Man Drowns; Divine Heavenly Being Brings Him Back From Death; Heaven Sent Help! with Carlos Vivas

In the embrace of the universe, we often find ourselves questioning the nature of existence and the profound mysteries that life presents us. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Carlos Vivas, a man whose near-death experience brought him face to face with the divine and transformed his understanding of life and spirituality. Carlos’s story is not just about survival; it’s about a spiritual rebirth that reshaped his entire being.

Carlos, raised in a Catholic household, drifted away from his spiritual roots as he immersed himself in the busyness of life. His spiritual journey reignited after a harrowing near-death experience in 2015. While swimming off the coast of Panama City Beach, a powerful rip tide pulled him far into the ocean. Exhausted and on the brink of giving up, Carlos experienced a moment of divine intervention—a dolphin appeared, guiding him back to safety. This miraculous encounter marked the beginning of his spiritual awakening.

In Carlos’s own words, “The dolphin represent Jesus is the hope of eternal life.” This statement resonates deeply as it encapsulates the essence of his transformation. His search for answers led him to Google near-death experiences, where he discovered a vast community of individuals who had undergone similar life-altering events. This sense of belonging and the realization that he was not alone in his experiences provided Carlos with immense comfort and a newfound purpose.

After his near-death experience, Carlos found solace in nature, feeling a profound connection with the divine through the natural world. He engaged in what he called “waterfall chasing,” spending weekends exploring rivers, mountains, and oceans. This communion with nature became a sanctuary for his soul, offering clarity and peace. He also made significant changes in his lifestyle, such as giving up television and news to preserve his spiritual and emotional well-being.

Carlos’s journey took a remarkable turn when he had a vivid dream of being in heaven, embraced by Jesus, who imparted crucial spiritual insights. Jesus emphasized the importance of forgiveness as a means of healing and liberation. Forgiveness, Carlos learned, is not just about others but about freeing oneself from the burdens of resentment and pain. This revelation became a cornerstone of his spiritual message.


  1. Forgiveness is Liberation: Holding onto anger and resentment harms oneself more than anyone else. Forgiveness is a powerful act of self-love and healing.
  2. Connect with Nature: Nature is a direct link to the divine. Walking barefoot on the earth, being near water, and immersing oneself in the natural world can ground and center the soul.
  3. Live in Gratitude: Acknowledging and appreciating the blessings in life, no matter how small, shifts one’s perspective and opens the heart to more profound spiritual experiences.

Carlos’s story is a testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences and the profound spiritual awakenings they can trigger. His encounter with the divine and subsequent miracles reshaped his understanding of life, urging him to live a life of service, love, and deep spiritual connection. His experiences remind us that our time on Earth is fleeting, and the legacy we leave behind is defined by the love and kindness we share with others.

In conclusion, Carlos Vivas’s journey from near-death to spiritual rebirth is a powerful narrative of hope, transformation, and divine intervention. His story encourages us to seek deeper connections with the divine, to forgive freely, and to live with gratitude and love.

Please enjoy my conversation with Carlos Vivas.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 139

Carlos Vivas 0:00
Dolphin represent Jesus is the hope of eternal life. In 1000s of years ago, Romans they used to put the dolphin like angels they used to go to heaven and deliver the souls from Earth and that's when you go to Italy and you go wrong you see dolphins everywhere in the sculptures you know like status of dolphins everywhere.

Alex Ferrari 0:35
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show Carlos Vivas. How you doin, Carlos?

Carlos Vivas 1:12
I'm doing good. Thank you all. Thank you for inviting me to your program. Really glad to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:17
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend I you know, I'm excited to talk to you about your book help from heaven and your extraordinary near death experience. I've had many near death experiences on the show. But everyone's different. Everyone's got a different story. And there are some similarities, but yours is a very, very interesting one. So my first question is before your What was your life like before your near death experience? What was your spiritual path? If you even had a spiritual path? What was your life like before then?

Carlos Vivas 1:48
Okay, well, I was raised Catholic. All my life, I used to go to church with my family when I was little. But once that I moved to Atlanta more than 20 years ago, I started just working, working, working, working, and I put the my spiritual path on the side because everything was a will work and, you know, the best in life. And I never pay attention to that the only thing that I was doing since I was a child and today is being a praying all the time because praying brings me comfort, you know, it doesn't matter how you live, it doesn't matter what you're going through. I always pray and I recommend people to pray because I believe that will center your soul, you know, whatever you're doing is largely going peace with God, you know? How was my life before like I said, was no spiritual path at all. It was when I was a child because my family Catholic family, but after that, no, nothing like that. After my near that, yeah, it was like another world opens in front of me. And I started with this thirst of knowing, okay, there is something going on here. I how this started. The weather this started is because I didn't understand what happened to me, right? So I said, who I need to ask this question, maybe I'm gonna have to go to church the and ask the priests like, what is the near death experience, right? I didn't know the name of near death experience or anything. But I went to several churches looking for an answer. And they didn't want to talk about it. And after I try two or three or four times in different churches, I said you know what, I don't want to say anything. I do go home. And I'm going to Google what is this? Maybe another person in another part of the world happened to send that happened to me? When I Googled near death experiences for people I was like, What is this a huge community? I didn't know I feel comfortable. I say oh my god, I'm not the only one that this happened. Like, yesterday I was talking with one person from the near that experience international here in the United States. He said every day more than or every week more than 1000 people have near death experience just here in the US. But nobody wants to talk about it. Yeah. I was like wow, yes. It's it's a spiritual transformation because it's make you stop your life and make you see life differently. Like when I come back from the Near Death Experiences Okay, there is something else that nobody wants to talk about. There is nothing else that I saw on books that is that is more more more stuff. Like in the other side, you know, I went to after I came back from my near death, I just want to be in contact with nature. Why nature because it made me feel that I was in contact with God. I started doing waterfall chasing. So I was every weekend for almost four years I started going to waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfall, and I spent all day with waterfalls, went rivers, mountains, they all Ocean and that it bring me a lot of clarity and a peace with myself. You know, I stopped watching TV, I stopped watching the news because every time that I was turning the news, everything was horrible. I also wouldn't pass back. And I feel my my peace and my energy was coming completely down every time they're always turning the TV. I have a friend that she said to me, Carlos, you know how I call it TV as I don't know how to call it TV is like a cyclop with one eyes. And as soon as you turn the TV on the cyclop wrap you and doesn't let you go. So do you need to keep the cycle up? Turn off Alistar working inside of you. Your spiritual path. Yeah, that was my life before like Not at all. Everything started once my near death experiences happen.

Alex Ferrari 5:48
So tell. So take us through your near death experience.

Carlos Vivas 5:52
Okay, my near death experience happened in 2015. One morning, I wake up, I go to my living room, I sit down on my sofa. And I turn the TV on and on the TV was the news with the news that it was a massacre of a kids on the school. So I feel super bad. And I turned the TV off and I said okay, God, this is it for me. How these beautiful kids that their innocent souls have to die. This is not possible. If if there is a God, you need to explain me, you need to give me an explanation of why this has happened. I don't want to believe anymore. If you don't tell me how this happened. Of course, I don't want to imagine that he's gonna take me to Heaven. And I have all this experience to explain me this right? Anyways, in that moment that I asking God from the bottom of my heart, like what's going on my phone rings. I grabbed the phone. He was one of my best friends. Carlos, what are you doing this weekend and nothing why my family is well, I want to go to the beach. And we're going to Panama City. Do you want to go? So yeah, let's go. So we plan the trip, we traveled to Panama City Beach. A lot of stuff happened on the way there for us to stop the train and go back to Atlanta, like 15 red flags. I wasn't superstitious. So I didn't believe any of these times that were happening at that time. Now, if I see just one side, I stopped.

You know, because it's happened for a reason. And this is not just happening to me. This happened to everyone. I'm not a special person. This happened to everyone you know. So we drove to Panama City. We go to different places to stay the day but he was packed because it was Memorial Day. And I told my friends you know why let's go to an island is called chill Island. And we need to go to this. Park is called St Andrews State Park. And when we get there, we get a shuttle boat and take us to the island. So we did that to the shuttle boat. The boat took us to the island. It was a beautiful day in blue skies, blue water. When we arrived to the island. It was around 9am in the morning. It was packed with people the base side. So I told my friend Well, I didn't know these people was coming here. So what about let's go to the other side of the island is open ocean. So my friend said, Yeah, let's go. So we went there. We walked to the other side. On my way walk into the other side of the island. There was a guy with five kids and the guy said Excuse me, sir, excuse me. I was walking first. My friends were behind me. I said Yes, sir. What's going on? I said like, what do you think you're going to say? I'm going to the other side, sir, because this side is packed with people. I said yes. But here is the most most secure area of the island. The other side is open ocean is dangerous. The ocean is shocking and huge. You guys supposed to be here. So look, I've been coming here for more than 10 years. Nothing ever happened. Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. So like, Okay, we'll just be careful. So we continue walking, we arrived to the other side of the island. Like I said, this is a piece of land in the middle of the ocean. They don't have any palm, nothing, just sign right. So when we arrived to the other side, there was nobody there. So I told my friends last put a big tan because the song was really spicy was really hot. So I have a big tent, we start putting the time together. And the wind that was another red flag, the winds start blowing really, really hard. And the 10 opens and the 10 was like, like a flag like a product ship. So when the parachute opened, that was the 10 The wind was blowing and we couldn't put it together for 45 minutes. We're fighting with this thing because the wind was so hard. And after 45 minutes one of my friends grabbed some rocks and put her in every corner of the tent and we stay there all day with the chair to bring food with drinks. And we stay there from 9am to 4pm around 4pm One of my friends had Carlos me and my family weren't gonna walk around the island Do you want to come with us so I know I taking care of everything you guys go I know this. But you have between 45 minutes to an hour to come back here because the last boat leave at 535 is 30 to 6pm. Okay, so they leave me alone. I was by myself, it was a little bit hot. And I said, You know what, I just want to jump and swim a little bit. And I'm not afraid to swim because when I was a child, I wasn't a swimming thing. And my mom, she always put us on karate, karate, taekwondo, swimming classes, music classes, piano class, I mean, you name it. And I said, Okay, I just want to swim. So I jump in the water. I start swimming. And out of the sudden, this red tie came under the water. It was like a whirlpool. Like a twister under the water and push me far, far away into the ocean. I didn't know what I've reaped, I was so I was fighting and fighting and fighting. The first thing that you do what a riptide is never fight with everything. I was just fighting because I didn't know what it was right. And after 30 minutes fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting, when I pull my head out of water, I'm farther and farther and farther away from the island. And these currents still take me into the ocean. After 30 minutes, I have cramps on my arms on my legs. And I said, You know what, there is no way that I'm going to come back alive from here. This is it. For me. This is from my life. So in that moment, I look ahead and I say okay, God, you know what? I never thought this is gonna be my last day. But if you want to take me, I'm ready. So before I go, I just want to say thank you. I want to say thank you for my mom, thank you for my depth and good for my brothers and sisters. Thank you for everything you gave me. And I'm sorry if I did something wrong. And as soon as I said that, behind me, I heard this voice that said, ask for help. So I looked back, there was a very soft voice and I was like, what? I don't see anything. I just hear the water and the wind. And then minutes later, I heard again asked for help. And I was like, Are you kidding me? Are you here? Like Is anybody here? Help me please? Nothing. Few minutes passes. And then I heard again, I told you to ask for help. And I oh my god. Okay. Okay. So I started waving my hands how now even though I barely consider Island is this voice is still insisting behind me. I saw how well at the end of the island, something happened one of my one of my best friends. He came out of the group because he felt something was wrong. These guys that came out of the group two years prior days on a lake in here in Atlanta, super famous called Les Lanier on he was on Fourth of July when on his best friend die, drum. So when he was looking for me and he went back to the beach, he saw me there. He started running back and forth everywhere until he went to the top of a hill when he went to the top of the hill. He saw me he started jumping Carlos Carlos, I'm gonna call nine one want to hold on hold on. And he told me like Carlos, I couldn't believe this was happening again to me. But this time, I gotta do everything on my soul. So nobody's gonna die, you know. So he went back to the tent. And he grabbed some two wins. He went to the top of the hill, and he started dropping the tunes. But I like I said it was like half a mile away. And of course, the turtle was flying back to him because the wind was against him. Right? And then when he saw that, that didn't work is okay, hold on, hold on, let me get people from the other side. So he went back to get the people that was bored in the boats going back to Panama City. And a lot of people came, and six guys jump from the rocks. When this these guys jump from the rocks. Everybody's coming my way. Oh my god, thank you, God, thank you. They're gonna save me. They're gonna say, Guess what? The 10 minutes later after this happened, we hear a thunder behind me. And then a lightning. And when I look behind me, I see there is a big thunderstorm coming. And I said, Oh my God, there's a thunderstorm. So when I look in front of me, the guys that are supposed to be rescuing turn around, start turning around. And in that moment, I said, Well, I don't blame them because they don't know me. And maybe they have families. They don't want to die for somebody that they don't know. And in that moment when they turn around, I said, You know what, God, just just take me you know what, there is no way I'm gonna get out of here. So, in this moment, I'm just gonna surrender. I don't want to continue fighting for this. If you want to take me just stay me in this moment. I always make a pass and tell people what about in your life when you're fighting with cancer when you're fighting with a sickness when you're fighting with your wife, with your son with your school with your job, anything just surrender. And just let God take over there is some fights that it doesn't matter what you do, you go nowhere, you know, but when you surrender there is a higher power the intervene and he can change the course of whatever is going to happen, you know. So in that moment, I surrender and then I saw a huge wave that came and crushed me all the way under the ocean. So when I was under the ocean, I opened my eyes and from far far away I see this black shadow that's coming my way so I cover my face thinking that is a chart like oh my god is gonna gonna kill me is going to come. So this black charter Come, come come come randomly by my so much and push me all the way up. I didn't know at this point what it was when the thing come out of the water and I look at it, I was like what? So I grabbed the tail and I started crying. Sorry. It was a dolphin. It was a big dolphin. So I started crying. I look in the face of the dolphins like how in the world I can know like, I cannot believe this like, wow. So I was crying of gratitude. You know, it's like, wow, look at this, like this beautiful mammals like wow. So just there hanging with him. He didn't move. He just was floating there. And 10 minutes later, a feature boat job in front of me. And the guy started screaming at me so I can save you but I cannot get close close to you. Because the wave there are so big. I'm gonna hit you with my ball. I'm gonna throw you a rope. So he dropped me on rope. I go to the boat. But as soon as I get to the boat, I just grabbed air so I've dropped the thing.

And when I do this the guys like why are you doing Why are you doing this? Let's sir. I'm super tired. I have cramps all over my arms on my legs. I feel super exhausted. I just need to grab some air. So no, no. Do you need to hurry up right now? Come on. So like why? I said my body is sinking say how the boat is sinking? I said Yeah, I have a pump and the pump is top and all the waves that are getting inside of the pump and all the bodies floating inside. So like what? Come on, hurry up, go to the back. So I go to the backend. See the steps I jump in the dolphin is still behind me. As soon as I jump in the boat was like this fill of water. And I was like, oh my god, sir. And we need to take the water out. Do you have a pocket? I say no, I don't have any pocket. Come on. We don't have time for the sit down. And I was like, Okay, I sit down. And then he started driving away from the part of the island. And then he asked me like, Okay, are you okay? Are you fine? Yes, sir. I'm fine. Let me ask you a question. What is your family and your friends everybody's in this part of the island. What happened? Well, just wine to swim a little bit. And this brought me all the way here. And then he said like, okay, um, let me ask you this question. Where are you from? I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. What about you, sir? So I'm from Atlanta, Georgia to sell really? What parts? I'm from Duluth and the guy said I'm from Norcross. DeLuna Norcross is next to each other. So I was like, What were neighbors to Isla? Yeah, whenever this amazing. And then in that moment, oh, my God, look behind you look behind you. So when we look behind us, he grabbed his phone and he started filming. Behind me, the dolphin was jumping behind the boat following us all the way around the island. So when we get to the other side of the island, the bayside The guy said, Look, brother, I have to fix my boat. But if you want to see me again, every Memorial Day, I'm going to be here. So you can come in Memorial Day and find my boat and my family and we can meet us again. Okay, sir. Thank you so much. God bless you for saving my life. I jumped off the boat. This was the base size. So the water was low. And I started walking to the church. Nobody was in that side of the chart because everybody was in the other side of the chart looking for me. So when I started walking to the church, something behind me hit my light. And when I look back, the dolphin was behind me. I was like what this dolphin? Like what do you want from me? It was a dolphin is following. So I still cry like oh my god, this is incredible. This is incredible. So when I get to the chore, I go my knees and I said you know what, God, if You saved me with this dolphin right here is because you have a purpose for my life. I just want to tell you something from today Carlos die into the ocean. The person who is coming out of the water is not going to be you. He's not going to be Carlos is going to be you. From this moment I give you my life. I give you my soul and whatever you have to do do it through Carlos. This is not my life. This don't belong to me. Just do it like this. And in that moment, Dolphin Lee, and in that moment started thundering Lightning as the rain. So I took that as a yes. After that happened. The everybody start running from the other side of the island, the police arrived. I have to sign the police report and tell what happened. They take me back to the island. I speak with management until I look what happened was that I didn't see in the island any red flags or any sign that he said a reply. So I didn't know what a red tie was. So just be careful with it. After that, my friend asked me like Carlos, what do you want to do now? So that Well, I think this was a miracle. So I just want to go to a church. So let's go let's go to a church. So we Google a church and the closest church to San Andreas de partie. School was a Catholic church. And we drive there when we had arrived, the church was closed but outside of the church was a garden with a big sanctuary. It was a virgin Fatima. It was like a cave. And inside of the cave was brilliant. Friday morning was full of candles, all the candles on. So everybody that came from the beach with me, we did a huge circle and everybody hates each other. And we start praying. We pray for like 2030 minutes after we finish. My friends. Carlos, what do you want to do now? So just thinking Do the hotel I just want to get something to, to eat and take a shower. So they took me back to the hotel, I guess something to eat took a shower. And as soon as I put my head on my pillow, I was exhausted. I have an epiphany, like a drink. And in this room, I look in front of me, I'm grabbing the hand rails have a cruise, like through cruise or going to the Caribbean right on the third floor of this cruise. It was the size of like the Titanic. So I grabbed the camera looking for me and it's the Blue Ocean Blue Skies is a super sunny day. But at the end of the ocean, I see something that is rising is coming my way. What's the tsunami, I oh my god, tsunamis, my car in my face, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna do that. Then 1530 minutes past nothing happened. And after 30 minutes, somebody come behind me and push me like, Hey, open your eyes and look at me. Wake up. Come on, look at me. So I know what about today. I love this. And I was coming. And he said, You never gonna die with me. Look at me. So I looked back. I was like, Who is this? So as soon as I look back. So what I feel it was Jesus because that's what I feel in my heart was it was this big guy was like a six, five, with a lot of light coming from his face. He was wearing a white robe. And he said to me, Carlos, please close your eyes. So I close my eyes. He hugged me from the back. And then 10 seconds pass. And then he said Carlos now open your eyes. So I open my eyes. He's holding his arms. And when I look in front of me, I'm in heaven.

So imagine how chocolate was like what I mean heaven. That means that and I looked at things like cheese was not you need to take me back. I cannot die right now I have a lot to do. I said Carlos, you didn't die J But you make a promise to me. And do you need to fulfill that promise. Welcome to heaven from today you are proud of me. And part of all them. From today just talking, just start walking, walking with me and working with all of them. When I see all of them. There are millions of people dressed in white robes. And then Jesus asked me, Do you have any questions and say, Yes. Number one, where are these people come from? And they said they're coming from all over the world. Number two, what is the true religion hearing Heaven is in heaven that is not religions, when you come to heaven, the only thing that you're going to find is love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. And that's why I'm gonna unite the whole humanity in one again. And as soon as he said, that is okay, let's do a life review. So he put my, his arm over me. So let's walk inside heaven. And let's start this light review. And the way that I explained the whole life review is all the good and bad that you did during your life. So you can make you can feel how you make feel other people in good times and bad times. So it's just a reflection of your life and what you did for others after this end. Jesus said, Carlos, I want you to go back and tell everybody what happened here. So it pushed me back. Next morning, I wake up, I told my friends, we drove to Atlanta on Monday go back to work. Like I said, I've been working in my company for almost 20 years. And I go my office and say, Hey guys, to other managers. I guess what happened this weekend, I went to Panama City Beach in Florida. And this huge dolphin came when I was drowning and saved me like year, right, Carlos, whatever. And then somebody behind me say I believe I want to live by was my boss and say like, why are you leaving? And they don't believe me. My boss said because all of them. They're eight years. I'm Christine. Number two, I want you to go on your computer and Google how many people have been saved by dolphins through history. So like what the goal is, so I googled it and a lot of people has been saved by dolphins, actually a guy, a little kid from Cuba. Eliane was. It's a big story about this kid that was saved by dolphins. And then I saw like, Wow, that's amazing. Then my boss says, now go how many dolphins get killed in the other side of the world every year. So I googled on the other side of the world, the other hemisphere. 100,000 dolphins get killed every year and they still saving people as like, wow, this is crazy. Now Google, how many people die by Rip ties current in Florida every year. So I googled that. Here's how many more than 100 people die every year by Riptide is the silent killer. Now he said on the last one Google what is the meaning of dolphin for Christians? So when I googled that he said the dolphin represent Jesus is the hope of eternal life. In 1000s of years ago, Romans they used to put the dolphin like angels they used to go to heaven and deliver the soul from Earth. And that's when you go to Italy and you go wrong. You see dolphins everywhere in the sculptures, you know, like statues of dolphins everywhere. If you trace dolphins back, you're gonna find a lot of stuff that you do. Wow. So that happened on Monday on Wednesday. My job is a Quality Assurance Manager so I have to see what my my employees do in the customer house and one of my employees broke out I'm going to customer house. So my boss called me said Carlos, I need you to go to this customer in Stone Mountain and repair this. This lamp and my crew broke or or buy a new house. Okay, cool. So I drive to this lady. When I know the doors, open the door Carla's Come on. Nice to meet you. I'm cooking right now. But could you do me a favor, go to the basement, go to the last room, turn the light and you will see a gold lamp in the corner. So sure. So I go downstairs, I walk all the way to the end of the basement. And when I turn the light on that room, I see the gold lamp on the on one side, the next line was a huge painting on the wall. And guess what it was the whole thing in heaven with Jesus. Jesus in front of 1000s Millions of people. Jesus was in the middle on their Jesus was the ocean and adulting jumping in the ocean. I was like, What is this crazy? So I started crying because it was very overwhelming for me. I was like, how does this happened? So the customer Listen to me that was crying and she gocardless Is everything. Okay? What happened? What happened? You fell or something? So she come downstairs? As Excuse me, ma'am. This is unbelievable. Where do you get this painting from? And she said, Well, three years ago, a friend of my family came here and you start doing this painting he brought a big canvas and the this painting from my family. And because this is the only place that we have in my house, that's the big wall. That's where we put it right there. We don't have any other place to put it. But if you want to take pictures let me turn the light switch and turn the lights and two pictures. That happened on Wednesday on Thursday. I called my best friend told the story. He live in western Georgia. That's one hour away from my house. After I told him what happened to me, he's in a college you need to go to church, this testimony you need to tell people what's going on. So like, broad, you're kidding me? I'm not gonna tell that to anybody who's going to believe me that no, no. And you know how many haters out there? And they're gonna start messing with this. They're like, No. But anyways, he was talking to me for about an hour. After an hour, he convinced me Okay, I'll go on Sunday to your house. Sunday arrived, I go to his house, we get breakfast with his wife. And then it's like, okay, what church you want to go to? Like, I don't care what church because God told me. I mean, Jesus told me that it doesn't matter. The religion Everything is love. So whatever is first around your house, so we Google a church, and the church close to his house was called some Michael their candle. So we drove to this church. And when we arrived, I never been there. He never been there. Parking Lot was hundreds of cars right there. Everybody was celebrating something that was balloons everywhere in music, and most like what's going on here. So a lady next door car is Excuse me, ma'am? What's going on here today? And the lady said, Well, this used to be a little church. But today we're integrating these huge churches like a cathedral. And you guys came on time to see the whole thing. So okay, cool. We watched the whole integration. And at the end, we spoke with the priests and told him that I have a testimony the priests, okay, go to state. So go to stage, I start telling my story for the first time. And when I'm in the middle of the story. 17 years old. Raise your hands. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me. I said, Yes. I want to interrupt your stories. Okay. Something going on as a yes. I want to ask you a question. Sure. How Jesus was with you. I say he was behind me. While he was racing, I was racing a wire rope while you were in front of him. While he was doing he was hugging me from behind why. So these were put the black hair to black long hair to the blood, like her hair in front of her. She turns around, and as soon as you turn around, you have a printing on the back of the teacher and it was this painting right here. I don't know if you're gonna see it. Go. You see it? Okay. He's called forgiveness that. There you go. You got it.

I send them the book. Yes, you did, sir. Okay, so I said, yeah, it was exactly like that. So everybody in turn, how'd you guys plan these, um, I was like, number one. I don't know this girl. Number two, I never see the painting. And then after church and the service, and I went back home, and I Googled this image I put on Google on searching cheeses hogging the guy. And when this image came, I said, Okay, let me check about this image. So it came with a story. In the year 1992, famous painter called Thomas blood chair. He started doing fasting for weeks drinking water and praying, asking God, let me paint the image of Jesus. So you start doing the painting. And he said, when he was half of the weight of the painting, he said, The Holy Spirit show up and said, Thomas is a beautiful painting, but now you have to write a book and explain people what is the meaning of the painting, that you say in the back of the painting, we have the dark so that's the darkness that we will have on the top of the painting the light, that's the light that we will have in the center when Jesus put his hand in our heart is the love that Jesus has for us, and everything around the painting you have to explain. So he wrote a book and wasn't mo his book is called forgiveness of my story and when I was in heaven, When I finished my life review, Jesus, Tony Carlos, you need to tell people in order to continue living life on Earth, they need to forgive. More than 98% of people around the world have childhood trauma, and they need to heal that trauma. how are they going to heal the trauma for with forgiveness, and they need to forgive three people. Number one, they need to forgive their parents why? It doesn't matter. If they abandoned you, it doesn't matter if they hit you, it doesn't matter if they abuse you, it doesn't matter. It didn't like you, they did the best they could to give you the best you have, why they didn't have a manual to raise you. Number two, you need to forgive your inner child, why whatever happened in your childhood, you couldn't do anything, it was a baby, nobody could help you. So it's not the baby's fault. So it's time to grab the baby inside of you give him a hand and give him a hug and say, You know what, from now on, everything's gonna be fine. And number three, you need to forgive all the people that harm you during your life. Why when you forgive your parents, your inner child and the people that harm you, you're not forgiving them, you're forgiving yourself. From that moment, you're open your heart. And from that moment, you throw away all the hate all the resentment, and all the poison, they've been eating you inside of you, and then becoming cancer and becoming another all those resentments that you keep inside of you, you'll forget about it. But your body have memories. And these memories are still there in time. And then with time they start eating your body. And that's how it started eating. I mean, become sickness, you know. So I said, Wow. And Jesus told me after you forgive is like you get a string with a balloon and just cut the string and let the balloon go. You're free. And when you're free, you're still living your purpose in life. And what is the biggest purpose in life? He said, everybody is looking for a purpose left and right and nobody can find the purpose. Very easy. The biggest purpose in life is called service. Why service? Because when you die, you don't want to take your mansion, your cars, your Bitcoin, anything. Your titles are who you are nothing. Are you going to tell us how many people you help? How many people you give shelter? How many people do give food? How many people give advice, how many lives you change outside? What was the blueprint that you left on this world? Look, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, the only thing they will service and their legacy is still continuing to today. And my final question that I asked everybody is what are you doing today, to leave a blueprint of love a blueprint that's gonna be in the heart of everybody that you meet today. And when you leave this world, your blueprint is going to continue working for generations. And that's my story.

Alex Ferrari 32:55
My God, my friend that is so it was intense. And it's there's it's beaut it's such a beautiful story, by the way, and it's it's so inspiring. The thing that's interesting about your near death experiences that you didn't die. You you had you had your near death experience in a dream, the night of this near death fell almost dying scenario. So arguably, you were probably exhausted you there was, you know, your mind is probably dehydrated, there was a bunch of stuff going on. So who knows, maybe you did die a little bit when you when you fell a snow up again, who knows

Carlos Vivas 33:31
What it was you certainly some people say, Oh God, a night that wasn't a near death experience is called Near Death Experience. Hello, me. You're close to die. So I was close to die. That's what it's called near that. There are a variety or near deaths. So my near death was a spiritual near death. I reborn again in that moment that I was being saved by the dolphin. And by God, you know. And from that moment, like, like you said, could be a drain, you know, but what happened after this happened, a series of miracles start happening my life, right? So I didn't pay attention to this. I don't want to think about this anymore. Maybe this was a drain. And then a lot of stuff is still happening left and right, left and right, left and right. messages, messages and a lot of stuff. And I was like, Okay, this wasn't a dream. So this was real. So one of the first thing that happened, I think, I don't know if you hear another interview will was I was walking to Walmart. That was one of the first thing I know. My sister called me from Miami because Jesus schoolteacher. She's a fifth grade school teacher and she said, Carlos, what are you doing? I'm going to get some groceries and say, Well, when you get home, I want you to get a go to netflix. I think it was and watch this movie is called the letter C the letter is one letters. I see the letters of Mother Teresa. Why? I said well, Mother Teresa started having miracles like what is happening to you right now and she was like you she didn't want all this stuff because she didn't feel worthy of these miracles. And then she stopped writing Letters to God asking like why are you doing this to me? And then she died. Then the letters were found and then they did the movie and so okay, you're okay when I get home I watch the movie and walk into Walmart the glass doors of Walmart open and guess what's coming out three nines or monetarism, Kakuta. I'd like what kind of like, that's when this is known. I almost dropped my phone on the floor like, Oh, this is crazy. So I grabbed the phones Akagera back, you're gonna believe this. And then I asked this No, excuse me. You're from other directions. Like, you watch the word wrestler. And it's like, wow, yeah. So what are you doing here? So like, I will live here, but I do from Calcutta India said yeah, we're from Kuta. India. So when you're on vacation, so now you live here. So you live here where a mother Teresa? Teresa have like, What are you talking about? So while in 1995, Mother Teresa came to Atlanta and upgrade the house of the charity of monetarism. So they grew up ladies are dying of AIDS and cancer and terminal illness. And they take it to this house, and they announced they can have these ladies. Wow. Okay. So they asked me like, hey, actually, we're looking for volunteers. You want to be able to say sure. So they gave me their address. Two weeks later, I go there. They show me the house around. I couldn't get inside of the house because the house is just for ladies, right? But they show me then they have like a little library like garden, and they have like a classroom. And after they show me that they say Carlos, Mother Superior wants to talk to you. I said, Okay, that's fine. I was started on Catholic school. And model three was like, Oh, Lord. I go to her office and multiple Carlos, nice to meet you sit down. What a pleasure to have you here with us.

So are you here to visit us like we don't have visitors like you every day here. And you know, so something happened to you? Is everything okay? I said, Well, something happened to me. And that led me to get here. So I don't know. I said, What happened to you? I said, well, so I told the dolphin story. And when I finished I say well, and at the end I wasn't charged and these girls stand up and to show me the teacher and it was this image of Jesus hugging the guy. Until now. Oh my god. Oh my gosh, you started oh my god, this is a miracle. So miracles and whatnot. Islamic go to like, yeah, so just start praying. I was like, what's going on? And they just are getting all the notes. Come here. Come here. So all the notes come behind me. What happened? Carlos showing the nones the paintings? Well, this is the painting. Oh my god. Oh my god. So everybody's praying and praying and praying anatomist faith, like pass out on the floors. Are they bringing water with sugar? Because I was afraid I don't know what was happening. And then when they finished the break, Mother Superior said, Carlos, I just want to let you know that God brought you here. I know. God didn't bring me here. I found this lady is a woman. They men here. That's why I'm here. I said no, no. Let me explain to you how. So she opened a cabinet. Get some pair of scissors and give it to me. Like Carlos, I just want to let you know. Look behind you. So behind me, what is it? I just said, look. So there is about Okay, grab this Caesar switch again, Caesar, I want you to open the box behind you. So I opened the box. And when I opened the box, guess what? Inside the box, it was almost 100 teachers with the same image like this. And I was like, what is the Yep. So in two weeks from now, we're going to have a spiritual retreat here for kids that they're going to get in alcohol drugs, you know, and we're trying to say their souls. And that's what we do in this retreat for them. And we choose that image. And now you come here for an out of the blue. And give us this story and show us this painting. So it's the same thing that we had here. So it was a really beautiful connection there, you know. And after that, they invited me to a summer camp. For kids, they they serve on a camp here in Atlantis called Clarkston for refugees from all over the world is the biggest refugee camp in the United States. So they brought me there, people from all over the world, huge camp, and they say, Carlos, I want you to tell this story to over 200 kids, they're in this camp. And I told my story. And it was magical. So that was one of my first experience that I have with this story. And other stuff happened to me with time. One day I went to a party here in Atlantis called Stone Mountain. A friend of mine, I was writing the book for this story. But I didn't have an editor. I didn't have a publisher. Nothing right. But a friend of mine said Carlos, you know what, let's meet tonight. You already have the manuscript for the first episode. So why do you don't bring it to a restaurant that I'm going to be with my girlfriend? Check it out. So sure. So he invited me to this race restaurant, this Chinese restaurant and the restaurant. I never been in this restaurant and it was a really good area to like, let me call this restaurant to see I noticed Chinese but what kind of food they sell right? So I call them restaurants say well, where sushi restaurant, and just to get inside of the restaurant is $40 to get in, but it doesn't include any drinks or to wait. $40 is like a buffet. But you have stations with how do you call this? People who specialize on different kinds of sushi. But that does include the salad that does include the dessert does include the drinks, like oh my god. So this and this was like, in 2015. Imagine how much is now after the look what happened right in these two years. So I said, No, this is too much money for something that I don't even eat. I don't want to spend $40 on this, you know, and I didn't have the money at the time to need it. So I go to this bar with some friends. It's called Stone Mountain. They have a powwow festival, this Indian American Indian festival, and I stay all day there. Around 6pm When the festival is closing, my friends that work with me to this festival, and Carlos, what do you want to do now? So Well, I suppose to meet with this friend on a restaurant. But I call the restaurant and it's $40 to get in. I don't even pitch switches, you know, I don't want to spend the money if I can use the money for something else, you know? And then it's like, okay, well, you can come with us and we can prepare food at home. I said, okay, cool. So we start walking out of the festival, and it was in the middle of fall. So all the leaves were falling down from the trees. And when we're walking to the parking lot start blowing really hard, right? So I'm walking first my friends are behind me. I'm going to my car. And then out of the blue. This paper that is all like an a form of balloon is start carving all from over the street and stuff in front of me. So I put the foot on this paper and what is the paper? Where's the papers? I don't know. Somebody did like a bowl of paper and throw it I guess. I guess I'm gonna throw it on the garbage can right there. liberalising sighs Okay, so I grabbed the paper. I opened the paper. Guess what was inside of the paper?

Alex Ferrari 42:05
Missing a coupon for this restaurant?

Carlos Vivas 42:09
Oh, it was actually $40 inside of this paper.

Alex Ferrari 42:14
$40 like actual like cash. Cash.

Carlos Vivas 42:17
Yes. And they were folded on a cross. No, stop it. Yes. You're gonna read more in detail. Yes. So everybody, like freak out behind me like this, like, oh my god, I guess God want me to go and give him some sushi. Anyways, he was amazing. He was like, wow. So you know, I was trying to find with this because I wasn't very skeptic person with all this stuff, you know. And it was hard for me to believe that this was happening around me. Actually, I run from all these miracles for like, almost three years. I run I cry I hide. And after three years, I knew that it wasn't no way because it was happening almost every week, every something were in front of people and everybody would freak out. Everything was beautiful. But I was my stop. What do you know that somebody has to stay at church all day? Why do you have I'm used to as a regular person that work nine to five to pay bills? I don't my life is not like that interesting. You know, like, I'm just a regular guy, just grab somebody that's plain old date somebody else. But I said no. And that's how my life changed from that moment.

Alex Ferrari 43:32
And this is a remarkable story, my friend, I have to say it is a truly remarkable story and what and all these little like, you know, the $40 and across the egg and all these kinds of things. You just kind of you kind of look at the look, we all I mean, I think we all have those moments that certain things happen. You just like?

Carlos Vivas 43:50
Well, let me tell you another one quick. Okay. So last year in November, you know, the housing crisis, right? The crisis during the housing right now in the United States. There is a crisis to four cars. I don't know if you know that to buy a car right now is crazy. And we use cars that are more expensive than new card, right? So I was trying to buy a car but the prices were back and forth, back and forth. So I have a brother that he lives in Houston he was going to New York and his job in Atlanta to business is a Carlos is go to a restaurant, let's eat together. So we're eating and they asked me so what's going on in your life? How's everything well, brother and trying to buy a car? I said, Well, actually, I'm I'm selling a car right now. So sure, yeah. What is it? So he showed me the picture of all these cards. Oh, wow. That's exactly the color why like, I want to correlate that wow, this is amazing. So like, well, Carlos, you need to hurry up because there's a lot of people that want to buy that car. So okay, do you know what let me go to Delta Airlines and do the thing right now. So I booked the trip, right so it is your wife at home? Yeah, she's gonna fly tomorrow morning. I grabbed the car. I gave them money and all that right. So I bought the car. I come back to Atlanta, and my bro other so well you know that you need to register the car and do all the paperwork shorter. So let me go to the DMV. So I go to the DMV. And when I arrived there, that was in December, they gave me how do you go on appointment for January, I said, you're gonna call me in January. Right now, because of the pandemic, you cannot enter into the office, just checking with security, go back to your car. And then we're going to call you on your phone. And when they call you, everybody have to wait inside of their cars now. And then when they call you on the phone to get out of your car and go inside of the office. Okay, cool. So the day of my appointment, I go super early, because the day that I went in the cemetery was packed. So when I go super early was raining, so nobody show up that day at the DMV. So I walk in, and I show my appointment to the police. And the police said, Look, you came like 30 minutes earlier said Yes, sir. Because last time that I was here, he was a huge line. I said, But you know what? Nobody can because it's raining outside. Just getting in right now. So you shouldn't Yeah, go go. So I got in. And as soon as I get inside of the office, there are like 10 different stations, you know, the these ladies ready to help you. So none of them call me and then out of the sudden these lady come running. Oh my god, I'm running late running late. So she put her purse on the computer to turn they're coming theater. And she freaked her hair and said, Oh my God, you gotta come on. You're doing the next coming here to my, to my stand. So I just got to say yeah, good morning. How you doing? Good. Ah, so what do you want to do today? And so like, well, I need a I just bought a car. I need to put all the paperwork under my name is TEPCO. Give me your paperwork. Give me your driver's license and everything. And then she see my driver's license. He see my brother and my brother have the same name. Carlos is like, what Carlos to Carlos, this is gonna be a funny day today, as well. Yeah. I mean, my brother is for my dad's second marriage. And that's why second wife with Carlos Do you know? So well, there's gonna be fun. And so that look, just put it in my book. And I have good with Carlos Davis, right? No, I said you wrote a book. I feel like yeah, what is about so it's a long story. But don't worry. I'll tell you later. So I know I love books. I say what is about it's about near that space. Nobody likes that too much. It's okay. Don't worry. I said. She said to me, like, do you want your paperwork to get ready? Do you want to tell me the story? I said, Okay. Sorry. So I started telling the story right there. And when I go to the bar of Mother Teresa, believe it or not like in the DMV, I'm telling the story. She said like with Mother Teresa. You know, I'm from India, right? I'm from Calcutta. And I used to live close to Mother Teresa as like, what are you for an India? I said, like, Yeah, I'm from India. And then she said, When I get your book, in what chapter I can found the story of Mother Teresa. And I said on chapter nine. I was like, no, no, this is not can be like what happened? This is crazy. Like what? Look where you're standing. So what are you talking about looking the floor and look on the top and look on the floor? You are in a station number nine. Like what? This is crazy. Oh, my chest almost cries like I give you all please give a copy of my book and I I sign up for her. And she was as happy as she could be. Left or right, left or right. So it's been

Alex Ferrari 48:27
You've had signs my friend, you've had signs that you're on the right path. And I'm glad that I've been able to hopefully share this story with not only my audience, but other people I will find the story for many years to come because it is a remarkable one. It is a unique one. In the near death experience space. By far I've never heard this kind of story that there are a couple of common elements in the in the life review and these kinds of things. But but everything else is and you're such a great storyteller. By the way. You're very animated and you tell the story with such love and energy and great energy. I appreciate it my friend. I'm going to ask you a few questions ask all my guests. Okay. What is your definition of a good life?

Carlos Vivas 49:11
Definition of a good life for me is to do good to others. Live with love every day because you know every day I tell people every day you go to the frame of your door outside of your house, but you don't know if you're gonna come back. And you don't want to be repaired if something happened, because I I've been involved in another accident when I was a child. I wasn't driving. I was a child sitting in the backseat. And a lot of how accident happened to me. And every time that action was happening everything happened in slow motion. I don't know if you heard that before. Slow motion like your life Come like like a flash. And just like oh, I didn't do this. I didn't do this at the end sale. Sorry to this person. I didn't say this person. I love you. So you aren't trying to say I love you to the person that you love. You are I'm trying to grab their phone and say hello love your mom, I love you that I love your sister, mother, brother, every person in your family because you never know, for how long you're gonna be on this earth. I just want to tell good life is connect with nature. Because when you connect with nature, you connect with the source with God. And other things that I want to tell people try to walk barefoot, because that's grounded. You when you walk barefoot on the grass, you connect with the town like the heart of the planet. And that's gonna drain all your strength from your body is called round. And you can guys can look at it online,

Alex Ferrari 50:41
We had a whole we had a whole interview with a Clint Ober who created or discovered it and has been talking about it for the last 30 years. Yes.

Carlos Vivas 50:49
Another thing that I believe is a good life breathe. People don't breathe these days. So counsel 10 goes pace pray. Um, another thing that I want to tell people like when people pray, Oh my God, I pray I've been praying for years and nothing happened, of course, because you you're like, tape recording, just repeating and repeating and repeating. One thing could be a praying could be a mantra, and you can be reasoned out about the prayer is about the emotion that you put on the pray. It's about the intention that you put on the pray, it's about the energy you put on the prayer. That's what is going to activate the mail that you're going to send to heaven, you know, so that's what he's gonna bring is not just repeat one thing over and over and over again. And as like, you need to ask for gratitude. You need to be grateful for your house, you need to be grateful for your job, you need to be grateful for your brothers, your sisters, for everything you have around you. Eric is a big, big school. So we came here to learn and to give love to others. That's what I think is a good life.

Alex Ferrari 51:55
Where can people find out more about you and your book help from heaven?

Carlos Vivas 52:00
Hell from heaven, you can find it on my web page is www.helpfrom Or you can go to Amazon and get help from heaven. You can ask Google to help from heaven. Miracles happen when you believe there are three books but mine is helpful. Having miracles happen when you believe you're gonna go to my Facebook page is called a dolphin miracle based on the book held from heaven. My second page on Facebook is called Beyond near death experiences. And that's what you can find.

Alex Ferrari 52:35
Carlos, thank you so much for sharing your story, my friend and keep keep up the good work and hopefully this will inspire people to to have a better life to think about things to be grateful about life and to be of service to other people. So it has been a pleasure, my friend, thank you again so much for all the work you're doing.

Carlos Vivas 52:52
Thank you for inviting me to your program. Thank you everybody for watching this program and I send a big hug to everybody and blessings to everybody this watching this program right now. God bless everyone.

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