Man Dies; Jesus Shows Him Truth about the Mysteries of Human Body (NDE) with Dr. Rod Chelberg

In the serene moments between breaths, we sometimes encounter extraordinary souls whose stories bridge the earthly and the divine. On today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Rod Chelberg, a physician whose near-death experience as a child opened a portal to profound spiritual insights and healing abilities. Dr. Chelberg’s journey from a young boy struggling for life in a hospital bed to a healer guided by the voice of Christ is a testament to the transformative power of faith, resilience, and inner peace.

Dr. Rod Chelberg’s journey began at the tender age of seven when a severe allergic reaction to penicillin caused him to stop breathing. As he lay in the hospital, struggling for breath, he experienced what he later understood to be a near-death experience. “I started to develop tunnel vision and could not see that everything was getting black. And then finally I lost all vision,” he recalls. Floating out of his body, he was drawn towards a brilliant white light, feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and love. This profound encounter left him with a deep sense of security and a set of spiritual gifts that would manifest later in life.

One of the gifts Dr. Chelberg received was the ability to see people’s auras, an ability that re-emerged during his medical residency. He could see the colors of life, creativity, and love—green, blue, and red—radiating from people’s hearts. This ability allowed him to sense when patients were near death, a perception that often guided his medical decisions. “I could tell when somebody was going to die or when they were going to live because I could see the color of their aura,” he explains. This gift, however, was something he kept to himself, understanding the skepticism it might provoke among his colleagues.

Dr. Chelberg’s connection to the divine deepened as he continued his spiritual practice, particularly through meditation and his study of A Course in Miracles. This spiritual journey culminated in a powerful ability to hear the voice of Christ, a voice that guided him in his medical practice. One remarkable instance was when the voice told him that a seemingly healthy teenager had a life-threatening heart condition. Despite the skepticism of his peers, Dr. Chelberg ordered the necessary tests, which confirmed the diagnosis and saved the boy’s life. “The voice was as clear as me and us speaking right now,” he recounts.

These experiences, both in the emergency room and in his personal spiritual practice, have shaped Dr. Chelberg’s understanding of life and healing. He emphasizes that true healing comes from within, from a connection to the divine source that resides in each of us. “I can facilitate healing,” he says, “but I can’t heal. The best I can do is hold the light and say, ‘Here you are.'”


  1. Inner Divine Connection: Dr. Chelberg’s journey illustrates that true healing and peace come from a deep connection to the divine within us. By quieting the mind and embracing this inner light, we can overcome physical and emotional challenges.
  2. The Power of Belief: Our beliefs shape our reality. By changing our beliefs about illness and limitation, we can tap into our innate power to heal and transform our lives.
  3. Service and Love: Dr. Chelberg’s story underscores the importance of being of service to others. Through acts of love and compassion, we not only help others heal but also experience the divine flow of love within ourselves.

Dr. Rod Chelberg’s profound experiences and insights remind us of the boundless potential within each of us to connect with the divine and transform our lives. His journey from a young boy’s near-death experience to a healer guided by divine insight is a testament to the power of faith, love, and inner peace.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Rod Chelberg.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 229

Dr. Rod Chelberg 0:00
I can I can choose peace right now. And wake up. And that's enlightenment that people have.

Alex Ferrari 0:08
I like to welcome to the show, Dr. Rod Chelberg, how you doing Dr. Rod?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 0:21
Hello, I'm doing very well. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 0:24
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk about your journey. And the work that you're doing is pretty miraculous as well.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 0:30
Well, thank you. I love sharing it. People need to hear this in order to have a fuller life, I believe. So I'm very honored that you're allowing me to expand my tent, if you will, and help more people.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
That's what I'm here to do. My friend that is what am I here to do. So my first question is, I know you had your Near Death Experience Young. Was it? Did you have any? Like, what was your life like prior to it? Did you have any inclinations of the abilities that were going to come?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 0:59
No. It's unusual. I had, in second grade A strep infection that went into my kidneys and shut them down. So I was in the hospital quite sick. And I was treated with penicillin. So before that, I was what you would call a normal kid. And and during a two week hospital stay in the middle of that I had an allergic reaction to the medicine and I stopped breathing. It went into my lungs, and I couldn't breathe. So that was the start. at two years old. Or excuse me, seven years old. I didn't know what was going on. The experience was that I knew I was dying. I started to develop tunnel vision and could not see that everything was getting black. And then finally I lost all vision. I couldn't see anything. And I had this impending feeling of death of suffocation. I just couldn't breathe. It somewhere in there, I started to float out of my body. And it was a feeling of a movement. And I saw in this vast darkness of brilliant white light. And I started to float towards it. So all thoughts of rod all thoughts of hospital of death, that all left me. And I was drifting towards this light, I felt tremendous peace, love and comfort. And as I was getting closer, those feelings got stronger. And I knew everything was fine. Almost when I got to the edge of it, I started to see that inside it was a large sphere of white light, beautiful white light. And I was like, I'm home I'm calling in. But at that moment, the staff, they started rescue medications. And immediately I was yanked back into my body with quite a thrust as a little child that I didn't know what that was, and everybody was happy. And I didn't think anything of it. I said it must have been a dream. But I could breathe again. And and so, but I was left with tremendous peace and security. And so whatever that was it, it came back with me, which was wonderful. So that's about the extent of what I remember as a as a seven year old kid. And

Alex Ferrari 3:20
So that was the extent of the near death experience on the other side. Correct. Right. So after so did you did you start to process it? Or did you really just write it off?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 3:31
I just wrote it off. I just wrote it off. Didn't think about it. Didn't tell anybody about it. I mean, I'm a little kid, they say it's just a dream, right? Anyway, so what I didn't realize is that, that I picked up three very special gifts that were planted inside of me. And they didn't manifest until I was later in life. These divine gifts, if you will seeds that were planted. And they matured, and came to fruition, shall we say?

Alex Ferrari 4:08
And what were in what were these gifts?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 4:11
Well, the first the first gift was I could see people's colors, their auras on their hearts. And I saw three colors red, blue, and green. And I later learned in life that green is divine life. Blue is divine creativity and bread is divine love. And so as a child in about 1969 The Moody Blues came out with their song floating among the stars and I loved the Moody Blues. And I thought I wonder if I can float. So there's where I learned my second gift is that I could leave my body. I could lay down in bed and get very comfortable and I would float. And at first I would just float around my room. And this is really nice. But we had a farm small crop farm in Minnesota. So I went out around the farm, and I could see Dad, I can see the buildings. But they couldn't see me I was about 10 feet off the ground. And then I thought, I wonder if I can go farther than this. And so I did, I went to Paris, and I was down the going down the street, I could see as clear as any memory I have, I could see the Eiffel Tower, I could see the red checkered tablecloths, the people, it was just so peaceful and pleasant and blissful. And, and that was, that was my last journey. Paris, then the third gift that I developed was the ability to to meditate on a very deep level and connect with divine consciousness. I didn't know what it was at the time. Now I do with experience, but being able to get extremely quiet into the deepest stages of meditation, and feel that Divine Presence within me connecting to it. And it's just like you're being held by love. So those are those in childhood, those were my experiences. And then none of my friends believe me, and they are a little crazy. So I just I just let it go and chalk it up to I have a vivid imagination.

And when this was happening,

Well see 1969 out 14 13

Alex Ferrari 6:38
Okay, so Yeah, but you're still a young kid, you're, you're still a baby in many ways. So you're still you're still a very young kid. So you still don't have really the the the knowledge yet to kind of process this. You don't have the foundation yet to process this kind of stuff even. And back then there was no information about any of this stuff.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 6:57
No, you're absolutely right. And who do I talk to? Because nobody, because I will say, Well, you're crazy.

Alex Ferrari 7:05
And you didn't have a crazy aunt or, or a grandma who dealt in this kind of stuff like some of us did.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 7:13
Yeah, no, we had tractors and plows.

Alex Ferrari 7:16
There you go. There you go. So, so Okay, so when you were when you finally become an adult, when did these start manifesting in a way that you could start taking them seriously when you start understanding what you've been given?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 7:30
That really came to fruition. In 2004, I started reading A Course in Miracles. It's an independent, independent self study guide to spirituality to realize that the Divine is within your heart. It's not in a church. And it's not a formal religion. It's not a cult. It's just a study books. I started reading. And then I worked on meditation, and that the ability to come into a very deep meditation started coming back. So I was in the ER, and I'm starting to have that presence again. No, excuse me, let me just back up. In residency, I started seeing colors again. I saw colors on people's hearts, red, green, and blue. And then I started to see auras on people. So I could tell, for example, I trained in intensive care unit medicine, and I could tell when somebody was going to die, or when they were going to live because I could see the color of their aura and it was usually a black light gray to clear to sometimes white

Alex Ferrari 8:39
And see this this this kind of freak out your your compadres there and in residency, I when you started calling people's deaths?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 8:51
No, I I didn't tell anybody about any of this. Okay, so here's, here's what happened. I went to a play with a friend. And I was kind of like feeling cocky. And, and I looked over there and I said, No, see that guy over there? Yeah, well, he's gonna die, because I could see his black aura. And my friend just grabbed my arm and said, That's my uncle. Oops. He died of metastatic prostate cancer six months later, and he didn't tell anybody. So I decided I'm going to keep my mouth shut. You and it's just been better that way so many times. I see things that I just like. Yeah, they're fine.

Alex Ferrari 9:42
Oh, in regards to even today, even to this day,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 9:45

Alex Ferrari 9:46
But you do you tell people about what their auras are like or not at all?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 9:51
When they're well. Yes. When when I know I've had several friends that have had recent major surgeries. They're scared And I know beyond I know, I see that they're going to be fine.

Alex Ferrari 10:05
And if it's, if it's in the positive, you'll

Dr. Rod Chelberg 10:08
Yes. But if I told you, you've got a black aura, and it's getting darker, that adds to your fear in that in stress and you're thinking, you see, it's not a good thing to do. I want to bring peace to people I want to bring love. I don't want to engender fear. So

Alex Ferrari 10:32
That makes that makes all the sense in the world. Yeah. So when do you start, you know, using these gifts in a more professional capacity, if you will?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 10:42
Yeah, that started. Certainly, in 2007. I became very comfortable with a presence always on my right side. And now I'm in. It really started the emergency room, where there's a lot of chaos and trauma and insanity going on. And I was reading A Course in Miracles and meditating. And a voice started coming to me. So the very first one, and I wrote about this in my book, I get little Inklings or nudges or pushes, do this do that. But this was a full blown conversation, which caught my attention. lady came in, and she was professionally dressed, under unresponsive and obviously she's going to die. And that's it. That's all the information I get she collapsed at work. So the voice said to me, this lady has Tylenol poisoning, get an order a stat lab. Well, that's not a routine lab in the emergency room. That's like a second or third tier lab. But I ordered that first. And it came back critically high. So we gave her the antidote and saved her life. But the voice was as clear as me and us speaking right now. And very forceful. And as I had no doubt, my peers are looking at me. Why are you doing a tox screen on this patient? She probably had a heart attack or a seizure. Well, I listen to the voice. And then I started to trust that voice. So I'll just give you another example. And by the way, I give you lots of examples, but a 15 year old child comes in, and he was in the playground running. And he fell, he passed out for a second scan his knees got up. No big deal, right? Sure. I'll do it. So mom hears this after dinner, they decided, maybe we should go to the ER, and haven't checked out. So I it's at the end of my shift, I'm looking at going home. And it gave me this. My shift ends, it's seven 630. This young child comes in, it's got banged up, knees, he feels fine, completely, no symptoms whatsoever. And Christ said very clearly put your hand in touch him. And as I did this, he said, This child has metabolic syndrome. It's just a disease that kids get. It's rare. And he said, This child had V TAC, which is a malignant heart rhythm because he had a heart attack. That's why he felt. So he said, Get a cardiac enzyme. Now, a kid comes in with Scott knees, and I'm ordering a heart test to see if he had a heart attack. And my nurses are snickering and laughing and like, He's lost it, he needs to go home. Well, it came back extremely elevated. Normal is around 0.01. This was like 3.57. Okay, he's had a heart attack. And he ended up going to Boston, we shipped him to Boston. And he had what's called the Widowmaker lesion in his left main artery. It's lethal. He had 95% closure. So they're able to stent it, and saved his life. That's the power of that voice when it starts to come.

Alex Ferrari 14:23
Well, you mentioned something a few seconds ago that we have not discussed, you said Christ. Now, now I know that that's the voice who's talking to you, but the audience is not aware of this information. So can you talk a little bit about the voice and when you first saw or have you ever seen or just just purely hearing the voice of Christ,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 14:43
I've seen Christ in this human plane. And I've seen Christ in kind of, I don't know what to call it the astral plane, a theory plane, sure, but we can talk about that in a bit. Christ is just I can I call him Jesus, I can call him the Holy Spirit. It's the voice of God. It's the divine. I grew up Catholic, it's what I'm comfortable with. But when this voice talks to you, you can name it, Fred, it doesn't matter. He doesn't care.

Alex Ferrari 15:17
So in many ways, it might, that voice might come in the in the form of Christ, because that is the belief system you were raised with. And you're comfortable with, if you would have been an Asia might be Buddha. Correct. But the voice is the voice. It comes from a divine place, whatever it is,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 15:34
It's it's my voice, but not my knowledge.

Alex Ferrari 15:38
So let me ask you, when you first heart started hearing this, because we're talking about something fairly, you know, outside the box. When you hear voices, what did you think? Like, did you like? I'm assuming he was that? What's going on? Why am I hearing voices? Did you ever question it? Or was there just a sense of peace inside of you, and you understood and completely accepted it?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 16:02
It was, it was a complete acceptance, a complete oneness, a complete knowing there was never doubt it all the times I've heard. There's never doubt because you connect with something that is so profound. There, the doubt is gone. It just, it's the way it is. It's a knowing you already know, it's like you're going to take a test. And here's all the answers to the test. You already know that you're going to pass that, okay, it's not so bad. But this voice is so powerful and clear. There's no doubt in your mind. And you don't even care what others think.

Alex Ferrari 16:46
Well, speaking of others, as you continue to order insane tests for for a child's skin, their knee, and things like that. At what point does your superiors your colleagues, they just start to look at what you're doing and going. I mean, the questioning is what's going on? And why is this man always seems to be right, in the most embraced? Do you get scolded for doing that? Like, what is that? What's your because from my understanding the medical community, not the most open minded when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 17:24
So tell me, mostly, when I do this, it's they can't believe I'm doing what I'm doing. And then there's, there's the snickering in the background. And but then when I'm right. People are astounded. Like, how did you do that? So they finally just said, you know, he's just really smart. And, you know, he's just really a smart doctor. And I said, What, in my mind, I never said this to people. But I'm not that smart. But what I'm good at is listening. That's where I'm good at, because I've learned to trust that voice. And that voice then tells me what to do to save someone's life.

Alex Ferrari 18:09
So your colleagues put you in the box of he's a smart doctor, because that's the only thing that they can wrap their head around. Correct? They can or did you ever meant you didn't mention like, oh, I have a voice telling me what to do? You'd never say that out loud.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 18:22
No, no. Never did.

Alex Ferrari 18:26
Smart Moves my friend.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 18:29
Yes, yes.

Alex Ferrari 18:30
Smart, smart move. derivative. So at this point, it doesn't matter. Obviously, you're doing interviews, and you're public about what you do. Because it doesn't matter at this point, correct?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 18:42
Yes. I'm no longer on the auspicious of the board or my colleagues. And so then, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 18:53
You're out of the spiritual closet, as they say,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 18:55
Yes. I have, I have self diagnosed myself, that I have divine schizophrenia. And because schizophrenia is I see things in here, things that you don't correct, right? As the, that's the definition of it. Human schizophrenia is, you know, you want to hurt somebody, but the vine is this where I see and hear, and I'm guided. And I've learned to be quiet and just let that voice guide me and channel what needs to come out. So I liked that diagnosis. So

Alex Ferrari 19:33
Not a bad diagnosis at all. What I find fascinating about your doctor is your energy is so calming. You just have such a great bedside manner, in a sense, because your vote I mean, I talked to very special people all the time. Your energy I can read just for my own empathic abilities could just in anyone who could just listen to your voice, it's very calming Your energy is very calming almost in a meditative state. How long have you been like this, and this kind of like this kind of level of, of calm,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 20:12
I would say, probably during medical school. When I started residency, you would be the time that I noticed that, because of the stress of, of what you have to do, and most people get upset and angry and burned out and, and I found that learning to relax, in essence, take a step back from, quote, The insanity, the appearance of what's going on. And that created a presence. And that's what you're feeling is that that I've learned to step back. And that allows, I call it creating a space for God, to step into that place of peace. And then, so the God is in front of me, and goes before me, in every situation, and I've learned to nurture that and all day long. For me, it's a constant meditation. Now in my adult life, of staying in balance, staying in harmony, staying centered in divine consciousness, not getting unhappy, really sad, up down all the duality that we believe in. I've learned to step back and just watch it let the divine take care of it for me.

Alex Ferrari 21:36
Do you ever have other conversations that are not medical with the divine?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 21:40
Um, he tells me what I've lost my wallet where it is.

Alex Ferrari 21:45
That's, by the way handy, Andy, Andy guy to have a round?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 21:49
Yeah, yep. intuition about don't buy this car. In my own life, I had a massive stroke that took out my right side. And I was at the point of death. They gave me TPA, and it's a clot buster. So I'm paralyzed in the ER. And that voice told me so I didn't see Christ at that point. But the the ER turned off white, and in the voice said, You were going to walk out of here. And so the next day, I walked out of that hospital, having been completely paralyzed on my right side. So that loving voice Yes, did talk to me on a very deep level, and on several other occasions,

Alex Ferrari 22:40
Now do so your abilities with the Divine is more diagnostic than it is healing, or make incorrect with that?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 22:49
Healing. I can I can facilitate healing, okay, I can't, I can't heal. If you have an illness, I can look and say, here's, here's why you have the illness, but I can't do anything about it. And God can't do anything about it. Unless you say I accept this, that I have the power within myself to heal myself, because that's the power of God. The best I can do is hold the light and say, Here you are. talk you through it, explain the illness so that you understand it, and you're not afraid of it. And you go, Oh, that's all it is. So once you understand something, and you change your belief in what you're thinking about. So imagine that you've got this horrible disease. And you what do you do you go outside of yourself and talk to doctors and specialists, you talk to your friends and everybody's giving you negative energy, they're reinforcing the belief that you've got this illness and by the way, you're probably going to die. A horrible death. And, you know, well, what if we change that belief and from I'm going to be quiet now and say, What does God have to say? And he'll say, Alex, you are healed. Because we are one we are one in divine love. But that love out. And you're going, right?

Alex Ferrari 24:22
No, I, I It's true. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm not saying Right. Like you just said. I'm saying you're reinforcing everything I know to be true.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 24:33
Yes, but most people go right. Yep, he's lost it. But, but the more accepting you are of the truth that I and my Father are one the faster you heal. So I've had three cancers. I've had colon cancer, kidney cancer, and testicular cancer. Wow.

Alex Ferrari 25:00
Did the voice tell you why you are having? Yeah. Why are you? What's the child? Why are you being challenged with this? Or what is? What are you doing? That is causing it?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 25:11
It's a stress manifestation from working in the emergency room. And they are very tough shifts, 14 hours of just getting hammered. I did that for 14 years. And it just builds up, the stress just gets pushed down. And what are those organs do they eliminate? So you're trying to eliminate, but you can't. So it manifests as an illness. So I talk to the doctors, and they say, you know, we have to do this chemo radiation tests. He wants to take my kidney, I said, I told us that I kind of liked my kidney. Just in all three cases, I refuse to believe in the reality of these illnesses. I refuse to give power over me, as Christ said to Pontius Pilate, you have no power, except that what I give you. And because you're not of God, God did not create the cancer, the stress of working in the ER, created the cancer. So I then knew I had this feeling that the doctors, I would say, I hear you, but I'm not listening to you. I'm not going to listen to what you say. And I told very few people about what was going on. Because I did not want their negative energy dumped on me. In all three cases, the tumors were completely scarred off. And normally tumors have got really like weeds, right? These were completely scarred off. And the surgeon just did a quick cure, get cut, cut the cancer out. 100% cure that was in 2020 14 100%, cure, no chemo, no radiation, because I was guided not to do that said you're done. And so by learning that you have the power to heal yourself, okay, I don't have 100% conviction, but I've got pretty good conviction. I still did the surgery, I'll still do what's common sense. But I can change by thinking that this has no power over me. And, and I can bring in divine light, and let that heal me. That's what I do. So when people want to talk to me, I don't hear you have disease, I can't do that. And, but I can help facilitate and help you understand, okay, you have this issue. Here's how we can take this apart, change your belief about it, that you're not a victim, learn to pick up the energy that's in your heart where the divine touches you, and let that energy flow into your problems. And it doesn't matter if it's financial or relationship or health. It does not matter. You know, it's it's just a concept. And we can change that.

Alex Ferrari 28:24
I mean, it's everything you're talking about reinforces so many things I've said on the show and heard on the show is that all the power that you need is within yourself. And once you once you accept that or understand that at a deep level of unknowing level, and then quote unquote miracles happen in your life.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 28:45
Exactly. It always have peace.

Alex Ferrari 28:50
Now, you also mentioned the astral plane with Jesus and what happens in that, please, can you love to hear some stories in your astral travels, which should be fun?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 29:03
Yeah, I'll share one last story about Christ in this plane. And in the human plain. I always see Christ as red as a red bead. And it's usually when somebody's dying. So the first really profound experience I had was an 80 year old woman came in who was in cardiac arrest, and coding, and we ran the code for 20 minutes. She wasn't she was flatline, the whole time is time to quit. And so everybody left the room. And I've always I like to pray for my patients, when they pass away, so I'd hold their hand gets my heart and I decided this time, I'm going to ask Christ to come. So Jesus, please come and take this lady home, rather than Our Father who art in heaven. In that At instant, this beautiful lady, her aura became white to me laying on the gurney. And she, she sat up, and I could see her face. And she said, thank you. And then the next thing I saw was the red aura of Christ. It's just a bead there. And, and the to merge together, and what across my visual field and up into these, these golden date gates that opened up, and two beautiful hands came out and pull them in. I call that process now birthing somebody into heaven, and every trauma patient, or people who have died. I always see this every time when I ask. And it's just a beautiful experience. So that's the vision of gifts. So I am backing up a little bit, I'm going back to my gifts. But having the vision of knowing the presence hearing and seeing on this plane, going into the astral plane. That's that's a slightly different story. I learned, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to fly again, like I did was a kid, I really enjoyed it. So I learned that I could still do that. So I would lay down. Usually when I meditate, I sit, but when I travel, I'm laying down in the bed, and I relax. So over a span of two years, I would take trips, and some most of times I would go around the Earth traveling around, and I could go faster and faster. That was really fun. But then I thought I wonder if I can go farther. The underlying story here is that my mind is expanding in going to infinite dimensions. So then I went to the moon, then I went to the sun, then I went inside the Sun watched at a molecular level all the molecules colliding, then I flew through our Milky Way. Then I went beyond the Milky Way into some sort of a purpley playing. But my mind was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I came to the edge of the purple plane and I saw this is the edge of what I call the separated my that being here, we believe we're separate from God. Well, there's there's an edge to that. So I see the edge of this plane. And I'm looking at a waterfall of clouds. And what I call Christ came through that cloud grabbed me and pulled me through. In this instance, Christ was white. And I could see him and peppered in with this. There's many other instances. But I think you get the idea. Being pulled into that white light, all concepts of rod timespace it's all gone and you become a pure thought of awareness of pure thought of love. And you see just a beautiful white sphere of infinite dimensions. You become one that being that I call Christ guided me, eventually brought me and said do you want to meet God? And I thought, Okay, I gotta think about that because of my Catholic upbringing. Fear punishment, damnation, you know, he's pissed off about it.

Alex Ferrari 33:47
Never meet your heroes never meet your heroes.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 33:52
You know, I was creative. Let's just say that as a kid. Sure. And anyway. But when that loving presence, Christ said, stay here to stay. And that loving presence comes, that is incredible, that you're surrounded and filled with love and tremendous peace, joy and happiness. And I can't even describe it. It's, it's inevitable. But I was held in the arms of love for a while. And I came back, I woke up as probably to our meditation. And the whole week was just, everything was beautiful. I could see. I could see the divine, like in everything. And then later I had more instances of seeing that. But now I feel it. I meditate every day I read something spiritual, and I feel it. When I get a longer meditation I get to see that white light again, sometimes I just see it. When I'm here. It's just like, oh, protecting me and walking with me. It's like your best friend, someone you love dearly is just right there. You don't have to see anything. It's just a feeling of feeling that you have. And that's what I give to the world. That's what I give to the world.

Alex Ferrari 35:22
With all of your travels, and with everything that you've done, and the things you've seen and experienced, what is your Have you been shown other information about our reality, other informations about why we're here? Why do we choose to incarnate again and again, these more deeper questions that are outside the medical field?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 35:45
You know, I think that the way for me is that if you read in the Bible, I was looking this up the other day, in Genesis, it says, Adam fell into a deep sleep, he never woke up. So imagine you are divine eternal energy. And you and God are one. And in fact, you're one with everything in the room that you're sitting in your one with. It's just the Your eyes are deceiving you, and you're sleeping. During that sleep, you precipitate into a body, and you think I'm having this life. That's why you can heal, you can bring God into that dream and change it, then eventually you die and move on. As you go through these incarnations, they're learning experiences. And the lesson is to remember that I and my Father are one. So God's constantly tapping, saying wake up, wake up, let's go play. But you're not quite ready to accept that you're worthy of that love. So deep, deep down, there's a guilt that I left God, and he's offended at me. Which is not true. And that's why you sleeping, and but you're slowly waking up. And I truly believe, each lifetime. You You're ascending in light and energy, you're getting brighter and brighter. So eventually, you get to the point of, oh, I don't need any more lifetimes. I can, I can choose peace right now. And wake up. And that's enlightenment that people have. And for a human being, it's a temporary experience, the energy of God is like 220 volts in this body runs on 110 volts, you're gonna blow a few fuses. So I don't have a sustained state of enlightenment, I have touches of it. But I said, I'm good. I have learned but I need to learn. And and at the point of death that's it's to me is so beautiful, because you lay in your body down if you lay down in peace, that is truly beautiful, because you want to be able to let go of all your grievances your upsets your past. You lay it down and forgiveness and love. And then the Divine is right there, opens the gates and says, Welcome home, my child. You're the prodigal son. When are you going to start, stop eating with the pigs and stand up and walk home? Well, that's what we're doing. At some point, you get the tap, and you start doing podcasts, you start reading books, start talking to people, you're going, I have a thirst to know, I want to know. And I'm seeing you see that light. That's where you want to go. Stop walking these crooked roads and ask the Divine in whatever form you want to choose to accept him. You know, you got Yogananda behind you, you've got Buddha behind you. God doesn't care. He's just saying, I'll be a tree if you want. In, I'll be a cane if you want to walk with me. And I will lead you straight home.

Alex Ferrari 39:22
That's beautiful. That we're at a certain level. Did you? Have you seen who you've been in other lifetimes? And did you choose? And did you choose and plan the one that you're in currently?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 39:36
Yes, I have seen myself in other lifetimes. The ones that come to mind just just quickly. I was a soldier in World War Two. And I was shot in my left lower abdomen in a trench and there's gunfire and fighting in a bomb landed next to me. My friends are trying to get me out And they ran when they saw the bomb, and the bomb exploded. And then my body was killed. And I immediately I was in heaven. And I thought, that's all there is it was just instantaneous peace. Just everything was like, Oh, this is nice. There was a time, in the Middle Ages, I was a young child, and the family had too many children in it. So I was sold into servitude for a rich English family. And I was a stableboy. So I took care of the horses, and I felt this intense abandonment. And that fear stayed with me for quite some time, many lifetimes that you had to deal with that I had to sense of abandonment. There's that. And there was another time that I was a German officer and the SS. And we were hunting Jews. So

Alex Ferrari 41:06
What is the same is that the same? World War Two soldier or two different World War World War One, a World War One and then World War Two? Got it!

Dr. Rod Chelberg 41:14

Alex Ferrari 41:16
You said World War Two at the beginning. That's what I was confused.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 41:19
Sorry, might Yeah, World War One trench World War. I was shot and killed and went into heaven. Then he had another memory of being a child being sold. And then I had another memory of being a German officer. And so this family, we were rounding them up. And I told them, I'm the two children, you stay in the closet. The kitchen was yellow, I could see everything clearly. And I shot the cabinet, away from these people. So the guards could hear the gunfire. And I told them be very quiet. Help is coming to rescue you. So those are three, I've got a few more. But I don't remember being a great healer or saint or anything like that. But I do remember being a monk, many times a monk in monasteries, things like that. And teaching.

Alex Ferrari 42:22
Just normally, you know, when you hear about past lives, you're very famous. So apparently you you're the only one that's not famous. We weren't like these. You weren't Alexander the Great. You. You weren't Buddha than a former life you you lived you know,

Dr. Rod Chelberg 42:39
I was just rod.

Alex Ferrari 42:40
Just just rod. Do you have a very Do you have a different perspective on life in general, what we're here to do, how you function on a day to day basis, knowing the knowledge that you do in regards to this. I mean, you've been able to tap into source energy and have access to consciousness in many ways, at a higher level than most human beings walking the planet. I'm assuming that kind of changes your perspective as you walk the planet?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 43:18
Yeah. My job is to hold the light and hold the peace, kind of like the Statue of Liberty. And I refused to engage in what the news shows me. But wars and earthquakes and, and I always offer love and compassion. Everybody is asking for love and compassion. And they want their energy to be raised up. So if I look at somebody and say you've done bad acts, I'm going to condemn you. I'm pushing them down, away from their source, which is God. So it's like you're a lamp, and you've got shades on you. So you've got a male, you've got a hat, you got whatever. Well, let's take some of those off. What's going to happen to your light. If I change your perception of yourself, that you're not a nice person and say I see Christ in you. I'm taking the light, the lamp shades off, you're going to be brighter, and you're going to see farther. So you're going, Oh, I can change my life. So I have gone from the spectrum of treating the President of the United States, all the way to the homeless people of Bangor. The cats quite a range. And in both cases, I said they're just people and they need light in love. And it doesn't matter if it's the President or this homeless man. They both need it. They just do We judge them differently.

Alex Ferrari 45:02
We're all on the same journey. Just they decided to play different parts in this giant movie that we're in.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 45:07
You have you chose a lampshade, this one shows this lampshade. And then society charges that. So even with the with the President, I said he's a man. And underneath that there's still Christ consciousness that's trapped in this. He needs love and guidance. Putin needs love and guidance. All of the people in this earthquake need love and guidance. These are the scenarios they have chosen to learn. And my job, what I like to think of it is I'm going to be a bright light. So that maybe you don't have to go through 10,000 lifetimes may only have to go through a couple before you finally wake up. That makes me extremely happy.

Alex Ferrari 45:53
Now, I have to ask you, you worked with you worked with one of the presidents? Yes. Is that a story you can share?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 46:04
Probably not. It was let you know. Yeah, I can share it. He was it was President Bush doing a speech

Alex Ferrari 46:19
First or Second? Second, okay. Yep.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 46:23
And he was doing a campaign speech at Bangor airport. So I just got to be extremely close. And I kept my mouth shut. There's a lot of guys with guns. And it's like, okay, not a good time to insult anybody. But yeah, it was nice to be able to meet him, you know. So, but what struck me is, he's still a PERT, he still believes he's a person. He needs friends, real friends that don't want anything from him. So I just offered him love and guidance. Then the next day, I'm in the ER, and I've got a homeless man. And he's crying because this is I can't help but I drank, I can't. And I could still see the Christ in him as much as I could see the Christ in the president. And so it doesn't matter what the appearance is, that's a distraction. It's all it is. So if you learn to be quiet, and see with your spiritual vision, and you go, Oh, I see myself in you. And in everything around me. And it's beautiful. I'm going to make it brighter and brighter, and let that divine love, light up the earth, that I'm gonna let it light up the sonship. And that goes back and heals gender, all the way back in time, it goes all the way forward in time. It's an incredible power that we have to sit there and just say I'm going to light up the sonship.

Alex Ferrari 48:04
Doc, I can keep talking to you for a little while. But I think I'm gonna just end it with asking you a few questions that I asked all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 48:15
Human definition or spiritual? Both? Both. To me, living a good life is being of service and helping people. That, that it always brought me such joy as a physician to take care of little scratches all the way to I saved your life. And I like helping my friends. I like helping strangers. Because I get to feel this divine love flow through me first. And then I can give then there's a blessing coming back. It's a circle of love. I love and then gratitude. It fills you up. It's it's just fills me up. So that's a good life in the spiritual is the same is that I have released divine love into this life. And I've touched one person that now they've gone from a 50 watt barbed wire 75 Watt. They go. I can see farther. Thank you. That's it. So

Alex Ferrari 49:21
How do you define God?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 49:23
I am. Oneness

Alex Ferrari 49:27
And the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 49:29
To wake up this human life to wake up. Because once you've had that experience, you will never be the same. You will say this is so profoundly beautiful. All I want to do is give it to everybody. I want to give you the intense love that I'm feeling right now to you and to everybody around me. Because when you have that love you won't want anything else except to give that it and keep giving it

Alex Ferrari 50:02
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 50:05
I do have a website. It's Dr. And then so there's mostly I listen, I help i do i channel spiritual energy. I don't cure people of their illnesses. That's their job. That's their journey. But I help facilitate. And then I have written a book when God calls say, yes, it's about my experiences and the unreality of death. What it's like in the astral plane, what it's like now and healing. So that's on Amazon, just when God calls, say, Yes, or just doctor or just rod Schulberg. I do believe I'm the only Rod Chelberg in the United States. So that's kind of cool. I'm pretty easy to find.

Alex Ferrari 51:02
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Dr. Rod Chelberg 51:06
I wish you all a divine blessing of love. And I wish you light in peace, that you may get to feel what I feel and wake up. I wish you enlightenment, and peace.

Alex Ferrari 51:22
Thank you so much, Dr. Rod, I appreciate you. you sharing your story and the work that you're doing for humanity. All of us. I appreciate you my friend.

Dr. Rod Chelberg 51:31
Oh, thank you so much. This is wonderful really, truly!

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