Quantum Healing: Uncover the Mind-Boggling Benefits You Won’t Believe Exist with Dr. Espen Hjalmby

On today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Espen Hjalmby, a remarkable individual whose journey from a life-altering accident to becoming a quantum scientist and master healer is nothing short of inspiring. Dr. Espen’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of embracing one’s true self.

Dr. Espen began by recounting the pivotal moment that changed his life forever. A devastating motocross accident left him with multiple fractures and a grim prognosis. However, instead of succumbing to despair, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through intense physical and mental rehabilitation, he defied medical expectations and emerged stronger than ever. This experience ignited his passion for understanding the deeper aspects of human potential and led him to explore the realms of quantum science and holistic health.

In this profound conversation, Dr. Espen shared his insights on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. He emphasized the importance of aligning these three aspects to achieve true healing and personal transformation. Drawing from his own experiences and extensive research, he discussed how quantum science validates the ancient wisdom that everything is energy, and our thoughts and emotions significantly impact our physical reality.

Dr. Espen also delved into the concept of “quantum living,” which involves tapping into the limitless potential within each of us. He explained how by shifting our mindset and embracing a higher state of consciousness, we can overcome obstacles and manifest our desired reality. One of the key takeaways from our conversation was his assertion that “we are not victims of our circumstances, but creators of our reality.” This empowering perspective encourages us to take responsibility for our lives and recognize the power we hold to shape our destiny.

Another fascinating topic we explored was the role of gratitude in healing and transformation. Dr. Espen emphasized that gratitude is not just a feeling but a state of being that can elevate our vibration and attract positive experiences. By cultivating a gratitude practice, we can shift our focus from what we lack to what we have, thereby creating a more abundant and fulfilling life. This simple yet profound practice has the potential to transform our outlook and significantly improve our well-being.


  1. Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Dr. Espen’s journey highlights the critical importance of aligning the mind, body, and spirit for holistic healing. When these elements are in harmony, true transformation can occur.
  2. Quantum Living: Embracing the principles of quantum living allows us to tap into our limitless potential and create the life we desire. By shifting our mindset and elevating our consciousness, we become the architects of our reality.
  3. Power of Gratitude: Cultivating a state of gratitude can profoundly impact our mental and physical health. It shifts our focus from scarcity to abundance, attracting positive experiences and enhancing our overall well-being.

Dr. Espen’s story is a powerful reminder that no matter how dire our circumstances may seem, we have the innate ability to transform our lives. His journey from injury to enlightenment is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential within us all.

In conclusion, Dr. Espen’s insights and experiences offer valuable lessons on the power of the mind-body-spirit connection, the principles of quantum living, and the transformative impact of gratitude. By embracing these concepts, we can navigate our challenges with greater ease and create a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Espen Hjalmby.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 212

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 0:00
That's because I always say the quality of our life equals the quality of our most frequently felt emotion. People forget this. They want to do all the mindset stuff, right? And that's cool. But if you don't heal your emotions.

Alex Ferrari 0:21
I'd like to welcome to show Dr. Espen. How you doin Doc?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 0:24
Oh, I'm amazing, but excited for this.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. I'm excited to talk to you too. I love the work that you're doing on the other side of the world. You're coming from us from Australia right now. And what time by the way, I always ask what time is it? What time of day it is over there right now.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 0:42
We've got 7:30 in the morning, buddy.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
Good. Lord, you woke up that early for me. I appreciate that, man. Thank you.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 0:48
And for all the listeners and the viewers. This is going to be magical. So stay tuned.

Alex Ferrari 0:52
So first of all, for everyone not watching this. You shouldn't look this good at 7:30. I'm just throwing that out there. You should not look this good at 7:30 in the morning, sir. So congrats on whatever you're doing.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:05
Must build the meditation and all the smiles I guess.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
Clean Living, sir clean living clean living. So let me ask you. So first question, how did you get started in this line of work that you're doing right now,

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:16
I think like many people throughout their human experience, it comes down to either one finding what you love or to having a life shaped by incidents that takes place for me, I broke my legs, both my legs in 2006. And I tried the traditional medical route, you know, going down the route and following standard advice and doing that and, and there was some great healing in that they put my two legs together through you know, surgery and such. But I also almost died from hospital infection. So the what the reason why I'm on this path is because the Creator, whatever you want to call it, universe put me on this path because I had to heal myself in that in that situation. And I managed to do so after having a life threatening hospital infection that I deal dealt with for almost a year and a half, almost died, I lost 15 kilos, I had a horrible what's called a staph infection. And so yes, I'm on this path because I was blessed with the experience of going through trauma so I could find healing and within healing, finding my purpose and helping others heal at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 2:19
So what did you discover that is outside of the normal, everyday mainstream in regards to healing?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 2:26
In essence, if you want to simplify it sure that what I had done at the time, what I had, the mistake that I had made, quote unquote, was the was to outsource my healing to other people. And so you know, you kind of look at lifestyle, you kind of look at nutrition and other things and you're aware of it. But you don't necessarily remember or know that this this knowingness that we are the healers. There's no one else that can come and heal us. There's no surgeon or doctor or nurse that can heal us. Because it is the field of intelligence, the quantum field or consciousness within us are our true essence that heals, I always say the doctor can dress the wound, but it's the patient that heals, it's not the doctor that heals the wound, the wound or the cut, it's the person. So what I had to do is I had to remember that, as I say, in my seminars, if it is to be sub to me, yes, I can go and seek help and get assistance in the matter. But I am ultimately the one that has to take responsibility for everything, including my healing.

Alex Ferrari 3:23
And with that said, when you're meaning healing is like if you get shot tomorrow, I'm assuming you're not going to sit there and meditate, you're gonna go to the hospital and get, you're gonna get a dress of a wound. That's why I always tell people to like, look at you get shot, you get stabbed, you get into an accident, don't rub leaves on me. Take me to a hospital, but long term healing of trying to recover things that are long term is this is where you're talking about, correct?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 3:48
Well, yes. And no, primarily, the first thing you're speaking of is, you know, having the opportunity to have modern medicine in our lives is an absolute blessing in the way it's supposed to be applied. I mean, it saved my son's life. He almost passed when, when, when he was born. And also, you know, put my two legs together. So you know, I wouldn't have been alive if it wasn't for it. So but there is a difference between sick care and health care or reactive care and, and real, long term application of increasing the vitality and experience of someone's life. So yes, I would say so if you want to simplify it, but in essence, it's not just about healing. It's about you living a magnificent life, you know, living for me anyway happy and fulfilled, and being able to heal through the experiences of life, because life is also a big healing, I think in many ways.

Alex Ferrari 4:36
Oh, and then some events without question. So you speak a lot about the quantum potential. What is the quantum potential?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 4:46
Depends on from which view you would look at it right. I mean, if you look at it from a scientific perspective, it's this field of intelligence that's been proven by science for over 100 years since Max Planck founded the quantum theory, you know, over 100 years ago now. This field of intelligence that is within all things, you know, you can call it many different things, the scientists call it the unified field, if you will, or the quantum field. So it's this field of intelligence, this this field of consciousness. But it also depends on how it's applied. I like to use quantum science and consciousness into the different areas of life into my personal development and my health as well as my relationships and other things. Because we know now that this field exists, we know that that it makes up the majority of who and what we are. So for me, as you know, studying peak performance for many years, why would I not apply quantum science and the quantum field within my practices on a daily basis, if I wanted to achieve peak performance, so it is a field of intelligence, but it is also way more than something outside of us, it is who we are, and within us and all around us? So to apply that I think it's just a magical approach.

Alex Ferrari 5:52
So it's in many ways, is it the energy that is considered or called by in the east, the Chi, or, you know, in Star Wars, the force, things that are in us at all, and control it not to, I'm not trying to make fun of it, I'm actually just using it, because basically, the force was taken from real, you know, historical concepts, you know, and that's why it's so powerful. And it resonates so much with so many people that those stories, because it's connecting to something that is real, it just threw a couple lightsabers in there, which was really fun. But, but also the concept of the chi or the force, things that are within all of us that move things that control things, is that kind of what the quantum field is?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 6:32
Yes, definitely, most definitely. And it's been named by different cultures and civilizations throughout the eons, you know, we know it to be true. You know, you may call it different things, people in different cultures have different names for it. And, you know, it used to be kind of taboo to speak about in certain Western cultures. So certainly in Western cultures, and also, you know, in the scientific community that, you know, I was a part of for a very long time and still am, you know, if you don't have the, quote, unquote, data for, you know, double blind, peer reviewed lalalala, then it's not seen as something accurate or something tangible. But we do have that. And we have, we've had that for over 100 years now. So for those listening, that are perhaps skeptical, I would imagine that many of your listeners are not so because they're pretty open minded, I would imagine. But there are always the skeptics out there like I used to be. This is science, this is not esoteric speculation. And that's why this is so exciting, because it's now something that we can measure, in certain ways, in quite limited ways yet, but we can still measure it, and we can understand it. And also, we can apply it in our lives on a daily basis, which is where I really think this needs to be coming to the forefront of science, personal development mindset, and all the things that we do now, particularly education, I think it's really important to get quantum science and the science of consciousness into education.

Alex Ferrari 7:55
Well, I mean, a lot of the concepts of things that we take for granted now we can measure now, but at a time, we couldn't understand what radio waves were, we could understand what ultraviolet light was these kinds of concepts that most of our existence could not measure. And now we just oh, why don't now radio is a real radio waves are real. So very similar, we lack the understanding of how to measure the stuff that we're talking about correctly.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 8:24
Yes, in certain ways, and in other ways we can, you know, I do this thing, Alex, which is really, this is subjective rather than objective, but it is still real for us because subjectively is how we experience life right through the primarily through the five senses. I do this thing in my events, where, before we really start the content, I get everyone in the room to close their eyes, take a breath and feel into their hearts. And then I give them two scenarios. I explained scenario one, scenario two. Scenario One is for those out there that believe that there's nothing more to life than just who we are physically. That means flesh and bone matter. You know, the old Newton's laws, life materialism, materialism, materialism exactly what we see on the outside because we know, let's be honest, Alex, I have I have a right hand, I have a left hand or the right arm, it's not the same as the left one. So they can't really be the same. Sorry, I also do have to comprehend that I'm at least having a physical experience here. And then, you know, scenario number two is that there's more to me. Okay, so Scenario One is there's only physical only physical, it's real materialism Israel. Two, I truly do believe that there's more to life more inside of me, perhaps a spirit or a soul. People call it different things, right? So I do this and I get them close our eyes. Take a deep breath and feel into their hearts as to what they truly do believe and I'd like to do this as well. Right now, if you're listening, just decide for yourself. What do you believe? One that there's only physical things that are real that your children yourself are only physical there's nothing else or two that there's more to you, perhaps a spirit soul? You're a part of source, whatever you want to call it, call or call it, whatever you want to call it, right? And this has been interesting 10s of 1000s of people now, my, we've calculated this, and we've measured this, we've seen that over 99% of people. Now, having said that disclaimer, we do attract open minded, science oriented spiritually curious people, okay? So because that they're the ones that come to our events, right. But over 99% of people across 10s of 1000s of people raise their hand, when I say, you know, scenario number two, is what I believe. And then I get them to open up their eyes and have a look around the room. And almost the whole room is sitting like this with their hands up. And so there is this already this innate belief in us that there is something more to life, my quest has been showing people what that is scientifically how to access it, and not just have as Tony Robbins says, the science of achievement. And I want to be successful in business and finance and whatever else, but also the art of fulfillment. What does it mean to just like you mentioned is how does radians about life and enjoy life while we're here and also perhaps even give something back.

Alex Ferrari 11:07
Yeah, and the other thing that's so fascinating now is that quantum physics is, in quantum mechanics are starting to meet with spirituality, and some of the concepts that have been around for 1000s 567 8000 years, going back with some of these concepts. But when you say material, and it is, I laugh inside, when you were saying, like, oh, how many of you believe everything is a solid, and it's material, and it that's the only thing that's real, I laugh, because quantum physics has proven now that the material is just energy. And if you go keep going deeper and deeper inside with a microscope, you finally get to a point where there is space between between the particles. So they're like, what's that space? And then it because before it was solid, everything's the table solid, I'm solid, everything. So if we've gone down that far, to figure out that there is space between the particles, then what is holding the particles together? What makes this table different than me? Or you? Or this computer? Or the or the house or any of that? So then you start getting into some deep conversations that many on the materialistic side, don't want to start talking about, they're just gonna No, no, no, no, that's gonna throw just gonna throw a monkey wrench into our whole system.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 12:30
Very similar, rewrite everything.

Alex Ferrari 12:32
Right! It's kind of like when Galileo showed up. And they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, you wouldn't. That's the way the sun is the center. We know, we can't have that. That's gonna throw we have to rewrite all the books.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 12:42
Because they had it the other way around. Right?

Alex Ferrari 12:45
Exactly. So that's where we are now. But there's so much mounting evidence and their shows like this. And conversations like this, that are hitting the bass is that at a certain point, there's going to be a tipping point that just like we can't ignore this anymore, right?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 13:01
Correct. And the exciting thing about it is that it Designs has been here for a long time, like I said, for over 100 years now. Right? And so what you're explaining here, Alex is really if I get this question from people, right, this, you know, quantum science, quantum mechanics, metaphysics or esoteric science, you know, how do you explain consciousness? And I mean, how would you explain consciousness? I mean, firstly, I have to be, I'm not a physicist, you know, I've got several degrees in science, and I've studied for a long time. So firstly, maybe I'll explain this in a way that is oversimplified. But then again, as Einstein said, If you can't explain it simply don't understand it fully. And to make it applicable for everyone, I think it's, you know, really try and keep it as simple as possible. If you were to explain it, and you look at quantum mechanics, and you go to the core of reality, what nature says about the real essence of who we are, and again, it's the old number, your 99.989. So effectively, percent of who and what we're made up of this space, so what is within this space? Well, there is intelligence that we know there is an interconnected field beyond space and time. We know this through wormholes through Quantum Entanglement theory and many other practices or studies as such. So I think more so to make it applicable for us, you are right on the money. I say to my students, imagine that you put your hand under a microscope, you look in the microscope, you see a molecule atom, in the middle of the atom, there's a nucleus, right, I think many people will be following still, and then sub nuclear lower than the nucleus. As you go deeper, you will see that we're made up of 99.9% pure space Einstein, used to ask us used to call this spooky action at a distance when he used to study relativity and understanding the aspects of quantum mechanics that he got into. But what is so exciting is that when you do look deep enough and you find out that you made up of this space, there is intelligence and this we know within this space, so if we're made up of more than nine The 9% What I like to call pure untapped intelligence, our untapped energy, you may call it chi, I love the word chi or the force, because it is a force. Because it makes up the absolute that, you know, if you want to look at wholeness as the majority of who we are. So then the question again, that opposes why aren't we going there in in science, and I'm in mainstream, and also, particularly in education, because this will be incredibly important for our children to know. I'm in the Buddhist, I see you have Yogananda behind you. And some, you know, meditating, I've had the privilege of sitting in sacred ceremonies and in many different cultures for many different years meditative for a very long time. And that is how we access that field. Because it's there, Alex. And when we can go there, I always say it's a bit cheeky, but it's true. You don't have to go without when you do go within. And that is truly where I think the journey needs to go now from the head to the heart, if anything, anything else we need to we need to we need to remember who and what we are, and how to live in alignment with universal law.

Alex Ferrari 16:08
Now, how do you tap into the quantum field, like if you're someone, a normal Joe or gal in wants to start to tap into the quantum field to tap into that intelligence for their own healing in emotional healing, physical healing, mental healing any of that?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 16:27
Well, the first question is, how do you tap into it? And the second question is, how do you optimize your life using it or living in line with it? Firstly, we're not never not tapped into it. Okay, there is no distance, here we are, it it is us. And, you know, like I said, it's within within us and all around us. So I mean, how to use it for our benefit, live in alignment with it, use it for healing purposes, etc, etc. The first process is to identify what you believe, like I said before, scenario, one, you believe that your only physical scenario one you believe that there's more to you than than flesh and bone that there's a spirit, or soul, that field of intelligence, if you will, if you do say to yourself, I believe that I'm scenario two, then the next thing that I would do is write down what I call this field. Some religions may call it you know, Buddha, or they may call it Jesus, or this may may call it, you know, the unified field, if you want to keep it scientific, I'm not religious, or dogmatic. I'm spiritual. And my religion is love, if any have However, having said that, as a researcher, if you do look at it scientifically, you know that it's there, you've identified that within your own belief. And now already all of your cells are listening, or your unconscious or subconscious mind is listening. And of course, the quantum field that makes up the majority of who and what we are, is also listening to the fact that we have a core belief that we are already connected. And part of this the one law of all 12, universal laws, which is the law of oneness. Once you've established the belief, once you have become even further conscious to the fact that there isn't a disconnection between us and the field, we are the field are a part of the field as well. Then the question is, as Tesla said, you know, you asked before, what's in this space, Einstein used to ask himself is that nothingness or everything miss and what we believe will achieve? So it's both it's empty space, but it's also filled with pure intelligence. So the next step is to follow as I said, Tesla, and understand that everything is energy, frequency and vibration, we will look at the Hawkins scale of consciousness. Dr. Hawkins, PhD, MD, was able to quantify this now using many different techniques, including kinesiology over many, many years of study, they found that certain, there was a scale of emotions, right? I'm sure some of your listeners would have heard of this Hawkins scale of consciousness certainly worth looking up. And low vibration is a fear, suffering, pain, ill health etc. and a high vibration are normally the things that we desire. So health and happiness, peace, love, fulfillment, etc. Within this range, Alex from normally zero to 700, is what they have on the scale, we call the human experience, those vibrating or experiencing a lower frequency will have more suffering in their lives, and those experiencing higher vibrations, energy, frequency, etc. will experience a better quality of life. So then, of course, it depends on you know, where do you live? I mean, if you're living in a developing country, this is not as easy for other people because you and I have food and shelter, etc. But for most people in countries that have food, shelter, clean food, clean water and that sort of stuff. I would say that the fastest way to enter the field is one to just be conscious of what it is that you believe, to practice the the we are a part of an other field that connects everything in everyone, and then to steal the mind to steal and to focus the mind also, and but we haven't been taught the focus the mind in school. So we kind of have to experience and explore it ourselves. Also,

Alex Ferrari 20:05
I mean, this stuff that they don't teach you in school could fit libraries.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 20:10
That's why I left I was I was, I'm a qualified teacher, I left, I left the educational institutions simply because, you know, I'm not interested in the, you know, the things that, you know, quote unquote, are being indoctrinated into our children. Because, since we know, the consciousness is real, I mean, we should at least mention it. You know, since we know that good health is fundamental, we should at least be talking to not even just the children, but the parents about the vital nature of living a clean lifestyle, etc.

Alex Ferrari 20:38
I mean, how about balancing your business accounts? What a credit card is, it things that the, you know, you know, how to do basic accounting, like the for your own personal, you know, these just even that's not even in the spiritual space, but those basic life skills, that you have to figure out the easy or the hard way, along the way, and emotions. Oh, my God. Oh!

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 21:02
Crazy, right? Like this was, this is part of my path as well, like, I suppressed so many emotions growing up, because my brother died when I was five, right. And my mom didn't know how to deal with that. And then, two years later, my sister's born disabled, permanently disabled, never had a chance to walk and run like many of us have. And then, you know, she didn't know how to deal with it. So she, you know, went to alcohol and was drunk every day for the majority of my upbringing. And so I suppressed all these emotions first, I felt like I had to survive. And then when as I got older, I recognized that I was not happy Alex, I was not happy at all, I was sad on the inside. And it was often displayed as frustration or anger, because it's kind of this outer layer of, you know, hey, I'm happy and look how successful I am. You know, I was I was owning 10 multidisciplinary clinic, hiring medical doctors and all kinds of physicians, traveling the world and Science, Science, Science, deep down and not happy. And so I recognized that I had suppressed a lot of emotions, and I needed to take the journey within to actually go back in time, to what in psychology we call the human imprint period, I just want to seven, primarily not just, of course, also, you know, other parts of childhood and actually sit with my shit. And heal it and heal the emotions, because I always say the quality of our life equals the quality of our most frequently felt emotion. People forget this, they want to do all the mindset stuff, right? And that's cool. But if you don't heal your emotions, you're not gonna eat well. Right? You're not gonna love Well, you're not going to be well, you're not going to feel well. So again, the reason I think why Dr. Hawkins, as per the Hawkins scale of consciousness, measure the motions. It's because it equals quality of life. And it also equals, if you want to talk quantum science, the level that we attract, that is one of the last things that the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer said before he passed, you know, he said, We don't attract what we want, we attract what we are vibrationally slash emotionally. So if you want to have a magnificent life and attract cool things, success, happiness, fulfillment, you've got to heal your wounds, aka you don't have to you get to. And from there, you'll vibrate at a different level. And that'll be a different human experience.

Alex Ferrari 23:14
So for many people listening, the concept of vibration, and frequency is a new concept. And I'm going to just play devil's advocate here. Why is it that lower frequencies are different than higher frequencies? And then in regards to health, and happiness? It's like it's isn't it a radio signal a year on FM, and now you're on am or so on and so forth? What is the big difference between the high and the low? In the sense of being happy healing, being healthy, attracting things that you want in your life. And being pleased that I know the answer but playing devil's advocate.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 23:48
Excellent question. I mean, we have to ask these questions, right. And I know that we know the answers, but we only know what we know. I don't think you'll smile until you know how much you don't know. So I love keeping an open mind, you know, because there's very little that I know, and maybe some things that I kind of do know. So firstly admitting that I don't know everything, that's for sure. Secondly, I think the easiest way to explain it is that the further away from source you are the lower the vibrational density is the way you can't look at it. And so, if you look at levels, layers or dimensions, if you will, also known as densities, the lower the energy frequency and vibration, the more dense the object becomes. This is why it's harder to heal physically, because the physical or the materialistic body carries naturally quite a low frequency. And then the the essence of who we are has a higher frequency. So it's literally just oscillations or movements of waves per second. That's how they measure it right? So if it's slow or slow vibration, there's less oscillations or movements per second. If it's a high vibration, there's, there's more within the higher vibration, if you wish to keep it. I'll still call this scientific but you may see it as a satiric, light travels much easier through higher vibrations when there is less density than lower vibrations where there's more density. So that's the easiest way to explain it. Through scientifically, kind of, if you want to keep it really basic,

Alex Ferrari 25:25
That makes all the sense of the world to me. So I appreciate that answer. Now, I have to ask you this question, because I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are. Since we are talking so much about quantum physics, quantum mechanics, what is your concept of simulation theory? And the illusion the dream the Maya, that has been talked about for 1000s of years? I'd love to hear your thoughts of it and and what this all is. He has a big smile on his face.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 25:57
Such a big smile, because it is well the matrix did a great job. Wonderful, great job. If you look at it with an open mind and reading between the lines are very, very, very good job. So let's look at it from two different angles. Okay, one applicable to everyday life. Okay, applicable to every single person? What does this mean to me in my life today, we teach to this eight areas of life to optimize your energy, frequency and vibration in all of these eight areas of life. So in our lives, okay, the second one is from the scientific view. Okay, firstly, we know through science hardcore back, now trialed and tested for over 100 years, like I said, since Max Planck founded and won a Nobel Prize for the quantum theory at 95. Until today, 2023 still true to this day, there is a field of intelligence inside of us, it is non physical, and it makes up the majority of who we are, say plus 99%. Okay, so we can establish that scientific fact. Once we know that now, we also understand that we are living our lives through the five senses. Okay, so if you know that the majority of who and what we're you are, is non physical, but you are living the majority of your human experience through your five senses. Cool, which are known to be part of the physical experience, then this is a matrix. So in essence, we are in this world, but not just of this world. And because the majority of what we experienced is through the senses, we have to raise our vibration and awareness, particularly our awareness, that we are more than that which is separated. So if it looked, it sounds a bit weird, but I mean, the Buddhist monks have been known this for 1000s of years, they induce Indian lineage, love Bhagavad Gita, many practices across the eons, they've known this, they've called it different things. And just we've kind of forgotten for a while, and now we're coming back. So I believe it's absolutely true, if you look at it from that perspective,

Alex Ferrari 28:12
And in many ways, if if Neo, the main character, the matrix, essentially is, becomes an Ascended Master at the end, because he he knows the truth, and ascended masters to become ascended masters like a Yogananda or Buddha or Jesus, they are revealed the truth of what this experience is. And once you understand the truth, you can't put the genie back in the bottle it is what it is. And then you are now you've now you're beyond this place. And that's where we all strive to be is to remember where we truly came from. So as the analogy of the matrix, Neil becomes an Ascended Master. Of course, there's kung fu. And there's there's other things that they do in the movie, because it is still a movie. But the general idea is pretty profound. I mean, he is a Jesus character, and he's his name is Neo, which is you switch the words around, it's one, you are the one. You know, I mean, the Jesus metaphors are pretty heavy in that film. But it's pretty profound. And to be honest, it was the first time that that concept hit the zeitgeist of the world after that movie came out.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 29:23
Absolutely. And I think it was designed and timely. Like I said, when I was growing up, you know, my parents didn't know about personal development, they didn't know about this kind of stuff. We didn't have the kind of connection where I could dial in and listen to a podcast like it was bro. You know, it's just didn't exist. And so, you know, we have these tools available now. And with these tools, you know, with great power comes great responsibility, because it's great to hear about this podcast, and it's really awesome and so on and so forth. My question is, what are you going to do about it? Because it does also reply this three dimensional or physical act Shouldn't there needs to be intention that needs to be action on a regular basis. And so the question is, you know, how do we access the field. And this is how I healed myself because the you know, when I was this was in 2006, I got the staph infection right from the hospital. The doctor looked me in the eyes and he said, We got two choices here. Either one, we cut your leg off from the hip and down to stop the infection. Or two, we you know, we don't we try and fight it. And if it attacks your internal organs, you get sepsis, and then you die. So it wasn't, quote unquote, a near death experience. But mentally it was,

Alex Ferrari 30:37
You died, you died in your head, you're like, I'm gonna die.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 30:41
Yeah, right. And death. For me. It wasn't just physical death. It was, you know, hang on, you know what I've strived my entire life to one, find out what it means to live because my brother died, and to what it means to heal and live an extraordinary human experience because my my sister has always been disabled. And I suffered emotionally because I suppressed that over functioning in the masculine, strong, you know, physically and mentally, emotionally and physically and mentally was so weak emotionally. So my two greatest fears were realized in that moment, Alexei said, You'll, you'll die or you lose a leg. I'm like, it's the first time my life experience true stillness. True peace, this moment where it's like, hang on, they went from complete darkness to like, what, what was I worried about? Because I got this knowing the sense came through me and I shared this in my seminars, I said, if it is to be sub, to me, it's what came through for me my first quote, unquote, download if you want to keep it esoteric, or moment of pure stillness. And so the surgeon left and I left the hospital, and I tried for this was better part of I think, well over a year, almost a year and a half, Alex in and out of surgeries, hospitals, wheelchairs, fighting for my life with this hospital infection, they were spreading, I had lost 15 kilos, multi resistant staph infection, it doesn't respond to antibiotics. And it actually exists in many hospitals, unfortunately, in certain parts of the world. So I had to get this message, then I would either be permanently disabled or die for me to feel within me the answer? And the answer was, okay, look within and find, and I go went home, and I was teaching yoga, but nothing compared to what we teach now. And yoga, Qigong, breathwork, our breath work, give our clients the experience of the quantum field, seven out of 10, and now have the experience of the field of expanded consciousness during the breathwork. So I went home and I started breathing, I didn't know why Alexa, I knew je and a couple other types of breathing from my yoga training. And I just started breathing and the I could, I found certain techniques to expand the feeling of stillness and peace. And that was so good for me, because Hang on, he just said that I could die, then I'll lose my leg, or I'd die. So what do I do now I just, I just want to do what feels good. Because one, this is expensive for me, you know, painful or worrying. And too, I know that I'm healing in this space, if I can get my nervous system to this level, then I can heal in this space. So again, that's where what we now teach was born through the experience three and a half weeks since this was a year and a half into it. Three and a half weeks in, I had this little hole on the side of my hip where the all the infection kept coming out everyday liters every day. And it closed off. And I went into some, you know, in and out of consciousness common experiences and had a fever for two days and it closed them and I healed and it's if it wasn't for awareness, if it wasn't for quantum science breathwork and meditation would have been here at the very best with one leg Alex some it saved my life and it will if people choose to apply it because you don't have to break your legs or almost die or going to lose things, you know, like some of us have, you can apply this now. You can start focusing now you can start meditating. Now you can start practicing gratitude now you can start to you know, decide to sit with your emotions now. And and the truth is, you know, esoterically and cliche but let me share anyway, Neo recognizes that he is the one but he doesn't become the one until he what decides release signs and leaves.

Alex Ferrari 34:25
Yeah, when he when he finally says no. And the end he stops the bullets because he's like he's obviously taking a leap past what everybody else believes that's even possible. And he had tips and he had little triggers of it. Yeah, goose was right and, and there was moments of it without even me know when he dodged the bullets. Originally, they're like you're not supposed to be able to do that. There were hints there was like the quantum field or the universe or God or whatever was giving you tips of like, Look, you are capable of doing more than you believe you are So he finally got to that place where he's like, No, I am the one I am source. And that's when he started to see the source code. And that's when he was able to play within that environment like a god. Because at the end of the day, we all are, God, we all the key, we are all one connected.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 35:20
That's the whole key. To everyone listening right now, it is not outside of you. No one is coming to fix your life. No one is coming to fix your finances or your business or your health. You are the hero that you've been waiting for you are the one you are scientifically proven a unique individual expression of Source consciousness. Why are you born it is not random that you're here. What is your gift to the world what makes you happy? What makes your heart sing, you know, if you want to talk enlightenment, keep it simple. 540 on the Hawkins scale that is higher than love, is joy. Just live the most magnificent life that you came to live within what you love that's good for you and good for the world. And you're already making the world a better place. It is not difficult. You don't have to save the world. It is your world that Neil was talking about your human experience of remembering that you are, in essence, the eternal embodied in time. So let's not get too caught up in this experience. You know, many masters would say you know why take life so serious.

Alex Ferrari 36:24
Many, many have that many of the Guru's in the in the yogi's in the Salamis they always laugh at us and things because we think it takes life so seriously.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 36:33
Because we live in duality, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 36:38
But isn't it interesting that you said that it was something I want to kind of dig into a little bit is that you said that we are the person who is our here we are our own hero, we are a person that's going to be able to help and save ourselves, there's no one else is going to do it. And also that if you do what you love, enjoy in love, you change your vibration. And it raises. And if you change yours, the people around you change and that the people around you change. And then it becomes more of that. And that is what is happening. I believe now, there are so many people waking up, there's so many people looking for this information wanting to search to figure out what is going on. Because the old ways of doing things is not working anymore. It's not it's working for the few at the top, if you will. And in the few that used to sit behind closed doors and saying, I'm the only way that's not working anymore. Where this information is like you don't need any of that it is within you to be able to find this happiness in this piece that you're looking for.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 37:51
And you can and it's not actually as hard as it sounds, if you have the right kind of guidance, like this podcast and you know, many of the other amazing people out there in the world doing it. And you know, we've developed a program that actually people can sit with their emotions, and it's not pain, it's not comfortable. You know, three days we sit with our fear, guilt, shame, grief, sadness, anger, disconnection, illusion, you know, and we heal all of that, through the experiences of gratitude, and yet acknowledging that it's happened for us, not to us, because the spirit and the soul doesn't look at the human experience and goes, Oh, well, I'm a victim. Because this was all kind of like a great university kind of thing. So yeah, the tools are now available. And I couldn't agree more. This is kind of, to me feeling like, you know, the Great Awakening or a awakening, indeed, we are certainly becoming more conscious, even though it might not seem like it. And I like to, I always used to say what used to say, you know, the guys at the top, so that the top with power and money, because they control. But are they at the top? And they're going to want me to consciousness? No, probably not. So then, again, where's the hero that you've been waiting for? Have a look in the mirror. You experience life through your senses, you experience life as you are not as it is. So, again, you know, who is at the top? And, you know,

Alex Ferrari 39:16
Agreed 100%. Now, I'm going to ask you something, because we've talked, we touched upon this a little bit. And I know you've gone through it, and I've gone through it at a certain point it at certain experience level in my life. But it's a question I get asked a lot is trauma. We all every one of us has a trauma. Every one of us has pain that we've gone through

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 39:37
Several 1000 Normally if you study human psychology, there are several 1000 things in the unconscious mind that are on rectified on that not necessarily brought into coherence.

Alex Ferrari 39:47
Correct. So that's the that's the biggest thing in the subconscious mind. You're not even aware of these things. And I had to deal with a lot of that in my own life to get to where I am right now and I still am one Working on a lot of things as well as we move forward in life, because we're here to there, I don't believe there's a human being that is born into this existence. Perfect. Though many of the scriptures, we might want you to believe that that's not the case. Even the great, the great people we've spoken about Ascended Masters all worked on stuff while they were down here, if you will, there's no question love that here. I love Ella down here. higher vibration on top. So, so the trauma, how can we use the quantum field to heal our trauma, first of all, to bring it out of us that were so our ego in our mind is blocking it off to protect itself. So we don't even know a lot of times that we've been carrying this thing that happened to us when we were five, and then all of a sudden, you're like, oh, did that really affect me that much Holy crap. And then when it starts to come out, you just like, Why am I crying? What's going on? And you This is such a surprise to yourself. So in your opinion, from all the work that you've done, how can we use the quantum field to kind of heal the trauma and pain in our lives?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 41:07
Awesome, I think this is a really great question. And to answer the question, the first principle is awareness. Okay, because the quantum field is awareness, God or the greater organized design or unified field, if you want to keep a scientific is awareness. Okay. And so if you become aware right now that we know that there's unresolved trauma, and that is normally creating the habits that we don't want to have, okay, so unresolved trauma, lower frequency, emotions, feeling guilt, sadness, shame, fear, will make us eat, behave, and do things that we don't want to do. So that's the first thing we've got to recognize. So now that we're aware, that 95% of how we experience life, and this is, you know, you've probably heard this, your viewers and listeners probably heard this, you know, studied neuroscience for 20 years now, we know that you only access about 5% of the brain. We've heard it right, so we kind of get those numbers. But we can access a lot more of that now. Because we have these techniques available mindfulness, etc. You know, they say this for brainwaves frequently states. Now there's five, there's gamma.

Alex Ferrari 42:12
Yeah, the monks, the monks showed us that.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 42:17
And what about that? Hang on? So science couldn't get it? But the monks.

Alex Ferrari 42:21
Oh, yeah, science only figured it out afterwards. Because I love that I saw that I saw one of those that they were testing the monks. And they went down to four, and he's, and they're like, Oh, we've gone really far. And he's like, Oh, I can go deeper. And then they're like, What is this and it was a whole other level. So again, stuff that's been around for four or 5000 years. Science just picked up on.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 42:43
Exactly, or it has been lost, right? Or it has been suppressed. Probably a combination of both, depending on where you look at it in the world, and for what reason? But coming back to your original question, I think that how do we do this? Okay, the first thing is awareness. Okay, so now that you know that 95% of what you experienced on a daily and on a lifetime basis is unconscious or subconscious, which means that it occurs without your conscious awareness. Breathing is one digestion is one, then also the trauma from five, when you were in the playground, and you got bullied or something happened, you mentioned that, for example, before I left, so I'd right smack in the imprint period. In that time, and also later in life, we create the blueprint and the filters of how we see life. And so if we understand this now, that one, I'm unaware of the majority of the trauma in my life, that is creating the majority of the suffering. And this is the same in business as it is in life. Once we are aware of that, the question is, well, how do I resolve that? How do I liberate that I call it an issue in the tissue. Right, as a primary health care physician, I used to call it a diagnosis or a disease, but we don't I don't like to call it that anymore. Because I really just think that these are signs from the soul that there is darkness that needs to be brought into the light or lack of awareness that needs to be brought into the awareness so that it can be healed and seen from the aspect of the soul. If you see from the aspect of the soul, there is no more pointing fingers because you are creating or having this experience have had that experience for a reason. Okay, if you are energy, frequency and vibration, if you are a unique expression of Source consciousness, then there's no point pointing fingers because not outside of it's inside of you created that, you know, in whatever way shape or form. So then what we do is we and it depends, some people have the self discipline, to listen to podcasts like this to you know, to actually continue to do the research. And then moreover, to sit in silence and meditation on a regular basis to seek out teachers mentors, not gurus because the Guru is only in the mirror. Right, but to seek out things that will help you find these ones. For me, Alex, I put myself under great mentors, you know, I sit with the girls, I listen, I learned I tried to speak listen, and Connor here more or feel more. But for me, you know, we put this together for our students, they come to an event and then we deliberately take them back to processes that took me, you know, 15 years of clinical trials to kind of work out how do we find a person's fear? How do you find their greatest fear? How to how that how does the conscious mind become aware of their greatest fear? So we do this through closed eye meditation slash slash hypnosis, or we guide them back in time and ask a series of questions. And then the question would be, you know, What's your earliest memory of trauma and fear, and you will feel the whole energy in the room just drop, and then they see it and they breathe and they feel what they felt back then they breathe like they breathe back down. And they get to feel it in their nervous system in the birth of sacred site as sacred and scientific space. Then they write it out. Okay, so, you know, I remember when I was five on the playground, this happened, and then they journal about what took place. And then they basically become clearer on what this vibration is, okay? It's fear. Then we show them on the orchid scale, okay? It vibrates at 100 on the orchid scope, neutralise. 250s is very dangerous, physically, mentally and emotionally to experience fear or fight or flight on a regular basis. Very dangerous, very dangerous. And unconsciously, we do it all the time. People don't know I'm all right.

Alex Ferrari 46:30
You're constantly in a state of flight or flight, fight or flight because the stress hormone is constantly doing what it's doing. And of course, it takes the blood away, when you're in that state takes the blood away from your internal organs, you can't heal yourself, it's all in the external organs, because you're about to fight or you're about to run. And you're in that constant state 24/7 between living in modern Western life,

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 46:53
And what are you creating from that space, in different areas of life, disease, suffering disease, all of and so it is so basic, there's only two parts of the human nervous system. And I had this chance wants to do to be MC for preta G, the founder of the Ono Academy in India, you know, Tony Robbins, personal spiritual mentor, etc. And I had the chance to facilitate a lot of their work. And always two states, two states, there's only two states, Tuesday's two states, you know, Einstein call it fear and love, contraction, experience, expansion, darkness and light in the human experience of duality. This is this is how it works. So what we do is we do a series of very specific questions that helps the student identify what their blockages so let's be clear, everyone has fear, or experiences fear, unless you've got to the, to the levels of the Buddha and the Jesus and ascended masters, whoever that we've spoken about that may not experience it as much at that level. And so complete self realization, but, you know, myself never even gotten close, many people listening, you know, we're not self realized, you know, we're not we're not quite there just yet. Right. So

Alex Ferrari 48:04
We're working on it for we are working on it. I mean,

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 48:08
And that's the process. That's the beauty. That's the point.

Alex Ferrari 48:12
You know, the the gentleman sitting behind me, Mr. Yogananda, he was self realized.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 48:18
Phenomenal. What a book!

Alex Ferrari 48:20
Oh, I mean, autobiography, Yogi is the book that set me on my path. And he actually has an organization Self Realization. organization because of what he was able to do. And the impact that he was able to do on the Self Realization fellowship, right? That's correct. Yes, that's exactly normal.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 48:37
Or they do some great work, I love it.

Alex Ferrari 48:39
So once you're able to pull this out of the dark attic, or basement of your subconscious, and bring it out into the light. I know from my own personal experience, that when you do that, it's terrifying. It is uncomfortable. Most people go get back in that room, and let me lock the door, throw the key away, because I don't want to deal with that. And it is that kind of, you know, Dark Night of the Soul conversation about things in your own life and your own existence that most people rather not deal with. But they don't understand that they don't deal with it. It just gets bigger, the monster gets bigger, it takes more control over you you get angrier you get more fearful you get more, it just it just it pushes and pulls you your whole life in directions that you don't, it's controlling you and you are not controlling it. So what advice do you have when someone does sit in front of the mirror and really does a face to face with their fear or their trauma? How do you process that? How do you like not shove it back into the into the basement?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 49:49
It depends on what you want in life because this is the beauty of the eye. It's almost like universal law called free will. It depends on what you want. Um, if you want to live a beautiful, magnificent life, where you experience life, and all the beauty that it has to share with you, then you also are aware that the majority of the suffering in your life again, not in developing countries, but in countries like America, Australia, many other countries, Europe, etc. We know that the majority of suffering is internal. Okay, so we have food, we have water, we have the basics, the basics, the basics, we have the basics, and so we have the basics. And so the suffering is internal. It's in here. All suffering begins and ends in the mind as Eckhart Tolle says, right? And so then the question is, okay, well, if, if I recognize this, that I experienced fear, guilt, shame, grief, you know, fear, or or I should say, stress, then do I want to experience that the majority of the time? Or do I want to live in a beautiful state the majority of the time? If, and again, this is pretty easy to say, Oh, of course, I want to live in a beautiful state. But we have to be cognitive about this process. We have to choose consciously because of freewill. So I choose to live a magnificent life. Okay. So then again, what are the value systems, you know, one of the things that I value the most is family. And many people listening would say, you know, I love my children. And so I know that I either one, do the work now and heal my issues in the tissues, my shit. But then I don't pass those negative patterns on to my children, because it's intergenerational. We know this in epigenetics. So for me, if I look at what I value, good health, you know, success within, you know, getting our mission to the world and spreading consciousness and elevating energy, frequency and vibration, experiencing love, family, and beautiful relationships, etc, within that comes responsibility. Because, like I said, no one's coming to fix it. So if you wish to have a magical human experience, healing trauma is one of the first places to go. Because it is the trauma or the unresolved low energy frequency and vibration in the unconscious, it is the time that your father or mother said that you weren't good enough, that the trauma that happened when your girlfriend or boyfriend broke your heart the first time, you know that it is these experiences that are creating this suffering in life. That again, like I said, Before, I like to lead to the habits that we don't want to have addictions as such. So it is choosing consciously that I wish to live a magnificent life, and then leaning into discomfort. It's the same question as asking, you know, how do I get fit? Well, if you wish to be physically fit, you can't stop the moment, you know, if you're doing push ups, if you're in a yoga pose, if you stop or it's so little bit uncomfortable, and then you go outside and have a cigarette or, you know, eat some sugar or, you know, scroll endlessly on social media or, you know, pornography or all these escapes, right? Well, then he's kind of come back. And this time maybe doesn't come back as a whisper and then he comes back as a slap across the face or kicking the kick in the bum. You know, and eventually it comes with a Mack truck and then the universe will speak so loudly that you must or at least will have a stronger experience of the of what is trying to come out and what you're trying to bring to your awareness to heal. So for me instead of being dragged through these because I've had enough of these or several of these, you know universal lessons I lean into it. Yeah, you know, I find peace in my yoga pose. You know when I'm quote unquote hanging upside down sweating up my nose, if I can find peace there, Alex on the mat, I can find peace off the mat. So again, the the ancient philosophies are simple, you know, it's an inside job. And I lean into it. And so when the discomfort sets in the hindbrain, it wants to run, but you're greater than your trauma. So our students and in our community, we lean in to the discomfort to heal it. And when we heal the big ones Alex, we liberate energy because everything is energy, so we liberate energy, and then we get more lifeforce energy to us into the things that we love. And it's not such as a shadow work over and over and over again. But certainly knowing what the traumas are from the imprint period and turning that from how it happened to you to for you seeing the benefits and being grateful for the experiences and and utilizing that lifeforce energy that she now into conscious aspects of what you're trying to create is kind of the the summary of parts of the work that we do, I guess,

Alex Ferrari 54:31
And what I love what you just said there is that it releases energy. So you got to use it in a positive place in your life. You're absolutely right, because if you're just constantly angry, constantly fearful or stressed or worried about things, that takes a tremendous toll energetically on your body. And when you release that and again, I'm only speaking from my own experience when I released my one of my great dramas in life, my whole world pent up, things started to think started to come into my life, I started to see things differently. Not quite new ask. I wasn't stopping bullets just yet. But things became clear. In my life things became ideas started to solidify in my life where my philosophies on life and things like that things started to make more sense. I wasn't as confused as I was before. Like, why isn't this happening for me? Why isn't this happening? I want this, this this, I want that want that one I want to control I want to control. And when I let go, and understood what was happening, then things became a lot easier, which is kind of a next level soul. Right. And it's, it is also a counter counter to the way we are told in the West, which is about hustle grind, builds matrix. Yeah, exactly. And Intuit to a certain extent, you do have to do work, just a question. But you don't have to control, you have no control, that control is an illusion of the ego. Do you believe if you believe that you can control other people and things around you to bend to your will, that's the ego when you understand that you can let go of that and things will come to you in a way that is helpful and positive and at a high vibration in your life, then things open up, I'm assuming that's what happened to you with what you went through.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 56:28
Very much. So and in essence, the more things you're trying to control, the more the universe is going to show you that you're out of control because of this thing called attachment. Yes, you know, study it, study the ancient Indian philosophies. Look at the Buddhic principles, what blocks the crown Energy Center, or our portal to connecting to the higher self the most is our earthly attachments. So the more things that we are attached to hanging on to and trying to control, the more we're going to suffer, because you're not going to be able to control it, we think that you know, the water doesn't control which way which part which path it takes, but it always ends up where it needs to go. So it's like, like Bruce Lee said, kind of be like water. So yeah, if you're, for those who are quite intellectual, or overly intellectual or too, you know, too masculine within their, their way of behavior. Control is a major aspect. And letting go. Is, is divine. It's scary as all hell, man.

Alex Ferrari 57:25
It's terrifying, it's terrifying, especially if it's something that you've done all your life, if it's a skill, if it's a skill set that you've done all your life, because that is what you've used to survive in the world, that is what's happened. And you have, you've then figured out, I gotta let go of the thing. That is my blankie that I've been holding on to since I was a kid.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 57:50
And it is a mental emotional rebirth.

Alex Ferrari 57:52
It is it was very much so for me there was a kind of rebirth when I started the show. And I went through My trials in the show as well. But once I let go is one of the things the world's start opening up. And I wanted to touch on something that we've been talking about. We've mentioned it a few times. And I know you and I understand what it is, but many people don't the imprint period. Are you referring to the Bruce Lipton concept of those first seven years that he talks about so much?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 58:17
Very much. So Bruce Lipton's work is just phenomenal. But he's not really the founder of

Alex Ferrari 58:23
No, of course not, of course, that he's the one that's popularized a lot of it. Yeah,

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 58:26
Very much so but it's very necessary unless the imprint period is a series of experiences that you have every person from the age of one to seven, approximately, depends on what culture you raised, how fast you evolve, and you know, obviously, your culture and community. So yes, the first seven years of someone's life, I normally say this, when you understand law, right now, people are listening to a device, let's say it's a phone or a computer, while you can only hear the sound coming out or see what you can see on the screen, right? So what you see on the screen, what you hear great, that's one aspect, but underneath in the within the computer or the phone, there are 1000s and 1000s of processes that are taking place at the same time that you don't necessarily see or think about. The imprint period, is the program that was built within your nervous system, your view of the world, how you firing wire thoughts, patterns and operations, emotions, experiences, beliefs, behaviors that started from when you were young. So and again, it's 95%, approximately of that is created in the imprint period. So if you have, you know, like many people been born and raised, kind of done a little bit of personal development, a little bit of professional development here and there, you're kind of curious about things, but you know that there's more to life than there's always going to be a key for you a golden key found within your journey within and back in time to the imprint period as well, because of the traumas that took place then You know, I had a client a while ago, we were doing some breath work together. And every time she was breathing, and she was experiencing fear, this vision would come up in her head of a man wearing a red hoodie, like a red jumper. And she didn't know why. And but she would experience deep fear and the feeling of insecurity when she saw a man dressed in red. And when we went back into closed on meditation, and she started realizing what was going on. She called her mom and said, Mom, were we ever attacked, or something happened with a man dressed in red, because she was only a young girl, she was three at the time. And her mum started crying and said, Yes, I'm goose pumping, as I'm telling the story. She said, when they were walking through, I think, a park or something. And he was and she, they were gonna try to rob them. And so all the little one remembered was sitting in the pram, and then a man coming and the mum screaming, and then the men running off. But there was a feeling of deep trauma and insecurity. And so that was imprinted that was programmed that was placed, you know, within the young ones unconscious mind. And so now, when the adult, the the lady that was a child, when when she experienced as a threat, when she saw the color red, she would unconsciously perceive a threat. Wow. Right. And this was firing and wiring in their unconscious mind until she did this work to her. And she realized she didn't have any red in the House did not like the color red, right is not because of red is because of the trauma in the imprint period. And so what we had to do was to fall in love with the color red. Right? It may sound so simple, it's the color red. That was the problem. The problem was that that triggered a survival state. And so the imprint period is a principle in human psychology that states that you know, the majority of how you see the world and experience the world comes from that time. And so to go back and find traumas or incidents that took place during that time, and bring them back to coherence and love healing them is it's a gift Alex, to have this knowledge now. And to have this available to us to be able to do this.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:13
It's so fascinating. It's essentially the operating system of our computer. It is it is how we function in life, how we see life. And I always tell people, especially people who are a bit dogmatic with their ideas of spirituality, is I go well, if you would have been born into a Jewish family would have been Jewish, if you would have been born in a Catholic family, you've been Catholic, if you would have been born in India, you would have been Hindu, if you would have been born in China, you might have been Buddhist, like Tibet, you would have been to you know, Tibetan Buddhism, like it would have been different for it all is relative to where you were born, if you were born a Bushman, in Australia, an aborigine you would have completely you were not Jewish, and you wouldn't have Jewish beliefs. It all about how you came in. So if you understand that basic concept, then you can start understanding Well, if that's what I was programmed with at the beginning, does it make sense to me? And do I need to open my view a little bit of life? And that's just one aspect of our programming, you know, just religious, but societal? What what a man's position is based on what we saw on our Father, if we had a father, or if we you know, it's like, there's so many subconscious things that drive us that it's basically the main, it's one of the main issues of our existence, essentially.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:03:33
And it's a loop. Yes, it's a continuous feedback loop. So the universe will go hang on, you haven't had you have healed healed your fear from when you were three from when you were five, whatever, it could have been front, you were 10. There's not just one to seven, it doesn't stop at seven. But it's like the primary neurology is neuroplasticity, created at that time created, like form the program is built at that time. And so the interesting thing is, while you're looking at your phone, right, and if you don't update an app on your phone, you know, across, you know, you know, 12 weeks, it ain't work. Oh, yeah. You know, like it's not working. So hang on. How many years have you how many years since you were seven? How many years since you've upgraded the program? And if that trauma or those traumas or those beliefs are still there, what do you want them to be to make the rest of your life the best of your life? That's the question and when each person recognizes Hey Alex, your fear your listeners fear is different my fears different to anyone else's fear but we all experience fear than it unites us. It unites us because the primary blockages if you want to be a little bit esoteric of the energy system, the chakras the spinning vortex is these wheels of energy proven by science, Professor Valerie hunt Usili, UCLA University etc. The primary blockage of these energy centers of flow of energy from the higher self to the lower self, from the Spirit the soul 99.9% True to the you know the human experience of duality the To connectedness of such, or at least, what we know to be the energy centers, what blocks them the most our emotional traumas brother. And that's why healing our emotions will hear our lives and our businesses, because that is where we're creating from and manifesting from an experiencing from at the same time.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:17
That's when I can talk to you for another six hours, and I will have to have you back and have another long conversation about, about the meaning of life. And, you know, the matrix is have a whole episode just on the matrix alone. Yeah. I'm gonna ask you a few questions I ask all my guests, my friend, what is your definition of living a good life?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:05:42
And the reason I pause for this is because I think it deserves a good pause here for us to just take a moment to feel and assimilate, for each and every one of us listening, not just for myself. And my think, for me living a good life is firstly, to make it applicable, living a life aligned with our values. You know, I would imagine that many people listening, watching this would have heard about values before. If I was to ask you right now, what are your top three values? If you cannot answer me, my values are bang, bang, bang, then go and seek out values and get to know thyself further, by knowing what your values are, by, by that I mean, what it is that you love. Because if you realize, or become conscious of what you love, if you love to paint, you know, painting brings you presents and painting brings you joy, then that is for you a path, you know, to presents to enlightenment to living an incredible life for someone else that might be surfing, for me is researching, teaching, speaking, you know, my health practices, ascension, I love to study ascension, philosophy, family, you know, so, so when I live a life aligned with what makes my heart sing, then I can be happy and fulfilled. So that's one. And if you chunk it up, honestly, I think part of my path anyway has been, you know, getting float closer to source closer to God. Because the more I am on that path of Self Realization, remembering not just that I am intelligence, but also that there is a creative force that created everything. That's a cool dude. You know, I want to go hang out with him, I want to get to know him, I want to be closer or him more or, you know, I want to get closer to that, because that's a really special place to be.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:32
Which leads me to my next question, what is your definition of God?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:07:36
Of God? The greater excuse me, the greater organized design. God for me, is the origin of all things, named in many different religions, practices, quantified in science now. You know, we know it in spirituality, you can call it you know, whatever you may call it. But for me, it's the origin of all things that is aware of all things in all things, and maybe even experiencing all things through us. But it's the origin and create a creative force and intelligence within all things that is God for me.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:10
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:08:15
Big Questions. The ultimate purpose of life, I believe, honestly, in its most simplistic form, is to live a life that is aligned with our values. Because joy is part A major part of life, to really not take it too seriously to be able to, to live in a beautiful state. And also, for me, again, chunking it up. It's remembering who we are and coming close to home.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:41
And where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:08:44
So the easiest way to have this experience is to go to the website and do the Quantum Experience the one day event, which is Dr. Espen, Dr. ESPEN, like aspin, but with an E Drespen.com, check out the quantum experience. Yeah, and we do the breathwork in the one day too. And it's really great to talk philosophy and science, to talk all these wonderful things. But when we can give people an experience of of, of having that expanded awareness, experiencing that we are light, that's really what we're excited about. So check out the Quantum Experience. Also, Dr. Espen, on Instagram, Facebook, whatever.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:20
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:09:23
Especially, I'm wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity to be here to be invited to be on the show. Secondly, I'm honored that you listeners viewers have spent the time feeling experiencing and exploring what this means to you what quantum science consciousness means to you and how you can apply it in your life. I would highly recommend listening to this over and over again, until it drops sinks deep into the nervous system, share it with your friends and family. My final words are simple. There is a field of divine intelligence within you. You're here alive, listening, breathing and feeling what you're feeling right now listening to this for a very specific reason. You are truly the one that you've been waiting for. Life is in your hands, make the best of it because you are worth it. And you aren't profoundly loved and you are important. So go out and make your life magical. Go shine.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:10
My friend, I appreciate you and all the work you're doing in the world to help awaken all of us, my friend, so I appreciate you. Thank you again.

Dr. Espen Hjalmby 1:10:18
It's a privilege and a pleasure.

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