TOP Psychic PREDICTS 2024 Elections & FUTURE of American EMPIRE! NOT What U THINK! with Cyndi Dale

In today’s enlightening episode, we welcome the extraordinary Cyndi Dale. With an innate gift for psychic abilities, Cyndi has traversed a remarkable journey that began in childhood and has led her to become a respected author and healer. Her story is one of resilience, understanding, and profound insights into the unseen realms.

Cyndi shared her earliest memories of experiencing the world differently. Raised in a typical American household with Norwegian Lutheran parents, her psychic abilities were both a mystery and a challenge. She recounted a vivid childhood experience of seeing angels and other entities, which her parents dismissed as imagination. This early dismissal of her gifts led to a period of denial and struggle. “I thought it was normal to see dead people floating on the ceiling,” Cyndi Dale reminisced, highlighting the innocence and confusion of her younger self.

As she grew older, Cyndi faced significant challenges, including a near-death experience that profoundly changed her perspective. She decided to embrace her abilities fully and began to explore and understand her gifts. Through therapy and self-discovery, Cyndi learned to set boundaries and use her psychic abilities for healing and guidance. Her journey is a testament to the power of acceptance and the courage to walk an unconventional path.

In our conversation, Cyndi also delved into the complexities of being a psychic in today’s world. She discussed the common misconceptions and fears surrounding psychic abilities, often viewed through a lens of skepticism or superstition. Despite these challenges, Cyndi’s dedication to her craft and her desire to help others navigate their own intuitive paths remained unwavering.

One of the most profound aspects of our discussion was Cyndi’s insight into the current state of the world. She spoke candidly about the political and social upheavals we are witnessing, attributing much of the chaos to a clash of extreme ideologies. “I think what we’re seeing right now as so-called Republican versus Democrat are two extreme ideologies. And I think when you narrow them in a little closer, you have ideologies that don’t need to violate each other,” she explained.


  1. Intuition as a Guide: Cyndi emphasizes the importance of listening to our intuition as a guiding force in our lives. By staying open to our inner voice, we can navigate complex situations with greater clarity and wisdom.
  2. Embracing Boundaries: Setting boundaries is crucial for managing psychic abilities and maintaining personal well-being. Cyndi’s experience highlights the need for clear limits to protect oneself from being overwhelmed by external energies.
  3. Navigating Change with Compassion: In a world filled with turmoil, approaching situations with compassion can help bridge divides and foster understanding. Cyndi’s perspective encourages us to look beyond ideological differences and find common ground.

Cyndi’s story is not just about psychic abilities but about embracing one’s true self despite societal norms and expectations. Her journey is a beacon of hope for those who feel different and misunderstood, showing that it is possible to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths.

As we concluded our conversation, Cyndi left us with a powerful reminder: “We’re all psychic to some degree. It’s about how we choose to harness and understand that energy.” This insight invites us all to explore our inner worlds and connect with the deeper parts of ourselves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cyndi Dale.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 467

Cyndi Dale 0:00
For, I think, 50 years, we're not the United States. I think what we're seeing right now as so called, you know, Republican versus democratic are two extreme ideologies. And I think when you narrow them in a little closer, you have ideologies that don't need to violate each other. What's happening is that I think there's a flattening, which we were kind of talking about with politics, there's gonna be a flattening, you know, who's going to look to whom, and I think our intuition was just go to back to psychism, or intuition will tell us how to do that. It'll tell us, you know, if we stay open to it, you know, kind of who do we help? Who don't we help? You know, who do we vote and who don't we vote in it as if we have choices? Don't have a lot of choices at the you know about who's at the top right now.

Alex Ferrari 0:43
I like to welcome to the show, Cyndi Dale. How you doing Cyndi?

Cyndi Dale 0:56
I am excellent. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I'm doing very, very good I am. So looking forward to our conversation. It's, it's been a journey to get here. But we're both here now. And I'm looking forward to it.

Cyndi Dale 1:07
We are both here. And as we already spoke, my dogs aren't here, which is very useful, because they would have just taken over the space, they would have done it all be about traits, that would be it, we'd be done.

Alex Ferrari 1:20
So you have a very unique path in this space. Because you're you teach about you teach about people teaching people how to connect with your intuition, connect with your own psychic abilities, by you yourself as a psychic as well. And going through that process. What was your life like prior to this insanity? Of, of being a psychic medium and all of this world because it's insane. It's insane. I always start off with these guys, because it's nuts. It's absolutely nuts. Everyone thinks you're nuts, either or you're nuts. Or you're in the I'm the devil. We're talking to the devil, demons, all this kind of stuff. So that's a lot and you came in, you've come out fully your best selling author, all that stuff. But before all of this insanity, circuses craziness of being a psychic came out, what was your life like before?

Cyndi Dale 2:10
Well, and when you're a psychic, and it's sort of normal, then you really know the world has gone downhill. So I that was just one of those psychic little kids. And of course, I didn't have that label. I have white wonderbread Norwegian Lutheran parents, we spent much time in Huntsville, Alabama, you know, so what I did was kind of in my own world, I saw angels I saw not angels, shall we just add that in and we can circle back, you know, to kind of bats or have a topic, you know, and I just thought it was normal to see dead people floating on the ceiling, you know, or kind of look at like an unopened flower and say we can please open and have it open. But my parents didn't think that was normal. So I still remember, living in Huntsville, Alabama. There's this hallway. I sleep at one and my parents are on the other side, and I heard the kitchen door open, and conversation ensued. And it was we call them hobos in that day, were right behind the railroad track. And they came in the house, and we're talking about food and eating and they, they fried bacon, I smelled the bacon. Then they left and I was upset not because they made their way in the house. But because if you didn't do your dishes in my house, you are in trouble. So I ran on my parents room and I said they didn't do the dishes. They didn't do the dishes. And you know, my mom rolled over and she was like, Oh my God, here we go again. And my dad took me by the hand into the kitchen. See Cyndi, there's nothing here. You're just making things up. So you know, I really knew I wasn't making things up. I was about 12 or 13 though, and I was just done. I was done with the world. I told my parents I'm gonna die. I'm done. I'm leaving. And I did get really sick. I did have a near death experience. And floating out I can look down see this skinny little body. When I was growing up. We had to drink orange juice when we were sick. And then my mother would also spray the room with Lysol. So there's these beads of Lysol on the orange juice. And I'm like, that is not healthy. But I left I didn't even see a white light. This voice just said you gotta go back. I said no. And the voice said again, you got to go back and I said no, I'm really not going back. And then I'm in I'm back in and I decided I wasn't going to use my gifts. Not anymore. Like if you know if they weren't useful if you couldn't do what you wanted, you know kind of with them. And so I had all the normal teenagers use it. What do they call them? OCD, anorexia, bulimia, this, that and the other thing, but I was fortunate because I started therapy by 20 He and I had a therapist who said, You're not only all the things that insurance pays for, you're also psychic and you needed to.

Alex Ferrari 5:08
I liked that. I liked that very much. You're not all these other things that the insurance will pay for the are also things that the insurance is not going to pay for.

Cyndi Dale 5:16
Yeah, the insurance does not cover psychic activity, you know, knocking on the walls, you know, going to study with shamans, you know, that's all out of pocket. I hate to tell you, but most healthcare that is any good is out of pocket.

Alex Ferrari 5:31
So, okay, so when you had your near death experience, by the way, did you come back and tell your parents Hey, this happened or did you keep that quiet as well?

Cyndi Dale 5:41
I kept it quiet. I didn't tell them anything. I didn't say a thing. And because what was I going to tell them? You know, I got sent back. I'm a reject?

Alex Ferrari 5:49
You had enough already had enough issues going on. Alright, so this is a this is fascinating, because I mean, I've spoken to so many different people with with different abilities, channeling psychics and so on. And near death experiencers, who some have very supportive families, some are born into the psychic, oh, you have the gift. And then we train you. That wasn't you? You were on the other end of the spectrum where like, You're weird. Oh, my God, my daughter, what's happening? At what point did was there ever a point in that in your in your childhood? Where it was a real problem with your family and people around you meaning like, up? Did they go to the point like are they issue possessed? Is she dangerous to like that kind of world because I've heard those stories.

Cyndi Dale 6:34
I know, they didn't, they didn't accuse me of being possessed. But my dad decided I was probably say tonic, which is a little different than being fully possessed. So we went to Normandale Lutheran Church, and there is a seminar, I'm about 15, and I still have my gifts, I'm still bringing things up. But I'm like trying to be stubborn, you know, kind of as well, I want to be normal, I want to be normal, I want to be normal. And in this seminar, they had a man who left the occult. And he's explaining, you know how the demons work. And they do this and that. And he said, you know, the demons come in. And they only move objects. And I've only been levitating myself and other people, which I thought was sort of cool. My dad was like, oh, no, this is like going on the dark side. So this man in this Sunday school room starts moving objects. And that's when I really got in trouble. Because afterwards, I said, you know, that's kind of cool. And I learned how to do that. So, you know, my parents really never dealt with it. They didn't talk about it. Nobody worked, you know, kind of in there. There's when my mother died a few years ago, she lived to like 90, some, I mean, she lived forever. She was pretty pickled. I mean, her favorite food groups were ice cream, sugar, you know, alcohol opiates are in there, too. But she had one of my books, I've given her my encyclopedia, one of the books I've written. And I took it back after she died. You couldn't even see the cover. It was so bleached. It was just it just was in the sun. And I don't think it was ever cracked open, you know, you don't have that wonderful, you know, freaky sound that books can make. I'm like, Yeah, this wasn't very, you know, kind of useful for her that I was what I was, but um, but I did a psilocybin journey. About a year, year and a half ago, my uncle George had died the month before. And the, the leader gave me we're doing it alone, she gave me way too many mushrooms. I'm like, This is not okay. I'm walking around telling jokes for nine hours. That's literally all I'm doing. The rooms black, the rooms White, I'm going, really getting much out of this. And, you know, so I just kept telling jokes, but my uncle George was, who was dead was there. And he was talking to me. And he said, You know, I didn't really like you when I was alive. But you're really funny. And so I told my monks that who is still alive, and she fell in love with what I do, because of course, now she can find out what Georgia is up to. So you just have to be useful. If you're going to be a psychic, if you're going to be strange, if you're going to be weird. You know, it's really all about results. I hate saying that. But it's sort of how can you benefit.

Alex Ferrari 9:22
So when do you want so when did you decide to come out of that psychic closet? And you know, and as they, as they say, fly the freak flag fully of what you're doing because I'm going to be an author. I'm going to do this for a living, although at what point did you do that?

Cyndi Dale 9:37
I was actually fairly young. I started in my 20s in corporate social responsibility. I taught business ethics. I mean, I had this big business good going public affairs, PR crackerjack writer, you know, good in front of other people. But in the backdrop I'm traveling, to try to figure out what now We call, you know, quantum energy and subtle energy back then it was just psychic energy and just different words different times. So I was able to travel over, you know, many, many, many years to Peru to work with shamans, Costa Rica to work with shamans, Venezuela, Japan, you know, many, many different countries, because I wasn't really finding a space or a place here. So I was able to go to places where it was normal, and it was accepted. So I actually, when I was 28, I just had my oldest son, I was married to his father, who was a PhD, who thought I was Wackadoodle. Because I could hear things at night. And I heard a voice, I hear this voice, we get this voice every so often, you can call it God only comes in to tell me what to do. And I'm just says, quit your job, quit your job and start your business. And like, really, so you're going to make sure I have money. I quit my job, which is fundraising at that point. And I thought, I think I really want to start a psychic business, I'm gonna start a consulting business. But I knew that was the wrong thing to do. Because we always know what we're doing, if it's right or wrong, I believe. And so just for the kick of it, I made cards, they were rows with a rose on them that says Cyndi Dale, psychic healer, or whatever it said, I went to at that point, it was called Kinkos. Now it's FedEx to pick them up. And there was a card at the end taped, and I thought, Well, I'm just gonna go throw these away. I picked them up. woman next to me, says, Oh, do you do readings? I said, Yeah, never really done one professionally. 28. And she said, I'll send you people. I'm a hairstylist. And that was it. My business started. And it just kept going. I heard a voice teach a class heard of voice write a book heard of this heard of that? You know, all that stuff?

Alex Ferrari 11:54
Is that your spirit guide?

Cyndi Dale 11:56
Yeah. I'm sure I think it's either at this point, I'm starting to think is probably what I would call my own higher soul. You know, some people call that the oversoul. You know, the one that's kind of got it all together and looks down and goes, Yeah, let's move you to the left. Let's move you to the right. That's That's my sense now, but at that point, I thought it was a spirit guide.

Alex Ferrari 12:19
Interesting. So you mentioned in like these voices and see dead people on the ceiling. And since you did it at such a young age, it became normal to you, you normalize that very quickly, because you just thought everybody saw that I'm assuming every Oh, it doesn't everybody see Uncle Bob, in the corner of my bed kind of thing. I was there any point especially is, and again, this is what I'm from my research is, during when you're a child, and even in adolescence, and preteen and teenage years, it's, you accept it. But as you get older, it becomes a bit of a, of a hassle. And like, especially when you're in your teenage years, your early 20s You're like, I don't want to deal it. Unless you're all in. You don't want to deal with it. Like, can I just take a shower without someone saying hello? She's just everyone listening. She's just shaking her head vigorously. What do you say?

Cyndi Dale 13:13
I wanted all that to stop and go away. And it did calm, you know, when I was, you know, kind of in therapy, and I've been in therapy a really long time. But the good part about having been an you know, a time still being a client in therapy, is I learned something called boundaries. Now they were psychological. And then when we're intuitive, which guess what we all are, you've got the additional complaint of feeling everybody's feelings or knowing what they ate for breakfast, or what should they be doing or they might die any day now or you got all that stuff. But I was able to drag the the idea of psychological boundaries, this is not mine, don't fix it, tons of 12 Step. I love the 12 step program, tons of 12 Step ideas, you know, let go let God if it's not yours, don't walk into it. Don't pick up what's not yours, it's really yours. You know, you got a choice in there, you know, just let them drink, maybe leave them if they drink too much, you know, whatever it all is over into the energy realm. And that helped me immensely because I started to experiment for decades with you know, how do I just turn that voice off? I'm going to the mall, I'm going to shop. I'm just going to shop I don't want to help somebody. So I am a huge believer in establishing rules boundaries for yourself about what to get what not to get. My basic rule is if it's something I need to know if I'm in my everyday life, my just normal got to do the dishes, walking the dogs, you know traveling I love traveling everyday life, you know, unless it's gonna benefit me or my loved ones to know it. Or God, whatever word you want to use. God's source says you got to do this, Cindy. I don't want to know it. I'm on offline. And it's for the most part works years and years ago. Um, I mean, you still get marching orders. I have I, my youngest son was probably four or five. And we have this crate when we've had many crazy dogs. This one was very crazy. Basically, it mounts to the couch. I mean, I'm not really kidding, I don't know where some of the weather went. And pillows all over the place. So I'm like, let's just let's go get, you know, I don't want to cook. Let's go to Target. Let's get a few more pillows. Let's see if I can get some duct tape because I didn't have any money. You know, cover up some of this, some of that. So we're in target. And you know, gave was running around and I'm exhausted and we're, you know, we're leaving target and this voice now I don't think this is my soul. I think this is a guide said, help that man over there. I'm not, I'm not looking to the right. I'm not going to look to the left. I'm going home. I'm starving. And again, the voice was like you gotta help that man. I'm like, I look there's just this near yet nice looking young man smiling at me. And I still tried to ignore it. Just see the theme and my personality. I am a Norwegian. And, and I went over to them after a while and I said, Do you need help? Because yeah, a lot. I I drove here over two days with friends in my car, and they stole my car and left me here this morning. Right now know, the target people, which was fortunate because we've had I had to lock it down so many times because my boys were crazy. Good. I mean, where'd they go? Where are they hiding? So they're locked down target. But I I went to, you know, the burger guy and he gave him burgers. I went to the manager, he called the police. You know, we stayed to make sure the police came to take him to a shelter and to help, you know, but here's a boundary piece. He looked at me. And the burger guy gave me and gave free burgers to which was really nice and sent home some for the dogs. But he looked at me and he goes, you know, can I come home with you? And I'm like, no. So I think even in the psychic realm, you get to have your nose, you get to have I'm sorry, I'm sleeping. Don't wake me up unless there's a fire and waking up before the fire so I can get out. By the way. I'm a huge believer in boundaries.

Alex Ferrari 17:14
Yeah, I've heard that before that there's kind of like a open for business and a closed sign when it comes to that because the other side, they're, they're starving in a lot of ways to communicate with the living in many ways. And when they see a door they see someone like you they're like, it's I always use this example. It's kind of like Whoopi Goldberg and ghost. There's standing room. Isn't that amazing? Standing remotely? Like is there a is there John? Is there a John here? Here? I am. All right. Come on in. That kind of it was so brilliant.

Cyndi Dale 17:49
I don't want to be that Whoopi Goldberg. I wanted to be the Demi Moore in that movie.

Alex Ferrari 17:55
Yeah, I wanted to be the Patrick Swayze. Okay, yeah. Here we go. Exactly. So you've mentioned and in a lot of your work, you say that all of us have psychic abilities? Can you explain that a little bit because I understand it at a level of intuition. We all have a gut feeling. We all know you walk into a room and you can feel that something went down, where you walk into and all those kinds of things I get. But psychic like because when people think psychic, they think future crystal ball gypsy in in a room somewhere going. You are your dark, handsome stranger is coming next week, that kind of thing. So can you give us the where we live in a normal scenario in that world?

Cyndi Dale 18:42
Absolutely. So going to back up to do a little bit of science. I love the science of all this. I mean, we pretty much know 99.9 or 99% of all reality is invisible. It's an audible, it's it's what Now they call subtle energy. So I mean, Stein said it, like go he's sort of got this stuff. I mean, he was very inspired, you know, that we're just made out of fields of light and sound, most of which we can't recognize. And I am I'm very systematized in my approach to psychism intuition, etc. I think the more structured we are, the better gains we have with the abilities that we have and the more management we're able to have. So I connect, you know, each of the what you might want to call intuitive or psychic or spiritual abilities to a different chakra. Now I work with 12 chakras because of course I do. But even if we just stay with the seven that are in the body, there band with some energy of light and sound, we're just bandwidth of light and sound. That's all that we are. So those parts of the body proper, you know, and the energetics of them are constantly sending subtle messages into the world and picking them up and it's all based on our programming. Most of our programming is a little lacks, you know, it's not very helpful. I think most of us know that, you know, but we've got some good stuff in there to, you know, you know, warn me before the House topples over or let me know I am going to meet my tall, dark, handsome stranger. So I actually, you know, look good when I go to the store that day, or whatever it is. So we have these bandwidths of energy that are extrapolating information and sending it out based on our programming based on history, ancestry, soul, epigenetics, genetics, you know, kind of what we've done with our own self growth, what we want to get what we don't want to get at an unconscious unconscious level, you know, as well. And so, I have like to say that at one level, we're all psychic, which is, which is mean innately, we're sending this subtle data, and we're picking up on it. But when we're only psychic, we haven't really necessarily placed rules in in, you know, we're just, we're just willy nilly, we're just getting, we're just get whatever comes in, and we're sending whatever comes out, we don't usually recognize it. When we start to mindfully manage that process, I believe we're intuitive, when we're saying, you know, I only want to know Future's for myself, or I want to really shine when it comes to heart, and be able to, you know, feel love and give love or whatever it might be, I usually use the word spiritual giftedness for the very same use of psychic or subtle data. When I speak about, you know, spiritual gifts, at that point, we're just saying, I want this to be some purpose, I want this to be used for some sense of my calling, you know, or for service. And that's two ways, you know, as well. So that's kind of the systematic approach I use. A psychic is great, your we'd be dead if we weren't psychic, how many people would survive their families be hit pie, by the way, much less this world muscle, I mean, you know, kind of if there wasn't some flow of data that they were relying on, even if they don't consciously know it, they're using it.

Alex Ferrari 22:01
Well, let me ask you this, though, what you're talking about in regards to data makes all the sense in the world, I get that. But your ability is different than my ability. So you have a opening or a tuning fork or something that is allowing you to receive data, and tune into frequencies that we can't generally tune into unless you train your way up there. Just like and I use this example all the time, you and me both can play basketball, but neither URI or LeBron or Michael, you know, there's a very big difference. We all have the capability of playing basketball physically, but to take it to that level. There's gifts involved, and there's work involved. Does that make sense?

Cyndi Dale 22:42
Absolutely. There's gifts, there's innate talents, you know, I'm not gonna go play the piano. I mean, you don't want me to play the piano, you know, and there's a lot of work, there's a lot of training, there's a lot of educating, I think the brain needs to be educated, I think we need to really understand our own feelings, you know, kind of have some management of our belief system, you know, and our thoughts. sometimes wonder, how did I, how come I just woke up with these. But you know, my very first memory is, being in the womb, kind of visiting the womb, and my mom's pregnant, and my parents are arguing. So I'm, I still remember this, I remember when I was born, for goodness sake. And I could see their argument, I heard it, I don't think I understood it with a cognition. But I saw the sound waves. And everywhere they hid in my body, I later have had some kind of challenge or some kind of problem. And, you know, there are a lot of really interesting studies, none of which agree with each other, which most studies don't like, look at caffeine studies. Because it's personal to the person. You know, but that say a lot of psychics become psychics, this kid because of trauma, you know, that your gifts open up to take care of you. You know, some people say it's a matter of your soul that your soul has the abilities is part of your path. So they open up? I don't know. I mean, mine probably was a bit because about my soul. I remember past lives when I was a kid too. And sort of my younger son, actually, ah, so I think that there's a matter of soul. And I think there's a matter of what's going on in your environment as well. Maybe you have really positive supportive parents, you know, that are into this stuff, which can be its own problem. May I add, because I don't think anybody wants to be weird when they go to school. I'm not really into just open kids up too early. Like, like, let's learn how to be human, you know, kind of and have these gifts as supplemental as you go. That's just my belief system, you know, too. And some of that is, after I had my second son, I took a call. I took, you know, a few weeks out, but I took a call from a woman who, whose son was playing with the Wii G board, and I'm like, don't let it play with the big board. I mean, that's like, you know what just, he's 10 years old, you don't know what he's contacting. You don't know how that's working, you know, stop that get him some training to not be too open to not be interconnecting because of course, he thought it was weird. Here's the worst part of the story though. She called me two months later. She never took the Weegee board away. And I'm not anti Weegee board. But come on, let's get some training before you're just letting people do whatever. And he hung himself in the closet with a belt, and the Weegee was there with words on it. Hang yourself. No, I'm not kidding.

Alex Ferrari 25:38
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Cyndi Dale 26:14
It was horrifying. It's horrifying to me. I could just I could just cry right now. It's so horrifying. These are gifts to be taken lightly. And you know it we got to we got to really figure out what we're doing. I've made a lot of mistakes myself. When I'm teaching people I tell them my mistakes so that they don't make them. You know, hopefully,

Alex Ferrari 26:39
Do you think in your past lives. You were also psychic in times that were not as open as they are today.

Cyndi Dale 26:47
Yeah, I think most of us most of us who have these gifts, it almost becomes like a half big joke. You know, like how often have you been hung. I had an experience worth it within like three minutes. I went through in this body alive. It's a person all these times I was killed because I had abilities. Now by you're hanging this that beating. Now I also remembered two other lives. One I was a male Chinese warlord, and I was a really good warlord. I was so bad. And I liked being bad. I mean, I killed people. I had money. I'm like, Oh, I really liked that too much. You know? So I mean, it's, I've never been a queen. You know, I've never been I've met my share of Marilyn Monroe's and Mary Magdalene Ian's and I've met my share with them in you know, you know, in my profession, I've never been any of those famous people. You know, but yeah, I mean, I've gone through, I've gone, you know, I've gone through the persecution, I think you use that word.

Alex Ferrari 27:52
Fair enough. Now, I'm gonna I'm gonna, I wanted to ask you a few things about where we're going. In society in general, this has been some of the craziest years I've ever seen the last decade or so has been absolutely insane, I think pretty much from I mean, it started off in 2000, with, you know, the, you know, the y2k bug and all that stuff, and obviously, 911 and that stuff, but 2012 kind of was one of those turning points, where things started to shift, they started to get a little nutty, and it's been getting muddy error. As we continue to move forward. I'd love to hear where you think we're going on a, an a human and a human standpoint, meaning like the human collective human consciousness, because everyone keeps talking about the shift the consciousness if we're all evolving, we're our frequencies are going up. And I'd have to agree that it is, but along with that is a lot of other stuff is coming up at the same time. So I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Cyndi Dale 28:56
Right! Well, of all, I, I, I've studied a lot of different cultures, a lot of philosophies you know, the Hindu, the Greeks, you know, men, the Jewish culture, many, many, many cultures say we've had for ages, five ages, you know, on this planet, so, you know, just from that perspective, you know, and the way that they were destroyed in fire in ice and water, this and that can kind of be tracked, you know, kind of when you look historically through, you know, science through earth science. So we're obviously at another one of those juncture points. And most of those ages, of course, like we pretty much fail, we wipe out you know, we're provided like, you know, maybe you can ascend, which I don't quite believe in the ascension thing, but, you know, or maybe we can become as peaceful as we never word during the First Age, when we were here to learn from the plants and learn from the animals and be good stewards and this and that and the other thing, we seem to fail each time so that's So that's sort of what we're setting up for again. And, you know, we are interdimensional, I do know that in the new age, if that's still the term, the consciousness movement, you know, we talk about how we're trying to go into the fifth dimension. Let me say this, we're already in the fifth dimension. from a science perspective, the brain actually fires mathematically, in all known dimensions simultaneously. String theory, we have these little one dimensional mean, really skinny and flat strings that vibrate all the time that interconnect us with all the dimensions. So we don't have to do that much to start to become aware of our greater cells. If we really put our hearts to it. I wanted to say minds, but I think it's really more our hearts to it. So of course, there's hope. Of course, we can live here and now and not just wait for God to like, pass the magic wand and take all the good folks away. And even some of the prophecies, you know, are, hey, they're supposed to be 1000 years of peace. So we can join the roads, have whatever you want to call it, tech and warrior, and, you know, spirit and mysticism, whatever you call these two main roads, if we can join them, there seems to be prophecy that we can have 1000 years of peace. So we've certainly got the potential. I very much love researching medical science, you know, what we could be doing with sound with light with plant medicine, what's being invented, that never makes it in terms of eco friendly paint that can turn into solar paint, you know, and then boom, we don't need the oil. And we've got all this stuff, but we don't choose it. So it's sort of my favorite favorite book, one of my favorite books is called, you know, the Dark Is Rising. It's a young adult series by Susan Cooper set in England and Wales in particular. And the theme of it is, as you know, the dark rises, so does the light. But as the light rises, so does the dark. We got a heck of a lot of dark. And most people, I really believe 90% I'm making up that figure. But that's my figure. So I can say it. Don't perceive their own darkness, what, whether you call it shadow, or just, you know, kind of just obstinacy and ignorance and cruelty and violence and meanness and lack of self responsibility and blame shifting. I mean, it's really horrifying. Right now. It's horrifying. So the dark is certainly rising. You know, and I don't see that many people owning it. What's interesting, this is interesting timing. Yesterday, I had a client fly in to work with me and he's Ukrainian. He's Lebanese, he's got very distinct understanding of what's happening in Palestine, Lebanese, you know, kind of mindset, Arabic mindset, and has been very, very anti Zionist stick. And something happened in his brain. He said, March in March, when the Israelites, you know, were were, you know, captured. He said, he knew he was facing a wall, he could continue hating, or he could just decide to just come from a place of love. And I don't mean this spiritual woowoo saccharin love. I don't mean like, I love everybody, which basically means you can't love a single individual. Eight, because you're splitting thing, you're just doing escapism, you know, you got to love the people that are around you are real, that's the challenge. So he did it in this way, though, it was like, you know, I can continue to reinforce eight, or just come with compassion. And that's how we're going to solve things is out of a place of certainly need boundaries, you know, but also compassion. So, that's why I believe the path how individuals get there is really challenging. It's, I mean, I've spent years and years in therapy, you know, looking at my issues, you know, self examining other examining, you know, not just saying everything that pops into my mind, because I feel like I'm right, you know, or whatever it might be. So, I mean, we're on a precipice, the dark is whatever you want to call it. The Dark is certainly stronger than the light. Can we do it? Sure. We can do it. Anybody can do it. Will we do it? I don't know. What do you think? Look at politics. Look, look at the chasms look at the hate. You know, I don't know. I told my oldest kids, my son and his wife. I mean, but I don't think this is really gonna fix it. I said, you know, you just need a whole bunch of us, you know, old white people to, you know, to die. Jeez. They laughed. I said, you know, especially the ones in power, especially the one Those that are kind of, you know, you know what I mean? Like, kind of

Alex Ferrari 35:03
They're like, 85 or 90.

Cyndi Dale 35:04
Yeah, hello. Yeah, they're 65 up that's like running everything, you know, and they just laughed. You know, but we're not managing very well.

Alex Ferrari 35:17
Well, let's talk about that a little bit since you brought up the elections in the politics. You know, we're in the middle. Since you brought it up. You know, we're in I just discovered that this year, there's going to be more elections than any time in history. Around the world, it's over 50% of the world's countries are having an election. So yes, everyone looks at the US. No question. Everyone looks at the big European countries, no question. But there's a lot of change happening, a lot of choices to be made in over half the world, as far as countries are concerned. So I'll focus a little bit on where we're at here in the States. It is insane. What is happening has been insane. It has been insane for quite some time, politic politics have always been insane since the days of Washington, and before. But what's happening now, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this up and coming election between Trump and Biden, because I for the first time, I don't even know if there's gonna be an election. I mean, literally, I don't know. I that would never have been a question. Like, is there going to be of course, it's gonna be election. Like, I just I really don't know. I don't know, what happens if one of these two guys keel over. Like seriously? Because they're really I mean, no, I mean, seriously. I agree. They're, they're both they're both the oldest contenders and president or a contender for president in the history. They were last time they did this four years ago. I mean, you could see it in both of them. These candidates. They seem older. They don't seem older. They, they you know, what happens? If tomorrow, Biden keels over or if tomorrow, Trump, you know, keels over what would happen to this country? Because they're putting all their all their horses, all their all their bets on these two horses. And if anything happens to either one of these horses, there are no backup horses. There's no one talking on the Republican side, or the Democratic side, about what else could be. I'm not even talking about the independence because unfortunately, we live in a two party system

Cyndi Dale 37:31
They don't make. I know.

Alex Ferrari 37:33
Unfortunately. So what's your what do you think is going to happen with this? Because I'm not either one or the other. I'm just watching as a spectator going. This is insane. You know, one one just got convicted of a felony. Is he gonna go to jail? Is he not gonna go? It just is it's like, the weirdest telenovela I've ever seen. And, and then the other ones son is you know, a drug overdose. It's in. I've never have you ever seen anything like this? Ever? Ever? No. No, we lived through and we lived through the 90s Yes, we did. And we and we lived through all those years and it's in the 70s Do I was around so all those those were not super easy chilled years. But this is at a whole other level. So what do you think is gonna happen in the US elections first of all, and then we'll go over to the

Cyndi Dale 38:32
Okay. Yeah, it is cracked and you know, internationally. I kind of I kind of admire McCrone, you know, who, you know, there are so many far writes. He said, Okay, we're just gonna, we're just, I'm just firing everybody. We're gonna have a new election right now. I'm like, Well, that takes some guts, you know, at least they're doing something, you know, kind of least he's calling it out, you know, over there. So no, it's it's in this splendid insanity right now. So we have Trump, cool. We can't even pin all of his many, many evils and lies and crazies and narcissistic personality traits, unless we bring a porn star in, which I think is fascinating. So it took a porn star to take them down. All right. Let's just point out we got a great case in Georgia, right? We've got you know, this dude sitting on classified documents, which it seems like many of them do, but he was stupid about it. Let's just say it by but it takes a porn star. We have Biden where, for years people have been saying can we just move in with a fresh and younger, you know, prime person. We just try to Stacey Abrams, I don't know why women don't like Kamala, I like Kamala, I go for Pete Buda judge I love people to judge during the

Alex Ferrari 39:48
Somewhere in the 60s 60s for God's sake.

Cyndi Dale 39:55
There, I mean, we got people, so it's sort of like, like, it's like Cartoon, you know, we're in this satire, you know, kind of document. I think it's a satire, it's like, let's pick, you know, kind of representatives, you know, of both sides of reality, like, we're not even doing conservatives versus liberals anymore because they keep pretending everybody over there's a progressive, which, frankly, we're not all progressive, you know, and everybody over there is a conservative and that was left, you know, years ago, you know, kind of, you know, the Tea Party kind of undid, you know, that conservatives, and we're sitting here with characters, it's is completely satirical. I'm about to here's where I'm doing the intuitive component of it, but I don't have a clear sense, let me say, when a friend of mine told me, I used to run the dogs, I was very cool back then. And for every morning, I'd meet the same friend, we'd run the dogs in the, you know, the dog park, mainly because my, my one dog just barks everybody. So it was the only time I could get by with it, you know? And he said, Oh, did you hear Trump's running, and I knew it was gonna win. I wasn't gonna vote for him, like, come on. This is just insane. I thought he's gonna win. Now, the only piece I can give you that has been in Ukraine, I knew Ukraine was going to happen. I was on the phone with a client. And she was a venture capitalist person. And I said, You got to watch out because Putin is going to set off a test bomb and invade and invade Ukraine because he thinks he is a reincarnation of, you know, Peter the Great. And I saw more stuff than that. And of course, they have a million psychics over there. So you want to make money to help you. You're a reincarnation of Peter the Great, you know, I mean, who knows what's real? And not maybe is, I don't know, I don't really care. So I knew that was going to happen. And, and weirdly, about three years ago, I'm just going to say this, but I have no idea how we go there. I brought Pete Buda judge up because I had an unbidden, Unsummon image of many, many years ago of him in the White House. I don't know if he's a VP. I don't know if he's a president. I saw him with his husband. I saw two kids. He didn't have kids at that point. They were like, six, seven, I don't know, in the image. I think I think there is a fact a meandering path, where we end up with somebody like him, eventually. Is it this year? No, it's not gonna be here. There's no way it's gonna be there. You know, nothing's gonna liberals don't vote in you know, somebody who's gay, even though he's so Christian, and he's got a military background. You know what I mean? He's a pretty darn honest person, we're not going to do it. It's not going to happen. Um, I think I think there's a chance personally, Trump could have a stroke in July, just gone on record saying there's a chance to that, especially if he gets sentenced. I had that a few months ago. You know what the guy's got 20,000 lives.

Alex Ferrari 42:49
I've never seen anything like that.

Cyndi Dale 42:52
He could so win with a stroke from prison, he could still win, you know, I believe Biden's out within two years if Biden takes it, you know.

Alex Ferrari 43:05
So where do you think it so if you had if you had to bet a horse from your psyche,

Cyndi Dale 43:10
I think Biden takes it just barely, barely.

Alex Ferrari 43:16
So ok, let's say that happens. What happens to the what happens?

Cyndi Dale 43:20
It's a 51% gut.

Alex Ferrari 43:23
No that's always it's always gonna, it's always gonna be inches. inches. If that does happen, so if

Cyndi Dale 43:33
He's gone, then he's gone. Okay. Then he's taken out dementia, you know, dies, whatever.

Alex Ferrari 43:42
Okay. Okay, so. So if that happens, let's say, let's say Biden wins, what happens to the country? Last time it didn't, didn't go real well,

Cyndi Dale 43:53
It's not gonna go real well, it won't. It will have rebellions will have problems. I don't know what the balance of the House and the Senate will be. You know, it's sorta looking like maybe the Senate is Republican. Again, the house is a mess anyway, no matter how you look at it, it's like, not very fixable. The Supreme Court stacked with Federalist Society judges, you know, who are just in there to do abortion. So they're pretty, you know, standard useless flying the flags upside down. It's a mouse, I think we'll have we'll have the National Guard out, we'll have the National Guard out. It can do anything.

Alex Ferrari 44:29
I had channel on the other day, who was able to channel I think it was a year 20 2300 or 2500, or something asinine thing. And, and we sat down and we were talking to somebody in that space. And I'm like, so of course, I want to have her back because I want to, I want to ask all sorts of other questions. I go. So what's it like, what's the US like now? And the end? She said, Well, we're not the US anymore. There's one currency throughout the world now, so there's no more of this exchange crap. The United States has been broken off into three giant territories, I believe have that. And they have their own ideology. And it's not consulted in it is that conservative is that conservative and liberal. One is like technological like if they believe in amending their bodies. And that's a big belief. Another one's more spiritual, that's going to be the West Coast side, which is more spiritual, connected to Earth kind of thing. And then there's the the South, which was, I forgot the third cotton, but it wasn't again, it was not conservative, and liberal, these are different air, but everyone gets along. You know, each everyone has their belief systems, but everyone still works together. Although it was so fun. It was a fascinating conversation because I go, Hey, listen, if she's not doing this, she needs to write a sci fi book, because it's this is the details were so brilliantly put together. It was like, wow,

Cyndi Dale 46:07
I've seen something like that to it. Are you aware of that? It was a was it a book, it was a movie the Philadelphia Experiment based on? Yeah, the true story of a man and went back in time when forward in time a couple times this and that, you know, in his view of out there a cup, I don't know how many hundreds of years to it. To be honest, his view was that the world gets along. But we're also run by AI, we finally just put it AI in charge of it. Which I mean, isn't impossible, if we don't totally destroy ourselves or turn it into, you know, cyborgs with, you know, kind of no decision making ability or whatever. It's not beyond I don't I also don't believe the US survives as one country over the next 50 years. I've also seen like some split, I don't believe or just the US I don't know what splinters what doesn't splinter unit. And you know, I can easily see it from looking forward. I could see a Texas splintering off for the South splintering offer, you know what I mean? Something like that

Alex Ferrari 47:10
I'm in Texas. So I completely see how, and I can see how the West Coast could easily and I can see how the east the Northeast could easily, you know, do their own thing as well. Because

Cyndi Dale 47:24
I think that the years we're not the United States, I think what we're seeing right now as so called Republican versus democratic are two extreme ideologies. And I think when you narrow them in a little closer, you have ideologies that don't need to violate each other, they don't need to be violent, you know, with each other, but definitely kind of create different different, I almost want to say landmasses. The problem is, you know, right now, we've got, you know, kind of states that are, for instance, you know, women have, you know, abortion rights, and then the states where they have pretty much no abortion rights. So, in one way or two territory based Joe were to land based right now. So you're not at this point, I don't believe in these next decades, gonna get entire state where all the citizens agree, this is what we all believe. So I think there has to be more disruption, you know, and movement of people, you know, in order to create, you know, those kinds of distinctions, and we're not there yet, you know, one of the lessons of the pandemic could have been, could have been, hey, you know, a virus doesn't care what's on the map. It doesn't care, China versus North Korea versus, you know, Minnesota, where AI versus AI, wait doesn't care, you know, but we don't seem to be learning that lesson that what we're exposed to, you know, and we got more of that stuff coming, you know, the Antarctic melting, you got lots of old, you know, viruses, bacteria, you know, kind of dead in there, same in the Congo gets hotter and harder, we're gonna get more viruses, some of these viruses have, you know, 250, RNA or DNA strands, you know, we probably have some with 1000s, we can't deal with that our bodies can't deal with it. You know, so I think there's a lot more disruption coming, you know, if, if we're going to get to a point where we can say, you know, sort of like To each their own, you know, and can we then live in peace with to each their own,

Alex Ferrari 49:28
To my understanding, to put it to put a little bit of a positive to positive twist to this conversation, because it's a lot of doom and gloom. This is a lot of doom and gloom, and I wanted to have this conversation, just to get your point of view on where we're going, because so many people are so afraid of what happened, what's going to happen oh, my God, and this and that. My understanding from speaking to many psychic mediums and channels, is that there are that humanity has chosen already a path to walk, and that we're not going to destroy ourselves. So that's already been decided as a As a conscious, and that there are guardrails in place for that not to happen. So AI is not going to take over the world, it's when I Terminator, all those things are in place. Now within those guardrails, we could do a whole lot of stuff. Like everything you just talked about could live within those guardrails. But these other things of self destruction, and AI taking over and, you know, even aliens, because a lot people talk about, oh, the aliens are coming. I'm like, look, look, first, I don't care. I don't want to get I'm good. I got enough to worry about right now, when they show up on the White House lawn, then we could have a conversation until then, let's let's let's stick with what we have. What are your thoughts on that idea of these spiritual guardrails for humanity, and specifically for Earth during this timeline?

Cyndi Dale 50:49
Okay, so I'm, I'm actually more of an optimist and a pessimist. I see all these events occurring, I see all the choices that we need to make, I see many, but certainly not all of the choices that we're just playing making as wrong. Where my hope is, and why I'm excited, I'm going to be a grandmother, I'm having a grandbaby. You know, some people don't even have kids anymore. You know, they're sort of like, you know, it's, it's just not worth it, you know, it's all going to go downhill. My sense, working with so many clients is that there's a number of people moving into more conscientiousness, you can't have consciousness, without conscientiousness, and really have anything good. You just can't, you can be conscious and just be conscious of shooting somebody, right? Because you want their wallet, whatever. So I think there are more conscientious people, I really think it is more than next generations that have the guard rails, because the, the, you know, the wheels are off on the top, on the very, very top, which I think is why there's so many elections and why there's so much, you know, fascism and rebellion and this stuff going on, you know, because Because humanity has always resisted change. In general, it's a very general statement, but just generally true. You know, we resist change, we don't really want to be one global, you know, economy, you know, the people who have the power and the money in the hierarchy, you know, and it's kind of constantly been that, but I see different kinds of people at the top that may not all be in power, but becoming more conscientious. And I see, you know, younger generations, you know, kind of coming in, but I do think have this sense of the guardrails. I'm reminded of a young man I worked with, it was a very interesting session, his mother brought him in 12 years old, very geeky, you know, just you can tell he's a geek, I was a geek, I like geeks, and you know, glasses, Batman glasses, this and that he wouldn't talk. And she said, well tell Cindy what you want to ask about, and you wouldn't talk. So I said, Well, do you want me to just check in and tell you what I see. You know, the mother said, Yes. And I said, you know, there's this, there's this blue girl near you. You said, I think you've got a friend who is invisible to people except for you who's blue, you know, and I described her and he looked at his mother and, and goes, you told her, she goes, I didn't tell her anything, like going to the movies and this and that. But that wasn't the end of what we did. And then and then when I said, but you're here, you know, you're in a sock, just that age, I think there's a lot going all the way through all the ages. But he said, So why Why don't want to know where and the next image I got was her him a number of different beings, many of them just, you know, older people, younger people, whatever, you know, holding hands standing up this white fire, you know, and just saying, You're bringing that in, you're here, you know, as part of this. I said, in my age group, we call it consciousness raising, you know, these decisions that we need to make, you know, in order to keep, you know, kind of doing the right thing. And it goes, well, then, what am i i go well, you're an X man, you're part of the X Men. So, you know, I do believe there's a reason that holistic is and again, that psychic is on us. And again, that, you know, people are turning to, you know, kind of getting solar panels that they're sending money over to the to Ukraine. You know, I believe there's a reason that we're trying to move more worldwide and individualistically and collectively, you know, kind of even in just very small ways, making decisions that are much more whatever you want to call it. Eco Friendly, good helping, you know, hand holding hand. You know, because I think that light is rising to try to move us through. Are there guardrails? I don't know if there's guardrails. I think there's guardrails in each of our souls. That's what I really think that our souls have guardrails. And so if we pay attention to our own individual, you know, kind of sense of what Next, what's my next step how to do the next right thing? I think we'll be fine. I think we'll get through it all.

Alex Ferrari 55:06
Now there's another area of, of humanity that's changing, there's so many, I think every major organs every major sector has is going through a major shift from medical to economy and so on. But one that's close to my heart is Hollywood. And growing up in the business was in the business for 30 years. And, you know, seen seen a lot been with the very biggest of the big, and I've worked on the lowest of the low. As far as budgets and things like that of concern. I've been kind of, you know, yelling from the top of the mountain, that things are gonna change, this is not gonna work, the system is not not sustainable anymore. And I've been seeing it over the years, it seems like Hollywood, and I use Hollywood as a blanket term. All media, basically, I use all media news, the whole thing. There, they've been built up on a system that is so bloated, from a time that there was a lot of money to feed that beast. But that money is no longer there. And it happens in the music industry. It's happened in the publishing industry. And it's now happening in the movie industry, movies moving rarely anybody's going to the movie theaters. It's, you know, I just saw, like, the new bad boys made 56 million and they're like, Oh, my God, they're bad. I'm like $56 million. For a major, like, a temple film. That's insane. Lee, that's nothing. That it so I agree. I'm watching and I'm looking at this, and I've been seeing it. And I've been at the conventions, you know, like the the, the film markets and the festivals and things. And I'm looking around, I'm like, I think there's no one else see what's happening. That, that all the habits have changed. My kids don't watch Hollywood. I mean, rarely. Maybe nostalgic stuff, or maybe stuff that's old. But they watch YouTube. They watch, you know, social media stars. That's what that's what the whole generation is about that. So I'm seeing the I feel that Hollywood is eating itself. Big media is eating itself. It's it's fighting against a system that a system that is not, you can't a fight, they're fighting a fight, they can't win. They just can't win. And I don't want to go down a deep, deep rabbit hole with this. But it seems like they're eating up. And then a lot of the stuff that people were saying, for years, they were punch lines in Hollywood, the casting couch was a punch line. It was literally a punch line in Hollywood. There were child stars that were trying to warn everybody about the pedophilia and things like that were going out that new, that new Hulu show about the Nickelodeon stuff that was going on, which is oddly enough, I was. I was a PA. I was working as a production assistant at Nickelodeon in Orlando, and all that was going on, I never saw anything because I was just a lowly PA. And I wasn't working on those shows. I was working on other shows. But I was there when that was happening. I saw those guys walk in the studio a lot and stuff like that I look back, I'm like, oh my god, I had no idea. No one had any idea really. So all this stuff is starting to come out. It's starting to like all the cesspool, it's all like the dirt coming out into the light. I'd love to hear your thoughts of where you think, Hollywood, the main media, all these giant institutions and gatekeepers that were there that are all losing their power, all of them are losing power, but they don't want to admit that they're losing their power. Where do you think this goes in the next five years? Because it just seems to be getting worse and worse. That's it's as we're going year by year.

Cyndi Dale 58:49
Well, it's very much the same as government, you know, the government's were the people in power trying to hang on. And the people who are fed by the people with power are trying to remote in the people who have the power so they keep having the power. So you've got this sort of top line, you know, of, you know, the power mongers, the corruption, we can do what we want, because we have the decision making, we've got the money, we've got the economics, you know, and like you're saying, it's like getting poked, is getting poked, and more and more people are becoming speaking out. Even Scientology, you know, even in religion, we see we see the same kind of events happening, you know,

Alex Ferrari 59:28
Don't forget the Catholic Church.

Cyndi Dale 59:29
Yeah. Well, that's been going on for decades. And now people now it's already it's turned into a meme, trying to be a priest just to be mean, you know, at this point, so if you take away any of the power structures, and of course I have books that are published by publishers, you know, you know, but it's really rare now, you know, for somebody to be able to get in for you know, for something to be able to sell, you know, for their to make money. Yeah. That's the point. Yeah, I mean, if you're gonna do it, you can sit at home and just dial in, frankly, you know, you don't have to go anywhere, in, you know, whatever. So the point again, let's go back to optimistic and positive. So, so it's a black hole. So they've been eating themselves, it's a black hole, you know, the nature of a black hole is that it, you know, sucks everything in and you get so much gravity inside of the black hole. That is sucks more in. And that's what I think is happening to any of these corrupt systems. I mean, you still see some NGOs standing, you know, you still see some indie, you know, film places, you know, kind of getting out there figuring out how to use social media, but it's still, it's tough, because the whole collapse the the top bottom collapse, you're not going to have distributors, you're not gonna have anybody pointing the way. It's flattening. What's happening is I think there's a flattening, which we were kind of talking about with politics, there's gonna be a flattening, you know, who's gonna look to whom I don't think we have anybody to do.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:04
But the thing is, when you're saying distributors, which is the world I also come from, is that in the system, it is systematically designed to screw the artist. And to be honest, many of the old school systems from record labels, to giant publishing companies, I'm not saying they're all corrupt, or anything like that. But the system is built to protect itself, not the artist, are disposable, and all that kind of stuff. So that is where that's people have already heard, heard what's going on. I had, I mean, I was in the indie film world for 30 years I've been in and for the last seven or eight, I've been preaching to all the filmmakers, warning them wrote a book about like how to survive in this new this new world, because it's not the 90s anymore. It's not even the early 2000s, that money is gone, never going to come back streaming changed everything. And rural doesn't exist anymore. And same thing for music, same thing for publishing, unless you're JK Rowling, or Stephen King. But anyway, you know, it's rare now for those kinds of giant stories to come out of those out of those areas. I mean, look at the biggest stars that we have in the world. People are like, Oh, Taylor Swift. Taylor has been doing this for 20 over 20 years, for God's sakes. You know, Eminem just came out. They're like, you know, my kids are like, oh, you know, Eminem? I'm like, What do you mean? Do I know Eminem? Are you kidding me? I was there when he started. These legacy artists are the only thing that are making any real noise. And the young guys come in, go out, come in and go out of this cage, only the pop but

Cyndi Dale 1:02:42
There's no system while J Lo quitter to her and it's not because she and Ben are on the rocks, just because people weren't buying tickets. So we've been like this these that's going to fade away to it's a flattening. I see a flattening in the end. The problem with the flattening is the people who do have, you know, a gift, a skill, you know, something to share something that others could find? It's like, there's billions of billions of voices all talking at once. And how do you differentiate? You know, maybe you get a Bieber, you know, coming up, you know, I mean, he looks pretty burned out to me, just that's just my sense, you know, of him, you know, but it's like, we were not going to have any new systems and I for a long, long time, and I don't really know what they're going to look like, either. And it's flat, then again,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
I'll tell you what, I was working on the music video, and I was on beavers first set. And I was there when Justin was before he had a hit. He was just trying it out an usher was going to be his co star. And I only care to like, Oh, cool. Usher is going to be here, who's this little kid with the floppy air tripping over himself? Literally, I had no idea. I mean, and then six months later, eight months later, he's the biggest star in the world at that time. But again, that's it. We're talking about 15 years ago.

Cyndi Dale 1:04:02
It's flattened. And one of the questions is sustainability. So even if somebody becomes an influencer one day, it's not a sustainable path. They accidentally shoot themselves, or they say the wrong thing. And they're sued or something new comes, somebody can eat 50 million hamburgers at a time or whatever it all is, it's all going to be really flat. It's just going to be super, super flat. You know, I don't know what cube system is gonna look like.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:30
Yeah, and I think the new system is a version of what we're on right now, which is YouTube. And podcasting. It's having independent voices, who are building it like this show would have never been greenlit by anyone. And if it was greenlit I would have I would have never been able to have this conversation without a producer, or you know, an executive producer telling me what I can and cannot say I would be a puppet essentially. So giving someone like myself or many other voices out there, a platform like YouTube And it's not a small platform, you know, I reach millions of people every month, and many of my contemporaries reach millions of people every month. We have bigger ratings than the studios do. And shows do, it's insane. I look at the numbers like, I guess we would be higher rated than a lot of shows on CNN, or a lot of shows on this or that, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's amazing. And it's only going to get bigger. I mean, look at someone like Joe Rogan, who's got 12 million people tuning into him every time he busts open a podcast, which is five times a week, what what network gets 10 to 12 million people to show up every episode. Really,

Cyndi Dale 1:05:41
It's niche, it's about niche. It's a broad word that's in my head. It's all about niche. And it's always been competitive to get to the top of anything. It's always been competitive. You know, whether you're Greta Garbo, you know, or Frank Sinatra or this and that there's a little bit of kismet, a little bit of luck, a little bit of knowing the right people, I'm sure. I think more of that's fading, that's fading to some extent, I think it's about niche and appeal from niche is what is that going to end up being and it already is? You know, I mean, nobody watches when I grew up there were just like a handful of stations and that's what you watched and you sat down and you watch them, you know with your family. It's choices snitch my my fear about you know, kind of about so much of that is there's already kind of a disparate infighting, not infighting, there's, I mean, we've got a lot going on already. You know, that sort of like, you can't be this. You can't be this. You can't be this. For instance, I have a book that I just finished through a publisher, and I had a sensitivity reader read it. And she was telling me, I know. I was like so pissed. I was I just wailed for like five weeks. I was so mad. I'm like, You're telling me because I'm white? I can't use the word chakra. Or a white person can't be a shaman? No, oh, no. Oh, yeah. She was like, well, well, shamans are only from Siberia. And I'm like, then what was it? In Peru I studied with? What am I my good friend who was black who just died and was a shaman? You know, I mean, that's sort of the knowledge. When it's niche versus niche versus niche, there is still this human tendency to say, Well, my niche is better than your niche. Also, we don't change that.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:38
And that's it. And that's, I think one of the major problems we're going into now is there's such an overcorrection than that everything has to be sensitive, everyone needs to be, Oh, my God, I don't want to offend anybody, especially these bigger, these bigger publishing companies, because they are targets, you know, to do that, but at a certain point, you just gotta go got guys, it's an opinion. It's an opinion. You can't be that sensitive about everything. I mean, I'm Gen X, I'm sorry, I It's we're the only generation that doesn't care about anybody or anything. We're just like, whatever, you know, way to be. I mean, you know, we're like, Do you not know how we were raised? Seriously, we this is nothing. So I look at things very differently that way. And I see something like that makes it, I understand their point of view of it. But it's an overcorrection. And I think there's an overcorrection in every aspect of our society right now. We're going to implode there's going to be something and I don't know what that is

Cyndi Dale 1:08:36
That's a black hole, and even niches can create black holes.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:40
Right! There's gonna be some event, I don't know what that event is, you know, I don't think it's aliens coming down. And then all of us joined together to fight the aliens. I don't think that's going to be it. But something's gonna happen in the world like a COVID. And like, I'm not saying another COVID. But COVID was a huge was a global event that shut the planet that wouldn't have you heard of shutting the planet down for a handful of weeks. I mean, nothing really was going on for like three weeks when that when we all decided to shut down, regardless of how you believe, you know, your belief system of what happened. That is fact that happened. It has shifted the world, and there definitely has, I mean, people started to know I don't want to work 80 hours a week anymore, all that stuff, there's going to be something else that's going to rattle this world. I don't know what

Cyndi Dale 1:09:28
I think there's too many things. I absolutely believe there'll be a nuclear bomb going off. I absolutely believe I think the reaction, however, will be the rest of the world going you can't do this. This is not okay. This is not acceptable. So that's my hope with that. And there's absolutely going to be more viral releases. I mean, I'm not joking with, you know, the Arctic, Antarctic and the Arctic melting and the Congo. There's like stuff in there that we have no No idea. It's an avian aviary flu. It's not just the bird flu, you know, that people are talking about. So there will be another damage of some sort. And I think the nuclear I think we're like heading toward, you know, maybe not a whole nuclear catastrophe, you know, power hungry, it could even be a terrorist. You know, I mean, kind of saying, I'm just gonna get what I want doing this, because we don't seem to stop them from doing that North Korea, just keep setting up bombs, nobody's stopping North Korea. You know, Putin is like, Hey, I've got my red line and pink line, white line, Purple Line, whatever it is, you know, so I don't think we're taking those threats seriously enough. And so you know, what happens in humanities? If you don't take something seriously enough? It happens, and then you need to take it seriously. I think it's those two things. I think it's both.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:52
What do you think the what do you think the biggest challenge is going to be the we got to deal with over the next year and the next 10 years as humanity?

Cyndi Dale 1:11:00
10 years, I think is going to be. I mean, it's simple. It's kind of strange, but I think is food and water distribution over the next 10 years. I mean, I think it's going to come down to basic commodities. Um, you know, even if you talk about climate change, and fires and bombs going off, and this and that, who's feeding who and what's happening to the water? So, you know, who's getting water and who's not getting water? I think those are the two, you know, sort of staples. I mean, I think that next year, I really think it's gonna be, you know, it's, it's already a catastrophe is like, why don't we make decision within each country within each community? You know, within each family? How do you make a so called Global decision, you know, that keeps people as healthy as possible. The election is going to throw everything no matter who wins and who doesn't win or who dies or who doesn't die? Or, you know, how many people are left on the Supreme Court? You know, it's, it's, it's a complete model. The only good thing is people will get more community oriented, you're just going to have to live in your own life, your own world, your own community. That's what

Alex Ferrari 1:12:08
Where do you see the economy? The US economy in the global economy? Because things are I mean, it's getting out of hand man that the inflation is yeah, when when McDonald's costs more Happy Meals meal at McDonald's costs more than going to then not even fine dining, fast dining, Ruby Tuesday's for God's sakes, you know, or something like that or Outback when that's when that that's in it's insane. You know, go to the

Cyndi Dale 1:12:38
So much, you know, the culture.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:41
Do you know, do you know that Wendy's has surge pricing? They're the only one they have surge pricing. So if you if there's two people, because they're all They're all there, I heard this, all of their, the, you know, the prices are on electronic thing. So on monitors. So if there's two people in the store, let's say the the burgers 99 cents, if the store is packed, it's 3.99.

Cyndi Dale 1:13:07
I have no idea.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:08
They're doing stuff like that now, because they're trying to survive, too.

Cyndi Dale 1:13:12
I understand it. But it's quite foreign. It's like a foreign exchange rate. Go up and down or go

Alex Ferrari 1:13:20
For a burger, not a Gordon Ramsay burger. Like this happening? Um, so what do you think? What do you think our economy? What do you think, you know, our monetary system, all of its going?

Cyndi Dale 1:13:38
Again, I think I get I just kind of want to keep using the word flattened, it's gonna get flattened. I think we're gonna get more, but I do believe people are gonna get more community based, those who really make it through this, who can still have their houses who still, you know what I mean, have this or that, or the other things still have their jobs, community based, it's going to go that direction, you know, family, helping family, neighbors helping neighbor. I think that's, if I was going to go back to the spiritual and your idea of guardrails. Those are the guardrails, like, when are you guys going to get it? You have to help each other, your neighbor can't make the rent, you know, help them up? Sound 810 Different people cash every month right now, just in the mail, you know, because it's sort of like, you know, one family, the diabetes cost is so high, they can't afford food. That's Those are real people. Those are real people. Do you know, I mean, I still go back to individual responsibility. You know, do we know how to ask for help? Do we know how to give help? I mean, I think that's the only way and I know it sounds Pollyanna, but I really believe that's the only way we're gonna get through this. I think that's it, you know, so we can level we're gonna get leveled. Who in the neighborhood has a garden, you know, even if you're in the inner city, who's got the garden, you know, who can do this? Who can do that? That's the only path that I think is In the end, we're going to be able to take that out, ignore the big stuff, you know, and do the unit and do the small pieces where possible. And I think our intuition, let's just go into back to psychism. Our intuition will tell us how to do that. It'll tell us, you know, if we stay open to it, you know, kind of who do we help? Who don't we help, you know, when we vote and who don't we vote in as if we have choices? Don't have a lot of choices that you know about who's at the top right now. That's why there's a crumbling to,

Alex Ferrari 1:15:28
I saw this clip from George Carlin, the Great, the great George Carlin, and he was on a, I think he was on politically incorrect back in the day with Bill Maher, this is like in the 90s. And he was he was talking about something he's like, we have the illusion of choice, illusion of choice. He's like, we've got two two political parties, to this party, to this kind of things. He goes, but we have 40 We have 40 choices of ice cream flavors, to give us the illusion of choice.

Cyndi Dale 1:16:00
We don't have a lot of choices on what's happening on the top. You don't We don't have daily choices about you know, inflation, we don't have all that stuff. You know, you know, if you have a yard, maybe you have a choice to grow something, you know, if the if you don't put roundup back there and kill yourselves off, you know, with it all to when the top has this top stays on the top because it doesn't give people choices. You know, that pokes it's up there? There's, you know, he tried to make a few choices this Pope did. Did you notice, he tried to say, you know, if your kid doesn't necessarily mean you're going to hell, whoa. Whoa, when the top tries to get some choices, there's often like, you know, like little termites, you know, kind of trying to trying to, you know, kind of, kind of take those words apart.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:51
Yeah, it's, the whole system's gonna come crashing down.

Cyndi Dale 1:16:55
It is crashing, it's flattening. It's flattening.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:57
Yeah, it's, it's, it's very, very interesting. So the, I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Cyndi Dale 1:17:08
Deciding to hold some joy, you know, being a service being connected.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:14
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Cyndi, what advice would you give her?

Cyndi Dale 1:17:18
I'll be even more psychic. Just go for it. They're all crazy. What they think if they think you're satanic, that's their problem.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:29
That's amazing. How do you define God or Source?

Cyndi Dale 1:17:34
I love the word source. I use the word God in my head because I was raised white wonderbread, Norwegian Lutheran. Um, I think I see, you know, I need to go back to a little bit of the quantum physics and, you know, kind of some of the newest research or conjectures about it, divine intelligence that folds together in love. Now, divine intelligence is it and everywhere in you can choose to not choose love, and then whatever stored there, you get what you get, you get what you aligned to, but I think of it as divine intelligence is based in love. What is love? That's really the toughest, isn't it? I think that's not an easy answer. I don't think it's an easy answer. I can tell you that all I know, for myself, is I know, when I'm being in it, and feeling it, I suppose to me, it's the closest to I go back to this 12 STEP program, you know, kind of it's the quality being able to do the next right thing are to be in the right thing when you're in it. That's how that's all I can say.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:43
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Cyndi Dale 1:18:45
Some people say this is a soul school. I believe it is. Um, I think it is sort of, like a not very good playground.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:57
It's a tough, that's a tough.

Cyndi Dale 1:18:59
It's a tough playground. You know, it really is, I think it's about figuring out. What do we do with free will or not? And first of all, how to even obtain free will?

Alex Ferrari 1:19:11
And can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Cyndi Dale 1:19:14
That's simple. That one simple I can answer that question. spelled weird. On my website, that one is easy.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:25
And do you have any?

Cyndi Dale 1:19:26
And that's an easy answer. Thank you for an easy question.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:29
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Cyndi Dale 1:19:32
Um, you know, it's a weird, it just pops in my mind. Not not all flattening is bad. It's, it's like if you I'm in Minnesota, and one of my very favorite times of year is when the ice finally starts to melt. And you can see the icicles starting to come off the roof. Now just don't stand under them. I think you know what I mean, that's don't stand under the stage. So if you avoid the icicles, if you can avoid some of what is happening with the flattening. That's intelligence.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:14
That is a beautiful, beautiful way to, to look at it. Cyndi, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Cyndi Dale 1:20:19
It's been my pleasure

Alex Ferrari 1:20:20
And help and helping awaken the planet. So I appreciate you my dear.

Cyndi Dale 1:20:24
Well, I don't know if we're that much awakened, but we're gonna work on that one. All of us. Thank you so much. Have a great rest of your afternoon, everybody.

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