In the journey of our exploration, we sometimes stumble upon revelations that change our perception of the world. On today’s episode, we welcome the profoundly insightful Alan Green. Alan, a classically trained pianist turned researcher, has traversed a fascinating path from music to unraveling the mysteries encoded in the works of Shakespeare, the Great Pyramid, and the hidden symbology within. His tale is one of synchronicity, profound experiences, and an unyielding quest for truth.

Alan Green embarked on this odyssey through a series of remarkable events. Despite his initial resistance to Shakespeare, a sudden and inexplicable encounter with extra-dimensional beings set him on a course that would merge his musical expertise with an extraordinary passion for uncovering hidden codes. “I had no interest in Shakespeare,” he recounts, “but within minutes of watching a friend’s play, I was hooked.”

In this profound conversation, we dive deep into Alan’s book, “Decoding Shakespeare,” where he uncovers a labyrinth of codes that suggest a far more complex origin of the Bard’s works. Alan’s revelations are supported by meticulous research and scientific proof. He describes how radar scans of Shakespeare’s gravestone and monument revealed anomalies that aligned with hidden codes. “The actual cavity is 250 times the size it’s supposed to be,” Alan explains, emphasizing the significance of scientific proof in validating these ancient mysteries.

As we delve further, Alan shares his experiences of receiving what he describes as downloads of information from higher beings. These downloads have enabled him to understand advanced mathematics and geometry, which he believes were essential in decoding the messages embedded within Shakespeare’s texts and other historical artifacts. “I had no idea what was going on,” he says, “but I could feel them operating inside my head.”


  1. The Interconnectedness of Art and Science: Alan’s research underscores the profound connection between artistic expression and scientific knowledge. The intricate codes within Shakespeare’s works demonstrate a blend of creativity and mathematical precision that transcends ordinary literature.
  2. The Role of Higher Guidance: Alan’s encounters with extra-dimensional beings and his subsequent ability to decode complex messages suggest that higher guidance can play a crucial role in human understanding and evolution.
  3. The Hidden Mysteries of History: The anomalies found in Shakespeare’s gravestone and the Great Pyramid, along with the encoded messages, point to a deliberate effort by ancient and historical figures to preserve and convey knowledge through time.

In the latter part of our conversation, Alan elaborates on the profound implications of his discoveries. He connects Shakespeare’s works to the geometry of the Great Pyramid and the Vitruvian Man, proposing that these structures contain encoded knowledge meant to be unveiled by future generations. “The codes predicted this,” Alan asserts, highlighting the extraordinary foresight of these ancient architects.

Alan’s journey is not merely one of intellectual discovery but also a spiritual awakening. His dedication to revealing these truths serves as an inspiration to us all. As he puts it, “We are all Shakespeare, wearing masks of delusion. Behind the mask lies the truth, the Divine, the holy of holies inside each of us.”

In closing, Alan’s insights challenge us to look beyond the surface of historical narratives and seek the deeper truths encoded within. His work is a testament to the enduring quest for knowledge and the belief that we are all part of a greater, interconnected reality.

Please enjoy my conversation with Alan Green.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 466

Alan Green 0:00
The actual cavity is 250 times the size it's supposed to be and I had it analyzed by two separate radar labs and you can see inside all these layers of something inside and that was my way of proving the codes are accurate because they say they predicted this something in the oldest don't whatever actually in all honesty I'm I'm I'm the only person important is to have got some scientific proof because I knew we just got to get scientific proof you can't just say well the coach say this and the coach say that

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I like to welcome to the show Alan W. Green. How you doing Alan?

Alan Green 0:50
I'm doing great Alex lovely to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
Lovely to have you my friend I am. So so excited to talk to you. You're we're gonna be talking about a subject that I've never spoken about in the show. I know little to nothing about it, which is always the best kind of conversations because I'm very curious person, we're going to be talking about your book, decoding Shakespeare, which I'm just just dying to get into. So I got to ask you, what, what first of all, what kind of got you down the road of questioning or doubting Shakespeares traditional origins or the narrative that we have been been fed all these years? Well,

Alan Green 1:30
I'm a classically trained pianist, and then got into jazz, and I've been into rock and roll and playing all kinds of music my whole life, I have a lot of history in the music business. So it does seem a departure and it's a great place to jump off from but just to say that my whole life after being 55 years old, was all in the music business still is I still love to play and write and writing a Shakespeare musical, etc. But how I got into it. I had absolute resistance to Shakespeare wasn't the least bit interested. My whole life had been shielded from it, it turns out and that turned out to be a good thing. Because I wouldn't then have to unlearn all the Orthodox story, which is a mystery. So one were when I was introduced to it, I was completely fresh. I was praying, actually, very fervently. To say, please show me what it is. I'm here for now. Because I, it almost seems like another incarnation. Although I've been on five record labels. And I done my my bit in music. And I've been very involved with a lot of famous people. And now I was, well, I don't know where I'm going, I have a feeling something's coming. But the way I pray is, you better show me what it is, as you can take me tomorrow. As well as saying, I just, I have a feeling something's coming. But I've got no idea what it is. And I used to then say that the next step was my friend introduced me to Shakespeare, but if we want to go really down the rabbit hole, and I suspect your program is really for that. What really happened? I have a guy a serious show image. I say, Well, I was praying and then my friend came and introduced me to Shakespeare, and that's true. But there was an intermediate scene. And it was this. i After praying, I was in my bedroom, which actually is the same room I'm in now, which is now my green screen. Studio. I'm in an apartment in Los Angeles. I was reading a book I was laying on my back, we the air became very electric. And I said, Whoa, what's happening and I suddenly became paralyzed, I couldn't move. And three extra dimensional beings floated into my apartment in Los Angeles through the walls. I was had a moment, just a moment of fear. Just Whoa, what is this? Well, I couldn't move. And I immediately called on my, my guide my my my guru who's Yogananda I don't proselytize. I never say no one should do that. But that's, that's where I go. Because I've been doing kriya yoga for 47 years. So I call on him on guru and he was saintly, and filled me with bliss. So I knew I was fine. I was literally in bliss. These two beings came at the side of my head and started to operate on inside my head. I could feel them going in. It wasn't painful. It was pleasant. But I'd had no idea what was going on. And I hear them talking to each other in a language I couldn't understand sounded like electrical current. And they sort of were messing around inside. They withdrew. It took about two minutes, and then they floated out. I pronoun to Yogananda, and they were gone, and I could move again. And I thought, What the hell was that? No idea. And it happened two more times, about two weeks apart. And then I was introduced to my friend who said, Hey, I'm doing a one man show in Beverly Hills really come and support me. I said, I could do for friends say, Oh, sure. What Yeah, what's it about? He said, it was about a Shakespeare. Great, because I was, like, no interest at all. But I went to the show, and within 10 minutes, I was hooked. He wasn't talking about codes at all. But he was telling me just the basics, that are historical facts, but that were not generally taught in school, which are essentially sinned. upsizing is the most famous poet playwright in the Western world. most prolific writer ever but we were never told. He never wrote a letter to anyone, no note has been found, which was mysterious. We probably no he wrote six epic poems, 154 sonnets 36 or more plays, you know, Hamlet, Midsummer Night's Dream Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet. Not a single original manuscript has ever been found not a play, a poem, a page, a line, a word in its own hand exists. We have the foul papers, which then turned into printed copies, but I'm talking about the original writings of the man himself on parchment, right. It doesn't exist. They've all disappeared. He writes templates that sit in Italy, he's intimately familiar with the locations and customs and idiomatic language 13 Morisset in Europe, and Middle East, and yet the man that was forced out of England, he's this great scholar of the classics, you know, as multiple languages you know, as astronomy, astrology, Medicine, botany, Greek mythology, the Bible mathematics, music, seafaring millage, returns, aristocratic pursuits, like walking and tennis and swordsmanship, and jousting and court customs and polls, above all, he knows has absolute perfect mastery of the law. And yet his last will and testament. He didn't own a single book, not even a family, Bible, and he has the barest minimum of any education, if any at all. He doesn't show up in Oxford and Cambridge or even Junior School. So it's just a big mystery. And biggest of all, he's got the most successful 25 year career in London. I mean, he would have been a cross between spirit Steven Spielberg, JK Rowling, and Tom Cruise all rolled into one. No one ever reported even seeing him. No one said I was in the pub last night that was Bill having a pint and he was writing a scene from Macbeth. And then many died. There were no eulogies no outpourings of grief, no one seemed to notice. So I was hooked. I was like, Oh my God. That's what I'm here. I just I just knew in that moment. Oh, yeah. That's great. That's what I've been feeling coming. Thank you. Thank you, Lord, right, I got it. Now I write a musical. And I started the next day, do it writing a musical and researching it. And I didn't have any of the old baggage of the old story to sort of look at the author's backstory, which doesn't really exist because we know nothing about the man from Stratford. Mark Twain wrote a book once said, is Shakespeare dead in which he listed the 72 known facts about him that can be documented. And not a single one was anything to do with playwriting or poetry or shawl about real estate deals and being sued in court by his neighbors and suing his neighbors for pennies. And so it was a big mystery. And what was great, that's it, figure it out, I'll do a musical. I spent a year and a half on that. But then I started to recognize that there were real in the study that I was doing, I found real codes when I went to Stratford for the first time and, you know, just look at the, the gravestone in the monument and the lay of the land. And I realized, Oh, I like it seems inexplicable, but I had an understanding, I could recognize the patterns in the text on the gravestone in the monument that were, that were off somehow, and they were clearly cryptic. And then I remembered, oh, wait a minute. Those beings who are whatever is messing around in my head. All of a sudden, I can understand advanced math and geometry and cryptography that I'm not trained in. Right. So obviously, I had been prepped with the ability to either remember from a past life or somehow given an upgrade so I could do this work and then from then on, it became Just a matter of Oh, forget the musical. I was seeing real codes and I was understanding this is very important if I could solve this whole mystery, it's a 400 year old mysteries, the greatest unsolved mystery in the world literature, you know, because of the things that I listed. How can this guy be the Pope, the poet playwright? And then there'd be no evidence nothing left? no paper trail. So that's how I got into it. Alan,

Alex Ferrari 10:23
when you were talking, when you were talking about the the beings that came into your, into your space, did they when they were messing around your head? Did you see anything any imagery, any kind of alien, he used the word alien, but any kind of language that was unrecognizable. Flying into your, into your, into your psyche? Nothing like that. It was but you just felt it. It was just there.

Alan Green 10:47
I don't know. I could not understand the name speaking. I didn't know how well I'm not. I'm not wired that way. Anyway, I mean, everyone, as you well know, when you interview your guests, everyone has a different discipline, some people see an injury, some people are clairvoyant, clairaudient, I'm I'm not, what was apparent to me was just, wow, I'm, I had no fear, because I was filled with a bliss, which, as you will know, you can get from meditation or, particularly from decades of doing what I've been doing Kriya Yoga, you know, you can go there. But it was instant, I was just filled with it in order to, to keep me peaceful and recognize I was saved. But no, I had no intimation of what was going on. I just could feel the work done inside my brain. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 11:40
but you didn't. So in other words, it wasn't like there was a download of your into your brain that you all of a sudden started to write all these things. But when you started to see them elsewhere, you're like, wait a minute, I recognize this. I understand this. I shouldn't understand this later. Exactly. What's it like all of a sudden? Yeah, you know, I go mathematics on the toilet.

Alan Green 12:01
While taking a dump, math, Oh, yeah. Ratio. Was, but there were then there started to be downloads that were incomprehensible to me, which I had never experienced before. And then I started to put two and two together and, and get five.

Alex Ferrari 12:23
So so when you started, what were the codes that you started to see? What were the things that you were seeing within? Are these codes within the plays themselves? What what holds you you're speaking specifically?

Alan Green 12:36
Sure. Easiest way to describe it would be to say that initially, there are, there are, well, I went to Stratford. Because I, I thought, well, I really should investigate the place itself. I had already written a musical, which I then shelved, that took a year and a half. And I thought, well, it's not about them, because now I'm getting these downloads about, about what I must do. We're just coming as what we what we tend to call downloads, you know, I mean, we can't really explain that except to say it's a sudden massive information that you've struggled to write down and go, Well, I don't really understand where this is coming from, but I'll just go with it. But the first ones that were very obvious, I'm looking at the gravestone chase his gravestone, in a, in a church in Stratford on Avon, where he is supposedly buried the man from Stratford. And for clarity, let's call him shacks, but because his name was spelled Shakspere, and when he was baptized, and that's just a clarification. It was a very common name in worship. So his gravestones there it doesn't have his name on it. The only name on the on his gravestone is Jesus. And then there's a monument above it. And they both have obvious they don't actually make any sense when you read them. They're just very gobbledygook, which is, you learn later is a clue to cryptic writing, you know, it's trying to sit text in a certain place so that it can reveal something else, you know, one is called ciphertext one is called the plain text. So you're looking at the I'm looking at the gravestone and I would put it this way, I have an advantage. Being a jazz pianist. You know, when you're playing jazz, say the bass play goes but Melinda but, and you vote better than Lena. And you can interchange and invert and transpose and you're really doing cryptography in real time. Pattern Recognition is a huge part of cryptography. You can see a pattern like you know, a beautiful mind that's a little exaggerated, but it's sort of popping out at you. So I had that advantage. But of course, having a Black and Decker stuck in your head by extraterrestrials helps as well. So this this was literally had been pumped into me and then I started to recognize Oh, that must be what was going on there. So, at first, it wasn't the works, it was just I could see the gravestone the monument had errors in it, that were very obvious. And I simplest way to put it is to say, you've got a text that reads, while just say what the gravestone says is a good friend, for Jesus sake for bear to dig the dust and close it here, it's very de dum dum de dum. But you put it into a grid, which means wrap the text around and around and around and around and around like this. And if you've got the length of the text rate, which you sort of tried different alternatives, all of a sudden, something will show up where there's a message vertically in the text. And that's the system that was being used back then. And it's actually, from that perspective, it's almost a slam dunk, because you can't deny it, it's there, as a message vertically. So I use the same system on the monument, take the monument, put it all into a grid, wrap it around, and round and round. And the same images were showing up vertically, which you cannot see when you're only looking at horizontal lines. So I just sort of stumbled on that. And then started to investigate. Well, who was the meat the leading cryptographer of the time? Who could have done this? And there's only two names pop up, and one is Francis Bacon, and the other is Dr. John D. And D, was probably the more obvious because I saw in the gravestone when he put it into a grid vertically, the name, D, and D, twice, pointing down to other messages. And so I thought, well, it must be John D. So I started to research a lot of books on his work and was able to fine tune how he worked. And that led me to other codes that were all done in the same way he has a certain methodology. His

Alex Ferrari 17:18
per these codes inside of the actual place, like are they are that with the with the way the words are laid out inside the place? Is that what you're finding the coats? Invisible

Alan Green 17:27
is just a gravestone is right there in the text is written on the gravestone. And so

Alex Ferrari 17:32
you can you do it also in the plays as well? Or is it just the gravestone? Oh, yeah,

Alan Green 17:36
yeah, it comes into into the, into the main speeches in the plays, and I spell this out in my in the Gaius series so that you can see that there's an actual, an actual system that is replicatable. And he's what's the big clues in always the very first page of something, and the very last page of something, and in the very center, and it's always that way, and you can then have a look at what is there something specific being said in the center, or the last page at the first page. And again, wrap it around, put it into a grid and vertical messages will show up. So after you've done about 100 of these, you realize, well, this is slam dunk. This is not my imagination, this is not just apophenia. Are you seeing patterns where there are on this is? Absolutely, I could show you by sharing screen. But I mean, I show you easy enough just to sort of yes to you want me to show something?

Alex Ferrari 18:37
Yeah. If you want to if you want to show something? Absolutely, I think the audience will let that. So

Alan Green 18:41
I'm just jumping in in the middle here, because of course, I've been doing this work for 20 years. But let me just simply show you something, a known symbol from that time was what's called the triple tau. And it's very common. Now you can look it up, you can just Google it. It's a free masonic symbol. It is three T's joined together in a certain way. And they represent the three crosses on Calvary, which we're not let crosses but we're just tau crosses cheaper for the Romans to just string somebody up that way. And the three T's are joined together in a way that looks like a T, A T and the T and that is called a triple tau. And so it's a well known symbol placed into free Masonic codes. And or before Freemasonry was the Rossi crucian. And John D was widely suspected of being the head of the Rosicrucians Of course, it's a secret organization so there's no there's no document says he was with Francis Yeates and others say he clearly was the head of the Rosicrucians. So this th used by the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons is a symbol that means keys to the treasure place where the precious thing is concealed. And Solomon's temple. Here's the gravestone I mentioned, gobbledygook Jesus could find for Jesus sake. Well, there's a triple tau, visible right down the middle without it even being encrypted T, T, and T. And with the name Jesus on top forming a tau Cross, which is familiar to the whole the symbolism of the app. Are there any th is then in the gravestone, yes, there's a th here. And there's a th here, but they are ligature together. That's a pressing term, saying it's not a T and an H separate, they've just joined. So that means keys to the treasure police where the precious thing is concealed. This is his gravestone, right? It's, it's a way of indicating that triple tau, little nudge nudge Wink, wink, are you in the club Bay is a sort of something handshake. How about the monument? This is Shakespeare's monument. And again, when you look at it, you see, oh, my goodness, there are a bunch of teachers and they're all ligature together, all of them. They're all saying this little secret symbol that is known to be a code used by the Freemasons and before them. There was no

and there's another couple of ligature pieces there that ligature together, never ligature together. Am II. So what is it saying it's saying this is the symbol I Am that I Am is the name of God, I Am that I Am Me. I Am that I Am. And it's set in a pattern of four and two, and six, or read he break fashion because you understand again, I don't really have time to show all this, but lots of the codes are definitely in Hebrew. So six to four forwards and backwards. And so that was one of the very first clues that that set me off to understanding I'll stop sharing for the moment. That set me off to understanding that that was okay, the sixth, this pattern of six to four of a well known code that was already known it predated way before Shakespeare. So let's look at John D. He's He's this an astrologer math mathematician, cryptographer, leading one of the age he was a brilliant POLYMATH. He was a spy for the clean On Her Majesty's Secret Service. And this code number was pretty well known. His code name was double oh seven in Fleming, new atom took that story and said, Oh, my God, this guy's interesting. I'll make James Bond. But his codename was double oh seven. He was a wizard, a maggot. He communed with angels for 10 years, and was almost burned at the stake for doing it. So what's that got to do with anything? On June 24, that's six to four. A document was channeled to him by angels, known as the Innokin tables. It was given to him on June 24 1584, it was a massive document of 624 squares with 624 characters in it, and it was delivered on six to four. And now I've already seen all these symbolisms on the on the gravestone on the monument in the pattern of six to four or backwards four to six. So, you know, is that a clue? Well, in the monument, this, those groups of symbols are put in the pattern of six to four. And you've just seen that. Now there's one other place where there are obvious mistakes and cryptographic symbolism, and that's in the sun, its dedication is is he has a sort of a replica of facsimile of Shakespeare's sonnets that came out in 1609. Okay, and the dedication is laid out in six lines and two lines and four lines. And it's when you add all the characters in the science, dedication and in the gravestone and the monument. It's 624 characters. And so at that point, you understand, Okay, well, something's going on. Well, there are two main people who are in involved in this story. Obviously, the man from Stratford, who was baptized Shakspere. He was baptized on April 26. What is that? It's four to six. Edward de Vere, the leading cause tended to be Shakespeare, in the, in the past 100 years, most people who research this same way it's probably ever Deville something, they'll have Oxford. He dies on when June 24, six to four, you begin to realize, I think all of these things have been put together to give you a code and a key. And so I'll share screen again and show you how these are put together because it really is that's that's the only way you can really kind of get it automatically is just go to his the person that we're investigating. And this is what I've just showed you. This is the this is the grid that was channeled to him on six to four June 24. And it has in his own handwriting there 624 characters. It was channeled in his diaries there he's saying on June 24. And he's saying okay, here's the sonnets dedication, which has the all the six lines and two lines and four lines, the gravestone the monument, and you put them all together, and it adds up to

Alex Ferrari 26:13
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Alan Green 26:51
okay, so once you've got to that you realize, okay, if you place all these together, and you place them on top of this is the Nokian tables put into a cleaner form. That's the Nokian tables. But this is this is exactly the grid that is used for you know, in tables, you put all these letters into a grid, and you just need to know what the key is. And that takes a little extra knowledge. But this T T at the bottom of the song it's just the thing that gives you the key is supposedly published by Thomas Thorpe. But his name is Thomas th and thought th again, it's that's it's a little nudge nudge wink wink game in the club. So you literally find all the double tees that are placed together. And they just point you across to the Nokian tables in this way. And they point to letters in the Nokian tables, and it reads living page. Okay, now that's a common cryptographic device that anyone in modern cryptography will say yeah, I've seen that. It's clever. But do you ever get the key the tea tea in the plaintext as well pointing back to here? No, that never happens. And then John, these method, there's, there's the angels have put these double T's into this, which now point back precisely to the letters over here, which are these letters, and it spells out yo stigmata. Okay, let me page living page pages a document living means perhaps that say means preserved. There's a document Preserve. Yo stigmata yo is a medieval word that means really look at not just pay, not just look at really pay attention. Really look at the stigmata. What are the stigmata? Well, they are Christ's wounds. And they exist only in one place in the church on the holy of holies altar stone on the surface of the altar stone, which is called the Holy hole. So okay, you're thinking all right now? There's a play called 12th night in 12th night. You're asking, Are there any clues in the plays besides just in these monuments? Yes, a character named Malvolio happens to just say he's given a code in the play and it is never solved in the play of the code. He's reading it to code in a letter and he's trying to solve it. And it simply says mo A, the letters M Oh, ay, ay. And he keeps on going mo AI. What is that? What is that? And then he finds something else in the letter that says Revolv now if you simply revolve Oh A, you get IAOM And it turns out that ay ay oh, am is the Freemasons most secret password of all, punishable under penalty of death for revealing it. But I've read a book by an ex Grandmaster, like 900 pages long and finally at the very end of the book, he decides to reveal it and it says the IOM is the most secret password. And it's given to the initiates. I'm not amazing. So I couldn't talk about this. But he's written about it in a book called thinking and destiny by Henry Wald when Percival so you can look it up if people watching, they'll know look it up and go in. He says, oh my god, it's the it's a password, but this should blow your mind. It's not a word. He says it's given one letter at a time to the initiates over years of years of being amazing. First, they're given m, then they're given. Oh, and then they're given a. And finally, if they've been very good masons, and they're invited to the 33rd degree level, they're given i. And then they're told we gave in reverse, and you have to revolve it. And here's Shakespeare giving it away in 12th. Night over 400 years ago. And what is it it's not a word? It's a your to sound the letters, I N, de, and ohm. And all I can say is that it's very, very similar to the Kriya Yoga technique that Yogananda gives, it's literally the sounds of T and R, and ohm. So prana Yom technique for raising consciousness, up the spine, through the chakras to the third eye, to give you higher states of consciousness, and the Freemasons give this through initiations. And here's Shakespeare in a joke scene, giving it away, he says revolve those letters. But if you take it even further, if you literally then revolve the coats. Now you've got these TTS are going to point to completely different letters in the Nokian tables. And the TTS in the Nokian tables are sent back. If you point to completely different letters, and it says, I have human digital right. Now, what are the chances of that? Probably one in a trillion. I mean, it's just unimaginable that this could happen from all this text. But across to the tables that were channeled to d by angels on six to four. So it's saying there's a document been preserved. Look carefully at the stigmata wounds, I have hewn hewn is a word we hardly used today. But it means cut into stone. Oh, what does a derogatory is Latin for my desires, what I want you to know. And it's a Shakespearean rhyming cup, but living page, your stigmata I have you dizzy litteratur period. Well, once having got that, you realize in that case, obviously, living page, your stigmata pay attention to the stigma stones were the stigma stones, they're on the surface of this altar stone, which is about 12 feet from Shakespeare's monument and grave in Holy Trinity Church. And they should be on the surface there. Because it's a Catholic altar stone. And in order to consecrated the stigmata wounds are carved into the top to represent to, to in the hands to in the feet and the spear in the side. And he's saying where I have hewn, I have cut into stone what I want, you know, in other words, he's telling you, the answer is in the Holy of Holies altar stone. Go get it. And that's of course, why I had to go to strap it and do the unthinkable and I radar scan to that altar. Allen

Alex Ferrari 33:33
why go through all this trouble, to fake to create a fake person, not fake person because because Shakespeare actor was a man named Shakespeare, to my understanding. There was a human being named Shakespeare. But why go through all of this kind of facade encoding and things like that there's two things while put all the codes in which I think we're getting a little bit understanding of that they were divinely channel then. But why not just whoever wrote this just take credit for why create this myth of Shakespeare this guy? So what do you

Alan Green 34:09
know? It's a great discussion because I'm always ask that when I ever whenever I give a presentation at the end of the Gaya series, I kind of sum it up but and that takes having gone through various stages of of understanding that this exists not just here, not just in the grave in the monument in the sonnets dedication, not just in 12th night, but in speeches in Hamlet and speeches in Midsummer Night's Dream and speeches all over the place. As always, when there's a little mistake to draw your attention to it. I'll give you only one example just at the top of page 264. In the First Folio first folio was the is the book of all Shakespeare's plays. 36 plays the most expensive printed book in the world. The last one that went on auction at Christie's sold for $10 million, one book. And on page 264, right at the top, it says, No man must know, no man must know what follows the numbers altered. No man must know. And then you look to the next page. And it's 273 goes from 264 to 273. And you go, Oh, okay, so he's telling us that it's in the mistakes and, and there are 67 wrong page numbers in this book, that's over $10 million. And the amazing thing is they say, Oh, it would be worth so much more if it wasn't such a botched print job because there's so many mistakes in it. And again, there's no time to go into them. But I've, I can tell you, every single one of those page mistakes is precisely telling you something that is just one of the most beautiful edifices of cryptography imaginable. So but yes, but your question is why? Why is he Why is he giving us this message? That altar stone, the Hebrew name for the Holy of Holies altar stone, which is present in any Catholic Catholic Church, derives from the original Holy of Holies in Solomon's temple, which contained what? The Ark of the Covenant covenant. And it's called the holy holy. The Hebrew name for the Holy of Holies is Divya. And you go away, we will wait a minute. So Edward de Vere, who's name is all over these codes as well. I haven't shown you any yet. And I don't really need to deconstruct just take my word for it. They're all over the place, saying De Vere to via, via, via, via and all the code, the saying that he's, he's the most likely person to be the actual Shakespeare. But the actual name of the Holy of Holies itself is the division it derives from the the word Devarim, which means word. So it has a very special meaning, the original word. In John one, one, he says, you know, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. It's my word. What is that first word? It's the very go from unity consciousness, to have us have a creation, duality. electron proton, yes, no, dark, light, male, female to be not to be, you've got polarity. But the thing that is causing that is the very first thing vibration, sound, and light. And he's saying, there is the answer. He saying, therefore, I have put the first of all the codes have been proven genuine, because I scan to the altar. And perhaps I should show you that for you so that your people can understand that it's a true thing. Because I did this very naughty thing. I went to the church, and I read a scan the author. But,

Alex Ferrari 37:58
but I'll take your word for it. I'll take your word for it.

Alan Green 38:01
Well, I, yeah, I went there. And in other words, if I had just announced 13 years ago, when I did that, when I when I found the cause, and said it's in the oldest stone, it's in the oldest two, why don't just go get it without getting proof. I just be another nutcase. Because, you know, you'd say, Yeah, of course, Alan, you found coats. It doesn't prove anything. So I had to get scientific proof, and go there. And I don't know if you know that story of how I have how I did it. But I put on a show in in the church, I got to know the church people over a period of four years. So they, they trusted me. And gradually, I was given more and more access to film. And finally, I did a concert in the church. And I put the great grand piano right next to the gravestone, which is right next to the monument, which is right next to the altar. I have there were two things I had become. It said on the door at the time that the church is protected by 24 hour CCTV cameras, and a forensic system that sprays you with a chemical if you get too near if you're not supposed to be there. So I'm doing a concert for them. So they had to turn off the forensic system, I would not be sprayed. The other thing I have to turn off all the lights and so at the end of the show, you simply said let's turn off all the lights in the church and do this lesson by candlelight. I had a banner in front of the altar stone and a team once I started to play the last song of the my presentation and my pops from my musical base behind the banner put a protective cover down and radar scan to be honest, in order. So

Alex Ferrari 39:43
that's very mission impossible. That's very Mission Impossible. Have you Alan.

Alan Green 39:46
It's a little Mission Impossible. It's true. I'll show you the results because it is important that people understand how that's the old system and the code set. Living atheistic murderer if Hume does it or not, I have cut a hole in this. And it's there. I want you to open it to find out why I've done this and why there is a mystery surrounding who I am. Why there are no manuscripts. Why no one ever saw me why I never wrote a letter to anyone, okay? The answer is in there. And so every altar stone consecrated has to have what's called a saints cavity inside it. Remember, this is a Catholic altar stone. And to the Catholics. It's consecrated when those five stigmata wounds are on the surface. And when they have cut a hole from the underneath, up into the, this is actually a three tongue solid. Marble, supposedly, is nine foot long, three foot wide and two feet deep. And when Rome says, This person is a saint, they send over what's called relics over St. It might be slivers of bone, a little piece of clothing, some of the saints writings, is put into a tiny little red, what's called a reliquary. And it should be about this size, and then they put it inside underneath, and then they fill up the hole that they've made with what's left of the rock, and they put it back in the cement again, and now it is what's called consecrated. And now it's a fit vessel for, for the Catholic ritual of mass, you can say mass and receive the body of Christ and the blood of Christ. Okay, so that's consecrating an altered stone. And if, if I, if you read our scan this huge block of stone, it should look like that, you should see stone. And then this should be a little like that, that shows Oh, that's where reliquary is. I read scanned it. And it looks like that. And the actual cavity is 250 times the size it's supposed to be. And I had it analyzed by two separate radar labs. And you can see inside all these layers of something inside. And that was my way of proving the codes are accurate, because they say they predicted this something in the altar stone. But I've actually, I would, in all, honesty, I'm the I'm the only person in 400 years to have got some scientific proof because I knew we just got to get scientific proof. You can't just say, well, the code, say this and the code, say that. So on my website to be or not to there's just a little thing to say vote here to open it. Yes, I'd like to, I want to know what shakes we left for posterity, or you can vote no, I'm not interested. Let's leave it for 100 years. And so I'm asking people to, you know, have a go at that and let let. If we get in support, vote to open it, then then the mystery is solved. Is that important? And getting back to your initial question of, you know, why would somebody do this, there is a mask, as the mask in in the image that we have of Shakespeare, it's in that book I told you about the 30 plays, and it's the only picture we ever see of supposedly, who Shakespeare was. And, again, you're going to have a lot of editing to do with this, but I have to share this because you got to see what this mask looks like. And it's just as simple as doing this. It's literally okay. You know, it looks like this. And this is the picture that we all we all know about. As the cover book, Shakespeare's comedies, histories and tragedies, and he looks like this. And you sort of get used to seeing that not realizing how freaking weird this picture is. Because it doesn't. I mean, it's literally he's got a jacket that is half of a front jacket, and half of a back. He's got short hair on one side and long hair on the other. He's got a line down the side here that shows that this is a mask. He's gotten a right eye here where the eyelid is thicker on that side. On the other side. Clicker there. It's also a right eye. He's got to write eyes. And there are all kinds of other things besides that these got these little, I mean, it should look like that. That would be a normal sized person, but his head is floating above his body on a this is supposed to be a rough, you know, that looks like a page of a book. It looks like a page of a book or a platter or a shield or something, and it's holding up his head, right. And there's two triangles coming out of this side. And there's four triangles coming out on this side. And he puts his codes in often in other languages. And that's due in French and Vir, in German, Divya. But that's exactly the same as on the Shakespeare's sonnets, again, not time enough to show you all this. But if you go to my YouTube channel, there's a video, there's about 11 minutes. This is the cover of Shakespeare's sonnets. When you connect the dots, there's just the dots here, just connect them to the ends of this line, you you find you've got six, perfect, right angled triangles connected all together with a perfect circle going through them. And each one of the ratios of these lines is a mathematical constant. That five of them were not known back then in the time that this was done. And you think, okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, that we did not know, I'm not going through these because it's again, it's too much, but just take my word of view the video, it's in my in the website as well. He's given us all these mathematical concepts on the book of honor book of poetry. Why? And, literally, there are two lines here that don't match any of the format. And they say, where are they pointing, and they are latitude and longitude. And they take you to the exact geographic location of the Great Pyramid of Giza. So again, it's worth looking into that but here you've got his, you've got two on one side and four on the other. And it's in a way he's saying the Viet, but look at those four there, two there, and six altogether, you've got the four to six now, whose head is floating, whose head is put on a platter like that, let's just think in history head on a platter. This is his baptism four to six April 26. There was a famous person in this in history who's had had ended up on a platter, John the Baptist, the Baptist, he was, he was beheaded by Herod because his well because he'd married his wife's sister. And John the Baptist accused the moment said, Well screw it, I'm going to chop your head off. But John the Baptist is the patron saint of who's a Freemasons? What's his feast day, the day that celebrates John the Baptist, six to four. June 24, which is mid is the solstice. And he tells us all about this in mid summer night's dream as to what is going on. So I think I need to get to, why is he doing this?

Alex Ferrari 48:02
So, yeah, I'd like to, I'd like to know why he's doing this. But I also really want to connect. I want to, I want to see how Shakespeare's Shakespeare is connected to the Great Pyramids. And also how Shakespeare is connected to Vinci,

Alan Green 48:17
which or how long he goes,

Alex Ferrari 48:20
Well, we could I could go, I could go, I could go, I have no problem we can, we could definitely go go down the rabbit hole. Because this is fascinating. Because the idea of I mean, our mutual friend, Robert grant, was the first to show me this stuff. Right? And he showed me this on it.

Alan Green 48:39
He shows us on it. He

Alex Ferrari 48:41
showed me the sonnet thing A while ago, and I was like, Holy crap, but I hadn't but we really never went deep down. Why the connection of Shakespeare to DaVinci this the connection to that to the Great Pyramids, and how is that even possible? All of that kind of stuff? And again, what's with the cloak and dagger? Why is it so why is this all information encoded like this? I mean, I understand like in the Great Pyramid, there's so much encoded just in the dimensions alone of the Great Pyramid for his for historical for historical standpoint, meaning that we did this 5000 years ago, maybe sometime in the future math is gonna get to a place and people are gonna get to a place that can start decoding all the stuff that we left in here because no one could take this away because it's in the this seat right now this is not set in stone This is set in parchment it's a little bit of stone with with the with the EM the stone Yeah, Altar stone in the funeral and that kind of stuff, but but why would the cloak and dagger and then let's go down. Let's go down a couple rabbit holes, the great the pyramids and also DaVinci

Alan Green 49:50
what was happening 400 years ago, we were burning people at the stake for being the wrong religion, or among other things, and it's not much anymore. 100 years, let's face it, however, at least we're civilized enough to just in some parts of the world to say, My guy's better than your god, okay? We were all right, quick history lesson we were Catholic, Henry the Eighth comes along, wants to marry Amberlynn because his first wife hasn't given him a son as the Pope. Can I get a divorce? Pope says no. He says, Well screw it, then we're not Catholic. And then we're going to be now Protestants. And that was in 1535. And now we're Protestants for a while. And he then comes, you know, rapes and pillages all of the Catholic monuments so he can get a load of the, all the valuable gold and stuff there. And now we're a new religion. And if you are caught being a Catholic, oh, was burned at the stake. But Henry dies, his daughter, Mary, Bloody Mary gets on the throne, and she's a staunch Catholic, and she turns the tables and says, No, we're all we're all Catholic again. Now, if you're Protestants, I will burn you at the stake. And she burned over 300 Protestant clerics at the stake. But then Elizabeth comes on the throne. Now it doesn't again in 25 years with Catholic Protestant Catholic Protestants, nobody knows what to do with their beads, and everybody's getting burned. Right. And it you could be burned at the stake for even advanced mathematic mathematics was considered a black art back then, Bruner was burned at the stake for talking about just mathematical concepts and how it might relate to the Divine, and the planets or emotions and right. So I mean, the Y encode stuff about advanced math, but on the sonnet cover, and the Great Pyramid, you could not say it outwardly without being in mortal danger, to be encoded. Now, we all know Shakespeare as a great dramatist and poet, right side of the brain. Left side of the brain is typically associated with mathematics and science, the imagery of this, what I just showed you about think of that picture where the image of Shakespeare whose head is on a platter and weigh large, and that should be in floating above to be reminiscent of John the Baptist, who is announcing the coming of Christ in his story. And his this work announcing, possibly the coming of a very, very important, high consciousness being, I believe the people that did this, were literally fully enlightened beings. And so they would have to be in you've seen that the codes are just almost beyond human comprehension, to be able to put all that together in that way, admittedly had help from higher beings. And in those days, they call them angels, maybe what they will, what we call extra dimensional beings, I had some help from extra dimensional beings myself, I'm not averse to it, it's a cool thing. You end up, you end up going, okay, so why, why are they hiding all this stuff for the same reason that all fire no knowledge had to be hidden during the Dark Ages, when we were burning books, burning people burning, the whole idea of knowledge, burning the Library of Alexandria and all that. I mean, we go through cycles, I'm sure you've had people on your show, talking about the Yuga cycles, 20,000 years cycle with the precession of the equinox, where we go from, literally the Dark Ages, to the Golden Ages, when we are walking the planet, like gods. And we can do things like build a great pyramid, presumably by levitating those stones. Using anti gravity, we don't know exactly how it's done. But we have our ideas, that is not possible for us today. So how did they do it? So it seems to be connected to this idea of greater knowledge being passed on through the dark ages to make it survive, make sure it survives. And so that's one reason that they would do all this covert cloak and dagger stuff to pass this knowledge along. That is on the left brain side, the mathematical side, because there's no other way of even talking about it without being in danger, mortal danger. So you get literally the loads of mathematical constants. And as I show in one of my documentaries, foot cubed and meter hidden within the brick pyramid, and when Robert and I started to work together on the DaVinci, one particular aspect of DaVinci, the Vitruvian, man, he and I work in a rather curious way, but he will, he'll say, I've got an idea. And he will say, I'm pretty sure the slope angle of the Great Pyramid is hidden inside the Vitruvian, man, and he'll send it to me and I'll say, Well, you're right, but it's not where you think it is. It's here and then I'll fine tune it a bit and send it back to him and he will have an idea and we sort of pass it back and forth like that. So what we ended up with is a video online, I think it's called the real DaVinci Code pretty much so you could do us So on that where I had identified was these lines within the picture of the Vitruvian, man. And those lines are all very, very specific lengths. Again, like the lines on the cover of the sonnet that went out right angled triangles that are very specific lengths to give you a ratio of a math constant like Oilers number, or the golden ratio, or pi, or some that were not even known back then. Because they will be protected. They were known from the higher ages, and they were being passed down. And so literally, with that Vitruvian Man, again, it's not worth getting into sharing a screen, but you can just understand, you can see the video is only about four minutes long. And it has I had I had intuited Oh, well, it seems as though these lines are placed precisely where the chakras in the body would be, if you place the Great Pyramid, at this certain level here, and you see that this line corresponds with the king's chamber, and this line corresponds with the Subterranean Chamber, and this line corresponds with, etc, etc. And you end up with the pinnacle. And then we're so together, we both said, well, Wow, I wonder what the other lines are. Obviously, if these are accurate, and they are referring to those chambers that we know, presumably the other lines might be indicating where presently unknown chambers are. And it turned out that the next one above the king's chamber would be precisely here. So the king's chamber is right, right here in the heart, and the other chambers are lining up and you go, I think it's the chakras. And if that's so the next one would be here. And it just turns out that in Shakespeare's sonnets, he's telling us that the absolute center of the Shakespeare's Sonnet structure would be precisely in what's called the topological center, equal distance from the, from the base of the Great Pyramid to the middle, and the middle to the pinnacle, including the missing pyramid and an equal distance from each side. And indeed, that's where the latest Moon Moon scans have said, Yeah, you know, what, there's a there's a chamber there, which we have not yet been able to open up. So you say, Okay, so, De Vinci, Noah, somehow, and it certainly seems so. And then did Shakespeare know that by predicting it in the sonnet structure? Yeah. So it's as though they're all in the same club. They've all come at different times, incarnated at different times, but they are all highly enlightened beings, passing down protecting this sacred knowledge and passing it down for future generations so that it does not get lost during the Dark Ages. And we've just come out of this dark ages haven't been if you know, anything about Yogananda talks about about the unicycles and Shri yoke. Teshuvah. Right? Sure. You spells it out word for word. And he just says, I love the way it says it says. No point in my explaining the certainties you'll never understand it but take my word for it. It's 24,000 year cycle. Right, because lots of people come up with the 25 920. But that's 25 920 is where we are now when the cycle when we're moving slower through the processional cycle. As we speed up as we get closer to the absolute magnetic center of the galaxy, is going faster. The average of it is what Plato called the Great Year, Plato was talking about it 24,000 year cycle, so they know stuff and protecting it. So that leads us to the question, What on earth is important that these people that know about science, way beyond and he's hidden it inside the holy of holies altar stone?

What's inside there? That's the big question. And it does seem to suggest it's really important, not just a lark, not just hiding some codes just because this is a cool thing. And how clever is literally saying the VINCI knew it. I know it by Fagor is new it Debussy knew it and hid it Mozart knew it and hit it in, in musical form, right? I mean, in the Magic Flute, he's talking about offering Masonic codings and everything. Every discipline of the arts is wanting to tell you about the other balancing discipline of the science. Why? Because it's left brain right brain connected, and they must balance because really the structure of Creation is not any one thing we can look at nature and we say it's all beautiful. There's a rose nests the Oh In the hair and the your you and I mean, but you know, and it's all at one level but way, way deep deep down what is it? It's nothing but science and math is electrons going. It's all been ever by this scientific knowledge. I believe that passing that scientific knowledge on

Alex Ferrari 1:00:18
what Alan if they're passing this on that all makes absolutely perfect sense. I assume that the man who we're talking about D D D was his name D D Gumby

Alan Green 1:00:28
John D would be the cryptographer behind it. Edward de Vere, who was named Vir balancing the idea of what the Holy of Holies is. He is I believe the main writer, who was Shakespeare. So

Alex Ferrari 1:00:43
then, so then again, if De Vere was doing all of this work, again, he's hit, he's hidden, so much information inside of everything. No one's going to figure this out. Why bring the Shakespeare cat character involved? Why name? Why it name it, this guy? Why connected to him? Couldn't he just release it under his own name? What is the purpose? Is it again, more? Another layer of protection? Okay, someone discovers it? Is that what it is?

Alan Green 1:01:14
We couldn't have released it at the time. I mean, literally, Bruno, even talking about just mathematics was burned at the stake.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:19
But the but the the plays were fine. But the plays were fine. And they were hidden inside the place.

Alan Green 1:01:25
Yeah, but the plays are just poetry as far as anybody knows. And drama, right? emetics that's hidden in it. Right? Exactly. Hidden within it, because he can't say it openly, because it will be resisted by it will be considered heretical by the church, of course, of course. And so he comes a word about the mathematical side, without being in mortal danger. But if it's important to him to give this, this, that's one aspect of the message is absolutely clear. Because the thing that I am discovering in all this world is again, the underlying mathematics and science behind hidden behind the poetry. And you we know the poetry, and there's no danger in poetry, he wrote poetry, great, wrote dramas and plays, and everybody enjoys them for what they are. But I think that he's such a polymath that he wants to deliver a deeper message that has got to be hidden, he can't say it out.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:25
All right. So then, because I mean, the things that he decided to, to encode this in, is considered some of the greatest works in human history. I mean, I mean, it's this is not just a, you know, a, a smart, smart novel, or something like that. This is considered some of the greatest, if not the greatest writings, humanity has ever put out in the complexity of it. And the storytelling of it, Hamlet is as perfect of a of a story or a play ever written

Alan Green 1:02:58
in its own right, without all the hidden meanings, without any

Alex Ferrari 1:03:01
of that. So then you're telling me that this guy was not only a polymath, and had all this man, immense knowledge of mathematics and trying to try to encode, you know, this knowledge and wisdom, in a time where you were being burned at the stake, but also at the exact same time, was writing the greatest works of, of, of literature, in the history of mankind up to this point that we can remember at least,

Alan Green 1:03:28
I'm being a little daunting. Yes, yeah. But so

Alex Ferrari 1:03:32
that's the thing. One alone is nearly impossible. To combine. The two is almost out other worldly

Alan Green 1:03:41
when you look until you understand that he's actually having actual help from extra dimensional beings. Who are we're sending codes through an ad is another person. It's not Edward de Vere, doing all the math is John, doing all the math, and another person that I haven't mentioned Francis Bacon, who has long been suspected of being Shakespeare to hundreds of So years ago, he's absolutely another key part of it as well. There's no doubt that he's that he's part of it. I happen to think he's just also taking care of the mathematics and the cryptography part of it, but I have seen codes definitely show that he's that he's written parts of it. I just don't believe he's the main writer. But again, I'm only interested in the truth it would not surprise me in any way which way or the other and I wouldn't mind if it turns out though, it's 5050. Bacon and Divya. But they are three people. So it's not as impossible as you as you're, you know, at first thinking yes, just Divya is undoubtedly the artistic genius of the time. D is undoubtedly the scientific genius assign Megan's got a bit of each.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:50
But don't talent. It's an island. Where does this Shakespeare character come into play? Is he not helping at all? Are they just like, okay, man We're gonna give you the credit for all of this. Let's, let's just make this happen. Here's a little extra, here's some, here's some cash, and you're gonna be the figurehead about all this, but no one's ever gonna see you because no one's ever actually seen you. No one's ever going to talk to you, like is this? So then again, the question is, was Shakespeare even a real human being? Or did they just grab this guy's name? And you're like, I'm just curious. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of that aspect of it. It

Alan Green 1:05:25
is the perfect question, Alex. It really is. And that's where we were. It brings us to, I believe this denouement of of the brilliance of all this. So let's say that we've maybe partially understood at this point that this this person in arts is the signing Guinan, he's the best there is, whether you like him or than him or not, is another matter. I mean, most people think Shakespeare is pretty stuffy. And not interesting. I thought that 20 years ago, I wouldn't be interested. Yeah, most people might go to one play and say, Oh, I've done my duty. I've seen Midsummer Night's Dream. But most people do not go well, Shakespeare. Interesting. That's why I have to start the Gaya show by saying it's not that at all, throw that out. What you're going to see here is that moment in Wizard of Oz, which goes from black and white to Technicolor, and widescreen and all of a sudden you're looking at a person you had no idea. It was all this right? It's far, far deeper and different than we suspect. But we've at least established that if you're delivering all this mathematical stuff, and it's about ancient wisdom, and it's about who built the pyramids, and it's about extra dimensional or extra terrestrial beings helping us do that, which let's face it, as a lot of, of curiosity and supposition over the fact that maybe we had help from extra dimensional beings or extraterrestrials to build the pyramids because we can't do it today and all that. So wrapping all that up with a nice big bow. It kind of makes sense at least, that you get this group of people who are each brilliant in their own areas, D mostly the science and the math that he knows he's literally known for that. The man who has Shakespeare, whether it's to veer or a bit of bacon and Divya, they've taken care of that. And they come in together and they say let's deliver this perfect message about how these, these things come together. Remember, that the image of the man on that stupid looking and graving has to write eyes. What the hell is that about? Well, up until you realize the story of Hamlet is the story of Osiris, Isis, Horus and Set. Osiris is the king. ISIS is the queen. Boris is the sun set is the jealous brother who kills the king to take the throne. Hamlet is exactly that the jealous brother Claudius kills King Hamlet we see only as a ghost at the very beginning. And now Hamlet has to avenge the death of his father and do battle against him to sort the whole thing out and Horus has to do battle with set to sort the whole thing out is basically a template for that archetypal story of usurping the throne. But what is that story truly about? Set? Who's this usurping brother cuts or Cyrus into in the in the, you know, in the standard mythological side of it, you cut them into 14 pieces. Kills kills Osiris. Osiris is the king of the universe, he's he's represents the Father, God the Father. And he's indivisible and yet such job is to cut him into 14 pieces as a metaphor. But really set is just doing his job set is Maya set has to cut the indivisible one unity into a gazillion pieces so that we can have a drama and the play and the creation. So I think I'm different from you. And you think you're different from that painting on the wall. And it's all electrons in different counterparts and it's all this really freaking ridiculous massive puzzle to find the truth within right? It's it is that we know that it's just a and Maya is this seeming thing that causes us to believe in the delusive Lee that we're different. We're all different when we're not there's just this one consciousness. So that story of Horus, I the way it goes is set cuts Osiris into pieces. ISIS then goes into the underworld, retrieves most of the pieces, except the phallus, puts her husband back together again, creates a golden phallus, most death. they copulate to produce a virgin birth of Horus and Horus, then later does battle was set. And in the battle was set Horus and Set, have a battle and set the first thing set does is he plucks out Horus his left eye. Will Horus has two eyes, he has the eye of his mother, the moon, and he has the eye of his father, the son, his left eye as the moon set cuts out his left eye, the moon. ISIS then re establishes her son's side, but not his earthly side, she gives him back his divine sight. Now he's back here, this is left eye, right Hi, Moon, sun. And she, they are to be balanced, just like left and right of the two sides of the brain have to be balanced to go back home here. He's now in divine consciousness, and he can now defeat set defeating set is just in that and that an analogy of defeating Maya, the great saint, say when we get to the point where we understand we are all one I've beaten Maya, Maya no longer has any hold over me, I can go back home to unity consciousness. And that's what the whole story of Horus is about. And that's what Hamlet is about. And that's why the picture he has, he has to write eyes, because his left eye has been cut out. He's literally telling you, this is the spiritual story about being in delusion. Thinking that we're all different. I'm gonna go back home, how do I do that by avenging the death of my father, and getting back to Sun and Moon. Third I consciousness balanced to balance the science and the creative side into they are both perfectly part of a perfectly balanced being. Right? You we know that we know we have to get past all our likes and dislikes and if we're ever going to get home and obviously most of us think oh, there we go. Oh, man. I like this too much. And I'm a flawed person. Sure I am, you know, but that's the game, isn't it? We got to get back home. So literally, you said is the man from Stratford is the Shakespeare part of it. And here's where it is the most beautiful part of it. Because he hasn't done all this for a lock. He's put a mask on, you saw on the image. It's a mess. It's got a line around here. It shows you he's wearing a mask. And it's got all these other joke. Things about it to draw your attention to say that stupid looking picture. What is that telling us? It's telling us it's a puzzle. So I think it just this way, what the name Edward de Vere Divya. We already know the name. Divya itself is the Hebrew name for the Holy of holism. It means the word the original word, it means the Holy of Holies. Own. That's what Didier means. The absolute basis of, of creation. Via itself is the Latin word simply means truth. So his very name, he's incarnated into this particular name, to deliver to us a spiritual scripture. And the scriptures this I believe, he's put a mask over himself to say, look, that's a mask. I'm hiding behind that mask. I'm anonymous. I am the Divya I am the holy of holies is the same that all great religions say the kingdom of God is within you fighting, take off that mass. And we're all wearing a mask, right? We're all wearing this mask of delusion. We have a communal mask of our communal Midsummer Night's Dream. And he believed me in Midsummer Night's Dream, he tells a whole story in metaphor. And it's in codes and codes and codes. And I just invite you to go to the website and have a look at it but too much to say right now. But in calculating it. He's saying we're all Shakspere we're all wearing that mat. And we're off to view we're all the holy of holies hiding behind that. And we're all in delusion, like bottom is in Midsummer Night's Dream bottom wants to play every single role doesn't play this role, play that role play that play that says I want to incarnate a gazillion times even need to be just I want to play all the roles. But at some point when you realize you get to realize wait a minute, what's really going on here? I getting hints that I am it. If I just take off this mask of delusion. What's left is the truth that Divya the holy of holies inside so there was an absolute reason for Shakspere and a reason for him being anonymous. Because we are he's saying you're it. You're the whole thing. I have given this as a treasure hunt. Just for a lock. It is a scripture in a new kind of way. It's I'm showing you the mathematics and the art are just as important. It's just structure of this table, just the structure of the vibes that are going through the atmosphere right now to create this. I mean, we all know that right? But we don't think about it.

Back to me, that's what's doing. That's like saying, I'm going to play the biggest game of all time. And it's all about mirror image Hamlet says about that country that undiscovered country whose was born no traveler returns, He says puzzles the wheel. It just I'm not sure if I can kill myself with this Botkin because man What Dreams May Come? It just puzzles the will. Mirror Image it wills, the puzzle. Wills the puzzle? Will Shakespeare is the puzzle. So the man from strap, it is absolutely necessary. The real writer is absolutely necessary. They are in a symbiotic relationship, they are the same thing. And it's a scripture and once you see it, you got it. And that's how I ended the series by saying what is he really saying when he says To be or not to be he's simply saying we all have the choice to be who we truly are. What is that it's behind the mask. The divine, the I Am that I Am or not to be you can keep wearing that mask if you want and play as many roles as you want. I love drama, I wrote all these plays, have a blast, knock yourself out. We got an eternity anyway. Doesn't matter if you find it now or in gazillion years. But once you know who you are, once you have a divine experience that is going to transcend everything else. And you've and these beings definitely knew that they come knowing that. And they put it all together in the most wonderful, like you said, the greatest literary cache of knowledge ever put together by any writer. And then the greatest mathematics truths that really ever put together that once you see how deep they go, and these blending them both and saying and look at the Great Pyramid, because they knew whoever built that knew maybe they had extra dimensional help. Maybe we were just so advanced, we could do it ourselves by but what's in that altar? I'm telling you is giving you the answer to that it's not just some manuscripts and you go, Oh, we found the manuscript. And it's not that. It's not that I'm John Dee's diaries, he was literally told by the angels to put seven bundles inside that outer stone. One of them is I know what I know, one of them is the sun itself, because the sun is his most sacred work. But the other things are, why is he giving us all this mathematics and physics, I believe is to transmit I think the world is ready for that moment. Now. It seems to be hastening, doesn't it? We're coming to disclosure, we're coming to understanding deeper spiritual understanding deeper, things are gonna get rough, right? It's kind of collapse in some way. But what's going to come out of it a rebirth, a renascence of knowledge. So that's what I was. That's literally what I was doing in Stratford. I just went there, in order to draw attention to this and said, I am praying two to three hours meditating, praying in that church every single day for 40 days. And I did about 100 hours of, of prayer. And it was wonderful, because, well, what was that praying, I was praying that that altar, to raise consciousness, that people would be drawn to this story, that they would understand that there's something there that would go and vote for the altar to be opened. But beyond that, raise our consciousness to the level of understanding that something critical is happening on Earth right now. And it's to do with this hidden knowledge, which we've suspected for a long time, is somehow encapsulated in that great pyramid in the geometry in the myth in the sarcophagus, and in the art of DaVinci. And in other areas, they've all been saying we've come to give you clues and sort of bring this knowledge through into the as we are now and coming into a higher he didn't seem like it, but we certainly are we know. It is it is getting better. It's better all the time. So yeah, Ellen,

Alex Ferrari 1:19:23
that's so beautifully. That was so beautifully stated. You're connected everything together so beautifully. And that's what I love trying to do on the show is cut. I always like to say I like this one watch. I want to see the whole elephant. That whole I want to see every part. Yes, exactly. And you are building that elephant in this space, connecting the dots. Seeing how everything's connected. It's so beautiful island I'm gonna ask you a few questions ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life? You being

Alan Green 1:20:00
true to yourself and it takes an awful long time to get to that point, doesn't it? I really was wanting this or thought I wanted that. You know, and I wanted fame and glory thank God I never got female there'd be

Alex Ferrari 1:20:18
no Tell me about it

Alan Green 1:20:24
if you and hammer and hammer said, well, Polonius in Hamlet says to himself be true. And now canst not then be false to any man follows as the night the day, you it's just, if you and it's very hard, but that would be to me fulfilling my own potential, just be true about your whole self and, and walk the walk, talk at all can do it. And that's why I'm there, trying to draw attention to this.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:52
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Alan, what advice would you give him?

Alan Green 1:20:56
Well, it would be the obvious grow up.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:02
Stop playing with those toys and grow up alright.

Alan Green 1:21:06
I try to be more gentle because you have you know, you look back on your own experiences, you think, Oh, I just did not know a thing back then. And I man I got hurt by this and hurt by that. And yeah, there's some intentional hurt, but mostly, it's all imaginary a the person didn't mean to hurt me. They just were as screwed up as I was, you know? You know, I'd say just, oh, it's a hard one, though, again. So advice to my little self would be what what I need to be advising myself now is just relax into what comes next Don't be trying to absolutely manipulated every step of the way. Because it is there is a divine plan, although we cannot always see it. And things like this. When when somebody comes along and puts all these things together into these codes and says there is something divine. I'd say that that helps me resting go. You know what? I may not know what's going on. But the divine certainly knows what, what is going on. And I can just relax and

Alex Ferrari 1:22:14
let it happen. How do you define God or source?

Alan Green 1:22:17
There's a great quote in Shakespeare. It's not one of his biggest ones. But he has a drunkard in 12th Night called Sir Toby Belch great name because he's drunk throughout the whole play. And I love that because I've been drunk a few times. And literally, he's carrying a bottle of wine around throughout the whole play. And he says his lines, and they're perfectly pertinent to the scene. And then he goes, belches and goes it's all one in walks out and it's gotten it's a new concept. It's got nothing to do with the play and it happens for time but raise it's all won. By God. It's all one it's you. It's me. It's the planet. The universe is there is only one consciousness and we mystified in our delusion as we are don't yet fully understand that it is me. And there's not an egotistical statement. Because it's me it's you and that's what against what Jake was saying. You're it to be who you truly are the I Am that I Am as the goal yourself and then you read it but God is that one consciousness?

Alex Ferrari 1:23:29
What and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Alan Green 1:23:32

Alex Ferrari 1:23:33
Okay, fantastic.

Alan Green 1:23:37
Def definitely. Hold on, let me check.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:40
Is it 47 I think it might be 46

Alan Green 1:23:45
You're right. Inflation the ultimate purpose of life is to get to understand who you are and stop worrying about where you're at as likely to get home. But are you but but think of that? What is that actually in? I think that's to get back to the knowledge of the Absolute Truth. This is a game we've got no idea really what's what's going on. It is again, I got to bring it back to Hamlet says there are more things in heaven and earth ratio than I dreamed of in your philosophy. Nobody has any idea what's going on ultimately, it is so brilliant, marvelous, you can't imagine but if you keep on focusing on what your intuition inside is always saying keep listening. heart I know it's very hard. But that was the that was my purpose in in doing this and if I make can I'm just plug one thing that that is my

Alex Ferrari 1:24:57
next My next question was about where can people find out are about you and get your book and access all your content.

Alan Green 1:25:03
Yeah, in that case, that's the answer to that. Thank you. Well, I have just launched a nonprofit which has been my goal ever since almost ever since I started this 20 years ago was I knew that Shakespeare was something beyond our comprehension is far greater than what we were imagining. And so Edward de Vere was born, the wealthiest man in the nation, he was the Lord great Chamberlain of England, he was the 17th Earl of Oxford, he had swaths of land and castles and, and he didn't care a whit for any of the wealth. And he literally bought a place in London called Fisher's folly, and where he invited all the all the talented people at the time, every other poet, every other playwright, every philosopher, every burgeoning scientists, they would all come to him. And he would just give that he would publish them, he would just give them the money necessary or himself published there works, he was a source of sort of almost inexhaustible wealth, because all he wanted to, he didn't care about the money, all he wanted to do was put in place anybody on his own plays anonymously for the purpose of this, because he had the EPA wanted to play that game and, and show you who you are in a game. But he, he literally was the, probably the original patron of the arts. And so I wanted to create a foundation, that was a perpetual source of revenue, to support the arts, in the name of the true Shakespeare, and we've started that now it's called the Shakespeare And so that's one of my wishes is to is to have that be a known, unknown resource, so that we, once it becomes, you know, I've donated all of my works, obviously, to that I'm, whatever, you know, I'm going to give all of the works to the foundation, and when once when that old is opened, or even when even before that is the story gets bigger and bigger, and people understand the depth of the story. A new story will emerge. But I believe it must happen soon, that people will realize, wait a minute, that Stratford story is not quite right. It's far deeper than that. And that story will have to be taught in every school that teaches Shakespeare. So imagine that it said behind all every college, every university in the world, and those books that I have, I have one out, but I have another three waiting to go that have not been published yet. They will all be given and they will have they will become required reading that become required, then they have to be sold to students every semester, they have to be sold to the professors to teach it. That will be a new, wonderful technical version of Shakespeare that no one's no one had even suspected from the black and white wizard of oz version, and then all of a sudden that has to be taught. So if you're selling that forever, you know, how long is Shakespeare going to be taught tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, so it becomes a it will become a billion dollar Foundation. And so with that in mind, it is to support the arts and research and education in the name of the Trip Shakespeare. So that's what the foundation is about, you can find out about it on on the website. And the last thing that I was doing was just praying in this church, Shakespeare's last week because his when he put that that code in there to say living paid your stigmata I have here and as a Dorado, it was in the form of a prayer. He's really saying, I want you to look, investigate what's in that altar stone where I cut a hole 250 times the size? Shouldn't you be looking? I mean, don't you want to? You want to know what's in there? Of course we do. You know. And so it just has, once it's open, there'll be a whole new story. But the prayer part is, I believe in the invincible power, of prayer and meditation. There's a nice saying prayer is talking to God meditation is listening to God. But when you know how to meditate at this gathering of your ability to focus strongly and make your prayer even more effective. Prayer is an invincible power. And so I'm inviting as many people who want us who want to join me as possible. Many came while I was there about 35 or 40. People just showed up because they heard about it online. This came from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, from the States, or drove from Scotland are down in the south of England. I know that you drove and came and met me like three or four every day would come and meditate with me. It was really, it was really inspiring. And we would sit and focus our energy on that altar stone and say, it's kind of open. Let's raise the vibe to get it out because something in there is is waiting to change our knowledge of not just who Shakespeare was, but of science because he wouldn't be giving us all this about the Great Pyramid and these math constants. If he didn't know something about how those pyramids were built, maybe it's free energy. Maybe it's anti gravity. I can only speculate. But it's not as simple as just Oh, the manuscripts. No, it's not that it's something that could really truly revolutionize life on this planet, I believe.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:20
Allen, it has been such a pleasure and honor speaking to you, my friend. It is it was so enlightening in such a beautiful conversation. And I hope that this is the beginning where people can go watch you on Gaia, read your books, and really start going deeper down the rabbit hole of this you've given me a new, a new appreciation for what Shakespeare and the men behind Shakespeare were trying to do. So I appreciate you and I appreciate everything you're doing to help awaken this planet, my friend. So thank you again.

Alan Green 1:30:53
Thank you, Alex. So I appreciate the opportunity to share with with you so it was fun turning people on to something they go what I did what I see that coming. Wow. But thank you very much.

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