Lawyer Meets Spirit Guide Face To Face with Garnet Schulhauser

In the grand mosaic of our lives, we often find ourselves seeking deeper truths, yearning to understand our purpose and our connection to the universe. Today, we have the privilege of welcoming Garnet Schulhauser, a former corporate lawyer turned spiritual author, who brings a unique perspective on the spiritual journey and the guidance that awaits us all. Garnet’s story is one of transformation, enlightenment, and profound encounters with the spiritual realm.

Garnet Schulhauser was once entrenched in the high-stakes world of corporate law, living a life that, on the surface, seemed perfect. “I was a typical arrogant, condescending, stuffed shirt corporate lawyer,” Garnet recalls. Despite his material success, he was haunted by the eternal questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What happens to me when I die? His search for answers led him to a life-changing encounter with his spirit guide, Albert, who appeared to him in the guise of a homeless man.

Albert’s arrival marked the beginning of Garnet’s spiritual transformation. Albert explained that spirit guides are like celestial coaches, always with us, subtly guiding us through intuition and coincidences. “They try to steer us on the right course, the one we had planned for ourselves before incarnating,” Garnet explains. This guidance helps us navigate the complexities of life, even though we often remain unaware of their influence.


  1. Life as a Spiritual Journey: We are all eternal souls on a journey of learning and experiencing. Embrace your life as a series of lessons designed for your spiritual growth.
  2. The Power of Forgiveness: Let go of grudges and anger. Forgiveness is essential for spiritual progress and personal peace.
  3. Connection with Spirit Guides: Through meditation and mindfulness, we can enhance our sensitivity to the subtle messages from our spirit guides.

Garnet’s encounter with Albert was just the beginning. Albert guided him through numerous astral journeys, revealing the nature of the spirit world and the purpose of our earthly experiences. “Our spirit guides never leave us; they are always sending us messages, trying to help us have the best journey possible,” Garnet notes. However, these messages are often subtle, manifesting as flashes of intuition or gut feelings, which many of us overlook.

One of the profound revelations Garnet received from Albert is that we are all eternal souls who chose our lives on Earth to learn and grow. “We chose our life plans, including the challenges we face,” Garnet says. This understanding can be both empowering and humbling, reminding us that we are here by choice and that our struggles are opportunities for growth.

Garnet delves deeper into these themes in his books, where he shares the wisdom and insights gained from his conversations with Albert. His works, such as Dancing on a Stamp, Dancing Forever with Spirit, Dance of Heavenly Bliss, Dance of Eternal Rapture, and Dancing with Angels in Heaven, explore the nature of our spiritual journey, the role of spirit guides, and the profound lessons we can learn from our earthly experiences. Each book offers readers a roadmap to understanding their own spiritual path and the universal truths that connect us all.

In our conversation, Garnet also addresses the concept of karma and reincarnation. “Karma is like a cosmic balancing act,” he explains. “It’s not about punishment, but about learning and growth.” He emphasizes that we don’t remember our past lives or our spirit origins because carrying such memories would be overwhelming and hinder our current life’s purpose. “It would be like a teacher giving students the questions and answers to a final exam before the exam,” he says.

Our discussion touches on the nature of good and evil, the role of negative emotions, and the eternal battle between light and darkness. “There is no absolute right or wrong from a spiritual perspective,” Garnet explains. “It’s all about whether our actions align with our soul’s plan.” This perspective challenges us to look beyond conventional notions of morality and understand the deeper spiritual lessons in our experiences.

In conclusion, Garnet’s journey from a corporate lawyer to a spiritual author is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening. His story encourages us to embrace our spiritual path, connect with our spirit guides, and approach life with love, compassion, and forgiveness. As we navigate our own journeys, let us remember that we are never alone and that every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Garnet Schulhauser.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 103

Garnet Schulhauser 0:00
Imagine if you had to in your past life well in some of those lives, you might have been a murderer, a thief, an abuser. And in other lives you may have been the victim of that if you had to carry those memories around in your current life it'll just be overwhelming like you just you couldn't function very property. So that's why we don't remember them. And we don't remember where we came from or what's in our lifetime because that will make life too easy.

Alex Ferrari 0:36
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show Garnet Schulhauser how you doing Garnet?

Garnet Schulhauser 0:59
Good thank you. How about you?

Alex Ferrari 1:00
I'm doing very good. My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show I truly appreciate I'm looking forward to our conversation. So my first question, sir, is what was your life like, prior to your spiritual awakening?

Garnet Schulhauser 1:23
Well, I was a corporate lawyer. You know, I was a typical arrogant, condescending stuffed shirt corporate lawyer. And I didn't have I had rejected religion. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, but I had rejected that long time ago. So I was searching for a new paradigm, something to latch on to. And so and I was constantly asking myself the eternal questions of life, like who am I? Why am I here? What happens to me when I die? And so then all my questions were answered when I encountered my spirit guide, Albert.

Alex Ferrari 1:53
And tell me about Albert.

Garnet Schulhauser 1:56
Well, how I met him was he accosted me on the street, I was walking down the street one day, and he jumped out and there's a homeless man jumped up in front of me. He looked like a typical homeless man, you know, stringy hair, scraggly beard, dirty slept and clothes. But I didn't go around him because he had these amazing dazzling, sparkling blue eyes that shone like two little blue stars. And his his eyes were sending me this wave of pure unconditional love. That just basically infused my whole body with an amazing sense of peace, security and well being was like, I never felt that that good before in my life, it was just an amazing feeling. So I was like a deer caught in the headlights all along. I stood there. Then he broke the spell by saying, Why are you here, and then he disappeared into a nearby store. So when I collected my wits, by now went to the store to try to find him, but he was nowhere to be seen. I walked back out in the street, walked up and down for several blocks trying to find him. But he had disappeared into thin air. So that night, I resolved I had to go back to that same street the next day to see if I could find him. Once I know who he was when he stopped me. So went back to the same street same time a day, helping us find him. After searching for about 15 minutes, I finally spotted them sitting on a bench. So I went up to him and I said, Who are you? And why did you stop me the other day? And he said, I'm a soul just like you. I'm here to help you on your journey and answer your questions. Then my skeptical lawyer brain kicked in. And I said, Why do you think you can help me when you can't even help yourself? Because it looks like you've been sleeping on the street for weeks, and you smell like a dead fish? Well, he gave me a big smile and said, it looks can be deceiving because you look like you're a successful corporate lawyer with everything under control. But we both know that's just a facade. He said, If you want to turn around and go back to your office and see if you can find all those answers you've been seeking all these years, on all those emails from your clients waiting for you on your computer. Well, my intuition was screaming at me that I had to sit down and chat with him. I mean, we're gonna have to lose half an hour of my day. So I sat down on the bench, we began a dialogue. He said his name was Albert. And he was one of my Spirit Guides in disguise. So that's how I met Albert.

Alex Ferrari 4:08
And now it can you explain to the audience what a spirit guide is?

Garnet Schulhauser 4:12
Well, Spirit guides are basically like our coaches. In the spirit realm, every one of us has several, two, three, some more than that spirit guides that are our celestial coaches. They they signed on to our that job before we incarnated and they're there to try to help us steer us on the right course the right course being the one we had planned for ourselves wouldn't be before we incarnate when we developed our life plans, so they know what's in our life plans. We don't know what's in it. So they tried to send a subtle messages to steer us on the right course especially when you come to a fork in the road you have to decide do I go take the left fork or the right fork? There are going to be blasting everyone with messages to say this is the one you should take should take the left one or you should take the right one whatever. The trouble is that their messages are very subtle. It's like a flashes of intuition, gut feelings, coincidental events, that kind of thing. So most people don't even know they're getting the messages or if they get them, they don't know where they're coming from. So that's why life on Earth is so difficult, but they're always there with us. And they're always trying to help us have a better journey on Earth. So that's what spirit guides are. They're like our life coaches.

Alex Ferrari 5:21
So how do you is there any techniques that you know of that can help our sensitivities to hear or understand these, these messages easier than than we can?

Garnet Schulhauser 5:32
Yes, meditation. It's important if you sit it quietly in a in a room, meditate, try to unclutter your mind from all the other thoughts that are trained through, we all have a lot of thoughts turn into our minds every day, try to quiet our minds, then the messages from our guides will start to come through much more vividly. And we'll be able to understand them more and hopefully then be able to act on them. So there's no magic way, be nice if I could just give everyone a phone number to say call this and you'll get your spirit guide on life doesn't work that way. So. So it's really a struggle for people to hear the messages. But meditation is really the best way to do it. Now I didn't meditate with Albert, he came into my life because he wanted me to have direct contact. So I could write about what he told me in my books. And so that's why I have the direct contact. But for most people, it doesn't happen.

Alex Ferrari 6:22
Right! So because normally, from what I understand spirit guides, I work in the background, they never incarnate, they never show up in a physical form. So that's why your story was so interesting to me.

Garnet Schulhauser 6:33
Yeah, they, you know, most people aren't aware that they have spirit guides, excuse me, but but they're there and they're always there. They're 24/7, they never leave us. They're always sending us messages. And they're they're like, you know, they want us to have the best journey possible. And they get frustrated when when people don't hear their messages or don't act on see what happens a lot of times you get a message from your guide, it may come as a say a flash of intuition, the feeling that says I should do this, your human mind has its own agenda. It doesn't know what what your soul has planned, or what the Spirit Guides want you to do. So there's conflict all the time, you know, like, you come to the fork in the road, you guys may say, take the left fork, in your mind, human mind is saying don't take the right fork. So you have this constant battle. And obviously, your human mind doesn't know what's best for you. It just thinks that it does.

Alex Ferrari 7:22
Now I have to ask you, when you had this revelation, when you met Albert, and your life changed, I have to believe that there might have there must have been some transitional issues meaning that your old life your old friends, your old, your family, what was that like on a on a psychological standpoint of dealing with leaving everything that you've known behind? took a walk down this new path? Because you've obviously been shown something? What was that like for for yourself?

Garnet Schulhauser 7:51
What was the struggle was a major transformation. And after I met Albert, I didn't tell anyone, not even my wife that I ended up my spirit guide. And then when I started in when he said I should write a book about what he had told me, I was a bit taken aback because I've never dreamed of writing a book. But anyway, gently persuasive. He got me to write the manuscript for my first book. And then when I finished it, I was I had a decision point like, Should I throw it in the drawer and never to be seen again? Or should it get published, because I knew that I forgot to publish my former law partners, clients, other colleagues, some of them would think I got crazy. So there was a risk there that I could lose a lot of my older old friends. And nobody likes to be labeled as being crazy or senile, or whatever. So I had to struggle with that. Finally, I just said to help you with, I need to let the chips fall where they may have to get it published. And recognized, I'll lose some people. And I did. There's a lot of my former friends who don't talk to me. They don't say to my face that they think I'm crazy. But I know they're thinking that, but that, you know, that's just the way it is. But the good news is that I made a whole lot more news, spiritually enlightened people, friends. And so the overall it's been a very positive, positive change for me, but the I struggled with it because I thought, you know, do I really want to have my own law partners think I'm crazy. Not really. But you have to move on, you know. And so the transformation has been amazing. I've never looked back, never regretted it. And so I just charge along. And so after the first book, I wrote four more and here I am at book five, finished.

Alex Ferrari 9:22
Now the thing is, a lot of times when when you hear stories like this, it's you know, people who have nothing or their life is not going well. And they find enlightenment in this way, and they try to, you know, put this message out, but they're financially not in a great place. But it sounds to me that you were in a fifth in the physical world in a good place financially. You were probably doing very well you had a successful career. On the outside everything looked like you. You had everything that we're told that we're supposed to have it especially here in the West, but inside you you were dying for more looking for War. So that's what I find so fascinating about your story as well is that you had, for lack of a better word, anything, everything that you really, you checked all the boxes basically, that in life, your successful career, married, you know, money, all these all these external things, but internally, you were dying inside. And a lot of people listening to like, oh, that's what you know, this doesn't sound right or this is all made up and like, what makes your story interesting is that you gave up a lot of like, we just talked about a lot of these physical, you know, things that you've accumulated over your life, your career, your money, your reputation, all that was risks for getting this message out into the world, which is very admirable, to say the least.

Garnet Schulhauser 10:49
Thank you. Yeah, no, it was a, it was a risk. And I'm, and I didn't have to pay some of the price for that. But, you know, I had I was successful. So I had my, my, like, career had been built up. And so I was financially it was fine. A year after I met Albert, I just retired from the law, because it didn't make any sense to me anymore was irrelevant. You know, so I just retired and, and started reading my books. But you know, it, there's no move that you make, that doesn't have some risk associated with it. This case was a fairly big risk from going from a successful corporate lawyer to being a new, a new author, trying to write books and find my way in the spiritual world. So, so it was a bit of a struggle, but it absolutely was worth it. And I'm just much better person before I was a type A stressed out, lawyer. Now I don't have nearly the same stress. And I understand who I am, where I'm going, and what what I should be doing with the rest of my life. So it's very comforting at this stage of my life.

Alex Ferrari 11:47
What was one of the biggest revelations that you learned from Albert?

Garnet Schulhauser 11:51
Well, the biggest revelation is that we're all eternal souls. A lot of people already know that. But we came here, not because somebody put us here wasn't God or the Universe saying, okay, learn it. You're having this life. On Earth. We chose, I chose my life, you chose your life, we don't remember that. But we did. We took you through our life plan, we pick out the place, we're going to be born, our names, identity of our parents, siblings, other relatives. And so we came here to learn and experience things. And so when you look in the mirror in the morning, excuse me and say, who am I? And why am I here? The answer is, you're an eternal soul. And you came here, by your own choice, Nobody made you come here. So you don't like what's going on in your life? Or say, How do I have who put me here, you put yourself here. So that's, that's a real big acknowledgement. The other thing was that, you know, for a lot of religions, that God is sort of the person who's manipulating things, making things happen or not happen. So people say, I will pray to God because I want to pass my final exam or get over my disease or whatever the heck it is. But the guide, or the source does not manipulate things. So they don't change things. And they don't make rules. And so, you know, I was raised as a Roman Catholic, there was all kinds of rules that I was taught that we had to follow. If not, we go to hell. Well, God doesn't make rules. And there's no judgment or punishment in the afterlife. So no matter what you've done, everyone goes back to the spirit side. So there's no help, no punishment, no judgment. So that's, that's a huge difference from what I was raised with in terms of it, a lot of religions have that way, the Christian religion and, you know, Muslim and Jewish religion, same thing, you know, you have to be a good guy, or you're going to go and suffer punishment in the afterlife. Well, that doesn't happen. So that's like a game changer. It's like, you know, my spirit guide always tells me, it doesn't matter how many times you go off course, or how many mistakes you make, you're always gonna go back to the spirit side, then you can regroup and decide, do I want to incarnate on planet earth again? Or do I want to go somewhere else? Where do I just want to stay in the spirit side and enjoy the blissful joyfulness of the Spirit side, which religions would call heaven? But I call it spirit side.

Alex Ferrari 14:04
Now, why? Why do so many of the religions in the worlds, you know, come up with the idea of that we have one life and only one life and we have to live that good life. And at the end of that life, you're done. And it's all there is? And there's no talk of reincarnating? Or I mean, some obviously, some very fair, you know, obviously Hinduism and Buddhism, things like that, talk about it. But many, many religions don't talk about that. Why is that in your opinion?

Garnet Schulhauser 14:34
Well, it's our way of holding our feet to the fire. Because if they say you can reincarnate as many times as you want, so then you can say, Well, okay, but I don't feel like following the rules in this life, it doesn't matter because I'll come back and have another chance. They want to get rid of that second chance. They want to say you have one life, you better be good, or else you could go to hell forever. So that's their way of keeping the pressure on everyone in this life because you only have one shot in reality is of course the That's wrong, you can reincarnate. They don't want you to know that. And that's why they reject the idea of reincarnation,

Alex Ferrari 15:05
Even though some of the oldest religions even older than Christianity, Judaism, most Muslim Muslims as well. They talk about reincarnation. I mean, Hinduism is much older. Yeah, Buddhism is much older.

Garnet Schulhauser 15:23
Well, apparently, from what I can understand that the early Christian religion at one point before they started the belt, their policy against reincarnation, there was a movement within them to say that we should support reincarnation, then they decided that they're at the council to say, No, we're not going to do reincarnation. So it was a very conscious decision on their part to say no, to reincarnation.

Alex Ferrari 15:44
So it's it is what it is, as they say, as they say, not what, what does God want us to accomplish in our life?

Garnet Schulhauser 15:53
What does God want us to accomplish? Nothing. God doesn't have any, any any ideals or any purpose for us. We came here to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. And so, so the source doesn't care what we do, the source is just a passive observer. So we put ourselves in these lives, we want to accomplish things are sold as, but the guy doesn't, doesn't care what we do. And they don't care whether we were good or bad or different. There's no absolute right or wrong in terms of the source. Okay, so it's we have rights or wrongs will be set for ourselves by through our tools. But but the source doesn't get involved in that doesn't have any, any goals for us doesn't have any rules. And there's no judgment after after that we die. So the source is sort of a passive observer, which is rare, really, contrary to what most religions believe, which is that the source wants us to be good and wants us to do things that they put us on this earth for, but except the source did not put us here, we put ourselves here.

Alex Ferrari 16:53
It's kind of like looking at life as a movie or a play. I mean, you would, you know, if someone's doing something good or bad, quote, unquote, in a movie or play, you don't attach major importance to it, because it's a play. We have we think of our life is not a play as something extremely serious and important and things like that. So we don't have the same perspective as let's say the Creator does.

Garnet Schulhauser 17:21
No, in fact, the souls of the spirits side who are watching what's going on, they have the right perspective, they do look at lives on earth, like a play. And so you're very right. I mean, if you're acting in a play on Broadway, and the script calls for you to stab and kill another actor, when the curtain goes down, you don't get arrested for murder, because frankly, I think, so, souls of the spirits, I'd say, you know, you could be a real bad dude on Earth. But when you come back here, it's a totally different perspective, and you have a chance to regroup and go back and try to do better the next time. So that's how they view it is like life on Earth is like a play to us very real salt, like a play. But that's just our perspective.

Alex Ferrari 18:00
Now, where did we come from prior to incarnated in the physical form? Like where do our souls Yeah, for our spirit or soul? Where do they come from?

Garnet Schulhauser 18:10
Well, they're on the spirit side, they were created, spun out from the from the source, you know, various times as new souls being created all the time. And when you spin off from the source, the idea is to go explore the universe. Try to find what it's like to incarnate in physical life forms. Earth is just one of the places you can incarnate, there's lots of billions of planets that have life forms, you can incarnate there, a lot of us may have come from other planets before coming to earth, earth is one of the toughest schools, but so meet our true homeless spirits, who we have a very, we're beings of energy, very high vibration rate. And that's what our true home is so, but you can't really understand what life is like as a human on Earth until you incarnate into one. So it's like, on the spirit side, you have a book learning, when you incarnate you have hands on learning, then you can really experience what's going on, and what life is like as a human part of our evolution.

Alex Ferrari 19:04
Now why would we want to leave the spirit side or heaven to come to earth? Like what what's why would we want to leave bliss to come and feel pain and suffering?

Garnet Schulhauser 19:14
Because it's just part of our growth and evolution? So we can we want to advance our our souls. And in order to do that, you often have to incarnate into a physical form. So cutting your current aid into a human form, not an easy life, birth is one of the toughest schools, but we do that with full knowledge of what we're getting into. And it's like a challenge, you know, sort of like, why do people want to climb Mount Everest? I mean, nobody's making them do that. But they have this challenge, personal challenge they want to do, seeing what the souls and spirits is like, I really want to I know it's a tough life, but I'm, I'm up to it. I'm going to meet the challenge. I'm going to incarnate and so that's how they think, and no one forces them to but they also know it's a very brief adventure, because there's no linear time on the spirit side. There's no past or future just to present. So have a lifetime of 80 years for a human on Earth. It's just like the blink of an eye over there. So they say, Okay, well, I'll just take this brief jump into a human body. I'll be back before you know it and get on with it. So it's not, it's not a very troubling aspect for so on the spirit side to jump into a human body. I mean, we're sitting here and you say, Well, why are we? Why are we here? And you can you can wonder, why would someone choose to be a blind beggar in Calcutta? It seems like awful if you can choose where you want to go away? Would you be? Excuse me? Why would you be Prince Charles. And Albert says You won't understand it as a human. But you had good reasons to choose the life you chose, before you incarnated. And when you get back to the spirit side, after your physical body dies, all that will come together, you realize what you put in your life plan, you realize what you're trying to accomplish, you'll see, okay, how many of the boxes did I take off, and if I didn't, do some that are left unchecked, I can jump back in, I can reincarnate as many times as I want. And when I get tired of incarnating, I can just stay on the spirit side. So it's not looked upon as being a big challenge. to incarnate as a human on Earth. It's just a sort of a brief adventure to the people on the spirit side. So that's why they do it.

Alex Ferrari 21:15
Now, I've heard of something a concept called soul groups. And we have similar souls that we travel with impacts almost like our families or friends, close people, and there's a handful of them that are constantly, you know, so one, one lifetime, I would be the father. Next one, I might be the daughter, or the son, or the friend, or the one that all that kinds of what did you What do you know what Albert say about that?

Garnet Schulhauser 21:40
No, you got it exactly. Right, Alex, it's, it's we have we traveled in small groups, we interchange positions, as you say, one time you're the father next time, you're the daughter. And we just keep on trading positions. And that's so that we get every aspect of a human life as possible. So you haven't you incarnate as both genders, a number of different positions. And a soul group is just a handy, it's like a, it's like a theatre troupe traveling around the country. And so like, Okay, you're gonna take this role this time, and I'll take this role, and then the next life, we'll switch it around. So just a handy, a handy sort of family group, where you can always find somebody to fill your role. So if you want to incarnate somewhere, you can say, Okay, who wants to be my parents who wants to be my siblings, you know, and you always have volunteers within your soul group, because they know that you will volunteer to be in their life. And so it's just a very handy arrangement.

Alex Ferrari 22:32
It's kind of like a casting like you're casting for parts in a play.

Garnet Schulhauser 22:36
Exactly. That's exactly what it's like. It's like, you just fill in different roles. And you decide what time you're going to be the hero next time, you're going to be the antagonist. I mean, the villain right off these roles. Yeah. And it's just so we all try to help each other and they're so good, help each other advance and learn lessons face the challenges. So it's a it's a cooperative effort,

Alex Ferrari 22:56
It's so difficult for people to understand the concept of wanting to go through pain. So if in the concert that we just talked about in regards to soul groups, let's say you know, this this lifetime, I'm going to incarnate as the Father and I'm going to be a bastard, I'm going to be a drunk, I'm going to beat you, I'm going to, there's going to be a lot of trauma. By me being who I am. The next life, I might be the the mother, and or the father again. But this time, I'm going to be the sweetest, nicest most supporting person ever. Then, since I maybe had an experience the other side of being a bastard, maybe then I will, in the next lifetime become the daughter or the son, who is then being oppressed and being tortured, not tortured, but traumatized by by that parent. To again, feel it, but it's so difficult for us here to understand that because it's it's just our perspective, correct?

Garnet Schulhauser 23:57
Yeah, exactly. But but you nailed it perfectly is that you know, sometimes you're gonna be one life, you might be the abusive father. You come back the next life and say, Okay, well, that was bad, but I want to experience what it's like to be abused. And so you come back as a child, so that happens a lot. And Delores cannon. I don't know if you know about the Lars cannon, but she she developed a few HHT program. Well, in one of her clients was born, it was blind from birth, and she put her into the hypnotic hypnosis session. And she found out that the reason that she was blind from birth was because in a previous life, she had been a cruel tyrant who liked to poke out the eyes of her prisoners. So she decided, okay, well, I'm not gonna go I'm gonna go my next life and see what it's like to be blind, you know? So those kinds of things happen all the time. But nobody makes you do that. If you if you feel like you're a cruel tyrant, and you don't want to suffer the other side of it in a new life. You can clear off your karma in other ways by doing something very positive to people. So it doesn't have reunite for an i There's various ways of sort of balancing Ultra karma.

Alex Ferrari 25:04
Right! And can we can you talk a little bit about karma because it karma is something that it is. So in the zeitgeist, you know, even my kids now are going Instant Karma, you know, in something you when they say something, and then something happens to them right away or something like that. Can you talk a little bit about karma because it is a much more accepted idea in today's world than it was even 20 years ago?

Garnet Schulhauser 25:27
Well, it karma is basically the old saying what goes around comes around. But Karma is a way of sort of measuring the good things versus the bad things you do in life. Some religions think that if you create bad karma, you're trapped on the Wheel of Karma. And you have no choice, you have to keep on coming back. Like for some of the Eastern religions, if you're a bad dude, next life, you'd come back as a snake, you know, that's not true. Because you always have the choice, no matter how much bad karma you have accumulated, you have a choice between spirits, I had to bounce that off, come back or not. So it's always a free choice. But, you know, it's sort of a moral imperative. If you finish a life where you've created your real bad, you've created a bunch of bad karma. Morally, you're gonna say to yourself, well, I need to go back and try to clean the slate, trying to do something really good to bounce off my karma. But you're not compelled to. It's just really a moral imperative. But we'll souls will do that. And so it's really a way of, you know, you can just keep track of what you did versus the bad things versus the good things. And hopefully, for most people, they want to say, when I finished with the earth school, I want to make sure that my karma is completely balanced, or that I have a positive karma, not a negative one.

Alex Ferrari 26:36
Now, why is it that we can't remember our past lives, or remember the spirit side of ourselves in our incarnations,

Garnet Schulhauser 26:44
Because it would be too, too much of a burden to live, our lives will be remembered over a past life. So remember, imagine if you had to in your past lives? Well, in some of those lives, you might have been a murderer, a thief, an abuser. And in other lives, you may have been the victim of that if you had to carry those memories around in your current life, it would just be overwhelming, like you just couldn't function period property. So that's why we don't remember them. And we don't remember where we came from, or what's in our lifetime, because that would make life too easy. So as Albert says, if you remembered what was in your life plan, it would be like to teach you're giving your students the questions and answers to a final exam before the exam, like what's the point of studying or reading it, you know, so it's designed deliberately to be very tough, very tough school, you chose to come here, you don't remember why same as me. But it's a very tough school. And we're struggling through this stuff school. And that's why we don't remember our past lives or where we came from.

Alex Ferrari 27:44
But I always I've said this on the show before in regards to the concepts of good and evil, the good or bad, and that, you know, that is a concept that is really Earthbound, where things are good or things are bad, because it's all perspective. And I always use the example of a car accident, it could be the worst thing that happened to you if you get into a car accident. But to the mechanic, it's a great day. Because it's so it's, it's not a, the accident itself is neither charged good nor bad. It is all about the perspective of the thing. So if a tree falls on you, while you're walking in the forest and kills you, your perspective is that that was horrible. The tree killed me. But in the trees perspective is like I've just felt like it the thing is the thing is that Albert talk a little bit about good and evil, good and bad. And what that means in this in this incarnation?

Garnet Schulhauser 28:42
Well, there's no Yeah, he did decent, there's no good or evil in an absolute sense. There's no sort of standard that the source or God sets that you have to try to comply with. So it's really a matter of it is what it is. And it's good in the sense of if it's doing what your soul wants you to do, and bad if it's not what your soul wants to do. And aside from that, there is no good or evil, it's just are you on the right track or not. And it doesn't really matter. Because if you're if you do nothing but evil in his life, there's no difference. When you go back to the spirit side, it's just like, you will look at your life and say, you know, when you go back, everyone has a life review. They review their life in great detail, and they look to see, okay, these are the good things I did. These are the bad things I did. And it's a learning tool to say okay, how can I avoid in my next life the bad things that I did, so that when you plan your next slide, you can go ahead and try to do better. And so there's no absolute right or wrong or good or evil. It's just how it relates to what our soul wants to do. But even if our soul goes way off course, it's not something that you want to get back to spirits. I just just nobody who says you were really bad dude, there are you're off. There's nothing but unconditional love so that everyone understands that some people go off course some people go way off course you know, so if you're a serial Killer. And I know a lot of people really object to this. But if you're a serial killer, you go back to the spirit side the same as Mother Teresa did, which for a lot of people think, well, that's wrong, because if you're bad dude, here, you should suffer punishment in the afterlife. That's just a human perspective doesn't happen.

Alex Ferrari 30:16
Right. And again, we go back to the play. I mean, if you go back to the play, if you're if you're Darth Vader, or Hannibal Lecter in a movie, that's the part you're playing in this in this in this movie, period. But at the end of the day, the actors take off the costumes, and they go back home, and then the actors being the souls going back home is the spirit side. And it's not taken at the same level of the same perspective as we take it in this world today. So in many ways, what you're saying is that, you know, even if you're, if you've decided, like, in this lifetime, I'm going to cause pain to other people. This is my you know, I'm going to, I'm going to abuse my family, I'm going to abuse my spouse, I'm going to, you know, steal money from people, I'm going to, as long as that was the plan laid out that, then I'm on, I'm on path, but when I go back to the spirit side, you will do a life reviewing you will feel the pain that these other people and other souls, all your actions, you will feel the pain from my understanding, from talking to many people about this subject is in the life review. You feel everything good and bad that you did here. So even if it's not a perspective of good or bad, you still have either did I cause pain? Or did I cause love? So if you're helping someone that has a different charge than if you're hurting someone? Is that a fair statement?

Garnet Schulhauser 31:45
Yeah, no. Absolutely. And just to further your comment on the life review? Yeah, one of the unique aspects is that you get to hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of the people you've interacted with. So that if you said something cruel to a coworker, one day, you can feel their hurt and their anxiety and wondering, why did you were you cruel to them. On the other hand, if you did something that helped a senior citizen across the crosswalk, you'll be able to feel their love and gratitude for your, for your helping your aid. So you get, you get both the good and the bad. And it's really a learning tool, because quite often we go through life, hurting other people unintentionally not realizing that we have done it. And then then when you move to your life, where you can say, okay, next time, I'm going to have to be careful with my words and my actions, because I may be hurting people when I don't intend to. So sometimes you do intend to do it. And one of the things is that, you know, if you, for example, if you want to be someone who's, for whatever reason, wants to suffer, being beaten to death, you find somebody in your soul group who will fulfill fulfill the role of your perpetrator. And so that person will say, Okay, you want to experience this, I will go and incarnate, and I'll be the one who beat you to death. Okay. And so those things are they happen all the time. Now, some of the bad things that happen on our planet aren't planned, some are, some aren't. Some are just a matter of a soul who didn't intend to be bad, but let their negative emotions get out of control. So that happens also. So that's the other way that evil was caused. But again, it's sort of like, get back to the spirit side. It's like, okay, who lost control of my emotions. I wished I hadn't done it. But I would go back and try to do better the next time.

Alex Ferrari 33:21
It's kind of like stories of, you know, a dictator, who has all these amazing gifts of being able to speak and gather people and motivate people. And in a good way, these are all very positive attributes. But if you go down the wrong path, you become a dictator, and you hurting people and you're, it's all about ego and all this so you can go, but those gifts were given to that soul in this incarnation. So you could look at throughout history, you know, getting gets Cohn. He had gifts. He was able to do things that other people weren't able to do. But he obviously decided to go a different way. And you could you could look through Rome and look through Egypt's history, look at all these, they had these kinds of gifts that you would associate with someone trying to help people Jesus had the same gifts, as many dictators did, as far as being able to speak to motivate crowds to change people's perspective on things. Those could go either both ways. So Jesus being the positive way or Buddha or even someone like Yogananda or you know, gurus of more current years, or then you you talk people like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, these kinds of people, but they both had similar sets of gifts. Is that Is that a fair thing to say?

Garnet Schulhauser 34:50
Yeah, that's a fair statement. And then for some reason, the dictators, evil people, they just got off track and then up to negative emotions, fear, anger, hate, sort of get control Closer lives, whereas people like Jesus and Buddha did not. And so it's just a matter of you, Kevin, he told the interesting I had and one of my congressman spirits that I had with Albert, I had a conversation with the soul who was Hitler. And Hitler said, he had planned to be a politician he had planned to have the gifts, the oratory isn't, and so on. He hadn't planned to be a monster, but he had planned to be a politician. So when he got here, then it's negative emotions just got the better of them. And he became a horrible dictator who killed a lot of people. So that wasn't planned. He had planned to be a politician, but not to that extent so that those things happen. And I don't know about Ganges cannon, the other people that I mentioned, similar things happen. Thank God, we have people like Jesus and Buddha and some of the other great people who had those temptations but resisted it, and made a very positive effect on our planet.

Alex Ferrari 35:50
Isn't it interesting, though, and I've seen this someone said this the other day, and I, you started looking throughout history, it's very true. When there's a great negative or evil, quote, unquote, evil or bad thing that happens in the world stage. A good balancing point comes up. So if there is a great evil, like, let's say the Nazis or Hitler, then the allies show up. The Allies weren't there prior to Hitler coming up. And there's always a balancing act when there's great evil, great, good. And when there's great good, great evil, and when that evil goes down the good goes, it's like a really balancing force. And if you go through, if you look throughout history, that happens, because if not, then something would overtake 100%. So that's why we're not in. That's why you and I are speaking German right now.

Garnet Schulhauser 36:38
Yes, exactly. But sometimes that doesn't always work generally does. Some civilizations in our history, even ones like Atlantis Lemuria, where it didn't need that the good did not conquer whatever the evil was the cause of the crash and burn. And so they disappeared. And so right now we're in a similar position, we have great technology, we have weapons of mass destruction, we could destroy all life on our planet, if we unleash them. And so we have to be really careful to move ahead and try to try to follow the light as opposed to the darkness. And so it's, it's bouncing now is is the good kind of triumph for the evil or the other way around. We don't know, we have to just strive, try to make sure the good does triumph.

Alex Ferrari 37:20
And I mean, I think I do think that there is a change happening in our society, even in my lifetime. There's been so much acceptance of ideas and concepts. I mean, you and I talked about meditation, that was insane in the 70s, even think about you were a hippie, crazy person. And now CEOs do meditation, yoga, and karma and, and these kinds of spiritual ideas, there seems to be more acceptance, and people are looking for more of this information, to try to make changes in their lives were in the early 1900s. You know, even in the 50s, that just was such an you were on the outskirts, you were on the fringe of society with these ideas. And now, I mean, it is much more accepted. So I do think that there is hope that we are moving in the right direction, where we weren't before. Do you agree with that?

Garnet Schulhauser 38:16
Absolutely. Yeah, there's been a lot of progress made in the last 3040 years, whoever else would have told me that if I had written my books 30 years ago, well, first of all, I wouldn't have written them. Second thing, nobody would have read into my head, you know, because people weren't ready for it back then. Now, there's a lot of people who are more spiritually enlightened, they're more attuned to the spiritual world, to try to do good to increase the vibrations through meditation and other things. And so it is getting a lot lot better. But we're not there yet. We have to keep on pushing we have to do and, and one of the things that there's so much more enlightenment is that the the spirits in the spirit side are are sending more advanced souls to incarnate to try to help humanity become more enlightened. They're sending a lot of messages through messengers, like, people have radio shows, like you, people read books, they're getting the message out, and more and more people are paying attention to it. They're not, they're not thinking it's a fringe of crazy people. So this is becoming more mainstream. But there's still a lot of people who are in the dark, who don't realize what they should be doing or how they should be trying to improve our planet. That's unfortunate. But the more people that are enlightened, like you, and I'll and your listeners, I'm sure, the better off we'll be, we just have to keep up the pressure.

Alex Ferrari 39:30
You know, it's fascinating that, you know, there was this long period of time when to call the Dark Ages where there was pretty much no movement. You know, it was this Age of Ignorance, if you will. And within the last 120 years, the amount of advancements that our society has had is is it's unheard of in the history of written history that we that we have access to, and that goes Well, for spirituality, I mean, these, these ideas, I remember when reading Yogananda and when he showed up in the, in the 20s, as an Indian guru, talking about meditation and yoga, can you imagine, in the 20s, and the 30s, like, it blows the mind, but he's the one that brought a lot of those ideas over and started to, to shape the West. In that way, those ideas have been in the East forever. But in the West, it's just fascinating, start thinking about, even in my lifetime, I remember, you know, I'm not, I'm old, but I'm not that old. I'm older than I am, relatively, you know, but even in my lifetime, I was born in the 70s, I remember when there was no remotes, I was the remote control for my grandfather, he'd be like, Get up, get up, turn in a head for channel, there's three channels, and then the to Ufh channels. And, and that was the end of it. I remember all of these, these things that took for like telephone, the rotary phone, you know, these, and so much even in, you know, in for all the young people listening, I remember a time without internet, without cell phones. Without all all this happens so quickly. And it's, it's, it's going so much faster. I mean, the power that this little, this little thing here has, is more powerful than the computers that sent us to the moon. So it's fascinating. So, to your idea of that souls are being incarnated more advanced souls are coming back to us, to this to this incarnate incarnated now, you can see it, you can see that there is ideas and things flowing in ways that they haven't, and it seems to be going faster than ever before.

Garnet Schulhauser 41:50
Yes, sir, I totally agree with you. Absolutely. And that's one of the issues that we face is that we have, our technology is moving much faster than our spiritual and emotional intelligence. So we're lagging behind on those two things. And the danger is, of course, the technology gets so vast that somebody pushes the button or pulls the trigger, and it's over. So we have to make sure that we do our best to make sure that doesn't happen. And we have to try to bring everybody along in terms of spiritual and emotional intelligence, and try to bring people along to get to the same level as our is our technology. And it can happen there are there are other human civilizations in our galaxy that have conquered that they've managed to get over that hump. And they have beautiful societies that where their negative emotions are basically non existent. And everyone sort of loves one another. And so if they can do it, we can do it too. We just have to work really hard at it.

Alex Ferrari 42:44
So if there are places like this that exist in the universe, what what is the, what is the purpose of those places? If everything is happy, go lucky, if you will, in those kinds of societies. What is there to learn, as opposed to us that were, as you said, a very tough school. You know, this is a very tough university here on earth. What would you what would you learn from a society that there are very minimal negative and negative emotions, and everything seems to be a lot more happy go lucky.

Garnet Schulhauser 43:17
Well, you don't learn as much as on planet Earth, that's for sure. But there are always things to learn. And sometimes the souls who incarnate they're sort of like, I've had a couple of really rough lives on earth, I'm going to take a little breather, going to one of these planets and then and then come back, you know, so it's, it's various reasons, you can always learn something. And some souls are just too timid to jump into the first school because it's really a tough school. You know, Albert always says to me, tell all your everybody you meet to pat themselves in the back for being so courageous as to come in here. But some souls just aren't ready for it. Or they've had too many bad lives and it's going to take a break. So you're not going to learn as much there. But you still learned some things. And then of course, when you come back, you can then decide, okay, now I'm ready for planet Earth.

Alex Ferrari 44:00
So now, do you still speak to Albert? Yes. He's still physically incarnated.

Garnet Schulhauser 44:07
No, no, he's no he, he manifested as the homeless man for the first three times we met, then he was just a voice in my head and communicated by telepathy. So, you know, and then he came back into my life and astral form. We did the astral trips, but he No, he's still on the spirit side has not incarnated. I'm one of his messengers. He has many he will tell me who the other ones are. But his his mission is to blast out the message of love, compassion, forgiveness, and try to help humanity move up the ladder of spiritual enlightenment. That's his mission. And I'm just one of his messengers.

Alex Ferrari 44:40
Now, you spoke about astral projection. Can you talk about a little bit about astral projection of what that is and what did you do with it?

Garnet Schulhauser 44:48
Well, it's just a it's a matter of traveling on the astral plane. The astral plane is the very high vibration level. And so how it happened to me was that after I finished the first manuscript, He came into my life in a different way. He I woke up one night and I saw this ghost like figure standing in the doorway of my bedroom. When he moved closer I could see was Albert, but he's an astral form. So astral form, sort of semi transparent, but I could I could make out who he was. And then he just grabbed my astral body and pulled it on my physical body and said, Come on, let's go. And we went off to the spirit side and other places. So it's virtually instantaneous travel. You can walk through walls and ceilings or whatever on the physical plane, like they're not there. And, and so it's really amazing. I mean, the good thing about astral travel was you don't have to go through security checkpoints, or boarding gates or to buy a ticket or sit on a plane or anything. It's just it's really quite amazing. But the interesting thing, Alex, is that every one of us astral travels at night when we sleep, we don't remember it. But when your body sleeps, your soul leaves your body temporarily goes to the spirit side to huddle with your spirit guides or you can go anywhere you want. In the morning, you're back into your body. You're not allowed to remember that but everyone does astral travel. And it's a lot of people are amazed at that. But that is a fact.

Alex Ferrari 46:10
So what are dreams, then, are those memories of their astral projections,

Garnet Schulhauser 46:15
Sometimes their memories of the astral projection, sometimes they are just messages being given to you by your guides. So sometimes they'll give you messages communications through your dreams. Sometimes the dreams are you remember glimpses of your astral travels. So it's it's combination? Could you either work?

Alex Ferrari 46:32
Why is it then when messages do come through through dreams that they have to be so coded? Can't they just be a little bit more straightforward about as like, it's not really about the rabbit that's running away from the wolf. Really, you should just avoid this business deal? Why can't they just say that, sir?

Garnet Schulhauser 46:49
Well, that would be nice. Wouldn't it be really nice if they would give us that step by step guide, but then it would be too easy. You know, like I said, you don't remember what you had planned, because it would be too easy. This is a tough school. So I'm not going to take take that away from you. Your dreams are coded. The messages you get from your spirit guides are very subtle. They're not direct me, it'd be nice if everyone could talk to their guides, like I do, do Albert, and just get say, Okay, what should I do today? What should I do next week? What job should I take would say should I live in that kind of thing. But they're not going to tell you that. In fact, Albert doesn't give me personal advice. He won't give me personal by seat. He gives me revelations that are applicable, basically, to everyone. But not specifically to me. So I don't get personal advice. I mean, I've asked him many times for the winning lottery number, but he won't give it to me.

Alex Ferrari 47:35
That's not so much. I'd be nice, though. Right? It would be would be nice. It'd be nice. Just Just one thing, you don't have to worry about money. That'd be great. Just you know, but But you know, it doesn't. That's a very interesting thing. So many people are always so especially in the West are so caught up with money and wanting to make sure that they have millions and billions and whatever you want. But if you look at your lives, if you have a roof over your head, you have money and some money in the bank, some food on the table. You know, what more do you want? Is the question like, if your needs are met, and you're you've never been hungry, you've never been thrown out on the street. You have a car that runs, you have your your your needs met? Why is it that we are constantly looking for more? wanting more money on most people? If you give them a billion dollars, we're not absolutely no, not what to do with it. They just wouldn't. I had the pleasure of years ago, working on a documentary series about a lottery ticket winners and lottery winners. And it was fascinating. I met these people. And I went to their homes. And it was fascinating to watch how some completely ignored the fact that they even won, like literally like nothing changed. Like I asked this one guy is like, why don't you quit your job. He's like, Oh, I don't want to lose my pension. Like you've got 10 million in the bank, what's wrong with you? Like, but in his mind, he just, which I think is one. One was gone off the deep end, on one way. And then there was the other side of the spectrum where it was a couple that lived in a trailer park, who had never had any money in their life. And all they did was spend and spend stuff and get stuff and travel and at the end of the day they go we only have two friends, our accountant and our lawyer. Oh, and our priest. Those are the only three people we speak to him like Wow, man. Well, money isn't everything. But it's fat. It's fat. Isn't it fascinating, though.

Garnet Schulhauser 49:43
Yeah. And it's really our egos our human minds who are driving that agenda to get acquire wealth and material goods. That's not what our souls want. But we don't get to get to tap into know what our souls want directly. We have to try to listen to the messages from our Guys, I'm trying to decipher what we should be doing. But I mean, basically, if you decide, I mean, if you haven't put food on the table and a roof over your head, and that sort of thing you really shouldn't need any more, you really should be out there trying to do good, spread love, forgiveness, compassion to other people and make our planet a better place. I mean, that's, that's what our souls really want us to do not accumulate wealth, because that maybe when you leave this life, you don't take any of that with you. So you go to the same place as Jeff Bezos, who will, when he dies, you're gonna end up back in the same place. So it all stays here. And so it's a bit of a fruitless exercise in a lot of ways. But it's very strong desire that we have, and it's hard to shake it,

Alex Ferrari 50:40
Unless, and also unless you're doing good with it, too, because there's a lot of philanthropist and people who've acquired lots of, you know, resources and revenue and money, things like that, but decided to do good with it and not just accumulate like a dragon hoarding gold in a cave somewhere. They're actually doing good with it in the world, and helping people opening up organizations, spreading the message, all that kind of stuff. So money, again, is just like a good book concept of good and evil in itself. It has no charge. It's what you do with it, and how and what kind of charge we give it is, is what is because there's people I mean, I wish I had a billion dollars, so I can create organizations that help people and, and spread the word. Because for me, it'd be like, at a certain point, how many rooms do you need in the house? Seriously, like, how many rooms do you need? How many cars do you need? You know, after you've traveled, let's say, you take a year and travel the world in the first class. Okay, now, what are you going to do that for the next 20 years? Like what? At a certain point, you you run up to the end, like, and then some people don't ever run up to the end? They need 110 rooms in the house? Because it's almost a sickness at that point.

Garnet Schulhauser 51:59
Yep, I can remember when Albert first told me that I got to choose my life on Earth. And I said to him, Well, if I can do that, why didn't they choose to need Prince Charles, you know, because he's got 150 servants, even has a servant who squeezes the toothpaste onto his toothbrush. And I said, Albert, how come I didn't choose that? He said, Well, we thought that you'd want to have the experience of squeezing your own toothpaste.

Alex Ferrari 52:23
I mean, I couldn't I couldn't even comprehend that. I mean, you know, in movies, you see things like that, you know, and the prince is in the extravagances of their life. But I can't even imagine God even when I'm even when I travel, or do speaking engagements, and people kind of gush over Manda, like, can you have this like, guy, just give me a place to sit down? I'm good. What do you want on a water? Bottle of water would be fine. I don't need what kind of water do you want? Like, clean water? I don't really need a whole lot, guys. You know, it's, it's really and I come from the world of Hollywood. So if you only imagine what I've seen over the course of my career, and working with directors, a couple egos in Hollywood, not many. But there's a couple of articles that I've dealt with at least two, at least, at least two that I can remember off the top of my head. But it's, it really is fascinating. And I love the quote that Jim Carrey said, the famous comedian actor, who said, I wish everybody would get everything they ever wanted. So they would understand it doesn't mean anything. Because he is in a unique position to literally have gotten everything he wanted. One of the most famous people in the world, millions of dollars, beautiful women, physical, physical things everywhere. And yet, he felt empty. And he's like, Oh, no, this is not this is not what it's all about. It's a very unique place to be. There's not many souls that get to do what he did. And find and find the other side of that. And it's so funny, Tom, Tom, the director of his movies of Ace Ventura, and Bruce Almighty, He had the same revelation. He was lived in this mansion in Pasadena. And he was he decided like this. This is not what my life should be about. And he moved into a trailer, and now has a bike and travels and only on a bicycle, things like that. It was fascinating. But those are rare examples.

Garnet Schulhauser 54:33
Very rare examples. Yeah, very rare. It's just human nature, to want to accumulate the big houses and the cars and everything else. And there's just I mean, there are a few exceptions, like Jim Carrey, who realizes what's really important. Most people don't, but more people are starting to realize that and that's what's really encouraging is I think we're we're, we're having more enlightened people. And certainly, like you, I mean, you As I mentioned, this 40 years ago, you wouldn't have your radio show your podcast, probably not. If you didn't listen to it, you know, kind of thing. So people are progressing. And I'm sure you have a huge following. And your message is very well taken, I'm sure.

Alex Ferrari 55:14
Can you imagine in the 80s, if there was a show like this as a radio show? Only the only the fringe would listen to it very small, very small. Imagine opening up a yoga studio in the 60s. Like, can you imagine your mat, nobody knew what yoga was? Can you imagine if someone opened up or a meditation retreat? In this in the 50s? People will be like, what do you what? It's, it's, it's the equivalent of us going back to the 1800s. And going, this is this is really what it's all you have no idea what this is going to do. You know, everything, all human, all human knowledge is at your fingertips. And they're gonna go what, what do you talk? It's beyond common. So it does take a little bit of time to catch up, as they say. Really interesting. I wanted to ask you one thing about spirit guides, when we're living our lives, and the Spirit guides are behind us. Behind the scenes, if you will, like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling some levers here and there. They are they the ones that are opening certain doors for us bringing certain people into our lives, certain things that are supposed to be guiding us. So in other words, if we if they like, Okay, it's time for Alex to get this job that he's going to meet his wife in. Let's start pushing him in that direction. Even though I had no intention of going towards that job, then opportunities will be present. And it's kind of like this big puzzle that just, they keep corralling you until you get into the play that Oh, finally, okay, they met Okay, and then let nature will take its course there. Okay, great. Now they're married, we need to guide them over here. Because in the next five years, he's going to be a podcaster. And he has no understanding what podcasting is at this point. So we're going to start pushing, and maybe we'll give him this book, let's put this book in his Amazon list, and make sure it comes across or a video will show up or a movie will inspire them or you meet someone who says something that inspires is that what they they're doing in the behind the scenes.

Garnet Schulhauser 57:19
Yeah, they are there in the background trying to guide us to where we should be going. So an example of you're going to meet your spouse. So they're telling you guiding you to go towards this particular party or whatever say, they're also guiding or your your spouse's guides are guiding her to actually go to the party as well. And and all of a sudden you meet and that's what's intended. So doesn't always work. But they are sending pressure intuition, coincidental events, that gets you to go to the right place for you that where you should be so meeting your spouse, getting a job, whatever, they're always in the background trying to do it. But it's not very direct, they don't sort of manifest and, and push you into the thing. They're reading it with subtle messages, but they are working in the background. They want you to follow your life plan as best as you can take away the important things like finding your spouse or your job or whatever.

Alex Ferrari 58:08
Now, with all of the stuff that we've been talking about in regards to our life plans in reincarnating, what waits for us at the end of this tunnel? Is this an ongoing forever? Scenario? Or do we eventually become enlightened like Jesus or Buddha? Or Yogananda? Who are become Ascended Masters, if you will. And they're like, Okay, I've learned everything I needed to learn. At this level. I'm now moving on to the next stage of my evolution, is that what is basically waiting for all of us?

Garnet Schulhauser 58:40
Yeah, it's basically every soul will continue to incarnate on Earth until they feel like they've learned everything they can learn here, they basically graduated, so and the decision about whether he graduated or not, is up to each soul. So you know, everyone is trying to get through all the things that they can learn here, and then graduate from this earth school, stay in the spirit side, or go off to another planet incarnate in another life for there's so many different choices. But people want to continue with earth until they've conquered it. And sometimes you can do that in five lives. Sometimes it may take 250 bytes. And I remember when I asked Albert, how many lives have I had before, and he said, several 100 And I said, Does that mean I'm an old soul? And he said no, you're just a slow learner.

Alex Ferrari 59:25
I like Albert, Albert, ours album has a wicked sense of humor. Know You're just slow. Anyway, you're just slow sir. That's all you are. You're on the short bus, sir. Is what you're on the short bus of life, sir. Yeah, exactly. Like I'm gonna ask you a few questions I asked all of my guests. What is the definition of living a good life?

Garnet Schulhauser 59:52
Definition of living a good life is to fully embrace love, compassion and forgiveness. So send nothing but love and forgiveness to other people, people will jump on your toes, you have to forgive them to send love everywhere, to all the people around you, and lead and exemplary life, like, like lead by example, why you're shining like a beacon of hope. And then spirituality, that's the good life as I perceive it. And it's difficult to do that, because we all have negative emotions, you know, somebody cuts you off in traffic, the reaction is, I'm going to flip the bird, you know, you have to sort of stifle that and then say, okay, he's on his own journey. I'm gonna send him love. And hopefully he doesn't cut me off again, kind of thing. So it's a matter of living with love. And treating all people means the golden rule that Jesus indicated. Treat other people as you'd like to be treated yourself, send them love. And don't get upset and let your negative emotions get out of control. That's the ideal, ideal life on earth.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:50
What is what is your mission in this life?

Garnet Schulhauser 1:00:53
Well, my mission is to spread the revelations that Albert gets to me to write books about what I what he shows me in my astral travels, in our dialogue, he wants me to help enlighten other humans by reading my books. That's why I'm, that's my mission. Now write books, spread his revelations try to help him out to be in that way. And, you know, me, that wasn't my mission. When I graduated from law school, then my mission was pretty steady stop, my mission was to accumulate wealth, get a big house, two cars in the garage, and all that sort of thing. But then after I met him, I realized what my real mission was, but that my law practice was just a setup for my, my second career, which is reading the, you know, because I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't have, you know, have established myself. So now I can do that set the real mission in my life, which I didn't realize until I met him. Now it is to spread His Word, spread the light.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:47
Isn't it fascinating that I, you know, I started my career off as a filmmaker, and I still am a filmmaker and a writer, but then I turned into a podcaster, seven years ago, and, and an author and speaker and in this become almost a second, a second life, essentially. And the old lifestyle, I've stuff that I bring into it, but it's fascinating how that all works out. If someone would have told you at the beginning of your law career and like, you're gonna, this is what's gonna happen, you're gonna you're gonna meet this guy, and then your life is gonna, you would have said, You're insane. And if I would have been told no, no, you're gonna be a podcaster. And I'm gonna be like, what?

Garnet Schulhauser 1:02:26
Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:27
The people I always tell people, you know, where the money is podcasting. That's where the money is. So it's, it's definitely a labor of love doing this. But it's really fascinating. Your journeys been very fascinating to listen to Garrett, and I really appreciate you Where can people find out more about you, your work and your books?

Garnet Schulhauser 1:02:51
On my website, which is That's not easy to remember. But if you Google any my book titles, like dancing on the stamp, and get to my website, there's the information, but all my books, or my social media links, all of my radio show recordings are posted on my website and on my YouTube channel. So I've done like 178 radio talk shows so far. And so the recordings are all there. And there's violence there. You can just click on the and you get to the page where all my books are so they want to buy my books. Very easy.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:22
My friend, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you and the work that you're doing and spreading love and understanding and, and hopefully some bliss into this world. So again, thank you so much for coming on the show and I appreciate you my friend.

Garnet Schulhauser 1:03:34
Thank you for having me. I've been delighted to be here.

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