NASA Scientist NDE Shows Her Mysterious Beings of Light with Ingrid Honkala

On today’s episode, we welcome a beacon of light who has traversed the vast realms of consciousness and the scientific world alike, Ingrid Honkala. Born with an extraordinary awareness, Ingrid’s life journey has been marked by profound spiritual experiences, including a near-death encounter at the tender age of two. This pivotal event opened her eyes to the interconnectedness of all beings, setting the stage for her lifelong quest to bridge science and spirituality.

Ingrid’s narrative begins with a transformative near-death experience that forever altered her perception of reality. She recalls, “When I was just a child, I drowned in a tank. In that moment, I saw myself from above, enveloped in an indescribable light.” This early brush with death was not an end but a beginning, sparking an unquenchable thirst for understanding the mysteries of existence. Her journey is a testament to the idea that death is not a terminus but a transition, a gateway to greater awareness.

As Ingrid grew older, her experiences only deepened. She began to perceive the presence of beings of light, guiding her through life’s labyrinth. “These beings,” she shares, “taught me that wisdom comes from silence. In the stillness, we find the answers to the universe’s most profound questions.” This wisdom steered her through a distinguished career in marine biology, where she applied her heightened sense of awareness to her scientific endeavors, working with organizations like NASA and the U.S. Navy.


  1. Embrace Stillness: Ingrid emphasizes the power of silence. In a world inundated with noise, finding moments of quiet allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and the universe’s subtle signals.
  2. Gratitude as a Gateway: Gratitude, according to Ingrid, is the highest vibrational frequency. By practicing gratitude, we align ourselves with the abundant energies of the universe, opening doors to infinite possibilities.
  3. Unity of Science and Spirituality: Ingrid’s life embodies the harmonious blend of scientific inquiry and spiritual exploration. She illustrates that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive but complementary paths to understanding our existence.

Ingrid’s experiences have also provided her with a unique perspective on challenges. She views them not as obstacles but as “challenging opportunities” to grow and evolve. “Every difficulty,” she notes, “is a chance to see the goodness behind everything. It’s like a divine game of hide and seek, where every experience is designed to reveal a hidden gift.”

Her teachings stress the importance of living with an open heart and mind. By fostering a sense of presence and gratitude, we can transform our perception of the world. Ingrid advises, “Imagine how grateful everyone would be if they realized that trillions of subatomic particles are in agreement to create your existence. This divine intention is a testament to the miraculous nature of life itself.”

As our conversation draws to a close, Ingrid leaves us with a poignant message: “Learn to navigate life with gratitude. It is the highest frequency, and from this space, all things become possible.” Her journey from a near-death experience to becoming a bridge between worlds inspires us to look beyond the surface of our everyday lives and tap into the deeper currents of existence.

Ingrid Honkala’s story is a compelling reminder that our lives are part of a grand tapestry, woven with threads of both the seen and unseen. Her insights encourage us to explore the vast dimensions of our own consciousness and embrace the unity of all things.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ingrid Honkala.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 153

Ingrid Honkala 0:00
But she had learned to be quiet. Because people will say things and you don't talk about these and her and she leave with some answers. You never talk about this. And he's when she said to me the same thing and she validated that being so like, don't talk about the so when you Pawnee, they dawn on. And then, incrementally. The first time I started to see spirits to was when I was six years old. And then is when I went to my mom, I was a Mormon of life. Not a good one. I had a disappearance was very scary. And is when I ran to my mom and I said, Mom, the beams of light on the spirits are not the same. And it's one of my mom's say, explain explain the new one because she thought we were seeing the same thing. And I said, No, no, no, no, they are like this. And then my mom has started to cry and is when she say I think you can see angels.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Ingrid Honkala. How you doing Ingrid?

Ingrid Honkala 1:49
Ah, hey, Alex, thank you for having me here. This is such an honor.

Alex Ferrari 1:53
I appreciate that. Thank you so much. I'm, I'm excited to talk about your journey. You've gone through a few things in life. You, you know, you're not your average person. You do a few things, different things which are really interesting. But what brought me to where you how you came into my, into my universe was your near death experience. And you had it at such a young age, I think you're the youngest near death experience or have ever spoken to. Or at least I had it at that such a young age. So can you tell I normally ask what was your life before you even near death experience, but you were to. So there wasn't much life that you were living other than like, hopefully I can go to the toilet. So there was a lot of life experience there. So can you talk a little bit about what happened? How you died? And what happened on the other side?

Ingrid Honkala 2:44
Yes. So this is this has been quite a journey. Because like you say it started when I was so young. And yeah, what happened at the time is that my parents work, and they will leave us and take care of a maid. And she was this young lady that when my parents were not around, she was into her radio novellas. So there's soap opera us. And then she didn't pay attention to us. And one morning very early, my parents left and my older sister and I realize she's not paying attention. And we went to play in the patio in the house. And the thing about this party is there was a big tank. On the stand the purpose of the tank was to collect water for hand washing clothes. And this downhill about 900 gallons of water. So it was a pretty big tank. And my sister and I saw a bowl on the side it lays Blake cash across the tank. And then because I said it was a pretty big tank, we just grabbed stools would climb on the tank and next to the tank, there was a surface for scrubbing for washing clothes. So my sister just sat on that surface that were a little she was more safer there. And I went to the other side of the tank, which was just a thin edge. I abandoned my legs. And of course at that moment, we're not thinking about any danger. This is so much fun. So she had the ball and she threw the ball and she didn't apply enough force. So the ball fell in the water and he was floating and I thought I can grab it. I lean forward and when I thought to the ball, it rolled and I lost my balance and fell in the tank. The first feeling Alex was the stencil, these water was frigid cold. people have the misconception that because I'm from Colombia, I come from hot weather country but Bogota is pretty high up in the Andes. So the temperature of these water, I don't know, it was between 3040 degrees, six in the morning. And it was that sense of like, like my chest thing, pillow like, and I was freezing cold. And after that it came the sense why I cannot breathe. I have never been in a pool, we didn't have a bathtub. So I did not have idea at that point of my life, being almost three years old that if you fall in water, you can have grace. Now, as you can drown, and I entered into this state of panic, you can imagine, like these desperate attempts I need to breathe. But I didn't know how to swim nothing. And I just sank in the tank. And this is just the incredible, amazing power and ease that when I am in this state of desperate terror, horror, I cannot breathe suddenly from that absolute peace. I didn't know what happened. But certainly I was calm. I didn't not have the need to get out of the tongue to breeze to go anywhere. I was just completely calm. And he was like, Wow, this feels so good. And from that people always ask me that question. How can you remember you were so little. And throughout this conversation, I want to bring that to clarity. And one. Imagine the trauma that I experienced during these moments of terror and drowning. After that, I bring a lot the word contrast. Why? Because there was many things that were like pretty extreme. So one thing is that I live in a house, I was very noisy, there was always noise. And the last thing I heard with my like, ears like almost like in my head was my heart beating. Know when you get very scared and use the heart was beating in my head like a drum. And when I entered into that space of peace use silence. And I call it the silence behind the silence. It was so profound. And so come that I craved that silence for the rest of my life. They did I will go into closet under the bed and chapels whatever I wanted that silence and why I cannot find it. The other thing the other contrast was that this tank was completely made of cement. It was a dark space and he had a roof six in the morning. Last thing I saw in this space was the darkness of this space. And when I went into the state of calmness and peace and joy and serenity villas, the first thing I saw was a light. And it was a light that came from below. So it was the sense like now there is light. And it was even now a lot even more more amazing. Like there is light. And then this next thing I started to see bubbles. And these bubbles were surrounded by light. And he was like, oh what is happening? And he was like looking at these Bibles that I Oh chase in the Bible that I turned around, and I saw a body. And he's one I realized that that clarity, the realization that is my body. But it was the sense of like, oh, this already kind of happened before. Like it was a sense of familiarity, like this is not new. And the other thing it was just that sense of that there was nothing to fear. Everything was okay. And the other contrast that came at this moment is that I was born as a very sick child. And I spent almost the first three years of my life feeling unwell. So imagine now Alex, I'm experiencing solute wellbeing. I didn't even know what was to feel well, because the only thing I knew was the signal. And now I'm like, feeling incredibly well. So when I look at the body, my reaction was like, I'm not going back there, forget. And I turned around, and I left the body behind. So see is like this, all these contracts? I mean, how can I forget these. And after that, the moment I turned around, and I started to walk away, I saw flowers that were blooming from nowhere. And it was majestic. And the flowers pick me up. So imagine even I lost the sense of dimension and how big this was, had to be to pick me up. And but now I'm being pegged. And I'm being carried. And I just like, oh, completely relaxed. I said to people that give the analogy is like going back to the womb, where you will not doing anything, you jars being gone. And I'm in just such a bliss. And from there in just the following light that I appear in the mate room. And I was looking at her from above, like I'm floating. And she's just like listening to the soap operas in the radio completely unaware of what is happening. And I said, Oh, that's Maria. But nothing happened. Then from there like that in and not a blink, I appear in my mom's path. She was on her way to work, she didn't have a car. And she was close to get to her bus stop. She had to cross this, like, very big neighborhood. So it was about if you're walking as low, like about 10 minutes to get to your boss. And from above I again floating I look at her. And this is the power Alex that blows everybody's minds. And that validate validates experience. And is that at that moment, I said, Oh, that's mom. And when I said these, she stopped. She did not give another step she did not she just stop and she had these knowings something is happening at home with one of my babies.

And I have to say two things. My mom had an amazing intuition. But the other thing is that she listened to that intuition. That's the part that many times we don't do. And then she turned around and she started to run. And I just looked at her like, Oh, why is she running? And then but at the moment that I'm looking at her because I changed my angle of vision. I saw a dog and a dog was at the end of the road. And I'm like, oh, because I love animals. The moment I have the desire to be with the dog, I am with the dog. Like I just happen. So I looked and now the other side there was a park and the moment I decided to be in the park, I am in the park. Oh now I was having so much fun. I'm like this is great. And I'm having fun. So imagine for me all this sense of time and space as we know it disappear. And I started to play that game of going places. And when I was having fun in the midst of all that in a novel just like bawling like that and a flash iOpener around that was made of pure, bright and shiny light. At least this was the first time even even beyond that sense of serenity that sense of peace, a sense of well being. The feeling was oh I am home. I am home and it was that again that sense of family a it like this feels so incredibly good. Like I put the analogy when you've been working really hard throughout the whole day and you get home and you have this comfortable delicious couch with TV and a cup of coffee. This feels so good. And this is an incredible wake us up to this point. I didn't have the realization yet that I was not that persona that I was not that body although I saw the body and didn't have that connection yet and it's when I had this realization. I am not that a nice when I realized myself as a being of light. I know you started to have the sense that I was kinda like the solving. Like, I'm part of these, the hole. And then even when even beyond and and it's when I bring the word that is carrying many people what I experienced what I call nothingness, some call it non selves on call it emptiness, some call it wholeness because at the same time is like that sense of is nothing that you know, but you're like experiencing the whole and I know that analogy to bring this to clarity is like if all you knew about yourself is a little tiny box in the middle of a stadium. And now you open the box and you realize I am more than I thought I was. And imagine I was only a three year old but even almost three you even that little is like not the sickness I thought I was or anything like that. And and then I entered into in the state of the only thing I can say the worst I can use to describe the state is a state of absolute presence and just just pure consciousness, there was nothing. I don't even have words to say it because there's nothing that you can describe, or you can give color or movement or sensation, nothing It was just holding it up. But maybe I could use the word bliss, bliss. And when I am in this state, my mom finally arrived home. And this is the other amazing thing. And we live in a big house. But my mom knew exactly where to go. That inner guidance so strong. And she will direct herself to the back of the house where there was my sister there sitting still like in the in the scrubbing area. And people asked me why he didn't go call them a washing go call for help. And he's because we didn't supposed to be in this plane in this tank. That was our limit. So imagine children like Tecton supposed to be doing that she's going to get mad. See, this is what happened when we get fear. And then she I don't know if I mentioned but she will little too. She was three, I was two, she was three. And then she tried to get me out of the tank. But we're grateful she didn't fall to because she couldn't reach me. So when she saw my mom to like mommy ingredients there, and I cannot get her. And my mom jumped into the tank, she got me out. And these are the synchronicities the incredible things in life. I just say I meant to be here because she was trying to do CPR. She worked with children. Oh, wow. And she was trying to do CPR for children. And then she got me out. She knew what to do. And whatever she got, I imagine that anguish at that moment, and I did not feel anything she was doing. I mean,

Alex Ferrari 18:19
You're watching this, you're watching this go

Ingrid Honkala 18:19
Oh, I'm in my place of bliss. Oh, at that moment, Alex, I'm completely disconnected from these reality. There was nothing I felt nothing I experience our this physical reality at this moment. But what I experienced was certainly, like I had jumped from the tallest building in the world. And there's nothing I could do to stop this. And it was that sense. Yeah, and I felt like I was being vacuum like I was being sucked. And then I cannot have you ever jump from I don't know a very tall building or down the whatever, the pool like a high jumper. Yo this vacuum thing that was the feeling. And the now I knew I was back in the body because the pain because all the coldness because of imagine the sense of again, being trapped in the little box. And that sense of expansive being was now here and I was very angry. And I didn't want to be here. And this became a problem because I was so angry that I refused to eat. I didn't want to participate with anything I didn't want to play I didn't even want to be taught and it escalated through time and I became sicker because of the accident itself and then What happened to is that imagine I came, although I was so little, I came back with an awareness that clearly I didn't have before. And this awareness was like, the sense of like, I'm not just this, I'm not this child. I am more than this. And when I was a look at my parents, I'm like, they're not just my parents, I felt them as my equal, because I had experienced that sense of oneness. And I couldn't relate with this body and I couldn't relate with this name and looking at other children was terrible because I'm like, what is happening to that people, they don't know anything. And I could not even get close to any of these people. I even felt like a little bit more comfortable with adults. And this is not all I started to show abilities that I didn't have before. And what abilities are these I'm telling you, I'm just about to be three years old. And now I can read and write I can resolve mathematical problems, I can put together complex puzzles I can paint so imagine this has started to show little by little and the people around my mom that was a teacher like what is going on there was no knowledge at the time there was not understanding there was nothing that could use to understand what was happening to me but it's when I said that the help that I needed came in the most remarkable way because it wasn't happening in the outer and when I said that for me that the doors never close and that's another reason why I never forgot the experience is because it didn't end there. For me, things kept happening and you know years years years later Alex when I and I will talk about this communication with what I call being so light but when I ask the beans or like the universe like because I always kept saying like the door never closed the door never closed. So the answer was like Ingrid of course the door never close, because there are no doors like what we call consciousness, God kingdom of heaven home is always here for everyone. But due to conditioning due to believes you to experiences due to culture due to whatever we start creating barriers though we call the Val we start creating doors and making it like an I have in the sense that none of this is possible or these connections are possible for for us. But then what happened is that I started to also experience what I know. We know today as out of body experiences. And every time I went to bed, I will experience colors, movements, frequencies, things that I have never experienced in my human physical reality. At the beginning, it was kind of like, dude, like what is going on, but I will been every time I was brought back to the realm of the light. I'm like, Oh, this is what I want to be. So I started to asleep a lot. And my parents of course fire that lady, they hire a new one. But hey, if a child is leaping and he's not giving you any trouble, then let her leave. And I slept a lot and in one of these journeys one day I was surrounded for like lights that were shining in all different colors. So imagine this is so incredible, who wants to be here I'm having fun there is leaping and even one of these journeys, one of these lights that were shining in gold shape itself into a human form. To kind of show me Look, we are the same and he's when I said you are a beam of light. And then I woke up and now I wanted to sleep. Now it was like this thing that I don't wake me up ever. But then of course we need balance. And how these balance presented along after an hour was about four years old, and then I was taking a shower, and I'm just relaxed there when I saw these in pants, blue light that appeared in the bathroom. And now is when I said now the beams of light are here. And when I used to I need to sense the presence of these beings. And I started to see them everywhere. I started to feel the sense of, Oh, I feel good. And I feel like I am more at home. And I started to feel that, okay, I'm okay to play and to eat, and he started to heal. And this is when I bring another amazing teacher that I learned years later. And it was the realization that home was not a place was a state of being. See, I didn't have to go there, to have that joy, that peace. I could experience it here too. And then, at the beginning, these beings, they didn't say anything, they were just presence. And then every time I saw them, it was like this joy and and then I started to be able to sense that presence and to smell like this incredible this smell of roses, it was this perfume and the time I was able to, for the first time I was able to hear them with a day I threw your big tantrum. Although I was already feeling well, and everything, I was very disconnected from my persona, and for my name. And every time anybody called me was like, Ooh, Ingrid, that's not my name. And one day, they were calling me for dinner. And I'm like, no going on the lady like came like hangry will calling you for dinner. I said, Just don't call me like that. That's not my name. And she said, Then how should we call you? Which name should we give you? And I say, I do not need one.

Alex Ferrari 26:48
To cut you. A rough child. I mean, as a parent, I'm like, my kids start doing this. I'd be like, Honey, I don't know what to do with you. I like what can I say? I'll call you it. It it. Can you sum it? Can you come to dinner? Like at a certain point? I have to ask you, I have to ask you. We're both from Latino culture. So I have a sense of the family unit. Yes. Especially at that time and in history, as well. Not the most generally speaking, not the most evolved of humans. Our parents were because because their parents were less evolved than they were they did the best they could with a lot of love and everything like that. But how did they handle a child like you in that kind of culture? Which is not it's not an easy culture? You're living in Colombia? And they're telling you you're like, No, that's not my name. I don't don't call me I don't need a name. I can only I can hear my grandmother in my head. As you're talking going. It'll get there. Like, I'm not gonna start speaking Spanish. This girl's crazy. Cheetahs? talaga, as they say, in Spanish. So how did? How did they begin to relate with you? Because all these things? I'm assuming you told them about the lights, the beings of light? Or did you keep that quiet?

Ingrid Honkala 28:11
Oh, at the beginning, it was like a little bit of like, if you mentioned anything with like, I of course these Charlie's making stories, or having all these dreams is the saying. But there was the important thing that happened that very day that I heard every inch of life for the first time was that of course imagine with that they send me to bed stop with these tantrums. What are you talking about? These girls, I pity my mom today, because I'm not how my mom did with me. Send me to very stop with this. Madness. And then, of course, I was crying I was disappointed I didn't understand and is when I heard for the first time. And they've been so light said to me, it's going to take time for them to understand that names are not needed in the realm of the light. So imagine this complex system like Oh, I get it. I know now why I don't need a name. Or of course later I have to understand that names were needed here. And then of course, this is our human

Alex Ferrari 29:16
Taxes. There's no taxes in the realm of the light. Here there is

Ingrid Honkala 29:22
Exactly the other thing. That's the part where they said to me, you have to remain quiet. They're not going to understand I'm for me what I what is not to understand that was my reality. Sure. And they're like you will say, but they said but there will be people putting your path to help you and to guide you. And my mom already had she was kind of looking because I'm not now going to give you the the key of how is that she was able to deal with this and understand She was the first person that validated that I could see things. Because now I went to kindergarten and the beans have I started to understand be more quiet because you had nobody who's getting it. And then you swing the beans who like told me not to talk, but they didn't tell me not to paint. And I started to paint beings of light everywhere. Like it was like shiny light. That's the way I saw them. And then the teacher was so curious. And she's like, What are these? Because she's like, why is this child painting? And I was already regarded as a strange child. Imagine

Alex Ferrari 30:40
You've been labeled?

Ingrid Honkala 30:46
Like, I'm painting all this stuff. And she like, are those like the sun, the stars? What the heck? And I said, No, these are my friends. They've been so light. And she like friends,

Alex Ferrari 31:00
I mean, we're just looking kindergarten, that's fine. You have imaginary friends. It's not a it's not you. It's still somewhat in the realm of acceptability.

Ingrid Honkala 31:12
Not as much not as fun Yeah, with like, we need to call your mom, this child has some problem. And my mom came, of course, and they're looking at the pictures. And we discover something else, because my mom is looking at all these. And then all the pictures. Remember other ability I had was to paint, they all have distinctive color around. When we this court, I could see or asked, of course, and then is when they were looking at this with curiosity, everything. And then I said, I wanted to be validated so bad that I turned to my mom and said, Mom, these are the colors that we wear. And these are my friends. They've been so lucky. Because you know, they're Latino. He's got a she made me these eyes, like, oh, like the mom is like, be quiet. And I looked at her because she didn't want me to be in trouble at school. So she immediately said to the teacher, this is just a face, who will work at and we left. And on the way home. Soon my mom said to the to me, I believe you say like, imagine like, and Sheila Yes, because I also see things that others cannot see. Oh, that's how she was able to work with me or I would have ended up who knows

Alex Ferrari 32:39
In a mental ward. Absolutely.

Ingrid Honkala 32:43
Because my mom is when she confessed to me that she could see what we call spirits. And she has been able she was conscious to her clarity, seeing this experience. And she was like five years old. But she had learned to be quiet. Because people will say things and you don't talk about these and her and she leave with some answers. You never talk about these. And these when she said to me the same thing. And she validated that being so like, don't talk about these to anybody. They don't understand it and then incrementally. The first time I started to see spirits to was when I was six years old. And then is when I went to my mom, it was a moment of like, not a good one. I had a disappearance was very scary. And is when I ran to my mom and I said mom, the beams of light and the spirits are not the same. And it's one of my mom say explain explaining the what because she thought we were seeing the same thing. And I said no, no, no, no, they are like this. And then my mom has started to cry and is going to say I think you can see angels. And I said mom they cannot be angels because they don't have wings because of their religion and then but she said it has to be and it has to be your guardian and your son you know in the Latino culture there's just all these power of the angelic realm so your guardian angel and all these so we she told me to pray all these prayers to just be with these angels and never be afraid of these spirits stuff. But because I was so curious and I was already talking to the beams of light I went and asked them what is the deal with these? I call them darkest spirits because they call me fear not because there was nothing like that. Oh, bad. But then is when I heard I thought what I was going to hear like yeah, those are spirits you ask are all different? No, the answer was incredible is when they said to me that you call it spirit. You As in essence, we're all the same. The difference is the level of awareness that you have our who you truly are. And then then after that, I asked my mom say that you are angels is that what you are? And look at the inquiry will answer this, to me, we are what you want us to be. You can call us whatever you want. And then the next person that came that because now I needed clarification about all the stuff I was receiving, I don't know what they're talking about, in many instances, and look how everything was playing. So amazing for the evolution of my spirituality was my grandmother. She was raised as a Catholic, but she was a very rebellious woman. She wanted to know more, she wanted to study more, I don't think this is eight, she joined an order called the Rosicrucian Order. And then it started to learn more about spirituality. Then it started to learn about Hinduism, Buddhism, the Kabbalah, the chakras, everything else, and she brought this to our home. And when my grandma came, she was the first time that told me meditation. I was eight years old. And when my grandma started to talk this language, I said, You talk like the beams of light. And my grandma and I became, oh,

Alex Ferrari 36:27
Peas and carrots, peas and carrots.

Ingrid Honkala 36:29
Yes. So from there, yeah, my path. Imagine having this possibility of now be with somebody that understood. But imagine, just Alex, imagine how hard my life was at a school with other children would be my age with my own self. So by the age of 12, I told my grandmother that I wanted to die. Because I didn't feed I felt I don't, I don't belong to this world. Nobody understands that other than my mom and my grandmother, there was nobody. And then is when my grandma got really nervous. Of course, this child, 12 years old, she wants to kill herself. I didn't never mentioned kill myself, but I wanted to die. Because I knew how it fell. And I'm like, I don't want to be here. And then is when she said, I'm going to bring you to a place because I always talk about to my grandma to that silence. I want to go somewhere where I have that and she took me to these little Buddhist temple. And in these little and in Colombia, that was unheard. But she knew a little place in the middle of us.

Alex Ferrari 37:40
I mean, now it's probably a little bit different. But back then there was not a lot of Buddhist it's a Catholic, Christian

Ingrid Honkala 37:48
98%, probably 99% of the population was

Alex Ferrari 37:52
The Spaniards did a good job. They did a good job when they came down there. I mean, they

Ingrid Honkala 37:58
I could not tell. I mean, the teachings I received from the Catholic teachings were also many things were very beautiful. And I was very much completely in love with God. When I did my first communion when I was nine, all I wanted to do is with God. But what one perspective, what didn't work was that I went to the priest. And I told the priest that they had to stop fearing God. Because God was love. How could you feel the one that loved you the most? What do you think? He said, You don't know anything? You just a child does the words of the devil. And she put Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 38:42
The words of course, anytime. It's always the words of the devil if they don't agree with you.

Ingrid Honkala 38:46
Yeah. Because you know, how can you say that you don't fear God. So it put me to pray. And that's when that'll happen at 12. And that's when I was like, now not even the priest in my community is understanding what I'm trying to bring here. So I got really, I was depressed, I was very down. So when my grandma took me to this little Buddhist temple, and I just kind of fell, Oh, this feels so good, and the smell of incense, and he came these, these monks, and he told me how to do a breathing meditation technique. And I'm like, Oh, now I feel so connected. And I felt that sense of that silence of that space of this so good. So when I finished the practice, and we were about to leave, I told him, I don't think my mom my grandma can bring me back to this temple because she's very busy. And he said, You never need to come back to this temple. And I said, why? And he said, because you already have a temple. And I said, What do you mean? And he said, You are the temple. So wherever you are, you can bring this meditation technique. Would you so that was so, so important to me because he's like, now I felt, Oh, now I have a refuge. I can just I have my grandma, my mom and and that sense and my grandma was taking me to all these spiritual things. But still it was very difficult in a school I was being bullied, my older sister became my protector. And he Medina had through time now we were four sisters, I have three more sisters. So we're four girls, and now the boys and the parties and the staff and I felt it and feel attraction to any of that. So but my sisters, you have to be this world. And then you have to listen to this music. I always felt like I don't belong. So it was a really hard journey in that sense.

Alex Ferrari 40:53
With let me ask you though, because I mean, from what I understand from speaking, and the studies I've done over the course of my life is that we choose our life journey. We choose our we create our life's blueprint, our soul's blueprint to come down and, and experience this. So you you certain level, told you're you said, No, I want to go down there and experience this, I want to die at almost three, I want to go through this experience, I want to know the truth and then have to deal with that truth for the rest of my life. So this is the journey that you're going through, which is not an easy journey. I mean, it's kind of like knowing the secrets to the door or secrets to the safe. And nobody wants to no one wants to believe you like or there's you know, the secrets in general and like, no, what are you talking about the world is flat, it is not round, know that the Earth revolves around the world, the universe revolves around us, not us around the sun, you're insane. So these kinds of you had that kind of information for yourself, you have to walk through life with and everyone looks insane to you. Which is what I've said this, this analogy a couple of times on the show, where you know, our journey here is very much like a movie set, because that come from the movie world. And that, you know, when Tom Cruise, gets to it goes into top gun, he puts on the maverick costume. And he's Maverick. And he goes, he drives the set, he puts on his, his his air, air. You know, whatever. He goes to the set, he does his acting. And at the end of the day, he takes off the jacket takes off the glasses, and then he's Tom Cruise again. The insanity that we all live in is that we believe we're Tom Cruise in Maverick, and that there's nothing else around outside of that, that there are no movies, there's no movie lights, there's no directors, there's no other actors. These are it's all real. And that's the insanity. So imagine you walking through life, even to this day. Look at people around you going you guys, don't you guys believe in that you're in the matrix. You believe that this? You believe in the illusion? You believe in the allegory of the cave by Plato, you believe in the shadows on the wall? That's what you believe the reality is where I've walked out of the cave and go, no, no, no, no, no, that lights back there. That's the truth and nobody wants to believe you. So that must be a difficult. You know, one thing for me to say it, knowing it intellectually and knowing it, you know, as a as a truth in my life. You experienced it. It's a whole other level. You've walked outside the cave, I've been told, and I believe, and I truly believe in spiritually inside that that's the case. But you experienced it outside that cave. So I must be extremely difficult for you to walk as a child I can't even imagine. But even today, as you walk through life, people around you, I'm assuming there's a psychological thing that you've had to kind of cope coping mechanisms that you've had to deal with over over the course of your life to just even be able to function in the world Correct?

Ingrid Honkala 43:55
Very much, much to the point exactly when I was 19 years old, and now I am in college and looking at the perfection of everything. Why do you think I choose a career like Marine? Biology Marine? So the first question is like, how could you pick that career if you drowned, right?

Alex Ferrari 44:21
If you died by a bowl of pasta, you're like, I need to be a chef and Italian.

Ingrid Honkala 44:27
Like like what? And I said, Oh, that's the key. I said because I didn't stay in the trauma of drowning. Drowning brought me to see the light. So for me it's like how throughout the course of my life, I became also like scuba diver masters who would I really how can I go deeper since like this parallel of like, How can I go deeper? By the age of nine I was reading books so deep in spirituality, the Bhagavad Gita book So, so rarely say while other kids were watching the Muppets or I don't know, Sesame Street, I'm reading books on disarmament. I mean, this is the, the being I came to be I was at an other state of being. But he's like, a again, balance. See, we come here not just to be self actualized, but to be not just to be self realized, but to be self actualize. It's not just the discovering, I am more I am more than the see, I am beyond this is how can I bring it here? How can I grounded teachings? And how can I live a life in accordance to those teachings, but it took me many years to get there, of course. So first, it was going through all the sufferings and picking a career that helped me what grounding science see that? It had to happen. And it also like you said, you're talking about the blueprint, I started to have visions, and I started to have that knowing, since I was four years old. And the first thing I knew about this aspect was like, I was four My parents brought me to see the ocean and I said to my mom, someday I'm going to know what is there. And by the age of five, I told him I didn't my dad will always say how could she know this, I was born in the mountains. And I come to here and I talked to him and I said, I'm going to be a marine scientist. And he's like, okay, that's what you want to be that's what you will do. See, so it's like I always had this clarity and then use when I picked this career that was helping me to ground but also at the age of 19 is when the beams of light said to me if I wanted to teach this path if I wanted to, and I had this the story is long but I had an experience in which I kind of pretty much I hadn't many spiritual experiences like that in which I merge in that state of oneness again, I came down and I said to the being so like, I want to be like everyone else. I don't want to be a teacher I don't and later in life I was I had the idea that I wanted to be normal and he's going to be in so like I said, No, you didn't want to be normal you want it to belong. As what we come here our main experience as human as is connection we need to belong. So it's like I was so desperate to belong and to feel the sense like I want in friends and I wanted a boyfriend I wanted like what my sisters also had. So the first boyfriend I have was in going to be the spiritual guy in the clouds like I was no I was that metal band guy with long hair and the party my world that's what I needed to ground. But this is where I put the other analogy Alex and estat imagining the first 19 years of my life I was although there was some soft rains, I was walking in a room with the lights on because I had the the user light I have this connection I had the door completely open there was no door. And then when I said to the beam so like I don't want to teach I want to be like everyone else. I just let me be to universe is not imposing they said okay. We let you meet for now and you're not going to hear us or see us for a while. And people say how could you do that to the beams of light. I said how could you leave home and leave your parents behind is the same thing you need to go college even we talking about this level is like the Power BI but pull away when you go to college. So is this analogy to slang how these dynamic is and then this analogy of the room but what happened is at that moment, I turn the light off in the room. They've been so light were giving me all that that connection with that light and now I like turn off the light. And for the next 20 years and this is the other thing they said to me in 20 years you will understand and 20 you will have the clarity you need and I said 20 years you will Killiney lasts forever. Okay. And now in these 20 years, you can be in this room with the lights are on and you don't trip in the furniture because you can say now wanting to analogy or being asleep what happens when you turn off the light? You trade with everything in the room because you don't See? So for the next 20 years, a lot of challenges I wrote a whole book, a lot of sufferings a lot of a lot why, especially in my experience why there was so much so much suffering I almost was kill and murder murder in a beach I almost was right I had a very difficult challenges with relationships with work with everything. Because I meant to bring these teachings to know you're what you're falling asleep, you have to wake up, you have to wake up. But incredibly, those 20 years of suffering brought me to watch. Be more empathic, be more compassionate, be more open, be more loving, because until I was 19, yes, I was arrogant too, because I was thinking how these people don't see see

Alex Ferrari 50:57
A 19 year old, a 19 year old arrogance. Stop it!

Ingrid Honkala 51:01
And use the double arrogance was the spiritual arrogance.

Alex Ferrari 51:04
Yes, I am. I am the most spiritual, I am much more spiritual than you. I am very

Ingrid Honkala 51:12
You don't know anything Oh my gosh see. And now I was for 20 years.

Alex Ferrari 51:18
I say they just kept keep the beating the beating down on the ego, of the ego.

Ingrid Honkala 51:24
Of the ego. Now I was like, I know how it feels. I know how it feels to fall asleep and be trapped by the matrix. I know how it feels. And when I was incredibly I didn't I wasn't counting 20 years. But this happened in which 20 years later, I was invited to meet the Dalai Lama.

Alex Ferrari 51:47
I was gonna ask you about that how that workout.

Ingrid Honkala 51:51
Oh, that was incredible. And these are these being the one of the people I wanted to meet throughout my whole life. And then it just happened that I had a friend I live in. I went to Singapore. And she leaving Oh, I cannot remember the the country but I went to in Thailand. I went to meet her and she said she was very, very, very connected in Malaysia and Malaysia. She was very connected she. And then she said to me that you had we were a family of a lot of wealth. And she said to me, Ingrid. In September, I'm going to meet the Dalai Lama you want to come off, I want to go meet the Dalai Lama. So now I all worked out. I was like this time. I think I was still working for NASA. And I just said to her, I will work deal with all my stuff at work. And I will meet you in September. And I ended up in Dharamsala, India, receiving the teachings have just been right there with him. For I think it was five days. And it was incredible by being there with him. It was a moment where I'm sitting next to him and holding his hand. And I don't use his compassion. He's He's this personal humility and joy and wisdom. And in my mind, I was thinking about the 10,000 things I could tell him at this moment that I'm holding his hand and he's when I thought pop, Charles Be quiet, the inner silence. Just enjoy these moments. And he's when I left India, and it's when I just fell into the deepest depression on my lap because he was a realization of how disconnected I have become, from my inner truth from that space of silence from the beams of light. I have become really busy. And I was doing a lot of stuff and my life have become so complicated. And again, 10,000 sufferings and it's like now I went to that place where I wanted to die. Serious, like, like, I thought about ending my life. And the night where I thought about ending my life. I just went to prior news when I said, God, please help me see because I cannot see I was not asking God to change my reality. I was asking God to help me see because I have become blind that hurting. Like I love that analogy. And I was trapped by the matrix. How can I change the appeal? Give me the other one. Right, right. Then he's like, How can I see? And these are the next the next day I woke up with this simple message. She was So you need help, go see a psychologist, it was like that. And then I went to look and Google and I found the psychologist in my area. I like the reviews around the name, the very same day, two different people from two completely different places. gave me this name of the same person. I mean, where are they also that, of course, of course, I get it, I have to meet this guy. I went to meet him and he was very professional, very spiritual. So it was like the cycle. I never felt fallen before that combination of psychologies with that level of spirituality. And then this was the right person. And through all that, the therapy, there was a moment that he said to me, write a list of your sufferings. Am I am a scientist, come on, I don't write sufferings. See, so you're still in that place of being Aragona. Mike. Okay. All right, this offerings. He's like, this is cathartic. Do it. And then I started to write this lease. Yeah, the journaling thing, you know, like writing, writing, I brought these to him. And he said, What, wow, in my 30 something years of practice, I never met someone that has suffered this much. And he's mentally stable. And he's like, I'm really bowing to you. And I'm like, what? I was in shock. I'm like, I never thought I was the one that's over them all. So that I'm like, what? Then he came that question that I've been asking, since I was little, why me? Why this is happening to me. And the answer came in the most remarkable way. Again, the short, very short answer, but the light went on. And when I said Why me, he said, why not? And he's like, and he started to say, look, thanks to these you have done this. He wasn't even looking at any notes. He's like, thanks to these you don't us. And thanks to suits who he had been listening does the power of listening with presence. And the other thing is like, at that moment, I'm like, Whoa, this switch. And I started to tie all the knots. Wow. And I started to find purpose behind my experiences. And is when we had that clarity, that realization is not the experience is the purpose behind experience. And is when is this moment when like, I get it, nothing ever happened. To me. It happened for me.

Alex Ferrari 57:46
So good way to look at it.

Ingrid Honkala 57:48
Oh, wow. And that moment, what gets imagine, Alex, I enter in the state of gratitude, it didn't matter. It was I even had the recollection of the moment where I almost was killed, raped, mistreated, yell, whatever. And I found purpose behind everything. And I'm like, state of such a liberated state of gratitude. So I said, Three miracles happened that day. First, I had the realization, nothing ever happened to me. But for me, the next miracle was that knowing at that moment, like, time is popped, I stopped living in the horizontal. And at that moment, I was in the vertical, like when you know, this is a movie, and is when I'm like, none of what is in my head is here right now. None of it. My only truth is, I'm sitting in this chair, talking with this guy. And that's it. The rest, I can do whatever I want with it. So it came with a sense of inner power. So now I have gratitude on this powerful being I never felt that way before because I will even the idea like I am a woman, I came from a third world country, I decide that I can and why was that all these thoughts of you're not enough. And that moment, like, I can do whatever I want, with what is in my head is my choice. And the third miracle was discovering the true meaning of forgiveness. Because he was that realisation if nothing ever happened to me, but for me, so in truth, there's nothing to forgive. Who's the sense what is to forgive it? Nothing ever happened? I said, so I could use the words. There's nothing to forgive or everything was forgiven.

Alex Ferrari 59:58
So So let me ask you This is a question I think people listening want to know. Did the beams of light come back?

Ingrid Honkala 1:00:05
Fully calm. Yes. But it came back even with more power. Because after this rally station and all these are happening the office is when I left I'm driving my car and I had what I call a huge big awakening. And in this awakening was like I'm grabbing my car and is when I started to feel the presence what we call cosmic consciousness, God source the creator was the essence of AP salutely. Everything Alex, there was nothing that wasn't yet. On us when these questions that I have been asking, since I was a child, how is it possible to forget who we truly are? And when did we stop being one with the whole? I always add the I was asking these things? And is when the answer came and that connection with the beans are life completely open again. And the answer came and he says one never stopped being one. One never left the source. One just became distracted with the matrix and seemingly forgot. That connection that voids that everything open. But what I want to bring about the connection with the beings of light, even since I was a child, is that they always said to me don't believe what we say, experience and yourself. See, otherwise, it would have been a red flag or you were your girl here on air or on any other realm. If that message come to you like no somebody wants to control you, the message always was go within go with n. And this is that's been the journey. This new journey that I've been experiencing for the past 12 years, I said for 40 years for 40 Something I wanted to die. And I'm I'm been just leaving for the past four years and is likely so is the journey to learning to live

Alex Ferrari 1:02:20
Learning to live in the matrix.

Ingrid Honkala 1:02:24
Grounded teachings and be compassionate and being empathic and say how can I bring these to others? And this is the thing. Alex, when I had this big awakening, and I'm still working for organizations like NASA imagine later for the US Navy. How can I do or say to these people? I was asking no being so light because now you want to share the staff or I didn't even know how? And the answer was beautiful. They said to me do or say anything. At that moment, they say the light of your awareness is all they need. So go to that place of being to that place of stillness. People think that stillness is doing nothing. They don't understand that stillness produces movement, but the movement that comes from wisdom to the being so light said to me, wisdom come from the place of silence. Learn to quiet the mind learn to pass learn to be just pressing on a steel and from there you know what to do you know what to say is not coming from a place of Rach and being reactive is coming from a place of knowing of the the White House or the place of knowing

Alex Ferrari 1:03:56
Now you've mentioned that everything I read it in your biography that they you're able to go into have come and gone into many different realms. What does that mean? Exactly?

Ingrid Honkala 1:04:08
Yes, yeah, I have experience and I that brought me to even have that clarity that we're multi dimensional beings. And yeah, I have experienced what I would imagine there's many more dimensions and realms but I have experienced about six different seven different realms. And this happened when it started when with the near death experiences with visiting with the auto body experiences, being able to realize oh, she's not just this, there's more. This is what we can see. This is like when you look at the matrix, this is the part we can see. But there's more beyond. And then one experience I had that helped me experience that multi dimensional reality there's there's few by one first that is amazing. One day I woke up in my bedroom and woke up in the middle of the night. And I was so big, so big our legs that I didn't fit in the room. And I'm like, oh, so I've I felt my expansive a state of being and I heard the words grandioso getting nervous. And another one that helped me see how we were existing adult, all these levels or dimensions or realities, because I went to sleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night, because of the sound of a bell. Ringing on my watch. This is Bell, then I woke up. And I'm like trying to figure out what is this bell. And when I'm trying to figure out the bell, I hear clink, Ling Ling Ling, then I woke up again. I'm like, wait a minute, how can I be waking up if I was already awake? What is going on? And what when I'm trying to figure this out, clean, clean, clean, I wake up again, know what, what is happening. And this happens for like about five times, before I was able to even realize that there was something called in grid. So the analogy I can give you is like, imagine that you woke up in the bottom of the ocean. And if you're in the very bottom of the ocean, the bottom of the ocean doesn't know that there's a wave at the surface doesn't feel it. Just there in the quiet and in the silence. So the first moment I woke up with these bail I in that space of bleed quiet. And it's just trying to figure out what the bill was. But it was just there was not even nothing that made me think that there was a wave in the surface. And then the more I heard the bell, the more I was waking up to an estate of like, there's this other sense of this, all these other things. And the only place where I started to feel that there was something happening on the surface to give the analogy of the ocean, it's like to give the scientific name like if you're in the thermocline, when this part already started, like, oh, there's something there's some currents, there's some salinity. There's something happening here. When I woke up, they're like, oh, then I heard again, and I experienced what is called the non physical reality, not more dense. So as I am becoming more dense, I am waking up in all these different levels until I heard the bell for the last time and only the maybe the fifth time I heard the bell like I said you there was a sense, there's something called Ingrid. See the personality thing like you said, the maverick put in the clothing, the character, the character, exactly the role that we play. And when I woke up the first time like, Oh, yes, I am this Ingrid that came to do these were all cat. Yes, yes. This is the character I'm playing here.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:24
I have to ask you, you've mentioned that you've worked with NASA and the US military and the US Navy. Just I mean, are you still working in that environment? Have you left? Have you retired from the that work? Or have you are you doing this full time because I imagine that the military and NASA not so much with the different realms, not so much with the beings of light? It? It could be and I've had other I've had other channels who were in the military. And we're at the highest levels of the military with the president who then became out and like I'm a channel now. So it's that when when it's one thing when you're when you have these experiences, and this is the only thing that you've had, and there's nothing wrong with that. But when you have people like yourself who are an accomplished person who isn't a very grounded career for many many years, and then chooses to come out with this chooses to talk about this publicly. That to me is very interesting, because it's it doesn't connect logically logically doesn't connect spiritually connects, but logically it doesn't. So do you still work in the marine biology field?

Ingrid Honkala 1:09:36
I don it was like, No, when I pretty much decided to just call it come out of the spiritual closet.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:45
Yes, yes. I'm very well aware of that closet.

Ingrid Honkala 1:09:49
Everything changed not that I even it was the inner sense I'm done with this. I'm done with this was I almost even got sick. There was a point I ended up in a hospital. Because it was like that fear of I wanted to leave this the world of what I was doing, but it was the fear of how can I leave? If I imagine things were these extreme? Because I became very successful in my career. I was you can search I wrote books science articles I. And in the field of oceanography, not many. There's no many women. So I became kind of like the star of the Navy.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:37
Latina women, even less

Ingrid Honkala 1:10:39
Yeah, exactly. So I was pretty much that PhD, but oceanographer Latina woman, I represented all that

Alex Ferrari 1:10:49
Unicorn, You're the unicorn.

Ingrid Honkala 1:10:53
And I was, the Navy was taking me to all the countries in South America to Jaws just bring out. Yeah, we were working with technology, with science with information. And he was just amazing. And I cannot tell you, I mean, I was having good time, I did really good with my career, I accomplished a lot. And also, like I said, when I said to you that I come with the beans, like those and mean that when you're raised with certain values, you keep these values, and you keep this with you. So throughout my career, I use all that that I learned in the first few years to be the best at what I was doing. And when I work in Colombia with a Hmong roof mangrove project, it was incredible because we were extremely successful because he was working with making people conscious about the value of the resources. So see, my work was always directed to conscious consciousness. My work with NASA was working with climate change, how can we create consciousness about these, with the Navy supporting the troops, and it was I was the first one like creating an amazing project where I developed what is called a geo database. It was an amazing thing I accomplished with years of work. So I was very accomplished. But what happened is, Alex, when I had these, these speakers awake awakening is when I said, maybe I can use this Gore, I felt and it's funny, I felt like I was being activated, it's time for you to

Alex Ferrari 1:12:36
The marine biology, you've done your job. Now it's now it's time to get to the real work.

Ingrid Honkala 1:12:43
And then I started to feel that sense of nervousness and anxiety because I published my book, I was holding these high clearances, and I'm like, what is it going to happen? You sound maybe nothing, but he was like, I don't know if people know that I am doing this other thing. And how are you crazy, you'd love to be in so lie, you lost your cuckoo, and I'm like, ooh. So I you started to get out, you know, in another way. Alex, when I was traveling around the world, I've been in 56 countries of the world. And when I was going in all these alternate graphic surveys, I started to meet people that we will just share kind of like a shiny watch. And then you see spirits and you do this. And everywhere I went in Korea, I was meeting people that were like, and they always say, I don't have anybody to talk about, about these subjects. So it was like so in my call, it started to be even stronger. Like, what if I could be this voice? What if I like the same thing I am doing representing women science, Latino I can do in the spiritual space. I'd have the space out of the house. And then it was a moment I wrote the book, the book went out and I'm like, it's time it's time. And I felt the call. I felt the call. I felt the call. Like I said to you, it took me to get sick and up in the hospital thinking oh, we're having a heart attack to say, I'm done. And, you know, when you know you're ready, when I just say the true warrior is not the one that is fearless is the one that despite the fear goes to bar. So I love that that quote, and I applied it to my life. It was the sense of like, there was a lot of fear, but I was ready for the bar. I now I'm right.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:43
So I want to ask you this question. Since you're, you know, you're a scientist, you're you know, PhD and you you've been a very grounded person in that field. The field of quantum physics and quantum mechanics is getting closer and closer to what the yogi's, and they've been talking about for 1000s of years, and many other either religions or philosophies. And ancient texts have been talking about concepts that now quantum physics is starting to touch upon, where they literally just came out with simulation theory. And mathematician said, No, it's the math is there, this is very, very likely we're in a simulation and the math makes sense. Can you imagine that 20 years ago, like that real scientist, not crackpots, like down the middle, straight, respected scientist, peer reviewed. Papers are talking like this. Where do you think this is going as far as science and spirituality, meaning because it seems like it's getting closer and closer, it's starting to talk the same language? As much as many scientists might not want to agree with it. But it's quantum physics is fascinating to me and mechanic quantum mechanics.

Ingrid Honkala 1:16:05
Yes. And I said, Alex, I always say is because the separation is in the mind. So I said to people is just people don't have clarity of what is spirituality is the thing that is spirituality, something to do with dogma with religion is not a spirituality is going back to your authentic self. But how you go back to that, or you don't have idea who you are by applying the scientific method. So spirituality science, what am I talking? How can you know that the sort of that you are is compassion, love, patience, joy, peace, greatness, expansion, multi dimensional a staggering he's talking about? Go do it yourself. Oh, what is the thing that you call compassion? Go apply it. Nobody is I'm not telling you. You have to believe me. I'm going to tell you go do it. If you ask me, Ingrid, you believe these and these and these and dharma? I don't believe anything. I know. Because I have been there. I have been doing it. I have been practicing it. I've been practicing meditation since I was eight years old. See, so is like, when you are able to do these you start hopping deeper into the truth that you are. So I said, I can tell you, he say that there's a cloudy, there's clouds everywhere. And I can tell you, Alex, after these clouds beyond these clouds, there is a sky The moment you choose to believe me. That's what start creating that dogma, like, oh, I believe what you're saying. But I don't have a way to prove it. What about you say I'm going to build me an aeroplane and I'm going to go beyond those clouds. That's when the science comes. So is the part where I say we apply the scientific method or you want to know how it speaks to how compassion works, how these works, okay? First, you become an observer. Oh, then we're applying awareness, then you write your heap of hypotheses is there a sky beyond these clouds, blah, blah, okay, you create your thing, you build your aeroplane, then now you say with compassion, you start practicing it, perhaps happened when I practice this thing called compassion. Now, you get a result and now you can compare. See, you apply the scientific method, you have to just do and yourself in order to find it, in order to rediscover it in order to get a line and tap into it. I said to people like you just sitting before is very different to have all the cognitive knowledge about say orange juice and how to prepare and use and the chemistry and the physiology and how to pick the and grow the oranges and a different thing to drink the juice. When you are scientific and you are spirit while you are doing and you are experiencing it and feeling it and comparing it. And you know and this realm of being human is the perfect ground. Because there's contrast. Oh, and we all have this contrast is where we can now I say to people, because people say ask me how they why we forget what he told us why we forget who we truly are. And I said I give the most simple analogy He said like, imagine a little baby a little baby come to this world and he's so pure and you know, said the baby girl said know that it came from the mom don't have idea. Same thing with these little babies that emanated from God from the cosmic consciousness and we don't know who we are. And this is the journey to remember in a conscious manner that we are consciousness stupid, because the mind is fragmented to think that all but when and in this life is my answer, no, we got a parenthesis. Ingrid is just a parenthesis in the eternity of my existence. And then through all of this journey I've been comparing I've been having all these challenges hold this contrast this ego here is what is that boy is there because he's showing me that contrast I need to remember. Because like I said to people, how can you know happiness? You have never been sad, right? See? How could you know who you are? You have to start from this is not what I am not. These are not these are not these are not these? And this is what I am.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:20
Right. Right. Right. Ingrid, I can keep talking to you for hours, I am going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Ingrid Honkala 1:21:36
Ah, for me, a good life is a life in which I can see the goodness behind everything. I say to people that to me, God is playing hide and seek. And what if I learn to see the goodness behind everything? That's there? To me that's applying the freewill the true meaning of free will? People think that they know Free Will because they choose what to eat, how to wear, what to study, and I said no, you does not free will You're conditioned by your culture. Free will is that decision that you make? Do I want to be in the path of suffering? Call it the cul de sac of suffering, being trapped in the narrative of me and hold me and my dramas? Or stop and say, What is this for? That's when I live life is trying to show me because from there is when I can go deeper. And when I can create that pause and that presence and that spaciousness. What is this trying to show? Oh God is? Is that a game of playing hide? It is hiding here for me to rediscover this. So you start feeling that everything in life is actually a gift. I don't call challenges, problems. I call them challenging opportunities. And how can I become the master of the wave in the ocean? How can I see the good behind everything? And that's how life becomes so amazing. I'm playing this game called. And another thing there is not that right? Only life. And this is the opportunity to remember that.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:38
How do you define God?

Ingrid Honkala 1:23:42
Everything joy, peace, abundance? Connection. Just like absolute wholeness. Yeah. Oh, gosh!

Alex Ferrari 1:23:59
That's a big question.

Ingrid Honkala 1:23:59
That's a big question. Yes. Oh, gosh, God is everything.

Alex Ferrari 1:24:04
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Ingrid Honkala 1:24:09
I have a website in called I have a YouTube channel. I have a media it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and and I also have a newsletter if people wants to subscribe through my website where I offer, I do classes and I mentor and I do retreats and I do one on one sessions and just all kinds of things out interviews, all kinds of things I can do to us bring the message.

Alex Ferrari 1:24:48
And is there a message that you would like to leave the audience with?

Ingrid Honkala 1:24:52
Yes, and this goes also linked with that part of living life on I said to people learn to navigate learn to be in that place of gratitude. Gratitude is the highest vibrational frequency there is. And if you don't know yet how to experience God or how to sense goodness or wellness, just learn to be in that space of gratitude. But people cannot how I get there, I don't know how to be grateful. I don't know how to be simple and who live rob this analogy, this this awareness to me that he said ingredient, imagine how grateful every one would be. If they realized that for you to access, trillions and trillions and trillions of sub atomic particles have to be in agreement. What they say you are a divine intention, trillions of particles. So atomic particles decided to be this. And they hold me together, I get up in the morning, I'm like, There's a life for that allow these hands to move this body. And when I grab anything, even a pen and I am like, trillions of subatomic particles are in connection for this pain to happen. And this pen and and this idea, this creativity came from the mind of a person that was in connection with conscious universal creativity. And from there, we create things. So now I look at a pen and I'm like, thank you. I drink water. And I'm like this water. So sees like how we can live life to the fullness like being present and being in that state of elevated gratitude and appreciation.

Alex Ferrari 1:26:57
Ingrid, thank you again, so much for coming on the show. It's been a wonderful, wonderful conversation. And I appreciate you being so honest and raw with us about your experience and throughout life and the work that you're doing to hopefully help everyone elevate and evolve and awaken our species. So I appreciate you my dear.

Ingrid Honkala 1:27:19
Thank you so much. Alex, thank you for the work that you do being a voice to be able to expand these messages further. This is a we have to work together, all of us to be that voice.

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