NDE: Almost Dying Twice Opened My Psychic Abilities with Dr. Lotte Valentin

In today’s episode, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Dr. Lotte Valentin to our journey of spiritual exploration. Dr. Lotte’s story is a profound testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences, weaving science with the mystical in a way that illuminates the unseen threads connecting us all.

Before her near-death experiences, Dr. Lotte was deeply rooted in the scientific world, growing up in a household surrounded by medical professionals in Northern Europe. Her father was a physician, and her mother was a hospital floor administrator, which instilled in her a profound belief in science and a skepticism towards the afterlife. This worldview was dramatically challenged when she encountered her first near-death experience during childbirth in 1992.

Dr. Lotte’s near-death experience was a pivotal moment that shattered her previous beliefs. She described feeling an intense realization that she was dying, followed by an out-of-body experience where she observed her physical form from above. “I knew I was dying. So it was a complete awareness. I am dying. I had no belief system in religion, afterlife, soul survival, nothing,” she recounted. This experience left her with undeniable evidence of the soul’s survival beyond physical death, as she vividly described the transition from life to the spiritual realm.

Her second near-death experience was equally transformative, occurring during a period of severe illness. This time, she found herself tumbling through darkness, arriving at what she calls the “mid-station” or “bouncing station.” Here, she encountered a brilliant white light and the outlines of angels, accompanied by the most beautiful, otherworldly music. This experience further cemented her belief in the afterlife and the interconnectedness of all existence. “We come from that light, we are that light, we carry that light within us, and we return to that light at death,” Dr. Lotte explained, highlighting the profound sense of unconditional love and peace she felt.


  1. The Soul Survives Death: Dr. Lotte’s experiences affirm the existence of an afterlife, providing compelling evidence that our souls continue beyond physical demise.
  2. We Are All Connected: Her insights reveal a deep interconnectedness among all beings, suggesting that our lives are intricately linked in a vast, divine network.
  3. Divine Love and Light: The essence of our being is pure, unconditional love, and our journey through life is about remembering and embodying this divine light.

Dr. Lotte’s journey did not end with her near-death experiences. Driven by her newfound understanding of the spiritual realm, she pursued a career in naturopathic medicine, starting medical school at the age of 54. This path allowed her to integrate her scientific background with her spiritual insights, ultimately leading her to work as a medical intuitive and medium. Her experiences with spirit guides and her ability to receive clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient messages have guided her to help others heal and understand their spiritual journeys.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of being true to oneself and following one’s passions. “Living a good life is being true to yourself, finding the passion within your heart, and living that,” Dr. Lotte emphasized. Her work now focuses on helping others navigate their spiritual paths, offering guidance and healing through her unique blend of medical and spiritual knowledge.

In conclusion, Dr. Lotte’s experiences and insights provide a rich tapestry of understanding about the afterlife and the interconnected nature of existence. Her journey from a skeptic to a spiritual healer exemplifies the profound transformations that can occur when we open ourselves to the mysteries of life and beyond.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Lotte Valentin.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 167

Dr. Lotte Valentin 0:00
You know, it took me 12 years I know some some people could learn this in two years. Took me 12 Because I'm so scientific and is this proof? No, I need more proof. I need more proof until I actually believed. Okay, there is a spirit world there are spirit guides. When we die, we go to the other side and we're still there.

Alex Ferrari 0:30
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Lotte Valentin. How you doing Dr. Lottie?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:08
Hi, how are you? I'm glad to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:11
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to hear your story. You you've had an interesting life so far. To say the least.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:20
It's been interesting, and it still is interesting.

Alex Ferrari 1:23
Yeah. So it's still going it's not over yet. I mean, the right is the right still going the right is still going without question. So my first question is, before we get to your near death experiences, what was your life like prior to having your near death experiences? Plural, by the way? For everyone, just if they didn't miss that, that's a plural that twice. Right? Which my next question after that is like, what are you doing? Yeah, Weiss. Just stay home.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:53
I hear you. So before my near death experiences, I was very scientific. I grew up in Northern Europe, in Sweden. My father was a physician, a general practitioner, my mom were was a hospital floor administrator. I was surrounded by science, doctors, nurses, or my parents, friends were doctors or nurses. And I had no beliefs in the afterlife, I did not believe in any religion. You die, it's black. That's it, you're gone. And I was very, this very scientific, it was hard to convince me of anything that you could not prove. Because I wanted proof of everything. And, and then I had my near death experiences and everything literally changed my whole belief system changed. Because nothing was or is what I thought, how the world how the world is, right? So every, every every every thought I had about my own existence and how we exist on Earth. Was was false. It wasn't it wasn't what I learned from my near death experience. Because now I know that they're the soul survives the death of the body, there is no question. And otherwise, how could you communicate with the spirit world. So after my near death experiences, this door sort of opened up and I became clairvoyant, clairaudient, clear sentient. And after I graduated from med school in 2016, I studied mediumship in England at Arthur Findlay College, which is a world renowned school, if you look into all the big famous mediums, they have all studied there. And what you learn is, not only do I did I have my near death experiences, which I know we will talk about, and that was my introduction to the soul must survive death. But if soul didn't survive death, then how could we communicate with the spirit world? You know, yeah, I do readings for people and evidence comes in and they show me you know, the sound, you think it's absolutely silly, you just keep seeing pineapples or dolphins. And then eventually you say, Okay, I see dolphins or pineapples, and they're like, Oh, my God, yes, the pineapples. That was our wedding. And, you know, everything was pineapples, pineapples is the thing between me and my, you know, disease lover in the spirit world. And when you do readings like that, you realize you can't make this up. And it's, you know, evidence after evidence after evidence that comes in like that, that has no meaning to me, or wouldn't have any meaning. I couldn't guess the meaning to the suitor, right? But you get all this evidence from the spirit world that they are very alive and well, and sometimes you will get evidence of, you know, they're telling me you're doing this or you're thinking about doing that, or you just moved. Yeah, I just moved last week, things that nobody would know about, but that's what comes through. So yes, the spirit world is alive and well on the other side, for sure.

Alex Ferrari 4:52
Okay, so tell me about your first near death experience. What happened?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 4:56
Yeah, so the first one happened in 1992 and And I was giving birth to my third child. And not only did I give birth in the middle of a 7.4, and the 7.2 earthquake, so it was very traumatic. So literally, it's very interesting though, because we all have moments in our life when we think, oh my gosh, this is it, I'm gonna die. We're on a bumpy ride on an airplane, or we're really close to a car accident. And, you know, we're just shaking in fear, because it was so close. And we realized this because this could have been it. And that earthquake, when I was in labor, contracting three minutes apart, we have a 7.4 earthquake. And at that moment, was one of the moments in my life when I thought, This is it, I'm gonna die. And my two boys, they're six and three and a half, I feel so bad for them. They're gonna grow up without our parents. Obviously, my husband was with me in the in the labor unit, my parents were taking care of my boys. And then we survived magically, I mean, the whole hospital shook, it was built on rollers. And it was in the eastern part of Anaheim, California, and that that earthquake was centered in the desert. And that's why we didn't have a lot of damage. It was actually a stronger earthquake than then, than some of the other famous earthquakes that they have had with a lot of damage. But it's because he was centered in the desert. But that hospital was literally the last structure before the desert. So it shocked we lost all the power. Everything was levitating up and down on those sterile trays, they haven't done in the labor units. Anyway, I managed, we survived. And then I gave birth, my labor stopped, and then my labor restarted, I gave birth. And then the and then right after that, and maybe 10 minutes after she was born, I started hemorrhaging, and I was this mountain of blood clots that came out. So they kept me another day extra day in the hospital to make sure that the uterus was shrinking back down and that the bleeding had stopped. And also, we were, you know, we lost the power in the hospital. So the hospital was running on generators. Basically, we had the light of a nightlight in that labor unit. So it was pretty dark. But, um, anyway, so then after two days, they sent me home, and then I started hemorrhaging. Again, a hemorrhage went to the ER, they didn't do any ultrasounds, no bloodwork, nothing sent me on my way. The hemorrhaged again, we call the hospital and I yelled to my husband, like no knock, going back. It's 10 o'clock at night. I stopped bleeding, they're not going to do anything. So then we, it was decided that we should see the doctor the next morning. So the doctor again, manual inspection, no lab work, nothing sent me on my way started hemorrhaging again, went back to the ER, Jesus. So now I'm having hammers like three or four times already and the blood I mean, it was the size of a, like a large man's fist or a baby's head. I mean, the blood clots was were enormous cheese's so so again, right, so every time I go in there, I'm this young, in blonde 34 year old that lives in Huntington Beach, California. So of course, and it's in the middle of the summer. So I looked like the picture of health, right? So they take a look, they look at manual inspection and economist not much bleeding. Now, believe me for observation, again, close the door. And as I'm lying in this room in the ER, I start bleeding. And so this is divine inter divine intervention. So a nurse came to check on me, I had no bell to ring, I'm just lying on this table. And she opens the door and her jaw just drops, you know, it's like that, you know, I went she sees how much blood there is on the table. And then I hear the call on the loudspeaker, you know, OBGYN stat to the ER, OBGYN stat to the ER. And I'm just thinking, well, at least it figured out something's wrong with me, you know, not thinking that something could actually get worse. I'm just happy. Somebody discovered I'm actually bleeding they're not sending me home. So this may be 50 year old man comes literally running full speed into my room with the younger physician until again, the do a manual inspection and asked her examining me again, another huge blood clot comes out. And this doctor, you know, he was in his 50s is probably seen everything working the ER. So I tried to sit up and tell him I don't feel too good and he knows exactly what's going on. So he just pushed me back on the table, they start tipping the table and it goes backwards, my head goes towards the floor, my feet goes up into towards the ceiling, and the room fills with, with staff. And as I'm lying there, I just feel like I'm falling. It's like you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute or you're in an elevator just plummeting through the shaft. And that's probably you know, part of that's probably my blood pressure dropping and I'm going into shock Talk. And I got a nurse on my right coding my blood pressure and I got a nurse and my left trying to get an IV and because back then they didn't place IVs. Now you go to the ER to place an IV, and sometimes you hear stories, I don't know why they placed an IV, I didn't need an IV, well, if something goes south, they now have access to your vein. And that's why they place an IV, so that they don't end up in the pickle that I ended up in. So when you go into shock, and and you start, you know, collapsing, your veins collapse, and it's really hard to get access to the veins. Now they're having a hard time getting any kind of medication. And so that's why you when you go to the ER there many times this place an IV and it's just, you know, body water that you're getting or saline. And so the nurse and my right is coding my blood pressure. And at one point, she yells out 50 over 15 Hurry. And so that now I'm below where you support the heart rate. And I'm still just feel like I'm falling. But it was very shortly after she yells that out that I realized that I'm dying. And this experience is so different from the one I had when I gave birth when I thought I was going to die. Oh my gosh, I think you know, we could die. My poor boys are at home, right? And I'm thinking it could happen. This time. I knew I was dying. So it was a complete awareness. I am dying. I had no belief system in religion, afterlife, Soul survival, nothing. So my only hope is at this point to pray to God who I did not believe in.

Alex Ferrari 11:35
You heard rumors, you've heard

Dr. Lotte Valentin 11:37
Better than nothing.

Alex Ferrari 11:39
No one finds Jesus when everything is good.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 11:42
So true. So true. And so here I am. And I'm still not religious, I can't be religious because the Spirit World Of course, of course anyway, so here I am. Now I'm like, okay, that's my only hope at this point. So I pray to God to save my life. And I sit by plead with him. And I say I have three young children under the age of six, a six year old, three and a half year old and a newborn, they need a mother. And it was shortly after that I just got sucked out of my body. And it's, it happens to so quickly. So you're inside your body, and then you're outside your body. And you don't even know how that transition happens. Because it's just it's such a split second, it's faster, and then your brain can really comprehend because you're there and then you're not there, you just need to step outside. But that step is in a split split second. And so all of a sudden, I find myself hovering above my body. So I'm like, three or four feet out. That's what it feels like. But when I'm outside my body, the first thought I have is, how can I be outside my body and still be me? How does this work? This is not supposed to happen, right? So you have to complete your thought processes is still there. It's your it's as if your brain or consciousness sits in the ether, outside in your brain is sort of just accessing the information in the field and then process it like a little computer. So you are completely there, you know who you are. Everything is you the way you think of yourself is just that you're outside your body, your body is now there, but you're still you outside your body. So I know I belong to the body. And I know I'm attached somehow and people ask me Did you see a silver cord and some people see things like that No, no silver cord, I just knew I belonged to the body. But being outside the body, there is this understanding of I knew that there was no time time did not exist in this state. So there was no no difference. Like here on earth, everything is linear we move forward in time is you know, we have the present and going forward in the past. But when it was outside my body that there was no difference between that and I had access to past present and future information all at the same time. There was no time. So and then, of course the unconditional love and peace and all that you feel. It's just you don't feel you don't have any feelings. There's no pain, there's nothing it's just as Oh, this is love me this this environment right and then I got sucked back in. So during the first near death experience, I never left the ER, which is very different from my second near death experience ran that up in the spirit world. So do you have any questions about to go straight into the second?

Alex Ferrari 14:32
I mean, I think look, I'm I've done a few of these. So I'm aware that you're so far it's very interesting. So and I've heard this before with other people who have multiple, multiple near death experiences that they tell you basically was saying you were in the room, nothing else happened and then you were brought back into your body afterwards, but you were out of the body. So it was an out of body experience slash near death experience at this point. So just let's go right into the second one. If there's a hope there's no more after that, I can't take it

Dr. Lotte Valentin 15:02
Yeah, that's what I tell the spirit world, like, just tell me what to do again.

Alex Ferrari 15:08
Send a fax, an email, somebody, pigeon, messenger, messenger, whatever, just please stop

Dr. Lotte Valentin 15:15
Text me or something. So but the interesting part was, after that first near death experience that next very next day in the hospital room, I'm lying in the bed, and you know, my head is pounding and my hands and feet are ice cold, because I've lost so much blood. And I know that my sister in law is in the corner of the ceiling and the left corner of the ceiling, and I can hear her and she says, every year, everything's gonna be okay, you're gonna be okay. I'm still trying to process what happened the day before. Because remember, I had no believes in any afterlife survival, so survival, nothing like that. And now I can hear my sister in law who passed away 10 days ago, 10 days earlier, oh, my God. And I'm thinking, if I tell anyone, they're gonna lock me up in the mental ward, they're gonna think I'm hallucinating. They're gonna, you know, I'm never gonna see my kids again. So I was petrified of sharing that, not what you know what had happened to me. And it was my mother in law, who told me Oh, when I told my mother in law, she said, Oh, you have what's called an you had an experience. That's called a near death experience. And she gave me a Raymond Moody's book, life after life. So that's how that journey started. So then I was really sick. Anyway, so I had this bone marrow suppression, I had bruises everywhere and pours immune system I kept getting pneumonia. And that took a good six years to come out of that. But second year into that boners, depression, I had another near death experience and I had and what you call, it doesn't matter to me, because you can, you could call that a spiritually transformative experience. Or you could call it a near death experience. Now I was really sick. So I call it a near death experience, because it makes the most sense, because I was really, I was way more sick than I understood, because I didn't I wasn't a doctor yet. Now, looking back, please everyone who has the symptoms, please go to the doctor. I think it was just, I wasn't supposed to die, basically. So I survived at all. But now I understand how sick I was. So this second experience happened during this crisis of healing. And I never felt it was as if my soul was always trying to leave. And my soul was always popping out of my body. And now we just hold on to that solar like we're not leaving, we got got to put the shoes on these kids, they're going outside play, right and just holding on to to the soul. And sometimes late at night, I would wake up and take my head off the pillow, put my legs up, get more blood in my head. And I was just the way I existed. I couldn't stand up to cook for my children, I had to sit on a stool or I would pass out. So that was just the suppression of the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, or I had like, too little blood in my body basically. So it was constantly leaving, or was it emerging problem when my soul came back in and it didn't? Didn't get merged properly? There fit back in the slot all the way. I don't know when someday I think we'll find the answer. Because now so many people are having these experiences because we're reviving so many people. So probably in another 2030 years, we'll have a better explanation for these kind of these different feelings that we're not sure, yeah, anomalies. So anyway, so the second near death experience is very, very different. So I wake up in the middle of the night, again, my head is pounding, I take my head off the pillow. And you know, don't pass out, don't leave. So we have to stay do the whole thing. But it's just the same thing that happened the first time. So my soul is inside my body. But the next second, it's outside. And this was so different because I had this sensation of just tumbling through darkness, almost like Star Wars, you're in a space ship traveling through outer space. And it was just as tumbling through space in darkness. But then I arrive at this I call it the mid station or the bouncing station. I call it the balancing station because they sent me back I've heard stories where people got a choice. Do you want to stay or do you want to go back there was no choice I was sent back. So I get to this mid station and I call it the main station because I was aware that there were levels above me but there's also levels below me as if you go into a skyscraper and you and there's 100 floors, and you push the button for the 50th floor you know that there's floors above you and you know there's floors below you right but so that was the sensation was that I was on the on this kind of 50th floor and there were more levels to go up or more levels below me. But as I get to this place, I don't have a body I'm just in spirit form but I'm still moving or rotating my spirit or the Suddenly how it feels. And I hear this the most beautiful music, you cannot make this music on the earth plane, we had a rolling synthesizer, I sat for days at this synthesizer, which had over 200 something sounds trying to find one sound that sounded like the music I had heard. There was no sound, and I'm trained in piano, I can play the guitar, you know, go to live orchestra, there is nothing that sounds like what I heard, because it's more beautiful than the most beautiful music you've ever heard on the earth plane. So I'm wondering where this music is coming from. So I look to the right. And I always love what people see, I see a log cabin. So I see this log cabin, and I opened the door and think the music is coming from in there. But there's nothing in there. It's just empty. So then I rotate my spirit form to the other side, and I see another log cabin, a mirror image of my log cabin to the right, I'll open the door. But there it's empty. So but now I'm like, puzzled, where's the music coming from. But as I'm now standing, where my spirit form, there is this growing white light, almost like if you think of a car dealership, those really strong spotlights, but turn that into that strength of the light, but turn it into like a fog. So you're completely immersed in this white bright light. And so I'm rotating around and, and being kind of emerged into that light. But in the light, there is an outline of angels. So I see the outline, not like the features of an angel, but the outlines of angels in the white light, and the music is coming from the angels. But I don't believe in angels, I'm still trying to process my near death experience from two years ago and keep saying it's got to be something the brain does. Or it's got to be this no oxygen deprivation or something. I'm still trying to process it scientifically. So So I see this white light are his see the angels in the light. But that light, that light that on is just pure, unconditional love. But there's also a knowledge that we come from that light, we are that light, we carry that light within us and we return to that light at death. That light is sourced that light, you can call it whatever you want. You call it God you can call it source, you can call it whatever religion you believe in, but that we come from that and we are made from that love. And that that pure love is what we carry within us. But that also is also what we have forgotten, right? We're living our daily lives. But we are part of this greater divine network. And we're all you know, everything is connected. So then I turn around and I see two, Two Spirit Guides, and the one on my rights, communicates with the other spirit guide. And he says what is she doing here? She can't be here, she has to go back. And I'm like, no, no, wait a second. How can this be? How can I be outside my body and still be me. I was just here. I'm doing this for the second time. And the spirit guide on my left says, Well, if I told you, you wouldn't remember. And I've heard other people say that too, that they there's some controlling mechanism of what they make you remember that what they want you to remember. But then it's like I'm standing on the moon. And I'm looking down. It's just, it's almost like a movie screen just appears in front of it because it's just images that show up. But it's I'm seeing the Earth from outer space like I'm standing on the moon. But around the Earth is this kind of diamond shaped silvery glittery. What I call the fishnet because I grew up in Sweden, which is in Northern Europe, and I would row the boat for my grandmother as she laid fishnets in the ocean. So for to catch fish for the family to eat. And when she took those fish nets out of the ocean in the early morning sun that the water droplets on that fishnet with glitter in the sunlight. So this is in 1994. And so we don't have Google, we can Google the grid around the earth or anything. And so that's my best interpretation was it looks like a fishnet around the earth. And he said, everything on earth is connected to each other. But everything on earth is connected up to this grid. And with that message, I get sent back. And so this was in 1994. So this has been 28 years now of me working on that and every year if there is something new that comes into my life, that makes me understand how the divinely interconnected we are to each other and to the Earth itself. And so that experience is we're really activated my life path. And then, of course, everything that comes after that the clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentience. And we can talk about that.

Alex Ferrari 25:16
So I have I have a handful of questions. So there wasn't a life review. There wasn't no life review. No relatives or council of elders, none of that stuff. But you had you had a couple of Spirit guides are like, What is she doing here? So there's a clerical error. Like, someone screwed up, she's not supposed to be the vibe I got

Dr. Lotte Valentin 25:41
So true right? When she got to get back, she's not gonna stay too long.

Alex Ferrari 25:47
She's not due for a while. What is she doing here? No, no, no, no, we can't have this. I'm gonna get in trouble then my boss is gonna get on me. That's the kind of when you said that you'd like she's not supposed to be here. That's all I thought was. Did you ever see that movie? defending your life? With Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep, which is about the afterlife.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 26:09
Okay! Maybe, okay,

Alex Ferrari 26:11
If you haven't you have to go rent it or watch it tonight? It is brilliant. But it was very, very bureaucratic. There's attorneys, you have to defend your life, if not your setback, and reincarnation, if not all you get to move on. And there's buildings and buses, and it's brilliant. So when you said that, that was the first thing that popped into my head, okay, so, during so when during this process, you're still you're having a spiritual awakening, obviously, through this process. You feel the love, you feel the oneness with everything. Is your analytical mind. Finally go, okay. I give up. I there's something else going on here. I don't understand. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out. But what I thought when did that that transition in your, in your mind happened? days after you got back? While we you were there? When did that happen?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 27:06
It took a long time. I am so scientific, that I kept thinking No, there must be some scientific explanation for this. And

Alex Ferrari 27:17
After that you still fighting it.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 27:20
I was still fighting it. And, you know, I understood that there was something greater, but I was still not convinced. But then so what happened over the next 10 years, right? So literally the clairvoyance clairaudience started that first day after my first nd. But it was just getting more and more. So after 12 years of this, I could not say okay, this is how it is we are obviously spiritual creatures, we have connection with the spirit world. But I would start to see things before they happened. I would know things about people that were sick, I would know, families, relatives that were going to pass away, relatives started coming in after they passed away before anyone told me that they had passed away. And so I was started having all these clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clear sentient experiences. And in the beginning, I thought, Oh, it's just a coincidence. It's just a coincidence, it can't be. And after a year or two of this, I started writing it down, okay, I'm going to write it down to make sure. I don't think it's a deja vu when something like this happens, maybe my mind just made it up. And I thought I knew that this was going to happen, but that's not really the truth. Right? So I would write it down, or I would tell my kids about something. And so it became very apparent that we are very spiritual creatures. And we have the capacity to connect with the spirit world, anybody can connect with the spirit world. You know, some people do it, as you know, for work, I work with it now. But everybody can, everybody has that ability, because we are spiritual creatures, just like everybody has intuition. But we don't develop it. We don't, we don't follow that thread, when we say, Oh, I felt like, I should take this road home because I feel like it's gonna be an accident on the other one, and then there is an accident on the other road. But then you say, Oh, it was just, you know, this epiphany I had or it was, you don't think that it's coming from somewhere else. You just, you know, think that it's a coincidence. And you were just lucky that day, and we don't keep track of them. So we just keep doing this to ourselves over and over. But when you start writing things down or telling people and keeping track of all these messages that you actually are receiving, then it becomes apparent that there is a greater force in play that or your spirit guides that are warning you of different things that kind of looking after you and making sure you're not going to die too young. Right?

Alex Ferrari 29:50
We can't have these clerical errors in on the other side. It's just not. It's not good.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 29:55
That there's they're going to be too busy if there's too many errors.

Alex Ferrari 29:58
I mean, if these people like Oh, Gosh, she's here. No. And I just love that. You said clear. You've said clairvoyant, which I know what clairvoyant means. But the clairaudient and clairsentient I've never I haven't heard those other two words. Can you explain what they are?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 30:14
Yeah. So Clairaudient is when you hear the spirit world, so when I heard my sister in law, you know, I, I was Clairaudient. And then my uncle came in the year in between the two near death experience, my uncle came and said he had passed to the other side. And, you know, wanted to let me know. And also, I think, just to, to, to give me a little training to listen to the spirit world, you know, they, once the spirit world knows that you can connect with them, when you're hearing them, you're gonna get more and more messages. So he stopped by and said he had passed on and I saw my mom was going to call me the next day from Sweden and say, you know, my brother just passed away. She didn't call. And then two days went by, she didn't call finally the third day, she calls and she says, hey, you know, how's things going? How are the kids? Blah, blah, blah? And then finally, she said, Oh, I have something sad to share with you. And I said, Yes, your brother, you know, passed away three days ago. And he she was just dead silent. She said, How did you know? And I said, because he was here that night that he passed. So that's kind of how it started unfolding. But then, as time went by, it got more and more obvious. So I would wake up, I think my kids are about, let's see, I think my daughter, so this is about nine years, nine to 10 years after the first near death experience. So my two youngest kids were about 10 and 12. And I woke up and I had, I saw three images. And the first image was a black scratch across the van door, the passenger were the kids getting in and out typically, the second image was two of my kids were in the car, and my middle son was in front, my daughter was in the backseat. And then the third image, I'm leaving a note on the windshield of a black sedan car. And I'm telling my kids about this. Okay, so I think we're going to be in an accident. You guys are in the car. Where could this accident happen? Because it's on the right hand side. And we lived in East Bay, San Francisco at the time. So all the streets are pretty much one way I drove my kids to the city every day because they went to school in the city. And we figured out this one intersection. After you come off the Bay Bridge, you go down to the surface streets, you're gonna jog left at that light, there's oncoming traffic. So we figured that is the only intersection out of this whole drive that the right hand side of the car could possibly be hit. And I'm thinking why am I leaving a note on the windshield of a big accident car? Where's that driver? And if they got hurt, why didn't I see police or ambulance? Why would I leave a note? It doesn't make sense. So 10 days, we get to this intersection, my kids noses are pressed up against the window. Mom, the coast is clear you can go. So for 10 days, we did this no accident and we're at cause we're all nervous, like what is this? Is this going to happen. But by now we know that a lot of things have happened that, you know, I have gotten warned about. So we're kind of nervous about it. So then we go to the bookstore in Walnut Creek, East Bay, which is the area where we lived. And as I come out of this bookstore, I'm trying to get onto this very narrow street. And there's a big UPS truck offloading boxes, there's cars trying to get into the garage, and I'm trying to get out. So I'm squeezing my van out onto this tiny Street. And as I turn right onto the street, my right hand side of the car, scrapes the car that is parked there, which is a black sedan car. So as we take that turn, and my car scrapes that car, I'm like, oh my god, this is it. So I get out of the car. And I go look at the side there is the exact scratch that I had described to my kids. And I just do it. I start laughing so hard, and I'm just looking at the sky like, you know, laughing and all the people are just staring at me. This woman is crazy. She just hit that car and she's just laughing. Right? But it was such a relief that nobody was hurt. And then of course, I'm leaving the note on the windshield on a black sedan car because it was parked, they didn't have a driver. So all these different things were happening for a period of 12 years, all these different events would happen. And so they're verifiable events, right? So I couldn't have made it up because I told my kids, they were aware we were looking out. And it was the same thing with all the other experiences. And so after 12 years, you know, it took me 12 years. I know some some people couldn't learn this in two years. Took me 12 Because I'm so scientific and is this proof? No, I need more proof. I need more proof until I actually believed. Okay, there is a spirit world They're our spirit guides. When we die, we go to the other side. And we're still there.

Alex Ferrari 35:06
Okay, so I have to ask you, as you're going through these transitions, just starting to tell people these things. Did you have an issue with people around you, your family, your friends, colleagues, about this new transition, and we're gonna get to the part where you get the medical school, which is another journey it to say the least, when you come out publicly about this, how did the world around you? How did you deal with that psychologically?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 35:35
You know, it was really, really hard in the beginning, because, of course, being the scientific person that I was, I had also surrounded me myself with like minded people, because that's what we do. We like to get that confirmation that we are right, those people think like I do, right bubble, the bubble rounded, yeah, surrounded by people that were scientific, like me that if somebody had told me before my near death experience, that that this was the experience they had had, I would have gone home and kind of laughed and said, Oh, my gosh, I don't know about that. They're losing their mind. They think that they left our body. It's impossible. Right? That because that's who I was. That's who I was. And that came from that. So it was really hard, because nobody I really didn't have anybody to confide in, except for my mother in law. And it's. So talk about divine guidance, right? So I'm married in to get that mother in law that was going to help me with my near death experience. And she would give me books about near death experience. And she's the one that really brought me along, and made me understand that no, the spirit this your soul does survive. But my own father, for example, who was a general practitioner, and I told him the story and his he just loved the campaign, it just can't be. And, you know, it's got to be the brain or, you know, now we know from research that we have done that it's not in lack of oxygen, it is, we cannot explain it. And there's a lot of research that is being done around around the world. And we can't quite explain, you know what it is that happens. But being a medium, you know, is very different. Because I know that the soul does arrive. So I don't have that problem anymore. But during those, those first 12 years was very hard, because, you know, of course my husband didn't wasn't even though his mom was a believer, his dad would not be the his mom and dad were quite different. And so he had a hard time believing it. You know, he would say, of course, I believe what you're saying. But at the same time, it scared him. It scared him on that all my watches would stop. So my watches would stop, the first watch stopped. In the right after I had my near death experience. And it took me a good eight months before I could go to the store and get another one. And I wore it for maybe five to seven days. And it stopped, brought it back at another watch worked for five to seven days it stopped, brought it back. So after three watches my friend looked at me and she says, You know, it's not the watch. It's you. And by the time my daughter was about three, I had 16 or 17 watches in my drawer. Because sometimes that I know, we could only buy a watch that had a second hand because it was the only way I could tell if it was working. So if somebody asked me what time is it, I would I would look at my watch. And I would wait a couple of seconds. Okay, the second hand is moving it is the time is. And many times he would just stop. And I would put it in the drawer. But after it's sat in a drawer for a while, sometimes some of the watches would start ticking again. So I could rotate and say, Well, this one is ticking today. So I'll wear this one.

Alex Ferrari 38:42
And so you see your husband was married to a which essentially is what he's thinking like, Oh my God, I've married pretty much I've married my I've married to a witch what I love her. Yeah, it's it's bewitched. I bet she's going to be which

Dr. Lotte Valentin 38:57
I knew I think it was quite scary for him. And I could I understood I could feel his fear and I could see his fear. So it was difficult for me to share any anything that I was experiencing because I knew it would just scare him more because it was the fact that my watches were stopping was scary enough for him right? Now we know that people who have near death experiences this is just a common after effect. It's just something that happens you can go to ions, the International Association for near death studies, they have a whole list of the physiological and psychological after effects of people that have had an experience like this. And you know, stopping watches and having electrical interference of some sort is very common. So but you know, back then we were still collecting data and you know, now we they've there's so much data from around the world, the After Effects, they really should be handing these things out to anybody who has a heart attack. Right? Don't get revived in the ER, but we haven't gotten that far yet. So these poor people that are still being revived today as we're doing this interview. They're gonna know many of them are gonna go through the same thing I went through It was gonna take them years to figure it out and find their way and, and be able to share it. And it wasn't until really until I went to medical school that I became comfortable with it and said, Okay, this is I have to tell people about my own experience. Because there's so many people that we are reviving, and we have to help all these people. And we have to help the world understand that, you know, there's more to our life than we think it is when you walk around in this very scientific mold.

Alex Ferrari 40:28
So I have to ask you, because you start you started medical school at 54 years, which, which people do No they don't? Not at all. Nobody starts medical school. Unless you're Patch Adams, you don't start that elated. Like, your movie might be coming out soon. I'm not sure. But But generally, So what got you to go to medical school at the age of 54? And then then I have a follow up question. When you're in medical school, for I have a lot of doctors in my family. So I love having conversations with them about this kind of stuff, because it just freaks them the hell out. How are you making a living this? This is charlatanism. Like, what are you doing? I'm like, Look, I had this doctor, I'm just gonna add a quantum physicist on I had a neuroscientist on and they're just like, they just, it just, it just doesn't compute. I'm sure you can relate. Oh, I can relate. So when you're in medical school, you're starting to come out with this stuff. I'm sure that went over well, so step one, how did you get into it? Step two, when you start talking about this stuff, were you still in medical school? And how did they react? So

Dr. Lotte Valentin 41:37
Yeah. So I got into it, because so I am 12 years out on my first near death experience. So now it's 2004. And my kids are, you know, teenagers now. So I'm thinking well, I finally got to the point where I could say, I'm healed. Because the first six years I had the bone marrow suppression, and then I could start functioning again. So the second six years, but during those second six years, there were times when I thought, well, maybe I'll just never feel normal again, maybe I'm just always going to be too tired, or I'm just not going to get be who I was because I was, you know, 1012 years ago now. And for some reason that summer 22,004. It was like, you open a new page in the book. It was That's it, I'm healed. And I remember calling my friends saying I did it I healed, I'm healed. I'm moving on with life. And I wanted to return to the workforce. But I knew at this point, after all these experiences and becoming clairvoyant, clairaudient, clear, sentient clear sentient is when you feel things in your body. I knew I had to go back and work in the heat, some form of a healer. So I'm looking on the internet, and I find this school and it says naturopathic medicine. And then I realize it's a real medical school, and I'm thinking, let me find some online degree, you know, I could be like a life coach kind of thing or something, right? That's not too hard, I can still do it, the kids are kind of in and out. Everybody doesn't have a driver's license yet. And I realize it's a real medical school. And I'm like, I can't do that I'm in my 40s. Now, even if I do all the prereqs, I don't have any of the prereqs I was a business computer science major. As an undergraduate, I had no science classes. So even if I did all that, there is no guarantee that somebody's going to accept somebody in my age group into medical school. So it kind of discouraged close the computer. And as I'm walking to the, towards the kitchen, to start prepping dinner, a spirit guide drops in, and I can at this point, I'm recognizing the energy of the spirit guides. I know as a spirit guide, I can't yet see things only I can only hear in the beginning. And the spirit guides that has messages for me, and it says you have to go to medical school and become a naturopathic physician. But there was also the interesting part that there was also an understanding with that you were I wasn't to work as a physician all the time I was to do other things. And I was in the second match message was I was to integrate east and west. And at that time, I said, Well, East is kind of old medicine West is new medicine. And naturopathic medicine is kind of a combination of old and new medicine because it's Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical medicine. So it's kind of a combination of all the different kinds of medicine. And then the third message was that I have to bring messages and healing to the people. Like what do you mean messages and healing to the people? What are you talking about? And the fourth message message message was that I had to write two books. No, week three. And I was like, well, you mean I'm to write a book. What am I supposed to write about? I don't know. I've never thought of myself as an author. English is my second language. I moved to the States when I was 21. So you know, that's still a struggle sometimes finding the correct words to express yourself. You know, what am I supposed to write about? In the message I got back was, when the time is right, we will tell you, for now just go be a doctor, get that get that degree. So literally, within a week or two, I was already enrolled in the community college starting my prereqs. Because the message at this point, I've heard messages for 12 years, and I knew that not once was the spirit world wrong. Because they could tell me somebody's dying, they could tell me somebody sick, we're going to be in an accident, every single message for 12 years had been true. And there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. Even if it's, you know, this person, you know, your father is going to die, your didn't matter. It could not change the outcome. It's almost like we have a stamp on our forehead. This is what's already been decided. And we're just letting you know. So I went to started all my prereqs. And I had to start from the beginning because I did not even have Advanced Biology from high school because I went to high school in Sweden. So I had I had no science since like eighth grade. So I had to start with advanced placement, biology, chemistry, before I could even get into the freshman classes to get into prereq classes. So I really start from the beginning. So anyway, I did all that. And then I applied to to medical schools, there's only five naturopathic medical schools. And I wanted to go to the either the one in Seattle or the one here in the Phoenix area. And I applied to the only those two, because I said, those are the ones I want to go to and I got accepted on both. And then I started medical school here in the Phoenix area. Now it's called Sonoran urine Sonoran University back then it was called southwest College of naturopathic medicine. And I started that in 2012. And I was 54 when I started med school, but luckily, I blended well with the 40 year olds, so nobody, I don't think anybody knew how old I was. Until they heard the age of my kids. They're like, Wait, were you 14? And you're like, kids? How does that work? The math is not right. So, you know, starting med school, what was your second question about the

Alex Ferrari 47:07
So when you start coming out about? Oh, yeah, abilities and your and your experiences with your colleagues? publicly? How'd that work out?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 47:19
Yeah, so it wasn't until my third year in med school 2015. When I went to my actually my first ions conference, International Association of near death studies, and it happened to be on a week when we had a break, you know, you go, you go to school year round. So, you know, I was just lucky. So I went to that conference, and Suzanne Giesemann was there who was a very famous medium, right?

Alex Ferrari 47:47
A friend of the show, friend of the show.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 47:49
So she's standing out there, and she's putting up an image of Arthur Findlay College. This is where I trained in England, this and right away, I get a message, you have to go there. And I'm arguing with the Spirit. Well, I can't go there after my third year in med school. I haven't even graduated yet. And the message is just you have to go there. So I'm like, okay, okay, well, I let me graduate first. And so it was kind of fascinating, Eben Alexander was there. And I was so excited about both Eben and Suzanne Guzman, which is really what drove me to go to this conference because I felt these people have so much credibility from their own background and bringing credibility to these near death experiences. And for Suzanne Giesemann to mediumship and that the soul does survive. So you know who could have, it couldn't have been a better scenario than for Eben Alexander to have a near death experience, considering he was a brain surgeon or versus engagement to leave that work as a Navy Commander of the United States. I mean, she's not gonna tell people that you can communicate with the spirit world. It's not like

Alex Ferrari 48:52
I've had I had this conversation. She said, I'm really how did that work out what the military was like? Well, you know, it was interesting. That's yeah. Anytime anyone asked me, I point to her and Evan, because they are, they're not just like, a couple of, you know, kids on in Malibu, or on Venice Beach going, you know, what, I think I talked to the other side, you know, they've, like, they're not like, you know, they're not, you know, woowoo kind of people, they come from a very grounded, well established background and to throw all of that away, to go down the lucrative road of being medium. In a near death experience, or it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm sure Evan was doing making more money as a brain surgeon, right. That was than, than selling a few books.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 49:45
Yeah, absolutely. And it's, but it was so exciting, because you know, that these people bring credibility to the field. And it wasn't until I attended that conference and saw them speak so openly about it, that all of a sudden, I said, Oh my gosh I, you know, I'm going to be a physician, I have to share my journey with people. Because so many people have questions about mediumship. So survival, that in near death experiences and we have to take that step to even physicians, right? Most physicians think I'm sure they're physicians out there, but I think I'm absolutely a nutcache. You know, this woman thinks she's a medium I can communicate with the spirit world. And, you know, she's doing all these things, but they haven't had that experience yet. So they are in the boat, I was before my experiences. And that's what I would have said, Honestly, I would have thought that those people were crazy. Oh, they're nuts. Absolutely. Yeah. All right.

Alex Ferrari 50:36
I talked to him. I talked to mediums all the time I go, you know, what you do is crazy. You know, it sounds insane what you're talking about, like, I've had channels, on mediums on psychics, and I always call it out. And they'll go, Yes, I know. I didn't ask for this. It just showed up. What am I supposed to do? But I agree with you. On the outside? It looks insane.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 50:56
Right! Exactly. You know, I always say, you know, why did I have a second experience because it was a course correction. First of all, I had a hard time understanding or putting the first experience, I kept thinking, you know, it's just my brain, it didn't really happen, and bla bla bla, and reason it away. So I had to have that second experience to understand that this is my life's work. And then exactly, you don't choose this. It's, it's you're driven by your your own passion and understanding that there's something that is so much greater than, than just us, and that we are part of the earth, you know, people we think of living on the Earth, but we are part of the Earth, we are like a cell in the body, we are a cell to the earth, you know, and we are all connected. We're all human, all all animals, all plants, we're all everything is connected to each other. And we all affect the outcome of the other.

Alex Ferrari 51:52
Without without question. I mean, your journey has been remarkable. And I have to ask you, as your medium and you to talk to the other side. I always ask, do you see dead people? Do they just like, show up? Like, we'll be like Whoopi Goldberg. And the ghosts? Do they just show up? And they take over? Like, what is the process of your mediumship? Because it's some people, let them come in and take over other people just hear them. Other people see them in the corner and you see them talking? What is your process?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 52:21
I say when I started opening up that I would see spirits a lot, and they were just coming up.

Alex Ferrari 52:27
I gotta I gotta ask real quick. How's that feel? Like, I mean, you're just walking around the house. And then you're like, where's this dude in the corner? who's like, I need to tell you something.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 52:40
Right? And you don't know who they are. And it's just you see these? Like, you know, you turn your head and you're just like, oh, I from a second. And but then you learn to turn it off. And so but you know, I have gone through training now. So you know, when you tell your teachers, i can't i What is this? And you just have to say, Okay, I'm not open. I'm not open for business right now. Okay, come back tomorrow, and I'm ready to talk to you. And so it comes down, you kind of let them know, I'm not going to talk to you right now. But the communication with the spirit world is just through your mind is telepathic, they hear your thoughts, whether you like it or not. So all the bad thoughts you had about your mom or dad and spirit world that you know, why were you so mean to me as a child, they know that. And when do you have a reading, they might come in and say, you know, I'm really sorry about how mean I was or was not a very good parent, and I did my best, but I understand that, you know, I wasn't the best. And sometimes they come in and ask for forgiveness. But the way like I see most of most of the things I see. So when I do a reading for someone when I work as a medium, the spirit world comes in typically on my left, so I think everybody has their I kind of feel like it's that's where that's where my reception is really good. So if the spirit world comes into about a foot diagonally to the left in front of me, I'm going to hear them the best. And sometimes you have to ask them now move a little bit closer. Okay, now I can hear you or see you. And then many times I'll get a glimpse. And sometimes it can be very accurate. Now they always warn you at when you study mediumship don't describe what you see. Because sometimes the description you see might be for you to think of somebody that you know, and then connect Oh, they're kind of like my uncle, you know, I'm saying so sometimes the image could be off. But many times I found that the image is absolutely spot on. But that may be because my seeing images is is the way I communicate. And so sometimes you will be described the person and they'll say, I have a picture of my father in the other room and does exactly what he's wearing. Right it'd be exactly spot on. So it's it's just fascinating, but so in the beginning, mostly I just heard things all the messages were auditory. I would just hear the spirit world And then. So when I do a reading now I mostly see images that show me an image and I say, you know, like the pineapples or you know, I see dolphins jumping out of the seat. Is that make any sense to you? Oh, yes, that makes perfect sense. That was, you know, my our love and you know, he had this necklace or bracelet look at this is all full of dolphins. And so it makes sense to that person. But it might not make sense to you. Right? As you're, you're thinking you're crazy saying these things because doesn't make any sense to you. So but it's not about making sense. It's about just saying what you're seeing or seeing what you're hearing because it makes sense to the to the person who's receiving the message. It's something important for that person.

Alex Ferrari 55:39
Can you turn it on and off? Like, are you like in a shower, and all of a sudden someone shows up? You're like, Guys, come on, I need a little privacy here. Yeah, like, do you turn it off? Do you like, like, you put a closed sign up on the door, and then like, Okay, now I'm open everyone stand in line, it kind of,

Dr. Lotte Valentin 55:56
I mean, it, it kinda is like that. Because, I mean, when it when my channels really started opening up, it was hard to control. But now it doesn't happen. Because I'm just, I'm not open for business. i They know when I'm open for business. And, you know, if I'm gonna if I'm doing a reading, you know, in two days, then maybe the night before when I go to sleep? I'll have somebody approached me and I'll say, do you belong to the person? I'm doing a reading for tomorrow, and I'll get a yes. And sure enough, the next day, it'll be you know, the father or the mother or the sister or whoever it is. So that often happens that they sort of come in, and they want to make sure you're gonna wait in the

Alex Ferrari 56:34
The waiting room. I'm early, early. I know it's a day or two from now. I'm just early. I got nothing else to do on the other side. I'm just gonna hang out if that's okay. Just to make sure I'm here for you when it's, you know, I joke about this stuff. Because it is I mean, it's funny. Yeah. I mean, it is it. I mean, it is funny. And as we talk about it out loud it. Like we said before, it sounds insane. But the more and more you talk about it, you know, I've talked to so many different mediums now. And clairvoyance and psychics and channels that I, you know, my own experience is trying to see where the common elements are. So your left side is something I've heard before that other mediums do. They're like, No, I might I come on has to, they have to come on this side for me to hear them. And that happens with channels as well, like the channels that it comes in on this side doesn't come in on this side, it comes in on this side. So I look for common elements that are like reinforces what you got, you know what you guys are going through it. For me. I'm a filmmaker by trade, fascinated by this. All have it and I'd love to explore it. I love to go into it. And I want to share this information with as many people as possible because your journey that you just explain. Hopefully someone listening to this is going to go oh, I'm not crazy. Absolutely. I'm not crazy. Oh, this is exactly what happened. Because I'm sure so many analytical. I've had atheists on before. And they're the they're the best. Because they have no, you know, Jesus, Jesus. And I always, I always I say this all the time I go Jesus is busy. He is on everybody's near death experience. Yeah. So it just shows up all the time. He's a very busy guy. And like constantly Yeah, but I just had someone on I just interviewed hasn't been released yet. That covered near death experiences throughout cultures throughout the world. It was fascinating to talk to someone of like, what as an African tribesmen. Yeah. And they're like, Oh, well, instead of a black tunnel, like you went through which is common that they go through a hole in tree, because that makes sense to them. And it's similar, but different. Or they're walking a path instead of going through a dark tunnel of light. Things like that. Just fascinating. Yes, it was. Yeah, it was the other thing that they found was on an analytical standpoint, if it is something that the mind does, why isn't it the exact same thing for every single person who dies? Right, everyone has so many different near death experiences. If it was something that clicked off in your head, it should arguably be the same thing. Yeah, exactly. I mean, if you break your bone and I break my bones, the bones are broken. I'm not gonna break my phone. Alright, in a magical way that gravy is gonna pop out of my bones.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 59:30
Yeah, but it is a very individual experience. Everybody has a different story. Everybody sees something different. Exactly. It's I haven't met anybody who saw the log cabins yet but maybe

Alex Ferrari 59:40
That was that was the first one to those in what did you ever find out? Did you ever ask what that that meant?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 59:47
You know, I my own interpretation is we see things that are familiar to us. So I grew up in Sweden so little log cabin looks like a sauna.

Alex Ferrari 59:58
Got so that was that was cool. stumped, and that's the other thing I hear it's custom tailored to your experience to make you feel more comfortable. So if you are a Buddhist Buddha is going to show up. If you're Muslim, Mohammed will show up. Or if you're Japanese, the another, you know, I think in ancient in ancient China, it was, you know, politicians would show up that part because it was all very political back in the ancient Chinese times, so that they would show up, it's just effected fascinating, because it's fascinating stuff.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:00:31
Super fascinating. It really is.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:33
It really is, I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:00:41
Living a good life is being true to yourself. The passion, finding that finding that within yourself in your I will say is is in your heart, finding what is your true passion in your heart and living that following that thread? And it's, you know, money doesn't matter. Most things don't matter. It's all about being true to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:09
What is your definition of God?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:01:12
God is is divine source it is. We are created or come from return to It's the unconditional love. Don't like to get into you know, I don't believe in any religion, because all religions, right,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:30
God. God, yeah. Yeah, I guess yeah.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:01:34
They're not included God for lack of a better term. Yeah. Yeah. So it is a, I would say divine sources, my best definition.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:43
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:01:48
To have an experience,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:51
Enjoy the journey.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:01:52
Enjoy the journey. I do believe we reincarnate. And we bring that experiences with us from previous lives into the current life. And so it's it's continuous soul growth. And now, what do we do we incarnate to have all these things happen to us? I do think so. Because sometimes, if you look at your numerology chart, if you look at your astrology chart, there is a lot of information in there about what the major things you are going to experience in this life, right? That information is already there. So there's obviously a bigger divine kind of a plan or guide for for your experience on Earth, that you are to maybe meet certain people marry certain people or having certain experiences. And maybe there are five ways you can have this experience. And you chose path number three, right, but you're going to have some kind of experience that is then going to lead to your soul growth, or learning and evolving.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:00
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:03:04
Go to drlotte.com drlotte.com, and that has my physician information on it. And if you want to work with me spiritually, you just click on work with Dr. Lotte spiritually and you'll see the whole menu pop up. And I work as a Medical Medium medical intuitive because I am a physician. So I get a lot of information about people just many times when they show up on the screen, I already know what's wrong with them. So I work a lot as a medical intuitive, and typically I get people who they've been sick for many years, and there's nothing wrong with them. They did the MRI, ultrasound or the labs, nobody can find anything wrong. And that then leads to other ways to look at issues. Some of it can be ancestral healing. So I work with ancestral healing, as well. And I work with Hemi sync, if you're familiar with Hemi sync, me dash sync and I developed my first one which was released last July, which is called healing your ancestral mother wound. Because we have a lot of even if you have the best mother, I often work with people who say a lot of the best mom in the world was like Leave It to Beaver. And we still have a mother wound because this just happens. I think almost all of us have some form of Mother wound because if we didn't, what was the point of having that incarnation, there's some lesson to be learned there. But many times it could be I'm not in a good relationship or have problems stepping into myself or I have this disease or it doesn't matter really what it is, and many times it comes from ancestral trauma or issues that were unresolved, but it can also be a mother wound. So you kind of have to look at it a different way. So that is available on Hemi sync but I also work one to one with people to help them find or like find healing to all these different kinds of issues. So any any Um, any any trauma that was unresolved with your ancestors, that you know any, anything that wasn't resolved and anytime you were a child and said, you know, why isn't why don't we talk about Uncle Billy? We don't talk about Uncle Billy. Right? That's something somebody's carrying that now. Okay. Well, I really did. It's like a content got that one.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:22
It's like a Disney show the Disney movie Encanto. We don't talk about oh, God, I forgot that I have kids. This is why there's a whole song about we don't talk about what's his name? I forgot his name. Yes, that's what the first thing that came to my mind.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:05:35
And that's what you know, it's all the unresolved trauma from past generations that gets passed down. And there is actually research on that now when it gets passed on via DNA. So I work as a Medical Medium, I work I do mediumship readings, psychic readings, I work with ancestral healing. I do soul messages from soul from your spirit guides, and I will actually draw their spirit as I see them. And it's, it's also fascinating, because many times they will be like spot on. They exactly what it's exactly what they need to hear they were thinking of changing Korea or something. Right, it's right there. And some other things. So you know, they can just go to the website,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:17
The website has everything. Yep. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:06:23
I would say that never forget that. We are all connected. We are all one. And it is all divine. And so are you.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:37
Dr. Lotte thank you so much for coming on the show has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. It's been so much fun. And I appreciate you having such a good sense of humor about the insanity that your life has been a hell of an adventure and it's just beginning for you. I appreciate you my dear. Thank you again.

Dr. Lotte Valentin 1:06:54
Thank you so much.

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