HUMANITY’S RESET: Top PSYCHIC Reveals What NOT to Ignore in 2024! with Jen Bushman

In the mystic dance of existence, we find ourselves entwined with experiences that beckon us to explore the depths of our consciousness. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Jen Bushman, a gifted psychic whose journey through the shadows and into the light serves as a beacon for many. With her unique abilities, she offers us a glimpse into the unseen realms that shape our reality.

Jen Bushman recounts the profound moments of her childhood that marked the beginning of her extraordinary journey. At the tender age of five, while backpacking in the Olympic Peninsula, she encountered a Sasquatch and its juveniles. This encounter, shrouded in mystery and telepathic communication, set the stage for her awakening. However, societal norms and her family’s skepticism forced her to shut down her gifts, leading to years of inner turmoil and self-doubt.

As Jen navigated through adolescence, her abilities resurfaced, but without guidance, she struggled to comprehend and manage them. “I felt trees, you know, I feel the frequency of rocks. I would know what people were thinking,” she shares. The lack of understanding and support from her family only intensified her feelings of isolation. It wasn’t until a near-fatal suicide attempt at 19 that she met her spirit guide, Pink, who offered her a lifeline and a glimpse of her true purpose.

Jen’s journey took a transformative turn when she met a therapist at 22 who revealed herself to be an alien guide. This revelation was both bewildering and validating for Jen, as it aligned with her experiences and the messages she received from her spirit guides. Despite her initial disbelief, these encounters gradually helped Jen embrace her psychic abilities and understand the higher purpose behind her experiences.

One of the pivotal moments in Jen’s life came when a young psychiatric nurse practitioner recognized her psychic abilities. “Jen, have you ever thought maybe you’re psychic?” he asked, opening a door to self-acceptance and empowerment. This acknowledgment marked the beginning of Jen’s journey from self-doubt to embracing her true self. She began offering readings and spiritual guidance, helping others navigate their own paths with her profound insights.


  1. Embrace Your Gifts: Each of us possesses unique abilities that, when embraced, can guide us towards our true purpose. Jen’s journey reminds us that acceptance and understanding of our gifts are crucial for our spiritual growth.
  2. Seek Guidance: The path to enlightenment is often challenging and requires support. Seeking guidance from mentors, therapists, or spiritual guides can provide the clarity and reassurance needed to navigate life’s complexities.
  3. Trust the Process: Life’s struggles and challenges are not without purpose. They shape us and prepare us for the roles we are meant to play. Trusting the journey, even in its darkest moments, is essential for personal and spiritual evolution.

Jen’s story underscores the importance of understanding and embracing our soul contracts—the agreements we make before incarnating to learn specific lessons. She explains that our relationships and experiences reflect the energy we need to grow. “We are rising, we are ascending back to the sun,” she affirms, highlighting the collective evolution of consciousness that we are all part of.

As we delve into the dimensions of existence and the role of spirit guides, Jen reminds us of the power of asking for help. “Your spirit guides are not your parents,” she says. They are there to support and guide us, but we must invite their assistance into our lives. This conscious choice to seek and accept help is a vital step in our spiritual journey.

In conclusion, Jen Bushman’s journey from a troubled childhood to a confident psychic healer is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true self. Her story encourages us to trust in our unique paths, seek guidance, and understand that every challenge we face is an opportunity for growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jen Bushman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 444

Jen Bushman 0:00
The our consciousness is changing. And you can see it here on the earth, right? We're kind of in our politics in the geopolitics. It's like the world is like, Whoa, it is so divided. It's so black and white. But we need that you need the darkness in order to see the light.

Alex Ferrari 0:23
I like to welcome to the show, Jen Bushman. How you doing, Jen?

Jen Bushman 0:36
I'm good. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. It is a treat to have you on the show, I want to really dive into your interesting journey, let's say that you've had in your life journey, as a, as a as a psychic and developing and understanding those abilities and what my first question is, when did you first discover that you weren't like everybody else, that there was something a little bit I wouldn't say off but special about you.

Jen Bushman 1:12
I'm, I'm from Washington State, and I was on my first backpacking trip with my parents. And I was five years old up on the Olympic Peninsula, and I saw a Sasquatch when we were backpacking. And I saw two juveniles in the trees, and I thought they were monkeys, you know, they were younger Sasquatch. So my turn around, said to my dad, you didn't tell me there were monkeys up here in the trees, you know that we had them in our forest. And he said, there are no monkeys here, you know, stop it, but I wouldn't stop because I kept eating them. They were playing, kind of like jumping from tree to tree, as we were hiking along the plank out to the beach. And so I kept, you know, kind of pestering him, like, you know, I'm seeing this, aren't you seeing this? And so I got, then, you know, we moved on. And then I was separated from the group and behind, and I was tying my shoes, looked up, and there was the mother with the two juveniles. And I knew that something was different, you know, because she was covered in hair. And she looked like my mom, you know. And so, but she telepathically told me to catch up, you know, go join your family catch up, because I was all excited. I wanted to play, you know. And so I kept asking my dad about it, and he kind of got angry. And so I shut down, then, that kindergarten, so I went to school, that fall started kindergarten. And I was taken with other kids up to the resource room, and we were tested. And it was by a group of people, mostly men, and they didn't look like the other teachers, you know, because that end of the school, you know, first grade and kindergarten teachers looked like grandma's Right?

Alex Ferrari 3:29
Very much, so very much so.

Jen Bushman 3:31
And so I didn't trust this man who sat me down and was asking me questions like, Have you ever experienced anything that you couldn't explain? Anything that was odd? Anything that was weird?

Alex Ferrari 3:47
This is at school?

Jen Bushman 3:49

Alex Ferrari 3:49
How old were you?

Jen Bushman 3:51
I was five.

Alex Ferrari 3:52
Just five. And they out of the blue. They just,

Jen Bushman 3:55
They tested six of us. And so my friend Jeff, who I communicated with telepathically all through school, where we grew up, we knew each other. And so he was there. And he was like, don't answer them. And I didn't trust this man. I didn't like his energy. I didn't like you know, I didn't trust him. I knew that there was this was about ulterior motives. But you know, in your little five year old head, it was just like, I don't like, you know, you just don't seem like all the others, right? So, um, later, what I learned was that some kids were, like, put into a program and developed as psychics to work for the government.

Alex Ferrari 4:44
Now that we've had that we've had people on the show who have talked about that program about either remote viewing those kinds of things that was a real government program, and there's real psychic psychic spies essentially.

Jen Bushman 4:57
Yes, yeah. So No, I was not. I mean, I just shut down. I believe he was psychic, because I felt like he was reading me. I mean, I felt like Alex that he almost knew what I had experienced that summer.

Alex Ferrari 5:17
Right! But couldn't been but couldn't pinpoint it or at least couldn't break through whatever you were. You were blocking, essentially, you're like, I don't want to play this game. And that's fascinating. I've never actually met someone who's, who's been recruited into that program. And you said no, because you're five. So there's that. It's almost very, it's almost very Stranger Things. 80s style movie kind of scenario? Yeah, exactly. So so so at that point, I mean, you start, you start noticing that you're not like the other kids know, things are and there comes a realization, I assume that at some point, you're like, Oh, everybody can't do this.

Jen Bushman 6:01
Right. You know, it is I, I felt trees, you know, I, I feel the frequency or rocks. I feel I would know what people were thinking. And I would know, you know, animals, what was wrong with them.

Alex Ferrari 6:20
But Jen let me ask you, but let me ask you this, then, as a five year old, or even as an adolescent. How did you deal with this psychologically? Did you? I mean, did you have someone in the family who's guiding you through this whole process? Oh, Jen, you've got the fit. You've got the gift. There's that those things. Or there's the other family, which is like, what's wrong with Jen?

Jen Bushman 6:38
Yeah, Jen is a black sheep. That's what I was. I was the freakazoid.

Alex Ferrari 6:42
So if you're the Freakazoid, in the family, how did you start? That's a very technical term freakazoid, by the way. How did you deal psychologically at such a young age? Because you don't have any tools at that age or experience to deal with this? So how did you deal with it?

Jen Bushman 6:59
Well, because and that's what happens. So going down the rabbit hole, I do work with kids now who are psychic, and I counsel them in the way that I wish I was, you know, to learn how to mostly managing your reaction to your gift. Because when you are open, and you're inundated with feeling people's feelings, knowing what people are thinking, knowing what the weather is going to be, right seeing things in the future of what's going to happen. Exactly. I felt very separate, but then my father's reaction, and I'm not blaming my dad or anything like that. That's not what this is. It's just this is what happens. My dad's reaction, when we were in the forest, was kind of like quiet. It was like, he knew that I knew that he knew he knew something was up, because I was always this kind of kid into everything and why, why, why and I'd be off in my own little world, but I would know what he was up to. And he knew that there was something so that is, what I'm saying is that was a moment where it shut me down. And like it started to fuel envision a flower is my friend, Michelle says, you know, you see yourself wide open, and it just started to really close me down. And then it did, it got really, really bad. In my teens, because the flower opened back up around 11. And that's what happens. Like my grandmother called on the phone. I told my dad and she said, have your dad talk to me. And grandma had died years ago. But you know, so I told my dad, I said Grandma

Alex Ferrari 9:02
Yeah, Jen, I'm assuming that didn't go over well?

Jen Bushman 9:07
Well, no, no, because then you know, then he's like, you're, you know, messing with me. And I'm like, No, I'm not.

Alex Ferrari 9:18
So,Good Lord. And this is, you know, this is a, I'm assuming in the, you know, later part of the 20th century. So it's not as open psychics and mediums and channels and spirituality and metaphysics is not a real kind of known thing, near death experiences. We're just kind of getting off the ground. It's not where we are today, where a lot of the concepts that we're talking about are more accepted, or at least understood. Whether you accept or not, it is it's not like witchcraft. We're not going to be burned at the stake tomorrow by having these conversations, so I imagined back then this was absolutely taboo, where you raised religion Was it? Were you in a religious?

Jen Bushman 10:00
No, no, we didn't go to church or

Alex Ferrari 10:05
Okay. So it's just like it but it's still taboo II kind of thing back then.

Jen Bushman 10:10
Especially, it's really interesting though, because my great grandma was the really metaphysical, like she would heal people. She was a nurse. She owned a lot of land in Tacoma, Washington, and there's a funny story about the land, how they carved i Five through it, and she went to the door with a gun and demanded that they pay for their fair enough. They weren't trying to kick her off brilliant, but she was a nurse, but she was a healer. And she had gifts. But my family I was made fun of her memory. So I know, I knew you know how you get these messages that it's not okay, too. And then I did try to talk to my mom about it because my mom was very attracted, you know, Mr. noastre. Damas was been in his predictions as quatrains. And my mom was hanging out with her really good friend who's very spiritual, and her sisters, and they had gifts. And they would go to Eastern Washington and meet the psychic and, but my mom told me that my brother was the psychic and my family. And I was kind of like, Oh, and, you know, so it made me think I just kind of evolved into you know, I'm crazy. Something wrong with me.

Alex Ferrari 11:38
So this is something very interesting. So because I, from my understanding, that these gifts are passed down, hermetically and genetically, sometimes even, this is what I hear that it's not always, but sometimes grandma or aunt, or uncle or someone had the gift. And it's kind of passed down generation. Sometimes it skips a generation, sometimes it doesn't sometimes, like possibly your pet, your mom would just say, Nope, even if I had it, I'm not going to do anything about it. Kind of shut it down. And it keeps coming through. So it was in your line, if you will, in your bloodline, quote, unquote, there was some sort of gift, but no one talked about it. Because back then and Gramas time, you definitely never talked about it. Right? You would just been ousted. So that's really fascinating. So so as you're growing up, you think you're crazy. You think you're you think you're going nuts with this, by the way, very common. I've spoken to many psychics and channels and other people who I go, so you thought you were nuts. Right. So how did you overcome the ability this this idea that you're nuts, because you have no guidance? You have no the information this show wasn't in existence back then. So you watch the show and go, Oh, I'm not crazy. I might have what these people are talking about. The books weren't as available. There was no internet. How did you overcome this thought that you were you were nuts?

Jen Bushman 13:01
Well, when I was 19, I had a suicide attempt. And you know, I was really, really struggling from about 15 on, it just got worse and worse.

Alex Ferrari 13:15
Well, teenage years are tough. Teenage years are tough in general, let alone.

Jen Bushman 13:19
Yeah. Right. And then with, you know, just not being able to talk about what was going on with me. And all the other stuff with my family dynamics. Yeah, I tried to kill myself. And I met my spirit guide pink during that attempt. And I didn't realize that was my spirit guide that, but I met him in physical form. And he told me because my grandma Lila had passed, my friend Chris Bagan had passed, he died of a brain tumor when he was six. And so you know, they were there at the tunnel, and my grandmother sent me back. And I was pulled back into the room. And there was this man standing by the bed, very tall wearing a checkered, red and black shirt. Because I grew up in Seattle, my brother was in the grunge scene. So I really identified with grunge I was into that that was bliss. Yes, please. So your spirit guides will present themselves to you in a way that they think you see them as irrelevant, right? So he told me it was not always going to be this way. Kind of pretty much a pep talk of hanging in there. You you have a purpose here on this planet and just hang on, it's not always going to be like this for you. And I thought, wow, this is a really weird thing for a volunteer firefighter to say, but you know, it was reassuring hurrying, and then my boyfriend came home and he called 911. And so all that got through that. And a few days later, I was walking up to my car, which I drove a blue Karmann Ghia and my good friend had a yellow one. So we really learned Carmen years, we were commuting to college together, and I kept seeing this pink car Mejia. And I would when we go through a stoplight, or, you know, I would see this really pretty color of pinky purple. And I would say happy, you know, because we were always on the lookout for coming years, and I would see this, but at the time, I was just really, really struggling. And but I would always see this car. So when after I got home from the hospital, and I was walking up to my car, we lived on a busy road and in the harbor, and that pink Karmann Ghia was really slowly coming around, and like slowed down. And it was so weird, it was almost shimmering. And it was that it was that guy. The volunteer firefighter, though was standing next to my bed. And he was just waving at me. And I was just like, my jaw was on the ground. It was, and I didn't understand at that time, what that was who he is what this was, I just thought, Oh, my God, my life is. So it was just so strange.

Alex Ferrari 16:45
So yeah, Amy, you you had enough self awareness to know that there was something off that, you know, you didn't fall into like, Oh, this is you didn't you didn't drink the Kool Aid. As they said, you, you were kind of like, hey, wait a minute. Man, things are just so weird. And I got no guidance here. And it seems like your spirit guide is coming around going, it's going to be okay. It's these little signs that kind of keep you going. Even though he couldn't sit you down and go, Look, this is the deal. Because that's eventually, eventually. And this is really, and this is something I found interesting from people I've spoken to that they the other side won't give you information until you're ready for it. Exactly. They will not because you're not prepared for it. And I always use the example of a lottery. You know, if you win $100 million tomorrow, and you really don't know what to do with that kind of energy coming towards you. It could destroy you, as it does most lottery winners, because they're not. They're not psychologically prepared, ego prepared, spiritually prepared, financial literacy prepared none of that stuff to deal with that kind of energy. So it's a gift that you're not getting the information maybe when you want it, but you'll get it when you need it. Fair enough?

Jen Bushman 18:05
Fair enough, sir. Very good. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 18:08
So So at what point did you start to understand truly what your gift was, and started to embrace the gift, at least in the private standpoint, before you, as you say, wave your freak flag out. For all I know, there's, there's a little step between that and where we are right now. So how did you embrace it finally embrace what you, your gift.

Jen Bushman 18:32
Because things you know, were weird. And then at 22, I met a woman who was my therapist, you told me that she was walking in. And an alien. I know, you don't talk about aliens. But you know. But there is a purpose there. There are ET guides that we have, and it's very real. And so she entered my life. And after nine months of working together, I mean, she helped me so much because this is when I was 22. And I was in school. And I was always you know, I was better after the 19 year old incident, but still fun, wobbly, this low grade depression that just kept going up and down. And but it was a little better than where I had been, but it was still a struggle. And she was wonderful, helped me in such different ways than I had ever been helped. And then the last two sessions because I was moving to Hawaii, and she was going home. It is how she put it. And then the last two sessions, she told me who she was and why she was here, and why I'm here. And I was like, you know when you hear that and you already you're crazy. You see, right? And you've spent that nine months just really opening up to whom you think is your therapist? Right? Then it was like, you know, telling myself, oh my god, I really am delusional. I really am not. But there was that piece because I was so convinced that I was nuts. Because I marinated in this energy of belief in my family and the people I used to reaffirm that, that I was nuts. But there was that other side where it whole made so much sense. It was so bright. So I did see her go home. I was going to move to Hawaii in two days. And I had been down at my family's house at Harvard, and I was driving home and I was coming up to the mountains because I lived in Bellingham at the time in Washington State, coming down this this awesome part of the highway, where you come up to go through the mountains and come down. And as I was cresting, I looked up through my sunroof. And there was an upside down craft look like an aircraft carrier. And so I did, I saw Courtney go home, and then I had missed anytime and all that stuff. But that was really significant for me, because fast forward through my life. And I'm seeing pink, you know, on the beach in Waikiki in his black checkered shirt. And I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm seeing that guy. So I'm telling myself, I am delusional. I am crazy.

Alex Ferrari 21:49
You're seeing people, there's that people you're seeing. It's weird. Yeah, that's a good it's a beautiful mind. You're like A Beautiful Mind.

Jen Bushman 21:57
Right! On the beach and Waikiki. And I know what everybody's thinking, I know what they're gonna drink before they order it. I mean, I know. You know, it was just when you're open like that, like I said, you just absorb, like a sponge. So not only is it crazy making here, like, you know, people just don't do this, but not understanding how energy works and frequency works and how to use this to move humanity along. Right. So when I was 52, I went to this young psychiatrist, or nurse practitioner to get help, because it was just getting really, really bad. And I was like, Okay, I need this, this, this and this, you know, these medications. And I think if I do for electric shock treatments, I'll be it'll zap it out. And he just kind of looked at me, he just smiled. He was like, Jen, you as Have you ever thought maybe you're psychic? And I was like, Oh, here we go again. Like, oh my gosh,

Alex Ferrari 23:05
Why do I keep attracting all these crazy people around me?

Jen Bushman 23:12
So he said, I know you are because I am. And man that moment. Alex, it was. It was incredible. Yeah, the saddest part of my life. Yeah, it was like, the world came together. So all those mental health insurance, paid appointments, turned into coaching. Sessions, he told me, explained to me who I was, like, I would say, okay, so when I do this, and this and this, and he would say, Oh, my God, that's this. And he would say, Well, what hits do you get about that? And, I mean, it was just fantastic. You guys, it was so it was so liberating. And like, Ah, finally!

Alex Ferrari 24:04
And this is in your 50s, you're doing this

Jen Bushman 24:08
So I was, that's five years ago.

Alex Ferrari 24:10
So let me ask you this. Now that you are aware of your, obviously your gift, and you have a bunch of better understanding of the other side, and so blueprints and soul plans and these kinds of things. Why did you have to go through 52 years of all of this crap of not understanding who you were thinking you're crazy, thank you, because there's other people who have your gift, who have a supportive family, or has a friend that they meet in their 20s or reads a book that really opens them up or finds an organ? Is it something that helps guide them you had apparently, very little guidance, your therapist, which you still didn't kind of believe at that point. To you. Why do you think you had to go through that in this life?

Jen Bushman 24:57
Well, to get me to today, to what I do now, I mean, now I am just my days are full from 3am until nine at night helping.

Alex Ferrari 25:07
But, but the struggle, but the struggle is what got you because it's a struggle. So you went through hell beating yourself up over these years. And trust me I have a similar story on my own. Not nearly as entertaining as yours, but of what I had to go through to get to where I am right now. So I understand the value of it. Yeah, but but I still sometimes go Is it because I asked for obviously I asked for this. Obviously, this is the journey that I needed to go through. You know, what, I've got to be who I am today, if I would have gotten this information 20 years ago, did I need 20 years of this l like I'm telling you like did I need? Could I got it? Can I met this cycle? It's like a therapist at 30 years. I really need 20 more years of this insanity. Yeah. So is that that's what I'm asking.

Jen Bushman 25:55
Yeah. Well, you said it, you said that we aren't ready for information, and that we're ready. So it's a soul contract. So soul contracts are what we experience here in the third dimension is humans. In no other dimension, do we experience emotion, the way that we do here. I mean, if you think about it, every single interaction that you have, every relationship that you have is through emotion, you even have a relationship with somebody that you're driving alongside of on the freeway, and they speed up and you notice them, it's always through the motion. And so what Courtney taught me and that's why I do soul contract work with people with folks is to understand all the relationships, all this experiences that we have in our life, our frequency, its energy, and its understanding, what is the energy that is being reflected back to You that which you need to learn. And we do it through our relationships. It's not like I chose the parents that I had, or the family that I had, when I was at the top of the slide and incarnated into this lifetime. I you do this with other souls. And it's not like you know, I chose the soul next to me, that's not how it works. It works like I will show up in a way that will teach you to love yourself, and, and I would say to the soul next to me, I'm going to show up in a way that will teach you belongingness, right. And so we incarnate and then my mother and my father, they showed up as my mother and father. So it's not like we choose these experiences. It's not like, because see, we're attaching emotion. When we judge like that. It's just is it so up to reflect back to you. So I was ready when I was ready. And now I needed, all of that experience, all of that pain, all of that joy, all of that everything that I experienced in order to do the job that I do today.

Alex Ferrari 28:32
So when you're on the other side, and you're putting together the soul contract, and I've and I have spoken to so many people in regards to soul contract from death, from near death experiences to psychics and channels and all that. So my understanding of it from not being a psychic, and not actually speaking to the other side. And please tell me from what you're telling me is that, from what I understand, there are major checkpoints along the journey that you have to get to, like you're going to you're going to marry this person, you're going to be an architect, you're going to be this or that and there's moments that that you have to get to know how you get there is truly up to you. You can go the long way, the short way, all that stuff. But there are checkpoints that you have that the you're like, hey, I really would like to know what it feels like to be obscenely rich in this lifetime. And that would you like to start Rachel, would you like to become rich? Oh, I don't know. I think I'd like to become rich and actually earn my way up there. Maybe the next life I'll do hereditary and I'll just be born into a rich family. I don't know. And then, okay, it's okay. So if that's what you want, then you're gonna need to go here, here and here. How you get there is up to you. But that's what you that's your experience that you want to get. That's an experience level of it. Now, you go into a deeper level going okay, I really would like to learn empathy. Okay, if you want to learn empathy in this life, okay. You talk to another soul, who's in your soul group. You say I will show up some time in your life to teach you this lesson. If you need to go, I need to feel what it's like to be. You know, and I use this as an example, because I had my own devil that showed up when I was in my 20s, who was an ex gangster who, you know, tortured me for about a year when I was trying to make a movie with him. And he taught me so much about my life. And I imagined that when I was on the other side, I asked somebody, and I asked him that love the souls and they're like, Oh, I got you. In this life, I'm gonna be. And I'm going to come in, and I'm going to teach a lot of people these lessons, while I'm learning my lessons, so if you want to just win over, I'll make sure to take care of your lesson for you. And I'm like, Cool. So it's me kind of getting the idea

Jen Bushman 30:50
You are, but understand that his lesson him acting this way and experiencing the emotion he is from acting like that choosing that behavior.

Alex Ferrari 31:02
Correct! yeah, he's gonna learn his lessons from his scent, and I'm gonna learn my lessons from it. And it just when I, when I heard all this stuff, years ago, about soul contracts, and so blueprints, and all this stuff start to make more sense. You know, it might not be the, the way that everybody thinks of life. But when I saw that kind of makes more sense than, Oh, if we don't if we do bad, we're gonna go down to an eternal hell. That doesn't make any sense to me. But this actually makes sense to me. And okay, so that's, so things are, quote, unquote, negative things are happening to my life. They're not happening to me. They're happening for me.

Jen Bushman 31:41
They're happening for you.

Alex Ferrari 31:42
Yeah. And, and it is not easy to feel that when it's happening to you. Your brain bracing in the battle, like, oh, years ago, that was great, the all that horror that I went through, right. But when you're in the war, it's very difficult to deal with that. And it happens to me, still happens to me all the time. Like, why is this happening? Why did this happen? And I'm like, oh, you know what, I might not understand what the reasoning is for this. But I might figure it out. Down the road, you just kind of kind of roll with the punches that way. So, so Okay, so let's just go back real quick. So you're now you understand who you are, what you what your abilities are. And now they'll be questioned as you're a closeted psychic. At this point, you haven't come out and I love the term, fly your freak flag. I think that's great. That should be you should Should you have any websites.

Jen Bushman 31:42
My book, I'm trying to figure out the title for it. So

Alex Ferrari 32:45
It's beautiful. It's a beautiful title. I think. I'm gonna fly my freak flag. What is this? At what point did you finally get the courage to come out of that psychic closet and go okay, guys, this is what I do.

Jen Bushman 33:00
Well, I started on YouTube. And I started just, you know, using tarot cards on current events. And I did that for a while and it was fun. It was wonderful because I started in two ways. You know, I was engaging in my gift, but I was also meeting people that shared my gift or encouraged it or also felt like they didn't belong. And they found we found belongingness and inclusion in the YouTube community in this particular arena.

Alex Ferrari 33:47
If you're enjoying this conversation, I invite you to go deeper down the rabbit hole with me on next level soul TV. It's packed with exclusive content like live special guests Q and A's daily podcast commercial free access to the entire next level sold catalogue, early access to episodes before they air and special meditations you won't find anywhere else. We will be adding new exclusive content every month. Plus you can connect with me during my monthly live streams. Just go to and join our soulful community today. I'll see you on the inside. Isn't that interesting? That after you discovered after you after 52 and all this information came in that you started to attract people who supported what you were doing like minded people before that. They were few and far between if ever, it was very and all of a sudden then you got this embarrassment of riches now, with all these people showing up and you're like, where were you 20 years ago?

Jen Bushman 34:52
Right. Yeah, but it happened just as it was. was to because then I started to do readings for people. And I kind of, I saw to row as a way to kind of hide in a sense, you know, it was like, using cards in a systematic way. You know, tapping in this spirit made me and it kept, you know, kept like, like a another, like, Layer Layer. Yeah. And so, but then I got more and more confidence and more and just really with the encouragement of the community that I was in, to just be myself to just be me. And so it has, it's just evolved into, you know, I do star seed readings, I can tell you where you come from your birth star, but what your purpose is why you came back to the third dimension, what is your contract, I see the dimensions. And I understand it channel dimensions, the spiritual messages from the dimensions. soul contract work, I've created a class around that and help folks move through phases. We use Daniel McKinnon's work, but I'm in the process of writing my own book about it. You know, it's just, it's grown and grown. I teach meditation, and I'm just me, and I have no problem talking about ETs or talking about Sasquatch. I mean, I went and had a Sasquatch reading with Gail Fowler, the urban Shaman. And she told me, the twins remember the twins that I saw that they were there when my son was born? Because she channeled exactly what happened when my son was born. It was a different, nobody would know that. It's a very, it was a difficult birth. And so they are here now. So when I do my healings and clearings, I tap into them. And Rosie, she's my Sasquatch, that when I do medical intuitives, and I go in, and I see what's going on with your body and the blockage and how to help you release that move it and help you heal or diagnose illness. They helped me so I know that it seems pretty like whoa, that's my freak flag. It's really, it's pretty colorful.

Alex Ferrari 37:30
Colorful, to say the least, to say the least. Yeah, you said that you tap into different dimensions. And I've had many guests on the show that channel from different dimensions and even even spiritual masters. And Yogi's who obviously discuss this, I always find fascinating is no matter who I'm talking to, all the truths are similar. Are they all the truth is a truth. It's a truth. It's a truth. Very few contradictions I ever, ever hear from multiple from people from all walks of life, all traditions, when you get to the real core of it. It's really interesting. So dimensions is fascinating to me, because one of my favorite things to talk about is like parallel realities, the multiverse, all of that kind of stuff. And then, of course, just the different phases of dimensions that we have the third dimension, fourth dimension, fifth, and so on. Can you talk a little bit about your work in these other dimensions, how you're able to tap into them and what they can teach us in this dimension?

Jen Bushman 38:25
Well, yes. So it started with when I was a child, and I would wind up when I would go into the woods because we lived in the woods on I grew up on an island in the South Puget Sound. And so when I would be in the, you know, by myself out in the woods, walking down to the, you know, the road for the school bus, I would I would walk through, like different times and different places. And it started that way. And it started with colors, and frequencies and light. And then as I grew, and I was, you know, speaking with the psychiatric nurse practitioner, and trying to understand what is all this, this color, these places I go and I wind up and you know, I was explained well, that's, that's dimensional work. And, you know, and he counseled me and said to just asked, asked for clarification, and so, as I honed my skills I can, I can use dream time really effectively, you know, as to where I want to go I have certain ritual that I do to line up my aspects. And that's, that's how I get there. But it took time to really understand and then Courtney When she came back to me in the guide form that she is, she helps me to understand what it means. And so then I channel the meanings from the dimensions.

Alex Ferrari 40:14
So the one thing I've heard many times, and you just kind of touched upon it is that the other side, in all of its forms, do not interfere. Because we all have free will in our lives. But if you ask for help, help shows up, they won't show up without being prompted. They're funny that way. Even though they could like this person obviously needs a little help, and haven't asked for it. You know, the rules, we can't go down and we can't do anything. We can't send a person we can't turn on a song, we can't show them the movie or a book that they need to read, until they asked for help. And I think that's a lesson that all of us need to learn when we're having struggles in life. Ask for help. Ask for clear clarification. And this information does get to you. It's it happened in my life many times where I'm like, what? And don't just yell out why is it happening to me? That's not what I'm saying. Be a little bit more strategic with the way you ask it. But would you agree that's the way it works?

Jen Bushman 41:17
Exactly. And that's what I tell my folks is that your spirit guides are not your parents, you know, they they do not? I mean, not as if your parents can't be your guides, that's not what I'm saying. They're crossed over loved ones. What I'm saying is your spirit guides, they're not micromanaging you they're not. They will offer you and give you messages, they will nudge you, when they see that maybe this will split your soul. They will enter and there will be an intervention. But no, it's because and that's the eighth dimension. That's where the Akashic Records lie. That's where the library of you exists, your past your present your future, but we have free will. And so we can change that at any moment. And we do that, and we are supposed to do that. To think that your life is already mapped out. What is where's the beauty in that there is no ascension in that is what Pete says,

Alex Ferrari 42:28
Well, it's kind of like playing a video game, if you already have all the answers, or you have the invincibility token, and you could just kind of walk through everything, it becomes boring, it becomes boring, but what's the point? You've got to only have three players, three men, as they say, to play the game. If you die once, you got to come back, but you better learn around the corner. Because you're not only got three shots at this, let's say in a video game scenario. So a lot of people think, oh, everything's predestined. Yes, and no, I would agree that there is those landmarks, those, those markers on the highway that you will get to that's predestined because you set it up that way. But how you get there, you can go, oh, you could take 10 year detour to get to that place. And that's also to my understanding the spirit guides. And the universe as a general statement will start to nudge you and push you in the direction that you requested to go, but you have free will. So you're kind of going off the reservation. And the first day they whisper and they tap, then they nudge and eventually the car hits you. And it's actually your head with a sledgehammer across the head. Because you have like you barely getting it. So we got to stop you and then you know, and that's when near death experiences come in sometimes and that's where it like you had a near death experience and had a spirit guide come in and go look. Yeah, apparently we apparently you've gone so far off the reservation, we need to Yeah, at least can't give you all the information because you're heading to explode. We're gonna let you know that there's something happening here. Right? There's so that's fascinating. So let me so let me ask you as as you've been doing your work as a psychic, what do you see happening for our this great consciousness shift that I keep talking about? And a lot of people are talking about this the the higher consciousness we're all this as a species we are rising and raising our or shifting into a higher state of consciousness, because obviously we're having these conversations. So that means that there is definitely a shift from where you were born to where we are now there has been a shift. Where do you see us going as a as a as a collective on the spiritual side first and then we'll get into some of the other stuff.

Jen Bushman 44:53
We are. We are rising and growing and we are unified. thing. This is kind of a long answer. And I'll try to make it as succinct as possible. So you talk about the multiverse. So just think of the universe the whole time and space and consciousness. Why we are here? What are we here for? What is this, it's pretty, you know, it's pretty far out in the third dimensional, because we are on the linear number line, to imagine, you know, to really understand, we have moments where we remember, because our soul exists in many different dimensions at one time. But understand that us in this universe that we are in in our galaxy, and we are rimmed with other galaxies, it's kind of like think of it as districts in the multiverse. And so we all unite in our consciousness, all beings, all souls that are in this particular ring, are united. I know it's kind of far out to think about. But things evolve, the universe is expanding, things change the consciousness, our consciousness is changing. And you can see it here on the earth, right? We're kind of in our politics in the geopolitics, it's like the world is like, Whoa, it is so divided, it's so black and white. But we need that you need the darkness in order to see the light. So understand that our light is pretty darn big. If we're seeing the darkness being refracted back to us, the way that it is, that is a sign that we are growing, that is the messages that I get is that we are moving beyond this, that collectively our collective conscious, we are rising, we are ascending back to the sun. So when we plop out of the light, when we are born, when our soul is born, it's kind of like what I see is, it's almost like the sun or a star or a big light, and we kind of flip out, and we join our soul family, and it's almost a ring, and everybody goes off and does their jobs between one and 15, then we realize we become a collective consciousness, and we ascend back to the sun. Now I've asked to be shown, you know what it's like back there. But I have been shown what the higher dimensions are 15 and beyond. And it's pretty, it's light, it's all about the light frequency. And when we achieve that, this doesn't matter at all. It is like we have achieved what we've needed to achieve in the third dimension. So understand that your earthly experience here, focus on your soul contract, because that's the whole point, you will come back and redo your lifetime with the same contract. You have contracts that you are born with you are you have a contract that you come in, to you are born into the universe with, then you create these lifetime contracts from your experiences. But understand there's always going to be a big nugget like mine is I'm not enough. I'm not enough. So what I do is I've gone out and I'm in experiences that reflect back to me that energy that I am not enough, because I need that in order for my soul to grow to rise. Once I started to realize that refraction in the energy, then it allows you to kind of separate from yourself, like your humaneness and you see yourself as a player on a stage. And then you see all the people in your life and what they're reflecting back to you. And it takes away the sting. It takes away all that humaneness that gets involved all that pain or judgment in there. You know, depression, right anxiety, it lets that go so that you can get to the nugget and get the work done. Could you get the work done here, you finally worked through that contract, you rise, you grow, you ascend, and you become part of all that. That is.

Alex Ferrari 49:47
And these different layers or dimensions. And again, none of this is news to me. I sort we've talked about this before we've heard it before, but there's always different flavors of dimensions. As far as the vibe vibration. That's why I always want to hear near death experiences. And there is a dark near death experience. Either Jesus or an angel or something of a higher vibration or frequency comes down and the lower lower frequency entity just can't even. They can't, they can't deal with it, they have to do it. This is such a higher level. And you can kind of I've had the I've had the privilege of meeting people at a higher than or a higher frequency. I think a lot of people on the show the energy that of my guests, a lot of times are of much higher frequency than the average Joe, if you will. And you can sense it, you can feel a difference with them. You could also feel when someone is very heavy and just you know negative and all that kind of stuff, but wasn't asked you about the dimensions is that the Ascended Masters we talked about a lot of times did Jesus's of the world the Buddha's the Yogananda is St. Germain. So these kinds of souls, the Baba Ji's of the world, these souls have risen to a point that are they within the first 15? Or have some gone beyond the 15? Are they still stuck within the 15? Because they are helping us? Because they've chosen to stay down and help us?

Jen Bushman 51:21
Right. Very good. They're like 15 and below.

Alex Ferrari 51:25
Yeah, they could eventually go up higher, but then they would have to let go of helping us.

Jen Bushman 51:30
Right. Exactly. Very good, because we wouldn't recognize it.

Alex Ferrari 51:38
Right?!Yeah, no, no, it's, it's the equivalent. And when you said that, so people understand that they wouldn't wreck I understand what you mean by that. But I'm going to try to clarify for the audience, because that's hard, it's hard to grasp, we wouldn't recognize that kind of energy, or that kind of frequency. It would be the equivalent of a tribesmen somewhere in in the Amazon, and we would show up with all our technology. And they've never seen if you can even find the human be, I'm sure there are human beings still that have never touched or seen a white person or I've never seen, you know, this kind of technologies that we have now showing up with this kind of stuff in a car time or seeing an airplane, it's so far beyond their reality, they they just can't even grasp what it is. And that'll be the equivalent of 16 and above.

Jen Bushman 52:28
Yeah, it's like, wow. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 52:32
They're in a different, they're just at a different. And it's not higher level, it's not a better level, it's just a different level, they're at a different level of their evolution. It's like someone who's never read a book before in their life. And you're then you meet someone who has a PhD, who's read 1000s of books, just a different level. By the way, the person who's never read a book could be a much higher Lee evolved person than the person who has been 1000. Trust me, I've read a life that a lot of PhDs were clueless about life. But I've met people who are, quote, unquote, ignorant and like, well, they got a couple of things figured out along the way. So it's, it's, it's all relative. So So would you say that there needs to be dark to see the light? And we are rising in consciousness? Why is there so much war and anger and racism and things that have been popping up? I mean, the war in the Middle East alone, you just like, I was like, what? Really? Again? Like it just it was like, why are we playing these old old songs again, you know, in the things that are going on with Russia and and even the stuff that's going on here in the states in the in the political arena, which like, and by the way, politically and all over the world. It's, you could just see it happening in other countries around the world. Why are we replaying the songs again? Why are we going back and treading over stuff that in some cases 1000s of years old? Why haven't we learned those lessons yet?

Jen Bushman 54:01
Right! Because that's part of being human. That's the third dimension. Think about the administration we're in now, versus the last administration versus the administration prior, very different thoughts, belief, energy, right? We will always be swinging between the polls. That's the third dimension, you will be a completely opposite ends of energy, but you're holding the same rope. Right? That's how we grow. This is how we rise. This is how we ascend is through this history will repeat itself. We have you know, wonderful that we have energies running around the earth that are saying, you know, history is here to help. Look at what we're heading into, but it's a way it keeps the balance Alik. And it makes sense, the equilibrium, because this is the whole point of us being in the third dimension as human beings, we're always going to have this struggle doesn't matter if you're on Earth. Or if you're on Planet X somewhere where you are in the third dimension, this is what it is like it is for this purpose. So it's for you to find your center, it's for you to find your relationship with spirit, that nobody determines who you are.

Alex Ferrari 55:43
So you mentioned what we're heading into what are we heading into in this next year or the rest of this decade? Because it seems like it's becoming a rocky road as we are moving forward. And I know from what I understand, it's going to be a little bit of it's going to be a little bit turbulent. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are, and what you've been told.

Jen Bushman 56:07
It is going to be a little bit turbulent, but then it's going to get better.

Alex Ferrari 56:11
Right! Can you have do you have any details in regards to that? That you can give us any sort of the I don't need dates, but just as a as a broad brushstrokes? What do you what what is happening to us? As you know, we're I know the economy, geopolitics wars, it doesn't seem like this is going away.

Jen Bushman 56:33
Right! Well, if we continue on this same path, yes, we are, you know, we are right on the wheel, the wheel of fortune 10th card in the tarot deck, right? It's, it means this is the wheel of freewill. Our choices can determine our destiny, our fate, we see the possibility, we've got the two choices, we have the mirroring, we are in that place where we are at choice. Right now. I do see relief happening in the middle of April, that, like, we're all gonna take a little sigh of relief. I'm not gonna say it on the show, but we're gonna feel relief in politics.

I see that we're, I mean, do you want me to talk about politics?

Alex Ferrari 57:33
Well, I mean, I think I think as a general statement, we generally stay away from politics. If it's an abroad space, you know, I don't want to stay on one side or the other. But if there is gonna probably be something look where, you know, as we're recording this, we're in an election year. And regardless of which side of the other side of the aisle you're on. There's stuff going on, you know, and I think there's always good and bad on both sides. So I always look at it when it comes to politics, because if you ever met a politician, sorry, all politicians out there. But but it's a general statement. What what do you see you don't have to be specific, you don't even have to say the party's names or anything like that. But generally, what do you see happening because that will determine a lot are right, we're going as a as a species, because a lot of the stuff that happens in the US ripples throughout the rest of the world.

Jen Bushman 58:28
People are going to choose the light, they're going to choose the truth. We're going to stand in light, we have a lot of help coming from the Ascended Masters or angels to help. We are at a pivotal point in humanity. We are at a choice. And it's like I said, it's a sign that we are evolving so much that we need this kind of big, gnarly, meaty choice. Right? We are we will choose the good, but we need the struggle in order to get to that point. You know, being spiritual being in the third dimension, it's a very grown up responsibility. It's not like something that happens to you. We have the ability to to determine our destiny, these challenges that we have, whether it's in our home, or it's geopolitically, they are meant to challenge us to constantly reflect back to us that we make a choice. We make a choice in where we stand and what we want to bring in what we want to encourage.

Alex Ferrari 59:48
So what is the biggest lesson that we need to learn in the next 10 years as a species?

Jen Bushman 59:57
that it is possible It is all possible. It it's a choice you guys. You can choose what you want to experience. You can choose who you are, and how you want to experience this life.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:30
As an individual and as a collective,

Jen Bushman 1:00:33
Yes. Sorry.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:36
No, no, it's an emotional thing. Because there's so many people in so much pain, I appreciate you being so vulnerable. By the way, there are so many people in so much pain around the world who are under delusions, that they are, they have no control over their life, that they have no control, they have no control over anything that happens to them. And the information that we put out on the show and these conversations, hopefully, empowers people to understand that the power is within themselves. Exactly. And they can choose a different life. And I know it's hard to think that way, when you're in the crap. And you're in the deep mud. We all been there, I've been there, you've been there, we, I don't think you can go through this life without being touched in some way shape or form like that. It's part of it. It's just part of the journey. So when you're in it, it's really difficult to see your way out of it. You're like in the forest and the trees and you can't see anything but the trees. But if you're able to SAT quiet yourself look inward, and start to do things little by little, reading a book here and there listening to a podcast, stuff, you know, meditating, all these little things to start getting you out. It won't happen like that. But it will eventually get out. Look, it took you 52 years. It took me a long time, as well and decades to figure out a lot of this stuff as well. So I think that's the message of of this conversation, hopefully what your work is, and what my work is. So I appreciate you.

Jen Bushman 1:02:10
And you are not alone. There are many people, many souls out there just like you. And there is belongingness there is inclusion. There is understanding, and it's in spirit. And I love you. So there's that. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:32
Well, Jen, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests.

Jen Bushman 1:02:36
Yes. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:37
What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Jen Bushman 1:02:42
Standing in your power. Truth.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:46
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Jen, what advice would you give her?

Jen Bushman 1:02:52
That you

Alex Ferrari 1:02:57
Girl, you're gonna be fine. Just fine. Just hang in there. These people run you cray cray. And

Jen Bushman 1:03:11
Exactly. That you are beautiful. And you are loved Jenny. Jenny Lynn. Yes. That's what I will tell my little Jenny.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:22
How do you define God or Source?

Jen Bushman 1:03:28
All that is in everything is me as you the trees. It's the light. But it's it's that unconditional love that flows through all of us. It's in our DNA. It's in the DNA of the universe. It's why the universe exists. It's why we exist. That is God. God is love.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:53
And what is love?

Jen Bushman 1:03:57
Ah, wow, love is energy. So it's pink. Love is that that flows through us that Bond's us all. It's that energy. It's frequency. It moves throughout the universe. Sweat unites the molecules moves the atoms. It is love.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:21
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jen Bushman 1:04:24
To rise, ascend, find your power. Find who you are. Belief. Hope to get to trust. Once you can trust then you relax. Blows, right. You trust it just like oh, I mean, just saying and you feel is like,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:50
Oh, no. It's like sitting in a war. It's like sitting in a warm stream and just being taken. But we spend most of our life walking up the street. against the current fighting Yeah, and fighting and fighting and fighting. And and where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Jen Bushman 1:05:09
Jen And my YouTube tech channel is Jen Bushman. And I do readings and I have classes, I have a rock shop, because I'm so into the frequency of stone. I'm a six dimensional starseed from Sirius. So I'm really into the frequency of the stone.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:28
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Jen Bushman 1:05:31
You are beautiful, you are loved. And it is possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:38
Jen, thank you so much for being on the show and for sharing your journey with us and your wisdom and your experiences with with with the tribe. So appreciate you, my dear and everything you're doing to awaken the planet. Thank you.

Jen Bushman 1:05:48
Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. It was an honor to be here. Thank you.

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