The Five Levels of Self Mastery for a Happy Life with Darryl Anka (Bashar)

On today’s episode, we welcome Darryl Anka, a fascinating guest who has spent nearly four decades channeling the entity known as Bashar. Darryl’s journey from visual effects artist to spiritual channeler is nothing short of extraordinary, blending the tangible world of filmmaking with the ethereal realms of metaphysics. His story is a testament to following one’s passion and embracing the unknown with an open heart and mind.

In this profound conversation, Darryl Anka shares his journey, beginning with his early days in visual effects, inspired by the groundbreaking film Star Wars. Despite narrowly missing the opportunity to work on that iconic film, he found his way into the industry through other significant projects like Star Trek: The Motion Picture. However, his path took a dramatic turn after witnessing two daylight UFO sightings over Los Angeles in 1973. These encounters ignited his curiosity about the metaphysical world, leading him to explore spirituality and eventually channel Bashar.

Darryl describes channeling as a state of heightened consciousness, where one taps into higher frequencies to receive and convey information. He explains that everyone experiences this state occasionally, often referred to as being “in the zone” during moments of intense focus and creativity. For Darryl, this state became a gateway to Bashar, an extraterrestrial entity who offers profound insights into the nature of reality and human existence. “The primary message,” Darryl states, “is how we create our reality and how we can change it to align more closely with what we prefer.”

Throughout the discussion, Darryl emphasizes the importance of following one’s passion, which he describes as the vibrational signal from our higher mind. By acting on our passions, we align with our true selves and open the door to synchronicity, where the universe conspires to support us in unexpected ways. He illustrates this with a compelling story about a friend who, despite having no money, convinced an airline to sponsor her travels around the world in exchange for her photography. This story underscores the power of believing in and acting on our dreams.


  1. Follow Your Passion: Darryl stresses that acting on our deepest passions is essential for aligning with our true selves and inviting synchronicity into our lives. Passion acts as a bridge between our physical and higher minds, guiding us toward our purpose.
  2. Embrace Synchronicity: When we follow our passion without insisting on a specific outcome, we allow the universe to present us with opportunities and support in ways we might never have imagined. Synchronicity is the universe’s way of confirming we are on the right path.
  3. Redefine Challenges: Viewing challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and exploration can transform our experience of reality. This mindset shift allows us to see every situation as a chance to learn and evolve.

Darryl also touches on the concept of consciousness, which Bashar defines as self-awareness achieved through reflection. This reflection can come from interactions with others or experiences that challenge us to see ourselves more clearly. By understanding that every person and event in our lives serves a purpose, we can approach life with a greater sense of interconnectedness and meaning.

In the film The Matrix, the notion of questioning reality resonated with audiences worldwide, prompting many to explore spirituality and the true nature of existence. Darryl’s insights echo this sentiment, encouraging us to view our lives as a series of interconnected experiences that help us discover who we truly are. He believes that physical reality is a dream projected by our consciousness, a perspective that allows us to navigate life with a sense of purpose and wonder.

In conclusion, Darryl’s journey from visual effects artist to channeler of Bashar is a powerful reminder that our paths are often guided by forces beyond our immediate understanding. By embracing our passions, recognizing synchronicities, and redefining challenges, we can transform our lives and align more closely with our true selves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Darryl Anka.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 027

Alex Ferrari 0:09
I'd like to welcome to the show Darryl Anka. How you doin, Darryl?

Daryl Anka 0:12
I'm doing great Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:14
I'm doing fantastic, my friend it is. It has been a long time since we've seen each other, though we stay in contact here and there we say happy birthday and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, things like that over the years. But you and I have known each other for over a decade, a decade now I think almost, maybe, almost almost 10 years. And it's so it's no time.

Daryl Anka 0:36
Now I don't even know.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I know you were at least a decade because you were at my baby shower. Oh, yes. For my daughters who are 10 now who are 10! Yeah. So yeah, it's been a while. So you

Daryl Anka 0:53
So they have jobs. And they're driving and all that.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
They're obviously have no, they have YouTube channels, and they're making millions unboxing toys, because the way the world works today? No, but it was really interesting. Because you and I met as filmmakers, you know, I helped you with two of you, I think two of your projects and and I've helped you along the along the way with your film projects over the years. And I really didn't know about the other side of your world. It I knew only knew you as the filmmaker. And then I found out about Bashar and I was completely floored by what you do and how you do it. And I love when I when I you know when we were in the edit room because we spent countless hours in editing and post production and color grading and visual effects. We spent just this I can't even imagine the hours we were in a room together. And then I would just talk to you like so how how, what is this? How do you do it? And the thing I always loved about you as you were so matter of fact about it?

Daryl Anka 1:53
Well, yeah, you know, I mean, I've been doing this now for going on 39 years. And I just can only treat it that way as something that's simply happened for me. You know, other there's nothing magical about me. Except that I guess you know, this occurred. And I just went with it. And I like to keep it grounded. I don't I don't like it to get too woowoo. So I do treat it as very matter of fact, because it's just something I do.

Alex Ferrari 2:23
And you came you came from the world of visual effects in the feminist. Will you talk a little bit about how you know, how you started, where you come from? And then how you got onto this path?

Daryl Anka 2:35
Well, yeah, I mean, I started in 1977, the years that Star Wars came out. I actually missed doing miniatures for that by about six months. But I went knocking on doors because after I saw that I really wanted to get into the industry because I really loved miniatures and, and visual effects. And I found a company that was just starting that was looking to hire people. They had gotten the job, but they had no crew. So I joined them. The first movie I worked on was actually Star Trek, The Motion Picture, we did all of their props, you know the phasers, and try corners and stuff like that. And, you know, been doing it since then, although I you know, I stopped I think in like somewhere around 87 or something like that. Because in 83 As I was exploring a lot of different metaphysical things, because in 1973, I had actually had two broad daylight UFO sightings here over LA. And that just like blew me away to the point where I'm going, okay, you know, the world isn't what we were told there's something else going on here. And I started doing all sorts of research and especially back then, when you do read research into, you know, spiritual and metaphysical things, and UFO, every book that existed on all of that was all on like, you know, one or two shelves in the bookstore. There weren't like whole sections of this stuff. So I just kind of went down the line and I learned about things like channeling from the Seth material, Jane Roberts. You know, who's considered kind of the classic modern channel. And 10 years after the sighting, I was introduced by someone to a channel who was conducting seminars. And I thought, okay, you know, this is interesting, I went and just wanted to hear what our live channel was like. And the information I thought it was really kind of interesting and helpful. But at one point, the channel offered to teach channeling in a class and I thought, well, I didn't think you could learn this. I thought it was just something that sort of happened to you out of the blue, because that's the way the stories have kind of always gone before. So I went into the class not thinking I was going to be a channel I just wanted to do more research and figure out what this was all about. But about halfway through the class. The entity that was coming through was conducting a guided meditation and something happened where It just sort of opened up in my head, like a memory just unfolded like somebody just shoved a DVD in my head. And I all, all of a sudden understood that the UFO had seen had been shown on purpose to me. So I would start learning about these things. I understood who Bashar was as an extra terrestrial entity, and that I had made an agreement somewhere along the line, maybe even before this life, to do this with him. And all this was kind of unfolding in my head in a split second. And the second this was happening, and I hadn't said anything, I was still in the meditation, the entity coming through the channel stopped talking to the class and turned to me and said, there's an entity here for you right now, if you're ready to begin. And at the same time I happened, I opened my eyes and I looked behind me, one of the classmates had picked up on the image of Bashar, I saw it in my head, and she was actually sketching it on a piece of paper. And so I knew immediately that there was two outside validations that this wasn't just my imagination, something real was happening here. So I, you know, I kind of went with it, I kept practicing. And I got good enough that the teacher asked me to co channel the next class with him, which is where I actually met my wife, Erica. And eventually, a woman came along who was looking for subjects to do a doctoral thesis paper on the connection between psychology and channeling. And I became one of her subjects, she would invite me to her house, her friends would come over, I would channel for them. And you know, the first week would be like, five people in the second week would be 10. And the third week would be 20. and word of mouth kept spreading. People would make take the recordings and share them with people. And eventually I started getting asked to do this in different houses. And more than, you know, three times a week, we had to start renting auditoriums. Eventually, people in other countries heard about it and started inviting me to their countries to channel and it just kind of took off. And you know, here I am, 39 years later doing the same thing, as well as still, you know, my career in film and other entertainment projects and stuff.

Alex Ferrari 7:06
Now, but I have to ask you, I mean, when you were you chosen for this path. Was there ever a moment that classic hero's journey, rejection of the call to adventure,

Daryl Anka 7:20
There was uncertainty, not so much rejection, because by the time the class came around, I had already done a lot of studying about what channeling was. So it wasn't something I was afraid of, I did have the considerations. Like, you know, if I do this, what's the public and the thing? You know, I'm I really going down a path here, that is something that that makes sense in our world. But you know, I was just so interested in the process and the experience, that I didn't think that much about it, because it was just again, this is who I am, this is what I'm learning. This is what I'm excited to explore. So I didn't so much have hesitation. But I did have, you know, questions about what this was going to become? And where was this going to take me? And what would it do to my life, if I did continue. So those kinds of things definitely propped up. And of course, just the whole idea of doing a channeling, as many channels have discovered is an exploration of your own fears and your own belief systems that might not necessarily be in alignment with your True spirit. So it's a big process of letting go of things for yourself as well. And that was actually the more challenging aspect of doing it. Even more so than doing it for other people, for strangers was what it was doing in me in terms of letting go of things that I didn't even know I was holding on to, in order to make myself clearer, and therefore a better channel.

Alex Ferrari 8:59
You know, what's really interesting is that I mean, you started this process in this in the late 70s. Correct?

Daryl Anka 9:07
Well, the channeling started in the 80s

Alex Ferrari 9:09
In the 80s. Okay, so in the 80s. You know, where we are today in regards to metaphysics and spirituality and the concepts of meditation and yoga and all these kinds of things. They weren't in mainstream consciousness at all in the 80s. We were watching, we were watching the 18 and Knight Rider.

Daryl Anka 9:32
Oh, yeah, no, I mean, things like channeling and psychic functioning and stuff like that. You were considered a crackpot, you know, you're just out of your mind or you were diluted or something along that line. And, you know, it's been gratifying to see that, you know, even if people don't have a complete grasp of it. Now, at least there's some consideration for it. There's, it's even gone into the language in the sense of whether they mean it in the way I do it or not. People always use the word you know, he's saying that person or she's channeling that person or, you know, whatever. So it's become part of the language and I think a little less of a taboo.

Alex Ferrari 10:09
Right. So I have to imagine that, you know, walking into this side of the world, I mean, you're coming from the film industry. So both I understand the film industry, I've been in with them as if they're 30 years, you know, how did you had to be fear in doing this and like going out on me, because you were going out on the deep end of the path

Daryl Anka 10:30
It's not like I was sharing it with anyone.

Alex Ferrari 10:33
There was no web pages just yet.

Daryl Anka 10:35
As it was the dark side of my life. But the thing that thing that kind of opened it up for me a little bit is, you know, even when I was doing the visual effects, and I was going to the classes, and it was like, I would go at the same time every day at the end, you know, and finally, one person that I was working with in visual effects said, where do you go every Thursday? You know, you seem to be such on such a schedule with this. And I said, Okay, here it comes. I said, Well, do you know about things like altered states of mind and getting into, you know, different things like that, and sort of connecting to other things that may or may not be, you know, of this world? I was approaching it very cautiously. And she just said, Oh, you're a channel! And like, what? And she said, Oh, my mother has been channeling for years. So it was just like, it's the biggest secret that everyone know, you know, but they don't talk about it.

Alex Ferrari 11:38
So can you can you, for people listening who don't understand what a channel is? Can you just give a basic definition?

Daryl Anka 11:44
Sure. A channeling is just being in an altered state, that's called gamma in the brain. This is between 40 and 100 cycles per second. And everyone channels, from time to time everyone's in that state. It's what we call being in the zone. When you are doing something that you love to do, you're completely consumed by it, you have no sense of the passage of time you think you've been doing something for 15 minutes, you look up, it's been two hours. That's the channeling state. So it's a natural altered state that we all do. But what we've discovered and this is one of the reasons why we made the documentary that we made first contact, is we wanted to totally demystify what the concept of channeling was all about. So you know, in the documentary, I even had my head wire to an EEG machine to see what was going on in the brainwaves. And the difference between my normal state and the channeling state, and we found that are some profound differences. But when anyone gets into that state, no matter what they choose to do with it. Different things are happening. There's a higher state of connectivity of association of information synthesis and processing, there's altered perceptions of how things are interconnected with one another. And so you can bring through all sorts of creative acts creative information. I mean, you know, when a painter is lost in a painting, when a singer is lost in the song, they're channeling when an actor becomes the role they're channeling. So you can connect to many different things, you can use it in different ways. But it's a profoundly accelerated and upgraded state of being in which you can create and bring through information on a on a much higher level, kind of like standing on a mountaintop and seeing the big picture, instead of being down in the valley and limited. So I just happen to, you know, steer in the direction of connecting to what presents itself as an extraterrestrial entity, who operates on that level consistently, in terms of their frequency, their vibration from a higher plane of existence, because that's also what happens when you channel or when you're in that state of doing what you love to do is your frequency your energy goes up. As I said, the brainwave goes much higher. And it connects you to different things that are then possible to connect to from that level. So no one has to believe that Bashar is real, it might be another aspect of my own consciousness or personality. But I have to let it present itself the way that it does. And I'd be not, you know, I have my own validations like having seen the UFO, and things like that, that tell me that he could be his own entity could be a real being somewhere, and that we're making a connection, you know, vibrationally on a different telepathic level. But really, the point I always make to people is it's not about whether you believe that Bashar is real. The information that he shares with us is valid and real. And you can actually test what he shares with us as formulas and messages and information in your life and actually get the result he saying you will get so it's kind of like you can prove the information is real. By getting an effect in your life, whether you believe he's real or not, is not the point.

Alex Ferrari 15:04
And I've, I've had the pleasure of talking to very high, high performing filmmakers and writers who are at the top of their game. And I always love asking them, is there a moment where you are in this state in the state that, especially writers, I've spoken to Oscar winners, who I'm like, when you were writing Forrest Gump? Did you? Did you write something for like an hour? And then stop and read it? And go who wrote that? Oh, yeah, absolutely. And they said, Yes,

Daryl Anka 15:36
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Anyone who gets into that zone is innocence in a channeling state. And it's almost like, things happen effortlessly. They just come through, it's like it is coming from a higher level or somewhere else. You don't feel like you're actually doing it. It's just you're become almost literally like a conduit or a vessel for information that arranges itself in a perfect way. So yeah, when people are able to come from that, they achieve all sorts of amazing things.

Alex Ferrari 16:07
And it's kind of like I, you know, I give the example of a radio station, like the old old school, radio, state, you know, radio, where you tune into certain things, sometimes it's a very clear signal, sometimes a little muddy, sometimes you just get pops of a song that come in, because it's too far away. You know, it's something along those lines. And absolutely, and then you are obviously been able to not only channel a clear connection in your radio, but also know how to get back to it whenever you want to, is that fair statement?

Daryl Anka 16:36
Yes, absolutely. It's become well, first nature, rather than second nature. Because I mean, again, after 39 years, I'm very familiar with that frequency. And I can fall into it, I can tune that dial very quickly. to it, it only takes me, you know, maybe 60 seconds at the most to get it back into that state to allow the connection to happen and the information to flow through.

Alex Ferrari 16:58
Is there any any time where you feel that the other that that information is knocking on your door? You're like, Hey, man, I need you to open up? Or is it? Are you just when it comes it comes?

Daryl Anka 17:09
Well, I mean, it's by agreement in terms of the timing, but there have been times when I can feel something needs to be transmitted, something needs to be delivered. It's rare, when that happens on its own, but it has happened.

Alex Ferrari 17:23
Now, can you explain to people who is Bashar as far as the message that he's trying to get and that is much about who he is we I mean, we it's almost it's almost irrelevant who he is. It's the message, like you said, the message and the information that he's going to so what is that message? What does that information that is trying to come through you

Daryl Anka 17:42
The primary message, no matter how many other things he may talk about, or connect to it, the primary message is how we create our reality, how we experience physical reality, how we can change our physical reality experiences to be more in alignment with what we prefer, because he's literally teaching us the physics of how we already manifest things in physical reality. And he provides literally a toolkit or a formula to follow. That's very basic and very simple, but very effective, and makes profound changes in our lives. And one of the most gratifying things I get out of doing the channeling is having people constantly come back to me and said, You know, I applied his formula, I applied his information as precisely as possible and this profound, synchronous change, you know, happened in my life, and I've never been happier. And I get that enough times from people that I know the information works, I know that it can be pragmatically and practically applied in our physical lives. And so that's why I keep doing it. Because again, like you said, it's not about whether Bashar is real, the information works. He is delivering a formula to us for how we actually create our physical experiences in life. And when applied properly, it makes profound changes.

Alex Ferrari 19:05
Do you think that, you know, I mean, I obviously believe that we are a spiritual being we are, you know, in most of the planet does believe in some sort of spirit or higher power of some sort. Do you believe that we are a spirit, having a dream that we're in a physical body, as opposed to the opposite way, which most people think?

Daryl Anka 19:29
I believe that exactly. In fact, I've done a lot of research on near death experiences and what people say about when they come back and all that, and based on that, and what Bashar has said, it's like we actually never leave spirits spirit is our natural state, right? But we can dream that we've left we can take a part of our consciousness in spirit, and pretend that we're playing this game called physical reality. We can impose this sort of limited feeling are on our consciousness to have this experience, but the majority of our consciousness is in spirit and never leaves. That's where we reside. That's who we are. It's what we are. So yeah, I believe that physical reality is an extension of spirit that it is literally a dream. And it can be, for lack of a better term arranged or manipulated in a way, that when you become more lucid in the physical dream, you can actually understand how to transform things and overcome things and let go of fears and negative belief systems in a way that allows our life to become much richer and much more aligned with the purpose of why we chose to have this physical dream, to discover ourselves from a new point of view, from a new perspective, because that's what physical reality, according to Bashar is all about. It's like you come, you come from a relatively unlimited state, in spirit, and limit yourself in a particular way to experience a specific journey, that without that process doesn't allow you to necessarily grow or change or discover something new from a different angle. And that's how creation expands in his mind. It's not that the structure ever changes, it's that our relationship to it and our experience of it is what is constantly new, and constantly expanding creation.

Alex Ferrari 21:20
So is that why would the main question is, why do we choose to do this? Yeah, I think you explained it, whereas we're choosing to have different perspectives and things like that. The concept of good and bad is something that is very specific to our reality, and good and bad. And I always say that, you know, I'm not taking something that Shakespeare didn't say the world is our stage, and we are just actors on it. It is, I've always said that the, that if imagined, and both since you both you and I come from the film industry, it's very simple. If you if your actors going on to a set, and you play Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker, you play your parts. And then at the end of the day, you go back to you know, Mark Hamill, in the house. And that's, and that's who you are. That's the day. But the insanity that we live in, is that we never leave the party and believe that we are Luke Skywalker and our Darth Vader. And that is that and that's what we're constantly trying to discover it we're trying to let you know, we're like, hey, it's just a movie.

Daryl Anka 22:29
Right! Well, you know, and, uh, but a profound one, and very profound. And it's, it's also about learning why someone is Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, what's the point of the play? What's the lesson we're learning in that? What are we overcoming? What are we trying to transform in that, because, you know, as they say, you know, it's easier to see a candle flame when it's surrounded by darkness. So it's like, we need both sides, to understand something about ourselves, and to explore something new about ourselves. So it's literally like a play of light and dark. And in that play, we discover who we are, as unique aspects of, you know, all that is. And we can change that we change that over and over and over again in the variety of ways. But Bashar usually focuses on describing those things, not so much as value judgments of good and bad. But as the idea of positive energy and negative energy, in the sense that positive energy is that which connects and expands. And negative energy is that which creates an experience of disconnection and diminishment. And so he's looking at this more as mechanical energetic devices, that can actually be used in a number of ways. And even a negative energy can be used for positive reasons. And a positive energy can be used for negative reasons. So it's just like we're really exploring these devices, these mechanisms of light and dark and positive and negative in ways that constantly expand our understanding of who we are as beings as parts of creation. And it's also that he's saying, Look, you not only have the the polar opposites, but really, in the classic sense of the word creation as a Trinity, because you have the negative and the positive, and you have the neutral in the center, the balance point between the two. And that's kind of what we're using to explore both sides, because both polar sides come from the center, they come from the same place. So what's the reason we're doing it is really the question in his mind, what are you getting out of it? What are you learning? How are you expanding your knowledge of your being? By exploring this darkness and this lightness, and seeing what the interplay of both of them brings you as an experience or a lesson that you can use to grow in us as a soul?

Alex Ferrari 24:59
Now, do you I'm going to go back to the movie business for a second because there's a movie that came up. I mean, obviously, there's a movie that came out in 99, which really was the first film that hit the zeitgeist of the world, and really made us question reality, which is the matrix. And that movie just shook the core think it was the first time in my lifetime, at least, that the whole world got a taste of like, wait a minute, they question something for a second, like, is this a simulation? Right? Am I you know, and you can look at it and do it. But there's a question started and how many people went down the rabbit hole, no pun intended, after the matrix came out about spirituality, about philosophies about all these kinds of things purely because of that film. It is one of those films that really shake shook the core of humanity in many ways.

Daryl Anka 25:56
Yeah, it got us to really explore ideas about what reality is, which is very important to do. And in it is a simulation, but it's our simulation. I think some people sort of got caught up in the idea that, Oh, you know, it's somebody doing something to us, or, you know, we're, we're lost and caught in this thing, as opposed to taking the responsibility for understanding, we're the ones that are projecting this, we're creating the simulation for our own purposes. And we can forget that. And it feels like we can get caught up in somebody else's creation. But it's all coming from us all of it. And part of the whole lesson is to learn that to learn that we're responsible for what we experience, that doesn't mean we're to blame. It just means that we have the power to take the responsibility to alter that or learn from it in ways that are truly beneficial to us, instead of falling into victimhood about it.

Alex Ferrari 26:50
Now, do you remember the things that you channel with Bashar? Or do you only see it after the fact when someone records you

Daryl Anka 26:57
Mostly, I see it after the fact. But of course, at this point, 39 years in, I understand his basic principles, enough, that I can talk about them myself, I even started to do that. And I will probably do that even more, because part of my journey is to become my version of him. And when I lecture to people as myself, I now can fall into the channeling state without necessarily connecting to you. And I can talk about these things, and bring through the information that he brings through about these techniques and structures and information in a way that allows me to feel like I'm flowing as myself, and being my higher self in delivering that information.

Alex Ferrari 27:41
What are some of the greatest lessons that you think that the shard has brought in through or you've channeled in through yourself that you want to kind of put out into the world?

Daryl Anka 27:52
Well, I would say again, the basic thing is what he calls the formula, which is a very simple five step idea. Number one, it's very critical, from his point of view, to follow your passion, what he calls the vibration of your true core self. Because we have, from his perspective, a physical mind. And we have a non physical, higher mind, that part of us that's still in spirit, and the to work together, theoretically, when we allow it to as a guiding system. So he's saying the higher mind communicates to the physical mind, in an energy language, our physical bodies and physical minds translate those energy messages from our higher mind into the physical sensation we call passion, or love, or excitement, or curiosity, or attraction. So when we are willing to act on the passion that is presented to us when we find something that we're suddenly passionate about acting on it, is what responds to the higher mind and says, I heard you. I'm here you telling me that the reason that this excites me is because this is me. This is my path. This is my vibration. Because according to Bashar while the higher mind speaks in terms of energy messages, the physical mind, language is action, not words, we're in a physical reality, you need to take physical actions to allow things to happen. So when we are willing to act on the passion that the higher mind guides us towards, we're responding to it and creating a dialog that then can continue. If we don't act on the passion, the higher mind isn't going to send us any other opportunities to do so until we act on what it has already given us. So acting on your passion forms a strong connection or a strong awareness of our connection to our higher minds, and allows us to receive the guidance and act on that guidance that leads us down the path that is true for us. The second thing is to take that action to the best we can as far as we can. until we can act on it no longer. So it's like you explore every path, every opportunity to do what it is that excites you what you're passionate about, until you just simply can't find any other way to do it. And that means that that moment, something else needs to be acted on. And it may seem to have no connection to what you were doing. But if it is your highest passion at that moment, it's the thread of passion that you follow, that tells you it is connected, because who knows, you know, you may be doing something like making a movie. And suddenly there's something that comes up, that seems to be an obstacle, and you just can't get from A to Z anymore. So you look around you go, Well, you know, what can I do? Out of all the things I can choose to do today? What can I do that is more exciting than any other option even just a little bit more exciting? Well, I feel like taking a walk on the beach. Well, how does that connect to me making my movie? I don't know. But I'm going to follow it. And while you're taking that walk on the beach, synchronicity comes in, and you overhear a conversation between two people. That is the answer you were looking for, to move you ahead in making your movie. That's how it works. Everything is interconnected. But when you follow the passion, synchronicity makes that evidential. So the third thing is to act on that. And this is the tough thing for most people. You have to act on your passion to the best you can, with absolutely zero insistence or assumption as to what you think the outcome should be. Because the truth is, we have no clue what the best outcome actually should look like. Sometimes we might guess, but we don't really know. So by dropping the expectation, and the insistence on what the outcome should look like, we allow the higher mind and synchronicity to bring us the outcome that actually will work best for what our true purpose being here is all about. And the next thing is, no matter what happens, even if it's something we technically don't prefer, that's not vibrationally compatible with us, that doesn't feel right to us, we have to stay in a positive state. Because we have to know that that happened for a reason. And that there is a way by staying in a positive state that we can actually get a benefit from that non preferred thing happening in our lives. So a simplistic example would be, something can come up that we don't prefer, if for no other reason to teach us more clearly the difference by contrast between what we don't and do prefer. And that's a preferable way to use what you don't prefer, it's a positive way to use what you don't prefer. It's here for a reason. How can I by contrast, figure out with clarity, how I can go more in the direction of what I do prefer by seeing more clearly what I don't prefer, it clarifies your mind it clarifies your understanding of the path you're on to see things sometimes, in contrast, the fifth thing, the last thing is you have to work on your beliefs. And you have to let go of all the fear based ones, all the negative ones that are holding you back from being yourself, you know, I am afraid I might fail, I won't be good enough. People will think I'm nuts. All these things have to clear out of you. So that this mechanism, this formula can work more efficiently within you. And when you do all of that when you take those steps and apply them as precisely and cleanly as possible. The synchronicity in your life goes absolutely crazy to crazy, magical levels that are almost beyond belief. And your life just becomes this ecstatic explosion of synchronicity, one after another to the point where you could tell people stories, and they almost won't believe you because it just seems too good to be true. too magical, too weird, too crazy. I can give you a perfect example. When we were making the documentary first contact, and we were looking for a narrator, right? We wound up with someone else, but the first Narrator I wanted was this particular actor who's very well known. I won't mention his name. And we just said, you know, how are we going to get in contact with this actor? Well, okay, well, we'll send some kind of a letter to his agent. We'll look up his agent, we'll send a letter. The next day. A friend of ours wanted to have lunch, and recommended a restaurant. I never go to. But we said fine, we'll go there. I walked in the door and who was walking out this actor and it was just like, hey, we just sent your agents a letter to explain that we would like he said, Well, yeah, okay, I'll take a look. But the fact out of a city of you know, millions of people in a restaurant I never would have gone to except my friend recommend that. This actor the one we He just sent a letter to the day before was right in front of my face, and I got a chance to explore that possibility with him. Those are the kinds of things that happen consistently. When you apply this formula in your life, it's just like everything starts to fall into place. Everything shows you that it's interconnected, that we're not really isolated. So it's a very incredible experience.

Alex Ferrari 35:20
No, and I'll tell you, I'll tell you my example of it, as well as I do have a few. But specifically with this show, I launched this on Easter of last year. And I started little by little, I had a few guests here and there and, but I had one foot in, I didn't have both feet in, and I had a lot of fear and a lot because very similar to your path. I'm in the film industry, I have a public, you know, very public other podcast, I'm afraid of, you know, I don't want to lose what I've built up over the last seven years, it's my livelihood, all this kind of stuff. And these thoughts go through all your mind to finally about, I don't know, four or five weeks ago, I just literally, I kept having this pounding thing, like you've got to, you've got to, you got to push next level soul, you've got to go down this road. And I said, Okay, you know what, I'm going to build my set. I'm going to put it out there. And then I'm all in. And I literally just said, I'm all in. I verbally said it out loud. And the second I did that. I reached out to, I don't know, 10 20 really high end guest dream guests that would love to speak to 90% of them said yes. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I knew you would say yes, because we're friends. But you, you were one of those guests as well. But these these, these doors started to swing open. And all of a sudden, things just start happening all over the place. It was just odd. It happened in the in my filmmaking podcast. So all of a sudden, Oliver Stone showed up. Right, and I got to speak to Oliver Stone. And then last year, every week, there were some new, amazing filmmaking guests. I mean, you were watching it, I'm sure, like seeing what was happening. I was like, Yeah, gangbusters what like what's going on? Like, I would say, like, what's going. And some of them were like, I've been listening to you for years. I'm like, what's going on?

Daryl Anka 37:24
See, that's the thing about the principal, and has to do with the vibrational levels, and what is possible on different levels. And it's summed up in something that Bashar says, You cannot experience what you're not the vibration of first, you have to be on the level, to experience something that is commensurate with that level. So when you said, I'm all in, you changed your frequency to the point where you then were capable of experiencing what was possible on that level. But until you allowed yourself to let your vibration go to that frequency, it's not even possible for you to be aware of the fact that those opportunities and those possibilities exist,

Alex Ferrari 38:08
But that is letting go of fear.

Daryl Anka 38:12
That is one major thing that you have to do to change your frequency.

Alex Ferrari 38:15
Right. It was the fear that was paralyzing me with it. And I knew enough that I had such a pulled I was like dabbling. I had started the show, I built a website, I did a little things here and there, but I wasn't full force.

Daryl Anka 38:30
That's the big one. That's the big one letting go here. That's why it's the fifth point of his formula. You have to let go of your fear based belief systems in order to actually experience something new.

Alex Ferrari 38:42
And fear. I mean, I've had I've had people on the show before we talk about fear all the time. It is what it is that thing that paralyzes us for life for full lifetimes. It's I mean completely and it could happen from when we were children, it could happen a million different things that happened to you for fear sake. And as you get older, I don't know maybe it's me as you get older you start letting go of things. It's kind of like you know when you were 20 you were afraid of what people thought of you and then when you're 80 you're walking out in your underwear and a T shirt. Like I think is Betty whites like when you're 20 you dress to use this I love it because I've been on a Betty Betty White cake because she just passed I've been watching all her stuff lately. And she said some things just like in your 20s you dress you know to look good in your 40s you dress for success in your 80s you dress for the bathroom like it's so true like as you get older like Adam I don't care what you think what I look Come on. You give less of a crap as older you get about things that were paralyzing to you in high school right?

Daryl Anka 39:50
Mess of a crap about crap.

Alex Ferrari 39:52
Exactly things that paralysed you in high school and in your 20s in your 40s you're like I've got bigger fish to fry and then you're 80 years old Like,

Daryl Anka 40:00
This is the point, this is the point, we give ourselves these challenges and these limitations to learn to overcome them. And that's the process we're all going through. And that's why it's so important to really pay attention to what you have been taught to believe is true, especially what you believe is true about yourself. Because most of that is crap. And it comes from other people's fears. You know, you grow up and you're you magically absorb your parents fears and limitations, your society's fear and limitations, your schools fear and you know, your friends fears, and you have to fit in order to survive. But sometimes fitting in means swallowing something that isn't really good for you. And eventually you learn that and you start to regurgitate it. And it's like, and now this isn't right, I need to eat something else, I need to swallow a different idea here, I need to tell myself a different story. Because the stories I've been telling myself, aren't stories about me. They're stories about other people and their fears. And it's just about me going along with that, because I wanted to not feel isolated and shut out, I wanted to fit in. But as you say, when we get older, it's not so much about fitting in, it's more about being who we truly are.

Alex Ferrari 41:13
And that is the key to everything is to be your true self. Because there is nobody else like you.

Daryl Anka 41:19
There isn't. That's the paradox of it, because really being your true self is how you actually fit in. It's not about becoming homogenous. It's not about being like everyone else. It's about being fully that unique individual that brings unique talents, skills and perceptions to life. So that everyone, if they were really all being themselves, they would all fit harmoniously by valuing the differences between us, by appreciating the differences. It's kind of like Bashar uses the analogy of a picture puzzle, every single piece is a different shape. And the only way that entire picture gets built, is by finding the right position for that unique shape. If all the shapes were identical, you wouldn't really be able to create the puzzle piece. And the big picture that then supports all the pieces. So it's about really being your unique puzzle piece shape. Honoring that, appreciating that and, and expressing that through your actions and following your passion.

Alex Ferrari 42:20
Yeah, I would imagine a puzzle that had a bunch of square pieces. Not that exciting.

Daryl Anka 42:25
Yeah, exactly. There would be nothing to figure it'd be like it'd be done in two seconds. It's like, what was the point of that? But learning where you belong in that entire picture, is really what the process is all about.

Alex Ferrari 42:36
And do you do think that a sensor barometer of if you are on the right path is happiness, because for me when I feel happy when I am like I get up every morning and excited to go to work? I've I know, you have to look at the time that you woke up. You're like, Oh, God, Mondays, I wake up, I'm like Monday, like weekends are like I don't get to do what I love. I'd like I'd love hanging out with my family. Don't get me wrong, but like, I'm not I'm not I'm not in my bliss, if you will, as Joseph Campbell says, I'm not in the bliss,

Daryl Anka 43:09
Yeah. But you can learn to be in your bliss on weekends, too. Obviously, different kinds of bliss is a different kind of bliss. It's a different expression of bliss. Exactly. So yeah, because that's one of the tools that unfolds when you're following that five point formula is it becomes the driving engine of your life, you can't wait to do something. That's your passion, it becomes the organizing principle of synchronicity, It arranges things for you in the proper order at the proper timing, magically, whatever you didn't have time to do at the end of that day, you didn't need to do that day. Now you have to be always aware, when you're exploring these things, whether you're the one that's dampening the excitement, with your negative belief, or whether it's a true fading of your excitement, because you need to look for another expression of it. So you have to be honest in yourself investigation as to whether you're killing it, or whether it's naturally waning, so you can look for the next step, the next stepping stone on your path. So all it takes is honest self evaluation. Because most people when they're honest with themselves, they can tell the difference between excitement and anxiety. And if they're honest, they know okay, I've got some fear based beliefs here that are preventing me from moving forward on something that could be my passion. But I'm afraid to move that way. As opposed to synchronicity, saying, No, that's not you right now, you may be excited about it. But this isn't the right time. So I'm preventing you from doing anything about it. You have to learn the difference between those signals, because there's a green light synchronicity and a red light synchronicity, and between those two of what you can act on and what you're not able to act on acts as the guiding walls to keep you squarely on your path.

Alex Ferrari 44:53
And I mean, when I was writing my first book, I was just excuse after excuse after excuse fear, fear fear you And it was fear of going into the book and reliving the worst time of my life. And then also the fear of putting it out there to see what people think of me my writing, or am I going to be crap. And it took me probably eight or nine months of writing this little by little breaking it down to finally express it. And then it did very well, once it came, I'm like, Oh, I can be a writer. And then I wrote my second book, and the second book just flew right out, because now that doors been opened,

Daryl Anka 45:29
That block was taken away. And that's another principle that Bashar talks about what one of which I find incredibly liberating. And that is, he calls it, he calls it, there are no one sided coins. If you have a head, there has to be a tail, or there's no coin. So he's saying he's using this to say, if you have a gift, that is really your passion to give. By definition, you can't have a gift. If there's no one waiting to receive it, you'd be excited about something else. There can't be a head without a tail. So if you have a gift to give, someone is waiting to receive it. Don't deprive them of that gift. Go ahead and express it. You will have an audience even if it's just one person, but it's the most important audience you will ever have. Because they're the ones who need what you have to share.

Alex Ferrari 46:26
Now, do you I'm curious, do you meditate? I meditate in the channelings in that so when you're channeling is when that's your meditation, meditative state, right? But meditative states in general, our way of channeling and so in some way correct. When you when your brainwaves get down to that level. Up, up, excuse me up to that level. Yeah.

Daryl Anka 46:49
That gamma is higher than your normal waking state.

Alex Ferrari 46:52
Right. So because I've experienced I've been, I've been a heavy meditator now for many, many years. And when I meditate for two, three hours, sometimes I'm able to I sometimes I'll go when I'm like, I have a problem. Let me go meditate on it. And then I'll ask the question, and then the answer shows up. Right? You know, like, I, I want to know, like, I need a name for this new show. What am I going to call it? I'm completely baffled. What can I call this? And I want to meditate. And I, in my meditation, I asked the question and the next level soul popped in are like, Alright, there it is. Great.

Daryl Anka 47:28
Alex is completely baffling podcast.

Alex Ferrari 47:34
No, it's it was just, but that's happened to me multiple times in my life.

Daryl Anka 47:38
That's what I'm saying all the information is here, right here right now. But you have to be of the frequency to perceive it. Because you cannot perceive what you're not the vibration of. It's just physics. It's just physics. You have to match. Even Einstein said, you can't solve a problem from the same level in which the problem was created, you have to go to the level of the solution, because the solution is there. But you can't stay on the same level in which you created the problem, because there's no answer there. That's the level that creates the problem. So you have to go to the level where the answer lies, you have to raise your frequency and go from a broader perspective,

Alex Ferrari 48:16
So do something, a practical experiment here, right now, if you are a screenwriter of someone who wants to write a book, an artist, a painter, someone who wants to open up a business, that's the problem that you're trying to get. Most people stay here trying to figure out how they can get in how do they could do this. But you but you're saying is that you need to kind of step back look above and this is at the higher level is where you will find the answers to these to these quarries?

Daryl Anka 48:46
Yes. And the first step in in going there is stop defining what you're experiencing as a problem. define it as a challenge.

Alex Ferrari 48:55
So Explain that. Explain that a little bit.

Daryl Anka 48:57
Well, in other words, every word has a certain kind of meaning in our society, and a certain frequency. And when you look at something that you don't know what to do, you're not sure how to move forward. Many people will define that negatively. As this is an obstacle. This is a problem. But that's not the right energy. This is a challenge. This is a challenge that allows me to explore to figure out something new to see who I really am. It's a challenge. It's fun. This is great. Let me explore something I don't know how to do. Let me figure it out. If you call it a problem, or you call it an obstacle, and you think that way, you're not going to get anywhere because you're staying on the level of the vibration of being a problem or an obstacle. So the first step in raising your vibration is to change your definitions and your relationship to the thing that you're experiencing. Everything conserved double duty, nothing has built in meaning. We've been taught that one thing means this and It means that and we automatically unconsciously apply that definition to the point where we think that that thing always has to mean that, but it doesn't. You can decide, I'm not saying you can't tell something that's negative from something that's positive, you're not calling negative things positive unto themselves. But what you can do, and again, this is why it's important as the fourth step of the formula to stay in a positive state no matter what happens, because you can't say, oh, that happened, something must have gone wrong. That will only allow you to experience it as something going wrong. But if you say, Okay, this is not what I prefer. But that's a neutral objective statement. It's a recognition that it's not vibrationally compatible with who you truly are. But, you know, it's there for a reason that could serve you. How can I give this a positive definition, being in my life in a way that can actually propel me forward. So it's about changing your definitions and your reactions to things. Instead of saying, this is a problem, this is an obstacle because that, by definition, the way you're giving it is like, this is going to be insurmountable. This is going to be a struggle, this is going to be a pain. Why? Why would you assume that? Why not say this is going to be an exploration, and it's going to be exciting. And I'm going to learn something I've never learned before.

Alex Ferrari 51:18
So for people listening, who are stuck in the survival mode mentality, which, trust me, I'm sure you were at a certain point in your life, I definitely was at a certain point of my life, where you're just trying to figure out how to pay the bills, how to how to survive, how to survive in a job that you don't like all this? How do you and your suggests, how do you suggest people break free from this, obviously, you know, we all have to make a living,

Daryl Anka 51:46
You have to honor your belief system. If you believe that you need to do what you're doing, no matter how much you may not enjoy it, in order to survive in order to thrive in order to be supported. Bashar says, Honor your belief system. Because it doesn't do you any good to jump off a cliff. If you don't believe you have a parachute, you'll just go splat. But here's the thing, there must be a way you can set aside some time to act on your passion, right. And to do that often enough, until you allow your passion to prove to you, it will support you. Because that, again, is part of the tools that happen when you follow the formula I already mentioned that becomes the driving engine, I mentioned that you start experiencing synchronicity is the organizing principle. But there are several other things that automatically engage in kicking, when you follow the formula, it becomes the path of least resistance, it becomes the path that connects you to all other expressions of your excitement. It becomes the path that supports you in whatever way you need to be supported. In order to continue to act on your excitement, it becomes the path of relevance, it brings everything that's relevant for you into your life through synchronicity. And it becomes the reflective mirror that shows you what you believe to be true and whether it's positive or negative. So you can let those go and add to your momentum going in a positive direction. And it becomes the path of completeness. It leaves nothing important out that's important for you. So let's go back to that one tool, the path of support. There are many ways to understand how to be supported in life and many definitions of abundance other than money. I understand we have to pay our bills, I understand we need to pay our rent. But Bashar says there are many forms of abundance. Not only is money a symbol of exchange in our reality, and it's valid. But being given a gift is a form of abundance. Having something to trade is a form of abundance. Synchronicity is a form of abundance. Imagination is a form of abundance, because it may give you an understanding of a path you didn't think you could take that may not need what you thought you needed to get there. Communication is a form of abundance, because you might communicate something to someone who let's say your landlord who's expecting you to pay the rent, but you communicate your situation to him or her. And you bring them in and you engage them into your experience so that they might actually begin working with you and say, Well, you know what I can hear because you called me and told me what was happening and didn't just leave me in the lurch and didn't communicate with me. Because you engage me and involve me. I'm willing to give you more time to pay your rent or I'm willing to reduce the rent for you, or something that might happen that you would never otherwise think might be possible, until you use that form of abundance. And so Bashar saying, don't just focus on one form, allow all the forms to be there because sometimes in order to do something that is representative of your life in an Easy Way and your passion, you might need a little bit of this, you might need a little bit of that. And you might need a little bit of this one. So let all the forms that need to come in come in, don't shut the doors to them. Don't think there's only one way to achieve what you need to achieve. And let it show you what combination of the different forms of abundance will form, the 100% abundance that you need to move forward might be a little bit of money, might be a little bit of trade might be a little bit of communication. Who knows. I tell a story on this that Bashar has told, and it involves one of my friends. And it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. And I'll be as brief as possible. This involved a friend of mine, who is a photographer, a brilliant photographer, very passionate about taking photos, and she had this dream. She wanted to go around the world to all of you know what people call the sacred sites, you know, Stonehenge, the pyramids, Machu Picchu, all of that, and take these beautiful photos of all of these sacred sites. Now, she didn't have a dime, to travel around the world to do this. But because she understood this principle that I'm talking about, she didn't say, Oh, well, I'll give up. She had what most people would think would be a crazy, insane idea. She said, I'm going to go to the airline. And I'm going to ask them to fly me all around the world for free. So I can take these photos. Now most people would say that's nuts. But she also knew the principle of exchange, which is part of it. So she went to the airline and said, I'll tell you what, you fly me around the world for free to all these sites. And I will let you use my photos in your brochures to attract more tourists to your airline. They not only said yes, they paid her to do it. They put her up in the best hotels, they fed her the best food. She lived like the queen didn't spend a dime, made money and lived her dream because she was not willing to give up on the idea of not having money as being the only way that her dream could be accomplished. She was willing to expand. She was willing to explore. She was willing to dream. And she was willing to put it out there. That's crazy. It may have sounded it work. This is how life works when you allow all forms of abundance to come to you.

Alex Ferrari 57:22
That's an amazing. That's an amazing story. That is That is an amazing, amazing story. I mean, to a certain extent, you remember when i i opened up an olive oil store? I do? Yes. And I'm sure you said what the hell is Alex thinking? Everyone everybody did because I've never spoken of olive oil in my life. And those are three very dark years of my life. I learned a lot. It was a lot of experience experience, but it was probably the three toughest years physically I've ever gone through like i i got spoiled working in post production where you know, you have a callus on my finger. All of a sudden, I'm going to the doctor and I'm like, Doc, what's wrong with my hands as you got you've got workman's hands. I'm like, Oh my God, why it's like what's going on. So after I I left that, and I was in financial, we were in tough times. I was able to go back to post production and edit and do that kind of stuff. But little time, literally the week the month prior to me closing the shop. I started the podcast. Exactly. And I just little by little, little by little until about two years in. I turned to my wife and I'm like I think I think I don't have to I can retire from from falling oil and from another from olive oil from post production. I can I can retire from it and not have to do it anymore.

Daryl Anka 58:41
One thing I'm curious, what do you think you learned that served you during those three years?

Alex Ferrari 58:47
Oh, what a hard day's work is. I didn't know what a hard day's work was. That's one. I truly didn't. I mean, yeah, we work hard in the film industry. And I've worked on sets and I've been a director, but it's different. It's a whole other level of waking up at three o'clock in the morning lugging hundreds of pounds of bottles of olive oil, packing into the car, driving to Calabasas setting up shop at 430 when it's freezing or when it's so hot that you're literally the corks pop from the olive oil bottles because of the heat that was in there, staying there for like, four or five hours. Make $100 If you're lucky, and then by the time you're done paying the market, you're in a negative, right? And then going back home, exhausted, burnt out, beat up, and then having to do it again the next day at another market. That's one that was a huge lesson.

Daryl Anka 59:45
What's the next thing?

Alex Ferrari 59:47
That's the next thing I learned? That Let me see. That was the biggest thing for me. I needed to be humbled. I needed to I needed to be humbled my ego My ego I've always been able to make money fairly easily in the film industry. I have, you know, like, like Liam Neeson and taken I have a unique set of skills that I use that I'm you know, and I'm sought after. And work always just came to me because it was something that came very naturally to me. But I think I needed to be humbled a bit. Okay. And I think that, that humbling has brought me to where I am right now, I think without those three years, I'm not obviously not who I am today. Right. But so now I appreciate the ability to do a show like this, and make a living, to do shows like I do, and writing books and doing courses and things like that, and making a living doing stuff like that, as opposed to kill literally physically killing myself.

Daryl Anka 1:00:50
Right. And so that has now informed you and made you who you are, as you said to do this. And I would guess that it's also given you an experience that you can share with other people and pass along when you see them going through similar things, because you have found out that while you learned great things from that, it's also not your path of passion.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:13
Oh, no, it wasn't. And the funny thing is the way the universe works, it locked me in for three years. Because that was my lease. And I didn't want to break my lease. So I was stuck there. I couldn't, I couldn't just say I'm out. Yeah, I couldn't. I was literally trapped for three years. Right. But by choice, I was trapped by choice, but because the result of me breaking my lease would have been financial ruin.

Daryl Anka 1:01:40
Yeah, but that's the way you set it up.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:43
Oh, no. And there's no question. There's no question

Daryl Anka 1:01:45
You needed those three years to learn what you have learned.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:48
And you know what the funny thing is, we asked for five. And the the the landlord said, I think there's gonna be three, it's gonna be enough for you guys.

Daryl Anka 1:01:58
The landlord was your friend.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:00
The only time they were my friend, by the way, horrible experience.

Daryl Anka 1:02:04
Yeah, but that brings up a really interesting point, because people get caught up in business relationships with co workers and things like that, that again, they sort of tend to feel victimized by but sometimes you have to understand that if you're getting responses and reactions from co workers, whether they know intentionally that they're consciously that they're doing this or not, they may actually be pushing you in the direction you actually need to go. Because you might finally get fed up with this or fed up with that, and leave. And that may have been the point of why they might have been so nasty to you, whether they know it or not, it doesn't excuse their behavior. But the point is, you can use it to understand, Oh, I'm being shown that this is not where I really wish to be. And then if you can overcome your fear of leaving, you can leave and get something that is actually more in alignment with who you are. And that's part of what I said earlier about learning to define what's going on in your life in a more positive rather than a negative way.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:04
No, I was when I was younger I was. I was probably one of the best paid editors in Florida. I worked at a channel network. And I was very highly paid. And I didn't have to worry about a check every week. I didn't have to go hustle, I didn't have to go freelance. And I got really addicted to that check. But I hated the work. I hated it so badly. It it was just not me. And I just like I can't leave the money's too good. Like what's going to happen? And then what happens? New boss comes in, says, Hey, wait a minute, you're getting paid $40,000 More than any other editor here. We got to get rid of this guy. And they figured out how to push me out within a month or two. They pushed me out in a very horrible way. Within two months, I opened up my post production house in Florida and I was off to the races. I wouldn't have been able to do that without this push. The longer you are alive, the more you realize that this is this is not just happenstance, this is not just it just things happen so perfectly in your life, where you always and I've just come to realize this when you think something horrible has happened to you. You can't realize that it might have been the best thing to happen to you until years later. I almost made you you're you're old enough to remember Project Greenlight. Back in the day. Yes, I was in the top 25 Project Greenlight season two, I almost made it to that I almost made it to the top 10 And I didn't and I thought I was devastated like oh my god, what my life is over at this was my shot all this stuff. After that season years later. I'm like, Thank God I didn't get on that show because it would have because none of those directors ever went on to do anything else, and so on so far, and a funny antidote to that is then the start one of the stars of that show and producer Oscar winning producer was just on my The show and I gave him crap for not letting me first questions on like, Hey, Chris, what's up, man? Season two, why don't I get it? And it was and then we had this wonderful conversation. But like, that's the so tell that kid who didn't get on the show that in about 1015 years, you're going to be talking to this guy, and possibly building a relationship with him. It's insanity!

Daryl Anka 1:05:21
Exactly! Now, see, the thing about it is when you start learning the things that we've been talking about here, in terms of applying these things, you start to realize those things sooner. Yes, necessarily. Get to the point where somebody has to struggle to push you out, or you go, this is a sign. And I really need to believe that if I change something here, I will be supported, I really need to understand that that's what happens. So that you don't have to be miserable for months or years as people are trying to tell you to go another direction. You know, in the nastiest possible way you can recognize the signs sooner, and you can change your life faster. In a more positive direction.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:07
It's Amen. Amen. No, I mean, it's, it's it's so true. Because nowadays, I look at things that when something happens, I just step back for a second go. What's this trying to tell me? Right? What's happening? where's this going? And ever since I started to do things like that my life is moved in a much smoother. I have not that there's not problems, there always is something

Daryl Anka 1:06:27
But there's not challenges.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:28
Correct. There's always there's, there's no there's that chant, there's always challenges. There's always challenges. There's always challenges in life, and that's part of our path. Exactly. But it's not this painful thing that just in the end, I always find out is the if you don't learn the lesson that the universe is trying to teach you. They'll be subtle at first. Oh, yeah. Very subtle. And slowly but surely, they're like, You know what, this guy needs three years in an olive oil store and doing farmers markets? Like a bee. Yeah.

Daryl Anka 1:07:02
And it can get even more. So we say, oh, obvious than that? Because Oh, yeah, I think certainly that you know, what we typically call accidents, I think are not accidents. Of course, I think that if somebody doesn't pay attention to the subtle messages, and the mid level, so messages, and the stronger messages, they will sometimes smack themselves really hard, and come out and go, I need to pay attention to what's happening in my life. And it's about not having to get to that point, to really pay attention to learn to see the signs, before you have the accident that turns your life upside down, for you to pay attention to what you really need to pay attention to in life.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:48
I'm curious, what does because this is a word that's thrown around so often we consciousness, what is in your opinion, that definition of that? Does Bashar have something to say about the kind of reality of consciousness?

Daryl Anka 1:08:02
Yeah, it's, it might seem to be a very simplistic definition. But to him consciousness is simply self awareness. In other words, it's a reflection, let me back up. Imagine that there is one homogenous thing in existence, there's no definition, no differentiation in it whatsoever. Is it conscious, he's saying, it's not aware of itself, until a part of itself becomes different enough that it sees the difference between the other and itself. So from a shark perspective, consciousness is the product of a reflection within existence, that becomes aware of something that appears to be other than itself. And then you become self aware, because you have to have something other than yourself, in order to be aware of your self as differentiated. If there's no differentiation, there's no awareness of self.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:10
And that could be family, that could be friends, that could be experiences that could be other things outside of you, that you can kind of that, that that are different from you, for you to be able to find that kind of self awareness

Daryl Anka 1:09:23
It's about it's about using everything in reality as a reflection in one way, shape, or form to inform you about who you are while you're doing the same for the others, to help them become more aware of who they truly are through reflection. Now, that doesn't always mean it's a one to one reflection. But everyone in your life is there for a reason. And it may be that you need to help them. They need to help you. You both need to help each other with something. You may have less to learn. They may have more to learn. You may have more to learn. They may have less to learn, but you're there for a reason. And it's all about reflecting to each other what we need to be who we are

Alex Ferrari 1:10:00
And that could be the person who cuts you off in traffic, or cut or cuts you in line

Daryl Anka 1:10:05
All an orchestration. as fantastic as that idea might seem, it's all an orchestration, there are no accidents, even when you're in a traffic jam, who's next to you is there for a reason, and it may never occur to you. Or you may never know exactly what purpose you're serving in that traffic jam. But you're allowing other people potentially to learn lessons they need to learn by being there with you. You may never need to know what that lesson is for them.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:34
I can keep talking to you for another five hours, Darryl, and I'm sure we'll have you back one day, when you have happy to be. It's an amazing conversation. I'm going to ask you a couple questions. I I love to ask all my guests. What do you believe? Is your mission here in this life?

Daryl Anka 1:10:52
Well, a to be myself as best as I possibly can. To serve others, to help them learn to be themselves as best as they possibly can? And to have fun doing it.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:04
And do you? Can you express please to the audience, the power of service, the power of helping others it is it is one of the core reasons we're here.

Daryl Anka 1:11:15
Yeah, I'll go back to the analogy of the puzzle pieces. When you serve others, you're helping them find their place in the big picture. Because you know, the big picture serves you too. If you're serving just yourself, you're just this loan puzzle piece with nowhere to belong, you don't really feel a connection to anything, and therefore you're not connecting to the big picture that could be there supporting everyone including you, you have to think of yourself in an inclusive way. And that comes about by paradoxically serving others because you're all part of the same big picture. And if you want to take advantage of what the big picture can give you, you have to help others form that big picture for themselves to

Alex Ferrari 1:11:59
And why do you believe we are all here?

Daryl Anka 1:12:04
Well, there are many different reasons we each have as individuals, but fundamentally, it's sort of what I said before. On on the biggest level, we're all reflections of what I call all that is some people may want to use God, Goddess, whatever. I just say all that is everything is part of existence, and everything is us. We are reflections of all of that. But we need to experience ourselves in all the ways that's possible. In order for all that is to know itself in all the possible ways that it can. So it's getting a reflection to through us as US reflecting to it. Everything that it can be.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:45
And Darryl, where can people find out more about you and Bashar and in your work?

Daryl Anka 1:12:50
They can go to They can go to, which is my production companies or, And that'll basically give them an idea of everything that we're doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:12
Darryl it has been a pleasure, my friend to connect with you again at this level, not just as, as a post production relationship,

Daryl Anka 1:13:20
It's always fun to connect with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:23
But I appreciate you my friend. Thank you again for everything you do.

Daryl Anka 1:13:26
Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate you helping to get information out. That's what makes all the difference.

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