guide said she was watching history. So I looked at what she was watching. And she was watching a battle that took place between the Native American Indians, the plains tribes like the Lakota versus the US Cavalry. And he said she was watching this as it happened. And I thought to myself, How was that possible? Because nobody, nobody had video cameras 200 years ago? How could she be watching something that was that had happened? And he told me, everything is recorded in this, this has to be a God thing. Also, because I have, I cannot comprehend how it's possible to everything is recorded. But it is. That's why when we have our life reviews, you're able to see everything about your life. It's somehow in God's mind. It's recorded.

Alex Ferrari 30:36
What can I stop you for a second? Because yeah, you said something very interesting. You said that she was watching it as it was happening. But that was the past.

John Davis 30:45
Yes. Yeah. Let me let me back up. It wasn't like she was watching it as it happened. Now, she was watching as as history happened.

Alex Ferrari 30:53
So she was she was basically watching a documentary of a past event in your in your current timeline, in a time period that was not capable of having any footage recorded?

John Davis 31:06
Absolutely. That's exactly correct. Yep, exactly. So what I learned is that anything that you want to learn about, whether it's a battle or summit in World War Two, or the Titanic sinking, anything that you want to learn about, you can go to these rooms off the library, and you can watch history, as it really happened. There is such and there's a, I think all of us are hardwired, to want to learn. So the place that he took me to was a place that people learn, they come to learn to experience and to grow. And what's so cool about the other side, is that anything you love to do on Earth, you can do their you can swim, you can height, you can go to music, festivals, you can paint you can write, you can do anything that you love to do, you still do over there. So that was just the most extraordinary part for me.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
Well, let me ask you a question. Because everything you've been talking about, in your experience so far, has very earthly ties, meaning that there's obviously every everything from the buildings to what you're talking about. Now. It's all earthly based, we have all reference points to all of this. So my question to you is, are the things on earth built? Like things on the other side? Or is it vice versa? Because you are coming from Earth, and everything was constructed for you to be to be more comfortable and kind of customized for you in your experience? Or are we just inspired? Like you said, books and libraries? These are all things that we you know, eventually designed here? And or were given that information here and auditoriums and screens and all this kind of stuff. So is it the chicken or the egg? What came first in a sense?

John Davis 32:59
That's a great question. From what I was told. Everything that's on the earth now, was on the other side first, the idea of the pyramids was from the other side, the idea of these beautiful Greek Roman buildings, the architecture was so beautiful, that the inspiration came from the other side. Because over there first, then it can, and I'll mention that to you in a couple minutes. Something else that happened. Okay, so that so that was the library. Here's the part that I think will answer your question better. He took me to a castle. And a castle, just like in medieval Europe. They they were built out of stone. beautiful, gorgeous stone was perfectly cut, just like the castles were backed and huge. And he told me to walk inside. So I walked inside. And immediately there was a gorgeous red or neat carpet, on the floor of the castle. And huge walls on my right and my left. And there were life size paintings of kings and queens and people of royalty who had lived in that castle. And in fact, they were lifesize paintings of what they looked like and also what they wore. And in front of every single painting, there was a podium. And on the podium was a book. And what it was, was that person's life was in that book. In the reason this castle existed, and there were many, many castles there, because they were on Earth. So what's what was on earth is also replicated on the other side. And so if you wanted to learn about a particular time in Earth's history, not only could you go to libraries, but you could all Also go to places like this, where you could see the structures of what it was like on Earth. And this book was on each one of these podiums contain that person's life, everything about that person's life. So if you wanted to learn about King George, for example, you could go, you could look on his castles, you could see what it looked like, what the clothing was like. And then you could read about them in something else. You know how a lot of these castles had those rounds, stairwells that took you to the second floor. This house will have that too. And write about then, there was a woman that started walking down the staircase. She had strawberry blond hair, and she was wearing kind of a peach colored gown or a tunic. Oh, something else that I forgot to mention. Everybody dresses however they want. But a lot of people like to wear gowns in tunics, because they they're the most comfortable. They said, but people wear jeans and T shirts, whatever you want to wear. So she walks down. And she walks up to me. And she says, Can I help you find anything? And Alex, I still to this day, kicked myself because of what I send to her. Here I was on the other side. I'm supposed to be having surgery. What is going on? Well, instead of asking her that, you know what I said? I said, Oh, no, thanks. I'm just looking. That's

Alex Ferrari 36:34
You are not in a Walmart,a Walmart man.

John Davis 36:36
Yeah, yeah, exactly. That's exactly what I thought, What in the world? Did I say that for? I could have asked her anything. But I didn't. I didn't, I didn't know what to say. Well, my guide told me that you know how people people have jobs on earth because they need to pay bills, you know, they've got mortgage, rent, utilities, you know, we all have to have money and we go to jobs. Well, the other side doesn't have that kind of economics, they they work at things they'd love to do. And this girl, what she loved was this particular era of Earth's history. She was what we would call a scholar. So if you wanted to learn about this particular time time period on Earth, you could go to these castles in in Riga bather experience what it was like, or you can go to these viewing rooms that were in the library, where you can go and talk to someone like her, who was an expert on that era of history. So that was phenomenal. Anything you want to learn? Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 37:37
Well, let me ask you this, from again, from talking to so many near death experiences, the and even spiritual, you know, masters and gurus about spirituality in ancient texts and things like that. The concept I heard was that there is a universal knowledge that people can tap into the universal knowledge, like the library, you were saying with everyone's lives sounds like the Akashic records in a physical form, in one way, shape, or form. But we have the ability on the other side, to tap into any information we might want or need to, or interested in, kind of like, you know, quantum physics, oh, here's quantum physics and explain everything to you. And you'll know Oh, and you couldn't articulate it, but you understood it all. If someone explained it to you and the other side. So it kind of is interesting, what you're saying is like, I'm not sure how that meshes with what you're saying. So have you do have you talked to or have heard about that? Or what's your feelings on that? From you know, the,

John Davis 38:38
I had never heard the term Akashic records before. But so when I when I, one time, I was in an event, and we were talking about that library that I saw, and I got the impression that everything you would ever want to learn, study read about was inside that library. And this person told me it sounds like you were inside the Akashic records. And the only thing that I can equate that with is, that's God's knowledge. Everything was there, everything was in that building. But I don't know about a universal knowledge because all the other planets have their own evolutionary scheme also, just like Earth. So I don't know if that library held all the information about the other worlds, or was that only about life on Earth? So that I don't know that's a that's a really good question. I don't know.

Alex Ferrari 39:40
It's interesting. Yeah. Because it's not like when I've heard these concepts of universal knowledge. It's they can access universal knowledge, but it's always in regards to the earthly realm. I've never heard anyone say oh, we you want that advanced spaceship on planet B seven, five. Here like I've never heard that. before, but I was just curious about that idea. Because again, everything that you're saying is very earth, like in variance and the way I mean, you know, that was my biggest one of my biggest questions I always ask for people from they'll go to the other side is like, what do you do? Is there bars? Do they hang out between lives like, are they dances? And you're saying no, you can do whatever you want, you can go to music festivals. So when you send music festivals, I'm like, So you mean to tell me there's concerts with Michael Jackson, Prince,Yeah. Elvis, you know,

John Davis 40:32
Jimi, Jimi Hendrix,

Alex Ferrari 40:34
Jimi Hendrix. I mean, it's, it's a hell of a Woodstock going on. And then Mozart and Beethoven are there as well, like,

John Davis 40:42
It's in what they told me it was like, it's like, a Harry Potter experience for adults, or it's, it's a, it's a paradise, it really is an absolute paradise. And there are a lot of people who don't want to come here, because coming here is just so much different than when it's like on the other side. But people want to learn to they want to learn, they want to grow. And so they do choose to come into lifetimes. And I cannot wait to get back. Because you know, who I want to meet. I want to meet Bruce Lee. And of course, I, I was, you know, I did a lot of martial arts, a lot of karate, I would just, I would just love to meet him. And he said something that I have in one of my journals, he said, There are no limits, only obstacles. I thought, well, I absolutely love that. And they're, they're just a lot of people I want to meet, I just can't wait to get back. And here's here's the last part. My guide took me to a field. And if you can imagine the most gorgeous, beautiful wildflower fields you've ever seen. Golden hills, flowers, I mean, just beautiful. So he took me there. And then he left, my guide left. And I was just standing there by myself. And all of a sudden, a man showed up in front of me. And I could see his hair, he had brown hair, I could see his hands, I could see that he was wearing a white robe, or a white tunic, with a golden sash around the waist. And he had gold colored sandals on there laced up his calves. And he was different than everybody else. Because I couldn't see his face. There was so much light or energy coming from him that I couldn't make out is what it looked like. It my mind said to me, or somebody said to me, this is Jesus. And he spoke to me. And he said, You must tell them, there is no death. And right after he said that, I woke up back in the hospital. And I asked and everybody was looking down at me, you know, they look at you when you're what would happen to this guy. I said to the surgeon, I said, What just happened? So I was trying to see if he could explain to me where I was what was what, what just happened to me. And that's when I found out that I died. He said we'd lost you. We lost you for seven minutes. And I couldn't believe it was only seven minutes. Because if it seemed like it was an hour or more that I had this experience. And one thing I want to tell people that more than anything, I want people to know that there's tremendous hope that because you lost somebody, you lost a friend or god forbid you lose a child or you lose a spouse, they're not really gone. They're just in another place that we can't get to get. But that in the end, when your lifetime is finished, you go back. And the strangest thing is that when you get back and you're with your loved ones again, it's like no time had passed. Because on the other side, there's no, there's no such thing as time, like we have here. And I don't know how to explain that any better. But a lifetime for them is like a month or two. Whereas for us a lifetime can be 8090 years or more. So for them, when they leave they they do grieve for us, but it's not the same as we grieve for them. Because from their perspective, we're going to be back in just a short while. So that was my experience. That was my whole near death experience and we just want your audio needs to know that there's hope. And there's so much more to look forward to so much more than what we know. And God is real.

Alex Ferrari 45:10
Now, I want to go back for a second, when you were in your life review room, did you feel the perspectives of both, both yourself and somebody else during that?

John Davis 45:22
You know what I have? I don't think there was enough time for them to show me that. But I know that is part of your life review. You feel what other people feel like if you feel like if you hurt somebody, you feel what that person felt. But I didn't actually experience I don't know why I think maybe because I didn't have the opportunity to to have a whole life review. They just wanted to show me that. People do have life reviews. So they're, they're real. But each one of these places he took me to it, it just seemed like it happened so quickly, that there wasn't enough time. They just wanted to show me you have to tell people what this is. Tell them that this happens. Tell them that this is real. Tell them that, you know, because because this experience, it wasn't for me. It was for me to share it. So that's what I've been doing.

Alex Ferrari 46:20
Ever since. So. So I have to ask you, then you're 21. Yeah. And in the 80s 80s, I guess

John Davis 46:29
1987. Yep.

Alex Ferrari 46:29
So near death experiences are all the rage. Everyone's talking about them in that time period. I'm being facetious nobody else. If you say something like this publicly, you're pretty much this guy's a loon. So yeah, what did you do with this information? When did you decide to come out of the closet, if you will? And then when you did? What did you like parents and friends? And you know, colleagues, what did they think about this?

John Davis 46:55
You know, it's that's a? That's a great question. It took me the better part of a day and a half, before I realized what had happened. And it was my mom, I told my mom, what happened? Because I didn't I still at that time, had no idea. I was very Catholic. And I just I just didn't know what had happened. And she gave me a book. And I'm sure you've heard of this author named Raymond Moody. Sure. He wrote a book called Life after life that was published in 1975. And I've read through that a lot of it. And I realized, oh, my gosh, this is what really happened. And I made I made the decision to start sharing my story, shortly thereafter, but I gotta tell you, for two months afterwards, when after I realized where I was, I went through a horrible suicidal depression for two months. Because, I mean, it was so bad, I wouldn't get out of bed. That's how, because I could not believe that I would have to be here on this planet for another, many, many years before it was my time to cross over. I just didn't see how could I make it here? Knowing what it's what life is really like, back home. And that took me a couple of months to realize, oh, my gosh, John, how are you going to do that? Well, I, when I realized that Jesus told me, he didn't say, You know what, John, I would like you to go ahead and do this. Do you think you can do this with your lifetime? He didn't say that. He said, You must tell them there is no death. So right away, I started telling people, anybody that would listen, and I think for a long time, I just took it for granted. That what I saw, but when I tell people, it, that's when you start to realize, you know what, John, you really did have a pretty remarkable experience. A lot of people's near death experiences aren't that detailed? So it wasn't for me, it was for me to share it. And I don't know why. They they did that for me. I don't I still don't know. Because I'm not. I'm not Oprah. I'm not you. I don't I don't I'm not I don't have a podcast. I don't have. I don't even have a website. You know, I don't have anything like that. So if they wanted to get this message out, why would they give someone to tell someone who had a huge audience? So I don't know. I just tried to share it whenever whenever I can. And now that my story is a little bit more public, I have the ability to share it with others. And hopefully, my experience gives them the kind of hope that it gave me that there was so much more. God really exists. He actually he really and truly loves us. And here's something else that I don't know how to explain either. It's just a God thing. But on the other side You can feel how much God loves you, and how much he cherishes you. On the on Earth, we don't feel that it's somehow like, I don't know if we're too far away or what it is, but we just don't feel it here. So on the other side, it's I just can't, I can't wait to get back and experience that. So all I've been doing in my life is trying to share it to anybody who listen.

Alex Ferrari 50:30
Now. I mean, it sounds to me that obviously this was planned, you planned this prior to coming out, you're like, Okay, you're gonna die at 21, you're gonna get this thing. This is part of your life plan as as as it goes. It at least it makes sense. That's the case. Yeah. But you're right, in the sense that this was not for you. It was for others to hear. Because every near death experience I've heard had a personal touch to it. Meaning that you've gone off track, you need to come back on track, you can go you can leave, do you want to leave, do you want to stay? There's so many of those things, you got to work out some people created a hell, because she was Catholic, and she had to go down and go through that and get saved. There's so many things, it's all personal, yours is not personal at all you are being taught you're you basically took a tour of heaven, and they're like, take some notes, you're gonna go back. This is basically why you're here. And it didn't seem like there was there was nothing personal about your experience, which is not a bad thing. It's just a very unique in the in the near death experience.

John Davis 51:36
Oh, before I forget, I want to I want to tell your audience one more thing. This just made me want to cry. All of our animals make the transition just like we do, too. And when we get back, they're all there. And we never have to lose them again. You know, all of your animals, your cats, your dogs, whatever animals you have, they're there. And that's that was something I thought was just extraordinary.

Alex Ferrari 52:01
They have heard that as well from others. Now, one thing I wanted to ask you, maybe you have the answer to this, maybe you don't. But you were saying that everyone's if you want to learn, you can evolve on that side. It's just slower. And again, I've heard that from multiple people, both spiritual gurus and near death experiencers, who say that you can learn on the other side. But it's kind of like, you know, you can't really know what swimming is until you jump into the water. I can talk I can tell you all about swimming, but jumping in, you got to jump in and swim. Yeah. And I heard one one near death experience, or he's actually a pre birth experiencer. So he actually remembers his pre pre birth, like the setup to going into his life, like the whole, laying out the plan or the whole thing. And he said that he remembers as himself as a soul running into another soul. And saying, Holy God, what are you doing? You look like kind of like, like you met somebody who went to the gym a lot? Is it my God, you look amazing? How did you lose all that weight? What are you doing? And the other soul said, Oh, I went to Earth. And he's like, Man, I want that. Where can I sign up to go down to earth? Like, ain't easy brothers and make sure you be careful what you wear. You can learn a lot when you're down there. And that's how he started is one of one of the memories he had from past lives. So it was really interesting now, but you're saying on the other side. You can learn and grow and if you're interested in stuff, but you really evolved down here from my studies in ancient Vedic texts, and things like that and yogic philosophies where you evolved to a certain place like Jesus or Buddha or Ascended Masters get to a certain place. Is that the point of being on the other side, or you have to come down here to obviously ramp up and like supercharge your evolution when you're down on Earth, or in any physical experience, but Earth is the biggest, apparently, the Yale and Harvard experience, too. People want to evolve past a certain place, or they just want to just chill and enjoy paradise.

John Davis 54:08
Yeah, that's a great question. People. They don't have to have a lifetime if they don't want to. It's all of it is completely and totally up to them. Nobody has to have a life anywhere. In fact, what they told me was that there are many who have been incarnated on Earth, but they've gone to other planets, but you don't have to, in the, in the place that that he took me to it was it was almost like being on a college campus. You know how all the buildings are in one area on a campus. That's that was kind of like what my experience felt like. You have this building or you did this you have this building where you did that you have this room was what the library is, this is where the planetarium is. But yeah, nobody has to come in if they don't want to. It's just a matter of experience and in what I have learned in my life. And I think this is why people choose to come here is you really do learn the most, when you go through something painful. Because and I think, you know, have I ever learned anything, when everything was going perfect, you probably still learn. But if you go through something, you go through a divorce, or you have a breakup or you lose a job, or, you know, you lose a family member, that's horrible. But when you get to the other side of the grief, you've become more than what you were before. And you can take that knowledge with you. There was a great quote that I just love from Denzel Washington. And he said, You'll never see a hearse, or you'll never see a U haul. Behind a hearse. I say, I just love that. Because no matter what you have in your life, whether it's money or things or possessions, none of that you don't take anything with you. The only thing you take with you is the love the the knowledge, the learning, and that stays with you. So I just thought, you know, it is worth it to come into life to learn. And once you get on the other side of the grief, you've become more and that's that's the purpose for it.

Alex Ferrari 56:22
And did in were So did your parents and your friends when you started talking like this? What happened? Like, did they accept it did not accept that.

John Davis 56:31
I to this day I still haven't told my dad. But my mom,

Alex Ferrari 56:36
I'm assuming he knows I mean, your public at this point?

John Davis 56:39
He might? I don't know. But I know that he wouldn't, he wouldn't believe it. Sure, because he is he is such a staunch Catholic. And that's that's fine. Maybe, maybe one day, I'll be able to share it with him. He's just he's not at a point now where, because he still goes to church, he goes to Catholic Church probably two or three times a week still and then on Sunday. But my mom, my mom knows all about it. People I have told a lot of people will tell me that, you know, there's there's no reason why they don't believe my story. But there are a lot of people who don't. A lot of people say it can't be as good as you portrayed it. And I tell people, it's better. It's so much better than how I can describe it. You know, I don't even have the words to describe what it was really like. But most people, most people question What happens after death? It's the number one human fear is dying. I think they're I think the number I think the two number or the two.

Alex Ferrari 57:42
Public speaking yes, yes, exactly. A public speaker is number one, actually. And then there's a fair.

John Davis 57:48
Yeah, exactly. So I think a lot of people, it's something that they think about, you know, what happens when we die. So my story, I just always shared it. And most people are really open to it. Because they want to know to what happens, right?

Alex Ferrari 58:03
And that's that, you know, ever since I opened up this channel, and I've started talking to, you know, souls like yourself, and and all the other people that I have on the show, people are super curious. And more so now than they were in the 80s. Oh, yeah. There's so much more openness about, you know, in the 80s. It was basically Shirley MacLaine, talking about near death experiences. Yes, she was, yep. And she was, you know, pretty much she's the whack job. She's a Hollywood whack job is what they were calling her back, then. She took a big leap, doing that for a lot of people and kind of brought it into. And then Oprah did a whole lot of work on bringing near death experiencers and channelers. And mediums, these ideas that were really taboo almost, and now, people not only are curious about it, they're searching for these shows, they're searching to hear it. And really interesting thing about what you said about your father is, the ideas that he is basically built his into his story that he's told himself is the foundation of his entire existence. If he wouldn't even entertain the idea of what you're saying, it would destroy the foundation that he has built his entire life on. And exactly would be so difficult for a human being to deal with, especially at an older age. It's so much harder. And that's where I, you know, when people you know, comments or things like that, on on episodes that I do, it's like when you challenge their belief system, it's their foundation. It's what that's what they've the story, they've told themselves to make sense of the world. And it could be religion, it could be politics, it could be eating meat, it could be Mac or PC. It could be anything, and that's why Yeah, I mean, you saw the I don't know if you're a Mac or a PC guy, but my God people get really like the way Mac is the way like, and they because it's the foundation of their it's one of the healers of their foundation for whatever reason. It's fascinating, but a lot of people listening and want them to understand that that if people around them don't get it, it's that's the reason why.

John Davis 1:00:11
Yeah, I agree. 100% agree. And I think my, my dad is he, he's an old Marine. And he is very, very set in his ways. In fact, he, he always encourages me to, to go to the Catholic Church. He's always telling me that, why don't you go? Why don't you go back to Catholic Catholic Church? So I know that he wouldn't be open to it yet, but I'm hoping one day, maybe I'll be able to share it with them.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:37
One day, one day, it's, it's everyone's on their own path, my friend, everybody's on their own path. And everyone's you know, and what's really fascinating, I'm sure you I don't know if you've run into this or not, but people who even disagree with you,a seed is planted.

John Davis 1:00:56

Alex Ferrari 1:00:57
A seeds planted, and it might not flourish in this life, or it could five or 10 years later, because it starts to question. You and I had the same I mean, I was raised Catholic, so I'm recovering Catholic. And, and the same questions I had that didn't make sense, the fearful God, the, you know, 30 years of what happened to Jesus, you know, born yada, yada, yada, He's the same. Yeah, what happened in the yada yada yada, these basic understandings were questions that I had, and I, and then all those little questions started those little seeds. Yeah, eventually they overtook the garden. And I was like, This doesn't make any sense for me anymore. Now I need to find a new foundational system that rings true to myself, but, and for everyone listening as well. I mean, you, John, you don't have a book, you have a website, you don't have anything. You're just trying to. If anything, you're putting yourself out there, essentially, to be ridiculed, for no other reason, then you just really want to share your story. And that's what I find so beautiful and authentic about it is that you truly have nothing to gain from this. That's true. Yeah, you really don't. I mean, if anything, you open yourself up to ridicule and other things like that, and attacks, but you just didn't want to shit you want to just share, share your story with people and give people hope and an understanding about what happens on the other side. So I do really appreciate you doing it, my friend,

John Davis 1:02:21
I am, I am so thankful that you guys selected me to come on your show. I've had such a great time. And Alex, you are great at this. You are so good at this. You have great questions. And I Your stories are wonderful. And thank you so much for inviting me.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:36
I appreciate it. And I want to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

John Davis 1:02:42
You know what I think living the good life has to do with having family in your life. Because I I've learned that you know, material things, materialism, none of that is important. The only thing that is important is the love you have with people trying to make a difference with your life trying to help people as much as you can. And being there for other people. The part about having pain, not only is pain, teaching you, but you also have the opportunity to share it with others, to teach people what you have learned for you from your pain to help make their lives a little bit easier. So that's that's how I would answer that.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:22
How do you define God?

John Davis 1:03:24
That's a great question. And when I was on the other side, there absolutely is a God. And the Native Americans call him the great spirit. And I think that's how I would define it to he is he's absolutely there he is. We were all created by God, in one spark of creation. So he's, he's definitely there. And God is the only the only emotion that I can really explain is that he is all love. God is all love. And he wants the best for us. And he created the other side, our home with an absolute paradise, but also created the whole dynamic of being able to come into a lifetime and to experience things that you can't experience on the other side. So he's all about love all about experience all about learning. And he's he's just as ever present. In on the other side, you feel this tremendous sense of love, and safety and peace. That's why it was so hard for me to come back from back because I wanted to be back there right? I didn't want to I didn't want to be here anymore. But I got I got the sense that I had to make. I had to share my story because of what they told me. But that's how that's how I define God. Just a few A full entity that is truly our Father,

Alex Ferrari 1:05:04
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

John Davis 1:05:05
I think the ultimate purpose of life is to count, to stand for something to develop your gift, because I truly believe that God gave us all gifts. And that our job is to develop those gifts, and then give it away. I always think of Pablo Picasso, the artist, he, he he said something that I've never forgotten. He said, The meaning of life is to find your gift. And the purpose of life is to give it away. So I think, just based on that, I agree with him 100%, find your gifts, develop it, share it with the world, and make the world a better place for you. Have you been in it?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:04
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

John Davis 1:06:06
I think the biggest thing I want people to take away is that there is tremendous, tremendous hope. No matter how hard your life gets, no matter how many experiences you have. And even when you think that you've reached the end of your rope, just tie a knot in Hold on. Because it's going to get better. It always gets better. And let the knowledge of God and the other side, give you strength and give you courage to keep plugging along. Because when you finish this lifetime, and you get back, it's like surviving a war. And you will be so proud of yourself, for what you accomplished and what you achieved. So stick it out, don't give up. Give it everything you've got. And the hope is just boundless. There was a quote that I like to buy Admiral, Admiral William McRaven, you've probably heard of them. And he said, hope is the belief that tomorrow is going to be better. And it will be and knowing about the other side, knowing about how beautiful it is that that's our home. That that will give you courage to keep facing each and every day and moving forward.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:36
And on that note, my friend, I appreciate you coming on the show, sharing your knowledge and doing the good work that you've been doing all these years since since you had your near death experience. Again, I appreciate you so so much for coming on the show my friend. Thank you again.

John Davis 1:07:52
Thank you so much for having me, Alex. I had a great time. Thank you!

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