How To END Reincarnation: Uncover the Mystery of Your Last Incarnation! with Hans Wilhelm

In the quiet hum of today’s conversation, we delve into the profound wisdom of Hans Wilhelm, a man whose spiritual journey has illuminated paths for many seekers. Born with an insatiable curiosity about the mysteries of life, Hans embarked on a quest that took him from traditional religious teachings to the mystical revelations that now shape his understanding of existence.

From a young age, Hans questioned the doctrines of the church. His quest for answers led him to explore various spiritual traditions, each contributing a piece to the puzzle of his spiritual awakening. Influenced by the transcendental meditations introduced by The Beatles and the profound teachings of Edgar Cayce, Hans’s journey is a testament to the rich tapestry of spiritual exploration.

“The main purpose here in life is not to become smarter, wiser, and so on, but basically to clear up all our karma, which holds us back to this life and this vibration,” says Hans. His words echo the core belief that our earthly existence is a continuous process of learning and unlearning, of evolving towards a higher state of being.

Hans’s spiritual odyssey brought him into contact with influential figures like Byron Katie and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, further enriching his understanding of life’s deeper meanings. His alignment with deeply mystical Christian spiritual paths has provided a foundation for the insights he shares through his videos and teachings.

Throughout our conversation, Hans emphasized the importance of recognizing the divine within ourselves. He shared how meditation transformed his life, offering him peace and self-confidence. “I learned to calm my mind, and that gave me a lot of confidence,” he recalls, highlighting the significance of inner tranquility in achieving spiritual growth.

One of the most striking aspects of Hans’s teachings is his perspective on karma and reincarnation. He believes that our experiences, both joyous and painful, are reflections of our past actions, coming back to us in small portions to be cleared and understood. This cyclical process of cause and effect underscores the importance of living a life grounded in love and forgiveness.

Hans also addressed the misconceptions about life and death, urging us to see death not as an end but as a continuation of the soul’s journey. He emphasizes the significance of letting go and allowing departed souls to move on without being burdened by our grief. This perspective offers solace to those mourning the loss of loved ones, reminding us that every soul’s journey is divinely orchestrated.


  1. Karma as a Path to Freedom: Understanding that our life’s challenges are opportunities to clear past karma can help us approach each day with a sense of purpose and acceptance.
  2. Inner Peace Through Meditation: Regular meditation can provide profound self-awareness and tranquility, helping us connect with our higher selves and navigate life with greater clarity and confidence.
  3. Love as the Ultimate Purpose: Embracing love, forgiveness, and gratitude in our daily interactions elevates our vibration, bringing us closer to our true essence and the divine source.

In the dance of life, Hans Wilhelm reminds us that we are never alone. The divine presence is within us, guiding us through every challenge and triumph. By embracing love and seeking inner peace, we align ourselves with the higher vibrations that lead us back to our source.

Please enjoy my conversation with Hans Wilhelm.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 246

Hans Wilhelm 0:00
The main purpose here in life is not to become smarter, wiser and so on. But basically to clear up all our karma, which holds us back to this life to this vibration.

Alex Ferrari 0:20
I'd like to welcome to the show, Hans Wilhelm. How you doing, Hans?

Hans Wilhelm 0:23
Oh, very well, thank you, Alex. Delighted to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you and looking forward to this conversation for the for a few weeks ever since we booked it because it's, I love the work that you're doing and love the straightforwardness of your answers to these deep, deep questions about life and where we're at. But my very first question to you is my friend, how did you start your spiritual journey? Uh, when did you start your spiritual your spiritual journey?

Hans Wilhelm 0:51
Oh, I think I started very young, when I was in Germany grew up and I didn't believe what was taught in the churches somehow they never answered the question, where do we come from? Why we're here and where we're going. So I kept on searching. And then thanks to The Beatles, I discovered Maharishi and the TM thing, which I no longer do. But it did help me a lot because it gave me a lot of courage, self. Yeah, self respect, and so on and so on. Then I left for Africa. And I learned Edgar Casey at the CIO and then later came to America, and lots of other spiritual path. And then it's a great fortune to work together with Byron, Katie and Kubler Ross, and so on. So it's a long bench are under studied many, many different paths. And for the last 40 years or so, I've been mainly linked to some deeply mystical, Christian spiritual paths from where most of the information that I share in my videos are coming from. So that's basically in a nutshell. So I've always been looking for the always wanted to see understand the bigger, bigger picture, that was my important things, why are we here, et cetera, and where we are going to that was most important for me to know.

Alex Ferrari 1:57
And it's really interesting to illustrate where you kind of want to point a little bit about what you just said, is that you you tried a buffet of different paths to the truth. And that's something that some people need to listen to, because it's not just like, you find it and like, Oh, this is it, this is the only thing I need to I found it. Some people are lucky that way. But I think you become more well rounded when you start to study multiple traditions, and to start looking for the common denominators to really sink in the truth. Do you agree?

Hans Wilhelm 2:28
I fully agree, you have to find out what resonates with you. And I think a lot of stuff which I believe Piedmontese path later I changed my mind on it. But at that time, I had to believe understand that otherwise, I wouldn't be ready for the next step. So there are a lot of stuff which I no longer really would say this is what I believe because but at the time, 1020 years, 50 years ago, I believed very strongly. But if this changed, and that is fine, that is a normal gradual way of awakening reawakening. I don't think we learn anything new, all we are doing is reawaken, reawaken what we know deep down in us, and there may be some details necessary. But basically, the more we search, the more we will find out what is it truly who we are, and why we are here.

Alex Ferrari 3:11
And the concept of remembering as opposed to being taught is such a powerful one. Because as I keep ticking, speaking to, to mystics, and and spiritual masters like yourself, I keep understanding more and more that we to remember more than we are taught things. And that's why when the concept of reincarnation was first brought into my existence, I said, Oh, that makes sense. It was a remembering, like, that makes much more sense than this. Other stuff that I've been learning in the Catholic Church, for the last, you know, 20 years, I'm like, this makes more sense to me, because it rings true to me. So it's that remembering, that's extremely powerful. And so in other words, the cup is not empty and needs to be full. The cup has been full since you were born, you just have to open up the key to get access to it, and that you do by evolving and awakening more and more correct.

Hans Wilhelm 4:02
That's really true. And I had the very same response as you had when first time came in contact with the Edgar Cayce material who spoke about of course reincarnation, that God that Christ toward reincarnation, I had to send it oh my god, now everything makes sense. Suddenly, I know why somebody gets really sick, rich, poor and so on. And it was just a revelation as you said, it was a reawakening of what I had known deep down in myself for a long time. But nobody taught me before

Alex Ferrari 4:28
And isn't it interesting that it just it least when coming from the same perspective as both you and I did, that you only had the one life and you only you know if you happen to be born rich, lucky you if you happen to be born good looking Lucky you. But if you were born, you know without a leg, that's bad luck, but that's all you have never made sense to me. It was like man, that's pretty crappy, universal odds.

Hans Wilhelm 4:54
Yeah, and then speaking that God is love and then allows things like this makes no sense. You cannot in one way speak about it. Loving God and then think that the one lifetime only people have sometimes very bad and others habit Very good. That doesn't make sense. But the churches unfortunately had to teach it because as you know, reincarnation was taken out forcefully in the I think sixth and sixth century by an emperor not even by a pope. And therefore all the other Christian denominations, which they broke off from the Catholic Church never changed that and never corrected it. So they all picked up the same idea that recondition is not true. It's not in the Christian teaching, but it was Christ taught reincarnation, we do have enough evidence for that one. And unfortunately, it's just no longer taught in the organized religion.

Alex Ferrari 5:42
So for people who are listening to this for the first time, this concept of reincarnation, why do we reincarnate

Hans Wilhelm 5:48
Because we are such fools.

Alex Ferrari 5:52
We're just we just want to beat it, we just want to continue to be beaten.

Hans Wilhelm 5:56
Well, there are many, many reasons why a soul reincarnates Of course, one thing can be really to re enjoy the physical life because in the spiritual life, we don't have physical body. And certain things like sex and other pleasures are difficult to really fulfill up well. These are sort of people who come back here for that for the spirit. Others come here to help other souls to really grow and system. Others come here to actually explore this, this universe and this life here. But the majority of people in our in this lifetime that my understanding is come here to clean up our old messed up karma. That is our main reason we come here for an average of only less than 800,000 hours each time, which is extremely short, consider that we are eternal beings. And in this very short times, we are entering what I call the school of the school. And we are here to undo our karma. Because when we look at our life, whatever we experience, our life from morning to evening, is nothing but a rewinding of our film of our life film, which means anything that we have done in the past or thought in the past hurt other people or spoke to comes back to us. Everything comes back to us in small portions, we call it the day's energy so that we now have the opportunity to clear it up. So therefore now I suddenly get sick now suddenly cuts me off in the traffic now suddenly I get this offer email, suddenly this instinct happens, these are all elements that we have once sown, which are coming back from the cause of computer, this as well a comma is stored coming back to us right now, so that we can clear it up. The main purpose here in life is not to become smarter, wiser and so on. But basically, to clear up all our karma, which holds us back to this life to this vibration is earth, earth, or word vibration. So we have to free ourselves. So every day is carefully orchestrated by ourselves, for ourselves for the pure and sole purpose of freedom.

Alex Ferrari 8:02
So the concept of being down here to be become wiser, or more sage like depends on the soul and its blueprint that it's laid out for itself. Some people do walk that path to become Yogi's or master spiritual masters in their lifetime. Others come down here to like, Man, I did a lot of bad in the last, last go around, I gotta I gotta give a lot of good and this one, to clear that up. It all is relative to where that soul is in its evolution. And I love what you said about the vibration, because it's something that's so. So core to everything we're talking about is to raise our vibration higher, to actually come back to source where something like hate and anger is a very low, dense, low vibration, where love is extremely high forgiveness, being service to others. These are high vibrational energies getting you closer and closer to God or the source energy, correct?

Hans Wilhelm 9:01
Absolutely. Absolutely. And it's in our hands. So we are here. The only thing we have to do here is to love nothing else. And when we do the love, we just learn to forgive we left we're here for no resentment, we clean up anything that comes here and we conquer it with love. It sounds so simplistic. It isn't easy, but it is its love is all things which matters. And through love, we set ourselves free and not only ourselves, but everybody else around us whom we have hurt or who have hurt us. So the freedom is all around because freedom is the main goal for me and for I think for all of us, and love is the key and we can do this through forgiveness, feeling remorse and repentance, which I think is very important. And of course no longer doing the negative, unloving behavior thinking speaking, acting.

Alex Ferrari 9:52
So as the Beatles say All You Need Is Love.

Hans Wilhelm 9:54
It is so simple. It's also tried to offer that and yet the more books you study and average In the end, this is it. There's only one rule is nothing else, we make a lot of words and a lot of texts, and a lot of movies and other books are written and so on. But it always comes back to that it says and with basically it says, do that what you are, we are love, and party coming and doing love. We are totally ourselves. And then we are also, as you said earlier, go into a higher vibration and return back to source energy, which is pure love.

Alex Ferrari 10:28
Isn't it fascinating that the we tend to complicate things down here a lot. Yes, it's a specialty of ours here. The ego is to complicate things, but at the end of the day, you're absolutely right. And again, again, from the perspective that I'm sitting in this chair from talking to so many people from so many different walks of life, all talking about similar concepts. The simplest conversation or the simplest ideas are the most powerful. And if you look back to Christ, Yogananda, Buddha, these ideas that they put out into the world are simple, basic ideas, do unto others as you would like to do on to you. simple, basic, not five paragraphs or six pages or a book or two about, well, you know, if you do this, no, no, no, just simple, correct?

Hans Wilhelm 11:24
Absolutely. My teacher always said, God is ingenious simplicity. And I find this very powerful, because whenever we usually make so much about it, we are in our intellect, we are using a lot of intellectual stuff, which we have picked up and then we make it complicated, and then we get exhausted. But if we go within ourselves, calm our mind, and so on, go within because the Kingdom of God is in us, we don't have to go anywhere far out. It's all that we have everything. That's where the stillness is, where the quietness is, and that's where the simplicity is the intelligence is simplicity, the intellect is complication.

Alex Ferrari 12:00
And it's really interesting to going back a little bit to what we were saying in regards to our our origin stories, if you will, with thee with the Catholic Church. I always found it so interesting that you could have a God that loved you, but yet was so angry. And to be honest with you in the Old Testament, fairly egotistical. I mean, like, if you don't bow down to me, you will be you know, you will be this or that, or the or hell, God forbid, let's talk about El, all of these concepts. It didn't make any sense to me. And when you become a parent, you understand that this makes no sense. There's nothing our children would do, that we would dam them to ever everlasting damnation. And so if I can't do it, How could our our Creator do that? It just didn't make sense to me. And they're talking one side of that one side of their mouth is saying, love, love, love is all you need. And they love but if you don't do this,

Hans Wilhelm 12:53
Yeah. Oh, that's what I realized very soon. This does not work for me. You're absolutely right. Yeah, this doesn't work. I mean, the the old, the old writers of the Bible and so on. Well, the only model they had was were the pharaohs. And the pharaohs were, of course, very egoistic, personal power, hungry. We bench we're kind of creatures, and that is so the Old Testament, God is very much sketched, on a way how a pharaoh was at the time. So we have got this very human kind of flawless for 40, if a human being and projected that on that God and was Christ to put its stride to put it as as God is love, and God is in us, and he put it right but there was still so many stuffs in the organized religion, which they changed so much. And so a room who put this whole bible together he said, if ever people find out what that is, I'm forger I am a liar. By putting all these contradicting texts together. It's very difficult because all to put all these various texts from which the Bible is now made up together and find something consensual, which agrees on everything that it isn't, it's all full of contradiction left, right and center. And our organized churches, of course, use all these different little bit of things which suit them and other things which don't suit them. So that's why stay within yourself, the church is in you. God is in you, you don't have to go join any organization. You don't have to go to any kind of priests rabbi or whatever, unless you really feel and that's where you find some comfort and so on. There's nothing wrong to to go that if that is somebody, if you are in a difficult situation, you have no one else to go you may want to go to somebody, it's possible. Yeah. Everybody has a purpose. But the idea is to be free also from this world, men made kind of restrictions which we find in the religion,

Alex Ferrari 14:48
Right! And I love the idea that we use that is like, you know, this, these are egotistical things that we apply to our, our gods. I mean, you could just look at the Greeks. I mean, the entire theology of Greek gods which were religion, for them at the time, was all human frailties. The Pharaohs did the same thing with with the Egyptian gods. I mean, all these gods all had these kind of human frailties, because that's all we can conceive the concept that oh, it's all love. That's, that's all it is. Oh, by the way, if you want to connect to God, it's inside of you. What? You imagine what I can make money that way?

Hans Wilhelm 15:29
Your finger on.

Alex Ferrari 15:31
I mean, how can I put golden walls around my castle? If I if everything's within you, and you don't have to come to me for that, like you just as there is the old saying says, just follow the money. Am I mean, it's true, it's like follow the money. A lot of times, it's just like, oh, well, I have to do this, in order to do that. Now, you don't

Hans Wilhelm 15:54
All these rituals, as well, which connected what what, what religions have organized religion, the rituals are binding us as well. That may sounds very wonderful, and a theory but basically, they're all binding kinds of things, to to worldly kinds of things. And also the history, the, what's the word, stick, the old programs and so on. It's all holding us back, we are not living in the here. And now if we cling too much to the old kind of history of either tribe, or religion, or whatever. So, we are here happening right now. Now let's be in the here and now and the guidance what we have to do comes right now.

Alex Ferrari 16:35
Now, let me this is a question I get asked all the time. Why would you choose to incarnate into a sickly body a a damaged body, a body that is going to be part of an abusive family, or thrown into an abusive you know, religion or community that kind of just pounds you and pounds you and but like, why would you choose that? Like that's hard to the for the ego egoic mind here, to understand, to choose to go through a fire. But I'd love to hear what you think,

Hans Wilhelm 17:08
Well, I think you are a father, a parent. If one of your children is very, very sick, really sick and maybe die, maybe you want to say oh, God, rather take me but don't take my child, you will as a father, you have this loving feeling for the child. Now there are souls on the other side who see that their soul do either close to I found very deeply and have created enormous karma. They take sometimes on the karma of another person, we can do that and incarnate on their behalf, so that they can prove that the other person so we can proceed faster in the purification spheres. There are a lot of souls who have incarnated in extremely unfortunate situation handicapped situation, mostly, we're not actually the sorts to have created the karma. We have but taken on the karma of another soul who is so low on energy could not even incarnate anymore. So this is one thing. I mean, this is only one person. That's why we should never look at a person who says oh, he must have had a bad karma. No, it's never ever should be anyway, it's not our business to speculate why anybody has whatever misfortune. But this is one important point to really stop us to ever think about why person was handicapped or very dysfunctional or is raped or whatever. Why does he or she go through that? But of course, there is a lot of negativity that we accumulate or can have accumulated in past lifetimes. So we can have been murderers, rapists, killers sadist like how we have done some of 1000 lifetimes. I mean, this is enormous in those lifetimes. And in the Middle Ages, as you probably may imagine it, it was a rough life. It's not like USA at the moment here we have got a little bit of problem, but compared to the Middle Ages, you couldn't even go from one village to the other without being robbed, or killed. Alright, yeah. All right. And we may easily have been one of those. So this is all karma that has accumulated. So the hunting says, I will go through this, it's only 800,000 hours, I will go through this I will enjoy it. I will experience what have given to others as an handicapped person, as a wrecked person, whatever it is, because Red Shire is not a young soul. It's an ancient soul, and may have gone through a lot of past life as well. So as horrible as these acts are and they do have consequences to the person who does give the harm like the rapist and so on, that's a karmic consequence. But for the person to incarnate and experience the horror of war, the horror of rape of torture of genocide is something that so knew about prior incarnation it's difficult for us to comprehend that but we do have what I in my in my videos are show that something like a screen where we see our feet Bucha life like a riverbed, and they are certains rapids, there are certain kinds of problems on the riverbed, there may be some rocks, difficulties. And we see that, and these are life situations, which we may most likely encounter not 100%, because we have always the free will to change it. But these are difficult our difficult in last hour, the problem with the illness of our child, etc, very difficult is something whatever comes in our life, we look at this, and we wholeheartedly agree to it. Nobody is up against their will, says, Yes, I will do this, I will experience it. And then we'll be done with it. It's basically like paying off a debt, for instance, you own half a million dollar to somebody, and it burdens you because you struggle to pay it off. You just don't make enough money. And somebody says, what would you be ready maybe worked for me for one week, very hard, 24 hours, and all your debts are gone. That yes, I will do that. And very short period here makes it so attractive, because in the real in the spiritual realm, we don't have the physical body and everything takes much, much longer, the concept of time is different than we have here. So not only do we experience it in the same karma in a much longer time, but we also don't have the physical body. And the physical body is very helpful because it's like a buffer, we can do something if pain comes to us in some way we can take medicine we can, we can heal it, we do not have that buffer in the spiritual world. So we will immediately feel the karma that is coming back to us. So it is a gift, it's by coming to earth is a gift for everybody. It's a blessing. And it is such an incredible gift. And we can see it right now that we have got this enormous increase on population here on this earth. I mean, it's just skyrocket over the last 100 years from 2 billion to what is now 8 billion. It's incredible. And the reason is quite simple. A lot of salt and purifications Yes, and they are billion billion billion most apps there have decided the earth is going through a very difficult time now. This is my opportunity to clear up all the mess that I have done in a very short time. And then line up to any possible possibility to incarnate here to any baby which gets born there are mob souls want to incarnate and we have babies here because of the abortion of a first prevention. And therefore a lot of these souls who want to come here have to this decides to incarnate in third world countries, which is not normally their vibration, they're usually higher evolved. But just to be in this coming, let's say 50 100 years here on Earth. With the earth we go through a lot of difficult times, that is a reason why they come and that is a reason for our high population to souls are so desperate to come here. Now I know a lot of your viewers may be so upset with their life and says Oh, I hate it. I want to get out. And sooner rather commit suicide stay longer. But let us be aware it is such a gift to be here on earth. It is such a blessing and billions of souls are trying hard to come into this earth school this year. This is Harvard, this is one of the best schools we can have. It's very tough, like any kind of ivy league school is is a tough school for anybody. But once we agree to it, let's take let's stick with it. Let's go through it. We are not alone. Here we have our guardian spirit, who is helping us every minute, who is hard we have got Christ in us if you believe in Christ, or the cry force is there any way even if you don't believe in it, and then you have got God and you have got the whole divine world assisting us, helping us being an encouraging us to go through this successfully and make this life a successful life. We are not alone here. That's very important. We are never, ever alone, even if it appears that way.

Alex Ferrari 23:55
And I've had the ability to talk to a lot of people who've had near death experiences. And the one concept that I hear and those near death experiences, which is appropriate to talk about in this as what we're talking about is the life review is to be able to see their lives. And not only see it but feel what they felt and what the other person felt, which is really, really interesting idea that you feel all the pain and suffering you caused others throughout life, something as simple as cutting someone off to something much more, more extreme. And that we feel that and from my understanding from my studies is that you're right, no one's here against their will. If you have karma, you could choose to reincarnate and deal with it. But you cannot move forward until you deal with it. So and on the other side, you were like No, no, I really want to go down there and take care of this because on the other side it's not looked upon. It's looked upon as a workout as a school lesson, as opposed to what we see it as like this The heavy burden of oh my god, I gotta carry all this weight, where they're, they're like, no, no, no give me the more weight, the more weight I can get, I can get through this faster, I can evolve faster. But that is the point of this whole thing is to evolve that vibration higher and higher. So can you explain what Ascended Masters are? What walking Masters on it? Because there are walking Masters on the earth today? What are they doing differently than the rest of us are? And how do we get there?

Hans Wilhelm 25:34
I'm hesitant on this one, because I have not really met a walking Master I have met people of high evolved vibrations and who are actually living the law of love and expressing it. Anybody who calls himself Master is I'm sort of I'm a bit hesitant Yeah. Because I think I would not do this be on such a low level here on earth to anybody for to be a master. I don't know I, I think I will avoid this answer. I personally do not believe necessarily. Many masters here are people who express the law of love and teach it well and be an example like Christ was is definitely a master. And but I don't have enough experience myself to say about that. And what happens on the other higher left, what we have on top of what we have on the other side is the other teaching angels, these teaching angels are coming from the highest absolute reality and come down in this purification spheres in the spiritual purification space and teach souls to move on. They themselves have not necessarily incarnated onto planet Earth, but they are teaching spirits, and they are really helping the soul to move on. And I think what you mentioned earlier about the life review, there's one important aspect I think we tend to forget, it says, Why do we do this, it's not just to do our karma, because for that, it's too short. But what it does, it imprints something in our soul, like for instance, if I have hurt somebody, because I said something wrong, or whatever it is, it is this hurtful, I feel now back in me very strongly. It is partly to feel remorse about it, but also to store it in my soul. So that's why that's because that is that develops our conscience. So when we incarnate again, then next time, our conscience will remind us don't say this, again, you have done it before, and it just didn't work out well. So don't do this. Again. So this is where our conscience basically comes from, from the life review, where we have seen the negativity in past lives. And this is stored in ourselves as part of our conscience. Of course, the conscience is bigger than that also learns during the throughout our lifetime. But this is one of the important points of how we suddenly remember, or how our inner voice is, oh, don't do this. Don't go this way. There is this inner voice in us. It's our conscience. And we have done them similar mistake most likely in the past, and it didn't work out well.

Alex Ferrari 28:06
So it's kind of like a spiritual DNA almost.

Hans Wilhelm 28:10
You can say that,

Alex Ferrari 28:11
Yeah, like it's, it's part of you

Hans Wilhelm 28:14
Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 28:17
Well, let me ask, you mentioned the Beatles and Maha Rashi. Were you did you meet Maha Rashi?

Hans Wilhelm 28:22
And no, no, I didn't go so far. No, I just, I just took the classes and I did it. And it really helped me a lot, I must say, it was amazing, I suddenly learned to really keep my monkey brain with karma and come down. And the self confidence I got all of this was just amazing. But instead, I no longer do it. I have my own meditations you, anybody who wants to see them, and also a video on how to meditate, I have that on my channel. And I also have guided meditations, which are slightly different, but it was a very powerful and unnecessary step on my evolution here.

Alex Ferrari 28:56
Right. And it's not about what kind of meditation is that you meditate, whatever one, you know, works with you the best is that is the concept of you know, you don't need to go do TM or you don't think whatever happens to work for you the concept that the thing is that you should be meditating. And I think I want to just just kind of dig into what you just said there for a second because it's an important point is that you said that after you started to meditate, you got amazing self confidence. Would you agree that you got that self confidence because you started to connect more with your higher self and you started to remember more? Who you are, then you the fear started to go away a little bit more. And you started to become a little bit more aware of who you truly are. When you when you start to quiet down all that noise. You're like, oh, wait a minute. I'm a soul. Oh, this, I mean, that's kind of where I've done because ever since I've meditated I've become much more calm, confident. You know, things that used to bother me Don't bother me as much anymore. Things like I mean before someone cut me off. I was the guy chasing you down with middle fingers and honking the horn. I'm like, How dare you? How dare you when I was a young man, but that doesn't bother me. Now I'm like, what is wrong? What's happening with that poor soul, that he had to feel that he had to do that I feel bad for him, I have empathy for that. So that's how I generally work it. I'm not 100%, let's just call it. But I'm much better than where I was.

Hans Wilhelm 30:20
Exactly what I must be honest with the transcendental meditation, I think I just learned to calm my mind, which was quite sufficient. I don't think I went to a much smaller business at that time, it was just really an incredibly technique that I was that I wasn't suddenly in control, I don't have to think every thought I can have any minute. And that gave me a lot of confidence. It wasn't so much at that time to explore my soul that came much later that I did meditations. And I also created the inner dialogue with divinity. That all happened much, much later, but not that it was my first step.

Alex Ferrari 30:55
Now, with a lot of the concepts we're talking about, I'd love to know where the source of a lot of this information comes from what where have you been studying the deepest and what has resonated with you to bring this kind of work out into the world? There's so many, a lot of these concepts are in hundreds, if not 1000s, of different teachings around around history. What is it? Where did you find these teachings? And how did and how are they coming out of you?

Hans Wilhelm 31:22
Well, as I said, I've done done many popular path in the past, a lot of use as well. And I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting a lot of people on the spiritual teaching path. But for the last 40 years, and so on, most of the information that I share in my video comes from Germany from a woman, Gabriella. It caught us up in misery in the history of light. But she is you won't find on the internet, she does not want any promotion, any self promotion, or whatever it is. She says it's only between you and God, there's no one else. There's no organization, there's nothing. But there are only these, there are all these revelations, these are the books and you'll see them in the back of the blue books. These are over time, it's a huge, it's a huge Sofia library has got all her revelations, their energy channels from the absolute reality. And the material that I read there for the first time, were just mind boggling for me, I couldn't believe the depths the clarity. See, when you remember Edgar Cayce, it's not easy to read. And

Alex Ferrari 32:26
It's not an easy read my friend, no, he's not

Hans Wilhelm 32:29
Steiner and so on the Wi Fi, but you read them and you have to read the sentence three times. Now suddenly, it comes in a language very clear, no misinterpretation possible. And also on a depth which I've never understood, and I should try to put this to understand it myself. Because I'm a right hand illustrator, I did make these illustrations in my videos, because it helps me I do these videos for myself, Alex, I mean, it sounds crazy. But when I do something physically like this, draw things out and see how the dots connect so perfectly. That just has a major impact onto me. And I share this gladly with others. If it works. For others, it's great. I have zero interest to convince anybody about whatever I share my videos to believe it, I have to believe it is my own discovery. And I do it for myself and I gladly share that. So what I found out on this path on this Christian mystical path is that absolutely every answer I could ever think of, I have an answer I can find the answer for and everything is very clear. And everything is very direct. And there is no there are no secrets. God has no secrets from his children. There is no mystery here. And because of this absolute clarity, and we don't have to learn any exercises, or join any groups, or any clubs, or an organization with his teachers and priests and so on, no, it's only the path between you and God, are you when Christ directly it's a mystical path, the path within so I liked the fact that I was not going to depend myself on it another system and another formation another group or whatever, it is just something between you and God only if it works for you. So this was the most powerful thing then, of course, over the years, I have also slowly with a lot of mistakes learned to apply the teachings. And the changes which I have seen in my life have been quite phenomenal. There's a long way to go. But the little I've done I just really seen this this stuff works this stuff is true. And I mean it's simple stuff which we also know from like the law of projection that everything outside is a projection of ourselves. There are simple things like this law of attraction, etc. But how to navigate through this and how do they that's something where I found so much help. And that is what I express in my videos and what if anybody's watching it I mean there's also a logic a very simple for instance, I like to draw out these things for myself, like, for instance, he has a lot of karma. You see somebody does something bad where, and where is this now stored in the Akashic records, and then in the repository planets and how it comes back, when you see this in these very simple forms, it makes, to me more sense than if I read it the intellectually with my mind. So that's basically what I do, I sort of express what I've read. It's like, when you get stuff from Ikea, when there's when the, they say you have to add part one to part B, it doesn't make sense to me. But when I see how part one fits into what the, then it's very clear to me, and that's exactly what it is, I do the IKEA way,

Alex Ferrari 35:41
The IKEA way of spirituality. Which is, is painful, by the way, anything if anyone's ever built anything from Ikea, it's not easy, and it's painful. But you can do it. Now, let me ask you, because it's, especially in the West, we have such a need. And we're bombarded with messages about finding happiness outside of us through materialism, through consumer consumption, through these latest whatever gadgets and, and they all have their place. You know, many of them have their place of tools. But this necessity that people don't figure out till too late, or maybe not even at all, is that they can spend money and spend money and spend money and have fame. And as you know, I come from Hollywood, and I've worked with a lot of big movie stars and things like that. And I've seen firsthand when you have fame, when you have money, when you have all of this stuff, it still does not even begin to fill the bucket that you're looking to fill. And only after you start to go inward is when you actually start to fill that bucket little by little. But can you give any tips to people listening on how to kind of transcend that egoic mind of needing things outside of themselves, to feel happiness to feel fulfilled, and to start looking inward?

Hans Wilhelm 37:10
While you're already sketched out very nicely, but I do have a video I think it's called fame, power and wealth. Where explained in great detail that these people often very often who are striving for these things thinking that's what happiness is have got this inner hole, this vacuum and then the message is very what they usually always have is I am not enough, I am not enough, I am not enough. And that is where the negative forces and they are negative entities around this world in which we can see but they can really manipulate us and can help us well I can give you this etcetera, really frightened bargain. There's no question about it. And they can give you this and they you can have wealth and you can have fame and you can have power. But every time you reach your level, it's not enough, not enough, I mean, the richest person must be more more more more, it becomes more ingredients a reason is because they are totally spiritually exhausted, they have no more energy left in themselves. So they think the energy from the outside which is money, which is power, which is wealth and fame, will fill them up and will give them the energy they need to live. But every time they have it, it's still not enough still not enough and it is usually so until they finally eventually learn that the outside world simply cannot give you the stuff which you are really leading to have to redirect it back to the source and the only source that is within you. And this divinity and then you can turn and get the energy from divinity you can of course rely on the energy which is borrowed to you are given long lent to you by the negative forces, but eventually you will have to give them back like in a Faustian bargain. Eventually you have to serve them. But most people believe that the happiness as I said isn't the outside. I also like to say the happiness is always a little bit short lived. For me the happiness is it's just a quick Joy quick kick. I like to go with deep joy, deep joy, deep ecstasy. That is our true essence we are essence is deep, deep joy. And a deep, deep joy does not really need happiness. Happiness is for me a bit short lived. But it's semantics here. I understand if somebody does see it differently, and we all like to be happy and so on. But the happiness comes from freedom. When I am free, then I am happy. I'd say quite amazing what freedom can do to us. And also what helps most as it's not the thing from the outside. The other thing to find get into this more positive, maybe happy feeling. A very simple step is gratefulness. Just be grateful for whatever you have for the computer in front of you for your nose on your face or whatever you can think of because there are billions of people who don't have that. And whatever we have, be grateful for that. And the moment we focus on grateful, we cannot worry, we cannot complain, because we are totally feeling the abundance somehow and the more we increase, and in our mind, the items we are grateful for, the more abundance we will feel an order of abundance is another feeling of joy for some people, maybe happiness to come from that. So we have got very simple tools to come from the negative frame of mind into a more positive ones. But as you said earlier that my main reason why so many people strive so hard, like Hollywood, faux wealth, money, and so on comes from the inner feeling that I'm lacking something I'm not good enough. And I'm not enough.

Alex Ferrari 40:46
Oh, yes. Like I said, I've worked with many, oh, my friend, my friend, I've met many of them, many of them worked with many of them as well, that you they just don't understand, they just feel that there is that I'm not enough vibe. I've spoken to Oscar winners, and I go, so you want an Oscar, then what? And they're like I was lost. Because you put this in your mind that this is the ultimate prize that once I have this, I will be happy. And you're happy for a day, maybe a week, maybe a month. But at a certain point. It just it doesn't do anything. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't mean anything. Whereas the love of your child or your partner, or the the energy that you get from being of service to somebody that is so much more fulfilling and powerful than winning an Oscar. And it's again, because I've had that ability to speak to a lot of these, sometimes on air, sometimes off air, which the off air conversations are much more interesting, but they're not for public view. But you start to hear the stories of, of lack. And and you'd be surprised mentioned

Hans Wilhelm 42:06
Imagined lack,

Alex Ferrari 42:08
Exactly imagined lack in their life because they are not looking at the right. They're not focusing on the right place. It's pretty fascinating when you, you know, let's say you go out a certain point, all the money in the world, let's say, Tomorrow, you and I both have $10 million in the bank. Okay, US dollars. We're pretty much done. If you're smart with your money, we have no more worries about anything else in life. We have a house, we have our food covered, we can help our children, we can help even certain were covered. But yet there's people who go 10,000,080 to 100 million after 100 million any a billion after 1,000,000,008 100. And it just it's a sickness almost. Because at a certain point, how much bigger of a box do you need to live in? How much fancier do you need your your horse and buggy to drive you around in like at a certain point, you just have to go? Do I need a $500,000 car? Will a Toyota do? Yeah, it's all perspective. It really is all perspective people like well, what if you would, if you were gifted a Ferrari as my last name happens to be Ferrari, like, I would sell it and buy a Toyota. Toyota is not sponsored by the way. They're not a sponsor of the show. But it's but you know, or buy a Honda or whatever, just buy something that makes for me that's I just need a car to take me from A to B. That safe. It's comfortable. Done. That's it. So it's fascinating to people that get so caught up in all of these. You know, it don't even get me started on clothes. Can you imagine? My family walked into like this big designer store at an outlet mall the other day, and my kids walked in and they saw purse, a purse purse $850 Like a little a little hamper. They go what is wrong with these people this? My daughter's like, that's just a purse. I go that's called branding.

Hans Wilhelm 44:13
Man you don't understand it. My wife had would have some reasons to explain that to you.

Alex Ferrari 44:18
Some deep spiritual reasons like I need I need to see was brought in by Jesus. And Jesus was the one who created

Hans Wilhelm 44:28
Well is this a thing that in our society we fought so easily for all these influences, which now is a totally new thing and then put it in commercials and so on the cause for advertising and so on in our capitalist society. That is something we fall for and have fallen for all the time. And partly it has helped our economy to grow. But the growth of our company also meant the destruction of the planet. So it's a very, very sad, strange kind of situation here. We have never learned to be modest when our demands In our requires, it's just not part of our way of thinking. And that's where we eventually will learn from it we learned already because of the climate change, there is no more water in California or whatever that is. So it's Yeah, it is serious because we are overconsumption, overconsumption and overconsumption is a form of karma coming back to us, and we all have to learn from it. And we all have to make adjustments. If we don't learn the gentle way of letting go, we will learn the hard way of sort of facing our own nonsense that we have created. But it is our society which promotes this the idea I am not enough, and we have to watch this very carefully. I think anybody who is watching this video, maybe ask us as to I have it somewhere in me as well, that I'm not enough. And the only person the only thing can help you is to feel that so that that whole is divinity is God. And when we can link with that energy.

Alex Ferrari 46:00
That's so important that people listening should ask that question, do you have that question inside of me? Am I not enough? But you were born enough? Yeah, you were born perfect. It's all the crap that was thrown on to you, from the moment you came into this world, from your parents, from your friends, from your colleagues, from your community, from your religion, through television, whatever, that all that programming that they get through, and is that I found, I forgot who said this, but it's very true. You spend the first seven years of your life being programmed and you spend the rest of your life trying to deprogram that programming. And to try to get back closer to source because you come in as close to you as you can to source. And then you start to like, am I not enough? Why don't I Why did it I'm not getting the love, or this is that. And then you start creating stories in your head. And then as you start to release those stories, as you start to believe those stories, then becomes dogma in your mind, and I'm not good enough, I'm not enough. Whereas if you deprogram yourself to understand the truth, then life becomes, like you said, you're more free. In life.

Hans Wilhelm 47:11
It's all the programs which we have adopted from our environment to, we have to question each one, and just let go of it if it doesn't suit us anymore. And that is I think, all it has its freedom, we can always back the main purpose is for us to become free again, which includes questioning all the value systems, the programs, the religions, we grew up in it. And I'm not saying they were bad, it's just only find out whether there still are right for you at this moment.

Alex Ferrari 47:38
Now, there's something you've spoken about before. And I really think it's an important topic to kind of tackle here is grieving and holding on too tightly to souls that have left or transitioned, and how you properly grieve, let go and move on, from a death in the family or a trend, any, any kind of thing, and the dangers of not letting go and holding on and holding on. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Hans Wilhelm 48:10
Yeah, it's, we have got this idea that this is only the only life we have here on Earth. And therefore if somebody dies, then of course, he is no longer part of life, he is no longer existing. Or if he's existing, we don't know what happened to him. So how could he be happier than we are here? Truth is that none of us are really happy either. But that's another. So we have great problems understanding that the other person who has died is having a life on his or her own at the moment, which means a progression of his education of his development, evolution. And then, so this stops us and thinks they should be with us, they should be here they would be better off if they're with me. Truth is, if they're better, longer, staying longer, they could burden themselves more here on earth as well. But not necessarily is better for somebody to stay very long, long life does not necessarily mean we have made a successful life because we could have created more karma in a long life. So everybody dies exactly on time. As Byron Katie always says there isn't there are no mistakes. Although I must say we do have still the free will we can kill ourselves earlier and there are some candidates some some kind of procedures, medical procedures which can extend our life unnecessary as well. But everybody basically dies right on time with the time is up. Now so that leaves is soul eternal spilled. So it goes back to the spiritual round where it continues its progress of returning back home. But if we've through our excessive mourning, hold on to that sort of we shouldn't have left How can you leave me alone, etc. Then that soul feels everything that we feel if it was a close so like a family member or a loved one a spouse. They feel that very strongly in them they are extremely burdened by the mourning grieving that we are Having the excessive mourning of grieving and come to the point that there's a certain amount is necessary. But the excessive is something which holds us all back now. grieving and mourning if somebody suddenly dies is a natural occurrence because it's like somebody shoves up my arm. I have to firstly adjust to this it's a time of adjustment so I would be pretty pissed. Really bad. So yes, but after a while, it says okay, there's no other way I have to live without my arm. That's, that's just part of the life. So grieving and mourning are not bad in itself. They are healing period and they are unnecessary. But the excessiveness is becomes then selfishness. Because we are only crying about ourselves we do not not not not ever cry about the other side, because we none of us knows what happens to them, most likely, they are doing much fine, better off particularly when they were sick, they no longer have the sickness now. So they are better off but we are crying and feeling sorry for ourselves. It's it's totally self indulgent process if it goes on too long. And this is where the danger is. And that's why I make this video on mourning and grieving that we are holding back the solids on the other side. And that cannot progress. And I feel so sorry, no, I also am taught for I'm on my spiritual path, no single pass advice, not to try to communicate with the soul that has departed. And I know a lot of other people who believe otherwise. And that's fine. But the reason is, because some of these sorts or not, maybe it's necessarily strong or not focused, and they can start attaching themselves to us. And for this reason, the only way we'll I would like to suggest is to go to Christ or to God and let him speak on our behalf to that soul. Let the god Christ can between you and the soul which have departed so that there is no more direct contact possible. ask Christ to convey your love to that person, whatever you wish to say still have to do, and let it pass it on to trust that energy to do that, on your behalf, that will protect you. And also make sure that the message which You have for that soul will be passed on to that soul. So these are the things I like to imagine. And there's another reason why we have very often where people have excessive mourning is because they think they have not verbalized I love you to the person who has died this But Dr. Kubler Ross taught me. And that's why I made my book, I will always love you, which was a best seller. But it is basically that message if people feel they haven't said that they are the married couple who never say I love you but suddenly dies. And they hated each other they were fighting and suddenly he becomes a saint, because where does this person want to the she never said I love you. But you can still say that in your mind with a person is that you can say via Christ and said, Look, I want him to know I love him and so on. And of course, it's also very difficult. And I get many, many correspondents in the last few years increasingly from parents whose children have committed suicide. So that is a very, very tough, tough subject. And I can understand that because they're not prepared for it. And when an elderly person dies, we says alright, one a day they will go but a young person totally committed suicide, there's so much guilt in it as well, et cetera. There's so many emotions involved in this one. So we do have this very difficult situation. And I fully understand that grieving or trying to find a way to deal with a situation is very, very rare. But we do have our comforter in us we are none of us is alone, this escape, you're saying we do not have to walk this path alone, we have Christ in us, oh God, we can communicate. If we cannot have that we do not have that relationship. Maybe it's time to consider to develop that relationship to divinity because sooner or later, everybody will have to. So so far our ego may have said oh, I don't need this god stuff or Christ stuffs that really before my aunt she believes in all that stuff. I don't do that fine. But eventually, you will have to become and returned back to love. And I always believe the best the parable Christ always taught is the product of sun where the sun leaves a wealthy father give me my inheritance. I go into the word he goes into the word squanders it or creates karma until he sleeps with us wines and so to survive, and then he remembers that the servants in his father's home live better than he lives now. And he says I will go home and just asked if to be a servant in my father's home again. And of course when he returns father's happy and brazen as a big feast. That is a story of our life. Eventually we have to accept the energy of the Father. I'm not saying the human father of somebody who is greater than ourselves. And that energy is with us all the time wanting us to return home. That energy gives us all the help we ever would need. All of us is to refer us to do is to turn within and ask that help to show us. I remembered one of the most powerful things I've ever had when I had a band when I was young and had bond is broken relationships, and I was devastated and so on. You know, that is crazy. Puppy laugh. I mean, today I laugh roboticist. But then again, I was young, I was stupid, and still stupid, but not young, but. And I just was devastated. And I just, I was, so I was crying in bed, and so on. And suddenly the words I remember it says, from the Our Father says, Thy will be done. And I said, these words in the crying tears, why will be done, or I do know better you leave it to you. And that instant I said this, there was a wave of energy that came through me. It's just like, they have been waiting for this for me to realize that. And I was so heated in that instant, that I couldn't believe that sudden change in an instant, when you suddenly says, Thy will be done. The totally surrender to an energy that knows more about my life than I ever will do, and knows far more better, what is good for me. And this surrender is so powerful. And that's why I says, if you haven't developed the intense relationship to divinity, maybe look into it, it really may come a time and time might get more tougher on this planet, that when you need it, and the sooner you start with it, the sooner the better.

Alex Ferrari 56:33
You said something that was really interesting. And I've never heard anyone talk about this before. You said that the soul continues its evolution even on the other side. That here it's an it's accelerated course, if you will, to learn but on the other side, there is still learning but it is a slower process. Can you dig into that a little because I've never heard of that concept. I just, I've always wondered what happens to the souls once souls when they're on the other side? Are there? Is there a bar they all go to and drink and talk about their lives? Are they watching movies? Are they watching us because we're entertaining as hell? I mean, what happens on the other? Oh, I've heard a little bit in the, in the in the near death experiences. I've heard a couple of them stayed about, you know, like a school esque kind of environment and different rooms that they can go into. I'd love to hear what you've learned in your travels.

Hans Wilhelm 57:29
All of the above.

Alex Ferrari 57:32
There are bars there are movies and music.

Hans Wilhelm 57:36
Yes, there are because they're on our planet Earth. There are a lot of what we call earthbound souls, and are probably as many as 8 billion as Ponsoldt as a human being they are running around US soldiers that have not been able to move on to higher spheres, who believe that life on Earth is all that is very strong. These souls are amongst us and they're influenced us and if they do have drugs, the drug desires or whatever it is, they can influence us and they can live through us I've got a video on called spirit possession spirit possession is such an powerful and existing situation at the moment most people aren't even aware of it as so many suicides come mostly from spirit possession and a lot of other things. So we do have soldiers who have died earthbound that have not moved on, because they are not educated enough their vibration is too low that they think this is it and they also are attached to their devices. And the only way to live devices is that I need a physical body since they no longer have a physical body. They use the physical body of you and me and make me this oh, I need a drink and then they go to a drink and have a drink and so on and they use that energy they actually attach themselves to the neck and they use us to enjoy the drink the alcohol so that we are manipulated by the spirit beings but that is a minority it's not the majority the majority moves on into the higher spheres. And we have got in my video I explained it I mainly seven layers of spiritual layers. The lowest form is material. Material is nothing that's vibration, there's nothing else I mean, we're only talking about vibration, the highest life form. Divine Love is vibration, the lowest form Earth metal it's also nothing at some vibration there's nothing we only speak about vibration. So they are then untethered depending on how they are vibration of the soul is it's like attracts like they're coming into to the day at various levels that correspond to their kind of energy. So that's where this are basically we'll move to when one once they have died here in the physical death, and they are surrounded by like minded souls. And the stronger our belief system is the stronger the souls are of similar beliefs to iPhones as if I'm a very strong believer in one Muslim and so when a terrorism, then I'm moved immediately to that kind of people who are similar way if I believe everybody capital this lifetime and only money money that could be that I moved to capitalist if I live to live another religion if whatever is my strongest belief is that steady that usually determines very much where I will land up amongst what type of souls I will be with at the time and their education continuous the gross continuous, the causal computer, which always brings us back the karma, which we have put in, will continue bringing me back the karma there, I will endure the pain and suffering as well as what I will do here on Earth, but it will take much longer. So eventually the idea is to eventually turn back to source energy to God, in the absolute reality, but not giving up our identity as a soul or as a spirit being we do not dissolve into the string of God, like Eastern teaching is where we just sort of suddenly become nobody or become all, or start all over again. No, we are eternal beings, we are created eternally and we return back to our angelic state. That was very long was it I'm sorry?

Alex Ferrari 1:01:12
No, it's perfect. It's it's really, that's really interesting way it's like so depending on so when Jesus passed, or Buddha passed, they were at a, a very high vibration as as masters as walking masters. So they went up to a higher vibration. And they, from what I understand from my teachings that are even higher vibrations to where Christ consciousness was when he first evolved. And there's higher levels. And there's levels that we don't even understand yet, because we're not evolved to that level yet. And the role but but the Christ consciousness was much higher than anybody else hanging around here on this earth plane. And he slowly has been helping us among other masters who have come back to help to try to lift the vibration of the entire planet, which is kind of what I understand is happening now the awakening is happening. We're conversations like this are becoming more mainstream, and people are searching for these compass conversations, as opposed to in the Middle Ages, that we would have both been burned at the stake.

Hans Wilhelm 1:02:12
Yeah, there is definitely an awakening happening. Plus, there's no question about it. But there's also a lot of karma now coming back and in a big messy way. Everything comes down to the table, because it's a time to clean up and, and as tough as it may look. But it's something we should embrace and to do our best we can. But we have always these teachings which are given to us all the time. And what else is there? It's all in us is a thing. It's not really outside of us. It's all in us. And if we learn to be calm and quiet, as you said earlier with meditation, whatever we need to know right now is given to us. We are everyday, we it's different for us, we have got different challenges every day. But if we go within, we find guidance of how to deal with every challenge we have, we are never alone and we are always guided and helped.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:03
Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What do you define? What is your definition of living a good life?

Hans Wilhelm 1:03:09
A good life is aiming for freedom. That's for my thought to become free of everything of everything that binds me to this planet earth in a negative way. I mean, this is sort of a doesn't mean to be free of my beloved one because love is not it's not binding, it's linking it's different. But anything that binds me my habits, my my belief patterns, whatever it is what binds me to this planet get free freedom. So the answer is to become free again.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:36
How do you define God?

Hans Wilhelm 1:03:37
God is the all love the all powerful God Spirit. It has many many names in my video on the everything is energy. We because our human vocabulary is rather limited. To find a real word for God is limited, but we have got different names we have got God Holy Spirit, we have got divinity, we have got the ether power, the light, lifeforce, many, many words for it, that is for me, what God is this is basically where we come from which we are made off and where we've returned to,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:09
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Hans Wilhelm 1:04:12
The ultimate purpose of life is perpetual evolution, not only ourselves, but the whole creation is continuously creating, evolving, evolving, evolving. So we are part of this evolvement once we are back and the whole absolute reality is continuously evolving and getting bigger and bigger and we are part of this we are part of this very exciting process of see having a go returning back to creation we have more planets and everything is continuously created. And it continuously grows and then continuously more growing awareness, growing intelligence, growing consciousness, so that is very exciting.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:56
And Hans, where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Hans Wilhelm 1:04:59
Well I've got my website at Or you can also find me on And of course on the YouTube channel if you punch in my name that should come up if anybody wants to.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:10
And do you have any parting words for our audience?

Hans Wilhelm 1:05:14
Parting words always remember gratefulness, gratefulness, gratefulness, when you switch off this program right now close your eyes think of 10 things you're grateful for grateful for grateful for, not only because of your partners, because you haven't find three or five reasons why your path tapa is so important, or the person in your life or the dog in your life is so wonderful. It and find are five reasons why they are so wonderful, not just add him as one item. Be grateful, and see how many different you will feel after that very simple exercise.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:46
Hans thank you so much for this beautiful, beautiful conversation and I hope it helps people listening around the world, my friend, thank you so much for not only coming on and sharing your knowledge and your wisdom with us, but also for the work that you're doing in the world, my friend. I appreciate you.

Hans Wilhelm 1:06:00
Thanks so much, Alex. It was a great, great honor. Pleasure to be with you, keep well!

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